His Kiss (ML,Josef/OC,ADULT) [Epilogue] COMPLETE 10-12-10

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His Kiss (ML,Josef/OC,ADULT) [Epilogue] COMPLETE 10-12-10

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His Kiss
Disclaimer: I don't own Moonlight or anything linked to it.
Category: Moonlight fanfic
Rating: ADULT
Pairings: Josef/OC, Mick/Beth
Summary: Breanna Mabalot has had a shaky past and the only person she has made a point to be close with is her "sister" Ally. When Ally sees that Breanna is taking life too seriously, the girls venture out for a night on the town, and Brea ends up meeting someone who shakes up her world. As life goes on from her earth-shattering experience with Josef Kostan, she finds that more and more peculiarities start to jump out at her- and the well kept secret of her blood will be revealed.

Thank you so much to pijeechinadoll for this gorgeous banner!

Chapter One

“When was the last time you got out and lived a little? God Brea, you are twenty-four, not a hundred and twenty-four.” Ally lectured as Breanna rolled her eyes, reading the book laid across her lap. Ally Deveau had been the closest thing to a sister that Breanna had had since she was seven and had run away from foster care. The two had found each other when put back into the system, and neither would allow the other to leave their side.

“I don’t see the point in going out when we both know that I have to study. I’m working; you know how important tomorrow’s test is.” Breanna reasoned, fighting to keep a hold of her book even as Ally overpowered her. Ally had always been the party girl, the one to make Brea let loose.

Glancing up at Ally, Brea noticed that her hair had yet again changed color- an intense dark red- and this one made Ally’s rosy complexion all the more flawless and beautiful. That was another thing about Ally that Brea loved, the other girl, despite her rather plain features- brown eyes, thin lips, small nose- she had a style that flared toward on the side of extravagant.

Feeling the book leave her hands, Brea finally stood up, towering over Ally’s five-foot-nothing by a good nine inches. “I can’t go out tonight. We both know what happens when we go out, and I can’t afford to lose this time.”

Snatching back her book, Breanna collapsed gracefully back onto her chair. The next moment she was squished beneath the weight of her current adversary. “Just for a few hours, please? Come on my birthday is coming up, and we both know how busy you have been. Do this for me. No, do this for you. You can’t keep sulking in our apartment just because of Brian.”

Another thing about Ally was that she didn’t mince words, and she considered tact an artful way of lying- something she insisted she would never do. Shoving Brea a bit to the side, she sighed. Brian had been her on-again/off-again boyfriend of two years, but when Breanna had walked in on him with some nameless girl in a more than intimate position, things had ended right there.

“Promise me that we’ll be back by two.” Brea finally mumbled, pushing back a fallen strand of dark brown hair.

“Deal.” Ally said. Then exclaiming her excitement, Ally launched off the couch, and started tearing up the stairs to Brea’s bedroom, obviously intent on picking out their clothes.

“Not too much skin, please!” Brea called after, knowing it was fruitless to offer suggestion. She did agree with Ally on needing to get out more, but agreeing and doing were usually two different things.

Closing her book on the comparative study of English and British literature, Brea stood up, and stretched her back. Getting out of the apartment after a month was a good way to break up the monotony of her everyday habits.

“Silver or green?” Ally yelled down.

“For you or me?” Brea asked.


“Green, it’ll make your hair pop.” Brea replied. Picking up a few papers, she organized everything into a neat pile of the glass top coffee table.

“Then you have to wear the black and silver stripy thing with the ties, and the buckle straps for the shoulder straps.” Ally informed her.

Brea had no idea what she was talking about, but made a sound of assent. It was weird how little Ally had changed since they had picked up and moved from New York to LA after graduating high school. Both had eventually ended up in the same home for the last two years of their education, and while neither liked their previous foster parents they had at least been allowed to stay together. Living on the West Coast hadn’t been that big a change for Ally, she had adapted to the new clubs and the different shopping experience while Brea had taken a year to adjust.

Gradually, Brea had worked her life back into order, and found a job bartending at a bar, and stayed long enough to earn money to attend UCLA two years later. Ally had taken an entirely different route, putting her initiative and bubbly attitude to work for a slew of boutiques downtown before settling in as a high end buyer for thirty-something women with too much money and a constant case of ennui.

Deciding to face the music, Brea climbed the spiral staircase up to the second floor landing, and walked the ten feet to her bedroom.

“It looks like something exploded in here.” Brea stated, pretending to be disgusted when secretly she loved when Ally worked up an evening.

“How do I look?” Ally sauntered out of Brea’s walk-in closet wearing a strapless emerald green top with Seven jeans, and Brea’s favorite black, strappy heels.

“You look great.” Brea flattered as her best friend did a spin to show-off her outfit.

“Now you. Here.” Ally tossed Brea the “black and silver stripy thing with the ties, and the buckle straps for the shoulder straps” as earlier described. It turned out to be one of Brea’s more daring dresses; silver with black strips that flashed metallically in the right light and had thick black straps with silver buckles on them, and a trendy belt around the waist. The skirt of the dress felt to mid-thigh in a ruffle. Breanna shook her head for a moment, glanced up at Ally, and determined that there wasn’t a way of getting out of wearing it. The only reason she had bought the dress in the first place was because it had been so out-there for her usual fashion sense, and even though she never intended to wear it, Brea had needed to buy in that moment.

“Oh and I found these to go with it.” Ally exclaimed, running back into the closet, and then returning with what Brea had deemed her “hooker heels”- they were an accompaniment to the rest of Brea’s Pretty Woman hooker costume that she had worn on Halloween.

“Those are for my Halloween costume.” Brea explained, rolling her eyes.

“So? They will look great with that dress.”

They argued back and forth for a while, but finally Brea caved, and an hour later after make-up and hair fixes, Brea found herself being hauled off to The Rave, a new club.

“Remember, two o’clock.” Brea reiterated, taking stock of her watch and the fact that it was a little after eleven.

“Alright grandma, we’ll be back by curfew.” Ally teased.

There wasn’t much of a line for the club, and when they got to the doors they realized why.

“This is a private club, by invitation only.” The bouncer said. His brawny arms had Brea raising her eyebrows while glancing sideways at Ally.

“My boss mentioned it to me, Hannah Fleishman.” Ally remained cool, she was in her element- she lived for the rush of name-dropping, and power plays.

The bouncer glanced down at his list, and then back up at Brea and Ally, assessing them before opening the door. “Tell Ms. Fleishman that all future guests need to be called in with more notice.” Obviously their names had been added last minute.

“Sure.” Ally said with a smile, then grabbing Brea’s hand tugged her inside.

The club was fairly standard except despite the lack of a line outside, people were milling around in packs. The music was techno-ish and drinks-a-plenty were drifting around the room. Brea noticed a second level that was less populated and the moment that she got the chance she was going to escape up there, away from so many people being pushed up against her.

“Here.” Ally spoke into her ear, and Brea jumped before turning to face the other woman who had disappeared moments before. Ally was holding two shot glasses, one for each of them .

“I don’t know if that’s such a good idea.” Brea replied, but then her more wicked side- the side of her teen days- came out, and together they both took the shot of vodka. “Yuck, I can’t remember the last time we did vodka shots.”

“I thought about buying you a sweet drink, but I thought ‘what-the-hell’ and went for the shot. Come on let’s dance.” Ally insisted.

The dance floor was close quarters with everyone dancing and soon Brea lost sight of Ally. Letting go for a bit, Brea found herself dancing with a few random guys, and only when she started to sweat did Brea make her way off the dance floor and back to the bar. Ordering a White Russian, Brea scanned the crowd for Ally, but when she didn’t see her friend, she decided to check out the second level.

Grabbing up her drink, Brea wended a path through the crowd, and to the staircase. A velvet rope and another bouncer stood in her way.

“The lounge is for VIP members only.” Came the haute remark before Brea could even open her mouth.

“Fine.” Brea snarked in reply, giving the short, greasy looking man before her a look of condescendence. She was about to walk away when another voice called out to her. Turning back, Brea paused at the sight of the man before her. She knew this man, he was in the newspaper almost everyday in the business section. It was Josef Kostan- self made millionaire.

“I’ll vouch for her.” Josef was stunningly handsome with a boyish charm that had Brea blushing for no reason at all. He didn’t know her from Adam, but the smirk on his lips said that that didn’t matter to him.

“Thanks.” Brea practically whispered as the annoying bouncer moved the rope, and Josef made a sweeping gesture for her to go first. Immediately Brea felt stupid, the music was far too loud for him to hear her, but as she moved passed him he smiled as if he had.

The second floor lounge was filled with a number of chairs, and a plush couch or two. There were twenty people max occupying the space, and as Brea made her way to a chair, she found that there were at least five waitresses holding trays full of drinks.

“So who are you, doll?” Josef asked from behind her.

“Breanna Mabalot.” Brea turned to shake his hand, but in a gallant gesture, Josef kissed the back of it. A shiver went through her at the touch of his lips, and Brea took a seat to steady her racing heart.

“Josef Kostan, pleasure to meet you.” Brea noticed that his eyes had flickered a pale silver blue, but took it for a trick of lighting. Taking a sip of her drink, Brea crossed her legs as Josef took the seat beside her. “Is this your first time here?”

“Yes. I came with my sister, Ally.” Brea said, then noticed that she had drained her drink. Josef made a motion with his hand to one of the waitresses, and a girl- maybe nineteen years in age- came over, swinging her hips dramatically.

“Yes, Josef?” Brea’s opinion dropped of the girl at the simpering tone of her voice and the tremendous amount of makeup she was wearing.

“Miss Mabalot needs another drink.” Brea handed the girl her empty glass and ordered another White Russian. Before Brea could reach for her money, Josef had already dropped a twenty onto the young girl’s tray, and shooed her away.

“You didn’t need to do that.” Brea stated, shifting her body to face Josef.

“I’ve got money coming out my ears; trust me a few drinks aren’t going to break my bank.”

“Still.” Brea said. She felt the alcohol taking effect already; it always made her relax into her environment.

“Tell me, Breanna, what is it that you do?” Josef leaned in a bit closer, turning on the charm, and Brea felt her heartbeat speed up a bit.

“I’m a student at UCLA. I’m majoring in English and British Literature while minoring in Microbiology.” Brea detailed, then accepted her drink upon it’s expedient arrival.

“Minoring in Microbiology? Isn’t that more of a major?” His smooth voice was like silk, and as Brea drank more of her drink she leaned closer to Josef.

“It’s always been an interest of mine, not so much a passion. I thought about reversing my major and minor, but I’m more literary than scientific.” Josef’s right hand was playing with some of Brea’s dark hair that was spilling over her shoulder, and the more he played with it, the thirstier Brea became. Her second White Russian was replaced with a third, and Brea felt a rush of heat flare in her cheeks.

“How old are you, Breanna?” The way her name rolled off his tongue was an enticement, and the way that Josef’s eyes kept flashing that incredible pale silver had Brea spellbound.

“Twenty-four. How old are you?” Brea asked on a whim. The question seemed to amuse Josef somehow, and Brea found herself smiling.

“Twenty-six.” The waitress arrived again and Brea realized that she had finished off yet another drink.

“Maybe I shouldn’t. I don’t drink often anymore. Ally’s always been the wilder one.” Brea confessed, biting her lip, then looking back at Josef who’s eyes were on her lips and neck.

“Would you like to go somewhere else?” Josef offered.

“I…Yes.” In a spilt second decision, Brea decided that Ally would find her way home as usual, and that studying could wait till the morning. Josef stood before her, holding out his hand to her in a courtly manner, and before she could think they were on their way out of the club.

Brea’s eyes widened when Josef led her to a 2008 Bentley Continental GT Speed. Brian had been obsessed with cars, and his one dream car was the one she was being handed into. The seats were so comfortable Brea found it hard to believe that she was sitting in a car. Josef slid in beside her half a second later- or so it seemed to her though it surely couldn’t have been- and then they were driving.

Josef handed the car as if it had been made for him, or by him- either way they were maneuvering at a blurring speed far into a ritzy upscale area. The houses stopped being houses and transformed into mansions, and the view began to change from city to seascape. Brea knew that she had had more than her limit to drink, and she knew that the idea of being alone with a man she had just met, especially this powerful business mogul, should bother her, but it didn’t. She usually felt uncomfortable around money, having grown up without much of it, but her mind was less focused on the gestalt views of the night, and more in tuned to Josef.

They arrived at one of the largest mansions that Brea had ever seen, and she was escorted through his foyer, his main room, and into a cozy parlor that was tastefully decorated in Victorian style.

“This is amazing.” Brea stated, allowing Josef to pull her gently onto the nearest couch. Painting hung in gilded frames along every wall, and a plush carpet was wall to wall.

“Thank you.” Brea nodded then turned to Josef and watched his eyes flicker that enchanting color before she pressed herself against him in a sudden and impassioned move. Josef smirked for a moment, but she didn’t register it as she pressed her lips to his in a fevered kiss that was long awaited.

His lips were cool against hers, but smooth and a stark relief to the flush of her body. Brea felt her eyes slid shut and her arms come around him. Josef allowed her to control the beginnings of the kiss at first, but soon Brea found she was swept away on a current of experience and channeled desire. The haze in her mind only thickened as his hands caressed her body.

Brea’s mouth broke free of their kiss and she gasped for air. Josef’s mouth ran down the column of her neck, her naturally pale and milky skin stretched out before him, and Brea inhaled with want.

“Brea, I won’t touch you without your permission.” It sounded as if he was asking for something more, but Brea couldn’t figure out what, all she knew was the desire rushing through her veins, urging her questing hands, and causing her body to tremble.

“I want you.” It was so foreign to her, stating what she wanted, being aggressive, but it was empowering.

The next moment, Brea distinguished the pinching of pressure on her neck, but with her next gasp it turned to an onslaught of pleasure. His hands had danced along her boots, had played with the ruffle of her dress, and then ventured between her thighs. An explosion of her senses overwhelmed her mind, and Josef’s intimate touch had her bucking and whispering demands as she bit her lips.

Brea registered somewhat that she was laying beneath him on the couch, and that this was quite possibly the most sensual sexual experience she had ever had, when every thought in her mind blew to pieces. As she rode tidal wave after tidal wave of erotic ecstasy, Josef pulled back from her neck, kissed her lips, and held her tightly.

Brea’s eyelids were fluttering, her heart was pounding, and every tingling nerve in her body was holding her full attention. It felt like hours until her orgasm pulled back, and her by that time her breathing was incredibly hard.

“Thank you.” Josef said, and Brea passed out.

Author's Note: So what do you think? Worth continuing? Let me know. EK! :D
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Re: His Kiss (ML,Josef/OC,ADULT) CH1 06/22/08

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His Kiss
Disclaimer: I do not own Moonlight or anything linked to it.
Author: Egyptian Kiss
Pairings: Josef/OC, Mick/Beth
Rating: ADULT
Summary: Breanna Mabalot has had a shaky past and the only one she has made a point to be close with is her “sister” Ally. When Ally sees that Breanna is taking life too seriously, the girls venture out for a night on the town, and Brea ends up meeting someone who shakes up her world. As life goes on from her earth-shattering experience with Josef Kostan, she finds that more and more peculiarities start to jump out at her- and the well kept secret of her blood will be revealed.

Chapter Two

Waking up was a woozy, light-headed feeling. Breanna took stock of her surroundings and realized that Josef had obviously carried her into a bedroom. She forced herself to ignore the pleasantly relaxed muscles of her body, and the feel of the silk sheets against her legs.

The king sized bed she sat in was made of a woodwork frame that had spiral posts holding up the canopy top, and when she turned, Brea noticed that the bed had a large carved headboard- the detail was incredible. The structure itself felt like a piece of artwork. The sheets and numerous pillows were decoratively placed, and even in sleep, Brea had not managed to toss them about all that much.

Glancing around her, Breanna noticed the crimson walls, the accompanying pieces of furniture that were a match set for the bed, and the wall to her right was a complete glass front that was currently covered by Victorian styled drapes, only a few streams of light streaking through the heavy material. A leather trunk sat at the foot of the bed, and Brea realized her boots were sitting on top of them, as well as her dress.

Gasping, Brea glanced down at herself and noticed that she was wearing a feminine pink nightgown. The satin material of the garment was cool and fell to her knees, the top half was a tank top, but from the feel of it, Brea realized the back was low cut. It was a far cry from the oversized men’s shirts she usually wore to bed.

Standing, Breanna made her way to the left side of the room where a door- presumably leading to the bathroom- was placed. Walking was awkward when every muscle in her body felt relaxed, and unwilling to tense, or flex for proper movement. It was a huge reminder of what had happened the night before, and Brea blushed deeply.

After washing her face and cleaning up, Brea walked shakily back into the adjoining room, and heard a knock at the door. Biting her lip, Brea made her way to the door, opening it slowly. She relaxed a bit when she noticed it was a small blonde woman on the other side of the door wearing what looked to be a maid’s uniform.

“Morning Miss.”

“Morning,” Brea said, stepping aside to let the other woman in.

“I was instructed to make sure you were alright, and as it is nearly noon, I thought you might like some lunch,” It was then that Breanna noticed the silver platter in the smaller woman’s hands.

“Oh, I uh-” This was an odd situation to be in, and Brea felt as if she had stepped into the twilight zone. “Where is Josef?”

“Mr. Kostan was regrettably detained by business matters. He has left instructions that you are to be given anything you might require. There is a car ready to take you home should you choose, or you may wait the undeterminable amount of time until Mr. Kostan returns home and he will take you himself. Should you choose the latter, he asked I give you this,” The maid pulled back and reached into a pocket to retrieve a small, white envelop.

“Thank you,” Brea responded, accepting the letter, and watching as the young woman placed the platter on a circular wooden table near the curtained wall.

“Would you like a change of clothes, Miss?” It only then occurred to Brea that she was standing in a nightgown that didn’t belong to her, but fit her perfectly.

“How did I end up in this? And how did you know my size?” Brea shifted awkwardly. She had never attempted a one night stand, and she felt shaken and embarrassed by the fact that she had thrown herself at Josef, and that she was now dealing with the morning after with his servants.

“Mr. Kostan has a good eye for measurements. It was I that aided you in changing last night, Miss,” The woman’s almond eyes were wide with honesty, and in spite of Brea’s own discomfort at the situation she could appreciate the manners she was being afforded.

“Thank you. Please call me Brea. What’s your name?” Brea questioned.

“I’m Molly, part of Mr. Kostan’s day staff,” Molly informed her. “Would you like a change of clothes? Mr. Kostan has placed some in the armoire to your left.”

Breanna followed the woman’s hand gesture, and noted the large armoire. It felt weird that he had thought so far ahead. Her pulse beat remembering how he had been the night before and how he had looked at her.

“Thank you. I’ll be fine,” Brea answered. Molly nodded her head politely before taking her leave, and Brea was alone again in the mostly lightless room. Moving to the armoire, Breanna opened the doors and found a sundress that was soft and flattering. The fabric was white with a black ribbon underlining her breasts; there were no straps and the skirt fell to just above her knees. There was a set of black underwear that were lacey and similar to what she had on, which only reminded her of the night before and where his hands had been.

Changing quickly, Brea closed the armoire, and then moved to pick at the lunch prepared for her; a club sandwich and a bottle of overpriced water. Tired of the darkness of the room, Breanna threw open the curtains that covered the glass wall. She realized that the glass made up sliding doors, that led out onto a marble balcony with stone griffins on the stone wall railing. A beautiful view of the pacific sparkled outstretched beyond the balcony, and the sun shown high in the sky, reflecting on the crashing waves of the ocean.

Sliding back the glass door, Brea opened the letter she had received from the maid, and stared amazed at the amazingly neat calligraphy handwriting.

It was a pleasure meeting you last night and indulging in your company. I hope that this will not be the last time we enjoy each other.
Until another time,
Josef V. Kostan

It was short, but Brea smiled at it. It seemed to fit his personality, the little of it that Breanna had seen. A number of images came to mind when he had said “enjoy each other” and she had no doubt that that was what he had planned.

Stepping close to the railing, Breanna felt like a princess. The ocean stretched out before her as she stood on a balcony that cost more than her entire apartment, after a night with a man of great importance. Ally would go nuts when she found out just how Brea’s evening had ended. On second though she’d probably tease her about passing out in Josef’s arms after an orgasm, Brea thought.

Coming back to her senses, Breanna walked back inside, gathered her belongings, and then ventured out into the hall, looking for Molly. The sheer opulence of the rooms around her had Brea speechless. Marble floors, gleaming statues, extraordinary and priceless pieces art hung on the walls, and a number of staff members bustling about doing whatever it was they were hired to do.

