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Posted: Thu Jul 05, 2007 5:23 pm
by Dream Weaver

I can feel her yearning flowing off her body which only makes me tighten further in my jeans. She is looking at me, with the most wicked smile on her lips, which makes me want to take her right her in the hall. What the hell is going on? I think to myself but my thoughts turn right back to a lust filled haze and my want for her as she jumps up to quickly wrap her legs around my waist as she lays kisses on my neck. “Upstairs far right…” She says between kisses and I am sent into overdrive.

She sucks gently at my neck and I can’t help but thrust my harness into her. God, the things I will do to her. As quickly as I can I carry her up to the bedroom, kicking at her door. Once we enter I throw her down on the bed.

I can’t help the devilish smirk that plays on my lips as I remove my shirt quickly. I feel my want for her in every fiber of my body. “Oh the things I can and will do to you Miss Parker.” I say before finding myself on top of her exploring every inch of her body with my hands.

Posted: Fri Jul 06, 2007 4:50 pm
by madroswellfan
I can't help but groan when I feel his hardness against me. I continue sucking on his neck as he rushes towards my room. I try not to smile as he almost desperately kicks open my door. Almost immediately he throws me on to the bed. A part of me is complaining like crazy. I swore that I would never do this again. I've only done it once and that was meant to be the only time I ever would. The first time was... nice. I mean... it was comfortable... well it was and wasnt but.... still.

Kyle... he was such a gentlemen. We both new we weren't in love or anything... and yet he shared something so special with me. I will always be thankful that my first time was with such a great guy like him and I will always be thankful that I still know him.

But all thoughts of Kyle go out of my head when I see Max's bare chest. He looks like a greek god. Its so...
"Wow..." I whisper huskily at the pure sight of it.

“Oh the things I can and will do to you Miss Parker.”
With that he lies on top of me and starts to explore my body. "Oh God..." I moan loudly. I quickly lean in and kiss his chest. "Oh Max...." My hands gently roam his chest before moving my hands back to my buttoned up shirt and slowly undoing my top button.

"Hmm... I think that I should loosen my shirt don't you?" I say with a grin. "Wanna have some fun, bad boy?"

Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2007 1:46 am
by FaithfulAngel24

Michael’s soft lips brush against my bare skin in the gentlest of caresses. "Wouldn't dream of it," He whispers seductively before pressing his lips to mine in such a way that steals the breath from my very chest. The erratic pounding of my heart seems to set the rhythm for our movement. I gasp in delight when his fingertips wreak havoc on my trembling flesh. Every place he touches seems to catch on fire. There’s a heat radiating off his body that mine responds to instinctively. I want to feel him deep down in my soul.

My senses seem to be working on overload. His palm separates us just slightly for a moment but before I can protest the loss of contact he maneuvers my shirt right off me. Damn, I knew the boy was irresistible but he is quite literally charming the clothes right off of me. This has got to be a sin. It feels far too good to be right and yet I have never felt more comfortable or at ease in my life. I am letting a stranger undress me in the middle of my kitchen with the people who I am closest to in the whole world watching and yet I have never been happier.

His mischievous smile makes me want to do very naughty things. I bite my bottom lip sexily. The anticipation builds and there is an electric current filling the air. Passion always leaves its calling card on the atmosphere. His body covers mine in such a way that the others can’t see my bare chest. A tortured moan escapes my mouth as his callused hand trails down my back. The rough texture rubbing across my smooth skin creates an erotic contrast that causes the tiny hairs to stand on end.

Licking my lips in a feline like gesture I grasp him tightly as his hips jut forward grinding him into me. Blast these unnecessary clothes! I am pretty sure I could simply will them away but he doesn’t know that I have powers so I have to be very careful here. My hands just won’t stay still. They roam all over his beautiful body tugging frantically at his clothes. I manage to free him of his shirt but we are going to have to move a part to get those pants off.

My hungry eyes meet his when lust dances across his unbelievable features. His body looks as if it was chiseled from stone. My finger tips play across the muscles of his stomach. An undeniable need causes me to shudder from deep within. “Michael.” His name both a prayer and a curse. He's the answer to every question. The reason behind the confusion. All I can see is him. I am bombarded by a rush of feelings I don't really understand.

Posted: Thu Aug 02, 2007 6:24 pm
by madroswellfan
joint post by dreamweaver as max and madroswellfan as liz
Max is in red, Liz is in Blue

She begins to slowly undo the buttons of her shirt and I stop to stare. I can't help it. Only in my dreams have I been able to touch, caress and tease this woman and I plan to take full advantage of this. I can't help the smirk that plays across my lips as her black lacy bra comes into view. I feel things only tighten more as I instinctly press myself against her. God she is so beautiful. I lean in and take her hands away from her shirt as she undoes the last button and I slowly and ever so gently slide the shirt from her shoulders before lightly brushing my finger tips back up her bare arms to cup her neck and pull her face to me. "God you are so beautiful." I whisper as I capture her swelling lips with mine.

