It Wasn't A Mistake WIP (SW)- Dead and Buried

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It Wasn't A Mistake WIP (SW)- Dead and Buried

Post by LoveIsForever » Sat Feb 14, 2004 10:58 pm

I started this story about three years ago it's being rebeta and I'm editing it. I thought I would post it here as I edited it.

Let me know what you think. The prelong is short but right to the point.

Title:It Wasn't A Mistake
Rating PG-13

I don't own Star Wars I just like to write about it.


Luke Skywalker was sitting in one of Coruscant's finest restaurants. He was on a date with the latest of Leia's many recent setups. In the last month, Leia had decided it was time for her brother to find a wife. So she had taken it upon herself to find Luke the perfect wife and in her attempts, had Luke going on so many dates he couldn’t keep the names of all the women straight. Luke felt a stir in the Force; he looked up to the front of the restaurant.

There stood Mara Jade, her red golden hair down and her green eyes were searching. She was looking for someone. As her eyes fell on him, she then walked out. He felt a pain in his heart. He could see that the young woman next to him would love to be Mrs. Skywalker, but the only woman he wanted to be his wife didn't want or need him. No matter what he needed or wanted. And he couldn't blame her at all. No, after what he had done to her she had every right to feel that way. He then heard his comlink beep.

"Hello" Luke said, as he smiled at his date.

"Skywalker, this is Jade. I'm in the main hanger bay. Can you come down here right away? There is something important we have to discuss" Mara’s voice said over the com.

She didn’t even give him time to reply before the comlink went dead. Luke looked at his date, gave an apology, and left the restaurant. He wondered what Mara was up to. He knew she wasn't at the main hanger bay it was across town; and Luke had just seen her here it wasn't humanly possible to get there that fast.

"Skywalker," He heard Mara say from behind him.

"This better be good Jade. You made me leave a very promising date," Luke lied. He wanted to see if that made her jealous. Unfortunately, she was shielding herself from him, so he couldn't tell.

"It is good Skywalker. It's about our Son," Mara said.

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Like he had after every date he had gone on lately, Luke headed to Leia's apartment to tell her how things had gone.

"So Luke was this one the one?" Han asked his brother-in-law. He felt sorry for the kid. Leia wasn't going to stop until Luke was happily married or one of them died trying to make him that way.

"Well I never really got to find out. Mara called and I had to leave early" Luke said, smiling.

Luke knew what was going to come next, but he couldn't tell them the real reason Mara wanted to talk to him. He loved his son more then anything or anyone. Luke hated that he had to lie about him, but if he wanted to see his son that was the price. After what he had done to Mara, she had every right to keep him away but she never did.

"What did Jade want?" Leia asked.

Luke could see and feel that Leia didn't really care for Mara at all, but couldn't understand for the life of him why?

"You know the usual. Threatening me and such, and to tell me about a student she thinks she might have found for me" Luke said. It wasn't really all a lie. His son was very strong in the Force. And Luke couldn't say Mara wanted to invite him to their son’s birthday party.

Leia felt that Luke was hiding something from her, but what it was she couldn't say. It was a feeling she had been having for some time and it only got stronger as she started to get a better handle on her Jedi powers.

"Couldn't she have done that tomorrow?" Leia asked.

Luke shrugged a little. She probably could have. Why didn't she? "I don't know. That's a question you would have to ask Ms. Jade" Luke said he couldn't help but hoped a little that she had just wanted to disrupt his date.

Han looked at Luke. While the kid was good at hiding things, he could see that Luke had feelings for Jade. But he would never tell Leia that. She didn't trust Mara Jade as far as she could throw her. Han knew it was because of the way Mara had wormed her way into Luke’s life. Leia still after all this time thought Jade might one day just decide to follow the late Emperor’s wish and kill her brother.

"I'm gonna be leaving early tomorrow morning. I'll be back next month," Luke said quickly. He was trying to slip that in.

"Luke, you were supposed to be here the whole month! Is this person Mara told you about so important that you would leave your family?" Leia asked at her brother.

Luke knew she would react this way, but that couldn't be helped. Luke wasn't going to miss his son's birthday. He had missed too many already. And if Mara wanted to make peace, then Luke was going to do it. He was getting sick of every other year. Their son needed them both; not just on his birthday but everyday. This birthday hopefully could be the start for that.

"Yes Leia I have to go. I'm sorry if that hurts your feelings. I promise once I get back, I will stay the whole month" Luke said looking at his sister.

Leia melted; she couldn't stay mad at her brother. Besides she would get a whole month with him. Now all she had to do was find some more women to set Luke up with. Perhaps this time she might even let Han help pick Luke’s next few setups. Because it seemed the ones she was picking didn’t hit it off with her brother. Luke smiled; he could see she wasn't mad anymore. And knowing Leia, she was planning something that could only spell trouble for him when he returned.


Mara Jade was on board her ship, the Jade's Fire. She smiled to herself. Tomorrow she was going to start off, on her way to see her son. She still couldn't believe she'd asked Luke to come, but she couldn't say no to her son. So when he asked if his Dad could come this year she had given in.

She knew she could have waited after Luke's date to tell him, but she just couldn't help herself. She didn't like the idea of Luke dating. She didn't love Luke or anything like that; she just didn't see why he should get to be happy if she wasn't. And there was that small part of her that was a little bit jealous, but she would never let him or anyone else know that.

Well, she thought, time for bed. Tomorrow was going to be a full day. She could just see it now--Luke and her trapped in the Jade's Fire for a whole day. He would be lucky if she didn't kill him. And she would be lucky if he didn't bore her to death.
"The things I do for my son!" Mara said.


Luke was sitting in the co-pilot's seat. He wasn’t looking forward to having to explain to Leia why he had to join Mara in her ship instead of taking his own. Because Luke knew there wasn’t any good excuse for him not taking his own ship. But Mara had insisted they take the Jade’s Fire because she already had clearance and didn’t feel like waiting for Luke to get his. That way if Leia snooped and checked Luke’s flight plans for the last six months she wouldn't find that Luke was visiting a planet he did often.

He turned and looked at Mara. Three whole days just the two of them lay ahead. What would they do? They could talk. They had a lot to talk about. Like when it was a good idea for their son to come to Yavin 4 so he could began his training. That and Luke could always try to get her to come for training as well; but he knew it would probably be easier to get his son than his son's mother to come for training. He couldn't really blame her.

Every person she had ever been close to that could use the Force had used her in some way. The Emperor used her to do his will. She had been his slave and was blind to his true evil self. Luke had used her too. He didn't like to think about those days. Because of what he had done he’d lost any chance of ever getting Mara Jade to fall in love with him.

"Snap out of it Jedi" Mara said looking over at Luke.

He looked like he was in dreamland. That and she could feel his emotions. He wasn't thinking happy thoughts. Luke turned and looked into her jade eyes. She was beautiful, dangerous, and fun to be around; she was perfect. And like with every other women in his life he had blown it.

