Getting to know everyone

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Re: Getting to know everyone

Post by Eva » Thu Sep 30, 2010 1:04 pm

Name: Eva

Age: 33 (I was born in 1977, the best year ever :D )

Where from: Wieze, a little village in Belgium (Europe)

What made you like Roswell: I was 23 when the show aired in Belgium and I had accidently seen a trailer on tv. The idea and the setup intrigued me and after the first episode I was hooked for the rest of the seasons.
I originally fell for the dry humor, often used by several characters. Also the idea of teen aliens living in a small town made me watch. I was very sceptical about it at first, but the story was so real to life, that the fact that it was about aliens never felt weird.
That's why I liked the first season more than the second. The second was too sci-fi and too far-fetched to be lifelike. Though I watched them all, they weren't as good as the first season episodes.

Shows you like: Roswell of course, One Tree Hill, Mcleod's daughters

Fav couples: Michael & Maria, Isabel & Alex, Lucas & Peyton, Nathan & Haley, Nick & Tess and Jodi & Matt

Anything werid about you: Every single thing! If I've got too much energy in my body, strange things can happen. I can sing out loud (not too good I'm afraid) or start dancing in the living room. The child in me can pop up in no time.
When I was in the youth movement, I was known for my energy, motivation and the way I could launch myself in a game. Totally crazy!

Hobbies: I'm addicted to reading (with a strong preference for youth novels), I love to make long walks and I absolutely adore my garden.

Favourite movies:: Daens, Dirty Dancing,

Fav candy? : Chocolate.

What were you in high school? : It's almost impossible to believe but I was very quiet girl in those days

How did you find the site? : I was searching for things to read 'bout Roswell. And this was the first website with decent stories.
Take a look at Eva's world[/center]

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Re: Getting to know everyone

Post by dreamerfiend » Tue Jul 24, 2012 2:52 am

Name: Janelle

Age: 23

Where from: Brooklyn, New York

What made you like Roswell: The connection between Max and Liz. It made me believe in true love. :D

Shows you like: Roswell of course, Dexter, Supernatural, Charmed, Switched at Birth

Fave couples: Max & Liz, Bay and Emmett, Buffy and Angel, Piper and Leo, Coop and Phoebe

Anything weird about you: I suck my tongue. Apparently I've done it since I was a baby. I just never grew out of it :oops: And I make weird sounds in my sleep (so I'm told) :oops:
God is Love

Liz: You do have a destiny Max, you just heard it and I can't stand in the way of it.
Max: But you mean everything to me.

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Re: Getting to know everyone

Post by CandyliciousLovah » Tue Jul 24, 2012 12:48 pm

Name: Katie
Age: Twenty-four/24
Where from: Southwest Missouri (close to the Oklahoma and Arkansas state lines)
What made you like Roswell: The action and how it got me on the edge of my seat. And, of course, Maria's humor in the Pilot episode. "Cypress oil. Helps with stress." :mrgreen:
Shows you like: Grimm, Rookie Blue (for summer ONLY; LOVE LOVE LOVE Sam && Andy!), Grey's Anatomy. Past shows: Charmed, Veronica Mars, The Forgotten, Unforgettable, Off the Map (LOVE me some Martin/Ben!)
Fave couples: Way too many to list, but here y'all are:
All My Children
David/Greenlee, JR/Annie, Ryan/Madison, Jamie/Colby (could see them together), Tad/Cara, Jake/Amanda, Kendall/Griffin
Days of Our Lives
Philip/Melanie, Stephanie/Mike (could see them together), Chelsea/Max, Daniel/Chloe
General Hospital (Tons I like, but here are a few):
Jax/Nadine, Luke/Laura, Liz/Nikolas, Frisco/Felicia, Brenda/Stefan, Dante/Lulu, Georgie/Logan, Serena/Cooper, Sam/Jagger C, Jason by himself or with crossover/original characters, Robert/Skye, Lainey/Ned, Lisa/Ian, Shawn/Claire, Noah D/Kristina Cassadine, Maxis (Mac/Alexis, OF COURSE), Ethan/Kristina (Lexi's Kristina, not the new girl!), Johnny/Brook Lynn, Johnny (bodyguard) & Reese/Charlotte and I think Ewen needs a girl that ain't Lizzie!!!
One Life to Live
James/Starr, Dani/Markko, Jessica/Cutter, Natalie/Tomas, Talia/Antonio, Kevin/Rachael (Nora's daughter)
Billy/Victoria (DUH!), Chloe/Kevin (that's a given), Daniel/Eden (can't live without them!), Tucker/Ashley, Cane/Lily, Colleen/Deacon, J.T./Mac, Katherine/Murphy, Ronan/Abby, (old school) Heather/Adam
Guiding Light
Jonathan/Tammy, Marah/Jeffrey, Frank/Natalia, Buzz/Olivia
As The World Turns
Dusty/Janet, Casey/Alison, Lily/Holden (until the end of Martha's run), Lily/Mike (with Noelle & Jon in the role, they were HOT!)

