Unpopular Opinions...Round 2

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Re: Unpopular Opinions...Round 2

Postby killjoy » Wed Jul 14, 2010 3:11 pm

Coccy wrote:Larek had a thing for Maria?
I remember that Brody had a thing for her and i didn't think that it was so weird or sick. He genuinely liked her but it was always platonic and cute he never crossed the line IMO. I don't see them as a possible couple....more like friends. My impression is that he liked her because she's pretty and sunny.. she's an optimistic person while he isn't like that especially considering his problems with the alien abductions and his daughter. Sometimes people are attracted to a person who is their opposite or the way they'd love to be themselves.
Maybe he looks older than his age but who knows maybe he has Jesse's age (i don't remember if it was ever said) or slightly older.

Okay I checked on it and the guy who played Brody was 28 when he was on the show.I don't know if he was supposed to be the same age on the show.I think it's fine for someone in highschool to have a 'crush' on someone around that age.....but in no way is it alright for any one of them to act on it until everyone is eighteen or over.Not that I think Brody had those feelings for Maria.

I do agree with you that I think Brody was drawn to Maria's sunny ways due to everything in his life at the moment being dark and sad.

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Re: Unpopular Opinions...Round 2

Postby RoswellOracle » Sat Jul 24, 2010 12:08 am

Yeah, I find it hard to believe that Brody had serious feelings for Maria. I think he had a bit of a crush on her, but he had a lot going on in his life to be thinking about a serious relationship. Not to mention he barely knew her.

Of course it never said on the show how old Brody was. It's possible he was meant to be in his late teens or early twenties. He got rich from a web company he created, so he could have done that at quite a young age.

I agree that it would have been interesting for it to play out a bit, but I don't think it would have lasted long on either side. Maybe Michael should have seen Brody taking her out and treating her like a gentleman, and tried to change his behavior to be like Brody. :lol:
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Re: Unpopular Opinions...Round 2

Postby Calantha.moon » Sat Mar 11, 2017 3:40 am

Ok here goes...
I disliked Liz thoughout the majority of series 2. Just to clarify I am a Dreamer. Series 1 for me was Dreamer perfection. It's just...
End of series 1. They find out their destiny. Liz runs away from Max, just because someone told them they were going to be together doesn't mean all their feelings are going to change. Michael and Isabel aren't going to suddenly get together. Max chooses Liz. She chooses to run away.
Series 2. She comes back, Max pursues Liz. They slowly grow closer and it looks like they could get back together, then Future Max happens. (Ok I'm alright with this, but why she didn't tell someone what was happening I'll never know).
Max eventually forgives Liz for sleeping with Kyle (she didn't cheat on him but I understand why he was hurt as she was allowing them to get closer after she rejected him) and they become friends again. When Max goes to her excited because he's started remembering his home planet she's upset and immediately asks about Tess.
Then she sees Tess and Max together in his room and she's upset again, which leads to her getting closer to Sean. I realise her feelings never went away and she just did what she thought she had to when FMax turned up but it's the hurt party act throughout that grates. You can't reject someone twice then be upset they've moved on.
Then even as she's growing close to Sean and her and Max haven't been close for almost an entire series she's upset when Max moves on with Tess and they kiss at prom. (To me when I watch the episodes around this time I don't see two people still in love. I see two people who are still hurt over what has happened, two people who still have feelings for one another but both know they need to and both want to move on).

Then Alex's death happens (noooo) and she blames aliens which... Yea it does seem likely. And their reaction isn't great. (I was kind of hoping for some us vs them with Mi/Ma caught in the middle). But then she goes gung-ho for her theory (which is acurate but as a viewer you don't know this at that point in time) even as Max points out she could be putting all the aliens lives at risk but she doesn't care. Finding out the truth about your friend's death:important. Risking other friends' lives to find out the truth: stupid.
Then she uses Sean to break into the school and is too caught up in her (still a theory with no solid evidence at this point) mission to find Alex's killer to go check on Sean, Maria has to call her out for her to do it.
Then she's right and her and Max immediately get back together (really?! No discussion? Just jump straight back together?) and then she's acting like the hurt party and holding the fact that Max slept with Tess against him.

Phew, that felt like it took an age to write. I originally watched the series when it was first on. Max and Liz were my OTP and I hated anything and everything that got in their way- Tess, Sean. I hated Tess with a passion even before Alex's death. Now as I rewatch the series (I've just watched the episode where Liz finds out Alex never went to Sweden) I don't mind Tess and I find myself disliking Liz. You can't reject someone multiple times (for whatever reason), start to move on yourself (although thinking about it, it does come across as someone who is just trying to feel better and Sean does that for her) and then be upset the other person has moved on.
I think the writers are really inconsistent with Tess. She's suspect when she first arrived but with all the Nasedo stuff that can be forgiven. Then she turns into one of the group. Then she's a master manipulator who is evil. It just... Doesn't flow in my opinion.

I prefer kooky Maria's clothes in series 1. I read somewhere the actors were given more control over their characters wardrobe in series 2 and boy is it obvious, Isabel wears leather almost constantly in the first half of series 2 and Maria's kooky style disappears. I still love the character and get that people change but it's just such a stark difference to me.

If you can understand that rambling mess I applaud you. My tenses are all over the place. Sorry!

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