His Kiss (ML,Josef/OC,ADULT) [Epilogue] COMPLETE 10-12-10

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Re: His Kiss (ML,Josef/OC,ADULT) Ch 12/20/09

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His Kiss
isclaimer: I don't own Moonlight or anything linked to it.
Category: Moonlight fanfic
Rating: ADULT
Josef/OC, Mick/Beth
Summary: Breanna Mabalot has had a shaky past and the only person she has made a point to be close with is her "sister" Ally. When Ally sees that Breanna is taking life too seriously, the girls venture out for a night on the town, and Brea ends up meeting someone who shakes up her world. As life goes on from her earth-shattering experience with Josef Kostan, she finds that more and more peculiarities start to jump out at her- and the well kept secret of her blood will be revealed.

Chapter Eleven

Brea bit hard on the inside of her cheek, attempting to calm herself down while Beth explained to Mick what was going on. The salty, copper taste of blood filled her mouth, and Brea felt her fangs descend on her lower lip with two stinging pricks. A warm hand came down on her lower back, Brea jumped in response.

“Stop biting so hard- you’re making a mess of your mouth,” Josef warned, his tone gentle despite his reprimand. He soothed his fingers under her shirt against the bare skin of her back. Leaning down, he kissed her softly, tasting her abused lips and distracting her mind.

“Brea?” Mick called, breaking up the tender moment of calm.

Swallowing hard, Brea turned from Josef- her hands still grasping him for support- and nodded.

“I just wanted to you to know that I’m doing my best to find your friend. I’m sorry that all of this is happening to you,” Mick told her. He had that look Brea was coming to understand as his guilty look. As if Mick was the cause of her problems- it wasn’t his fault, Brea thought.

“It’s not your fault that I’m in this situation, but I thank you for helping me. I haven’t really made an effort to make friends, other than Ally. She’s been constant, I never thought I needed anyone else. I’m just glad you’re here,” Brea replied, forcing back the tears she felt building.

Josef soothed his hand over her back in one more caress, and then removed it as the private car pulled up to Josef’s labs. The door opened for them and Josef climbed out- extending a hand to Brea; Mick following the gesture for Beth. The hurried into the building and found a main information desk.

“Mr. Kostan,” exclaimed a perky young woman behind the desk, her face lighting up. “How can I help you?”

Josef spared her a glance, “I’m here to pick up some very important papers- research done by Christopher.”

The woman redirected her smile at each person, adjusted her glasses, and typed something into the laptop sitting on her stationary desk. A few clicks and words later the printer to the left of the laptop started spitting out pages silently. She smiled up at Josef and rambled about the excitement of his visit. Josef rejoined playfully about all play and little work while watching the printer pages intently. Brea was fidgeting uncomfortably between Mick and Beth.

“Here you go. Can I do anything else for you, Mr. Kostan?” asked the woman. The way she said the word anything made Brea step closer to Josef in a surprising act of possession.

“No, thank you,” said Josef in response- his amused glance however was directed at Brea.

“Have a nice day,” the woman chirped as they walked out of the building.

Josef folded the papers and put them in his jacket at the curb while the driver pulled the car up.

Once they were all sitting inside the car again, Josef retrieved the papers from his pocket and unfolded them. Brea watched as his eyes zipped from side to side- blurring almost in their haste. He consumed the words quickly, and with each page the look on his face grew more and more serious. When he was done, Josef tossed the packet at Mick and turned to look more carefully at Brea.

“What?” she asked, the suspension finally irritating her into speech.

“I can’t believe this,” Mick muttered, still flipping through the pages and words.

“What?” Brea asked more insistently.

“The compound!” Mick exclaimed suddenly, his eyes jumping to Brea. “I don’t know how this is

“If someone doesn‘t -” Brea started, but cut off as Josef opened his mouth to speak.

“You are a vampiric medical marvel. Your blood contains the basic human elements of any other person. However, your blood also has traces of a compound known to reverse vampirism. In addition to the rare botanical DNA found in your system, Christopher has hypothesized that the elements in your blood could be the key to figuring out how vampirism works- in essence how to recreate, strengthen, or destroy vampires.

“Fundamentally, you are the outbreak monkey- though not unaffected by the vampire side of your DNA, you aren’t fully vampire or fully human. More tests would need to be run to figure out the internal balance that being in-between means for your body.” Josef concluded his little explanation with a hard look at Mick who was staring at Brea like she was the answer to all his problems.

“Wait, so I’m some cross between human and vampire because of plant DNA that is mixed with my blood?” Brea didn’t refuse to believe what she was hearing, but every biology class since high school came rushing back. Plant DNA was close to human DNA in design, but have a hybrid strand of DNA that combined them was almost too much to accept.

“Aptly enough, yeah.” Mick threw in. “Listen, Brea-”.

“No Mick,” Josef interjected, stopping Mick’s train of thought before it could come to full speed.

“What?” Brea asked again, she was tired of being left out of the loop.

“Nothing,” Mick said.

“We know why someone is after you now,” Beth stated matter-of-factly, joining the conversation as she handed Brea the packet Mick had given her.

“We also know that it is a vampire, and that they know about the compound- that dramatically cuts the list,” Mick rejoined.

Brea bit her lip and waited for someone to say something else. Josef looked pensive, Mick had a far-off look on his face, and Beth was smiling politely- they didn’t seem all that forthcoming.

“So why and who is after me?” Brea asked.

“Back during the French Revolution when the compound was created, the vampires who had it, made and used it to hide from the fanatics of that time. Unfortunately, the compound was based on a plant that is now extinct, and all plans to clone it, or find a plant from the same phylum have failed. Your blood however, holds the extinct DNA that the compound originates from. The vampires that monopolized the
compound where the richest, most powerful vampires of that region, and they are still around today; their age only adding to the threat they present.

“My ex-wife Coraline was here in LA trying to recreate the formula, she was one of the original seven sibling vampires that held the compound. She was taken by her brother, Lance, back to France- and that was the last I heard about the compound.

“If what Christopher wrote is true, not only can the DNA in your blood recreate the compound, it can enhance it. Lance, and others, would kill to get their hands on you and the compound. My best guess is that Lance has Ally, and that dungeon you saw was his family castle in France,” Mick concluded.

Brea tried her best to take it in stride, listening to everything Mick had to say, but only clinging on to certain parts. His ex-wife was named Coraline, a strangely familiar name. Lance- a French vampire- had her sister in his castle in another country. The story of the seven siblings sounded so familiar, but wrong in some way. It all made sense, but at the same time, Brea felt like something was missing.

“What do we do then?” Brea asked, turning from Mick to Josef. Josef had been silent through Mick’s whole explanation.

“I will do some more digging- find out exactly where the Duvall castle is in France,” stated Mick, redrawing Brea’s concerned attentions.

“Thank you, Mick,” Brea said. Her eyes switched over to Josef- she couldn’t help but stare at him. He had been relatively quite since reading the findings on her blood.

“Isn’t Lance a powerful vampire? Why hasn’t he found Breanna yet? I mean, he managed to get his hands on Ally quickly enough- which means he knows something about her personal life and history. Do you really think it’s safe to continue going to school? Especially with things like today happening? That driver stranding you,” Beth reasoned, her worries written all over her sympathetic face.

Brea could have cringed when Beth said this, especially given the hard look that overtook Josef’s face.

“You were stranded?” Josef’s voice as he asked was pure malice.

“I don’t want to think about that right now. I want to focus on what to do now that we know who has Ally,” Brea said, trying to redirect the flow of conversation, but knowing that would be futile now.

“We will get back to that. Who was your driver?” Josef persisted, his body becoming more rigid with each word.

“Cameron Zeller, okay. I don’t want to worry about some dead-beat limo driver. Josef, I’m really upset right now. Please,” Brea pleaded.

“He’s fired.” Josef stated, wrapping his arms more securely around Brea. He started rubbing circles on her back to ease her tension. “For once, Beth, we are in agreement- Brea, you have to stop attending classes for right now. Take a hiatus. You will be protected at all times on my property.”

He couldn’t possibly expect her to stop going to school. She hated the idea of wasting all the hard-work she had put in that semester- it was already halfway over. What was she supposed to do, sit in bed all day and hide, Brea wondered.

“I can’t just lay around your mansion all day, Josef. And I like school, it’s fulfilling, and I’ve worked really hard this semester. I do not want to throw that all away,” Brea argued.

“Would you rather die?” Josef inquired, his face a contradiction to his harsh words. He looked concerned.

“I just cannot allow my dreams to disappear because someone decided to fuck with my life,” Brea practically shouted. She covered her mouth with her hand a moment after- Brea rarely used swear words. She thought it was distasteful, but feeling cornered and backed into a wall was a feeling she hated. Constantly throughout her childhood foster parents would coerce her into doing things- participating in events while she would have rather been off with Ally in private.

“I’m sorry,” Brea muttered, covering her face with her hands. The stress of the day she was having couldn’t get any worse.

Josef turned her, allowing her to rest against his chest and shoulder. Mick and Beth absolutely quiet.

“What if you did your classes online- through email. I could arrange for a doctor verified illness to incapacitate you, for the moment. I’m sure we could work something out with your teachers, but your safety is important,” Josef whispered into her ear.

Brea nodded, but her head was getting heavy, and she was getting tired. She wanted to say that she would like that, but a yawn came out instead. The limo stopped and Mick and Beth stepped out. Brea looked up and out of the car door- noticing Mick’s office building in the background.

“I’ll let you know if I find out anything else,” Mick promised, shaking Josef’s hand, and offering a kind smile to Brea. Beth waved and called out something about Red Robin, and Brea nodded. The door closed again, and Brea was alone with Josef for the first time all evening.

“Josef, I’m worried.” Brea admitted. She curled one of her fingers around a longish piece of his hair- loving how soft it was, how intimate a gesture it was.

“Everything will work out. Don’t worry, surviving almost half a millennia has taught me a few things. I have my resources,” he assured her, kissing her lips softly.

“Oh that’s right, you’re going to be four-hundred and ninety-eight this year,” Brea commented, remembering what Rita had said.

Josef glanced down at her and their eyes met, “How did you know that?”

“Rita mentioned your party to me,” Brea said, glancing around the comfortable seats and stretching her long legs out on the cushions.

“Making friends with my Freshies?” he asked amused, that familiar glint in his eyes.

“Just one so far,” Brea rejoined, laying her head back against his shoulder. “She told me none of the Freshies are allowed to go, because of the guest list and what being human implies.”

Josef started running his fingers through her hair, watching the strands fall through his fingers as Brea’s eyes closed. Her breathing started to slow and she felt the drowsiness slipping over her.

“I prefer to keep my Freshies for my personal use only. They wouldn’t be hurt at the party, but they would be depleted for several weeks,” Josef explained. His voice had gentled with the slowing of her breathing.

“What am I going to do the night of the party when you’re downstairs entertaining?” Brea questioned aloud, though she wasn’t sure as her thoughts and words were blurring.

“Breanna, would you like to accompany me to the party?” Josef offered, placing another kiss on her head.

She mumbled an “mhmm” and stopped hearing him. She felt herself drifting off to sleep and falling into her reoccurring dream, but she hit a brick wall. It was like someone was keeping her out- something was not letting her into her own dreams. Brea was on the outer-edge of consciousness- her mind a mess of thoughts flowing in opposite directions. Like a timeline she was standing in the middle of- only the timeline was her life, all of her memories.

Everything looked blue, even the visible line that went both backward and forward was a variant shade of blue. It was like standing in a room full of mist and feelings- none of it really made sense, but there was an overall feeling of direction.

Brea glanced forward and stopped breathing. One of the misty shades of blue in front of her was playing out a scene- a recent scene. Brea was watching- through the eyes of her memory- as she met Josef that first night at the club. His sexy, playful self-assurance was in full force and he was watching her with that look of lust she now knew full-well. His eyes were twinkling that sassy way they tended to when he was talking to her flirtatiously.

Brea wasn’t sure what was going on, but she chose to look away from that memory, and when she did- she found herself confronting a more distant memory. Ally was laying on the empty floor of their apartment and she was singing loudly at Brea who was unpacking the moving boxes that had arrived two days after they had moved to in to the LA area. Brea’s breath shuttered out and tears brimmed in her eyes- she remembered that day so well.

Ally’s black hair with purple highlights were curled that day and she had been jazzed about living in a new city- with all the “cute Hollywood hotties” to check out. It hurt Brea to look at her, to know that it was only a memory.

Closing her eyes from the shades of blue, and all the memories assaulting her- Brea tried to puzzle out what was going on. She was fully aware now that she wasn’t awake- not fully- but that she wasn’t dreaming either. She was taking a literal walk down memory lane. Opening her eyes again, Brea noticed the way the blue line was flowing was toward her most recent memories, which meant that going backward would take her to her past. The full realization of what this meant hit her, and Brea started walking in the opposite direction of the flow.

Images of her and Ally in high school; scenes from her most humiliating middle-school moments; blurbs of her pre-adolescence- they were like pretty pictures that she would flip through in a family album- something she had never had. She reached her earliest memory, and stopped. Brea internally fought with herself for a few minutes- she knew it was stupid to be afraid of a memory- it had already happened after-all, but she didn’t really know anything about herself before the incident.

A shimmering blue memory shone in the distance, and Brea screwed her courage to the ground- moving onward. She passed the horrific memory of the incident- it was a dark, sapphire blue that glittered among the rest. Looking forward to that single shimmering memory- Brea pushed through the gauzy feel of the sapphire tragedy and felt her body take a deep breath.

The shimmering expanded the closer Brea got to it, and the memory burst forth in Technicolor. Her mother sat in the white wicker rocker on the wraparound porch to her childhood home. The intense beauty Brea had never quite associated herself with reflected in her mother’s sweet face. It was creamy, smooth and flawless- classic in its authenticity. Her bone structure was lean and petit, but her lips were full and sensuous, her eyes wide with innate happiness, shaped just like those that Brea possessed. Her mother’s eyes were hazel in color, and her hair was long and thick- pulled tightly back in a French braid. Brea could connect to that face, to that woman. She knew her- she felt her in her heart.

Her mother started singing softly, the words lost to her, but the sight heartbreakingly clear. They looked so happy, so natural. A man stepped out and Brea laid eyes on her father. Tall and very rugged. Brea could not seem much of herself in him- his hair was fair, his eyes were dark brown, his build was bulky, and his features were all large and awkward. He wore a plaid shirt and jeans with heavy, brown work boots on his feet. His hair was short and haphazard and he walked with a steady gait that bespoke confidence. To Brea, he seemed like the polar opposite of her mother who was soft and willowy in persona.

Suddenly, when her father spoke- she was able to listen.

“Brielle, I don’t think we are safe here any longer,” her father stated, his voice rich with a deep timber. He scratched at the facial hair that was a few days growth, worry wrinkling his face.

“Caden, he will not find us this time. We are in too remote a place, and we did all we can to remain hidden here. We trust those that we work with- we know that they will keep our identities safe. I want Breanna to have a life here. I want her to know that she is safe to live a normal life. This was our dream, Caden. Come sit with me, take part in our family,” Brielle begged, holding out a free arm to him.

They seemed so precious, so happy in their tenuous safety. Brea thought about that- about the fact that they were in danger from someone. Even as a baby they must have known, somehow they must have known she was special. How? How did she end up with the compound in her blood?

Brea stepped back from the still image of the end of that memory. She was such a cute baby- she looked so normal. What happened to change all that? How did whoever was looking for them manage to discover them?

With a start Brea became conscious again. Glancing up startled by the hand on her shoulder, Brea saw Josef trying to wake her. The limo was stopped and they were back at the mansion- back in the present.

“Are you okay?” Josef asked, confused to her reaction.

“Josef, I just remembered something. Something happened when I fell asleep, I couldn’t dream. I was in this place that was all blue and it was like I was able to pick through my memories. I remember so much more now. I know who my parents are. Josef I know their names,” Brea bubbled, sitting up in her seat. She felt buoyant and ecstatic- she wasn’t just “that Mabalot girl” anymore.

Josef’s attention intensified, and he told her they would talk when they were inside. He opened the door and got out, offering her his hand, which she eagerly accepted. They walked at regular pace, despite Brea’s desire to run up the steps and inside.

Josef led the way to his private study and went to the sleek, steel mini-fridge full of O-Negative. Usually he saved it for emergency- bagged blood wasn’t nearly the delicacy Freshies offered- but he didn’t have the time or privacy for that venture. He downed a bag and a half before turning back to Brea.

“What are their names?” First thing first, Josef was pragmatic.

“Brielle and Caden,” Brea recited. Saying it made it more real, she thought.

“Brielle?” The way Josef whispered it, he sounded like he was remembering something.

“Do you know her?” Breanna exclaimed excitedly.

A dark look came over Josef’s face, his eyes hazing silver for a moment of anger. His fangs drew down low on his lips and his body became stiff. He ripped viciously into the packet of blood he was holding, draining it sans glass.

“Josef what is it? What’s wrong?”

He remained mute for a few more moments until his emotions were under control and his fangs and eyes retracted to their usual.

“It makes perfect sense now. Breanna, Brielle is a vampire, one of the oldest. She is the first of the seven siblings in the Duvall family line. The necklace you clutch to is an heirloom from your family’s past history. I knew your mother back when she still held tight to her family and the viciousness associated with them. Two hundred years ago when I met Coraline- your aunt and Mick’s ex-wife- she introduced me to her family.

“I didn’t know that Brielle had broken off from Lance, or left France at all. This is all news to me. I was told she was somewhere in hiding in Europe- but that was over a hundred years ago.” Josef explained with a hard edge to his voice.

Brea walked over to where he stood tall and unyielding and wrapped her arms around his waist, looking up into his eyes.

“What aren’t you telling me?”

“Breanna, the only thing I truly know about your mother is that when I met her, she was a cold-heartless bitch with a thirst for the kill,” Josef whispered lethally, as if the idea of her was something to fear.

“But that can’t be her. She wasn’t like that in my memory. She was so gentle and kind- she was loving and happy. She can’t be the same person.”

Brea was begging him with her eyes and he would have done anything to answer otherwise, but he knew he had to be honest, “What are the odds that it’s all a coincidence- that Lance is after you, and that he had a sister Brielle, just as you have a mother named Brielle? And how do you explain the necklace?”

Tears welled up in Brea’s eyes and she bit angrily down on her tongue- forcing physical pain to hide her emotional torture.

“I cannot believe that I finally remember them and it turns out I was better off not knowing,” Brea whispered through tears, “I wish Ally were here.”

The crying came full force and Brea sobbed against Josef- his face softening and his body yielding to wrap around her- arms holding her in a supportive embrace. He murmured words to low to hear, and rubbed circles on her back while kissing her head.

“Josef?” Breanna said into his shoulder.


“Will you just hold me like this forever,” Brea asked weakly.

“I’m the right person to ask, since I literally have forever,” he teased lightly, but turning serious. “I’ll hold you for as long as you want.” He answered carrying her in his arms to the leather chair behind his mahogany desk.

“Thank you,” Brea replied, laying her head in the crook of his neck and falling asleep to the soothing scent of his cologne.

Author's Note: Hey everyone, it's been awhile I know. I've been teaching a Freshman Workshop and going to school full-time so my updates are few and far between- but I'm hoping that will change over winter break- still about a month and a half away. Thanks for the reviews. Enjoy. EK! :mrgreen:
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Re: His Kiss (ML,Josef/OC,ADULT) Ch11 10/25/09

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His Kiss
I don't own Moonlight or anything linked to it.
Category: Moonlight fanfic
Rating: ADULT
Pairings: Josef/OC, Mick/Beth
Summary: Breanna Mabalot has had a shaky past and the only person she has made a point to be close with is her "sister" Ally. When Ally sees that Breanna is taking life too seriously, the girls venture out for a night on the town, and Brea ends up meeting someone who shakes up her world. As life goes on from her earth-shattering experience with Josef Kostan, she finds that more and more peculiarities start to jump out at her- and the well kept secret of her blood will be revealed.

Chapter Twelve

Brea came to sudden awareness as she woke with the memory of the night before playing back in her mind. Her blood, her family, and her memories- they played like a reel in her mind. The room around her was pitched black, darker than she’d ever experience. Leaning over to the end table beside her she clicked on the lamp light. She was quite aware of Josef- holding her in his arms on her bed in her room, all the windows blocked by new, strong, steel shutters that hadn’t been there the night before. She didn’t remember the trip from the chair downstairs to her bedroom, or when the shutters had been placed in her room without her knowing. Regardless, Brea stretched lazily and hugged Josef tightly.

She focused her eyes on him as he slept soundlessly, without breathing or moving, and noticed packets of ice that were melting beneath and around him. It struck her as bizarre that she hadn’t felt the cold from them in her sleep – and how they were still mostly frozen now.

A sudden knock, gentle and questioning came from the door, and Brea got up from the bed- sliding free from Josef’s arms- and answered the door, surprising one of the many maids that frequented Josef’s mansion during the daylight hours. Her bushy brown hair gave her a frazzled look, and her light brown eyes were wide with shock- as if she wasn’t really anticipating an answer. She was clutching a white, wicker basket that contained four more large ice packs, the same as the ones Josef was surrounded by on her bed.

“Morning,” Brea said softly, afraid to startle the already hared woman, who was about four inches taller than her- she seemed like a gentle giant.

“Good morning. Um, I’m sorry to disturb you, but I need to change out some of the ice packs for Mr. Kostan. He asked that they be changed every forty-five minutes until he awakes,” the maid blurted out in a rush, her eyes taking on a wider appearance when she entered the room to do just that.

“It’s no problem. I just woke up anyway. I’m Breanna by the way,” said Brea, taking a seat by the balcony which was firmly shuttered and locked.

“I know. I mean, I’m Bride McGurney. I just started working here a couple weeks ago,” the girl was jumpy and nervous as she changed out the melting ice packs. Her movements were abrupt and hurried- she was terrified.

“He’s a pretty heavy sleeper, I think you’ll be fine. He won’t hurt you,” Brea said in an attempt to soothe Bride while she worked at turning Josef’s body to-and-fro sliding the ice packs in and out with trembling hands.

Bride smiled weakly, her thin lips becoming almost invisible as she forced the gesture. She apparently was not set at ease by Brea’s words though she gave a nod in response. “I’m just not used to this. I mean, I know he’s a vampire- they wouldn’t have hired me if I hadn’t been briefed and signed a confidentiality clause in my two-year contract, but I guess knowing and seeing are two different things. I mean, he’s a vampire.”

The way that Bride spoke was whispery and halted, like she expected Josef to leap up from the bed and strangle her at any moment. Brea didn’t really fault the girl, it was disconcerting to see someone virtually dead in their sleep while rolling them around to change out ice packs for their comfortable sleep.

“How old are you, Bride?” Brea asked. She wasn’t trying to insinuate that she wasn’t mature enough to handle it, but the girl stiffened her spine in response to the question and lost some of her trembling.

“I’m twenty-one. How old are you?” Bride returned, her tone chilly.

“I’m twenty-four. I go to UCLA. Do you like working here?”

Bride seemed to think about the question as she placed the melting ice packs into the wicker basket and lifting it up from the floor. “I don’t know. I thought I did because all the day staff is really nice, but I don’t know how I feel about doing stuff like this, you know. I mean, I didn’t really sign on thinking I would actually have to deal with the vampire stuff. I usually turn over beds, dust, vacuum the carpets, clean the drapes, wash the linens for the bedrooms in the south wing- they don’t get used very often, but I’m required to wash them weekly. I mean, it was pretty much the usual for me, but this?” Bride waved her hand over Josef’s sleeping body and her face contorted in upset.

“Does he pay you well?” Brea persisted.

“Yeah, I mean, I get like twenty-five grand a year, plus a five thousand dollar bonus for Christmas- or so I’m told I will. It’s good money and that’s the whole reason I took the job in the first place, that and I get to live here- how awesome is it living in a mansion- but still.”

Breanna wanted to roll her eyes at how many times the girl said “I mean” but forced it back and tried to think of something to say. She didn’t really know what to tell the girl. It’s not like she didn’t get a choice in working for Josef, and she was getting paid a ridiculous amount of money for a new staff member- but she didn’t think saying that would help.

“I don’t know what to say, except that Josef’s one of the nicest people I’ve met, and he’s good to his employees- no one has anything bad to say about him. He’s not cruel, vicious, or rude. I’m sure you’ll get used to working and living here,” Brea finally answered as Bride made for the door.

Just as she was about to leave without so much as a goodbye, Bride turned around again to face Brea, “What are you doing here? I mean, not to be rude, but are you and Josef, like, together or something? ‘Cause you seem really nice.”

There was a question Brea wasn’t sure how to answer. Were they together? It felt like it, if felt like nothing Brea had ever had before in her life. But how did Josef think of them? Brea realized Bride was waiting for an answer and stammered for a second.

“I, I…We’re good friends. I care about Josef and he’s been there for me when I need him. That’s why he’s in here today instead of his usual resting place. I asked him to stay and he did,” Brea said.

Bride cast another anxious glance at the bed and then at Brea and nodded before saying “bye” and rushing out the door as fast as her legs would carry here, slamming the door in her haste. Maybe Brea should mention Bride’s behavior to Josef- she didn’t seem all that trustworthy at the moment, way too on the fence about the vampire thing.

Sighing, Brea got up to retrieve her book bag and turned on the standing lamp by her balcony, booted up her laptop, and started her online assignments. She wasn’t sure what to do about her teachers and the school issue, but she figured Josef would handle that situation. Brea hadn’t ever been comfortable letting other people steer her life for her, but in this instance she decided it was for the better.

For an hour and half, Brea clicked, typed, and submitted her work. When she glanced down at the time and realized it was four in the afternoon, Brea gave a start and decided it was time to get ready for the day and go eat something. Keeping a vampires hours was getting to be a lot to handle.

When Brea had showered, dried her hair, brushed her teeth, and dressed in a beige ankle-length skirt, blush colored strapless blouse, and brown, leather calf-boots, she exited her room and headed for the dining room. It was ridiculously late to have breakfast, so she was already thinking about lunch. Upon entering the immaculate dining hall, Brea noticed Eliza and Rita sitting at opposite ends of the table, glaring at each other and halfway through their meals.

Preferring to stay as far away from Eliza as possible, Brea took the nearest seat to Rita. “Good afternoon, Rita. Hello Eliza.”

