Saving The Pieces (OTH, XO, UC, ADULT) A/N 10/30/07[WIP]

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You guys already know're all amazing and you're feedback is amazing!!! And sorry it's so short! I'm writing the next part up and it's much longer! The next part just didn't fit with this part!

Chapter 11

"How do I not know that this is just part of your plan to make me gain your trust. I mean if you're my protector wouldn't you want me with Tess, my bride," Max questioned Sirius as they were currently at the desert of the pod chamber.

"Times have changed your highness, you never needed Queen Ava when you ruled, nor was their love involved, it was arranged and she was for show. You do not need her to continue rule nor do antarians feel the need to worship her as we do you," Sirius answered.

"I swear if you steer me wrong, ill kill you with my bare hands," Max threatened viciously.

"I will not your highness, not if you wish, we may begin our plan."


"Lucas what's wrong?" Liz asked as she noticed his sudden mood change. He went from a happy mood to a sudden sulky one.

"I don't know, I just had this weird feeling that things are just about to change," Lucas said his heart slowly starting to hurt, he just got this major feeling that something bad was going to happen.

"Baby, as long as we're together, everything will be ok, I'm going to go take a shower, ill be back," She said giving him a quick peck on the lips.

"That's the problem," Lucas mumbled.

Max watched from the balcony he glared at Lucas with sincere loathe and then he glanced back at Sirius and Sirius nodded.

"Lucas, honey," Lucas looked up to find the sweet voice belonging to Liz's mother.

"Yes Ms. Parker," He replied as he got off the bed placing the book he was reading aside.

"Do you mind, I need help with a few boxes here, and Jeff went out to get some more stuff for the cafe and I can't find Michael anywhere," Nancy asked.

"Of course not," Lucas said with a smile as he and Nancy walked off in the direction of the cafe.

Max took the que to climb through the window and go into Liz's bedroom.

Max waited until Liz came out of the bathroom and Liz looked at him shocked.

"Max! What are you doing here!? Where's Lucas?!" She asked wrapping the towel around her body tighter.

Max looked past Liz's shoulder over to Sirius and he nodded once again.

"Liz, I'm sorry about everything, I'm sorry about disturbing you, and about always hurting you, and I'm just sorry for messing up your life," Max apologized.

When Lucas was finished he walked up the steps and when he heard a male voice coming from Liz's room he quickly hesitated an entrance.

"I never meant to hurt you, it's just when it came to you, I could never think straight, but I get it now, and you deserve to be happy. I hope that Lucas makes you happy, and I'm just here to let you know I'm not going to interfere anymore," Max said before walking past Liz towards the window.

Lucas stood at the side of the door frame with a smile on his face.

"Max wait!" Liz called after him.

Lucas's heart dropped as he watched the scene unfold in front of him.

He watched his girlfriend walk towards the man who broke her heart and watched her stop in front him and cup his cheek. He watched her stand on her tiptoes and watched as she gave him a peck on the lips. His heart breaking at everything.

"I just wanted you to realize your mistake," He heard her whisper before he saw her pull back from him and unwrap her towel and let it fall to the floor.
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that can't be what really goin on..
great back here dang it lol
come back soon
Blessed Be!

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Alright back with the next part early! Thanks so much for the feedback guys! You guys are honestly amazing!

Hope you like it!...

Sorry for any mistakes just ran a spell check.

Chapter 12

Lucas couldn’t believe it. Were things so cruel? Was this the plan for him? To always be alone. He loved Brooke, she didn’t love him enough. He fell hard for this Liz Parker but she was just using him. He didn’t know what they wanted from him? What had he done? Was he not good enough, he gave all he could, why couldn’t they just accept him for him?

He couldn’t watch the scene in front of him anymore, it was sickening, he did the only thing he thought of he walked into the guest room packed up his things and walked out of the Parker apartment and in the process out of Liz Parker’s life.

Maria watched from her spot at the counter as Lucas walked out with a suitcase the look on his face so broken and lost.

“Lucas?” Maria asked getting up from the counter. Lucas stopped at her sweet voice. It wasn’t her fault that Liz turned out to be something she wasn’t, he at least owed the people who treated him kindly a fair goodbye.

“Maria I’m leaving, tell Liz something for me, if she cares, that I’m glad her plan worked, I only want to see her happy, I just wished it could have been with me,” Lucas said the pain in his heart aching terribly.

“Lucas, I don’t understand? What are you talking about, as far as I know she’s more than happy with you,” Maria said confused.

Lucas shook his head, “I guess it wasn’t meant to be, it was nice meeting you Maria,” He whispered before giving her a quick hug and letting go only to jet out of the café leaving Maria baffled.

She rushed upstairs and the sight in front her shocked the hell out of her.

There was Liz in Max’s arms, naked.

