Darkened Doorways (UC/CC ADULT) *Liz/Sean needed*

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Post by FaithfulAngel24 » Fri May 04, 2007 1:30 pm

Sorry RiaRath101 Your infintie patience astounds me. This is long overdue.


Michael's strong experienced hands dance across my body touching me with the just the right amount of pressure. I lean into his tantalizing caress wanting to feel him deep down in my soul. A sudden chill causes me to tremble just before he teases me with his hot breath across my bare skin. Biting my lip in anticipation I try in vain to stifle a gasp as his lips close over my nipple causing me to buck my hips instinctively.

The one thing I love about my relationship with Michael is I never have to suppress my primal desires with him. Most girls are afraid if that they admit to liking sex they are no longer the 'good' girl. My Space Boy wants me just the way I am. He loves all the faces of me. The Good. The Bad. The Indifferent. His teeth graze across the sensitive skin causing me to moan in Ecstasy. Goose bumps make their way across my trembling flesh. My hands have found their way into Michael's hair.

I enjoy the feel of his luscious locks as they slide through my fingers. At one passion filled moment I tug his hair gently causing us to be eye to eye. Volumes are spoken with a mere look alone. An entire conversation is had with just a heated gaze. 'I want you' I release his gorgeous strands and instead begin to run my nails along his back. 'I need you' Clutching him desperately I writhe beneath him begging for release. 'Have me'

Flashing me that infamous bad boy grin of his Michael licks his lips in such a way that leads me breathless. "Squirming yet?" Unable to answer I allow him to lay me back against the sheets as he places my head on top of his pillows. He scans my body in all it's naked glory and I shiver in anticipation. My man may not spout corny poetry or sing in a mariachi band but that doesn't mean that his feelings for me are not real and strong. All I ever need to know is within that loving stare.

I belong to him as he does to me. I have his undying devotion and trust. What more does one need? My mouth suddenly goes dry as he nudges my legs apart. We've been together this way more times then I can count but I recall every single encounter with perfect clarity. Being with Michael is almost a religious experience. I can't imagine sharing a moment like this with another human being or alien hybrid as it may. He licks and nibbles his way down his torso before reaching my most sacred of areas.

Pausing he looks up to meet my reverent gaze. "Don't stop." I whisper in a commanding voice. :D
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Post by RiaRath101 » Fri May 04, 2007 8:01 pm


I noticed Maria shiver in anticipation and smirk. Climbing onto the bed, I slowly nudge her legs apart. Seeing her outer lips glistening with her juices, I slowly slip my tongue out of my mouth. Inhaling deeply I let her scent tease my senses knowing in moments I will taste her sweet and spicy juices. Juices that no matter how many times I drank them my thrust just couldn’t be satisfied.

Unable to wait a moment longer, I start to kiss and nip my way down her body enjoying the salty taste of her skin. Reaching my goal, I look up at her and look deep into her green eyes. I notice that her eyes have darkened like they normally do with desire. Hearing her whisper, “Don’t stop.” I raise my right eyebrow at her commanding tone. Bringing my finger to her outer lips, I slowly run my finger along her lips collecting her juices.

“All for me”I say. Wanting to try everything with her, I continue moving my finger lower to the part of her body that until now I have never touched. Watching her closely, I move my finger around the tight ring of muscle. Continuing to move my finger around the ring, I run my tongue along her outer lips. I slipped my tongue inside and slowly pushed my finger inside of her tight ass. I stilled my finger while waiting to see if this was something she wanted to try or not.

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Post by ~Ruby~ » Sat May 26, 2007 10:06 am

Due to personal reasons, I have decided to drop out of this role play. I’m extremely sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.


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Post by madroswellfan » Sat May 26, 2007 5:04 pm

Sorry to see you go ~Ruby~
Anyone up for taking Liz? I guess I could if needs be...

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Post by isabelle » Sat Jun 02, 2007 10:03 am

isabelle wrote:*Max*

“What would he gain out of causing these things? What could his angle be? We need to think about this, need to work out what the problem could be, what we might be facing… We’ll figure it out Max. Let’s get everyone together to discuss things. The sooner we have everyone aware of what might be happening the better.”

I nod as Isabel starts asking reasonable questions. Questions that get me to start thinking rationally and not just in a panic. Getting everyone together. Yes, we agreed on that, but -- discussing things? I don't want to have to explain all this again -- Not that I really explained it to Isabel but even that much seemed nearly impossible to say. How could I tell them, especially Liz, the things I was seeing and doing and feeling???

No, I'm sure we can discuss the situation without having to go into details like that.

"Right. We have to call everyone. Maybe we can meet on Liz's balcony, or at the school," I say. I need to get to a phone. Isabel has a cell, but it'll be faster if she and I are both calling. Of course, one call to the Crashdown will get Liz and Alex. That's a good thing...
"Do you want to call the Crashdown?" I ask, not sure about going back there and facing Clark. No, that makes no sense. I've got to get a grip here. "Nevermind. I'll go and get Alex and Liz. You call Michael and Maria," I say, resolving myself. I turn and head back towards the restaurant, wondering how I'm going to get in and out without getting to close to Clark/Nacedo. I pray he's not going to do whatever he did to me again....

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