Brea spotted Molly instructing someone at the door where to place a crate. Molly turned in Brea’s direction at the sound of her heels- a lovely pair of strappy sandals to accompany the outfit provided to her- and offered her a smile. The weight of the tray Brea had grabbed on her way out of the bedroom felt precariously unstable as Brea walked down the large marble staircase that led to the foyer.

“Miss you could have left that upstairs; it’s my job to tend to such matters,” Molly chastised softly, taking the tray from Breanna’s hands and handing it off to a passing elder gentleman that was dressed in similar uniform as the others bustling around her.

“I’m used to picking up after myself. And please call me Brea,” Breanna said. “About that ride home.”

“Chase will be more than happy to assist you,” Molly said, turning to point at a man several feet away.

“Thank you for being so helpful,” Breanna responded, walking over to the tall man with salt and pepper hair.

“You are welcome,” Molly returned before moving about to another task at hand.

“Chase?” Brea asked, uncertainly.

“Yes. Right this way. What is your home address?” The man opened the front doors and led Breanna to a Ferrari that was parked at the bottom of the steps. Brea told Chase her address, and allowed him to hand her in. It was odd allowing others to help her when Brea was so used to doing things on her own.

The drive was quiet and smooth. Brea played with her nails and thought of the big test she had later on in the afternoon, and then about how much time she had allow to lapse when she could have been studying.

“Anything wrong Miss?” Chase asked, glancing back at her in the mirror.

“No, I’m fine. What can you tell me about Mr. Kostan?” Breanna had noticed that Molly had been more comfortable with Josef’s surname.

“I’ve worked for Mr. Kostan for a longtime. He’s a good man. He takes care of those he considers friends, and he compensates his employees well for our work. I can’t say that he is a moderate man, not by any means, he takes everything over the top,” The driver chuckled a bit, and Brea’s eyebrows went up.

“How so?”

“Mr. Kostan doesn’t believe that you should do anything halfway. He works hard for what he has, so why should he hold back? That at least has always been my impression of him. We are here,” Chase announced, pulling to the curb. He put the car in park, and hurried around to stop Brea from getting out on her own.

“Thank you for the ride,” Brea said.

“My pleasure,” The man smiled, and Brea knew that when he was younger he had to have been very handsome.

As Brea expected, the moment she opened her apartment door, Ally was bounding toward her, full of questions.

“Where were you, Miss Two O’clock?” Ally asked, following Brea as she walked up to her room to put her clothes away.

“And where did you get those clothes?”

“Oh no,” Brea said glancing down. Some part of her had realized that she was wearing them home, but she had forgotten to ask where she could return them, and she had not paid much attention to where she had come from on her way home.

“Oh no? That’s all you can give me?” Ally pestered, sitting down on Breanna’s bed.

“I met someone last night at The Rave,” Brea answered. She went into brief explanation. Ally bounced up and down and laughed a few times, making one or two envious comments.

“So who was the guy?” Ally finally asked.

“Josef Kostan,” Brea said, and waited.

“WHAT?” Ally exclaimed. Jumping off the bed, Ally rushed over to where Brea was changing into her own clothes.

“I know, I know,” Brea said, trying not to roll her eyes as Ally went over and over how incredibly lucky Breanna was, and how incredibly handsome Josef was.

Brea hurried out of her room and down the stairs to the chair she had occupied the night before, and grabbed her books off the table she had left them on. Taking her seat, Brea opened the book, only to have Ally yank it out of her hands and tossed it several feet away.

“Are you going to see him again?” Came Ally’s eager question.

“I was attempting to read that,” Brea replied sarcastically, getting up to retrieve her book, only to find Ally sitting in her sit when she turned back around.

“Come on you had an awesome night with a billionaire and you are going to stand there and try to tell me that you aren’t interested in seeing him?” Ally said with a caustic tone.

“So what if I’m interested? What are the chances that I will?” Brea argued, moving to another chair- albeit less comfortable- beside the one Ally was occupying.

“Ever heard of fate? What were the chances you were ever going to meet him in the first place?” Fate was a big thing with Ally, she believed that everything that happened in life was supposed to be that way, that it was some magical universal force that controlled every event that takes place.

“Look if it happens again and I do by some chance see Josef than I promise to throw myself at him, okay?” Brea made an overly dramatic promise because that was the only way to satisfy Ally.

“Fine. I can live with that. One thing though,” Ally waited for Brea’s nod to go ahead. “Is he that amazing in person?”

Brea felt a smile spread across her face and then nodded. They both giggled together, and Ally went on to tell Brea about the guy she had met, and the rush she got having sex in the backroom of the club- turned out the guy was the brother of the club owner.

“I’m glad you had fun. Now can I study?” Brea tried not to be bitchy, but she really, really wanted to ace the test.

“Oh fine. Besides I’m going out with Charlotte tonight. Her brother is in town,” Ally confided, her eyes glittering like a minx.

“Nathan? The one that’s like thirty?” It was silly to think age would deter Ally if she was interested.

“Thirty-two,” With an exaggerated wink, Ally sauntered off up the stairs toward her own bedroom.

Sighing, Breanna went back to highlighting and hypothesizing while Ally tore through both their closets in search of something to wear. It was a couple hours later as Brea was capping her highlighter, and getting up to make something to eat that someone from downstairs buzzed the apartment. Walking over, Brea realized it was Charlotte and Nathan, and she buzzed them up.

There was a knock at the door as Brea had started making herself some grilled cheese and tomato soup. Opening the door, Breanna welcomed Charlotte and her brother in. Charlotte had known Ally since they had first moved to LA, but Brea had never gotten particularly close to the other girl; in her honest opinion Charlotte was a bitch.

“Hello Charlotte,” Brea greeted. She shook Nathan’s hand when he reached for hers. He was attractive; his hair was a dark brown and he had chiseled feature, a mustache- not a turn on for Brea- and green eyes like Brea’s own, but a much lighter color.

“Breanna. This is my brother, Nathan. Nathan, this is Breanna Mabalot,” Charlotte flashed a fake smile.

“A pleasure to meet you,” Nathan said, taking her hand in a gentle shake, and flashing her a smile. “Will you be joining us this evening?”

“Does she look like she’s ready to go anywhere?” Charlotte questioned her brother, raising her eyebrows with a side smirk at Brea.

Glancing down at herself, Breanna realized she was wearing leggings and an oversized sweatshirt with scrunch socks. Her hair was in a messy ponytail, and the only makeup she had on was chap stick.

“With her natural beauty I doubt it would take more than five minutes for her to be presentable,” Nathan responded.

“Thank you,” Brea said. “But I have a lot to do tonight.”

“Maybe next time.”

“Maybe,” Brea nodded.

“Or not,” Charlotte added under her breath. Brea noticed that when the siblings caught each other’s eyes they both flashed a familiar silver blue. Images of Josef flitted through her mind, and Brea distanced herself from the pair, deciding to check on her meal.

Moments later the front door was opening again, and Brea turned to see her sister wave, and hear her shout a goodbye. Breanna responded in kind, but didn’t know if her sister heard her, or not. It had been a longtime since Ally had been satisfied spending an evening at home; she always seemed to be on the move, never happy with one person, or one thing long enough to remain in one place for long.

Bringing her meal back to her studies, Brea ate while reading another chapter of the second textbook she had on the table, uncapping her highlighter. The time few between chapters and comparative notes, and by the time she was finished her meal was long finished.

Cleaning up after herself, and then replacing her books in her book satchel, Brea decided to work off some steam. She put in her favorite music vide and went through the songs and dances, moving to the steps. It was a hobby that Breanna had picked up in high school. Working out was a pain in Brea’s opinion, but dancing was fun and expressive.

By the time she was finished, Brea was exhausted and dripping with sweat. Turning off the TV, Brea hurried upstairs for a shower, and found it more relaxing than usual. Her muscles throbbed as the hot spray of water fell down on her, washing away the dirt and grim of the day. The cool tiles beneath her hands and against her forehead were pleasant.

The shower lasted fifteen minutes, after which Brea couldn’t help, but let a yawn escape. Deciding to go to be early, Brea put on one of her night shirts, and climbed into her own bed and drifted off.

She heard the explosion the went off down the hall, and jerked up in bed. Her mom was hurt. Her dad was dead. She didn’t know how she knew, but Brea jumped up from her bed, and clutched the necklace hanging around her neck. She felt her mother’s pain, new she was screaming for help.

“Mommy!” Brea called, and footsteps answered her shout.

A sharp pain in her chest mirrored the one in her mother’s. Crying out, Brea ran to the window, and while she fumbled with the latch locking her in, the door to her bedroom flew off the hinges and onto her bed.

Turning shocked, Brea saw a dark figure moving toward her. Screaming loudly, Brea slammed her fist against the window- causing the glass to shatter, pieces of it imbedding in her hand as she cried out.

“Come here, Breanna,” Cajoled the man. Breanna clutched at the spray bottle hanging on her necklace, and pulled it off and pointed it at the man in front of her.

“Mommy!” Brea called again, but again her mother didn’t answer her. The man made a move toward, her and Brea lifted the spray and got him full in the face, in the eyes specifically.

The man made a horrific sound of pain and clutched his face before hissing at her. Just as he was about to come at her, Adele- her nursemaid- came into the room, hissing too. The two squared off and Brea trembled before diving out the two story window and landing jarringly on her feet, the glass from her window shredding the bottom of her feet as she screamed out for help.

Still clutching the bottle, Breanna ran with all her might, ignoring the pain in her hand and feet, and made it to the part across from her house, and when she turned back to it, the entire building top floor exploded.

“Mommy!” Brea shouted one last time.

“Breanna wake up!” Ally yelled, shaking Brea awake.

“Ally?” Brea asked, and in the next moment she was clutching her.

“You were having the dream again,” Ally whispered, petting her head.

“I’m fine,” It was a lie. Breanna had been having the dreams since she moved to LA, and it was painful and torrential and repetitive. At least twice a week Breanna had the dream, she felt the pain, and she woke up screaming for her mother- a mother that was long pronounced dead.

“You want me to sleep in here?” Ally offered.

“No, I’m fine. What time is it?” Brea asked, pulling away to look at the clock on her night stand.

“It’s three am. I just got home. I heard you screaming as I came in the door,” Ally explained, not letting go of her sister.

“Is Nathan here?” Brea asked, mortified.

“No, we were supposed to go back to his place, but I had a feeling you needed me.”

Ally had an uncanny ability for knowing when Brea needed her; jokingly they called it their sister bond, but they both knew it was more than that. Ally had always been special in the way she just knew things. Neither would name it, but they both
acknowledged it.

“Go get changed, I’m fine. Get some sleep,” Brea told Ally, forcing her to go.

“Are you sure?”

“I’m fine. Just go. I’m tired,” Another lie. Brea could not sleep after her dreams, but as a gesture of good faith, she rolled over in bed and closed her eyes. As the door clicked shut behind Ally, Brea replayed the seen in her head and prayed for oblivion.

Author's Note: Well here's chapter two, let me know what you think. EK! :D
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Re: His Kiss (ML,Josef/OC,ADULT) Ch2 6/29/08

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His Kiss
Disclaimer: I don't own Moonlight or anything linked to it.
Category: Moonlight fanfic
Rating: ADULT
Pairings: Josef/OC, Mick/Beth
Summary: Breanna Mabalot has had a shaky past and the only person she has made a point to be close with is her "sister" Ally. When Ally sees that Breanna is taking life too seriously, the girls venture out for a night on the town, and Brea ends up meeting someone who shakes up her world. As life goes on from her earth-shattering experience with Josef Kostan, she finds that more and more peculiarities start to jump out at her- and the well kept secret of her blood will be revealed.

Chapter Three

The tiles were cool against Brea’s feet as she trudged into the kitchen. She grabbed her favorite Snoopy mug from the sink rack and silently thanked Ally for making a large pot of strong coffee. Their lives together had fallen into a comfortable routine: Ally made the coffee, brought in the money, and acted as frivolously spontaneous as possible while Brea made the meals, balanced the bills and checkbook, and brought things into a more serious perspective.

Sighing, Brea lazily strolled back into the living room, and plopped down on the sofa, bringing her feet up to sit on the edge. Clicking the morning news on, Brea watched as some overly make-up, overly perky, overly polished woman read off the teleprompter all the news of the morning.

“Today in the business world, multi-billionaire Josef Kostan has issued a statement announcing the merger between Kostan Inc. and Confab Corp. earlier this afternoon. While giving his statement, Mr. Kostan was told that this merger would increase his annual revenue twenty percent, which makes him the most eligible bachelor on the west coast. When asked if he would be settling down anytime soon, he has this to say: “There are many beautiful women in this world, and I plan to take my time enjoying them.” It seems that this business mogul knows how to balance business and pleasure,” The news anchor said into the camera with what was- Brea assumed- supposed to be a charming smile.

Turning the TV off in disgust, Brea picked up one of the many magazines that Ally had purchased, and perused it cover to cover while polishing off her caffeine dose of the day.

The sound of the door opening alerted Brea to someone’s entrance. “Hey Ally, thanks for the coffee.”

“It’s me, Breanna,” a familiar voice called, and Brea froze.

Brian appeared in the entrance to the living room holding a bouquet of daisies. The smile on his face was charming as always, deceptively innocent and full of happiness.

“How did you get in?” Brea asked, placing her mug on the coffee table and standing up to face him.

“I had a spare key made,” he announced, shrugging off the fact that it was a huge invasion of privacy- that was a part of his personality that he rarely showed to others.

“Look Brian, I want the key and I want you to leave. I meant it when I said it was over,” Brea stated, crossing one are over her chest and holding the other out for said key.

“Listen, Angel was a mistake. We just got carried away, and we realized it is not going to work. But we work Breanna, and I came here today to get you to realize that,” he told her.

“I’m not interested. I’m tired of being here waiting for you after you make a ‘mistake’. Just leave, please,” Brea begged, backing away as he came toward her.

“It’s always been you and me, Anna, and I’m not going to let you change that,” Brian said, dropping the daisies on the coffee table, and backing her into a wall. He knew how much she hated it when anyone called her Anna, and it was his way of telling her that he was in charge.

He clamped his hands on her arms, and kissed her harshly, thrusting his tongue into her mouth and pulling her flush against him. His hands traveled to cup her ass as he broke away from her mouth and moved his lips along her jaw and then down to her neck.

“Brian stop,” Brea pleaded, attempting to push him away without avail.

His response to her pleas was to grip her ass more tightly, and then to move one of his hands under the edge of her nightgown, and move it to her lacy panties. Brian’s fingers played with the fringes of the material before pushing it aside, and playing with her swelling lips.

“Brian, I don’t want to do this- it’s over,” Brea said, trying again to shove him away. The feel of two fingers shoving harshly into her had Brea crying out in discomfort. He was always extremely possessive and when he got like this Brea knew either a beating or a violent sexual experience was on the horizon. Breaking up with him had been because of his cheating on her, but more importantly because he had recently become violent, taking his anger and frustration out on her.

Brian kept kissing her, ignoring her words, and manipulating her body even as she begged him to see reason, and stop. The more she spoke the more vigorous he became and finally she just closed her mouth and eyes.

“You are mine, Anna, and that’s not going to change,” he whispered into her ear.

The sound of the apartment door opening again caught both their attention, and Brian gave one finally thrust of his fingers before withdrawing, and standing a reasonable distance from Brea just as Ally sauntered into the room.

“What are you doing here?” Ally demanded, her temper flaring quickly.

“I was here talking to Breanna. It’s nice to see you, Ally,” Brian answered, handing a rumpled Brea the daisies.

“She doesn’t want to talk to you. Now get the hell out of our apartment before I call security,” Ally threatened, pointing toward the hallway leading to the front door. Brian glared at her for a moment, looked back at Brea, and left without a word; he paused as he left the room to look back at Brea and lick his fingers, then disappeared.

“Are you okay?” Ally asked her, and Brea nodded, her mind in automatic mode. She refused to tell Ally about Brian’s physical mistreatment because she knew what would happen. Ally would get angry and do something A) stupid or B) embarrassing. Brea also admitted that she didn’t want to see the pity and sympathy in the smaller woman’s eyes.

“I really hate him. I think your next boyfriend is going to have to face the Ally screening process,” Ally told her jokingly, and grabbed up the empty mug to take into the kitchen where she continued to call back loudly in conversation. “What are you doing tonight?”

“I don’t know,” Brea replied, rushing to the nearest bathroom to clean up.

“Do you have classes tomorrow? Or a test to study for?” Ally questioned, both girls coming to sit together on the sofa.

“No. I was thinking of taking a nice long bath.”

“Well how about instead, you come out with Charlotte, Nathan, Jade, and I?” Ally offered, smiling excitedly at her.

“Ally I’m not really on friendship terms with Charlotte and I’ve never met Jade,” Brea tried to refuse.

“But you like Nathan; and he really liked you. I was almost put out by how much he showed an interest in you,” Ally announced with a fake pout for dramatic effect.

Rolling her eyes, Brea smiled in response, “He seemed nice.”

“He is nice. I know that Charlotte is a little sharp around the edges, but really she can be a lot of fun,” Ally promised, rallying in favor of a night out.

“Where would we be going?” Brea said, on the verge of caving.

“A nice restaurant and then dancing, maybe?” Ally said uncertainly.

“Can I borrow your black dress?”

“Which one?”

“The one with the calf-length skirt and halter neck?” Brea asked. It was new and one of her favorite purchases that Ally had made recently.

“No way, I haven’t even worn that yet. You can borrow the one backless one with the knee length skirt,” Ally offered.

“On you it is knee length, on me it is mid to high thigh,” Brea argued. She really did like that dress, but there was no way she could wear it.

“It’s that or your own clothes, hon,” said Ally, raising her eyebrows and putting her hands on her hips as she faced Ally Indian style on the couch.

“I could just not go,” Brea said off-handedly.

“Which would make you boring,” Ally answered.

“I am not boring.”

“Not if you go with me tonight,” Ally enticed. It was childish, but Brea wanted to be fun, or have fun- Ally was always that way and it made Brea want to be that way too.

“When do we leave?” she finally asked, defeated.

“Five o’clock. I’ve got to get going. I need to make sure that a dress I bought for Nancy Dayton made it out on time. The dress is in my closet on the left hand side. Love you,” Ally called as she hurried toward the apartment door.

“I always feel like you’ve tricked me when you leave like this! Love you, too,” Brea shouted after her, and heard Ally laugh as the door to the apartment swung shut with a thud behind her.

Curling up on the couch, Brea thought about the encounter with Brian and shuddered. He used to be so much more loving, so much more caring- now he was just self-serving and without empathy.

Brea reached for the cordless, and dialed the superintendent’s number. Mr. Granley answered on the third ring, and Brea asked if the locks could be changed. Mr. Granley had been really sweet her and Ally when they inquired about the apartment, but as he was in his seventies, things they needed done seemed to fall to the wayside. He asked why she need the locks changed, and Brea said something about it sticking, and that she felt unsafe having the one she had. He agreed that he would sent up a locksmith day after tomorrow, and Brea thanked him.

The rest of the afternoon passed with Brea unwinding in a bubble bath with her newly purchased romance novel, and her stress melted away. No matter how difficult things got for her, Brea found stress-relief with a bath full of warm, soapy, bubble-filled water.

“Brea?” Ally called in question when she arrived home around three thirty.

“I’m in the bathtub,” Brea answered, sinking a little lower with the realization her bath was quickly coming to a close.

“I bought these really great new drop earrings. You have to wear them tonight,” she responded.

“Thanks,” Brea called. Ally was always really thoughtful when she went shopping. She didn’t buy anything that wouldn’t look good on both of them, despite their slight difference in size.

By the time Brea was out of the tub and her hair was dried and done up, Ally had laid out the dress on her bed with the new drop earrings- they were delicate and feminine with a slight gleam from the crystals. Getting dressed was quick and Brea was done before she knew it, and walking down the stairs to the living room where Ally sat all ready to go.

There was a knock at the door, and Ally went to let in their guest.

“Breanna, it’s nice to see you again,” Nathan greeted smoothly. He, Charlotte, and her mini-clone, Jade, were impeccably dressed, and Brea thanked God for Ally’s great sense of fashion.

“You too,” Brea responded.

“Brea, this is Jade,” Ally introduced with a wave of her hand.

“Nice to meet you,” Brea said in response.

“I know,” Jade replied. Clearly looking like Charlotte wasn’t Jade’s only similarity to the other woman.

“I didn’t know you were bringing her along,” Charlotte stated, acting as though Brea wasn’t even there.

“Last minute decision, but no one can argue that Brea’s a great addition to any outing,” Ally returned, her right arm going around her sister as they made their way out the door.

