Truth Revealed (Multi,XO,MATURE,UC) [WIP]

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Truth Revealed (Multi,XO,MATURE,UC) [WIP]

Post by lizandzackfan » Sat Aug 27, 2005 2:47 pm


Title: Truth Revealed

Author: lizandzackfan

Pairing: Alec/Liz

Set: After "Departure" in Roswell, after "Blah Blah Woof Woof" in DA, after Buffy sees Riley leave in BTVS, and after Fred decideds to stay in Angel.

Rating: Mature

Catelgory: Roswell/Dark Angel/BTVS/Angel X-Over

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters from "Dark Angel", "Buffy",
"Angel", or "Roswell".

Summary: Liz is the 3rd slayer she found out she was during the summer after "Destiny", instead of going to Flordia she went to Sunnydale. Faith is still in Jail but she was stabbed and was brought back with hospital equipment causing Liz to be called. Also Liz and Faith are sisters.

Authors note: ok a couple of things you need to now
1. angel never slept with darla so no connor
2. glory is going to show up a few months later than she did on the show

thats it so I hope everyone enjoys this story.


Part 1


(Lizs room)

(Liz was laying on her bed staring at the cieling she couldn't help but think of everything thats happend since last summer when she had found out she was a slayer. She had been shocked at first then thought if aliens were real then why not vampires and demons. But what she couldn't believe was that Faith was one to. No one knew not even Maria or Buffy and the others only her parents that Faith was her sister and that she was adopted. Liz and Faith had been put in an orphanage when they were small and then one day Nancy and Jeff had adopted Liz, she didn't want to leave Faith but she didn't have a choice. Liz had kept in touch with Faith and went to see her every chance she had, Then the last time Liz had went to visit her 3 years ago she found out Faith had left and Liz hadn't heard form her since, but when Buffy and the others had told her about Faith she knew why she hadn't heard from her. Liz hadn't visited her in jail because she was too angry at Faith for what she did. Not wanting to think anymore Liz stood up, grabbed a couple of stakes and climbed out her window, then her balcony careful not to wake her parents, as she headed to the cementary).


(Liz walked to the cementary and as she walked around she stopped as she came in front of a grave. It was Alexs, she missed him so much, she was a slayer she had all these powers but she couldn't save him. Liz sighed and shook her head to clear her mind and just when she heard a growl behind her and was about to turn around she was grabbed from behind so she flipped over and kicked the guy from behind, he quickly got up and she came face to face with a vampire).

Vamp:(growls) slayer

Liz:(sarcastically) vampire (he lunged at her but she quickly jumped out of the way then spun around and kicked him in the back hard causing him to fly foward and hitting the ground with a thud) come on your not even trying (the vampire got up and went to punch her but she blocked his punch and then punched him breaking his nose, his hands automatically going over his nose and taking this distraction she swept him off his legs as he hit the ground she pulled out her stake and staked him watching as he turned to dust) that was easy (she said as she stood up and as she turned around she froze at seeing two people with shocked faces standing in front of her).

End Part


Part 2

Liz:(smiled nervously) hey guys

Micheal: what the hell was that? (shocked)

Liz:(as she looked at micheal and Isabel) look I'll explain but we have to get out of here (she didn't want them to get hurt if any more vamps showed up)

Micheal:(nods) we can go to my apartment (the 3 of them walked to his apartment in silence)

(Micheal apartment)

(Once they walked inside they each take a seat. Micheal and Isabel on the couch and Liz leans against the wall in front of them)

Micheal:(as they sit down) ok what the hell was that guy and how did he turn to dust? (he said crossing his arms)

Isabel:(still in shock) and how did you fight like that Liz it wasn't.......(not
sure how to say it)

Liz:(finished her sentence) human

Isabel:(nods) yea

Liz:(sighed) ok I guess I should start at the beginning, Do you remember when I left last summer (they nodded) well I didn't go to Flordia I went to Sunnydale California thats where I met this girl her names Buffy, well we started becoming friends and then one night we were walking to her house
when we were attacked (micheal and Isabels eyes went wide) they were vampires. Buffy already knew what they were but I didn't, but we both killed them I didn't know how I was able to do it until Buffy told me that I was a vampire slayer just like she is, see into every generation a slayer is born one girl in all the world, A chosen one, one born with the strength and skill to hunt the vampires, to stop the spread of evil and the forces of darkness. Shes the slayer. (repeating the words Giles had once told her) I mean I didn't believe it at first but then if aliens are real then why not vampires and you saw the guy I killed he was a vampire, when you kill them they turn into dust. (she stopped and looked at their shocked faces) guys?

Micheal: ok we believe you (knowing Liz wouldn't lie about anything like this)

Isabel:(realizing something Liz said) wait I thought you said theres only supposed to be one slayer (She and Micheal looked at Liz)

Liz:(nodded) there is but about a year and a half ago Buffy drowned but was brought back using CPR see when a slayer dies another one is called and even though Buffy was only dead for a minute it was long enough for another slayer to be activated causing two slayers to exist, her name was Kendra then when she was killed Faith was called, Faiths in prison last year she died but was brought back by hospital equipment but when she died I was called. (Micheal and Isabel looked at her shocked) now theres three slayers

Micheal:(recovering from shock) why is Faith in prison?

