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Chapter twenty-five

Sami shot up, as did Kyle Alex and Liz. In stepped Max Michael Isabel and Tess. But in a way, they weren’t.

“You did it.” Sami whispered a hand to her mouth. Max’s hair was slightly longer, but not too long. His eyebrow and lip where still pierce, as was everyone else facial piercing where still there. Michael’s hair was the same length, but his eyes where a slightly different shade. Tess’s hair was like Ava's and Isabel’s was shorter than normal but longer than Lonnie's.

“Um…”Kyle scratched his head, as everyone stood frozen. Sami slowly walked to Michael. Or is it Rath? She wondered. She stood in front of him and he smirked.

“I'm still me.” He whispered and Sami raise a hand to his face.

“Wa…” she shook her head and stared into his eyes.

“What’s it like?” she asked and he grinned

“Two set of memories and two personalities. Both love you.” Sami’s eyes widened.

“Michael… loves?” she asked and Rath grinned.

“He started falling for you. But I can’t still feel what he felt for Maria.” Sami nodded and his head lowered and they kissed. After a minute or two, Sami pulled away and looked up.

“So, do I call you Michael? Or Rath?” she whispered and he winked.

“Rath when we’re not in public, but Michael in public.” She nodded.

“So it’s happened.” A man with dark black hair and piercing blue eyes sat in a chair, Nicholas standing beside him.

“What has happened?” the man looked at his second.

“They have merged. I though I told you go get to that, langly man before any of the aliens did.” He said and Nicholas bowed his head.

“We did, but the humans got there before any of us.” the man grinned.

“We still have an ace up our sleeve Nicholas.” He said looking at the girl in the corner. She had dirty blonde hair and wide blue eyes.

“Indeed we do Kivar.” Nicholas said and he left the room.

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all shall be revealed. lol. hope people r still here and havent gone away cuz iv been gone 4 so long. lol

Chapter twenty-six

“So what do we do now?” Liz asked 6 hours later, sitting on Max’s lap. They were all still at the Valenti’s and where just spending some quality time together.

“I don’t know.” Max admitted, running his fingers through her hair. Sami and Rath where in the big arm chair, Max and Liz where in the other one and Tess Kyle Alex and Isabel where all on the sofa.

“I say we relax for a bit.” Rath said, his eyes closed with Sami’s head rested on his shoulder.

“I don’t know. I think we should try and find out what Kivar has planned,” Tess admitted and Isabel nodded.

“We could ask the rebellion.” Sami said, yawning quietly.

“I can do that, seen as I'm part of it.” Rose said and Kyle looked up from Tess’s hair.

“But what about protection?” he asked a Rose laughed.

“I just need to call someone and we can find out all we need to,” she said and Kyle nodded, putting his head back in Tess’s hair.

“You do that.” Max said and Rose nodded, pulling out a cell phone.

“What about the rest of us?” Alex asked and Jim interrupted.

“You guys go to school tomorrow.” Everyone groaned.

“I know it’s hard but Sami, you guys have had all that time off, you need to go back.” She nodded curling up on Rath's lap in a tighter ball.

“Dude, what's the time?” he asked, his arms tightening round Sami.

“Bout 7” Zan said and Rath nodded,

“I need to be getting home soon.” Liz muttered and Max looked at his girlfriend.

“My parents are going to be home soon.” She said and he nodded.

“I’ll drive you home.” He said and Isabel sighed.

“I’ll go with you.” Alex nodded.

“See you guys later” Sami waved a hand with out looked up from her spot from Rath's lap.

“See you tomorrow.” Liz and Alex kissed Sami’s cheek and all four of them walked out to the jeep.

“What do you want to do?” Jim asked and Sami heaved herself off of Rath.

“Well, I'm going to cook everyone dinner.” She said, walking into the kitchen. Tess followed and they started to cook.

“Do you need any help?” Rath and Kyle asked from the lounge.

“No thanks.” Tess called as Sami peeled the potatoes.

“Okay!” a few seconds later, the TV was on and the girls could hear the boys shouting at the TV.

“Come on ref!” Kyle groaned. Sami the girls exchanged amused glances and laughed. About half an hour later, Sami was walking into the lounge with the boys’ drinks when the doorbell rang.