"Two rules, Skywalker," Mara stated, looking at Luke. "First rule: no sad thoughts on board my ship. If you have to think them, block your feelings. Second rule: no asking me or for Lucas to go to your Jedi Temple," Mara finished saying as she got up out of her seat.

Luke just shook his head. If they couldn't talk about that what would they talk about? In the years since Lucas had been born, all they ever talked about was their son or saving the galaxy. They had never talked about anything else.


Well they had been trapped together for the last two days. Luke had gotten used to Mara pretending he wasn’t there. So when she took the seat next to him he was surprised.

"So Jedi how was Lucas on your last visit?" Mara asked.

Lucas lived on a remote world. His foster grandmother took care of him for Luke and Mara. Her name was Annie Steno. She had been a Jedi Padawan before the clone wars. After the clone wars, she was only fourteen and had left the Jedi Order. She later married and had children of her own, but they had died during the battle for Endor. Two on each side. She was thrilled to have Lucas; he was the grandson she never got to see. Her oldest son had a boy, but she had never met him.

Luke and Mara took turns visiting their son. One would go every month. Last month had been Luke's turn.

"He was just talking about his birthday and how he wished we both could be there" Luke said, smiling.

He could picture Lucas’ clear blue eyes, so like his very own. Luke knew that Lucas was the only perfect thing he had ever done in his life. Hearing that thought, Mara smiled. She felt the same way about Lucas.

"Well he begged me so much that I gave in" Jade said.

"And I thank you, Mara" Luke replied.

"You're welcome. But remember this next year," Mara said as she left the cockpit.
Luke just watched her leave and shook his head. Of course he would ask her to come next year. He just hoped he wouldn't have to ask; that hopefully, they could make peace.

Mara Jade was setting in the com-room, barely able to stop herself from throwing Luke out the airlock. The last two days she had kept to herself in order not to have to face the fact that she and Luke were alone. She was kicking herself now for making those two stupid rules. Because at least if she hadn’t that’s what Master Skywalker would have wanted to talk about. Now without the Jedi code or asking when it was time for Lucas to join Luke at Yavin, there was nothing safe other then Lucas to talk about. And even the subject of their son wasn’t always ‘safe’ to talk about without memories neither one wanted to remember on how Lucas was conceived coming to mind.

"Mara," Luke said as he entered the com-room. Mara turned and looked at him.

At that second he looked like a nine year old. She smiled at that. Lucas looked so much like his father it wasn't funny. At six years old he already wanted to be a Jedi knight just like Luke. Although she wasn't going to tell Luke she had brought Lucas a Jedi-black robe and a suit to match. He loved his father's look. Mara couldn’t understand why, but perhaps it was something that only Skywalker men could appreciate. Mara smiled as she pictured Luke dressed in a light blue shirt and pants.

"So Mara how long are we going to be able to stay?" Luke asked. She looked at him.

"A week, then I have to make a run. I'll drop you back at Coruscant."

"Well I could stay longer, if you could pick me up later?" he asked. Luke hardly ever got time that he could spend with his son, and now that the other Jedi didn't need him as much, he had time. And he was planning on spending it with the most important person in his life.

"How much later?" Mara asked instead of answering his question.

"Two weeks, maybe three," Luke said. The longer he stayed away, also the longer he had until Leia could yell at him.

"I could pick you up in two an ahalf weeks time" Mara said.

She was glad that Luke wanted to spend time with Lucas. The soon-to-be seven-year-old loved his father so much. He was his hero. Luke was a good man. Even after all that had happened between herself and Luke, she thought that. Mara couldn't hate him, even if she wanted to. But she knew Luke hated himself at times for what he had done.

"That will be good," Luke said smiling.

"Yeah I know Lucas will love it" Mara said.

"So Jade what are we going to talk about today? Since we can't talk about you, or Lucas going to Yavin 4," He asked.

"I don't know Skywalker. What do you want to talk about?" Mara asked.

Luke looked at her. Well, they could always talk about her trading.

"So Mara have you seen the new X-wing's?" He asked, laughing.

"Not yet," Mara replied laughing in reply. Yes, this day was going to be fun they both thought.

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Post by LoveIsForever » Wed Apr 14, 2004 4:30 pm

Sorry it took so long for me to update this I just never found time to go through whats been beta of this and make the changes then post. Today I made time and have another chapter to post. Thanks for the replies.

Chapter 2

"No Way!" Luke said in disbelief.

"Yes," Mara said again. After having talked about everything on the new X-wing's and all of Mara's new clients, they were talking about what everyone talks about: people.

"There is no way Wedge did that," Luke said, defenden his friend.

Mara just shook her head yes, thinking, Men! Why did they think they knew everything??

"I saw him with my own eyes, Jedi; he did it," Mara said.

"Well if you saw him, I guess I'll have to take your word for it. But I can't believe Wedge would get up in front of people and sing a love song to a girl he didn't know" Luke said.

The more he thought about it, the funnier it got. He started to laugh. Mara looked at him. He looked so cute at this second. She got up off her seat and walked the distance between them. Once there she pull Luke to herself and kissed him. It was a kiss full of passion on her part. It was all the emotion she had tried to keep deep inside. Luke was in shock; one second they were fighting and the next, they were kissing. Not that he was complaining one bit.

Luke pulled Mara closer to himself until she fell onto his lap. The fall was what brought Mara back to her senses and when it did, she jumped off Luke’s lap and ran to the cockpit. As soon as the door closed behind her, she locked it. ‘Why did I do that?’ Mara thought silently looking at the closed door in front of her for answers.

The only answer Mara got was that she knew she couldn't talk to Luke right now. She needed time to think. She needed to figure out why she had done something that Mara had sworn to herself she would never do. Mara could always hope they could forget this ever happened and go back to the way it was. As she was thinking, this her fingers were pressed to her lips.

She wished now more than ever she could throw Luke out the airlock; then all her problems would be solved. What scared Mara the most about what just happened was she really, really had liked that kiss. And from the way Luke had responded, kissing her back the way he did, she wasn't the only one who had liked it.


Luke hadn’t moved an inch since Mara had jumped off his lap to go hide in the cockpit. What in the galaxy had gotten into Mara? Did she want to be more then Friends?

Did the kiss leave her with the same lingering feelings as it did him? Did this mean she had finally forgiven him? So many questions and Luke wanted answers.

As he reached out with the Force, he could feel Mara. Her feelings were as confused as his. He knew what he wanted. He wanted Mara, always had. But would she want him?
And if she didn't, could he just let this go? Luke had let her go once; he didn't think he could do it again.

This time he would do everything right. Luke wasn't about to let her get away. He knew Lucas would help him. And with both Skywalker ‘men’ on this case there was no way Mara would stand a chance. Of course it did cross Luke’s mind that it wasn’t the best idea to bring Lucas into trying to get Mara to fall for him again. But besides Lucas only Karrde was close to Mara and Luke didn’t think he would be much help.


