Unknown, (CC/UC/DUPES.) CH 33 2/9/07 (WIP)

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Unknown, (CC/UC/DUPES.) CH 33 2/9/07 (WIP)

Post by carter13 » Wed Nov 08, 2006 11:16 am

Title: Unknown
Summery: Kyle’s sister comes back after 5 years, and she brings some people with her.
Pairings: Max/Liz, Michael/Maria, Michael/? Maria/Billy, Isabel/Alex, Tess/Kyle, Rath/?
Feedback: YES PLEASE
AN: this is my first Roswell story so please don’t be mean. Lol. I'm changing a lot of the story line here. Mainly just moving stuff about. Billy came early in season 2, alex's deathg is a few days after prom and Michael has his own place. If there’s anything that people think has been copied, I don’t mean it to be. Let me know what you think. I'm sorry the accents aren’t right. I'm not very good this NY accents. If anyone can help, PM me!


“But mummy, I don't wanna leave daddy and Kyle!” Sami Valenti whined as she and Kyle held each other.

“I know, but you will see them soon.” Michelle Valenti promised

“I love you Kyle” tears filled the twins eyes as they said goodbye

“I love you too Sami. Don't forget me okay?” Kyle whispered and his sisters’ eyes widened.

“of course I wont. You’re my brother and I’ll never EVER forget you.” Sami said and Kyle kissed her cheek, tasting the tears on her face. They heard a car drive in and a door slam shut.

“daddy!” Sami ran outside to her dad and threw her self at him.

“hey cutie.” he asked, catching her 13 year old daughter in his arms.

“All packed?” he asked, trying not to cry.

“I dun wanna go daddy. Why can’t I stay with you and Kyle?” Sami asked and Jim sighed, cursing his ex wife silently. He saw her standing on the porch, watching the two of them, holding Kyle's hand.

“I know you don't want to go sweetie, but I’ll see you soon. Hey, you’ll be back for the summer and you’ll see Liz and Maria as well as me and Kyle.” He said and Sami sighed.

“I know” she said and Jim saw the hard look come in her eye. No 13-year-old should have a look like that. He thought.

“I love you. Remember that.” His daughter nodded.

“I love you too.” She kissed his cheek and let him go.

“you’ll see him soon. Lets go Samantha” Michelle said and Sami nodded her head. They got in her car and Sami turned in her seat and waved at the two men she loved most in the world. Jim put his arm round his son and they waved back. When the car had disappeared, Kyle shrugged his fathers arm off his shoulder.

Jim sighed as he and his son walked in the house, Jim walked into his bedroom and he saw a picture on his bed. He picked it up and saw it was the most resent picture of Kyle and Sami, both where in the park, Kyle had his arms round Sami and they where both laughing, looking at each other. Jim sighed again, getting changed. Keep safe Sami. New York isn't the safest place. he prayed

Please PM and let me know if i should continue or not!!!
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Post by carter13 » Mon Nov 13, 2006 9:48 am

AN Kittens- yea, sami did know the roswell set but not very well, they only thing she know’s is that liz has a crush on one of them.
thanks guys. im looking for a beta but while i wait im just guna keep adding to the story so sorry about the mistakes!! on with the show!

Chapter one

“hey Kyle. What can I get you?” Liz Parker looked at her friend, noticing her friend looking upset.

“wha?” Kyle looked up at Liz, not hearing what she said.

“you okay?” she asked, sitting opposite him in the booth he was sitting in.

“yeah, just the date.” Liz frowned then realised what the date was.

“I’m sorry Kyle. I’m sure she's ok.” Ever since Sami and his mother had left, nether him or his dad had heard anything from them.

“yeah. But she's 18 ya know? Would have thought she would have got in touch or something.” Liz nodded.

“I’m not going to make excused for her, but there has to be a reason. She loves you so much Kyle. Your family. Something musta happened.” He nodded.

“I just wish I knew…”

“knew what?” Tess sat next to him and when Liz got up, Michael, Isabel and max slid in.

“nothing.” Kyle said and the aliens exchanged glances as his head lowered.

“What can I get you guys?” Liz asked, taking the pressure of the gazes off Kyle. After they had ordered, Liz squeezed Kyle's shoulder as she walked off. Max's gaze narrowed when he saw this.

“Excuse me Tess.” She let him out and just as he was about to go into the toilet, the door to the crash opened and he turned to glance at it. A girl, about his age, entered the café and looked around. She had long brown hair that had red highlights in. she was dressed in black boots, low riding black combats, with a black halter-top, showing off her cleavage. She had a tattoo of a butterfly on her hip as well as a V in 5 dots round her belly button, which was pierced. She also had a tattoo of a purple swirl on a curve of her breast. He saw her nose, eyebrow and lip were pierced. When she moved her hair behind her ears, he saw she had 3 piercing in her left ear and 4 in her right. He noticed her nails where black and when she looked at him, her eyes where hazel, the same colour as his.

“whose that?” Isabel asked as she watched Kyle and the girl stare at each other.

“dunno. But they obviously know each other.” Michael said and Tess’s eyes narrowed. She’s that girl from the photo in Kyle’s room Tess thought
“Can’t you feel the power?” Michael murmured and Tess nodded.

“Yeah, I do.” Max said quietly and the four of them watched the two.

Kyle blinked and when the girl looked at him, he knew exactly who she was.

“Kyle.” He saw her mouth move as she murmured his name, tears filling her eyes and he moved closer to her until her was right in front of her.

“Sami? Is…is it really you?” he whispered

“yea. It’s me Kyle.” After a few seconds of looking at each other, Kyle pulled her into his arms and hugged her as tight as he could. He felt her sigh as she hugged him back.

“look at you.” He whispered and she laughed, against his chest.

“I came as soon as I could.” Sami whispered and Kyle pulled away.

“What-” a voice cleared behind him and he turned around looking straight at Tess.

“are you going to introduce us?” she asked, jealousy dripping from her voice.

“oh ma god.” Kyle noticed Sami’s New York accent.

“what?” he asked glancing at her and her face was white.

“nutin. I’m Sami.” She held her hand out to the blonde.

“Tess. This is Michael, Isabel and max.” she said introducing the other 3 who were standing behind her. She noticed the girl’s eyes stayed on Michael for a few seconds too long before settling back on Tess.

“please ta meet ya.”

“Lets sit down shall we?” Kyle said and they all sat down in a booth.