Liz:(bit her lip) about a year and half ago when Faith and Buffy were out patrolling (they looked at her confused) thats when we go out looking for vamps to kill.

Isabel: like what you did tonight (understandingly)

Liz:(nods) yea well they were fighting a group of vamps and when a guy came at her she staked him killing him but he didn't turn to dust thats when she realized he was human after that she kind of lost it she started working for the major who was a demon. She became a rogue slayer, her and Buffy fought and Buffy stabbed her and Faith ended up in coma. A couple of months later she woke up and tried to take revenge on Buffy, the major had left her a device and when she used it on Buffy they switched bodys, when Buffy was able to stop her and changed back Faith left to LA and went to kill Angel hes the only good vampire. Him and Buffy loved each other and Faith knew this but when she went to kill him she ended up begging him to kill her and of course he wouldn't instead he helped her, she turned herself in and has been in prison since.

Isabel:(wide-eyed) wow

Micheal:(narrowed his eyes at Liz) What aren't you telling us? (he said causing Isabel to look at her)

Liz:(sighed and sat on a stool across from them) I was adopted when I was small my parents died. I have a sister we were in foster homes until Jeff and Nancy adopted me, I visited her every chance I had until one day I went to the foster home but she wasn't there she had left. I didn't know what happend to her until last year when I met Buffy (she took a deep breath and they could see her sad expression) Faiths my sister (they looked at her shocked for the fourth time that night) look you guys can't tell anyone about any of this no one else knows but you guys.

Micheal:(suprised) Maria doesn't know

Liz:(shook her head) No I never told her not even Alex I didn't want to put them in danger (she noticed their guilty expressions at the mention of
Alex) Micheal, Iz (they looked at her) I never blamed you guys for Alexs death it wasn't your fault if anyone I blame me.

Micheal:Liz its not your fault (firmly)

Liz:(shakes her head) you don't know

Isabel:(confused) what do you mean?

Liz: Alex should be alive right now if I wouldn't have listened to him (looked directly at them) I guess you guys should know (she proceded to tell them all about Future Max and when she was done they both had stunned expressions)

Isabel:(stunned) I can't believe you did that for us, you gave up everything the future you could've had with Max

Liz: I couldn't let you guys die if I knew about it. If I knew I could stop it then I would

Micheal:(awed) thank you Liz

Liz:(shook her head) don't thank me I killed Alex by doing what I did.

Isabel:(stood up and walked in front of Liz) no Liz Tess killed Alex its her fault not yours

Micheal:(as he reached them) Isabels right Liz you couldn' t have known, Tess is the one that killed him not you (as he saw Lizs eyes water he pulled her into a hug) let go Liz just let go its ok we're here for you (Not being able to hold it in any longer Liz started crying and Micheal held her as she started sobbing, her legs giving out and they both falling to the floor)

Liz:(sobbing) I...miss much (cryed harder)

(Micheal and Isabel both had tears going down their face as they held Liz whispering comforting words to her not knowing until that moment how much Liz was hurting and then Micheal and Isabel looked at eac other silently agreeing that they would do whatever they could t protect Liz)

(An hour later Micheal was leaning against the wall holding Liz and Isabel who were asleep so he stood up and picked Liz up setting her on the bed and doing the same with Isabel he then went to the couch and then finally closing his eyes drifting off to sleep himself)

End part

A/n: I hope everyone liked this part and I still need a banner for this story so if anyone wants to make one let me know.
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Part 3

Post by lizandzackfan » Thu Sep 01, 2005 9:25 pm

alexceasar Posted said:
interesting. Definately want to know where this is going. I love strong Liz. Are you gonna keep Micheal and Isabel around? I like to see a strong friendship among them when Liz is different because she is one of the few who would be able to truely understand what it is to be different. Anyway. good job. keep it up.

A/N: to answer your question I am going to keep Micheal and Isabel around.

ok I finally posted a new part and I hope everyone likes it. I know its short but I promise I'll make up for it in Part 4

Part 3

(Next Morning)

(Liz opened her eyes and sat up, as she looked around she noticed she was on Micheals bed and Isabel on the other side still asleep, remembering what happend last night she realized Micheal must have put them there when they fell asleep)

(Liz stood up and quietly walked to the living room careful not to wake up Isabel, as Liz shut the door behind her she saw Micheal in front of the stove)

Liz: hey (Micheal turned and looked at her in suprise and then to Lizs suprise he smiled)

Micheal:(smiling) hey your awake. Are you hungry I'm making pancakes?

Liz:(smiled then walked over and sat on the stool in front of the table) yea

Micheal:(as he set a plate of pancakes in front of her) so how are you feeling?

Liz:(shrugged) better I guess (she took a bite not wanting to say anymore)

(before Micheal could reply Isabel walked in)

Isabel:(smiled) morning (then looked at Micheal in suprise) you made breakfast

Micheal:(shrugged) Its no big deal

Liz:(swallows her food then smiles) its safe to eat (jokes causing Isabel to laugh and Micheal to glare at her)

Micheal: at least I can cook (pointedly at Liz)

Liz:(defensively) I can cook

Micheal:(snickers) Liz I know about when you tried to cook in the kitchen at the crashdown (Liz glared at him)

Isabel:(curiously) what happend?

