Unexpected Suprises (Multi,XO,UC,MATURE) [WIP]

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Unexpected Suprises (Multi,XO,UC,MATURE) [WIP]

Post by lizandzackfan » Sat Aug 27, 2005 2:42 pm


Title: Unexpected Suprises

Author: lizandzackfan

Pairing: Ben/Liz

Set: After "Departure" in Roswell, "I And I Am A Camera" in DA, and After Prue Died in Charmed.

Rating: Mature

Category: Roswell/Dark Angel X-Over

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters from "Dark Angel",
"Charmed" or "Roswell".

Summary: Liz is a witch. What happens when she moves to Seattle and meets the transgenics?

Authors note: As much as I like x tremer fics I decided to try a Ben/Liz fic hope you like it.

Note: A couple of things you need to know, Ben and Max had gotten away in Pollo Loco and he turned sain again. Also Cole didn't choose Evil they found a way to remove the source from him without killing him.


Part 1

(San Fransisco)

(Halliwell Manor)

(Liz was sitting on a chair staring out the window as the rain was falling, she was the only one awake Piper, Pheobe, Paige, Leo, and Cole were all asleep. Liz sighed as her mind was flooded with memories. She remembered how the pod squad, Maria, and Kyle had left to Antar after blaming her for Alexs death, they left before she had gotten a chance to tell them how Tess was the one to kill Alex. Liz had figured it out when she had gotten flashed from touching Kyles room, she had seen how Tess had been mindewarping Alex to decode the destiny book and she had also seen how she had mindwarped Kyle to helping her carry Alexs dead body to the car, Kyle thinking it was luggage. Not long after they left Lizs parents had gotten in a car crash and died Liz couldn't believe it everyone she cared about had been taken away from her or left her. At their funeral Liz had met Piper, Pheobe, Prue, and Leo not too long after that she had found out she was a with, the chosen one. She was supposed to be as strong as the charmed ones and she was, so she had gone to live with them and after about a year later Prue died and her powers had started to show, at first she thought they were witches powers but she soon realized they weren't Max had changed her just like Ava said he had. Now one year later on her 20th birthday she had gotten a letter written from grandma Claudia before she died, apparently she had left Liz a victorian house in Seattle and more than enough money to get by. So after thinking in over Liz had decided that she was going to move to Seattle she needed to live on her own even though she knew she would miss Piper, Leo, Paige, Pheobe, and Cole alot. Liz had packed and was going to leave the next morning and she hoped everything would be ok this was her last thought as she drifted off the sleep).

End Part
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Part 2

Post by lizandzackfan » Mon Sep 12, 2005 10:30 pm


Hey everyone so heres part 2 sorry it took so long

Part 2

(Next Morning)

(Liz woke up to the sound of someone calling her name so she woke up to see Cole in front of her)

Liz:(sits up and yawns) Cole

Cole:(concerned) hey are you ok? (ever since he met Liz he was closer to her than any of the Halliwell sisters even Pheobe. Liz was like his sister)

Liz:(smiles) yea (realized she was still in the chair) I guess I must have fallen asleep here last night (before Cole could respond they heard Piper yelling so they hurried to the kitchen in time to see Piper jumping behind the counter to avoid a demons fireball so to distract the demon Liz raised her arm and blasted him, then Piper stood up and raised her hands blowing him up)

Piper:(upset) Can we at least have a normal morning (yells)

Liz:(as she sits down and Cole sitting next to her) Piper I'm just glad they haven't dropped in while I'm in the shower (she said causing Piper to glare at her and Cole to laugh)

Piper:(eyes softened) It's just todays your last day here would it hurt for it to be demon free (as Cole opened his mouth) shup up Cole (Liz laughed)

Pheobe:(walked in) whats so funny? (as she saw Liz laughing)

Liz:(as Piper shot her a look) nothing so where did you go?

Pheobe:(sighed) Early to work I just came by to pick up a few things (she said as she sat on Coles lap)

Liz:(smiles and jokes) that sounds fun (Pheobe rolled her eyes)

Piper:(looked at Liz) Do you have everything packed?

Liz:(nods) yea but I should go get dressed

Piper:(calls to her) hurry I made breakfast (she said as Liz walked out)

Liz:(calls back) ok

Pheobe:(frowned and sighed) I can't believe shes leaving to Seattle

Piper:(nods) I know (she said just as Paige orbed in) Paige

Paige:(smiled) hey (looked around) wheres Liz?

Cole:(answers for Piper) getting dressed

Paige:(looked around) oh (then looks at Piper) did a demon attack?

Piper:(nods) yea but I vanquished it

Pheobe:(worriedly) what was it? (looked at Cole and Piper)

Piper: I'm not sure (sighed) I'll check after breakfast so sit down and eat (everyone did and started eating)

(They were all talking as Liz walked in dressed in black hip huggers, docs, and a black tank top)

Liz:(sits down and grabs a cup of coffee) so what are you guys talking about? and wheres Leo?

