The Official "Life is Good" Thread

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Re: The Official "Life is Good" Thread

Post by jake17 » Thu Apr 26, 2012 8:51 am

Hello everyone!

I just had to share this with everyone since we are have a certain love for this "alien" world.
On April 10th at two am a UFO was spotted over Bantam Lake, in CT. Now I've been going to this lake since I was a kid. I live maybe twenty minutes from this lake. Let me tell you it was HUGE news around here. It seems that along with a State Cop several eye witnesses spotted a neon green, size of a whale object hovering over Bantam lake, they said it then disappeared INTO the lake. Now I know this sounds crazy but its made international news, (see yahoo link below). Ever since this day I have spotted signs all around saying "Aliens Welcome!" outside businesses. You can just imagine how much I'm loving this. Now if only a beautiful Max-like alien hybrid would come walking in our local diner my life would truly be complete :wink: :D

omg so funny, my husband just walked in and I was showing him the link, he's very good friend's with a state cop around here, they talked about this. That state cop said that he knows the guy who saw it. He was very far away in a neighboring town and saw a huge neon green object. He called in it over the scanner that night to the other cops in the area. Apparently the people near the lake saw it actually go into the lake, they saw a huge splash and everything. They called 911 thinking that it had to be a plane, but couldn't explain the size or hovering or the neon green color.

I just can not believe this is happening here in CT... too funny. Where are you Max?? :lol: ... =fullstory

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Re: The Official "Life is Good" Thread

Post by dreamerfiend » Tue Jul 24, 2012 3:12 am

I just read the link to the story. I can't believe there isn't going to be an investigation on that. smh!

Nothing much happened today, I stayed in the house all day but on Saturday I went to Coney Island which is an amusement park in Brooklyn, NY. I had been talking about getting a betta fish for about a week. I didn't know when I would get one though. So when I went to Coney Island, there were a lot of vendors and one of them happened to be selling betta fish. So of course I just had to get one. My new pet is adjusting nicely to his new home here. His name is Herbie :D

I think this is a wonderful topic 8)
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