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Posted: Mon Sep 04, 2006 2:25 pm
by Fehr'sBear
Thanks so much. I'll try to get posts up tonight for all of my characters.

Posted: Wed Sep 06, 2006 9:56 am
by StormWolfstone
Sabrina is with Tyler :D and thanks Chris :D Will be trying to post when I get home from D*C. I'm half way home now. Stopped the night with a friend so we could get some sleep.

Posted: Wed Oct 04, 2006 8:52 am
by StormWolfstone
Just so everyone knows, I am working on posts here for the next day to start us off since I know it's difficult for everyone... I'll be posting those in the next couple of days as long as something more doesn't happen to cause me to have to hold back again...

Posted: Mon Oct 16, 2006 5:11 am
by Fehr'sBear
bump :D

Posted: Tue Nov 14, 2006 5:05 pm
by StormWolfstone
OOC: On the suggestion of a friend and player here, I’m moving us ahead to the next day… maybe it’ll help get us moving again. My other posts will be up asap


I don’t know quite what to think as morning light peeps through my window and I know I haven’t slept much at all. After saying goodnight to Tyler, I couldn’t get over the fact that all in one night I’d received a boyfriend and learned that my mom wasn’t completely human. Mom had shown up on the dream plane and helped guide me for a while, it had been amazing learning more things I could do and yet both of us were uncertain of what to think when we found ourselves in a darkened dream, screams sounding only to be followed by hideous laughter and cold taunting words.

Waking up, I shiver at the memory of the voice. He warned that he was coming for us. That we couldn’t escape and that all we loved would die. But I couldn’t see a face.

Mom told me that it might not even have anything to do with us. It could have been some angry felon thinking about revenge or something of the sort, but something made it hard for me to shake. Maybe it was just what I’d heard last night about Uncle Max and what he went through… I don’t know.

I want to talk to Erik about them, but I still don’t know what he thinks about everything, we didn’t have the chance to talk much when we got home. I was too overwhelmed by all the emotions and not feeling that good. I just needed to find something I could do and I wouldn’t hide anything from Erik. We’d never hidden anything from each other… well other then the powers. But, we talked about everything else.

It’s Saturday morning, which means I don’t have to worry about school and I planned on meeting Tyler around two. I’m hoping that he will realize that whether he has powers or not, I still want to be with him. He saved my life, he’s always been the one I dreamt of. I just hope he doesn’t see me as a freak now. We didn’t have the chance to talk about that last night either. Did he still want me to be his girlfriend? Would he be afraid of me now? I hope not, but I’m still going to meet him at the park and if he shows we’ll go from there.

Will I give up on him if he doesn’t show up? No, not after last night.

That thought keeping me going, I get out of bed and start gathering my clothing for the day, glancing at the clock. It’s a little after eleven, I barely ever sleep this late even on the weekends, usually only when I sleep. Sighing, I shake my head; I’m going to have to see if Erik is home but first I’m going to go get a shower and get dressed for the day.

Making my way into the bathroom, I climb in the shower, not really hurrying because my thoughts are simply focused on the dream and what happened last night. Despite everything I said to the others last night, where I myself am concerned, I’m worried about being accepted now. I never step forward but last night at the party I took a bold step towards Ty and it worked out, then when the fire was still raging I took strength from my mother and Uncle’s presence and helped with my powers to find the Sheriff.

Then, I can’t believe how I stood up to speak in front of everyone at the Crash. Me, Sabrina Whitman, stood up and spoke in a way that would be considered inspirational. I began humming as I washed my hair and closed my eyes for a moment. However, once my hair was washed and I’d given it a conditioning, I rinsed, washed up and climbed out to dry off.

Wrapping my robe around my shoulders, I began fiddling with drying my hair although I knew a neat little trick that helped, but I always took pleasure in doing my hair normally. Looking in the mirror while styling my hair, I tried to find something I liked about myself other then my hair. What was it that drew Tyler to liking me? He’d never really known me even though we’ve known each other for years.

With a sigh, I dressed and left the bathroom, making my way down to the kitchen where I found my mother making lunch. She turned and smiled at me, “I was hoping you and your brother would be up soon. We want to have everyone get together for dinner tonight. All five families.”

I nodded, though it sent fear flowing through me. I didn’t know if all of us getting together so soon would be a good thing. “I’ll let others know if I see them, mom.” I tell her and I see her looking at me intently.

“Where are you going?” Mom asks this very calmly, concern lacing her tone but curiosity more evident.

“To see Tyler… if he still meets me after last night.”

“He will honey. Are you alright?” I turned to look at her before I nodded. I was, a little shaken up from the dream, but I was okay.

“Yeah, mom… would you be able to help me with the dream walking thing…? Maybe later tonight or tomorrow?” I ask, feeling a bit nervous about doing so. I don’t know why, but I just don’t feel right actually talking about it with my mom.

“Anytime you want, Sabrina.” Mom replies and I nod, moving to take a seat at the table. I’m sticking around for a little bit of lunch, hoping to see Eric and have the chance to talk to him before I go see Tyler.

Posted: Wed Nov 15, 2006 1:17 am
by StormWolfstone
I'd like to welcome OnDragonflyWings as our new Eileen and Laura

Posted: Mon Dec 18, 2006 7:30 pm
by Fehr'sBear

I hate the sun. It's one of those things that you love when it's afternoon, and the sun is shining down, warm and inviting. But it's different when you are trying to sleep and it's blaring through your blinds at you. Then you hate it. Right now that's exactly what it's doing too.