“I’ll get it!” Sami called, handing Rath both the drinks. She walked to the door and pulled it open.

“Amy!” Sami exclaimed, pulling the door open more.

“Hi. I'm not interrupting anything am I?” she asked walking into the house when Sami beckoned her in.

“No. Me and Tess are just cooking and Michael and Kyle are watching the-“

“Oh you faker! Get up!” Kyle yelled

“Football.” Sami finished and Amy barely managed a smile.

“Um… dads out at the moment. Not sure where he went.” Sami worried her bottom lip and Amy nodded.

“That’s ok; I just… didn’t want to be at home.” Sami nodded and they walked into the lounge. Sami turned down the TV with her powers and the boys looked up at her.

“Sami! What… oh hi miss d’luca!” Michael said, and she nodded at him.

“Michael, you wouldn’t happen to know where Maria is do you?” she asked and Michael shook his head.

“Sorry Miss d’luca. I haven't seen her since she broke it off with me.” He said and Amy looked surprised.

“She what? I didn’t know that.” She said and Michael nodded.

“It musta been, a few day before Sami came back.” He said and Amy sighed. Sami walked into the kitchen and sighed, leaning against the counter. There was a smash and Sami and Tess both covered their faces, as the window was smashed open. Michael and Kyle shot to their feet as they heard their girls scream. They ran to the kitchen and saw Tess and Sami pulling their hands from their faces.

“What happened?” Michael asked, hugging Sami as Kyle hugged Tess.

“I…I…I…” Sami stuttered in shock.

“Sami?” Michael looked at his girlfriend and saw her hands where bleeding.

“What happened?” Amy asked and Sami kick the rock that had come through the window under the table.

“A rock came through the window.” Tess said and Amy shook her head.

“I’ll be right back.” Michael said and he and Kyle ran out the front door.

“I’ll get a broom.” Amy said and walked to the cupboard. Sami picked the rock up and pulled the note off it.


Sami dropped the rock back on the floor and put the note in her pocket, exchanging glances with Tess.

“I’ll do that Amy.” Sami said, taking the broom from her


“Come sit down. I’ll make us all a cup of tea.” Tess said.

“You should be the ones relaxing.” Amy said and Tess smiled,

“Were fine. We just need to keep ourselves busy to keep our minds off what happened.” Tess said, leading Amy to the couch.

“We need to ring Max and Isabel” Sami said

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Chapter twenty-seven

“Sami, your hands are bleeding!” Jim said when he came in two minutes later. Tess was on the phone to Max, Michael and Kyle where still outside and Sami was clearing the glass off the floor.

“And… our kitchen windows gone.” Jim stared at the gap where the glass was and Sami sighed as Amy came back in.

“Yeah, some prat threw a rock at the window. A dunno why.” Jim noticed Sami’s accent was back, letting on how upset she was.

“Come and sit down. Let Jim do that and I’ll do something about your hands.” Sami sighed, handing over the broom to her dad and sitting down as Amy got some antiseptic cream and bandages,

“You know, some of these might be stitches,” she said a few seconds later as she wiped Sami hands with the cream.

“I dout it. Just pop the bandages on and I’ll be fine.” Sami said. The front door opened and Michael and Kyle came in as Amy put the bandage on her hand.

“You okay?” Kyle asked and his sister nodded, flexing her hands.

“Yep. Amy's just finished putting the bandages on and I need to finish cooking.” She hopped up and put the spaghetti in water that was nearly boiling over.

“Are you staying for supper Amy?” she asked as Tess came back in.

“If its not too much inconvenience.” She said, clearing up the first aid stuff.

“Of course not.” Tess said and Amy smiled. Sami walked into the lounge and stood by a window, watching people walking passed.

“What’s wrong with Sami?” Amy asked, watching the girl look out the window.

“She’s just remembering.” Kyle said and everyone looked at him.

“Remembering what?” Jim asked and Tess sighed.

“Her old life.” Michael said quietly, watching his girlfriend. He could remember that she did this round about this time each year for as long as he had known her. He walked over to her and stood just behind her. When he heard her sniff, he put a hand on her waist. She lent back a bit and he rested his chin on her head.

