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Post by Sugarplum7 » Tue Jul 15, 2003 4:27 pm

Okay . . . I wrote this last night, before I heard the recent events that had happened. I was not sure if I should post it or not . . . I did not know Ash enought to know whether she would or wouldn't want us to continue directly after.

So I have come to the decision that I will post this, but it is posted with thoughts of Ash, and my deepest sympathies to her friends and family.

Your life touched more people that you will ever know, Ashley.

<center>~*~*~*~*~*~ Liz’s Part ~*~*~*~*~*~</center>

This entire experience is turning out to be extremely different than what I thought it would be. I guess I need to decide what it is that I want to happen. Before the day became night, I made myself think that if I ignored the want to talk to him, if I stayed away from Max then I would be fine. If I did that I would not have such a problem dealing with the attraction I felt towards him. The same attraction I am guessing that my fellow female housemates felt toward him.

I was wrong. I cannot simply ignore his presence any more. I cannot simply stay away from him, especially if he continues to try and seek me out like he did earlier. I will have to do my best to get past the attraction. I will have to do that. Living together means that we will at least have to have a civil conversation. The house was large, but I simply could not duck out of a room as soon as he appeared, and working together would make that path impossible to venture on.

I took another deep breath and thought about Kyle’s words. Rolling them around with the rest of the thoughts storming through my head. This was a complete catastrophe! I don’t know what I was going to do when I saw what the network did with all of this. How will I look in the eyes of the viewers? Will I hate myself when I see this?

I will just have to do my best to talk to Max and try to keep my wits about me. I will have to try to think in his presence. One thing I do not want him to think of me is that I am an idiot. One thing I never want someone to do is insult my intelligence, and if I can’t carry on a simple conversation on trivial matter or current events, that is exactly what he might think.

I will have to ignore the somatic changes he evokes in me, from a rapid heart beat to a dry mouth. I will have to get past that, and keep my mental capacity from simply crumbling under his gaze.

I look back at Kyle. I guess I will have to put my new resolve to its first test. “I would like that very much. Shall we go?”

“Lizzie?” Kyle asks me, and I smile at the nickname he simply started using. “No offense, but you might want to take some more deep breaths. You kinda have that formal thing going on still.”

I follow his advice, taking a few more deep breaths. At least speaking formally is not as noticeable as suddenly speaking in a different language. Or at least I do not believe it to be. At my second breath I remind myself to be less formal, to use contractions and colloquialisms. To be myself, and not my distanced, withdrawn self.

I stand up off the couch and smile at Kyle again. “C’mon. The rest of them are probably wondering where we are. Let’s go show them that we haven’t fallen off the face of the planet.”

I watch him smile and stand. Together we walk back out to the main floor, and my eyes strain to adjust to the new lighting, and to find everyone else. It should not have surprised me to find Max first, dancing with both Isabel and Tess. Lilly was not that far away from them, and dancing, quite suggestively, with Alex. Maria and Michael were not there at the moment.

“There’s Maria,” Kyle shouted over the music as he pointed to the stairs she was descending.

“I don’t know where Michael is, but everyone else is right over there,” I shout to him, just as loudly as I gesture over to where they were all dancing.

He extends his hand in invitation and I take it. I can do this. I can be my normal self and have just as much fun as the rest of them . . . Even with Max standing right there.

<center>~*~*~*~*~*~ End Liz’s Part ~*~*~*~*~*~</center>
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Post by isabelle » Sat Jul 19, 2003 7:27 am

Katie, I was so glad you posted. Sorry I've taken so long to reply. I really do want this story to continue, and, I believe Ash would, too.

Great post, by the way.


I'm beginning to feel like I've had enough for now. It has been a long day, and I'm still feeling a bit off-balance from having these girls throwing themselves at me. It's a bit more than this New Mexico boy is used to. I never had trouble finding a girl-friend, but this sort of thing never happened back home. ... Well, unless you count Karen Baker, but that was almost a stalker-thing.

I'm thinking it's time to take a short break. I left a drink upstairs, but it's probably already been cleared away by some wait-staff or bus-person before I was able to take more than two sips from it. Maria's up there, too. It would be nice to talk to her one-to-one, since she didn't want to dance.