Micheal: you now those burn marks on the stove? (Isabel nodded) Liz did that trying to cook a burger (Isabel burst out laughing causing Micheal to laugh)

Liz:(rolls her eyes) it only happend once and it wasn't my fault (they kept laughing causing Liz to smile) are you guys done? (as she stands up) I have to get to work

Micheal:(as he stopped laughing and looked at the clock) yea so do I

Isabel:(stopped laughing) I should get home but I'll be at the Crashdown later

Micheal:(nods) ok

Isabel: Liz do you need a ride? (looked at Liz)

Micheal: we can go on my bike (offered)

Liz:(nods) I'll ride with Micheal

Isabel:(smiles) ok I'll see you guys later

Liz/Micheal:bye (they said at the same time causing Isabel to laugh as she reached the door)

Isabel:(stopped and turned around) Liz?

Liz:(looked at her) yea?

Isabel: even though I expected you to go back with my brother I'm glad you didn't, you deserve better (she opened the door and walked out leaving a suprised Liz)

Micheal:(as Isabel walked out he turned to Liz) you know shes right (Liz looked at him with a suprised expression)

Liz: you really believe that? (she would've thought they would have been mad at her for not being with Max)

Micheal:(smiled) yea

Liz:(causing Liz to smile) thanks

Micheal:(shrugged) its true (after a moment) well we should go

Liz: yea (they walk out of the apartment and climb onto Micheals bike then head to the Crashdown)

End Part
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Part 4

Post by lizandzackfan » Tue Sep 06, 2005 1:53 am

hey everyone heres Part 4 8)

Part 4

(3 hours later)


(Liz and Micheal were taking a break and sitting with Isabel talking and laughing)

Liz: it was that bad (said while laughing)

Isabel:(nods) yea when she walked out I threw it away (she says remembering how when she went home her mom had tried one of her recipes from her cookbook and how scared Isabel had been to try it)

Micheal:(laughing) what happend when she came back?

Isabel: she poured more on my plate since I had finished the first but this time she stayed and watched me so I had to eat it (made a disguested face)

(Micheal and Liz were laughing so hard that they had tears in their eyes which caused Isabel to start laughing also and this was the scene that greeted Kyle and Maria as they walked into the Crashdown and over to the booth Liz, Isabel, and Micheal were sitting in)

Kyle:(as they reached their booth) whats so funny?

Micheal: Is was just telling us about her moms cooking (chuckled)

Maria: was it that bad? (she said curiously but then looked in suprise as Liz, Isabel, and Micheal burst out laughing. She couldn't help but feel jealous as she saw Micheal laughing with then because he never did with her, also how Liz seemed to be so comfortable with them and Liz had been avoiding her lately. Maria was pulled out of her thoughts by Isabel's voice)

Isabel:(as she calmed down) you have no idea

Liz:(looked at the clock and stood up) come on Micheal breaks over (she laughed as he groaned then turned to the others) we'll talk to you guys later

Kyle:(smiled he was glad to see Liz laughing again, he knew she deserved to be happy after all she had been through) yea ok

Isabel:(said to Liz and Micheal) I'm going to go but are you guys closing (they nodded) ok then I'll be here then

Liz:(smiled) yea that'd be great. Micheal? (he agreed)

Micheal:(noticed Maria's hurt expression and decided to talk to Liz about it later) see you later Is

Isabel: bye (then looked at Maria and Kyle) see you guys later (they nodded as she turned around and left)

Maria:(she said to Kyle and Micheal and Liz went back to work) was something different or is it just me?

Kyle:(shrugged) I guess it's just you (he said then regretted it as soon as he saw her expression)

Maria:(glared at him) Kyle I'm serious they didn't even ask us if we wanted to hang out with them I mean hello (waves her hand in the air as if it was obvious) I'm his girlfriend and he's making plans without me not to mention with my best friend who's been avoiding me for the past couple of days now tell me theres nothing wrong with that (she stopped her rant and looked at Kyle for an answer)

Kyle:(sighed) look Maria all I know is that Liz has been through alot, hell we all have but Liz needs this more than any of us so if she wants to hang out with them she should theres nothing wrong with that (as Maria opened her mouth to speak) Maria just give her some space ok she deserves it and when she's ready she will talk to you ok (Maria sighed and nodded) good now lets order (he said as he picked up the menu)

End Part

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Part 5

Post by lizandzackfan » Mon Sep 12, 2005 11:53 pm

heres Part 5 sorry it took so long :)

Part 5

(Later that night as Micheal and Liz were closing)

Micheal:(as he walked into the front from the kitchen to see Liz cleaning the tables) Liz?

Liz:(looked up at him) yea?

