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Symbiotic Relationship (CC/AU, ADULT) *Starting*

Posted: Mon Aug 07, 2006 8:25 am
by littleroswell
Under NO circumstances can anyone under the age of 17 read or participate in this RPG. NO if's, and's or buts...

Title: Symbiotic Relationship
Rating: I’m starting out with ADULT. I’ll change it to TEEN if not enough people show an interest.
Disclaimer: I own nothing to do with Roswell or its characters or the music we might use, etc. Please don’t sue us for using our imaginations with your characters.
Category: AU with aliens

Summary: Ok it is set in the not too distant future. Earth’s scientists are all in a panic when they discover that the planet is in real danger of becoming uninhabitable within another generation. There are signs everywhere that mankind’s ways have destroyed, not the planet they are living on, but themselves. There are problems with extremes in weather conditions, extreme sicknesses, increases in cancer cases, more violent earthquakes, the water is almost unusable, and the list goes on. They are not sure that things can be reversed but even if it is possible, they aren’t sure how or where to begin.

Much to their surprise, another group of scientists has discovered the same thing…the Antarians who have come to Earth years ago to run from their own planet that died when their sun changed phases. They fled to Earth and have been in hiding ever since, but their numbers are few and they only want to live with the humans in peace. The Antarian leader and former “king”, Xan whose human name is Max Evans, comes forward with a proposal to help both races. The Antarian race is genetically having problems. No children born of the existing Antarians seem to be able to survive past their first birthday. The only way to fix this is to mate with humans. It will introduce new genes into the race and allow them to survive on Earth.

Max’s offer is to help the human race to change how they live and save their race from self-destruction in exchange for human marriage mates for his people. It is an experiment in trust and science for all involved. Max offers to be the first to be married as it is his idea and to start relations off to the right foot. There are many human females who volunteer to be the wife of the great leader (Max rejects the title of “King” because he doesn’t feel he really rules his people anymore but he is acting in their behalf and representing them.) but Max wants to make the marriage work as well as possible for both parties. In order to help expedite matters, Max narrowed his search for a wife down to someone in the scientific community or medical community and by age, and also to the US as that is where he has been residing since coming to Earth. The government then mandated that all females meeting Max’s criteria had to show up to various locations all over the country to take personality/compatibility tests. The results produced several likely candidates but something immediately drew him to Dr. Elizabeth Parker, a well respected oncologist who is also interested in botany as a hobby. When he meets her in person at the hotel where he’s staying (he flew to where she is just to meet her. I uh, hadn’t really thought about locations yet), he spends a little time talking to her and knows they can make it work, agreeing to give her space and leave her alone for the most part, even living apart if she wants except for trying to conceive a child. He proposes at the end of the first meeting and tells her to think about it.

When Liz first took the compatibility test, she never expected to be asked to meet with Max Evans. To be honest, she was a little afraid of these beings that suddenly appeared on the scene, no matter that they had been living among them for so long. She was happy with her life as it was, tending to cancer patients, lecturing at medical conventions and tending to her plants when she had time. Her boyfriend, Sean and she had only been dating a few weeks, meeting when he had come to visit her best friend and his cousin, Maria DeLuca. A man from the secret service had come and appealed to her sense of humanity and convinced her to agree to just meet with Max Evans. At the first meeting, she feels a pull towards him like nothing else. He offers to help her with her research and leave her to do as she pleases…to live as she pleases, as long as she agrees to marry him and to have children with him. She promises to think about it, and feels that this is something she has to do…something that her friends aren’t sure they understand. Liz agrees to marry Max and he is pleased.

Maria DeLuca is a bit of a firecracker but she has a good heart and is one helluva pediatric doc. She is great with kids and loves spending her free time with those who stay in the hospital, reading to them or playing with them or whatever. When her best friend and fellow doctor, Liz Parker suddenly becomes the fiancée to the alien king, she is concerned that Liz is marrying for the wrong reasons…for the good of mankind and not for her own good. She never really liked Sean with her but at least they were the same species. She’s reserving her own judgment of Max until she sees what he’s like. The whole idea of aliens scares the hell out of her…mostly due to too many sci-fi movies and TV shows. When she meets Michael for the first time and doesn’t realize he’s one of “those little green men” she likes him a lot. When she finds out that he’s an alien, she’s a little freaked out but more importantly she’s hurt that he didn’t tell her…especially since they slept together.

Michael Guerrin has always kept his distance from humans, living his life and interacting with them but never really getting close to them. He is Max Evans’ best friend but doesn’t brag about it because he hates the limelight. When he first meets Maria at Max and Liz’s first meeting, he’s immediately attracted to her love of kids and her wonderful spirit. He asks her out and they have a great time. They spend a good bit of time together and every time he goes to tell her that he’s an alien, something interrupts them or she mentions how much she is freaked out by them, etc. He’s really upset with himself when he allows things to progress to the point that they sleep together and he still hasn’t told her. When she finds out before he can tell her, she’s furious and extremely hurt. How will he ever explain? How can he win her back? Can she ever agree to be with him, alien and all, forever?