I glance over at Isabel and Alex. Isabel is dancing to impress, but I'm not sure if her target is me, Alex, or maybe Lilly. Is she competing? Lilly's dance is still crawling all over Alex. I try to catch his eye, to see if he wants to leave the floor for a few minutes, too. Before I can, Tess puts on an impressive burst, and draws my attention back to her.

But then, over her shoulder, I see Liz dancing with Kyle, and I feel something inside me twist.


Why do I want to be dancing with her? Is it just because she's not throwing herself at me? No, there's something more. Something in her eyes that makes me want to be with her.

Ridiculous. It's so clear that Liz is more interested in Kyle and Alex, than she is in me. I have three girls here who actually do want to be with me. It's ridiculous to be wanting her. I just hope that we can be friends. And that I can make myself be satisfied with that.

Suddenly, I realize that Maria is walking near us, her hips swaying. She taps on Tess’s shoulder. “My turn, Tess,” she says. Tess gives Maria a dirty look and turns away.

I smile at Maria. “Hey, I was just wondering about you. I’m so glad you came down.”

“Of course, you are!” She smiles, seductively, and starts dancing. I have to admit, she's every bit as good as Tess or Isabel.

"I thought you didn't want to dance."

"Whatever gave you that idea?"

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Post by Sugarplum7 » Sun Jul 20, 2003 2:51 am

<center>~*~*~*~*~*~ Liz’s Part ~*~*~*~*~*~</center>

I must admit that I am having a lot of fun. More fun than I think that I would possibly care to admit. It is just a nice release from the normal everyday things. Those things that you just do from day to day because you have to. Those things that you do because you must . . . just don’t seem to be as pressing as they once seemed.

I continue to move with the music, dancing with Kyle. My dancing is definitely different than the rest of the girls’. I do not know if that is because I am not as . . . casual as the rest of them. It could be because I have no intention of doing what Lilly is doing at least. I would like to think that I am a little more subtle. I guess . . . subtly suggestive is what I am aiming for.

For those few brief minutes in the beginning I was completely without worry. And that was until I looked over to where Max was dancing with Tess. He seemed to be otherwise preoccupied with watching Isabel dance, and Tess looked like she took offense, suddenly working much harder on trying her best to keep his attention on her. That was something I should not have minded seeing. For some reason unknown to me I couldn’t. So not bothering to fight the urge I turn to have my back to them, rotating us so Kyle is now facing them.

“He was watching,” Kyle says into my ear when he leans forward.

“Who?” I say. I don’t know if he could actually hear me, but he responded nonetheless. Not verbally . . . No. He responded with a facial expression that could not be misinterpreted.

“Who else?!” It seemed to scream at me. “Max” was all that he mouthed at me.

I rolled my eyes. What would Max be doing looking at me for when he had the others practically falling all over him? That is right. He wouldn’t be looking at me.

“He was, Liz.” Kyle tells me once again, leaning close to be heard.

We move again after about ten minutes, and now I have the view of the rest of them. Alex is still contending with both Isabel and Lilly, but Tess is nowhere to be seen. Maria now has claimed her turn to dance with Max.

“How long have they been dancing together?” I asked Kyle, leaning into him this time to speak beside his ear.

“Slightly less than ten minutes, more than five.”

I nod my head in acknowledgment. I wonder how Tess reacted when Maria came over and demanded her turn with our resident house Casanova? I usually am not one of those to dance the night away, and after a day like today I was beginning to feel the lateness of the hour. I looked at the watch on my wrist. I saw that it was approaching half past eleven. I would be letting the others know that I planned on leaving early. In a little over an hour and a half.

We continued to dance like that for a couple more songs. I personally do not know where Kyle got the idea, but somehow he thought it would be ingenious to ask to dance with Maria. That basically left me to either dance with Max or run.

Do not think that I gave running away serious thought. I did. Believe me, I did. But somehow Kyle’s words had more pull on me than I would have liked.

“Don’t kill me for this,” he said before he went over. “This is a personal challenge I am setting up for you.”

So that is where he left me. He is off dancing with Maria no more than ten steps away. And I am here, smiling at Max, willing my feet and body to move to the music. After a few seconds that seem to span the time of a minutes, I move. I know it was wrong to think this. I know it was wrong to feel this. But I still felt that there was something different when I was dancing with Max. I felt like this was . . . right.

