Sorry seems to be.... (ML MM ADULT) Ch6 6Jul (WIP)

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Sorry seems to be.... (ML MM ADULT) Ch6 6Jul (WIP)

Post by madroswellfan » Wed Mar 21, 2007 6:29 pm

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Title - Sorry seems to be the hardest word

Authors - MadRoswellFan and Stormwolfstone

Disclaimer - We don't anything Roswell related. Nor do we own the beautiful song by Elton John, "Sorry seems to be the hardest word"

Couples - Max/Liz, Michael/Maria - AU With Aliens

Rating - Adult - Warning - This story deals with Depression, Self Halm and suicide. Also contains sex scenes.

Summary - Max and Liz have been married a year, and already the marriage is breaking down. Maria is desperate to be married but Michael is completely afraid of commitment.

Author's note from MadRoswellFan
This story was based on an idea I had that was originally going to be an rpg but with only a small amount of interest, Storm and I decided to write it together. For the readers of my "Three Letter Series", I absolutely intend on updating in April....its a lot easier to joint roleplay and write a story that way with Storm whilst working than it is to create a long chapter of RRR! I just wanna say a huge thankyou to my co-writer for writing this with me!!! Your ace storm!
In general, Liz and Michael things are written by me, and Max and Maria will be written by Storm.
If anyone knows of anyone who could make us a banner we would much appreciate it!
We're planning on updating this with short chapters when we can :)

Thank you guys for reading and we hope you enjoy!


Liz sat on the couch, staring at the perfect wallpaper they had picked out just eleven months ago; the perfect wallpaper that matched the perfect room. She just wished she could say that the life she lived was as perfect as the house. When the only light she had lit in the room five hours ago finally burnt out, she was left alone in the dark, just as she had felt alone since the first month of their “perfect” marriage.

He was late; the dinner was cold. The radio station that played romantic classics when he was expected in, was now playing sad depressing songs. Liz’s heart sank as a new song started making the atmosphere around her echo the sadness that played in her heart.

What have I got to do to make you love me
What have I got to do to make you care
What do I do when lightning strikes me
And I wake to find that you're not there

Max was always up and out of the house early in the morning before his wife awoke, it was this way six out of seven days. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to spend time with his wife, he did, but he was determined to make her a good life. He wanted to be able to give her everything she could ever want so he worked fourteen hour days most times. Today he was supposed to be done early but he’d been tied up yet again.

Nearly five hours of struggling to finish the current case load and he was finally walking up the stairs to the house. He smiled, thinking that without Liz to come home to he’d probably never get out of the office but he was successful now. He was on his way to being a Vice President of the firm if he continued. Trying the knob, he found it still unlocked and sighed in relief. It meant Liz was awake.

Stepping inside, he closed and locked the door behind him. Placing the briefcase down, he kicked off his shoes, removed his dress jacket and tie, hanging them over the rack before calling out, “Liz, honey. I’m home, I know I’m late. I didn’t have the chance to call.”

Liz sat in the dark as she heard her husband enter the house. She sat alone in the dark at the dining table. She didn’t call out. She didn’t tell him where she was. She just sat there, waiting. Waiting for the moment when she told him.

Max sighed, that was odd. Liz always answered him. Shaking his head silently, he started toward their room; maybe she had fallen asleep waiting for him. He wonders about the lower floor being seeped in darkness as he makes his way along, the only light coming in was from the street lamps outside.

He was just passing the dining room when the small bit of light allowed him to make out a form and he reached for the light switch beside him. "Liz?" He looked at her in question, glancing at the table and felt guilt tug at him. Dinner was neatly placed along the table and he knew she'd had to have worked hard.

Stepping over to her, he placed his hands on her shoulders and leaned down to kiss her cheek. "Why are you sitting in the dark, Liz?" He questioned softly as he kneeled beside her chair to look at her.

Liz had to hold her self in place so she didn’t flinch as his lips touched her. She closed her eyes for a moment as she tried to form the words she needed to say in her head. But she couldn’t. She couldn’t form anything. The only think of was four little words. And they echoed around her head like a train in a tunnel. And the more she tried to think of something else to say the faster the locomotive in her mind rushed around until she couldn’t take it anymore. She snapped open her eyes, allowing them to settle on the wallpaper once more.

She took a small, soundless breath in before the words came out of her mouth quietly, yet powerfully.

“I want a divorce.”

What do I do to make you want me
What have I got to do to be heard
What do I say when it's all over
And sorry seems to be the hardest word

What?" Max felt all the air rush out of him as though he'd just been punched in the gut with those words. He'd never expected to hear those words. Removing his hands and standing, he began pacing as he looked at her, "Why do you want a divorce? Have you decided you made a mistake marrying me? That you never loved me? I don't understand, Liz. Where is this coming from so suddenly?" The thought of losing Liz was already beginning to tear him apart but he knew that in the end, if it was really what she wanted, he'd let her go.

But, he wouldn't let her go without some sort of fight. He was working all these hours for her. For the life he wanted to give her. For the time when they had children, so that they wouldn't have to worry.

Liz was unable to speak. Instead of four words in her brain…she now had absolutely none. She had no way to describe…anything. Wordlessly Liz stood up, her petite body shaking slightly. She moved slightly from the room and walked upstairs to there bedroom. She felt light….like her footsteps made no imprint on anything; like she made no mark on anything or anyone.

With trembling hands, Liz started to open the cupboards to get her things. She didn’t hurry like part of her was telling her to. But she wasn’t going slowly either. She worked her way methodically, keeping everything as folded and neat so they appeared as untouched, beautiful and…. Perfect as they appeared in the wardrobe.

Max remained silent and watched his wife move away wondering what there was to say, what there was to do. He stood there for several long moments before he shook his head and made for the stairs, leading to their bedroom. He wanted some sort of answers, something that would help him know what he'd done wrong. He'd fix whatever he could.

Upon reaching their room, he stood in the doorway watching her, "Liz, talk to me. Where will you go? What will you do?" He had to know how much she'd thought this out. If this was a new idea, she wouldn't have any idea, but if it wasn't... he'd have to wonder how long this was going on.

Liz swallowed as she continued with her neat and tidy packing. After a few moments, a quiet voice that lost its sparkle in the last few months said, “Maria’s… I’ll go to Maria’s,” She continued her packing in silence, not having a clue what to say to his other question. Even if she had been planning this… she knew she could never have answered that question right now. Parts of her deep down were planning this. Parts of her however…

Her mind was a whirlwind of confusion right now. But her heart….her heart had hit a barrier it couldn’t break through and right now all she knew was she had to get out of this house. Whether it was impulse or planned… Liz couldn’t think straight. As she finished the wardrobe, she moved to the dresser and started to remove her jewellery and make up. Her eyes flittered to her engagement ring… but she couldn’t bring herself to touch it. Instead she left it sitting in its box, and worked her way around it.

His heart aching at seeing her being so methodical as she packed her things, Max leaned on the door uncertain about what to do. "If this is really what you want, I won't stand in your way, but... I want to know why." And, he told himself quietly, he wouldn't give her a divorce until he knew the reasons, because somehow he would find a way to win her back.

It's sad, so sad
It's a sad, sad situation
And it's getting more and more absurd
It's sad, so sad
Why can't we talk it over
Oh it seems to me
That sorry seems to be the hardest word

With her he had always believed that love was possible, that love could conquer anything and he wasn't going to stop thinking that now.

Liz finished the dresser. Was there anything else she should take? She couldn’t think of anything…. She swallowed as she knew that Max probably wouldn’t let her leave until she gave him something…anything. Looking down at the floor, she tried to come up with something…something that was true… but deep down she couldn’t tell him. She couldn’t tell him everything. But she couldn’t lie either.

“I want a proper family and I don’t think you can give me that.” She swallowed knowing that Max was going to interrupt with some sort of way to make her see that he could, so she forced herself to continue. Her body shook more as she added, “Your in love with your job and… I hardly ever see you.” She knew she would break down if she didn’t get out of here soon. But Max was in the door way. Yet she knew she had no other choice. Still looking down, she took hold of her suitcase and moved towards the door.

"Can't you give us some time, Liz? I'm not going to have to be at work so much soon. I'm doing this for both of us. I want to give you a good normal life. I love you, Liz." Max said, even as he spoke he stepped out of the way because he knew that she would have to make her own decision. "I am working this much for you, me and our future."

Then the words proper family finally his his mind and he felt his frame drop with sadness. "This is because you aren't pregnant yet? I told you before I don't know how pregnancies will work with the fact that I'm not completely human..."

Liz didn’t know what was worse. That he hadn’t even said sorry for being late… or that he wasn’t even going to fight for her. Tears stung her eyes as she kept walking slowly. “Bye Max…” she murmured quietly as she walked past him and headed down the stairs. She saw her keys by the door hanging on the correct hook. She moved to take them.. and then stopped in her tracks. She looked at them for a moment before letting her hands meet. Slowly she took her wedding ring off her finger, sliding it off gently. She then placed it delicately on the hook with the keys.