“No, we can’t,” Nathan agreed, his eyes devouring Brea with a smoldering gaze. Blushing, Brea remained quiet. She wasn’t into confrontation, or verbal sparring.

They split up into two cars, and met up at an upscale restaurant, and were seated upon arrival. Everyone ordered off the wine list, and a shortly after they were enjoying drinks and waiting on their food.

“So what is it that you do, Jade?” Brea asked politely, sipping her wine.

“I’m a masseuse at the Red Door downtown,” Jade answered, drinking generously from her elegant glass. The Red Door was an upscale spa that Brea had heard about- one that was ridiculously expensive, and hard to make an appointment for.

“That must be nice,” Brea responded, again polite.

“Listening to rich people complain about ‘where it hurts’ and talk about other rich people? Oh yes, it’s fantastic,” Jade snipped, rolling her eyes and finishing off her glass only to have it refilled moments later.

“Brea wouldn’t know about working, Jade. She’s a student,” Charlotte said, picking at her pre-dinner salad.

“A student? Aren’t you a little old to be a student?” Jade asked, giving Brea a condescending glance.

“I think intelligence is attractive in a woman,” Nathan responded.

“And you are never too old to learn,” Ally added, slanting Nathan a grateful look which earned her a subtle wink.

“Well what’s your major?” Jade questioned, undeterred by either remark.

“I’m an English major,” said Brea. She really wasn’t having ‘fun’.

“How useful,” Charlotte drawled.

“Yes, especially given the fact that communication skills play a huge roll in most any job,” Nathan said, agreeing to Charlotte’s sarcasm- overriding her poor manners.

Dinner appeared before them after that, and Brea sent up a silent thank you to whoever had provided that miracle. They spoke some about Nathan’s job, and Ally told them about Nancy Dayton and how dowdy she had been before hiring her. Charlotte and Jade loosened up with the more wine they consumed, and slowly the tension leaked from the group.

They drove to a dance club nearby, and Brea took a seat at one of the few booths surrounding the vast and full dance floor. The music was faster and more colorful than Brea was used to, but it was nice to people watch while the others danced.

“Want to dance?” Nathan asked, offering Brea his hand. She thought about refusing, but couldn’t resist. It turned out Nathan was an okay dancer, if not a bit clumsy, and she ended up enjoying
each new song.

When they were both hot and sweaty, ready to relax at a table, they found the others, and Brea had a glass of water.

Conversation was light and everyone was more interested in watching the dancers than actually speaking. Suddenly, Brea froze up. Josef Kostan was making his way toward her table. How she hadn’t spotted him sooner, Brea didn’t know, but she held her breath as he strut confidently to their table.

“Breanna,” he greeted, taking her hand and kissing the back of it. Then he addressed the rest of the table, “Mind if I steal her away?”

Charlotte and Jade were seeing green, Nathan looked put out, and Ally was practically gaping as Brea was pulled up from her seat.

“What are you doing here?” Brea asked. It seemed to be the question of the day.

“I was here with a model friend, but she slipped away somewhere, and I noticed you,” he whispered sexily in her ear as they danced. He was by far a better dance partner. “It’s too bad you left the other day, I was disappointed,” he added.

“I had…classes and tests,” Brea whispered, her voice taking on a husky rasp as his body rubbed against her.

“Hmm,” Josef murmured, his left hand traveling down her front, then grasping at her right hip as they swayed together.

“I didn’t think you’d really remember me,” Brea confided, leaning her head back against his shoulder as they moved together.

His grip on her hip tightened and he turned her around to face him, tugging her tightly to his body, no space between them. “Beauty is never easily forgot.”

No more words were spoken between them as they moved to the beat. Among the tangled mass of bodies gyrating on the dance floor, they were in a world of their own. Their bodies heating and flushing in response to one another, and when the dance ended, Josef pulled her into a kiss. A kiss filled with heat. A kiss that devoured her reservations. A kiss that left Brea’s lips tingling with the memory.

“I have to go,” he said, when they parted. “You should join me.”

“I can’t leave my friends,” Brea breathed, her body clenching when his eyes flashed that familiar silver.

“Next time then,” Josef said, with an impish grin, and he released her. They parted and as Brea rejoined the table, her body was humming with the promise of ‘next time’

Author's Note: So my laptop is still down for the count, but here is that update I promised. Thanks for the reviews. Hope you guys enjoyed it. Let me know what you think. EK! :D
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Re: His Kiss (ML,Josef/OC,ADULT) Ch3 7/27/08

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His Kiss
Disclaimer: I do not own Moonlight or anything linked to it.
Author: Egyptian Kiss
Pairings: Josef/OC, Mick/Beth
Rating: ADULT
Summary: Breanna Mabalot has had a shaky past and the only one she has made a point to be close with is her “sister” Ally. When Ally sees that Breanna is taking life too seriously, the girls venture out for a night on the town, and Brea ends up meeting someone who shakes up her world. As life goes on from her earth-shattering experience with Josef Kostan, she finds that more and more peculiarities start to jump out at her- and the well kept secret of her blood will be revealed.

Chapter Four

Brea felt her mind drifting as she wandered aimlessly down her favorite street. A number of boutiques and shops lined each side of the street, cute cafes marked the corners of blocks, and people milled around in habitual afternoon activities. How often she had found herself walking in public, her mind a million miles away, was too vast a number to count.

Last night, two days after her night out, Brea had had the nightmare; and Ally had come in to wake her as per usual. The dream was more vivid, more detailed, and when mental flashes of her parents faces entered her mind as scene breaks, Brea found that their eyes flashed a familiar silver. Waking up had been hard and accepting Ally’s hug had been her lifeline- whenever they touched after one of her horrible dreams, it was as if the pain melted away, or disappeared into a void.

Sighing, Brea knew her energy was lagging, and in a hast decision, rushed into a nearby coffee shop. As she took her medium mocha mixer, Brea bumped into an older woman.

“I’m so sorry,” Brea said automatically.

“That’s alright. Are you here alone? I didn’t think your keeper was the type to let his fledglings stray,” a rich, soft voice inquired.

Brea was confused. This woman- sophisticated, pretty, and decidedly forty- was talking to her as if she knew her, or her ‘keeper’. Who used the word keeper anymore, Brea thought. In fact, she had absolutely no idea what the woman was talking about, but obviously her mind was a little frayed around the edges.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t know what you’re talking about. I have to be going,” said Brea, abruptly ending the odd conversation. People just weren’t as good at small talk as they used to be, she decided.

As Brea quickly fled the shop, she glanced back one more time to see the woman’s eyes flash silver, and a smile curve her mouth. Maybe something was wrong with her eyes, Brea pondered; everyone’s eyes appeared to flash silver whenever she saw them. Ally was the only person who seemed relatively normal lately.

Turning a corner, Brea stopped suddenly. Across the street the usual shop fronts with their slightly drab displays, but always colorful employees; the only difference was that the middle store- one that had been closed for months- was finally reopened. A brilliant blue, purple, and silver banner titled it: Fiorina’s. Glancing closer, Brea saw that it was a psychic shop that offered: palm reading; crystal ball reading; tea leave reading; tarot reading; runes reading; and magical supplies.

Looking both ways down either end of the street, Brea crossed it, her interest piqued. It didn’t really seem weird that a shop like this exist in LA, especially not with the number of people that practiced ’witchcraft’ and dressed in Goth attire, but in the middle of a row of stores that sold high-scale dresses, overpriced pens, ties, watches, and too many granny hats, it was a peculiar sight to behold.

Brea liked to think of herself as a common sense, down-to-earth, realist that didn’t put too much stock in the supernatural or suspicious; so maybe it was the colors, or the font of the letters, or the whim of the moment- but Brea walked into Fiorina’s. The moment the oak and glass door swung open with a tinkling chime, a waft of heavy incense and smoke hit her. The scent was not unpleasant, nor was it too pleasing, but Brea recognized a sudden relaxation in her body. Her limbs weight a bit more, her head a bit less, and her mind hazed around the edges.

A rainbow curtain of eye-catching beads hung in curtains to part sections of the room; an old-fashion cash register stood near the window display; wood counter space and shelves were lined with crystals, pendants, candles, incense, books, and tarot card packs; and the main eye-drawing feature was the ceiling, a huge network of stars, moons, suns, and a large pentagram painted in fantastical fashion across its expanse. The entire store screamed stereotypical, overdone, and garishly fake- and yet still, Brea took a seat at a shouted instruction from an unseen back room.

Mesmerized by a particular statue, Brea barely registered that someone had entered the room.

“Hello, what can I help you with today?” said the feminine voice beside her.

Brea jumped slightly in her seat, and turned to stand and face the woman- most likely Fiorina. The woman was younger than Brea expected, possibly twenty-eight, and dressed in worn jeans and a baby-blue, baby doll shirt with a square cut neckline; not quite what Brea expected given her surroundings. A long thin nose, large white teeth, softly arched eyebrows, and teal eyes completed an uncommon picture that was remarkable in its own right.

“I’m Breanna, and I’m not actually sure what I came here for,” Brea explained, feeling silly as she stood towering a good eight inches over the other woman.

“It’s nice to meet you, Breanna. I’m Fiorina. Would you maybe like a reading?” Pixie-like, that was the best description to fit the woman’s voice.

“I don’t really believe in all of this,” Brea waved her hand at ‘all of this’ and bit her lip which caused her smile to turn crooked.

“It might be fun, just to try it,” came Fiorina’s rebuttal. That sounded very much like something Ally would say. Shaking her head, Brea nodded a ‘yes’
and followed Fiorina behind a thicker set of bead hung curtains, and took a seat in the wicker and cushioned seat offered to her.

“Now, what kind of reading would you like?” Fiorina asked, pointing to a sign that sat on a corner of the large table separating them. The black, silk table cloth brushed against Brea’s thighs as she scooted in closer to look at the list.

“How about a palm reading,” Brea asked with a self-deprecating smile.

“Alright. If you’ll give me your hands, please,” Fiorina replied, holding her own hand out to receive Brea’s.

Brea had watched TV a lot when she as younger, and in her time she had seen the fake TV psychics that made interested sounds, turned your hands to and fro, and commented immediately on everything they saw and assumed their client wanted to hear. Most of the stuff was generic, much like a daily horoscope, and rarely had Brea believed anything the tawdry, heavily make-upped woman had to say. But Fiorina sat quietly contemplating her hands, each individually and then side by side, for a good five minutes before the silence was almost unbearable.

“Patience is a virtue,” the pixie voice said. Brea bit her tongue to keep herself from replying that ‘time was ever fleeting’.

“You’ve had hard life,” she began, and Brea barely checked her eye roll. “Not just in the normal everyday sense. You live with a close friend, a sister, and neither of you have parents. You are unique among your kind, and you don’t understand what that means, but you have recently met someone who does. Your lifeline is long, longer than anyone I’ve ever seen. Love does not come easy for you, and you have recently ended a very bad situation- one that is not over just yet.

“You are worried, stressed, almost always searching for something, questioning life, even existence. This new person you have met is volatile emotionally, and your friend- your sister- is going to be of great help with what this new person has to say,” Fiorina finished, releasing Brea’s hands, and sitting back in her chair.

“Do you know what happened to my parents?” Brea questioned. That had been something she had clung to throughout the reading; everything had been accurate as far as Brea could tell, and this might be her best chance.

“No. Your hands only tell me about you, not them. We could try another type of reading, but that’s solely your decision. Those are the hardest for you, aren’t they? Sole decision. You don’t like to be forced into picking or choosing things; not when it comes to important life-altering decisions. You don’t want to grow. Everyday you hope you’ll wake up and be a little girl again, with a mom and dad who love you, and are there for you,” queried Fiorina, leaning forward in her seat.

“How much do I owe you?” Brea asked, digging through her purse, ignoring the woman’s stare and her questions.

“Thirty even.”

“Here, thanks,” Brea dropped thirty on the table and beat a hasty retreat into the store front and out the door, not even glancing at the colorful displays around her.

The street had become heavily trafficked, and Brea wasn’t much in the mood for shopping, or strolling, or anything really. She wanted to go home and curl up with some coffee or ice cream, and forget about her ridiculous trip into the land of the believers- because she just didn’t belong there; not if she had to face Fiorina, or Fiorina’s questions.

Walking a few blocks, Brea made it to the bus station, and waited fifteen minutes on the curb until the next bus came to stop. She got on, paid the fee, and sat in the first seat available midway down the aisle. There were a few people here and there, and no one paid her any mind. Her nerves were jittery, and Brea closed her eyes and rolled her neck. The ride didn’t last long, and when she got off at her usual bus stop- fifteen feet from her apartment building- Brea regained her senses and frayed nerves.

“Ally, I’m home,” Brea called out, entering her apartment a short while later, taking off her heels at the door.

Nobody answered her, and Brea shrugged it off, heading into the kitchen, pouring herself a glass of milk, and gathering a spoon and carton of caramel fudge ice cream. Turning to leave the kitchen, she stopped short. A beautiful, lush bouquet of long stem roses- deep, rich red. Breathless, Brea plucked two cards from the bouquet, one from Ally, the other from the sender.

She chose to read the one from Ally first:

Say yes.
Love, Ally

The second card was engraved with beautiful script, and Brea fingered the letters before reading them.

Please join me this evening for a night out, formal wear required. Be ready by eight. Your, Josef.

Brea smiled at the roses, and the beautiful scent coming from them, and she couldn’t quite believe this was happening. She wasn’t the belle of the ball type, nor was she rich or associated with money; the fact that Josef was pursuing her in more than a one-night sort of way had her nerves alive and jumping. She felt giddy and flattered, and ridiculous because she felt so much like a teenager.

Josef was sexy, confident- yes, arrogant- and he made her feel…sexy. They had had only two encounters, but he was still on her mind. The news had portrayed him, probably in an accurate light, as a playboy and a spoiled rich so and so who was used to getting his way, but Brea couldn’t help but like him. His employees seemed to think enough of him to continue working for him, and hold a high enough opinion on his personality to give an honest answer on his character, which boded well. It probably wasn’t smart to want him. It probably wasn’t smart to get involved with him. And it probably wasn’t a good idea to indulge herself. But she was going to, if only because it was her escape.

The ice cream carton in her hand was sweating, and the contents probably melting, and when the phone rang, Brea had to drop everything on the counter and go in search of it. By the time she grabbed the cordless from the coffee table the phone had rung six times, and Brea wondered who would be so insistent.

“Hello,” Brea asked when she clicked the ‘talk’ button.

“Breanna Mabalot?”

“This is she.”

“This is Mick St. John, I’m a private investigator, and I have a few questions for you,” came the man’s response.

“Questions about what?” Brea replied, brows furrowing, mind zipping along trying to think of some reason for this call. She didn’t know anyone that would need a PI.

“A woman was kidnapped today, and we found your ID in the contents of her purse,” Mick said.

Brea blinked a few times, reached for her own purse, and pulled out her wallet looking for her driver’s license- it wasn’t there. Ally had a habit of losing things, especially her license, and because Brea sold the only car she had had a couple years ago, Ally tended to take hers just for show.

“Who’s purse?” Brea questioned shakily, praying she was wrong.

“Allison Deveau. I understand that this maybe hard for you, but if you could please come down to my office sometime tomorrow, you could be a great help,” coaxed Mick, using a gentler tone.

Brea noticed the subtle change in his voice as her worry welled up, and Brea sank down on the couch, phone still pressed to her ear.

“What time?” Brea asked, biting her lip, and wishing that life would just stop for a minute so she could breathe.

“I have other leads to take care of, would it be alright if we met in the evening; around six?”

“I have class until five, so I might be late,” Brea explained, and then wanted to smack herself- class was not important right now, even though she had
to take an exam that would generally count for forty percent of her grade.

“That’s fine,” Mick answered, and then proceeded to give her the rest of his information.

“Do you think she’ll be okay? I mean, the police haven’t even contacted me yet. Do these sorts of things usually…work out,” she asked. There was a knock at her door, and Brea went to answer it as Mick responded.

“I’m good at what I do. I’m going to find Ms. Deveau, and when I do, you’ll be the first to know,” he promised.

Opening the door, Brea took stock of the innumerable sea of reporters and two rather large policemen.

“I’ll see you tomorrow,” Brea responded, pressing the ‘end’ button, and letting her arm drop to her side.

“Breanna Mabalot?” a tall, African-American officer addressed her.


“We have a few question,” stated his partner stoically. “If you could help us.”

“Of course,” Brea replied, trying to tune out the shouting reporters who repetitively asked their intrusive questions. Brea stepped aside to allow the officers in, and was about to close the door when a pushy blonde stuck her foot in it to block her way.

“Beth Turner from Buzzwire. Can I ask what your relationship to Ally Deveau is?” inquired the blonde.

“No comment,” and Brea shoved the woman’s foot out of the door, and slammed it shut- turning to face what she was sure would be a funny filled evening of personal questions. So much for a night out.

Author's Note: Well here is Ch4. I really hope everyone enjoyed, and I thank those of you who have reviewed. I appreciate everyone's opinion, so let me know what you think, EK! :D
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Re: His Kiss (ML,Josef/OC,ADULT) Ch4 8/7/08

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His Kiss
Disclaimer: I don't own Moonlight or anything linked to it.
Category: Moonlight fanfic
Rating: ADULT
Pairings: Josef/OC, Mick/Beth
Summary: Breanna Mabalot has had a shaky past and the only person she has made a point to be close with is her "sister" Ally. When Ally sees that Breanna is taking life too seriously, the girls venture out for a night on the town, and Brea ends up meeting someone who shakes up her world. As life goes on from her earth-shattering experience with Josef Kostan, she finds that more and more peculiarities start to jump out at her- and the well kept secret of her blood will be revealed.

Chapter Five

Knocking. It was a fairly easy concept to grasp. But grasping something and actually doing it were two very different things, and as Brea stood outside of Mick St. John’s door knocking was a very elusive act.

The police had not been pleasant, nor had they been comforting. They told her cold hard statistics, made obtuse promises, and refused to look her in the eyes. Breanna might be a lot of things, but naïve and trusting were not among them. When she had finished answer their questions- knot in her stomach- she was angrily clenching her jaw, and a ball of worry had set up shop in the pit of her stomach.

Getting a hold of Josef to tell him they couldn’t go out was also difficult. He was a largely public figure, and if anything, that made getting his number was like hacking into the pentagon. It took two hours of voice recordings, snippy secretary hang-ups, and a misdialed number or two before Brea found a way of reaching him. She left a message with a man who claimed to be a servant in the left wing of Josef’s mansion; briefly explaining what had happened and apologizing that she couldn’t make it. The man had taken the message, said it back to her, and then abruptly hung up.

Taking a deep breath, Brea knocked lightly on the door, fist balled so tightly that her knuckles were white from the strain. There was shuffling in the office, a murmur of voices, and then the door was opening.

Mick St. John was attractive. Dark hair, steel gray eyes, a strong jaw, and masculine scruff shadowed his jaw. His demeanor was something out of a gothic novel- brooding and mysterious. Nothing could have prepared her for his immense presence, and even though she knew her eyes had to be wide with surprise and timidity, she drew in another breath; trying to release her clenching fists- not exactly easy.

“Breanna Mabalot?” His voice was deep, soothing in a way- slightly different than how he had sounded on the phone.

“Call me Brea,” she was breathless. Her tone of voice was so whispery she almost couldn’t recognize it as her own.

“I’m Mick St. John. Please come in,” he stepped aside from the door and let her in.

The pushy blonde reporter from the day before at her apartment sat in one of the chairs in the dimly lit office. Immediately, Brea froze mid-step.

“What’s she doing here?” Brea asked, on guard and every muscle in her body tensing up.

“Brea, this is my friend; Beth. Beth-” Mick began.

“I didn’t ask who she was; I asked what she is doing here. She’s a reporter. Listen, I’m not here so that your friend can get a scoop. I thought I was
coming here for your investigation,” Brea informed him, backpedaling out the door.

“Breanna wait,” Beth called, standing from the chair quickly. “I’m not here for a story.”

“Brea I wouldn’t bring you here for a story, I promise,” Mick assured her, stepping toward her as she paused in the doorframe.

Brea wanted to help Ally, but was trusting Mick and Beth the right plan of action. She didn’t know. She did know that the police weren’t going to help.
She did know that Ally was missing. And she did know that some part of her felt a companionship to Mick- a familiar connection that was completely unfamiliar in her usually guarded life.

“Please come back in,” Beth asked.

Assessing the situation again, Brea met Mick’s eyes and when they flashed silver she felt her body jerk with physical recognition even though her mind didn’t register it. Things were getting weirder by the minute- but maybe if she stuck around she would have a better chance at figuring things out.

