RFFA Round 13 Rules--Roleplaying Nominations now open.

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RFFA Round 13 Rules--Roleplaying Nominations now open.

Post by Itzstacie » Tue Nov 03, 2009 11:52 am

Hi all!

Okay here we go!! It's finally time for Round 13. It is time to recognize all your favorite stories and writers. But don't forget to read the rules first, or you will suffer inclusion in the Hall of Shame. Make sure you follow all the directions here before you start nominating or you will be placed in the Hall of Shame. Note If you are on the list for nominations already in the other forum, you do not need to do it twice

As per usual, there is a little test somewhere within these rules. Make sure you find it, and answer the question by pm to either myself (Itzstacie) or Lashon (FSU/MSW-94), (DO NOT PM KATH I REPEAT DO NOT PM KATH) and we will add you to the list of eligible nominators. If you aren't added, and you nominate, you will be added to the Hall of Shame and will lose nominating priviliges for a month.

Round 13 - Roswell Fanatics Fanfiction Awards - Rules

First off - I highly suggest reading this entire thread. To repeat, there is, like last time, something you have to do before replying to the thread, in order to be eligible. And if you nominate before being on the list of eligible nominators, beware. You WILL serve time on the Hall of Shame (a month without eligibility).

Secondly- I want to send a big Thank You to Kath7 who has kept these awards running smoothly and has graciously turned them over to me. I know I have some big shoes to fill and I hope I do her justice.

A couple of warnings right off the bat.

1) Read the rules, make sure you have fulfilled all nomination requirements, and check in here before nominating. Your noms will be deleted without notification if you don't.

2) If you nominate someone in a category who has already won, this means YOU HAVE NOT READ THE FIRST POST OF THE CATEGORY THREAD. Said nominations will be deleted without comment to you privately. We will do them in the open for everyone to see that you do not know how to follow rules.

3) You MUST be on the list of eligible members, which will be created in a post below this one, before you start nominating. This is meant to eliminate headaches. I'm warning you, if you don't read these rules, we will know.

4) You may NOT, I repeat, NOT nominate yourself. You may NOT advertise in your sig for others to nominate you. Nor may you promote OTHER writers in your sig. Because, really. That's just tacky. Let other people decide their noms, and let them decide to nominate you. Because, trust me, it means more if they decide to do it on their own. Yes, I know that actors post "For your Consideration" crap in Variety pre-Oscars, but aren't we all just a little embarassed for them? It means so much more if it isn't asked for.

ALSO - NO PMing members to read your story and nominate you. Again - Tackyville. And really kind of sad. Really. Everyone thinks so. I get pms about it all the time.

Please read the rules below - learn them, like them, LIVE them. If you have a glitch, or notice one, pm either myself or Lashon. Thanks!

Round 13 (Winter) will run from November 1- December 5th. Voting will take place in three groupings over the four weeks after that.

Please read the following rules carefully before nominating. Anyone who nominates on a thread without having checked in here first - you can check in by reading this entire thread and then by replying to this thread (and by completing the little test somewhere in this thread) - will have their nominations deleted. You may NOT check in until you have fulfilled all the requirements for eligibility, which are all listed on this thread.

Once you have checked in, a mod will add your name to a central list of eligible voters (this will happen within 24 hours, barring unforseen disaster), which is directly below this post. Make sure you do check in by posting on this thread (you must check in again, even if you checked in last round, so that we know that you've refreshed your memory). All we need on this thread is a "hi!" :D If you make us laugh when you check in, you get bonus points (it doesn't mean anything, but isn't it nice to make others laugh?) We will be pruning the check-ins every few days, but if your name is on the post under this one, you're fine to keep nominating.


1) In order to be eligible to nominate, you must have been a registered member on this board for at least 90 days, and must have at least 25 posts. If you make it to 25 posts, but fall below again due to pruning, as long as you checked in at 25, and we added you to the list, you are still eligible. If someone prunes you before you're added to the list, pm me. We're reasonable.

2) Only fics posted on this board may be nominated.

3) Only fics updated at least once in the last three months may be nominated. We have a category entitled "Fic You Most Want to See Completed" that will be open to "lying dormant" fics. This rule, of course, does not include completed fics. You many nominate them anytime. Basically, if it's in the Dead and Buried forum, you should leave it out of the noms. If it was moved to that forum AFTER you made your noms, it's okay. They will still count. Please Note: Author Notes do not count as an update.

Just to drive home the point: Complete Fics are ALWAYS eligible.

4) Incomplete fics are eligible for nomination, but must have at least five parts before nomination. The only exceptions are in the "Favorite Fanart Cover" category and "Favorite Short Story." This is to assure that a fic’s direction is well-established, and that it seems likely to be completed. Please note that COMPLETE fics of five or fewer parts are eligible for ALL categories. PLEASE NOTE: PROLOGUES AND EPILOGUES COUNT TOWARDS CHAPTER COUNT.

5) PLEASE READ THE FIRST POST OF EVERY NOMINATION THREAD BEFORE NOMINATING ON THAT THREAD. Because no story may be nominated for an award it has already won, previous round winners will be listed in the first post. If you nominate a story in a category it has already won, it will be very clear that you have not read the rules. Please do not make more work for the mods by forcing us to delete your ineligible nominations.

REMINDER: For Character Portrayal nominations, if a character has won the award once, the same version of the character, presented in a sequel, is not eligible for nomination.

6) For the record, any fic that was a runner-up in a category in a previous round, MAY be nominated again in Round 13. It is only ineligible if it has WON the category.

7) If a writer has more than one fic nominated in a category, only the fic with the most nominations will make it to the final voting round (if both have enough nominations to move on). This is a rule meant to even out the playing field, to give more writers a chance at a nomination, and to also avoid vote splitting.

For example, if JoeShmoe has "The Roswellian Chronicles" nominated twelve times for "Most Suspenseful Fic," and another fic, "The Dupe Disaster", nominated eleven times, only The Roswellian Chronicles will advance to the voting round. So, when nominating, you might want to stick to one fic per author in a category. You don’t have to, but it will assure that your favorite fic by that author gets the support.

8( To make our users think a little bit harder about their nominations and to get away from the "ditto" phenomenon, we are limiting each user to THREE nominations in each category. You don't have to nominate three, but you can't go OVER three. You may, also, edit your post as often as you'd like over the course of the nomination period.

And, because I'm not the only one it pisses off, anyone who "dittos" their nominations will have their nominations deleted. Please at least take the time to write in your own trio of nominees.

New Categories for Round 13

There are no new categories for Round 13. I am going to open up a new thread for suggestions on catergories, Please keep in mind that this is a Roswell board so no suggesting individual awards for other fandoms, we have a category for non-roswell stories, This does not mean we will automatically add it in there, but I will take suggestions under advisement to consider for the next round. We may say no, but we will do our best to explain why we said no. :)

A couple of things that will help your mods out:

1) If you see a fic nominated in a category where you think it doesn’t belong (for example, Breathless’s "A Walk in the Park" has been nominated in "Favorite AU with Aliens," but it is a story that belonged in "Favorite AU without Aliens"), please pm a mod and let us know. We will follow it up with the writer in question, to make sure it doesn’t belong there, before removing the nomination.

2) Read the rules. Please follow them. If you have any questions, pm a mod from this board.

3) Have fun!

Now that you have read all the rules, you have just one more thing to do to be eligible to nominate (as well as checking in on this thread). PM me (Itzstacie) or Lashon (FSU/MSW-94), and tell us your favorite Roswell episode. And please don't tell me you can't decide. Because we really don't care what you pick. We just want to know that you've read the rules.



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