“Hi Brea, got a late start today?” Rita asked, breaking the staring contest with a silent Eliza as she took a sip of coffee and peered over at Brea.

“Yeah, it was a long night last night. I got up a couple hours ago, but I was doing homework. I guess I was prolonging my time with Josef,” Brea confided and ordered a turkey club sandwich and some coffee when Molly came in to greet her.

“What do you mean prolong your time with Josef? He’s been asleep for hours,” Eliza demanded, her hard glare- which hadn’t ceased- directed itself at Brea.

“He stayed with me last night,” Brea told them, barely glancing in Eliza’s direction. “How are the plans for the party coming?” Brea directed this question to Rita who was staring at her as stunned as Eliza was from the other end of the table.

“What do you mean he stayed with you? He sleeps in a freezer,” Eliza cut in again, her tone clearly jealous and cutting.

“He arranged it with the staff to have them change out ice packs so he could stay- they even put new metal shutters on my windows,” Brea said. She looked back at Rita who’s red hair was in danger of dipping into the coffee she had been sipping when Brea announced this. Brea leaned forward and put her hand over the top of the cup and motioned with her other hand at Rita’s hair.

Immediately, Rita straightened back up and swept her ruby red curls behind her right ear. Her expression had reverted to friendly, if not a little envious. “He must be really attached to you. I’ve never heard of Josef doing that before- even when he…spends time with us Freshies in our wing of the house, he’s gone well before dawn.”

“Uh, it’s not that big a deal. He probably felt obligated to because you’re under his protection,” Eliza sniped from the other side of the table, not eating or drinking her mostly full plate of food and crystal glass of water.

“Why don’t you give it a rest Eliza? Josef clearly has feelings for Brea that extend beyond breakfast, lunch, or dinner,” Rita snapped. Her face was flushed with anger, and the two went back to glaring at each other.

Brea chose to stay silent at that moment, and could have kissed Molly when she came back into the hall carrying Brea’s lunch. “Thanks Molly. The coffee smells delicious.”

Molly smiled that million-dollar smile at Brea, “You are welcome. And thank you, I made the coffee myself.”

“Girl after my own heart, coffee- the drink of champions,” Rita stated, breaking out of her glare-off to smile at Molly too.

“Enjoy. Let me know if you need anything else,” Molly said in return, looking quite pleased with herself.

“So Rita, how is the party coming?” Brea questioned again.

“Good. I just finished ordering the flowers and called the Freshies that are supposed to attend; only one girl said she wouldn’t be able to make it. She said that her son was sick and she couldn’t leave him, for fear he might get sicker, and that she might already have caught it. It’s a rule that all Freshies in attendance must be healthy and of good stock. I’ve just finalized the color for the decorations also, they should arrive tomorrow,” Rita explained. She looked very happy, fulfilled in a way. Brea envied her in that moment- if only for a second.

“Yeah, and what tacky taste in color. Seriously, red and silver? How predictable,” Eliza rejoined, her pretty lips sneering at Rita.

“I think that red and silver are great together. Plus it makes sense, red is the color of blood- completely appropriate, and silver is classic. What kind of flowers did you buy?” Brea smoothed over Eliza’s harshness, completely ignoring the other woman- not sparing her a glance.

Rita smiled at Brea and then raised an eyebrow at Eliza as if to say “so there”. Brea’s gaze snapped back to the other end of the room when she heard a clank and a slam. In addition to storming out of the room and slamming the door, Eliza had carelessly knocked over her water onto the plate of food, breaking the delicate stem of the glass and ruining the meal altogether.

“That was childish,” Molly huffed, sweeping back into the room with a tray and a cleaning cloth. Brea realized that she must have been waiting on the other side of the swinging wood door that led from the dining hall to the hallway leading to the kitchen.

“Sorry Molly, you should not have to deal with temper tantrums,” Rita responded, looking a little guilty for having provoked Eliza.

“Not your fault,” Molly said, brushing off the words of apology while putting the mess of dishes and food on the tray and wiping up the residual mess. She smiled at them tightly and exited the room quickly. Brea had opened her mouth to say something, but closed it with a lack of anything to say.

“Back to your question,” Rita said, wiping her mouth with a napkin. “I ordered red roses, Bouvardia, Campanula, Canterbury Bells, Cordyline, Godetia in red and white, and Hippeastrum. I thought a mix of white and red would be nice. I’ve set it up so some will hang on the walls in sconces, other in pots lining the walkway, and of course several dozen will be placed throughout the rooms open to the guests. I’m so excited to see it all come together.”

Rita seemed to come alive as she spoke about the decorations for the party, and again Brea felt a pang at the idea she would be going with Josef and Rita would be confined to the west wing after all her hard work. The flowers that she recognized sounded lovely, but Brea admitted she had very little knowledge of flowers. They were beautiful though and Rita seemed to have high quality taste.

“It sounds like everything is running smoothly. If you need help with anything- like putting up the decorations or what not, let me know,” Brea offered, smiling at Rita.

“The day staff will be putting up the decorations with my instruction, but thanks for the offer. Do you know if you’ll be going?” Rita asked, taking another sip of her coffee, clearly done with her meal even as
Brea began to eat her sandwich.

“Actually, Josef asked me to go with him last night. I was pretty out of it, but I remember as much. I’m really excited about seeing all your hard work come to life,” Brea said, trying to take the attention off the fact she would be going to refocus it on Rita’s planning.

“Wow that’s so great. Have you thought at all about what you’ll wear,” Rita chatted along- seemingly unfazed by the idea Brea was going and not her.

Brea hadn’t actually gotten around to thinking about the party until she saw Rita sitting at the table. She shook her head and response, “No, not really.”

“We should go shopping, I’ll help you find something really great,” Rita promised, her eyes lighting up at the prospect.

“I’m not sure I can go out anywhere right now. Well, I mean I can, but it’s not really safe for me to even go to school right now, let alone shop,” Brea confided. She wasn’t sure how much she wanted to confided in Rita, but she had to give her some explanation.

“Well than we’ll find and order one online,” Rita said, cruising passed the why of the situation, and redirecting it to the how.

Brea felt a wide smile stretch across her face; it was nice to think about something so trivial as buying a dress. As soon as she thought it, Brea thought of Ally and how outraged she be that Brea had considered dress shopping trivial, especially considering that that’s how Ally made her money. And then her thoughts spiraled downward to the fact that Ally wasn’t there to say that- and suddenly Brea wished for once that Ally were there to bug her into be adventurous and free spirited. Thinking it over more, Brea knew that Ally would want her to buy something daring and fun, and she let that soothe her.

“Okay, sounds good.” Brea finished up her club sandwich and downed her coffee before the two of them took off for Rita’s room- Brea had decided against bringing the other girl to her room. She didn’t think Rita was a threat, but Brea felt protective of Josef, especially when he was so vulnerable. On the way, Brea stopped briefly to ask Molly if she wouldn’t mind taking over changing out the ice packs for Josef. Molly looked a little surprised, but did not stop to ask questions, only saying she would before going to do so.

Rita led the way through the mansion, weaving a well-known path through the west wing and to her bedroom. When Brea entered she was taken with the sapphire walls, silver wall trimmings, lush blue/gray carpeting, and massive vanity. The bed was on the opposite wall from the door- a large, black feather comforter and huge feathered pillows adorning it. Two large vases sat on either side of the wooden door, Grecian in design and filled to the rim with white lilies. An antique, solid wood desk sat beside a stained glass window with a petit silver and black bench made of silky material in front of the structure. In addition to three, azure blue wall sconces lighting the wall above the bed, a stained-glass Tiffany’s lamp stood beside an 8’x5’ double-door, walk-in closet. The closet doors were also solid wood, but thicker, and carved with images of cherubs and flowers, brash handles to open them, and a flowery, blue and silver area rug on the floor in front of it.

“Wow, this gorgeous,” Brea breathed, taken aback by the beauty around her, never having seen a room so tremendous in design and décor.

“Thank you. The walls were already painted this color when I moved in, and the window was the same, but I redid the carpeting and put in new doors on the closet- the wall sconces were replaced too. Everything else I bought or already had,” Rita explained, smiling with pride as she moved to sit on the bench in front of her desk, opening and starting up her laptop.

Brea gave another sweep with her eyes over the decorations and closed the door behind her before moving to sit beside her new friend. Together they surfed the internet, making a list of possible choices, and then narrowing it down to the One. When they had ordered it and paid for it, Brea announced that she had to get back to her room- she wanted to check on Josef and call Mick to see if he had any updates.

Rita stood and hugged her before escorting her the few feet to the door. “I’m glad I could help you find that dress, it’s perfect for you. It’ll really compliment your color.”

Brea was struck by what she said and blushed, “Thank you for the help. I don’t shop that often and when I do it’s usually with Ally.”

They parted and Brea fled back to her room, and took in the fact that Josef was still lying prone in her bed, the ice packs newly changed, her side made, and a few things picked up that had been left out of place. Remember what she told Rita, Brea searched for her phone and dialed Mick’s number.

It rang three times before Mick answered, “Hello?”

“Hi Mick, it’s me, Brea. I was just calling to leave a message- I didn’t think you’d be up already,” Brea said, surprised.

“It’s hard to get up early, but I make an effort because of my clients. I’m sorry to say I haven’t found anything yet, but I’ve only been up for half an hour,” Mick responded.

“Oh that’s okay. I’m actually glad I got you on the phone. I wanted to know what that was in the car last night. When you found out about my blood, the compound? I know there is something you didn’t say,” questioned Brea. She had been so surprised when Josef cut him off, they seemed like such good friends.

“Um, listen, Brea, I don’t think I should mention it. It’s not important.”

But it was important, Brea thought. She could hear it in his voice, that longing, that desperation. “Mick, I want you to be honest with me, especially because I know this is important. What is so special about this to you? Do you want to be a stronger vampire or something? I know that that can be appealing.”

Mick gave a short laugh that startled her, and Brea glanced at the phone with her eyebrows raised.

“No, that’s not it at all. It’s a long story,” Mick deferred.

“So give me the short version,” Brea insisted. She could hear him give a sigh, and waited.

“When I married Coraline, I didn’t know what she was. I didn’t realize that she planned to turn me into a vampire before it happened, and I couldn’t stop her. I was so in love with her that I was blind to the clues all around me. She turned me one night when I had no control, which I guess was all the time considering her strength and knowledge. I don’t like what I am. I don’t like what I’ve done. For me, being a vampire is curse. Something I live with because I can’t die,” Mick said, his explanation running out with feeling. Brea was getting the idea.

“After I found out that Coraline was trying to recreate the compound, I had hope. I wanted to become human so bad, and then Lance came to take her while the small amount of compound I had gotten was in my system. The new prototype for it was destroyed, along with all Coraline’s work. I’ve been trying to find her ever since, but I had pretty much given up any hope of being human ever again. That is why I was so excited last night, but I can’t make demands of you. I like you, Brea and I know you mean a lot to Josef,” Mick concluded, sighing heavily again.

Brea was quiet on the phone for a minute, sorting through what he said to get to the heart of the matter. She felt terrible that he had been turned without a choice. No one should have to be what they do not want to be, Brea thought.



“Did you and Coraline ever get a divorce?” Brea held her breath for the answer.

“No. I thought I had killed her when she abducted a child, Beth actually, when she wanted to start a family. But we never technically got divorced,” Mick told her, his voice almost laughing at the incredulous thought.

“Well then, you’re my uncle. Before you ask, I remembered my parents names last night, and my mother’s is Brielle. From what Josef told me, that makes me part of the Duvall bloodline. I don’t know how, but I’m sure that it’s connected to the compound in my blood somehow. And Mick, I like you too. So I’m willing to give my blood to whoever can help you. I don’t have any family other than Ally anymore, so…I want to help.” Brea finished, her eyes rolling at herself. He probably thought she was stupid about the whole family thing, but it mattered to her.

Mick took a silent pause in their conversation and she when he answered, she let out the breath she’d been holding, “I…thank you. And as for the family, you’ve got me. I haven’t had family since the late seventies- when the last of my living relatives died, and I couldn’t talk to them, or see them because of what I had become. You don’t have to help me though.”

“I’ll ask Josef about what he can do with my blood, maybe that lab tech Christopher can help us. I want to do this for you, Mick,” Brea replied. She heard a shifting and looked to see Josef sitting up in bed, his eyes open wide and staring at her.

“Thank you…just thank you. I promise I’m going to help you find Ally, I swear it,” Mick breathed out.

“I know; I believe you. But hey, I have to go. Call me if you find anything,” Brea said softly, and hung up when he agreed.

“A little family bonding?” Josef joked, his playful smirk in place.

Brea smiled, “Apparently. I have decided I want to help Mick create the compound, if I can.”

Josef rubbed a hand over his face, in a very human gesture, “Don’t you have enough on your plate?”

“He’s family right?” Brea said in way of responding, shrugging her shoulders. She moved to sit on the bed beside him and gave him a gentle kiss, staring into his eyes. “Will you help us?”

“Yes,” Josef sighed. “I just do not get why he hates being a vampire so much, it’s a blast.” Josef finished his statement with a full blown smile.

Brea laughed, “I have no doubt that you enjoy it. Money, everlasting good looks, beautiful women aplenty.”

“I can’t complain,” Josef teased, kissing the side of her neck and wrapping an arm around her waist.

“Thank you for staying with me,” Brea whispered, her pulse beating faster as he kissed and nibbled her neck.

“My pleasure,” he whispered back between kissed, his free hand coming up to caress her flat stomach sending shivers up and down her spine, goose bumps raising on her arms.

“Let’s stay in bed a little longer,” Brea whispered softly, turning in his arms to capture his lips more heatedly, and they fell back against the mattress, kissing, holding, and caressing. “We can go to the lab later.”

“Mmm, good plan,” Josef whispered, a little bit of fang showing as he let her take his mind off the business he’d have to face later.

Author's Note: Hey guys. So finals are over and my creative juices are flowing. I hope you enjoyed this last installment. Let me know what you think and happy holidays! EK! :D
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Re: His Kiss (ML,Josef/OC,ADULT) A/N 2/5/10

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His Kiss
: I don't own Moonlight or anything linked to it.
Category: Moonlight fanfic
Rating: ADULT
Pairings: Josef/OC, Mick/Beth
Summary: Breanna Mabalot has had a shaky past and the only person she has made a point to be close with is her "sister" Ally. When Ally sees that Breanna is taking life too seriously, the girls venture out for a night on the town, and Brea ends up meeting someone who shakes up her world. As life goes on from her earth-shattering experience with Josef Kostan, she finds that more and more peculiarities start to jump out at her- and the well kept secret of her blood will be revealed.

Chapter Thirteen

The day of Josef’s party arrived quickly. Brea came downstairs the morning of, ready for a quiet afternoon breakfast, and walked into a storm of activity. In the center of the entire ruckus, Rita stood on a high ladder attempting to show another worker- also on a ridiculously tall ladder- where to place a shining, silver ornament.

As Brea made her way through the throngs of caterers, maids, imported Freshies, and a number of other employees, she noticed a florist coming in who was about to knock right into Rita’s ladder. Pushing harder and faster, Brea moved more quickly through the crowd and grabbed the short, balding man by the shoulders- pulling him to a halt before he could collide with the ladder.

“Excuse me, sir,” Brea said, politely. “You were about to bump into a ladder.” Pointing up at Rita, Brea redirected the man to another part of the entrance way- a few other people carrying and arranging flowers were huddled together.

“Thanks Brea,” Rita called down from her high place on the ladder.

Glancing up to the top of the ceiling, Brea noticed that the worker Rita had been directing was descending his ladder, and the ornament hung beautifully, glittering in a silver, sparkling spiral.

“You’re welcome,” Brea returned, and then she went back to making her way toward the dining hall.

Passing through the doors, Brea was overcome with the din of the room. Classically beautiful women; modernly attractive woman; woman covered in lace; women draped in silk; brunette women; blonde women; red-headed women; even several bald, but bold women- the room was full of exquisite beauties from wall to wall. Some of them were seated, enjoying Josef’s food and servants, others were standing and socializing; all of them were excited.

Several women turned to her when she entered, appraising her with their eyes and dismissing her with a turn of their heads. Every one of them was bedecked with jewelry- some wearing skimpy gowns made of satin and lace, others wore skirts that molded daringly to their intimates with blouses cut to accentuate the neckline and back.

“ Breanna, over here,” called someone standing near the kitchen entrance. It was Kennedy, talking with Molly and a few new faces Brea did not recognize.

Brea excused herself through the crowd of women and came to stand with Kennedy and Molly. “Morning, well, afternoon.”

“Can I get you something?” Molly offered, squeezing back against the wall beside the door leading to the kitchen.

“Maybe just some coffee and toast? I don’t think I’ll find room at that table,” Brea commented, pointing at the long wood table where she usually took her breakfasts and lunches.

“I’ll have it right out, and I could serve it to you in your room so you can avoid this mess,” Molly said, already heading through the door.

“Yes, that would be great. Thank you,” Brea spoke out to her before she disappeared completely. Molly’s head nodded, and Brea refocused on Kennedy, wondering how she was going to get back through to her room.

“Hello Kennedy. Who are all these women?” Brea asked, wondering if they were all guests for the party, and if so, how many more would be coming.

Kennedy seemed flushed with the same excitement that was contagious among all the other women. Her blonde hair was swept up into an elegant, French twist; her makeup was brown and gold- bringing out the soft brown of her eyes- and dressed in a shamelessly low-cut, v-neck, halter-dress that barely made it to mid-thigh in a slanted hemline. Every curve Kennedy had was on display in a sensual appeal.

“It’s so good to see you, Breanna. These are the Freshies for the party tonight- well, some of the Freshies,” Kennedy explained, her eyes darting to the door where more and more beautiful, exotic women keep pouring in.

“How come you’re down here? I thought Josef’s regulars weren’t allowed to attend the party?” Brea questioned, putting a hand on the wall to catch herself as another Freshie came bustling through the throng.

“It’s sort of like a meet-and-greet. Josef lets us mix for the afternoon, and imbibe some of the champagne for some entertainment. And I was really hungry,” Kennedy said, bringing Brea’s attention to the champagne flute in Kennedy’s hand.

“Well I should go. My breakfast is probably already upstairs and I still have to get ready for the party tonight,” Brea said, excusing herself.

Kennedy waved her off with a content smile, and Brea made her way back through the dining hall, out passed the entrance, up the stairs, and down the hall leading to her room. Flowers had sprung up all over the mansion, in the halls, on the stair rails, in the bathrooms, draped like garland over doorways and archways. Silver, white and red ornaments glittered, shined, and dangled from the ceilings, garlands, and tables.

Brea opened the door to her room and walked in, shutting the heavy door behind her. Her dress was wrapped up in a plastic, dress bag, and Brea paused to sigh at it. It had arrived that morning, and Brea had woken up to it hanging in her bureau when she’d dressed for breakfast in one of her soft, cool sundresses.

When Brea turned to her settee, she found breakfast laid out on the table nearest the balcony doors; a pile of toast six pieces high, a already-poured cup of coffee, and the pot, creamer, sugar, and spoon all laying on a silver tray. It didn’t take long before breakfast was over, and Brea climbed into a steaming shower.

Twenty minutes later and Brea was finished cleaning up, and was already applying makeup. She dusted on cream shadow, black liner, black mascara, and smoothed on a faint, pink lipstick. Rita had been kind enough to lend Brea a strand of cream-colored pearls that clung closely to the long column of her neck.

Not one to fuss with her hair that much, Brea allowed it to dry naturally, draping down her back in dark waves. Next came the dress, and Brea tingled with excitement when the brush of silk tickled her skin with a cold caress. She felt like a princess, Brea decided as she finished tying the ribbon that held the top of her strapless gown up.

Stepping into cream, lace heels, Brea criss-crossed the lace ribbon straps up her leg to mid-calf, tying it in a bow at the back of her calf, the ends dangling delicately down to her ankles. With one last look at herself in the mirror, Brea blew out a breath and went to her door, exiting again an hour after entering, and feeling more confident than she thought she could with so many new people milling around.

Then, Brea descended the main staircase, careful not to touch the garlanded rails- afraid to ruin the arduous work- and stopped by the bottom of the stairs where two large, potted-plants were placed on opposite ends of the railings, at the peak of their bloom and shooting up ten feet toward the ceiling.

Brea smoothed a hand down the cream silk, pleated skirt of her gown, a line of blush colored pearl beading sewn delicately along the ankle length hem. The fitted bodice was overlaid with golden hued damask; the straight, low neckline flatteringly cut to expose a seductive hint of cleavage- a single, thin rose-colored ribbon wove through the top of the strapless gown, tying behind her back in a simple bow.

Across the still crowded room, Brea saw him. Josef was standing talking with another man, equally as tall, though thinner and with dark, red hair. She took him in for a moment- not expecting to see him so early on in the party. Molly had told her a few nights before while serving dinner, that Josef usually spent half the party in his office before making an appearance.

Waiters were now carrying silver trays with champagne filled glasses around the rooms, in and out of doorways, and stopping from time to time to offer a flute. The vampires stood out among the humans, it was impossible not to see the differences. Where the Freshies were draped in scantily made dresses, covered in jewels, and holding clear champagne flutes all over; the vampires were dressed in darker colors, their skin paler than anything humanly possible, their eyes sparking silver, and either a human at the fang, or a blood-filled flute, some sparkling with a hint of champagne.

Just as Brea was about to force her way through the crowd to Josef’s side, he was there. He stood gallantly beside her, offering his arm, and smiling down at her.

“Good evening, Brea,” Josef greeted, a little fang in his words. “You look breath-taking.”

Her heart fluttered, and Brea devoured him with her eyes. He was dressed to the nines, clean-cut
lines, grey and black colored suit pieces, and a sharp pair of black, shining shoes. She leaned her head back and reached up to him partly for a kiss. Josef was fast in his reply, his hot, hungry kiss sealing over her lips, stealing into her mouth, and sending her mind far-far away.

They pulled apart as a waiter excused his way passed them, and Brea clung to Josef’s arm to keep herself together and contained. Josef felt the pressure of her hands on his arm and smirked devilishly toward her.

“Thank you, Josef,” Brea answered, remembering his compliment. She leaned up on her tip-toes and placed a kiss near his ear, and whispered, “You look good enough to eat.”

Josef started and then stared down at her in shock for a moment, and she burst out giggling. Many vampires and their Freshies turned to watch when Josef opened up his mouth and laughed in kind.

“I love when you surprise me,” Josef told her, and a pretty color blush rose to Brea’s cheeks.

Josef began walking around the room, Brea keeping hold of his arm, and watched in surprise as people moved out of their way from all directions. They stopped a few times to talk to some business associates that Josef knew and worked with. A transformation came over him when he spoke to fellow businessmen, his stance turning more serious and aware; his eyes gleaming with intelligence, and his smile full of friendliness and charm. Watching him was a turn on, Brea realized, and her own smile turned more seductive as she pictured him in her room, on her bed, touching her.

Shortly after that though, Josef broke off his conversation with an elderly Chinese man, whom Josef introduced as a shareholder in one of Josef’s business ventures in the Eastern Hemisphere- a new branch that was turning out quite successful.

He pulled her into a dance, and Brea could feel the heat from Josef’s hand on her lower back all the way to her core. At the thought, Brea shivered and Josef tugged her more snuggly to him, pressing their fronts together without any space between them.

“You smell wonderful,” Josef whispered to her, locking gazes. His eyes flashed from cobalt blue to pale silver and back.

Brea didn’t respond, she laid her head down against his chest, and swayed with him. They finished out the song- being played by a string band- and wandered over to where Jeannette Claget stood sipping from the arm of a beautiful, red-haired Freshie. The Freshie wore a satin, red dress that looked like liquid blood, almost painted onto the woman’s body, and matching perfectly the color of the girl’s bright, crimson hair, shorn to shoulder-length curls. However, the attractiveness of the Freshie was out shown by the vampire holding her, ten-fold.

Though Brea had only had the opportunity to meet Jeannette Claget once before, the woman was unforgettably gorgeous. Her hair looked white-gold in the dim lighting, her eyes a clear, azure blue- wide and innocent looking- and Aryan features that made her face glow. Jeannette’s skin was a rich, flawless cream color that popped severely against the deep violet of her strapless, satin romper. A thin, gold chain wrapped once tightly around her neck, and looped a second time down to her waist. Jeannette screamed old-world class and power.

“Josef, I’m charmed. This party is absolutely delicious,” Jeannette said in greeting, retracting her fangs from the red head’s wrist. “Happy four-hundred and ninety-eighth birthday, darling. Delighted Breanna.”

“It’s nice to see you again, Jeannette,” Brea replied and smiled.

“Thank you, Jean. I’m glad to see you’re enjoying it,” Josef rejoined, his smile had more fang, and it was directed more specifically at the red-head who looked slightly dazed, but pleased.

“How’s the restaurant?” Brea inquired politely.

“Quite well. I have decided to franchise my establishment over in Germany. I have missed the home country, it is time I get back a taste of my heritage.” Jeannette held herself regally, and her voice was threaded through with a German accent.

“When are you leaving?” Josef asked, his eyes stopped roaming over the crowd as he spoke, returning to Jeannette and Brea, as well as the Freshie who was sipping a flute of champagne.

“Not until March, several more months will be needed for my family home to be reopened and readied for my stay,” Jeannette told them, her gaze straying to one of the few male Freshies walking the rooms. He was a tall, dark-skinned, dark-haired Hispanic, no shirt visible- only a scrap of a vest covering his upper-body.

“I’ll have to visit sometime, maybe in a few decades,” Josef said, and Brea’s head spun with the casual way he talked about time.

“I would be happy to receive you,” Jeannette returned, and then she said farewell to the red-headed Freshie, and a goodbye to Brea and Josef. Brea had no doubt that she was headed for the male-Freshie.

“Would you like some champagne?” Josef asked her, and Brea realized that one of the waiters had stopped to see if Brea wanted a champagne flute.

“No, thank you,” Brea told the waiter, and he disappeared into the sea of people that had just entered the main room.

“Are you alright?” Josef asked, his face creasing in worry.

“Yes. Josef, happy birthday,” Brea suddenly told him, surprised at herself for not saying something sooner. He broke out into another wicked smile, and she returned it with one of her own, even feeling her eye teeth sharpen and peek down.