<center>~*~*~*~*~*~ End Liz’s Part ~*~*~*~*~*~</center>

I hope no one minds this part. If you do, let me know. And feel free to backtrack. There was a lot of time glossed over in this part.

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Post by isabelle » Tue Jul 22, 2003 4:22 am

I talked to Bre, and I'm gonna try to take over Michael here. I'm not Ash, but I have done Michael in one or two other RPs. If you think it sucks, let me know, I won't take offense. I'll be happy to make changes.
I'll post for Max in a little while.



What the hell happened? One minute I’m talking to Maria, and for the first time she’s not telling me to get lost. The next, she’s gone down to the dance floor. I tried to take Liz’s advice. Talk about something other than sex, but it didn’t work. Or maybe it did work for a little while, but she still left. I should have known better than to mention Max.

I take my drink to the railing and watch her. I watch her slink right on over to Max and cut in on Tess so she can dance with him.

I thought she said she wanted to be asked.

She seems to be really enjoying herself. That’s just not right. How in the world did this kid manage to be the house stud? He’s got nothing, but they’re all over him like he’s giving away money.

I take a gulp of my drink and look away. That one glance was more than enough, but as I turn, I see Liz dancing with Kyle. The one girl who doesn’t seem to be glued to Max, and she still prefers the other guys to me. There is something seriously wrong with the world tonight. The Guerin charm never fails. Never. How could I strike out with four girls in less than one night?

Maybe it’s the dancing. So I can’t dance. It never stopped me from impressing the ladies before. There’s gotta be something I can do to get back in the game.

I take my drink back to the bar so I don’t have to watch anymore. Maybe the original plan, getting quietly drunk, is the best one.

“Buy me a drink, handsome?”

I look up and see a pretty girl with curly brown hair smiling at me. “Yeah, I guess I could do that,” I say, signaling the bartender. “What’s in it for me?”

“Oh, I don’t know. Maybe I’ll let you dance with me.”

I laugh. “You must have just arrived. Everyone-else out there knows I can’t dance.”

“That’s too bad,” she says. “Maybe you have some other moves you could show me?”

“Maybe I do.” I agree, flashing her my sexiest smile. This night might not be a total loss, afterall.

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Post by isabelle » Tue Jul 22, 2003 5:06 pm


Maria stays with me through three full songs without Isabel or Tess cutting in. I think it’s a record for the night. She hangs her arms around my neck, pressing herself up against me as she moves to the music. We’re about halfway through a fourth song, when Kyle cuts in and takes Maria. I give him a nod, pleased to have a break. I’m about to sneak off the floor before Tess or Isabel notice that I’m free, when suddenly I’m facing Liz Parker.

“Hey,” she says. “Is your earlier offer still open? For the dance?”

My mouth goes dry, and I nod. “Sure. I’d love to dance with you, Liz.” She smiles at me, and we start to dance. The song has a moderate tempo and she’s dancing beautifully. She has grace and poise, and moves with a sensualness that seems to demand my full attention. Part of me feels more relaxed to be with her, while another part is nervous as anything, and I try to keep my distance.

“I love the way you dance,” I tell her.

“Thanks, Max.” She beams at me. It makes me feel really warm to see that smile. The song ends, and she moves as if to leave.

“Don’t go.” I ask her. “Stay for one more?”

Smiling, she nods, and my grin broadens in response. The next song is slower. I reach for her, holding her loosely in my arms, close, but not too tight. I'm fighting my desire to press her body next to mine.

At the end of the song, Liz is looking a little flushed. “Sorry. I, uh, I have to go,” she says, and disappears from the dance floor. I look up and I see Alex nearby. He doesn’t seem to be looking at me, but I wonder. Had he been watching? Is that why Liz seemed so flustered?

“My turn,” Isabel says, sliding up next to me.

“Uh, sorry Isabel. I think I need a break.”

“Okay,” she says, taking my arm. “Let’s go back upstairs and get a drink.”

“Sure,” I say, peeling her fingers from my arm. “I’ll meet you there.” I head off for the men’s room and a few moments alone. I’m there for less than a minute, and Alex comes in behind me.

