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Only Human (Adult,AU, Characters Needed)

Posted: Tue Mar 27, 2007 6:48 pm
by Athenea
Adult Only No ONe Under Seventeen Please

Title: Only Human---AU with Aliens
Rating: Mature
Disclaimer: NOT MINE
Time Line: Beginning of Season One
Arthor's Notes:Basically, I have tried and tried to come up with a good role playing game that combined Dark Angel and Roswell and now I think I finally have one…

Only Human?

Isabel, Max, Michael, and Tessica have always known they were different but they also knew they could be different together. They all came together in grade school, and soon learned they all shared the same secret. (Basically the same just with no Nacedo ever thrown in there)

Max and Isabel were adopted by the Evan’s and had a good life. Michael and Tessica were taken in by the foster system and ended up with Hank Guerin who is abusive. The pod squad has lived in Roswell in perfect secrecy until Max uses his powers to save a little girl that was involved in a hit and run. After that they get the FBI interested in them and soon Pierce captures Max and takes him to Area 51 for testing.

While Max was there his first day was spent in the white room but after that he was moved to a cell were he realized he wasn’t alone in his confinement. There were other teens there but it was easy to tell that these were no normal teenagers. From what Max could tell the people in charge were training the teens to be soldiers. He also realized these teens were faster and stronger than normal humans. There were also some that were held in solitary confinement away from the others.

Max was in his own personal hell for a week before Tess, Isabel, and Michael rescue him (with a little inside help from an unknown source) The Facility burned to the ground and some of the occupants escaped. It has been a month and so far there has been no other signs of trouble until some strangers arrive in town…

X-5 was genetically engineered using feline DNA. They have:
• Enhanced strength, speed and agility
• Telescopic and night vision
• Hyper-sensitive hearing
• Superior mental processing skills
• Catlike reflexes/dexterity
• Strong lung capacity (can hold their breath for 4+ minutes)

Y Projects are X-5’s that were experimented on and have added abilities:

XY-5 323 (AKA Liz)- Was the first of her group to be successfully reprogrammed. She was born to lead them and is now a loyal soldier that is in charge of guarding the other XY’s that haven’t yet ‘seen the light’. Guarding her siblings has been hard but what is harder is the new young man she is in charge of that isn’t like her at all. Her extra abilities are telepathy and precognition.

XY-5 787 (AKA Kyle)- Was the Second in Command before the scientists started ‘treating’ him and turning him into a Y project. Now he doesn’t feel so loyal to the people that hurt him and his unit and he is angry at Liz for giving into the people trying to control them. He has been trying to break out since his experimentation began and is just waiting for his chance to escape. His extra abilities include pyrokinesis and astral projection.

XY-5 656 (AKA Maria) – Was never one that could control her emotions (or her mouth) as well as the others in her unit. So her creators thought her extra ability was appropriate. She, like Kyle is just waiting on her chance to break out. Her extra abilities are empathy and levitation.

XY-5 494 (AKA Alex) – Was always a bit quiet and shy compared with his unit but he seemed to have a way with computers that his creators wanted to expand on. His extra ability includes the ability to control technology.


She had never met anyone like him before. Of course she hadn’t met many other people from off the base but he was still memorable. It was his eyes, so innocent yet haunted at the same time. It was his eyes that made her do what she did. Of course there were other factors involved. His friends had perfect timing, all she had to do was cut the security off and open the doors…all the doors.

Her kind are now out in the real world. The one they weren’t really trained all that well for. They are generically engineered soldiers after all, maybe they don’t belong in this world. She hoped they could learn to blend in and live their lives. They would always be hunted. The government invested too much money into them to just let them go.

Maybe she would meet up with them again. They were her family. She hoped they could forgive her for abandoning them and then setting them free. Maybe she would meet up with Amber Eyes one day. He probably wouldn’t even remember the guard that delivered his food, the one that raped his mind.

Her Creators wanted her to use her abilities on him to find out his secrets. But everytime she started he would catch her eye and she had to stop. It was like he knew what she was doing. She told her creators that it wouldn’t work on him. They seemed to accept this but she was punished anyway.

And now she watches as her home burns to the ground. Maybe Kyle had something to do with the fire that started. The prisoner and his friends must have had some trouble leaving but at least they were gone now, safe. The night air is pierced by the screams of those left behind and she drops her head in defeat. It was too late to save them but she hoped her unit at least got out alive…


Maxwell Evans: Isabelle
Isabel Evans: OPEN
Michael Guerin:aliensister
Tessica Guerin: OPEN

XY-5 323 (AKA Liz)- Athenea
XY-5 787 (AKA Kyle)- Loxyanissa14
XY-5 656 (AKA Maria) – FaithfulAngel24

XY-5 494 (AKA Alex) –Luvya

Posted: Tue Mar 27, 2007 7:00 pm
by StormWolfstone
I've never had the chance to see Dark Angel, but I'd love to give Maria a try and could I have Isabel?