“so how do you know Kyle?” Michael asked and Sami studied him for a few second. His eyes widened when her eyes flickered from hazel to purple then back again.

“I’m Kyle's sister.”

“twin actually.” Kyle added and the aliens’ jaws dropped.

“Kyle you never said anything!” Isabel said and Kyle shrugged.

“it’s a bit of a sore spot for me and dad. My mum left with Sam 5 years ago and never came back.” Kyle said and everyone saw a hard look appear in the twins’ eyes.

“yea. Well, we can talk about that later with dad.” Sami said stopping questions she knew the four where going to ask.

“so where do you live?” Isabel asked and Sami smiled

“New York.” She said and Isabel grinned.

“I’d love to go to New York. All those shops.” Sami laughed, relaxing a bit.

“Yea, they are pretty cool. When I arrived, the energy was so over powering, I could hardly sleep. Didn’t help that the lights where always on around town.” Isabel laughed, instantly liking the girl, whether she could feel power from Sami or not.

“so you in a gang in NYC?” Max asked and Kyle frowned at the boy.

“yea, I am actually.” They all saw the girls’ eyes grow weary.

“wicked. We’ve all got our own little gang here,” Kyle said and Sami smiled. I bet you have she thought, feeling power from the four. She was surprised to feel a little bit of power from her brother.

“right, here’s your food.” Liz put the aliens’ food on the table and Sami smiled.

“and where’s mine Lizzy?” Liz looked at Sami and her eyes widened as she recognised the girl.

“oh my god. Sami!” they hugged.

“have you got a break soon? I need to talk to you.” Liz saw sadness in her old friends’ eyes.

“yeah. In about 5 minutes actually.” Sami smiled as Liz walked off to the counter for Sami’s drink.

“how do you know Liz?” Max asked and Sami grinned.

“me ‘n Liz used ta be best mates. Maria ‘n Alex too. We used to hang round all the time. Talking about anythin and everytin. Kyle played football with his friends from school and me and the others used to watch him.”

“SAMANTHA VALENTI!” Maria's voice rang out and Sami shot out her seat and hugged the other girl.

“’Ria!” Maria looked Sami over.

“Goth” she sighed and Sami laughed.

“na. New Yorker.” Maria's eyes narrowed.

“we need to talk. Me n Liz have a break now. Wanna come and chat? You n Kyle can talk after.” Sami hesitated.

“I need to talk you, Alex Kyle and Liz all together. Where is Alex?”

“right behind you.” Alex said and Sami squealed like a little girl, throwing her arms round him.

“hey Valenti.” He whispered and Sami sighed hugging him tighter.

“hey Whitmore.” Alex let her go and looked her over, cupping her face.

“look at you.” Sami giggled at Isabel’s face.

“Before you think anything, Alex is my brother and that all I think of him.” Isabel nodded and Kyle, Sami, Alex and Maria walked into the backroom.

“let me talk.” Sami said to the others as they all opened their mouths.

“I know about max and Isabel and Tess and Michael. I know they’re aliens.” Everyone’s mouths opened,

“I live with their dupes and I’m dating Michael's dupe, Rath. They’ll be in town in a week.”

AN let me know what you think.

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Post by carter13 » Tue Nov 14, 2006 6:05 am

thanks guys. lol. your questions guna b answered in this bit of the story. just to let everyone know, im going to be rewritting this when i finished. lol.

Chapter two

“so you’re saying that there were 8 pods sent down. 4 in New York and 4 in Roswell. A year after you had moved to NYC, you got raped and where nearly killed when Michael and Max’s dupes, Rath and Zan walked in on it and killed the guy. Zan then healed you and after a year, because of Zan healing you, you got powers. You then moved in with them and you became one of them?” Maria asked and Sami nodded, waiting for someone to blow up. Maria shot up and hugged her friend.

“I’m sorry Sami!” she whispered and Sami sighed, hugging the girl back.

“I'm ok Ria. I've had 4 years to deal with it. If I hadn’t av had the others, I wouldn’t have gotten through it. Mum was drinking a lot and when I moved out, she was thankful. The only reason why she took me with her was cuz she didn’t want dad to be happy.” She explained and she looked at the others, waiting for their reaction. Alex and Liz hugged her and Kyle crouched in front of her.

“I’m sorry. I couldn’t protect you.” He put his head on her stomach and she felt his tears on her bare skin.

“shh. It’s ok. I had the others. It’s not your fault. Sh.” She whispered and after a few seconds. He wiped his face, flashing red in embarrassment.

“You can’t tell the others though. If they find out. I’m dead meat.” She said and the others nodded.

“how bout we go home and surprise dad?” Kyle asked and Sami laughed as they walked out the back room.

“sure. Ima hafta follow ya. Got ma bike.” She said and his mouth dropped open when he saw her bike.

“oh my god. This a dream bike.” He whispered as he circled her bike. It was black with a butterfly on the side. He noticed that on the seat it had a V on it, the same as her tattoo. Michael and Isabel walked out and his mouth dropped open as Sami straddled the bike and revved the engine.

“wow.” He breathed. Sami flashed him a dare devil grin as she put her helmet on.

“I know. Drives like a beauty as well.” She said and she pulled away as Kyle did, following him home

a week later

Sami sighed as she finished class. It was hard. Her dad had enrolled her to school when he realised she hadn’t finished school. When he walked in and saw his daughter, he cried and now had to know where she was at all times. He knew about her powers and the aliens. Tess wasn’t too please to be sharing a house with Sami. She was jealous of the bond she had with father and son and felt like she was replacing her. Max had told her to keep an eye on the new girl. He didn’t know if she was an enemy or not but Tess was sure that she was.

Sami was helping Liz and Kyle learn to use their powers before they got outta control. They could blast little things and put up small shields. She had also found out about Tess mind warping Alex. She told Alex to come to see her every week and she would fix his mind. Mean while, he would give her everything that had been translated from the destiny book.

“Michael? That you?” Sami saw Liz and Michael at the lockers. She sighed and opened her locker.

“hi Sami.” Michael walked up to her.

“hey Michael.” Michael and Isabel had both gotten to know Sami against Max's wishes. In their hearts, they knew Sami wouldn’t hurt them and want evil.

“How’s was class?” he asked and Sami groaned putting her books away.

“it was crap.” She said and Michael laughed.