“Come with me,” Josef insisted, leading her through a side door, and pulling her into a less populated setting. Flowers and ornaments still draped most surfaces, but the room had silver candles- pillars and tapers- positioned all around the room, lighting it more softly than the other, and encasing it with a more sensual feel. Several pairs of vampires and Freshies entangled on armchairs, settees, sofas, and window seats in various states of bloodlust and sexual-hunger.

Josef tugged her further into the room, towards a pair of French doors that opened onto an outdoor patio, lit with white lights and more silver candles along with four or five more potted-plants around the walkway leading out into the back. They stopped on the patio, Josef sitting in a lounge chair, pulling Brea down with him.

Brea turned toward his chest, resting against him relaxed, and pressed a soft kiss to his left cheek. She brought a hand up to hold his chin and turn his face, and then kissed his right cheek. When Josef’s face broke out into delighted grin, Brea kissed his nose, and then leaned in within a breath of his lips and stared into his eyes. She got lost in the silver pools, and when his lips moved up to hers, she fell against them.

Eyes sliding shut, Brea gave her senses away to him; his lips soft, moving, and perfect against hers. Lust thudded between them, a live beat that hummed in their blood and licked at their lips. His hands touched her naked back, and Brea felt her teeth bite into his lips. Blood trickled from the corners of their lips, tongues dueling for that spicy, illicit taste. More and more, their fevered desires rose, tugging them closer, urging on their sensuous hands. The feel of her ribbon untying from behind her was the warning, and then cool air kissed her chest, making her nipples tighten against Josef’s palms.

“Josef,” Brea gasped into his mouth, her own hands clutching his upperarms- the biceps flexing as he cupped her breasts, teasing the areolas, tweaking the hardened nubs, and brushing the undersides with his fingertips.

A cough broke them apart, Josef crushing Brea to his chest, hiding her from the interrupter.

“Sorry to interrupt, but I have news,” Mick’s voice broke in, his shadowed figure outlined by the light
from inside shaping him in the doorway.

Brea’s insides were still trembling with the excitement of Josef’s touch as Josef tied her gown back into place. “It’s okay,” she managed, embarrassed as if her father had caught her- not something she had ever really worried about.

“Mick did you find-“ Brea heard Beth as she came out, and broke Josef’s hold on her by standing.

“Hi Beth,” Brea said, wrapping her arms around herself.

“Mick, Beth, what horrible timing. Nice to see you,” Josef quipped, standing beside Brea, wrapping an arm around her waist.

“Oh,” Beth said. She was dressed for a day in the office, her skirt-suit impeccable except for a few wrinkles. Mick beside her, wore a fifties suit that was more or less adequate for the party, but his expression said “I’ve got news” rather than “let’s party”.

Sighing, Josef rolled his eyes and led them back into the house, through the din of the party and into a private office. Books lined the walls, stacked on shelves that went from floor to ceiling, and were made of hard, gleaming wood. In the middle of the room, a wooden desk, five cushioned chairs, and a wet bar took up the decent workspace.

Brea took the offered chair Josef held out for her, and focused on Mick, “So what’s going on?”

Mick looked her square in the eye and took a deep- unnecessary- breath. “I know how to find Lance’s castle, and our flight leaves tomorrow, at dawn.”

Josef stood from where he leaned against his desk, “What? How?”

“We have an escort,” Beth added, smiling triumphantly at Mick.

“Beth found a source. She called me, and came here from work,” Mick explained.

“Who? What resource?” Josef grilled.

“Tina, Coraline’s friend,” Beth supplied, pride coming off her in waves.

“Whose Tina?” Brea asked.

“A backstabbing bitch, and someone who might be able to help us find Ally,” Mick told her, as he stared down at Beth with a smile.

“So where are we going?” Josef asked, smiling and playful despite the impending nightmare ahead of them.

“Loire Valley,” Mick informed them.

“I’ll have the jet ready by 3,” Josef said, placing a kiss on Brea’s head, and she wondered what would happen between them when this whole situation was over.

A/N: Well there you have it. I hope you enjoyed this latest chapter. Let me know. EK! :D :mrgreen:
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Re: His Kiss (ML,Josef/OC,ADULT) Ch13 2/5/10

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His Kiss
I don't own Moonlight or anything linked to it.
Category: Moonlight fanfic
Rating: ADULT
Josef/OC, Mick/Beth
Summary: Breanna Mabalot has had a shaky past and the only person she has made a point to be close with is her "sister" Ally. When Ally sees that Breanna is taking life too seriously, the girls venture out for a night on the town, and Brea ends up meeting someone who shakes up her world. As life goes on from her earth-shattering experience with Josef Kostan, she finds that more and more peculiarities start to jump out at her- and the well kept secret of her blood will be revealed.

Chapter Fourteen

The inside of Josef’s jet was as luxurious and expensive as the rest of Josef’s belongings. Light was streaming in from the specially-designed, sun-proof windows that had been installed in the jet. Josef and Mick were both sleeping in bunked fridges that were inserted in the wall of the back room where a large bed covered in purple silk sheets and pillows was located. Beth had decided to take a nap in the main area of the jet which had lush, black seating and a mini-bar that was better stocked than most hotel rooms.

Brea was lying on her side on the shiny purple bed, relaxed in a sea of purple and purple-patterned feather pillows. It was nice to feel the smooth, cool sheets against her curves, forming around her like it was purposefully made to mold to her body. Her mind wandered to Josef, wishing he was lying with her, holding her in that comforting, exciting way he did. Though they had been on the jet for four hours and the sun was now up, Brea was still tingling with Josef’s touch and strong hold. They had packed lightly and quietly while the party had gone on downstairs, and Josef ended the party by inviting his guests to stay in the south wing of the mansion for the night- and that he had urgent business he had to leave to take care of.

Changing out of her party dress had sobered Brea up from her happy high. She had chosen her favorite worn jeans with the daisies painted on the back pockets for comfort and flexibility, and a fitted, black v-neck with long sleeves. It had taken her all of ten minutes to pull on a pair of black sneakers and throw together a small bag.

In a move that surprised herself, Brea had run down to the kitchen- entering through the dining hall- and asked one of the startled night staff for a silver knife, her bag hefted over her shoulder. The man was young and startled, and started to explain that they did not cater using silverware at vampire functions.
Brea asked if they had any spare pieces in the truck they had arrived in that brought the champagne flutes and trays. Again the young man looked nervous, but he had hurried her out to the truck, retrieved a bag with various personal affects- obviously his- and pulled out a grey scarf. He unwound the balled up wool and produced a small silver object which folded out to be a wicked, silver pocket knife- longer and slimmer than any Brea had ever seen.

“If you’re gonna kill them, wait till the Sun is up,” whispered the worker as he folded the blade back into place, tossed his small bag in the truck, and handed the piece to Brea. “Evil sons-of-bitches every last one
of them; I’m in this for the pay check.”

Brea was careful to murmur an indiscernible response as she thanked him, slipped the refolded blade into her bra, and headed back to the mansion. She was alarmed at his malicious hatred, especially considering how free his access was in Josef’s mansion. The worker, his name tag said his name was Weston H., completely ignored her when they got back to the kitchen and separated. His face was calm and his responses neutral- a ticking time bomb in the works.

When Brea entered the main entrance hall, she spotted Josef talking to Molly. Molly had a somber upset look about her, but as Brea got closer and the two took notice of her, Molly looked completely normal and friendly, despite her dim smile. After a few concerned words about the worker, Weston H., Josef led Brea to a waiting car that was set to take them to Josef’s jet. He had cancelled Mick’s tickets and arrangements while Brea packed and changed.

Shortly after they had gotten on the jet, Josef had given Brea and Beth and the reluctant Tina a grand tour of the space. Tina had taken up in the cockpit with the pilot and co-pilot; her grumpy attitude turning to a flirty one after a brief meet-and-greet with the co-pilot. Her intentions for the rest of their flight were clear, even though she had looked at Brea with mild interest after their introductions on the landing strip.

Sighing, Brea turned on her back to stare blankly at the ceiling. She couldn’t wait to see Ally. She missed her so much and the closer they got to her, the more frantic she was to get to her. God, just let her be all right, Brea thought, putting both her hands over her face and breathing deeply into them.

The problems of the world melted away as Brea’s hands drifted to her sides and her eyes slid shut, her legs curling to one side of her body while she fell into a deep sleep.

When Brea woke again the plane was shaking and the once gleaming, light bright windows were pitch dark. Someone was stroking Brea’s hair and the soothing calm of it was melting into her, relaxing her more than the nap had. Bringing her hand up to grasp the one stroking her, Brea intertwined their fingers and she brought Josef’s hand to her mouth. His masculine scent filling her up and the soft, warm hand in hers made her shiver in an exciting way.

“Did you sleep well?” Josef whispered in the ultra-dark room. A clicking noise came to Brea’s ears just before a light came on overhead. Josef was sitting on the bed to her left wearing fitted, stretchy, black pants, a rich red shirt, and an expensive looking pair of black shoes. God his appearance overwhelmed her sometimes, taking up the air in the room and striping her of sensibility- something she prided herself on.

“Yeah, I must have just drifted off. Are we there?” Brea asked, watching as he kissed the back of her hand the way she had done to his, a little fang peeking out from his lips when he drew back.

“We just landed,” Josef replied, running a hand through her hair until he reached the nap of her neck and fisted her dark wavy hair, bringing his face down to smell her scent and groan.

“Josef, where are we going from here? What’s the plan?” Brea breathed out, trying to stop the shaking of her hands, she wanted to reach out and touch him so much; but Ally needed saving first.

“We are going to a safe house that a friend of mine owns just twenty minutes outside of Loire Valley. He owes me a favor and you and Beth will be safe there.” The hand holding her and head released her as Josef dipped down to her lips. Brea’s breath caught in her throat and she reached up to meet him. Their lips met and a shudder ran through her body, clenching in her core. Josef’s words replayed in her head, and Brea pulled back from him, willing herself to breathe- to think.

“What do you mean Beth and I will be safe there? Where are you and Mick going? We still need to figure out how to find and get Ally out of that place,” Brea said.

Josef, who had been paying homage to the long, milky column of her neck, pulled back to face Breanna with a look that said ‘you aren’t going to like this’. “Mick and I will be going to get Ally. You and Beth will stay at the villa with Dax; he was a warrior before he was turned a few centuries ago, and he can protect you. He owes me a favor and I’m calling it in.” Josef explained; his face in business mode. The brush off was perfectly clear, he expected her to just go along with what he had planned, just like she was one of his employees.

“I don’t even know this person and you think I’m just going to stay with him while you go off and save my sister? Are you crazy? I’m going with you.”

His face grew dark and his eyes flashed that liquid silver at her, and for just one second Brea thought about just letting it go, she didn’t want to make him this angry when he was helping her. But she couldn’t let him dictate to her, they were equals damn it!

“Brea, you need to stay with Dax while Mick and I go. You don’t have our abilities. We are faster, stronger, and vicious. When we fight we have to give ourselves over to that side of us that isn’t human. You would be kidnapped or killed before you could get to where she is. Do you understand that? You will die if you come with us,” Josef said, his tone low and lethal. “And I’m not willing to let that happen.”

A jolt of feminine pleasure rocked her, and Brea felt her heart skip a beat and her lungs still for a breath. He really cares about me, Brea thought. It gave her that all over delighted feeling she got when he stared at her hungrily, or whispered sexy words to her. A heated blush stole up her neck and crept into her cheeks and her eyes turned down half-mast to look at him through her lashes.

“I really care about you, Josef,” Brea confessed, arching up against him, wrapping her arms around his waist as he hovered over her.

Josef stilled against her, and then she was on her back with his lips pressed wet and warm against hers before his tongue thrust into her mouth wantonly. Her skin heated up as his hard body pressed her into the silky, firm bed imprinting her body shape to the mattress. Nerves rose up and begged for attention while she returned his fervor with her twirling, sweeping, seeking tongue. Brea was so caught up in his mouth that the sudden sensation of his palms against her breasts through the soft, flimsy material of her shirt startled her- causing her to jerk against him, rubbing his growing erection with the intimate press of her right thigh.

Moaning against his mouth, Brea grasped onto a bicep with one hand before moving the other up under his shirt, running her fingers over the smooth, rippled flesh of his muscular torso and stealing his breath away when she raked her nails over his chest passionately.

Knocking sounded at the door to the bedroom area of the jet, but Brea refused to acknowledge it as she reached her hand from his bicep into his hair and tugged him more voraciously to her, repositioning her lower body to grind into his hard bulge. They broke from each other as the noise continued, but again Brea ignored it, and trailed rough, nipping kisses along his jaw, down his neck, over his shoulder and down to the base of his neck. She felt the electric heat of her arousal pulsing inside her, her fingernails aching familiarly, and her fangs drawing down before sinking unwittingly into Josef.

He groaned and arched against her before snarling at the knocking at the door, which had stopped and started up again more timidly. Brea ground against him, the heat from her core teasing him, emanating through the coarse material of her jeans. Her hands moved together up to his shoulders and held him more tightly to her while she fed.

The rich, spicy, hot, arousing taste of Josef’s blood filled her mouth, ran down her throat, pouring into her gut, turning her insides to molten lava- burning in her veins, seizing her muscles in repeated spasms, and fogging her mind. Her core was wet and wanting, rhythmically seeking release through their clothes- wishing he was stretching her, filling her center till she screamed as she climaxed around him, trembling with fulfillment. A fire burned inside her, roaring through her body, making the room chilly and uncomfortable as she strove higher, reaching higher, her sheath clenching and unclenching as Josef’s blood passed over her lips and into her ecstasy. He tugged at her hair, pulling her head back, her lips from his punctured chest, right below his neck and kissed her- feeding and fueling her until he bit her tongue and took from her what she had from him. The moment a drop of her blood slid down his throat, her body clenched, and spasms quaking her vagina as liquid rushed through her and drowned her in her screams while he held her, releasing their kiss, and clinging to him while she rode the waves.

Somewhere in the background, the door went quiet- the person finally giving up, and Josef stopped grinding his teeth. He held her tightly to him, shudders caused his teeth to snap together while he searched for his centuries of built up control. His reservoirs were running low where Brea was concerned- he was frustrated that he could not have her, not yet, and that he knew he would wait till he could. When her orgasm had ripped through her, he had felt it as tightly as he held her. The heat between her thighs had caused his cock to jump in his pants and swell with needing her. He could not wait to get her back to LA and into his bed- he felt how ready she was for him.

Pressing a gentle, soothing kiss to her forehead, Josef rubbed his cheek against her head. The uncontrollable aftershocks of her pleasure were tingled along her spine, but she finally fell mute and calm.

“I’ll stay with Dax if you promise me everything will be okay. Because, even though all of this is crazy and scary and unpredictable- I’ll believe you if you promise me,” Brea whispered, rubbing her head on his chest and comforting in his presence. He made her so peaceful when he wasn’t driving her crazy with need.

Brea felt Josef take a breath above her as her breathing finally evened out from her heavy pants and shudders. She thought it was so weird not hearing his heart beat in his chest, but leaning into him gave her a sense of comfort worth the weirdness. Her body was humming with satisfaction, and Brea felt her eyes drooping again- despite her nap.

“I promise,” Josef said above her, then pulled back to examine her face. She felt her heart pick up again and the dull throb of hunger rose again. God, he was addicting.

“Okay. Let’s go,” Brea replied. She watching him stand and hold out a hand to her as she got to her unsteady feet. Her body felt weak and relaxed and Brea was embarrassed to say she was still ready for more- maybe she was finally ready to be with Josef.

Josef opened the door leading out into the main space of the jet and held his hand to the side for her to pass, “Ladies first, doll.” Brea smiled to him; she loved when he used such old-fashioned endearments. It made her feel like she was in a movie and he was her perfect guy come a calling.

Mick, Beth, and Tina were standing by the main exit, all awkwardly trying to make small talk- except Tina who was completely ignoring their attempts. Brea noticed Tina’s attention turned to her as she came out with Josef close behind.

“You know I’m sure you could have found a hotel room more suitable for that sort of thing than this jet,” Tina snipped, rolling her eyes as Brea blushed afresh.

“You could mind your own business before I drain the blood from your body for dinner,” Josef threatened in a calm and understated tone of voice.

Tina swept her medium brown, medium length wavy hair over her shoulders and up into a bun that she tied with a rubber band. Her eyes were an attractive blue-grey color lined thickly with black liner, black mascara, and dark grey shadow. Her nose was slightly crooked as if it had been broken a couple times, but didn’t detract much from the symmetry of her face. Her lips were a faint, pale pink naturally enhanced with clear gloss, and slightly curved up a little at the corners, both lips matched evenly in their slight plump fill. Her cheekbones were soft and smooth were her jaw was sharp and strong in its curve. Overall, Tina’s face was a lovely, unique blend of beauty and flaw. Her body was gentle curves and understated clothes- simple jeans, a white blouse, brown leather, ankle boots, and a fleur-de-lis necklace.

Brea gasped when she saw the necklace peeking out from Tina’s blouse and she closed the distance between them before she realized she had the pendant in her hand.

“Where did you get this?” Brea demanded, tugging harshly at the necklace, turning over the pendant to see the artful ‘D’ engraving.

“Excuse you,” Tina sneered, but seemed too frozen in place to say anything else.

“Where the fuck did you get this?” Brea shouted, tugging so hard that the necklace came off into her hands which shook with suppressed emotion.

“Hey, that is mine. Coraline gave that to me,” Tina finally snapped, pulling at the chain that had held the necklace to her.

“Why would she give this to you?” Brea demanded again, not releasing the pendant.

“Brea, calm down,” Beth said, trying to intercede when Brea’s eyes started turning silver and her fangs were unconsciously resting against her lower lips, protruding from her closed mouth.

“She gave it to me because she plans to turn me and make me part of the family. This is her family’s crest,” Tina spat, still trying to regain the necklace, but too afraid of Brea’s altered appearance to do anything rash.

Brea remembered that Mick had said Tina could help them because she was a friend of Coraline’s. That lined up with what Tina was saying, but Brea didn’t want this woman, this stuck up, rude, ill-tempered woman to have something of hers- and it was hers because she was a Duvall, even though Tina didn’t know that.

“Brea, let her have the necklace,” Mick said. He had watched the exchange and knew that Brea’s own necklace was hidden just inside the neck of her blouse.

“Yeah let me have it,” Tina said, pulling futilely as Brea held her grip.

“How long have you known Coraline?” Brea asked, not letting go still.

“Since 1982 when she attacked me outside a club near the college I went to in Santa Ana.” Tina finally got up some courage and shoved at Brea’s shoulder, trying to knock her off balance and loosen her grip.

Brea opened up her mouth and hissed- stunning herself and everyone in the room. Tina let go of the necklace and stumbled back into Beth as Brea grabbed hold of Josef beside her to steady herself. His warm hands came up to her shoulders, holding her in place.

“That’s enough,” Josef ordered. He rubbed soothing circled into Brea’s shoulders with his thumbs as her eyes flickered back to their normal color and her fangs slid back into her mouth. He had surprised her into normalcy.

“We have to get somewhere safe,” said Mick, taking Beth by the hand, after having pushed her behind him when Brea hissed, and leading them off the plane. Tina followed quickly and closely behind Mick and Beth, glaring at the ground in defeat.

Josef halted Brea for a moment outside the waiting limo that sat running outside the plane. He brought his hands up to either side of her head, twisting a little in the hair at her temples, forcing her to look up into his eyes.

“Everything is going to be fine. Ally is going to be with you soon, I promise. And I will help you find whatever answers I can once we get through this,” Josef told her, kissing her lips lightly, then her nose and her then her forehead where they rested against her for a moment before pulling away.

“I believe you,” Brea said, and when they slipped into the backseat across from Mick, Beth, and Tina, she extended the necklace to Tina.

“If Coraline gave this to you, you should have it. I’m sorry.” Brea apologized, letting go once a hesitant hand came up to claim it, and then leaned back into Josef.

“Who are you to her?” Tina asked, more confident once the necklace was secured around her neck again, though it had to be knotted to keep it there as Brea had broken the lobster clasp of the platinum chain.

Brea pondered the question for a minute. Really she was nobody to Coraline, just a half-human niece she’d probably never met, not that Brea could remember anyway. Her mother, Brielle, and her father, Caden, were all she could really remember of her family. Brea gazed at Mick for a second, asking him if she should be careful with what she said or if it was okay to tell Tina. His eyes flashed to Tina and then to Brea and he shrugged, it was her call.

“I’m her niece,” Brea stated. It really hit her then, she had an aunt somewhere- maybe even down in the dungeons like Ally.

Tina’s eyes bulged wide, her eyebrows popped up, and she gasped. Yeah, Brea thought, that’s I feel.

“How is that possible?” Tina questioned, her tone incredulous.

“I’m Brielle’s daughter. Brielle Duvall, Coraline’s sister.” Again Tina stared at Brea as if she was making up tall tales for her benefit, and it was starting to bug her.

“Brielle is alive?” Tina asked, her tone the same, but her eyebrows returning to their normal place.

“I don’t know. Something happened, Lance came when I was little and there was fire and explosions, and I ran away and I couldn’t remember anything until recently. It’s all been coming back since I came to LA from New York. Lance has my friend, Allison Deveaux, and he’s torturing her, that’s why we need to find this place. He’s trying to get to me because-” Josef cut her off with a squeeze of his hand on her thigh, “I guess because he found out I exist and wants to know how,” Brea finished lamely, not meeting Tina’s eyes as she gazed at the limo’s floor.

“But she has been here in the last century? Coraline thought she was dead. Brielle was having some ridiculous affair with a human, a male witch, and Lance found out. It was terrible- from what Coraline told me- and she thought Lance had killed the witch and then Brielle. If what you’re saying is true then Brielle could still be out there,” Tina exclaimed, overly excited.

“Did you miss the part where she said there was an explosion and nobody even knows if Brielle survived?” Josef asked, looking at Tina condescendingly.

“Well if she is, Coraline and I will find her. It has been too long Coraline has grieved her sister’s loss. She’ll be so happy when I tell her,” Tina said, smiling for the first time since Brea had met her.

“Assuming we can find her,” Mick answered. Tina turned on him sharply, her eyes glinting angrily.

“You’ll find her. I found you Lance, and now its payback time. Our deal was that you save your human and Coraline too. I don’t even care about the girl they have locked up down there, Coraline is why I’m here,” Tina insisted, glaring Mick and Beth down.

“Hey, that human girl looked down there is like a sister to me and she’s important to me. In fact, if this whole thing turns out to be a false lead, you’ll be ruined. I’ll make sure anyone and anything you care about is gone. You get me? I will go into the dungeons myself and put a stake through Coraline’s heart and drag her out to rot in the sun while you watch if Ally doesn’t make it out of her. If you think I can’t find a way to make that happen, you are misjudging me,” Brea said, her malicious voice stilling Tina’s heart for a second- and Brea could hear it suddenly, as it skipped a beat and then sped up in her chest.

“Now now, play nice girls,” Josef said, amusement coloring his words. Brea glanced up at him and he was smiling wickedly at her, delighted by her unusual bout of ruthlessness. “And I thought I drove a hard bargain.”

Brea fought back a smile, her anger receding. She was feeling more aggressive since she had tasted Josef’s blood in the bedroom on the jet. Her body heated up fast and her words tumbled out with vindictiveness foreign to her day to day attitude around her more frequently prominent fangs. How did she know how his blood would affect her? Or any blood? Other than sexual arousal, she hadn’t felt much change in herself, but what if slowly her vampire traits were coming out, what if she wasn’t even human anymore.

Stop it, Brea told herself, shaking her head. She had to focus on Ally. And arguing with Tina and threatening her was not going to help her get her sister back any sooner. Josef promised that he would have Ally back to her, and she was going to believe him because not believing him just wasn’t an option.

The limo stopped outside a stunning driveway, gated off and guarded by a small booth with armed security. Brea heard the driver upfront tell the man his name and the names of everyone inside. Next thing she knew, Brea was being handed out of the limo and escorted up beautiful, hand-carved marble stairs, through the front door and foyer, passed two side rooms with French doors with gauzy, white curtains, up another marble stairway, down two long corridors with more French doors with different colored curtains that toward up the full expanse of the twelve foot ceilings, and into a solarium.

Two men stood sentinel at the two doorways into the room- the one they came through from front of the villa and a pair of doors leading out onto an equally impressive marble balcony. Blue, gauzy curtains draped in this room at the doors and a number of gleaming, wooden lounge chairs surrounded a crystal, aqua pool. Cream and brown marble tiles formed an edge around the indoor, in-ground pool and beautiful pool tiles created a mosaic on the stairs leading down into the watery depths. Looking up, Brea gasped at the opulent glass ceiling. The glass was mostly clear and cut into two foot squares set into the otherwise wooden framework that comprised the ceiling- however, a few elegantly placed squares were stained glass, depictions of carnal bliss vividly displaced against the now starry sky.

Water sloshing brought Brea’s attention back to the pool. She hadn’t noticed before, but a man was swimming through the water. His onyx hair was thick and heavy, curling in wet ringlets as he made his way up the stairs and out onto the marble floor. A towel sitting at the lip of the pool was dry and ready for his uses, and as he toweled off, his muscular physique came into clear view. He was one big muscle, Brea mused, as he stretched his arms above his head, his eight pack rippling and stretching over sinful, bronze skin. He had to be at least six-foot-five, and he towered in a very menacing way as he walked closer to them. A charming smile lit up his handsome, chiseled face- a strong, wide nose, big, honey brown eyes, thin lips that curled sensually. By any standard this man was a dream, a very wet one, Brea thought- blushing profusely at the wanton thought.

But glancing from him to Josef, Brea wouldn’t have wanted them to trade places. Though this man, Dax by Brea’s guess, was sensual and appealing with his European good looks, he didn’t twist her insides when he smiled, his eyes didn’t make her feel sexy, and though he looked warm like the sun, his eyes were hard and cold.

“Josef, how was the flight?” Dax asked, offering him hand to Josef and then to Mick. He completely ignored Brea, Beth, and Tina.

“Good. This is Breanna Mabalot, Beth Turner, and Tina Haggans,” Josef introduced them each with a wave of his hand. “Ladies, this is Dax Arvanitis.”

Dax took them each in, and Brea noticed he stopped longer on her, but moved back to Josef without so much as a greeting. Brea thought he had an arrogant high-handedness about him. Hearing his last name made sense, he looked very Greek.