Stepping in and around Mick, Brea stood stiffly observing the room while the door closed behind her with a subtle thud. The room was warmly decorated, papers were neatly filed in folders on the desk, and lamps were turned on all around the room. Brea appreciated the sense of comfort and propriety as she took a seat in one of the chairs when Mick and Beth sat. Silence reigned for a few moments.

“Okay why don’t we start with background questions,” Mick suggested, and Brea nodded. “How long have you known Allison?”

“She prefers to be called Ally. We’ve known each other since we were seven.”

“How did you meet?” Beth added.

“I ran away from foster care and when I went back into the system, I met Ally. We were instant friends,” said Brea, and she smiled remembering.

“What was Ally like growing up?” Came Mick’s next question.

“Outgoing, fun, exciting- she was really social.”

“Did she make any enemies? Or potentially dangerous friends?” Beth questioned.

“No. Ally makes friends easily. She’s never had problems- everyone likes her. I can’t think of anyone that hasn’t liked her from the moment they met
her,” Brea said. She thought about the questions hard, and her answer was honest.

“How long have you lived in LA?” Mick asked.

“Since we graduated from high school. She works at a boutique as a personal buyer.”

“Can you tell me what some of her usual habits are? Where she hangs out? Who she goes out with?”

“She likes to shop, go to clubs, and as for friends…I know that she has recently been hanging out with her friend: Charlotte Driscol, her brother Nathan,
and Jade something,” Brea couldn’t remember hearing Jade’s last name.

“Have you noticed any erratic behavior between them?” asked Beth.


A few more questions went back and forth, and then Beth stood up and excused herself when her cell rang. When the door closed behind Beth, Brea
looked back at a contemplative Mick. He was staring at her, analyzing her, and at the same time thinking about other things- or at least that’s how he appeared.

“Do you have any idea who could have taken your friend, Brea?” Mick asked, leaning forward in his chair.

“I really don’t. If you need to come by and look around her stuff, I don’t care- I just want her back,” Brea said, shifting in her seat.

“Could you write down the address of Ally’s office.” Mick handed her a pad, and Brea began jotting down the address.

Beth reentered the room. “I need to go. There’s a case down town and Buzzwire has me on call. I’m sorry.” She seemed genuinely apologetic.

“That’s fine,” Mick told her.

“I’ll try and dig up some background information on Charlotte and the others. I’ll call you if I get anything. It was really nice meeting you, Brea. I’m sorry
if my first impression was disagreeable,” Beth held out her hand to Brea, and she shook it gently.

“Bye,” Brea said, watching as Beth left.

Mick was clicking around on his computer when Brea turned back to face him. He had an intensely serious look on his face, and he didn’t say anything to
her while he typed. It was unnerving to sit in the quiet office with a perfect stranger.

A knocking announced the arrival of someone else, and Mick paused- oddly enough sniffing the air.

“Come in, Josef.”

Brea sat up straighter at the name and when the door opened and he walked in, her body hummed. Ally’s comments about fate sprang to mind, and Brea
had to force herself not to gape. Sexy, smiling, and confident- he sauntered in like he owned the place. A greeting passed between the two men, and obviously the familiarity meant they were close friends.

“Brea, this is a lovely surprise,” Josef stated, taking her hand into his own and kissing the back of it, eyes connecting with hers.

Glancing from Josef to Mick and back again, she wondered what the chances were that this was coincidental. “Why are you-”

“I’m here because Mick is a good friend of mine, and he mentioned that he would be taking this case when we talked last night, and I connected two and
two when I received your message,” Josef said, cutting her off.

“So your coming here-” Brea began again.

“His coming here was my doing. Josef has a few contacts and is going to be helping me. I thought that you would be gone before he arrived- your
meeting wasn’t planned,” Mick joined the conversation, and Brea nodded. He sounded sincere.

“I have to get going,” Brea said, standing; she didn’t realize how close that would bring her to Josef, and her breasts brushed lightly against his chest-
the feeling electric and sinful.

“I’ll see you out,” Josef offered, ready to follow.

“That’s okay,” Brea told him, breathy again- this time for an entirely different reason.

“Would you like to go out later tonight?” Josef asked, following her despite her protest to the otherwise.

“I think I should be home incase something happens with Ally’s case. The police asked me to-”

“Mick will call if anything relevant comes up.” Josef placed his hand on the door above the knob where her hand grasped.

“Josef,” Brea started, then stopped. “I can’t go out, but if you want, you could come over for dinner.” It was a compromise, one that made her feel guilty and thrilled at the same time.

“I’ll bring the wine,” he told her, lips close to her ear.

Brea felt excitement and embarrassment fill her up as her cheeks turned pink. She hoped that Mick couldn’t hear what felt like an intimate exchange,
and prayed he didn’t see how red she was. Brea nodded to Josef, watched as his hand moved off the door to caress her cheek, and felt the soft brush of his lips against her cheek.

“Bye Mick,” Brea called- rushing out the door before she burst.

Cool air caused shivers to run up and down her spine as she raced home to ready her apartment for Josef’s arrival. She had her papers scattered all over
the coffee table, an overflowing laundry basket on her couch, and a few other chores waiting to be done. With Ally gone, Brea felt like half a person it already her gusto and usual tidiness was suffering.

Getting home was a blink to Brea, and the majority of it was blank. Letting herself in, Brea hung up her purse and began picking up miscellaneous things along the way. Tidying up was usually a relaxant, but a flash blue/silver eyes entered her mind every time she started to defuse and her whole body would thrum with the knowledge he was coming over.

Brea entered the kitchen after picking up, and reached for one of her larger pots and flipped on the water, filling the pot and then putting it on the stove to boil. Pasta was her comfort food and Ally said anything Italian was her forte. Fixing a homemade sauce, Brea set everything to cook, and took off up the stairs and into her room.

It was weird getting ready for something- especially a date- without Ally’s dictation from her bed. Usually Ally would pick the most eye-catching,
razzle-dazzle outfit, and they would argue back and forth before coming to a compromise that usually came out in Ally’s favor rather than her own. Their system was ridiculous and dramatic, but as she applied a rich red lipstick- a new one Ally had bought her- she realized how incomplete her life felt without her best friend. They truly had come to lean on each other.

Returning downstairs a half hour later in a pair of jeans and an off-the-shoulder red, crocheted sweater, Brea heard the click-click of her black boots against the floor. Dinner was on its way to being ready when a knock heralded Josef’s arrival.

Smoothing back a stray hair, Brea opened the door.

“Hey, how did you get up here without buzzing in?” Brea asked, taking the proffered bottle of wine, looking Josef up and down- sexy as sin.

“You have a very agreeable doorman,” Josef informed her with a boyish smirk.

“You bribed my doorman?”

“Bribe is such a common word; we had an exchange of words and he let me in,” he said, following her into the living room.

“An exchange of ‘words’, uh huh,” Brea teased with lightness that surprised her.

“I find myself in a position to make very many friends,” Josef replied, amused. He took a seat on her couch and leaned back to stare at her while she
clutched the bottle of wine in her hands.

Glancing down, she realized he was staring at her expectantly and smiled, “I’ll go and pour us a couple of glasses.”

His eyes devoured her as she left the room, and Brea tingled everywhere his gaze touched her. She was completely unhinged- it was like nothing she had
ever felt, and in that moment a flash of heat went through her and she felt her teeth poke her bottom lip painfully. The next moment her teeth felt fine, but she could taste blood on her lips as she took down to crystal wineglasses from the cabinet reserved for special china and such. A single drop fell unseen into one of the glasses, and when she reentered the living room, it was that glass that Josef accepted.

“Thank you,” Josef said, taking the glass.

“You’re welcome. I hope you like pasta,” said Brea, sipping her wine.

“I do.” Josef took a drink after raising his glass in her direction. His reaction was odd, Brea thought. He tensed for a moment, his eyes flashed silver,
and his stare became overwhelmingly penetrating. “It’s delicious.”

“I agree. Excellent choice,” Brea complimented, watching as he relaxed back into the couch, licking his lips and eyes assessing her like she was on the menu.

“I was sorry to hear about your friend…” he paused obviously searching.

“Ally. She’s like my sister. Do you really think you’ll be able to help?” Brea let hope pervade her tone.

“I have a lot of friends,” Josef responded, taking another drink, his eyes sliding shut for a brief moment.

Buzzing sounded from the kitchen and Brea placed her glass on the coffee table, excusing herself to serve up dinner. A short while later, Josef and Brea
were sitting at the table eating, and some conversation ensued. Josef told her a bit about what he did and Brea explained her own studies. Everything was light and casual, surface skimming.

“Would you like more wine?” Josef offered, lifting the bottle from its spot on the table.

“Just a little,” Brea answered.

She watched as he poured the bottle- the act something he looked to have done a thousand times- and while he leaned over her, Brea smelled his
cologne- it was intoxicating. She reached for her glass, and- in what was probably a subconsciously purposeful movement- brushed his fingers with her own. Their eyes, already having met, flared and Josef leaned down and kissed her.

Brea felt his lips to her core, his hands on her, around her, and his tongue teasing the seam of lips. Automatically, she opened her mouth and received him. The wine and tomato sauce mixed with his unique taste caused a yearning inside her, and visions flew through her mind.

Flashes of fire, glass digging into her feet, baring her fangs at the unknown stranger.

“BREA,” someone shouted in the distance as sirens sounded all around.

Running fierce and fast and stopping in an unknown place with only the stars as her guide. The sound of heat bugs, the feel of a muggy wind, and her heart thumping painfully in her chest…

“Brea?” Josef’s voice broke through her hazy mind even as her body responded to him in electric shocks along her spine. He had stopped kissing her, but her lips were plump with his kisses; her eyes still shut.

“Sorry, I just…I don’t know,” Brea opened her eyes- looking right into his and they were a harsh silver; not even the unusual flash could have prepared
her for the sight in front of her. “Your eyes.”

Josef’s eyes slid shut and when he opened them again they were back to there usual blue. The color looked alive, jumping and dancing with flecks of

“What happened?” he asked her, not addressing her comment.

“Nothing,” she was lying through her teeth, but Brea didn’t want this gorgeous, sexy man to know she was a freak.

“Something happened. Tell me,” Josef demanded, his demeanor not its usual playful, indulgent self.

There was a knocking at the door and Brea thanked God for the distraction. “I have to get the door,” Brea said, lamely ducking out from under
his arm where he leaned over her. She could have swore she heard a growl of displeasure.

“Who is it?” called Brea even as she opened the door.


Brea thought fate was being very cruel. From the frying pan into the fire! Damn it, she did not need another problem, and she certainly didn’t need Brian
over while Josef was around- that could be all kinds of trouble.

“Leave,” Brea ordered, attempting to close the door, but his foot was jammed in the way.

“I heard about Ally. I thought you might need some comfort,” Brian offered. Brea rolled her eyes at the very idea, and pushed harder.

“Who is it?” Josef asked, joining them at the door.

“Her boyfriend. Who the fuck are you?” Brian said abrasively.

“Brian, please leave…now,” Brea beseeched, biting her lip.

“No, let you friend stay,” Josef suggested, tone deceptively light.

“I really don’t want you here, Brian. I think you should go. I’ll call security otherwise,” Brea whispered to him, giving him a good shove.

It took two-point-five-seconds for Brian to regain his balance and push the door open. Brea watched helplessly as Josef caught him by his shirt front, and
rushed him backward out into the hall and up against the far wall. The force they slammed against the wall caused cracks and light dust to litter the air. Brian tried to push him off, Brea watched his biceps stress with the effort, but he couldn’t budge him.

Josef took a swing and hit Brian solidly with a fluid punch across the jaw and Brian fell to the ground in a crumbled heap. Straightening himself as if he
never lost control whatsoever, Josef stood over Brian and stared him down. Brian was ready to pee himself, Brea concluded.

“You are going to stay as far away from Brea as humanly possible. If I even think you might have been near her, you forfeit your life,” Josef spoke with deadly sincerity.

“You’re threatening me?” Brian said thickly.

“Threatening isn’t a strong enough word. You’re dismissed.”

Brea stepped aside as Josef reentered her apartment, and with a smile on her face, she shut the door behind them. She followed him in the living room
and watched him take a seat on the couch.

“Now you’re going to tell me what happened earlier, and I am going to listen very carefully.” It wasn’t a question, and his attention was unwavering. Clearly Josef had affixed himself in her life, and he was perfectly comfortable where he was.

“Okay,” Brea responded, and clasped gracefully on the couch. “I guess I should begin with my childhood…”

Author's Note: I know it took me a long time to get this chapter out, but with college starting up, I've been a bit busy. Thank you for reading and as ever I appreciate the input. Let me know what you think, EK! :D
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Re: His Kiss (ML,Josef/OC,ADULT) A/N 9/29/08

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His Kiss
Disclaimer: I don't own Moonlight or anything linked to it.
Category: Moonlight fanfic
Rating: ADULT
Pairings: Josef/OC, Mick/Beth
Summary: Breanna Mabalot has had a shaky past and the only person she has made a point to be close with is her "sister" Ally. When Ally sees that Breanna is taking life too seriously, the girls venture out for a night on the town, and Brea ends up meeting someone who shakes up her world. As life goes on from her earth-shattering experience with Josef Kostan, she finds that more and more peculiarities start to jump out at her- and the well kept secret of her blood will be revealed.

Author's Note: Yes! I've finally updated. Cheers to that. And I want to apologize for how long it took me, and thank everyone who encouraged me to update, and helped me stay inspired. It has been a difficult couple of weeks, but I finally managed to update. I look forward to seeing what everyone has to say. Thanks again for your support. EK! :D

Chapter Six

“Growing up wasn’t easy. Some of my past is fragmented with pictures and words that I don’t understand, or connect to. There was a fire at my house, when I was very little, and I was told that I was found twelve blocks from the explosion. The police asked me if I remembered by name, address, or parents names- I didn’t. I couldn’t seem to grasp onto that part of my life. So, like any good officer of the law, the man handed me over to social services, positive both my parents were dead.

“I went through psychological evaluation before they put me in the system. And that’s what it is, you know? It’s a system. Not a house. Not a home. A system. There was the occasional flutter of interest from families looking to adopt, but nothing that stuck. Nothing that exceeded a few months.

“Ally and I met in the system. We were fast friends. I think we were sisters from the beginning. Nothing could separate us after we had met- not even the prospect of a family, because we already had one. We lived in New York for a while, but when we came out here: college for me, and personal buyer for Ally, life seemed to settle in.”

Brea paused for a breath, and Josef jumped in.

“So you don’t remember your childhood? Nothing? And there seems to be more between you and Ally than is being said,” his voice was ever the stiff observer.

“The psychologists I saw told me that I may or may not regain my memories- he said that the traumatic event leading up to my amnesia could have potentially erased all cerebral storage. But then the nightmares started. Recently.” Brea said, biting her lip in uncertainty.

“What nightmares? How recently?” Josef demanded, interest clearly peaked.

“I have these dreams that start out with me in my room in my childhood home. An explosion jolts me awake and I realize that my father is dead, and that my mother is wounded. Someone breaks into my room and a whirl of actions lead to me jumping out a two story window and landing on shredded glass away from someone I didn’t know. I think my nursemaid helped me- Adele. That’s all I can recall when I wake up, and it’s been happening since we arrived here in LA,” Brea confided. She twirled the pendant under her top, and stopped when Josef focused whole-hearted on that movement.

“What is that?” Josef inquired, leaning forward as if to grasp it through her shirt.

“It’s nothing, just a trinket I have from that night,” she played it off, laying her hand protectively over it, before looking him in the eye.

“Ally and I have a connection. I don’t know why, or what it’s called- we don’t name it. She knows me. When I’m upset, when I’m scared, when something is happening to, or will happen to me; and she’s always right. She has never once been wrong. I trust our connection more than anything tangible in this world. And now she’s gone.” Brea slumped slightly from her seat, but kept her emotions in check.

“When you say connection does it go both ways?” Josef questioned, moving to sit behind Brea and run his long, strong fingers up her back to massage the tense muscles hidden there.

“I don’t think so, I’ve never tried.”

“How did you know your name was Breanna Mabalot?”

“It came back to me. One of the officers said that I must be that Mabalot girl, the one that ran away after the tragic accident. I kept that name, but it didn’t really hit home until Ally called me it- without my telling her that it was my name. She just has always known me. I don’t know if I can connect back to her. I never have before,” said Brea, conclusively.

“And the images that went through my mind?” Josef asked. Brea could tell this was something he had been wondering about, and she wished there was some other form of distraction- but there wasn’t.

“I don’t know.”

“That was a lie. Try again,” he told her, pausing briefly from his leisurely massaging.

“Josef-” Brea shook her head. “This isn’t easy to explain…or something that I’ve ever had to explain.”

He kissed her neck gently and whispered in her ear, “Try.”

Fighting off the reflexive urge to close her eyes, Brea pulled her thoughts together. “They’re like the nightmares. Only they happen when I’m awake;
usually something triggers it: a smell, a taste, something familiar to when I was little. It’s never happened with a person before. I don’t know what it is.” It was honest, but in truth, Brea knew that it wasn’t normal.

He was silent for a few minutes, back to caressing her back while he placed random kisses down her neck. Brea could practically feel his mind working. Everything in her body hummed in response to his touch- his presence.

“And your-” Josef paused before rolling his eyes and continuing, “-friend from the hall?” Josef questioned.

“He was my…We were sort of…involved,” she finally stammered with a blushing response.

Josef stayed silent for several long moments as his hands kneaded the knots, and pressure points that caused Brea to moan aloud. Her mind turned to sin
and desire, darkness and warmth, a place of wild freedom, and an abandonment she has always suppressed. The caress of his fingers was like the fanning of a flame- the heat grew higher and higher, tongues of incendiary warmth licked up her spine, and a pool of excitement formed in her abdomen.

“Josef, I think you should-” Brea was cut off as a hand traveled from her back to her front, down between her thighs, and to her center- pressing the
fabric guarding her into her engorged clit. Multitudinously, she came. A surge of intense sexual release the likes of which, Brea was fairly certain had never existed until that moment. She fought to breathe as her moans and sparking nerve endings sizzled with satisfaction.

Brea realized that even as her back was arched now, her mouth gaping open with her wordless intentions, she was riding his hand. Allowing the sensual manipulator to indulge her body in an act so rich, she felt as though she might black out. His lips were planted on the side of her neck, sucking gently with no apparent plan of stopping.

A piercing pain in her neck confused her body, but in the next second she was rocketing blissfully back to mind-shattering pleasure. The sucking at her neck became more intense, and her body throbbed in time with each gentle pull.

“Josef,” Brea breathed.

He released her neck with a kiss, and turned her to face him. The resulting kiss scorched with want. Brea watched as his eyes swirled that liquid mercury-
flashing a silver promise that touched something primitive inside her. He made short work of her blouse, but when his hand grazed the necklace she wore under her blouse, he froze. That was the only way to describe his impossibly still body.

Brea leaned forward to kiss him, but his lips were stiff and unresponsive. Pulling back, puzzled, Brea looked into those gorgeous, enticing eyes to find that they were back to their usual color. A weight of disappointment settled into her chest.

“What is it?”

“Where did you get that necklace?” he asked, voice strained.

“I’ve had it since before the accident.”

Josef seemed even more troubled, all other plans laid to rest. He has seen that symbol- she could see it in his eyes.

“You know this? What does it mean? Tell me!” she demanded, grabbing his shirt front- uncaring that she sat before him half-dressed.

The pendant was unique. It resembled that of the fleur-de-lis, but the ends curled a bit, and a large D engraved on the front of it.

“I have some business to attend to,” Josef offered as an excuse, and with a kiss on the lips that roused the fire, but ended too soon- Josef was gone.

The sound of the door clicking into place as it locked snapped Brea out of her dazed confusion at the extreme turn of events. Josef knew something. He
knew something, and he wasn’t telling. Breathing in deeply and letting out a tremendous sigh, Brea picked up her forgotten shirt, and redressed.

Brea cleaned up slowly, her body sluggish and content while her mind ran a million miles an hour. Fast and slow. Back and forth. It was all the same in that
moment. The menial tasks blurred, and Brea finished faster than she could realize.

She still had classes, Brea realized as she trudged up the steps to her bedroom. Life had to go on. Ally was still missing, but the world was cruel in its uncaring perpetuation. Brea had experienced despair before, and she had experienced the world’s continuation- time waited for no one.

Changing into her pajamas, Brea climbed into bed, pulled out a text book, and stared blankly at the pages. Sighing, she refocused her thoughts and began
reading. Usually she found a sound pleasure in reading, a complete absorption with the plotline at hand. Tonight it was a task, flipping the pages, reading the words, connecting the intricate strings of communication. The example pictures and the in-depth analysis took a while to comprehend. With each turn of the page her eyes grew heavy, and Brea felt the world slipping away.