“LIZ PARKER!” Maria screamed. Max looked up from his spot on top of Liz and groaned. Maria had the worse timing.

“You get off her,” Maria yelled as she slapped Max’s bare back and pushed him off of her.

“And you! Put some clothes on!” She said throwing Liz a shirt and sweat pants.

“Maria what is wrong?” Liz asked. Maria looked at her and couldn’t believe how Liz was acting like nothing was wrong.

“What’s wrong!? You!? Are you crazy! What about all that stuff about being done with Max, and being in love with Lucas! How could you do this Liz? How could you betray Lucas with the person who betrayed you! How could you?! Do you even care that Lucas is leaving, do you even, was this all in your plan to use him to make Max jealous!?” Maria screamed out at her hoping to knock some sense into Liz.

“Maria me and Liz belong together,” Max groaned, Maria was ruining everything for him.

“You shut up!” Maria looked at Liz and noticed that she wasn’t acting like herself. If Liz had just been using Lucas she would have been the first one to know it.

“Liz say something!” Maria screamed.

“I love Max,” Liz stated in a robotic like manner as she got dressed. Maria looked her and refused to believe it.

“Liz snap out of it! What did you do to her?!” Maria screamed at Max while shaking Liz.

“Maria leave her alone!” Max screamed.

“Get out of my way Max!” Maria screamed back as she continued to snap Liz out of it.

“Liz listen to me! He’s doing something to you! This isn’t you, you love Lucas! He’s going to leave Liz! He’s so broken, you need to snap out of it before you lose him forever! Liz please!”

“Don’t listen to her baby! She’s just jealous. Maria let her go!” Max said pushing Maria off the bed.

Liz suddenly snapped.

“Maria!” She screamed as she quickly tended to her best friend.

“Are you ok?” Liz asked as she helped Maria get up.

“I’m fine, but you’re not! He did something to you Liz! I’m sure of it! He made you think he’s in love with you, and you must of said or, oh god Lucas must of saw! Liz, Lucas is gone!” Maria screamed.

Liz looked at her in shock.

“Gone?” Then she turned and looked at Max. She shook her head and punched him dead in the face.

Just then Michael came running in.

“What the hell is going on in here!? I can here the yelling all the way from downstairs!”

“Max did something to Liz to he like hypnotized her, or mind warped her, I don’t know what he did but he did, and Lucas must of heard or saw, and now he’s leaving!” Maria explained.

“Max? He doesn’t have that kind of power!” Michael said coming in defense to his best friend until his saw his guilty face.

“I can’t believe this! Are you kidding me Max! What’s wrong with you! How’d you manage this?!” Michael seethed with anger.

“Why can’t you all just see!” Max quickly rushed to Liz grabbing her arms.

“I did this for us! All I’ve ever wanted was for us to work Liz! Can’t any of you see we’re meant to be!” Max yelled out in frustration.

“Let go of me!” Liz screamed as she shook his hands off of her and reached up to slap him.

“I hate you!” Liz bit out viciously.

“Don’t ever touch me again, I’m done with you Max, just leave me the fuck alone! God!” Liz cried out in frustration.

“Maria where did Lucas go!?” Liz said turning to Maria. She needed to get to him fast.

“Airport, you can take the Jetta,” Maria said handing her the keys.

“Thanks,” Liz said running out of the door.

“NO! Liz! Don’t do this!” Max screamed trying to follow after her but only to be stopped by Michael.

“I stopped you once before, and I’ll stop you again. It’s over Maxwell,” Michael bit out. For the first time Max Evans had defeat in his eyes.


Please don’t go
Please don’t go
Oh she found all of the numbers I had in my car
Oh she called all the ones I had marked wit a star
Oh I’m racing over to plead my case
Oh she saw it was me and slammed the door in my face

Liz cursed silently. She couldn’t believe Max would go to such lengths, he was never like that before. But she couldn’t think about Max at the moment, she needed to get to Lucas. She needed to tell him that she loved him. He needed to know the truth, the truth about everything. She couldn’t lose him.

Fella’s tell me why how come we always doing wrong
Doing’ wrong
How come we can’t keep it home
Keep it home
How come it always ends like this …even though we know that

“9:00 flight to North Carolina, now boarding,” The announcement voiced out. Lucas looked down at his ticket and then back at the entrance. He sighed and stood up and walked towards the gates when he saw no brunette haired girl in sight.

It ain’t worth telling lie
It ain’t worth seeing you cry
It ain’t worth …that’s why I’m right here begging you to please don’t go cause
It ain’t worth killing a home
It ain’t worth being alone
It ain’t worth that’s why I’m right here begging you to please don’t go baby

Liz rushed into the parking lot of the airport and parked recklessly, she didn’t care about anything, all she cared about was getting to Lucas.

