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Post by OnDragonflyWings » Tue Jan 09, 2007 9:49 am

I'm still here and still interested.

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Post by StormWolfstone » Mon Feb 05, 2007 7:55 pm


I’d waited 300 years for the end of the curse, watched so many people die, generations of my family. Every new generation was told the tale by the one before while I was in the room. I was no longer a princess; I was a Queen of my people. But times had changed; regents were no longer the same.

Camelot no longer stood as the High Kingdom while other lesser-known kingdoms ruled their own. My family was no longer considered royal and that seemed to bother me the most. I should have listened to the wisdom of Merlin when I was a young lass. He’d tried to warn me about what would happen if I refused to let my guard down and now I’d spent 300 years waiting.

After losing my brothers to the wars with the Saxons, I’d simply tired of caring. After all, my mother and father cared little for their only remaining child, so why should I care? Besides, when we’d been in Camelot, the knight I had come to desire didn’t even look at me, he was more concerned with the High Queen and then married some low born peasant.

Not even a single lesser king or prince had shown interest in me. Though that Christmastide I’d met Tessa, Maxwell and Michael. Had I known then that I would have a future tied to theirs, I wonder if I would have been different.

I can still remember the fortnight before the Christmas celebrations. The Queen and several other ladies within the castle of Camelot had decorated the elaborately built premises. Christmas balls hung with mistletoe and I’d managed to catch Sir Lancelot beneath one such ball.

“Sir Lancelot, it appears that we must kiss as ritual demands,” I spoke softly, the entire time thinking that I hadn’t even planned it.

The gallant knight had glanced about the hall and back at me after noting the ball above us, “Milady, ‘twould seem that you are indeed correct.” He’d smiled then, leaning down and kissing my lips in a brief, gentle kiss. Disappointment had swelled within me as he straightened and bid me a good eve. He hadn’t even attempted anything near what the other knights were known for.

I was fuming when suddenly I was caught around the waist, spun about and found myself staring at Prince Michael whose breath smelled like port as he kissed me fully. When he drew back he smiled, “What number is that, milady?”

“Two.” I replied uncertain as to why it truly mattered.

“Ah, ten more before Christmastide. Perhaps milady Isabella, I shall find you again.” With a smirk he walked off and I found my anger growing as I walked toward the great hall for the midday meal.

I was barely ten and six, yet now I would remain looking that way for hundreds of years. I’ve changed with the times as much as I can and now, Isabella no longer exists. I am now purely Isabel Tremain. Just as Tess, Mike and Max have changed with the times, our titles no longer meaning anything.

“Isabel?” I shake my head, my thoughts clearing as I hear Melisande’s voice. She now simply goes my Mel or Sandi. “I was just telling you and the others that I’ve signed you up for school. Seeing as how the new school year begins in less then a month, I felt that was the best decision to keep with appearances.”

“You’re absolutely right, Sandi.” I reply simply. I was hoping that she was right about our mates being here. This curse had lasted far too long and the hell I was going through was too much. I was tired of watching generations pass me by. Not to mention the entire world had the chance to learn of the curse now.

Melisande had written a fairy tale based upon it, changing names and made millions in the last five years since she was returned to us. It had been titled appropriately, ‘Mates for Life’ and the ending was set in such a way that it had yet to be revealed. Many demands poured in for a sequel but her reply was always that once she knew how it ended, she’d let the world know.

Mel Richmond was believed to be a male author other then to the agent and publisher involved, it made things easier that way. “Come on, let’s go to the Crashdown Café and get something to eat.” Mel turned to me with a smile, before motioning to the others.

I turned to glance at the clock and laughed before facing Mel, it was obvious to me that she wanted to see the Sheriff who should be going on lunch. We may have only been in town a week, but it was still long enough for her to have realized that she wanted Jim Valenti. I admit, he does have the ideals that would work well for the witch in her, but it still scared me a great deal. What if he found out the truth?

Still, I couldn’t believe that even I had met up with a silver wolf and I was finding myself intrigued, wishing I could find out who he is and whether he is a real wolf or cursed like me. There had been a feeling of contentment that I couldn’t understand when I was around him. I wanted to feel that again. But, more then that, I wanted to feel it now as a human.


Looking at my mother’s picture, which was settled on the table beside my bed. Three weeks ago made a year since I lost my mother. I would never forget the accident that took her away from my family and me. A drunk driver ran into us, ramming right into the front passenger’s side, killing her instantly. I’d ended up in the hospital with temporary paralysis from the ordeal.

Yet again, I felt myself crying at the memory that my mother only had five years of happiness. “Mom, I dream of having you back in my life. I want nothing more then to find the love that you had.” I sigh, lifting the picture and tracing my mothers face. “I miss you, mom.”

I thought about my dad getting ready for his lunch break, my brother probably not even awake yet, my best-friend was more then likely at work already, but I still didn’t want to go anywhere. I’ve been an official Valenti for two years.

Now, I only felt guilt. If mom hadn’t come to get me when the Jetta broke down, she’d still be alive. Kyle wanted Jim to move on, but after seeing our parents, I don’t see why he wants dad to move on. They were so happy. Didn’t Kyle care about my mom at all?

Setting mom’s picture down, I stand up and grab my purse. I need to get to work myself, though I really don’t want to. I haven’t enjoyed facing life at all since that day mom died. Not to mention the fact that I wasn’t normal anymore.

With a sigh, I stood and made my way to the closet to get out my uniform and change, fixing my hair quickly. I didn't have time to fix my make-up but I really didn't care anymore. I never took the same amount of time to get ready. Life held little appeal to me now. The only thing that interested me now was the dreams of the wolf. I still didn't understand them, but they were intriguing. I felt free and kind of alive when I was dreaming of him.

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Post by StormWolfstone » Wed Feb 21, 2007 5:42 pm

Where is everyone?

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Post by Dream Weaver » Wed Feb 21, 2007 7:14 pm

I am here......I will get a post together for Michael :)
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Post by StormWolfstone » Mon Apr 23, 2007 9:44 am

As much as I have loved Rping here, I’m afraid I will not be able to continue. This game is not closing however, I have convinced a friend, savitaromegrion to take over the game. If the first post needs to be changed, then she’ll message me and I will change it.

She will be taking over, my characters.

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Post by ~SavitarOmegrion~ » Thu May 24, 2007 6:14 am

Where is everyone? If this game is to continue we need posts.
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Having difficulty writing my first post on this - will try and get one up later
Mel x

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