Brea knew this dream. She was having the same one. She felt the same feelings. She called to her parents. The man and her nurse both appeared. But this time as she landed- glass digging into the soft soles of her feet- Brea saw something.

In the darkness a flicker caught her attention, and instead of playing out the rest of her dream, she followed it. Walking was painful, but she did not cringe. The background noise of the house had gone silent- everything was waiting. Again a flicker of the light flashed before her eyes, and Brea was fascinated.

Hanging from the branch of a nearby shrub was her necklace. But touching her chest, Brea admitted that that wasn’t possible- her necklace hung from her neck. Still, the two pendants were the same. Reaching out she touched it, and Brea felt a pulling sensation; her eyes slid shut automatically.

When she reopened them, Brea was herself. Not the younger version of herself crouched beside a shrub as her childhood went up in flames, but her present self. She was quite aware she was dreaming, but everything still had that uncontrollable subconscious feel to it. Everything was dark and quiet.

Observing her surroundings, Brea found she did not recognize them at all. She had no idea where she was, but the dimly lit torch on the wall suggested she was in a castle. Stone walls, stone floors, brackets lighting the pathway of the hall she stood in. Brea was at the foot of a large, Victorian staircase. Turning behind her, Brea felt that she had to go deeper- and it was only a dream; what was the harm, she rationalized.

Her steps were slow, but steady. Quiet felt necessary, so each step she took was precise, and abnormally soundless. When she reached the end of the hall, Brea took a deep breath, and opened the odd wooden door, with an unusual knob.

A feminine scream greeted her, and Brea felt goose bumps, and chills inhibit her body. Chains rustled while an odd sound rang through the air. A muffled whimper had Brea stepping further into the room- and further into the shadows. A ghost in her own dream, Brea watched as another torch flared to life in the dankness of the chamber.

“Is she coming?” whispered a man from the shadows, he was directing his question to a lump on the floor. A whimper was his response.

Lifting the lump up from the floor by the scruff of its neck- Brea watched as half the man’s face was revealed. He was the man who had come for her- he
was the man from her childhood.

“I asked you a question. Is she coming for you?” his voice slithered across the air like an invisible serpent, and Brea bit her lip in fear.

“Go to Hell,” said a very familiar voice.

The man threw the lump across the room to skid and stop at Brea’s feet. The dirty cloak that had covered the person completely, fell to the side, and Brea shrieked out in shock. It was Ally. She was bruised and beaten and looking right at her.

“Ally,” Brea gasped, dropping harshly to the stone floor-jarring her knees. The awful sound rang through the air again, and another man stepped forward. He was by far more imposing- burly, hairy, muscular- obviously there to do the dirty work. A large bladed knife was held in his one hand and in the other was a
blade sharpener. He slid the knife’s blade across the sharpener, and the sound rang clear again.

“She won’t come. She knows that’s not what I want,” Ally informed the man mostly hidden in shadows, but it was meant for Brea, she could tell. Ally was
telling her not to come.

“Ally, where are you? I’m looking for you. I have people who will help me. Please, tell me,” Brea begged in earnest, eyes tearing.

The man with the knife approached, tossing the blade sharpener to the floor as he came.

“I don’t believe you,” the man from the shadows announced, and he signaled to the man with the blade.

“NO!” Brea screamed, jumping out to Ally’s defense, and hissing with wild, untamable anger.

And even though the man could not see her, Brea grabbed for the blade anyway, and felt the metal dig into her palms- halting it midair. And then
everything dissipated.

“ALLY!” Brea woke up shouting. It was morning. Her text book lay open on the floor beside her bed, and light was streaming in from the unclosed curtained window.

Her pulse was pumping faster than she had ever felt before. A head rush filled her with distorted wooziness, but Brea vaulted out of bed, and raced into her bathroom. Staring at herself, she saw the fangs. Small, but wicked sharp. They poked her bottom lip, and she felt the pain. But the astonishing part. The part she knew to expect as she had banged her way into the bathroom, were the silver eyes staring back at her. Something was very, very wrong with her. And somehow it was because of her that Ally had been captured.

Overcoming the shock, Brea marched out of her bathroom, and down the stairs into her living area. Snatching up the phone, she dialed a now-familiar number.

“We need to talk,” and she then she hung up.

A/N: Well there you have it. Chapter six. I really want to thank everyone who has reviewed. I hope everyone enjoyed this chapter. I really appreciate all feedback. Please let me know what you think. EK! :D
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Re: His Kiss (ML,Josef/OC,ADULT) Ch6 10/13/08

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His Kiss
Disclaimer: I don't own Moonlight or anything linked to it.
Category: Moonlight fanfic
Rating: ADULT
Pairings: Josef/OC, Mick/Beth
Summary: Breanna Mabalot has had a shaky past and the only person she has made a point to be close with is her "sister" Ally. When Ally sees that Breanna is taking life too seriously, the girls venture out for a night on the town, and Brea ends up meeting someone who shakes up her world. As life goes on from her earth-shattering experience with Josef Kostan, she finds that more and more peculiarities start to jump out at her- and the well kept secret of her blood will be revealed.

Chapter Seven

Brea laid the phone down to rest in its cradle as she hung up and saw that it was covered in red smudges. Pulling back her hand, Brea realized that it was covered in blood- a gapping wound slashed open across the palm. Flipping over her other hand as well, she saw that there was one there too. At the angle and cut of the wounds they matched perfectly with where her hands had gripped the blade that was meant for Ally. Somehow, Brea had been able to grab that blade with her hands and stop it- but how? How was this all happening? They were nightmares. They weren’t real. She should not have been hurt.

It didn’t matter. She was going to figure out what was going on and she was going to save her sister.

Rushing back to the bathroom, Brea turned on the sink and ran her hands under the water. The sensation of the water rushing over her wounds was painful and tears clouded her eyes as she cleaned her hands. The water swirled red as the blood washed away, and then Brea turned off the flow of water. She grabbed a few bandages and doused her hands in peroxide before spraying some antiseptic; first to her left hand and then to her right. Bandaging the still bleeding wounds, Brea rushed to finish.

As she went to sit in her living room, waiting for him to arrive, Brea flicked on the TV. She had to keep her mind from exploding, or thinking about Ally. Ally was being tortured, battered and bruised by people that were looking for her. Someone was out to get her- but that didn’t matter nearly as much as the fact that Ally was suffering because of it.

Some info-merial flashed across the screen boasting an all new acne cream and Brea surfed for a different channel. It seemed like an eternity passed before her doorbell rang and Brea was running to open the door. She opened the door and Mick stood in front of her looking confused and impatient. Moving aside Brea waved him in impatiently.

“Thanks for coming so fast,” Brea said.

“You made it sound important.”

They entered the living room and Brea waved at a seat, “Please sit.”

Mick stared at her for a moment before complying, and took the seat closest to him. Obviously he was confused, but Brea wasn’t up to explaining just yet. She turned off the TV and faced him.

“What are you?” First things first.

“Excuse me?” Mick returned. He was caught off guard by her sudden directness.

“What are you? I’ve seen the signs. You are just like Josef. Your eyes turn the colors just like his and he isn’t going to tell me, so you will. What are you?” Brea asked.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about?” Mick responded, but his eyes flashed right before her own and she slammed a bandaged fist down on the table.

“Don’t lie! I know that something is going on and I need to know the truth. Ally is in danger and the person who has her is just like you. And I think…I think I am too. What am I?” Brea questioned, this time her voice was small and shaky.

Mick sat across from her fighting to figure out where this had come from. Why she was pushing this. Something had happened between when he had seen her last and now. He could read it in her eyes. She was scared. She was confused. But what did she mean that she was like him?

“Please Mick. Josef saw this earlier and he bolted. Tell me what this means.” Brea removed her necklace- her most treasured possession- and handed it to him without another thought.

Mick’s reaction was more subtle than Josef’s had been. His eyes flashed and widened, but he didn’t jump up and leave in a hurry. He studied it and then her, and then her hands.

“What happened to your hands?” asked Mick.

“Later. Tell me.”

“Where did you get this?”

“I’ve had it since I was a child.”

“Josef didn’t tell you anything?” Mick questioned.

“No. But I deserve to know. I need to know. Ally is being tortured right now and I need to know,” Brea beseeched. She watched him struggle with the right decision before taking a deep breath and facing her more fully.

“I am a vampire. So is Josef. I’m not sure what that makes you. You aren’t the same as us. I would have smelled it before now, and you would know. Vampires are created. You were born. This necklace belongs to a family of royal vampires- how you came across it, I don’t know. If your friend is being
tortured by one of us, it means your friend is in a lot more danger than anyone knows.” Mick told her, his voice straightforward and deep.

“Vampire?” Brea said. Her mind accepted it immediately. She knew it was true. He wasn’t lying. The clues were there. But how? How could she accept this? How was it that her heart didn’t skip a beat- it kept rhythm, it knew that this was true.

“We exist. It’s a reality most people don’t know about, wouldn’t know how to accept. But we are here. The myths, the legends, the fantasies- they aren’t all true. We can go into a church without bursting into flames, we can eat garlic, even be awake when the sun comes up. A silver stake through the heart will paralyze us, and overexposure to sunlight drains us- and can kill us. Fire and beheading are the best known ways to destroy us. We have enhanced senses: better sense of smell, strength, sight, and touch. And we do drink blood. But we have a code. We deal out justice to our own, and we don’t kill without reason. There are a few of us though, that go beyond the law.

“This necklace belongs to the Duvall family. An ancient family of vampires that have existed through several long centuries. If they are after you, we need to get you out of this apartment- now.”

Brea’s head was spinning with this new knowledge and her heart beat faster with concern for Ally. She still didn’t know what she was exactly if she wasn’t like Mick. She didn’t understand what this meant for her life. But she knew Mick was right.

Mick followed her as she raced up the stairs to her bedroom and began to hurriedly pack.

She started speaking to him while she threw together her things.

“I have nightmares sometimes. Of my past. Of the night I left my home. They usually play out the same way, but tonight they didn’t. I became in control of my dream tonight and it took me to a castle- I don’t know where it is. There was a man and someone with a knife and they were torturing Ally. They were asking if I was coming for her. If I was coming to save her. She lied, but Mick- she looked up into my eyes and I know she saw me. The man with the blade, he tried to slice her with it and I grabbed hold of blade. When I woke up I called you, and then I saw this.”

Brea paused after zipping up one of her duffels’ and unraveled the bloody bandages on her hands. The wounds were healing quickly- which was usual for Breanna. She had always been a fast healer. Abnormally fast.

Mick examined the wounds on her palms and Brea noticed that they had stopped bleeding, but were still fresh and ravaged. He traced a hand along the split skin and muttered a few choice words under his breath.

“That hurts,” Brea whispered as he touched a particularly sensitive area.

“How are you accepting all of this so well?” Mick asked, more to himself than to her.

“Because all my life, I have been different. And Ally is the only one that I know who has been able to accept that and understand me. Mick, if you can help me save her; I wouldn’t care if you were the fucking Boogeyman.” Brea pulled back her hands and rewrapped them in the gauzy material.

“We should clean those and stitch them,” Mick told her as he grabbed her two bags before she could.

“I already cleaned them. They’ll be fine,” Brea dismissed. She didn’t feel safe in her own apartment and after Mick had said what he had, she knew it would be a long time before she would be back in it.

Grabbing up her book bag on the way down the stairs, she headed for the door.

“You still need them looked at by a medical professional- that injury is serious.”

“I’ve had worse. Besides, I don’t exactly have time to stop at the local ER.”

“I’ll look at it later. Let’s go.”

Brea locked her apartment door and followed Mick down the stairs and out into the night air. Mick’s car sat at the curb, blocking a fire hydrant. Ignoring that fact, Brea got into the car and wait for Mick to start it and pull away from the curb. As they drove, Brea shifted back and forth in her seat, uncomfortable in that moment with how uncertain everything was. Nothing in her life was as it should be, but she didn’t have time to think about that now.

“Mick, where are we going?” Brea asked. She knew the general direction to his office, but they weren’t headed there.

“I need to talk to Josef.” Mick responded, not taking his eyes off the road.

“He wouldn’t talk to me earlier, why would he help now?” Brea admitted to herself that she was still upset with Josef. He just left. No explanation. No hint at what he knew. Mick realized that she was in danger just by the necklace, why hadn’t Josef? Or did he just not care.

“Things have changed.” That was the only answer Mick offered and Brea slumped in her seat. She had to accept it because he was the only person she felt could help her.

The drive was long and when they arrived at Josef’s mansion, Brea didn’t move to get out of the car. Mick was up and out of his seat and opening her door before she knew it and Brea stared at his hand for long seconds before accepting it and stepping out into the 3 am air.

“Is he even awake right now?” Brea questioned as they made their way to the front door.

“Vampires are usually nocturnal. Very few go to bed before 5 am.”

Sighing in discontent, Brea rang the doorbell. They waited several long moments before the door was opened and they were admitted. The maid who opened the door was average height and had long beautiful red hair. She smiled a radiant smile, and escorted them into a parlor on the far left side of the entryway.

“Mr. Kostan will be with you momentarily,” came their greeting before the maid offered them each a beverage. When they declined, she disappeared through a staff entrance.

Brea admired the beauty of Josef’s home once again. The first time she had been too inebriated to take in the full impacted of the architecture around her. Mick took a seat nearby, but Brea remained standing and staring.

“A little late in the dinning hour to be calling Mick, isn’t it?” Josef greeted and then stopped short for a second when he saw Brea. She noticed that his usual smirk slipped for a second before reinforcing itself.

“And you bring a beautiful guest as well.”

“Something has come up, Josef,” Mick said to him.

Brea continued to stare as Josef came more fully into the room dressed in pressed slacks and a dress shirt. He was incredibly sexy, but for all his charm,
Brea was still upset enough to give him her cheek when he came toward her for a kiss. His cool lips grazed her cheek and she stared aloft when he smiled into
the brief gesture.

Turning her attention back to Mick when Josef moved away to pour a drink at the bar in the near right corner of the room, Brea waited.

“What brings you here, Mick?” Josef asked again.

“Actually, Brea brought me here. She’s not safe at her apartment Josef,” Mick began to explain. He went into detail about what Brea had told him about her dream and about the necklace and even about what he had told her. All the while, Mick tended to Brea's cut hands with material he had Josef's staff bring. Neither man was happy as Brea sat wincing while Mick used his somewhat outdated medical training to stitch up her wounds. Josef got quiet and tense when Brea cried out at a particularly harsh touch. She caught a glimpse of his eyes flashing silver and his fangs peaking out- he was angry and startled, but he masked it in the next moment.

“Can you describe the man in your dream, Brea?” Mick asked finally when he and Josef finished arguing back and forth about telling Brea the truth. Of
course Brea only caught bits and pieces of their hushed conversation.

“Dark hair, pale skin, one eye was normal the other was…different- disfigured. He was harsh and cruel. I don’t exactly know what to describe him. He was partially hidden in the shadows.”

“Lance,” Josef hissed. He seemed to bit down on the word, but Mick and Brea both heard him.

“Lance? You know him?” Brea asked. It was the first time she had directly addressed him since arriving.

“We both do. He’s part of the Duvall family. An ancient.” Mick offered the information and shrugged when Josef looked at him sharply.

“Do you know where he is? He has Ally. He’s torturing her.” Brea refused to admit that he planned to kill her, because that would mean she would have to accept that he might- and she refused.

“We’ve been searching for Lance for months. There are no leads as to where he is.” Josef told her, drinking deeply from his glass of scotch.

“He killed my parents. He has Ally. We have to find him.” Brea felt herself starting to panic and bit down again on her rising emotions.

“It’s not that easy. I’ve been trying. Lance kidnapped someone we know and have since been trying to locate them,” Mick replied, but his eyes turned cold when he mentioned someone being kidnapped.

“You mean that Ally isn’t the first person he kidnapped. Who else did he take? Why?”

“He kidnapped Coraline, my ex-wife. His sister. She took something from him and he wanted it back.” Mick explained, and his nostrils flared in remembrance.

“Look there is nothing that we can do right now. We should start up the search tomorrow,” Josef said to Mick.

“Okay. I agree. Look Breanna needs a place to stay,” Mick began.

“No, it’s fine. I’ll just find a motel near here. Don’t worry about it,” Brea cut him off and made for the door. Josef was in front of her in a second, leaning against the door.

“Don’t be ridiculous. Please stay here. My home is open to you,” Josef told her, charmingly.

“I’d rather stay in a motel,” Brea told him and tried to push passed him, only to have him hold her close in his arms.

“Anger and passion are a fine line. Walk it carefully,” Josef whispered in her ear and this time when he leaned in for a kiss, Brea was unable to turn away.

The brief kiss was electric and Brea felt her toes curl with the effort to stay grounded. When they pulled apart, Mick cleared his throat and said something of a goodbye before leaving through the staff entrance.

Staring into his eyes Brea’s anger melted away.

“Why didn’t you tell me? Why didn’t you say anything? You must have known that I was different, somehow.”

“I don’t show my hand until I see yours, doll. I’m still not sure what you are.” Josef said, mystified.

“I can‘t win this game, Josef,” Brea responded as he laced his hands with hers.

“Good thing I play for keeps,” he whispered against her lips.

They kissed intensely, their hands clasped together as she leaned into his chest.

A maid made a sound as she entered with Brea’s bags and looked abashedly to the side.

Brea pulled back from Josef at the intrusion and blushed as much as they maid.

Josef was amused by their reaction and instructed the maid to take Brea’s bags to a special room in his wing of the mansion.

“I should get some sleep,” Brea told him.

Sighing he agreed and then smiled, “I’ll see you tomorrow night. Anything you need, my staff is at your service. Sweet dreams.”

A single goodnight kiss and then Josef was gone- Brea was left to follow the maid up the stairs and into her new room.

Author's Note: Wow this took a lot longer than I had hoped to write. I hope that everyone enjoyed this chapter. Sorry for the wait. Let me know what you think, EK!
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Re: His Kiss (ML,Josef/OC,ADULT) Ch7 12/15/08

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His Kiss
Disclaimer: I don't own Moonlight or anything linked to it.
Category: Moonlight fanfic
Rating: ADULT
Pairings: Josef/OC, Mick/Beth
Summary: Breanna Mabalot has had a shaky past and the only person she has made a point to be close with is her "sister" Ally. When Ally sees that Breanna is taking life too seriously, the girls venture out for a night on the town, and Brea ends up meeting someone who shakes up her world. As life goes on from her earth-shattering experience with Josef Kostan, she finds that more and more peculiarities start to jump out at her- and the well kept secret of her blood will be revealed.

Chapter Eight

Brea came awake the next day around three in the afternoon. She was stunned and surprised when she turned to the old fashion, miniature, grandfather clock on the wall. The maid had taken her up the stairs the night before to the same room she had stayed in the last time she had spent the night at Josef’s mansion. A few feminine touches were added to the room since- a lady’s vanity, a cushioned lounge chair, a modest three-panel screen. When Brea asked, the maid informed her that all the changes had been made in the short time she had been downstairs with Mick and Josef. Money, apparently, goes a lot further than Brea could have imagined.

It seemed like a waste of the day, sleeping in so late. But even that in mind, Brea could not bring herself to rise from her comfortable cocoon in the most comfortable bed she had ever slept in. The last time she had been so out of it, she hadn’t even noticed.

Staring at the clock on the wall as it chimed the quarter hour, Brea decided she needed to get up. She had studying to do, and hopefully, the day would pass quickly. She wondered for a brief moment if she would see Josef, but then all of Mick’s words from the night before came rushing back to her. Vampires. They were vampires. They were unlikely to be up any earlier than sunset, and Josef himself had said something along the lines of seeing her later in the day.

Sighing in disappointment, Brea got up from the bed and began making it. The bedding and pillows were so heavy and plentiful that it took well over fifteen minutes to get it straight. Brea unpacked her clothes in the beautifully, hand-carved armoire and then changed into a pair of grey, pinstriped pants, an off-the-shoulder blouse with emerald green lace trim, and her favorite black boots.

While running through the menial tasks of primping and washing, Brea realized that her bandaged wound was throbbing with pain, and reminded herself to have Mick look at it later. She hadn’t lied to Mick when she told him that she had had worse injuries, but it wasn’t smart to leave it as it was. Brea reentered the main part of her bedroom, and advanced on the door and opened it to find Molly standing nearby. The familiar face was a comfort and Brea smoothed her hair back before approaching her.

“Good morning, Molly,” Brea greeted with a smile.

“Good morning, Miss,” Molly replied, turning on her high-watt smile. It really was striking, it lit up her entire face. “Can I get you some breakfast? I’ll show you to the dinning room.”