She moved away slowly, and turned towards her coat and shoes. Carrying a sensible pair of shoes in one hand, she quickly put a pair of trainers on, followed by her coat. This was it. It was time. A pair of shoes in one hand and her suitcase in the other, she walked to the front door and opened it. She walked through the door, but turned back to have one more glance at her home for the last year since their wedding. She shut her eyes as she turned around once more, letting the door shut behind her. The cold night air hit her face, and she didn’t know whether to feel relieved or to cry. So she did neither. Instead she started to walk down the driveway. She passed Max’s car…she had never needed one. She swallowed as she turned and started to walk down the street.

What do I do to make you love me
What have I got to do to be heard
What do I do when lightning strikes me
What have I got to do
What have I got to do
When sorry seems to be the hardest word
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Thanks so much for all the comments. Here's the next Part. Enjoy.

Chapter 1

Maria’s wallpaper was not perfect. It was far from perfect. In places it was even peeling from the walls. But Liz had decided that that was a good thing. At least it wasn’t pretending to be something it was not. It was free to be itself. It was free to show its emotions…. It was free to be what it is and nothing more, nothing less.

It had been 7 hours; 7 hours since she had walked out on her marriage. Liz haven’t slept. She hadn’t had anything to eat or drink. She had just stared at the wall. She had grown quite good at it now actually. Since she had been doing it for the past nine months, it was natural to get good at it. Maria had been fussing over her. Liz knew she was only trying to help. But right now all Liz wanted to do was to be alone. But with Maria as her best friend, she didn’t think that was going to happen anytime soon.

Wrapping up in a robe, Maria left the bed she shared with Michael whenever he was actually over and stepped into slippers. She lifted her make-up kit, hair styling bag and manicure/pedicure kits. Then, dropping them outside the door to the room Liz was using, she went to the kitchen, grabbed tubs of rocky road ice cream and spoons. Smiling, she takes these items with her back up to Liz’s room and knocked. “Liz, I’ve got the perfect idea of something to relax you. And, you are not getting rid of me. We haven’t taken much time to hang out since you got married and Michael and I… well we got into the latest step.”

Not that it was the step that Maria wanted. She wanted the wedding, the commitment and she wasn’t getting it. She was coming close to telling Michael that it was over because she wanted something he obviously didn’t. Hell, he didn’t even say he loved her anymore. Not that he had said it much before, three times is his record, but she’d kept hoping. “We don’t have to talk about Max…”

“I’m fine Maria,” Liz replied with the same monotone that she had been using for several months now. “I’m just tired.” It was true…she was. But she had absolutely no intention of sleeping. No, Liz wanted to stare at the wallpaper. She felt empty and emotionally drained. She couldn’t see a way out of the hell she was now living. She knew Maria was only trying to be there for her, but she knew when Maria said they wouldn’t have to talk about him… that they would. Liz hadn’t even explained about Max. She had just turned up on her doorstep and said that they were getting a divorce and could she stay with her. Maria had had questions of course but Liz had brushed them off by pretending she wanted to sleep.

But she hadn’t slept. She had stared at the wall. Deciding to go for a change of pace, Liz lay back on the bed and looked at the ceiling. She was just going to compare it with the perfect ceiling back at her home when she remembered it wasn’t her home anymore.

"Uh huh, really? Well, Chica, I happen to be your best friend and I know when you are fine and when you aren't. Don't make me use the key to unlock this door and come in. I've got Rocky Road and make over gear and they aren't going to go to waste." Maria replies with as much energy as she possibly could and was fully prepared to follow through with her threat.

There was no way she was going to let her friend stay in a stupor. She wanted to see Liz with a smile and as much as she wanted to know what had caused her to decide to get a divorce, she would try her best not to start questioning.

Liz sighed. She knew that Maria was not going to give up. But she couldn’t tell her what she wanted to know either. She just couldn’t. All she wanted was to be left alone. Liz forced herself to stand up slowly and walk over to the door. She quietly unlocked the door and then opened it just enough so that she could put her head around the door. “Maria… I’m really not in the mood for Rocky Road. It’s sweet of you. But really…I’m fine.” She moved away from the door knowing that even if she was the best actress in the world, Maria wasn’t going to go away. So she went back inside the room and sat back on her bed once more. Her eyes immediately found the spot on the wallpaper she had been staring at before.

Part of her wanted to look out of the window… but she knew she would only be disappointed. Nothing seemed to interest her. Plus she was worried that if Max wasn’t there, she would want him to be…and if he had through some miracle decided to fight for her…she’d wish he hadn’t. She had to make Maria believe she was fine. She knew so far she had failed miserably. But maybe if she pretended that Maria and her absurd ice cream and make over made her smile…maybe she would go away.

Maria took one look at Liz as she opened the door and then watched her walk back over to the bed. This was not good. Liz didn't seem very lively at all and it scared her. Walking in with the ice cream, she placed it on the bedside table and then went back for her kits on the floor as she spoke, "Oh, Sean asked about you again the other day when I called mom. He's actually trying to clean himself up, supposedly." Maria rolls her eyes, not believing for an instant that her no good cousin was going to clean up his act. She still hated the interest that Sean had shown in Liz a couple years back. "Supposedly he started dating a blonde that we all know. Pam. Can you believe she's still in the old home town?"

Maria hoped that by being her normal chatty self it would help Liz relax. "She always said she'd go to California and be a supermodel and actress, yet she's still in Roswell. Oh, and Kyle is going to be visiting us in a couple months. Him and Risa are doing really well, he's even asked her to marry him. The surprise is, she said yes." Maria laughed, knowing that she often joked that people would have to be fools to be interested in Kyle. "Looks like Old Reliable pooch is settling down." The last two words came out on a slight hitch and she shrugged.

"Izzy called Michael yesterday, I don't know anything there because they talked for about an hour and then Michael went off to do... who knows what..."

Liz swallowed. She had to make a slow gradual improvement in mood or Maria wouldn’t believe it. So maybe she should seem semi-interested in the conversation…. Maria seemed down about Michael. Maybe she could direct the conversation that way. “You and Michael will be alright Ria…” she said quietly. “Are you ok?” she added, hoping that if she kept Maria talking she would think she was okay…

“Oh, I’m peachy… I want marriage and Spaceboy doesn’t. We’ve done this entire on again off again thing for years and I want the full commitment. The passion is great, when it’s there… I just don’t know how much longer I can wait on him. My mom was always great, raising me on her own and all, but I don’t want to end up like my mom.” Maria said this as she began taking out her make up kit, removing the mask creams. “Let’s give ourselves the royal treatment.” She decided to add, not really wanting to go into things that might lead to other conversations.

Liz gave a faint smile to try and look like she’s slowly becoming interested. “He’ll come around Maria. And if for some strange reason he doesn’t, he’s a complete and utter fool. I mean, who else would have kept his secret like you?” I give a warm friendly smile. “Trust me… he’ll come around,” I say as I give her knee a little squeeze. “So...uh…. I’m not really in the mood for make up but I guess I can always eat rocky…. What flavours do we have?” Liz said as she bit her lip a little in a way she would normally do. She had to keep normal. She had to be Liz – aka Miss totally perfect and normal.

Maria shook her head as Liz claimed she wasn't in the mood for make-up. That was normal for Liz, she was never as big on being flashy as Maria. "I have chocolate mint."

She put the bag down and reached for the ice cream instead, moving to sit on the bed beside Liz. Maria was pleased that despite her recent findings and lovely little cravings, she still enjoyed her rocky road. She hadn't told anyone about her doctors appointment that she'd had just yesterday that had confirmed her worst fear, yet it was also her greatest dream. "So, my mom said that we need to come home for a visit sometime. She misses having you and I around. Maybe we should plan to do that with everything that's going on." Although, to be honest, Maria didn't want to face her mother with the secret that was buried inside her at the moment.

“Yeah maybe….” Liz replied quietly as she slowly took a small amount of the ice cream and gently raised it to her mouth. She enjoyed the ice-cream slowly. She never had been someone to have a lot of ice-cream… she just wanted enough to taste it and to enjoy it. She knew she should say something more to make her believe she was feeling okay but her head was blank. She just had no words. So instead she gave a faint smile as she slowly tasted the ice-cream.

Maria didn't know what to do so she decided that she would start asking mundane questions that might eventually get answers. "Since you'll be staying a while, how about helping me decide on a new colour for this room? I've been thinking about painting it for a while and redecorating, since this will be your room for as long as you need or want, we'll do it however you want."

Liz had to resist the urge to sigh. She knew that tactic… she wanted answers. “I don’t know…. I like it is as it is…” she said slowly. Part of her thought she would be out of here before they had finished decorating, moving on with her life. But most of her knew with dread she wouldn’t be. She was going to be stuck in the limbo hell of a life she had been living in for the past few years. In an hour she was meant to go to work. Part of her wanted to stay here – and she thought that Maria would partly expect her to. But Liz knew that she had to keep acting normal, and that meant the daily routine of going to the diner and waitressing.

Liz had once had been given a offer to research molecular biology. But the job was too far away from Max, and the hours seemed to cut into the ‘precious’ time they had. So Liz had made the sacrifice and decided to stay working at her dive of a job at ‘rusty’s’. “I should get ready for work soon…” Liz said giving Maria a slightly bigger smile. “What are you gonna do today?”

