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Roswell Next Generation (Casting) Adult CC/UC

Post by StormWolfstone » Sun Dec 14, 2014 5:56 pm

Title: Roswell Next Generation

Disclaimer: This RP was first created by Anna-Lissa who gave me permission a long time ago to make this a fic or use it as an rp again at any time. We do not own or hold any sort of rights to the Roswell characters. I did make a few changes, mainly to try and balance some things out.

Couples: For adults.... basically all CC save for Kyle and Tess matches...

It's been many years since eight teens of Roswell graduated from West Roswell high shcool. The teens are now adults, adults that have their own families.

Max and Liz were the first one to marry. Michael and Maria found each other few years after at the same time that Isabel and Alex did. But Kyle and Tess remained apart and found themselves new partners. Kyle married Eileen Ashkwen and Tess married Marcus Adams.

None of the teens know they have alien blood and what happens when they find out.

Adults and their jobs

Max Evans - When Brody left Roswell he gave the UFO museum to Max. Max was amazed by this, but he started running it.

Michael Guerin - Helps Max with the UFO museum but he now also sells some of his art which means he doesn’t need to worry about funds, not that he would have to with Maria’s career either.

Alex Whitman - Is the music teacher in West Roswell highs school. He loves his job more than anything.

Kyle Valenti - Is the Sheriff of the town after his father retired. Doesn't really love the job but he doesn't have anything else.

Marcus Adams - Is a lawyer and owns his own Law-firm. He loves to boss people around, so it suits him.

Liz Evans - Owns the Crash Down cafe because her parents gave it to her after they moved out from Roswell.

Maria Guerin - Is a singer so she doesn't spent much time at home.

Isabel Whitman - Helps sometimes her husband at school and sometimes in the law firm helping Marcus. Otherwise she stays home.

Eileen Valenti - Runs a gift shop in Roswell and is happy about it. Loves to make new alien-related stuff.

Tess Adams - Hasn't got a job, but she's looking. She's tired of just being at home while her family is away. Up until recently she was a stay at home mom and it suited her but now that her children are so much older she decided that she had to get a new job.

The Children

Amy Evans

Amy is the shy one of the twins. She studies hard and wants to go to Harvard when she grows up. She's like her parents. Wants to learn new things, wants to help people around. She's an opposite to her sister. She's shy with boys, and has a crush on the bad-boy Oliver Adams. Oliver who doesn't even notice her. her best friend is Laura Adams but she usually likes everyone. SP: Advanced healing and photographic memory.

Lily Evans

Lily is the rebel side of the twins. She loves to party and hang out with her friends. She doesn't understand why Amy is a bookworm. She tries to get her to come with her to parties, but in the end she never gets her to come. She is not as close to Amy as she feels she should be (no twin bond). She likes bad boys, but something attracts her more in James Valenti. James is someone who doesn't follow rules, but still she wonders why she's attracted to him. She's best friends with Christina Guerin, because they're both the same; Rebels. SP: Telekinesis and the ability to stop time though it is untrained.

Christina Guerin

She's a rebel. She doesn't seem like it and her parents don't know about her wild side. She goes to school, gets good grades, and doesn’t smoke at school or home. Doesn't drink... well. When weekend comes she's completely different. She smokes, drinks and even sometimes steals with her friends. She's best friends with Lily Evans, and she has a crush on Erik Whitman, the shy and lonely boy from his class. Typical alien powers, SP: Literally bringing light to the darkness. She can imbue energy in any item to make it glow for illumination which can also be used to blind an enemy.

Tyler Guerin

He's the sweet and charming boy who loves sports. He's good in all kinds of sports and he's good at school too. He seems like a perfect, but on the inside he has a rebel soul. He says he doesn't need anyone, but then again Sabrina Whitman gives his heart an extra beat when he sees her. His best friend is James Valenti, though sometimes he hates him as well. SP: He has not tapped into his powers yet so will for a time believe he has no powers. When they are tapped, he will have the lightning speed and advanced hearing along with the other typical alien abilities. It will be something that happens between him and Sabrina that causes them to kick in.