“What’s going on with those two?” Amy asked quietly with a gustier towards the couple standing by the window.

“They’re friends. I think they both fancy each other but for the sake of Maria, they’re holding it off.” Tess said and after a few minutes, Sami opened the front door to let Max and Isabel in.

“What are you two doing here?” Amy asked, taking a bite of her food.

“We need to talk to Sami.” Max said and the girl nodded, indicating her room.

“So what happened? And why are your hands bandaged up?” Isabel asked and Sami sighed, explaining what had happened.

“Just you?” Max asked a few minutes later. Sami nodded, sitting on her bed.

“I wonder who is it is and what they want.” Isabel said, pacing the floor. Sami smiled; knowing it was one of Lonnie's habits, not Isabel's.

“I don’t know. It could be the underground.” Sami thought out load

“But then again it could be Kivar.” Max interrupted and there was a knock on the door.

“Sami, your foods getting cold” Amy's voice called and Sami rolled her eyes at the tone.

“I know Amy. I can always nuke it.” Sami called back.

“I hope she's not here all the time.” The young girl muttered in a tone both Max and Isabel recognised.

“We’d better go. We only told mum we were here for some information.” Sami grinned and when they walked out, everyone looked up at the three. They noticed a tension that hadn't been there before and Sami’s face was pale.

“Everything ok?” Jim asked and Sami nodded, showing the two teens out.

“We’ll talk about it tomorrow in school” Max said and Isabel winced.

“Yeah.” Sami said and closed the door when Max had pulled away from the curb.

“So, anything interesting on TV?” Sami asked, sitting next to Tess on the sofa. The men where doing wash up duty seen as Sami and Tess had cooked.

“Not really.” The other girl said, resting her legs on Sami's lap. Sami sighed and Tess glanced at her

“What did Max say?” she asked and Sami shrugged

“We’ll decide tomorrow whether I go or not. He thinks it might have been someone else.” Sami said and Tess nodded, changing the channel.

Chapter twenty-eight

Come to me… Sami looked around she saw a dark haired guy standing in front of her. She walked towards him, even though she knew it was forbidden. She stood in front of him as he stroked her cheek. My love he whispered against her neck and Sami moved her head to give him better access…

“Sami, wake up.” Sami's eyes fluttered open to Kyle standing over her with a cup of coffee in his hand.

“Coffee” she groaned reaching for it. He handed over after a few seconds of hesitation. He didn’t really want to give it up but he knew if he didn’t he would have an irritated sister on his case.

“Hmm. Thanks.” She said and to his surprise, she gave it back to him after a few sips.

“You’re welcome,” he said and Michael walked out of the bedroom. Sam groaned as she twisted her neck.

“What time is it?” she asked, aware that someone’s’ feet in her lap.

“8” Michael answered kissing her forehead.

“In the morning?” she asked and she heard Tess groan.

“Did someone get the number of the truck that hit me?” she said as Sami pushed her feet off her lap.

“Ow.” She groaned as her feet hit the floor.

“Pins and needles” she whispered.

“Did we sleep on the sofa?” Sam asked rubbing her neck.

“Morning how did you… what the hell happened to you?” Jim came in and stopped when he saw the girls’ faces. They looked at each other and screamed. Sami had bright blonde hair and Tess had brown hair, Sami shoot up to look at her face in the mirror. Her eyes where cat like and she had both sides of her lip pierced she had her eyebrow done and when she looked closely, her eye lashes where green. She stuck her tongue out and it was orange. She heard laughter and she knew it was Michael and Max immediately.

“What the hell!” Tess was no better. Her eyes where also cat like and both sides of her nose had been done. Her eye lashes where also blue. “Pay backs a bitch.” Michael said from the doorway but Sami was staring at her eyes too intently to notice.

“Sami?” Tess looked at Michael worried when she noticed her friends eyes had dilated.

Sami looked around confused. One minute she had been looking at herself, next she was in a room. It was dark and when her eyes had adjusted, she saw a big chair with a screen in front of it. She frowned when she saw it had pictures of the group. She heard a sniffle so she spun to see a girl with dirty blonde hair lying on the floor. Maria! She gasped,

“Did she just say Maria?” Michael asked sharply and Tess nodded her skin pale.

