Three's a party (UC/CC/AU ADULT) Thread 2 *Check in please*

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Three's a party (UC/CC/AU ADULT) Thread 2 *Check in please*

Post by madroswellfan » Fri May 12, 2006 8:33 am

Under NO circumstances can anyone under the age of 17 read or participate in this RPG. NO if's, and's or buts...

Title: Three's a party
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Nothing at all.
Rating: Adult.
Couples: UC/CC - M/L/Z, M/M/R, T/K, A/I

Character awards won for this roleplay by players
Isabelle - Zan



Awards for this roleplay
Runner up for Best roleplay fanfic

Thread 1

Max and Zan are twin brothers. They live with there older sister Isabel and there Mom and Dad (Philip and Diane)
When Diane was in hospital giving birth to Zan she met Scarlett (husband Hank), who is in the hospital about to give birth to twins Rath and Michael. The five have been best friends ever since.

Isabel is the captain of the girls swim team. She's athletic, but yet intelligent. She may be blonde is far from an airhead. Most of the male population in the school lusts after her.

Max is the serious (and older by ten minutes) twin. He works hard and is always very caring of his friends and very shy.

Zan is totally different from Max. He's into hard rock and plays lead guitar. He gets by in class. Was going out with lead singer of band until she dumped him for Rath, who turned her down like a good friend.

Michael is flunking badly. Liz helps him out a bit, but he just generally finds things difficult. Known to date, but doesn't take things too far.

In tastes, if Michael is chalk, Rath is cheese. Rath is a punk (he is the elder sibling and likes to call Michael "little brother") and likes to make wise cracks. Most teachers don't like him. He's known as a player round the school, and to be frank its not a total understatement.

But both Michael and Rath share a hard-headedness and both are rather tempermental.

Kyle and Maria are stepbrother and step sister. (Parents Amy and Jim. Maria is younger than Kyle). They own the Crashdown. Maria ia head cheerleader and allround popular girl. Isabel and Maria are known as the queens of the school. Kyle's a bit of a geek, and is very into computers, technology and science.

Alex lives with his father. He's a jock (he's on the boys swim team), but not a particularly high up one, and therefore is still nice to everyone.

Liz use to be in very high circles, until her Mother died. Left alone, she works at the crashdown. The Valenti's tried to take her in, but she told them she wanted to be independant.

Tess is the study geek. She gets A's in everything and is the class swot. She lives with her parents (Nicholas and Serena).

All four male twins start to fall for the same two girls. Rath and Michael decide not to do anything about in fear of the other, but Max and Zan decide its all out war.
Eventually, Rath and Michael start to go behind each others backs doing the same.

Kyle and Isabel are Seniors. Everyone else is juniors, but Tess is taking some senior classes.


Name: Max Evans
Age: 16
Max is the quiet studious boy. He's not popular...but he's not a nobody. A genually nice guy, infact he's too nice for his own good if anything. He's a good boy and is the perfect son for his parents. He does his homework as soon as he gets in, and never lets alcohol even in the same room as him.

But he has one serious weakness. He has a huge crush on a girl in some of his classes. He's knows she's called Liz (he often sees her working at the Crash with her name tag) and he keeps trying to summom the courage to speak to her but keeps bottling it. Instead he goes for the gazing at her whenever she's around approach.

His best friend is Alex Whitman. He's one of the reasons he's not picked on at school....well that and Zan... but he doesn't like to think about him too much...he's only popular because of his band...and that's totally not his scene.

Alex has been his rock for years. All though he gets on well with Michael, Rath and his sister Isabel, Alex is the one who really understands him. He's his rock. And even though he's a jock now, he's still the best friend Max could ever ask for.

Name: Liz Parker

Age: 16

Liz had grown up moving around with her mother and it just so happened that they took a small vacation that turned into something that would change Liz's life forever when they ended up in Roswell, New Mexico. The vacation turned into a permanent living situation and Liz was often seen as being one of the most popular girls in school, though there were things that she didn't exactly get into with people. She did make friends with Michael Guerin within a couple months and since then they had seemed to grow closer as friends.

However, her life was turned upside down when her mother became ill. Her mother did everything she could to make certain that Liz would be cared for after she left, but in truth Yasmine Parker was all that Liz had left. So, when she passed, the little inheritance she got kept her in the home they had purchased for only a short while. Liz petitioned the courts to see to it that she was able to remain independant and began working regularly at the Crashdown. She worked as many hours as she could and her social status plumetted, but that didn't matter to her. She wanted to show herself that she could make it, even though missing her mother was hard.