Mara unlocked the cockpit door. As soon as she did, she heard the knob start to turn, so she went and sat down in the pilot's seat. Luke entered the cockpit. It looked like it was in one piece, which meant that Mara was not destroying things. Hopefully that meant him as well. Mara turned and looked at Luke and started laughing. Luke shrugged his shoulders.

‘I must have hurt his feelings’ Mara thought. "Luke, I don't think that's your shade. Wipe your lips, Jedi," Mara said laughing again.

After wiping his lips Luke looked down at his hand and noticed the red stain on it and laughed too. “I think you're right; it wasn't my shade. But it does look great on you," Luke said as he sat in the empty co-pilot's seat.

Mara's eyes grew wide. Was the great Jedi Master flirting with her? Well, just a little while ago he was making out with her, so why not flirt? Mara didn't know if she liked it or not.

Luke, seeing that Mara wasn't going to come back with a snapping reply, took a second to look at her. She looked beautiful like always. Her red-gold hair was up in a ponytail. He wished that she would let it down. He loved her hair down.

"What are you looking at Skywalker?" Mara asked him.

Luke smiled at her; he knew she hated being stared at. "You" He replied.

"Well stop will ya?" Mara ordered him. She was starting to feel uncomfortable.

Luke just shook his head and turned to look out the window. Mara knew she had to get Luke off the idea of wanting to start a romance between them.

"So, by the way you kissed me in the com-room, I'd say you finally giving up on Callista ever returning," Mara said.

‘That should keep him busy for the rest of the trip’ Mara thought. Luke always would get a sad look on his face and not talk for hours when anyone brought up Callista’s name.

Luke looked at Mara. ‘She must be really scared’ he thought if she is bringing up Callista. But he wasn't going to let her get away that easily. "First off I didn't kiss you. Remember? You grabbed and kissed me. and Secondly yes I have given up on Callista. I don't think we were ever meant to be. It just wasn't the will of the Force" Luke said looking Mara in the eyes and hoping she didn’t feel some of the lies he had just told.

He had always known deep down that he and Callista were never meant to be.

When Mara heard Luke’s words she couldn’t believe it. For five years Luke had been waiting or searching the galaxy for Callista. Now he just decides he’s over her after he and Mara shared one kiss. That was just… well unbelievable. He’d said that it was never meant to be. That was weird. She and the rest of the galaxy had thought he would never give up on Callista.

Suddenly, her eyes locked with Luke's. The next second she was in Luke's arms, and their lips were pressed together. How she got there she couldn't remember. Luke's arms were wrapped around her waist. Her fingers were running through his hair. The only thought on both their minds was that this was heaven.

As their lips parted so they could breathe Mara's eyes locked with Luke's. She felt all of his emotions as if they were her own just as it had befor. This sent her out of his arms and running once again this time to her bedroom chamber.

Luke just stared at the empty pilot’s seat. He knew what had made her run. It had to do with their past and how he had used her. Every single day he wished he could go back and change the past but he couldn't. Instead Luke got the feeling he was going to be alone for the rest of this trip, and probably for the rest his life.


Mara was lying on her bed. Why had she done that? Why had she kissed Luke again? She knew why she had run and she knew Luke did too. Mara had to get away from Luke and his feelings. But what scared her was she now wished that she hadn't left him alone in the cockpit. It wasn't like the past. Luke was different now. He wasn't dark; instead he was full of light.

He didn't have a Master now. Luke was his own Master. He didn't want to use her this time for an heir. He wanted her for herself. She could feel his emotions still. They were different than before. This time Luke wanted her, he loved her. But the questions that burned in her mind was, could she love him? Could she let him love her? After everything that had happened between them?


Luke was setting in the cockpit. He had been here the last ten hours thinking about how to take his and Mara’s relationship to the next level. She would run he knew that. So he had to be very careful. He had to show her that he cared that he wasn’t going to hurt her. But he also had to give her room to breathe.
Luke saw the warning light flash. They had finally reached the end of this journey. He hit the inter-com button.

"Mara, we land in half a hour," Luke called into the inter-com.

He could have told her with the Force but he didn't want to push her. She needed space right now. Mara was up in the cockpit moments later. Her hair wasn't pulled back anymore, giving Luke the chance to see those red-golden locks down. Her beauty almost took his breath away.

"Thanks for waking me Skywalker," Mara said, shaking the sleep away. She still couldn't believe she had been able to fall to sleep. She’d needed that time to think, but had used it to dream instead. Dreams of a life full of the man next to her, and with their son.

Luke just smiled and replied "Anytime Jade."

Mara looked at him she and couldn't help but smile back. He was getting cocky.

"So, Luke what did you get Lucas for his birthday?" Mara asked. She needed a subject that wouldn't lead to her kissing him again and that question seemed safe to her.

"I got him some X-Wing and Y-Wing fighters and some other things. So what did you get him?" Luke asked in return. He liked talking about their son.

"Well, I got him some clothes and a few toys," Mara said, laughing. Luke knew that laugh.

"Lucas asked you to get him Tie fighters didn't he?" he asked.

Mara tried to shake her head no, but she just couldn't help but say, "Yes he did."

Luke and Lucas had fights about which fighter was best X-Wings or Ties. Luke of course said it was the X-wing and Lucas thought the Tie was better. She wouldn't have known anything about the fight if Lucas hadn't told her when she’d seen him last. And then Luke had told her last week.

What really had her laughing was they both said about the same thing to her. Except one said 'Dad' and the other said 'Your Son. Lucas was so much like his father. But he did have her temper.

"Mara, why would you get him those? He doesn't need Tie fighters," Luke said . He sounded like a little boy. Mara couldn't help but laugh.

"Well all I know is Lucas said how was he going to re-inact the battle of Yavin without TIE fighters? And he made sense to me so I got them for him. Now stop acting like a six year old Luke" Mara said feeling like she was dealing with Lucas instead of his father at the moment.

Luke looked at her. Mara did have a point. If he kept acting like a six year old, she wouldn't give him the time of day. That and it might be fun to re-inact the battle of Yavin with Lucas. Mara looked at him and smiled as she picked up on his last thought. Why didn't he and Lucas just say 'Play?' That's what they were going to do. Mara couldn't wait to see the hero of the Battle of Yavin on the floor playing with their son.


Leia knew why Luke had left, but she didn't understand why he’d had to leave in the Jade’s Fire. Luke hadn’t even told her that he was going in Mara’s ship.

If Artoo hadn't told Threepio that he was still in Luke’s apartment, she wouldn’t have known that Luke hadn’t taken his own ship. She knew Luke was hiding something from her, but she didn't know what it was.

Leia just hoped it had nothing to do with a certain red-golden headed woman.