“I have a show to do tonight so I’m going to the spa.” Maria replied with a laugh, tossing her head as though primping, “After all, this Chica definitely needs some of that princess treatment they give. You’ll have to come with the next day you’re off. Ramone and his crew are absolutely fantastic. Of course, Ramone does enjoy talking about his newest boy toy every time I go in. He’s such a cute thing, so sweet. It’s so sad that he’s gay because, ooh baby, would a woman enjoy that man.”

Liz gave a small laugh, but if Maria had been looking at her at the time, she would have seen that it was fake. It was as fake as Liz’s perfect life. “Actually I was planning on taking some extra shifts at work you know I… I wanna pay towards the rent and everything while I’m here…” She smiled at Maria and said, “And before you start saying there is no need, there is every need. I want to ok? Besides… I think it would do me good to get out there and work right now. But you have fun at your spa.” Liz said as she put her spoon down and got up from the bed. She’d only had two tiny tastes. But it was enough. She decided she didn’t feel hungry… even if she haven’t eaten since yesterday lunch time.

Liz walked over to the mirror. To her, her face just looked plain. She had never understood why Max said he loved her…why anyone could say they loved her. She was just plain Liz Parker; the girl with the supposedly perfect life. Liz bent over and picked up a plum lipstick from her bag. Deciding it was too much, she searched her cosmetic case to find a lighter shade. But she had left most of her makeup in the bathroom – where she hadn’t collected her stuff from last night. She sighed as she instead decided to do her hair. “Maria… thanks… for being here for me.” Liz turned to look at Maria, her hands still sorting her hair into a neat ponytail. “You’re a good friend,” she said as she gave Maria a smile.

“Chica, we’re sisters, there’s no where else I’d rather be then here with you anytime.” Maria replied as she turned to look at Liz with a smile, “Nothing is more important then family, and you are family.” She looked her friend over and wished that there was more life in her, more colour, it seemed as though Liz was a faded version of who she’d been before. “I’m going to take the Jetta today, you can take my car. The keys are on the hook by the door.”

“Oh no…really I’m fine. I like walking. I always walk.” Liz told her firmly, yet with a smile. “Really, it would be weird for me not to… besides it’s not that far. Thank you for the offer though.” She smiled at her widely before taking a sweater out of her suitcase. Family… that’s exactly what Liz wanted. She wanted a proper family. She wanted children, and a loving husband. After almost a year of marriage, this was definitely not what she had had in mind. “Thank you for the offer though…”

"Well, either way, I'll leave the car so you can use it later if you need. I'll be home around seven and then we'll have dinner together. I don't know if Michael will be here then or not." Maria replied and then moved over to Liz, embracing her friend warmly as she added, "No matter the reason, I'm glad you came to me."

Liz hugged her back, not too tightly, not too weakly. She gave her the right hug Maria would expect from her. But if Maria could have seen Liz’s face as she hugged back, she would have known there was no real emotion in the embrace. Liz hugged her for a few seconds before pulling away. “Thanks Ria…. “ She smiled at her before saying, “I should go… I’ll be back whenever they don’t want me. If they offer me another shift I might take it but I’ll aim to be back for 7….” But as she said it, Liz was thinking that if she could get a shift until closing she could pull an infamous Max trick of being late.

“See you tonight.” Liz grabbed her jacket and put it over her shoulder before walking out of the house, her steps even and methodical. If anyone had watched her closely, they would have seen that her steps were almost robotic as she walked down the street to her badly paid job.

Maria watched as Liz walked out of the house and shook her head, anger boiling over at the knowledge that Max had done this to her, made her this empty. Liz didn't have to say anything, she knew it had to be something that Max had done. Or, maybe even something he hadn't done. Still, she wouldn't interfere, yet.

She would simply do what she could to bring back the light into her friend’s eyes and she would wait until she knew that there was a good time to tell Liz her news. Putting her hand on her stomach, she smiled briefly and stepped out of the room Liz was using and went toward her own room. It was time for her to get dressed to start her own day.

“TOUCHDOWN!” Michael roared at the TV with a wild grin on his face. Sighing happily he flopped back on the couch, grabbed a mouthful of chips and put them in his mouth. As he crunched he watched the screen avidly, not caring about the rather messy room he was residing in. A half eaten pizza lay cold on the coffee table, Snapple bottles lay on the floor, and that was only the surface mess. The truth was, Michael loved to live life. He liked having fun. He wasn’t ready to get into any sort of routine yet. He lived for the moment; which is why on a Wednesday morning he was sitting on his couch, watching football, having called in sick several hours ago. He had recorded and watched this particular games a few nights back, and had actually watched it several times. But in his opinion it was an incredible match that was worth missing a boring day of work to watch again.

Maria finished her day and made her way over to see Michael since she hadn't heard from him all day. She had no idea just what she would do when she arrived, but she had to talk to him, had to see him. She loved him. As she walked up to the door, she heard the game loud and clear, heard his shout and shook her head. She knocked on the door, but knowing how loud the television was, she didn't wait for him to open the door, and instead she walked in. "Michael, what are you doing?" She asked, her mind completely sickened as she saw how messy the place looked already. She'd cleaned it when she was over the last time a few days before.

Noting how engrossed he was in the damned game, she stepped in front of the television. "Michael, did you even hear me?"

Michael jerked as he realised his girlfriend was in front of him. “Heya….” He struggled to think what she could have just asked him. “I uh…I’m watching the game…wanna come watch it with me?” He said, patting the space next to him on the sofa, complete with chip crumbs. But even whilst he was saying it he was leaning very slightly to one side to try and continue watching the screen.

Maria frowned and moved so that she could reach the power button on the television behind her and turned it off, "No, Michael. We need to have a talk." She said, her voice was firm. She'd waited long enough for this, she was tired of not knowing where she stood and having Liz at her place had been a motivator for her. She wanted to settle down and she wanted to know that she really had Michael, she couldn't keep holding on to the small bit he gave her. He wasn't even willing to live with her completely...

Michael looked at her face slowly, resisting the temptation to swallow. “Okay…uh…wanna sit down?” he asked nervously. Maria clearly had something important to say…and if it was important to Maria it probably meant that it was something that she was going to kill him for later. “What do you wanna talk about?” he added trying to make sure he didn’t sound too enthusiastic but not so that he sounded like he wasn’t interested.

Maria sighed as she looked at him, a part of her hesitating because she knew what this conversation could lead to. She moved to sit on the coffee table, the only remotely clean area she could see and sat in front of him. "Michael, I have tried to wait, tried to be patient... kept thinking that if I gave you enough time, you'd see that committing me to me wasn't a bad thing. I've kept hoping that our relationship meant as much to you as it does to me, but obviously I'm wrong. Where exactly do we stand, Michael? I've kept your secret, been here whenever you needed or wanted me..." As she was speaking, her eyes began to mist and tears threatened to spill while she waited for a response.

Michael looked at her, a look of confusion etched on his face. “What do you mean Maria…we’re girlfriend and boyfriend….” He raised an eyebrow as he looked at her. Sure they’d been going out a while but…what was she talking about? They were happy weren’t they? “Maria, what else do you want?” he said slowly. “I thought we knew where we stood.”

Maria shook her head, her heart plummeting as she spoke, her tears slipping free, "I want more then that, Michael. I want real commitment. I'd like to be married some day... to have a family." She looked at him through her tears as she held onto the smallest hope that just maybe he wanted it to but hadn't told her, that maybe she would get something from him... but inside she knew better. "I don't even know how you really feel about me."

Michael blinked at her. Why on earth do women do this? His last girlfriend had asked him about marriage once, and the next day he had moved out of town. The friends of his girlfriend before that had joked about marriage just two weeks after getting together. He had never spoken to her since. He wasn’t ready to be married. Besides which, he didn’t even believe in it. It was some stupid way for the government to keep tabs on whom was with whom in his opinion. One in three marriages got a divorce these days…why on earth would ANYONE want to be married???

“Maria…I love you” he said, not looking at her at all. “But I’m not ready for that. And to be frank… I don’t know that I’m the sort of guy who wants to get married.”

Maria lifts her hands to wipe her tears as she stands and starts for the door, "Then I guess there's nothing else to say, Michael. You couldn't even tell me you loved me and look at me and you don't want to commit. I need more then that from someone." A sob escapes as she reaches the door and opens it, "I'll bring the little bit of things you have at my place over tomorrow. Goodbye, Michael." She paused at the door, holding her breath, hoping that Michael would stop her.

Michael swallowed as he watched her get up and head to the door. A small part of him, couldn’t help wonder if he should get up. A much deeper part of him was scared that if he did he would be trapped for ever in…marriage. So instead he murmured, “I’m sorry Maria…” He really was. She was a great girl. But he couldn’t. He just couldn’t. “Bye…”

Maria's shoulders dropped when he didn't try to stop her and she walked through the door, closing it behind her before heading to her car where she settled into the driver's seat, her tears streaming freely down her cheeks as she started the engine and began backing out of the parking space. Looked like she was on her own, nothing that she could do would change that. She placed her hand on her stomach, "We'll be okay." She spoke softly as she turned out of the space and put the car in drive, making her way towards the store. It was time to get things for dinner before going somewhere quiet.

