4th Annnual Tribal Gathering and Dragon*Con

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4th Annnual Tribal Gathering and Dragon*Con

Post by StormWolfstone » Wed Jan 18, 2006 12:50 am

To those of you out there, this is a message from the VP of a group I am a member of. Please, take time to read it and help show support. For those of you unaware of what the Dragon*Con is... here is the web site.


Thanks, Storm

Hello, everyone!

Some of you may know me, some of you may not. My name is Christina, my typical nick being NightshadeIsis. I’m here to ask for you help and support.

I am Vice President of a group known as Tribe Red Dragon. We are the oldest and largest fan club base in North America for a sci-fi/fantasy show known as The Tribe. The show is a brilliant piece of work: A virus accidentally is created in the adults’ quest to create their own fountain of youth, which subsequently ages and wipes out every last one of them. Only the children are left standing in the end. No Government to lead them now, no factories to keep making packaged foods and toiletries, medicines… things look bleak. So the children do what they have to do to survive. Tribe are formed throughout the city, and you watch through each five seasons on the personal and group struggles of these people as they rebuild the world that they lost, and then fight to keep it.

Tribe Red Dragon has made huge strides in bringing this New Zealand based show to the masses; the show now airs on “WAM!” Channel showing Season Five, and is syndicated on televisions stations in almost all fifty states now showing Season One. Another thing that we also do is to hold the North American Tribal Gathering every year at the DragonCon, a sci-fi/Fantasy convention in Atlanta, Georgia in September of every year. We host panels, contests, discussions, parties, etc. Plus, during the Gathering at the Convention, we also bring the cast members from The Tribe every year to join in the panels, talk to and spend time with the fans, and join in the festivities.

We are currently beginning our fundraisers to gather the money to ring the cast back again this year. We have several fundraising projects in the works, plus an auction including signed comics and sci-fi/fantasy actors in the works. I am pass this information and these links along to you in the hopes for your support and donations to our cause to, as the show’s motto states, “Keep the Dream Alive,” and keep the Tribal Gathering going, and the cast members attending.

This is the link to our fundraising site:


There it will give you the details of the events we’re currently setting up. We’re currently selling. We are currently getting the items gathered for auctions, and when we get those together and up on Ebay, I’ll pass those along so that you can all look and see what you’d like to check out.

Now, if you can’t afford to buy anything, that’s fine. Even something as simple as a five dollar or one dollar donation can help us. I know lots of you have that much in your couches! Just gather it up, Coinstar it at your grocery, and you can email me (addy’s on the website, but I’ll post it here too: OnlyMeandTheMusic24@hotmail.com,) and I’ll be glad to take the money through the mail from you and send it in myself! It’s that easy!
I hope you’ll check us out, see what we’re offering, and make a purchase. Who can resist Lollis and Pizza, plus good sci-fi/fantasy fodder on ebay?

*drools* LOL

Peaked your interested in the show, have I? Let me give you some good websites to research and find out more about the show, and it’s cast:

http://www.tribereddragon.com (Tribe Red Dragon’s official website.)

http://www.tribeworld.com (The Tribe’s official site.)

http://www.thetribe.tv (The Tribe’s official USA site.)

Thank you for you attention,

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Post by StormWolfstone » Sun Feb 12, 2006 8:44 pm

Okay everyone! Fancy some lovely lovely goodies? You do?! Brilliant! We have loads of them for you! For anyone that donates to the fund for DC this year, these are some of the goodies that you can get:

$10.00= One Autgraph (One of Matt and John , AKA Last Picture Show, or of Matt. Your choosing of Matt between two different head shots of him, or a Cloud 9 Slade signed card.)

$15.00= 2 Autographs (One of Matt and John, AKA Last Picture Show, another of Matt. Your choosing of Matt between two different head shots of him, or a Cloud 9 Slade signed card.)

$10.00=Temporary Tattoo Sheet (Bray's tattoo and Ebony's tattoo on one sheet,) plus a button (have Character buttons, plus LPS and Matt buttons.)

$25.00= Signed Danny James Autograph (Only ONE in stock, so first come first serve.)