What's happened to you? Sami asked, kneeling beside her friend Sami? Maria looked round and saw her friend kneeling beside her. Are you really here? She asked and Sami shrugged I don’t know. One minute I'm looking at myself, next I'm here. Maria put a hand out but it went straight through her. Maira, I can really see you. Hold on. We’ll find you. She said and the other girl nodded, then all was black.

“Are you sure she said Maira?” Isabel asked, standing in the doorway. Suddenly Sami's eyes came into focus.

“No!” she yelped looking around.


“Maria! She’s alive! I saw her!” Sami said, looking around the room.

“Calm down.” Max said, holding onto her arms. Michael had gone pale and was sitting on the edge of the bath.

“What happened?” Sami took a deep breath, trying to calm her self.

“What happened?” Max repeated and Sami sighed

“I don’t know. One minute I'm looking at myself in the mirror, the next, I'm in a dark room with a black chair that had a screen in front of it with pictures of us. I turn heard a sniffle and next thing I know, I see Maria lying on the floor.” Everyone looked surprised.

“Guys, I don’t think Maria's dead.” Sami dropped the bombshell

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Chapter twenty-nine

Everyone looked at Sami in horror.

“What do you mean?” Michael asked, his voice horse. Sami knew that if Maria was alive, then Michael would be split between her and Sami. Rath would want to be with her and Michael will want to go back to Maria. But if that happened, then what would happen? Would both essence try and take over the body, or would they split into different people?

“Sami?” Kyle poked her in the arm and when she turned her gaze on him, he saw it was troubled.


“Kids, school!” Jim called and Sami just waved a hand over her self, refreshing her cloths, changing her face back to normal and redoing her hair as she raced out to her bike, picking her bag up on her way out.

When she got to school, she chained her bike up and walked into class.

“Well look who it is.” Pam troy stood outside her classroom.

“Miss I-can-paint” Sami just shot her a disgusted look and walked into the room. She set up her pedestal at the back of the class with her paints and everything. Sami saw Michael walk into class and set up his next to her. Michael knew that whatever was wrong with Sami, she would portray it in her drawings or paintings. He sighed, remembering the look of pain in her eyes when he had what she had meant. He wondered if Maria was still alive and knew that his life would never be the same again.

The teacher called out the register and once everyone had answered their names, they got to work. Sami’s hand hovered over the paper, mind blank. She didn’t normally get blanks, she normal painted what she was on her mind, but she couldn’t seem to concentrate. She kept seeing Maria lying in the corner of the room. Her mind flashed back to the dream she had and suddenly, her hand began to sketch, Rath had often said that when Sami was in the zone, Sami’s hand had a mind of its own. When Sami next blinked, she had sketched out the guy from her dream.

Michael peeped over and frowned as Sami drew a guy he didn’t know. That alone was weird. Rath knew most people Sami knew. Specially men. He watched as Sami picked up her paints and started to paint the background. Michael looked at his picture. He had drawn Sami the way he… no Rath… remembered her as. She was lying down asleep in a field of poppies. He remembered her telling him that red poppies had been her mothers’ favourite flowers.

Sami looked at her picture when the bell went. She relaxed, knowing that art was a double lesson. She had started with the guys eyes and the more she painted, the more she seemed to get closer to knowing who the guy was.

“5 minute break!” the teacher called and Sami put her paints down, stretching her back. She looked over at Michael’s canvas and her eyes widened. It was her, asleep in poppies. He had painted the sky and had just started on the trees in the background. Her eyes shot to his and she found him looking at her.

“What’s wrong?” he asked and she sighed, sitting on the desk that was behind her.

“What if Maria really is alive? And she comes back for you?” Michael’s eyes widened. He hadn’t thought of it that way. In his head, Rath was saying he wasn’t leaving Sami at all. He would rather die. Michael agreed.

“The feelings for Maria, pale in comparison to what we have.” He said quietly and Sami's eyes filled with tears.

“But Michael. She loves you! She’ll demand that we try and reverse what’s happened.” Michael shook his head.

“I’m not giving this up. I’ve gotten used to having Rath in my head. Or I’m used to being in Rath's head. I don’t know which” Sami laughed, wiping a few tears from her eyes.