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Thanks for all the great feedback!!! Sorry, I forgot to change the title when storm put up the last chapter. Hope that you all enjoy!

Chapter 2

Max was distraught; he hadn’t slept since Liz left the night before. He was supposed to be at the office early in the morning but when he went in, he couldn’t even think about work. He kept thinking about how empty the house he and Liz bought looked. What had he done to cause Liz to leave? What could he do to fix it?

He’d called Isabel but she hadn’t had the time to talk due to her job and Jesse. He couldn’t call his parents; they didn’t need to have extra worries on their mind when his dad had been having problems with his heart lately as it was. He’d simply left the office at the lunch hour and told his secretary he wouldn’t be back for the rest of the day.

The look on her face when she’d heard him say that normally would have caused him to laugh, but there was no mirth in him. Without Liz, he wasn’t able to be himself, to feel alive. He’d picked up the phone and tried to call Maria’s but received no answer so there was only one thing he could figure… Liz had to have gone to work. Maybe he should be willing to let her go, but he couldn’t. He was determined he’d fight to get Liz back somehow.

So, he drove, started heading towards Rusty’s Café in hopes that he could get Liz to talk to him. Maybe he could find some form of common ground to start with.

Liz rushed across the floor of Rusty’s and gave her boss yet another order to start cooking. Why was it, that the one day that Rusty’s almost could be called ‘busy’, was the day when her co-worker hadn’t bothered showing up, leaving Liz to cover the entire floor. Which is why she had been rushing; so that she could take a momentary break to breathe, away from the maddening, repetitive questions of “What would you like to order?” and “Would you like anything to drink with that?” She sighed as she removed her shoes behind the counter for a moment as there was no one currently waving her over. She stood in silence in the loud and busy café with its old, cheesy, classic music. In a crowd full of people, she felt completely alone.

Max found himself pulling up to the side of the cafe' not wanting Liz to hide if she saw the car. So, instead he pulled toward the side and walked carefully around the building, his eyes caught sight of her inside immediately and he felt the familiar pull at his heart that he always had when he saw her beauty, but there was something there that he hadn't seen before. He didn't know how to class the energy that seemed to surround her.

Taking a deep breath, he moved to the door and stepped inside, his eyes remaining on her the entire time. He refused to take his eyes off of her. He'd find a way to prove to her that he could change, that he was still her husband, the man she'd fallen in love with.

Liz heard the little bell tinkle as someone opened the door. Instead of sighing, she closed her eyes for a moment, before turning towards the door…

She froze as she saw him standing at the door. She swallowed hard before immediately looking at the floor. She knew he should have been at work; he was always at work. So what was he doing here? There was no one else here to serve him but her. She had to show him to a table. If she didn’t her boss would see and… and she couldn’t lose her job right now. She slipped back on her shoes before slowly walked over, still looking directly at the floor. Without looking up she murmured, “Welcome to Rusty’s can I show you to a table?”

Max saw her lower her gaze to the floor and felt a pang of sadness and a small tinge of anger go through him that he had brought her to this point. As she moved through the cafe' toward him, he was expecting her to ask him to leave, however her question somewhat pleased him and he replied quietly, "Yes, please Liz." He wanted to reach out and take her into his arms. "I'd like to talk to you if you get a free moment." He spoke instead, forcing himself not to do it even though not touching her was causing an ache inside him.

Immediately Liz shook her head, “I can’t I…” She knew instantly she was losing control of herself and she was not going to let that happen. She quickly took a deep breath before saying, “I’m the only one here; I can’t take a break.” With that she walked over to one of the free tables, thankful for the momentary space between them. Since however the table was unfortunately reasonably close to the door, she tried to hurry things along a bit. “What would you like to order?” she said quietly, but in a very controlled voice.

Max moved to take a seat, unable to keep from brushing his fingers along her arm though that little touch simply made him hunger for more. He wanted to hold her, have her talk to him, "Whatever meal you'd recommend." He replied as she asked about what he wanted to order. "Though, I'd rather have you." He added, making certain his voice was low enough so that only his wife would hear him.

Liz knew she was shaking slightly. Her somewhat sharp intake of breath seemed to sound loudly around the room to her, but in reality she doubted anyone but Max could have heard it….and he would have only if he was paying attention. Liz took a quick step back, wanting and needing to be far away. She moved quickly, getting behind the counter, partly to put in his order, but partly because he couldn’t come behind here. She walked over to her boss and said, “Could you get…get Max anything that is quickly cooked and eaten?”

Her boss gave her a strange look before turning around to flip a burger. She swallowed as she crossed over to the cherry coke machine and starting to get him his favourite drink without even thinking about it.

Max watched her seemingly make a hasty retreat and sighed as he leaned back in the seat and watched her move around. How many times in the past had he sat in a cafe' and stared at her? He'd spent so many years longing for her, dreaming about her and then when he had her as his wife, he went wrong somewhere. Determination filled him as he glanced around the cafe' and began wondering if she regretted not going to fulfil her dreams. She'd given it up, hadn't even told him about her chance before she'd turned it down. Maybe she was regretting giving that up for him.

Maybe he had worked too much and should have asked her what she wanted? He didn't know... but he did know he loved her and wouldn't just give her a divorce without knowing that there was no chance to save their marriage.

Liz quickly retrieved the cherry coke, and went back to the window. “Is it done?” she asked her boss, praying she could make one less trip by taking his food and drink in one go. Her boss raised an eyebrow at her but wordlessly gave her a plain burger. Liz quickly took it, grabbed a straw for the cherry coke and walked slowly, and methodically back to Max’s table. Still not looking at him, she said, “One burger and one cherry coke…” She carefully placed them in front of him. Liz was about to just go behind the counter once more, but she knew she had to ask him one more annoying question. “Will there be anything else?”

Max looked at Liz, hated that she was obviously trying to avoid him and wished he could take the last several months back and do them differently, find out where he went wrong and fix it. "Do you have tabasco sauce here?" He'd never eaten in Rusty's before, which he now found was odd because she'd been working there for some time. He knew no matter what, his secret was safe with her. That wasn't anywhere near the problem because years before she had been tested by some situations that had arisen and proven that she wouldn't break.

Yet, somehow he realized he'd broken her. She wasn't anything like she used to be. Why hadn't he seen it before? Why hadn't he noticed that she wasn't as lively?

“Uh…yeah…yeah hold on…” She closed her eyes as she turned around and walked back to the counter to retrieve the sauce. She wanted to know why he was here. He never came here. He should be at work. He should be away from her right now. She opened her eyes as she bumped hard into the counter, which would probably give her a nasty bruise tomorrow. But she didn’t even flinch. In fact it almost felt… refreshing. At least it meant she was feeling something other than the constant despair.

She grabbed the tabasco sauce from the counter and walked back over to his table. But just as she was almost at the table she felt faint. She closed her eyes as she swayed on her feet a moment. Immediately regretting not having eaten, she opened her eyes… to have her eyes lock immediately with Max’s. Time seemed to freeze around her for a moment. The next thing she knew, she jammed the tabasco sauce on the table before running as fast as she could out of the café. “LIZ!” her boss yelled after her, but before he could shout again the door had shut behind her and she was dashing down the street.

*Week later*

“The O-zone” was a bar of many sorts. It was one of the hippest places in town – without being a nightclub. If it had been a nightclub there was no way that Michael would have been in there. No, “The O-zone” was a bar where all the trendy people hung out, watched huge flat screen TVs, gambled, drank until they hit the floor and of course picked up members of the opposite sex. Michael stood at the bar watching the TV showing the current football match. He grinned as he took another swig of his coke. He wished it could have been beer, but only if he had the fun those humans seemed to have with it. He would never drink again if it made him like he was the first and only time he had drank. Ah well, Michael didn’t need to have beer to have fun… he just needed a friend.

It wasn't unusual for people in O-Zone to be alone, but she couldn't keep from thinking that this one particular guy she'd seen seemed more alone then the others. She'd noticed some of the other girls watching him but they all seemed to lose interest because of the cloud that seemed to hang over him.

She wasn't put off by that however and after getting another shot of whiskey and a separate glass of sprite, she slid out of her seat and walked across the floor towards where he was standing. Sidling up beside him she looked at him as though it was just another day. "Is there a reason why you are sitting here alone?"

She smiled at him as she sipped her sprite. "Most guys are hitting on every girl in the place rather then staying immobile..."

Michael looked round at the girl. She was clearly one of those drinker types…one who doesn’t know how pretty she actually is without make-up. Michael gave a pleasant smile before saying, “Ah well…. I got distracted by the football,” he said with a shrug. “But you know, most girls don’t dare to disturb a football fan when he’s watching the big game.” She had nice eyes. Although Maria eyes were nicer; her eyes always seemed to just…sparkle.

Michael gave him self a little shrug, trying to dislodge her from his mind. Why did he need to think about her? It was over and… and he was okay with that, he thought. She needed commitment and he needed… well he didn’t know but he would figure it out sometime. Just now was not that time. No, as far as he was concerned all he wanted was fun.