“Hey, Max,” he says. “Hey,” I answer, hoping he’s not angry at me for dancing with Liz. I don’t need to get off on the wrong foot with my roommate. “Looks like you were enjoying yourself out there.”

“Oh, you mean Lilly? Yeah, she’s really hot.” Alex says. He pauses and then continues, “Although it’s a little weird, the way she’s so … aggressive.”

Hmmph. Welcome to the club.”

Alex gives me a questioning look, tilting his head to one side.

“I’ve got three of them,” I explain with an exaggerated sigh. “They’re like female versions of Michael!”

Alex laughs, and then becomes serious. “You don’t like them?”

“Oh, no. That’s not what I meant. I like them fine. But it’s a little hard to get to know them when I feel like I should be running for cover.”

Alex nods. “So, no favorite yet?”

“Not really. Tess and Maria both seem nice.”

“Not Isabel?”

“Well, Isabel is nice, too. I just don’t think she’s the one for me.”

Alex nods again and I start thinking about our conversation back at the house. “Look, I hope you’re not mad that I was dancing with ‘your girl.’ You were otherwise occupied at the time.”


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Post by Sugarplum7 » Wed Jul 23, 2003 4:01 am

If there is any need to backtrack feel free. I would really like to see Alex's response to that. I wonder if this will clear up the Iz/Liz confusion between them. Heehee!

<center>~*~*~*~*~*~ Liz’s Part ~*~*~*~*~*~</center>

Dancing with Max felt so . . . I don’t know. It just felt different than it did when I was dancing with Kyle. And when he pulled me closer . . . It took all my strength to remember how to breathe! Being in his arms offered a security that I was wont to leave, but it was also a security I should not feel with a simple acquaintance.

Still . . . The simple feeling of his strong arms around me, the way he breath tickled my forehead, the gentle touch of his hands, it was enough to make my cheeks burn with a heat I had never felt. And the end of the song allowed me an escape that I took readily. I had to get away from him, for I felt that I could not trust myself to be there with him without saying something I really should not. Unless I wished ill harm on myself with the wrath of three women I was meant to live with pressing down on me.

“Sorry. I, uh, I have to go,” I sputtered out as I extracted myself from his slight grasp and ran to the bathrooms. I did not even bother to look at him as I left the dance floor. I was simply more focused on putting distance between the two of us than anything else. I couldn’t show any feelings for him. At least not to the extent that they could be construed as anything more than friendship. I was not about to get between any of the other girls in the house and Max.

I practically vaulted into the room, collapsing on the couch in the sitting area which lay opposite from the row of stools lining the counters and mirrors hanging on the wall. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I had to get out of here and go home. This was just too much. I turned to see the camerawoman to my left, trying to be inconspicuous in the room but failing miserably. And the constant watch was not helping either.

The day was eventful enough, and I did have such fun. But right now the only thing that I wanted was sleep. And sleeping in that soft, plush, comfortable bed was more inviting than anything else. Looking down at my wrist, I checked the time. It was about an hour earlier than I had thought I would leave.

But I was tired, I told myself, and that nagging voice in the back of my mind kept reminding me that I was not being truthful with myself. I wanted to get away from Max and the prying eyes of the rest of my housemates. Even while I danced with Max, I could feel the almost threatening gaze from the other girls, or at least one of the other girls.

Taking another deep breath I straightened and stood up from the couch. I readjusted my shirt and sweater as I moved to walk out of the bathroom.

“Hey, Liz!” I turned to see that Alex and Max were also walking out of the bathroom.

“Hi,” I told them. I was expecting to go out, find Kyle, tell him my plans and to have him tell the others where I went. But telling Alex was just as good as Kyle. I just hoped that he would not offer to take me home.

“Guys?” I started as we continued to walk through the short hallway. I stopped and turned to them, and they stopped walking as well. “I am going to head home. I brought some money with me for cab fare. I am just tired after everything.”

“You sure?” Max asked as he looked at me. I tried not to look into his eyes, choosing to look everywhere else.

“Yeah. Everyone else should stay and have fun. I don’t want to ruin anyone’s good time. I’ll be fine.”

“Okay,” Alex said simply accepting. “Good night and see you in the morning.”

