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Post by jbangelo » Tue Apr 08, 2008 9:40 am

Hi all!

I'm Jenny, and I'm the Forum Leader for Heavenly Dreamers. Any major issues, concerns or problems that might occur while visiting this forum should be directed to me, and if I can't help you then I'll gladly direct you to the person mostly likely to be able to. Consider me your first line of communication.

What this forum is for:
  • Discussions about Max and Liz. Period. Whether it's songs that remind you of Max and Liz, your favorite Max and Liz fics, or discussion about aspects of the show that pertain to Max and Liz, it's all welcome here.
What this forum is NOT for:
  • Discussions about who Max and Liz should be with besides each other. This is the HEAVENLY DREAMERS board, therefore any and all conversation about Max or Liz with another character in a romantic situation is moot and does not belong on this forum. You're free to take your discussion elsewhere, like the UC board for example, but if it's posted here it will be locked immediately and you will be warned for not reading the posting rules.

    Flaming of the relationship between Max and Liz, and/or flaming of dreamers is strictly prohibited on this forum. Fanatics doesn't allow flaming of posters AT ALL, and we're not too keen on the bashing of characters, either, so if you go down this road expect to suffer some consequences.
Thanks for taking the time to read these simple rules. Abide by them, and have fun posting!

hugs, Jenny
Forum Leader for Heavenly Dreamers
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