Please don’t go
Please don’t go
Please don’t go
Please don’t go

Oh I jeopardized everything I loved
Oh what the hell could I’ve been thinking of
Oh I should have loved you right when I had the chance
Yeah, Yeah
Now you out there lookin for a better man ..fellas why

Liz ran into the airport and ran to the desk asking for the information to the next North Carolina flight. Her heart dropped when she learned it was boarding right now. If she didn’t go fast she could lose him for ever.

How come we always doing wrong
How come
How come we can’t keep it home
I don’t know, I don’t know
How come it always ends like this
Even though we know that

Lucas handed his ticket to the flight attended and gave her a weak smile. This was really it.

“Lucas!” His heart lurched and he quickly whipped his head behind to see Liz running towards him.

It ain’t worth telling lie
It ain’t worth seeing you cry
It ain’t worth that’s why I’m right here begging you to please don’t go cause
It ain’t worth killing a home
It ain’t worth being alone
It ain’t worth that’s why I’m right here begging you to please don’t go, baby

Please don’t go
Please don’t go
Please don’t go
Please don’t go

Liz lunged in his arms and Lucas did the only thing his heart told him to and caught her flawlessly and wrapped his arms around her. When they pulled apart Liz’s face was streaked with tears.

“I’m so sorry, it wasn’t true Lucas, I love you, I love you!”

Oh I’d didn’t think it’d get this bad
Never thought of losing you
Now my heart is beating fast
I’m gonna figure out in my mind what to do find the words to say
Remember when you said that you’d never leave me
I’m steady knockin on the door but you don’t hear me
I can’t let this happen right now
Please don’t take your love girl I know I messed up
It’s a dog on shame

How come we always doing wrong
How come we can’t keep it home
How come it always ends like this even though we know that

Lucas shook his head, “I saw it with my own eyes Liz.”

“Just let me explain please, don’t leave like this, just let me explain.”

It ain’t worth telling lie
It ain’t worth seeing you cry
It ain’t worth …that’s why I’m right here begging you please don’t go cause
It ain’t worth killing a home
It ain’t worth being alone
It ain’t worth

Please don’t go
Please don’t go
Please don’t go
Please don’t go

Lucas looked into her eyes and he saw the same broken features he found in his eyes, he saw the same love he saw in his own eyes, and he broke down and sighed.


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Do you guys know how amazing you are? Cuz you guys are so so so amazing! You're kind words, bumps, and feedback, you're just all the greatest!

Thanks so much for being so patient. Sorry that the part is a little short, but the next one will be longer, and you won't have to wait as long, I'm writing it as we speak.

Sorry for any mistakes, I just ran spell check!

Hope you all enjoy!

Chapter 13

“Aliens? Is that honestly the best you could do, I mean seriously Liz, if you still have feelings for the guy, just tell me, I can handle it,” Lucas said not believing the excuse Liz had just pulled with him.

“Lucas, it’s true, just look into my eyes, I’d never lie to you,” Liz pleaded. She knew it was time to tell him the truth. She had to, Max took it too far, and she trusted Lucas, she trusted him with everything she had. She knew he’d keep her secret.

Lucas looked up at her. He saw her despair but he also saw the sincerity in her eyes, and he couldn’t believe it. Her ex boyfriend was an alien.

“What? This is too weird, I don’t…” Lucas stood up and started pacing, this was too much. Aliens?

Liz sighed, and stood up and placed her hand on his arm.

“Just listen to my story, I’ll answer all you’re questions after,” Liz promised. Lucas sighed and looked down at the girl who took his heart in the last month. He nodded, and sat down and listened to her story.

“I was sixteen, waitressing, when a gun went off, I was shot, and Max was in the café that day. He risked his life, he ran over and he healed me with the touch of his hand, right above my stomach. If it weren’t for him I wouldn’t be sitting in front of you today.

I took a sample of his saliva from a pencil he put in his mouth during biology the next day, they weren’t normal. I asked him about it and he told me that he crash landed in the crash with Michael and Isabel. They were in some incubation pods and they came out in 1989 looking like normal six year olds. The Evans found them in the side of the road wandering naked, they couldn’t speak, and didn’t know what they were doing here. The Evans adopted them and Michael got stuck in foster care.

After he told me his story, how he risked his identity, his whole entire existence to save me I was a goner. The next year was just bliss. I mean we had our ups and downs, we weren’t sure if we should be together because of the consequences, I mean we were not the same species, but I didn’t care, I wanted to be with him, but Max said it wasn’t safe, and he pushed me away, until finally we got together. After that it was amazing, me and him against the world, so in love, but then she came. Tess.