Micheal:(scratches his eyebrow) we need to talk? (he said as he sat down in the booth)

Liz:(stopped cleaning and sat down across from him) ok what about? (she said curiously)

Micheal:(sighed) it's about Maria (paused knowing Liz wasn't going to take what he was about to say good) I think we should tell her

Liz: tell her what? (she said even though she had a feeling she already knew the answer)

Micheal:(says knowing Liz wouldn't like what he was about to say) about you being a slayer (he waited to see her reaction)

Liz:(shakes her head) no

Micheal: but Liz- (she cuts him off)

Liz:(seriously) Micheal I can't tell her It's bad enough you and Isabel know I don't want to put Maria in danger too (trys to explain)

Micheal:(leans foward setting his elbows on the table) Liz by not telling her you could be putting her in more danger

Liz:(crosses her arms) I'm still not telling her Micheal the less she's involved the safer she is (before Micheal could respond Isabel walked in)

Isabel: hey guys (smiled then noticed their serious expressions) whats going on? (she said as she sat down next to Liz)

Micheal: I'm trying to convince Liz to tell Maria about her (Isabel could see his fustration)

Liz:(added) but I'm not going to

Isabel:(to Liz) why not?

Liz:(stood up) ok who stopped paying your reality checks. I can't tell Maria I could get her killed you and Micheal were never supposed to know, nobody was and I'm not telling Maria not as long as I can help it (crosses her arms)

Micheal:(stands up) and what if something happens to her Liz (he says fustrated)

Liz: it won't (says just as fustrated)

Micheal: can you be sure? (takes a step closer)

Liz: can you? (she takes a step closer to him so that they are face to face)

Isabel:(trying to calm them down) guys stop

Micheal:(not even listening to Isabel) at least we can protect her if she knows

Liz: I'm not going to risk her life Micheal I have demons and vampires after me everyday and I won't take the chance of her getting hurt (yells)

Micheal:(yells) your hurting her now

Liz: at least she's alive (yells)

Micheal:(shouts) for how long?

Isabel:(yells) that enough (they stopped and looked at her suprised they had forgotten she was there) just stop fighting and listen ok how about this we tell Maria (put her hand up as Liz opened her mouth) but not until we have to agreed? (Micheal and Liz look at each other then reluctantly nodded) good now I brought some movies and ice cream I figured we could hang out tonight how does that sound? (looked at them)

Liz:(smiled knowing Isabel was trying to help) sounds good

Isabel:(smiled) good (then looked at Micheal) Micheal?

Micheal:(shrugged) yea sure If I said no you would probably never leave me alone (he said with a small smile causing Isabel to glare at him and Liz to laugh)

Isabel:(rolled her eyes) lets go (she grabbed the bag she brought then Liz and Micheal, who put his arm around Liz, followed her to the back)

End Part

so what do you think?

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Post by lizandzackfan » Fri May 11, 2007 3:10 pm


(Los Angeles)

(Liz followed the person in front of her through the halls. All she could think about was how nervous she was, she couldn't believe she actually agreed to do this. Why did she? Liz was so lost in her thoughts that she almost bumped into the person in front of her as he stopped. Shaking her head to clear her thoughts she looked at the chair the guy motioned for her to sit in. So taking a deep breath she walked the remaining feet between her and the chair and sat down keeping her face expressionless at the person in front of her. She then grabbed the phone to the right of her on the wall and put it up to her ears the whole time looking at the shocked person sitting in front of her)

Liz:(said once the girl across from her picked up the phone) Hello Sis. (she said keeping her face an expressionless mask)

Faith:(shocked) Liz?

End of Teaser.

What do you think?

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Part 6

Post by lizandzackfan » Fri May 11, 2007 8:26 pm

Part 6

(2 weeks later)

(West Roswell High)

(Liz was in her last class sitting in her desk and staring at the window thinking of how she, Isabel, and Micheal had became inseperable. They always hung out together and they were practically joined at the hip which she knew was making the others suspicious. Liz did feel bad about avoiding Maria and the others which she had been getting better at these past weeks but she did not want Maria and them to get hurt. Not to mention it had been hard enough as it is with always arguing with Micheal and Iz about patrolling alone but no matter how much they argued Liz always ended up going by herself which was what she wanted. It was too dangerous for the others to be with her, after losing Alex, Liz knew she could not lose anyone else and she would do whatever it took to protect them. She was pulled out of her thoughts by the ringing of the bell, so grabbing her stuff she walked out of the classroom and made her way to her locker. As Liz pulled open her locker she put her books in and grabbed her backpack just as Micheal walked up to her).

Micheal: hey (smiled, he had been opening up more with liz and Isabel which he had noticed had been shocking everyone).

Liz:(shut her locker and smiled) hey (she said as they started walking towards the exit) So how was class?

Micheal:(shrugged) ok. What about you?

Liz:(as they opened the door, leaving the school) alright I guess. So wheres Iz? (she said looking around at they reached Lizs car).

Micheal:(rolled his eyes as he says) Maxwell cornered her so she left with him and she was pissed. (he smiled as he remembered Isabels reaction to Max cornering her).

Liz:(laughed) I would have loved to see that. (she said as she pictured Maxs expression to Isabels reaction).

Micheal:(as they climbed in her car) So what are we doing tonight? (he asks Liz as she starts the car and drives off).

Liz: I- (she was cut off by the ringing of her phone) hold on (she tells him as she picks up her phone and answers it) hello?