As the Jade's Fire landed, two people stood on the landing pad waiting for the ship's ramp to lower. The taller one an old woman with gray hair looked to be in her seventies but she wasn't that old. Life hadn't been kind to her. The little boy next to her was waiting for his parents to come off the ship.

As soon as the ramp was lowered the little boy let go of the older woman's hand. She followed him with her warm gray eyes as he ran into his Father's waiting arms. Mara smiled as she saw Luke and Lucas together. Lucas looked like a miniature Luke with red hair. Lucas left his father’s arms and ran to his mother.

"Thanks so much Mom for letting Dad come" he said, then he hugged her. She just hugged him back. Because of his one birthday wish a can of worms had been opened. A can she didn't know if she could or wanted to close.

Lucas could feel that something had happened between his parents. They both were trying hard to not let it show but he could feel the confusing thoughts and emotions going through them. He just smiled at them both. Maybe they had finally gotten the message that they both were in love with each other. He had known it for years but his parents wouldn't admit it.

He just smiled, then asked, "So how long are you going to be here?" Mara looked down at her son and smiled back at him.

"I'm yours all week. But your father will be here for a little over two weeks," Mara said then looked towards Luke.

Luke could see Lucas was happy as his son smiled. Lucas’ thoughts were all about how he had a whole week to make them see that they loved each other. But a thought hit him. ‘If Dad came with Mom how is Dad gonna get home?’

Luke hearing his son's thought answered, "Your Mother is going to come pick me up."

Lucas glared at his Dad. He hated it when he did that. Mara smiled--Lucas did take after her in some things.
She hated it when Luke would do that to her, too. Luke looked at his son and then at Mara. Why did they always have to team up against him?

Lucas should have been happy his father had blocked the other part of his son’s thoughts from Mara. Because from Mara he would have gotten a nice long talk about not trying to set his parents up. However, since Luke was going to ask for Lucas’ help anyway this was good news to him.

Lucas looked up into the Jade's Fire. "So what did you guys bring me?" he asked his parents. Both looked at each other and smiled.

"You’ll find out on your birthday, which isn't until tomorrow" Luke said as he took his son's hand and headed up the ramp. "Do you want to help me get my stuff off the ship?" Luke asked. Lucas nodded his head Yes and both Father and Son entered the ship.

Mara just watched them go. It was always amazing to see them together.

Mrs. Steno came up to Mara. "Hello Mara it's so good to see you again" the older woman said as she hugged Mara.

Mara smiled and returned the hug. "It's good to see you, too. You look tired Annie" Mara said. She knew that soon she and Luke would have to talk about Lucas coming to live with one of them. And she knew which one he would live with. Even if it killed her to say it Lucas would have to go with Luke to Yavin 4.

Luke could give him a place to live year round, and would always be there for him as well. A ship wasn't the place for a child to be raised. The way Annie looked, this was going to have to happen soon.

She just hoped that Annie would be all right. Annie had become a Mother to her and Mara didn't want anything to happen to her. But maybe she was jumping the blaster. Maybe Annie just had a cold or something. Mara didn't want the galaxy to know about Lucas yet. But then again she didn't always get to decide what was going to happen did she?

"I'm fine, Mara, just tired" Annie said, smiling. She knew the end of her life was near, but there was one thing she still had to do before she could leave this life behind. Mara smiled back at her. Both women knew that their lives soon would change forever.


As soon as Lucas and he were up the ramp, Luke turned to his son. "Lucas I heard what you were thinking back there about Mother and I" Luke said as they entered the com-room.

Lucas was getting ready for the long talk about why that wasn't a good idea and how they didn't feel that way about each other but was shocked when his father said "I think you’re right Son. Now all we have to do is help your Mother to see it's true."

Lucas couldn't say a word. He almost had what every child wanted; their parents together. Well he thought one down one to go. Luke hearing his son’s thought laughed. It was good to have a partner that he knew beyond a shadow of a doubt wanted the same thing he did; for them to be a real family.

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Post by LoveIsForever » Sat May 01, 2004 6:49 pm

Thanks for the Reply. And here is the next Chapter hope you enjoy.

Chapter 3

Later that same Night....

Mara was looking out her living room window. From there she could see the ocean it was one of the reasons she’d brought this house. Another was because it was close to Annie's house. When Luke or she stayed on planet for their visits with Lucas they would stay here with their son. The house was quite big with five bedrooms and four refreshers and even a study.

This was the closest thing Mara had ever had to a real home. She sometimes wondered if she had lived in a house like this with her parents before the Emperor had taken her. Other times Mara would close her eyes and could almost believe she was happily married and she was just waiting for her husband to return.

That was silly Mara knew and something that wasn't like her at all; but she couldn't help it.

A small part of her was mad that she hadn’t taken Luke up on his offer of Marriage so long ago. But the only reason he’d asked was because she was pregnant with his child. He felt so guilty about that. Of course Mara had turned him down and told him to never ask again.

She just hoped that he would listen to her. The last thing she wanted now was for him to ask that question again. Because this time she was afraid she might just say Yes.

The last few days had shown Mara that no matter how much she didn’t want to have a relationship with Luke, her heart had it’s own ideas about that. And the more time they spent together the more her heart won out.


Lucas woke up at the break of dawn. Today was his seventh birthday. He tip-toed to his father's bedroom. He wasn't surprised to find his father already up looking out his bedroom window.

"Happy birthday Lucas" Luke said as he turned around looking at his son.

"Thanks Dad" Lucas said, smiling.

Luke smiled in return at his now seven year old son. Lucas was still in his pj's. His red hair was sticking up here and there and was what Annie had called bed hair a few weeks ago. But Lucas’ crystal blue eyes shined with happiness.

"So Dad can I open my gifts yet? It is my birthday you know" He begged his father. Luke was about to give in like he did always did when he remembered that he wasn't alone this year with Lucas.

"First we have to wake your Mother and see what she says" Luke said wanting nothing more then to just give in to Lucas but he didn't want Mara mad at him. Especially considering he was trying to win her affections. He saw Lucas’ eyes grow big.

"I thought you hated when people read other thoughts?" Luke asked his son. Lucas glanced at his Father then shrugged a little trying to hide a smile.

"I don't hate reading other’s thoughts Dad. I just hate when people read mine" Lucas said. Luke thought it was spoken like a true Jade. Lucas was so much like Mara.

"Well Son it goes both ways. Now come on lets go wake your Mom" Luke said pushing Lucas towards the door.

(So Dad when are we going to form a plan? To get you and Mom together?) Lucas asked his Father telepathically. Luke stopped in mid-step and looked at his son.

(Today is your day Lucas. Tomorrow we can start our plan.) Luke sent back to his son. Lucas just nodded his head yes.

Mara opened her eyes. She could feel Lucas and Luke getting closer to her door. Then she heard a knock.

"Mom can we come in?" Lucas asked through the door.

Mara opened the door with the Force and then yelled "Come here, birthday boy!" Lucas ran to his Mother's bed then jumped in. They did this every year that Mara came for his birthday.