Erik Whitman

Erik is neutral guy. He drinks sometimes, but he doesn't really care what he does. He's shy at school; he just does what he's told there. At free time he likes to track Christina Guerin to see what she's doing. He's concerned about her, so he wants to keep an eye on her. Christina just doesn't see him. He's friends with no one, though Oliver Adams is trying to be friends with him. He is also extremely protective of his sister. Typical Alien abilities, SP: Chameleonism and the ability to effect matter by altering his form, if he becomes similar to stone then he will feel like stone. He can telepathically speak to Sabrina.

Sabrina Whitman

Sabrina loves music like her father. She plays guitar and sings at the local bar in Karaoke and her band has only recently been getting small gigs which she is excited about. Many say she takes after Maria and her dad Alex with her love of music. She loves her brother and is with him most of the time at school. Otherwise she's a loner. She hates to admit it - but she has small feelings towards Tyler, but is unsure if the boy feels the same. She has a band that is currently all girls. She has the basic powers, empathy (reverse empathy – meaning she can also send forth the emotions needed), dreamwalk (still not trained). She has a telepathic bond with Erik.

Marie Valenti

Marie is the same as his father is. Loyal and she also loves sports. Though she loves reading much too. She's always bad luck with boys, but she hasn't given up on Erik Whitman yet, oh no. She wants him and she will get him eventually - that's what she keeps telling to herself. She's friends with Lily Evans, though she's almost too rebel for her. She has no powers and won't unless something happens to change her..

James Valenti

James is a complete opposite to his father - meaning his almost like her mother. He doesn't care about rules or being careful with anything. Sometimes James hates his father for giving him too many rules to follow. He often wants to run away from home. But his sister always stops him. He likes Lily Evans a lot, and his best friends with Tyler Guerin, even if Tyler can be a complete idiot. basic powers, and Levitation/telekinesis (his strongest)

Laura Adams

Laura is a friendly girl next door, opposite to her brother. She knows basically everyone in town and is friends with many of them. She has a crush on Tyler Guerin, but she knows she's not the only one with that crush. She's best friends with Amy Evans and tries to convince her that Oliver isn't so perfect that Amy thinks he is. Like with Tyler she will at first believe she has no powers but something will happen that causes them to kick in. When they do she will have the typical powers and the ability to move earth, using the element.

Oliver Adams

Oliver is the town's bad boy. He's a jock and he's a loner. He knows a lot of girls are attracted to him because of the bad boy attitude. He often tries to get his sister into parties, but his sister is too shy and gentle to come with him anywhere. Oliver tried to be friendly to Erik Whitman, but Erik seems to avoid him a lot. Oliver has no powers and won't unless something happens to change him.

Older children

Name: Andrew Evans (19 years old)
Bio: The oldest son of Max and Liz Evans. He comes back to Roswell for a longer vacation from school. He's always with Brad Guerin. He loves his parents and sisters, although Lily sometimes annoys him. Andrew is a caring person just like his father, even if sometimes Brad tries to get him into parties. No powers yet and won't have them unless something happens to change him.

Name: Brad Guerin (18 years old, 19 in 3 months)
Bio: The oldest son of Michael and Maria Guerin. He is Andrew Evans's best friend and went to NYU with him. Brad is like a mix of both of his parents. He sometimes gets mad because of stupid things and sometimes he just wants to be somewhere else other than Roswell. That's why he went with Andrew. He has minor healing abilities and can use a shield.

Unknown to Cal Langely, one of his flings nearly twenty years ago, resulted in his lover becoming pregnant with not just one child, but three. Daniella (Danni), Talia (Lia), and Jacob (Jake) are those three children. Raised in secret by their mother who realized early that there was something different about them, they did well in life. Money was never an object, love was never lacking, but something inside them kept crying out for something that seemed to be missing. When they turned eighteen, their mother, laying on her death bed, informed them who their father was and that is how they now come to be in Roswell after having met Cal.

Daniella- the first born of the triplets, she is the dark - haired, temperamental child. Protective, distanced, she doesn't trust anyone easily. However, having grown up with the mother she had, she has also come to accept that there are those that cross her path rather often surprise her. (She becomes interested in Andrew after a time.) Powers: Typical Alien, plus shifting, telepathy, and shield.

Talia - the last born triplet, she's a fiery red head with a temper to match. She is determined that she is going to find out more then what their father told them and she doesn't care about the risks involved. However, Daniella has always been the leader of the triplets and she respects her sister enough to bide her time, but while she's watching without revealing herself, there is someone that catches her eyes. (Brad) Powers: typical alien, sharing energy, hydro-kinetic, and telepathic.