Voice: Liz

Liz:(suprised but then smiles) hey B whats up? (at Micheals questioning look she mouths "Buffy" and he nods understandingly).

Buffy: I need a favor.

Liz: sure. What is it?

Buffy: Wesley has some books that Giles needs and I was hoping you could get them and bring them to Sunnydale, besides we haven't seen you in a while. So maybe you could stay a few days. (suggests)

Liz: Buffy your rambling (she said amused)

Buffy: oh sorry (paused) So can you? (she says hopefully)

Liz:(thinks for a moment) sure, but why can't you? (curiously)

Buffy:(sighed) me and Angel had a fight.

Liz:(raised her eyebrows) What about?

Buffy: I'll explain when you get here ok. (Liz could see she didn't want to talk about it).

Liz: yea ok. So I'll see you in a few days.

Buffy:(smiles) great. bye Liz.

Liz: bye. (she hung up the phone just as she arrived at the crashdown but once she parked and was about to get out Micheals voice stopped her).

Micheal: Liz what did you mean you will see her in a few days? (he says not letting her walk away without explaining what she meant)

Liz:(sighed and turned to look at him, knowing he wouldn't stop until he got an answer) Buffy asked if I could go to LA and get some books from Angel that Giles needs and bring them to Sunnydale? And I said yes.

Micheal:(confused) Why can't she? I mean shes closer.

Liz: She doesn't want to see Angel she didn't say why, but she didn't have to I don't mind plus I haven't seen them in a while and it would be nice. (explained)

Micheal:(seriously) I'm going with you.

Liz:(scoffed) No way Micheal.

Micheal:(smirked) If you think you can leave Roswell without me and Isabel your wrong.

Liz:(narrowed her eyes at him) I'm going alone Micheal.

Micheal:(shrugged) We'll see. (Once he said that he climbed out the car and walked toward the Crashdown, leaving Liz to follow).

Liz:(groaned, knowing by the look on his face not even being a slayer could stop them from coming with her) great.

(Later that night)

(Liz was sitting in the passengers seat next to Micheal who was driving and in front of Isabel who was in the back seat. They were coming with her to LA. Liz shook her head at how Micheal had told Isabel what Liz was planning to do, and lets just say she wasn't the least bit happy. Liz sighed and looked out the window watching as they passed the Welcome to Roswell sign. Thinking that at least they were with her so she could protect them. Not knowing that not even she could protect them from the upcoming events, she would barely be able to protect herself).

End Part.

Tell what you thought. :D
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Part 7

Post by lizandzackfan » Thu Jun 07, 2007 9:23 pm

A/N: Thanks for all the feedback:
You guys are the best.

Part 7

(Four Hours Later)

(The car that held Micheal, Isabel, and Liz came to a stop in front of a diner on the side of the road)

(Liz opened the door and climbed out of the car, stretching once she got out. They had been driving for four hours and she hated being crammed up in the car for so long, it was starting to make her cranky. Liz turned and looked to see Isabel looking at the diner with hesitation, causing Liz to laugh. She had told Micheal to pull over here so they could eat because she had eaten here before and the food was great, but from the outside nobody would think it was. The place looked worse than those diners in the middle of no where with crappy food, but it was just the outside the inside looked as nice as the Crashdown. Shaking her head she made her way over to Isabel).

Liz:(smiled) Hey Iz I've eaten her before, it looks better inside. (she started walking towards the diner) Come on.

Isabel:(she didn't move at first but as she saw Micheal follow Liz, she sighed knowing she didn't have much of a choice. Not to mention she was starving, so she followed them mumbling to herself) Great I better not catch anything.

(As they walked into the diner Isabel couldn't help but stop and admire the beauty of the place. It was amazing the inside looked fancy, that's probably why the outside looks bad because they spent so much money on the inside. Isabel smiled as she sat down at a table with Liz, and Micheal who whistled in suprise at the diner).

Liz:(looked at a suprised Isabel and Micheal) Told you.

Isabel:(rolled her eyes) Can you blame me I mean you have seen the outside right. (she said causing Liz to laugh)

Micheal:(picked up a menu that a waiter and just brought them) I'm starving.

Isabel: Me too. (she grabbed one and looked at hers) I think I want a burger. (she said thinking out loud)

Micheal:(looked at Liz curiously) Liz, you never told us who Angel was. (he said causing Isabel to stop looking at her menu and look at Liz, wanting to know the answer too)

Liz:(sighed hoping they wouldn't freak out) Hes a vampire. (they looked at her shocked) but he has a soul. A couple of years ago he killed a gypsy and she meant alot to her people so they gave him back his soul.

Isabel:(confused) How did he lose his soul?

Liz: When you turn into a vampire you lose your soul, you no longer have a conscious so when Angel had his soul returned to him he felt all this guilt for every singe one of his victims. He spent the next couple of decades living in alleyways and eating rats not wanting to give into the thirst of human blood. Up until a couple of years ago he met Buffy and helped her, they both fell in love and slept together but it was a big mistake see the gypsys curse would only be removed if he felt one moment of true happiness so when he slept with buffy....

Isabel:(nods) His soul was taken away.

