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Posted: Mon Apr 17, 2006 4:14 am
by Bubblegal
Harry Potter Stories:


Title: Harry Potter And The Darkness Year 1 COMPLETED!

Characters: H/H OC/OC D/OC R/L

Rating: Teen

Summary: Harry Potter has been sent to live with the Dursleys where he was kiddnapped. A Manhunt was sent out for him but gave him up for dead when all the leads turned out to be dead ends.

What happens when Harry shows up at Hogwarts with his cousins and they are not going to let Dumbledore control them?

Warning: Ginny Bashing, Dumbledore Bashing, Ron is a background Character, Draco is NOTHING like Draco in the book, will be explained.

Link: Harry Potter and the Darkness Year 1

Title: Harry Potter and the Darkness Year 2 COMPLETED

Summary: Hermione visits Harry and Mia's house for the summer and finds herself shocked at the training they had been through not to mention that the gang are in more danger as they head back to Hogwarts for a new year?

Everything else is the same as above.

Link: Harry Potter and the Darkness Year 2

Title: Harry Potter and the Darkness Year 3

Summary: The gang is back for their third year and there is a problem. Sirius has been spotted and is now on the run for his life as the ministry has put a hit on him. It’s up to the gang to clear his name and grab the person actually responsible for his crime in the first place.

Everything else is the same as above.

Link Harry Potter and the Darkness Year 3

Title: Harry Potter and the Darkness Year 4.

Characters: Harry/Hermione. Mia/Other Character. Draco/Other Character. Ron/Luna. Other will vary!

Rating: Teen/Mature/Adult

Summary: The gang is back for their fourth year and new visitors have entered the scene and Harry’s life is put in more danger than ever. Darkness is rising fast, the gang better be on their toes and keep their wits about them as they strive to protect Harry from danger due to the Goblet of Fire.

Everything Else is the same as above!

Link: Harry Potter and the Darkness Year 4

Title: Love Before Lies

Rating: Teen/Mature - possible Adult

Characters: H/L R/Hr - H/Hr R/L

Summary: Harry believes what his eyes had told him once and finds himself attracted to the last person he thought he would ever be attracted to.

What happens when lies are revealed and they all find love in the correct places?

Status: Completed

Link:Love Before Lies

Title: Christmas Cupid

Rating: Teen

Characters: Harry/Hermione

Summary: Harry gets an interesting suprise for Christmas. Can he solve the riddle before it's too late?

Warning: Bashing of Ron and Ginny - like them, don't read.

Link: Christmas Cupid

Posted: Sun Apr 30, 2006 3:08 pm
by Bubblegal
Work In Progress

Title: Love Bites

Characters: Harry/Hermione Draco/Luna

Rating: Mature/Adult

Summary: There was another reason why Harry avoided Hermione in third year, he has a secret that he kept from the Muggle and Wizarding world but now he must harness the secret if he is to take down Voldemort.

Question is…will anyone accept him?

Warning: Consensual sex, Vampirism acts, Bashing of Ron and Molly, Bondage, Soul Bonding, Violence and Character Deaths.

Link: Love Bites

Posted: Sun Apr 30, 2006 3:10 pm
by Bubblegal
Coming Soon

Posted: Sat May 20, 2006 6:54 am
by Bubblegal
One shots: Completed

Title: Who To Say

Characters: Harry/Hermione

Rating: Teen

Summary: Harry and Hermione make a choice that affects people. Song Fic. One Shot.

Link: Who To Say

Title: I'm Still Here

Characters: Harry/Hermione

Rating: Teen

Summary: Harry ponders about his thoughts and feelings including his best friend. Song Fic

Link: I'm Still Here

Title: Denial

Characters: Harry/Hermione

Rating: Teen

Summary: Hermione reflects on her feelings for Harry. Song Fic


One Shot: Coming Soon

Posted: Wed Jan 17, 2007 4:26 pm
by Zanity
Spacegal17 wrote:I will be coming back to finish Destiny or True Love - Hopefully the coming Monday - i wish to try and finish that.
YEAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait!!!

Posted: Mon Jan 22, 2007 8:47 am
by Bubblegal
Others (Meaning they are all different)


Title: Through Time and Space

Characters: Ash/Dawn - Pearlshipping

Rating: Mature/Adult

Summary: The Gang are still travelling when something happens. What lengths with the others go to get everything back to normal and what happens when old friends step into the fray?

What: Pokemon

Link: Through Time and Space

Works In Progress:

Coming Soon:


One Shots: Completed

Title: Vacation

Characters: Ash/Dawn - Pearlshipping.

Rating: Teen

Summary: 'She's doing it again'. Ash's thoughts on a certain girl.

Programme - Pokemon

Link: Vacation

Title: Fairy Boy: The Collection

Characters: Link/Malon

Rating: Adult

Summary: Malon visits the Lake. Link gets a surprise.

What - Zelda.

2nd Story - Against the Wall.

Link:Fairy Boy
Or Fairy Boy -

Title: Under The Moonlight

Characters: Link/Malon

Rating: Teen

Summary: Two people meet up again and profess their feelings.