Age: 16

Something of a wild child, Zan doesn't pay too much attention to his classes but he gets by with mostly decent grades. It might look good to anyone-else but compared to the stellar grades of his sister Isabel and twin-brother Max, he's something of a slacker.

Zan is in a rock band and has an eye for the girls. He's never shy about voicing his appreciation for any pretty girl who catches his attention, although he keeps it respectable and treats them well. He usually dates only one at a time and doesn't play around. He recently broke up with his latest girl-friend and is newly available again. He's not really sure who that will be yet, but he has narrowed it down to just a few.

Zan's best friend is Maria. He's tight with her so he doesn't see her as dating material, for the most part. She's a great help with his music and loves to hang with him. He sees a Maria that everyone else seems to miss and he's always there for her as much as she's there for him. They're true friends.

Michael Guerin

Age 16

Michael is an 'interesting' guy. Rath's twin brother, younger by four minutes exactly. He is constantly bugged by Rath for being younger, and the nickname 'little bro' bothers him to extremes. Of course, Rath and Michael do get along, but they often get in fights with each other, because they are both stubborn and temperamental. Also, Michael and Rath are both insanely competitive. Throwing the fact that they are twins in the mix just means there usually isn't a good outcome. Michael is constantly out to prove that he is just as good, even better than Rath.

Sure, Michael dates, but the only girl that can truly put up with his attitude is Liz. Liz and Michael have been best friends, in almost a brotherly-sisterly way since they were in kindergarten. When Michael's grades suffer, which is pretty much all the time, Liz helps him out.

Name: Maria Deluca

Age: 16

Known as the Queen Bee of the School Ria is what you might call High School Royalty. She's The star. The only other girl who comes close to rivaling her for the crown is Isabel Evans and she seems uninterested in the position. Although she has many friends and her list of in school activities is endless a lot of the time she feels utterly alone. Maria has tried to confide in her 'worker' bee pals but they are so busy agreeing with everything she says that they don't hear her message. No one really gets her. They see the persona of what they think she should be instead of what she really is.

Well, everyone except Zan. He's her Best Friend in the entire universe. Yeah, I know. You're scratching your head wondering 'how did that happen?' Well, Zan is obsessed with Rock and Roll and is constantly fiddling with his quitar. One day Maria heard him playing in the quad and his tune was wonderful but it was missing the razzle dazzle' that only a Deluca can provide. She swiftly made her way over to him and showed him the chord he needed. Having fixed his song the surprised and intrigued guy asked her opinion on something else he was working on. Thus the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Much to his dismay she will not share this talent with the world. A truly remarkable singer she seranades only the shower. If you look under her matress you'll find a compostion book filled with lyrics from songs she's been writing since the eighth grade. Don't tell anyone though. It might harm her reputation. She feared that Kyle becoming her Step Brother was going to set her back on the Social Ladder ,but it didn't change that much. Thankfully, she'd hate to have a blemish on her otherwise seemingly perfect life.

Age: 16
Rath is Roswell's own player. Or at least he has that reputataion, most of which he earnt. He likes to make jokes, he likes to have fun, and most of all he likes girls. Not as many as everyone would suggest....but girls none the less. And he does has some standards for example Zan's ex...what a slut! He would never do that to a friend!

Rath does...okay at school. Mostly because Kyle helps him a lot, and in return he raises Kyle's status from total Geek to slightly geeky guy who hangs out with Rath. It started off as an arrangement...but Rath grew fon of Kyle and now there good mates. And plus, he likes any oportunity to beat his little brother.

Although his little brother is only minutes younger than him he likes to remind Michael everyday. Its a constant competion between the two of them. He never shared as a kid and never intends to. He is determined to keep Michael in his second.

Alex C. Whitman
Sport-Swimming:Back stroke and free style

Alex got in to the sporting fraternity at West Roswell High quite by accident.
One of the team's swimmers was injured in a biking accident two weeks before an inter-school competition and they had no one else for the Back Stroke relay against the team from Clovis High.On a dare from his best friend Max,Alex tried out for the team and to his surprise got selected.

Alex is an all rounder of sorts...good at studies and a good enough swimmer to maintain his spot on the team.Yet he isn't full of himself like his other team mates,he's still nice to the so called low society of high school,having been one of them himself,completely loyal to his best friend Max and is thus afraid to make a move on his older sister Isabel,on whom he's had a crush on for just about forever.