See Max and Isabel and all of them had purpose in their trip to Roswell, they were royalty back in their planet, but when war broke out, a dictator took over and killed Max, Isabel, Michael, and Tess. Tess was Max’s bride, and his destiny. After she came things just went downhill. Max was all about duty to his planet, we broke up, and he moved on with Tess. It killed me everyday when I saw them together, my heart broke over and over again. And then, he told me she got pregnant. I cried so hard that day, and I couldn’t stay anymore.

The man I gave my heart to, the man I thought was my soul mate betrayed me, and I couldn’t stand there and just let my heart continue to get torn. I told my mom the story, alien details excluded of course, and she send me to Tree Hill with Uncle Whitey, and then I met you, and I realized I was so wrong about love.

Did I love Max, yes with all my heart. He saved my life, and he will always be apart of my heart, he was my first love, and we had this us against the world love, but the guy that I fell in love with no longer exists.

He’s so different, and I just, I don’t want to be with him Lucas, I want to be with you, I want to love you, just teach me how I can surrender my heart to you, because I just want you and all of you,” Liz said as tears rolled down her eyes as she finished her story.

Lucas stared at her in amazement, the story was, really wow.

“You know I just thought I’d deal with a regular ex-boyfriend, but now that I know he’s an ex-alien king of an ex-boyfriend, that just makes everything so much more complicated. How the hell am I supposed to compete with that!?” Lucas said bewildered.

“You don’t have too! Don’t you get it, I fell in love with the boy behind the ex alien king not the ex alien king himself. And that’s who Max is now, and that’s not who I want to be with, I want to be with you, Max no longer exists, and with him gone, so is my love. What you saw me do back there with him, it wasn’t me, I was being controlled to do so. He mind-warped you, remember you would always ask about mind warps, it’s basically getting into your mind and making you see something that isn’t really there. I didn’t betray you Lucas.”

“Liz I can’t, I mean how am I supposed … I mean this guy, is just I don’t know this is all too confusing,” Lucas said trying to absorb everything.

“Lucas, look at me,” Liz said as Lucas turned to look at her.

“I don’t know the words to say to you, I know it’s a lot to take, and I know you feel like you have this big person to live up too, but you have me, Max couldn’t keep me Lucas, even when he used his powers, I still wanted to be with you, I fought it, and I will fight it a thousand times just to be with you, I would do anything to be with you, I don’t want anything else but you, and please believe me, you showed me something inside me that I didn’t know existed, you showed me love again, you opened my heart so that it never wants to close again, and that it wants to be open for you and only you. Please let it stay open for you, don’t let it close again, please,” Liz pleaded her eyes filled with tears as she poured her heart out.

Lucas smiled and took Liz into his arms and brought his head down and devoured her lips. He poured so much passion into the kiss and made sure Liz Parker knew that he wasn’t going anywhere, it was going to be them against everything now, he wouldn’t let her go.

When they pulled apart Liz let out a heartfelt laugh. Lucas wiped her tears with his two thumbs and caressed her cheeks.

“I’m not going anywhere, I love you Liz Parker, and I’ll fight a thousand alien kings for you,” He promised. Liz laughed again.

“I love you too,” She said as she raised her lips up to his again and gave her all into the kiss.

When they pulled apart Lucas laid Liz on top of him as they lay on the couch. Liz listened to Lucas’s heart beat as he ran soothing circles against her back.

“So, how does one beat an alien king?” Lucas joked. Liz laughed, “Don’t worry about it, we’re not sticking around long enough to find out,” Liz stated.

Lucas looked up at her and raised his eyebrows.

“I’m not sticking around, my life here in Roswell is over, I have nothing left here, Maria, Alex, and my parents can visit me whenever they need, the only thing that really ever held me back was Max, and I let that part go a long time ago,” Liz confessed.

“So you’re saying…”

“Tree Hill here we come again.”

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Ok so i'm three days late!! I'm so sorry guys! I had the chapter written and then I got caught up at work and now classes starting it's all been crazy!

But you guys are still absolutley amazing! Thank you all so much for the fantastic feedback and for this

Best Portrayal of a Crossover Character- Lucas

You guys are truly the best!

Hope you like the next chapter!

Chapter 14

“So you’re just going to pick up and leave, you haven’t even been here for a whole month yet, I thought we were supposed to spend the whole summer together, I miss my best friend,” Maria said sadly as she watched Liz pack her things again to leave for Tree Hill.

“Maria I don’t want to leave you either, god I mean if you would have told me two years ago that I was leaving Roswell to get away from Max Evans I would looked at you like you had 3 eyes, but this is the end of it Maria. I don’t know how much I can take. I mean god, I loved him Maria, I gave him all that I could, I jumped off bridges for him, I was chased by the FBI for him, and was it worth it yes, I loved him, he saved my life, and that’s something that I will never forget, but Max isn’t that person anymore Maria. I don’t know how many times I need to repeat myself on this.