“It’s nice to meet you, Dax,” Brea said, putting her hand out to him. He seemed to look at her and contemplate her hand before taking it in his- twice the size of her own, almost engulfing it completely in his grasp- and brought it to his lips, which in turn caused her to stumble closer. His nose lingered longer above her hand, sniffing it, before releasing her.

“It is good to meet you, Breanna,” he charmed, smiling a sexy smile for her even though she backed up into Josef immediately. Josef’s hands came up to settle on her hips and she felt more relaxed.

“What are you?” Brea whispered, and then gulped when Dax’s eyes turned darker, his smile more sinister, and his grinning teeth sharpened all throughout his mouth.

“Down Dax, she’s mine,” Josef proclaimed, his fingernails digging into her hips more as he spoke. “Ladies, Dax is not a vampire- if you can’t tell from the room of sunny death and his less-than-pale complexion. Dax is a werewolf, but don’t worry he’s had his shots,” Josef quipped, that teasing smirk Brea loved so much in full force.

Dax’s smile returned, but it was tight, and he nodded to one of the guards to open the door as he walked on through it and guided the group along the corridor outside. He indicated which rooms were theirs. He showed Josef and Mick to a room full of slid out freezers with auto-lock buttons on the inside that opened and closed the freezers at will. Everything about the home was a mix of Greek and French, and all of it mixed opulently.

When they had done a quick tour they ended up back at the front doorway. Mick and Josef were both more solemn while Beth kept nervously readjusting her jacket around her and stealing glances at Mick. It was time for them to go.

“Be careful,” Beth told them, ignoring Dax’s bored roll of his eyes.

“We can handle it,” Josef said to her.

“We’ll be fine,” Mick returned, brushing a few strands of Beth’s pretty blonde hair out of her face. “We’ll be back soon.”

“Make sure Coraline’s with you,” Tina demanded, then walked off toward her room.

“Josef, please be careful, please,” Brea begged, moving forward and launching herself into his arms in a display of desperation she couldn’t help. He was the one thing in her world that seemed stable and fun and exhilarating- she could not imagine him going off and getting her because of her, or worse, killed.

“I will come back to you. Till then, think naughty thoughts about me because when I get back I plan to have some very creative ideas of my own,” he murmured huskily in her ear, nipping it, and tilting her head up and to the side for his kiss.

Dax made an impatient sound and Brea wanted to smack this man she didn’t know- her patience just about as short as his. Backing up and away, Brea watching Josef and Mick head out the door, Dax locking it behind them, and turned to a nervous, smiling Beth standing just behind her.

“They’ll be fine,” Beth assured her, more as a question.

“Everything will be fine,” Brea said, nodding along with her, just as uncertain.

“I wouldn’t be so sure,” called a French accented voice, male and powerful. Brea and Beth turned to the marble stairs ahead of them. Lance stood at the top with a quivering Tina in his arms, and with a flash of movement, he snapped the teary-eyed woman’s neck, the sound reverberating off the marble floors and walls as Tina’s body fell lifeless to the floor.

“Welcome back niece,” Lance said, and a horrifying smile curled across his face. When Brea grabbed Beth and turned, Dax stood arms crossed, wicked thin lips curled, in front of the lock door.

A/N: Well I still haven't finished my update for Where Loyalty Lies- I've been blocked on finishing the chapter, but I have finished this update for His Kiss. I hope everyone enjoys it. Let me know, EK!
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Re: His Kiss (ML,Josef/OC,ADULT) Ch14 3/25/10

Postby Egyptian_Kiss » Sun May 16, 2010 8:56 pm

His Kiss
I do not own Moonlight or anything linked to it.
Category: Moonlight
Author: Egyptian Kiss
Pairings: Josef/OC, Mick/Beth
Rating: ADULT
Breanna Mabalot has had a shaky past and the only one she has made a point to be close with is her "sister" Ally. When Ally sees that Breanna is taking life too seriously, the girls venture out for a night on the town, and Brea ends up meeting someone who shakes up her world. As life goes on from her earth-shattering experience with Josef Kostan, she finds that more and more peculiarities start to jump out at her- and the well kept secret of her blood will be revealed.

Chapter Fifteen

"Dax, we have to get out of here," Brea said, grabbing hold of Beth's shaking hand.

If possible that wicked, thin smile became thinner and a hard glint entered his eyes, and yellow- unlike the vampires flashing silver- bled outward from his pupil, overtaking their natural beauty.

"Not gonna happen," he said, voice gruff and harsh. His face began to change slowly. His eyes sharpened, his face narrowed and elongated into a mussel, and thick, patchy, brown fur started to push through Dax's honey-toned skin, coating him like a second skin. Pops and crunching sounds permeated the room, echoing through the halls as a vicious growl tore from Dax's vibrating chest. He tore at his clothes, snarling through a morphed nose- nostrils flared.

Brea began to back pedal, yanking Beth along with her. She watched as Dax's back spiked up as he fell to all fours, his hands and arms and legs contorting, sprouting the same colored fur, and long claws dug ruthlessly into the priceless marble floor. A tail, long and thick, whistled as it whipped back and forth, looking like swaying steel. He snarled again and advanced toward them.

"Now Dax, none of that. It's my time to play," Lance called from his place on the stairs landing.

The werewolf was massive- twice the size of any normal wolf, its paws huge weapons. Dax prowled before them, growling low in his throat, his yellow eyes wild and hungry.

"Brea, we have to get out of here," Beth whispered and Brea gritted her teeth.

"I know," Brea said back, eyes never leaving Lance, even when the wolf prowled up to her, circling her and Beth together, teeth bared.

"Come to me, niece," Lance called down again, left hand stretched out to her as he stepped over Tina's body. The sight sent shivers down her back, and Brea tugged Beth more closely to her before taking a desperate leave over Dax, and into the main room, near the stairs, and began running down an unfamiliar hallway, dragging Beth (who shrieked in surprise) along with her.

Chilling laughter followed them, and Brea bit back her own shriek of fear- ignoring the sound of steps echoing behind them; she bit back another scream as Beth tripped, and Brea turned to help her- only then realizing Dax was racing after them, his giant paws pounding across the marble while his claws chipped at the floor.

"You have spirit! It's going to be fun breaking you," Lance shouted from a short distance; he was walking leisurely in their wake.

Beth regained her feet just as Dax reached them and kicked out at him, nailing his snout. He whipped back with a whimper and then bit at Beth, but brea was already moving again- puling Beth from the reach of his snapping teeth.

The feel of her fangs sliding down and her nails biting into her palms gave her more resolve; the gravity of danger sinking deep. Seeing a back stairway, Brea shouted to Beth to pick up the speed as they thundered up the marble stairwell, each step threatening to slip their balance and tumble them back into Dax and a still slow-moving, amused Lance.

With a surprising leap, Dax landed in front of them to the right, cutting them off from pursuing their path and Brea veered left, still guiding Beth even as she hissed angrily at Dax. The hiss surprised her, but Dax visibly tensed, his hulking muscles growing thicker and hard as he growled in return, and in the background Lance's psychotic laughter elevated to a delighted, disturbing pitch. Ignoring both, Brea burst into the nearest door on their left, slamming it shut and releasing Beth's arm as she went.

Taking in the room, Brea realized it was a storage space- numerous cardboard boxes stacked haphazardly in towering pillars, covered with white sheets and empty candle sticks. A dusty, beautiful, crystal chandelier hung in the middle of the room, shining lightly from the moonlight streaming in through the large glass windows that lined the room side by side. Growling and laughter filtered from under the door crack and Brea yelled for Beth to help her- pushing a large pile of heavy cardboard boxes in front of the door. Unexpectedly though, Brea didn't need Beth's help, the tower of wood and packages seemed only too light at that moment. Good thing too, as when Brea turned, Beth was staring wide-eyed at the far wall of windows (each stained a different breath-taking color) and was of no help whatsoever.

"Beth?" Brea asked, stepping to her side and turning her eyes to the spot Beth was transfixed on.

"Ally?" Brea breathed, her adrenaline high crashing down with the overwhelming sight of her sister, tied to one of the crate towers, head bowed. Rushing forward, Brea dropped down to her knees in a skid, throwing her arms around her sister with a shuddering sob. "Oh God, Ally. I'm so glad you're okay."

"Brea," Beth called, her voice alarmed and Brea heard to hesitant steps.

Looking up at her, Brea questioned her with her eyes until she heard the sound of Ally's hiss. Snapping her eyes down at her sister's slight form, her eyes widened in shock. Ally's eyes were trained on Beth, her eyes an alarming, liquid mercury- more silver in the moonlight than Brea had ever seen. Like Brea, Ally's fangs were lowered, sliding over her lower lip in a horrifying image of blood craving.

"No," Brea whispered, arms never leaving Ally, even as the small vampire hissed hungrily at her and inhaling Beth's scent with a tilt of her head in the blonde's direction.

"I'm so hungry," Ally said, hissing with each outward breath. Her short hair had grown out an inch or two, showing her dirty roots, as her hair stuck up statically. Her normally tanned skin sickly pale, her eyes that frightening silver, her nails jagged and long- sharp.

"This was a trap. They led us here," Beth told her, glancing between Brea and Ally, and then back at the barricaded door that was thumping loudly, the boxes shaking, the top one ready to topple. "We have to get out."

"I know," Brea found herself saying again, irritated with Beth while trying to figure a way to get them and Ally out of here- preferably without Ally sinking her white, gleaming fangs into Beth's neck.

"I'm hungry!" Ally shouted, slamming her fists painfully against the floor- small cracks inciting where her tiny fists pounded.

Glancing from window to window as the thumping at the door grew louder, with only the marginal light of the moon to guide her, Brea felt helpless. Getting up from Ally, finally releasing her, even as the girl lunged for Beth, Brea walked to the closest window and looked out. The top of the stained glass, indoor pool room stood erect below. Turning from it, Brea hurried to one of the sheet-covered box pillars and tugged it free, wrapping her arm with it and returning to her previous spot.

"What are you doing?" Beth asked, alarmed. She was doing her best not to look at Ally who was following her with her eyes in a predatory fashion.

"Getting us out of here," Brea answered. She turned her face from the blue glass window and swung out her sheet wrapped arm, impacting the too-thick glass which cracked, but remained intact. Her arm vibrated with her efforts and Brea bit back a cry of pain. Looking down at Ally, seeing her face and her torture ridden body, she brought her arm back again and closed her eyes as she smacked her arm more forcefully against the blue glass- this time causing it to shatter loudly, pieces flying both inside and out, nicking her arm in several places, and tiny bits of sharp glass tangling in her hair as the structure below clanked with the sound of fallen shards.

"Brea," Beth shouted, coming forward finally, skirting a feral Ally, and joining her. Red was staining the white sheet in un-patterned places, but Brea merely unwrapped the sheet, allowed Beth to fuss over the larger chunks imbedded in her skin, and then pushed her help away. Ally was hissing more viciously, seeing and smelling her sisters blood as it coated her skin and the fallen shit.

"Help me lift this box and throw it out the window," Brea demanded of Beth, not meeting Ally's eyes as they clouded with pained tears.

Together they pushed one of the heavier boxes to the window's edge, Brea huffing as her arm pulsed with shocks of pain. The thudding at the door was growing more prominent and a muffled argument seeped through the door cracks. Panicked, Brea and Beth gripped the top and bottom sides of the chosen box- made of sturdy wooden planks- and heaved it up and over the side of the lockless, broken window. A harsh crashing sound resounded from below as the glass greenhouse shattered and trembled, and the sound of a splash met their ears.

Grabbing another couple of sheets, Brea made her way back to Beth at the window side, ignoring Ally still, and she wrapped the first sheet around Beth.

"What are you doing?" Beth asked, allowing Brea to wrap the second sheet around her as well- exempting the majority of her legs.

"There is going to be glass in the pool and when you hit you might bring more with you. The sheets should cushion it, but they'll become heavy. Use your legs to propel you back up to the surface and get out. Just keep running. I've got to get Ally out too," Brea said, helping Beth crouch on the window sill- thankfully they were both wearing decent shoes.

"You're sure?" Beth asked, her eyes gazing warily below at the rippling pool water. A loud thump sounded at the door and the top two boxes of the five box tower toppled to the floor, making them both jump even as a triumphant growl sounded a second later and the door began to crack open slightly.

"Yes, hurry. Go," Brea insisted, offering Beth a brave smile, then pushing her out the window, listening as Beth screamed in surprised terror, and a moment later the sound of her hitting the water met her ears.

"I'm hungry," Ally said again, growling and hissing it at Brea- redrawing her attention.

"It's going to be okay, Ally. I promise," Brea said, kneeling beside her sister after watching Beth's head bob up over the surface of the pool.

"I can't stop, Breanna," Ally whispered with a slight slur to her words due to the constant hiss in her throat. It broke her heart seeing her sweet sister looking at her with hunger and anger. Her chest shuddered with the pain of it.

"Drink," Brea ordered, offering her bloodied arm to Ally, even as her sister's eyes latched onto it. Ally's head shook in rejection, but her fangs glistened with saliva at the thought, and her mouth lowered to a copiously bleeding vein in the crook of her arm. The bite was nothing like Josef's which held a seductive finesse, this was pure pain. The vessels in her arm ripped open and Brea cried out even as she held Ally's head to her arm. Each pull from her arm drew out the stinging sensation that began to tingle through her entire arm, and the background noise of Dax's persistent attempts to wedge open the door's room at Lance's constant urging faded in and out.

A minute or two passed and Ally finally retracted her fangs, Brea's blood smearing her mouth and nose while tears came to her- now- brown eyes. "Brea?" she whispered frightened, and Brea shushed her, as her sister had done to her so many times in the middle of the night when she woke from her nightmares of the past.

Another box fell with a thud to the ground and the door wedged open enough that light spilled in from the hall and lit up a thick crack of light- just to the left of them.

"Brea, come out, come out wherever you are," Lance taunted in cliché and that horrible, fanatical laughter bubbled up and out of his mouth again as his arm appeared through the crack, pushing at the remaining boxes.

"Come on, we have to move," Brea huffed out, pain numbing her arm- a good and bad thing all at once. Ally was on her feet instantly, moving with vampiric speed as she held Brea to the window. The door was opening fast, they didn't have time to think about sheets and protection from glass- they clasped each other's hands and dove from the second story window, through the whole in the greenhouse ceiling, and down deep into the still rippling waters of the chlorine filled pool. The pain in Brea's arm came back ten-fold, and she gasped in a mouth full of water, choking and sinking down deeper. She felt someone pulling her up to the surface and her survival instinct kicked in- she kicked her feet to propel her to the surface.

Her head broke free from the watery death surrounding her, the water tinting pink around her openly bleeding arm. It was Ally that was guiding them, her small hands wrapped around Brea's uninjured arm as she used her legs to keep them afloat and take them toward the steps of the shallow end. They rose up on their legs and splashed as quickly through the pool as their heavy, water-logged clothes would allow them. Beth was nowhere to be seen and Brea hoped she had found a way out. A back door to the greenhouse led out into a forest-lined backyard. They slipped a little and slid have the way to the door before bursting out and their legs taking over- running against the chilly night as shivers ran up and down their drenched bodies.

"Where do we go?" Ally asked as they raced from Dax's beautiful prison.

"I don't know just keep running," Brea replied, jumping over a tree's upraised root once they hit the forest's cover. A howl in the background sent chills up her spine and Brea fought her instinct to look back- even as she heard the heavy pounding of clawed feet coming from behind them. The moonlight was dimmed by the thick canopy of trees above them, and Brea almost fell several times, had Ally not been so on task with her eyes shining silver once more.

A branch cracked close to them, over to their left, and Brea prayed to God they would make it out of here. Growling suddenly filled the air around them, and Ally hissed to the side of them, shoving Brea tumbling to the ground. Two forms collided- one small and shadowed the other large and furry. Gulping, Brea scurried back to the trunk of the nearest tree and stared on in terror as Dax pinned Ally beneath him. A blur of her hands and Ally struck out at Dax- her nails coming across his mussel with sharp nails that coated with his dark blood.

"I love watching vampires fight werewolves, it's so entertaining," Lance mused from Brea's side and she jerked back, scrambling to her feet and baring her still visible fangs in his direction. He let out a short laugh- the kind that betrayed amusement and belittlement together.

"Stay away from me," Brea breathed, glancing around her hoping to find a weapon. She saw a sharp, thick fallen branch and wondered if she could reach it before he snapped her neck.

"Oh be nice. I am your uncle after all. I deserve some respect. I even gave you a gift," he said, nodding at Ally who was holding her own against Dax even as a shallow claw mark was flooding the back of her left shoulder with precious blood.

"Why are you doing this?" Brea asked, stalling for time as she inched around the fraying couple and hedged closer to that thick branch.

Lance smiled wickedly at her- more cruel and sadistic than Dax's- before answering, "I don't take well to disobedience, and your mother knew that. She left the family, made herself vulnerable, for some half-witted human witch. She knew she was not allowed to leave, she knew better than to test my will. She didn't believe that I would come for her, my dear, sweet, baby sister. But blood is blood, my dear. Hers was sweet honeyed wine- vintage too. I let her watch me drain her lover dry- his spicy, human blood sparking with that fine witch power- and then I came for her too.

"You are a hybrid product of that abominable farce she called a marriage. Oh, she was beautiful in her day, vicious and cruel and devoid of emotion. I envied her, I worshipped her. But she threw it away for some life in that horrible new world of hers. And she gave you something too precious to let roam free, a gift I mistakenly gave her to guard- and now it runs solely in your blood. I'm only claiming what is mine, niece. Your ungrateful mother never should have burned my plantation, and you should never have been born." Lance informed her, the horrible tale unfolding as Brea managed to get within a foot of the stick. She had to wait for the right moment.

Ally gave a high-pitched shriek and Brea's head snapped to see her, Dax pinning her again, his sharp wolves teeth sunk in Ally's exposed belly.

"Stop," Brea screamed and lunged herself at the werewolf, forgetting her plans to grab the stick.

"Oh, don't be so human. It takes a lot more to kill a vampire than a wolf bite," Lance interjected sarcastically, folding his arms regally over his chest.

Brea dug her own nails into Dax's back and ran them down his back in deep furrows that made him buck and snarl as Brea held tight to his lower back- her nails like long shears. He released Ally and flung her from his back with a snarl. She sailed through the air and slammed down against the trunk and roots of a tree hundreds of years old- shaking its foundation and causing the leaves above to rustle.

Dax growled low, approaching her in a slow stalk, leaving Ally panting for breath staring up at the canopy above. It was then Lance intervened calling the beast back to his side as he began to approach Brea. Glancing around hurriedly, Brea snatched up a much longer, less thick branch and pushed her back up against the tree- angling the branch at Lance's approaching form.

"You almost make me pround, Breanna. So much fight," Lance congratulated, his smile caustic and approving.

"Stay back," she called, jabbing the branch closer to him. He did not pause, nor did Dax who prowled at his side.

"Brea," Ally whispered, her head now turned to face the scene to her left- horrified and helpless.

When he got too close, Brea dove at Lance, pushing the branch up into his sternum with all her might and falling to the side in a vain attempt to avoid Dax's wolf form. Dax came at her as Lance gasped in surprised pain and face down in the dark, soft Earth- the branching driving straight through to skewer him. Screaming in terror, Brea felt the bite as it tore through her soft flesh, her body giving under the stress of those clenching jaws. He bit into her inner-thigh, nose brushing the joint between her leg and torso while he snarled through a full mouth. A fiery pain zinged up her leg and through her right side while her heart jolted in her chest- speeding up and pounding loudly in her ears.

"Brea," cried Ally from a distance and then the weight tearing into her leg was torn free- a small chunk of flesh tearing away from her leg, though it slapped back into place- hanging on by a mildly, thick expanse of flesh.

Gasping through the pain, Brea pulled herself back further against the trunk of a tree, hands clenching the upraised roots that bulged from the ground like lifelines. A woman Brea did not recognize was on top of Dax, teeth bared before she sank them deep into his neck and guzzled vindictively- her hands on his shoulders while one knee sank into his chest and stomach and the other anchored to the ground beside their bodies.

From her line of vision, Brea saw Beth and Mick pulling up an injured Ally, and off to the side- Josef was holding a sword high above his head. It happened with a heavy swing of the blade, he took Lance's hissing head straight off at the neck. A sick thud and the body went still and the head rolled in slow motion toward her- stopping several feet from her legs, the eyes wide and silver. She watched the color in the eyes slip to a dark, dirty brown, the pupils dilating by the second.

A howl arrested the air and expanded through the forest, and a stillness filled the night before it died on a whimper and the petite brunette straddling Dax's wolf body rose elegantly. Long, messy, dark hair fell in waves to the woman's waist as she turned in Brea's direction and suddenly all the focus was on her. Her body was shaking violently and without command- blood pouring out of her, making her fangs bit deeply into her lip as she fought the moans ready to break free.

In a blink, the woman and Josef were beside her. Josef pulled her into his lap and his vampire face fell away to human as he stroked her hair and clenched a hand to her numbed thigh.

"Brea?" he whispered and she let a torrent of tears fall as her bodies shudders grew deeper and harder, vibrating her till her teeth chattered and her head fell back against him.

"It hurts so bad," Brea admitted, making sobbing noises as she tried to hold it together. Her mind was going into shock, she felt it.

"Look at me," said the voice of the strange woman. She looked so familiar. "Focus on my voice."

Brea nodded, her eyes blurring with more tears as she cried as quietly as possible into Josef's arm, which she clung to- pushing her face into the crook.

"You are going to live. You will drink and you will cease to shake," said the woman, her voice holding a hypnotic quality that Brea gave herself over to while opening her mouth. The brunette pressed her blood flowing wrist into Brea's upturned mouth and they met each other eyes. In the other woman she saw her mother, the face more delicate and beautiful, but the resemblance so clear Brea bit harder into the flesh. Her eyes stayed connected with this beautiful angel. She had so much softness in her expression that Brea believed every word she said.

"That's enough, Coraline. We don't want to turn her," Mick said from behind them and Brea saw he was carrying an unconscious Ally over to them, a teary Beth trailing behind him- her clothes wet and her hair clinging to her neck and shoulders.

"One more moment," Coraline intoned, her eyes not leaving Brea as she ran a soothing hand down Brea's forehead and cheek- the one not pressed against Josef's protective arm.

Soon though, Coraline released her and Brea had stopped shaking and her body was slowly healing, her thigh and arm no longer bleeding.

"How do you feel?" Josef asked her, whispering intimately into her ear, his hands brushing up and down her sides- as much to comfort her as to comfort himself.

"Tingly and numb," Brea said honestly, using both hands to pull him closer.

"I've called the European unit of the cleaners. We need to leave, now," Mick said, even though he looked relieved as Josef stood and bent to pick Brea up bridal style. It felt good to be in his familiar embrace, and Brea buried her head into his shoulder, her eyes growing heavy and strained.

"Sleep," Coraline whispered to her, even as Brea's eyes slid shut and Josef stroked her hair; walking off in a direction Brea didn't recognize. She felt safe and sleep came to take her seconds later.

Author's Note: Well here is the long await chapter fifteen. I really enjoyed writing it and am only sorry it took so long to finish. I hope you all enjoyed it and I really enjoyed all of your previous feedback. Let me know what you think, I look forward to reading your responses. Also, I have just started a new fanfic for True Blood- the HBO TV series based on the Charlaine Harris novels. It's Eric/OC based and if you like the show you should pop over and take a look. Thanks for reading, EK!
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Re: His Kiss (ML,Josef/OC,ADULT) Ch15 5/16/10

Postby Egyptian_Kiss » Fri May 28, 2010 3:03 am

His Kiss
I don't own Moonlight or anything linked to it.
Category: Moonlight fanfic
Rating: ADULT
Pairings: Josef/OC, Mick/Beth
Summary: Breanna Mabalot has had a shaky past and the only person she has made a point to be close with is her "sister" Ally. When Ally sees that Breanna is taking life too seriously, the girls venture out for a night on the town, and Brea ends up meeting someone who shakes up her world. As life goes on from her earth-shattering experience with Josef Kostan, she finds that more and more peculiarities start to jump out at her- and the well kept secret of her blood will be revealed.

Chapter Sixteen

Waking up was like nothing Brea had ever experienced in her twenty-four years. Her body was liquid energy, moving and rushing and yet utterly still. Her skin felt electrified, she could feel every particle of her being- or at least that was the only way she could think to describe it. The beating of her heart was an unending cadence pumping through her ears and thrummed through her veins in a rhythm she was so acutely attuned to she knew where every drop was directed and felt the refreshed awe of its fluidity. Each new breath was a stretching and relaxing of her chest and lungs- so finely exerted her body tingled with oxygen. She twitched her fingernails that were tingling as she felt them growing, minutely. A curl of her toes caused a pleasant tightness of her calves which released the smallest amount of endorphins spiraling from her brain into her bloodstream outward in her body in a deliciously sinful moment of pleasure- a mini-orgasm waiting to happen.

Opening her eyes, Brea stared into the darkness of the room. But in that darkness she sensed someone beside her, not moving, not breathing- just sitting. A hand was pressed against the mattress beside her, almost touching her hands, but simply resting. Reaching out with her arm, delighting in the smooth satin of the air caressing her skin as her body moved through it, Brea took that hand. She knew instantly it was Josef- felt it even as she was blind to it. His masculine hand was softer than she had remembered, but the bones beneath were steel encased by muscle and tissue- cold and dead.

“Brea?” he whispered, but she heard him loudly, her ears ringing with the sweet timber of his somber tone- usually so boyish and animated.

“I can’t see you,” she whispered back, luxuriating at the vibrations her throat experienced with the words. She didn’t want to let go of his hand, but relinquished it as he pulled back and she heard the gentle click of a wall light before the room lit up around her.

A gasp escaped her as she stared around her, colors a parade of merriment and richness, each conveying a different feel and emotion. She pushed herself up on her palms, arms supporting her as she leaned upward. Her body was so alive, Brea found it hard to believe she had thought she was living before this moment, nothing had ever felt so real and so perfect. Her sight was a masterpiece of crafted from a natural beauty that left her breathless and overjoyed. She wanted to examine everything, but when her eyes turned to him, she was still and speechless.