Paige: not much and I think hes with the Elders (she says as she stops to think)

Piper:(drinks her coffee) yea they called him earlier (then raises her voice) Leo!...Leo! (Leo orbed in)

Leo: what? (looked at Piper and sighed) Piper I was talking to the Elders (Piper shrugged) look I have to go but I'll see you later (kissed Piper then orbed)

Liz:(to Piper) at least he came

Pheobe:(laughed and stood up) Piper give Leo a break ok (Piper reluctantly nodded) good now I should get back to work (kissed Cole, said bye to Paige, Liz, and Piper and walked out)

Liz:(stood up) ok Piper, Paige we'll go check the book of shadows and find out who that demon was (then turned to Cole) Cole go to the underworld and make sure no one else is planning on attacking us (Cole nodded and shimmered out) lets go (Paige and Piper followed Liz out the kitchen and up to the attic)

End Part

A/N: I hope everyone liked it! :D

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Part 3

Post by lizandzackfan » Mon Jun 11, 2007 3:30 am

A/N: Ok I did not realize it's been THAT long since I updated. So thank you so much for everyone who has waited. Finally here is the new part.
Roswell Slayer
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Thanks all of you again for your feedback.

Part 3

(San Francisco)

(Halliwell Manors Attic)

(Liz is looking through the book of shadows for the demon that had attacked that not too long ago)

Liz:(stops as she sees the demon) I found it. (she says to Piper and Paige) He's a Kazi Demon. They are lower level demons and they have a King. Oh thats a new one. (she says while reading the book of shadows)

Piper: What's a new one? (she says worriedly)

Liz:(looks up at Piper) The king creates his demon minions out of his own body.

Paige:(scrunches her face in disguest) Gross.

Liz: Oh and when one dies the king will know and send more after whoever killed them. (sighs) Which means more are probably on their way.

Piper:(frowns) What no. Can't they just wait.

Paige: Sorry Piper I don't think they care if we want them here or not. (as Piper glares at her she says) I was just saying.

(Before anyone could say anything more Cole shimmers in)

Cole:(as he sees them all in the attic) Good your still here. It was a Kazi demon.

Paige: Way ahead of you there buddy. (she says patting him on the back)

Cole:(smirks) Really did you know that the only way to kill them off completely is to kill the Kazi King.

Paige:(glares at him) No not yet. (she says causing Liz to roll her eyes and cut in)

Liz: Ok so how do we kill the Kazi King? The book doesn't say how. (she says as she finishes reading the whole paragraph of information in the Book of Shadows)

Cole:(shakes his head) I don't know. I'm guessing a simple vanquishing potion should do it.

Piper:(nods) Right, well lets get to it then.

Liz:(says as they get the ingrediants together) There's nothing like one last vanquish before I leave.

Paige:(smiles) Think of it as your goodbye gift. (Cole agrees)

Piper:(as she hears them talking) Come on people we have a demon to vanquish. (she says as she walks downstairs causing Liz to smile. She was really going to miss them).



(Fifteen minutes later)

(They had the vanquishing potions and orbed to where Cole had found the Kazi demons hiding place. As they reached the place they hid behind a rock wall, watching the Kazi demons walking around talking to who they guessed was the king by the way he was giving out orders and not to mention they were calling him you highness.)

Paige:(whispers so they won't hear her) I say we take them on.

Liz:(agrees) There's not that many. (she smiled as she thought of how the old her would want to have a plan but she had changed and had no problem with barging in their to kill all of them)

Piper:(rolls her eyes) Not unless we want to get ourselves killed. How about Cole distracts them and then we attack?

Cole:(gives her a look and then agrees wondering if Piper really didn't like him enough to have him be the distraction even if it meant he could get killed. Granted he was strong but sending him in everytime they were in a situation like this. Shaking his head he listened as the others or at least Liz reluctantly agreed, he knew Paige was exactly with Piper on this. But knowing they didn't have alot of time before anyone someone noticed them he stepped out from behind the wall and threw an energy ball at the demons yelling) Hey! (the demons looked at him suprised for a moment before they attacked back)

(As they started to attack Cole, he shimmered to the other side of them giving Liz and the others a chance to suprise them. When Liz saw Cole shimmer to the other side of the room she, Piper, and Paige ran out from behind the wall. Piper started blowing up demons left and right, while Paige was orbing their fire balls they threw at her right back at them. Liz threw up a shield to shield herself from all the fireballs and as soon as she saw an opening she let down her shield and blasted every demon in her sight. Before they knew it most of the demons were dead except for a few more and the Kazi King, Liz looked at the Kazi king and she noticed him shimmer out so she ran to Cole who had seen the same thing, and he shimmered both of them out following the Kazi King leaving Paige and Piper to finish the rest of the demons off knowing they would be ok. Sensing the Kazi King, Cole followed him to a deserted area in the Underworld where he finally came to a stop. The only people in the room being him, Liz, and the Kazi King and before Liz could throw the potion at him he shocked the hell out of them by throwing up his hand and saying)