“Who’s this?” he asked indicating the picture.

“I don’t know. I dreamed him this morning.” Michael frowned.

“I’ll let you know when I figure it out.” Sami said as the teacher called everyone back to start painting again.

As Sami finished painting the last of the guys’ cloths, Sami’s eyes went wide and she dropped her brush

Kivar!” she gasped

hey guys, sorry i havent been updating. had a bit of writers block. hate it, hope you enjoy

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ok, i coodnt send myself ALL of it cuz my disk was being an idiot, but i did manage to send myself about 42 chapters. which means i have time to sort out whats going on with my disk and keep trying to get it done. so heres the next 2 chapters

Chapter Thirty

Michael’s gaze shot to Sami as she gasped Kivar's name. In his head, Rath growled.

“Sami?” he asked, walking over to her.

“It’s…its Kivar!” she whispered, feeling sick.

“He was in my dreams this morning, and… and…” Michael put a hand on her back.

“We’ll get everyone here on the break which is about now.” He said as the bell rang for their 15-minute break. Michael and Sami cleared up their brushes and after a few minutes, max, Tess, Isabel, Alex, Liz and Kyle walked in.

“What’s wrong?” Kyle asked as saw the panic struck Sami and the protectiveness in Michael’s eyes.

“Look at this.” The others crowed round the painting.

“This isn’t good. Who…” Alex stopped as Isabel gasped and went pale. Her gaze shot to Sami.

“You’ve got to be shitting me!” Lonnie came out.

“A wish.” Rath said, his arm tightening round Sami’s waist.

“What?” Max and Tess knew it was bad news is Lonnie and Rath where here.

“This, is Kivar.” Sami said, indicating the painting.


“‘E was in ma dream tis mornin.” Sami said, her New York accent back, showing how upset she was.

“What happened.” Sami looked to the ground. Kyle, Liz and Alex exchanged glances. They knew that look anywhere. Sami was embarrassed or ashamed and didn’t want to tell.

“Hewasseducingme” she muttered and everyone looked confused apart from Kyle who just looked shocked, then angry.

“Say it again.” Sami peeked at Kyle under her lashes and shook her head.

“Sami.” He said in a stern voice that no one had heard him use before. Especially on Sami.

“No.” she said, her head not coming up.


“FINE!” She yelled, her head coming up, tears streaming down her face,

“HE. WAS. SEDUCING. ME!” she yelled and with that, she picked up her bag and raced out the room, tears running more freely down her face. Kyle groaned and while everyone stood there in shock, he raced after her.

“He was what?” Liz whispered and everyone looked at each other in horror.

“Sami!” Kyle called as he ran after his sister, she was running toward the exit of the school and he knew if she got there, he would never catch her. She slammed through the door and when she was on the grass he rugby tackled her. She went down on to her knees and Kyle pulled her to him. She started sobbing into his chest, her arms clutching her the back of his shirt.

“Shh. I'm sorry. I was angry and I took it out on you.” Kyle whispered, kissing her forehead. After a few seconds, Sami and Kyle got up and walked back into the school. They stopped off at the canteen and Sami got a drink of water. They then sat on a bench and she winced as she bent her knee. Sami rested her hand on her knee and healed whatever was wrong with her leg.

“There you are!” Tess walked over and sat next to Sami as she sipped the bottle of water.

“You okay?” she asked and Sami nodded, placing her head on the table, and then put the bottle on her neck. Michael came in and recognised the way Sami was sitting as a sign of a headache coming on. He sat next to her and rubbed her back. Sami put her free hand on his leg, to let him know that she was ok.

“We gotta go.” Kyle said as the bell for the next class rang. Sami nodded and got up, shivering as the wind caught the wetness on her neck. Michael kept his hand on her back as he walked her to food tech, which she had alone.

“Will you be ok?” he asked in quiet voice and Sami smiled nodding. She kissed his cheek; not caring about rumours that might be going round, and walked into her classroom.

“Nice of you to join us miss Valenti.” The teacher said and Sami just shrugged, sitting in her place.

