My Stories by Parker1947 - As of - 05/18/2020

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My Stories by Parker1947 - As of - 05/18/2020

Post by Parker1947 » Sat Jun 08, 2019 12:55 pm

My Stories

Stories in Progress

Holding out for a Hero
Always Tomorrow - A Reunion's Endgame

"Reunion" Trilogy Series:
#1) Reunion

Synopsis: It should be time for West Roswell High’s 20th Reunion. Class of 2002 came and went. Life went on with love and tragedy. Little do they know the reminder of such an important event in their teenage lives has the capacity to change so much in ways they don’t know at the time. Will they even make it to the reunion or will have life as they know it change forever?

Completed: July 15, 2018

#2) On the Razor's Edge

Synopsis: A continuation of the story that came from “Reunion”. Max and Liz or the people they are currently are forced to figure out where to go from here, and if it’s together. And within the newest generation, they are forced to confront feelings and the prospect of growing up in a world completely different from their parents and can they prevent themselves from getting drawn into similar battles that tested their own parents or and will they even have the chance to choose before forces take it into their own hands to make their parents pay for the sins they believe that have been committed by using their children? Can they stop them, or will the damage be too great and lasting?

Completed: December 18, 2019

#3) Always Tomorrow
In progress...

One and Done Stories - Concluded

Leaving Normal

Summary: Post Graduation: Mayhem broke out during the graduation ceremony, and plans the gang had didn’t go as they should have and therefore in the wake of the event they still had to separate from their love ones back in Roswell as well as separating from each other due to unforeseen events, not anticipated at Graduation.
Max/Isabel are left on their own while Liz is with Michael, Maria and Kyle. They all have started new lives, for good or bad. But what happens when someone from their past returns and throws their current lives into chaos. Will this someone help or hurt them? Can there be a happy ever after, after all, and will it lead them back to Roswell?

Against all Odds

Summary: Post Chant Down Babylon, Liz was unable to bring Max back to life with her good-bye kiss. And therefore, she’s spinning in the months ahead, as she comes to terms with the loss of Max, and the powerful memories, and powers she doesn’t even want in her life. But will a chance encounter change all that?

Lost & Found

Synopsis: Post Busted: Max went to California in the search of answers and to find his son, and during his mission Liz resentment grew to the point where she became fed up and told him they were through… Max did not come back as he stayed to continue his mission, or so they thought when he disappeared and wasn’t heard from for ten years. Liz found herself deeply hurt by his disappearance, and it led her to into making choices she would regret until years later when she would be forever changed by a heart wrenching act of a madman. Only for it to set off a string of events that would bring Max back into her life. Can the truth save the day?

If Walls Could Talk...

Story Description: When Tess came back, she raised havoc and forced the baby on Max and therefore he was forced into a loveless union for the sake of his son while Liz watched from the sidelines. Instead of waiting for a natural end; she went off to university at Northwestern, and it’s now four years later and she’s graduated and is ready for medical school at Las Cruces. Max stayed in Roswell to raise his son. With Liz back; where do they find each other when all they have is memories and a passion that can’t be quashed?

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