Isabel, to most seems to be a priss. Obviously they have never seen her swim. She takes pride in her position as captain of the swim team and expects all her fellow team mates to do their best.

Out of all the swimmers she considers Alex one of the best. Not because he is her brother’s best friend but because he is a wonderful swimmer, and although he knows it he doesn’t brag about it.

Having had her heartbroken by her ex-boyfriend Izzy is not looking for love anytime soon. She has gone on a few dates but it has never progressed to more than two with the same guy.

While Isabel is popular and receives a lot of attention from the guys, she only has one close friend…and that’s Tess. Although Tess and Izzy are opposites Isabel can pretty much tell her anything and everything.

Name: Tess Harding
Age: 16

Tess Harding is the perfect daughter. She is smart, beautiful and eager to please. She doesn’t smoke, drink or take drugs. Her time is spread between her studies and her extracurricular activities, which include helping out a homeless shelter and tutoring.

As a only child, Tess feels that is even more important to make her parents proud and she has a lot to live up to. Her father is a top surgeon and her mother is a highflying lawyer. Of course, making them proud really isn’t that big of problem. She is one of the smartest girls at West Roswell High and is destined for great things. Already colleges such Harvard and Yale have expressed a interest in Tess joining them when she finishes her studies at West Roswell High.

Kyle age 17.

Son of Jim Valenti he has a step mother Amy who he actually likes and Maria his Step sister. A bit of a geek Kyle enjoys working with computers, games, may be a little hacking. He likes to fix things and that is why he works at a garage he is good with cars. His best friend is oddly enough one of the popular kids in School Rath at first it was just an arrangement Kyle help him with his work in exchange for a status boost but some how the two grew to like each other and now are best mates.

Good/Best Friends: (All other pairs/groups of friends can be friendly towards another or doesnt really know them but these are the best friends)

Rath/Maria/Michael (These may end as threes or if the players decide, they may end as the girls deciding)

Max: MadRoswellFan
Liz: ~SavitarOmegrion~
Zan: Isabelle
Michael: Fehr'sBear
Maria: FaithfulAngel24
Rath: MadRoswellFan
Alex: KarenEvans
Isabel: MadRoswellFan *temp*
Tess: ~SavitarOmegrion~
Kyle: maougha
Parents can be used by whoever.

1) Id like different players for each person in the trios.
2) Long posts (at least two paragraphs) with expression. I know I always say that and never inforce but I really would like to see it in this one
3) I'd like sample posts and bios (but pics are not necessary). If you want to audition for a part someone else has said they want to play but I havent confirmed them yet feel free to send me a sample too and ill decide.
4) No rushing! No drastic changes to the story line unless you've contacted me and other players involved.
5) If you aren't going to be a round for a while, please say so I can arrange a temp. If we don't here for you for a while and you don't tell me I will recast.
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Post by FaithfulAngel24 » Fri May 12, 2006 1:08 pm


Michael watches Kyle and my interaction with amusement so I give him a smile before rising from the stool. "Well fellas, since we have to open in about an hour I'm gonna go to the back, wash my face, pull my hair up in a ponytail, and throw my uniform on. I'll have to get this place back to it's original condition." Flashing Kyle a appreciative smile I turn to Michael. "Thanks for the coffee, Guerin." I give him a wink before making my way back to the

lockers. Opening the door I never expected to see another person back there. "Hey Liz." I give a startled grin. "I didn't see you there. Did you come in through the back entrance?" I question while opening my own locker. Ugh with the way I feel it's lucky that I can even remember my combination. "You missed a hell of a party last night." I comment trying to fish for answers as to what kept her Zan.
Congradulations Mel!!!! Your RPG is a big success and one of my favs! :wink:
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Post by Fehr'sBear » Fri May 12, 2006 3:05 pm


“Dude you need a ride home or something? You even feel well enough to move yet?” Kyle asks after Maria's gone into the back, and I nod.

"No, I'm fine," I say, getting up, but when I do, my headache doubles itself, pounding into my skull. "On second thought, I think I'll just stay here."

Sitting back down, I shut my eyes and put my head down. "Can I just stay here for a little while?"

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Post by maougha » Fri May 12, 2006 9:59 pm

OOC- Hey congrats on the second thread.


"No, I'm fine," he says getting up but he stops then says. . "On second thought, I think I'll just stay here."

he sets back down and suddenly doesn’t look so good. He puts his head down and says. "Can I just stay here for a little while?"