Alex Whitman is the buddy of Maria and Liz. They all knew each other in college and have always stayed in touch. He is very happy in his chosen career as an environmentalist. He travels all over the world studying how mankind’s problems have polluted and changed his environment. He’s also trying to find out how to help reverse it and live in harmony with the Earth, no matter what the cost. When he gets a concerned phone call from Maria about Liz’s impending marriage to the alien leader, he immediately hops a plane from his latest place of study and comes back to see to his “family”. His father died of cancer, though Liz did her best to save him, and his mother was killed in a car accident. He has only one sister that is many years apart from him in age (older) and therefore, he is closer to Liz and Maria than anyone of his blood relations. He seems to constantly be butting heads with Isabel, the king’s sister, when they talk, although they both are irritatingly polite to each other. She thinks his efforts have been a waste of time and that people of their generation will not really want to change. He argues that humans in general have learned their lessons and will come together to do whatever is necessary to help save their future. He is the eternal optimist.

Isabel Evans is very unhappy with her brother’s decision to out their people. She has a huge distrust of humans and is terrified of being dissected by them. Her marriage to Kivar fell apart when they tried to become parents only to lose all three before they reached 9 months of age. He left her, divorced her, and has disappeared from her life. Life on Earth has not been especially kind to her and she has become a bit of a pessimist because of it. Scared to lose another child, she has vowed to herself that no matter what happens, she is not about to expose her heart to more pain. She will not marry a human and try to have children when she lost one before it was ever born, one two days after its birth and the other when it had reached 8 months of age. When Alex Whitman appears on the scene, she is immediately attracted to his love of life of all kinds and the fact that he is not the least scared of her or the other aliens. Her attraction to him upsets and scares her and causes many of the arguments between them.

All Antarian characters will need a home and a job given to them by you and it can be anything you want. The wedding between Max and Liz will happen very early on but that’s something that usually doesn’t get to happen before a RP fizzles out so I thought it would be fun to start with it. I thought the development of their relationship will be fun to develop after they’ve agreed to spend the rest of their lives together.


Dr. Elizabeth Parker – me (littleroswell)
Maxwell Evans – madroswellfan
Isabel Evans – KarenEvans
Alexander Whitman – Sternbetrachter/Trude
Maria DeLuca –
Michael Guerrin – alizaleven
Sean DeLuca (briefly on the scene) – me (littleroswell)
At this time, I’m not adding Tess or Kyle because we usually have problems filling all the roles as it is. However, that said, we can add them and many others as people show interest. Original characters would be welcome but would need to be approved by me. (Not that I’d be strict about them or likely to dismiss them.)

1. You must be around to post! I mean like once a week or let us know you won’t be around. I will recast your role if you disappear without a word.
2. Audition/sample posts are required. PM them to me or email them to me. I’m not very strict about the casting but I do want this RP to go well and continue.
3. If you get a role, posting a bio will give us a good idea of how you will play the role. This is not required but is suggested.
4. You must be on the list of those who have checked in that they are over the age of 18(?) to participate in the ADULT rating.

If you read this when I posted it on the idea thread, you might want to read it again, as I’ve changed a couple of little things. I will hold auditions for the next week, or until all the roles have been filled, and then we’ll get started. I say for the next week because I’m pretty sure Mel will want to play Max but she’s out of town right now.

Posted: Mon Aug 07, 2006 8:32 am
by KarenEvans
Sending post for Isabel.

Posted: Tue Aug 08, 2006 8:30 am
by littleroswell
Ok, we have our Isabel. Where is everybody else? :(

Posted: Tue Aug 08, 2006 9:50 am
by littleroswell
Sounds good. I'll be waiting to hear from you! Have a great time!

Posted: Wed Aug 09, 2006 9:06 am
by littleroswell
Ok, we have our Michael. I'll post Maria, Alex, and Max on the casting thread if I don't hear from someone in a couple of days.

Posted: Wed Aug 09, 2006 9:16 am
by Sternbetrachter
I'll send you an Alex sample since he is still missing :lol:

Posted: Wed Aug 09, 2006 9:31 am
by littleroswell
Ok, so that's everyone but Max and Maria. Would anyone like to play the very brief role of Sean? There would be no sample post necessary for him. Otherwise, I'll just play him. Not a problem.

Posted: Wed Aug 09, 2006 12:51 pm
by madroswellfan
I'm interested in Max... but as you know I'm going away and I feel another dizzy spell coming on, so I'll probably have to send the sample next week... So if he's still available then, I'm very interested :)

Posted: Mon Aug 14, 2006 9:39 am
by littleroswell
Ok, so I'm basically now holding Max for Mel for when she gets back since I've had no interest in him other than her. Does anyone know of anyone who might want to play Maria or who can double up? We can't start without someone to play her.

Posted: Fri Aug 18, 2006 9:34 am
by KarenEvans