The Third Time...(CC,M/L,Teen/Mature) Ch 20 - 05/04/09 [WIP]

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Re: The Third Time...(CC,M/L,Teen/Mature) Ch 19 - 11/24/07 [WIP]

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A/N: Sorry it took so long between updates R/L got me for a while then everytime I sat down to write I started writing something else :( But I'm back now and hopefully will have a new part soon.... Well here is the end of T3 Season 1...

For all of you still with me... thanks and enjoy!

Chapter 20

Timeline 3 – Destiny

Disclaimer: This part may contain portions of “Destiny” I don’t own it.

Max tracked down Nasedo and blasted him against a wall and let him fall to the ground before using his shield to lift him up against the wall and hold him there.

Nasedo was surprised to see Max, “How did you get away from Pierce.”

Max replied, “That doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you and I need to set a few things straight.”

Liz entered the room and stood at Max’s side as he continued, “I know that as a protector you’re programmed to follow my orders so here are a few. First I order you to consider Liz here an extension of me. Her orders are my orders; her safety is my safety. Is that understood?”

Nasedo gritted his teeth, this seriously messed up his plans, but he had no choice in the matter; he nodded and choked out, “Yes.”

Max nodded as well, “Second I value my privacy so I order you not to discuss with anyone, my orders to you, details about my past, or my relationships or lack thereof; without my direct permission. This includes but is not limited to the events of the shooting, and my interactions with Tess, Liz, Michael, Isabel, Alex and Maria. Is that understood?”

Again Nasedo was forced to nod.

Max continued, “Thirdly, as I told Pierce, Roswell is under my protection. This means you are not to kill, maim, or otherwise cause any kind of permanent damage to anyone who lives here without my direct authorization. If it becomes necessary in the course of your duties to temporarily disable someone from Roswell, you may but you are to contact me as soon as possible to receive instructions on how to proceed. Is that understood?”

Again Nasedo confirmed his understanding.

Max again continued, “Fourth, I know Topolsky is FBI. She too is under my protection. I told Pierce she can be our liaison to the Special Unit. But I told Pierce that no other members of the Special Unit were welcome in Roswell without my direct authorization. If Pierce disregards my warnings any agents he sends here aside from Topolsky you can deal with as you see fit. If Pierce himself returns to Roswell without my authorization you are to kill him, and take his place as the head of the Special unit. Once there you are to destroy all evidence they have of alien existence and discredit the unit and shut it down. Is that understood?”

This time Nasedo had wicked gleam in his eye and he actually smiled as he confirmed his understanding.

Max released his shield allowing Nasedo to once again fall to the floor as he nodded, “Good then we’re through here.”

At Eaglerock…

Pierce stands in front of a group of his agents. “Ok, Max Evans appears to be even more dangerous than we thought; your orders are shoot to kill. Move out!”

At the Sheriff’s house…

Max is peaking with the Sheriff, “We think Pierce is on his way back into town. We’re going to send his back up out of town; if he comes to you for help we need you to lead him to the UFO center.”

The sheriff nods and Max leaves.

At the Harding Residence…

Max knocked on the door and Tess answered. She had a seductive grin on her face, “Yes Max?”

Max was disgusted as he glowered at her, “Remember when I said I still had uses for you?”

Hearing the spite in Max’s voice Tess shuddered, “Yes.”

Max elaborated with derision in his voice, “Well one of them is coming up. Pierce is likely coming back into Roswell; I need you to send his lackeys out of town with your mind games. Think you can manage it?”

Tess swallowed and nodded remembering Max’s earlier threat that his untold uses for her were what was keeping her alive. She suddenly feared the possibility of failing at one them and proving useless. As Max turned to leave Tess followed him out.

Throughout Roswell…

Max was driving his jeep all through town, Liz in his front seat, Tess in his back seat. As they spotted each FBI agent he would slow down and motion to Tess. Tess would then mindwarp the agent.

In each agent’s mind’s eye Pierce would appear to show up, “I’ve got a lead on Evans. Go to Hondo. There's an abandoned gas station three miles east of town. Go there and wait for me. Maintain radio silence until I get there.”

And then they would drive on.