“art next” he said and she smiled. One thing they both had in common. They both loved art. Sami closed her locker and froze at the sight in front of her. Liz was kissing Michael. But Michael was walking to the art class. Liz pulled away and walked off. She heard Liz squeal “ew” as she did. That’s when Sami got a good look at him. Rath. That cheeky bastard! She thought as he grinned and walked off, not noticing her.

“Sami? You coming?” Michael called and Sami jogged over to him. Just you wait Rath she thought as she walked in the room. When the bell rang, she met Liz, Kyle, Maria and Alex outside the school.

“Liz, the guy that kissed you was Rath.” Sami said as they walked down the street.

“no way!” everyone looked shocked.

“that’s what I was going to tell you Ria.” Liz said and Sami smiled.

“we’ve got that meeting tonight. Max said,” Kyle changed the subject.

“I’ll meet you guys there.” Sami said and Alex frowned.

“don't worry. It’ll be ok.” She said and he nodded.

A few hours later

“I’m going out dad.” Sami called as she walked out Kyle's room.

“Where ya going?” he asked and Sami grinned, re doing her streaks
with her powers.

“going to surprise a few aliens.” She said and Jim sighed, looking her over. She had tight leather trousers on with a small top that just about covered her breasts. She had a jacket on a bit longer than that.

“Be careful,” he said and Sami kissed him on his head.

“I will. See you in while.” She said and she went outside and got onto her bike.

When she looked through the glass on the door, She saw Rath Lonnie, Ava and Zan standing there, looking through the glass window.

“Yo, he’s Zan alright, look” Zan glanced at Rath.

“Zan with an even bigger stick up his ass.” Zan glared at Lonnie.

“No wonder her bitch left him” she finished and Zan rolled his eyes.

“When yo quite finished slagging me off,” Zan grumbled

“What a bunch of scrubs.” Ava muttered.

“I duno why they told all the humans bout their secret. It’s like a freaking town meeting down there.” Lonnie said and Zan sighed.

“They are Sami's friends." Zan reminded them

“Apparently Zan and Ava's dupes don’t like her.” Rath said and Zan shrugged.

“Let’s introduce ourselves.” Zan said and they walked to the top of the stairs.

“Yo up here!” Zan called and everyone looked up. As Zan, Ava, Lonnie and Rath walked down, everyone’s eyes where glued on them. Sami creeped to the window and peeked down. Everyone was standing in front of his or her dupes. Zan in front of max, Michael in front of Rath, Lonnie in front of Isabel and Ava in front of Tess.

“Now this is freaky.” Maria said

“Who are you?” Max asked, looking over their look a like's.

“We’re you.” Lonnie said chewing gum

“I…I don’t understand.” Isabel said.

“They’re shape shifters,” Michael said quietly.

“No, I know you must be bugging out right now. I’d be bugging too,” Lonnie said and Isabel looked confused.

“How could this be?”

“Eight. Eight, there was 8 originally.”

“You know bout that?” Zan asked and Michael nodded

“Yeah, I- we just found out recently. So, yea, I just didn’t know you’d look like us.” Michael finished.

“All we know is that there where eight originally. We never new what happened to the other four.”

“They went to New York.” Lonnie said

“New York,”

“The big apple, centre of the universe. Amazing pizza.” Rath said and Zan and Lonnie smiled,

“The names Zan” he held out his hand and Max shook it.

“I’m Max”

“Yo, I’m Rath”




“I’m Ava”


“These are our friends. Alex, Kyle, Maria and Liz.” Rath cocked a finger at Liz as she smiled.

“Ah, we’ve met.” Everyone looked at Liz then Rath as he smiled

“Sorry bout that. I was just uh. Getting the lay of the land.”

“Oh I bet you were.” Sami stood on top of the stairs.

let me know what you think guys!

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Chapter three

“Why else would you stick your tongue down my best friends throat?” Sami asked and everyone but Rath looked up at her,

“hey sweets.” Rath said and Sami walked down the stairs.

“Sami?” Michael blurted and she smiled at him.

“hey guys” she said and Rath pulled her up against him but she pushed him away.

“lay out of the land?” she asked him and Zan snorted.

“come on sweets. It didn’t mean nutin. Honest” Sami frowned for a few seconds.

“that’s what you said last time.” She said and Rath growled at her, pulling her close.

“that was a dare and you know it.” Sami smiled at him, raising an eyebrow.

“I know. Just remember. Pay backs a bitch.” His lips met hers and they kiss hungrily.

“Cant wait.” he murmured against her lip. When they surfaced for air Zan was talking.

“Sumtins cooking, sumtin dats gunna affect all of us. Can we talk? In private?” Zan said to Max. He nodded and they walked into Brody's office.

“We’ve been contacted. It seems some of the peeps from the hood, they…they wanna hook up. Have a sit down,” Max held up a hand

“The hood?” Zan sighed

“Our star system. Home” Max started pacing.

“The ruling families of the 5 planets, they wanna have this summit meeting. I dunno duke. I know its important and its got something to do with making peace. I was gunna go in and represent our family, but we need you.” Max stopped pacing and looked at Zan in confusion.

“Me?” Zan shrugged,

“They want both kings.”

“Why did they contact you and not us?”

“Dunno duke. You’ll hafta ask them,” Zan said and Max sighed.


“So… what are you? You’re not an alien.” Tess asked and Sami's eyebrows rose

“ain’t I?” she asked and Michael frowned.

“when I first saw you, your eyes went from hazel to purple then back.” Sami nodded, leaning against Rath as they sat on the steps.

“Tees's right. I ain’t an alien. I’m the same as you guys but less powerful. I was full human until 4 years ago when I got healed by Zan and got powers.” She told them and the 3 roswellians eyes widened.

“Liz n Kyle gots em to. I've been helping em wiv em.” Sami said and Michael exploded.

“you mean they knew what you are?! And they didn’t tell us? Why didn’t you come and talk to us?” he asked Sami and she shrugged

“I was just gunna leave it too you lot. But when I saw Rath in school” Sami shrugged and Rath sighed.

“So why two sets?” Michael asked, changing the subject.

“For insurance. The war was still going on when they sent us down and a lot of people would wanna kill us so they sent down both sets, in case something happened to one set.”


“I don’t even know what the war was about.” Max said, leaning against Brody’s table.