Liz:(nods) right, and it was really bad for a while he killed people and tortured Buffy and her friends until finally they were able to restore his soul.

Micheal:(curiously) How did they do that?

Liz: Buffys friends Willow was studying witchcraft and she had gotten good. Willows been the only person other than the gypsys to return his soul.

Isabel:(suprised) She must be pretty strong.

Liz:(smiled) Yea she is. (No one said anything more as the waiter came up to take their orders)


(Sunnydale, CA)

(Magic shop)

(Buffy was sitting across from Giles reading a magazine, while he was researching as Willow and Xander walked in)

Xander:(as he sits next to Buffy) So what are ya guys reading?

Buffy: We're researching..(they look at her in disbelief)..Ok so Giles is researching a demon.

Willow: What happend?

Buffy:(shrugs) Some demon with spiky things attacked me.

Xander:(laughed) Spikey things. (he stops laughing as Giles, Buffy, and Willow all give him a look)

Giles: Xander must you act so immature.

Willow:(smiles) It's part of what makes him Xander. (she said causing Giles to roll his eyes and then sigh)

Buffy: Oh come on Giles lighten up. (she says cheerfully)

Giles:(he says as he takes off his glasses to clean them) Yes well (he clears his throat) lets get back to finding more out about this demon.

Willow:Oh Buffy what did Liz say? (she asks curiously)

Buffy: She said she would so she should be in LA in a couple of days. (she says remembering her conversation with Liz)

Xander: How is she doing? (concerned)

Buffy:(shrugs) She sounded fine. She has been dealing pretty good with finding out she's a slayer. Better than I did anyway.

Willow: I hope she is. I liked her when I met her. (she smiled, when she had met Liz she automatically knew that they would be good friends and they were)

Xander: Is she going to LA alone? (he asks Buffy)

Buffy:(shakes her head) I don't know. (before anyone could respond Giles yelled causing them all to jump in suprise) Giles!

Giles: Ah sorry but I think I found the demon that attacked you. (he showed her the picture and she nodded it was the same demon)

Buffy:(stands up and walks to the back to grab some weapons which included a dagger, some holy water, stakes, and an ax, which all except the ax she carried in her black duffel bag, and then she walks back into the room with the others) I'll be back soon. (she says as she walks out to find the demon and kill it)

End Part. I hope everyone enjoys this chapter.

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Part 8

Post by lizandzackfan » Sun Jun 10, 2007 9:24 pm

Part 8

(Los Angeles)

(Liz parks the car in front of the Hyperion Hotel and then turns to look back at the others)

Liz: This is the place. (she smiles at them and then climbs out of the car, waiting for them to do the same)

Micheal:(as he walks up to her, keeping his eyes one the hotel) So how do they keep up buisness with all the demon hunting you said they do? (he asks curiousy thinking how customers would react when they saw demons attacking the place)

Liz:(shakes her head) They don't run the hotel they actually have a buisness called Angel Investiagtions they help people that have problems with anything demonic. They just use this place as an office.

Micheal:(nods) Oh, pretty big place for an office. Who else is with him?

Liz:(pauses to think of everyone Buffy had told her about) There's Angel, Gunn, Wesley, Fred, Cordelia, and Lorne.

Isabel: What are they like? (curiously)

Liz:(smiles at the thought) Angels really broody, Gunn is cool before he met Angel, him and his friends used to hunt down vampires on his own, Until his sister was turned into a vampire and he had to kill her, after that he joined Angel, Wesley was uptight when I met him but from what Angel told Buffy he seems to have relaxed a little bit. He used to be Faith and Buffys watcher for a short time and them was fired so he came here and ran into Angel. Cordelia is nice but she can be a bitch sometimes- (Micheal cut her off, and his next words made her laugh)

Micheal: You mean like Iz. (he said with a smirk on his face, ignoring Isabels glare at him)

Isabel:(offended) Excuse me.

Liz:(stopped laughing and continued before they could argue) Anyways she used to go to high school with Buffy and then like Wesley she had knew Angel before so when she saw him she decided to stay with him, and Lorne is a demon, he came from some place called Pylea. He can also read your soul when you sing to him. He's really nice so don't worry about him. Fred I haven't met yet, she just joined Angel not to long ago.
(She then turned serious and looked at them) Look it wouldn't be a bad idea to tell them about you guys. (As they started to shake their head she hurried an explained) Its just that Angel will be able to sense something different about you, being a vampire and all. They won't tell anybody you can trust them, besides Angel's hesitant to trust anyone just like you guys so if we don't tell him it's not going to go over very good.

Micheal:Are you sure? (Liz nods) Ok then we tell them. (he said suprising Isabel and Liz)

Liz: Really? (not believing he would be so easily convinced)

Micheal:(nods) Yea I mean if you trust them than we can. Right Iz? (he looks at Isabel)

Isabel:(smiles) Yea. We trust you Liz.