Josef was watching her with an intensity that stripped her naked, raw. His beauty was so overpowering and dominate everything else was a pale tribute to life’s fascinations. His eyes were crystal blue, a depth a dimension of which she couldn’t fully comprehend. His hair, once thought to be a dirty brown, blonde color was seen for each strain of visible light and dark in varying hues of honey, brown, tan, platinum blonde, and refracting subtler hues of each. The pale skin so white and flawless to the human eye was like liquid milk with undertones of gold and peach pigment, layering in a sinful stretch of silk over muscles cut and sculpted in enticing angles and dips with a smoothness that Brea fought to run her hands and mouth over. He was hunched in a wooden chair with a floral patterned cushion back and seat, his clothes the same as when she had last seen him.

“You’re so beautiful,” Brea breathed, sliding over the satiny material of the sheets and comforter that made up a foreign bed in a small yet elegantly decorated guest room.

He stared harder at her and then he was on her, covering her with his body, pinning her to the feather soft mattress that sank deeply, molding to form around them as her soft body gave into Josef’s wonderfully hard frame. His lips captured her still open mouth in a hard open press of plump, soft lips. He pulled back and did it again softer and again, and then he his tongue slid over his lips and between her own and the hot, wet muscle of his tongue pressed against hers, begging her to respond as her senses exploded in a riot of sensations- each more sensual than the last.

She moaned into his mouth, pushing and twirling in his mouth, caressing his tongue as his cold hands trailed paths over her body- her skin bare to his touch and chills following the path of his hands as goose-bumps that tickled her playful rose to her skin. She reached a hand up to his hair when breathing became an impossible dream and gripped him by the hair, pulling him gently from her mouth only to moan allowed as his mouth latched on her neck, his tongue drawing circles and laving over her pulse before trailing up behind her ears and the seductive scrap of a fang caused her heart to beat double-time and tingling rushes of fantasy became reality in her body.

“Josef,” she whispered again, clutching to his hair still, her other hand roaming over the planes of his body before cupping his shapely ass in a grip that brought his body down between her spreading thighs, her naked body- barely draped in a thin sheet from the waist down- thrust up to met him intimately. His pants were a rough barrier that thrust against her core, jolting a dizzying, hot, wiry thrill up to her nipples and wetting her sheath, readying for him.

Josef pushed up above her, leaning on one arm while the other teased and cupped her right breast, thumbnail lightly scratching her areola; Brea shivered in response and her nipples beaded up into hardened points of verdant pleasure.

Their eyes locked and her body wept for him, heat radiating from her warm alive body to heat his cold immortal one.

“I’m sorry,” he said suddenly, his touch still on her, shaping her with one hand, molding over the curves only to repeatedly return to cup her breasts.

“For what?” she asked, barely understanding him even as she heard his tone more clearly than ever, guilt laced through it even as his beautiful body showed her no mercy in pleasing her and rocketing her new senses further. She rocked up against him and caused them both to gasp and her fangs to descend, nipping at her lower lip.

“For leaving you. You almost died and I wouldn’t have made it in time if not for Beth,” he replied, his concern touching her and raising that delicious heat inside her.

“You didn’t know. I forgive you. Kiss me,” she returned, her hands coming up to his face, cupping either side of his face and slowly guiding him back to her mouth. They met again, her leaning up into him, him pressing down into her- they melded as one in a fiery moment of decadence, a humming press of mouths- devouring one another in a moment of silence more profound than the words that hung between them.

He pulled back again and stopped her with a soft but firm hand over her lips. The way his eyes pierced hers made her feel more naked than her bare skin, as if he read her with a look. This side of him was bizarre in its unfamiliar nature; Josef Kostan is light quips, boyish good looks, charming smiles, savage business, vindictive vampire- but in that moment, he was a philosopher of the soul- her soul. She felt it deep inside her and the itching burn of hunger burned deep. He leaned in close to her, moving his hand from her lips, and his own hovered just out of reach; she was suspended in time, frozen inside his eyes- reflecting her own.

“I don’t want you to regret this. You mean too much to me, but I want you,” he said, his voice thick as he stared at her, his lips brushing her own with each word, sending shocks from her lips to her nipples and shooting down to wet her already drenched sheath- her clitoris contracting in want. The tone of his voice was a seduction.

Breaking her paralysis, Brea leaned up into his mouth, her slightly open to receive him and he airily kissed her, brushing back and forth- the nerves in her lips making her blood rush richly in a blush that covered her body wantonly. God, if ever she could be with someone, it was him, she realized.

Again Josef stopped their passion, but this time he remained silent above her as she clutched her hands at his back, his erection thick and hard pressed against her center, straining for her as his eyes flashed that silver that mirrored her own and sent flashes of desire through her.

“I could never regret being with you, Josef. In any way,” she said loudly, to her ears, and then his lips met hers again and the world faded around her as she responded to his ardor. He allowed himself to moan against her jaw when he moved his drugging, open-mouthed kisses to the corner of her mouth, trailing from a single kiss to her cheek to create an incendiary trail along her jaw, down her neck- resisting the temptation of her pulse- and down to her breasts. He teased each with a wet kiss, twirling his tongue around the areola without touching the nipple, and pressing a kiss in the valley that lay between.

Brea nudged him with one hand and he looked up at her from his position, and questioned her with his eyes as he continued his kisses along her collarbone before nibbling lightly at her right shoulder, the scrape of those sinful fangs enticing her own bloodlust.

“Your shirt,” she said, demand clear.

Smiling deviously at her in that familiar way that drew her to him, Josef sat up and slowly pulled the hem of his shirt up his body, his stomach muscles coming into sight first before his small, tightly circled nipples- nothing like the large, dusty, rose of her own- came into view, and his toned upper-body was revealed. The perfect color of his skin was caught by the light above and Brea’s breath caught. He was sexiness personified and in that moment she thanked God for him.

“I love it when you smile like that,” he mumbled to her, his eyes darkened and his humor gone as lust raged through his body. He leaned back down into her, taking up his previous position as she heard his shoes hit the floor- he had kicked them off, and she felt his hands fumbling between their bodies to undo his pants. Brea stopped him, using her own hands to unbutton and unzip him, watching him with enhanced eyes as he rid himself of his pants and the dark blue boxers underneath.

He was gorgeous from head to toe, she thought. His erection came free from the trappings of his clothes and Brea ran a hand from his Pecs down his belly and took hold of his shaft, thick and long and pulsing with want. A bead of pre-cum was forming at the large, mushroom head. She brushed a fingertip around the under-ridge of his cock, relishing his jerk of surprise and the groan of need she received in turn. She felt powerful, for the first time in her sex life, Brea truly longed to feel a man inside her and the power of her touch.

“I’ve never been so ready for anyone in my life,” she confessed, meeting his flashing eyes, watching as his fangs bit roughly into his lower lip and the skin below it- he was fighting himself to let her explore his body.

His hand came up between her thighs and spread her more to accommodate him, and her hand relinquished its hold on him, his cock bobbing against the heated flesh of her upper-thigh, close to her core. He took himself in hand and rubbed his erect shaft against her swollen lips, watching as she tilted her head back against the pillow, moaning softly. Moisture seeped from her, coating him, her clit sending shockwaves up her spine and to her nipples making her fingernails itch as one hand held his neck and the other his lower back when the tip of his dick brushed the delicate bundle of nerves. Each breath she took was a climb to ecstasy.

“Oh Josef, I’m so close,” she breathed, wanting to sink her teeth in his neck and drink him while he thrust deeply inside her. He hissed out a breath of chilling air against her neck as he buried his face against the hollow of her throat, lining himself up with her vagina.

“I’ll be gentle,” he responded, the head of his cock pushing in just slightly.

“No, I want you inside me now,” she said, bringing both of her hands down to cup his buttocks in her hands and pull him down into her, thrusting herself up to meet him. He exhaled harshly, making a noise that incited her, making her temperature rise and she screamed as he filled her completely.

He was in to the hilt, his hardness widening her, stretching her sensitive walls as her first orgasm pulsed through her, flooding her, rushing around his length as he set a slow, erotically frustrating pace. In and out, he pumped her tight, hot core, her breathing kicking up and his pace increased as she began to pant out breathy sighs and soft screams that were broken with soundless exhalations. Her hands roved over the planes of his skin, his arms, his neck, his hair, and constantly returning to cup and squeeze his ass as it flexed with his exertions.

“Oh God,” Brea shouted at the ceiling as her eyes looked up over his shoulder. Her eyes moved to the wall behind them and she saw the vanity dresser, a huge mirror covering half the wall casting their passionate reflection. It was erotic to watch as he thrust into her, his pace quickening, then slowing as he regained control, and then she came again, watching them.

“Josef, oh I’m-” screaming the end of her exclamation, Brea held onto him to anchor her as her legs, wrapped around his waist now, quivered and shook, her heels digging into his delicious ass as he kept pumping.

“So fucking hot,” he groaned against her shoulder and Brea’s walls quaked in response, clenching and unclenching as his thickness drove her higher.

Burying her face into his neck, below his left ear, Brea smelled the intoxicating scent of his sweat and the mixture of his blood- a masculine lemongrass and spice. Before she realized what she was doing, her fangs bit into his flesh causing him to cry out her name in excitement and he pumped in frenzy. His hips slammed almost painfully against her as he gripped one leg tightly and lifted it up and threw it over his shoulder, moving deeper inside her as his blood filled her mouth; she greedily drank from him, drawing from his neck as the spicy flavor of him rocketed through her. Like a strong wine, he inebriated her, her world tilting and the hum of her body vibrating as her eyes closed and finally she had to release him or drown in the feel of him.

Another orgasm was building to a crescendo as her walls began to flutter and suddenly she felt him slamming at rapid speed inside her, his shaft swelling impossibly inside her before he exploded- filling her with his seed as her screams joined his and the bed shook with them as he milked himself inside her. His fangs bit down into her breast as he maneuvered her for his mouth, drinking her as voraciously as she had him. They rode out the waves of liquid heat and electric pleasure before he gently retracted his fangs from her, laying his head down against her chest, breasts pushing against his chest.

Josef rolled to the side, pulling her to spoon- one arm wrapped around her waist, the other creating a cushion for her head while her body cooled and her eyes met his. They stayed like that for a while, pressed together and silently memorizing each other. Brea had never down this with anyone, but the silence comforted her, the feel of his arm pillowing her head unbelievably soothing. She raised a hand up to his face, tracing the contours of his mouth and the line of his nose, smoothing over his eyebrows and following the side of his face with a single finger before shaping his jaw and trailing down his neck. She paused where she had bitten him and turned into his body as she leaned up to kiss it softly.

She lay back down again and watched as his eyes softened to her, and he returned her gesture, kissing her breast, making her gasp, and then pulling her closer until they had no room between them. Brea pressed an ear to his chest and where the silence would have been discomforting with anyone else, it was oddly reassuring- he was beyond mortality, fixed in her world forever.

“That was amazing,” she told him, smiling into his chest.

“Worth the wait,” he agreed, satisfaction lacing his tone.

“I’ve never felt that way before during sex. I didn’t think I could…come that much before,” she said, embarrassed by the brazenness of her words. But Josef did that for her, he gave her a boldness that exceeded her inhibitions.

“Mm, get used to it,” he murmured, his voice sexy yet playful.

They stayed like that for a while before Josef suggested they shower and go downstairs to see Mick and Beth. He explained that they were in a home that Coraline had owned since the 1700s. Talking about Mick and Beth and Coraline brought reality back to her and Brea wanted to feel guilty that her first thought hadn’t been for Ally. Josef read her face and said that Ally was in another room, locked up for her own safety- she was a danger to others and exposure would only get her killed.

The shower lasted over an hour and Brea had two more orgasms before they were done. An old-fashioned ball gown hung in the small closet of the guest room, apparently the only spare article of clothing that Coraline had in the manor. It hung in folds of taffeta and damask, a forest green with real emeralds saw like stars into the skirts and gold ribbons laced up the ridiculously hard material of the corset. Brea tried to put the dress on by herself, she really gave it her best effort, but in the end Josef- who had stood watching amusedly from his position by the bed- had to aid her in doing up the meticulous trappings of the bodice. Mick had retrieved some of their things and Josef had a pair of navy blue dress slacks and a crisp, white button up shirt, and a pair of the suspenders he favored. They exited the room together and Brea realized how unique the layout of the house- manor- was.

They entered a narrow hallway from the guest room, which led into the kitchen, and out into a parlor. The parlor was small and modestly decorated with red and white motif and a single, large portrait of Coraline hung above a tiny, brick fireplace. They moved through the cozy parlor to the door beside a medium-sized window draped with red patterned, velvet curtains, and entered a large dance hall. Inside the dance hall, wood floors gleamed impeccably at them as three large chandeliers made of tiny, intricately cut Austrian crystals hung from a mirrored ceiling, and Brea was startled to see that three of the four walls were made of glass. The wall that wasn’t made from glass was painted a bright silver, cherubs and roses depicted in various places and a massive archway led out into the gardens.

They found Mick, Beth, and Coraline eating in the center of a circular cut out that the wide path from the dance room led to- rosebushes, intermittent trees, and daffodils lined the path and a giant birdbath sat just behind the glass table and Grecian benches that surrounded it. Food lay out in a feast on the round table and Beth sat eating quietly while Mick and Coraline argued about something that had their eyes flashing silver warnings.

“Brea! How are you feeling?” Beth asked the moment she saw her over a plate of asparagus and grilled salmon. Mick and Coraline turning to face her as well, watching.

“I’m great,” she answered truthfully. Coraline’s blood was still causing riotous affects to her senses, but Josef explained earlier that that would fade soon- a day and a half tops.

“I was so scared that were hadn’t gotten back in time,” Beth exclaimed, setting her fork down to get up and embrace Brea once she and Josef were close enough. “They were just returning to Dax’s driveway when I ran out. I’m so sorry I couldn’t help. You save my life.”

Brea blushed at the praise and shook off Beth’s apology with a “it wasn’t your fault” and took up a bench seat beside Josef.

“I’m glad you’re better,” Mick told her, smiling his friendly, easy-going smile at her. His eyes were a little tense, probably from whatever he and Coraline had been discussing.

“As am I,” said Coraline, her voice the same as Brea had heard before passing out- it was beautiful, a treat to the ears.

“Thank you,” Brea responded, staring at Coraline in fascination.

“You look so much like your mother,” Coraline said next and Brea fought for words, wanting to say some nicety in response, but was struck dumb to clichés at that moment.

“So do you. I…I’m glad you’re okay too. Thank you, for saving my life,” Brea said, her words halted and unsure, and more than anything she wanted to hug this stranger- her aunt.

“If you hadn’t come to save your friend, I would not have been able to return the favor. So thank you and you are welcome,” Coraline rejoined, her eyes gentle, the doe brown of them large and dark.

“You’re welcome,” she returned. “Were you and Ally together? I didn’t see you when I was down there in the dungeon.”

Josef was watching the exchange; she could feel his eyes on her, watching for a sigh of distress, his hand holding hers in his lap. His energy, so familiar to her now, soaked into her skin and created a calm inside her body even as her mind zipped from thought to thought.

“What do you mean, when you were in the dungeon? You were at Dax’s as far as I know. And no, I was in a torture chamber on the third floor of the castle,” Coraline said, her eyes flicking around to each of them before resting again on Brea, their eyes boring into one another.

“I had these dreams where I was able to see Ally, and I was literally there, in spirit I guess,” Brea explained. She shared some of the details with Coraline and the woman nodded her understanding, sipping from a goblet what was most likely wine enriched with blood- a red bottle on the table. Josef had taken upon himself to pour himself a liberal serving too, though she had declined when he offered her one. She picked at a piece of warm French bread and wondered where all the food had come from.

“It sounds like Ally had a psychic connection with you. Does she witch blood in her line? Or gypsy maybe? Often descendents of two magic bloodlines are able to make a connection,” Coraline asked while drinking.

“Gypsies? I thought that they were myths? Superstitious people who were gullible enough to believe in curses,” Beth inserted, her elbows coming to rest on the table as she got caught up in the discussion.

“You’ll believe in vampires, but you have issues with humans who can do magic?” Mick asked teasingly, one of his cute smiles surfacing. Beth colored a bright red and leaned back in her seat, taking a bite of asparagus to stop from answering.

“Yes, they exist,” Coraline reaffirmed, her attention barely glancing in Beth’s direction- completely disinterested in her.

“I honestly couldn’t tell you a thing about Ally’s family. Neither could she. We were bounced around the foster care system since we were little kids. I just recently found out about my vampire side, and I only just regained my memories from before the accident,” Brea informed her, surprised at the thought Ally had witch or gypsy parents.

“What accident?” Coraline asked and that launched another, more detailed, explanation.

When Brea told Coraline about her mother and father, about their death, and included what Lance had revealed to her, tears misted Coraline’s eyes. Again Brea wanted to hug her and this time; Brea got up and did so. Josef tensed behind her and Mick stared at her over Coraline’s shoulder, but the awkwardness broke when Coraline reached up and wrapped her arms around Brea. They parted sooner than a usual hug, but Brea retreated to her spot beside Josef and was contented.

“I’m just glad this is over,” Brea said finally, stealing a sip from Josef’s goblet- watching him smile at her- and then set it down on the table.

“I’m afraid that may not be the case,” Coraline said. Mick’s tension returned, Josef stiffened, and Beth took another mouthful of food.

“What? Why?”

“To my knowledge, two more of my brothers- your uncles- still exist. I do not know if they are here in France, or even if they know you exist, but the danger is there. Our family has a long, bloody, vicious streak throughout history, and unfortunately, Brielle and I- as well as our dead brother Henry- were the only ones who turned a corner, so to speak. I decided to live in this world as a part of it, not a mindless, hedonistic killer. When Brielle met Caden, I saw something I wanted for myself,” she told them, her eyes straying to Mick, and then returning to Brea. “Henry did so in loyalty to me, he was my favorite brother, and just a few years older than myself. However, unlike myself, Lance did not capture him, he killed him. As I now know he did to Brielle.”

“Why?” Brea interrupted, her hands fisted in her lap as her anger jumped crazily to the surface and her blood pounded in her ears.

“Because Lance wanted chaotic order, he enjoyed our ruthless, joyful killing. He did not love, he did not understand emotion- as a human, Lance was a serial killer in the making. His parties as a vampire were the stuff of nightmares and dreams- nightmares for the humans and dreams for the vampires. Blood, sex, gore- I’ll admit, I indulged too. The savageness of vampirism is innate, and as a fledging, it is too much to deny. Emotions must be re-taught, humanity re-instilled. That is why your friend, Ally, is locked up- she is too new to know how to act selflessly, act with morality,” Coraline detailed, a seriousness pervading the straight line of her mouth.

“That’s not true. She helped me. She’s still in there,” Brea defended, anger burning her again like white-hot coals against her insides, her stomach turning.

Everyone quieted and Coraline inclined her head in acknowledgement before continuing, “Well, that is rare. And it is not something my other brothers- Ancelin and Armand- have learned, or cared to learn. They are mini-versions of Lance, recreated in his cruel image. I will attempt to track them and kill them. I will try to eliminate the threat they pose to you, because make no mistake Breanna; they will kill you without thought. Lance wanted you for the compound that your blood holds, but they do not. Neither of them ever showed an interest in being human again after turning, only when it was necessary for survival did they engage in its consumption.”

“You can’t go after them alone, Coraline,” Mick shouted, his outburst making Brea jump as Beth sank slightly in her seat. Clearly this was the topic before Brea and Josef had arrived.

“I will do what I have to in order to protect my goddaughter,” Coraline replied calmly, staring Mick down until he averted his eyes again.

“Goddaughter?” Brea asked, and she felt Josef take her hand again.

“Yes. I knew about you first, your mother told me the night she found out. She had been taking the compound regularly once she met Caden- a witch who knew about our kind- and begot herself with you. She named me your godmother before leaving for the states. I would have joined her, but I was a coward back then, too afraid of Lance to be as bold as she. Pathetic that I- her older sister- allowed myself to be bullied,” Coraline said, her voice misted with memories.

Brea digested the information and wanted to ask why Coraline hadn’t come to look for her, to find her and her mother, but fought that back. That was too personal just yet; she wanted to know Coraline better before diving into the emotionally raw questions that would rub them both the wrong way. She looked to Josef who had remained quiet the whole time, accept for asking her if she wanted wine blood, and saw him watching her. He had a fierceness about him then, a protectiveness that she felt in the twining of their hands.

Glancing back at Coraline, Brea couldn’t believe that it wasn’t over, that she had two more uncles gunning for her and on top of it all a aunt/godmother who was going to face off with them to protect her.

“I don’t want you to put yourself in danger for me,” Brea said.

Coraline studied her for a minute, her eyes seeming to see something new and Brea shifted uncomfortable, moving closer to Josef.

“Well this isn’t about what you want; this is about what your mother would have wanted, and about what I decide to do. Don’t be selfless, this isn’t me being nice, this is me protecting what’s mine. You are my blood and I won’t cower and leave you to die as I did Brielle. Now I must feed. Feel free to join me,” Coraline told her, then stood and swept off toward the house. The remaining four sitting in her wake as Coraline walked elegantly toward the dance room.

“Do you trust her?” Beth asked Mick.

“I don’t know. I feel sure that she’s being honest, but she’s fooled me before,” Mick answered, sighing deeply.

“She wasn’t lying. I’ve known Coraline a very long time. She only spoke the truth,” Josef informed them, refilling his drink.

“What do we do?” Brea asked him.

“We help. We’ll all return to LA and I’ll get my contacts working on locating Ancelin and Armand.”

Brea thought about that and nodded as she heard Beth murmur and agreement and Mick shake his head in defeat. Talking about the compound and her blood reminded her of her promise to him.

“I want to start testing my blood when we get back. I want to find a way to replicate the compound. Not just for you, Mick. I don’t want Ally to be stuck this way, she didn’t ask for this- she didn’t deserve to be turned against her will,” Brea said quietly and Josef’s hand tightened on hers.

“Okay,” Josef agreed and Mick’s attitude did a one-eighty. He smiled genuinely at Brea and then at Beth who smiled tightly back at him.

“Let’s go inside. I want to see Ally. And you should arranges for our return flight,” Brea said, standing. Josef stood too and nodded as the others followed. Mick said something to Beth about someone coming to take care of the food, and they walked on, heading back into the manor.

Author's Note: I hope everyone enjoyed the last chapter and this one. Let me know what you think, EK!
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Re: His Kiss (ML,Josef/OC,ADULT) Ch16 5/28/10

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His Kiss
I do not own Moonlight or anything linked to it.
Category: Moonlight
Author: Egyptian Kiss
Pairings: Josef/OC, Mick/Beth
Rating: ADULT
Breanna Mabalot has had a shaky past and the only one she has made a point to be close with is her "sister" Ally. When Ally sees that Breanna is taking life too seriously, the girls venture out for a night on the town, and Brea ends up meeting someone who shakes up her world. As life goes on from her earth-shattering experience with Josef Kostan, she finds that more and more peculiarities start to jump out at her- and the well kept secret of her blood will be revealed.

Chapter Seventeen

Brea hissed as the needle slid into her arm and her eyes watered. She was giving more blood to Josef’s scientists- it was a new person every time she came in; a total of five times now. It had been a month and a half since the incident in France. When they had returned to LA, Brea had wondered where she and Josef would stand. She had wondered even more if she was going to need to move back into her apartment with Ally, who was becoming more and more herself as she acclimated to her new diet and sleeping arrangements. But in the end, Josef had insisted that she and Ally stay at the seaside mansion until Coraline and Mick had discovered where Ancelin and Armand were.

The mansion had been a welcomed sight, and the more time Brea spent there she felt more at home. She missed her apartment and her familiar routines, even her snoopy mug wouldn’t be an unwelcome comfort, and yet Josef’s home was a comfort all its own. Molly was a friendly sight every morning and the more time Brea spent with Rita, the more she liked the woman. They had a lot in common and it was just fun being with Rita. Brea couldn’t wait for the day Ally was stable enough to be around full-human guests; she was still edgy in Breanna’s presence, and the only one that could spend significant time with her was Josef.

Surprisingly, Josef made an effort each night to spend time with Ally, to coach her on controlling her instincts, even going so far as to tie Ally to a wall and bringing in one of his Freshies to demonstrate the appropriate way to feed. Afterward, Brea hadn’t been allowed to see Ally that night because the demo had been a little to stimulating for Ally, but knowing all that Josef was doing for her sister warmed a part of her that was growing, consuming more and more of her.

“Sorry, but you moved,” said the doctor.

Brea couldn’t remember his name but he was short, mid-thirties and completely green in the medical profession. His eyes were a light amber color and his face was oval shaped with nice lips that had a nervous smile tipping up the corners of his wide mouth. He had on the standard lap coat and a pair of nice black slacks that hugged his bulky body, he was at least twenty pounds overweight, but not in an unattractive way.

“I didn’t move,” Brea mumbled, exhausted. She had had a long day of writing papers for her lit class and her bio science class and she just wanted to go home and cuddle up to Josef as soon as he woke up.

The newbie raised eyebrows at her defensiveness and Brea felt a twinge of guilt at her snappishness, but refused to recant. Ignoring him, Brea watched the clear line of tube running up from her arm into a vile as it filled with her blood, bubbling up from the crook of her arm. It was weird to think something from inside of her had the ability to revert vampires into humans.

There was a knocking on the exam room door and then Mick walked into the office. He was wearing a dashing, black coat that was cut nicely and hung long on his body. His hair was wavy and tangled, windswept. He seemed startled to see Brea giving blood- even though he knew that was why she had been coming into MedChem Inc. It was privately owned by Josef and one of his old time friends, a Persian vampire over six hundred years old.

“Mick,” Brea said, “What are you doing here?”

“I came to pick you up today. I thought we could talk on the way to Josef’s,” Mick explained, scratching his head while looking anywhere but at her. It was ironic he was so squeamish around blood.

“Oh, okay,” Brea said and hissed again when the doctor pulled the needle out and not-so-gently applied a band-aid.

“You’re all set. I’ll be sending this out to the lab at four before I get off. It was nice meeting you, Breanna,” said the man, smiling his crooked smile at her.

“It was nice meeting you…too,” Brea responded, at a loss for his name. “Bye.”

Brea picked up her rose colored corduroy jacket and pulled it on, doing up the flower-shaped buttons and joining Mick at the door, which he held open for her and walked out into the hallway leading to the lobby. As they exited the building, Mick pointed to his car, parked a block down, and they walked amiably in silence. Brea considered Mick a bit of an enigma, not very open about his past, secretive about his present, and never making plans for the future, other than taking cases, meeting up with Beth to swap info, and of course, trying to find a way to become human.