“We know its about us, well, the original royal four.” Zan said

“A guy names Kivar wanted the thrown and our powers and because of that, the war started and we were all killed. We were then sent to earth to be reborn. Ever since then, the hood's been a war zone. Now they want peace. To be totally frank duke. I couldn’t care less. But they keep contacting us and seen as blue eyes was comin here anyway.” Max nodded. After a few minutes, Max and Zan walked out of the office.

Max walked over to Isabel, Tess and Michael and Zan walked over to Ava Rath and Lonnie. Sami kissed Rath's cheek and walked over to the humans.

“Well here we are.” Max said

“And there we are” Isabel said and they all looked over to the dupes.

“Thought I’d seen everything,” Michael sighed shaking his head.

“They wanted me to go to New York. To a summit meeting.” Everyone looked at Max.

“What? Just you? We were invited?”

“I’ve already told him no,”

“What did he say duke?” Rath said and Zan shrugged,

“‘E said no. Exactly what I said when they first contacted us.” Zan said and Rath sighed.

“Still think we should see what they offer.” Lonnie said and Ava shrugged.

“Sumtin bout the thrown. That’s for sure.” She said and Zan nodded,

“So Zan. What we gunna do now?” Rath asked and Zan sighed, running a hand through his spiked up hair.

“See what blue eyes is doing. If she’s comin back, then we’ll wait for here. If not, it’s up to everyone.” He said and Rath sighed.

Early the next morning:

“So your telling us that a future Max came back and told you, you could be with him any more and that you had to arrange it for Max to see you in bed with Kyle?” Sami asked and Liz nodded. She had told Kyle, Sami, Maria and Alex about future Max. the were all sitting on the autopsy tables, the aliens that were on them now on the floor.

“Can I look in your mind Liz? I wanna see it for myself.” Sami said and Liz nodded.

“What are they doing?” Isabel whispered to Michael as she, Lonnie, Michael and Rath watched Sami cup Liz’s face and connect with her.

“I dunno.” Rath said and they watched. Sami looked through Liz’s memories of that night and she smiled as they sat on her bed.


“This is one of my powers. Were in your memories, but its like were both watching them. Kinda like dream walking. I call it memory walking. We both go through your memories.” Sami explained and Liz nodded. As they watched, Liz interacted with ‘future Max’

“Liz, I think you were mind warped.” Sami said and Liz’s startled gaze swung to her best friend, who was looking in the mirror. As Liz looked as well and Liz’s face widened. There, in the mirror, was Tess.

i know its not what everyone wanted with sami and rath but i needed for them to make up in order for the next bit to happen. lol. hope everyone enjoys it.
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your questions will be answered here! lol. im glad u all like it. just to let everyone no i can only update mon-thur cuz my computers broke @ home so i have to update @ college. on with the show.

Chapter four

Both Sami and Liz broke out of the connection, gasping. They looked at each other and everyone noticed both where pale.

“Sweets?” Rath came over and held her hand. He noticed it was shaking.

“She did it deliberately because she wanted him for herself.” Liz whispered in horror.

“What’s going on?” Max asked coming over. Tess was behind him and Liz started at her in horror.

“Liz” Sami turned her friend’s face to look at her.

“Don’t. We’ll talk to everyone about it later.” She soothed and Liz nodded. A door opened.

“What?” Max looked at Tess’s watch.

“It’s 7.30”

“In the morning?” Isabel asked and Kyle swore.

“Dads gunna kill us!” he said to his sister and the dupes held their hands out.

“It’s just my boss. Hide!” Lonnie Zan and Ava went to hide as Brody appeared on the steps.

“What the hell is this?” he asked coming down the stairs.

“Morning.” Michael said.

“What, is there a party on?” Maria, Liz, Kyle, Alex and Sami all stood up and watched.

“Funny I wasn’t invited, seeing how its my building and who are you?” during his speak, Rath had walked up beside Michael.

“Brody, this is my twin brother bob.” Rath shot Michael a dirty look.

“I didn’t know you had a brother.”

“Live in New York.” Rath said, clicking his knuckles.

“Well. That explains the hair. Now, who can explain what you’re all doing here?” Brody crossed his arms and wait for a few seconds.

“Um…hi.” Brody swung round and saw Sami standing by the stairs, looking shy. Rath narrowed his eyes at her.

“Hi” Brody smiled at her.

“Names Sami” she held her hand out and Brody shook it,


“Sorry about this Brody. We didn’t mean to intrude. If you want we can leave?” Sami said, moving towards the stairs

“No… I mean, its ok.” He said and Sami shot him a sexy grin.

“Um. I've finished here so do you wanna go get breakfast or something?” she invited and when he nodded, she threw on a skimpy leather jacket.

“Stay as long as you like!” Brody called over his shoulder. As he and Sami walked up the stairs, she turned back and mouthed at Rath paybacks a bitch, and they then walked out the UFO centre.

“Ima kill her.” Rath growled. Ava and Lonnie came out from under the stairs, took one look at Rath's face and burst out laughing.

"Sami's right. Payback is a bitch.” Zan grinned at Rath's face.

“Ava follow them. Make sure their ok.” He requested and Ava nodded, walking up and out of the building.

“I’d better get home and explain bout not going home last night.” Kyle said and walked out before anyone could say anything.

“What happened earlier Liz?” Max asked and Liz shook her head.

“Don’t worry Max. It’s private.” She added when she saw his look.

“Liz, we need to go. We’ve got a shift starting in a while.” Maria interrupted Max before he could say anything else on the matter.

A few hours later

Sami sighed, sitting on a swing in the park when someone came over to her.

“Hi” Sami saw Tess sit on the swing next to her,

“Wassup” Tess looked up at the sky.

“I’d love to know what's up there” she sighed and Sami smiled.

“I wonder if it’s any different then here.” She thought aloud.

“From what I remember it’s a little different. There’s two suns, lots of grass and trees and wildlife” when Sami looked at the other girl, she saw Tess’s eyes where closed and a little smile on her face.

“Why did you do it Tess?” Sami asked and Tess looked at her in confusion.

“Why did I do what?” she asked and Sami sighed,

“Mind warp Alex and Liz.” Tess’s eyes widened.

“How do you know?”

“Tess. I lied earlier. I'm just as powerful as you Max Isabel and Michael are. My powers are all of yours combined and a few more. One of which is something we cal memory walking. Its like dream walking, only me and the person I’m connected with, walk through their memories. We don’t see the memories through the persons eyes, but as if were watching from a third persons point of view. We take a step back and watch the whole thing.” Tess nodded in understanding and Sami continued.

