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Posted: Mon Sep 26, 2005 2:35 pm
by Bubblegal


Banner by Zervillion

Title: New Gal Season 1,2,3 Completed

Summary: Liz is the Fourth Alien of the Royal Four, this is my view of how Roswell would have been if Liz was the alien rather than Tess. Season Three is up now.

Rating: Teen with Adult for chapter 21.

Link: New Gal Seasons


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Title: A Ring Of Endless Lights.

Summary: Liz is sent to live with her Grandma over the summer only to experince love and a heartbreak when she discovers something that will destroy her world.

Rating: Teen at first, some chapters will be rated Adult, warning will be given before hand.

Link: A Ring of Endless Lights


Banner By Amara

Title: Kids For Halloween

Characters: Max/Liz - Kids

Rating: Teen

Summary: Max and Liz are married and they have kids, what happened when the eldest one hear all about Halloween the night they are to go to a party? Humour Ensured.

Kids For Halloween


Banner: monkeycgm

Title: Little Sister

Characters: Max and Liz (As usual)

Rating: YTEEN/TEEN rating may go up later.

Summary: Set after Sexual Healing but before Crazy.
What if Max felt the need to go to the Pod Chamber, even if he doesn’t know where it is? So Along with Liz he goes there only to make a surprising discovery, what is it and what does it mean?

Warning: Humour – hopefully and fluff throughout. I kinda need a break from the angst stories at the moment.

Link: Little Sister


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Title: Destiny Or True Love COMPLETED

Characters: CC & UC - Max/Liz, Michael/Tess, Alex/OC, Grant/Isabel/?, Maria/OC, Kyle/?

Rating: Teen/Mature/Adult

Summary: What if Max and Liz had disappeared after they jumped into the river? Will they ever come back to Roswell?

Two new visitors come to Roswell and attraction bloom between them and Alex and Maria, will anything ever come out of it? What about the fact that Tess has now turned her sights on Michael, will Michael follow his heart or his destiny?

Warning: There will be graphic between Alex/OC, Maria/OC, Michael/Tess, Max/Liz. I don't know if i will get Michael and Maria back together, it just depends on the situation.

Board: Alien Abyss

Link: Destiny Or True Love

by RosDude

Title: A Gift of Seer

Characters: Max/Liz

Rating: Teen/Mature/Adult

Summary: Max Evans has always been distrustful of his destiny so he seeks out a Seer who could give him the answers he seeks but before he does that – he must face the seven challenges to prove his worthiness…

Warning: Hints of UC

Where: AU with Aliens

Link: A Gift of Seer

Posted: Mon Sep 26, 2005 2:35 pm
by Bubblegal
Works In Progress


Title: The Road We Travel

Characters: Cast of Roswell

Pairings: Max/Liz – Eventually with some UC later on

Rating: Teen to Mature

Disclaimer: I do not own anyone/anything from the forum Roswell. Jason Katims & Melinda Metz owns Roswell and its characters. There is no copyright infringement intended. I do not make any profit/money or take any credit.

Summary: Liz is having nightmares. Then her biggest fear comes to life. Liz sets out, determined to change their fates. Then she learns, Destiny isn't set in stone.

Timeline: Season 2, Post Viva Las Vegas

Warning: Moderate sexual themes, moderate violence, flashback, friendships, secret relationships, character death

Link: The Road We Travel

Title: Ribbons of Love

Characters: Cast of Roswell

Pairings: CC – mainly Max/Liz but will have Maria/Michael, Isabel/Alex and dashes of Jim/Amy (Because I loved these two and why the hell did we not get more of them in the seasons?)

Friendship – All over the place. Seriously, everyone needs each other so I'm writing to have more fun.

Rating: Teen to mature (for…certain scenes)

Disclaimer: I do not own anyone/anything from the forum Roswell. Jason Katims & Melinda Metz owns Roswell and its characters. There is no copyright infringement intended. I do not make any profit/money or take any credit.

Summary: All it takes a moment to bond, and these bonds become ribbons, and these ribbons become the ties of love.