"I'm not like most girls." She began with a light laugh as she stepped a bit closer, "Besides, I enjoy watching the game just as much as any guy. I had five brothers, so I had years of practice."

She sipped the sprite again and set it on the bar before looking at the game and stating, "The season that the Braves have had is one of their worst. I'd bet on the Colts any day."

Michael raised an eyebrow at her. She liked sports??? That was a turn up for the books… Maria always used to get on his arse because he watched sports too much… “Their season’s been bad but at least they don’t just suck like the colts…” Why was arguing not fun? It always seemed to amuse him with…

“I’ll be right back…”

Michael got up from his stool and quickly went to the bathroom. As he relieved himself he tried to get his mind in check. He was over her. He was over Maria. No girl was worth becoming a married man for. After a deep breath he went back outside and headed over to the bar. He headed over back to his stool and smiled at her, “Okay I’m back…so what are you drinking?” he gave her a flirtatious smile. What he needed right now, Michael had decided, was a girl for the night.

She was about to reply, her eyebrows lifting when he excused himself. When he returned and asked about what she was drinking, she motioned her glass, "I'm simply drinking soda now. I keep myself limited."

She smiled, moving a bit closer as she said, "Oh, and in response to what you said about the Colts... at least they have a Quarterback that's worth his salt. He's going MVP again this year, where as the Braves have a Quarterback that doesn't even register as a top contender." She was more then willing to enjoy some banter but that smile he gave her made her aware of what he was now thinking.

“Oh really?” he said with a smirk, “Well…since we’re in O-zone, how about a little bet?” he winked at her. “How about, if the Braves win, you come back to me to “brave” my flat.” He smirked, “I never lose a bet? So are you up for the wager?” he said with a grin, his attention completely on her alone now.

Laughing, she lifted her hand and nodded, "You have yourself a bet, but I will sweeten it. If the Colts win, you come back to my place and 'brave' my double barrels." The last was spoken as she motioned to her legs.

Michael grinned. Yes, he would have fun tonight…either way. “You’re on,” he grinned as he took another sip of his coke before putting his hand out for her to shake on it. Tonight he would have fun and if it was her place he would be gone in the morning, or if she was at his maybe she would be lucky to last a week.

Maria sighed as she sat in the studio, the day was over and she'd been spending it listening over the tracks but her love for music seemed to have faded. A week... it had been a hell of a week. She hadn't even taken time to tell Liz about it.

Looking at her cell, she drew in a deep breath and dialled Billy, she hadn't seen him in a few months and right now she needed someone else to help her with her music, maybe even write some songs with her. He'd been able to help her before, when she hadn't really been writing for a while; he'd given her the inspiration to do it.

Waiting, hoping he would pick up; she idly tapped her fingers on the sound board.

Billy watched the ducks on the pond as he tried desperately to come up with a stupid lyric. He thought coming to sit in the park would help clear his mind. Instead he was currently looking at a song about the wonders of finding water when you’re a duck. He growled as he threw the paper away and tried to concentrate; which was when his cell started ringing. He coughed, cleared his throat, put a grin on his face and only then did he pick up the cell and look at the caller.

Maria. What a stroke of luck… He quickly picked up the phone, “Hey there, don’t supposed you know of a word that rhymes with duck? Cos the one that begins with an f is the one that my song I’m currently writing is like,” he joked. He gave one of his strange laughs before continuing, “How’s my favourite songwriter?”

Maria laughed, how could she not? Billy had always been able to relax her, but she realized to that her laugh wasn't as complete as it once would have been. "Not that good, Billy. What are you up to? Have any plans for the next couple of weeks?" She hated the desperation she heard in her voice and sighed.

Billy looked around at his surroundings before saying, “Well….my friends Andy and Bob will be upset if I don’t do my plans of hanging out with them…” He laughed, “That would be the two ducks I’ve been watching the past five hours.” He smiled, “Would you like some company over there? I’ve missed you and your songs….” He grinned as he added, “But I’m only coming on the condition I can hear the marvellous songs you’ve been writing since I last saw you.”

Maria sighed softly as she listened to Billy, his sense of humor once again something she'd missed. "I give my word; you can hear everything I've written... maybe even record some with me." She replied and wished that she could say more but as she sat there, she found her other hand drifted to her abdomen and she began worrying over how her career would be affected by her secret. "I've missed you, Billy... I could really use a friend right now." She added, giving away as much as she could before her voice choked up.

Billy stood up as she spoke her last words, hearing the emotion in her voice. “I’m on my way right now.” He said as he grabbed his paper and pen. “I’ll be with you by tomorrow. I promise,” he said as he began to walk towards the exit of the park. “Are you ok? Can I help anymore right now?” he asked, concerned.

Maria shook her head even though she knew he couldn't see her, "I don't know... I just..." God, she hated being emotional. "I just need someone I can talk to and it can't be Liz, she's going through her own issues. She doesn't need my problems. I'm sorry to put this on you, Billy."

Billy immediately answered, “Don’t be silly Maria. I will always be there for you,” he told her. “I’m on my way right now. But I’m sure whatever she’s going through, she’ll be there for you if you let her.” He swallowed as he realised his battery was about to run out. “Maria I promise, I’ll be there as soon as I can… my phone’s about to give out, but I will see you soon ok. Don’t worry…whatever it is I’m sure everything will be alright.”

Billy's promise sounded good to her ears. At least one thing she could always depend on with him is that he would always be there when she needed him. He never asked anything of her that she couldn’t handle. "Alright, I'll see you when you get here. When you get into town, call me and I'll pick you up, we can go hang out somewhere."

Billy smiled as he said, “That sounds great….I’ll see you soon Maria. I’m counting the hours.” He ended the call and smiled as he hurried out of the park to get his things together, so he could leave at once.

Maria closed her phone and sighed as she gave into the tears that had been threatening for some time. She'd put on a front around Liz the last week, not wanting to burden her friend when she knew Liz was going through enough on her own. So, now, alone in the studio, she took advantage and let herself cry over her losing Michael and the child she carried not having her or his father around. Maybe she should move home or move somewhere else before she began showing too much.

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Chapter 3

Michael smirked as he kissed the girl again and again. He pulled her on to the clean bedspread in the immaculate room. Ok, so, he was at her place. He had actually won the bet, but it turned out she lived closest, and Michael was more than happy to go to hers! It made the next morning a lot easier. He quickly removed her top and bra and immediately began his assault of kisses on her breasts. Of course as he did so he went to remove her skirt. Michael wasn’t one for foreplay!

She eagerly returned the kiss, her hands moving to remove his shirt even as he starting paying attention to her breasts. She wasn't one to think everything had to be slow and she wanted a good lay. Attachments weren't anywhere near her thing, she'd tried that once, worst mistake of her life. Now, she was free to experience enjoyment and that's what she intended to do.

Moaning under his assault, her hands reached for his pants once she had his shirt off him, she wanted him now and she would have him. It had been a while since she'd been in this much of a rush for a man, but damned if this man didn't fire her senses, then again it could be the whiskey she'd had before she'd switched to soda.

Michael quickly removed her panties with one swift movement. He looked at her for a split second before immediately entering her. He didn’t bother with starting slow. He wanted her now. Right now. “Mm...” he moaned as he moved as fast as could within her depths. His hands explored her form as he explored her within.

The second he was inside her, deeply inside her, she moaned and began moving with him, her legs wrapping around him as her hands slid over his back. She wasn't no pussy and as she met each thrust, she gasped out, "Harder." She sure as hell wasn't going to break and her body was screaming out for more. She was lifting herself up to bring him deeper inside of her.

Michael obeyed immediately, going as fast and hard as he could. “Oh yes…” he moaned as he felt his orgasm was imminent.


Her face exploded in front of him like a picture from the dark. He gasped loudly and came. He breathed hard shocked at his body, but more his his mind. Why the hell had he pictured her just then? Why?! Michael quickly pulled out of her almost as fast as he had plunged in a few moments ago and immediately pushed her off him as he got up from the bed. “I…I have to go…” he said as he grabbed his boxers and pulled them on frantically.

As she reached her climax, she screamed, her nails biting into his flesh and she was surprised though not put off even the slightest as he pulled himself out of her and got off the bed saying he had to leave. "If you have to, you have to... you don't have a wedding ring... so you aren't married... must mean a girl friend..." She shrugged as she turned to lie on her side, not caring that she was naked, "Of course, if you change your mind or ever want to visit, you're welcome. I do enjoy paying special attention," she motioned towards his shaft as though to make certain he got the hint before sticking her finger slowly in her mouth as though to show what she meant.

Michael looked at her for a moment before grabbing the rest of his clothes and putting them on as fast as he can. As he pulled his shirt over his head he walked as fast as he could without running out of the room, wanting to be far, far away.

Liz sat in the shower, the hot water hitting her in little stings. The shower was the only place she would cry. It always had been. She could never be certain when Max would come in… and now that role had been filled by Maria. She had been sitting in the shower for some time now, just crying. The steady stream from the shower head washed away her tears and made sure no one could hear her noisy sobs. But eventually, when she could cry no more, her body just continued to tremble. She knew she had to get up. Even if she no longer had her job…she had to keep up the pretence; the pretence that she was ok.