“That’s what I was doing with Liz. And when watched the memory of future Max, we saw you in the mirror. And when I did it with Alex, we saw the same. I can understand about wanting to translate the destiny book. But why is it so important that you need to do it in secret?” Tess sighed.

“When I came out of my pod, Nasado was waiting for me. I was the first one and he took me away from my pod. He told me that it was my destiny to be with Max. To bare his child and deliver him, Isabel and Michael to Kivar along with my child. I didn’t want to. But he did awful things to me and I started to believe him. I hated it. I was never allowed to show any human emotion apart from hate, anger and envy. He said the other human emotions where weak. When Nasado died, I though I was free of it all. That I could live my life the way I wanted, but then Kivar come and threatened me. When I didn’t show any interested. He turned to the two men I loved most. Kyle and Jim.” Sami heart stopped as Tess’s eyes filled with tears.

“I didn’t want them to die. They had been so good to me and I had begun to love them so much. They were my family. I had to go along with it. I didn’t want them to die. So I’ve carried on from there. When they said about mindwarping Alex and Liz, I said no, but they took over my body and made me do it. I when it came to getting pregnant I would have killed myself if I hadn’t have thought of something before that” Sami hugged the blonde beside her.

“I'm sorry Tess. I didn’t know. But why didn’t you go to Max or anyone?” the girl shook her head.

“Kivar would kill anyone that knew. I didn’t want them to die. I though if I went along. I could find a way out of it. But I haven't been able to. I need help.” Sami nodded.

“I'm here Tess. I’ll help you.” She whispered and Tess started to sob in relief.

im guna do 2 chapters today. lol. just to spoil you guys

Chapter five

“Come on. Let’s go back home.” Sami said and she and Tess walked out the park.

“Going somewhere?” a few people walked out of the trees and surrounded the two girls.

“Why Tess. I’d never thought of you as a betrayer.” The leader said as he stood in front of them.

“Skins” Sami hissed.

“Get out the way human and maybe we won’t kill you.” Both Sami and Tess held up hands as the skin stepped closer.

“I wouldn’t if I were you.” Sami said and to the Skins surprise, her eyes turned bright violet and Tess’s to electric blue.

“What…” the skin burst into dust as Sami shot a blast at him. The others shot energy balls at them and when Sami and Tess linked hands, a bright blue shield shot up around them.

“Mind warp them Tess” Sami muttered and she did

“Lets go.” Tess yelled and the two of them ran, still gripping each other’s hands. They ran as fast as they could and they heard skins running behind them.

“we’ll never make it!” Tess yelled as they ran.

“yes we will. Now RUN!” Sami screamed back and they legged it.

“do you have a cell phone?” Sami asked as they ran into the woods.


“call Max then!” Tess got the phone out and dialled Max’s number.


“Max it’s Tess!”

“what's wrong?” Max sat up on his bed, hearing the panicked tone in Tess’s winded voice.

“Max, skins are chasing us. were in fraiser woods. We need help. There are too many of them!”

“who are you with?” Max asked getting up and racing out his room.

“Isabel, lets go!” he yelled as he raced past his sisters room.


“now Isabel” he said and within seconds, they were in the jeep.

“I'm with Sami. We were in the park when the skins surrounded us!”

“were going to collect Michael and the others. Then we’ll be there as soon as we can.” Max said.

“okay. Sam! Watch out!” the line went dead.

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Thanks guys for all the reviews. lol. heres the next bit. im guna give u guys 2 bits cuz i didnt update yesterday. lol.

Chapter six

“Tess? Tess?!” Max yelled into the phone but the call had been disconnected.

“Max what's going on?” Isabel asked as Max swerved round a corner.

“Tess just called me. She said she and Sami are being chased by skins in the woods.” Max skidded to a stop in front of Michael house. He jumped out and as he ran to the front door, Isabel jumped into the back. Max banged on the door.

“ok, ok.” Michael answered.

“Max, what?”

“we need to go. Now.” Rath, Zan, Ava and Lonnie jumped up and walked to the door.

“Sami and Tess are in trouble.” as soon as the words were out of his mouth, the dupes where out the door instantly. They all (somehow) crowded into Max’s jeep and raced off to the woods.


“I'm fine Tess. MOVE!” Sami said. A blast had caught her arm.

“your hurt-“

“It’ll keep!”

“where are we going to go?” Tess panted and Sami gasped for breath.

“I don’t know, but we can’t stay here in the open. We need to find somewhere to hide.” They grasped hands again and started to run again.

“here.” Tess yanked her into a cave and Sami put a shield up to block the entrance.

“let me see your arm.” Tess said and after examining it, ripped a bit of her T-shirt.

“there.” She wrapped it round Sami’s arm and fastened it with her powers.

“that should hold it for a while.” Tess said and Sami nodded her thanks.

“look, there's writing on the wall.” Sami said and Tess’s eyebrows rose.

“it’s the same as the writing in the destiny book.” She said

“This shield won’t hold. How long did Max say he’ll be?” Tess shrugged linking fingers with Sami, her power strengthening the shield.

“He said he had to go pick up the others and then he has to find us” Sami’s eyes widened.

“How big are these woods?”


“Were dead.”

“How long will the shield last?” Tess asked and Sami shrugged.

“I don’t know. I've never had to hold a shield for long before. That’s normally what Zan does if needed.” Tess sighed


“Max, these wood are massive. We’ll never find them in time!” Alex panicked and Max shot him a look. Alex, Kyle, Liz and Maria had met them at the woods after a panicked phone call from Isabel

“Yes we will Michael” Max said and Zan sighed.

“Is there anyway any of you can sense her?” Isabel asked but Ava shook her head.

“Not with all the skins that will be in there. Its too much power. The only way I’d be able to help her is if she were to send me a vision or something. But that could be intercepted and it takes a lot of power for her to be able to do it.”

“Didn’t Tess say anything helpful?” Lonnie asked and Max shook his head.

“No. She said that there are skins chasing her and Sami in fraiser woods and they need help cuz there are too many of them.” Rath smashed his fist into a tree.


“The only thing I can think of is to send Ava a vision, but the shield will weaken and anyone could intercept it.” Sami told Tess and she sighed.