“So how’s Ally doing?” Mick asked when they reached his car and he had opened her door for her, allowing for her to slide in before running around the front of the car and getting behind the wheel.

“She’s still getting used to things, but Josef spends a lot of time with her, and I see her as much as I can without working her up. Josef said she’ll be allowed out of her room in another week or two if she continues to catch on at this rate.” And that thought was what kept Brea from pressing for more time with her sister; she didn’t want to set her recovery time back.

“I remember how hard it was when I first turned,” he started quietly as they drove down the dark streets- the sun had set sooner than Brea had thought it would. “You feel like the world is yours for the taking and in the beginning it’s intoxicating. Control is for people with limits- being a vampire is like having no limits.”

“When I drink blood it’s different,” Brea whispered, staring up through the window at the few stars that were visible in the night sky. “Like I’m hooked up to a livewire and my body is feeling everything that it was missing. Seeing things, tasting things, touching things- it’s ecstasy. I feel like I’m waking up, or I’m pulling back a curtain and seeing everything clearly for the first time in my life. Is that what it’s like for you?”

Looking from the sky to Mick, Brea studied him as his grip on the steering wheel tightened.

“No. I feel powerful when I drink, but it’s about the feeling of superiority that washes over me. I can do anything and no one can stop me. I hate that feeling. Every time I drink, I realize how inhuman I am. I enjoyed life. I liked being human and I wanted a wife and children. I wanted to take them to the beach, to go to work in the morning and come home to my family in the evenings. I wanted more than power.” His stiff posture made Brea sorry she had asked. She understood what he was saying and it made the throb in her arm worth it. Mick deserved all those things, and maybe Beth could be there with him if- no, when- it happened for him.

“Is it different for all vampires, or is what you feel how they all feel?”

“I don’t know. I think it’s different for everyone. Josef loves being a vampire and Coraline is devious and self-indulgent by nature so she glories in what she is. To tell you the truth, I envy them. They are completely who they are all the time. Coraline tried to make me happy when we were first married. She took me out to interact with vampire society and we went on normal dates too. But I wanted a family. That’s why she took Beth when Beth was still a child. She wanted to turn Beth and make her our little girl forever, to give me that family she knew I wanted,” Mick told her, his eyes glued to the road.

“Is that when you left her?” Brea asked. She couldn’t believe Coraline had just taken Beth- but if what Mick said about power applied to Coraline, Coraline wouldn’t have cared how wrong it was.

Mick was quiet again for a long while and Brea thought he wasn’t going to answer and her cheeks heated up a bit in embarrassment. She hadn’t meant to push him too far or dig too deep.

“I took Beth from her and I set a fire. I left her there to die, but she survived,” Mick answered, his eyes meeting Brea’s for a second, and Brea’s widened a bit. Well that answered that question.

They sat in silence for a while and Brea wasn’t sure what to say. She liked Mick, in spite of what he just told her, Brea couldn’t make herself think less of him. It also explained the connection between Mick and Beth; he was her knight in shining armor and she was his damsel in distress- and Mick had that quality about him, a deep-seated need to help others.

“So where does that leave you and Beth?” Brea asked, glancing at him out of the corner of her eye.

The car sped up a little and Mick’s grip on the steering wheel tightened. His nostrils flared as he took a deep breath, and then he sighed. “I don’t know.”

“She cares about you, a lot.”

A brooding expression settled over his face and his brows furrowed while his eyes flashed silver; but he schooled his features a moment later, and he looked over at her. Brea returned his look and she smiled uncertainly.

“It’s complicated with Beth. She’s human and right now- I’m not. I don’t want her caught up in the vampire lifestyle. I can’t give her all the things she deserves and it’s not fair for me to take away what’s normal in her life. She thinks she wants to be with me, and Brea, I want that too. But for now, I can’t let that happen. You get that right? I know you know how hard it is when vampires disrupt your life,” he said. Mick’s eyes were back on the road halfway through his speech and Brea could tell his words were difficult for him to say.

“Yeah, I get that. But Mick, caring about somebody and not taking a risk to be happy with them can hurt them just as much as trying and something bad happening. And what if nothing ever happens and you never tried. But look, I’m not going to tell you what to do. I respect you, Mick. You’re a good person. Person- not vampire, not human- person.”

“Josef’s lucky to have you, Brea,” Mick replied, his eyes never straying back to meet hers. She turned her face to the passenger window and stared off into space.

They arrived a short while later at Josef’s, and they were shown into the parlor by one of the night staff.

Giggling filtered through the door in the back of the room as it was opened, and Josef stepped through with a short brunette whose back was facing Brea as they entered the room. Brea’s eyes slid over the small woman and an ecstatic smile lit her face- it was Ally.

“Ally,” Brea said excitedly. She couldn’t believe she was out and about the mansion.

Turning faster than the eye could see, Ally made an excited squeal and vaulted over a sofa, landing soundlessly in front of Brea and Mick, and pulled her into the smaller woman’s arms.

“I’ve missed you so much,” Ally said, clutching at Brea a little too tightly- there would be bruises, but Brea was too caught up in the thrill of the moment to care.

“How are you? How have you been?” Brea asked, leaning back to smile brightly.

“I’m good. I can be around humans now. Josef brought in some Freshies this morning and we fed together,” Ally informed her, giving a friendly smile of acknowledgement to Josef over her shoulder. He stood leaning against the entryway smiling.

“You’re okay now?”

“Maybe not in large groups, but yeah,” Ally agreed.

“Ally, I want you to formally meet Mick St. John. I don’t know if you remember him from our rescue. He was the private investigator involved in finding you,” Brea introduced, waving a hand in Mick’s direction while he smiled and held out a hand for her to shake.

Ally smiled back, baring small fangs, and shook his hand in turn. Over her shoulder, Brea watched as Josef poured three crystal glasses of blood from separate bottles. He pulled out a fourth glass and tipped it invitingly in Brea’s direction and Brea shyly shook her head. She still couldn’t accept blood as a part of her diet, though slowly her hunger for food was diminishing day by day. Giving her a playful smirk, Josef poured two fingers of blood from one of the decanters into the fourth glass and brought them over on a silver tray from under the wet bar’s counter.

“A positive for Mick, B negative for Ally, and a little O negative for me,” Josef said, a playful smirk edging his smile when he left the fourth drink on the tray untouched.

“Come on Brea, have some. It’s so good,” Ally murmured, not-so-daintily tipping back her own full beverage.

“No thank you,” Brea insisted- though her own fangs peeked down over her lower lip and threatened to cut into her chin.

“Don’t I get a hello kiss?” Josef teased, stepping close to wrap an arm around her waist, his head coming down so that their lips touched briefly.

“Hello,” Brea said, leaning up into him again for another peck. It lingered and Josef’s tongue touched hers before she could stop him and the spicy, wild taste of O negative swept over her taste buds while her nipples pearled.

“You don’t play fair,” Brea whispered when he released her and took a sip from his drink.

“Fair is boring, Brea,” Ally said loudly, downing the rest of her drink and walking over to refill her own glass with a wicked smile.

“Anyway,” Mick cut in, “I came by to let everyone know that I’ll be leaving for a few days. Coraline and I have gotten a few hits on Ancelin. We think he’s in Bulgaria. We take the first flight out tomorrow night.”

Brea turned back to Mick and wondered why he hadn’t said anything in the car. He looked determined and shared a look over her shoulder with Josef. “For how long?”

“As long as it takes. I already told Beth,” he replied.

“Mick, you’ve already done so much to help me,” Brea began.

“My jet’s at your disposal, Mick,” Josef said, his voice gone serious.

“We already bought tickets, but I’ll give you a call when we’re heading back,” Mick said to Josef, but he smiled warmly at Brea.

“You know, when you get back, we’ll all have to go clubbin’,” Ally chimed in, appearing in front of Brea and Mick, a newly refilled glass in hand. “And thanks, Mick, for helping me and Brea. You ever need to buy something for a girlfriend, you give me a call and I’ll hook you up free of charge.”

Mick spared her an amused smile and nod before saying his goodbyes and leaving to pack.

“I feel bad he’s doing all this for me. His business has to be suffering,” Brea stated, taking a seat on the sofa in front of coffee table where Josef had left her glass. She was tempted and sitting so close to it filled her nose with its fragrance.

“He’s one of the good guys, Brea, that’s kind of what they do. Right?” Ally rejoined, sitting on a chair near the hearth and crossing her legs. Her hair was a nice cinnamon color that glowed prettily in the fire lit in the fireplace.

“Still,” Brea murmured.

“Would it make you feel any better to know I’m compensating him for his time,” Josef asked, sliding in beside her and swirling the blood in his glass- causing Brea to stare as the light caught the crystal and highlighted the crystal in refracting shades of red.

“Not really. That means it’s costing Mick his time and you your money,” Brea said, but sighed in defeat when he blew it off with a wave of his hand.

“Mick and I go way back, Brea. He’d do this even if I weren’t paying him. So think of the money as me helping him out. Besides, I enjoy spending money. What else is it good for?” Josef reasoned, taking a long drink from his glass.

Throwing caution to the wind, Brea took up her own glass and took a grateful sip of liquid. It enflamed her immediately and the hand clutching the cushion of the couch dug into it as an anchor. A flush came over her and Brea met Ally’s devilish smile with a grin of her own. One of Josef’s hands rubbed enticing circles on her left thigh through the rough material of her dark jeans.

“What is this?” Brea asked, taking another, bigger sip.

“O negative. I like it hot,” Josef whispered sexily and Brea cleared her throat as Ally rolled her eyes teasingly.

“Tease,” Ally said to Josef and he laughed genuinely. It made shivers erupt along Brea’s spine and arousal bloomed heatedly between her thighs.

“So what are we doing tonight?” Ally asked as she swung her legs over the arm of the chair she was seated in. It seemed so natural for her to be there with them, in Josef’s house.

“It’s going to have to be a ladies night, I’m sorry to say. I’ve got a business meeting. One of my businesses merged recently and I have to meet with the board of trustees,” Josef stated. He was looking at Brea regretfully as she polished off the remainder of her glass, and her own twisted in disappointment.

“OK, so what are we doing tonight, Brea?”

Brea was at a loss for words at that moment. Ever since she had moved in with Josef he had filled up the majority of her time, or her classes had taken over her free time. She wasn’t even sure what was safe considering Ancelin and Armand were on the loose and possibly out to get her.

“Whatever you want to do,” Brea responded finally.

Eyes lighting up, Ally jumped to her feet and strutted the length of the room to toss her empty glass on the wet bar and turn with her hands on her hips to smile sexily.

“In that case, we’re going to the clubs. Or one of them anyway. Maybe I should call Charlotte and Jade? I haven’t seen them since the press announced my return,” Ally suggested.

“That’s not a good idea. You aren’t ready for a club yet, Ally. Too many sweaty, sex-driven bodies; it’s overwhelming, even for vampires with control.”

“But I love the club scene,” Ally interjected, pulling a winning pout.

“You could have Charlotte and Jade over here, and we could invite Rita and some of the Freshies,” Brea said. She hated the idea of Charlotte or Jade coming into Josef’s home, but if it made Ally happy, she’d grin and bear it.

“Sounds like a plan,” Ally agreed, flipping some of her hair over her shoulder while making for the exit and passing a maid who came to do a cursory check of the room. “Later Josef.”

“Bye Ally,” Josef called after her, settling his attention on Brea as the maid collected the empty glassware and hurried from the room. “Mm, now I have you to myself.”

“I thought you had a business meeting,” Brea answered cheekily.

“I’ve always thought business is nothing without pleasure,” Josef whispered, staring her in the eyes as he leaned her back against the sofa cushions and captured her smiling lips in an intimate kiss. Her breath caught and a moan bubbled up in her throat.

Her hands gripped at his arms and smoothed up his biceps to wrap around his neck, deepening the kiss as the dizzying sensation of the O negative wreaked havoc with her senses and Josef’s provocative tongue rubbed against the roof of her mouth and tangoed with her own.

A surge of power suffused her arms and Brea pushed against Josef’s chest, pushing him off of her and onto the floor below the couch. Before he could regain his thoughts, Brea was on top of him, grinding into him and devouring his mouth. Her fangs were nibbling at his lip and when she nicked him, blood beaded up and Brea licked it away. She undid the button of his pants, tugged his suspenders down his arms and finished pushing his dress slacks and boxers to his knees.

Her body was frenzied and pooling with desire as he growled inhumanly at her, his blue eyes flashing from silver to blue and back again- over and over in a heightened sexual haze. Brea stood and shimmied out of her jeans and lacy boy-cut shorts, dropping down over him again, taking him into her sex with a hard, downward thrust. She groaned involuntarily by his ear as her fingers unbuttoned his shirt enough to draw a sweeping trail down his chest with her warm, wet tongue.

Josef pushed her up above him; Brea held her hands up as he drew her black lace tank over the top of her head and unhooked her strapless bra. The tepid air of the parlor caressed her breasts and Brea gasped as she sped up on top of Josef’s engorged member. He thrust up into her slick sheath and murmured sexy nothings against her stomach as he kissed beneath her right breast and up over her nipple- biting lightly over her areola, following it with the lave of his tongue and his fangs scrapping lighting over the sensitive

“Again,” Brea demanded, slamming down hard against his pelvis, hitting a depth inside herself that elicited a breathy scream. He repeated the bite, lick, scrap of his mouth against her left breast and ground circularly up into her heat.

“Come for me,” he said, voice roughened with desire.

“Not yet,” Brea whispered back and he growled in response. She slowed her quick internal strokes and prolonged the building tension inside her. She drove herself higher and higher and then slowed again- it was a maddening game that danced along the line of ecstasy and frustration.

“Come for me,” Josef demanded and began slamming up into her at an intense speed that shook her upper body as her breasts bounced against his chest, his body leaning up into hers with his upper-arms supporting him. He hit her sweet spot and Brea clenched around him, spasms gripping him as a rush of liquid flowed over his shaft and caused a loud cry to leave her.

In a flash, Brea was on her side in front of him, her leg in the air as he began thrusting at a new angle inside of her. His pumping continued without pause and Brea continued to come around him, gasps and screams echoing across the long room and growing in volume as his hands came up to hold her breasts, thumbs teasing her nipples.

“I love being inside you, so hot and tight,” Josef groaned against her neck as she bowed out toward the fireplace and coffee table.

“Oh God, Josef,” Brea shouted, the waves of pleasure lapping at her, not slowing, but cresting over and over again.

“Kiss me,” he said, turning her neck to face him as he slowed his thrusts and her orgasms stopped.

Brea fused her mouth to his and she felt him come inside of her, hot and pulsing as he filled her. She felt so full. It was warm and the room glowed hazily as he slowed to a stop inside of her, pressing a hand to her abdomen so they were flush against one another. Her backside felt the hard outline of his abdomen as beads of sweat rolled down her neck and breasts.

“That was one hell of a kiss,” Brea said playfully, pulling her long hair over her shoulder and off their bodies.

“I was blown away,” Josef teased, placing soft kisses along her shoulder and arm. He had kicked off his pants and boxers at some point, and his shirt hung loosely on his arms, his chest and shoulders bear as it pressed against her. He tucked her head into the crook of his arm and he massaged her sore stomach muscles- they had convulsed repeatedly as she came crying out in pleasure.

They were silent for a few minutes before something occurred to Brea, “You didn’t bite me.”

Josef’s hands paused on her and then he pulled his now mostly soft member from her. Turning to face him, Brea took in his expression- a mix of confusion and stoicism.

“I mean, I’m not complaining, it was amazing with or without it,” Brea said, leaning up to kiss his lips softly.

Josef still didn’t respond and Brea became nervous. He always had something witty or sexy to say. Maybe she’d have been better off not-

“I love you, Breanna.” Josef whispered, taking a strand of her hair and twirling it between his fingers as he said it.

Her body clenched and her sore muscles shot a thrill to her core as her hands clenched reflexively around his neck. Her hands had been playing with the nap of his neck as he said it. He loved her.

“I love you too.”

“I haven’t loved somebody in a long time, Brea. It’s not easy for me,” he told her, still not looking her in the eyes and Brea hugged her body closer to his.

“Does it scare you? ‘Cause it scares me a little,” she replied, running a hand along his arm and when her hand met his, he intertwined their fingers.

“It does. The last time I was in love, it didn’t end well,” Josef said and Brea looked up into his eyes as he finally met hers.

“How come?”

“I don’t want to talk about it. Not now. But I do love you,” he told her and he laid on his back, pulling her to lay atop him, their bodies molded together as the fire flickered in the hearth and cast their shadows against the sofa and back wall.

“I wish you didn’t have to go to your meeting. I want to make love to you over and over again,” Brea said into his neck.

“With that kind of an offer I might consider cancelling,” Josef replied, his tone sexy and confident once more. His classic smirk and dancing blue eyes heating her up inside, and his growing hardness pressed into the softness of her belly.

The doorbell rang out in the distance and then the sound of Ally’s excited exclamations and Charlotte’s snooty tone drifted into the room.

“But it sounds like you have friends over,” Josef said, sighing.

“They aren’t my friends,” Brea grumbled.

“Then why’d you invite them over?” Josef asked, amused at her disappointment as they stood to redress.

“Because Ally likes them and I’m a good sister,” Brea said. She shared a smile with him and Josef winked at her in turn.

“Want to give them a show?” Josef offered sexily, wrapping his arms around her middle as Brea tried to fix her hair.

“Josef,” Brea said with a laugh, pushing at his chest.

“We could make them really jealous, take them down a peg,” he offered as they walked to the door leading out into the main hall where Ally explained her disappearance and sudden case of vampirism.

“-And I’ve been living here since we got back from France,” Ally finished as Brea and Josef came into the room.

Jade’s jaw dropped open slightly as she took in Josef- shirt still undone and suspenders hanging around her legs as his buttoned pants hung low around his hips. Though Charlotte’s eyes flashed silver, she managed a tight smile.

“Hi Charlotte, Jade,” Brea greeted, and Josef placed a drugging kiss against her pulse, which fluttered in response.

“Hello,” Charlotte said coldly.

“Hi Brea. Who’s this?” Jade asked coyly, her own smile coming into play.

“Oh guys, this is Josef Kostan. Brea’s boyfriend,” Ally introduced, smiling wickedly in Brea’s direction and winking covertly at her. Brea blushed a bit in response, but she didn’t say anything.

“Nice to meet you,” Josef offered to both Charlotte and Jade. He spared them a friendly glance and then lowered his mouth to Brea’s ear, “I have to go, but promise you’ll wait up for me. I’m very interested in seeing how long you’ll last, over and over again.”

Jade’s eyes widened dramatically while Charlotte’s became icier with each word. It seemed as though Ally was extra perky due to the exchange, and Brea was almost at a loss for words.

“I love you,” Brea said and gave him a quick peck.

“I love you, too,” Josef returned, and then he kissed her. It was hot and wet and feverish; his hands cupped her butt, and he lifted her off the floor for a brief moment before bringing her feet back down to the floor and releasing her with a sinful grin.

“Have a fun night ladies.”

Author's Note: Well here's chapter seventeen. It took me a while to update because my mother had a quadruple bypass which was unexpected and emotionally draining; but now that she's home I've had some time to write and with her encouragement I've worked on this chapter little by little. I hope to hear from any lurkers out there. EK!
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Re: His Kiss (ML,Josef/OC,ADULT) Ch17 7/7/10

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His Kiss
I don't own Moonlight or anything linked to it.
Category: Moonlight fanfic
Rating: ADULT
Pairings: Josef/OC, Mick/Beth
Summary: Breanna Mabalot has had a shaky past and the only person she has made a point to be close with is her "sister" Ally. When Ally sees that Breanna is taking life too seriously, the girls venture out for a night on the town, and Brea ends up meeting someone who shakes up her world. As life goes on from her earth-shattering experience with Josef Kostan, she finds that more and more peculiarities start to jump out at her- and the well kept secret of her blood will be revealed.
Author's Note: Caution reader, there is death, mayhem, bloody fights, and tears. Read at your emotional caution- you've been warned.

Chapter Eighteen

It had been two months since Mick had left with Coraline on their lead, and Brea had been stunned when that lead had led them to a factory where Armand was wrapped in silver chains, a silver stake through his heart. Josef had gotten a little skittish about talking about the rest of what Mick had to say, and Brea knew he was keeping something from her. She knew that Mick had finished Armand off, but there had to be more to it. Why would a lead for Ancelin take them to a practically gift-wrapped Armand? It made no sense.

On the other hand, Josef had become very distant when it became clear his scientists had found a way to enhance her blood and cause reverse vampiric effects. The news had come from Christopher the lab guy, and though Brea was required to give blood regularly, they were taking less and less. Mick had been overjoyed with the news, not to mention the fact he was dying to come back- as far as Brea could tell from their brief phone conversations.

Ally was taking to being a vampire. She was back to shopping for her clients, though her outdoor shopping was limited to nighttime, and Josef always had one of his vampire associates escorting Ally from store to store. Brea was happy Ally was back to her regular routine, though they still remained at Josef's. It was clear, however, that Ally was in need of counseling, and Brea had mentioned this to Josef who had immediately responded by setting up an appointment in a downtown building with one of his supernatural contacts. At the first suggestion of it, Ally had thrown a fit, and Brea had been miserable at the fighting between them, but stood firm in her insistence Ally needed help. Turns out, the counseling was going well, and Ally liked the 'weird, gypsy chick' who talked to her.

In a few more weeks, Brea would be done with her classes and the vampire cure would be done testing, so Ally would be able to reverse her current undead state, and they could move back into their apartment. Such a depressing thought.

The last few nights, though she and Josef had made love several times and he stayed with her as long as he could before he was too tired and had to retreat to his icebox, Brea had felt very alone, and whatever invisible wall of distance was between them became more prominent.

Sighing, Brea closed her book to her biology class and stood to stretch. She went downstairs, exiting her room, and slumped in one of the many chairs surrounding Josef's dining room table. No one else was around and Brea drew circles with her fingertips against the surface of the tabletop- it's shine reflecting the lonely picture she painted in its surface.

"Miss Brea? Are you alright? Hungry maybe?" Molly asked, entering the room from the kitchen quarters and standing worriedly beside Brea's glum form.

"Yeah. No. I don't know. I'm really out of it today, I guess. I'll just have some coffee," Brea said, barely glancing up to smile at Molly, who returned it with a dimmed form of her own usually sunny smile.

Molly began backing away and Brea sighed again, and sat up straighter, "Hey Molly? You want to join me for coffee?"

Molly stopped to turn and smile back and Brea, "That sounds nice. I'd be happy to."


A minute later, Molly came out with a platinum tray carrying a coffeepot, cream, sugar, cups, tea plates, and several spoons. "I thought I'd bring out the tea service we have in the kitchen, it's faster, and I always thought it was such a lovely set."

"It's pretty," Brea agreed. She poured her own coffee and added sugar, stirring it up and staring at the contents while Molly fixed her own cup.

"So what's got you down, Miss," Molly asked, sipping from her two creams, one sugar coffee. It was a milky latte color that looked cloudy compared to Brea's cup of black. She wished she had her own snoopy mug, but the cups were a pretty filigreed design that looked delicate and feminine.

"Something's up with Josef and I just don't know where his head is at these days," Brea admitted, downing half her cup of coffee and enjoying the harsh bite.

"He's just distracted with business, I'm sure. Mr. Josef adores you, you know," Molly replied. She was staring at Brea intently, and under her stare, Brea felt a comfortable companionship. She really liked Molly.

"Hey Brea, Molly, what's up?" Rita asked, coming into the dining room and pulling up a chair and helping herself to one of the spare cups of coffee. Three creams, two sugars- super sweet.

"Can I get you anything, Miss Rita?" Molly asked, beginning to stand.

"Nah, nothing right now. I'm not really hungry- just tired and coffee deprived," Rita said with a wink, sipping from her cup and 'mm-ing' in happiness. Molly retook her seat, and Brea smiled- Rita had a very welcoming, down-to-earth attitude.

"So what are we talking about?" Rita asked, her eyebrows coming up in question.

"Josef's been distant lately and it's just getting to me, I guess. Maybe it's nothing like Molly said, but it feels different between us lately. I don't know," Brea confided, kicking back the rest of her cup and pouring another.

"He has been visiting us Freshies more lately. Maybe he's got stuff on his mind and he just doesn't want you to get all bent out of shape about it too. He has his tense business months where he drinks more than usual. It's kind of been like that," Rita explained.

"But I tell him everything and I feel like there's this wall between us and I'm just so irritated with it," Brea said.

"That is so just you, Brea," Ally said, suddenly coming in and appearing in a seat next to Brea, opposite Rita at the table. She had a water bottle filled with red liquid in her hand and she was wearing a trendy, hot pink and electric blue workout outfit- her hair a deep bronze color with streaks of black low-lighting the new color.

"Morning to you too," Brea said, rolling her eyes as Rita and Molly exchanged startled looks. Ally liked to pop in impulsively from time to time, and though Brea had become mostly accustomed, it was still disconcerting.

"Well it's true. He's been great. I mean, I wasn't here for the first few weeks of your budding romance, but the guy serious loves you. Maybe it's just the Mick stuff," Ally hinted, subtly reminding her about Ancelin and the still unfinished business there.

"It feels like more than that," Brea said, sighing again. She hated that she couldn't stop the stupid sighing, but it was like a deep, internal release- over and over again.

"Well how's the sex?" Ally asked and Rita let out a surprised laugh while Molly pretended to be drinking from her cup, eyes staring at the far window which was letting in the mid-afternoon light through a film of special shading that allowed Ally more freedom during the day- Josef had installed it when Brea mentioned how much more blood Ally had to drink when she was sitting up during the day.

Blushing brightly, Brea smiled into her cup of coffee, took a sip, and cleared her throat, "It's good, really good. But good sex doesn't mean there isn't a problem. I just have this feeling something's going on and it's driving me nuts. And who are you, exercise Barbie? You never workout."

"For your information, I do to exercise. I'm trying to tone up for the spring season not too far off- Versace is releasing a new line of clothes and I want to be fit. And if the sex is good, what's the major issue? You talk right? You go out to dinner once a week- and I know you do because you come back totally smashed."

"Did he do something? Or say something?" Rita asked, chiming in on Ally's train of thought. The two were so much alike, Brea couldn't get over it.

