Were Max and Liz really good for each other?

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Were MAx and Liz good for each other?

yes, definantly
absolutely not
a little bit of both
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Re: Were Max and Liz really good for each other?

Post by Cocogurl » Fri Dec 24, 2010 11:56 pm

I think the only time I ever wondered whether they were good for each other was in the third season. I felt that Liz was slowly starting to lose her identity in Max and wasn't thinking enough about herself or her feelings and Max didn't do too much to show that he appreciated that. But I blame these issues on the writers. If they were going to work as hard as they did breaking Max and Liz up, than they should've worked just as hard dealing with aftermath of it and getting them back together in a more natural way. But they kind of brushed almost everything in season 2 under the rug. I think Liz's outburst in Ch-ch-changes was the first real sign I saw that told me that what happened two really happened, and that it really had an impact on Max and Liz's relationship.

There are so many things in season 2 that I wanted to see Max and Liz discuss. Future Max would the biggest one.
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Re: Were Max and Liz really good for each other?

Post by bellaresop » Mon Dec 24, 2012 2:11 pm

Yes, I they were definetly good for each other :) They just had alot of bad karma lol.

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