“I can’t even do a shield. All I can do is mindwarp.” Sami sighed.

“If I send the message, you’ll hafta mindwarp the skins into thinking the shields up, or were not here.” Tess nodded.

“I’ll try my best.” Sami nodded and closed her eyes, keeping her fingers linked with Tess’s. Ava I don’t have a lot of time. Tess and me are in a cave. Its got alien writing on the walls and holes where you have to put some kind of stone in I'm guessing. We need help.

Please hurry, I don’t know how long it’ll be before the skins find us. Ava’s yes flashed open.

“I know where they are!” she said and everyone crowded round her.

“Sami sent me a message. She said they’re in a cave with alien writing on the walls and holes where you put the stones in.” Max nodded.

“We know where it is. Come on!” they all raced after Max.


“Did they get it?” Tess asked as Sami's eyes opened.

“I think so. I can’t hold the shield for a lot longer.” Skins appeared at the entrance of the cave and started banging on the shield.

“Were screwed” Sami said as Tess helped her up. They stood feet apart and hands stretched out. The skins broke through the shield and the two girls started blasting. After a minute it was all over. The skins had over powered the girl. They now had Sami and Tess tied up in the cave.

“Well, well, well. If it isn’t Ava,” Nicholas said as he walked into the cave,

“It’s Tess.” She spat and she got a slap round the face.

“What has that for!” Sami yelled at the skin as Tess’s head snapped to the side.

“She answered me back.” Nicholas said and he turned to her.

“And who might you be?” he asked and Sami kept her mouth shut. He sighed.

“We can do this the easy way, or the hard way. You ether tell me what I want to know, or I’ll take what I want to know by force.” Nicholas said as he walked closer to Sami.

“I’ll tell you something” Tess’s eyes widened in horror.

“Yes?” he leaned his face close to hers.

“Ready?” he nodded eager.

“Go to hell.” His face twisted into rage.

“The hard way it is then.” He put his hands on her head and she screamed as he entered her mind.

“So you’re not naturally alien. Interesting.” He said taking his hands off her. She collapsed to the floor and was panting for breath.

“Ready to talk?” Nicholas asked again and Sami spat at him.

“Fine.” This time when he connected to her, she was ready. She blocked her mind.

“Dammit to hell. Give up already!” he swore and Sami just shook her head. It was taking all her energy up just keeping her mind blocked.

“Fine.” He turned to Tess and when he tried to get into her mind, he found a block had been place on her mind as well.

“Damn you both!” he yelled and he turned to the other skins.

“Time for plan B. get me the knifes.”
Chapter seven

“Here. This is where they are.” Max said and just as they reached the cave, a scream came from inside.

“Sami” Zan held Rath back as they heard another voice.

“Are you ready to tell me?” it was Nicholas.


“But he’s dead. Tess killed him!” Isabel stuttered glancing at her brother.

“Well some how he’s alive.” Zan said eyes hardening. They crept toward the entrance, and peeped inside.

“Tell me what I want to know!” Nicholas demanded Sami. She was pinned against the wall, cuts all over her body. When she lifted her head, they saw her face was black and blue.

“Why cant you just understand, she doesn’t know what you want to know! Nether of us do!” Tess sobbed. She was pinned next to Sami, in the same condition as her friend.

“where is the book of power?” he asked again and Sami lifted her head from where it had dropped to her chin.

“we don’t know of any book of power” She said, her voice hoarse from all her screaming and yelling.

“I think you do!” Nicholas said, and her head dropped in anger and frustration.

“we have to do something” Isabel whispered and Ava closed her eyes and sent power to her friend. Sami’s head lifted as she felt power enter her body. She reached out and held Tess’s hand. Tess’s head turned to look at Sami as she felt a tingle down her body.

“what's she doing?” Maria asked.

“Ava's giving power to Sami.” Rath said as Zan held onto Ava’s waist to steady her.

“ok. So what's Sami doing now?” she asked as Sami grasped Tess’s hand. They all saw Tess’s head turn to look at Sami in surprise.
“she’s sharing her power.” Ava said and Maria, Alex, Liz and Kyle’s faces registered shock. After a few seconds, Ava opened her eyes and looked at Sami. The chains around Sami and Tess collapsed into dust and as Sami put a shield up, a fire wall appeared behind Tess and rushed forward, turning all the skins into dust. Apart from one.

Nicholas stood there with a shield wrapped round him. He grinned at the two girls and disappeared. The rest of the gang rushed in just as Tess collapsed.

“Tess!” Sami caught her and lowered her to the ground.


“I'm here.” She whispered and everyone gather round the two. Max knelt beside the Tess as Sami stood up and put his hands on her body, healing her cuts. Zan grabbed Sami and connected with her before anyone could stop him. As he healed her, he saw what had happened in the last few hours. Tess’s confession everything. When the connection had stopped Sami looked into Zan's eyes.

“promise.” Promise you wont tell anyone or judge her. Zan’s eyes searched hers and after a few seconds he nodded. She sighed, swaying slightly, her eyes closed and Zan caught her easily.

“Rath.” Zan handed him his girlfriend and knelt beside Max and Tess. He was looking at Tess in wonder and horror.

“Max.” he looked up at his double.

“she did all that for us.” Zan nodded as everyone else looked at each other confused.

“lets go. We can sort everything out when they wake up.” Max nodded, picking Tess up. They all walked of the cave and out the woods.

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AN thanks everyone!!! in a bit of a rush so its a quick one.

Chapter eight

“when are they going to wake up?” Isabel asked, pacing in Michael lounge. Sam and Tess where asleep in Michael's bedroom.

“when they’re powers returned.” Zan answered her.

“I hate all this waiting.” Maria said handing Alex a drink. They were all waiting for the girls to wake up. Kyle’s head poked out of the bedroom.

“Sami’s awake.” Rath shot up and was in the room with in 3 seconds.

“Rath” Sami smiled and they hugged.

“I nearly lost you.” He whispered and Sami smiled.

“na. It’ll take a lot more than that to kill me off.” She buffed and Rath sighed. Sami kissed his lips gently and they connected. Rath saw everything Sami had been through the last few hours and when their lips parted, she looked over at Tess and smiled at the blonde. Her eyes where open and was looking afraid.

“Zan and Max know.” She whispered and Sami nodded her head.