I just smiled at him and nodded before adding a good night to the both of them. I did not bother to say anything more as I went over to the payphones on the opposite wall. I flipped through the attached phonebook and found a cab company. I inserted my change and dialed as soon as I got the distinct tone.

“Hi,” I responded to the operator. I told her the information and waited for her confirmation.

“A taxi will be by in fifteen minutes.”

“Thank you,” I said before placing the receiver down. With that done I walked outside to wait for the cab to arrive.

<center>~*~*~*~*~*~ End Liz’s Part ~*~*~*~*~*~</center>
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Post by baby_bre » Wed Jul 23, 2003 8:18 pm

Bah... my part will suck... as it always sucks... But oh well....


I decided to give it a try and ask Max to dance... I don't even think I should... I'm sick and tired of being here... I feel much like I think Michael's feeling... an outsider... But I don't care....

Max and me dance... I try not to dance to sluttish... But it's my natural reaction.. it's the best way to dance for me.... I'm good at dancing freaky.. I don't know where Lilly's at.... I can't even remember... my head is so fuzzy while I'm dancing with Max I want to go sit down but before I know it I'm being pulled away from Max and Kyle is telling me to dance with him... Maybe this is the plan all along.. to have me dance with kyle so Liz can dance with Max... maybe that's what they were talking about... I don't know... at this point I don't care I'm not in the mood to be mean to Kyle so I'm going to dance with him...

It starts out slow and before I know it we're dancing full out.. it's fun I guess... Kyle's cute.. not what I'm into but definately not ugly... I sigh and run a hand through my hair as the song ends "Thanks for the dance." I tell him before practically bolting up the stairs.

I walk over to the bar when I notice Michael chatting up with some skanky whore.. oh well he's gonna find out soon enough... but then again from the way he's normally talking he's probably into girls like that... no offense i really think i saw a different side of Michael... and i'd like to get to know him... but it doesn't erase from my mind how he comes off... and i dontk now him... so how do i know what's real and what's not?

I slide onto the stool and wait for the damn bartender to get his stupid ass over here....

"Finally." I mutter when he walks over... i can tell hes only looking down my shirt.

"What can I get you?" he asks grinning at me.

"A bloody mary." I tell him biting my lip and winking.

He starts mixing my drink and I smile to myself... this is going to be so easy.

"Here you go." he says.

"How much do I owe you?" I ask him tilting my head to the side and licking my bottom lip.

"Um. No charge." he chokes out coughing as i give him my seductive look or at least that's what lilly always referred to it as.

"Thanks." I say grabbing the drink and heading over to one of the booths away from everyone.

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Post by Luvya » Thu Jul 24, 2003 1:03 am

Ah... whoops.... :oops: sorry guys for not posting in a while. (Thanks to Isabelle for reminding me!) Okay here goes!


“Look, I hope you’re not mad that I was dancing with ‘your girl.’ You were otherwise occupied at the time.” Max says I look completly downfounded. He knows about Isabelle?????????? How on earth can that be????????
"It's not like I own her or anything" I say as we head out of the gents. Liz then comes over to us.

“Guys?” Liz says as we continued to walk through the short hallway. She turns to look at us and we stop aswell. “I am going to head home. I brought some money with me for cab fare. I am just tired after everything.” I really don't want her stay in the house all on her own. But maybe she needs the time out.

“You sure?” Max asked as he looks at Liz. I hold back a smile. Yeah he's got it bad!
“Yeah. Everyone else should stay and have fun. I don’t want to ruin anyone’s good time. I’ll be fine.”

“Okay,” I say simply accepting. “Good night and see you in the morning.” After she leaves I find myself guilty for not looking after her so I turn to Max. This should be his chance!
"Hey, why don't you wait with her?" I suggest. Now I can go and set up my big 'suprise party' for Liz. Without waiting for an answer from Max I go off to find Maria.
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Post by isabelle » Thu Jul 24, 2003 11:37 am


"Candy" smiles at me, flirtaceously, and I grin back. Its nice to see that there are some girls out there who are still sane enough to know how hot I am.

Things are going really well with Candy when I hear Maria's voice behind me, ordering a drink. I wonder why she's back so soon. I look over Candy's shoulder, and immediately wish I hadn't. Maria's flirting with the bartender. Him, she'll flirt me. Me, she ignores. Well, I can do that too.