She forced her shaking legs to stand up. She picked up her razor and leant over to shave them. As she brought the sharp razor blade over her legs, she was reminded of when she had bumped into the counter at her ex-job. For the days after, she had looked at the bruise, remembering the odd sensation of relief that she was feeling something. Then yesterday, when she was in the shower, she had given the bruise a prod with her finger. The pain was refreshing… relieving.

She bit her lip as she remembered his amber eyes. The pain in his eyes when there eyes met… It was her fault. It was her fault he was hurting.

On impulse she gave the razor blade at her leg a sudden tug. Immediately the little cut started to bleed. It looked nothing more than as if Liz had cut herself shaving. But Liz felt… in control. She looked at her leg as she let the emotion run through her. When the pain stopped, she turned the water off and stepped out of the shower.

That was enough. She would stop indulging herself. Maria would be concerned if she was much longer in the shower. She quickly put on her robe and headed to her bedroom, feeling calmer than she had done in the past week since she had seen Max.

Having Billy around was a blessing but Maria still hadn’t told him the largest secret that she was holding back about why she had needed him there. She didn’t know how to bring up the fact that she was pregnant especially with the enjoyment they were having without thinking much on that fact. Sighing, she stopped the car and looked over at Billy, “We’ll just be in here a minute. I’ve got to change into something else now that the shoot is over.”

Stepping from the car, she began walking toward the door as she continued, “Come on, we’ll talk about some of the plans for the rest of the day while I change.”

Billy smiled as he followed her. She looked even better than he remembered – if that was possible. She was so striking and kind and… she was amazing. He smiled as he followed her inside. It was also great that she had a nice ass. “Ok cool… so what are the plans?” I ask with a grin as I can’t help watch her lovely form.

Maria led the way toward her room, not at all worried about him being in the room. "Well first, I thought I'd give you a slight tour and we'd get something to eat. Maybe go to the village or something, somewhere that I don't have to worry about..." Maria shook her head as she entered her room and moved to her closet. She had almost mentioned Michael. She'd been doing good since she'd picked Billy up.

She began digging through her closet, trying to find something to wear but now that she'd come so close, she found herself staring at each item and remembering times she'd worn it with Michael. It took a few minutes to find a sleek black dress that went just barely below her knees; she hadn't worn this with Michael. She'd bought it only a couple days before she'd found out she was pregnant

She reached for her matching knee high boots and then went into the dresser for her bra and thong. "Is there anything specific you'd like to do?" She asked as she stepped behind the changing screen in her room that she never used when alone.

Billy smiled as he watched her shadow through the screen. She certainly was shapely… It was then he realised she had asked a question. “I really don’t mind… just as long as we’re hanging out together and it results in you telling me what’s wrong and then me trying to help or take your mind off it,” he said with a smile. So this was Maria DeLuca’s room. He approved. It certainly was Maria….

Maria could literally hear the smile in his voice as she removed her tight leather garment from the photo shoot that she'd been doing for her album and began changing into the clothing she'd chosen. "I'd rather just keep my mind off of it, Billy... I still keep having to remind myself that it's really over between us... I never thought it would happen."

Billy smiled, “Ahh…its boy related. Well I have to tell you DeLuca… as I’m very certain I’m male…and if you don’t believe me I can offer you proof…. I do have some expertise in these matters…” he said with a smile. “But if you would rather not talk about it what would you like to talk about that I can help you with?” I say with a grin, “or we could do the whole, you tell me whats wrong, you cry into my shoulder, I cheer you up thing. Or we could skip to the good stuff and you play me your music!”

As she was zipping the dress up, she replied, "How about we not talk about Michael and I breaking up and... and we go to the studio, order pizza and you can hear all the music you want? I have keys and complete permission to be in there anytime I want now." When she stepped out, she had the boots in hand and moved to sit on her bed while she worked with shaking hands to put them on.

"I'm sorry Billy... I know by now it seems I always call you when something is wrong, whether it's something with my relationships or music or something with family..." Maria looked at him for a moment, having all she could do to keep from letting herself cry. "As soon as I get these blasted boots on, I'll be ready." She said this as she hurried to turn and pay attention to the boots again.

Billy smiled. “Take your time…I understand how important boots are to women… almost like sports to men!” He smiled at her and took and step nearer. “And so you know… I like to have you call me. Whatever it’s about I’m always here for you. Always.” He then joked and added, “But my cheque is in the mail, right?”

Maria laughed slightly, even as she struggled with the boots which were extremely tight around her calves, just the way she liked them. Finally, after almost ten minutes, they were on, zipped and she stood, going to her dresser and getting the keys she'd set there while getting her clothes. Turning, she looked at Billy with a smile. "Why would I trust the mail to get anything right?" Even though she was trying to loosen up, she knew she wasn't doing the best job.

Turning back to face the mirror, she quickly brushed through her hair, styling it so that it was all up in a pony tail other then a few strands at the sides. "Let's go." Before I break down. She thought to herself quietly. "How's pizza sound?" She questioned as she started from the room, her steps a bit slower then they had been when she had been walking towards her room.

“It sounds great to me…” Billy replied before putting a hand on Maria’s shoulder and saying, “But I want you to look me in the eyes and tell me that you’re okay. Because I don’t believe you and I want to. Lie if you want to, just as long as it will make you feel better; because I can’t stand to see you hurting. And I will do whatever it takes to see a proper DeLuca smile.” He turned her towards him so she would look at him. “Are you really alright?” he asked.

Maria was stopped by his hand on her shoulder and as he turned her towards him she felt her eyes tear up, "I'm trying to be, Billy. I really am trying... I just thought that if he loved me as much as he said, he'd want to settle down, want to marry me... obviously he didn't love me enough."

Billy looked at her, “On the one hand…he might just be scared. But my bet is that he’s a complete FOOL!” He gently cupped her face and made her look deep into his eyes. “You are brilliant just the way you are, and if he didn’t love you enough then its him whos gonna be sorry and your gonna get a nice guy a much better and worthier guy. Somewhere out there, I know you will find a guy who will definitely want to marry you….infact I bet there will be several! And anyone who doesn’t is a big big fool. How could they not love you.”

Maria's tears slipped free as she listened to Billy continue. His words were not only sweet, but she couldn't help but find a small smile mixing with the sadness. "Billy..." She shook her head and looked at him as she blinked her tears, trying to get them to stop as she felt herself breaking, "We should get out of here..." She wasn't certain when Liz would be home and she didn't want Liz to find out what was going on, "Thank you." She said, even as she felt the tears continue.

Billy gently wiped her tears away and said, “Maria, you never have to thank me. I’m your friend. I’m always here for you. Always… I’ll even give my first hour away free,” he said with a wink Billy gently put his arm around her shoulder and started to lead her out of the house. “So….am I looking at getting a motel or do you reckon I can bunk here til ya don’t need me anymore,” he asked.

Maria didn't know what to say at first, she'd always known that Billy was gentle and respectful. Not to mention sweet and there was that time some time ago when they'd kissed and kind of felt something... but she still didn't know what to think. Walking with him out of her place, she replied finally, "Um... well the only extra room I have at the moment is in my home studio. There isn't a bed in there, but we could put one there... there's only a been bag and recliner, it's the largest room in the place so I figured it would be perfect for a studio. If you want to though, we can definitely change things around so you can stay. The guest room is being used at the moment, Liz is staying with me." Now, she knew she was babbling, but she really hadn't thought that far ahead.

“Liz…” Billy said, vaguely remembering her name coming up in conversation before. “I see… well if you don’t want me to stay so you girls can bond over ice cream and make up I can get a motel…or if necessary I suspect I would look good with purple eyeshadow. Just promise me, no black nail varnish? It doesn’t complement my skin tone,” he joked.

Maria laughed and playfully hit his side as she let herself lean against him as they exited the place and she made certain the door was locked behind her, "I don't mind you staying with me at all, Billy. I can't even get her to talk to me about anything. I don't know what's going on... but, that's why I haven't talked to her about my own problems." She admitted as they walked towards her car. "Speaking of make-up though, I'm going to have to fix mine now..." Her little cry had probably caused all of her eyeliner to run and look horrific.

Billy quickly said, “Nope… its great. As per usual. And you look stunning in that dress. Bet your ex is kicking himself now!” He smiled and added, “Ah well…if it means I get to hang out with your lovely self, I partly wanna kill him and partly like the guy for bringing the wonderful old us back together again!” He looked at her as he reached the car door. “No jetta?” he asked, raising an eyebrow.

Maria shook her head, "No, the Jetta is still here but I also broke down two years ago and bought this. You know, got to have an image." She gave him a smile and held up the keys, "Want to drive?" Even as she held them out, she was thinking about playing keep away with the keys. She needed the relief from all the constant thoughts that go through her mind and Billy had always been a good friend.

"We need to promise not to let something like this happen just to get us together again, Billy. After all, I would rather my baby know you whenever your around." Her eyes widened as she realized that she'd slipped up, saying it that way had not been her plan.