"Happy birthday, Lucas," Mara said as she hugged her son close to her.

Lucas just smiled. Luke looked at them and couldn't help but smiled and wished that he could just jump in the bed with them but knew that it wasn't his place yet.

"Mom can I open my gifts now?" Lucas asked as he laid his head on her pillow.

Mara looked at him then at Luke. "Skywalker what do you usually do on his birthday?" Mara asked.

Lucas looked at his Mother. The few times he had seen his parents together his Mother always called his Father Skywalker. He always wondered why but never got around to asking. Luke and Mara both heard their Son's unspoken question.

(Want to answer that, Jade?) Luke asked her through the Force. Mara looked at Luke then Lucas. (Sure why not) was Mara’s reply.

Lucas could feel his parents talking through the Force. He couldn't make out what they were saying but he knew they were talking about him.

"Lucas the reason I call your Father Skywalker is that's what I called him the first time I met him. And I've just called him that ever since" Mara said hoping that Lucas wouldn't ask how they met.

Lucas picked up on his Mom's uneasiness to talk about the past so he was going to let that go for now. "Oh. So can I open my gifts now?" Lucas asked.

Mara looked at Luke. "You can open one from me and one from your Mom. But the rest have to wait until tonight" Luke answered. Mara smiled that was what she did every year.

"Okay boys out of my room. I will be coming out to see Lucas open his gifts in a few minutes" Mara ordered.

Both Skywalkers did what they were told. She had to laugh a little at them. They both had the same look on their faces when she ordered them out. A look of: Do I have to? Mara grabbed her robe and headed for the door. She just hoped she could get through this week. She had a feeling that both Skywalker men were up to something.


Annie thought Lucas' birthday party had turned out wonderfully. This would be his last birthday party she would go to. It was time for Lucas to go home with his parents. She didn't want him to see her dying. He was her grandson even if it wasn't by blood and she loved him as one.

Mara looked at Annie; who looked tired and sick. Luke and Lucas were upstairs playing with all Lucas' new toys.

"We have to talk Mara about Lucas" Annie said.

Mara looked at her. She knew what Annie was about to say. She wanted to cry. Mara loved Annie and didn't want this to be true but there was no way to run from this. Annie was dying and she didn't want Lucas to see her die.

Mara understood and respected that. It was time for Lucas to go to Yavin. Mara always knew that this day would come. She just kept wishing that it wouldn't. But now very soon the whole galaxy would learn about her son.

And there wasn't anything she could do to stop. Knowing Luke he would say it was the Will of the Force.


Luke and Lucas sat side by side on the floor in Lucas' room playing with his new toys. Luke had all the X-Wings,\ while Lucas had all the Tie fighters. Luke couldn't help but feel like a seven-year-old again. While he loved Leia's kids they never could see past their Uncle as the Jedi Master.

They always wanted to hear stories about what he had seen or done as a Jedi. So Luke never got to just play like this with Jacen or Anakin. Every now and then Jaina would ask if he wanted to help her repair something. She was so much like Han he thought as he shook his head.

Lucas having read his Father’s thoughts asked him, "Dad will I ever get to meet my cousins?"

The question took Luke by surprise. He had told his son all about his Aunt Leia and cousins but this was the first time he'd asked that question in years. "Yes of course you will" Luke replied already knowing what question was going to follow that one.

"When?" Lucas asked as he put all his Tie fighters in a line.

"As soon as it's time" Luke answered as he took the X-wings and lined them all up against the Ties.

"When will that be?" Lucas asked then took a tie fighter and ran it into one of Luke's X-wings. Luke shrugged a little then ran one of his X-wings into Lucas' Ties.

"When it's the Will of the Force" Luke answered as he used the Force to move around some of Lucas' Ties.

"Hey that's cheating!" Lucas yelled at his father. Then he started to copy what Luke was doing but used it on the X-wings instead. Luke just smiled then took all the X-wings and had them floating in the air. Lucas smiled back at his Dad and made the mini Death Star float as well.

"Does either one of you know what's missing?" Mara asked them from the door frame. Both Skywalkers' looked at her. Lucas shook his head no and Luke just shrugged.

"Oh I thought as many times as you've listened to the story Lucas you would know what was missing and you Luke; You were there! Some Jedi Master you are" Mara teased then pulled from behind her back a mini Millennium Falcon. Both Skywalkers' looked at each other then at Mara.

"How could we forget the Falcon?" Lucas asked then just shook his head. Mara thought at that second he looked like a little Luke Skywalker. She had seen Luke do that same thing a million times. She handed the toy Falcon to Lucas.

"Hope you boys have fun playing," she said as she left them to play.

Mara heard them both shout back "We’re not playing," but she was too far down the hallway to hear anymore of their response. How in the galaxy did she ever get so lucky as to have both those Skywalker men in her life?


It was midnight when Lucas made his way to his Father's bedroom. Luke felt his Son's very awake presence as it neared his room.

"Lucas did you have a bad dream?" Luke asked as his Son jumped up into his bed. Lucas just shook his head.

"No I just don't want to be in my room alone" Lucas said. He had a feeling things were about to change. While he wanted his Parents to be together he didn't want to leave his Grandmother. But he had a feeling that soon he would have to.

"Dad if something happened to Granny Annie who would I live with," Lucas asked.

Luke looked at his son. Did he know Luke thoughts? Luke had known that Annie was dying since they had landed. But he knew Annie would want to be the one who told Mara.

"Well you would come live with Mother or Me" Luke said. Mara and he had never really talked about this but he was sure that Lucas would come too live with him at Yavin. Mara didn't have one place she stayed at and a child needed a place to call home.

But he was secretly hoping that he and Mara could raise Lucas together on Yavin or any other planet Mara liked. Lucas looked at his Father. He felt safe with his Dad like nothing could hurt him. He closed his eyes and moved a little closer to his Father.

Luke just smiled as he saw his Son fall asleep. He looks so much like Mara when he sleeps he thought. Then he closed his eyes too. He had a feeling tomorrow was going to be a long day.
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I just edit this part today and decide to post it right away. And since I just edit it please if you see any mis-spelled word are any grammer mistakes let me know. I hope you enjoy and thanks for the reply.

Chapter 4


The sun had just come up as Mara tip-toed her way to Lucas' room. She loved to watch him sleep. When she got to his room, she found it empty. Mara was afraid. What if something had happened to Lucas? Stop this, Mara told herself. She would have known if Lucas were in trouble. He would have called out to Luke or her. Mara closed her eyes and calmed herself with the Force then used it to find Lucas' presence.

She smiled when she felt who he was with and Mara than tip-toed to Luke's room. His door was wide open. There in Luke's bed were the two of them. "They look like angels" she whispered to herself. She was shocked to hear Luke reply in her mind. (That's the first time I've ever been called an angel.) Mara smiled as she saw his eyes open.