Liz:(smiles) Thanks. (she was glad they trusted her this much) We better get inside. (They agreed and made their way inside the Hyperion Hotel)

End Part. :twisted:

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Re: Truth Revealed (Multi, XO, UC, MATURE) A/N 4/23/08

Post by lizandzackfan » Mon Jun 09, 2008 2:11 am

Thanks so much for the reviews. I'm really glad for any of you who are still keeping up with my stories. I didn't realize how long exactly it's been since I have update my stories and I just want to say that is hopefully the longest it will be. I'm working on this story and my other ones right now and just to let everyone know I just got a job so I won't be updating every day or anything but I'm looking foward to posting at least two parts or so a week. So here's the next part, don't forget to let me know what you think. :wink:

WinchesterBunni-Not for another two chapters or so. :D
carter13-They will be up soon.
Touch of the Wind-Thanks you.
Maiqu-Thanks I was hoping it would work together. Glad you like it.
Roswell Slayer- Thanks I'm glad you like it.

Part 9

(Hyperion Hotel)

(When Liz, Isabel, and Micheal walked in they were greeted by the sight of Angel and Gunn training. They were so into it that they didn’t notice the three of them walk in)

Isabel:(as she stood and watched in awe at the way they were fighting. They were literally beating the crap out of each other) Wow.

Micheal:(looked at Liz) I’m guessing that’s Angel.

Liz:(nodded) Yup and Gunn. (They continued to watch the fight until finally Gunn went to strike Angel but he blocked it and then tripped him from behind and as Gunn fell to the ground Angel held the sword to his throat. Angel and Gunn look up in surprise when they hear clapping only to see Liz standing with a tall guy with shoulder length brown hair and a tall blonde haired girl).

Angel:(put the sword to the side and walked over to Liz, pulling her into a hug) Hey

Liz:(smiled as she pulled back) Hey Angel. This is Isabel and Micheal. Guys this is Angel and Gunn. (Angel only nodded as Gunn walked up to them)

Gunn: Hey (he says to them and then turns to Liz and pulls her into a hug) How have you been?

Liz:(shrugs) Good as can be.

Gunn:(nodded) I hear ya.

Angel: Buffy didn’t say you were bringing anyone. (He crossed his arms and looked at them)

Micheal:(crossed his arms) Is that a problem?

Liz:(rolled her eyes) Angel be nice. They know about me.

Angel:(looked at her in surprise) You told them? (He then paused and narrowed his eyes at them) What are you?

Liz:(shook her head) They kind of stumbled onto it. They saw me fighting a vamp. As for what they are that’s entirely up to them if they want to tell you but they’re trustworthy.

Gunn:(nods) If you trust them I don’t see any reason not to. (He looked at Angel) Angel?

Angel:(unfolds his arms) Ok.

Liz:(smiles) Good. Now where is everyone else?

Gunn: Wesley and Fred are researching for a case, Lorne is at his club, and Cordy is-

Cordelia: Right here. (They turn to see Cordelia walking down the steps) Liz you’re here.

Liz:(smiles) Hey Cordy.

Cordelia:(walks over to her and pulls her into a hug) How was the ride?

Liz:(shrugged) Long.

Cordelia:(looked at Micheal and Isabel) I’m Cordelia and you are?

Isabel: I’m Isabel and this is Micheal.

Micheal:(nods) Hey.

Liz:(turned to Angel) So what’s the case about?

Angel: They are looking for a demon that attacked this couple. Nothing we can’t handle. (Before Liz could respond Wesley and Fred walked in)

Liz:(smiles as they reach them) Hey Wes.

Wesley:(smiles) Liz it’s good to see you. (He motions to Fred) This is Fred.

Fred:(smiles and puts out her hand) Actually my names Winifred but everyone calls me Fred. (she says nervously

Liz:(smiles at her as she takes her hand and shakes it) Hi Fred.

Fred:(looks at Isabel and Micheal) Are you friends of Liz?

Isabel:(smiled) Yea I’m Isabel and this is Micheal.

Micheal:(nods) Hey

Fred:(smiles brightly) Nice to meet you.

Gunn:(to Liz) So how long are you guys staying here?

Liz:(thinks for a moment) Probably just the night. Buffy said she really needed those books.

Angel:(agreed) You can use a couple of rooms upstairs.

Cordelia:(smiles) I’ll show you where you can stay.

Liz:(smiles) ok. (They follow Cordelia up the stairs, but before they reached the top Liz’s phone rang and she stopped to answer it) Hello….Hey Maria…..What?.....No.(Liz sat down on the step, with tear coming down her face)

End Part.
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Re: Truth Revealed (Multi, XO, UC, MATURE) A/N 6/25/08

Post by lizandzackfan » Sun Jul 06, 2008 7:12 pm

Thanks for all your reviews. I hope you enjoy this part. :D


Liz:(smiles) ok. (They follow Cordelia up the stairs, but before they reached the top Liz’s phone rang and she stopped to answer it) Hello….Hey Maria…..What?.....No.(Liz sat down on the step, with tear coming down her face)

Part 10

(As Liz sat down all she could think of was how could this happen. They weren’t supposed to have left Roswell today, they should have been home. But as Liz thought about it some more she realized the only reason they had waited to go to Las Cruses was because they didn’t want to leave her alone, they had been so worried about her since Alex died, but since she had left they must have just decided to go early. She couldn’t believe it they were dead. Her parents were dead. First Alex and then them. This wasn’t right none of this was supposed to happen. Liz was so deep in her thoughts as she rested her head on her knees trying not to break down in front of everyone that she didn’t notice Angel by her side asking her what had happened. Not even Micheals pale face as he picked up the phone and asked Maria what was going on. The only thing she could think about was how she couldn’t breathe and the next thing she saw was black)