I can’t help but sigh as our lips meet and immediately I wrap my arms around his waist. “Oh Max…” My right hand snakes up his back and looses it self in his gorgeous hair. The other hand however sneaks underneath his pants and boxes and I lightly caress his ass. “You know Max, could I call you Max Handyman Evans? Cos I could certainly do with some servicing…”

I can't help but smile at her. "I told you earlier that I am here to service all your needs." I then reach around her and use my powers to open the clasp of her bra and growl as I watch her lucious mounds fall in front of my face. I take one of those hardened nipples into my mouth and feverishly devour it. God, the sensations my body is experiencing is almost too much for me. Being a White Lighter has hendered me from experiencing such joys of the flesh. God, how will I ever go back behind the scenes? I pull away from her breast to kiss down her chest to the edge of her pants. I then teasingly lick that edge as I place my hand on her spot and gently brush my fingers over her jeans ever so slightly. "I think you need a little lubing, Miss Parker."

“Oh Goddess….” I moan immediately. I can’t help but move my hips up slightly, encouraging him on. “Oh really? My every need? My every whim?” I grin as I suddenly give him a gentle push so that I can move out from under him and say, “Okay then… strip!” I smirk as I lean over and pick up a remote (which is actually for my tv not my stereo) and pretend to switch it on, when in reality Im pushing the button with my powers. I quickly find “Sex Bomb” by Tom Jones and I grin at him. “Come on Mr Evans… its time to prove how manly you really are…” I say licking my lip seductively. she turns me on. I feel myself harden against my jeans to the point that it's almost painful. I smirk at her. "Only if you are next m'lady" I say seductively as I slowly unbotton my pants and slide the zipper down ever so slowly as I sway my hips to the music. God, I feel so bad, but it feels so right. I stop and notice a chair in the corner and I pull it over to the middle of the room to smile at her. I glide over and take her hands as I guide her to sit on the chair. Her face is now nicely at an eyeview of my crotch and I gently slide my pants down to leave my boxers on. Her eyes are glued on me as I walk over to her and command her. "Strip Liz and I will give you the best lap dance of your life."

Holy… he is… wow… definitely large…
I smirk as I slowly stand up and quickly undo and slip off my black knee length skirt. I smile at him as I slowly remove my pants and leave myself completely naked in front of him. In my head I’m absolutely freaking about doing this. And yet it feels strangely good... It must be some sort of backward effect of the spell…
I smirk as I sit back down again. “I’m waiting!”

God, her skin is glowing and I can't help but lean over to brush down the front of her before kneeling before her. I want to taste her so bad. I pull her forward by her legs before I begin to kiss her bikini area. I glance up to meet her eyes before I slide my hands to caress her folders as I insert a finger into the moistness and an almost animalistic groan escapes my lips. "God you are so wet."

“OH MAX!” I groan loudly as I feel him touch me so intimately. “Oohhh…. Don’t stop!!!” My hands quickly find his hair and quickly his hair looks very messed up but I think he looks handsome no matter what. “Max please…” I whimper softly as I say, “Wanna move this back to the bed?” I say very huskily.

I remove my finger quickly as a part of me I didn't know existed takes over. "NO." I say in a commanding voice as I raise up to slide the boxers the rest of the way to reveal myself to her. "I promised you a lap dance....." I grin as I straddle her, placing my length between her legs. I shiver at the feel of such intimate things brushing against eachother. I have never in my entire life felt like this. I tease her clit with my tip as I grab her chin, forcing her to make eye contact with me. "I want to pleasure you in ways you never knew existed."

I give a gasp of pure pleasure as we touch so intimately. “Oh Max… please… I need you…. I want you…” I lean in and kiss his chest feverently, my hands snaking round to his ass and giving it a light spank. “Come on Max… punish me… punish me like the bad girl I am!” I say as I spank him again, slightly harder this time. In my head I’m shocked at what I’m doing and yet theres this part of me… that wonders… how much of the feelings Im having is actually due to this…spell.

God she wants to be a bad girl huh? Well I am not ready to give in just yet to her. I want to savor every last moment in case this is the only moment we get. I grab her neck and pull her to me where are lips are about to touch and I brush my hardness against her again. "I want to take this slow." I grin as I nip at her lip before placing kisses down her neck and I slide myself back to the floor. I am now looking at area again and I can't help the pleasure I get from seeing the mosit folds. I lean in to lay chaste kisses along her thighs before I play with her clit using my tongue. I moan into her as I dine on her sweatness. "You taste so sweet, Liz." I growl as I quicken my movements and then thrust my tongue inside her.

“Oh… Max…” I groan as he touches me so intimately. “Wow your so good at that…” I whimper as he speeds up. “Don’t ever stop…” I say breathlessly as I buck my head back. It feels so good…. Him touching me feels so great. I feel like he should be doing so for ever. Holding me… loving me… Max is so perfect. My mind is reeling that I actually like him and I’m so attracted to him. But another part of me thinks that this feels so right… maybe there’s something there.

Posted: Sun Dec 23, 2007 11:19 pm
by FaithfulAngel24

Posted: Mon Dec 24, 2007 1:17 am
by Fehr'sBear
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