Kazi King:(frowned) Please don't I beg of you, let me live. I am at your command. (he knelt down in front of them)

Liz: What? (she looked at Cole confused and it seemed that the demon was wanting them to be distracted for a moment before he threw two fireballs directly at them, but not before Liz could throw up a shield protecting her and Cole. As she did this she left a little hole in the shield to use her telekinesis to send the vanquishing potion at him, hearing his screams as he was vanquished) I should have known by now not to let that distract me.

Cole:(he says while placing a comforting hand on her shoulder) It's ok he caught me by suprise too and I'm a demon. (he says causing Liz to laugh) Come on. (he says as they shimmer out)

End Part.

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Re: Unexpected Suprises (Multi,XO,UC,MATURE) A/N 3/12/08

Post by lizandzackfan » Thu Mar 13, 2008 5:51 pm

Thanks to:

Jensen Lover 37
Touch of the Wind
LizMichael 4 Ever

for all the reviews!! Here is the next part I hope everyone enjoys :D


Part 4

(Liz and Cole shimmered inside the Manor as Piper and Paige orbed in)

Paige:(falls back against a chair) That was fun. (She says causing Piper to scoff) What?

Piper:(unbelievably) How can you and Liz always have fun killing demons?

Liz:(softly) Piper we have to do this so why don’t we at least make the best of it. (Paige nodded agreeing with Liz)

Piper: Yea that’s the way Cole thinks and he’s a demon. (Cole just smirks at what she says knowing that would piss her off and he’s right as she just glares at him)

Liz:(shakes her head) Piper you worry too much. Now I need to go get my suitcases and bring them down here. (She then has a sad expression) I can’t believe I’m leaving already.

Piper:(walks over to her and hugs her) I know honey but anytime you want to Cole and Paige can go and get you or we can go there.

Liz:(nods and sighs) I know I’m just going to miss you guys.

Paige:(stood up and pulled her into a hug) We’re going to miss you too.

Cole:(as Liz pulls away from Paige) Come on Liz I’ll help you with your suitcases.

Liz:(smiles) Ok. (They walk upstairs to her room)


(Lizs room)

Liz:(motions to the suitcases by her bed) Can you get those?

Cole:(nods) Yea. (He goes to the suitcases but then stops and turns to her) Liz?

Liz:(turns to him curiously) Yea?

Cole: If you ever need anything..(He paused)

Liz:(smiles and nods) Yea I know. (he smiles and nods. Then turns around and grabs the suitcases)

(They both take her suitcases downstairs)

(Later that morning)

(Liz, Phoebe, Paige, Piper, Leo, and Cole were all standing in the Living room of the Manor each saying their goodbyes to Liz)

Liz:(hugged Phoebe) I’m going to miss you Phoebs.

Pheobe:(hugged her back) Me too Lizzy.

Liz:(pulled back and then turned to Paige) Paige

Paige:(grinned and pulled her into a hug) You better visit us a lot.

Liz:(laughed) Same here. (She then pulled away and then turned to Piper) Piper

Piper:(pulls her into a hug) Take care and be careful. (She then pulled away and looked at her) If you need anything just call Leo ok.

Liz:(smiles and nods) I will. (Liz then turns to Cole) Cole

Cole:(He pulls her into a hug) Remember what I said. (Liz nods and then pulls away)

Liz:(smiles) Take care of Phoebs ok. (Cole nods) Ok ready Leo.

Leo: Yea. (He grabs her hand and Piper, Phoebe, Paige, and Cole watch as they disappear into blue orbs).

End Part. :D
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Re: Unexpected Suprises (Multi,XO,UC,MATURE) A/N 6/25/08

Post by lizandzackfan » Wed Jul 02, 2008 6:23 pm

Thanks for all the reviews.
Jensen Lover 37
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Part 5

(A week later)

(Jam Pony)

(Liz walked into Jam Pony hoping that they had a job opening, sure she didn’t need it but she didn’t want to sit around the house waiting for
the next demon to attack. So as she looked around she saw a guy with glasses handing out packages and guessing he must be the manager she made her way over to him).

Liz: Hi are you the boss? (she asked him once she reached him)

Guy: Yea. What do you want?

Liz: I’m looking for a job and was hoping you had an opening. (Liz had to force a smile as he looked her up and down, trying not to show her annoyance)

Guy: How soon can you start? (he asked after a moment)

Liz:(shrugged) How’s now?

Guy:(handed her a paper) Here fill this out and then we can get you started. My name is Normal by the way.