He’s not the same person, I turned into a game for him, not someone he claimed to love. I needed to be under his control, and he threw me away for Tess, but he knew he still had me, but when I got fed up he went crazy, it makes no sense to me. It’s all just a game Maria, and I’m ready to let go, I’ve been ready to let go.

I have a guy who I’m falling hopelessly in love with. He accepts my past, he accepts me as me, faults included, I’m not a game to him, I’m just the girl who he’s willing to give his heart to, and that’s all I want. To love someone, and have them love me back no crap in between, and Lucas gives me that. I want Lucas, maybe it was all apart of my destiny, to meet Max to make him make me so heartbroken so that I would go to Tree Hill and find the real love of my life.

I don’t want to leave you Maria, and in some sense I don’t want to leave Roswell either, the last 2 years helped me grow into a bigger person and that is in large part because of Max Evans, but now this person has to move on, and I can’t move on still stuck in Roswell.

I’m sorry, but just because I’m leaving doesn’t mean that things will change between us, I mean this is our senior year, and yes I wished we could have shared it together, but you know I’m just a phone call, or plane ride away, and who knows when we graduate, we’ll find another place to call our home together.”

Maria nodded her head, tears forming in her eyes. “I know I’m just not ready to lose one of the only people who can keep me sane in the forsaken town,” She said with a sob.

“Oh Maria,” Liz said dropping the current article of clothing on the floor and rushing to hug her best friend.

“You’ll never lose me, I promise you that, I’ll always be here for you,” Liz promised. Maria nodded her head and wiped her tears, “I know I’m just really going to miss you,” she sighed.

“Me too, me too,” Liz whispered.


“So you ready to blow this popsicle stand?” Lucas asked as she walked into his girlfriend’s room with his suitcase all packed.

“Yeah, almost, I have something I have to do before I leave… and I need to do it alone,” Liz stated as she walked up to him grabbing his hands into hers.

“Ok, should I be worried?” Lucas asked. Liz shook her head and brought his hands up to her lips and gave him a gentle kiss.

“Not at all, I’m all yours, don’t worry,” She whispered. Lucas nodded his head, he knew she was telling the truth, he could feel it.

“Ok go, I’ll be waiting for you,” Lucas promised. Liz smiled and stood on her tiptoes to give him a short but sweet kiss on the lips before winking at him and walking out the door.

Lucas laughed and shook his head, “A man in love, the things we do, and how crazy we go,” he said before walking into the living room to watch TV.


Liz took a deep breath before she did what she was going to do. She had to finish it, she knew it was a risk, with Max being more powerful than she expected, but she needed her closure.

She gave a knock on the window that she used to feel butterflies in her stomach whenever she was standing in front of it.

Max looked up from the spot on his bed where he seemed to be in deep thought and was surprised to see Liz standing there. He smiled, and walked over to the window.

“I’m not coming in, I just came to tell you to leave me the hell alone, and to stay out of my life. You had no right doing what you did back there, and I will never forgive you for it…”

“Liz…” Max started interrupting but Liz cut him off, “No, I won’t ever forgive you Max, what you did was beyond cruel, you had no right because you were the one who gave me up, you were the one who stopped fighting for us. I accepted when you moved on with Tess so why couldn’t you do the same for me! What is this Max? Because it sure as hell isn’t love, but you know what I don’t care anymore Max, I don’t care for any of it. I’m done with this chapter of my life, will I ever forget you, probably not. You saved my life, in more ways than one and I will always be grateful for that, but the man you have become is a person I can’t be proud of being acquainted with, and I won’t stick around to see you degrade yourself like this.

I’m sorry this is the path that I had to take but you chose it, you made it happen, I’m just following it through. I’m sorry Max, but me and you are done, accept it or not, but know this no matter what you pull, no matter what powers you use on me, I will fight my hardest against it and I will fight to the death of me to stay where I want to be and that is with Lucas, so either accept or don’t, but my mind won’t change so know that,” Liz stated firmly. She needed to let Max know that he wasn’t going to change anything. She was in love with Lucas Scott and she wanted everyone to know it, she didn’t want anything to stand in her way, and if anything did, that anything has hell to pay if it went against her.

When Max seemed like he had nothing to say Liz turned around and started to walk away.

“Liz,” Max started and Liz stopped her movements; she needed her closure.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry for everything, I don’t know how I got so lost, I don’t know how I got here,” Liz could hear a sob coming from him and she felt her heart weaken. She turned around to find a broken Max.

“God I never wanted to hurt you, all my life I’ve just wanted to love you, I don’t know how I got here. I could never see you hurt, I don’t like the person I’ve become, I don’t want you to be ashamed of knowing me, I’ve been sitting her since you left and I knew I truly lost you, and I can accept that, but I can’t accept the fact that you hate me,” Max cried.

