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POM's-Dreamer Fictions * A/N: pg.5 (8-19-2009)*

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The Prophecy
Made By: Crashdown 51 :)

Title: The Prophecy: The Begining
Disclaimer: I owe nothing to Roswell or its creators
Rating: Mature
Pairings: (CC)
*Max & Liz
*Michael & Maria
*Alex & Isabel

Liz Parkers POV post pilot episode

Authors note:

*Tess is not in this fan fiction because it turns out that Liz is Ava. Also, Liz’s adopted Parents play a huge role in this fan fiction, they turn out being the podsters protectors.*


Liz's expierence growing up...and finding out that everything she ever believed was a lie, she always thought she was alone! but then she realizes that once she thought she was different then it turns out that she not so alone anymore after a course of events unravel everything, and send her spinning out of control!! what will happen? [ read and find out :lol:]


banner by: Chad
Title: Odd One Out
Disclaimer: I owe nothing...it's just being used in plain fun.
Rating: Mature
Category: AU without Aliens

Liz Parker grew up with and is best friends with four guys....Max,Michael,Kyle and Alex.

She loves her boys dearly and they are more like big brothers to her than friends.But having said that to be honest they are without a doubt slowly driving her insane! They show up at her apartment at all hours of the day/night,eating her out of house and home and all around never giving her any free time.Too top it all off every guy she knows is too scared to ask her out due to their...mostly Michael's...over protectivness.

So in order to get the guys out of her hair a tad Liz has decided to find girlfriends for all of them.


Banner by: Ping
Title: Practice Makes Perfect
Disclaimer: I owe nothing to anyone. Just for fun.
Rating: Mature
Pairing: CC (M/L)

Liz Parker is a doctor at a very nice/large hospital.She is a workaholic and her job is her life.Liz is one of those people who live to work.She's always on call at the hospital and is not happy unless she's there.Liz is a caring person but when she's a work she tends to keep her distance between the patients,the nurses and all the others.This has got her a rep for being a cold fish and kind of stuck on herself.But having said all of that Liz is the top dog at the hospital.

Well that was until now Max Evans entered the picture as a new doctor at the hospital.

Coming Soon to a comupter near you!


Made By: max and liz believer

Title: Unreachable
CC/UC<---only in the begining :wink:> Max & Liz Mainly :D

Authors Note: This is Max and Liz's POV throughout the story!


After high school everyone spilt to do there own things... Liz and Maria became Registered Nurses at the local hospital in Roswell, While still helping her parents out at the crashdown from time to time, Kyle joined the Marines. and has been with Liz off and on for the past 9 yrs., Alex and Isabel eloped and got married right after high school. Alex is a Lawyer, and they live in New York. Michael also lives in New York, and is also a lawyer and works with Alex. Max and Tess have been serious since High School, Sweethearts actually. Max is a Doctor in Boston, and lives with Tess... but ten years later they all come back to the town that they abandond for there 10 year Renioun of the class of 2002. When they all come back everything turns upside down...some more than others.
Earth No More
MB: Sally [ Anyanka]

Title: Earth No More

Author: Pomona


Category: CC

Summary: Liz, Alexx, & Ava-Maria are royality on Earth, but when their partents find out that their world is to be destroyed by another planet, they send their children away for the Summer. Tell them they will join them at the end--but knowing they will never see there children again. But for Elizabeth Whitman, her fate is not in her hands. Her fate was sealed before she was born, before her parents knew about the triplets--she is to marry, King Maxwell of Antar--but will he or she be willing to set romance on it's way when Tragety strikes?



Title: Love Between Time Lines

1940's Minipulations & Entire banner made by: Dreamer<3
Ancient Egyptian minipulations made by: Shiesty23

Author: Dreamer_Dreaming & POM

Disclaimer: We owe nothing of Roswell--
or story concept by author : Carline B. Cooney- 'Both sides of Time' <--- Loosley based.

Rating: Teen/ some Mature

Category: Alternative Universe W/out Aliens

Pairing: CC


Story takes place in the 1940's in the begining but mostly takes place in the ancient Egyptian times.


not good with summaries---:lol: but main things is that Liz goes off to college--goes back in time to the ancient egyptian times, where she befriends and falls in love with the prince of Egypt Zanander. A week until his marriage to his betrothed to Princess Serephna--he must figure chose between the love he was destined to, or one he didn't expect.

While Liz has to figure out if her future in her time or the past.