“Sure man, but the morning crowed is going to be coming in soon.” I say. “It’s going to be really noisy so come on. I’ll help ya up stairs you can crash on the couch tell you fell bettwer.”

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Post by Fehr'sBear » Fri May 12, 2006 10:17 pm


“Sure man, but the morning crowed is going to be coming in soon. It’s going to be really noisy so come on. I’ll help ya up stairs you can crash on the couch tell you fell better.” Kyle says, and I look up again, really considering his suggestion.

"Thanks man. But I'm not gonna stay long. You can just point it out, I can get up there myself," I say gratefully, getting up again from the barstool, my hands on my head.

"But do you have any tylenol or something I can take first?"

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Post by maougha » Sun May 14, 2006 1:11 am


"Thanks man. But I'm not gonna stay long. You can just point it out, I can get up there myself,” he says getting up. "But do you have any Tylenol or something I can take first?"

I walk behind the counter, Amy keeps a stash of pain killers here somewhere. Ah ha! I bring the rather large bottle of said pills up and place it on the counter. “I really don’t know why we have some much, dad always said I was a head ache growing up.” I say more to my self then to micheal. I look up and smile. “Take what you need and just head in through there, Maria can show you in.” I point to the back. I figure the guy would like it if Maria helps him more then if I did.

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Post by isabelle » Sun May 14, 2006 7:44 am


I laugh. "Nice? You! Yeah right. So one car lift means you were out all night huh?" I say. "Must have been hell of a bad traffic jam..."

Mom puts up her hands. "Enough!"
I look at her. "Max, boys can figure out your own love lives. I don't want to have anything to do with that."
But with that she leans in. "However I will not have fighting in my house! Max Im surprised at you!"

I look down. "Sorry wont happen again" I mutter.

"Your right it wont....Im so shocked that Im really tempted not to go ahead with your party..."

I look up. "Party?"
Mom sighs. "The Guerins, your father and I have decided to let you four have a joint birthday party. We have booked a big place for you to invite who ever you want...and we wont get involved. At all."

I look at her shocked. What?
"But theres a few conditions."
Of course there would be..."

"There is to be no alcohol. Of course. And Max, you will be in charge of that and the most of the party"
I look at her. Me? She looks at Zan. "Of course Zan will be incharge of the entertainment and so on."

I'm not surprised that Mom wants to stay out of our love lives, that's cool. I am a bit surprised that she's so intent on it that she seems to have forgotten that I was out all night. There's a benefit. Guess I don't have to explain things to her and dad. Max might be a different story, but after the way he's acting, I'm not even sure I care WHAT he thinks.

I'm even more surprised at the plans for the party. Us and the the Geurins? No parents? Awesome! Except for Max being in charge.

"Nuts. Why does he get to be in charge?" I grumble. Once again, Max gets all the praise and glory and I'm treated like a trouble-maker. I get good grades. I don't get in trouble. I'm good kid. But I'm always second-rate around here. -- But not with Liz. She saw me. She didn't put me second. Man, I wish I were with her now.

"I could handle a party a lot better than him!" I say. Still, my mind is already racing ahead for music. I know just the sort of thing I want to do ... "Where is this place you've booked, anyway?"

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Post by Fehr'sBear » Sun May 14, 2006 12:16 pm


“I really don’t know why we have some much, dad always said I was a head ache growing up. Take what you need and just head in through there, Maria can show you in.” Kyle says, handing me a bottle of pain relievers. Popping two of them in my mouth, I down them with some more coffee, then get up.

"Thanks Kyle," I mumble out, smiling, and I head for the doors. Once I'm through them, I see Maria and Liz.

"Hey Maria, will you show me where the couch is? Oh, hey Liz, didn't see you last night. Or, well, if I did, I don't remember."

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Post by StormWolfstone » Mon May 15, 2006 9:51 pm

I'm sorry I haven't posted here... just not sure what to do here.... because the ignoring of Liz being there went on so long and even continued after I pointed things out.... not to mention... not sure what to do with the others either.... Mel... if you want me to give up any of the characters... let me know.... otherwise... since suddenly she's being noticed... I'll try to come up with something.

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Post by KarenEvans » Tue May 16, 2006 12:50 am

OOC-Is it a Saturday or Sunday?
In my next Alex post I'll put up the poster for the Inter-School Swim Meet in Clovis.

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