Distant Memories (FF, CC) CASTING!

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Distant Memories (FF, CC) CASTING!

Post by Liz_Parker » Mon Apr 18, 2011 8:35 am

This is set 10 years down the line. Everyone gets together once a week for a "family" dinner. Liz is 7 months pregnant with hers and Max's first child. Max is an ER doctor. Michael runs his own bar/restaurant and Maria sings there. Kyle is about to open his own car garage and is dating one of his coworkers sisters, Serena Miles. Jesse decided to be with Isabel anyways, and they now have a 4 year old daughter named Anna. Jesse has his own firm and Isabel is working as a party planner.

One day when everyone comes over for dinner, Liz realizes that she is missing a few things that she needs for the main course. She asks Maria to come to the store with her, because Max is finishing up a shift at the hospital. That's when everything goes wrong. When their about to go after a green light, someone else runs right into the drivers side door, leaving Liz with her head banged into the steering wheel, and Maria in a panic. When Liz arrives at the hospital, where Max is the lead Doctor she is unconcious for a good while. When she wakes up, she has no idea who the people around her are, or what happened the last 15 years of her life.

Everyone has to helppiece her mind back together, hope the baby has some of Max's healing abilities, and keep their secret from the rest of the ER staff. All while trying to keep their lives running and "normal".



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