$25.00= TRD Printed T-shirts (Pics from previous Gatherings, Character pics, Season two swag poster shot, etc.)

$40.00= 2004 Tribal Gathering Disk set

$25.00= Unsigned copies Last Picture Shows album, Undertow

$50.00= Signed copies (signed by both Matt and John,) of Last Picture Show's album, Undertow

$10.00= Tribe key chains, Matt Robinson key chains, Last picture show key chains.

Now all of the autgraphs are authenticated guys. The Matt and John pics were signed on the last day of last years Con (don't know how those boys still have arms left. LOL.) As well as the others from the previous Con. These are NOT reprints. All are authenticated By Wizard, who was witness to the signings.

For those that have already donated $10.00 and above, don't worry, we're working out getting something to you

When you donate, just PM me or email me at OnlyMeandTheMusic24@hotmail.com, and let me know what you're wanting (if for example you're donating to get the tattoos and buttons, let me know and I'll give you the button list so you can tell me which button you want, or for the shirts, we can discuss which shirt you want, etc, etc.)

With all items, these are on a first come first serve basis. Please keep that in mind

Enjoy, everyone!

Okay, everyone....here's YOUR CHANCE to be the first boys and girls on the block to own the FIRST RELEASED COPIES of the FIRST AMERICAN TRIBAL GATHERING at DragonCon, 2003, with Caleb Ross, Beth Allen, Tom Hern, and Michael Wesley Smith! This is a SNEAK PREVIEW, everyone...we are not officially releasing the disks for a few more months now. But for anyone who is willing to donate $100.00, giving you not only a copy of the 2004 Gathering, but also a copy of the 2003 Gathering as well!

We are releasing FOUR un-graphiced sets of the 2003 Gathering specifically for this sneak preview. The set is seven disks, in their jewel cases. Here is the list of what you will receive on each disk, and the length of each:

Volume 1 - aprox - 74 mins
Tom Hern Panel
Meryll & Tom Sing
Saying Goodbye - Long Version

Volume 2 - aprox - 74 mins
Beth Allen Panel
Tribal feude

Volume 3 - aprox - 74 mins
Caleb Ross Panel
Meryll & Tom Sing
Saying Goodbye - Long Version

Volume 4 - aprox - 74 mins
Michael W. Smith
Meryll & Tom Sing
Saying Goodbye - Short Version

Volume 5 - Aprox - 74 mins
Contest Winner w/cast Panel
Costume Contest

Volume 6 - Aprox - 74 mins
Season by Season w/cast Panel
Growing up on the set Panel
Saying Goodbye - Long Version

Volume 7 - Aprox - 51 mins
Mature Themes Panel

Each CD is a Video CD and shold play in 95% of all DVD Players and 100% of all computers. And also bear in mind that being VCD's, they are going to be good quality, but not DVD perfect quality. Plus, please adhere to this dislcaimer at the heading of each disk:

While filming "The American Tribal Gathering 2003" I did not have a boom, or wireless mike, and thus the audio is low on some of the panels, I lack the software, or equipment to correct this problem, and so I had a choice -

1) Not to release the 2003 footage.


2) Release the 2003 footage as is.

I choose to release the 2003 footage as is. I hope you will understand this choice as I wanted to give the fans the chance to see the footage. Also please note that a TV station was supposed to make a documentary on the tribal gathering, and so the 2003 footage was shot around them.

Bill "Wizard" Nilan - 2005

The 2004 set is a DIVX set, only playing in computers at the time, loading the DIVX player for viewing automatically for you.

For a $100.00 donation, four of you out there will be able to land not only a copy of 2004's Gathering, but the first ever release of very first Tribal Gathering! I'll tell you right now, my mouth is drooling at the thought of this, guys. There is not much difference at all in this and what the price will be when it's released, because due to the amount of disks we'll be having to sell them individually. So you'll be getting not only your money's worth, but also more than that by getting six extra disks from the 2004 Gathering! YOU'RE WINNING MAJORLY HERE, AND GETTING A SNEAK PEAK!

Take advantage of this sneak preview, and help us keep the dream alive!

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