Liz sighed and walked closer to the window, “I don’t hate you Max, I could never hate you,” She whispered.

“I hate me Liz, I hate the things I’ve done, I’ve hate how I’ve hurt you, I don’t want to be this person anymore Liz, I don’t what happened,” He sobbed.

“I don’t know either Max, but it’s not too late to change, yes it might be too late for us to be us again, but it’s never too late change who you are to who you once were.”

Max nodded, “I’m really going try, and maybe one day we can be friends if I ever succeed,” He whispered, hope filled in his tone.

“Maybe, but I’m sorry I won’t be around to watch you try, I’m leaving Roswell for good this time,” She told him.

“I’m sorry for everything, but I don’t want you to leave because of what I’ve done Liz, Roswell’s your home.”

“No, I’m not leaving because of what you’ve done, I told you I’m done with this chapter of my life, I have nothing left here for me to be able to grow, Roswell was my home, now I don’t know where my home is, but I’m looking forward to finding it,” she confessed.

Max nodded, “It was great knowing you Liz Parker,” he whispered to her.

“It was great knowing who you used to be Max Evans, and maybe one day I can meet him again.”

“Hopefully,” Max stated. Liz nodded her head and for the first time, walking away from Max Evans felt right, and it felt good.


Liz walked into the place she called home for the last 17 years of her life to find her new home sitting on the couch looking adorable.

Lucas looked up and once he saw Liz he got up with a look of worry on his face, but it washed away the minute she gave him one of her heart warming smiles.

“Is everything ok?” He asked as Liz walked up to him.

“Yeah, it’s all going to be just fine,” She whispered as she wrapped her arms around his waist and laid her head against his chest.

“It’s all going to be fine,” She whispered again, this time a soft smile grazing her lips.

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Ok I'm back! && It didn't take me forever to get here either! Lol!

Hopefully i'll get these parts out faster than once a month, but with classes starting, and this being my last year, I don't know how frequent these updates will come and I won't promise anything.

I however promise to finish this, and promise to try and get the updates out as quickly as I can.

I want to thank all of you who read and leave feedback, you are amazing and this fic wouldn't be the same without all of you!

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Chapter 15

“So are you excited to go back?” Lucas asked as he and Liz sat comfortably in the plane on their way back to Tree Hill.

“I’m excited to start fresh,” Liz replied. She was ready to start over, and although it was her senior year, and in a sense she was ending her life, she was starting somewhere new, and that gave her a sense of freedom.

“Everyone’s going to love you,” Lucas promised, and it made Liz snort out a laugh.

“Didn’t you say everyone is great friends with Brooke?”

Lucas looked over at her and took her hands in his, “Liz they’re going to love you, don’t worry,” he assured her.

Liz nodded her head, but she had a hard time believing it.

“Hey. I’m serious,” Lucas said not believing her nod, he could tell that she was still at unease.

“Ok, Lucas, I believe you, if you say it’s going to be ok, then it is,” She said genuinely, giving him a warm smile and a peck on the lips to reassure him.

“Good, now all we need to face is Whitey,” Lucas said shuddering at the thoughts of what he could do to him for being with his niece.

Liz laughed, “I can’t believe you’re still stuck on that, he said it was ok.”

Lucas shook his head, “No, it’s Whitey, I don’t trust a word he says.” Liz laughed again, only this time harder.

“Uncle Whitey is a softy.”

“Yeah maybe to you because you’re his niece, which only makes it more harder on me, I think we should have stayed in Roswell,” Lucas said concocting all the things Whitey could do to torture him in his mind.

“Yeah and deal with my alien ex?” Liz said with raised eyebrows.

“You know I had to fall for Whitey’s niece, and a ex girlfriend of an alien, and I thought I had problems in Tree Hill,” Lucas mumbled. Liz playfully slapped him, “that’s mean,” she stated with a pout.

“Aww, I’m sorry, I’ll take you any way that I can, aliens and crazy uncles included,” he promised.

Liz smiled. “Is that better?” Lucas asked. Liz shook her head yes, “but only a little bit, I’m still hurt.”

Lucas laughed, “Ok how’s this?” he asked before leaning in and taking her lips into his giving her a sweet, lingering kiss.

When they pulled apart Liz moaned, “mmm, you definitely got brownie points for that one,” she whispered before taking his lips back into hers.


When they landed, they were surprised to see Whitey and Karen waiting at the airport for them.

“Mom!” “Uncle Whitey!” The two called out simultaneously pulling their loved ones into a hug.

“I’m so glad you’re back early, although I’m confused as to why you stayed for only two weeks, when it was supposed to be for the whole summer,” Karen said as she and Lucas split apart from the hug.