“Can you please put your water away?” the teacher asked and Sami huffed, putting it in her bag.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Sami answered sarcastically. The teacher ignored her and started the lesson. When it was finally over, Sami was the first out of the classroom. She sat in maths her feet on her desk, waiting for Isabel and Michael to come in. the teacher entered and his eyes brows rose.

“Nice of you to be early miss Valenti.” He said and Sami shrugged, popping her gum.

“‘Ad notin’ beta ta do.” She said knowing her accent would piss him off. She saw him tense and grinned.

“Where are Mr Guerin and Miss Evans?” he asked and Sami shrugged, popping her gum again.

“Dunno. I didn’t ‘av a lesson wiv ‘em.” She answered, checking out her nails.

“Miss Valenti, the chair has 4 legs.” She raised an eyebrow at him and she noticed all the other students’ ether smirking or rolling their eyes. This was a normal day in maths.

“A know dat.” She said in a ‘why should I care’ voice.

“Well then I suggest you put all four down and get your feet off the table.” She over exaggerated putting her feet down and slowly put her chair down so it was resting on all four legs.

“Thank you.” The door flew opened and Michael and Isabel walked in. Sami immediately knew it was Rath and Lonnie. Sami popped her gum again, her eyes taking in Rath. She’d missed him. She loved Michael to bits, but it was nice to see Rath now and again.

“Mr Guerin, Miss Evans. Nice of you to join us.” The teacher said as they walked to the back, sitting ether side of Sami. Rath automatically put his feet on the table, as did Lonnie. Sami stretched her legs out and rested them on Raths' lap. He raised an eyebrow.

“Can’t put em up on da table.” She shrugged and he nodded, smirking when the teacher turned round and saw the three teens at the back. He frowned, seeing the change in Isabel Evens and Michael Guerin.

“Feet down you three.” Everyone turned and stared at the sight of Isabel evens, putting her feet on the table. They put their feet down and Sami put her earphones in when the teachers’ back was turned.

“This is crap.” Sami muttered tapping her nails against the desk. Rath started tapping his knuckles in time with Sami’s nails and Lonnie tapped her fingers. Soon all three where tapping in time. Sami started bopping her head, with her hood up.

“Miss Valenti, would you refrain from doing that?” the teacher asked and Sami just raised her eyes brow.

“Got to the principles office please.” Sami shot out her seat and was in front of the teacher.

“Bye suckers! I'm outta here!” she called as she went out the classroom. Lonnie and Rath rolled their eyes as she sent them an image of skipping school.

When the lesson had finished they went to the canteen and their eyebrows rose when they saw her sitting at a table, scowling into her food.

“Thought you were outta here?” Lonnie asked sitting in front of her.

“I was. I walked into the house and dad was home. Drove me back so I don’t even have ma bike.” She grumbled and the other two laughed. Slowly, the rest of the gang made their way to the bench.

“Fun in maths?” Kyle asked. His eyebrows rose when Sami’s eyes narrowed more. Lonnie and Rath burst out laughing, explaining what happened.

Chapter thirty-one

Sami tip toed into the house, praying her father wasn’t in. she made it to her room when his voice stopped her.

“Where are you going?” Sami spun round an innocent expression on her face,

“Just into my room dad. Why?” she asked, all innocently.

“Why were you here earlier?” Jim asked his arms crossed over his chest.

“I needed something.” She hedged and Jim’s eyebrows rose, waiting.

“Girly things.” The smug expression evaporated and he looked pale.

“Ok. Next time, take them with you.” He escaped into the kitchen. Sami got changed and she tried not to laugh.

Works every time. She thought, lying down on her bed. She kicked off her shoes and slid her arms under her head. She had every intention of going to meet who ever it was that sent that rock through her fathers kitchen, and she would make them pay. Kivar or no. Michael walked in and kissed Sami.

“Hmm. missed this,” she said, wrapping her arms round his neck, bringing him closer. After an hour, they where laying under the covers in each other’s arms. Too exhausted to do anything else. Sami was running a finger down Michael’s’ chest, not seducing, just relaxing.

“Hmm. Love you.” He whispered, kissing her head.

“Love you two. Both of you.” A smile spread across his face. After a few hours they finally got out of bed to find Tess, Kyle and Jim eating.