"What's with the cameras?" Candy asks. "Are they filming a comercial or something?"

"Nah, It's one of those reality television shows. They put eight strangers together in a house for a few weeks and see how it turns out."

"So, what are the cameras doing here?"

"They follow us everywhere."

Maria leaves the bar and passes us on the way to a booth. I notice that there's something wrong with her posture. She looks... sad? angry? I really can't read her. Not from here. What could be the problem? I know she got her dance with Max. I'm thinking to go over and talk to her, when Candy's voice interupts my thoughts.

"Us? You're part of the show?" Candy asks.

I send her a brilliant smile. "Yeah."

"Does that mean I'll be on TV, too?"

"Could be. I guess you'll have to sign a release, or something."

"Wow!" she gushes, reaching over to stroke my arm. "That's so cool!"

"Maybe you'd like to come over and see the house sometime. I've got the master bedroom." No need to mention sharing it. Kyle was willing to give up the room, anyway. Let him go sleep on the couch.

"I'd love to see it."

I have to smile at her enthusiasm. Maybe this whole experiment won't be a total loss afterall.

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Post by ~Ruby~ » Fri Jul 25, 2003 8:27 pm


I know what people think of me when they look at me. I can feel the waves of hate pouring off people mainly women as they stand by their loved ones knowing that they are undressing me with their eyes, wishing that they could have just five minutes with me, to find out what I taste like.

I know what you are thinking right now as well. You're thinking what do I know about anything, she's never worked a hard day in her life. She's just an arrogant, vain, shallow brat that always been looked after by her daddy. But sweetie at the end of the day its just sticks and stones. I say what I think, I tell it how I see it, I am what I am. And if you don't like that then what do I care?

The thing that is getting me most is Max. I have always gotten what I want, I've never been made to wait and I don't share. Maria and Tess haven't got nothing on me. I am Isabel Anderson for heaven sake but you know when Max looks at me, he's not seeing me, not the real me. He is seeing Isabel Anderson, the perfect New York society princess, the IT girl. If Max can't see that I am the best he is ever going to get then that's his problem, I am not going to wait around for him, taking turns with Maria and Tess. Its just not who I am. Its not in my blood to play second best to anyone and I won't do it. I am better then that.

I walk to the bar, feeling eyes trained on me, watching my every movement. I like it, the feeling it gives me, knowing that someone wants you. It nice to feel wanted better to feel needed though.

"What can I get you?" the bar tender asks staring at my breasts and I resist the need to roll my eyes Don't guys know that there is such a thing as eye contact.. Maybe someone should open up a school and run classes for guys 'How to treat a lady' yeah I am sure that they would be a sure fire hit.

"I will have a 'sex on a beach'" I state

"I wouldn't mind some either!" I hear the bar tender mutter under his breath

"Excuse me?" I ask smiling sweetly and raising an eyebrow, almost daring him to say it again.

"Nothing ma'am I be right back with your drink!" he says sheepishly setting about getting me my drink

"Allow me to pay for that!" a voice says beside me, I turn ready to flash him a prize winning smile, my eyes widen and the oxygen leaves my lungs as my eyes set on the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen (apart from myself of course) He is almost god like stood beside me and I wonder if I am dreaming

"Thank you...." I pause waiting for him to tell me his name

"Jake!" he states offering me a hand,

"Thank you Jake." I say. His name is like melted butter in my mouth. He's tall, about 6 foot 2 I guess, with brown hair and hazel eyes which are fringed with dark, thick lashes which I would kill for. My eyes flicker over his body, I notice the way he carries himself with an air of confidence and a touch of arrogance.

"And you would be?" he asks raising an eyebrow

I feel a blush spread across my cheeks, and I curse my body's reactions. I am meant to be playing it cool, I should of thanked him for the drink then ran a mile. "Isabel, my name is Isabel!" I say quickly and feel like hitting myself. I don't normally act like this but then again this guy is a 10 out of 10 piece of man meat hold that thought Jake is off the scales.

"Its a pleasure Isabel" he says passing me my drink, I feel a heat spread throughout my body as our fingers brush together. Oh boy. I am going to melt into a pool of goo any second now. He smiles at me a smile that lights up his whole face and my heart beats that little bit faster.

I am in Lust
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