Groaning, I throw the sheets off and roll out of bed, shuffling into the bathroom to take a quick shower. Once I'm feeling clean and a little more awake, I pull on a tee with one of my favorite bands plastered all over it, and some nice worn in jeans. It's Saturday, I don't need to be dressed up...although...I'm supposed to stop by Erik's this afternoon. Running back into the bathroom, I do my hair and make-up quickly and then head downstairs.

Passing the kitchen clock, I let out another groan. God, it's already past noon. Why do I sleep so late? My dad's in the living room watching some hockey game, and Ty's sitting at the counter stuffing a sandwich into his mouth at warp speed.

"Hey bro," I say brightly, taking a sip of the leftover coffee. Thank god for coffee machines that keep it hot. I feel more awake already.

He grunts a reply and I smile, typical Ty. I want to say something about last night, what with the fires, and the near deaths, and the whole powers thing...I mean, our lives have completely changed overnight. Well, except for Ty and Marie's. Which is why I'm not sure what to say; a problem I usually never have with Tyler.

Going the safe route, I bring up something completely neutral. "So, why the rush?"

"I'm meeting Sabrina at the park around two, and I want to take a drive first," he says with his mouth half full. I try to smile through the disgust of seeing that half chewed food, and reply.

"Well, have fun." Ty nods and gets up from the counter after polishing off the rest of the sandwich and an entire glass of water.

"Bye Dad!" he shouts, grabbing his jacket, and before dad can even say anything he's out the door. I get the feeling he's avoiding us.

"Hey, Dad," I say with a smile, grabbing a bagel and my cup of coffee as I take a seat next to him on the couch. "Is it alright if I go over Erik's house in a little while?" I ask, settling in to watch a bit of the game.

"Sure, but we're having a dinner with all of the families tonight, so you need to be back in time. I'll have to call you with when that is." Dad says, intent on the game to the point where he hasn't even looked up. Well, that's how it usually is.

"Great." I eat my bagel and sit there with him, trying to come up with some sort of question about last night, but I can't figure out how to bring it up. Instead, I just get up and grab my cellphone, dialing the Whitman's number.

"Hi, this is Christina, may I please speak to Erik?"

Posted: Tue Dec 19, 2006 6:40 pm
by Fehr'sBear

Hopping in the car, I take a deep breath. God, it's so frustrating being able to tell that Christina was skirting around the topic of last night. And Dad...I can't tell with him. Maybe he's upset about everything, or maybe he's ashamed of me for not having some special ability? I can't even begin to figure it out.

And Sabrina....I'm just glad she's still talking to me. I mean, she's special, like everyone else, and I'm surprised she doesn't think I'm a freak. Because that's just the vibe I was getting off my Dad, and James last night.

And I just need to do something to get the stress off. Sabrina always seems relaxed. Maybe seeing her will let me do the same. I pull out of the driveway, and go to turn in the direction of the park, but instead stop myself and head towards the Whitman's.

Pulling into the driveway, I text Sabrina on her cell. "Surprise, look outside." I don't think I want to see Mr. or Mrs. Whitman right now, after everything last night.

Posted: Tue Dec 19, 2006 6:50 pm
by StormWolfstone

I was still waiting for Erik when I heard my cell go off to tell me I had a text message. Reaching into my pocket I removed it and pressed the read button. The message she read there caused her lips to curve with a bright smile. "Surprise, look outside."

"I'll see you later, mom!" I called and grabbed my wallet and hurried for the door, looking outside through the window as I put my wallet in my pocket. Seeing Tyler's car in the drive I smiled as I walked out of the house and strode down the walk toward him. "Hey." I greeted him and had a brief moment of nervousness before she pushed it aside.

Moving around to the drivers side, I lean down and put my arms on the window frame. "Hey, you're early." I spoke with a smile, "But, I'm more then ready to go." Leaning in just slightly, I pressed my lips briefly against his before straightening and walking around to the passengers side and climbing in beside him. I reached out and placed my hand over his, "I'm glad you came, Ty... I wasn't sure that with everything that happened last night, you'd still... you'd want to..."

Looking at him, I squeezed his hand, "Last night's revelations doesn't change how I feel about you." I said this for two reasons, the main one was because I wanted to give him those assurances and the other was because it was true.

Posted: Tue Dec 19, 2006 7:17 pm
by Fehr'sBear

"Hey, you're early." Sabrina says as she comes running out the front door and around to the passenger side. I smile as she continues with, "But, I'm more then ready to go," and surprises me by kissing me briefly. When did Sabrina become so much less...shy? I suppose it all started last night. I mean, I doubt she would have kissed me in her driveway last week....but we weren't dating then.

I watch with another smile, already feeling a bit better as she climbs into the passenger seat and grabs my hand, squeezing it comfortingly. "I'm glad you came, Ty... I wasn't sure that with everything that happened last night, you'd still... you'd want to...Last night's revelations doesn't change how I feel about you."

Well, that's a load off. At least someone has that opinion. Leaning over, I plant a kiss on her cheek and start the car. "Thanks Sabrina, that means a lot," I say with a smile as I pull out of the driveway. I was right about her relaxing me. This is just what I needed.

"So...where do you want to go?"