“I missed you too much,” Lucas confessed. Karen laughed, “good answer.”

“Liz it’s good to see you again,” Karen said looking at the young girl as Lucas wrapped his arms around her shoulders.

“It’s good to see you too Ms. Roe,” Liz said with a sweet smile.

“Uh uh, Karen,” Karen said correcting her. Liz blushed, “sorry, Karen,” she said smiling up at Lucas.

“Oh give the girl a break, it isn’t her fault she was raised with manners,” Whitey stated with a chuckle.

“Yeah can’t say the same for you though huh. Whitey,” Lucas joked and everyone laughed.

“That’s funny kid, it’s going to be funny when we get back to practice, I think are new shooting guard’s going to be facing a hard time,” Whitey teased and Lucas gulped.

“Uncle Whitey, be nice,” Liz stated with a laugh. Whitey winked at her.

“Come on let’s get you guys settled home,” Karen suggested and everyone agreed and left the airport.


“Hey Brooke,” Haley said as she entered their apartment. Thankfully, Brooke had been doing better. Apparently before Lucas left with Liz, he had a talk with Brooke, which left her crying for days, but after words it seemed to stick to her because she seemed to be doing better.

She was working on her clothing line, with Mouth’s help, she managed to put it up on the internet. It kept her busy, and with Lucas gone, gone was the constant reminder of the pain.

“So I have some news,” Haley said as she grabbed a water bottle from the fridge.

“Yeah, and what’s that?” Brooke said looking up from her sewing she was doing on a dress.

“Umm, Lucas is back,” She stated after she took a sip from the bottle.

Brooke froze and instead of putting the needle into the fabric she pressed it into her finger and caused her to wince out in pain.

“Shit,” she cursed getting up and throwing the dress on the floor.

“Are you ok?” Haley asked concerned.

“I’m fine, I just pricked my self with the stupid needle,” Brooke said frustrated.

“Hey, you were bound to see him again,” Haley said understanding the real reason behind her frustration.

“Yeah, but I was hoping by then I’d be over him, not two weeks later,” Brooke bit out.

“Sorry,” Haley said giving her the space that she obviously wanted.

“No… Haley I’m sorry I’m being a bitch, it’s just I didn’t, I’m not ready to see him with her yet, I still haven’t even processed it in my mind, I mean god, I was just starting to be good, without him around, and with my clothes, I was doing good, and now he’s back, and I don’t know, I’m just not ready,” she confessed.

“Trust me, I wasn’t ready to see Nathan either, but you just have to face these things, you can’t keep running forever, and who knows maybe he’ll find his way back to you, I mean what’s meant to be will happen right?”

Brooke snorted, “Yeah and too bad Lucas said that we weren’t meant to be huh.”

“Well if you really love him, don’t you want his happiness, even if it’s not with you? I mean isn’t that what love really is about, not thinking about yourself but the one you love, and only wishing for their happiness. Think about that,” Haley said before she walked away into the bathroom to take a shower, leaving Brooke in the mist of a bunch of thoughts.

How was she just supposed to sit back and watch the love of her life be happy with someone that wasn’t her?

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Chapter 16

Liz giggled as her boyfriend was on top of her tickling her on his bed.

“Lucas!” She shrieked through her laughter. Lucas laughed as well as he watched the smile etched on his girlfriend’s face. He love when she laughed, she had this genuine beauty towards her when she laughed. She glowed with such intensity and he wouldn’t ever get tired of it.

Lucas finally stopped tickling her and Liz slapped him the minute he did and then burst out laughing again, as Lucas laid down next to her.

“I love you,” He whispered to her as he watched her laugh. He brushed his hand against her cheek and brushed her hair away from her face with the other one.

Liz smiled and turned on her side so that they were both laying on their side facing each other.

“I love you more,” she teased.

“Oh really!?”

Liz nodded her head innocently, “Uh huh.”

“Well prove it then,” he challenged.

Liz leaned in and captured his lips in hers and wrapped her arms around his neck her hands playing with his hair.

Lucas quickly wrapped his hands around her as well and rolled on his back bringing Liz up on top of him. They kiss quickly turned from innocent to heated and when they pulled away for air Lucas whispered, “No fair, I can do that too,” he stated out of breath.

“Yeah but I do it better,” She whispered in his ear before she poked her tongue out to brush his ear seductively.

“What is it with the competition? Huh?” He teased as he gently squeezed her sides.

“It’s not competition, it’s just how I can express my love,” She whispered her lips inching closer to his.

“Oh trust me, you that really well,” he whispered before sealing their lips shut.

Their moment was cut short as the door this room from the outside slammed open wide.

“Are you my best friend? Really? Because I never heard of a best friend not telling the other best friend that they were back...” Haley stopped short at the sight of her best friend being straddled by his girlfriend.

