Sunrise. WHR, Teen, Complete

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Sunrise. WHR, Teen, Complete

Post by Mysteriousgal » Fri Apr 30, 2004 3:26 pm


Notes: This takes place after the factory and Amon and Robin are on
the run from Solomon. Lyrics in italics.

Disclaimer: The song used in this fic. doesn’t belong to me, it was written
and is performed by a fav. local band of mine Javier
Mendoza Band, and is from their cd Beautiful (which I highly
recommend). I was listening to it as I did the dishes and
thought it would make a good Witch Hunter Robin

The characters and concepts from Witch Hunter Robin do not
belong to me; if they did Amon so would have kissed Robin
in episode 15 when he slipped the paper with Nigira’s address
in her hair.

As always I’m not making any money off of this, if I was I
wouldn’t be doing work study and living off of ramen. So
please don’t sue cuz the most you could get from me is a
couple of dollars and a lot of ramen or Lipton noodles.

Summary: Amon reflects about Robin and himself as he watches the sunrise after the fall the fall of the factory.

Falling into your hands
Waking in a foreign land

Amon woke up, immediately scanning the room for anything out of the ordinary. After reassuring himself that there was no one there that wasn’t suppose to be there he let his gaze fall onto the bed opposite of his. Robin lay sleeping on her side facing him with the blanket pulled up to her chin. She stirred in her sleep some causing some of her unbound hair to fall in her face. Amon got up and gently brushed the hairs aside. A confused look came to his usually stoic face and he got up turning his back on her, crossing to the window. He looked out onto the dark London streets below them, thinking about everything that happened since the factory.

Watching the day turn night
Wishing on a studded sky

After escaping into the woods outside the factory he had gotten them to the airport as fast as he could and on the first flight out of Japan, ending up in England. The first night after the escape he had found himself doing something he hadn’t done since he was little before his mother's power awoke. They had been on the plane and through his window he watched the sunset. Robin’s head falling on this shoulder had stirred him from his thoughts. The young craft-user had fallen asleep on his shoulder. Instead of pushing her off like he would have done a couple of weeks before he pulled the airline blanket up and tucked it around her to keep her warm and then turning back to look out the window found himself wishing on a star to keep her safe.
(End Flashback)

Did you ever dream it would come true
I never thought I’d walk in your shoe

Amon pulled himself out of his memories and looked back at Robin. She looked so small and gentle. Yet there was a sense of power and control in her even now while she slept. How could anyone believe that she would let herself be corrupted by her power or lose control? He had never been able to imagined what it would be like to be on this side of the hunt, and marveled at how she was able to stay in control of her emotions during the time she avoided the hunters while hiding at his brother’s place.

Can you ever see the sunrise
Is it trying to break free
Can you see inside of me

And now her she was in an unknown land, trying to remain free of Solomon. She was stuck with a partner who had always treated her more like a burden placed upon him by higher ups then as an equal. Yet she stayed with him instead of trying to run from him. She was a sunrise in his normally dark world.

Calling your name out loud
Hoping you’ll hear somehow

“Robin" he whispered. He wasn’t sure when it happened but he had suddenly found himself watching her at night as she slept and whispering her name out loud.

Why don’t you give up on me
How do you see what I can’t see

She believed in him, that’s what she had told him when he tried to hunt her before the factory. “I trust your heart” that’s what she had said even though he had been pointing a gun at her at the time. She saw past his uncaring mask, and saw into his heart.

Can you ever see the sunrise
Is it trying to break free
Can you see inside of me

Pacing as I exhale
Waiting for you to fail

He still treated her like a burden at times and sooner or later he knew she would get sick of it and leave but he didn’t know how to express how he felt. He wasn’t even sure of how he felt when it came to her. She was ten years younger then he, just a child still. Yet she acted with maturity above someone even his age. “Robin” he whispered once more wondering how long it would be before her belief in him would fail as he turned back to the window watching the sunrise.

Can you ever see the sunrise
Is it trying to break free
Can you see inside of me

Robin watched as Amon turn backed to the window, with a small smile on her face. He hadn’t realized yet that she was awake to hear him whisper her names all those times at night. She was just waiting for the right time to tell him how she felt. ‘Soon’ she thought smiling as she watched the man she had fallen in love with as he was outlined by the sunrise.

The end.

A.N: Hope you enjoyed! Please read and review!
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