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Coming Soon to a Computer Screen Near you:


Title: Jury Duty
Made by the very talented Behrgirl77
Disclaimer: I owe nothing :)
Rating: Mature
Pairing: CC


Tweleve people from all over southern California have to appear at court for the much dreaded...yep...Jury Duty. Since they didn't appear when they were suppose to, they are now ordered to appear or else they will be fined $250,000 dollars. They all go to L.A. to serve there dues--but what they don't know is that they get put on not just any trial, but a muder case...that is the talk of the year. With Model/ Actress Courntey Delovely as the murder...Killing someone she does not even remember meeting...did she do it? Don't know..

As for the jurors...the trial runs it's course as they are locked in hotel rooms by night and courtroom by day--some will become friends, others... rivals, some lovers...and some enimies. When they decided her fate? What will happen to everyone?


Everyone is strangers to one another...they never met before this day :wink:
Just keep that in mind :)

Jury List:

1.> Alex Charlson
2.> Tessa Harding
3.> Pamaela Troy
4.> Jimmy Valenti
5.> Amy DeLuca
6.> Nancy Brown
7.> Michael Guerin
8.> Kyle Klarkson
9.> Maria Diaz
10.> Isabel Bradly
11.> Maxwell Evans
12.> Eliza Parker
Alternative Juror:
13.> Nicolas Kivar


Title: I hate you, I love you
Disclaimer: I owe nothing of Roswell
Rating: Teen
Pairing: M/L Alternative Universe Without Aliens

made by: Stargazer101


Basically Max and Liz attend the same College, loath each other--they can't stand to eachother. But when they head home for summer vacation they never imagined in a million years that there paths will cross.

It's basically a road trip gone wrong--200 miles in the middle on nowwhere, Liz's car dies. She tries to call for help but notices that she forgot her cell isn't charged, so she notices a billboard inticating that there was a pit stop a few miles ahead. She decides to walk, taking what she could from her car and setting off--after those few miles, they turned into several miles that just dragged on and on.And that's when Max pulls up--and the fun begins :wink:



Banner by: Jo
Title: Moutain Angel

Disclaimer: I owe nothing to roswell...or Dolly Parton just borrowing the lyrics

Rating: Mature

Based on the song, 'Mountain Angel' By: Dolly Parton

Tess was the princess of her small country life style, the pride of her parents, and won the hearts of everyone. But the day a mystery man came into her life, and stole her heart she never was the same.

** If you read the Lyrics...a happy ending is not ensured--and starts out nice and sweet but ends on a bad note. I've been wanting to do this story for awhile, but I keep putting it off. Once I have Unreachable done, I'm bound to start this one. It's only going to be a short story. Not more than five parts. But I hope you like.

Mountain Angel Lyrics:

Pretty as an angel from the day that she was born
Skin as fair as Lily's hair, as golden as the corn
They knew that she was special from the moment she first cried
She was a mountain angel certified
She was her momma's baby, she was her daddy's pride
Good at home, at church and school, at everything she tried
Everybody's darlin' led a charmed and peaceful life
The perfect mountain angel 'til he arrived
And ohh, she fell so deeply
Ooh, she couldn't stop
She gave herself to him, milled it completely
He lifted her so high he let her drop

She gave up everything for him that mattered in her life
All the others that had loved her and she vowed to be his wife
She dreamed of bearing children in an ivy-covered house
The mountain angel's sunshine turned to clouds
The wicked handsome stranger left the way he came
Broke her heart and broke her mind
She never was the same
They say he was the devil
That had come to steal her soul
She never loved another it was told
They say she had a baby
Some say that it had died
They it's just as well
As it had been the devil's child
They say good conquers evil
But here, evil won the prize
So the mountain angel took to the wild

And ooh, she couldn't take it
Years passed and she had long since lost her mind
She waited for him as her beauty faded
Her parents died from grief before their time

She tried to gather pieces of her life, they wouldn't fit
Beside the tiny grave deep in the woods is where she'd sit
Talking to the child, herself, to him, who knew for sure
Possessed they say by satan's insane lure
High a'top the mountain, for years they say she's seen
Looking down upon the town where she had once been queen
She'd sneak around the playground, watch the little children play
They'd see the crazy lady then run away
They say she roamed these hills for years, wearing not a stitch
The lovely mountain angel now thought to be a witch
She made those wailing mournful sounds
That you could hear for miles
Long after she laid down upon her baby's grave and died

And ooh, her ghost is callin'
She's waiting for the ones that she adored
Through spring and summer, fall when snow is fallin'
Her spirit roams these hills forever more
The mountain angel's voices ever more

Oohh, oooo
Oohh, oooo
Oohh, oooo


MB: Tanya7496

Made By: Chad

Title: Love & Intolerance

Disclaimer: I owe nothing of Roswell—or idea of my story. My stories concept is taken from Jane Austin’s classic novel, ‘Pride & Prejudice’.

