Top Five Dreamer Fics

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Top Five Dreamer Fics

Post by willowbv » Sun Mar 30, 2003 11:18 am

I just finished reading SansuCry's dreamer fic: Tricks and Treats and it injected me with dreamer enthusiasm again. It reminded me why I was a dreamer and after that I just had to rewatch my tape of Blind Date and Sexaul Healing.

With all the fabuolus dreamer fic on the board, I know it's hard to narrow them down but what are your top five dreamer fics? the fics that got you saying "Yes! that is why I dream, Max and Liz forever!" so I can read them too or we can talk about them in general?

so for from the ones whose titles I can remember, I've got:

1. Tricks and Treats by SansuCry

2. Eyes of Fear by SansuCry

(*shrugs* what can I say? the girl can write ;) I'm a fan, :)

so who's next?

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Anais Nin
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Post by Anais Nin » Sun Mar 30, 2003 1:47 pm

I fell in love with her "Twelve Days Of Christmas", too! She's a great author! :)

I also love...

* Solar Eclipse
* Love By Any Other Name (both by max and liz believer)
* Maxeo and Lizziet by Breathless (of course! The classic Dreamer fic... perfect in all ways...)
* Regarding Max by Deejonaise
* Between The Sand And The Stone by Kath7
* When Love Isn't Enough by Deejonaise
* Affairs of the Heart by Applebylicious

And so many others stories... :roll: Anything by Dee, Blessed4ever, Applebylicious, Nicola...

Let's just say that we've got many talented people on this board. :D

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Post by Blessed4Ever » Sun Mar 30, 2003 5:30 pm

There are tons....but the ones I can think of right now...

Spin by Incognito (sp?) -I adore that was one of the first ones I read :D
Anything by Bel_1983-I'm a huge fan of hers.....I love her fics........
they're so different and so totally amazing in their own way....
Anything by Anais Nin- Talent, talent, talent! Need I say more?
First Date and Second Date by LttleMrmade - They are SO funny!! She has inspired me so much!
Good Shit, Snowed in with a sex god by JBehrsGurl- Absolutely hilarious....
A Different Story by Cyrus- I love that story....Max and Liz are adorable in it...

There are SO many more.....but outta the top of my head those are the ones I came up with...guess I went over the five limit....

**Blinks** Wow.....thanks Lynn!! **Grins** Big time writers like you giving small writers like me is really touching! Thanks!
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Post by Cassandra » Mon Mar 31, 2003 7:10 am

i want to second Anais Nin

Lethal Whispers - By Max And Liz Believer
Maxeo and Lizziet - By Breathless
are both great fic :Fade-color

i'm sure there's more but i can't think of any now :roll:
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Post by jbehr2002 » Tue Apr 08, 2003 9:00 pm

All of LivE's fics - Awesome Dreamer fics!

I'd have to vote for Lynn's fics too! :D

~Sara 8)

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Post by strawberryapple » Wed Apr 09, 2003 3:24 am

My top 5 would be this..:)

1. HOMES SERIES by EmilyluvsRoswell

2. INNOCENT by mockingbird39

3. Pilgrim Soul by EmilyluvsRoswell

Oh dear..I totally forgot the other fics..but the author's are Danilliese and Kath7. I swear my head will be cut because of this..but I'll edit this next time.:D

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Post by Adrianna » Fri Apr 11, 2003 9:11 pm

I can't believe no one has even mentioned Tasfya's fics yet. The most brilliantly written Dreamer fanfic I've ever read. Absolutely amazing, all of them. My favourites being Reawakening, Discord and her new one, Splitscreen

Oh, I almost forgot!! Ashton's Kiss the Flame and Rope the Wind. How could I have forgotten those?? Except the updates are too few and far between. Mind you, there could be an update every hour and I still wouldn't be happy. :)

- Adrianna -

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Post by sweetygurl » Sun Apr 13, 2003 6:38 pm

i'd have to say eyes of fear by sansucry anything by Anais Nin and anything by moonieADT

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Post by willowbv » Mon Apr 14, 2003 3:25 pm

I came across Maxeo and Lizziet, that you guys recommended it's a very long fic and I'm making my way through it and enjoying every minute! so thanks for that recommendation :) Max and Liz are soo perfectly described in that fic, I love Max's shyness.

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Post by marteloise » Tue Apr 22, 2003 3:47 pm

hmmm... kinda difficult, there's a lot of talented writers here...

- maxeo and lizzet

- kiss the flame/rope the wind

- prisonner of love by mia nora

- anything by flohmac

- first date / double date -> hilarious !!!

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