At the sheriff’s station…

The sheriff walks in and sees Pierce sitting at his desk. Remembering he is not supposed to know Pierce’s true identity yet he asked, “What are you doing sitting at my desk Deputy?”

Agent Pierce looked at the sheriff with cold dead eyes and dropped all pretence, “That would be Agent actually, Agent Pierce to be exact.” He showed his badge, “FBI. I’m here to find Max Evans.”

The sheriff questioned, “What’s your interest in him?”

Pierce answered, “I believe he is a threat to national security, now where can I find him.”

The sheriff shakes his head, “He a teenage kid, he works at the UFO museum, you might try there.”

Pierce nodded curtly and left.

At the UFO Museum…

Everyone was there waiting for Pierce to show up. Max, Liz, and Tess had managed to send off all his backup and now Pierce and Topolsky were the only two FBI agents left in town. When he finally showed up the others were hiding as Max stood out in the open.

Pierce pointed his gun at Max, “I didn’t think you’d make it this easy for me to find you.”

Max laughed, “You thought I’d be hiding? I warned you not to come back here.”

Pierce fired several shots at Max, but Max’s shield appeared instantly stopped all the bullets. After the bullets fell to the floor, Max moved and twisted his shield to hold Pierce in place.

He walked towards Pierce, anger blazing in his eyes, then all of a sudden for him and Pierce they were elsewhere.


Max circled Pierce, “We don’t have much time, this isn’t one of my gifts and using it without the other’s help is very draining. But I need this to be private.”

Pierce didn’t know what was happening so he looked on in fear as Max continued, “In another time you were the personification of my nightmares.” Max fed Pierce those very nightmares… the limited memories of his time in the white room he’d gotten from Future Liz.

Max shook his head, “I tried to tell you we could be allies, I’ve fought the invasion you’re worried about twice.”

The dreamscape changed as the war to save Earth played out across two timelines all around them. When the scenes had finished playing out Max continued, “In another time I feared you, but now I’ve had thirty more years of experience and you no longer scare me. I warned you what coming here would mean. Now it’s time to meet your fate.”

At the UFO center…

As Max came back from the dreamscape he turned his back to Pierce and faced Nasedo. “You have your orders, do your duty.”

Nasedo smiled wickedly as he fired a blast at Pierce. Pierce flew backwards and landed on the ground and Nasedo approached him. He put his hand on Pierce’s chest and Pierce cried out in pain as his body temperature began to climb. Within moments Pierce was dead.

Moments later Nasedo shifted into Pierce’s form and stated, “We’re going to need to hide the body if this plan is to work.”

Max just shook his head and waved his glowing hand over the body. The body immediately disintegrated under his power.

Nasedo looked at Max in something akin to shock. The amount of energy it took to completely disintegrate a body was incredible. Max broke his reverie, “I believe your agents are waiting for you just outside of Hondo Agent Pierce.”

Nasedo spoke flatly and emotionlessly as he left, “Right, see you around.”

Max turned to Tess, “Now that that’s taken care of I need to see you, Michael and Isabel out at the pod chamber.”

At the pod chamber…

Tess was delighted that the humans weren’t brought along for this trip. But she wondered what Max was up to. When he produced two orbs she looked at him questioningly, he explained, “These are communications orbs and the four of us are going to use them.” They paired up: Max and Tess held one orb as Michael and Isabel held the other.

All four concentrated and a blue light shot up out of the orb. A sound like a homing beacon activated for a few moments then another blue light reshaped itself into a holographic image.

The image is of a woman who begins to speak, “If you are seeing me now, it means that you are alive and well. I take this form because it will be familiar to you, and it will help you to understand what I am about to say. You have lived before. You perished in the conflict that enslaves our planet but your essence was duplicated, cloned, and mixed with human genetic materials so that you might be recreated into human beings. My son, you were the beloved leader of our people. I have sent with you your young bride. My daughter, the man you were betrothed to, and your brother's second-in-command. Our enemies have come to the Earth. You will know them only by the evil within. Learn enough to use your skills, your knowledge, your leadership to combat the enemy so that you can come back and free us. And that I may once again hold you both in my arms. I live for that moment. Help us. I love you.”