“Oh I can make it myself.”

“No, Miss, Mr. Kostan has instructed the day staff to be at your disposal until the night shift. Please follow me,” the slight woman told her.

Brea followed behind her, down the stairs and through several doorways. It felt weird to have someone insisting on making her breakfast. Well if she were being honest, everything about her current situation was weird.

“Please have a seat, Miss.”

“Molly, it would really make me more comfortable if you called me Brea,” Brea said.

Molly offered her another beautiful smile, and nodded in agreement. Just as Brea was going to ask what they had the swinging door swung open and four of the most outrageously stunning women Brea had ever seen walked through the door and took up seats around the long rectangular table.

“Oh hi. You must be the guest everyone has been talking about,” said the closest woman. She had ocean blue eyes, lush red curls, and a good three inches on Brea.

“Yes, Miss Rita, this is Breanna Mabalot. A special guest of Mr. Kostan,” Molly announced. The other three supermodel-worthy women beamed in her direction as greeting before listing orders to Molly about what they wanted for their meals.

“Now what would you like, Miss Brea?” Molly asked after jotting down the other orders.

“Um, coffee?” Brea questioned. It didn’t sit well with how comfortable these women were giving orders and chatting and laughing around Josef’s table while he wasn’t around.

“Miss Brea, if you don’t mind my saying so, that’s not a breakfast,” came Molly’s response.

“Yeah, order whatever you like. They have everything you could want,” said another of the women. Brea took in her brown eyes and blonde hair and the curves to die for and decided that if she were any other woman she would swear off food just looking at her.

“Yes, Miss Kennedy is right,” Molly agreed.

“Scrambled eggs and some toast?” Brea finally conceded.

“Coming right up.”

The others chatted in amiable normality- clearly they did this often. Brea was trying to decide whether breakfast was really worth her discomfort, or if she should just excuse herself and run back up to her room- assuming she could find it, when one of the other women turned to address her.

“So how do you know Josef?” asked a woman with wavy, short brown hair and large brown eyes. Her features reminded Brea of Ally, unremarkable on their own, but glamorous because she made them so. She radiated welcome and personality, and it was only because of that that she felt more at ease.

“I met him at a club not too long ago,” Brea told her.

“Oh that’s how I met him,” said a woman with shoulder-length blonde hair, plump red lips, and green eyes that turned blue when the light hit them a certain way. Nothing about her screamed inviting, and by the looks of her indifferent glances, she wasn’t.

“I’m Jackie, by the way,” introduced the brunette.

“I’m Eliza,” chimed the green-eyed blonde.

“Kennedy,” said the other blonde.

“And I’m Rita,” said the red head.

“I’m Brea. It’s nice to meet you.”

They chorused a “nice to meet you” back at her, and Brea smiled. Molly and another maid returned with two large silver platters covered in their morning breakfasts. Brea accepted her coffee and plate of eggs and toast along with a bottle of hot sauce. She loved hot sauce, it was her spicy addiction. Ally always grimaced when she poured it on her eggs, but it was much better than ketchup in Brea’s opinion.

“So how do you know Josef?” Brea finally asked what was on her mind since they had sauntered through the door. “And do you normally take breakfast so late?”

“Oh we’re up all night with Josef, so its only natural that our sleeping habits change a bit. I’m sure you know what I mean,” said Jackie.

“Yeah, and I’ve always just been a night person, you know?” Rita stated.

“As for how we know Josef. I met him at a business meeting when I worked as a high-powered executive for an opposing firm,” Kennedy explained.

“And I met him when he was involved with my cousin’s best friend,” responded Jackie.

“My mother worked for Josef when I was a child, and when I grew up, Josef offered me a job too. I suppose you could call it going into the family business,” Rita said with a laugh.

“You all work for Josef?” Brea asked between sipping her coffee and munching on her toast.

“We’re his freshies,” Eliza said.

“His what?” Brea asked, forehead crinkling in confusion.

“Freshies. Josef hires women to drink from,” Rita explained. “It’s much more civilized than it sounds. He provides us with a place to live and takes care of all of our expenses, and in turn we are on call whenever he needs blood.”

Brea could not believe what she was hearing. Josef basically hired beautiful women to drink from and in turn took them into his home. It sounded cheap in a way, like prostitution, but looking at these women, so comfortable in their ways- it seemed weird not to accept it. Besides, he did need blood to survive.

“And he’s an amazing lover,” Eliza stated bluntly. The other girls blushed slightly, and looked away. They had the good taste not to stare blatantly at Brea waiting for a response.

“How nice for him,” Brea said, her voice flat and indifferent. She was not going to let someone like Eliza intimidate her, or make her feel uncomfortable. Brea had no claim on Josef. She didn’t even know what was going on between them.

“So what did you do before you worked for Josef?” Brea asked, not really speaking to any of them in particular.

“Well I was a high-powered exec,” reiterated Kennedy.

“I was a model for a small agency on the east coast,” came Jackie’s reply.

“I worked in a four star restaurant as a manager,” said Rita, smiling just a little bit brighter in the aftermath of Eliza’s comment.

“I didn’t have a job. My dad owns a chain of banks around the country and made sure that I didn’t have to work for a living,” Eliza added in. “Though I did consider a career in acting.”

“You would have been great at that,” Rita started, “because no one’s a better drama queen than you.”

Brea fought back the laughter bubbling up in her throat at that, and the other women just laughed in response- taking Rita’s comment as a joke rather than the serious remark the red head clearly meant it to be. Eliza shot Rita a hard look, but when back to flipping through a magazine she had brought to
breakfast with her.

“So where are your rooms?” Brea questioned.

“We stay in the west wing with the other freshies,” Jackie informed her.

“The others? You mean there are more of you?”

“There’s about fifteen of us altogether, but the others don’t really make themselves known before dark. They dine in the west wing, but we prefer to come down to the dinning room for more quiet,” Kennedy jumped in.


“Where do you stay?” asked Eliza with genuine interest.

Just then Molly came back in and took a sweeping assessment of how everyone was doing.

“Do any of you need anything else?” Molly inquired.

“A glass of orange juice?” Brea asked. She was just incredibly thirsty and the cup of coffee had done nothing for her.

“Of course. Anyone else?” Molly asked once more before leaving after the other declined. She returned quickly and Brea touched her arm to give her

“I’m not exactly sure where my room is located. Can you tell me?” Brea asked politely. She really liked Molly and her manners seemed very English, and the more Brea spoke to her, the more it hinted at a past in Britain.

“You sleep in the north wing. Your room is connected to Mr. Kostan’s master bedroom,” Molly told her nicely, and then collected her plate and fork before disappearing back out the swinging door.

There was a collective hum at the end of the table at that news and Brea turned back to the women’s stares.

“I haven’t known Josef to put anyone in the north wing with him. The occasional guest stays for a few days, but generally they stay in the south wing, sometimes even the east, but never the north,” Jackie stated, her gaze slightly more envious.

“I agree, I haven’t seen, or heard of anyone staying there,” Kennedy nodded, her voice slightly awed, but otherwise unruffled.

“I knew of one woman,” Rita confided. She seemed unsure if she should be saying anything, “It was back in the early 1900s. Some of Josef’s older servants talk about her once in a while. Apparently, her name was Sarah. She was beautiful and old-fashion and very much a lady. Nobody ever mentioned what happened to her, but the general consensus was that she was well-liked.”

“I’ve never heard of her,” Eliza said petulantly.

“You know, you might be right, now that I think about it. I have heard the name Sarah before. But I also get the feeling it’s a big no-no topic with Josef. Maybe she broke his heart? Or maybe she was a vampire that stayed here? I don’t know,” Kennedy added in.

“Does it matter? Either she’s dead, old, or moved on. She’s out of his life and we don’t need to be talking about her,” Eliza hushed them all. Brea was two seconds away from snapping at her about her rudeness, but she lapsed into silence and stayed that way through her meal, despite a few glares Brea’s way.

After finishing off her juice and still not quite satisfied, Brea gave up. She stood up from the table and pushed in her chair.

“Well I think I’ll go back to my room and study. I have classes soon,” Brea said.

“You never told us why you’re staying here. Or what you do for a living.” Jackie broached.

“Oh, I’m here because Josef is helping me look for one of my friends who has gone missing, and I’m a student at UCLA.”

“One of your friends has gone missing?” Kennedy asked.

“Yeah, my best friend, she’s actually more like a sister. Her name’s Ally.” Brea replied.

“I’m sorry to hear that,” Rita chimed in, elbows on the table and eyes full of sympathy. The others murmured in kind, except Eliza who just kept flipping the pages of her magazine.

“Thank you.”

“I hope to see you later,” Kennedy called. Jackie nodded and Rita smiled in turn.

“Me too. Bye.”

Brea walked briskly from room to room and hoped she was going the right way. When she finally made it to, what she assumed was her room, she turned the gilded handle and walked in. Immediately, she realized her error and started to back out, but she noticed that the room was completely windowless and the only source of light was a standing lamp on the far side of the room. A large refrigerator sat on an upraised platform in the middle of the room.

Curiosity getting the better of her, Brea crept further into the room, closing the door behind her. She stepped up onto the raised platform and looked down at the lid of the refrigerator. The double glass doors were slightly frosted over, but Brea could see down the three feet below to who lay inside. Josef, arms at his sides, lay on top of a bed of ice, his skin pale and perfect and completely bare.

Turning away with an appreciative blush, Brea made her way back toward the door. She could not believe that he slept in a refrigerator, nor that he did so naked. The fridge was big enough for three people, but still Brea couldn’t wrap her mind around the idea of sleeping in a large box full of ice.

After closing the door and going down one more, she opened the door and peeked in to reveal her room. Relieved, she went over to one of the chairs beside the small table; and found that her book bag was just beside it.

She decided to sit and study away the hours until nightfall. Brea read chapter after chapter of textbooks and made an endless amount of tedious notes. She was just finishing up her last sentence for the last chapter she had to read for next weeks homework when Brea felt someone staring.

Glancing up after Brea finishing her last sentence, and then turned and looked up toward the direction she sensed it and found her eyes connecting with Josef’s. His stare was intense, scouring and devouring every inch of her. Though she was clothed, Brea felt stripped bare. Josef’s eyes flashed that alluring silver and her whole body clenched in response.

Slowly, she put down the pen in her hand and made a point to close her notebook.

“Hi,” Breanna whispered, it sounded breathy and aroused, and her eyelids lowered a degree, to half-mast.

“Hi,” he said with a sexy little smirk playing at the corners of his lips.

“I was just studying,” Brea said, and immediately wanted to smack herself, thinking ‘way to state the obvious’.

“I noticed. You were so focused on doing what you were doing you didn’t even register my arrival. I would be offended that I failed to capture your attentions if you weren’t incredibly sexy while doing it,” he replied, voice a light and flirtatious.

Brea fought back the rush of warmth in her cheeks, but she knew that they were warm to the touch, and probably very rosy. Around Josef, Brea felt completely desirable, overwhelmingly sexy, and for the first time in a long time- she felt a little out of control. The tight grip she usually had on her emotions, her actions- her life, was jeopardized every time she was with him.

“Did you have everything you needed today? I have a very well equipped day staff that are always at your disposal. I probably should have made it more clear last night, but-”

“No, it’s fine. Molly was around when I woke up and she brought me down and served me breakfast- which I am perfectly capable of making myself, you know. I even met a few of your…freshies,” Brea told him. She was still uncomfortable with the concept.

“Another thing I should have mentioned,” said Josef, guiltily. “I hadn’t intended you to find out that way.”

“That’s alright. They all seemed nice. Smart too,” Brea added, while silently adding beautiful to the list. Something in the way Josef looked at her, told her that he knew what she was thinking.

“I only employ the best. I demand a lot out the people that come to work for me, and I won’t deny that those people are quite often beautiful women,” Josef spoke to her in a light tone, but the words themselves were clear- as well as the message behind it: I live my life the way I want it and I’m not ashamed of that.

“So would I make the cut on your very selective list?” Brea taunted- her jealousy aroused. She hated to admit it, but Brea cared for Josef, or at least she was coming to care for him. She found him devilish and sensual, quick-witted and blunt, boyish and charming- he made life seem like a game; only he didn’t play by the rules.

In an instant, Josef was across the room and standing in front of her, his hands clutching her waist, “And if I said yes.” He placed an open-mouthed kiss on her neck, right above the pulse.

“I wouldn’t think you’re very selective. Those women are stunningly gorgeous and each have something going for them,” Brea responded, and felt his light kiss on her neck turn a bit harsh, nipping at her skin lightly- enticing her.

“You are just as beautiful, if not more so, than any women that I have ever employed. You have sexy, long, dark hair; skin smooth to the touch, lips that arouse some very primitive urges, emerald green eyes, lush full curves, and you taste exquisite,” Josef stated with a deep rumble to his voice, his eyes filling with a familiar look that Brea was coming to know very well.

Josef’s left hand came up and turned her head slowly to the side and back to lean against his shoulder. His right hand came upward to gently cup her breast, brushing against her aroused nipple. He gave it a deliberate tweak and felt her jolt in response.

Brea felt her body warming up, her nerves coming to life, and sinful thoughts whispered across her hazy mind. She felt his kiss on her neck and the nibble of want nipped at her. It was insane, but she wanted him to bite her. She had come to the conclusion at some point during breakfast that he must have bitten her that first time they met, and maybe more.

“Josef, you have bitten me before,” Brea stated, it sounded like a question.

“Yes.” He paused for a moment. “Does that bother you?”

Brea gave herself a moment to think about how she honestly felt over the whole thing, and then pushed it out of her mind and reached both arms up around his neck from behind.


“Would it bother you now?” Josef asked near her ear and her heart skipped a beat.

“No,” she confessed.

“Honesty is a very attractive trait,” he whispered.

He played with her neck a moment more, and Brea thought she was going to die in anticipation and then she felt his teeth become sharper and then he bit down and her world swam. Her body felt as if it had been hit with a wave of lust, a powerful, almost crushing, desire rose up within her and she bit down on her lip to stop from screaming out; only to have the cry break free from her lips when her own pointed, eye-teeth cut into her delicate lower lip.

Josef’s head raised in the next moment and his lips were on hers as his hands held her desperately against him. Lips, tongues, and teeth were pressed together in a ravenous kiss, flaming with need and demand. The blood on her lips aroused them both, and the taste of its tang mixed with Josef’s own unique flavor had Brea’s hand clenching more tightly around his neck, pulling him more fully down to meet her.

When they pulled apart they were both breathing heavily, and Josef was staring at her in awe.

“What?” Brea questioned, still to fogged with want to figure out why they had stopped.

“You’re eyes, your…fangs,” Josef said. He seemed dumbstruck, and in that moment, she realized how she must look. Her clothes mussed, her hair tousled, her eyes must be that same enchanting silver, and her teeth (fangs) were extended. She tried to force her body to calm down, but it was jittery with anxious energy.

“Well, we knew that there was something different about me,” Brea said, nervously rubbing her forearms.

“You’re blood tastes human, but there are odd flavors from time to time; and those flavors are becoming more pronounced,” Josef confided.

“What does that mean?” Brea questioned, she had a feeling she might not want to know.

“That means, your essence is changing,” Josef said.

“None of this makes sense,” she told him, worrying her lower lip again, only to have blood pearl around her teeth. She licked her lips slowly to collect the blood and savored the taste in her mouth before looking back at Josef.

“You keep doing that and I might have to finish what we started,” Josef announced, his hands coming to rest again at her waist.

Brea was too focused on what was happening to her to let Josef’s spell take hold. “What are we going to do?”

Sighing, Josef removed a hand and ran it through his hair. It was a sign he was frustrated, “I’ll take you down to my private lab and have your blood work done. We’ll figure out what’s happening. Don’t worry.”

“Okay. But first we have to meet with Mick and see if he’s found anything out about Ally, or Lance,” Brea said. She was extremely off-put by the idea that her body was changing, but she had to keep her focus. Josef was a bad enough distraction without adding more on top of it.

“After you,” Josef said at the bedroom door, an arm held out in front of him, guiding her way. She couldn’t help but smile, he was utterly charming.

Author's Note: Well there it is. Chapter Eight. I hope everyone enjoyed it and that your holidays went well. Please let me know what you think. Thank you Garia88 for your constant reviews- they are very appreciated. EK! :D
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Re: His Kiss (ML,Josef/OC,ADULT) Ch8 1/24/09

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His Kiss
I don't own Moonlight or anything linked to it.
Category: Moonlight fanfic
Rating: ADULT
Pairings: Josef/OC, Mick/Beth
Summary: Breanna Mabalot has had a shaky past and the only person she has made a point to be close with is her "sister" Ally. When Ally sees that Breanna is taking life too seriously, the girls venture out for a night on the town, and Brea ends up meeting someone who shakes up her world. As life goes on from her earth-shattering experience with Josef Kostan, she finds that more and more peculiarities start to jump out at her- and the well kept secret of her blood will be revealed.

Chapter Nine

Mick hadn’t found anything. Brea could not help the overwhelming disappointment that overtook her- she tried to mask her distress with a calm face; but her futile efforts were transparent. Josef had run a frustrated hand through his hair, and then told Mick to keep working on it- in a very demanding, expectant voice; something that Mick had raised an eyebrow at before looking at Brea and nodding in agreement.

When Brea and Josef left Mick’s office they headed for Josef’s lab. Upon arriving, a medical assistant greeted them, and Brea got the distinct impression that he was more than just a medical assistant- he was a vampire. It was still a weird revelation that seemingly normal people were actually mythical creatures existing in secrecy. The M.A. led them into a private back room and took blood- as instructed under Josef’s careful watch- while assuring Brea that it wouldn’t hurt. It did hurt and when she stood from the cheap metal and plastic chair, her world swam before her eyes.

Sucking in a deep breath, she closed her eyes and sat back down. She heard Josef’s concerned voice, but it sounded far-off, unreachable. Fighting against the dimness filling her mind, Brea opened her eyes slowly, and focused on the cool blue/silver eyes flashing in front of her own. Josef was knelt on the floor before her, hands gripping her arms tightly- something she hadn’t felt at first.

“Are you alright?” Josef asks, brushing a long strand of hair away from her face.

“I don’t know,” Brea admitted.

“What happened?” Josef demanded of the medical assistant- Christopher.

“I won’t know anything until I get this blood work done,” Christopher answered. He was standing on the opposite end of the sterile back room labeling the vial with Brea’s name, and a few other quick facts.

“Josef?” Brea whispered gentle, unsure why her head was spinning.

“Stay here,” Josef ordered her, ignoring the question in her voice.

Brea’s eyes widened when one second Josef was kneeling at her feet, and then next he was a blur of movement almost indistinguishable to her eyes. In the next instant, Josef reclaimed his place in front of her, and he was holding a glass of juice for her. Brea took it gratefully, but the second some of the juice slid down her throat, she was turning from Josef, and throwing up all over the clean floor beside her feet. She barely registered the feel of someone holding back her curtain of long, silken hair as she emptied the contents of her stomach.

A couple minutes after, Brea’s breathing went back to normal and her convulsing stomach and chest relaxed. Looking up, she noticed that Josef the one holding her hair- an unexpectedly concerned look. She gave him a minute smile.

“I’m sorry about the mess. I don’t know what’s wrong with me,” Brea apologized. It was as if her insides had just revolted.

“Don’t worry about that. Here,” Josef said, handing her a cup of water and then swiftly and surprisingly lifted Brea from her seat, bridal style, and carried her to a nearby sink so she could rinse her mouth. It was on the tip of her tongue to protest his help, but she liked the feel of being in his arms.

“Thank you.”

Christopher, who went to request custodial help, returned a moment later. A cleaning man came in and started to take care of the mess; Brea unable to look.

“I’ll call you when the tests are done,” Christopher told them. His tone seemed nonchalant, almost uncaring.

“I expect expedient results,” said Josef, shifting Brea in his arms- unwilling to put her down.

“Like I said, I’ll call you when I’ve got something.” He sounded almost bored.

Josef gently placed Brea down, and then he was on the M.A., hand wrapped threateningly around his throat- his eyes swirling from blue to silver, and his fangs protruding slightly from his mouth. “This will be your first priority- bar none. Now are we clear?”

Brea’s eyes had grown large. She covertly turned her gaze on the janitor, who didn’t look up from his task, but he was moving more quickly. Reverting her eyes back to the scene Josef was creating, Brea noted that Josef had released the other man, and Christopher was now attempting to assure Josef that this was his top task. Every time something like that happened, Brea remembered what Josef was and what that meant.

Turning from Christopher, Josef softened his features, and approached Brea again.