(2 hours later)

(Liz opened her eyes and sat up, looking around she realized she be in one of Angels hotel rooms. Liz closed her eyes trying not to cry as it all came back to her. Maria telling her that her parents were dead and then hyperventilating until she had passed out. One of them must of carried her to the bed. Liz stood up and made her way out of the room. She shut the door behind her and looked around, but stopped as she heard voices and quietly walked to them careful not to be heard. As she made her way closer she heard Angel and Micheals voices)
Angel: She’s still asleep.

Micheal: I can’t believe this is happening.

Isabel:(Liz could hear the sadness in her voice as she responded) I know. Do you think she is going to be ok? I mean first Alex and then this.

Wesley: I don’t know. Since we met Liz she’s seemed to cope very well with everything.

Micheal:(As Micheal came into view Liz could see him shake his head) You haven’t seen her recently Alex’s death has been really hard on
her. She blames herself.

Gunn: Why would she blame herself? (Micheal and Isabel looked at each other)

Angel: What aren’t you telling us? (Before Micheal or Isabel could respond they all turned to the top of the stairs as they heard Liz clearing her throat, making them aware of her presence)

Liz:(walking down the stairs she responded seriously) Something they shouldn’t be the ones to tell you about. (She noticed Angel about to open his mouth so she quickly explained) I should but I can’t, I have to do something first. (she paused and when she saw their expectant faces waiting to hear what it is she took a deep breath and decided that now was the time to tell them. Something she should’ve done in the beginning) I need to see Faith.

Cordelia:(confused) Why? (she didn’t think their was any reason to bring the Rogue Slayer into this)

Liz:(looked down) Because Faith is my sister. (she looked up to see their reactions and was surprised when all they did was stare at her)

Cordelia: What was that? (she asked thinking she hadn’t heard Liz right)

Liz:(looked Cordelia straight in the eyes) Faith is my sister. (And as those words left her mouth all hell broke loose)

Cordelia:(yelled) Are you kidding me?

Fred:(surprised) Faith has a sister.

Wesley: Dear god. (he muttered)

Gunn:(shocked) Damn.

Angel:(clearly upset) Why didn’t you tell me?

Liz:(sighed) I didn’t want anyone to know I never even told Buffy. I just thought that if you knew you might hate me for having anything to
do with her, considering what she did. Or you might try to get me to see her and I just couldn’t. I wasn’t ready to see her, to tell you the truth I’ve been angry at her for a while now. (she said as she sat on one of the steps on the stairs) For what she did and for not coming to me.

Cordelia:(looked at her sadly) Liz we would never have hated you. (They others nod in agreement) But are you sure she’s your sister. That it’s her.

Liz:(nodded) Yea I wasn’t in the beginning when Buffy told me about her, but then I saw a picture Xander had taken of her and I knew it was her.

Angel:(nodded) But why didn’t she ever mention you?

Liz:(shrugged) I don’t know. Our parents died when we were younger so we had been in a foster home until..(she swallowed not wanting to think about Nancy and Jeff those she considered her real parents) they adopted me. They could only adopted one child so every chance I got I went to see Faith in the foster home until one day she just disappeared, no one knew where she went. I looked around for her in the near by towns for a while but never found any trace of her. I didn’t know what happened to her until last year when Buffy told me about her. I couldn’t tell Buffy because I knew how she felt about Faith, all of them actually. They all really hate her. (By the looks on their faces she knew that they believed it too. Mainly because most of Faiths damage had been to the Scoobies).

Angel:(said softly as he walked over and sat next to her) You still should have told us.

Liz:(looked down) I know Angel. But I just wasn’t ready.

Angel:(nodded in understanding) Come one. (he said as he stood up and held out her hand to help her up) I’ll take you.

Liz:(smiled and took his hand) Thanks you. (Angel gave her a small smile, knowing that she wasn’t thanking him for understanding) We’ll be
back. (she said looking at Micheal and Isabel)

Micheal:(nodded) Ok. But if you need anything….

Liz:(smiled, grateful that he was there for her) I know. (They watched as Angel and Liz walked out of the hotel and on their way to see the Rogue Slayer)


(Los Angeles)


(Liz followed the person in front of her through the halls. All she could think about was how nervous she was, she couldn't believe she actually agreed to do this. Why did she? Liz was so lost in her thoughts that she almost bumped into the person in front of her as he stopped. Shaking her head to clear her thoughts she looked at the chair the guy motioned for her to sit in. So taking a deep breath she walked the remaining feet between her and the chair and sat down keeping her face expressionless at the person in front of her. She then grabbed the phone to the right of her on the wall and put it up to her ears the whole time looking at the shocked person sitting in front of her)

Liz:(said once the girl across from her picked up the phone) Hello Sis. (she said keeping her face an expressionless mask)

Faith:(shocked) Liz?

End Part. So….Feedback. :D
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