As the image disappeared it had little effect on Max, Michael, or Isabel. They’d all seen it before. But Tess was smiling broadly as she grabbed Max’s arm, “I knew this was meant to be.”

Max just shook his head and yanked his arm free. “No Tess you betrayed me, you tried to control me with your mind games, I can’t trust you.” Then he walked out of the cave.

All around the world...

The homing signal echoes through various receivers.

On Liz’s Balcony…

Liz writes in her journal,

Well we’ve done it. We’ve sent out the signal telling our enemies where we are. Nasedo told us in the first timeline that we weren’t ready. And we weren’t. But this time we are. This time we a prepared for what’s coming and I have to believe that will make all the difference. But now as it will take a few months for things to develop on the alien front… It’s time to turn our attention to the home front.

In the Crashdown after hours…

Jeff and Nancy Parker are sitting at a table with Diane and Philip Evans all looking nervous. Max and Liz are standing nearby, each looking a little nervous.

Philip suspiciously questioned, “So what did you kids want to talk about?”

Nancy asked one of her worst fears since she was pretty sure Max and Liz were sleeping together, “You’re not pregnant are you?”

Max and Liz both looked shocked, they hadn’t expected that reaction. Both answered emphatically in unison, “No of course not!”

Max took the lead with, “We wanted to talk to you because Liz and I want to go on vacation together this summer.”

Jeff immediately responded, “No way in hell am I letting you go on vacation alone with my daughter.”

Liz moved quickly to console her father, “He didn’t mean alone dad. He meant all of us… and Isabel too.”

Jeff still not convinced looked at Max, “Why would you want to go on vacation with all of us.”

Max quipped glibly, “You mean besides the fact that it’s the only chance in hell I have of going on a vacation with Liz this summer?”

Liz tried to suppress her laughter as she chastisingly hit Max in the arm.

Max grew serious, “Mr. Parker, Liz and I love each other and it’s important to us that the four of you start seeing each other as family and that we all get to know each other better. This seems like a good time to get started on that.”

Jeff looked at Max meaningfully, “And just what are your intentions towards my daughter?”

Max smiled and declared, “To marry her and spend the rest of our lives together.”

Jeff was glad he was sitting down as he wasn’t ready to hear about his daughter contemplating marriage.

Nancy and Diane both knew something like this was coming; they’d both talked with their kids about their feelings recently.

Philip was shocked he knew this was Max’s first girlfriend, “Max how can you even be considering marriage. You don’t just marry the first girl that comes along.”

Max looked at his father and purposefully let his guard down. He wanted his father to see all of his emotions flooding through his eyes, “There won’t be any others. I’ve been in love with Liz for years; I just never thought she could possibly see anything in me.” Max hung his head for a moment in remembered sadness. When he raised his head he continued, “Now that she returns my love…” He shook his head in rejection of his next thought, “I can’t walk away from that. Her love is the single greatest gift I’ve ever been given and I intend to spend the rest of my life cherishing it.”

When he turned to Jeff Parker, Jeff was blown away by the depth of emotion in his eyes. “Liz is very important to me sir; and you are very important to her. So it is important to me that we get along, because you will be my father-in-law one day and I want you to be willing to walk Liz down the aisle when the time comes.”

With the raw emotion pouring off Max in waves, Jeff couldn’t doubt the boy, but he wasn’t ready to deal with this either. Instead he chose to focus on the matter at hand… a vacation. “Why don’t you to go have dinner somewhere or catch a movie or something while we discuss what our respective families’ summer time plans will be.”

Max and Liz looked into each other’s eyes. Silent communication passed between them. They both knew they’d prefer to be here for the planning but they didn’t want to ruin their chances by not respecting her father’s wishes. After a few moments they decided the best course of action was to go out on a date and let their parents sort things out. Liz nodded to her father, “Ok dad.” And they left to go on their date.

The silent communication didn’t go unnoticed by any of the parents who watched with a mixture of amazement that their kids could be so in tune with each other, happiness that their kids had found something so special, and fear that the kids might be moving too quickly and could ruin their futures. Getting to know each other better was sounding like less of a good idea and more of a necessity all the time.
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