Jacob - The middle child, he is light of hair and fair of skin. He is also rather quiet and often easily befriends people. He's the calmest member of his family, but beneath the calm is a rage that burns if someone he cares about is threatened. Despite his sisters' having interest in a couple of guy's, he is determined to make certain they don't get hurt, but in the process finds himself fighting with the fact that he is interested in a girl that is younger than he is by nearly 3 years (Laura) . Powers: typical alien, telepathic, conduit for energy, and a dreamwalker in the sense that he can actually alter people's dreams (and if he chooses, they'll remember).

Talan Williams (Created by Fehrs_Bear)
(Couldn't get the original image that was used by his creator so chose someone else)

Talan has a great personality. He's always nice to everyone, and he gets very protective of the people close to him. He can be serious when he needs to be, but he knows how to loosen up.

Talan's been friends with Danni, Lia, and Jake since third grade. He was there when they first discovered they were different, and he accepted them, no questions asked. The four are almost inseparable, and when they decided to go to Roswell, NM, of course he came with. He doesn't have any powers because he is entirely human, but that doesn't make them treat him any differently. (Starts out having been attracted to Danni for a long time and they have some great passion before they both meet other people and feel something change. Ends up interested in Marie)



Laura/ Jacob

Middle/Starting Pairings: (not including the adults that don’t change pairings)


Crush cheat Sheet:


James and Lily
Tyler and Sabrina
Erik and Christina
Amy and Oliver

Not Returned:

Laura with Tyler
Marie with Erik

Family Situations:

Kyle has a very strained relationship with his son because he has often pushed James trying to get him to be more involved in things like sports and James rebels against it. He has a brother/sister relationship with Maria after their parents married almost 14 years ago. He’s very protective and dotes over his daughter and loves his wife.

Eileen loves her children but doesn’t understand why her husband and son can’t seem to get along. She tries to play peacekeeper, trying to find ways to get her son and husband in the same room to have real talks. James does listen a little better to her than he does Kyle but they still aren’t real close whereas Marie is close to both her parents.

Max has a good relationship with Amy but doesn’t understand Lily’s attitude and it’s a bit strained. He loves Liz and they are still really close, sometimes feeling they are still teenagers. He misses his son, wishing that Andrew had chosen to remain closer but is proud of him too.

Liz isn’t as close to the twins as she should be, she misses Andrew and in many ways Andrew is still her baby. She still hangs on Max as she did all those years ago when she first lost her heart to him.

Alex dotes on Sabrina, enjoying that his daughter has the music bug just like he does and loves that he has her in his class one period each day so he can make sure she’s alright. He also treats Erik with equal amount of love, being proud of his son for each thing he does. He still feels that Isabel is his goddess.

Isabel strangely feels closer to Erik than she does Sabrina but she loves them both and tries to be there for them. Now that she has experienced love and learned to open herself up to caring she is also hopeful both her children find love and acceptance of their own one day but also reach for their dreams. She loves Alex and it still amazes her that he stuck by her through everything.

Tess is close to her son but doesn’t seem to be able to reach Laura no matter how much she tries. She loves her husband and would do anything for him.

Marcus adores his family though admits he isn’t home as much as he wants to be because of his law practice but there are days where he will need to be with them so bad that he will just leave the office to go to them.

Michael is good with his sons but not as good with his daughter, though he does try to be there for all three of his kids when they need him and he has rarely left Roswell unless he had to do an important art showing. He loves Maria but it is increasingly lonely the more she is away and he really wishes that she came home more often.

Maria isn’t as close to her kids as she would like to be but she has made it a habit all their lives that she was there for every birthday. She refused to miss a single birthday; even with her eldest son off to college she will pay him a visit on his birthday. She does wish that he was closer to the rest of the family but she understands that he has wanderlust. She loves Michael and recently has been feeling a need to return home for longer periods and been thinking of how much she would love to have another child.

None of the kids know about the alien stuff or their parents having abilities as we start.

Max –
Liz –
Kyle –
Maria –
Michael –
Isabel – Storm
Alex –
Eileen –
Marcus –
Tess –

Sabrina – Storm
Erik –
Amy –
Lily –
James – Storm
Oliver –
Marie –
Laura –
Christina –
Tyler –
Andrew –
Brad –

Daniella – Storm
Talia – Storm
Jake – Storm
Talan –

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