Posted: Tue Mar 27, 2007 7:27 pm
by Athenea
yes and yes!!!

Posted: Tue Mar 27, 2007 8:09 pm
by isabelle
Two questions --

First -- Michael is listed as adopted by the Evans and being in foster system, but no mention of Isabel. Since her last name is Evans, I assume she's supposed to be with Max while Michael's in foster with Tess?

Second -- can I have Max?

Posted: Wed Mar 28, 2007 2:20 am
by Luvya
This teaches me to come back it's too addicting can I claim Alex?

Posted: Wed Mar 28, 2007 5:45 am
by Athenea
Luvya- You can have Alex

alizaleven- I'm sorry I had already gave Tess to Isabelle through pm

*Edited story where I made mistakes. Yes its Isabel and Max were adopted by the Evans.

Posted: Wed Mar 28, 2007 9:12 am
by Athenea
Nevermind alizaeven Tess is yours :D

Posted: Wed Mar 28, 2007 7:52 pm
by Athenea
Alright so here's our starter....


I have only been in Roswell for two days and already have a job working as a waitress. I figure I can do that and be a thief at night. Although this town is not exactly rolling in money. I’ll just be passing through anyway.

The couple that gave me the job, The Parker’s must have felt sorry for me, its amazing what an innocent smile can do for you. They didn’t ask many questions. I just came in when I saw the Help Wanted sign and they hired me on the spot. So that explains my present situation of trying to get the damn uniform on straight. I’ve never wore a dress before, there just not practical for combat after all.

“Need some help in there dear?” Nancy Parker asks from outside the bathroom door.

“No ma’am” I state automatically. I’m still having trouble losing the titles. At least people just think of it as being polite.

I finally look into the mirror in disgust. What is the point in this outfit? Oh well, its just a job, not a very well paying job but what am I going to do for a living be a assassin? Hey, that’s not a bad idea, of course I think it would look a little suspicious for someone my size to be a hired killer. At least I’d get paid for doing it this time.

I finally step out of the bathroom and Miss. Parker practically beams at me. “You look lovely, doesn’t she look lovely Jeff?”

I try to smile pleasantly but it doesn’t seem to come, not in this outfit. I follow Nancy downstairs to the Café that is already busy with customers and she starts to explain how things work. Today I’ll just be helping her waitress and supposedly ‘learning’. How hard could this really be?

This is a good thing though I can blend in with these humans. It should be a piece of cake. I just have to keep my head down, that’s all. Should be simple….

Posted: Wed Mar 28, 2007 8:33 pm
by Loxyanissa14

Purple-blue flames pierced the night sky. The familiar warmth touched my bare skin as I sat staring at the hell I had called home. They ran past me as I continued to give my hell its flames.

The dream awoke me in the night. Not a dream but a memory. I wiped the sweat from my body as I sat up in bed. The light coming in from under the curtains signaling that it’s late in the day.

My mind continued what my dream had started. The memory of that night was never far from my mind these days. It had been her who let them out. I knew some thing was up. She had been acting strange for days before. No one else could see it. She covered it up well.

She had opened the doors. Allowing the hell’s demon’s out to the world that lay beyond its boundaries. I had been asleep when my door had swung wide open. I didn’t think it as anything but another test but then I heard it. The screams of others, they were shooting us. If they couldn’t control us they killed us. I got out of there. I set the flames. It was only fitting.

A month later I sit in this crappy one-horse town of Roswell. I look around at the motel I have been staying in. When I first got out of that place I didn’t know where to go without money. I soon met a stripper named Cookie. I convinced her to run away with me. One night I took her money and left. I ran into this place along the way.

My stomach growls signaling my need for food, I shower and dress and head out of my room in search of a restaurant

Posted: Thu Mar 29, 2007 2:54 pm
by isabelle
OOC -- If this is a month after the white room that means it's the middle of summer, right?

*Michael* (temp)

What a crappy way to spend the summer, I think as I take a look at the next order. Two Will Smith burgers, a Sigorney Weaver and three orders of Saturn rings. Nice. I put the burgers on the grill and drop the onion rings in the oil to fry. The counter order is about ready so I get a couple buns and put them on plates. In a moment, I’ve got the tomatoes, lettuce and onions ready and then I add the burgers.

Sometimes I gotta wonder why I’m working in this nutty tourist trap. After all, the who place is just trying to exploit the crash that probably killed my parents. Still, I need to have a job if I’m going to get free of my foster father. There aren’t many places in town that’ll hire minors except for the supermarket and touristy places like this. It’ll do. It beats being at home with Hank.

I pile some fries on the side of the plate and flick the light on. “Yo! Order up!” I say. Arlene took this order just before she ended her shift. I guess Mrs. Parker or the new girl will pick it up. I spin the wheel and take a look at the next two orders.