"It's more what he's not saying. He talks, but he seems distracted. He drinks with me, but he never cuts loose. He's so much tenser lately and it's driving me nuts. I fell in love with him for so many reasons, and one of them is his carefree, boyish attitude. It's hard to explain, but I feel like he's just not all there when we're together. Sometimes, we'll be laughing and it's perfect and then this thing will happen where he gets tense and his face stops smiling genuinely, and he looks almost guilty. What is that?"

"Have you tried talking to him, Miss?" Molly asked while Rita and Ally exchanged a side conversation that Brea couldn't overhear too well.

"I tried, but he blows it off. He says its work, or something. But I know it's more. I should just let it go," Brea said, sighing again and then gritting her teeth in frustration before finishing her second cup and leaving it empty on the table while she stared down into the bottom.

"Not if you're upset about it," Rita said, cutting Ally off mid-sentence.

"Yeah, Brea, just, like, seduce him and then make him tell you when you have him by the briefs," Ally quipped, smiling teasingly.

"He wears boxers- if he wears underwear," Brea confided wickedly and they all laughed.

"Well I'm off to get my head shrunk. Later," Ally called, zipping out of the room faster than Brea could see.

"Bye, love you," Brea called and she heard a muffled shout that sounded like 'love ya too babe.'

"I'm sure everything will work itself out, Brea," Rita reassured and then excused herself- she had plans with a couple of the other Freshies.

Molly stayed seated and Brea offered her more coffee- which she refused- and then glanced back down into the bottom of her cup.

"If it helps, Mr. Kostan does care about you, and that means something," Molly said, putting their cups and plates and spoons on the tray before standing.

"It does. Thanks Molly, you're awesome," Brea said, standing too.

"You're awesome too."

Brea took off and practically ran into Eliza who was walking up with another woman who had shiny, honey colored hair; platinum blond eyebrows and lashes; and bright blue eyes. They were of equal height though Eliza was more slender and the other woman had a square, squat appearance with ample bosom, and wide hips.

"Excuse you," Eliza said, sneering.

"Excuse you, bitch," Brea snapped, glaring. This was not a good day to pick a fight with her and Brea really disliked Eliza- since the moment they met she had been an insipid snot with her nose in the air.

"What did you just say?" Eliza snapped while the other woman hedged closer to the dining room.

"Excuse you, bitch. Should I say it slower?" Brea asked, clenching her fists. Eliza's eyes widened as her eyebrows drew lower and her nostrils flared while her mouth tightened.

"Watch it, or that pretty little face of yours isn't going to be so pretty," Eliza threatened.

Anger flaring beyond control like a gasoline lit fire, Brea blew up. She grabbed Eliza by her blond hair and brought her other fist down across Eliza's jaw. A red welt puffed up and Brea felt Eliza's long, fake nails dig into her neck and the arm holding her by her hair. The pain was an adrenaline rush and Brea yanked Eliza by her hair and threw her violently to the ground, watching as the other woman skidded and thumped against the far wall.

The Freshie who had been watching jumped back and shouted for Molly in the dining room.

"I'm going to kill you, you skank," Eliza screamed shrilly before tackling Brea to the floor. They rolled to the side and Brea felt her muscles building with power as her fangs clicked down, her eyes sharpening. Brea gripped Eliza by her hair again and pulled her head to expose her neck and held the other woman's body fiercely against the floor. Without thinking, a new, violent power rushing through her, Brea bit furiously into Eliza's neck- barely registering the loud scream Eliza emitted, though the vibrations in her throat made the blood pump more rapidly.

"Brea," some called, stunned and bewildered. "Brea let go of her."

A haze had taken over and Brea finally understood what Mick was talking about. The darkness that came with feeding off a living source- the ecstatic taste, the feral call of the blood's song, the way it rolled threw her and hummed.

Someone grabbed her by the neck and Brea felt the pressure on either side which caused her fangs to retract unwillingly, but Brea fought the hold and sucked from the already formed bite in Eliza's neck. It was like fire in her mind and power coursing through her limbs- even her lips had strength to them. But another arm swooped in between Brea and Eliza's stomach, and it was only a moment more before she was lifted flailing from Eliza's body- which was quivering and twitching with shock. The expression frozen on her face caused Brea to come back to herself, the adrenaline stopped and her heart skipped a beat. Eliza was paralyzed with fear. Because of her.

"Oh my God," Brea whispered, blood dripping from her mouth and down her chin and neck- spotting her button down blouse and the floor beside Eliza's neck was creating a puddle of her blood.

A tall, Chinese man with a long mustache and dark Asian eyes was pressing a black and white stripped towel to Eliza's neck and applying pressure. He glanced up at Brea with interested eyes, and Brea turned into Josef's arms- he had been the one to pull her free and stop her before she killed Eliza.

Josef whispered to her and shushed her softly; gently as he ran his hands down her hair and back while saying it would be fine. He pulled her out of the room and up the stairs and she followed him wordlessly, clutching his arm like a life line while they entered her room. He pulled her onto the bed and she curled up in his lap like a child while he held her, rocking them back and forth.

"What happened, Brea?" He asked when she finally calmed enough to stop shaking.

"I don't know, Josef. We bumped into each other and I wasn't in the best mood today, and Eliza said something rude and I should have just let it go, but I didn't. I called her a bitch and then we started to fight. I don't know what came over me, I just was so mad and I bit her. Then I couldn't stop. It was like I was high on a drug or something. I can't believe I just-" Brea sobbed off the end of her sentence and tears rolled down her face as she clutched his shirt front.

"It's okay, she'll be fine. Ming Yue is with her. He'll take care of it. You remember him? He was at my birthday party, he's a business associate," Josef assured her and Brea felt all the more humiliated. She had embarrassed herself and shamed Josef in front of his business partner.

"I'm sorry. He must think I'm a monster," Brea whispered.

Josef looked amused and Brea frowned, "He's a vampire. Are we seeing the irony?"

Brea let out a small laugh, but frowned again, "Still. I shouldn't have done that. I don't know why I did."

"Well you said you weren't in the best mood. What was upsetting you? Maybe it set you off. And you have been drinking more blood than eating lately. Your vampire side is more aroused," Josef said. Brea didn't want to tell him why she was upset.

"I was just upset. I don't want to talk about it," Brea said, turning her back to him. Josef wiped her mouth with a tissue from the end table beside the bed and Brea blushed again. He started to rub circles along her arms and he kissed the top of her head.

"Tell me what's wrong," he demanded.



"Because you won't tell me what's wrong. You say it's Mick, or Ancelin, or business, but it's not and it's driving me crazy." Brea didn't want to tell him but there it was, it slipped out and she felt better almost instantly. But she heard him sigh and felt him kiss the crown of her head again while his arms pulled her back against him more tightly.

"Is that what this is about?" he asked and Brea felt like a child, but she nodded quietly.

"There are some things that are hard for me to talk about, Doll, and this is one of 'em. But I planned to tell you sooner or later. Will you come on a trip with me, now? Tonight?" asked Josef. Brea was taken off guard, the cool of his hands stilling as they slid to her bare stomach. She would never get over how spontaneous he was, or the fact he owned a jet, or that he traveled like it was no big deal. But she wanted to know where this was going.

"Just let me shower and change," Brea said as he helped her up.

It took less than two hours for Josef to have the jet ready and Brea to grab together a couple items in an overnight bag. Josef said they wouldn't need it, that they'd be coming back shortly after they got there- only a couple hours at best. But Brea thought it better to play safe than sorry. She left a note on Ally's freezer and they were in the air and headed east before Brea knew it.

"Josef, did I mess up your business plans?" Brea asked when they were seated together in the main room of his plane.

"I'd rather spend time with you. So no. Ming Yue will still be at the mansion when I get back. He's in town for the week and he'll be staying in the guest wing." Josef sipped from a crystal glass filled with blood and champagne. The blood made her think of Eliza and the hum that still controlled her senses.

"Is Eliza okay? I know we don't like each other, but I didn't mean to almost kill her. And that poor girl with her must think I'm the worst person ever," Brea said.

"Deidre didn't see you drink from Eliza, she was in the dining room waiting out the fight. And she's been in my employ for eight years- she's seen much worse. Her former employer was also a vampire, from before the Civil War era- a much crueler man than most. Eliza is fine, though she does have an interesting welt along her jaw," Josef said with a smirk. Brea hated that he was teasing her about fighting, it was so unlike her. "Eliza will be compensated generously for her silence. And she'll be leaving the mansion day after tomorrow."

"What? You don't have to fire her," Brea said, sitting up straighter from her spot reclining beside him.

"I'm not firing her. She'll be working as a secretary for one of my offices from now on. I don't want her around if she's going to have an attitude- it is one of my many Freshie requirements. She's had problems with several other women I employ, which is one thing, but you are a different matter entirely. And that is the end of that," Josef said with finality. Brea would have argued, but she couldn't find it in her to really be annoyed with Josef's high handedness- and she wouldn't miss Eliza.

"I guess you don't mind having a girlfriend with attitude," Brea replied, giving him a sideways glance.

He smiled charmingly, "I like when my woman bites back." He was such a tease. "And you aren't a monster because you gave into your instincts. Ally had the same problems, all fledglings do. You might be part human, but you can't forget you are part vampire. And I like you just as you are."

"And how am I?"

"Sexy." He kissed her right ear. "Sweet." Her neck came next. "Delicious." He kissed up her jaw. "Adorable." He pecked her cheek. "Funny." He got the corner of her mouth. "Mine." A hand came up to turn her face to his, and Brea's eyes slid close as their lips met and his mouth opened over hers, coaxing her out of her shell, and teasing her with his open-mouthed kisses, tongue staying in his own mouth until she couldn't take it anymore and she stroked her tongue against his, retreating back into her own mouth, and then teasing his again. He took over, devouring her hot, wet kiss after hot, wet kiss. It was empowering in a whole different way than the blood, and Brea arched against him.

Turbulence rocked the plane and the pilot announced they'd be landing. They pulled apart and Brea rested her head against Josef's chest.

"You're mine too," she whispered and she glanced up to see him nod, a cool hand running down her back over the silk of her black cami.

Twenty minutes later, the cab from the airport pulled up to a tall, old-fashioned, brick building. They went in and took an elevator up to the top floor and Josef became solemn beside her, his grip on their interlaced fingers tightening the closer they came to the end of the hall, and when they reached the door with a keyhole that required a key, Josef pulled out an old-fashioned iron key. It was beautiful and when they walked into the apartment, Brea shivered. It was like someone had frozen time in this room- it was a tribute to the 1930s. Everything was pristine and two old women and a short, elderly man were seated in a living area. They stood up at Josef's entrance and Brea noted that they were dressed clinically, like doctors or nursemaids.

"Mr. Kostan, you're early. We weren't expecting you until the end of the month," said the gray haired woman with watery blue eyes, standing next to a woman who looked to be her sister, her eyes a shade darker and her hair the same color.

"I know, but there are special circumstances that required a visit. We'll be here just a while. It's going to be today. I'll have your retirement funds deposited tomorrow. You can go home now," Josef told them, his face more serious than Brea had ever seen it. The women and the man looked shocked.

"Are you sure? We don't mind staying," the taller sister with the darker eyes said.

"Do as I said," Josef ordered harshly, his voice cracking and Brea's eyes snapped up to his- he looked like he might cry.

"Can we say goodbye?" asked the man, his voice quavering.

"Go, quickly. You have a minute," Josef ordered, not meeting Brea's questioning eyes as she tried to figure out what was going on.

The women and the man hurried into the door on the left. The feel of the apartment was decidedly feminine, and Brea liked it. It was richly decorated with antiques and divans. A picture of a beautiful woman, a starlet in the making, hung on the wall above a brick fireplace, and an old, woman's walking umbrella was on display in a case on the wall beside the door. The man and women came out, tears in their eyes, and they excused themselves from the apartment.

"Josef, what's going on? Where are we?" Brea asked. She hated seeing him this way- so quiet and withdrawn.

"I'd like you to meet someone special. Someone you have helped today," Josef said, leading her through the door the women and man had just passed through crying.

Brea rocked back on the heels of her brown leather, calf boots when she saw the set up of the bedroom. There was a bed with a young woman in it, hooked up to a number of machines. She was the starlet hanging in the living room, the woman with the classic 1930s charm. Her dark hair was a cloud of curls and her face was frozen in time. She wore a long white gown, a tribute to her beauty, and her eyes were closed as if she were sleeping.

"Josef, what-" Brea began, but shut up when he held up a hand.

He had taken a spot beside the woman, his left hand coming up to her face, tracing her jaw with his fingers delicately, as he had done to her many times. He looked so vulnerable and Brea moved closer to him, wrapping her arms around his waist.

"This is Sarah. She and I were together almost a century ago," he told her, his voice hoarse. "I loved her and I turned her." His shoulders tensed and Brea held him tightly. "But her body rejected the change, and she went into a coma. She's been here for decades, under my care. I've been looking for a way to release her, but I don't want her suffer- to fade away into a starved state while her vampire blood keeps her body alive."

Brea stared at the woman in the bed and tears slipped out her eyes. She would have been jealous if it were someone else- if the woman was alive and Josef claimed to love her, but right then, Brea was just sad. He had spent all this time regretting this, blaming himself.

"Josef, why are we here?"

"Because I love you and I wanted you to know why I've been so distracted. Brea your blood has the cure for her. It'll turn her human, but her mind's already gone. When I…give it to her, she'll die. That's why I've been…that's why things haven't been right. I was going to wait a while longer, to test the antigen, but I know it's ready. I've been prolonging this, but I can't anymore. I want to start a life with you, and I can't until this done. You can leave the room, I'd understand," he whispered, tears in his eyes, as he pulled out a syringe full of a pinkish clear liquid.

A shiver ran down her spine like an ice cube, and Brea stepped back. "Are you ready? I understand if you want to wait," Brea said, her own voice shaky as she watched him tap the oxygen out of the syringe and a squirt of liquid shot out the tip.

"I've been selfish with Sarah long enough. I have to let her go," Josef said and he put the needle into the IV, slowly releasing the liquid into the tubing. It dripped along the line, and it slowly moved up to where the IV was taped into Sarah's wrist.

"I'm right here," Brea whispered, tears flowing more quickly down her cheeks and off her chin. "I'm right here."

A single tear slid down Josef's cheek as he pulled the syringe free, the last of the cure headed down the line, and into Sarah's wrist. Together, they watched Sarah. Her eyelids fluttered several times, never opening, and then the monitors went crazy. Her heart monitor which had been flat, beeped crazily, her body seized, her chest shot up in an arched semi-circle, and then down against the bed, while her legs kicked sporadically and then the heartbeats stopped and the flat line appeared again. Her body stopped shaking and twitching and Brea gasped as Josef turned to face her, his eyes liquid mercury, the silver flickering and he collapsed to his knees before her. Brea held him as he rested his head to her stomach, his hands clasping the back of her thighs and his sobs absorbed into her.

Staring up at the ceiling, Brea wished this had never happened to Josef; and though her being able to set him free of this burden, the woman in the bed who still had a blood IV drip was another matter altogether. She held him to her and Josef clenched his hands bruising against her legs before Brea helped him to his feet and into the living room. She left him on a divan and went back into the room. She turned off the machines with tear-blurred eyes, unplugged the plugs, and with nerves of steel, she removed the various needles and staunched the blood flow with gauze and tape.

She returned to Josef, and Brea held him while he cried some more into her shoulder. Today had been a bad day, Brea realized, and it wasn't over yet. It took a while before Josef composed himself and Brea kissed him softly while he sat in utter silence, staring at the wall.

"I'm going to make phone call, Josef. Just stay here okay?" Brea asked, watching him nod.

Walking out into the hall outside the apartment, Brea dialed Mick's number.

"Mick, it's Brea," she whispered.

"Hey Brea. It's good to hear your voice. How are you?" Mick responded genially. They had become close over the last few weeks, and Brea liked that he was technically her uncle.

"Not good. Listen, Josef and I are in New York," Brea started and after she had finished explaining what happened, Mick told her that he would take care of it. She thanked him and he said some nice things to help calm her own frayed nerves before they hung up.

Going back into the apartment, Brea joined Josef on the couch and took his hand in hers.

"I talked to Mick," she told him. "He's going to take care of Sarah. We'll have a funeral if you want, or whatever you want. We don't have to stay here. We can go home," she whispered.

Josef was staring at Sarah's portrait above the fireplace and not breathing. His body was so still, Brea didn't know whether he was listening to her.

"It's our home," Josef whispered, eyes still focused on the picture- though it didn't seem like he saw it.

Brea's breath caught, our home, now that was new. "Yes, our home."

He turned to her then, and Brea saw that his eyes were their beautiful blue again. His hair was a mess from her hands petting it soothingly and his business shirt was unbuttoned at the top. He looked gorgeous regardless. "Let's go home."

It didn't take long for them to reach the airport where Josef's jet was waiting for them, refueled, and Brea didn't talk the whole ride home. They lay in the back on the bed and Josef took a nap, the hum of the jet calming them both.

A limo took them from the airport to the mansion and Brea recognized the driver- it was Cameron Zeller. Something inside her came to full alert and she tried to imperceptibly wake Josef who had slipped off in the car too, emotionally exhausted. He came to and Brea motioned with her eyes to the front seat as they took a turn that veered off from the direction of Josef's beach front property.

"What's going on?" Josef asked, his attention sharp, his face a calm façade.

"We're taking a little detour," the driver said, his eyes on Brea's as she clutched onto Josef's hand for dear life. Something big was going on, she could feel it.

"Take us to the mansion, now," Josef said, voice cool and his eyes flashing silver as his fangs descended.

"I don't think so. I want a little chat with my niece first," said Cameron, his eyes turning a pale silver and his own fangs coming down.

Breath catching in her throat, Brea's eyes widened and recognition lighted her eyes- Ancelin.

"Coward, pull over," Josef insisted. "Fight me like a man."

"Oh, but neither of us are just men, are we Josef? It's been a while, how are you? Chummy with my niece, I see. You always did like French food," Ancelin said, a sneer on his face as his upper lip curled.

"What do you want?" Brea asked, scanning the limo for an escape, or at least a weapon. There wasn't a single piece of silver anywhere.

"To put a stop to our family's feud with each other. I want this whole human business to be over. We never should have used that silly plant to try and be something we're not in the first place, and I thought when I torched that plantation Brielle had started, it would end there. But it turns out there is one more loose end. You," he said. A sadistic smile so like Lance's overtook his face and the limo sped up as they came onto beach sand and road up a cliff.

Josef tried to kick open one of the doors, but hissed when a silver powder erupted from the ceiling, covering him and Brea.

"I wouldn't do that again Josef. We're just taking a detour and a little swim. You'll be fine. However, Brea, our family reunion is coming to a close. I'll give your "sister" Ally, your regards," Ancelin said, turning up to the top of the cliff and hitting the accelerator.

Before Brea could respond, the limo hit open air, lifting off the gravel and sand of the cliff's ground, and for a horrifying moment of suspension, they were airborne.

"Brea!" Josef shouted, kicking with renewed vigor at the door and more silver powder showered them, causing him to wheeze in the poison just as they hit the ocean's surface- water crashing straight through the front windshield, and Brea took a deep breath as the water surged forward and the weight of it hit her chest and everything went black- hysterical laughter filling her ears while Josef shouted her name.
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Re: His Kiss (ML,Josef/OC,ADULT) Ch18 8/11/10

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His Kiss
I don't own Moonlight or anything linked to it.
Category: Moonlight fanfic
Rating: ADULT
Josef/OC, Mick/Beth
Summary: Breanna Mabalot has had a shaky past and the only person she has made a point to be close with is her "sister" Ally. When Ally sees that Breanna is taking life too seriously, the girls venture out for a night on the town, and Brea ends up meeting someone who shakes up her world. As life goes on from her earth-shattering experience with Josef Kostan, she finds that more and more peculiarities start to jump out at her- and the well kept secret of her blood will be revealed.

Chapter Nineteen

Brea felt torn, her body lying uncomfortably against something hard. Opening her eyes, everything was murky and when she attempted to open her mouth water rushed in. Chocking on a mouthful of salt water, she looked around her and saw dim light dancing above. She was lying on her back, body face up to the water's surface. Two figures were rolling and moving above her and Brea realized she wasn't breathing. She looked down and realized she was lying on a coral reef, small fish swimming away from her, and her eyes followed the sudden, jerky movements they made as their fins swished and shined in the darkness.

Panicking, Brea pushed up and began to swim, her hand brushed something slick. Looking back, her panic increased; a reef shark was swimming behind her, not getting close, just drifting near the edge of the coral reef. Pushing her body to move faster, Brea's body shot up in an explosion of speed and she came in contact with the two moving bodies above her.

Josef's face, fierce and pale, shone like pearl in the water light as he wrestled in spiraling twists with Ancelin. Their fangs protruded over their lower lips, their lips closed, and their eyes wide, silver gleaming light lamp lights.

Noticing her beneath him, Josef snarled soundlessly, and he flicked his eyes from Brea to the surface. She knew what he wanted and Brea was trying to push her way to the surface, her clothes acting as weights while she struggled to make her way to the surface. It occurred to her that the water should be colder, but Brea couldn't concentrate on any one thought, her mind was hazy, and she kept kicking her legs and using her arms to propel herself.

A heavy arm came around her waist and Brea felt herself being full lower. Glancing down and behind her, Brea chocked down another mouthful of water seeing Ancelin's malicious face staring up at her. His grip was painful and steely, tugging her deeper and deeper.

Kicking out behind her, Brea nailed him in the stomach and the strength of his hold loosened enough for Brea to turn and face him. She raked her nails down the side of his face and turned every which way to find Josef. She caught sight of him floating lower into the water beneath them, a large gash across his forehead staining the water, and a gaping wound in his side bleeding out in gushes by the second.

A hand wound tightly in her hair and Brea's back shot into an arch as her head shot back in agony. Ancelin's arm came up around her neck and he locked her head in the crook of his arm. In a painful twist, Brea used her legs to wrap around his waist, her body screaming in pain, and she used her hands to pull his hands away from her- and it worked. Stunned, Brea had only a moment to marvel at her strength before a blow to her back propelled her forward and up. With all her might, Brea kicked herself the last ten feet to the surface and broke through the water. She gasped in a breath, and saw the lighthouse light in the distance as the sound of waves crashing on the shore hit her.

Just a moment later, Ancelin broke the surface and he lunged at her. Brea ducked back under the water and watched as he sailed overhead before grabbing him by his leg and pulling him back to her. She climbed up his body as he faced down into the depths- Josef sinking lower still- and pulled his head up above water, body holding him below her.

They came up again and Brea took a deep breath before doing something that would be seared into her memory for the rest of her life. She bit Ancelin. He struggled like a fish out of water and Brea guzzled mouthful after mouthful of his blood. His strength began to recede as did the screams that caught on the wind and traveled out to sea. The spice of his blood hot and bitter, but Brea forced mouthful after mouthful down her throat until nothing was left and Ancelin's body went limp. Releasing him in a frenzy, the current pulled him away from her, sinking beneath the surface and disappearing.

Diving down quickly, Brea kicked and propelled herself lower. Josef's body was almost indiscernible in the distance below her, but Brea kept kicking. Sharks were gather under him, some large, some small, all of them excited. With a rush of adrenaline, Brea knifed through the water, slicing through it with ease, and finally reaching Josef. The sharks lurking came close, brushing her skin and Brea instinctively flashed her fangs at them; a blur of fins followed and the sharks scattered, disappearing into the nearby reef, and others swimming further out into the Pacific.

Hefting Josef's weight with an arm around his bleeding torso, Brea kicked heedlessly to the surface- her boots waterlogged and working against her. It took long minutes before her head broke the surface, and Brea managed to swim them to the shallow waters near the shore, and dragged Josef with her to the moist sand on the bank.

"Josef," Brea called to him, shedding her boots and coat, and tugging off his shirt to assess the damage. He didn't respond.

"Josef," Brea tried again, pressing the material of her soaked coat into his side wound. Nothing, no response. "Damn it, Josef, fucking answer me."

A cough escaped her as the wind rushed over her, and Brea felt something sticky on her face and realized that she too was bleeding, a cut running from her forehead to just below her chin on the left side of her face.

"Shit." Grabbing Josef's mouth, Brea tapped at his fangs but they were dormant. Pulling up her shirt sleeve, Brea bared her wrist and pressed it to his mouth- nothing. "Josef, come on."

Bringing her wrist to her mouth, Brea forced her fangs down and bit deeply, the porcelain of her skin gleaming brightly in the moonlight cast by the full moon in the sky above. Rivers of blood dripped from her wrist down her arm to her elbow and Brea quickly pushed the wound to Josef's mouth. This time when the blood dripped into his mouth, Josef's mouth reacted by sealing over the wound and digging sharply into the tender flesh.

"Ah," Brea cried, but held her wrist still and let the tears fall as she wiped at the blood from her face and his with her other hand weakly.

The draws on her wrist stopped as Brea's eyes cleared from the blur of tears, and she gasped as Josef stared up at her.

"Are you okay?" she asked him, collapsing into his chest and sobbing. His skin was warmer than Brea ever remembered it being.

"A million bucks. How are you? What happened to Ancelin?" Josef asked, running one of his hands down her back as he sat up and pulled her into his lap.

Sniffling loudly and feeling tired, Brea mumbled into his chest. She knew he couldn't hear her, but everything was hitting her and the blood loss was clouding her vision.

"Doll? Brea?"

"I killed him," she forced out, closing her eyes and remembering the horrible taste of him, the feel of the water lapping at them, and the sharpness of every sensation.

"How? Brea, stay awake. What happened?" His voice was so insistent, but it could wait, she was so tired and wanted to sleep.

"Tomorrow. I'm tired Josef."

"You've lost too much blood. You shouldn't even be alive after the hit you took, and how long we were under water. Brea, look at me," Josef demanded and Brea wanted to complain about being tired again, but she knew he was right. She shouldn't be alive.

He tilted her head back and Brea opened her eyes, forcing them to stay open.

"Brea," he whispered awed and mystified.

"I want to go home. Please, Josef."

Coming to his feet, Brea felt him taking her into his arms, and beginning the walk toward the parking lot at the other end of the beach near the lighthouse. She ached everywhere and the walk seemed endless as Josef talked to her and made her stay awake.

They reached the lighthouse and Josef banged on the door; footsteps followed and each one rang in her ears like thunder. How could she hear that?