Luke looked Mara over and then said through the Force so he wouldn't wake Lucas up (You look like an angel yourself Mara.)

She just shook her head and replied (Don't steal my line Jedi.) Luke blushed a little at that. Here they were flirting and their son was asleep right next to him.

(I wasn't stealing it, just borrowing it. Beside you do look like an angel.) Luke sent her. Mara couldn't help but giggle like a school girl. She couldn't believe herself. Here she was Mara Jade Ex-Emperor's hand and she was acting like she was in love with the last Jedi Master. Love she thought. No!! That couldn't be it. She couldn't be in love with Luke. But then why did she kiss him twice on the way here? And why did she call him away from his date? And why was she all smiles with Luke just now? Could it be love?

Luke hearing some of her thoughts just smiled. She was blocking most of them but he did get a little of it. She was afraid that she was falling for him. He knew if Mara didn't want to admit something it was going to take a lot to make her. But that didn't matter Luke would do what ever it took to win her heart again. He caught his last thought and was puzzled by it. When had she ever been in love with him? Luke didn't know when Mara was ever in love with him. But he knew it was true just the same.

"What's for breakfast?" Lucas asked as he wiped sleep from his eyes. Both of his parents looked at him. They had both been so deep in their thoughts they hadn’t noticed Lucas had woken up.

"Anything you want" Luke said as he called his robe to him. Mara couldn't help but watch as Luke put the robe on over his very muscular body. Lucas saw his Mother eyeing his Father and smiled. Getting his mother to admit she was in love with his father was going to be easier then he thought if she kept that up.

Later that day

Mara watched as Luke and Lucas were playing in the water. After breakfast Lucas had asked if they could go to the beach. So here they were at the beach. Mara was sitting on a beach towel watching them swim thinking it was time to have that talk.

(Luke) she called through the Force. Luke who was throwing water at Lucas heard Mara's call.

"Lucas I have to go talk to your Mother. So will you go play in the sand?" Luke asked. Lucas obeyed and left the water. Luke smiled as he saw his son sit on the sand and start to move it with the Force. He would need training soon. He was getting to good at using the Force. Maybe that's what Mara wanted to talk about.

"You called" Luke said as he walked up to Mara. Mara's eyes were glued on Lucas who was now covered in sand. He couldn't control the Force well enough yet and the sand he had been moving had come back and hit him.

"Yes, we need to talk about Lucas" Mara said. She didn't really want to do this, but it had to be done. Luke turned and looked at his Son to see his red hair was covered with sand.

"What about Lucas?" Luke asked as he brought his eyes back to Mara. She was wearing an emerald swimsuit and she looked beautiful.

Mara looked at Luke, who was just wearing swimming shorts and she couldn't take her eyes off his chest. Get hold of yourself Jade Mara told herself.

"About Lucas coming to live with you," Mara stated trying to use a business tone but knowing she failed.
Luke couldn't believe what he just heard. Mara was telling him it was time for Lucas to come to Yavin with him. He had always known that this day would come. He just hadn't thought it would so soon. But sooner was better than later.

"When?" Luke asked as he looked over his shoulder at his son. Lucas was going to have a hard time at first but Luke was sure that given a little time he would get over it and be happy. Mara looked at Luke. He was such a caring and gentle man. And for the millionth time she was glad he was Lucas' Father.

"When I leave here at the end of the week I'm taking you both with me. I will drop you both off at Yavin" Mara said. There was no way she was going to take them to Leia. She didn't want her son to see the fight that was bound to happen.

"End of the week isn't that a little soon?" Luke asked. He knew why they had to move fast.

“Yes but Annie doesn't have that long left. And she doesn't want Lucas to see her dying" Mara whispered with tears in her eyes.

Luke nodded his head in understanding then pulled Mara into a hug to comfort her. At first she tried to pull away but then when she realized he wasn't going to kiss her she hugged him back.

Lucas looked at his parents. He knew he should be happy that they were hugging but something felt wrong. Well not wrong but more like sad. Something was going to happen soon and he didn't think it was going to be good. Luke felt Lucas' confusing emotions and pulled away from Mara.

"We have to tell him" Luke said as he turned to look at their son.

Mara could feel Luke's heart breaking. He had lost his foster family when he had met Obi-wan Kenobi. Luke had never got over their deaths. Sure he had moved on but that didn't take away the pain he felt about their deaths.

"We'll tell him when we get home" Mara said as she put a hand on Luke's back. The next second, she wished that she hadn't. She felt the Force run through her the second her hand touched Luke's bare back. Luke jumped a little from the feeling but knew it was better if he they didn't talk about it. He didn't want to push Mara.

Lucas felt his Mother's uneasiness. So he thought she just might need a little fun to cheer her up. He closed his eyes and then pictured the sand moving in circles around his parents.

"Luke stop that" Mara said as the sand circled them.

Luke just smiled and replied. "I'm not doing it." Mara looked at him then at the sand. "If you’re not then who is?" Mara yelled as the sand hit her legs.

"The other Skywalker in your life!" Luke yelled back. The sand was now hitting them both in the chest. Mara looked at Luke. Lucas was doing this? She didn't know he was getting that good with the Force.

"I think he's lost control of it. I better stop it before it hits us in the face" Luke said then closed his eyes. He reached out with the Force and made the sand drop back to the ground.

Lucas came running up to his parents with tears in his eyes. "I'm so sorry. I didn't mean for it to hurt you. I just couldn’t stop it" he whispered as a tear escaped his blue eyes.

Both his parents looked at him. Then Mara went and hugged him. He was after all her little boy. "That's okay, sweetheart, we know. But you can't use the Force anymore unless we're watching and teaching you to use it" Mara said pulling back from their hug.

Lucas looked at his Father. He was sure to get yelled at by him.

"Son the Force isn't a toy you can play with. Maybe I've been giving you the wrong idea with us using the Force to reinact the battle of Yavin." Luke said although he really didn't want to stop doing that; it was fun. But if it was going to make problems for Lucas like thinking it was okay to use the Force for play then they would have to.

"No Dad I promise I won't use the Force again without asking first. Please Dad I like us playing together" Lucas begged. Mara laughed as she saw the great Jedi Master give in to a seven year old.
Both Skywalkers turned and looked at the laughing red head. Then she saw an evil glare in both their eyes. A second later she felt the sand fall on her.

"You both better run. Because when I get my hands on you two it isn't going to be pretty” Mara yelled. And watched as Father and Son ran to the ocean to escape her. Mara smiled; they couldn't stay in the water forever. And when they got out she was going to get her revenge.


Mara Jade felt she had already gotten her revenge. And she didn't have to do a thing. Both Skywalkers were still in the water. They had both been in the ocean now for over a hour.

(Scared, Jedi?) Mara sent through the Force.