“I think I can walk,” Brea offered, about to stand. Josef took the decision out of her hands and lifted her from her seat- carrying her out of the private room as if she hadn’t spoken, and as if no one would think it was weird about him carrying her around. “Josef!” Brea tried to contest.

“Yes?” He asked, his voice light- amused.

“Put me down. I can walk,” Brea ordered, but he continued striding all the way out the building and to his car, parked on the curb. Somehow, Josef managed to open the passenger side door and slowly placed Brea in her seat, buckling her in, and then closing her door.

When they were on the road and driving in an unfamiliar direction, Brea turned to Josef, “Where are we going?” She was still woozy and disconcerted. Her eyelids began to droop, but she fought off the impending darkness.

“I’m taking you to a favorite restaurant of mine,” Josef offered the tidbit of information while making a sharp left-hand turn. Brea’s body jerked against the seatbelt.

“Drive slower,” Brea insisted, and Josef gave her a playful smirk before acquiescing to her order.

“I don’t usually take orders,” Josef commented, taking one of Brea’s hands in his own and bringing it to his mouth, placing a sweet kiss against the palm. God, for all his playful charm, he managed to melt her by doing the sweetest things; and probably the most endearing part was he did them without thinking.

“I don’t feel so good,” Brea then responded when her world swam again as they parked in front of a swanky restaurant. She was going to ask Josef why a vampire would have a favorite restaurant when he can’t eat, but she thought better of it, and reached for her handle as Josef stepped out of the car. Before she could open the door, Josef was there, opening it for her, and handing her out. He allowed her to stand on her own for a moment, but she was unsteady on her feet, and he wrapped an arm around her waist, tugging her closer to him, and offering her support.

They walked into the restaurant, and the smell of well-prepared food drifted to Brea’s nose, cause her stomach to churn angrily. She wasn’t hungry, and she didn’t want to sit in an expensive restaurant when any moment she might throw up again.

“My usual, Marissa,” said Josef, obviously knowing the short, black-haired hostess. The girl, who looked to be no more than seventeen, smiled brightly, and led them to a secluded booth near a glass wall that led out onto an elegantly decorated outdoor seating area.

“Can I get you anything to drink?” she asked Josef.

“Brea?” Josef asked, turning his eyes to rest on her.

“Water,” she answered. The idea of anything else was enough to turn her stomach.

“And for you?” The waitress persisted, her eyes devouring Josef in a way that had Brea’s ire rising.

“O negative, thank you.” Josef responded, handing over his menu.

“Of course. Your server will have those drinks right out to you,” Marissa informed them, taking Josef’s menu, and then casting a brief, but envious glance in Brea’s direction.

Alone at last, Brea slumped back in the booth, resting her head against the soft cushion of the seat. Josef stayed quiet, letting her rest. The server cleared his throat to alert Brea to his presence, while placing their drinks before them. Brea opened her eyes, and noticed that both men were staring at her- and both had appreciative looks on their faces.

Blushing, Brea picked up her menu again, and couldn’t find one thing she wanted to order. “Josef, I’m not hungry.”

“You have to eat. She’ll have a steak, medium rare.” Josef ordered for her, ignoring her verbal protests.

“Anything else?” The waiter asked, looking directly at Brea. She noticed the look, and shook her head. Even in his server uniform, the waiter was cute. He had light blond hair, deep brown eyes, and strong, muscular features- obviously this was only a part-time job, he looked more like a athlete than a waiter.

“I’ll have that out for you shortly,” he said, heading for the kitchen.

“I’m really not hungry,” Brea protested, sipping her water, and then regretting the decision.

“You need iron,” stated Josef, sipping his glass full of O negative. It appeared to be red wine when looked at, but it looked almost too thick and rich in color. The scent of it wafted to her nose, and Brea’s stomach stopped churning. It had the most heavenly smell. A hunger rose up in her, and Brea couldn’t believe what she was feeling. Her eyes were transfixed on the glass, and her own beverage sat forgotten.

Josef seemed to notice her fixation, and his eyes flashed that enticing silver.

“Would you like to try it?” Josef offered, uncharacteristically uncertain.

Brea shook her head, but she scooted discreetly closer, until she was pressed lightly against his side. He took a long pull from his glass, and when Brea peered up at him, he took her lips in a halting kiss. Her tongue swept out to touch his lips, and Josef parted them immediately, heightening the kiss, and giving Brea a taste of the forbidden liquid in his glass. It was spicy, almost like peppers, but with a dash of something darker. Intoxicating. Overwhelming. Satisfying. Voracious with the want of it, Brea grabbed at Josef more insistently, hoisting herself onto his lap. His hands cupped her ass, pulling her against his hardness, whetting her appetite.

“Excuse me,” said the waiter, interrupting Brea’s assault. She pulled back crazed with desire, thick and coursing through her veins in a fiery trail- searing her senses and scintillating her taste buds.

Glaring angrily at the intrusion, Brea retook her seat, still pressed against Josef’s side.

“Yes?” Josef asked, his voice rough with hunger and anger.

“We do not permit public displays in this restaurant,” snipped the waiter, his model-esque features contorting in jealousy and disgust.

“What’s your name?” Josef asked, not seeing a visible nametag.

“Andrew McCrea,” the waiter said.

“Andrew, I would like to speak with Jeanette, or maybe you know her as the owner. She’s a close, personal friend of mine,” Josef told him, face stony. Brea was fascinated as he went into commanding, business-man mode. She’d never seen this side of him- not really. He’d been demanding with some, but never this intense.

Andrew seem to sense he was in hot water, but swiftly left their table and disappeared into a back room that Brea couldn’t see. She was too focused on what she had just done. She felt her eye teeth poking against her lips, and could still taste the delicious spice of Josef’s drink. Brea was both fascinated and grossed out by her blatant want for blood. When did that start? Why? She had so many questions.

A few minutes passed in comfortable silence, Josef’s hand coming to rest on her clothing clad thigh, rubbing sensual circles that Brea felt to her core. She could feel herself responding in a purely feminine way when a gorgeous, blue-eyed, blond appeared at their table. She was German- it was undeniably evident in her every physical attribute. Her hair was curly and short- fashioned in layers and held back by a royal blue ribbon. Everything about her screamed sweet and beautiful, but there was an intelligence and wisdom that bespoke many years of experience; far beyond that of the thirty-five year old she appeared to be.

“Josef! I haven’t seen you in such a long time. You shouldn’t let so much time pass before visiting,” the woman scolded. She smiled brightly in contrast to her reprimand, and Brea watched Josef rise, smiling, and kiss her on the cheek before offering her a seat in their booth.

“Forgive me, I’ve had much going on. Jean, this is Breanna Mabalot. Brea, this is Jeanette Claget,” Josef made the introductions, and resumed his position beside Brea, rubbing those tingling circles on her thigh again, moving his hand closer to the apex between her thighs.

“Andy told me that you were insistent on seeing me. How may I be of help?” She asked, offering Brea a hand to shake. Brea accepted it and felt the strength of the other woman’s grasp.

“He displayed poor manners,” Josef informed Jean; his tone colored with deeper meaning.

“I apologize, to both of you. He is new, but that doesn’t excuse poor behavior. I’ll have a new server attend to you for the remainder of your meal; which is of course, on the house,” Jean assured.

“Thank you,” Josef retorted with a nod of the head to acknowledge her kindness. She smiled widely, large, white teeth shined.

“Well I would love to stay and catch up, I haven’t seen you since the World War II, but I have paperwork to do. It was a pleasure to meet you, Breanna.”

“You too,” Brea spoke up, turning on her own warm smile, and hoping her teeth were normal, but knowing they were still enlarged. It gave her smile a wicked quality, but Jeannette merely nodded and walked off.

“Brea,” Josef said, catching her attention again.

“Yes,” Brea responded.

“Take a drink of water and a deep breath; it will help your teeth retract,” Josef instructed, lifting his own glass to his lips. Normally he didn’t go for blood on tap, but Jeannette’s establishment had a high class stock that was simply delicious.

Following his directions, Brea took a drink of water, and the liquid slid over her tongue, washing away the last lingering traces of spice, and cooling her system immediately. She followed it with a deep breath, and she could almost feel her teeth retracting. How had Josef know just what to do? Maybe he had some experience in needing to cool down when his body was in overdrive- fighting to break the sensual haze.

A new server, Perry, placed a medium-rare steak in front of Brea and asked if either of them needed anything. He looked like a surfer type, even dressed to the nines in upper class attire. They both said they were fine, and he left.

Brea stared at the steak for a few seconds then glanced up in Josef’s direction, his hand withdrawn, and saw him watching her expectantly. Sighing, Brea cut a small piece of steak and saw that it was still mostly pink and juices were bleeding from it. The first bite was odd. It felt heavy on her tongue, and when she started chewing she realized that the barely cooked meat was, in fact, wonderful. The flavors were delicious, over the top. Usually Brea took her steak well-done, but the taste was completely different. Tearing into the steak with her fork and knife, Brea ate ravenously, and her body didn’t protest. Her stomach settle, and her body sucked up every drop of juice. Already she was feeling better, her eyes becoming more alert, her head stopped spinning, her mind was racing.

“How is it?” Josef asked, but there was an amused tone to his voice, and Brea met his eyes over the table- seeing his obvious enjoyment of watching her eat.

“It’s amazing,” Brea judged, taking a big bite into her mouth and biting back on a moan as more of the juices teased her taste buds. By the time she finished her steak, Josef was on the last of his beverage- maybe a gulp left.

“Would you like a taste?” Josef asked again, offering her another chance at tasting the rich O negative.

Brea shook her head again, but she remembered the taste of Josef’s mouth. She was tempted, but she couldn’t face the reality of what all of this was beginning to mean for her. “I don’t think it would be smart. I mean I don’t even know how it will effect my body.”

“It’s your choice, but a little consumption wouldn’t harm you, or any other human.” He held the glass within her reach, and Brea could smell the scent from her seat. She felt her teeth lengthening again, and fought the urge, but in the end she carefully gripped the stem of the glass, and slowly and uncertainly tipped it up- taking in a small amount of the blood inside.

Liquid heat, spice, and desire. It coursed through her as she up-ended the glass in a eager display of enthusiasm. Sound flooded her ears, noises from outside- the sound of tapping shoes, cars, bits and pieces of conversations, a siren in the far distance; it was as if everything was suddenly at her fingertips. Her eyes took in Josef with new color, new vibrancy. His eyes were more than blue, they were the sky, the ocean, exotic and whirling in pools of light. His lips weren’t just fairly pink, they were a whole different shade of red- nothing like she had ever seen before. His skin was lit with small, illuminated, pin-pricks of light and pigment. Everything about him was a treat for the eyes, and indulgence of the senses. Smells were enhanced to the height of their potential- to the point she could smell the individual ingredients and essences in the Italian lasagna being served to another couple across the room.

Josef had taken the glass from her grasp, his fingers brushing against her hand, and suddenly her body was on fire. Electricity zinged through her from fingertips to the feet. Her body temperature went up a notch, and her mind went numb. The taste of steak and blood on her taste buds lingered and enticed, and her entire being was hungry for more. For everything. She was perfect in that moment- everything made sense.

“Josef,” Brea whispered huskily, draping herself over his lap, and tracing patterns on his chest- feeling every fiber of his shirt, and loving the roughness of it against the pads of her fingers. She had never been this bold, but then she had never been this ethereal- everything about this moment was divine. Clutching at his biceps next, she felt them flex beneath her touch, and her lips parted in a wanton moan- opening her mouth wide, throwing her head back as her fangs extended.

Havoc. That was the only way to describe what happened to her body when Josef pressed a soft, maddening kiss against the pulse of her throat. Her eyes slid shut, and her other senses enhanced, taking over the job of analyzing the incredible sensations her body was feeling.

A strong sense of disappointment swept through her when Josef pulled back- whispering her name against her skin, and giving new meaning to life.

“I need more, Josef,” Brea told him, spreading her legs and straddling his waist once again, but this time she was grinding against his member through the expensive material of his pants. Nothing had ever brought her to life like this, nothing had felt so right, so natural.

Hands grasped her hips, stopping her movement. Opening her eyes in frustration, Breanna leaned down into Josef, and kissed him aggressively, thrusting her tongue passed his lips and teeth and into paradise. He tasted like the spicy blood she had consumed, only more delicious, more dangerous, more addictive- more than anything she had ever wanted, she wanted him. She dominated the kiss for several long moments, but Josef soon took over, growling with barely leased desire. She only had to push a little further, Brea thought, and he would break.

Remembering himself, Josef pulled back from her, resting his forehead on hers, and then lifting her off of him so he could think more clearly. She resisted at first, but he was stronger- holding her at arms length. He would not take her on a dinning table in the middle of Jeannette’s.

“Come,” Josef ordered, standing swiftly throwing down a fist full of bills before storming off toward the car. He didn’t insist on carrying her again, his control was not infinite and he was coming apart at the seams.

Neither spoke, or touched on the whole ride back to Josef’s mansion. Brea’s body was still aflame, but she opened her window fully and the cool evening air caressed her skin- cooling her; it was like she’d never felt the wind before. The breeze was like an embrace- chilling, thrilling, and sudden.

Her mind was focused on what she had almost done in the restaurant. She felt bad, and she had wanted to be. In that moment she had let go of her reservations, her issues with sex- due to Brian- and all the inhibitions about what she was and what Josef was. None of that had matter, but sitting with the wind waking her up from her haze; Brea realized she couldn’t go there with Josef yet. She thought she had finally gotten over what happened with Brian- but she hadn’t, she couldn’t.

When they pulled into the drive, Josef got out- car still running- and tossed his keys to someone before opening her door, and handing her out. There was lust in his eyes and Brea was panicked. How was she going to tell him no? She could honestly see herself with Josef- and it scared her.

Josef stopped her train of thought, lifting her up off the ground, and the next thing she knew, they were in her room. Or rather, the room she’d been given. Brea opened her mouth to speak, but Josef was too impassioned to wait a moment more. His kiss reawakened her and Brea closed her eyes and tried to put her past behind her, where it belonged. With shaking hands, Brea unbuttoned Josef’s silk shirt, tugging at it, pushing it off his shoulders, and somewhere off the bed.

Trailing open-mouthed kisses down her the long, creamy column of her neck, Josef teased her, nipping and licking her sensitive flesh. He made his way down her body until he was kneeling before her, slowly unzipping and taking off her black boots; Josef’s hands divesting her of her pinstripe pants, leaving her in her underwear and emerald top. Lifting one of her slender, curvy legs, Josef kissed the instep of her foot, and trailed his way back up to her inner thigh- his mouth doing impossible things to arouse her. He hooked his fingers into the band of her sexy, lacy panties- covering every inch of her other leg in kisses as he discarded the scrap of fabric.

Writhing sinuously, Brea could only gasp for air, back arching high. Strong, large hands came up to her chest, both coming to rest on her covered chest- softly squeezing her generous breasts. Josef’s mouth disappeared from her legs, and Brea glanced down to meet his eyes, and just as she did, his mouth connected with her core, tongue plunging deeply inside her. The breath went out of her as he set an avid speed, fucking her with his mouth and tongue. His right hand slipped under her shirt, and grasped her bra clad breast, gently kneading at the mound- her nipples hardening and tingling.

Josef couldn’t get enough of her. She tasted like ambrosia, better than anything he’d ever indulged in. Her eyes were flashing silver at him, warning him she was on the edge- and her body was moving in a desirous rhythm. He licked his way from her core to her clit; her whole body lifting off the bed in a jerk when his tongue flicked out to stimulate it. He brought his left hand down between her thighs, and when she began to cool down, regaining her senses, he thrust two fingers deep within her sheath, a warm heat that teased his feral urges.

“God, Josef,” Brea called out as she rode his hand, head twisting from side to side against the bed as her body was pushed that much closer to peak. Her hands clutched the bedspread around her, nails digging into the fabric; Josef’s tongue flicked out again to taste her bundle of nerves and she let out a frustrated moan, releasing the bedspread only so her hands could travel down to Josef’s head- pulling him closer.

She was on the edge, Josef knew. He felt the tense in her body skyrocketing, and he wanted to see her come apart in his arms. He withdrew his fingers, and his mouth slid down to her warm, wet core; without pause he thrust his tongue back inside, and she exploded in ecstasy.

Tremors ran rampart throughout her body, touching every secret, forbidden corner with lust and satisfaction. Brea heard screaming, and in the next moment, with Josef sliding up her body, she knew it was coming from her. Brea had never felt this way with anyone before. She had had a few lovers- before Brian- and they had been nice and sometimes pleasurable, but nothing like this.

Gazing down into her eyes, Josef brushed his hand along the length of her body, and helped her out of her shirt and bra. “Beautiful,” he whispered to her, and Brea’s sated body began to awaken again, her appetite insatiable.

“Josef I haven’t…been with someone in a long time. And my last relationship was…difficult for me. I…Brian wasn’t gentle, and I wasn’t always-” she cut off. How do you tell someone that you were abused sexually, Brea wondered. She didn’t want Josef to look at her differently, and she didn’t want this to hinder their…whatever it was that they had. But he had to know, “Josef, I wasn’t always willing in my last relationship, and Brian was always rough. I don’t know if I’m ready to-”

“He did what?” Josef asked, his voice a dangerous whisper, and his eyes a lethal, steel gray/silver.

“I don’t want you to think I don’t want you, and I understand if you don’t want me anymore, but I thought you should know that-” Brea began, but stopped when Josef placed two fingers over her lips.

“You are just as desirable now as you were minutes ago. We can take it slow,” Josef promised, removing his fingers from her lips, and soothing a hand over her hair. The pad of his thumb brushed away silent tears that Brea hadn’t realized she was crying until then. She leaned up on her elbows and watched as Josef stilled, not moving. He allowed her to dominate the kiss, to take her time, and do what was comfortable to her.

Pulling back, Brea met his eyes and saw the lust in them. He was doing something for that she had never allowed herself to do in other relationships: be selfish and dominant. He was putting all the choices in her hands, and trusting her with someone she couldn’t name.

“I don’t think I’m ready for everything, but I want to give you pleasure too,” she confided, and it was true. Brea wanted to make him feel as amazing as he had made her feel. She didn’t feel awkward or clumsy as she unbuckled and removed his pants as he kicked off his shoes, and removed his socks. It should have surprised her that Josef went commando, but it didn’t. She moved off of the bed and between Josef’s legs which hung off the end of the bed. Brea had never done this for anyone else before, but for Josef, she wanted to.

Taking in the shear size of him, Brea wondered how she was possibly going to manage, but cleared her mind of doubts and worries, and went on instinct. Grasping him with one hand at the base of his long, rigid cock, Brea pumped him slowly at first, and faster as he made small sounds of pleasure. Her eyes flicked up from his cock to meet his gaze, and she tested the waters with a teasing stroke of her tongue. She heard a groan from above, but her eyes had returned to his length. The bulbous tip was pearled with translucent fluid; Brea leaned forward and licked the fluid from the tip, and then sucked the tip into her mouth, slowing the speed of her hand, and taking more and more of him in. Her head began to bob in a slow, natural rhythm, her hand moving in sync with the movements of her mouth, covering his entire member. Her tongue stroked against him as she bobbed her head, and the taste of him was salty.

Josef couldn’t take his eyes off of her. She was like a goddess. Her confession had angered him- firstly because she thought he wouldn’t desire her because of what happened in her past, and secondly because he wanted to kill- and probably would- that poor excuse for a man, Brian. Hearing her tell him she wanted to pleasure him had made his already hard shaft expand and harden even more. The feel of her moist mouth sucking and licking his cock, while her hand teased and worked with it was incredible. He could feel his release building.

Brea heard Josef above her, telling her he was going to come, and she increased her pace; her hand dropping from his length to his balls- massaging him tenderly. He was telling her how sexy she was, how good she made him feel, and when he came, Brea tried her hardest to take all of him. She came up for air shortly after, swallowing his release, while massaging his balls until his member was soft again.

Pulling her up to lay on top of him, Josef sighed in content- his throat hoarse from calling out her name as he came. She felt willowy and curvaceous, her body perfectly fitted to his- both of them sweaty.

They laid their together for a long time, and Josef fought down his hunger. He needed to feed again. The one glass of O negative hadn’t been enough, and after their round of pleasuring each other, he was ravenous. Her neck looked enticing, but he didn’t want to use her that way- especially after how she reacted earlier to having blood taken. He had had the feeling it had been his fault at that point- he had bitten her a few times; that may have had an impact when Christopher drew blood.

Brea placed feathery kisses on Josef’s neck, along his jaw line, and a sweet, chaste kiss on the lips.

“I need to feed, Brea,” Josef said lowly into her neck and hair, his arms clenching around her waist.

“Oh,” came Brea’s response against the skin of his throat. Her tongue darted out to swirl against his pulse point. He gasped and she tilted her head to the side for him.

