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Posted: Mon Dec 10, 2007 3:37 am
by M&M<3
I can take Kyle too

Posted: Mon Dec 10, 2007 6:35 pm
by Athenea
Great! :D And I can take Liz. Anyone else?

Posted: Thu Dec 13, 2007 9:51 am
by madroswellfan
I have been debating with myself if I could do this but... could I take Max? I'm a bit nervous as I havent done a roleplay with all you long-time-playing roswellfanatics before so if you have any suggestions on how to improve anything I write I would love to hear them. I like to read the roleplays you guys write so... if I can, could I try Max?

Posted: Thu Dec 13, 2007 9:14 pm
by Athenea
Max is yours thanks for signing up. I'm sure you'll be great!

Re: Future's Promise *CASTING* (Slash&Het, NC-17)

Posted: Sat Jan 05, 2008 8:57 pm
by Athenea
Come on 2 spots left. Anybody???

Re: Future's Promise*STARTING*(Slash&Het, NC-17)

Posted: Fri Jan 11, 2008 11:30 am
by Athenea
Isabelle has agreed to take Lex and I'll take Dominic so we can get this going. I will post later tonight. So everybody get ready!!!!

Re: Future's Promise*STARTING*(Slash&Het, NC-17)

Posted: Fri Jan 11, 2008 7:12 pm
by Athenea
June 2020


It was finally working. I can’t believe we actually fixed it. This plan might actually work after all. And just in time too. I can hear people all around the Granolith Chamber trying to figure out how to get in and take us back. But we won’t go back to that place. I rather die first, hopefully this scheme won’t kill us all anyway.

“Okay everybody, but your hand on the Granolith and try to push your power into it.” I tell the others. These ‘freaks’ are the closest thing to family any of us have ever had. When this crazy plan first was formulated it was Lana and Vega that translated the Destiny Book, the only thing we have left of our parents. If they hadn’t translated it we would never have figured out how the Granolith worked.

The ancient alien transporter is lighting up now but I still think there’s something missing, like there’s not enough power. I look around and see almost everyone doing as I told them too, one hand on the cone and concentrating. Everybody except one.

“Zan! Come on!” I yell over the growing noise. He’s just standing there looking at the cone and shaking his head. When he finally looks over his electric blue eyes lock with my own, it’s weird how we both inherited Ava’s eyes. ‘Trust me’ I mouth the words to him because the noise is now deafening. After looking at me for a long moment he simple nods and puts his hand on the cone. And then there is light, too much bright white light, and it feels like my body is being pulled in a thousand different directions…

June 2002


We decided to have a meeting at the Granolith Chamber. Just for a chance for everyone to catch up on what everyone has been doing in the month since graduation. I know, me personally, have been so busy applying and meeting with University people, that I have barely even seen Max.

And today I woke up with the strangest feeling. Almost anxious, like something big was going to happen today, something life changing. And when Max called and told me about the meeting that feeling grew. The cave entrance is open when I arrive and I realize with my thoughts elsewhere, I am a few minutes late. But before I get a chance to apologize, the world seems to explode in white light.

The initial blast knocked most of us to the ground and when the light from the Granolith dies down I can see that there are more people here with us spread out all over the chamber. From some reason the first thing I think of is how this situation reminds me of Future Max. I know now why I have been feeling off all day.

Re: Future's Promise*STARTING*(Slash&Het, NC-17)

Posted: Sat Jan 12, 2008 5:07 am
by madroswellfan
ooc: I hope this is okay :S
I miss her. I know her future is important to her... of course it is. I mean its important to me too... but whilst shes planning on going away to college... I'm trying to get the guts to ask her to marry me. But I can't help but think that if I did she might say the answer I don't want to hear. And I don't know what I would do. The answer 'heartbroken' would only be scratching the surface.