Timeline: Season 1 (cause I'm a sucker for this season) – Also not set in any sort of timeline. I will have an extra timeline under the chapter header so you can see what episode it appears in or what episodes in between. Some dash of Season 2, a bit of season 3 and AU (cause I can't seem to stick with canon lol)

Warning: Soppiness, I'm a major sucker for happy people. Happy people make me happy. Friendship, emotional bonds (because we needed more)

Author's Notes: Since I fell back in love with Roswell (1st season obviously), I must admit I was a…little annoyed with some stuff so I ended up with ideas of little in between for episodes.

(Since – as a Dreamer – I'm not a 100% fan of Season 2, I sincerely doubt that I will write any one-shots for Season 2 – maybe the first 4 episodes? I did like Season 3 – if only for the tons of Max/Liz moments (when they weren't screwing about with us) - so maybe there will be little moments there but right now, it focuses more on Season 1, cause this is my favourite season).

Link: Ribbons of Love

Posted: Mon Sep 26, 2005 2:36 pm
by Bubblegal
Coming Soon

Posted: Mon Sep 26, 2005 2:37 pm
by Bubblegal

Posted: Mon Sep 26, 2005 2:37 pm
by Bubblegal
One Parter (COMPLETED)

Title: Renuion.

Summary: During Skins and Bones. Max and Liz's converstation during Whitaker's office, what if Max hadn't been distracted when he told Liz that he wanted everything to go back to where they were before?

Rating: Teen

Link: Renuion

Title: If you come back to me

Summary: Song fic, written by Blue. Max is in the Crashdown thinking about his relationship with Liz then bumps into someout outside. This is set after Destiny.

Rating: Child

Link: If You Come Back To Me

Title: Grandma.

Summary: This is set after Leaving Normal, this is the funeral part.

Rating: YTeen

Link: Grandma

Title: Tiptoes

Characters: M/L

Rating: Teen

Summary: Max reflects on Liz. POV

Link: Titptoes

Title: Nowhere To Go

Characters: M/L

Rating: Teen

Summary: Liz Parker, fed up, sends Max Evans a message through the Radio. Song Fic.

Link: Nowhere To Go

Posted: Mon Sep 26, 2005 2:39 pm
by Bubblegal

Sister Series


Banner - Zevrillion

Title: Secret Among Friends

Rating: Mature/Adult

Charaters: Max and Liz. Tammy and Jake. Gang are added.

Summary: Non Alien Fic. Max and Isabel have a little sister called Tammy. Tammy and Liz are best friends but they hold a dark secret together. When Liz's life is put in danger because of the secret, will Tammy able to turn to the one person who will be able to protect Liz?

Warning: Sexual themes and dark parts. There will be light but it's kinda a dark story. This story will be put into three POV - Max, Liz and Tammy's.

Link: Secrets Among Friends

Progress - Completed.


Banner: monkeycgm

Title: Destructive Intentions.

Summary: Max and Liz are going to get married so the Evans took them and the gang out of Roswell for a well-needed break but it isn’t meant to be. Liz was taken on holiday to forget her past but what happens when she bumps into a blast from the past?
Liz’s life is put in danger once more but it looks like the gang might be the ones that won’t survive it. Will Max and Liz ever get married and will Liz ever get over her past?

Rating: Mature/Adult

Warning: Sexual Theme and Violence

Link: Destructive Intentions

Progress - Completed


Banner made by DramastarOF06

Title: Better Of Apart

Characters: Max/Liz All is there

Rating: Mature/Adult

Summary: The gang goes back to Roswell for a renuion but you know what they say, sometimes families are just better off apart.

Note: This is the third part in the Sister/Danger Series.

Board: AU Without Aliens



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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Harry Potter



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Buffy The Vampire Slayer:


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By RosDude

Title: Desire Comes Crashing

Characters: Read on and Find out. Hint of Buffy/Angel.

Rating: Mature/Adult

Summary: Two people give back into their desire and someone walks in on them.

Link: Desire Comes Crashing

Works In Progress:


Coming Soon: