What If (CC,TEEN) Chapter 19 - 5/27/14 [WIP]

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Re: What If (CC) teen 10/18/13 Chapter 13

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Chapter thirteen

It was the sound of Maria coming up the stairs that got her attention. “Liz you up here?” she heard her call out.

Liz slipped her phone in her pocket and walked over to her door, “yeah.” she called out as she walked over and sat down on her bed.

Maria walked into the room, “So what happened? How did things go?” she asked as she came in and sat down across from Liz.

“He was asking if someone was in the room with me at the hospital.” Liz told her.

“What did you tell him?” Maria asked.

“I told him I can't remember anything about that night, but he was insistent that someone was there with me. He said the nurses gave statements that I was calling out for Max.” she told her.

Maria didn't seem surprised by that bit of news, “So what does that matter?” she commented.

He thinks that it was Max that was at the hospital with me.” she told her.

“But he wasn't there, at least I didn't see him there.” Maria told her. “I know I was upset but I think I would have notice him there.”

Liz bit her lip, “Maria I don't know if he was or not.” she told her in frustration, “I just wish I could remember more of what happened.”

Maria shook her head, “Liz if the sheriff is so determined there has to be a reason why he is going after you like he is. Maybe if we go see Letitia we can find out what that reason might be.”

Liz grabbed her hoodie, and went to her dresser to get the necklace from her jewelery box. As soon as she picked it up her mind was filled with flashes again, she was walking through the desert with someone, they were holding hands and it was dark. It was cold, very cold and then there were lights, bright lights headed toward her. She felt her heart pounding in her chest. She slipped the necklace into her pocket and turned to Maria.

“Did you see things again?” she asked her.

Liz shook her head, “I did see more flashes and something about them is really familiar to me.” she told her as she walked back over to her computer, she sat down and turned her laptop on, “Max was adopted right, I remember him and Isabel were adopted and there was some crazy rumors going on around the time they first came to school.” she told her.

“I remember they had a ruff time of it at first. Lots of the kids being mean and teasing them.” she tried to remember, “Do you remember what that was all about?”

Liz shook her head, as she typed the search “If I remember its because when they were first found, they were wandering around out in the desert alone.” she told her, “I think I remember my mom telling me that they were abandoned by their real parents.” she said, “here it is, this is the news story.”

They both read...

Roswell continues to live up to its reputation for strange happenings as first was reported two days ago a young boy and girl were found by a local couple wandering alone in the desert. The two small children had no memory about where they had been or what might have happened to their parents. Just when we thought things couldn't get any more strange with this story a third child has been found, this time a little boy was found very near the same area of road walking by himself after dark. All three children seem to be in good health with no medical issues, said Dr. Pritchard of Roswell family care. Police have placed the third boy with social services care, while the first two children found have been placed into the care of the couple who first found them, Diane and Philip Evans. Mr. Evans is a prominent attorney in Roswell and has said that if their parents are unable to be located he and his wife will be looking into adopting them. These strange events have left some asking questions, where did these three children come from? Where are their parents and why were they found walking alone in the deserts of New Mexico? Conspiracy theorist are already coming up with speculations from secret government projects to alien abductions. Whatever the answers are only the future will tell. In the mean time at least these children are safe.

Liz finished reading and looked over at Maria, “Dr. Pritchard is my doctor.” she reminded Maria.

“Yeah, his my doctor too.” Maria told her. “Is there any other stories about them?”

Liz clicked through a few more links, “Just a few, this one says that no family has come forward in the past six months to claim relationship to any of the three children and that the planned adoption of Max and Isabel Evans is moving forward now that all legal formalities have been cleared.” she told her then said, “This last one just mentions that Michael was placed with a large family who takes in foster children until a more permanent situation can be found.”

Maria took in a deep breath, “What do you think it all means?” she asked. “How is it connected to the flashes you had.”

“In the flashes its like I am walking through the desert with someone, its almost like I am seeing what they are seeing.” she told her as she scanned back over the article, “Maria the way Max and Isabel were found fit with what I saw both times.” she told her then said, “If the flashes were from Max?” she said as she looked over at her, “Then why would I be having them now?”

“Liz you said yourself you don't really know they are from him.” Maria told her.

Liz shook her head, “No I didn't actually see him in any of the flashes.” she told her. “Besides even if I am some how connected with Max what does that mean? Did he come to hospital and some how miraculously heal me?” she mumbled then said, “I need to be really sure before I say anything to him about this. Look at what has happened to me, think about the field day the media would have with Max's past if it ever got out that he was the one...”

“Maybe you should talk to him, tell him what is going on. You said you feel like you can trust him.” Maria told her.

“I know, but Maria after reading this what if I am some how wrong and it wasn't really him? This could bring up a lot of painful memories you know. He might think I am saying it him just because of all the crazy rumors about how he was found in the desert and then he would really hate me.” she told her. “I really like Max and I don't want jeopardize our friendship.”

Maria shook her head, “Then lets go talk to Letitia and see what more she can tell us.”

Liz took in a deep breath, “Maria if it was Max who came to the hospital and healed me, why would he do that?”

Maria smiled, “Liz it is so obvious to everyone else, the fact that you don't see it is really sweet. Speaks volumes to who you are at heart,” she told her then said, “He is smitten with you.” she told her, “He is always watching you, he is always there to be helpful and look how completely wonderful he has been since this whole thing started. If he did have the ability to walk into that hospital and heal you with out being noticed I could so believe he would do that for you.”

“Maria even if what you are saying is true then how could he do something like that?” she asked her.

“He was found wondering in the desert with out any parents, for all we know Max and Isabel could be government sponsored experiments.” she told her.

Liz laughed, “Now you are sounding like your mother.” she told her.

“Well lets go talk to Letitia she gave you that necklace maybe she can give you some answers.” Maria told her.

Liz shook her head, “Ok but Maria you say nothing to no one about Max.” she reminded her as she followed her to the car. For a moment she felt herself getting dizzy and her vision blurred. “Maria I don't feel...” she started to say but then the sensations disappeared and she was fine. “Never mind.” she told her as she looked in the alley way. She could hear the clicking of camera's going off but the two police officers the sheriff had posted to keep the press further back seemed to be working. She got into the car and they slowly made their way down the alley way. As they went reporters began calling out to her and screaming questions at her. She kept her hoodie on and lowered her head. “Maybe I should just go stay with my aunt for a while.” she mumbled.

Max was walking back to his class when suddenly his mind was filled with visions of him and Isabel the night their parents found them. He remembered feeling how cold it was and then the seeing their car lights shining toward them. He remembered how afraid he was at first and his heart began racing as he stumbled backward. Michael saw him about to fall and he went over and helped into a nearby empty class room.

“Maxwell you alright?” he asked him.

Max tried to focus and clear his mind, as the images left he suddenly felt dizzy and his vision blurred. “I don't know, its not me.” he told him as the symptoms suddenly vanished.

“What do you mean its not you?” he asked him.

“It was Liz.” he told him as he tried to clear his head. He walked over and sat down, “This connection with her, its not getting weaker its getting stronger.” he told him. “She has come in contact with something that I am getting visions from through her.”

“Max what you are describing isn't possible, not even the three of us share that kind of link.” he told him.

“I know Michael, but it is happening, its happened twice now.” he told him.

“So what the heck does that mean then?” he demanded.

“I think it means I need to talk to Liz soon. Maybe Isabel is right and I should just tell her everything.” he told him, “Michael there is something else, the sheriff is asking her a lot of questions, questions he shouldn't be asking. He said he thinks those two guys could come back after Maria and Liz. I am going to talk to my dad about this, but maybe you should keep an eye on Maria just in case.”

Michael shook his head, “Great so now I get to play babysitter.” he snapped.

“Would you rather have the sheriff watching over the two of them while I am still connected to her like this?” he asked him.

Michael shook his head, “NO. I will keep my eye on her.” he told him.

“Miss Colleen Smith?” the sheriff asked as has he came up to the nurse station.

“Yes I am Colleen Smith.” she told him as she continued working on her patient charts.

“Dr Hastings said you were on duty the night that Miss Parker was brought in, is that correct?” the sheriff asked her.

Colleen nodded her head, “Yes I was the head nurse that night that she was brought in.” she told him.

“I know you have already given my deputy an official statement, but I wonder if you could answer a few questions for me?” he asked her.

She let a heavy sigh, “I really am kind of busy tonight...” she told him

“It would help me out a lot and I would really appreciate any time you can give me.” he told her.

She glanced down at her watch, “Alright fine I have a few minutes before I have to do rounds. What can I help you with?” she asked.

“I was wondering, besides the obvious events of that night if you noticed anything else that seemed odd, were there any other people hanging around that seemed like that shouldn't be here?” he asked her.

Colleen thought for a moment, “No not that I recall. Her family was here, some of her friends where here, but no one else.”

“Are you very sure that no one else was here or hanging around her room?” the sheriff asked.

Colleen shook her head, “No I didn't see anyone else.” she told him.

“Are you sure, one of the other nurses mentioned that she thought maybe there was someone else standing just outside the waiting room for a time, but she couldn't remember seeing him later around the time Miss Parker was healed.” he told her.

Colleen shook her head, “We did have two other emergency events that night, so we were kind of busy. I honestly don't remember seeing anyone outside the waiting room except those people I mentioned.” she told him.

The sheriff took in a deep breath, “Did anyone else besides her family come in or call and ask about her that night?” he asked.

Colleen thought for a moment, “Yes there was a young man who came by in the morning after Miss Parker had already gone home. He said he was a friend from school and he was just checking on her.” she told him then added, “But truthfully sheriff by that time the press was already getting wind of what happened and we had a lot of people starting to call and ask about her situation.”

“I understand things got pretty crazy very quickly.” he smiled as he took his hat off and ran his hand through his hair. “I just have a few more questions, the other nurse I spoke to mentioned that when she first came into the room Miss Parker was calling out someones name, she said it was as if she were looking for someone...” he told her then asked, “Did you happen to overhear her calling out for someone, maybe her parents, or?”

Colleen took in a deep breath, “She did call out for someone, the name was Max. She called out to him a couple of times but Dr. Hastings had given her some pretty strong pain medications so she was pretty sedated at that point. I imagine that she could have been mumbling just about anything.”

“But she wasn't mumbling you said she called out to Max?” he asked her to be sure.

Colleen nodded her head, “Yes that was the name I heard.” she told him as she glanced down at her watch again.

The sheriff could see she was getting impatient he smiled, “One last question I promise. Was there anything at all that you noticed about Miss Parker's physical appearance after this all happened. According to her medical chart you took her vitals just before six am...was there anything unusual that you noticed?”

Colleen thought about it for a moment, “I did write in my chart that I thought I saw a strange kind of marking on her chest just over where the gunshot wound had been, but she was released later and no one else made comment to it so I assumed I was just fatigued from the long night.”

The sheriff eyes narrowed, “Can I ask why you didn't bring this marking as you call it to the doctors attention?”

“Well because right after I finished taking her vitals we had another situation come into the ER. A woman in heavy labor who was about to give birth to triplets. I had to rush off to help do an emergency c-section. By the time I got back down here Miss Parker's doctor had signed the orders for her release so I assumed she was fine.” she told him. “I did make note of it though in her chart when I took her vitals.” she told him.

“I looked over her chart and I did not see any reference to that mark.” he told her.

Colleen took in a deep breath and shook her head, “Its there I typed it up myself.” she told him as she began typing in Liz information. She waited for the file to come up but nothing happened. “That's strange, her file is gone.”

“How is that possible?” the sheriff asked her.

“I don't know, its should be here, but its gone. Her entire medical chart for that night is not in the system.” she told him.

The sheriff just smiled and shook his head, “Well perhaps a computer error.” he told her, “Thank you for your time, you have been really helpful.” The sheriff headed out of the hospital, once in his car he unlocked his briefcase and pulled out some old case files, he flipped through them one by one. There was one in particular that he began rereading through. After several minutes he called his deputy, “Do me a favor call over to the school and tell them I need to speak to some of the students concerning this case. I will be there later this tomorrow morning. Have the principle call me if he needs to and for now I don't want parents involved.” he told him then said. “Oh and call over to child protective services I want to see if I can get my hands on some adoption records for Max Evans and call the county I want birth records for Elizabeth Parker.”

Dr. Pritchard sat in his office going over medical records when a knock came to his office door, he looked up and saw the sheriff standing there in the door way. “Sheriff Valanti what can I do for you?” he asked.

The sheriff stepped inside his office and closed the door behind him, “Dr. Pritchard it is good to see you again.” he said as he extending his hand as shook hands with the Doctor.

“It has been awhile since you last had Kyle into my office.” he told him, “But then Kyle always was very healthy.” he said as they both sat down.

The sheriff smiled, “I am here to ask you some questions about Elizabeth Parker actually.” he told him.

Dr. Pritchard smiled, “What kind of questions?” he asked as he sat up in his chair.

“Well I would like to know about her health history, actually.” he told him.

Dr. Prithcard shook his head, “Why would you need to be looking into that?” he asked him.

“Its all apart of my investigation into the shooting.” he told him.

“Oh I see.” he said then asked, “Well I will answer what questions I can, but I don't need to remind you that her medical records are private and without a parental release I can't speak with you about any of her other health issues.”

The sheriff seemed annoyed, “I understand.” he told him then said, “I spoke with Dr. Hastings earlier today and he said that he felt Elizabeth Parker should have remained in the hospital that it was you who released her against his judgment.”

Dr Pritchard shook his head, “Yes that is correct. Dr. Hastings wasn't interested in Miss Parker's health and welfare, he was interested in the medical write up and recognition he felt he deserved because of her recovery.” he told him then said, “As if he even had anything at all to do with it.”

The sheriff smiled, “Well you do have to admit the circumstance around her recovery were extremely unusual weren't they?” he asked him.

Dr. Pritchard shook his head, “Sheriff what does this have to do with your case?” he asked him.

“I am just trying to put some of the pieces of the puzzle together that’s all.” he told him, “Dr. Hastings is convinced that Liz's own body some how healed itself. He believes she..”

“Sheriff I can't tell you what happened in that room. I don't think we will ever know for sure what really happened.” he told him, “But Elizabeth Parker is as normal as you and I. I was there at her birth, she has never shown any kind of special or unique ability to heal herself.”

“Well how do you explain what happened to her then?” the sheriff asked.

Dr. Pritchard smiled, “Liz Parker is a beautiful young girl who didn't deserve what happened to her so maybe someone, somewhere heard her fathers prayers and a miracle happened. There have been many miraculous healing that have happened all over the world. Sometimes things happen and we don't always understand the reasons why.”

The sheriff shook his head, “That sounds real nice and all but I don't think that’s what happened at all doctor.” he told him then said, “Tell me before you released Liz did you examine her?” he asked.

Dr. Pritchard shook his head, “yes of course I did.”

“Did you happen to notice a strange marking on the left side of her chest over where the wound was located?” he asked him.

Dr. Pritchard looked at him intently, “What kind of marking are you referring to?” he asked.

“The head nurse on duty said that when she went in just before six am to take Liz's vitals she noticed a strange marking on her chest where the wound had been. She said it was in the shape of a human hand print and that it appeared to almost be glowing.” he told him.

“Sheriff I did not notice any such marking on her at the time she was released. Perhaps this nurse was confused, it was my understanding that there were several other emergency that night and things were rather hectic.” he told him.

“Thank you for your time Dr. Pritchard.” he told him as he left the office and closed the door.

Dr. Pritchard waited until the sheriff was gone then he called Nancy Parker, “Hello Nancy I just thought I would call and check on how Liz is doing?” he asked her.

“Oh thank you doctor for calling.” she said, “She is doing fine, she did have some bad dreams the other night, but other wise she is doing fine.”

“I would really like to do a follow up in my office, how about tomorrow morning. Have her come round before school starts. That way she wont have to miss any of her classes.” he told her.

“I will let her know as soon as she gets home.” Nancy told him before she hung up.

Dr. Pritchard dialed another number, “Yes hello.” he said into the phone, “Things here have gotten less manageable I am going to need your help.” he said then continued, “yes make it high profile, and make sure the press gets a hold of it.” he said before he hung up.

Max left school and drove over to see his dad. “Max what are you doing here?” his dad asked him as he stepped out of his office.

Max smiled, “I just needed to talk to you.” he told him.

Phillip nodded his head, “Sure thing.” he said as he motioned for him to come inside, “Sally will you hold my calls for me.” he told his secretary before closing his door.

Max went in a sat down while Phillip walked over and sat down at his desk, “So am I right in guessing this has to do with Liz?” he asked him.

Max shook his head, “Yeah she was upset after this last meeting with the sheriff and she sent me a text.” he explained.

“Well the sheriff was way out of line and both Jeff and I let him know that.” he told him. “I am actually perplexed by his actions in all of this.”

“Isn't there anything that you can do to keep him from harassing her?” Max asked, “I mean she is getting it from the press and him both.”

Phillip smiled, “You care about Liz don't you?” he commented.

Max shifted he was a little embarrassed, “She's a friend so yeah I care about what happens to her.”

“Well as her friend I think you should keep doing what your doing Max.” he told him, “Be there for her and listen when she needs to talk. As far as the sheriff goes if he keeps dragging her in with out some kind of formal charge to level I will file a complaint with internal affairs and I told him as much at out last meeting. The sheriff's a good man and I have always respected him but what ever he thinks he is after in this case he is looking in the wrong direction.” he told him.

Max was relieved, “Liz mentioned that the sheriff said something about these guys maybe coming back for her or Maria, do you think that’s possible?” he asked him.

Phillip shook his head, “Max I sure hope not but if these guys are involved with some of the drug cartels down in Mexico then its hard to say. I told Jeff to keep a close eye on things and he is going to be having some extra security camera's installed at the Crashdown. Other then that its up to the sheriff to do his job.” he told him then said, “Don't worry Liz will be fine.” he told him.

Max got up and walked over to the door, “Well thanks for talking with me.” he said.

Phillip smiled, “Max just between you and I, I think Liz is pretty special and if you were to say ask her out some time, I think she would say yes.” he told him.

Max shrugged his shoulders, “I don't know maybe.” he mumbled as he left the office and headed back to school.

Maria pulled her car up to the Indian Reservation store and the two of them went inside. They saw Letitia there with some other customers and waited until they left to approach her. “Hi, we were in here yesterday remember.” Liz asked.

She looked at Maria then at Liz, “I knew you would come back.” she smiled. “We will go and meet with my friend.” she told her as she walked over to the windows and looked out, “You weren't followed were you?”

Maria shook her head, “I don't think so.” she told her.

Letitia looked around one last time to make sure there were not strange cars nearby. “You must be careful from now on.” she told them as she motioned for them to come, “You can drive I will show you the way.” she grabbed her keys and locked up her store before getting into the back seat of Maria's car. “My friends name is River Dog. He is a good man but very cautious.” she told them as they drove further into the reservation down a long dirt road.

“Does your friend know Ayush?” Liz asked. “You said he is the one who healed me right?”

She nodded her head, “He does know Ayush.” she told her. “Just wait he will be able to help you.” she told her.

Liz looked over at Maria then back out her window. She was actually feeling really afraid and in that moment she wished Max was there with her. She didn't know why she thought of him first but she did. As Maria brought the car to a stop Letitia motioned for them to follow her, “We will have to walk the rest of the way.” she told them.

Maria looked down at her shoes, “I am not exactly dressed for hiking through the desert.” she told her then said, “Couldn't you just ask your friend to come and meet us here.”

She shook her head, “No, the things he has to show you are out there in the caves.” she told her.

Maria turned to Liz, “I'm not so sure this is a good idea.” she told her.

Liz shook her head, “Maria you can wait here, but I feel like I have to go.” she told her. “I can't explain it I feel like its really important.”

Maria took in a deep breath and shook her head, “yeah ok.” she told her as they followed Letitia away from the road and back up into the desert.

They must have walked for a least twenty minutes before Letitia stopped and pointed over to the caves. “He is in there waiting for you.” she said as she led the way.

Once they were walked into the cave Liz began to feel dizzy again, her vision began to blur and everything looked distorted. She reached out her hand to Maria, “Its happening again.” she said as she tried to clear her head.

Maria helped her as they walked into the cave, “Liz are you alright?” she asked her voice filled with concern.

Liz took in a deep breath and tried again to clear her head, “Yeah, its gone now.” she told her as the dizziness and blurring vision passed.

Both Liz and Maria stopped as an older man came toward them. Letitia went up to him and spoke to him in another language then she turned to Liz. “Liz this is my brother, River Dog.” she said.

Liz walked over, “My name is Liz Parker and this is my friend Maria.” she told him. She looked about the cave, there was a small fire lit in the middle of the cave and some blankets to sit on just around it. She turned and looked at the walls, there were symbols carved on them. She walked over and looked more closely. They almost appeared as if they had been burned into the wall of the cave, but they looked old, at least fifty years or more and nothing she could think of would have been able to burn into rock in that time frame like that. “These symbols do you know how long they have been here?” she asked.

River Dog walked over to her, “Have you seen this writing before?” he asked her.

Liz wasn't sure what to say, she knew the symbols, but she wasn't sure how, it was like she was seeing them and remembering them, but the memory belong to another. Liz pull the necklace from her pocket and held on to it as flashes filled her mind. “I have seen this before...” she started to say then corrected herself, “He has seen it before.” she said as she reached out and touched the wall. Her mind was filled with flashes of someone, they were running from the police or the military. She couldn't be sure she only knew they were filled with fear and they came here. She pulled her hand away and the flash ended. “Who made these carvings into the wall?” she asked.

“Ayush did.” Letitia answered her. “He was here for a time. I hid him here from those who wanted to take him.” she told them.

River Dog motioned for them to come and sit near the fire, “Please come and sit here we will talk.” he told them both.

Maria walked over and sat down next to Liz. “So who exactly is Ayush?” Maria asked.

Letitia sat down and answered her, “He was different, he came here a long time ago. We were just children when we found him. He was hurt and their were men who wanted to take him. He pleaded with us to help him and we did.”

River Dog placed another log on the fire,“You are not one of the children the man spoke of, but you are different. Something is happening, I do not know what, but I can see something is happening inside of you.” he said as he looked intently at Liz.

Liz shook her head, “What do you mean, something is happening inside of me?”

He looked at her more intently and smiled, “You came because Letitia gave you the necklace, it held meaning for you?” he asked her without answering her question.

Liz shook her head as she handed the necklace over to River Dog, “No, not exactly.” she told him. “When she gave it to me I saw things, but I know they are not my memories.” she tried to explain.

River Dog took the necklace in his hand, “Even though you are not one of them, there is something very special about you.” he told her as he held out his hand, “May I hold your hand?” he asked her.

Liz looked over at Maria then back to River Dog. She held her hand out to him. He took hold of it and closed his eyes. He focused his mind on truly seeing her then he opened his eyes again, “There are those among us who are different, they were sent here for a purpose.” he told her. “He came to you while you were hurt, when you were dying and he touched you. He used his ability to heal you.” he told her. “When he did this a connection between the two of you was created.” he told her, “It is very strong, but I can see you do not understand it. He knows you, he has very strong feelings for you, but for now remains in the shadows. Because of this connection your lives are now linked together, you carry a part of him with you even now.”

“I don't understand, I don't know what you mean how can my life be linked to someone I don't even know.” she told him.

“Liz we are all linked together in some way.” River Dog told her, “You are linked to your friend Maria, and she is to you. There is a bond forged there from many years of friendship and so it is with this person who came to you only the bond is much stronger.”

“Who is he?” Liz asked him. “Who was it that came to me and saved me? Was it Ayush?”

River Dog shook his head, “No it was not Ayush.” he told her, “I do not know his name.” he told her, “As I said he remains in the shadows for now and his secret is not mine to tell.”

Liz shook her head, “Nothing you have said makes sense to me.”

River Dog let go of her hand, “I know that it does not make sense to you. I am sorry, I can only tell you that it was not Ayush that healed you. It was another, I believe he was one whom Ayush came here to protect. This boy has chosen to risk much by doing what he has done, there is great danger for him and you. You must be careful and remember what I have said to you here today.” told her as he handed her the necklace, “I believe one day the things you have heard and seen will have great meaning for him. Keep this, it belongs to you now.”

Liz just stood there she had hoped to find out more, “Please I need help, if you know who healed me, if you know anything at all please tell me.” she asked him. “The sheriff he is asking all these questions and I don't know what to do.”

River Dog took in a deep breath, “You want to protect him, the one who saved you, I can feel it inside your heart.” he told her.

She shook her head, “Yes. I owe him my life.” she told him.

“Then you will need to be strong.” he told her as he stood up and walked over to her. “Keep the necklace and be weary there are those who would seek to do you and him great harm.” he warned her.

“What about the sheriff?” Maria asked him, “Why is he coming after her so much do you know?”

Letitia looked over at River Dog and nodded her head, “Be careful of the sheriff, he is a good man, but there are ghost from his past that are now clouding his judgment.” River Dog told them.

Maria could see Liz was disappointed, “Come on Liz we should get back home.” she told her as she reached over to her and pulled her arm. Liz followed her out of the cave and back to the car. It was getting late by the time they heading back to the Crashdown. “I called my dad so he wouldn't worry.” Liz told Maria.
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Re: What If (CC) teen 10/18/13 Chapter 14

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Chapter fourteen

“About those things he said, did you believe him?” Maria asked her.

Liz shook her head, “Yeah I did.” she told her, “Maria he described perfectly the way I feel things from him.”

“Ok but think about it Liz who could do that kind of thing?” she asked her, “Who could touch you and heal you? Who could create some kind of link with you to where you are actually seeing his memories and pick up how he is feeling?”

She shook her head, “I don't know.” she told her as she thought about the things she saw in the cave.

Maria took in a deep breath, “Liz I guess what I am really asking is it possible for any human to be able to do the kind of things he was talking about.” she commented.

“Before any of this happened I would have said no, now I don't know what to think.” she told her as her head got fuzzy, “Maria I am just going to close my eyes for a little bit.” she told her.

Maria shook her head, “Liz are you sure your alright.” she asked her, “You don't look so good.” she told her noticing for the first time how wiped out she looked.

“I'm fine just feeling like I need to sleep.” she said as she closed her eyes.

Max ran his hand through his hair as he told Michael and Isabel about the flashes he had from Liz, “It was during last period, all the sudden my mind was filled with images. She was in a cave and there were symbols on the walls. I recognized them as the writing from our home planet. I tried to text her, but she hasn't responded. I could sense she was afraid but that fear changed to confusion.”

Isabel didn't know what to say, “Max you said its because of this connection you have with her that its allowing you to see things that she is seeing.”

He shook his head, “Yeah, but I think it might be working both ways,” he told her.

“If that’s true then today the symbols you saw on the cave wall, the writing you saw through her, is it possible that she could read it and understand it?” Isabel asked.

He shook his head, “I don't know.”

Michael took in a deep breath, “Could you read it, if you saw it again?” he asked him.

“Maybe I'm not sure.” he told him. “I didn't get a real long look at it. I only know that I recognized it when I saw it.” he told them.

Michael shook his head, “Maxwell you have to get close to her and find out where she was and who she has been talking too.” he told him. “Just tell her the truth and stop playing games here.”

Isabel wasn't so sure now, “Maybe we shouldn't.” she warned them, “You said she felt afraid that at one point her heart was pounding and she was seeing flashes of someone running in fear for their life.”

Max looked over at Isabel, “That wasn't coming from Liz. I think she was connected with someone else and we were both seeing their memories.” he told her.

“Still who ever she connected with was running for their life Max.” she told him. “That sounds dangerous to me.”

Michael interrupted, “This is the closest we have ever gotten to finding anything out about ourselves, we can't just let the chance pass us by.” he told them. “Maxwell you know I'm right.”

Max looked over at Isabel, “Maybe there is a way to find out what she learned with out exposing ourselves.” he told her.

Isabel shook her head, “How?”

Max took in a deep breath, “I am suppose to go and see her tonight. I will talk to her and find out what I can and then if need be you go into her dreams again.”

Michael shook his head, “Its a good place to start.” he agreed. “But I still think the direct approach would be so much faster at this point.”

Isabel took in a deep breath, “Well forgive me for not wanting to find myself in the same position that other person was in, running from someone in fear for my life!” she snapped at him.

“Can't stay hidden in suburban Roswell forever, we are never going to learn anything about ourselves if we don't do something.” Michael told her in frustration.

When they got back to the Crashdown Maria and Liz went up to her room. “So you feeling better?” Maria asked her.

Liz shook her head, “I am actually.” she said as she walked over to her mirror and pulled the necklace from her pocket. “It is pretty, do you think I should wear it?”

Maria took in a deep breath, “Well if it is something that belonged to him and he sees it, he might reveal himself.” she told her. “I mean River Dog did say he is close to you and has deep feelings for you.”

Liz nodded, “that was my thought exactly.” she said as she placed it around her neck and redid the clasp.

Maria sat down on her window seat as Liz walked over and sat down on the bed. She looked at Liz and asked, “Why are you protecting him?” she asked her. “You told River Dog you wanted to protect him, why?”

“Because...” she started to say her voice filled with emotion, “Because I was dying, and he risked everything to heal me and he doesn’t deserve to be treated the way they will treat him. The way they want to treat me. Think about Dr. Hastings and the sheriff they both want to lock me away somewhere and run tests on me. I could see it in the way the sheriff was looking at me today.” she told her. “I just know I have to protect him the way he protected me.”

“What about the big question that is staring you in the face in all of this?” she asked her, “This guy, whoever he is River Dog said he is close to you, he has strong feelings for you so I get why this person did what they did.” she told her, “The big question in all of this is how did he do what he did?”

Liz took in a deep breath, “Maria it doesn’t matter to me how he did what he did.” she told her, “I'm here.”

Maria smiled, “Well you know I will always be here for you.” she told her as she got up to leave. “I need to go now though, my mom needs the car tonight.” she told her the she stopped before she reached the door, “Do you think it was Max Evans?” she asked her.

Liz took in a deep breath, “Maybe.” she nodded her head. “He is suppose to come see me tonight, I will let you know if anything comes up.”

Maria shook her head, “Be careful Liz.” she told her.

Liz shook her head, “Thanks for everything Maria.”

After Maria left Liz stepped out on to her balcony and walked over toward the edge. She looked down but no one was there. The reporters had finally all cleared out and her dad even mentioned he was going to reopen the restaurant as soon as he was done having it painted and some remodeling work done. Of course when it reopened the reporters could come back around but she hoped not. She turned and walked back over to sit down on one of the loungers, it was a beautiful evening, the moon was full and the stars were just beginning to come out. She took in a deep breath and closed her eyes, she tried to imagine what he might look like and what she would say to him. It was the sound of someones voice that got her attention.

“Hello.” Max called out to her as he came up the ladder.

Liz smiled, “Thanks for coming over.” she said as she sat up and walked over toward him. “So how were things in Biology class today.”

He leaned up against the balcony rail, “They were a lot less interesting then they would have been had you been there.” he told her then asked, “So do you want to talk about how things went with the sheriff?” he asked her.

Liz took in a deep breath, “He asked me about the shooting, and he has asked some questions about that night at the hospital. I told him I don't remember but he won't let it drop.” She told him. “He thinks that someone was there with me and he wants me to tell him who it was. He kept going on and on about it and finally your dad put a stop to the questions.”

Max could see it was really upsetting to her, he could feel how confused she was feeling. “Liz, don't worry about the sheriff.” he told her as he walked over and took her hand in his. “He can't force you into telling him things that you don't know.”

She looked down at his hand then back up into his eyes, “I think your dad did a good job of making that pretty clear.” she told him then said, “But even if I could remember someone there with me that night and I knew who they were I would never tell the sheriff.” she admitted to him.

The struggle to tell her was getting stronger as Max turned toward her and looked into her eyes, “I'm really sorry you have to go through all of this.” he told her. “You have been through so much already you don't deserve how your being treated.”

Liz took his other hand in hers and smiled, “Thank you Max.” she said softly.

He shook his head, “I didn't do anything.” he told her.

“You've been my friend.” she whispered, “that means a lot to me.”

Max leaned in closer, “Your friendship means a lot to me too.” he told her. More then anything he wanted to lean in and kiss her but he forced himself to pull away, “So how come you didn't come back to school after you finished up with the sheriff?” he asked her.

Liz became uncomfortable all the sudden as she reached up and held the necklace in her hand and began fiddling with it. “We went to see a friend.” she told him.

Max noticed the necklace, something about it seemed familiar, “Did your friend give you the necklace?” he asked her.

She dropped it and shook her head, “Why would you ask that?” she asked him.

He shrugged his shoulders, “You picked it up as soon as you mentioned going and seeing them.” he told her.

Liz smiled, “Oh.” she said “yeah he did give it to me.” she told him.

“Its very nice, the two of you must be really close.” he said sounding more jealous then he meant to.

Liz shook her head, “no its not like that.” she told him. “He is an older friend, from the reservation, Maria and I know him and his sister. Maria got a pair of ear rings and I got a necklace.” she tried to make lite of it.

“Oh.” was all he said as he walked over to her and carefully lifted the necklace up in his hand. “Its really beautiful.” he told her as he examined it more closely. He did recognize it but he didn't get any flashes from it.

Liz swallowed, her heart was pounding, and she found herself wanting to be closer to him.“Max.” she breathed his name and leaned in closer to him. She wanted him to kiss her more then anything she wanted that.

Max could feel the connection between them getting stronger, he looked into her eyes and reached up and brushed the hair from her face. He decided it was time to tell her everything, “Liz I need to tell you something...” he started to say when the sound of her moms voice interrupted them.

Max dropped the necklace and moved back away from her, he cleared his throat, “I should probably get going.” he told her.

Liz shook her head, her mind was still reeling from the flashes she got from him. “I will see you tomorrow.” she told him as she stepped backwards toward her window and opened it.

Max walked over to her ladder and turned back toward her, “Yeah, it will be nice to have you back in class.” he told her just as she leaned over to climb into her room. As she did her top fell open and Max caught site of the glowing hand print on her chest where he healed her. He quickly looked away as she realized what happened and pulled her shirt closed.

“Night Max.” was all she said as she climbed inside and closed her window.

He could feel how nervous she was in that moment, or maybe it was him who was nervous. He wasn't really sure. The only thing he did know was that Liz had a glowing hand print on her chest exactly where he had healed her and she was keeping a secret from everyone. He looked over at her as she stood there in the window, he waved goodbye and smiled. She smiled back and he knew things were going to be different between them. It was becoming more and more clear he was going to have to tell her but when he did would that change how she felt about him. Would she be afraid of him, would he lose her. He wondered as he walked back over to his jeep. The connection between them was so strong he didn't want it to end.

Liz took in a deep breath as she watched Max climb down the ladder, she knew he saw the hand print but she was surprised by his lack of reaction to it. Maybe he thought it was a tattoo or maybe he didn't want to embarrass her by asking what it was. She knew one thing was for sure, she knew that he had feelings for her, she wasn't sure how she was able to see those things from him but she did. It was strange because Max didn't even seem to notice that it was happening.

Nancy came through her door, “Liz you have a doctors appointment tomorrow,” she told her, “Don't worry I spoke to Dr. Pritchard and he let me know that he could see you early, before school starts.”

Liz shook her head, “Yeah ok.” she said as she went into the bathroom and tried again to scrub off the glowing hand print on her chest. After she was done she walked back out into her room and pulled out her journal she had picked up on so many things from Max she just had to write it all down:

I still haven't talked with Max about that night. I haven't told him everything I do remember and how since then I feel like the two of us are connected to one another. As I looked into his eyes I wanted to tell him everything but how would I even bring it up? I can tell Max is a really guarded person so even though I wanted to ask him if he was there or knew what happened I couldn't find the words. Its been almost a week since I got shot and died and with each day that passes I feel more certain Max was there and he was the one who healed me...Even tonight as we held each others hand I wanted to tell him, I wanted to thank him for saving my life but the words just wouldn't come. I keep thinking about what happened and asking myself how do you say thank you to someone who touches you in such a way, who holds your hand and makes everything alright again. Would he think I was crazy, would he deny being there that night? Was he there or was I just imagining it because deep down inside I want it to be him. I want it to be him so badly. she stopped and thought about how to put into words what she was thinking, “I know he did something to me, I felt his touch and I heard his voice as I lay there dying. I heard him calling out to me calling me back, and now here I am. How is this possible that I am alive because of him. How is it possible that I feel this deep incredible connection with him and yet we are like strangers. Who is he and how can I ever say thank you enough? I know even as I write these things doubt in my memories still lingers but the closer I get to him, the closer he gets to me the more real this thought becomes...Max Evans is the one who healed me!

(thank you for the responses really is appreciated to know you like the story )
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Re: What If (CC) teen 10/18/13 Chapter 15

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Chapter fifteen

Maria drove up to her house and noticed a black car was following behind her. She opened the garage door and pulled inside then hurried and closed it. She pulled out her phone and was just about to send a text when she heard a motorcycle pull up into her drive way. She looked through the window to see Michael waiting there for her. She looked back over towards the street but the car that was following her was gone. She took in a deep breath, “Michael why are you here?” she asked him.

He pulled his helmet off and shrugged his shoulders, “You missed art class two days in a row.” he commented, “I just thought I would check in on you.”

Maria smiled, “That's really nice of you.” she told him then said, “Do you want to come inside?”

“I don't think so.” he told her then said, “I don't do so well with parents.”

She laughed, “Well I only have one parent and she is about to come backing out of the drive way any minutes yelling about being late.” she told him just as the door opened to the garage.

Mrs. De Luca stopped her car near Maria, “You were late again, now I am late.” she told her then said, “There's a large pizza on the counter and Pepsi in the fridge if your friend is staying for dinner with you.”

Maria shook her head, “Thanks mom.” she said, “Just so you know this is Michael.”

She looked at him and smiled, “Nice to meet you Michael.” she pulled down the drive way and then sped off.

Michael almost laughed, “That was your mom?” he asked Maria.

She shook her head, “Yeah, she can be a little scatter brained at times. We are working on that.” she told him then asked, “What do you say, large pizza and soda for dinner probably better then what ever your mom is going to make.”

Michael took in a deep breath, “I don't have a mom or a dad.” he told her, “Foster care.”

Maria leaned over toward him, “Well then pizza will definitely be better.”

He shook his head, “Ok fine.” he said as he followed her inside the house.

Maria put her stuff away and flipped on the kitchen light, “So can you answer a question for me?” she asked him.

He shook his head, “Depends on what the question is.”

“Relax its nothing private I just wondered since you were following me here from the Crashdown, did you happen to notice that other car that was following me as well?” she asked.

He shook his head, “No I didn't notice anyone else.” he lied. He did see a car pull out after she left, it was a black car with two guys in it. That was one of the reasons he followed after her. “So what kind of pizza do we have?”

“It will be cheese and pepperoni because that’s all that I like on pizza.” she told him.

He shook his head, “Exactly the way I like it, with the exception of one other ingredient.” he told her.

Maria reached into the fridge and pulled out a bottle of Tabasco sauce. “Normally I would think you were really weird for eating as much of this stuff as you do but in this case.” she said as she poured it unto her pizza, “I happen to agree its the best with that little extra kick.”

Michael took the bottle from her and poured it all over his pizza. He watched her as she walked into the living room and sat down to eat in front of the television. Truth was she was pretty cute and he had always been attracted to her. As they spent time together he actually found that he was enjoying himself.

“Where is your mom tonight anyway?” he asked her.

“Oh she had a party, she won't be home until late.” she told him.

“What does she do?” he asked her.

“She hosts parties and runs a health food store.” she told him. “Tonight’s party is a zombie theme I think she said.”

“So its a Halloween party?” he guessed.

“Yep.” she said as she finished the last bites of pizza.

“You said its just you and your mom, where is your dad?” he asked her.

She shrugged her shoulders, “That is a very good question, but the answer is long, dull, and boring.” was all she said then she asked, “What about you?”

He shook his had, “No parents.” he told her, “Like you said, a long, dull, and boring story.”

She smiled at him, “Michael why are you really here?” she asked him.

“I told you, I was just wondering what happened to you since you missed two days of school.” he told her.

“You know of course I don't believe a word of that right?” she said as she picked up the remote to the TV.

He shrugged his shoulders, “Its the truth, I just thought I would see how things are going.” he lied.

Maria got up and walked over to him, she sat down right next to him on the couch. “So you just waited around at the Crashdown for me to get back with Liz, then you followed me out to my car and followed me to my house just to ask me why I haven't been in class for two days?” she said softly as she leaned in closer and stared into his gorgeous green eyes.

Michael swallowed, his heart was racing and he couldn't explain why she was having such an affect on him. Having her so close was making him feel rather unnerved. He cleared his throat as he looked into her eyes, “umm yeah.” he mumbled softly.

Maria smiled, “Ok then.” she said as she turned and flipped through the movie guide, “Since you are here there is this movie I have been dying to watch, but I will admit, I am to afraid to do so on my own so you get to hang out and watch it with me.” she told him as she cued it up.

Michael shook his head, “Yeah sure.” he told her as she grabbed a blanket and pulled it up over her lap.

As the movie began to play she turned to him, “I must warn you I have been known to scream and jump frequently in these kinds of movies. So if I grab your hand or something you'll know why.”

Michael didn't say anything he just mumbled, “Whatever.” as the movie began he kept watching her out of the corner of his eye. She was actually pretty amazing, he liked the way she stood by her friend through all the craziness that was going on. He shook his head and took in a deep breath, he found himself wishing the movie would hurry up and get to the parts were she might grab hold of him, he suddenly found himself realizing he wouldn't mind holding her back.

Max waited until after his parents went into bed then he went to talk with Isabel, “Liz said they were at the Indian Reservation today.” he told her. “She was wearing this necklace, it had this really strange symbol carved into it. She said her friend gave it to her but she didn't mention the friends name. I recognize the symbol on the necklace as the same from the cave. I could feel that she was holding some things back, I think she wants to tell me but is afraid too.”

Isabel held her pillow in front of her, “So then Liz has been in contact with someone who knows about us.” she said.

Max shook his head, “I think so.” he told her then said, “Isabel I know that digging deeper into this scares you, but I think Michael is right, I think we have to.”

“Max I just don't want to lose what we have here.” she told him honestly, “I love mom and dad, this is my home.”

“Isabel I know this is home, but we come from some place else, don't you want to know who we are and why we were sent here?” he asked her.

She took his hand in hers, “Max now that you have Liz would you really still want to take off and leave if you had the chance?” she asked him. “Would you really want to go back to some distant planet and leave her behind? I know Michael would love a chance to leave, but I'm not like the two of you. I feel connected to mom and dad, I feel connected to people here.” she told him, “Don't you feel connected to Liz?”

Max took in a deep breath, “Yes I do feel connected to her and its amazing.” he said as he thought about how Liz made him feel. “But Isabel we made a promise to each other a long time ago when we first found Michael to help each other some day get home and I am still committed to that promise.”

Isabel eyes narrowed, “You would really do that to her?” she asked him feeling defensive for Liz's sake.

“Do what to who?” he asked her.

“Max I saw the two of you in her dream, I saw what happened and how she remembers what you did when you came to her that night.” she reminded him, “You told her you love her, Max even I believed that you love her but now hearing you say this I have to tell you I am confused.”

He shook his head, “I do care for Liz, ” he said as he thought about it, “but I know that you and Michael and getting home has to come first.” he told her. “I have never lost sight of that ever. Isabel it maybe that one day we won't be safe here and going home will be our only option.”

Isabel shook her head, she felt like she was beginning to understand, “So let me just ask you, what if Liz does remember who you are and she does fall in love with you. What if through all of this she turns to you and then you suddenly find your way home then way happens to her?” she asked him.

He suddenly felt very uncomfortable with the conversation, “Isabel I would never do anything to purposely hurt Liz,” he thought about her before he continued speaking, “I do love her, I do.” he insisted then said, “But there is something else out there pulling me toward it and I can't just ignore it.”

Isabel shook her head, “Then you need to break the connection you have with her, you need to really give her the choice based off all the information if she wants to ever be with you or not. Right now keeping this connection alive between the two of you its not ok. You know things about her that you shouldn't,” she told him.

“I know what I am doing.” he told her defensively, then he walked over toward the door to her room.

“Do you?” she asked him. “Max think about it, for Liz suddenly having someone swoop into her life and risk everything to save her then have this strong connection with her the way you do now its got to be intoxicating, its got to be exciting and thrilling, but at what point might she begin to lose herself in it all?” she asked him. “What is she left with when you decided its time to leave and she is alone?”

Max shook his head, “Its not like that, I would never use her and then just...”

“Max right now you know her heart, you know how she is feeling, you are seeing into the deepest parts of her and she doesn’t have a choice in what is happening. You can say and do things here to manipulate her feelings and actions with out her even knowing its happening. You control everything, you have all the power.” she warned him. “My guess is that’s pretty intoxicating for you too. The girl you have a crush on your whole life, the girl you love finally right there within your reach.”

Max didn't say anything more, he turned and went back to his own room. As he climbed into bed he felt frustrated, it wasn't like that with Liz. He wasn't controlling her, he wasn't trying to manipulate her. It was true he did spend more time reading her feelings and emotions and he was beginning to think if he tried hard enough he might be able to read her thoughts, but he had stopped himself from going that far. He closed his eyes and thought about Liz. He focused all of his energy and thoughts on her, he tried to imagine what she looked like when she was asleep. He tried to push the limits of their connection and suddenly he found himself in her room. He saw her there laying in her bed, she looked so beautiful, so peaceful. She was wearing a pale pink night shirt and her hair spread out across her pillow. He walked over and reached out his hand to gently brushed the hair away from her face. He caressed her cheek and thought about the things Isabel had said. He took in a deep breath, he couldn't bring himself to end that connection with her no matter what anyone said. She belonged with him.

Liz found herself struggling to stay awake as she sat in the doctors office. It was way to early but she didn't want to keep missing school so she forced herself to make it see Dr.Prictchard before her classes started. She had to shake her head several times to keep from nodding off. She was still feeling uneasy about seeing the doctor. What if he wanted to exam her, how would she explain the hand print on her chest. She took in a deep breath and tried to focus, her head was so foggy this morning. She didn't sleep well again and had the strangest dreams of Max being in her room with her, it was like he was there but not fully there. The dream seemed so real, she even imagined that he touched her cheek and brushed his hand through her hair. It was the sound of Dr. Pritchard voice that made her jump and brought her out of her thoughts.

“Liz, how are you doing this morning?” he asked her as he opened the door to his waiting room.

“I am a little bit sleepy.” she told him.

“Well it is early.” he told her then said, “come on in to the exam room one.” he motioned for her to follow him.

Liz followed him into the examination room and waited as he closed the door. “Thanks for seeing me so early before classes, I really don't want to miss any more school then I have to.”

“Its no problem.” he told her. “So Liz I asked your mom to come in here to see how you have been doing? You went through a pretty traumatic event how are you holding up?” he asked.

She took in a deep breath, “I still don't really remember what happened, but I have been feeling fine.” she told him then said, “I have been a little dizzy and tired though. I haven't said anything to my parents, but my vision has blurred a few times. I was thinking maybe I have the flue or something?”

He shook his head, “Ok.” he said as he walked over and pulled out a stethoscope to listen to her heart. “I will need you to take off your hoodie so I can listen to your heart.” he told her.

She bit her bottom lip, “Its actually kind of cold in here can't I just leave it on?” she asked.

Dr. Pritchard eyes narrowed, “Is there any reason you don't want to take off the hoodie Liz?” he asked her. “The temperature in here is at least 74 degrees I find it hard to believe you would be cold.”

She tried to think of what to say next, “Actually doctor I did something really stupid.” she told him.

Dr. Pritchard smiled, “What might that be?” he asked as he walked over to the window and closed the blinds.

Liz didn't notice what he was doing, “I let my friend Maria give me one of those dumb temporary tattoos kind of as a joke.” she told him as she took her hoodie off to reveal the faint glow of the hand print through her top.

He walked over the cabinet and pulled out a needle, “Well we all do silly things, it is strange though that the sheriff said a nurse saw it before you were released from the hospital.” he told her.

Liz heart was pounding in her chest, “He did?” she asked him as she thought about running.

The doctor walked back up behind her with the needle in his hand, “He did and that’s why I have to do this.” he told her as he came back around and shoved the needle into her shoulder near her neck.

Liz didn't even have time to react as her body fell forward and she slipped into unconsciousness. Dr. Pritcard walked over to her and laid her back onto the exam table. He pulled open her jacket, he could see the glowing hand print just beneath her blouse. “This should have disappeared by now.” he mumbled to himself, “The link he created must have been very strong.” he said as he looked up into Liz's face, “You must mean a great deal for him to risk his life like this.” he said out loud as he held his hand out over Liz's chest and closed his eyes. He focused all of his energy as rays of light shot out from his hand and into her. Liz's jumped and her body reacted to the pain as he continued the process. Moments later he opened his eyes and smiled, “That ought to put the sheriff off for awhile.” he said as he looked to make sure the hand print was completely gone. He took in a deep breath and placed both hands over the sides of her head, and again he closed his eyes and began slowly probing her brain, as he watched the images flash before him, he smiled, “Of course it was Max. His healing abilities have become truly impressive.” he said as he continued scanning her mind. “This is better then I could have hoped for.” Once he was done he walked over and took a vile from the cabinet then went back over to her, he carefully held the tube up to her arm and took a small sample of the blood. “Lets see what kind of changes are happening.” he mumbled as he walked over to the microscope on the counter to examine her blood. He looked closely and shook his head, “Truly this is better then I could have ever hoped for.” He walked back over to Liz and put his hand along side her head, again he closed his eyes and focused, his hand began to glow, “Liz can you hear me?” he asked her.

“Yes.” she responded without opening her eyes.

“Very good.” he said, “Can you tell me who it was that healed you?” he asked her.

She shook her head, “I can't tell.” she told him.

“But you know who it was don't you.” he suggested, “Deep down you are beginning to remember who it was that came to you that night at the hospital.”

Liz shook her head, “Yes...” she answered simply.

“Something is upsetting you though isn't it Liz, something about that night frightens you and its keeping you from truly remembering.” he said as he searched through her deepest memories.

“Yes.” she said as tears filled her eyes. “I don't want to remember, I don't want to know because...”

Dr. Pritchard took in a deep breath, “Because knowing will lead you to another question that your not fully ready to face isn't that right?” he said.

Liz nodded her head, “Yes.”

He pressed deeper, “Tell me Liz what is that other question?”

As tears streamed down her face she whispered softly, “How.”

Dr Pritchard could see she was becoming more upset, “It's alright Liz. The how isn't as terrifying as you imagine.” he told her as he whispered into her ear, “You won't remember any of this ever happening. You will wake up and feel completely happy and content knowing that the hand print just vanished on its own this morning. It will be one last thing you will have to worry about.” He told her placing the suggestion deep inside her mind. He opened his eyes and walked over to the window to open the blinds. Then he came back over to Liz, he sat her up and put the stethoscope up to her back, then he said in a loud commanding voice, “Liz can you take in a deep breath for me please.” he told her as her eyes popped open.

Liz took in a series of deep breaths then waited as he finished the exam. “Well how am I doing?” she asked completely unaware of what had just happened.

He walked back over to the chair, “Liz you are healthy as any other teenager.” he told her, “Now your mom mentioned some bad dreams, I don't want you to worry about them. Dreams are funny things, our minds have a way of taking things that happen in our day to day lives and making them seem much bigger then they really are.”

She shook her head, “I realize that.” she told him.

He smiled, “Now about these dizzy spells, and blurred vision you mentioned, I don't want you to worry about that. I think with all the stress you have been under and the fact that you haven't been sleeping so well plays a part into it. Of course when we go through major life changing events there are bound to be some changes that happen. Try not to be afraid or anxious. Get some extra rest, and do your best to take care of yourself, drink more fluids to stay hydrated.” he told her then said, “Well its getting late, I better get you out of here so you can make it to school on time.”

Liz stood up and walked over toward the door, “Thank you Dr. Pritchard.” she told him as she left. She was so glad that the hand print had finally disappeared that morning before she came.

He watched as she walked out of the office, then he took out his cell phone and made a call, “Hello.” he said then went on, “Yes I just saw her.” he told him. “No she won't remember a thing, I used a mild sedative so she would not feel any pain as I removed the hand print. I also took some blood samples and scanned her brain.” he told him. “No there do not appear to be any side effects or issues with her health so far, but changes are happening. Her mind is adjusting exactly as we hoped it would.” he said, “Yes it was as I suspected, it was Max that healed her. His powers have become very impressive and the connection between them is actually still very strong. That is the only thing that concerns me. Max is holding that link between the two of them, if she should suddenly reject it I am not sure what it might do to her.” he told him, “Yes have him watch her closely at the school just to be safe. The sheriff could be a further threat if we are not careful, but I think even when she does remember that it was Max who came to the hospital she will do everything she can to protect him although she does struggle with some lingering fear.” he told him. “Yes I will be in touch soon.” he said then hung up the phone. He took in a deep breath, then he walked over and collected the vile of blood, the slid, and the injection needle he used on Liz he placed them all inside the sink and held his hand out over them. His hand began to glow as energy shot out and incinerated them instantly.

(thank you for the replies. It is very encouraging to me. Just to answer a question I was asked, yes you will notice that some characters will be a little different then they were on the show. I hope that will not detract from the story for anyone. )
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Re: What If (CC) teen 10/18/13 Chapter 16

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Chapter sixteen

Maria woke up in her room and looked around puzzled at how she got there. The last thing she remembered was watching a scary movie with Michael on the couch. She took in a deep breath and got up, she was still in her clothes from the night before, she smiled, he must of put her in bed before he left. After she took her shower she went out into the kitchen, there was a note on the table, “thanks for the pizza and letting me crash on your couch.” was scribbled across it. She got her breakfast as her mom came out of her room, “So how did your party go?” she asked her.

“It was great.” she told her, “Everyone had a great time and I got four more bookings out of it.”

Maria smiled, “That is great news mom.” she told her.

“So how did things go with your friend last night? I saw him sleeping on the couch.” she asked, “Is this a new boyfriend perhaps?”

Maria shook her head, “No, he is a friend, we watched movies and ate pizza.” she told her.

Amy smiled, “But you do like this boy, I can tell.” she said.

Maria took in a deep breath, “Michael is a nice guy and he can be kind of fun to hang out with, but as I said we are friends nothing more. Nothing happened, and nothing is going to happen.” she told her as she finished eating her cereal.

Amy walked over and began brewing her coffee, “Maria as I have told you before its your life you have to live it, I can only offer you guidance along the way.” she told her, “I just want you to know that if it goes beyond friendship with Michael and he moves into the rank of boyfriend, I have always trusted you and will continue to trust you to do what is best for you.” she told her.

Maria shook her head, “Mom why can't you just be like every other mother and tell me no boyfriend sleep overs.” she told her as she put her cereal bowl into the dish washer and headed toward her room.

Amy called out, “Because I don't want to be every other mom I want us to be friends. Besides I want you to feel free to make your own life decisions good or bad they have to be yours.” she yelled out after her. “Some day you will thank me.”

Maria shook her head, “No some day, I hope you finally grow up.” she mumbled under her breath as she got dressed for school.

Liz was sitting with Alex in second period, “so how are things?” he asked her. “Kind of feel like we haven't connected as much lately.”

Liz leaned over and placed her head on his shoulder, “Oh Alex, I am sorry I guess I have been kind of out of sorts.” she told him.

He gently knocked his head against her, “You feeling alright?” he asked her. “You seem kind of down.”

She took in a deep breath, “Yeah I guess I am a little. I haven't been sleeping very well and I have had a lot on my mind.” she told him.

“Well that’s understandable you just went through a pretty traumatic thing.” he told her. “I hope you know you can trust me, I am always here for you if you need to talk.” he reminded her.

She thought about telling him everything that had been going on. Alex was always so steady, so sure, the voice of reason in their little group. She could really use that in her life right now. Both her and Maria tended to let their hearts rule them, but Alex was always thinking and she missed not having that input in her life. “Maybe we could hang out later if you want to come over. My dad still hasn't finished the Crashdown remolding but we could still get him to make us some burgers and maybe catch up.” she suggested. Maybe she could tell him the truth about what happened he would keep it secret, he had always been there for her in the past.

He shook his head and smiled, “I would really like that.” he told her.

She started to feel a bit better when one of the student aids came through the door. He walked over to the teacher and handed her a note, “Miss Parker you are wanted in the principles office.” she told her.

She looked over at Alex and then gathered up her things and made her way to the office. “Miss Parker sit down here.” the secretary told her. Liz looked out the window and saw the sheriffs car in the parking lot. She knew he was there and going to question her again, she took in a deep breath and just tried to keep calm.

“You can go in now.” the secretary told her.

She picked up her back pack and went into the office, she stopped abruptly when she saw the sheriff sitting in the principles desk. “Miss Parker I have a few more questions for you.” he told her as he lifted his briefcase from the floor and placed it on his desk.

Liz shook her head, “I don't have anything new to tell you sheriff. As I told you two days ago I don't remember anything else from that night.” she told him then said, “I remember both my dad and Mr. Evans saying that they wanted to be here if you asked me any further questions.”

“I don't think that’s necessary for them to be here Liz, after all I am just asking a few friendly questions, its not like your under any kind of investigation or you have anything you are trying to hide, right?” he told her.

Liz took in a deep breath, “No I don't have anything to hide.” she told him as she sat down.

The sheriff leaned forward in his chair and looked at her intently, “Liz I went back over to the hospital and talked with another one of the nurses on duty. Her name was Colleen, she was the head nurse that night and she mentioned some interesting things that just didn't sit right with me.”

Liz shook her head, “I have already told you I don't remember anything that happened that night.”

“Yes I remember you said that, but Nurse Colleen told me that she also heard you calling out to someone when you came to, she said you were calling for Max.” the sheriff told her.

Liz took in a deep breath, “I don't remember doing that.” she told him.

“Well since you can't remember and she does clearly remember you calling out for someone by the name of Max can you tell me why you would do that?” he asked her.

“You have already asked me this twice before.” Liz tried to keep her heart from racing,“ and nothing has changed, since I don't remember doing it in the first place then I can't possibly give you a definitive answer as to why.” she told him.

He opened up his files and read over some notes, “Maria said Max Evans was the first one over to you after you were shot.” he said then added, “Maybe he came to the hospital later to see you and that is why were you calling his name.”

“Or maybe I was dreaming.” she stuck to her story.

He seemed like he was getting annoyed, “Would you say that Max and you are good friends?” he asked her.

Liz swallowed and tried to keep her nerves under control, “Max is my friend yes.”

“Good enough friends that you might lie for him.” he suggested.

“Sheriff I don't understand what you are trying to imply. I am not lying for Max or anyone else.” she told him.

“Did you know that Michael Gurien came to the hospital the next morning to see you?” he asked then commented, “Michael is Max best friend isn't he?”

Liz shrugged her shoulders, “Yes Michael and Max are friends.” she told him then said, “But I didn't know Michael came by to see me. I went home early that morning so I don't know who came to the hospital besides, Maria, Alex, and my mom and dad.”

“Would you say that you are close friends with Michael Guerin?” he asked her ignoring everything else she said.

Liz shook her head, “No but he is a friend of Maria's so maybe he came by to give her support.” she lied.

The sheriff opened another folder, “There is something else. When I spoke with nurse Colleen she remembered something rather odd. She remembered that when she took your vitals the morning that you were released she saw something on your chest, some kind of strange marking...” he said waiting to see her reaction. “She said it almost looked like a hand print right over where the gunshot wound had been.”

Liz shrugged her shoulders and laughed, “Not sure what your talking about sheriff. I don't have any kind of strange markings on my chest. If I did, I think I would know about it.” she told him feeling very relieved that it was gone.

“Well I am going to need to see for myself...” he told her.

Liz shook her head, “No, I am not going to lift my shirt and show you anything, especially not with out my parents being here.” she told him standing her ground. She was actually shocked that he would even suggest such a thing.

“Miss Parker I would like to show you something...” he told her as he opened up another file and pulled out several photos. He slid them across the top of the desk for her to see, “each one of these people were killed under strange circumstance here in Roswell. The coroner said that each one died of internal injuries that he couldn't explain the only thing all of them had in common was this strange marking on their bodies.” he told her pointing to one of the photos.

Liz looked at the photograph closely, she saw the hand print, it was just like the one she had on her chest. She felt her heart begin to beat faster. “I don't understand what any of this has to do with me.” she told him. She looked at the dates on the photos they different. Some went all that way back to 1948 while the latest photo was dated 2001.

“Miss Parker these people were all killed in very strange circumstances, they all had families and friends that cared about them deeply and we just never could give them any answers to why their loved ones died so needlessly, but based on what the nurse on duty described seeing on your chest that morning I believe we may be able change that after all these years.” he told her.

Liz shook her head, “This has nothing to do with me sheriff.” she told him again.

He was angry, he sifted through several of the photo's, “Do you see this young woman Liz?” he demanded as he pushed the photo closer to her, “Her name was Jamie, and she was only twenty-six years old when she was killed. She had her entire life in front of her waiting to be lived but someone or something took that from her.” he went through the pile of photo's again and pulled out one of a young police officer, “This was my partner, his name was Billy, he had two young kids, and a wife waiting for him to come home,but he never made it because during a routine traffic stop he was killed instantly right in front of my eyes. This same mark was left on his chest that you have on yours.” he told her as he pushed the rest toward her, “None of these people deserved to die.” He leaned in closer and demanded, “Now you are going to show me that mark on your chest and tell me what happened that night at the hospital. Who came to see you, who healed you, and why!”

Liz was quiet, she tried to stay calm, but she wasn't sure what she should do in that moment. It was clear something had happened to those people in the photo's but she just couldn't believe that Max, if it really were Max would ever have anything to do with killing innocent people. The sheriff slammed his hand down on the desk and shook his head, “I don't understand Miss Parker how you can sit there and look at these photos of innocent people murdered in cold blood and say nothing! I almost wonder if someone is some how controlling you!” he snapped at her.

Liz bit her lip she glanced down at the pictures again then she looked back over at the sheriff and politely told him, “Sheriff Valenti I am not sure what it is you are looking for, but I can't help you. I honestly do not remember anything about what happened that night except for what others have told me. You can call me a liar if you want to but I haven't done anything wrong, and I certainly don't have to take off my shirt and show you my chest. I do know my rights and you can not force me to do so.” she told him. “If you do try to force me to take off my shirt even with the nurse present I demand my mother and father be called right now and this interview stop until they are here and aware of what is happening.” she told him.

The sheriff was angry that his bluff didn't work. “I am not going to let this drop Liz and neither will the people who took your hospital records. I'm going to be watching you and so will they.” he warned her.

Liz summoned all the courage she had, “That really almost sounds like a threat sheriff. This is all starting to feel like intimidation to me and as you already said I am not under any kind of investigation. I wonder what the voters of this town would say about a sheriff who drags underage teenage girls into his office with out their parents knowledge and then threatens them for refusing to remove their clothes.” she told him.

“That’s not what happened here Liz and you know it.” the sheriff told her feeling agitated at her suggesting such a thing.

“Sheriff I am sorry for your partner and for all the other people in those photo's but I told you that has nothing to do with me. Some of those pictures are of people who died before I was even born.” she got to her feet and walked over to the door, “I'm not going to say anything to my parents about what happened here today, but if you keep coming after me like this I will tell them, I will tell Kyle, and I will tell all those reporters too that you are obsessed with making what happened to me into something other then what it was.”

The sheriff stood up and shook his head, “and just what is that Miss Parker? How do you explain what happened to you?”

Liz smiled sweetly, “I don't have to sheriff explain anything to you or anyone else.” she told him trying to hide how upset she really was, “But I will tell you what I believe, I believe it was a miracle, my parents said they prayed for a miracle and that’s all it was...just a really wonderful miracle.” she told him as she opened the door and left. Her hands were shaking as she walked towards the door and opened it. She was completely freaking out on the inside but knew she had to keep it together. She was surprised to see Maria, sitting just outside the office waiting to be called in next. She went to go over and talk with her but the the secretary stopped her, “You need to go back to class Miss Parker.” then she turned to Maria, “Miss Deluca your next.”

The sheriff stood just inside the door and waited as Maria came inside, “Thank you...” he said as he thumbed through some papers, “I just have a few more questions for you. I spoke with Liz already and she told me some very interesting things.” he lied. “So now lets hear what you have to say.” he smiled, “Lets start with how often does Max Evans come into the Crashdown?”

Maria thought about it for a moment as she sat down, “He comes in sometimes.”

“Does he come in often?” the sheriff asked her again.

“At least a few days a week.” Maria told him then she said, “But then so do a lot of the high school kids. For instance Kyle comes in at least three times a week also.”

The sheriff shook his head, “But I am not asking you about Kyle.” he told her then said, “Max come in often enough that you would recognize him?” he asked her.

Maria nodded her head, “yes.”

“Did you see Max at the at the hospital at all during the time you were waiting for word on Miss Parker condition?” The sheriff asked her.

“No I did not see him there. Alex and I were there and her parents, but I don't remember seeing anyone else.” she told him.

The sheriff leaned back in his chair, “You and Liz are best friends right?”

“yeah” she answered back.

“You tell each other secrets..” he said.

Maria smiled, “That is what best friends generally do.”

“How would you say she feels about Max Evans?” he asked her.

Maria didn't say anything for a minute, “I'm not sure I understand your question?”

The sheriff took in a deep breath and leaned forward, “I am asking Miss Deluca, has Liz ever expressed any feelings for Max Evans?”

Maria hesitated, “That is very personal question.” she told him

“Has she or hasn't she ever expressed having feelings for Max Evans of a romantic nature?” the sheriff repeated the question again.

Maria shook her head, “I don't see how answering that question would have anything to do with finding who shot her.”

The sheriff eyes narrowed, “Miss Deluca I can hold you here for impeding my investigation.” he warned her. “Now I am going to ask you one more time, has Liz Parker ever expressed feeling for Max Evans?”

“Sheriff I am not comfortable answering that question and I'm not going to. If you want to arrest me I get one phone call, I want to call Mr. Evans.” she told him not giving into his intimidation.

The sheriff took in a deep breath, “What about the mark on Liz chest did she tell you about that?” he asked her.

Maria eyes narrowed, “What mark would that be sheriff?” she asked pretending not to know.

“The hand print on her chest, did Liz tell you how it got there?” he asked her.

Maria shrugged her shoulders, “I don't know what your talking about.” she lied. She knew he was just trying to catch her off guard and that there was no way Liz would have said anything to him about the hand print.

The sheriff shook his head and looked over his notes, “Maybe she isn't telling you everything Miss Deluca, maybe you don't know friend as well as you think you do.” he said trying to create some division between herself and Liz, “Did you know Michael came to check up on Liz the morning that she went home from the hospital?”

Maria shook her head, “No I didn't know that either.”

“Well he did, he came there just after Liz was released to go home.” he told her, “Don't you think that is strange that he would come all the way down to the hospital to check up on someone that he isn't even really friends with?

“No not really.” she told him, “Michael could have been there for another reason that morning?” she commented.

The sheriff leaned forward, “Really what might that reasons be?” he asked her.

She smiled, “He might have been there looking for me.” she told him.

“Are you telling me that you and Michael Guerin are dating?” he asked her. “That he came there to see you and not to pick up Max Evans.”

Maria shrugged her shoulders, “Michael was there for me sheriff, not anyone else just me.” she told him as she got up and walked over to the door. “I'm going to go back to class now because I have a test that I don't want to have to make up unless you want to explain to my mom why I was being questioned with out her knowledge and permission?” she told him.

The sheriff took in a deep breath, “Liz is your friend isn't she?” he said finally.

Maria nodded her head, “We have already established that.” she told him.

“Yes, well just be careful that what your doing here is really helping her.” he told her, “there are people out there that want to keep this as quiet as she does but for way different reasons. People who might just end up hurting your friend.” he told her, “She doesn't understand what it is she is protecting.”

Maria took in a deep breath and nodded her head, “You have a good day sheriff.” was all she said as she walked out of the office. She looked over at the secretary, “Yeah yeah I know I need to get back to class.” she mumbled as she walked past her.

Liz was heading back to class when she suddenly got really dizzy. She kept thinking about the pictures the sheriff had shown her about all those people who had been killed. What if he was right and the person who had helped her was the same person who had killed those people. She felt her heart racing as fear began to rise up inside her. Suddenly the connection she had with him made her feel very fear full and trapped. As she walked down the hall she could feel the room spinning all around her and her vision began to blur, making it almost impossible to see. She felt like she was going to pass out when she suddenly felt someone grab her hold of her. “Liz you feeling alright?” she heard someone say to her.

She turned to look at who it was but she couldn't see clearly, suddenly her hearing seemed off. “I don't know..” she mumbled as she tried to focus. “Whats happening to me.” she said as the dizziness got worse and she felt herself loosing her balance.

“Liz you are really sick.” he said as he felt her forehead, “You have a fever. I have to get you to my dad” She heard him say as she struggled to stay conscious.
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Re: What If (CC) teen 10/18/13 Chapter 17

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Chapter Seventeen

Maria just came out of the principles office and was walking down the hall when she ran into Michael, “Seriously are you just following me all the time now?” she teased him.

“Yeah cause I don't have anything better to do.” he told her. He took her hand in his and pulled her along with him to the end of the hallway, “So what did the sheriff want?” he asked her. “I saw his car in the parking lot, he's the one who called you into the office ugh?”

Maria shook her head, “Yes it was the sheriff. He wanted to ask more questions again.” she told him.

“What kind of questions?” he asked her.

“He wanted to know about Liz and if she has feeling for Max?” she told him.

Michael took in a deep breath, “Does she?” he asked her.

Maria thought about it for a moment then looked at him intently in the eyes, “Yes she does.” she told him. “Does Max have feelings for Liz?”

Michael shook his head, “Pretty much.” he admitted. “What does it matter to the sheriff if they have the hots for each other?”

“I think he is trying to prove that Max was at the hospital that night.” she told him. “He thinks someone came to the hospital and healed Liz, and he thinks that someone was Max.”

“Why would he think that?” Michael asked. “That doesn't even make sense. No one could do something like that.”

“I know that is what Liz and I have been saying, but he has lost it or something.” Maria took in a deep breath, “Oh you should know he asked about you too.” she told him.

“What did he ask about me?” He asked her.

He wanted to know why you came by the hospital that morning, he wanted to know if I thought you came to pick up Max.” she told him. “He asked me if Max was at the hospital that night.”

Michael shook his head, “What did you tell him?” he asked her.

Maria watched him closely, “I told him I didn't see Max, because I didn't.” she told him.

“What did you tell him about me?” he asked her.

“Liz told him you were there because of me. She said that you came over to check up on me and make sure I was alright.”

“Maria I...” he started to say when she interrupted him.

“Don't worry, I know that's not why you were really there. I just wanted you to know in case he ever says anything to you.” she said as she started to walk away. She got a few steps from him then turned and asked, “Come to think of it, why were you there that morning? You and Liz aren't close friends, so why come down and check up on her?”

He took in a deep breath, “I was checking up on her because of Max. He has had a major crush on her for a really long time and he was pretty devastated about what happened. I went down to find out what I could for him.” he told her.

“I thought it was probably something like that.” she said trying to hide her disappointment. She waited until he was gone then she pulled her phone from her pocket and sent a text to Liz. “Meet me so we can talk.”

Liz tried to keep focused, but the pain was getting worse.“Please just get Maria. She will know what to do, she will explain everything.” she tried to tell him as she felt two strong arms scoop her up and hold on tight to her. “You can't take me to the hospital.” she moaned as the pain intensified.

“Don't worry Liz, you will be fine. I know exactly where to go for help, you will be safe I promise you.” he told her. He made sure no one saw him as carried out to his car. He carefully placed her into the passenger seat then got in. He closed his eyes and focused his energy on communicating to his dad, “Harold, I have Liz with me, but she isn't doing so good.” he told him telepathically. “I am bringing her to the house, she is in a lot of pain.”

Liz struggled to stay conscious, but the pain in her head was getting worse. She looked up at him, the harder she tried to focus the worse the pain got. “Where are you taking me?” she asked him.

“I'm going to get you help.” he told her as he drove the car away from the school parking lot. A short time later he drove up a long drive way and pulled the car into the garage. He got out and carried Liz into the house and down the hallway. “Harold!” he called out as he carried her over through the hallway and through a set of solid wooden doors. She tried to look around but her vision was so blurry that nothing looked familiar. He carried into a room with a large desk and several sets of bookshelves all along the back wall. He walked over toward the fireplace and pushed back on one of the books, as he did a hidden doorway opened.

Liz saw someone step out from the doorway, she tried to focus on who it was but the pain was to intense. All she could see were lights and warped movements around her. “Please help me.” she cried.

“What happened to her?” Harold asked him as he led the way down a flight of stairs.

“I don't know. I saw her walking in the hall, she said she was dizzy, her vision is blurred and she is in and out of consciousness.”

“Lay her over here and then get me that tray over on the counter.” Harold pointed to table just, as he hurried over and grabbed a medical pack from the cabinet. “Dr. Pritchard said that the changes were already beginning to happen.” he told him.

“What changes are we talking about exactly?” he asked him as he laid Liz down on the exam table.

“When Max healed her, he brought her back from the point of death. The two of them were connected in such a way that his life force mingled with hers.” Harold told him, “I know that sounds confusing but it really is the only way I can explain it to you.” he said as he took the needle from the tray and inserted it into the vain on her arm, “Liz's brain is undergoing some very drastic changes, in fact the entire way her brain functions will begin to work differently when the process is complete. Of course this is new territory for all of us, so we are learning as we go.” he told him as he took out a syringe and injected the medication into the IV. “I think we can get her comfortable by slowing the brains activity for awhile. It should help ease the pain. Of course she has no idea what is happening to her and I think that is why she is suffering from so much pain.”

“What do you mean?” he asked him.

“Think of it this way, right now her brain is reacting to foreign stimulus. It doesn't know where it is coming from or why it is there so it is reacting to protect itself by rejecting what is happening. Fighting against the changes going on.” he explained.

Liz felt like she was burning up and the pain in her head continued to get worse. She knew they were talking about her but she could only make out bits of what they were saying. Everything around her seemed off and distorted. She tried to open her eyes and focus but the pain was to intense. She could feel herself slipping further into darkness. She was afraid, “Please stay with me.” she cried as he took her hand in his.

“Liz I promise you will be alright.” he told her as he held her hand tight. Moments later she drifted off to sleep. Harold looked over at the monitors, her blood pressure was coming down and her heart rate was becoming normal, but her hands and arms began sparking short bursts of electoral magnetic energy all around her. “She may end up having some of the same abilities as the rest of you.” he commented.

“What did you give her?” he asked him as he let her hand go and stepped back from her.

“I gave her morphine for the pain and to dull the activity in the brain for now. Think of it like a kind of slow down switch” he explained.

“She will be alright won't she?” he asked him.

“I hope she will. I think if she knew what was happening to her, if she understood it would help the situation. Right now she is frightened and I think it is making it all the more difficult because she doesn't really know what is happening.”

“Max has to tell her the truth. He has to tell her what is going on.” he told him.

Harold took in a deep breath, “I doubt even he understands what is happening right now. Remember the three of them were not raised as you were. They have no real memories of who they were or where they came from. It was by pure chance that the Evan's brought Isabel and Max to Dr. Pritchard in the first place, if they hadn't we probably still wouldn't know where the the three of them were.”

He closed his eyes and thought about Isabel, “I would have known.” he mumbled to himself.

Harold looked over at his son, “Yes I believe you would have.” he sighed. “Your telepathic abilities have increased in strength so much over the last few years.”

“Dad I know you want to protect me and the others, but I think its time to arrange a meeting. I think its time that we come out of the shadows at least with each other. Liz needs answers from Max and I can help him reach out to her.”

Harold shook his head, “Its not safe.” he warned him.

He took in a deep breath and shook his head, “I have been able to connect with some of the others telepathically with no problems. We have been safe so far.”

“We have been lucky so far.” he corrected him, “You know Nascedo is out there searching for Max and if he finds him he will do whatever he has to, to turn him over to Khavar. If Khavar finds Max and gets his hands on the granilith then all hope for my planet is lost.”

He took in a deep breath, “Yes and I know if your government finds us then all hope for my people is lost as well.” he told him.

“Then you know how dangerous and serious this situation is.” he said.

“I know, but maybe Liz is the link we have been waiting for. Max has very strong feelings for her, he would never betray her now and do anything to jeopardize the people of Earth.” He told him then said, “Dad we can't keep Max in the dark where Liz is concerned. It's to risky, it will attract even more attention from the sheriff and who knows how Max will react if he thinks something has happened to her. If the connection he has with her is as strong a link as you suspect then he probably already knows something is going on with her.” he told him. “Let me make contact with Isabel first. I can speak with her telepathically with out revealing who I am. I will let her know Liz is safe and we can go from there.”

Harold took in a deep breath, “You have to be careful one wrong move and this could all blow up in our faces.” he warned him.

“I will be careful I promise.” he told him.

Harold hesitated, “What about Maria and Liz's parents?”

“I'm not sure how to handle that exactly.” he told him. “But I am working on it.”

“I will agree to this because if we don't Max probably will do something on his own that will only draw even more attention to himself and because the sheriff isn't backing off but be careful.” he told him.

Max suddenly felt very dizzy, he knew something was wrong with Liz but he didn't know what. He grabbed his books and slipped out of class. He forced himself to fight off the effects Liz was suffering from as he ducked into the eraser room closet and locked the door. He tried to block out what was happening but the connection between them was so strong. His slumped down to the floor as his head exploded with pain, he knew it was coming from Liz. He tried to focus, he tried to connect with her but the more he did the worse he felt. Finally he pulled back and gave up trying to connect with her altogether, as he did the pain eased and he was able to focus again. He knew she was hurting and that something was very wrong but he had no idea where she was or who might be with her. His heart was pounding as he got back to his feet and shook off the last effects of what Liz was going through. The bell rang as he headed down the hall looking for Michael and Isabel. He went to their lockers, “I think Liz is in some kind of trouble.” he told them as he walked up.

Isabel eyes narrowed, “What are you talking about?” she asked him as she turned and looked at him. “Max what happened to you?” she asked shocked out how he looked.

“Before in class I was feeling really sick and I had to leave.” he told her.

Isabel shook her head, “But we don't get sick.” she told him as she put her hand up to his forehead to see if he had a fever.

Michael knew what he was talking about, “Yeah but Liz Parker can and does get sick.” he said as he followed Max out into the quad.

“So what does Liz being sick have to do with Max?” Isabel asked as she tried to keep up with them both.

“Because of the connection I have with her, there have been a few instances when she has had blurred visions, and dizziness that effected me too.” Max told her. “Michael knows about it because when it happened last time he was there.”

“Last time?” she snapped at him, “This has happened to you before and you didn't tell me?”

Max took in a deep breath as he sat down at the table, “Isabel don't make a bigger deal out of it then it is.” he told her. “I'm fine now, its Liz I am concerned about. I can't connect to her fully. When I try the pain intensifies. I am worried about her. I need to find her. I need to make sure she is alright.”

Isabel could see how upset he was, “Maria might know something.” she told him. “Michael could talk to her.

Michael shook his head, “Sure why not, apparently she and I are dating now anyway.” he told them sarcastically.

“What do you mean the two of you are dating?” Isabel asked, “When did this happen?”

“It happened when the sheriff came to the school this morning pulled Liz from her classes and demanded more answers. Apparently he wanted to know why I was there that morning, he was pressing her saying that I was there to pick up Max because he was the one there and she told him I was there for Maria.” He told her.

Isabel shook her head, “So what about Maria?” she asked him “What she going to say about this?”

Michael took in a deep breath, “She told him the same thing when he called her in after he finished badgering Liz.” he told her then said, “Don't worry about it Maria fine, she knows I was there to find out about Liz for Max.”

Isabel took in a deep breath, “Both her and Liz are protecting you two for a reason and I think we all need to lay our cards on the table especially if Liz is getting sick.” she told them, “Max what if your healing her is the cause of her getting sick, she must be so afraid, so confused right now.”

Max took in a deep breath, “don't you think I know that.” he said as he got up and walked away toward the parking lot. He already felt guilty for what Liz was going through he didn't need Isabel reminding him.

Isabel shook her head in frustration, “Michael talk to Maria then come by the house and let us know what you find out.” she said as she gathered up her stuff and followed after Max.

Maria walked out unto the quad and sat down at their usual table and waited to see if Liz might show up. She had been sending her texts and calling her since she finished up with the sheriff but still there was no response. She sat there trying to fight off the overwhelming feeling that something was wrong. She glanced down at her phone and then over toward Michael. He was sitting alone looking over at her.
She heard the door open and looked up to see if it was Liz but it wasn't.

“Since your my girlfriend now, I figured I probably should come over and sit with you.” Michael told her as he sat down next to her.

She looked up and him and shook her head, “You don't know have to play the part. The sheriff isn't around right now.” she told him.

Michael leaned over and whispered, “You look upset, what's going on?” he asked her ignoring what she said about the sheriff, “Is it Liz, did one of the teachers give her a hard time again?”

“I don't think so.” She took in a deep breath, “I was wondering if Max had mentioned hearing from Liz today?” she asked him.

Michael shook his head, “No I don't think he has seen her, because he was just asking Isabel and I if we have seen her at school.” he told her.

Maria glanced down at her phone again, “I haven't heard from her.” she told him.

Michael looked into her eyes, “Maybe she wanted to get away, you said a lot has been going on. Maybe she went to visit with those friends again.” he commented.

Maria shook her head, “Yeah maybe.”

Michael looked up and saw Alex coming toward them, “I should go. Don't worry Liz will be fine.” he told her as he got up and walked away.

Maria watched him go then turned her attention back toward Alex, “hey.”

Alex sat down, “So I was hoping I might get to eat lunch with you and Liz today and instead I find you with Michael Gurien. That’s knew.” he told her.

Maria shrugged her shoulders, “Michael and I are friends.” was all she said.

Alex shook his head, “Kind of like Max and Liz are now friends.” he said sarcastically. “So where is Liz? She was here this morning.”

Maria looked back down at her phone, “Um I am not sure actually where she is at the moment.” she admitted.

Alex's eyes narrowed, “She was in second period with me, then she got called in to see the principle.”

Maria shook her head, “She didn't go see the principle it was the sheriff using his office.”

Alex shook his head, “How do you know that for sure?” he asked him.

Maria took in a deep breath, “Because he called me in to see him too.” she looked down at her phone again.

Alex could see she was upset, “Maria what is going on?” he asked her. “Why do I get the feeling that something is wrong and your not telling me?”

She shook her head, “No everything is fine.” she lied.

Alex wouldn't let it drop, “Maria I can see everything is not fine. You and Liz are my best friends, when something happens that effects one of us, it effects all of us so tell me what is going on.”

She looked over toward the door and then back down at her phone, “Its just that the sheriff has been really crazy with his questioning of us and now Liz isn't answering any of my texts. I am just worried she got upset but its probably nothing.” she told him.

“Maybe we should call her parents.” he suggested.

Maria didn't know what to do, “Maybe.” she said as she glanced down at her phone again.

“What did Michael say, I know Max and Liz have gotten a lot closer lately. She told me the two of them have become pretty good friends.” Alex told her, “Maybe Max knows where she is.”

“I was thinking the same thing, but Michael said he doesn't know where she is.” she told him.

“You know the sheriff has called me in and asked about Liz. He called me in just yesterday, pulled me out of class.” he told her.

Maria shook her head, “You never told me that?” she commented. “Did Liz know?”

He shrugged his shoulders, “No, I didn't say anything.” he told her, “Lately I just felt like Liz needed her space so I have not really talked with her that much.”

Maria felt bad for him, “Oh Alex I am so sorry.” she told him then asked, “What did the sheriff say when he questioned you?”

He took a bite of his sandwich, “Weird stuff, he asked about Liz health, if she ever got sick and if she ever talked about Max.” he told her then said, “the strangest thing he asked about was this mark on her chest.”he told her.

Maria mouth dropped open, “What did he say exactly?”

Alex eyes narrowed, “He asked me if I knew about the strange hand print mark Liz had on her chest. He said she had this mark right over the place where she got shot. He asked if either one of you ever mentioned it.” he told her.

Maria shook her head, her heart racing. “What did you tell him?” she asked.

Alex shrugged his shoulders, “what do you mean what did I tell him?” He commented, “I told him I didn't know what he was talking about and as far as I knew Liz didn't have any kind of mark on her chest. I told him she doesn't tell me everything.”

Maria shook her head, “Yeah of course.” she took in a deep breath and looked down at her phone again.

Alex took in a deep breath, “I can see your worried about her. I know there is something more going on just tell me whats happening.”

Maria gathered up her things, “Alex I'm fine so is Liz, I am just worried over nothing.” she told him.

“Where are you going?” he asked her.

“I think I am just going to go over to the Crashdown, see if Liz shows up there.” she told him.

He gathered up his things and followed her, “then I am coming with you.” he told her. “Liz is my friend too.”

“Alex seriously you don't have to.” she told him as she walked over to her car. “I will call you as soon as I talk to her.” she promised.

Alex took in a deep breath, “yeah sure.” was all he said as he walked away in frustration.

Max handed Isabel her yearbook, “Remember no matter what you find out...” he reminded her again.

She opened the year book and shook her head, “I will tell you.” she promised.

Max took in a deep breath, “Thank you Isabel.” was all he said as he walked out of her room and into his. More then anything he hoped she could get through to her, each time he tried the pain in his head grew more severe. He sat down on the edge of his bed and took in a deep breath, “Please be safe.” he mumbled to himself.

Isabel closed her eyes and focused all of her energy on Liz. She knew it was important to Max that she find out something for him. She tried to concentrate on Liz only as she closed her eyes, suddenly she found herself in an underground room. She saw Liz sleeping on an examination table and an older man standing over her. She had monitors and an IV hooked up to her. She tried to step into Liz's mind but she was to heavily sedated. She tried to look around and see where she was but nothing looked familiar. Suddenly she heard a voice calling out to her and the scene around her changed.

“Isabel?” she heard his voice calling out to her. “I know you are here. I know you and Max are worried about Liz but she is safe.”

Isabel looked around but all she could see was mist and a faint light from the distance. “Who are you?” she demanded.

“A friend.” he told her.

“How are you talking to me?” she asked him.

“Like you I have abilities. I can speak to you telepathically and I can hear your thoughts.” he told her.

“How is that possible?” she asked him trying to make out who it was standing just in the shadows.

He took a step toward her, “Did you think, you, Max, and Michael were the only ones?” he asked her.

Isabel struggled to see through the mist, “Are you saying that you are one of us?” she asked him.

“Like you I am one of many.” he told her. “I was there with you Isabel, when the ship crashed. There were six of us on that transport. There were six of us hidden in the caves in our pod chambers. There were six children that walked away.”

“Six.” she repeated his words. “Why haven't you made contact before now?”

“Because the three of you were safer being anonymous. We have enemies out there that will do anything to get their hands on Max and to stop our protectors. Enemies here on Earth as well as from our home planet.” he told her. “When Max healed Liz he brought a lot of attention to Roswell and to us with out knowing it.”

“What about Liz, you said she is safe, where is this place?” she asked him. “I saw her, she looked like she was in some kind of hospital or something.”

“Its not a hospital, but she is safe.” he told her. “Right now her mind is changing, a result of Max's healing her and bringing her back from the point of death. The pain she is experiencing was expected although we think the changing process maybe happening more rapidly then it normally would have because of the connection he has kept with her. We have given her medication that will help ease the pain and slow the process but there are somethings happening that even we are not sure about.” he told her.

She tried to walk closer to him, “What is your name?” she asked. “Why won't you let me see who you are?”

“For now I'm a friend.” he told her. “Isabel we have to be careful there are those out there as I said who would go to great lengths to harm you, even kill you.” he warned her. “I have to go now.”

“Wait!” she called out, “What about Liz? Max isn't going to be ok with this, he will want to see her for himself.”

“I will be in contact with you soon.” he told her then disappeared.
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Re: What If (CC) teen 10/18/13 Chapter 18

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chapter 18

Maria went to the Crashdown to try and find Liz, but she wasn't there. She was seriously beginning to worry the later it got. She was just about to tell the Parkers something was wrong when her phone went off. She was relieved to see a text from Liz. “I'm fine, cover for me with my parents.” was all it said. Maria read it over again, then typed in, “Where are you?” moments later her phone went off again, “With a friend needed some time. Be in touch soon.”

Maria took in a deep breath and headed into the kitchen, “Mr. Parker Liz wanted me to tell you she is going to spend the night at my house.” she told him. “I'm just here getting a few things for her.”

Jeff looked up from the paint chips he was pouring over, “Oh ok.” he said, “She is alright isn't she?”

“Oh yeah she's fine, she just needed a little space and there are still some reporters lingering about that she just wanted to be away from.” she lied.

“Its been really hard for her.” he commented, “Thank you for being such an amazing friend to her.”

Maria felt bad for lying but she didn't know what else to do, “Liz has always been there for me so I am happy to return the favor.” she said as she went upstairs to get some of Liz's stuff. Moments later she came back down, “Oh Mr. Parker I think you should know the sheriff was at the school today and he brought both Liz and I in for more questioning even though Mr. Evans said that wasn't suppose to happen with out him being there.”

Jeff took in a deep breath, “He did?” he said looking very agitated.

“Yeah.” she told him then said, “I just thought you should know.”

“Thank you Maria.” he told her as he picked up his phone and walked over toward the stairs, “Would you let Liz know she doesn’t have to worry about that happening again. I will take care of this right now.”

Maria nodded her head, “I will tell her.”

Harold stood over Liz monitoring her vital signs when the sound of someone coming from behind him caught his attention, “Did you connect with her?”

“Yeah.” was all he said.

“How did that go?” Harold asked him.

He took in a deep breath, “It was painful, but no more so then seeing her in school every day, knowing who she is and what we meant to each other and having to pretend that I don't know her.”

“I know this is hard for you, because unlike the others you retained so many more memories then they did.” Harold said sympathetically.

He shrugged, “I will be fine.” he brushed aside his feelings and looked over at Liz, “How is Liz doing?”

“She has been resting fine.” he told him, “I have been monitoring her brain activity though and its amazing. She is beginning to use areas of her mind that she has never used, that no other human has ever used before. It really is rather exciting.”

“Just remember this is not a science experiment, she is a person.” he told him.

“Quite right.” Harold agreed as he walked over and sat down looking over some charts. “So tell me how did it go? What did you tell her?”

He took in a deep breath, “I told her Liz was safe and that the three of them were not the only ones in Roswell. I told her she needed to be careful that there were others out there that would try to harm them if they weren't careful.”

“How did she take this new revelation?” he asked him.

“She was cautious and I think and a bit afraid.” he told him. “I definitely picked up on fear from her.”

“Good, fear is a very good response right now.” Harold told him. “I suspect though that she will want to dream walk Liz and see for herself that she is alright?”

“I was thinking maybe it would be better to amplify the connection Max has with her. IF there is a way to keep the pain to a minimum for her that way he will see for himself what is happening and it allows Liz the opportunity to determine where the two of them go from here. I was thinking about what you said before about Max holding this connection open with her maybe the choice needs to be given to Liz if she wants that or not.” He told him.

“Liz would find out who you are. She would know with out any doubt what you are capable of.” he told him.

“I trust Liz.” he told him. “Dad you need to trust me, now is the time to come out of the shadows.”

Harold shook his head, “Maybe your right.” he said as he thought about Liz condition, “Perhaps facing Max and confronting what she has been resisting would make this change easier for her.”

“So we are agreed then?” he asked him.

“I will agree to this, but you have got to be careful, right now we know the sheriff has to be watched closely, but there could be someone out there waiting and watching who is far worse and we can't take a chance of him getting close to any of you, especially you or Max.” he told him.

“I know and the first sign of Khavar or Nascedo I will let you know.” he promised.

“Can you still feel him as you did before?” he asked him.

“Not in exactly the same way as I did when we were on Antar, but he is my twin we will always be able to hear one another if we try.” he told him.

“Has he tried since Liz was healed?” Harold asked him.

“Just the one time and only to let me know he is still out there.” He told him.
Max sat on the bed listening to Isabel stunned by what he was hearing, “Isabel we don't know if anything this mystery person said to you is even true. We have to find Liz for all we know they maybe using her to get at us.”

Isabel shook her head, “Max I don't know where she is. I didn't recognize anything, it did look like she was being cared for though.” she told him.

“That's not good enough.” he told her as he got up and walked over to the window.

Isabel didn't know what to say, “Well unless we can find her ourselves I don't know what to tell you. She was unconscious and I wasn't able to really fully connect with her.” she told him.

“You have to try again please.” Max told her. “She could be in danger, we don't know who it is that has her, he said he was a friend, but why wait until now to show himself then? If he was there with us from the beginning how come he never made contact with us before?”

“He said it wasn't safe for him to do so before now. He said he was only reaching out now because you healed Liz and all of the attention it has brought on us.” Isabel told him. “Max I will try to reach Liz again, but I can't promise you that I will be able too. I know how you feel about her and I know your upset. I want her to be ok too. I will try.”

Max turned and looked at Isabel, “I know you will.” he knew it wasn't her fault that he could connect with Liz.

“Have you tried again to reach out to her yourself?” Isabel asked.

“Not since we left school.” he told her then he closed his eyes and tried to connect to Liz. He tried but the pain only returned as he grabbed a hold of his head and stumbled backwards. Isabel ran over to him to help him sit back down, “I can't get through, every time I try its like a wall of pain.” he told her as his head slowly began to clear again.

“Then we wait for him to contact us and we go from there.” she told him then asked, “Where is Michael?”

Max looked over at the clock, “I have no idea.” he told her.

Maria came out of the back of the Crashdown, she was just about to get into her car and drive home when she heard Michael come up behind her.

“So Liz is staying with you?” he asked her.

She turned around, “You really are following me and spying on me too.” she accused him.

He shrugged his shoulders, “I am not following you.” he corrected her. “I was just checking to see if you had heard from Liz. Was she at the Crashdown?”

Maria thought about lying to him, “No she wasn't.” she decided to tell him the truth, “I got a message from her though, she said she is safe, and that she is a with a mutual friend.”

“What does that mean?” he asked her.

Maria took in a deep breath, “It means she needed some time away from the world for a little bit.” she told him. “So you can let Max know that she is OK.”

Michael reached out and took her hand in his, “I didn't come over here for Max.” he admitted, “I came cause you looked upset before and I wanted to make sure you were alright.”

Maria looked into his eyes, she saw something different there, “Thank you.” she said softly.

He wanted more then anything to take her in his arms and hold her. He found himself being drawn to her. He realized that this whole crazy situation had taken its toll on her too, but he knew he shouldn't get to close. “I should get going.” he told her.

She shook her head, “Michael you want to come hang out with me?” she asked. “My mom is out of town for a few days, it would be nice to have some company.”

He thought about it, “I don't know.” he told her. “I have some things I have to do.”

She tried to hide her disappointment. “Sure I understand.” she said as she pulled her hand free from his and turned to leave.

“Maria.” he called her name, “I have an errand to run, but I could come by later if you want?”

“Its completely up to you, the invitation stands open.” she smiled at him then got into her car and drove off.

Harold had been lowing the dose of morphine he was giving to Liz so that he could talk with her, “Liz can you hear me?” he asked her as she began to wake up.

