Tonight, Seq, WHR, Teen, Complete

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Tonight, Seq, WHR, Teen, Complete

Post by Mysteriousgal » Sat May 01, 2004 6:09 pm


Disclaimer: Same as from the in Sunrise, except the name of this song is Tonight. Other then that it’s from the same band and album as before. And I still have no money so you’ll still get some ramen or Lipton noodles; only now you might get some taco mixi f you sue.. ;)

* *=lyrics

Summary: Amon decides to leave before Robin can lose her faith in him, while she tries to convince him to stay.

Robin watched as Amon packed up his few belongings that he had brought with them as they fled from Japan. “Why?” the young sad eyed craft user asked her dark companion. “It’ll be harder for the hunters to find us, if we aren’t together. They’re looking for two people together not separate,” he told her in an emotionless voice. [We both knew this would happen sooner or later. I’m just getting over with] Amon thought to himself. “You can’t leave you’re suppose to watch over me to make sure I don’t lose control!” the young girl begged. “I trust your heart Robin. You don’t need a watch dog.” Amon sighed not looking at his young companion. [You’re not just a watchdog though] Robin thought.

*Tonight I want to make you mine
I want to make you see
You don’t have to leave*

“We can hide somewhere together! They’re not even sure if we survived the factory!” “Robin, we both know they would have search the rubble and when they found no bodies they would have started the hunt for us.” “That doesn’t mean we have to split up!”

*Hide with me inside my heart
So we can both be safe
We can fly away*

“We’d only draw more attention to each other. It’s safer this way,” he told her though even he doubted the truthfulness behind his words “I’ll leave tomorrow.” Anyone else wouldn’t have noticed the minuscule hint of doubt in his voice but Robin had been partner with him for a couple of months before the order for her hunt was given, and she had never been without his presence for the last couple of weeks as they went into hiding. “Amon,” she whispered.

*Tonight I want to show you how
The best of me hides in your doubt”

“FINE! JUST LEAVE THEN!” Robin yelled at him uncharacteristically catching him by surprise before running into the bathroom and slamming the door behind her. Amon just stared at the door a hint of sadness came to his typically emotionless eyes. Meanwhile in the bathroom Robin had leaned up against he wall with her knees drawn to her chest. [Doesn’t he care about how I feel] the young girl thought. [I don’t get him. He stares at me and whisper my name when he thinks I’m not awake for the last couple of weeks and now all a sudden he decides to leave me. Well if he wants me to think he doesn’t care then two can play that game] She thought childishly lighting some candles that were sitting in a bowl in front of her (Like that one part in the opening) knowing that he would disapprove of this minor use of her powers. The young girl falls asleep on the floor still crying.

I want to make you feel like me somehow
I want to wake up in your dream, sleep now*

“Robin?” Amon asked softly opening the door. He had decided to give her some time to cool down before approaching her, but was beginning to get worried by the silence from the other room. He walked in and saw her asleep on the floor; the candles in the bowl had melted down to little stumps. Amon quietly knelt down besides her gently brushing some hair from her face. Robin stirred and found herself looking into Amon’s steely gaze upon waking. For a minute she thought she saw a hint of something different about them before they went back to their usual cold stare, though even then it seemed softer then before. “You should get some rest and not on a cold floor,” he told her helping her stand since her body was stiff from her time on the floor. Robin found she couldn’t speak so she just watched him out of the corner of her eyes as she followed him back into the main room.

*You take away the time
And make my soul stand still
I’ll follow you until*

Robin headed to her bed to lie down, when she felt Amon’s hand on her shoulder turning her around. He gently moved it to the side of her face brushing some hair behind her ear reminding her of when he helped her escape down the hidden stairs at STNJ and slipped her Nigira’s address. “Robin, I’m sorry about this but I have to…” he begin only to be silenced by her lips on his.

*I run into you kiss
You make me be your wish*

Amon was taken by surprised at first but quickly responded by grabbing her small waist and pulling her tighter against him. He slipped his tongue through her open lips, playing with hers. They pulled apart and he began kissing her neck, feeling her pulse quicken. He gently settled her on the bed his lips never leaving her body while she ran her fingers through his hair.

I want to make you feel like me somehow
I want to wake up in your dream, sleep now*

Amon pulled back suddenly “Robin! I’m sor…” he begin but was interrupted again. This time by Robin placing a slim finger against his lips, “Shhh, I want this,” she told him in her soft voice, “I’ve wanted this for a long time.” She sat up and kissed him again even more deeply then before. For once Amon lost his control and became lost in her kisses and caresses. He laid her back down again kissing her all over forgetting about tomorrow.

*Hey you open up the door
Don’t you want to sleep some more
Tonight tomorrow will never show
It’s all in you head*

Much later that night they finally fall asleep, waking up in each other arms the following day. “Amon,” Robin whispered relieved, “Robin?” he looked at her with gentle eyes. “I was afraid I’d wake up with you gone, that I would wake up alone.” “Shh,” he whispered in her ear easing her fears, “You’ll never wake alone anymore.”

The End.

A.N. Please read and review. I’ll probably do some more songfics to WHR using songs from this band. Their songs just seem to fit the show somehow.
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