“About time.” Tess said and Sami grinned sitting next to her. The rest of the night they sat and watched TV.

It was 10.50. Sami looked at the clock.

“I’m going to bed. See you losers in the morning.” Michael looked up frowning; about to argue until he saw her face, it was a picture of exhaustion.

“I’ll be in, in about 15 minutes.” Sami nodded, kissing his forehead and going into the room. Sami quickly got changed into jeans and a skin-tight top with a long leather jacket. She quietly opened the window and slid out, closing it after her. When Michael came to bed, he would remember too late about the note.

She didn’t take her bike, but walked briskly towards the park. When got there, she saw a man sitting on the bench. Sami recognised him immediately. Kivar.

hope ya like it n everyones hung on with me. please feedback

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Unknown, (CC/UC/DUPES.) CH 32

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Chapter thirty-two

He stood as she approached and they stood about a metre apart.

“What do you want?” Sami asked, and Kivar sighed,

“Such a loaded question.” He said thoughtfully.

“You know what I damn well mean. Why ask for me and not Zan or anyone?” she asked.

“Because, you are more reasonable.” He said and Sami laughed dully

“When it comes to you I doubt it.” She smirked and Kivar sighed.

“I want to cut a deal.” He said and Sami frowned and he clicked his fingers. Two skins came over holding someone between them.

“Maria!” Sami said in horror, seeing the damage that had been done to Maria.

“You bastard, let her go!” she yelled, clenching her fists. Kivar clucked his tongue, shaking his head.

“No manners at all.” He sighed

“The only way we’ll let her go is if you agree to the deal.” Sami looked up to Kivar, her gaze guarded.

“What’s the deal?” She asked and Kivar grinned.

“You, for her,” Sami's eyes widened.

“Excuse me? What do you want with me?” Kivar smiled.

“I want to make you my queen” Sami paled, looking at Maria. She was shaking her head, telling her not to. But unfortunately Sami was considering it. Michael would be happy she thought, remembering how heart broken he had been when they had been told Maria was dead.

It would be the original gang. She thought. She Ava, Zan, Lonnie and Rath had to be in the group now. But she… was an outsider. It had always been Kyle, Alex, Liz and Maria. Because her mother. If her mother hadn’t have dragged her off, she might have been in the gang.
Maria couldn’t believe her friend was actually considering going with it. How could she stop Sami? She closed her eyes and prayed to god Sami could hear her. Sami’s head shot up and looked to Maria.

Sami. Don’t do this. Get reinforcements and help but don’t do this. Sami’s eyes filled with tears, undecided.

Michael opened the door quietly but stopped when he saw the empty bed. He noticed Sami’s shoes where gone and a note had been placed on the pillow.

I'm sorry.
I love you Michael,
I love you Rath
But I have to see what this is about
Forgive me

Michael swore.

“Tess! Kyle!” he ran out the room.

“She’s gone to that god damn meeting! The one we had forgotten about!” Tess went pale.

“I’ll call max” Kyle said as Michael and Tess got their coats and shoes on.

“no.” Sami said and a second later, she threw blasts at the skins holding Maria captive. Sami was there to catch her and she put a shield up as Kivar roared with anger and threw blasts at her shield. She winced at every hit. He was way more powerful then she had anticipated. Mind warped him and kept a shield up as she ran with Maria. A blast hit her and she staggered so she hid them in some bushes. She heard Kivar roar again as her mind warp finished.

“This isn’t the end of it bitch! You will be my queen!!!” he yelled. They watched as Kivar pressed a button and he disappeared in a flash of white. Sami sighed and turned to her friend and they hugged.

“I can’t believe it. I haven’t seen you for years!” Maria whispered and Sami smiled.

“I know.” Maria sighed. Sami heard foot steps and Sami shushed Maria as three figures met up with four others. Sami felt a flash of pain whip through her and when she looked down, she noticed blood flowing down her arm. Sami yanked off her jacket and gulped at the wound.

“Oh god Sami.” Maria whispered. Sami looked to where Maria was looking and saw she had been hit above the heart as well. Sami evened her breathing out and slapped a hand over Maria's mouth when she went to scream. Sami kept her hand over Maria's mouth as she watched the group. She recognised the way one of them stood.