Carrie/Al (you can tell my obsession by my new avatar), Tanya/Roe (I also really, really like Nina, she's funny!)
Nick/Juliet, Monroe/Rosalee (LOVE Bree Turner, and glad she's being made series regular next season!)
Grey's Anatomy
Mark/Lexie, Izzie/George, Meredith/Derek, Callie/Arizona, Cristina/Owen, Teddy/Henry, Alex/Morgan (LOVED the potential of them!), Jackson/April (after next week's scenes, I'm gonna be hooked!)
Beckett/Castle, Lainey/Esposito, Kevin/Jenny
Rookie Blue
Sam/Andy, Traci/Jerry, Gail/Nick
Hawaii Five-O
Danny/Rachel (his ex-wife), Steve/Catherine (I LOVE Michelle Borth!)
Blue Bloods

Movie Couples:

Mighty Ducks
Guy/Connie, Charlie/Julie, Charlie/Linda, Dean (Portman)/Julie, Dean/Connie (recently wrote something about them!), Charlie/Connie, Adam/Julie, Adam/Connie, Fulton/Julie, Fulton/Connie
Step Up Trilogy
Tyler/Nora (#1), Chase/Andie (#2), Andie/Blake (potential pairing, #2), Luke/Natalie (#3), Moose/Camille (#3)
The Nora Roberts' Films
Ben/Willa, Nate/Tess, Adam/Lily (Montana Sky), Tori/Cade, Wade/Faith (Carolina Moon)
Sarah's Key (both book & movie)
Julia/William (especially with Kristin Scott Thomas & Aidan Quinn playing the characters!)

Other Couples (from Books, etc.)
Jace/Clary, Jocelyn/Luke, Simon/Isabelle, Alec/Magnus (The Mortal Instruments Series), Olivia/Connor, Jenny/Roark, Nina/Greg, Ross/Claire, Daisy/Julian (The Lakeshore Chronicles)

Anything weird about you: As you can tell, I ship a LOT of pairings. For books, movies, prime time and daytime. I am also the kind of person who can't leave without her house key or cell phone. The reason behind that...I was home alone when someone broke into our house and I was the one who left the door unlocked. I didn't know he was in the house b/c I was in the shower at the time.

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Re: Getting to know everyone

Post by ZC70 » Wed Aug 01, 2012 1:19 pm

Age: just past 40 (although in my head/heart I'm in my 20s)

Where from: Scotland

What made you like Roswell: Love SyFy and paranormal stuff pretty sure I had the hots for Spaceboy 1st time round, also loved the group dynamic -Re-discovered Roswell a few months back, got myself and my 12 yr old totally hooked. Huge Spaceboy fan and just love his relationship with Deluca. Need more M/M fan fiction

Shows you like:Roswell, Supernatural, get the drift

Fav couples:Michael/Maria; LoVe; Buffy and Angel

Anything werid about you: I can give up whole weekends to reading!!! Sometimes I forget to eat

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