“Oh, I’m so sorry,” She said turning around.

Lucas laughed, and Liz smiled as she got off from him, “Hales, it ok, you can turn around.”

“Are you sure, because I’m really not big on seeing these type of things,” Haley commented.

Lucas laughed, “Positive.” Haley turned around and found the two sitting normally, and she relaxed.

“So back to my rant.”

“I’m sorry could you ever forgive me, I got in this morning and I wanted to settle in before I called you,” He explained.

“I guess I can consider it,” She said with a smile.

“Come here,” Lucas said raising out his arms. Haley smiled and went into his welcoming arms.

“It’s good to have you back Luke,” She whispered.


When they split apart Lucas took the opportunity to introduce one of his girls to the other.

“Haley, this is Liz, my girlfriend, Liz this is Haley, my best friend.”

The two girls smiled at each other and shook hands.

“It’s good to finally meet you, I’ve heard a lot about you,” Liz stated.

Haley nodded her head in agreement, “I know I’m surprised it took us this long to actually meet,” Haley said sending a glare in Lucas’ direction before smiling back at Liz.

“I know,” Liz laughed.

The three then stood in awkward silence, and Liz realized it was due to her. It would take a while for everyone to actually get used to her, and she respected that.

“Well you two should catch up, I should get back to Uncle Whitey’s I got a lot of unpacking to do, and knowing Uncle Whitey he’ll probably complain about all the suitcases,” Liz stated picturing her uncle in her mind once he saw the five suitcases the same way they were when they first got them from baggage claim.

“Oh, I really don’t want to interrupt anything,” Haley said genuinely. Liz waved it off as she got off up the bed, “Don’t worry about, really, I’ve had him to myself the last two weeks, you tend to get sick of him,” She said with a laugh and wink.

Haley laughed and Lucas jokingly seemed hurt. “That’s cold baby.”

“Deal with it,” She stated and the two girls laughed.

“You need me to drop you off?” Lucas asked. Liz shook her head, “Nah I’ll be fine, it’s not that far,” She said giving him a quick peck on the lips.

“It was really great meeting you,” Liz said to Haley.

“You too,” She said with a smile which Liz returned before exiting the room.

“So, the café’s roof?” Lucas suggested.

“You read my mind,” Haley said as the two started to walk out the door as well.

<center>***** </center>

“So I like her, she seems nice,” Haley said as she and Lucas began to fill water balloons up. It was a tradition between the two, some would be filled with water, and others with milk. It reminded them of the old days, back when it was just the two of them.

“She’s great, you’ll really like her,” Lucas promised.

“Yeah, I see that,” Haley said with a smile.

“So how are things with Nathan going?” Lucas asked, remembering that things between the two of them had been strained when he left with Liz.

“Surprisingly, better. But I’m not in his arms again, but I can understand that I hurt him, and for right now, better is something that I’ll gratefully take,” Haley confessed.

“It’s going to get better Hales, I don’t know I just see things working out for the best.”


“So, how’s Brooke?” Lucas asked the question that was pondering in his mind. Things between the two of them ended so suddenly, and with the events that happened with Liz and her ex, he knew that it wasn’t going to be easy on Brooke seeing him with Liz throughout the whole school year.

“She’s good,” Haley lied. Lucas raised his eyebrows, he could read Haley like a book.

“Honestly,” Lucas told her.

“You know I still don’t like that fact that you cant tell when I lie,” She pointed out playfully before telling the truth.

“She was doing ok when you left, I guess she kind of came to terms with it, I mean she even started her own fashion line and she’s been busy with it a lot,” Haley started.

“That’s great…but,”

“But, when she heard you were back I think she kind of went back to how she was,” Haley confessed.

“You know she really does love you Luke.”

“She had a funny way of showing it,” He bit out.

“Yeah, I guess she did,” Haley said not excusing Brooke for her actions.

“But she did forgive you for Peyton, and I don’t know…”

“Don’t know what Haley, I loved that she was able to forgive me about Peyton, because she was so much better than that, but I didn’t think that she would do it back, and that was in the end what showed me, I’m not the type who will sit around and play these games with her Haley. With Liz, I don’t have to play a game, she loves me, and I love her, and that’s how it is, there are no ifs ands maybes or buts, it’s just me and her, and that’s how it should be.”

Haley raised her eyebrows, “Love?”

“Yeah Haley, I really do think I fell for her,” He confessed with a smile on his face.

“Good for you Luke,” Haley stated genuinely.

“Thanks, now how about we get this things fired up?” He said with a devilish look before throwing a water balloon at her hitting her straight in the stomach soaking her.

“Oh you are so going to get it Lucas Scott!” Haley squealed before lunging her first balloon.