What - Zelda

Link:Under The Moonlight

Title: My Love Is Pink

Characters: Kasumi/Leifang - F/F Slash

Rating: Adult

Summary: They have a secret that no one else knows about

What - Dead Or Alive

Link:My Love is Pink

Title: Close Your Eyes

Characters: Sora/Kairi

Rating: Teen

Summary: They haven't seen each other for ages but they meet in their dreams.

Song Fic

What - Kingdom Hearts I/II

Link:Close Your Eyes

Title: About You Now

Characters: Ash/Dawn

Rating: Teen

Summary: Dawn reflects on her past with Ash - can love have another chance?

Song Fic

What - Pokemon

Link: About You Now

Title: Jealous Much?

Characters: Sora/Kairi Cloud/Tifa

Rating: Teen

Summary: Cloud and Kairi are...Jealous? Why?

What - Kingdom Hearts II

Link: Jealous Much

Title: Desire of Lust

Characters: John/Elizabeth

Rating: Mature/Adult

Summary: When Elizabeth goes to see John and he tells her he's not safe, she gives in to her desire.

What: Stargate Atlantis - Season 2, Episode 8 (Conversion)

Link: Desire of Lust

One Shot: Coming Soon

Posted: Thu Feb 08, 2007 11:29 am
by Bubblegal ... banner.png (Want to see Image, Click on Link)

Title: Remember Me

Couples: CLois

Rating: Mature/Adult

Summary: What if Clark and Lois knew each other during when Clark ran to Metropolis and they had a brief relationship during there? What will happen now that Lois is in Smallville, will they just pretend that they don’t know each other or will they give into their desire once more?


Link: Remember me

Works In Progress: N/A

Coming Soon:

Banner: Image
by Renatitinha

Title: A New Destiny

Characters: Clark/Lois - Clois

Rating: Teen/Mature/Adult

Summary: Lana Lang wasn't the only one who went on holiday to Paris. Clark Kent also went away and found himself developing a relationship that went deeper than any of his other relationship.
Upon coming back to Smallville, Lana has decided that Clark Kent is the man for her but what happens when Clark comes back with his new girlfriend and looks like he is completely over her?
Will Clark and his new girlfriend be able to deal with lies and decites that appear in their relationships or is true love really unbreakable?

Warning: Sexual themes, some decript and non decript nudity/sex themes.

Banner: Image
by Renatitinha

Title: The Love That Time Forgot

Characters: Clark/Lois Joanne/Cal

Rating: Teen/Mature/Adult

Summary: The Kents and the Lanes have always been at war with each other for generations without a knowledge of why. Clark and Lois met each other during college and had a fling without knowing who the others were until they met once more during a party.

Desperate for a way to be together and to end the feud before it destroyed everyone, they agree to research the past in hope that they will find an answer but unknown to them, they will uncover a dark secret filled with betrayal and love.

The question is - can they stop history from repeating itself or are they doomed to help a love that was once true has now become a love that even time itself has forgotten?

A/N: Idea came from Season 3, episode Relic. Clark is still an intergalatic traveller.

This is the first part of my 'Forgotten Time' series.

Posted: Mon Mar 19, 2007 3:17 pm
by Bubblegal

Thanks to the people who made my banners.

Zervillion - New Gal, Season.
A Ring of Endless Light.
Secrets Among Friends.

Amara - Kids For Halloween.
Destiny Or True Love

Monkeycgm - Little Sister.
Destructive Intentions.

Nitka_22 - Tattoo of Destiny.

Duccia - Carnival Girl.

Dramastar0F06 - Better Off Apart.

Elodie - Bonds of Blood and Love.

Hotaru - Second Chances.

Behrsgirl77 - Kiss of Death.

RosDude - Desires Comes Crashing.
A Gift of Seer

Max Liz Believer - Secret Affairs of Love.

DreamerLaure - Walking the Line

erinkatie - Matters of the Hearts

Renatitinha - A New Destiny
A Love That Time Forgot

Thanks to the people who betaed my stories:

Cassie - Tiptoes (One shot)

To the person who wishes to remain Annoymous for betaing - Harry Potter and the Darkness Year 1 - 2.

Janax - Harry Potter and the Darkness Year 3 - and is still currently my beta.

To the person who wishes to remain annoymous for the time being for betaing - Love Before Lies.

DreamWeaver - Desire Comes Crashing (Buffy- One Shot)
Nowhere To Go (One Shot)

Anathera - Harry Potter and the Darkness Year 4 (Some)
I'm Still Here (Harry Potter - One Shot)
Who To Say (Harry Potter - One Shot)
Vacation (Pokemon - One Shot)
Jealous Much (Kingdom Hearts - One Shot)
Under the Moonlight (Zelda - one shot)
Fairy Boy: The collection (Zelda - right now, becoming a four shot)
Kiss Kiss (Dead or Alive - one shot)
Close Your Eyes (Kingdom Hearts - One Shot)
Christmas Cupid (Harry Potter - 3 parts)

Posted: Sun Jun 24, 2007 6:26 am
by Bubblegal


Best Non Roswell Fan Fiction.

For: Remember Me (Smallville)


Posted: Thu Aug 16, 2007 11:43 pm
by linliz68
If you need a beta for "Walking the Line" let me know. It looks amazing and the banner looks fabalous.