Luke looked at Lucas who was swimming next to him. He could feel his Son's arms were beginning to grow tired. Luke sent his son a message through the Force. (It's time to give up Lucas.) Lucas's blue eyes grew small. He really didn't want to face his mother.

(Don't worry Lucas. I won't hurt you) Mara sent to her son.

He smiled when he heard that in his head. So she wasn't going to go after him. That meant that his Dad was going to get it good. Maybe he could help his mother Lucas thought. (Mom, do you need any help?)

Mara couldn't help but laugh as she heard that in her mind. She looked at her red headed son and smiled. He was going to jump ship, so to speak. After a few more moments in the water Lucas sent to his Father (Yeah you're right Dad, it's time to get out.)

Luke just smiled and headed for the beach. He waited for Lucas to catch up with him before walking on the sand. As soon as his foot hit the sand he saw Mara. She was about to use the Force to throw sand all over Luke but before she could a wave of water hit her.

Lucas ran over to his Mother and as soon as he got to her side another wave hit the both of them. Both their red heads were full of watered-down hair. They both turned their heads as they heard Luke laughing at them.

"That's what you both get for trying to two-time me," Luke said in between laughing. He stopped as soon as he felt the Jade temper in both of the people in front of him. Maybe it hadn't been a good idea to throw water on them, was his last thought before he felt a wave of water and sand hit him. Luke was about to get his revenge when he saw a man walking towards them. Oh well he thought I'll get them as soon as this man passes by.

"I must say sir you have a beautiful family," the man said as he passed by Luke. That comment caught Luke off guard. No one had ever said that to him before. But now that someone had he knew that was what he always wanted people to think Mara and Lucas—as his family.

(Snap out of it Jedi it's time to head home.) Mara sent Luke as Lucas ran to get her beach towel. Luke just smiled when he heard the home part. If only it was their home.

Mara heard Luke's thoughts. She was shocked. He really wanted her and not just as a girlfriend but as his wife! She didn't know what to think about that but she did know that she didn't feel like killing him. And Mara did kind of like being around him. The way he kissed her made her knees go weak. But did she want him as a Husband?

Stop it Jade she told herself. He hasn't even asked you anything yet. For all you know he might like or even love you but that doesn't mean he wants to marry you or that you would marry him. He might just be daydreaming. Or he might want to give Lucas a real home the kind neither of them had ever had. If that was the reason then she would just tell Luke No. If he ever did ask.

"Here you go Mom" Lucas said as he held the beach towel out. Luke walked up to them as Mara took the towel.

"So what's for lunch?" Luke asked as they started their walk home.

"Always food with you isn't it Skywalker?" Mara asked, as she tried to forget her earlier thoughts about the Jedi Master.

"Not always Mara. Not when I'm off saving the galaxy" Luke said as he pushed a little sand Mara's way.
Lucas took a step back and watched as his parents threw sand at each other. How couldn't they see that they were madly in love with each other? He just shook his red head.

"If you guys don't stop we’re never get home“ Lucas told his parents.

Both of them turned and looked at their son. He did have a point, Mara thought as she looked over at Luke. (Truce?) she asked through the Force.

"Truce," Luke said out loud.

"Good cause I want some lunch" Lucas said as he ran ahead of his parents. He was going to give them some time to talk.

Luke turned to look at Mara. She was a mess with sand in her wet hair but she looked beautiful just the same. He knew that what he was about to do was stupid and that she would probably kill him afterwards but it would be worth it.

Mara's eyes were following Lucas so when Luke grabbed her,she was caught unaware. She opened her mouth to ask him what he was doing but never got the chance to. He pressed his lips to hers. She was in shock but that didn't stop her from kissing him back.

As soon as the kiss ended she locked eyes with Luke then pulled him in for another kiss. Luke moved his arms to go around Mara and his hands ran through her very wet sandy red hair. Mara's hands were running through Luke hair as well. This feels right was the only thought on Mara and Luke's minds. A memory flickered between them and they pulled apart suddenly. They both just stared at each other.

"Hey you guys stop being slow pokes!" Lucas yelled as he started to walk back towards them. They both started to walk towards Lucas. Why can't the past leave us alone, Luke thought. Mara just kept walking, not wanting to think about anything. Lucas could feel that something had happened between his parents and it wasn't a good something.
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It will be awhile after this chapter before I post again because this is the last of what I have beta. I only sent half of the story to be Beta and it took me forever to edit what was beta so know I have to send the rest off to be beta and then edit it before I can post more. So since I finish this chapter up today I thought why not give you Two Chapters in one day as kind of a sorry it will a awhile before you get more lol

Chapter 5


"Come on" Lucas yelled as he ran up the steps of his Mother’s house.

His parents looked at each other. This wasn't going to be easy. Luke couldn't help but feel a little like the past was reliving itself. He had lost his foster family and now his son was going to lose his as well.

Mara felt the sadness from Luke. She too was upset about this. But after all life had to go on. She couldn't hide under a rock and wish it to go away. No they had to face this head on.

Lucas felt his Parents’ emotions crystal clearly. Something bad was either happening or about to. He took a deep breath as he waited for them to come through the door. As they entered he ran his fingers through his red hair. The looks on their faces told him it was something really bad; something he had been dreading his whole life.

"What's wrong?" Lucas asked.

Both Mara and Luke turned and looked at each other then looked back at Lucas.

(Should we tell him now?) Luke asked Mara through the Force.

(I was hoping we could wait 'til after lunch but I don't think he will let us.) Mara replied.

Lucas could feel his parents talking through the Force. What were they trying to keep from him? It couldn't be as bad as he imagined it was could it?

(Do you want to tell him or should I?) Luke asked Mara. Mara looked at her son. She and Luke could both feel his fear at what was about to be said.

(I'll tell him, but feel free to jump in anytime.) Mara sent back.

"Lucas there is something we have to tell you" Mara said as she took a step closer to her son. Luke seeing what she was doing followed her lead. Lucas just locked his eyes with his Mother's jaded ones. He was waiting for the bad news. He could feel it all around him but he could also feel his Parents’ love for him.

"Lucas did you know that Annie's sick?" Luke asked, hoping that he at least knew that much so this wouldn't come as a complete and total shock to him. Lucas' eyes were still locked with his Mother’s as he nodded his head yes. He knew his Grandma was sick even if she did try to hide it from him. Lucas wanted to run. He didn't want to hear what he was sure was to come next. But he couldn't move. He was stuck to the spot like he had grown roots or something. Mara looked at her son with tears in her eyes.

"Lucas, Annie is dying" Mara said her eyes still locked with his.

"No!" Lucas yelled as he closed his eyes. When he opened them tears ran down his face. No this couldn't be happening. Granny Annie couldn't die. He couldn't live anywhere without her. This had been all his fault. If he hadn't wanted his Parents together then maybe this wouldn't have happened.

Luke reading his son's thoughts was shocked at that last thought. He felt the same way about the Lars' deaths. If he had only been there then they wouldn't have died. It was his fault. It took Luke many years to finally see that he couldn't have stopped it. He would have only died with them.

