Standing Still (GH UC MATURE) May 1 Part 1 DEAD AND BURIED

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Standing Still (GH UC MATURE) May 1 Part 1 DEAD AND BURIED

Post by candyGazer » Sat May 01, 2010 2:36 pm

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Disclaimer- I don't own General Hospital. If I did the characters would stay in character and the couples would actually be treated decently.
Summary- Takes place mid-2006 when the writers were playing around with the idea of pairing Nikolas/Maxie. Maxie is sleeping with a married Lucky, and Jesse died a few months ago. Courtney died shortly after Jesse, but Spencer does not exist in this story. Emily is currently with Sonny. Lucky is not on drugs, but alcohol does play a big part in his life. Jake hasn't been born yet.
Couples- Nikolas/Maxie
WARNINGS- None really. Angst I suppose, and quite a few mentions of Jesse's death. I even cried a few times while writing this.

Part 1

Maxie came stomping out of the shower, wet blond hairs stuck to her face, and her petite frame in all it’s naked glory.

“Lucky!” She shrieked. “Where do you keep the towels?”

Her blue eyes settled on Nikolas Cassasdine, her lips forming a silent oh, as she gasped. “Oh my.”

He swallowed, trying to maintain his composure, which proved difficult with the young naked very feminine body only five feet away.

“I apologize.” He forced through his dry throat.

“Where’s Lucky?”

“I am not entirely sure.” He answered. “Should I leave so you can get dressed and be on your way? You are aware that my brother is a happily married man.”

She simply rolled her eyes. “Lucky is far from happy. If you took a moment to pull your head out of ass, and obsessing over the Cassadine evilness, then you’d realize that.”

Nikolas winced at the foul language passing from the barely-legal blonde’s lips. He did not know her well, but for some reason he had always assumed she was some innocent girl, like his little sister. Though that was she started sleeping with his married brother.

“Could you please put something on?” He questioned, noticing the awkwardness of the situation, as his eyes ventured down to her small breasts, to her flat stomach, the curve of her waist, and finally the center of her pleasure, and down her long, slender legs.

Her blue eyes widened with annoyance, as she placed her hands on her hips, her body shivering as his hot gaze traveled down her. Maxie was hardly self-conscious, but there was something about the thought of Prince Cassadine seeing her every curve that bothered her. “I would. But, you know, I don’t have a towel. And there is water dripping from my body.”

Nikolas swallowed thickly, forcing his eyes away from her clearly wet figure. “They should be under the sink.” He informed her, choosing each step carefully as he passed her to enter the small restroom.

After rummaging through some things, as expected he found a towel. Whether it was clean or not was something he wasn’t worried about. It would cover her, and prevent his curious eyes from exploring.

Nikolas exited, making sure not to touch her. But the short moment where his body almost brushed her, had his nostrils flaring with her scent, and every muscle tensing.

He handed the towel toward her, their hands brushing, rough against soft, his chocolate eyes capturing her blue ones, trapping them both.

Frozen, Maxie clenched the piece of material in her hands, wanting to tear her eyes away, but too intrigued by the numerous regrets swirling in his depths to look away.

Lightly, Nikolas trailed his fingers along her neck, wanting to latch his mouth onto the creamy skin. He felt her shudder in response, and had to force himself to take a couple steps back. Licking his bottom lip, he gently tugged the towel from her small hands, before securely wrapping it around her. “Tell Lucky I stopped by.”

Maxie was speechless, as the door closed behind him.


Maxie entered Kelly’s, her eyes immediately landing on Lucky, Liz, and Cameron who were supposedly a happy family. If only they knew the things he did to her on those dark, secluded nights. The dirty things he whispered in her ear.

Then her gaze traveled to Nikolas, sitting next to Lucky. He wasn’t laughing like the rest of them. Instead his deep eyes were stuck on her, and she found it hard to move or even breath. Her heart beat quickened, and she apologized in advance to B.J., just incase she had a heart attack, and died right there.

A vast coldness spread throughout her, as Nikolas’s eyes narrowed, hatred more than evident in his suddenly hateful stare. She swallowed thickly, and turned on her heel, leaving Kelly’s.

Lucky’s shocked eyes met hers through the glass, having just then noticed her presence. After she left, of course. Sometimes, she wondered what he would do if she just left. One day, stopped answering his calls, and didn’t show up at their secret places at the right times. Would he care, or just go about his life with his wife and son.

Turning away from the happy family, it wasn’t until after a warm hand landed roughly on her shoulder that she realized that Nikolas was beside her.

“I understand that you believe you love my brother. But I also know that you are young and naïve and do not have the slightest idea of what love is. Liz loves Lucky. Lucky loves Liz. They are married, and will be for years to come. If you leave Lucky alone.”

“I don’t believe shit. I know I don’t love Lucky. I’m not that stupid. But, Lucky is a grown man, capable of making his own decisions and if that means he wants to bang me. Well…I don’t think you really have much say.”

Nikolas’s eyebrows shot up, and Maxie was quick to clear up his obvious confusion before he could even verbalize his question.

“To bang is to fuck.”

He shook his head. “What has happened to you?” He asked quietly. “The Maxie Jones I remember was far from this.”

She closed her eyes momentarily, not wanting to see the compassion in his eyes. The compassion meant for someone who had long ago died, between being left by her mother, and loosing her first love.

When her eyes reopened, she was relieved to see the normal disappoint in Nikolas’s. It was so much easier pretending that she wasn’t letting anyone down. That no one cared enough to realize what she was doing to herself. It was better that way. She was free to destroy herself, without worrying about destroying others.

He shook his head. “I am asking you to stay away from Lucky. I would hate to see what would happen if you didn’t.”

They both knew his threat was empty. Nikolas still saw Maxie as the innocent virginal teenage girl. He couldn’t hurt her, not when everything in him wanted to protect her.
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