But I have to get my head back in the game so to speak. I arranged this little meeting to see how everyone is so I really should be paying attention. But we're still waiting for Liz to arrive. Liz... I give myself a slight shake. Even the thought of her name makes me grin. And of course this is the moment she enters. The world seems to go into slow motion as she does. It feels like forever since I last saw her... how I crave to hold her right now... but I don't think Michael would be too appreciative.

I see Liz begin to open her mouth when the Granolith floods with white light. The floor seems to shake but I manage to just about stay standing. When the light finally fades I look around to see half a dozen people and my brain goes into over drive. Theres as many of them as us. I quickly put up my arm and direct my hand at the nearest person to me. "Keep your hands down!" I shout at them. I pause for half a moment before saying, "Who the hell are you? I warn you I'll..." Thoughts are running through my mind and I think to myself that I would bet that these people are aliens or at least something not good. I guess its been harder for me to trust people after everything thats happened. "Who are you?" I repeat as I try to form some sort of plan. I would do anything to have Liz and the others behind me right now so I can protect them... But if I move who knows what they'd do...

Re: Future's Promise*STARTING*(Slash&Het, NC-17)

Posted: Sat Jan 12, 2008 11:07 am
by nickimlow

The chamber seems to be filled with energy as we all stand around the Granolith, which, at this very moment, seems to be our only key to survival. I feel a surge of adrenaline shoot through my veins as Dominic gives out the orders. This is it. It's now or never, because this is our one ticket out of the hell we've been through.

A mixture of emotions rages through my heart: excitement, hope, and fear rolled into one. I am still uncertain about what to expect, as are the rest of them, I'm sure. I sneak a sidelong glance at Dominic to gather some strength before I focus my powers onto the inverted blue cone. The intensity in his eyes and the determination painted across his handsome features are enough to reassure me of our plan.

Whatever happens now, any fate is better than the fate we are destined for here.

I place my right hand on the smooth surface of the vessel that will carry us to another time, summoning all the power in me and concentrating it as best I can. Slowly, the Granolith begins to come to life, illuminating the chamber of the cave. Yet it is taking a long time, and when I turn around, I realise that Zan is still standing slightly apart from the rest of us, making no attempt to do as we are doing. I bite my lip, knowing that in order for this to work, every single one of us has to cooperate.

But the matter is quickly resolved when Dominic calls to him. Relief floods through my system as Zan finally gives in and touches his hand to the bright object glowing and gurgling beneath my own. Before we know it, we are engulfed by a great explosion of light and sent hurling through a portal that seems to defy the standard laws of physics. I feel as if the air has been sucked out of my body, but the sensation lasts for just seconds before the blinding light subsides and we find ourselves standing right where we were to begin with.

Only now, we are surrounded six others. And the first faces I pick out are two that are familiar to me, two faces that have been firmly imprinted in my mind since I was a child, two faces I haven't seen in some twelve years, two faces that I never thought I would behold again. They look only slightly younger than I remember, the lines of worry that come with parenthood and being on the run not yet visible on their faces. But I know them.

Without thinking, I reach out and grip my brother's arm.

Re: Future's Promise*STARTING*(Slash&Het, NC-17)

Posted: Sun Jan 13, 2008 11:30 am
by Loxyanissa14

I place my hand on the granolith, no hesitation. No need to worry about whether or not this would kill me. I don’t fear death. I fear going back there and so I stand here. I feel the energy build up in the room. I vaguely want to know what everyone is thinking but I don’t need my power for that, it reads in their eyes.

So much faith in Dominic’s plan, but what happens if this doesn’t work? I glance around, impatient. Why isn’t anything happening and then I notice him, Zan standing away from the granolith. I vow that if he lives through this I’m going to kill him but than he places his hand on the contraption and we wind up in the same place we started, only this time six others or filling this small room. Before the burning sensation can leave my body we are bombarded by questions from a voice I remember only slightly from my past and then I spot her.

Blonde waves frame her beautiful face and all I can do is gaze at the women. There’s not much I remember about her but that blonde hair is unforgettable.