"Lucas this isn't your fault. Annie is sick. You didn't make her sick she's been sick for a long time." Luke told his son as he walked over to him. He pulled the boy into a hug. Lucas buried his face into his Father’s chest and cried.

Mara looked at them sadly; she wanted to cry as well but couldn't. She would never cry. She had only ever cried once and she didn't want to think about that right now.

Lucas pulled away from his Father’s embrace and asked, “Where am I going to live now?”

Hearing that question asked with such sadness and fear of the unknown from Lucas almost broke Luke. Never did Luke want his son to think he wasn’t welcome with him or his Mother. But for Lucas to have to ask where he was going to live showed just how much being hidden his whole life had affected him. And just how much his son was afraid he would be hidden forever.

“You’re going to be living with me at Yavin” Luke said as he pulled his son back into a hug sending all his love and comfort with the Force letting his son know he loved him. And wasn’t ashamed to have Lucas as his son but proud of that fact.

Rubbing his eyes and the tears away Lucas took a deep breath while resting his head on his Father’s shoulder and asked in a whisper “When do we leave?”

Luke looked at his son and smiled a small sad smile. "The end of the week." Luke knew Lucas wasn't going to like that part at all. He really didn't like that part either but it was what Annie wanted.

"I won't leave her!" Lucas cried out.

"Lucas, Annie wants you to go. She doesn't want you to see her die" Mara said as she walked over to Luke and their son.

"But I won't let her die alone" Lucas said barely above a whisper. Mara smiled. He sounded just like his Father always having to save someone. But this time she knew Lucas wasn't going to win. Annie had made Mara promise to take Lucas away and she was going to honor that promise.

Luke could feel his Son's emotions and he could see Mara wasn't going to give in. He felt sorry for both of them. While he had been close to Annie he wasn't as close as either one of them were. Annie had always thought of him as a Jedi Master always given him the respect of one. He was going to miss her a lot. A lone tear ran down his cheek. He had to help Mara convince Lucas. If this is want Annie wanted then this what she would get.

"Lucas just think--when you come live with me you can finally get to meet your cousins" Luke said in his fake most cheerful voice.

Lucas looked up at his Father and smiled. He always did try to find the silver lining didn't he? He had always wanted to meet his cousins and if this was how Granny Annie wanted this then he should be the boy she had raised and honor her request. He still felt like screaming and protesting but if he was going to be a Jedi one day like his Father, Lucas knew he had to learn to control his emotions.

"How about lunch now?" Mara asked as she took Lucas' hand and headed for the kitchen. Lucas grabbed his Father's hand and all three of them headed for the kitchen. Lucas thought about how the three of them could make a new life together. Well at least he hoped they could.


Mara tossed and turned. She wanted to think it was because of the way Lucas took the news that Annie was dying and that he was going to have to leave her. But she knew it wasn't that at all. Every time she closed her eyes all she saw was Luke's face and the way his blue eyes looked on the day she told him she was carrying his child. They'd looked as cold as ice. She could still hear his voice in her ears. She could still feel his dark presence. She could almost feel his hand on her shoulder and the way he had yelled at her.

He said that Luke Skywalker could never love her that the only reason he had ever wanted her was to give his Master an heir. And how he laughed at her as she the Ex-Emperor's hand cried. She had never cried before that day or after. The question he had asked her as she was crying always haunted her. She could hear him saying it now.

"Why Jade? Why did you come to me? You knew I was working for my Master so why did Mara Jade come to Lord Skywalker?"

"Why, indeed?" Mara asked her dark empty room. Then she closed her eyes and tried to get some sleep.


"Ahhhhh!" Luke screamed as he woke up. It was the same dream he always had—or should he say it was the past that haunted him? It was about the day Mara told him she was pregnant with Lucas. How he had treated her that day made him wish Mara had killed him but at the time he was so far gone over to the dark side nothing mattered to him. But that wasn't really true.

When he had been yelling at Mara that the real him could never have loved her it was because he Luke Skywalker was fighting the darkness that had consumed him. He was trying to use his love for Mara to get back control but after what he had done to her that day he couldn't stand to think about his love for her. Because if he had loved her why couldn't he have stopped himself from hurting her?

Had his Father felt the same way towards his very own Mother? Luke questioned the silent room.

But none of that mattered now. He knew he loved Mara and he was going to make up for all his mistakes. He had done so much to hurt her where to begin? He would just have to show her he loved her and that no matter what he was going to be there for her and Lucas.

Lucas—that was another thing he felt bad about tonight. Lucas hadn't taken the news about Annie very well. But then again how was a seven year old supposed to take the news that his Grandmother was dying and that she didn't want him there when she did? And if that hadn't been bad enough that he had to move by the end of the week? The only thing that had cheered him up a little was that he was finally going to get to meet his cousins. Luke just shook his head. What was Leia going to think about this?


Annie and Lucas were sitting side by side on the front porch of Mara's house. Lucas had wanted to speak to her about his leaving her. He had to hear it from her before he would truly be ready to let her go.

Annie looked at the red haired little boy and smiled. He had been her whole world for the last seven years but now it was time she did the only thing that she felt was left for her to do. She had to go see her biological Grandson before she died. She had to tell that child about his Father. But first she had to make sure Lucas understood all this.

She knew that Luke and Mara would take good care of their son. They both loved him so much that it was clear to see in their faces. Lucas looked up at his Grandma. He had known for awhile that she had been sick but he never said a word to her. He thought if it was bad she would tell him. But now he could see that the last few weeks she had been trying to prepare him for his leaving and her dying.

"Can't I stay?" Lucas asked in a whisper. He already knew the answer he was going to get. Annie's gray eyes filled with tears.

"No Lucas. You have to go with your Parents. I have a feeling they're going to need you," Annie said as she hugged the little boy who was and would always be her Grandson.

"But I don't want to leave you" Lucas said as he hugged her back. He didn't want to let her go. He was afraid the second he let her go she would disappear. Annie pulled away from the young Skywalker. He had to be strong now. She had to make sure he could do this.

"You have to be strong Lucas. You know how much I love you,right?" Annie asked. Lucas nodded yes. Annie wiped away the tears that were running down his face. "Good because I need to tell you something Lucas. I have another Grandson out there. One I've never met. I have to go see him. I have to tell him about his Dad" Annie said as she looked past Lucas.

She was looking back into the past. She had made a promise to her son that she would one day meet his children even if she didn't believe in his Empire or Emperor. Now it was time to honor that promise.
Lucas looked at Annie. He knew why she wanted to do this; she had told him about the promise she had made to her son many times. She had to fulfill it before she died. Lucas knew he had to be a brave boy so she wouldn't be worrying about him. He was going to make her proud. He was going to become a Jedi just like his father.

"I love you Granny" Lucas said as he pulled her into another hug.
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