“Tess?” Max came in and hugged her,

“thank you.” She sighed

“you’re not angry?” he shook his head.

“you did what you thought was best. You’re a good friend.” Sami sighed.

“time to face the music” she said and both she and Tess got up and walked out the room.

“Hazel eyes, you ok?” Zan asked and she nodded as she, Lonnie and Ava hugged. Sami saw Maira’s, Kyle's, Liz’s and Alex’s looks of betrayal when they noticed Tess’s and her hands linked.

“guys, Tess has something to tell everyone. I want you lot to promise not to blow up or anything.” Sami said and Maria’s eyes narrowed.

“I can promise no such thing” she uttered and Sami sent her a sad look.

“then there's the door.” She indicated with her head as she was holding both Rath's and Tess's hands.

“what your picking her over me?” she asked and everyone looked shocked.

“no. I'm not. I just don’t want to have a fight in the middle of the day when I nearly got beaten to death!” Sami said quietly but forcefully.

“I don’t believe this!” Maria burst out.

“believe it. I'm not the little girl you used to know. I've grown up in the streets of new York. Not some cosy little house where I was born. Get used to it.” Sami said and was about to step out the door when she saw how scared Tess was of admitting what she had done. Sami led Rath and Tess over to Michael’s sofa and they sat down. Ammideitly, Lonnie, Ava and Zan sat down with them, Zan next to Tess and Ava and Lonnie behind them, all of them touching.

“promise Maria.” Max said and Maria huffed.

“fine. I promise” Sami shot her a dark look at her sarcastic look as Tess started to talk.

When she had finished, everyone was silent. Sami and Zan exchanged looks, both tense with what has about to happen.

“you…bitch” Maria threw herself at Tess but before she could get to her, Sami was standing in her way. The punch she ment for Tess, landed straight in Sami’s face. Everyone was silent as Sami's face snapped to the side. The new York crew shot up and went to surround Sami but a shield appeared in between them.

“Maria!” Isabel gasped but Sami’s face straightened.

“you knew.” Maria said and Sami’s expression stayed the same.

“no. not till she confessed at the park earlier.”

“how can you stand up for her?” Maria said loudly.

“because she not only save my family, but you and Liz and Max and Isabel and Alex. even if it meant mind warping them one or two times. And I would have done the exact same thing.” Sami replied and she looked at everyone else. Isabel, Alex, and Kyle looked confused, Michael looked betrayed, Liz looked at Tess in understanding and forgiveness and everyone else was neutral.

“I… I don’t know you anymore!” Maria said and Sami’s face fell.

“no I don’t supose you do.” With that, Sami walked out the room and out into the night.

“damn you!” Rath said, trying to run out after Sami but her shield was still up.

“Maria” Liz whispered in shock

“what Liz. She chose her over us. her ‘supposedly’ best friends. She deserved it.”

“no Maria. She didn’t.” Liz got up and walked out the house. As she got out, she looked around for her friend.

“where do you think she’ll be?” Tess’s voice asked and when Liz turned round, Tess, Kyle and Alex stood there behind her.

“I don’t know. I don’t know where she’d go. She right. She’s changed.” Liz said and Kyle sighed.

“Rath, Lonnie, Zan and Ava wanted to come, but Sami’s shield is staying strong. Max is talking to Isabel and Michael.” Alex explained and Liz nodded.

“let look for her. She cant have gotten too far.” Kyle snorted.

“you know Sami. If she doesn’t want to be found she wont be”

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Chapter nine

“Sami?” Jim walked into the house to the sight of his daughter packing her bags.

“hi dad. I've gotta go on a road trip. Just a day or two. I wont be long.” Jim nodded.

“alien business?” Sami hesitated

“in a way.” She said as she zipped her bag.

“I love you. Will you give these to the others when you see them? When I've gone.” Jim nodded in confusion as they walked out to her bike. Sami strapped her bag on and swung her leg over her bike.

“I love you dad.” She kissed his cheek and they hugged.

“love you too baby girl.” Sami slid on her helmet and after she had started up the engine, revved off.


“dad, have you seen Sami?” everyone piled into the Valenti’s house hold.

“yeah, she asked me to give these to you guys.” Jim said as he gave his son the letters. There were ones for everyone. Rath ripped his open and started to read it. After Sami had left Roswell, her shield had collapsed allowing the dupes to find the others.

“damn her.” Rath whispered, collapsing on the sofa.

“she promised. She fucking promised.” Rath put his head in his hands.

“she’s left.” Kyle whispered, looking at his father.


“I don’t believe it.” Alex whispered

“ima kill her.”

“Rath, calm down. I'm sure Sami”

“not her” Rath interrupted Zan.

“Maria. If she hadn’t have said all that shit about Sami, she would still be here.” Ava put her hand on Rath's shoulder.

“calm down. She’s going to be back. She say’s so. She needs to clear her head. You’d do exactly the same.” Jim looked confused.

“will someone please tell me what the heck is going on and why you think my daughter has abandoned us!”


in new York:

Sami took a deep breath as she parked her bike in a car park. she put her sun glasses on and walked into the put.

“you duke.” She nodded to the bar tender and after a few seconds, he handed her a glass. She nodded and walked into the staff room.

“blue eyes!” a short man called and Sami nodded.

“yo Willie. Got an extra pole?” She asked and willy nodded,

“your gear is in the locker.” Sami nodded and got changed into her gear,

“normal place?” he nodded and she walked to her old pole and started to pole dance like she used to.


“I know where she’ll be. In the polar.” Ava said and Rath shot her a dark glance.

“she gave up dancing years ago.”

“you know she does it to let off steam Rath.” Zan said and Rath's eyes grew dark.

“yeah. Unfortunately.”

“excuse me, what's polar?” Kyle asked. Ava, Lonnie and Zan exchanged glances.

“it’s a pole dancing club.”



“all finished?” Willie asked Sami and she nodded, changing into her normal street cloths.

“yeah thanks Willie.” He handed her some cash.

“here” Sami nodded and she walked to her bike. She knew better than to try and give willy his money back. He would never except it back. Sami shuddered as she passed the alleyway that she had been abused in. she had give pole dancing up after it had happened, but she did come to let off steam. It was the only place she could go where no one would question what she was doing there. Sami straddled her bike and started it up. She drove to her house which she shares with the others and lets herself in. she sighs as she relaxes on the sofa and she flicks on the TV.