Liz:(nodded) Liz. (he nodded and handed her a pen, Liz took it and turned around to one of the table to fill out the paper. As she sat down she
quickly filled out her person information and then walked back and handed him the paper).

Normal:(looked it over and then turned to her) Alright here. (he handed her a Jam Pony ID) We will have one with your name and picture later ok. (He pointed to the bar that had bikes hung on it) Take one of those and here’s a map. Get someone to help if you need it. Have fun. (He handed her a package and then went back to work)

Liz:(turned around and muttered) thanks a lot. (she looked at the pole and groaned wishing she could use her powers to get the bike off the pole. Before she could turn around to look for someone to help her get it down, she heard a voice behind her)

Voice: Need help? (she turned around to come face to face with a guy with dark blonde hair and a smile, she had to admit he was pretty cute) I’m Ben. (He had seen her walk in and thought she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, he had even been happy to see that Normal gave her a job. And when he had seen she had needed help he had made his way over).

Liz:(smiled) I’m Liz. And yea I actually need help with that bike. (Ben nodded and grabbed the bike for her)

Ben: Here you go. (he said smiling)

Liz:(took the bike) Thanks. (She looked at the address on the package) Now if you wouldn’t mind helping me find this address. (Ben had to smile had her embarrassed expression)

Ben:(took the package) sure come on. (He got his bike and they made their way out) So where are you from? (he asked as they walked with their bikes, not wanting to ride them so this way he could talk to her)

Liz:(looked at him) San Fransisco.

Ben:(nods) What- (he was cut off by the ringing of her phone)

Liz:(smiles apologetically) Sorry. (she says as she answers her phone) Hello?

Leo: Liz.

Liz:(confused) Leo since when do you use the phone?

Leo: Since I don’t want to leave Piper alone.

Liz:(frowned and stopped walking) Why what’s wrong? (Ben stops walking and looks at her concerned)

Leo:(sighed) The pregnancy test was negative.

Liz: Oh. (she says as she understands what he’s talking about) Is Piper ok?

Leo: Not really. I was hoping you can stop by later and talk to her.

Liz:(nods) Yea I’ll be there soon ok.

Leo:(nods) Ok. Thanks Liz. Bye.

Liz: Bye. (she hung up the phone)

Ben:(asked concerned) Is everything ok?

Liz:(looks at him and smiles) Yea. (As she saw he was waiting for her to go on, she sighed not knowing why she was telling him and said) My cousin Piper and her husband Leo have been trying to have a kid and they haven’t been able too so she’s taking it pretty bad.

Ben:(nodded) I’m sorry.

Liz:(nodded) Yea me too. (At Lizs saddened expression Ben changed the subject not liking to see her sad) So what do you think of Normal? (he asked her with a smile causing her to laugh, as they started to walk)


(Later that day)

(Liz and Ben walked back into Jam Pony, and Liz couldn’t help but smile as she thought of how her and Ben had talked about what they liked to do and she told him some of her life in San Fransisco without the whole witch stuff of course and about Piper, Pheobe, Paige, Cole, and Leo, and he had told her about his life in Seattle and about his friends Sketchy, Original Cindy, and Max who worked at Jam Pony. Liz was pulled out of her thoughts as two women walked up to them, one with brown curly hair and the other a brunette).

Brunette girl: Ben I was wondering where you were at. We were supposed to go to Logans for lunch.

Ben:(frowned) Sorry Maxie I forgot. I was showing Liz around. (Max looked at him in surprise knowing it wasn’t like him too forget). Liz this is Max and Original Cindy, Guys this is Liz.

Original Cindy:(looked at Liz and smiled) Hey everyone calls me OC. So you just started?

Liz:(nodded) Yea. (she then heard turned as she heard Normal yell)

Normal: Bip Bip come one this isn’t social time people. (he said at them and then turned back to what he was doing)

Liz:(looked at them) Does he know how annoying that is?

OC:(snickered) I like you boo. And unfortunately no.

Max:(looked at Liz and then looked at the way Ben was looking at Liz) Liz?

Liz:(looked at Max) Yea?

Max: We’re going to go to the Crash tonight. It’s a bar that we hang out at. Do you want to come with us?

Liz:(after a moment nodded) Yea but I’ll just meet you guys there ok.

Max:(nodded and smiled) Ok.

Liz:(As Normal yelled at them once more) I’ll see you guys later. (They said bye and watched her leave)

Original Cindy: She seems nice.

Max:(nodded) Yea. (She looked at Ben who was staring at Liz’s retreating form) Ben?

Ben:(looked at Max) Yea? (He asked as he looked at Max who was looking at him and obviously trying not to smile) What are you smiling at?

Max:(shook her head) Nothing. (And before Ben could respond Max walked away from him and over to get a package from Normal)

End Part.
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