Billy jerked his head up and looked at her. “You….” He smiled before quickly running round the other side of the car and wrapping his arms around her. “You’re… why didn’t you tell me sooner! That’s great Maria, you’re going to be a wonderful mother!” he said enthusiastically. “Wow, how far along?! Do you know the sex yet…. Aww I hope he has your eyes and hair and your…well everything! Oh Maria that’s wonderful, you must be excited…”

Maria embraced him back as she laughed softly, his enthusiasm and joy over her condition really seemed to take some of the tension from her, at least for the moment. "I'm only a couple months along... but Billy... you have to promise me something... don't tell anyone... not Liz, or Michael should we ever run into him..." She stepped out of his embrace as she looked at him completely serious about the issue.

Billy moved back slightly and looked at her curiously. “Wait…you don’t want your best friend OR the father to know?” he said very confused. “I know I’m presuming he is but I know you…it wouldn’t be anyone else. I know it’s hard but don’t you think Michael has the right to know. And if Liz is the friend you say she is, why wouldn’t you want to tell her?” he asked.

"I don't want Michael to feel like he has to marry me just because we're having a baby or as though I'm... I just don't want the baby to be a factor in anything he does... And with Liz... she's got so much going on that I don't think her knowing about my being pregnant would be a good idea." Maria replied and then looked at him, "Can we talk about this on the way? I don't want to talk about this here..."

Billy nodded. “Yeah of course….” He went round, got in the car and strapped himself in. He then looked back at Maria and when she was in too said, “I’m sorry Maria but…whatever Liz has got going on it can’t be bigger than breaking up with a guy that got you pregnant surely?” he asked. “And maybe the baby might be the thing to get this jerk to realise he should marry you. Although I think you deserve way better.”

Maria barely managed to get the key in the ignition once she was in and buckled, her hands were shaking so much. Still, once the car was started she began driving before she replied, "Liz has asked her husband for a divorce, she's gone into a depression, she doesn't need anything more on her plate. As to Michael, I don't want him to marry me just because of the baby and I know that would be his only reason. No matter how much I want my baby to have a real family, I want to know that when I get married it's to someone that wants me for me and now... now I know that whoever it is will need to be willing to accept this child."

She paused as she heard her own voice break, "All I ever wanted was a family of my own. I didn't want to be a single mother like mine, even though I know mom did the best she could.”

Billy nodded. “Well, until he comes around or someone else comes into your life, you know I’m here for you and the baby. I always will be. And I’m sure in a few weeks, Liz will be too,” he said with a smile. “So don’t you worry your pretty head… your baby is very, very lucky to have you as a mother.”

Maria sighed, a slight smile on her lips as she replied, "Thanks..." She really didn't know what else to say so instead, she reached over and turned on the disc player in her car and waited as her music filled the air. "Here's some of the music I've done lately." She told Billy with a smile.

Billy smiled as the music filled the air. He grinned as he listened to the wonderful sound and her beautiful voice. He sat in perfect silence as he listened so very carefully to her music. He looked at her and smiled as the music continued. He leant back as he listened and shut his eyes, thinking only of Maria…. Her music… her soul… her body…

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Thanks guys for all the positive feedback! :D

Chapter 4

The house stood quiet. Hardly anything had been touched in the three weeks since Liz had left. Only Max ever entered in or out. Except today. Today, someone else rummaged through bags in the bathroom.

“Where is it!” Liz muttered to herself. Even though she knew it was technically her house too and although she knew she was alone and quite safe, she still kept as quiet as she could. Liz was sure Max would be in for some hours yet. She rummaged through her make up and jewellery desperately. She wanted out of this house as soon as she could. She wouldn’t have come back if it wasn’t something important and dear to her… and the only thing Liz would have come back for was her mothers broach. It was the only real thing she had of her mother, after she had died in childbirth.

Finally Liz’s hand touched it and she quickly pulled it out with a sigh. She turned to the bathroom door to leave.

When Max arrived home, he did what he always did, entered quietly because he had no one to announce his presence to anymore. His heart still ached as it always did when he stepped inside.

He'd told his secretary that he was going to take the rest of the day to work from home and gave her the day off. He knew his work was suffering but he couldn't shake things off. Climbing the stairs to his room, he reached the bedroom and began stripping to shower and change into something more comfortable. Working from home meant he didn't have to wear a suit and tie, which he had no intent of doing.

Once he was just in his boxers, he walked toward the bathroom that was connected to his room and stopped short seeing Liz there rummaging through things. Was he imagining this? Was she really there? He'd been trying to see her for days, learning that she'd lost her job when he'd gone the day after she'd run out of Rusty's he'd become worried. Was it his fault? "Liz." He couldn't keep from looking at her like a starving man, just starving from not being able to touch her, hold her or see her. He stepped forward into the doorway as he looked at her.

As Liz turned to leave, she froze. The first thing she saw was his chest. She looked up and saw Max’s piercing eyes. She swallowed hard as dropped her gaze, realising that he was standing in front of her in just boxers. She knew she had to get out as fast as she could. But she also had to explain why she had to just let herself in…didn’t she? She certainly didn’t want him to think that she was here to… get back together.

“Max I…. I’m just here to get my mother’s broach…..” Liz said nervously. Her body shaked slightly. Yet she didn’t move. Her feet wouldn’t let her. It was almost as if her body wanted to torture her. Or maybe she did. Maybe she thought she deserved for Max to torture her. Either way, she found herself just standing there, shaking. She swallowed and murmured, “I…I found it…” she murmured, “I’ll…I’ll just be going now…” she said as she made a small step towards the door.

Max caught her, hands going instantly to her shoulders as he spoke, "I don't want you to leave, Liz." The emotion in his voice spoke volumes and before he could even let her respond or reject him, he found himself pulling her against him as his mouth covered hers, his kiss hungry and passionate. All he could think about was how much he needed her in his life and how much he wanted her.

Liz was shaking badly in his arms. Her mind screamed for her to leave; to get far, far away from him. But she couldn’t. Something held her back. “Max….max please I have to…” she murmured into his lips as he kissed her. But his kiss was so explosive…so insistent… so familiar. Liz loved Max but… she knew she had to go… except she couldn’t. “Max…” she whispered before finding herself kissing back. She didn’t kiss him with anywhere near as much passion as he showed her. But she kissed him back none the less.

Max groaned against her lips, feeling hope fill him when she responded to his kiss. His arms wrapped around her, drawing her closer against his body, wanting to be that much closer. Drawing back from the kiss slightly, he spoke heatedly, "I need you, Liz. Stay with me Liz, even if it's only for a little while. Let me make love to you."

Max waited for her reply, his lips trailing over her collarbone, nibbling lightly. "I've missed you."

Liz gasped as his lips touched her skin and she moaned, “Max…” Her body was crying for his whilst her mind screamed at her to leave the house NOW. But her body was not obeying the voices in her head. “Max….” she whispered as her hands moved to his hair and threaded within it. Part of her told herself this might be the last time they touched…kissed…. Another part said that she would always be in an eternal struggle of having this but never having true happiness. And the rest of her thought she was a fool. But still she couldn’t move away. And since she couldn’t do that her body moved as close to Max’s as it could. She hooked one leg around his as one of her hands left his hair to touch his chin, bringing his lips back to hers.

Max groaned as he felt her hands in his hair, felt her leg wrap around him. He’d needed her, dreamed of this and there was no way he wanted her to regret it. When she drew his face back towards her, his tongue darted out to flick over her lips before delving into her mouth, exploring her hotly. His hands, slid to the bottom of her shirt and underneath, sliding his palms along her back until he reached her bra which he slowly unhooked.

With her pressed so close, his body was going crazy.

Liz moaned as she felt his hands on the skin of her back. Liz swallowed before pulling away slightly and looking him in the eyes. “Faster Max…” She grabbed his boxers and quickly pulled them down his legs, leaving them to trail at his ankles. Quickly she pulled her t-shirt over her head, and quickly removed the bra that was already undone. She grabbed his hands and moved them to her pants. Liz then began her attack on his neck. She knew the quicker she drove him crazy, the quicker this would go.

The rush Liz showed, the need, caused Max to groan, more then willing to move faster. When she placed his hands on her pants, he didn’t hesitate in undoing them and sliding them down her waist, legs and then reached up to have her underpants follow the same process before he straightened and lifted her in his arms, carrying her to their bed.

Laying her down gently, he positioned himself above her and let his hands roam lightly over her body, caressing her breasts and moving lower to tease her clit. With one swift move, he filled her, groaning at the sensation of being part of her again. His lips captured hers while his finger continued to tease her clit.

Liz groaned as he entered her, her body feeling whole. But she could feel tears welling in her eyes. She leaned up slightly and put her head over Max’s shoulder, so he couldn’t see her tears as she moaned. She kissed his shoulder and murmered, “Please Max… faster…” She felt so many emotions that she had no words to describe how she was feeling. Her body and heart wanted Max. But her mind and heart also drew back. She felt excited, happy, filled… and yet also scared, hurt and empty. And she couldn’t help but wonder if this would be the last time Max ever touched her.

In the past, Max had always worried that he would hurt her, always worried that if he gave her everything she'd end up hurt. However, at this moment with the hope in his mind that just maybe he wouldn't lose her now, he wasn't going to hold back.