“No, I don’t want to take any more from you. It’s dangerous to feed from one source too much, especially when you’re human,” Josef rejected her selfless offer.

Looking down at him from her vantage point above him, Brea asked, “So you’re going to drink from one of your freshies?” She experienced a flash of jealousy and envy- both laughable emotions when she and Josef were still undefined.

“Yes,” Josef stated firmly.

“Okay,” agreed Brea, rolling off of him and to the side, her back to him.

She heard him sigh and felt a number of light kisses down her back, and then heard him getting up and dressing. Turning to watch him dress, Brea admired him from behind, and bit her lip- she didn’t want another woman being with Josef intimately, as Eliza had stated she had been. Thinking of Eliza, Brea grew more sullen.

“I have work after this, but I’ll check in on you later. If you need anything, the staff is at your disposal- unconditionally.” He told her.


“Yes?” He questioned, turning to her at the door.

“Could you not go to Eliza? I know it’s not my place, but…” Brea didn’t have an ending to her sentence, or an explanation, but she didn’t think she could stand the thought of them together.

Josef’s proprietary expression changed, an unfamiliar look gracing his attractive features, and nodded. Then he slipped out the door and it thudded shut behind him. Brea sighed and laid back once more. Since when had life gotten so complicated, Brea wondered, but she knew as soon as she thought it that the answer was simple. The day she met Josef Kostan was the day that would forever change her life.

Author's Note: Hey guys! It's been awhile, I know. I had pneumonia all week last week, and am now in recovery mode. I hope you enjoyed this last chapter. Thank you again to garcia88 for your input. Midterms are coming up this week and next and then I have spring break- YAY! That means I will hopefully have the time and inclination to update sooner than usual. Let me know what you thought of this chapter, EK! :D
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Re: His Kiss (ML,Josef/OC,ADULT) Ch9 3/4/09

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His Kiss
I don't own Moonlight or anything linked to it.
Category: Moonlight fanfic
Rating: ADULT
Pairings: Josef/OC, Mick/Beth
Summary: Breanna Mabalot has had a shaky past and the only person she has made a point to be close with is her "sister" Ally. When Ally sees that Breanna is taking life too seriously, the girls venture out for a night on the town, and Brea ends up meeting someone who shakes up her world. As life goes on from her earth-shattering experience with Josef Kostan, she finds that more and more peculiarities start to jump out at her- and the well kept secret of her blood will be revealed.

Chapter Ten

Brea walked down the stairs the next day, realizing how comfortable she was beginning to feel in Josef’s mansion. Her life’s unexpected turns still had her head spinning, but she found herself slowly adjusting to her current situation. The finery around her was still awe-inspiring, but it was not so intimidating and unusual.

Making her way into the dinning room, Brea took a seat in one of the chairs around the table while Molly took off for the kitchen to tell the cook to prepare for their orders.

“Good morning, Brea,” came Rita’s voice from behind her, causing Brea to jump slightly in her seat.

Half-turning in her chair, Brea smiled, “Good morning. Just you today?”

Rita took the nearest seat to Brea and faced the other woman. She had been unaccompanied that morning- or early afternoon rather- and was surprised and pleased to run into Breanna again.

“No, they all slept in today. We stayed up late last night helping plan Josef’s annual ball,” Rita explained as Molly re-entered the room.

“What may I get for you ladies?” Molly asked, smiling her usual smile.

“I’ll have a glass of orange juice, two pieces of wheat toast with jam, and a western omelet, please,” Said Rita.

“Of course, and for you?” Molly asked, turning toward Brea.

“Um, a cup of coffee and maybe a waffle? If it’s not too much trouble,” Brea asked. This part of living with Josef was still awkward- Brea was so used to doing things for herself.

“Perfect. I’ll have everything right out to you,” Molly said with a nod as she left the room back toward the kitchen.

“What ball?” Brea asked, once Molly had exited. She was incredibly curious now.

“Every year Josef throws a ball to celebrate his birth into the vampire world. Each year the Freshies are asked to plan it,” Rita explained as Molly hurried in with their drinks.

“Thank you, Molly,” Brea said absently, her attention raptly focused on Rita. “And when is it?”

“This coming Saturday. Everyone who is anyone in the vampire world will be here. Josef is one of the oldest among them, almost like neo-royalty in today’s world. It’s always fun to plan,” Rita responded.

“What do you wear to the ball?” Brea asked, her curiosity growing as Molly left the room again. Taking a few seconds to prepare her coffee, Brea waited for Rita to respond.

“Unfortunately, Freshies are not allowed to attend this event,” Rita’s reply stunned Brea, and she had to take a sip of coffee before responding.

“That seems unfair. You plan the entire event and are not allowed to go? Why?”

“Josef hires new Freshies for this particular event. It is actually for our benefit and protection. Any human at the party is considered a source of food and entertainment, Josef refuses to allow us to go and become either. We are his private collection,” Said Rita with a wicked smile. She liked the idea of being special, Brea realized.

“Well, that makes sense,” Brea said aloud, though it was more a musing then a response.

“I’ve still always sort of wanted to go though; just to see my plans put into action.”

“How old will Josef be?” It was a question born from Brea’s curiosity- she wanted to know more about Josef.

“From my understanding he’ll be four-hundred-and-ninety-eight this year. Not many people know his age though- I think it’s a manner of vanity,” Rita replied, her face scrunching up with laugh lines as she winked jokingly at Brea.

Brea let out a unexpected laugh and smiled more brightly across the table at Rita. Rita was a lot more like her type of friend than Brea had originally thought. It was hard sometimes for Brea to trust people, harder to find anyone she would consider being friends with- which was attested to by Brea’s lack of social life.

“You have a nice laugh,” Rita complimented, taking a bite of her omelet and returning Brea’s smile.

“Thank you. I think this is the first real conversation I’ve had with someone other than the day staff while staying here. I mean, Josef is amazing and he doesn’t lack for words, but it’s different with him. You actually remind me of my friend, the one that’s missing. She knew just what to say to make me laugh,” Brea confided.

“Well thank you. I know what you mean, about Josef and conversations. When I first came to work here- as his freshie- it was awkward. I didn’t know how to act, what to say, what was expected. I grew up here- my mother was one of Josef’s freshies when she was my age- so I know the place, and a majority of the people, but it was still hard to adjust to, in a way,” said Rita.

The two women sat eating their breakfasts in quiet for a few minutes after Brea nodded her head in agreement. Brea glanced up at Rita and wondered if she was still awkward about the whole thing- but she seemed at ease in her environment, almost inconceivably content.


“Yes?” Rita asked, looking up from her meal.

“Has Josef always been like he is now? Personality wise?”

“Since I’ve known Josef- which is a longtime now- he has always been the same. But lately, he’s been more serious- realistic. He used to be all fun and money and expensive stuff. I’m not sure why he’s become more…down-to-Earth, but I like it. He always seemed very untouchable- and he still is in a way- but now he’s more human to me. I think it’s you. I think since he met you he’s been more real,” Rita commented. It took Brea by surprise, the way she stated her answer.

“I don’t think it was me. He and I haven’t even defined what kind of relationship is between us, but he’s been who he is since the moment I met him. Maybe something else triggered the change you see. I was only asking because sometimes what you see isn’t what you’re getting,” Brea said self-consciously.

“Can I tell you something?” Rita questioned, leaning over her plate more- as if to confide a huge secret.

“Yeah, sure,” Brea was all ears.

“You seem like a really smart, nice, pretty girl. Guys probably drop to their knees when they meet you, and if they don’t they should. I know I’m only ten years older than you, if that, but I have learned something in life while living with Josef. If you are enjoying something, or see something you want- let yourself have it because no one is going to hand it to you, and if they do take it and run. If what you have is exactly what you want and you’re too afraid to enjoy it because it seems too good to be true then you’ll never know. You deserve anything you want.

“I almost quit after my first three days working for Josef. I couldn’t accept all the changes, or all that Josef was offering me. None of it seemed real. I was afraid, awkward, anti-social; I honestly didn’t think I would survive the week. Even the part about Josef biting me was too much for me to handle at first.

“But when I went to turn in my resignation- which needs to be submitted in 12 point font, Courier to Josef himself- he refused to accept it. Not because he wanted my blood, but because he wanted to take care of me, like he did my mother. He told me what I told you and so I promised to wait out the week. And I did. And I’m still here.

“I didn’t mean to lecture you, I just wanted to give you some friendly, good advice.” Rita concluded her advice by downing her orange juice and standing up to leave. “I think I’m going to head back to my room- I’m a little tired.”

“Rita,” Brea called, halting the other woman’s exit. “I have a hard time letting myself have anything I want, so thank you.”

There was a long pause before Brea spoke again as Rita was about to leave, “I’d really like it if we could be friends.”

Rita turned back to Brea and smiled even more brightly, “Me too.” Then she exited with a wave and left Brea to her unfinished waffle.

With Rita’s advice still spinning around in her head, Brea left the remains of her waffle, and headed back up to her room. She gathered her books and put them in her satchel bag before heading back down the stairs and to the door. One of the day staff greeted her as she stepped out the front door and into the sun. It was a beautiful afternoon and Brea only had one class that day.

“Miss, may I give you a ride,” asked a man dressed in a driver’s uniform.

Surprised Brea realized that he was parked at the bottom of the steps and ready to assist her. “I have to be at the UCLA campus in twenty minutes- is that possible?”

“Of course, please-” the driver, someone Brea had yet to meet, opened the back door of the limo, “it will only take fifteen minutes.”

Approaching the limo- not her first choice in low-key transportation- she slipped inside. It was room and classy and Brea felt completely giddy. She had the distinct feeling that she had been in them a lot as a child- but that was pre-tragedy, so she had no idea if that were true or not; though she tended to think not- why would she be riding around in limos as a little girl?

The driver was easily seen through the partition and Brea wondered if he minded driving people around for a living. It didn’t seem like a bad job- simple and well-paid, but thankless.

“What’s your name?” Breanna asked, raising her voice unnecessarily- as if he couldn’t hear her from the backseat- but the sheer size of the vehicle had Brea raising her voice.

“Cameron Zeller.”

Short, abrupt, unwelcoming- Brea was surprised he was able to inflect all of that in two words. Smiling Brea introduced herself and when she received no response, she turned away from the front view and stared out one of the tinted, side windows for the remainder of their ride.

When they arrived at the campus, Brea directed him to college building and got out of the car as fast as possible. Cameron got out of the car as well to tell her he would be parked at the corner parking lot until her class was over. She thanked him and left quickly- she had five minutes until class started.

An hour and fifteen minutes later, Brea left her literature class feeling high off happiness and adrenaline. Professor Steiner had delivered one of her best lectures to date and had followed it up by a class-wide debate over Shakespeare and his true identity. Brea was assigned to the Marlovian team in class and by the end of the debate she had made four strong arguments and a closing statement that had her teammates clapping. Professor Steiner had even congratulated Brea on her solid argument before completely obliterating it from a Stratfordian view. Brea couldn’t be more pleased.

Walking over to the corner parking lot, Brea realized that Cameron was not parked where he had been parked and that most of the cars had filed out of the parking lot- leaving it open and devoid. Stunned at being stranded, Brea walked around campus for a while. She spent little time on campus- mostly because she lived in an apartment off campus- but also because she didn’t have any friends that made her feel inclined to do otherwise.

She found a cute jazz café on campus and smile before going in and purchasing a large, caramel iced-coffee from a personable, teenager behind the counter. Brea sat at one of the tall café tables on a cushioned, red stool and wondered what she would do for a ride. She didn’t know Josef’s address, she didn’t have a cell phone, she didn’t have enough money for a cab, or the bus- she didn’t even know who to call.

While she sat stewing in her problem, Brea finished off her beverage- which was super delicious, she’d have to get another sometime- and headed outdoors. When she reached a main road that she knew, she hopped on a local bus- it was free- and took it to a small strip of shops that was familiar to her. Walking along the sidewalk and peering in shop fronts, Brea let her mind wander before deciding to go in and ask to use a business phone.

Brea chose a bookstore at the end of the strip of stores to make her phone call in, and the manager was nice enough to take her into the back office for the call. Thinking hard, Brea vaguely remembered Mick’s office number. She doubted he’d be up at that time of day, but called anyway. After four rings someone picked up.

“Hello?” Brea heard a woman speak through the phone.

“Hi, I’m Breanna Mabalot and I’m calling to speak with Mick St. John.”

“Breanna? This is Beth. Mick is not available right now. Is there something I can help you with?” Beth sounded nice on the phone, and Brea decided she wasn’t proud enough to reject the offer. She explained to Beth what happened and where she was and Beth insisted that she would be over in twenty minutes to pick her up.

“Thank you, Beth. I know it’s an inconvenience,” Brea said, finally caving.

“It’s no problem. See you soon, bye.” Beth hung up and Brea replaced the phone in the cradle and thanked the manager before meandering through the bookstore and finding a good book and a comfortable chair while she waited.

Beth showed up almost exactly twenty minutes later, and smiled her reporter-smile before coming over to her.

“Hi Breanna, how are you?”

“Better now, thanks. I really appreciate your help. I have no idea where Cameron could have gone. I caught a bus down here and thought that maybe Mick might give me directions,” Brea replied, offering Beth her own smile. Even though her opinion of Beth had been less than gracious, she was willing to overlook that- especially with how nice Beth had been since.

“I’m not too sure how good directions would have been to you. You’re almost thirty-five minutes driving time from Josef’s mansion. I’m glad I could help. I was actually only in Mick’s office leaving him some information he asked me to look into. How about I treat us to an early dinner?” Beth offered.

“I’d love that,” Brea returned, walking out to the non-descript black, Honda Beth had parked at the curb.

They drove a good fifteen minutes before Beth stopped at Red Robin and led the way to what Beth insisted was “some of the best food in LA”.

A hostess seated them almost immediately and a server came out to take their drink orders.

“This is really nice,” Brea commented, taking in the diner. It really was nice, she wasn’t just saying that to be polite. It had a fun-day-out kind of feel to it, very family friendly.

“It’s one of my favorite places to eat. I don’t get to do a lot, eat out with regular people. I’m usually out chasing a lead, reporting a story, or helping Mick with an investigation. This is really nice,” Beth informed her, and at the last Brea knew she wasn’t talking about the restaurant.

“So how is living with Josef?” Beth asked, picking a conversation starter.

“Really good. I mean, I miss my apartment, and Ally, but I can’t really complain. The staff are nice, the freshies are- mostly- nice, and Josef is great.” Brea accepted her iced-tea with a thank you.

“Huh,” Beth said. She seemed puzzled.

“Is something wrong?”

“No, I just wasn’t expecting that. Josef isn’t exactly human friendly,” said Beth.

Brea’s eyebrows raised and she felt herself get a little protective and angry. “He’s always sweet, charming, and funny whenever I’ve seen him. He’s good to his staff, freshies, and just about anyone he meets. Okay he does have a tendency to want his own way and be demanding and sometimes he’s amused when I see no reason to be- but he’s a great guy.”

Beth was drinking her coke when Brea said this, and her eyes rounded a bit with disbelief, but she chose not to reply back to that.

After an appetizing meal and a few more drinks, Brea and Beth set out again. In the car there was relative silence and Brea felt a badly for how defensive she must have come across to Beth, but tried to ignore that twinge of guilt. She rested her head back against the seat and began to doze off.

It was the dream again. Brea was aware of it once again and it played out much as it always did, but again when she landed on the ground- glass digging into her feet- Brea saw the necklace. She ran to it and grabbed it and it was like a sonic boom went off inside her chest as she was sucked into the same castle. Her steps were surer and she hurried to where Ally had been.

There were fewer torches lit and Brea could not see anyone in the chamber. She stood in the center of the room for a moment and then dropped to her knees against the cold, stone floor and began sobbing. Her body heaved with the flood of angst and tears and she couldn’t help but let it out.

The sound of clanking chains barely registered in Brea’s dream, but when she heard it more loudly, followed by a cough, her whole body ceased up- she stopped crying, shaking, and breathing for a moment and heard another cough and a hacking sound. Someone was in the chamber.

Brea got to her feet, more leery this time, and grabbed a torch from one of the brackets- shedding light as she moved to the end of the dungeon area. As Brea got closer she realized that a person was hanging from the wall- chained up by their wrists- and coughing. Lots of blood pooled on the floor below the hanging figure, and it made the ground slick and unbalanced, but Brea got closer.

The person was so covered in grim and blood that Brea almost didn’t make out that it was Ally, until she lifted her head and then cringed- closing her eyes against the light of the torch. Brea almost dropped the torch in shock, but held onto it firmly before grabbing Ally into her arms and letting out a torrent of tears and sobs.

“Oh my God, Ally. I can’t believe it. I missed you. Where are we? What is happening?”

Ally was slow to respond, her voice scratchy and hoarse. “Brea, you can’t find me. Don’t- you’ll get hurt. They are not after me. They want you. Please-” Ally paused to cough and hack up blood, “Please, don’t come for me. I’ll survive. I’ll find away to get back to you. Just run and hide- don’t go to our apartment.”

“Ally, I’m not leaving you here. You have lost to much blood, your eyes are sunken in and your bruised and cut everywhere. Please, I have people helping me. Just give me a clue. I’m staying somewhere safe,” Brea told her, begging her to help her find her.

“They know you will come for me. They know you were here with me a few nights ago. They couldn’t see you- I’m the only one who can see you, but they knew. When you could the blade, you left behind some of your blood. Please do not risk finding me. I don’t want to go through this Brea. Please just go.” Ally was crying then too and Brea threw down the torch in favor of hugging Ally for all she was worth.

“I won’t leave you to be tortured and killed. I’m going to find you no matter what. Just help me. I swear to God, Ally, if you don’t help me find you- I’ll never forgive you.”

“I’d rather you never forgive me than you join me here,” Ally told her. “I love you, you’re my sister.”

Brea sobbed harder and then felt like she was losing control of the dream again.

“Hurry up and tell me.”

“No. I can’t. I won’t.”

"Now is not the time to be stubborn, Ally. Just please."

"Brea, you are so special and you don't even know it. They want you because of who you are. They know you better than you know you. They are not like us though, they are not...human. I cannot stop them from finding you, but I can stop you from finding me," Ally stated, looking back at Brea with a familiar fire in her eyes.

“Ally!” Brea shouted at her, pulling back to see the terror, sadness, and love on Ally’s face.

“Breanna?” Brea came awake to Beth shaking her frantically. They were stopped in front of Josef’s mansion. “Breanna, what’s wrong? You’re crying.”

Brea reached up to touch her face and realized that she was crying. The sun was setting outside the windshield and Breanna wondered how long Beth had been trying to wake her up.

“I’m fine. I have to get inside. I have to find Josef. Can you call Mick? Please.” Brea seemed so upset that Beth instantly agreed and they both entered Josef’s house. Molly looked delighted to see Brea when she noticed that she had tears running down her face that she was quickly swiping away.

“Brea, I was getting so worried. Are you alright? What happened?” Molly questioned, rushing to join both Beth and Brea in the parlor.

Beth was on the phone with Mick when Brea responded, “Cameron was supposed to be waiting for me after my class, but he wasn’t there when I got out. Beth and I went to lunch after I called to get directions from Mick and then she drove me home. I’m fine. Is Josef up yet?”

“I’m here. What’s wrong?” Josef asked, appearing beside Brea dressed in his usual upper-class businessman attire.

“I had another dream. Ally was there. She wouldn’t tell me where she was, but Josef she was in a castle and she was badly beaten and tortured. She was hanging on the wall of some sort of dungeon, and blood was all over the floor. She said that they’re after me and that they knew I had been there before- but she was the only one who could see me. Josef, I’m so scared. I don’t know what to do,” Brea said, she was in tears again and clutching his shirt front as he soothed his hands up and down her back.

“Calm down. We’ll go through this bit by bit when Mick gets here. Molly can you get her a strong drink,” Josef said, completely in control. “Nice to see you, Beth.”

Twenty minutes later, Brea was more sedate and sipping a gin and tonic while Beth tried to keep her preoccupied with chit chat. Mick entered and Molly followed right behind.

“We have no more need of you this evening, Molly. You can go.”

“Mr. Kostan, a man named Christopher called about your lab results. You may pick them up at any time. Please let me know if you need anything.” Molly said, but her sad, compassionate smile was in full blast directed right at Brea before she walked about.

“What’s going on?” Questioned Mick once Molly was gone.

Josef was already moving to help Brea to her feet and heading for the door as he threw over his shoulder, “I’ll explain on the way. We have some lab results to pick up.”

With that they all piled into the back of yet another limo, and Brea clung to Josef’s side while they drove towards Josef’s lab.

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