Rating: Mature

Pairing: M/L [ CC ]

: Alternative Universe Without Aliens


Elizabeth Twilight is a young and free spirit who never thinks that love was meant for her, but when a dashing and arrogant man comes into her path. She cannot deny the feelings fumbling between them. The Twilight family is well set, but is not highly rich as Mr. and Mrs. Twilight have hoped. With that hope they wish to marry off there four girls, to the rich and highly sociable men of New Haven.


Set in the late 1800’s, and is loosely based on Jane Austin’s Novel, ‘Pride & Prejudice’

Sibling Pairing:

Maxwell Evans & Tesina Evans – Brother and Sister

Alexander Whitman & Courtney Whitman – Brother and Sister

Elizabeth, Isabella, Maria, and Serena Twilight – Sisters

Title: More Than Words

By: Behrgirl77

Disclaimer: I owe nothing

Rating :Mature

M/L Alternative Universe With out Aliens


going to be not more than 5 parts. :D

And the follow up to the Holiday one parter... Ordinary Love


Max and Liz decide to take the family to go visit there friends that currently live in Huston Texas. But what starts out to be a friendly visit, someone unexpected comes over, causing Max to remember certain feelings, and for the first time in twelve years Liz will doubt her husband. What will happen? Read and find out.

Title: Ghost of you

By: Behrgirl77

*Liz minip by Tanya
*Max Minip by Dreamer <3

Disclaimer: I owe nothing of Roswell

Pairing CC:
M/L **Mostly a Max & Liz Story**

Alternative Universe W/Out aliens

Rating: Mature

Period writting piece--taking place during WWII in the late 1940'S


Takes place during WWII

Max & Liz know eachother from school, but when they graduate they both have big dreams--Max wants to go to college, while Liz wants to be a big movie star and singer.

But with news of war breaking out, Max is drafted while Liz's dreams come true, and a year later of success. Liz wants to help cheer up the soliders and goes across seas along with Serena and the Dreamers to Co-headline a USO tour.

But what she didn't think she would ever come across is her past, and who she thought she'd lost forever...

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<center>COMPLETE STORIES:</center>

Title: No ordinary Love


Banner Made By: DramastarOF06 <---- Thank you :D

Rating: Mature

Disclaimer: I owe nothing

Author: POMONA

Max & Liz

Alternative Universe without Aliens

A/N: This only a one part Fiction because I did it for a valentines day Challenge for another board.

Thanks Jessica of helping me beta this writting piece, your the best!! I don't know what I would do without you!!


Before Max met Liz, he hated Valentine’s Day and anything associated with it. What starts out to be just an ordinary day, turns out to be extraordinary when he meets Liz, a young striving new college student. Who is everything Max isn’t, she’s outgoing, outspoken, and an independent girl. She’s new to New Mexico and when she bumps into Max it’s not love at first sight. But with time they fall in love and are married one year to the date they met. And the date just happens to be Valentine’s Day. Now, nine years and three kids later. Max and Liz are on the verge of celebrating their tenth wedding anniversary, but with the constant demands of work, reality, and the kids, Max wonders if he’ll ever pull off his plans of a romantic getaway...Only time will tell.
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I'm nominated for : 'Best Newly Hatched-New Author' on 'Roswell Chronicles'


**Memories Board**

2005 Nominee for 'Unreachable' Best AU Fiction without Aliens

and Best Poem 'Memories'



Poem is on this board along with my others!! :)
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Unreachable will be updated every week!! :D * Monday or Tuesday* <--Cuz I have these days off :wink:

Thanks for reading!! :D



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dreamer destiny wrote:
POM wrote:Unreachable will be updated every week!! :D * Monday or Tuesday* <--Cuz I have these days off :wink:

Thanks for reading!! :D

Do you actually live in Pomona? 'Cause I do now. I go to CPP.
Yes. I do :lol:

on the side note...I updated on UNREACHABLE...CHECK IT OUT!! :wink:



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Yeah, I'm working on them...probably within the next week :D


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Updated on Unreachable...Chapter 3 :)


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added new comming soon story: Jury Duty :D

Pg. 1 to see the summary :D


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updated on Unreachable: Chapter 4: Since you've been gone

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