The door opened and a tall, thin man in his forties came out. He shouted something that Brea didn't understand in Spanish, and the next moment, Brea was being set inside. The man listened to Josef as he explained that their limo went over the cliff and their driver was killed. Brea watched as the man- John- stripped off his black coat and his green shirt, before handing them to Brea and Josef. Everything was happening around her, but Brea didn't feel like an active participant as Josef ordered the man to call a cab for them, and to inform the coast guard of the limo accident. When the man left the room, Josef threw on the shirt over his already healed wound, and felt like a doll as he pulled off her shirt and replaced it with John's black coat. It was warm and wooly and it made sleep sound so sweet.

"Brea, you need to stay awake until we make it to the mansion. You need to feed after I took from you and I can't let you do that here. Too many questions. Just stay with me."

"My body hurts," she whispered back at him, and felt the throbbing in her body and the numbness settling into her arms and legs.

"I know baby, just hold tight," he told her, and Brea did. She put the world on mute, not listening to anything but his voice, and watched as the cab arrived and John helped them- holding open doors and closing them. She couldn't remember what he inside of the lighthouse looked like except for the spiral stairs and the darkness in the downstairs doorway.

Josef gave the cabbie his address and told him that there was a hundred dollar tip in it if he could get them to the mansion in ten minutes or less. To say that they were a moving traffic violation would be putting it mildly, but Brea could barely register leaving the beach and stopping at the steps outside the mansion's main entrance.

Bride style, Josef carried her into the house, shouting orders as he went, and they entered the nearest room- an oriental themed gallery with a circular, red and gold couch. The feel of the soft couch beneath her eased some of her aching. Rita came rushing into the room seconds after Josef set her down, and joined him at her side.

"Rita," Brea whispered up at her, eyes closing and opening several times as she fought to keep them open.

"I'm here, Brea. Drink," she told her, and Brea wanted to say no, but Josef cradled her in his arms, whispering commands for her to drink, and she did as he said when Rita's arm came up to her mouth. Her fangs descended in a snap and dug deep, as hard as she tried to bite gently.

"Easy, Brea," Josef told her when Rita hissed in pain.

The warm, wet rush of blood flowed into her body and the essence of it replenished her. Her body became warm where it had been numb, her aches disappearing quickly into nothingness, and that thrilling spark of drinking from a live source kindled inside her. She glanced up into Rita's watering eyes and the urge to bite harder was so hard to curb that Brea's nails cut into her palms from the effort.

"I'm getting dizzy, Josef. I have to stop," Rita told him and Brea bit down harder at the words, instinctively.

"God," Rita shrieked, but Josef helped extract her wrist from Brea's unwilling mouth. Brea wanted to lunge at Rita and if not for the tears on her face, and something inside her holding her back, Brea would have.

"Get Annabeth and Deidre," Josef ordered and Brea's mind realized they must be other Freshies, more blood.

"I want more," Brea said, her voice strong, but her body still exhausted. She knew that if she moved it would cost her physically.

"It's coming. Don't move," he ordered her strongly, eyes that enchanting silver that Brea had fallen in love with. "Just hold on."

The honey-haired woman from earlier that day came into the room and Brea noted her blank face. The other woman was very tall- Amazon tall- and had waist length hair braided into ropes of black silk, her veins stood out on the palest white skin Brea had ever seen, and her tiny red lips and light hazel eyes were startling in contrast to the rest of her. They both were wearing dressed that exposed lots of skin. The tall woman stood confidently beside Deidre, and Brea thought she looked amazingly beautiful.

Bending down beside her, the Amazon woman sat on the floor at her feet and waited for something.

"The wrist will be fine, Annabeth," Josef instructed, and Annabeth offered her arm up to Brea.

This time as she drank, Brea's eyes roved over the room taking in the scrolls hanging on the walls along with portraits of landscapes, one including the Great Wall. Golden lamps were secured on the walls above each priceless artwork and lit up the piece beneath it. An oriental rug adorned the floor and bamboo designed structures on three foot stone pillars spanned the twenty foot length of the room. It was impressive and beautiful, just like the rest of Josef's mansion- their home.

When Josef told her it was enough this time, Brea was able to force her mouth open enough for Annabeth to remove her wrist. Her blood had tasted like grapes, sweet and refreshing, but bitter like wine. It had created a spike of energy inside her and she no longer fought to keep her eyes open, but her stomach rumbled angrily in the silence.

"Annabeth, excuse yourself. Deidre," Josef said, waving Deidre over from where she stood next to a picture of an Asian woman who looked like a queen in dragon style robes. Deidre took up where Annabeth left off, and Brea didn't wait to be told what to do, she took Deidre's wrist as soon as she was situated between her legs and bit down, drawing blood into her mouth and relishing the subtly of the blood, like honey- just like honey. The smell of the blood that spilled over the sides of Deidre's wrist was wild and sweet, and it made Brea's fangs pierce deeper, her front teeth almost breaking the skin too.

"Slow down," Josef told her, but Brea didn't want to. She sucked harder, pulled full gulps into her mouth and savored the surge of power that made her limbs tingle, her eyes sharpen, and nuances of light and color playing with her vision as her eyes darted from the woman who was now panting on the floor, and Josef's harsh, worried eyes, and the floral designs in the rug.

"Enough, Brea," Josef warned her.

But it wasn't enough, more than ever, Brea wanted to drain this woman, to taste every drop. Her scalp tingled, her face prickling with dizzying sensations, and her breasts and lower abdomen warming in arousal.

Without warning, Josef struck, grabbing either sides of her jaw and holding it so she could not clamp down, and causing her fangs to detract from Deidre's arm as he snarled at her to leave.

"Stop now, Brea. Relax." Josef said in a mesmerizing voice.

"I feel so good. I want more. I feel like I could drink forever," she confessed, and Brea realized it was true. The memory of what happened with Eliza distant in her mind.

"I know, but that's because it's new. You are healed now, just rest," he told her and despite the nagging in her stomach and the craving on her taste buds, Brea laid back into the couch, fingers dancing over the velvet buttons that dotted the couch back. The feel of the it soft and tingly, amazing- she had never felt like this before, not ever, and she never wanted it to stop.

Josef went to the door, the sound of his steps on the plush rug almost soundless except for the gentle whish-whish that Brea heard.

"Molly, bring packaged blood to my room and refresh the ice. If the police or coast guard come to the door, inform me at once, otherwise, do not disturb me. Make sure the path from this room to my room is completely empty in the next minute," Josef said.

Brea heard Molly say "yes, sir" just as Josef snapped the door shut and made his way back to her where Brea was stretching like a feline.

"Can you tell me what happened at the beach now?" Josef asked her and Brea turned onto her stomach and peered up at him, remembering.

A piercing chill penetrated her heart and the thrill of feeding faded.

"I blacked out when we hit the water. I came to on the reef and started swimming for the surface. I don't know how I managed, my clothes were so heavy. I swam right into you and Ancelin. I tried to get to the surface, but Ancelin came after me. He was trying to pull me down and we fought. I don't know how it happened, but we made it to the surface and I struggled with him. It happened really fast; one second he had me in his arms, and the next I had him in my hold and I just bit him. I just bit, Josef, and he fought harder. I didn't stop drinking until there wasn't anything left. I don't know what happened to his body after that, he just, disappeared into the water.

"I went after you. You were sinking down below and-" Brea debated telling him about the sharks. It had been the scariest thing she had ever done in her life going after him, seeing all those sharks ready to kill him.

"Tell me," he ordered mercilessly.

"There were sharks and you were hurt. I got to you first and I started to swim for the surface," Brea said. She didn't want to mention that she had hissed at them and they had scattered, it was too weird, too much.

"You saved my life."

She nodded and Josef held out a hand to her, which she accepted and he helped her to her feet. She realized then that she didn't have her boots on- they must still be back at the beach- and her black slacks from earlier were damp. The coat hanging on her body was warm, but the combination of wet and dry was a confusing contrast.

"Let's go upstairs and finish talking," Josef said. The way he said it made Brea think he had something to tell her and a ball of worry dropped in her stomach.

They walked together side by side, hands clasped to their joined rooms. Josef led her into her room first, and pushed her to sit on the edge of the bed. He kneeled in front of her and took her hands in his.

"You're making me really nervous, Josef."

He ran a hand through his hair, but smiled reassuringly in that playful way that she had come to know and Brea smiled back.

"How do you think you survived that crash? How do you think you could stay under water for minutes at a time? Why didn't the sharks attack us both?" Josef shot off question after question as he stared into her eyes and Brea tried to ignore what he was saying. She didn't want to think about it.

"I don't know," Brea answered.

"How could you overpower Ancelin? How could you swim carrying my weight?" he pressed.

"I said, I don't know," Brea replied, becoming angry and agitated. Why couldn't he let this drop and just be happy Ancelin was gone; that they were safe now.

"How could you stand the freezing cold waters? How did-"

Pushing him away, Brea stood up and walked a distance away with her back to him, "I said I don't know. Just stop it! Just drop it, Josef."

His sigh was soft, but Brea heard it. Then his words went so low she should not have heard him, "How come you can hear me right now when no other human could?"

Blinking back tears of frustration, Brea felt his hands come down on her shoulders. He guided her to the dark bathroom, the only light in the whole room emanating from a decorative night light plugged into the bathroom wall.

In the darkness, Brea saw them in the wall length mirror. Josef stood tall and strong behind her, hands clamped down on her shoulders, and then she saw her face. Her fangs were still down, blood drying on her lips, and eyes pure silver. Her skin glowed unnaturally in the night light, and her face was more beautiful than she had ever seen it.

One of Josef's hands released one of her shoulders and picked up her hand and he pushed aside her coat using her hand and revealed her left breast. He placed her palm under her breast, above her heart, and he waited. She held her breath as it hit her, her heart wasn't beating. Oh God, her heart wasn't working, Brea realized and her gasped, eyes watering.

"No," she whispered, terrified as her fangs moved with the words, driving home the point.

"I'm so sorry. You died in the crash, Brea. No human could have survived that crash- it was too high and head on into the water. You were out for at least five minutes while I fought Ancelin. I didn't know for sure under the water, but when I came to on the beach, I couldn't hear your heart beating."

His face was softening and the hand covering hers laced fingers with hers. She stared into her face and saw truth. She was a vampire, not half, not in between. Breaking the hold of their hands, Brea turned into Josef's chest and sobbed. She didn't know what she was feeling, but tears were coming down her cheeks, and he held her.

He pulled her into the bedroom and led her to his room. The refrigerator that he slept in was closed and the glass was frosted over. Josef lifted her up on top of it, and she stopped crying.

"You have to sleep in a cold place, it keeps our body temperature regulated while we sleep, and we're protected in here. Can you do this? I can arrange for us to sleep in bed," Josef asked so softly, almost like he was afraid to break her.

The thought of sleeping in his fridge was upsetting and disconcerting, but having maids coming and going unguarded scared her too. Gulping down a deep breath, Brea nodded to the light switch on the wall which Josef had switched on as they entered, "How are we going to get in without light?"

"There's a switch inside," Josef said, lifting her off the door, and opening the inside. It was plenty big enough, she had known that, but the ice looked so cold and she was scared.

Josef climbed inside, lying on his side, patting the ice beside him and holding a hand for her to take.

With an unnecessary deep breath, Brea climbed in beside him and lay beside him. He his arms around her, and Brea watched as he reached up and pulled the lid down over them. The ice was cool against her skin, but not the freezing shock it had always been. It was comfortable against her skin. She closed her eyes and laid her head against Josef's chest as the slight click of a switch sounded.

"Tomorrow will be better," he whispered reassuringly into her hair.

"Promise?" she whispered, eyes staying closed, afraid to acknowledge her surroundings.

"Promise. I love you."

"I love you too. Don't let go," she said, holding him harder, fingertips growing numb from the pressure.


Author's Note: Well here is the long awaited chapter nineteen. Thanks for the reviews everyone. There are only two chapters left in His Kiss, and I just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed writing and sharing it will all of you. Thanks for the support. Let me know what you think, EK!
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Re: His Kiss (ML,Josef/OC,ADULT) Ch19 9/6/10

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His Kiss
: I don't own Moonlight or anything linked to it.
Category: Moonlight fanfic
Rating: ADULT
Josef/OC, Mick/Beth
Summary: Breanna Mabalot has had a shaky past and the only person she has made a point to be close with is her "sister" Ally. When Ally sees that Breanna is taking life too seriously, the girls venture out for a night on the town, and Brea ends up meeting someone who shakes up her world. As life goes on from her earth-shattering experience with Josef Kostan, she finds that more and more peculiarities start to jump out at her- and the well kept secret of her blood will be revealed.

Chapter Twenty

One week. It had been one whole week that Brea had spent as a vampire- and it was the strangest thing. Not strange because she drank blood, slowly somehow she had come to accept that as part of her nature even before turning. Not strange that she was living with Josef, they had already decided to live together- in their own non-verbal agreement. Not strange because every night this week that Beth had come over, Brea had the insatiable urge to bite her. It was strange because it wasn't strange. Granted waking up in an icebox beside Josef every evening had been disconcerting, but what came after waking had been incorrigible and sating.

But Brea had woken up that morning- evening- and found Josef gone. He had been devoting all of his time to her and Brea supposed it had spoiled her in a way. She was used to him being beside her, teaching her something new, a way to control herself, or explore her new senses. Being a vampire was like being constantly alive on the edge of some new excitement. Blood tasted better than Brea had thought it would, and her heart, lying dormant in her chest, leapt every time she fed. The Freshies that Josef had never introduced her to had become a new part of her day. Rita, who had healed up rather quickly from Brea's feeding, was as bubbly and friendly with her as ever. They were even planning the season's year-end New Years Eve bash together. Josef had extended the budget and Ally was buying the clothes for all the staff, and she promised the Freshies that she'd help them find something festive for the holidays. Ally's career had gotten back on track and swung into hyper-drive as Josef introduced her to several of his contacts wives. To say Ally was blooming again was an understatement, and Brea was more appreciate than ever for Josef's help.

She had read the note taped to the lid, and had eaten alone in their room. Not too long after, Ally had come knocking on her door, and Brea invited her in. They were supposed to meet up with Beth to give her the big scoop on what being a vampire was like- it had been something she'd been dying to ask Ally about since Ally had been turned, but the timing hadn't been right, and now that Brea could control her hunger around Beth (though not more than three humans at a time) Brea promised Beth the skinny. It was weird how much Brea's opinion of Beth had changed. When they had met, Brea had been skittish in trusting Beth- especially because she was a reporter and Ally had gone missing- but now Brea was actually finding more and more to like about the other woman. It was rare to find someone drive, intelligent, and kind- but Beth fit all three. Not to mention she was just as teasing as Josef when the mood struck.

Tugging on a plum colored pencil skirt and a loose-necked white peasant blouse, Brea asked Ally when Beth was arriving.

"I told you earlier, she'll be here by like eight. So hurry up and get dressed because she said she wanted to take us out somewhere new. A club or something, and I'm excited," Ally said, bouncing in place on Brea's old bed and flipping her hair around her shoulders- she had gotten extensions two days ago and was obsessed with touching her new do.

When Brea managed to pull on her matching purple, suede boots, she stood up, threw on her silver vest over the peasant top and headed for the door, Ally already racing off up ahead of her. Giving in to the chase, Brea ran laughing behind her and blurred into the third downstairs receiving room- which Ally had dubbed the leather room- and stopped. As she entered in, she noted Mick, Coraline, Josef and a large black box, shiny and locked, sitting on the table in the middle of Josef's fine, hand-carved Italian coffee table. A leather couch, one leather arm chair, a leather ottoman, and two leather divans were artistically placed around the room while a cherry wood desk sat in the back- it looked like an office or a leisure room. There was even a wet bar by the far back door that led out into the main hallway.

"Okay, what's going on?" Brea asked, taking a seat in her favorite armchair beside the stone fireplace that had just been redecorated.

Mick sat uncomfortably across the table from her on the couch, Beth and Coraline on either side. Coraline was comfortably reclining into the cushion back while Beth shot her looks that made the air crackle with heat, her legs crossed and her arms folded over her chest.

"Let's not beat around the bush," Ally said, collapsing on the Persian rug, legs folded.

"Such a charmer first thing in the evening aren't you?" Josef quipped, and Brea looked up at him. He had moved from beside the coffee table to behind her chair, towering over her with his hands resting along the back.

"I'd like to know why I'm missing a Buzzwire exclusive right now," Beth said, her glare shifting from Coraline to Josef. Brea knew that she had been on the outs with Mick since he had returned, and Coraline being present probably added a little extra sting.

"My lab-tech guys have finished testing the vampire serum to make sure there are no adverse side effects and all that could be cultivated from Brea's stored blood in the lab. There is enough for two, count 'em, two anti-vampire shots," Josef explained, his facing lighting up with that playful smirk, his voice sounding like an auctioneer.

Brea watched Mick lean forward in his seat and his eyes lock on the box which had taken on an ominous shine in the light from the fireplace.

"I brought everyone here to decide what to do with it," Josef told them; and it clicked. He brought all the people who had invested interests in this serum together so they could decide who would get to use it.

"And how long will it last?" Coraline asked, her eyes gleaming in the shadowy corner of the couch, away from the fire.

"Forever. There is not going back after this. Well unless you want to become a snack for another vampire. This here is the real deal," Josef explained.

Shadows played across faces and Brea noticed the change from person to person. Beth was staring wide-eyed at the box and then back up at Mick's face. Mick was bent forward, almost doubling over in his seat, as he contemplated the box's surface and his nostrils flared. Beside him, Coraline was reposed and silent, blank-faced. Next to her on the floor, Ally was shifting back and forth, a sign of nervous energy, and when she looked up at Brea, there was something indiscernible there.

"Ally gets to choose first," Brea announced, and she motioned for Josef to open the box. He bowed at her courtly and smirked. The key he produced from his breast pocket slid into the lock, turned over almost soundlessly, and mist rose up from the box as a levered false bottom popped up with two blue-capped vials visible over the top of the rim.

"Brea, you should-" Ally started and then stopped. This was her chance and Brea wondered why she was hesitating.

"Decisions are so hard on the fledglings. Everything's new and exciting," Coraline interjected and Brea almost felt resentful. She was new, but that didn't mean she didn't know what she wanted.

"I don't want to. If I've learned anything from being here it's that all things happen for a reason, and I can either accept that or fight it. Besides, I'm all kinds of kick ass now. Maybe living forever won't be so bad?" Ally rambled, each word more hurried than the next. And she wanted to stay a vampire. Brea stared at her and felt a shocked numbness. Ally, her sister, her best friend, wanted to live forever as a vampire. Maybe she shouldn't be so surprised, Ally was always a vibrant person, so full of life and the excitement of living it.

"Your turn, Brea," Josef told her, and Brea looked up into his eyes. He was so good. So perfect for her in all the ways she had always wanted. He made Brian a distant mistake, a nothing in comparison. His personality breathed new life inside of her and when she wanted to hide, to run from the absurdity of her life, he stood there, strong and confident. That playful teasing in his smile, the smirk that never quit, it emboldened her and remade her anew.

These last couple months living with him, learning to be seductive again and playful and alive- it was like waking up from a coma. It was like learning to breathe without thinking. He had helped her find her family, he had been honest with her, he had romanced her, and he had loved her. And every time they were together a part of her answered him, in his kiss. In the moment that their lips touched and the world drifted, his kiss brought her to life. That spark that came with waking up beside him, bodies pressed together.

She loved the way his eyes flickered silver and blue, the way his fangs bit into her skin, the way he enjoyed her. Her mind recreated him, fashioned him in suspenders, in suits and ties, in boxers, and completely bare. She replayed his satirical comments and his wicked laugh. The sight of him winking at her in knowing- it made her love him, Brea realized. And even though everything else in her life had been uncertain and in jeopardy, his love had surprised and warmed her, where now not even her blood could do that.

"Josef," Brea whispered and he dropped down to crouch beside her chair as she leaned forward, their lips so close their breath whispered to one another. "Josef, I love you." She kissed him, letting her eyes close and that spark inside of her flickered to life as his lips touched hers. It last a moment, a telling moment, and Brea pulled back. "I want to spend forever with you."

His face went from bemused and serious to cool and smirking and Brea smiled.

"Well I might have an opening in my life, how does now until oblivion sound," he asked, voice deep and rough.

Brea leaned in and kissed him and smiled against him as she heard Ally say something teasing to Mick and Beth.

Pulling apart, Brea reclined against the chair back and grinned.

"I guess that leaves things up to you guys," Ally said, pointing at Coraline and Mick.

"Well I don't need to think about it," Coraline said, standing with a triumphant smile on her face. She grabbed up a vial and one of the sterile syringes in the cold, misty box, and began filing the needle. "A little help? I need someone to tie off my arm."

"Wait, don't you want to consider-" Brea started as Coraline tapped the needle and Mick offered his hand at tying off her arm.

Coraline held the needle to the fire as it spit out a shot of liquid and Brea had the most horrible sense of déjà vu, remembering Sarah lying in that bed. Coraline angled her face toward Brea and Brea caught the thrill of achievement cutting her features- this was what Coraline had in mind the entire time she had been helping Brea.

"This is why you helped me? Not because we're family, but because you wanted the anti-virus for yourself," Brea stage-whispered and her face stilled in confused hurt. She should have expected this, not everyone was a good person and Brea remembered learning that lesson young.

Turning her neck to glance at Brea, Coraline sighed as she inserted the needle and slowly injected herself.

"Don't look so betrayed. I am glad I could do something for Brielle, it was a nice way of saying goodbye to my family and my old life. But yes, I was here for me, I deserve this. Centuries of overindulgence and bloodlust- now I can live and have anything I want. Humans might take for granted what the sunlight offers and the joy of eating and giving birth- but I won't. If it makes you feel any better, I'll appreciate this more than anyone you know," Coraline finished, a moment later unraveling her arm, pulling back the needle and then collapsing into the sofa- waiting.

It was the most fascinating experience, watching as Coraline's heart started beating. Josef, Brea, Ally, and Mick stared at her and each of them took a breath when Coraline doubled over convulsing, her heart echoing, roaring in a sudden renewed thump. Beth had gotten up and backed up against the stone fireplace, steadying herself. Coraline came to life before their eyes and when she stopped twitching and keening in pain, she laughed. Her head threw back and Brea watched as the vein in her neck throbbed and her throat moved with the sound of her laughter. She was alive.

"Incredible," Coraline whispered, some of the angel softness that her tone had held disappearing, she sounded almost completely normal.

"Did it hurt much?" Brea mused and Coraline looked at her.

"Yes, and I don't care. This is amazing. I can feel my blood rushing through my body, I can feel my heartbeat," Coraline announced and then she was up and out of her seat, grabbing up her large purse and striding for the exit, stopping briefly in the doorway. She turned back to Brea and paused. "I loved my sister and by extension you. So if you need me, find me and I'll be there. Otherwise, I think I'm going to take a long vacation. Maybe modeling in Europe or taking photographs in Australia. Good luck." With that Coraline slipped out the door, from the mansion, and Brea just knew she'd never see her again.

"Guess that leaves me," Mick stated, and Brea came back to the here and now. He was on the edge of his seat and Josef was pulling out another syringe when Beth stepped forward.

"Wait, stop, don't," Beth said and Brea saw Mick and Josef stop moving.

"I'm sorry Beth, but you're already human, you don't get a lottery ticket," Josef joked and Brea leaned in and slapped his lower back. He pretended to jump for show and Ally laughed.

"What is it Beth?" Mick asked, his voice gentle- his brown eyes shining hazel as the firelight hit them. Beth took a seat right beside him, grabbed one of his hands, and held it between her two, she looked so sincere that Brea felt her words before she said them.

"I know that you never wanted to become what you are now, Mick. And I know that you have wanted nothing more than to be human since Coraline turned you. But, Mick, I also know that it was you who saved my life from Coraline, vampire-you, not-human you. I know that you have been able to solve more cases in your time as a vampire than any human would be capable of. I know that you're good and that you have done good things. Why can't you accept that and be who you are, Mick. Working with you, I know all the things you do and you won't be able to do them forever if you aren't around forever. And I love you, this you, not that human-you would be any less, but you'll get old and die if you do this. Please don't change. Please," Beth begged him and Brea had to turn away. She couldn't watch this, it felt too private. Ally beside her was sniffling awfully hard and when they made eye contact Ally's smile was wobbly.

"Beth, I love you too, and we can be together. Don't you see this is perfect for us. I'll be alive; I can give you all the things you deserve. This is a good thing," Mick told her and Brea had to glance back- she couldn't help herself- and saw Mick tucking stray strands of hair back behind Beth's ear as Beth cried.

"Good for whom?" Beth whispered and a sob broke from her mouth as she stood up and ran for the exit. Brea wanted to run after, to stop her, to tell her it would be okay, but she didn't. If it were Brea, she'd want to be alone.

"Well if this episode of 'The Days of Our Lives' is over, can we get back to our regularly scheduled reality?" Josef chimed, lifting the vial in one hand and the syringe in the other while weighing them up and down like scales. His expression was light but Brea noticed his eyes kept trailing back to the door.

Mick nodded and Brea took a deep breath.

"Mick, are you sure? I mean, is this really what you want? A normal life where you can get killed? All the risks? And Beth," Brea faltered, "Beth does love this version of you. You could always turn her, or just stay with her as she is. This serum isn't going anywhere and if you wanted to wait, well, it'll still be here in a hundred years or two."

He stared at her and Brea stared back. He was family after all- related or not anymore- and Brea just knew he'd regret this.

"Whose side are you on doll?" Josef asked, smilingly as he took a seat. "Cause I definitely thought you wanted this for Mick. Though I don't mind my best friend staying the way he is, you didn't strike me for the self-misery type."

"She's not jackass, but she's all about the happy endings," Ally teased, standing quick like lightning and wrapping an arm around Brea's shoulders.

"People don't always get a happy ending," Mick stated.

Brea didn't break the stare, "But you have to try right?"

Mick turned to Josef and the two silently exchanged a conversation.

Mick turned back to her and Brea held her breath as he spoke. "I have to do what's right for me," he stated and Brea nodded. Apparently it was now or never.

Author's Note: Well this was the last chapter before the epilogue. I hope everyone enjoyed it. The epilogue will be out sometime soon. EK! :mrgreen: :D
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