“MY DUAGHTER IS A POLE DANCER?” Jim yelled and Zan held up his hands.

“no sir. She used to be a pole dancer. She gave it up.” Jim shook his head and collapsed on the sofa next to Rath.

“if her mother was still alive…” he threatened and Kyle shot a startled look at his dad. It was the first time he had heard him say anything about his mother.

“we say that every damn day sir” Rath said and Jim sighed.

“everyone may as well stay here. It’ll be the first place she goes when she gets back into town.” Jim said and he got up and walked into his bedroom.

“will she come back?” Tess asked and Zan shrugged.

“I dunno. Sami’s never very predictable.”

“lets get some sleep.” After everyone had agreed on where they were sleeping, everyone tried getting some sleep.

AN thanks everyone

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thanks everyone!!!!

Chapter ten

“home sweet home.” Sami muttered as she drove into Roswell in the dead of night. She parked outside her fathers and when she peeped through the window, smiled at the sight. Zan and Ava shared the sofa and Rath and Lonnie slept on the floor. Max and Michael slept in the two chairs while Isabel, Kyle, Alex, Tess and Liz were no where to be seen. Sami creeped to the window of Kyle's room and she smiled at the sight.

Isabel, Tess, Kyle, Alex and Liz all sat on the bed talking. Sami went back to the front door and quietly opened the door, using her powers to quieten the door, praying the aliens wouldn’t notice the usage of power. When no one came running, Sami grabbed three blankets off the back of the sofa and cover Ava and Zan with one, Lonnie with another and Rath with the last. She brushed a his cheek with her finger and smiled when a tiny smile appeared on his face. Sami walked to the coffee table and wrote note on a piece of paper. She stuck it on the TV and walked back outside, walking to the park.


“morning.” Rath muttered to the others as he sat up. He went to turn on the TV and his eyes zeroed on the note, scrawled in Sami’s writing.

I'm back! Come and find me :P

“oh my god!” he yelled and everyone that had been asleep woke up and those who had been awake looked over to him as he ripped the note off the TV. He showed it to everyone. Tess’s eyes widened and she flew out the house before anyone could say anything.

As she ran to the park, she noticed two figures standing there, in what looked like an argument. She slowed as she realised who they were. Maria and Sami

Oh shit

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Chapter eleven

Thanks to Zan’s quick instincts, the shield shone brightly against the dust. Everyone looked out the shield and Rath and Sami on the floor, in each other’s arms unmoving. Maria was stood tall, her hand held out in front of her.

“Maria?” Michael whispered and the girl turned to look at them. They saw her eyes were black.

“What are you?” Ava yelled out, her and Lonnie holding onto Zan, giving him their strength and power.

“I am a shape shifter. I was sent by Nicholas to help destroy you.”

“How long have you been here? Where’s the real Maria?” Liz asked and the shape shifter laughed.

“I’ve been here for months. The real Maria's dead.” The shape shifter yelled and Liz started to cry. Max pulled her into his arms and they held each other. Michael's eyes shot to Sami and Rath. Sami’s eyes where closed but tears where rolling down her face. Rath's hand was on her stomach. Isabel put her hand on Michael's shoulder and he nodded to her.

“You are all weak. Relying on humans to give you strength. It makes me sick” the thing that imitated Maria spat. It flew across the park and everyone saw Rath standing over his girlfriend.

“You killed him.” He said and to everyone’s shock, tears stood out on his face.

“He’s dead because of you!” the shape shifter stood up.

“I haven't killed anyone.”

You killed my son!” Rath yelled and everyone gasped, looking at Sami. She lay unconscious on her back, one hand up by her face, the other covering her stomach. Her face was facing them but they saw the lines where the tears had run.

“Son?” the shape shifter asked and Rath growled.

“Yes. Sami was pregnant but when you sent the blast off, and knocked us out, the baby automatically put a shield up. Protecting Sami and me. The baby died of the strain. And now you’ll die as well.” Rath lifted a hand but before he could let off a blast, the shape shifter lifted a hand and disappeared.

A few seconds passed before Zan lowered his shield. Rath had run back to Sami and was holding her against him, murmuring in her ear. Sami’s eyes slowly opened and took in her surroundings. Rath had his head buried in her neck, his tears running down her neck. She moved her eyes and saw Max and Liz hugging each other, Tess and Kyle where also holding each other, Ava and Lonnie where keeping Zan steady and Alex and Isabel where hugging. Sami’s eyes moved onto Michael where he was on the floor, eyes closed, fists clenched.

Sami moved and Rath's head shot up.

“Sami?” She met his eyes.

“What happened?” Rath just shook his head and Sami’s hand went straight to her stomach where her son was. But she couldn't feel him.

“Rath, what happened? Where’s my baby?” Rath's shoulders just shook as she asked him. She looked up at the others, seeing them ether kneeling or standing beside her.

“What happened? And where’s Maria?” she asked looking for the girl.

“She’s not here.” Michael spoke up. He was still sitting down on the floor arms wrapped round himself.

“What do you mean, ‘she’s not here’? If she’s not here then where is she? Will someone tell me what happened? And why cant I feel josh anymore?” everyone looked confused at that apart from Rath.

“Baby, josh…he’s” Rath hesitated,

“Maria was a shape shifter.” Michael said and Sami’s eyes flew to him.

“The real Maria’s dead. It didn’t tell us how Maria died, just that’s she's dead.” Sami gasped and looked at Alex, Liz and Kyle.

“The shape shifter threw a blast. And it knocked us out; the baby automatically put a shield up. Protecting you and me, Sami. The baby died of the strain.” Rath whispered and Sami started to cry.

“Not my baby. Not josh.” Rath gathered her in his arms and they both sobbed.

“I can’t believe it.” Liz said, feeling Max’s arms tighten round her.

“I know.” He said and he kissed her forehead.

“Why Sami?” Tess whispered, tears running down her face where it was resting on Kyle's shoulder.

“I don’t know.” He whispered back, and they just held each other.

“We need to go back and let dad know what happened.” He said after a few minutes. Kyle, Alex and Liz were now hugging Sami.

“Yeah.” Sami whispered and everyone saw her drawing into her self. The dupes looked at each other in sadness. Sami had been like this one other time. When her mother had died. Now she would be worse

“Come on. Lets go.”

AN thanks every one. talk 2 u next week unless i cant get my internet running for this weekend!!!