She struggled to open her eyes as the effects of the medication began to wear off. “Where am I.” she asked as she looked around the room. She looked up at the man standing over her, “Mr. Whitman?” she said his name not really sure if it were him or if she were dreaming.

“Yes dear, its me. You became sick at school and we brought you here.” he told her then said, “There is someone else here who very much wanted to make sure you are all right.”

Liz looked over and saw someone standing in the shadows, as he stepped forward into the light she realized it was Alex. “Alex you brought me here?” she asked as she tried to sit up.

He reached out his hand and pushed her back down, “Hey don't be to eager to jump up off that bed.” he cautioned her, “Harold still has you pumped full of medication, if you try to get up your going to feel really dizzy.”

“What happened?” she asked him then said, “And where am I?”

Harold gently patted her hand and smiled, “I think I am going to go upstairs and make some nice soup while you and Alex talk over some things.” he told her then he turned to Alex, “IF the pain returns and she becomes uncomfortable you call me.”

He shook his head, “I will.” he told him as he pulled a chair over and sat down next to her bedside.

Liz opened her eyes wider, “Alex tell me what is happening?” she asked him again. “Where am I?”

He took her hand in his and took in a deep breath, “Well its kind of a long story.” he told her then he smiled, “Actually its a really long story and most of it is not mine to tell so I am going to tell you what I can and what I know and you tell me what you can. Does that sound fair?”

She looked into his eyes, there was something different about him. Gone was the nerdy, self conscious geek she always knew. This Alex was confidant, and in control. “Alright.” she said.

“Today we were in 2nd period and you got called to the principles office.” he started by telling her.

“It was the sheriff, he was there to ask even more questions.” she told him.

“I figured as much when I saw his cruiser in the school parking lot.” he told her then said. “later after class I found you wandering down the hall. You were sick and looked to be in a pretty bad way.”

She shook her head, “I remember that part.” she said “I don't remember what happened after you put me in your car.”

“Well it was pretty clear by what you were saying and what I already know that taking you to the hospital was not an option so I brought you to my house. This is a room that my dad uses for his work sometimes.” he told her.

She looked around her again, “Alex this looks like some kind of lab or medical examination area.” she told him.

“Well that's because it is kind of.” he admitted to her. “Liz my dad does have a degree in medicine, he just doesn't practice. His field is more research.”

“Alex what do you know about that night I was healed?” she asked him.

“I know Max came to the hospital and healed you.” he told her honestly.

“Maria told you?” she asked.

“No.” he assured her. “I can't fully explain to you at this moment how I know it was Max, but we both know that it was him.”

Liz took in a deep breath as tears formed in her eyes, “I wasn't sure for a long time. I thought maybe it was him but everything was so unclear.” she told him.

He reached up and gently brushed the tears from her eyes, “I know.” he whispered softly, then he said, “Liz you need to confront Max. You need to tell him what you know and you need to come to terms with what has happened.” he told her.

“I don't know what your talking about?” she lied not wanting to face the truth.

He squeezed her hand gently and brushed the hair from her face, “Liz listen to me, I am one of your best friends. You know I love you right?” he told her, “You and Maria you are family.” he assured her.

She looked into his eyes again, this time she saw her Alex, her best friend, “Yes I know that.” she told him.

“Then you know I always have your back. You know I am always looking out for you.” he told her. “You have to trust me now. IF you really look deep inside and face the things that you have been running from you will be OK.” he told her. “You have to face Max.”

Fresh tears rolled down her cheek, “The sheriff showed me things Alex, I don't know if Max is the person I thought he was.”

He smiled, “Liz search your heart, search his heart you know exactly who he is.” he told her. “The connection you have with him, it works both ways.” he told her.

“That connection frightens me.” she told him.

“It didn't always, not at first, it didn't frighten you, it gave you comfort.” he reminded her. “You know Max, talk to him and listen to what he has to say. If the connection frightens you then end it. Pull the plug you can do that, you have the strength inside you.”

She looked up at him, “Alex how do you know this?” she asked him, “You asked me to trust you, but how can I really when your not telling me everything.”

He took in a deep breath, “Liz there is so much I want to tell you, have wanted to tell you and Maria for a really long time, but I couldn't.” he explained. “I know its hard for you, but I am asking you to trust me for a while longer, talk to Max and then we can talk.” he promised her.

She looked into his eyes and thought about what he said, “Alright.” she told him.

“Now I have to huge favors to ask of you.” he told her as he pulled out her phone. “One you need to leave Maria a message, tell her your fine and that you will talk soon. Then you need to call your dad and tell him your at Maria's and that your fine.” he told her. “Are you up for that, cause its really important no one knows you are here with me. In fact you can't tell any of the others about me.”

She shook her head that she understood. “Does this all have to do with your dad's work with the government?” she asked him.

He smiled, “In a round about way yes, but Liz you are not a lab rat. I am not helping my dad with some kind of secret experiment here. We just want to help you.” he promised her as he handed her the phone and helped her sit up.

Liz shook her head, “I trust you Alex and I know you will tell me everything as soon as you can.” she said as she dialed Maria's number. It went straight to her voice mail, “Maria I know you are worried but don't be. I am safe.” she said as she looked up at Alex, “I am with a trusted friend.” she said, “Be in touch soon.”

Alex could see her head was beginning to hurt more, “One more call to your dad.” He told her.

She shook her head and made the call, his phone went to voice mail too so she left a message saying she needed time to just get away and was staying with Maria. “Love you.” she said before ending the call.

Alex helped her lay back down. “Are you hungry?” he asked her.

She shook her head, “No so much.” she told him as her hands began sparking again. She looked down and saw as they began to glow a soft white light, “Alex this is all because of what Max did, isn't it?” she said. “I heard you talking with your dad before.”

He knew she was afraid, he could sense what she was feeling. “Liz you are not going to die, but things are going to be different.” he told her after reading her thoughts. He wanted to be honest with her, “It will be alright.”

She took in a deep breath and looked at her hands one last time, “do you promise.”

He leaned over and kissed her forehead, “I absolutely do promise.” he told her.
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RE: What If (CC) teen 05/27/14 Chapter 19

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sorry this update is so long in coming. If anyone is still reading this story I do plan to continue it and now that I am fully recovered am hoping to post more often.

Chapter 19

Isabel was laying in her bed when she suddenly heard his voice, “When Max goes to sleep tonight, tell him to try to connect with Liz.” he told her.

Isabel sat up and looked around her room, “How are you doing that?” she asked him.

“I told you, I can speak telepathically. I can place my thoughts into your mind and I can read your thoughts.” he told her again.

“I thought I had to be in a dream state...” she said then added. “For us to communicate.”

“No I can reach out to you when you are awake.” he told her.

“Are you close by?” she asked him.

“That depends on what you mean by close by?” he asked her.

“Are you in Roswell?” Isabel asked him.

Alex smiled to himself, he knew she was fishing for information. “It doesn't matter where I am, I can still communicate with you.” he told her. “Lets just say I have a pretty unlimited range.”

“Max will not like this, he has really strong feelings for Liz and he is really worried about her.” she told him. “Can you please tell me where you are, or at least where Liz is? She is a friend and we care about her.”

“I realize that, but you should know that I care about her too.” Alex took in a deep breath, “Isabel, for now it has to be this way. Tell Max as he goes to sleep to try to connect with Liz, she will be waiting.” He said then added, “Oh and Isabel if you try and tang along, if I even suspect you're attempting to connect with her and find out where she is I will stop you. I can read your thoughts without you ever even knowing I am here.”

“”Who are you?!” she demanded to know. When there was no answer she called out, “You said there were others like us...” she started to say but then stopped, she could sense he was already gone. She shook her head in frustration. Who was he, and if he was their friend as he claimed why all the secrecy? She took in a deep breath and went to go and speak with Max. She knew he was not going to be happy about this but it was the best chance he was going to get to speak with Liz.

Max was reading when Isabel came into the room. He could tell by the look on her face that something was going on, “What's wrong?” he asked her as she closed his door.

Isabel walked over and sat down on the edge of the bed, “He spoke to me again.” she told him. “He said to tell you to just focus on Liz as you go to sleep and to use the connection between the two of you to communicate with her.”

He looked at her and shook his head, “I don't like this Isabel. I don't like not knowing where she is. The last time I tried to connect with her it was like a wall of pain what will be different this time?”

Isabel took in a deep breath, “I get the impression that he will be there, that he will be helping the two of you communicate with each other

“More like monitoring everything she says to me.” Max said feeling irritated. He didn't like not being in control.

Isabel knew he was upset but she also knew they had little choice in the matter, “Max whereever she is, she is safe. I don't believe he is holding her prisoner. Michael even said she called Maria, she told her she was with a friend and not to worry.” she reminded him. “If she trusts him then maybe we need to trust him too.”

Max took in a deep breath, “I don't have much choice do I.” was all he said as she headed for the door.

Isabel looked back at him before she closed the door, “No you really don't, if you want to speak with Liz he is calling the shots and you have to play along.”

Max shook his head in frustration as Isabel closed the door. He leaned his head up against the back of his bed and thought about Liz. He knew that healing her was the right thing but a part of him felt a tremendous amount of guilt for what she was now going through.

Alex walked over to Liz's bedside and took her hand in his, she looked to peaceful at the moment. He closed his eyes and was just about to connect with her when he heard foot steps from behind him.

“So Alex your father told me what happened with Liz.” Dr. Pritchard said as he walked up along side the bed. He looked down at Liz and smiled, “She will be fine, you know that right?” he asked him.

Alex held on to her hand, “She will not be the same person though. She won't be the person she was before all this happened will she?” he commented, “Max's bringing her back, it will change her.” he said then added, “It already is changing her.”

Dr. Pritchard shook his head, “She will have a lot to deal with over the coming weeks, that is true.” he told him, “She will have to learn to live with a secret, but now more then ever we will have to be careful, already the sheriff is asking way more questions then he should be, and then there is your brother to deal with.”

Alex looked up at his friend, “You haven't said much about what Max did when he healed Liz?” he commented, “All of this has to have you a little concerned over what could happen? What if Khavar does find us?”

Dr. Pritchard sighed, “Well I won't lie to you, if he does find you, and he does influence Max the destruction and loss of life would be innumerable. The risk has always been great, but you know that Alex.”

“Do you think Max should have left her to die?” Alex asked him honestly.

Dr. Pritchard smiled, “No the exactly opposite actually. I am thrilled to see that Max did not allow fear of being exposed stop him from doing what was right. Like you he is making a choice to embrace just little bit more of his human nature, that is what we hoped would happen.” he reminded him, “Before we brought you here, he never would have reacted the way that he did.”

Alex took in a deep breath, “I know, I remember.” he told him.

Dr. Pritchard looked intently at Alex, “Do you remember all of it Alex? Do you remember how bad things were?”

Alex shook his head, “I know what I was.” he mumbled softly, “And what I did.”

“With that in mind, how does feel about what Max did?” the doctor asked him. "How do you feel about him healing her?"

Alex looked down at Liz, “I am thankful that he saved her life.” he told him truthfully.

His eyes narrowed and he pressed farther, “But you have concerns and doubts yourself don't you Alex?”

Alex shook his head, “No not doubts about what he did, but I do have concerns about where we go from here.” he explained then said, “I mean we have no real way of knowing how she will react to knowing the truth.”

“You mean when she finds out that you and the others are not fully human?” he commented.

Alex nodded his head, the expression in his eyes said it all, “Liz and Maria have always been my friends, like family really and I just can't stand the thought of either of them looking at me differently.” he told him, “Of them being afraid of me.”

Dr. Pritchard took in a deep breath, “I could use my powers and make her forget.” he offered. “I could wipe her memory of everything that has happened here and she would never know about you or who you are. You could remain in the shadows hidden from her and the others and life would go on as it has been.”

Alex looked up at him, then he looked back down at Liz, “I know that would be the safer choice, but I couldn't do that to her. She would be lost and confused about what is happening to her, she wouldn't have anyone to guide her through this and I just can't put myself above her needs.” he told him as he gently squeezed Liz's hand, “I made a promise to her, and me am not about to break it.” he told him.

Dr. Pritchard smiled, “I am very glad to hear you say that Alex.” he told him. "There was a time when both you and Max would have said very different things."

Alex knew what he was talking about. "Every day I fight to make sure that part of me does not come back." he told him.

"I know you do Alex." he assured him, "Just remember now more then ever you need to be on your guard, your brother will try to use that link that the two of you share to find out whatever he can. You can't let him in."

Alex took in a deep breath, "The only time we talk is in the shadows, and even then I am always on guard." he told him, then he gently brushed the hair away from Liz's forehead, “I promised to help Max connect with her so I need to get started.” he said as he closed his eyes and focused his energy on connecting with her.

Dr. Pritchard stepped back “I will have your father check in on her later.” he told him before he left.

Liz had fallen back to sleep and found herself in a large open meadow surrounded by trees. It was peaceful and calm, she felt safe there. It was the sound of someone calling out to her that got her attention and made her turn around. She saw Max walking toward her. “Max?” she said his name. She knew she wasn't dreaming, she knew he was there with her. “how is this possible?” she asked him as she looked around. “where are we?” She asked as she walked over toward him. They were surrounded by wild flowers that filled the air with their sweet perfume. It was such a beautiful place and seemed so familiar to her. She reached out and picked one of the flowers then suddenly remembered, “This is my place, a place I come to when I need to think or find my way.” she mumbled, “My grandfather took me to a meadow just like this a long time ago. I remember it, I would always imagine this place whenever I was sad or upset.” she turned back to Max, “How is that possible that you are here with me?”

He reached out to touch her, “Because you and I are connected to each other.” he told her. “We have been since that night when I..” he started to say but she interrupted him and finished his sentence for him.

“When you came to the hospital and healed me.” she finished his sentence for him.
Time is a valuable thing, once spent it is gone forever.