“Rath?” Sami called out uncertainly, she saw the guy spin round and look around.

“Sami?” Sami felt pain stab over her heart and she bent double.

“Sami?” Maria asked quietly.

“I’m ok!” Sami whispered, leaning again a tree.

“Where are ya Sami?” Rath asked and she saw the rest of the group stand behind Rath.

“I…” she stuttered.

“I need Zan!” Rath took a step towards where Sami’s voice was floating from into the light. Maria's eyes widen.

“He looks like Michael!” she whispered and Sami nodded. Zan stepped beside Rath then suddenly spotted Sami through the bushes. He ran through the branches and crouched beside Sami. He placed a hand on Sami's wound and concentrated on healing her.

“My god! Maria!” Liz yelled and she and Alex hugged their friend as she cried. She was home.

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CH33 02/09/07

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Chapter thirty-three

Sami’s eyes fluttered open and she saw in her bedroom. She turned her head and frowned when she noticed Michael wasn’t there. She went to get up and gasped at the pain. She groaned, putting her hand up to her shoulder.

Zan’s head cocked to the side when he heads a gasp then a groan. He got up, stopping the conversation. He smiled.

“Carry on. I’s just checkin on Sami.” He walked to the door and opened it to see Sami lying on her bed, clutching her shoulder.

“Zan.” Sami looked at him and he put a hand onto her shoulder, healing he rest of her wound.

“We’s almost lost ya.” He said as they hugged,

“I’m sorry.” She whispered.

“Everyone else is clueing Maria in.” Sami nodded, lying back down.

“Don’t you want to see her?” he asked and Sami sighed.

“In a way yes. But A cant. I’s gotta ‘av time to work through some stuff.” Zan nodded.

“They loves ya.” He said and Sami nodded.

“But does Michael love Ria more than me? What if A loose ‘im Zan? I dun tink I could go through dat!” Zan couldn’t stand seeing the pain in his sisters’ eyes.

“close ya eyes.” She did and he gently helped her go back to sleep. He got off the bed and walked back out. Everyone looked up.

“she’s gone back to sleep.” He said and he saw Maria sitting close to Michael. Too close. He glared. In his head, max tried to calm him down. Zan just looked out the window.

“what’s wrong?” Liz asked, putting a hand on his arm. He sighed, max taking control.

“Zan doesn’t like Ria sitting so close to Michael. He and Sami had a little heart to heart and she’s scared Michael love Maria more than her and she’s gunna loose him” Liz’s eyes widened.

“I doubt it. Michael loves her.” Max nodded.

“Yea, but with Ria back, its hard for her to believe it” Liz sighed.

“so you're telling me you're space boy and Rath?” Maria asked and when Michael nodded, Maria laughed,

“great two for the price of one.” Everyone went quiet.

“what?” she asked and she saw Michaels eyes had darkened.

“A dun tink so.” He said and Maria realised this was Rath.

“A love one girl n she’s asleep. Ya can’t change dat.” Maria’s eyes were full of confusion.

“and so does mikey boy.” Lonnie added and Maria laughed.

“yeah right” Lonnie raised an eye brow.

“I bein serious.” Maria spun and looked into Michael’s eyes. She saw the truth in them.

“no. she’s my best friend. She wouldn’t do this to me.” Michael frowned.

“Maria, you split up with me! Not the other way round” Maria nodded, tears filling her eyes,

“but I all ways though we’d get back together, Michael shook his head.

“you pushed me out one to many times.” He said and Maria stared at him in shock as he got up and looked out the window. The door to the bedroom opened and Sami came out. She looked a lot worse then wear. She had bags under her eyes, she was pale, and everyone noticed how skinny she was. She saw the look on Maria's face and rubbed a hand over her face, going into the kitchen for coffee. Tears streamed down her face,

“it’s true. Isn’t it? Not some dream?” Liz shook her head.

Sami looked outside the window Michael had restored. She sighed as she sat at the dinner table and rested her head against her hands. She went to take a bite out of a cracker, she felt really sick so she raced for the bathroom, slamming the door, leaving everyone staring after her.

After Sami was sick, she placed a hand on her stomach and her eyes widened.

“oh boy” she whispered