At her words, he complied, sliding in and out of her folds rapidly, feeling the pleasure building as his finger continued the assault on her clit. His lips turned into her neck and he nibbled the flesh there, wanting to taste her. He wanted to prolong her pleasure as much as he wanted his to hold back but he wasn't going to hold back from her. "Liz." He murmured in her ear, "I love you."

Liz gasped. The tremors that he was causing throughout her body were driving her wild. But the confusion that was plaguing her mind caused her to gasp when Max said he loved her. She knew he did. She knew he did with every fibre of her being… yet the surprise of him saying those words now when he was rocking her entire world. “Oh Max…” she moaned as he rubbed her. “I love you too…” she said as her tears spilled down her face. She tried to use a hand to wipe them away so they didn’t get on Max’s shirt. Her whole world was being rocked. And right now nothing in the world made sense. This felt so right and yet…

Hearing Liz returning those words caused Max to smile as the hope burned even brighter. How could she say she loved him and leave him again now? She wouldn't. He was sure of it.

With a groan of pleasure, he hastened his thrusts, his fingers matching the speed and let his lips kiss her neck, nibbling even as he felt himself rising towards his climax. He loved her, he wasn't holding back anything anymore.

Liz moaned as she felt him fasten within. Worries and fears filled her head, adding to the confusion in her mind. But Liz’s body was crying for its release. She needed to reach her peak. “Oh God Max…” she groaned as she reached her climax. “MAX!” she cried out as she came, her walls tightening around Max.

Max couldn't stop the sound of pleasure that escaped his lips as he felt her tightening around his length. His own climax was building and at the sensation of her walls pulsating around him, he gave a final thrust deeply inside of her and felt his release slip freely within Liz. "Liz, my wife. My soul." He murmured as he felt a connection unlike what he'd felt that first day when he'd showed her what he did. This time, he felt as though something else was built between them, but yet there were no flashes on his side and he didn't know if she was having any at the moment either. He didn't understand it, as he rolled onto his side and drew her against him. "I love you so much. I'll help you bring your stuff back here tonight."

When Liz went over the edge she felt on top of the world for about five seconds. But as soon as that was over the guilt washed over her like the cloud that had washed over her one month into her marriage. Max kept showing her flashes of their life together. Their wedding, their honeymoon, their first kiss... Liz couldn’t think straight. “Oh god…” she muttered as she tried to move as far away as she could from Max. But his arms were around her. She managed to wriggle out from under them. As she tried to remain covered whilst backing away, she fell off the bed, bringing the blankets with her. “Ow!” she muttered as she banged her leg on the table. A bruise immediately started forming inches away from a deep cut that had not been made so accidentally.

Liz quickly looked down as fast as she could, knowing that up on the bed was a very naked Max. Her body was shaking so badly that as she tried to stand up she found that she couldn’t. She slowly moved across the floor and tried to pull on her clothes without uncovering her naked form. “I…I’m sorry…”

Max was confused, greatly confused as he quickly moved to attempt to aid Liz, "What's wrong, Liz?" He didn't make any attempt to cover his nakedness as he scooted off the bed and kneeled beside her, reaching his hands out, wanting to help her. "Why are you saying sorry?" He knew he'd heard her say she loved him, so what was the problem? He really didn't know what to think or how to feel. All he knew was that he wanted to make everything good again. He wanted to wipe away all the hurt he'd somehow caused.

Liz edged away from him as she tried to remain covered. “Max this…” she said as she finally pulled on her panties and tried to put on her bra with one hand; the other was holding the blanket to hide her. “Max this doesn’t change anything,” she said quietly as finally managed to get her bra on. She tried to shuffle away, so she could grab her t-shirt. But one end of the blanket was underneath Max’s knee. She tried tugging the blanket as she kept her head down, but it wouldn’t budge.

"What do you mean it doesn't change anything? You said you love me... If you love me why won't you give us another chance? Why won't you stay with me?" Max asked, his confusion building and his heart aching. Why wouldn't she just stay? If she didn't want to be with him, why did she just let this happen and why did she say she loved him?

Without thinking about it, he moved quickly until his hands grasped her shoulders and he gave a little shake, not wanting to hurt her but wanting to get her attention. "Answer me this Liz, when did you decide our marriage, our love wasn't worth fighting for, because I'm not giving up."

Liz gave a little sob as tears filled her eyes. She forced them back as she whimpered, “Max… I do love you I just… sometimes that’s not enough.” Liz shut her eyes tight; hoping that would make this whole situation would just go away. “Please… let go of me…” she whispered. “You…you have to let me go Max…” she added, this time not meaning in the sense he was holding her shoulders. Her body shook hard as she tried to reach her t-shirt.

Max shook his head as he replied, "I'm not letting you go without a fight, Liz. I love you, I don't know what I did to screw things up and make you want to leave, but I'm going to prove that we're worth another chance." He released her shoulders and stood, backing up and simply looked at her. "I don't care how long it takes Liz, I'll show you that I do love you."

Seizing her chance, Liz quickly scampered across the floor and grabbed her shirt, quickly putting it over her head. She then grabbed her trousers like her depended on it. She was like a frightened rabbit. She wanted to run out of the room but she knew she had to find a way to get Max to give up. “Max, we’re over. We had our shot.” Liz swallowed as she forced herself to look up into his eyes. She had to be strong. She had to show she was serious; Even if it hurt her so much. “Please, if you truly loved me you’ll let me go,” she said quietly.

"Liz, I can't just accept that after everything we've meant to each other for so many years we are over just like that. You can't use love as a way of escaping because I do love you, but I'm not just going to give up." The pain he felt was blatantly revealed in his gaze as he looked at her, "You still haven't told me anything that makes me feel that we can't have another chance." He reached a hand out, cupping her chin to make certain she didn't take her gaze away. "Tell me you don't love me, tell me and mean it, and I'll let you go."

Liz held back a gasp as she heard him say those words. She had never been able to lie to him. But she didn’t know how she would be able to live with him coming for her all the time. She swallowed as she looked deep into his eyes and said, “I love you Max…” Quickly before he could try and kiss her again she quickly grabbed his hand to remove it from her chin. “But we’re too different.” She stood up slowly, her legs not allowing her to go any faster. She walked towards the door and stopped. “We’re not meant to be Max… please…just accept it.” She swallowed before running as fast as she could out of the house. It was only when she was three blocks away that she realised she had left the broach in Max’s bedroom… where she had dropped it when they had started to…

Liz ran as fast as she could back to Maria’s. As soon as she was inside and had shut her bedroom door behind her with a slam she couldn’t hold the tears back anymore. She half jumped, half collapsed on to her bed and burst into noisy sobs.

Maria made her way back to the house, Billy was supposed to meet her later after he'd finished his shopping or something and Maria needed to pick up a few things and change.

Heading toward her room, she heard the unmistakable sound of sobbing coming from Liz's room. Without knocking or thinking about it, she went right in and ran over to the bed, sitting down and drawing her friend into an embrace wanting to offer some comfort. "Liz, it's alright, Chica. I'm here... let it all out." She said simply, softly, wanting to know what had happened but not intending to ask until she felt the timing was right.

Liz sobbed hard into her Maria’s shoulder, wishing she could block the memory of the last few hours forever. Her mind kept replaying the amazing feeling of him being in her… and then having the guilt… and worse yet, seeing the pain in Max’s eyes. “Oh Maria…” she sobbed.

After ten minutes she forced herself to stop crying. There was no point in it. It wouldn’t make her feel better. Nothing would. “Thanks Maria” she murmured as she moved away and sat at the window. She stared outside having no idea what to do or say.

"Liz, why won't you talk to me?" Maria asked, she'd been dancing around for weeks, trying to figure out why Liz wouldn't confide in her. It hurt being forced to watch her best friend waste away in silence.

Liz swallow before answering quietly, “Because I don’t have anything to say.” She stared out of the window some more before adding, “How’s Michael?” Unknown to Maria, when Liz had left the shower room she had heard Maria telling Sean about Michael. And Liz was hurt. Very hurt. But if Maria wasn’t going to tell her, she would pretend she didn’t know.

The first time since she'd broken up with Michael, Liz was actually asking about him. Somehow she wondered if it was a way to change the subject but Maria had felt guilt building in her for so long. "How would I know? We've been over for weeks." Maria tried her best to sound as though it didn't bother her, but she still couldn't get over wanting Michael back.

Liz swallowed before saying, “And you didn’t tell me about it ‘several weeks’ ago?” She put her head against the wall and closed her eyes. She could tell Maria cared about it more than she let on. But clearly she didn’t want to talk about it as much as she didn’t want to talk about…Max.

"Well, it's not like you've been opening up to me, Liz. I'm supposed to be your best friend but half the time I wonder if you even know I'm here. When Michael... when I broke up with him, I didn't want you to have anything added to whatever you are going through. I just want my best friend back." Maria couldn't believe what she was saying, thoughts that had been building for weeks. "I want you to actively be living and not some shell. I miss you."

Liz looked at her slowly. “I am living as best I can for someone who gave there dream job up for a man that she’s divorcing and then he came to her work and got her fired from her lowly job as a waitress, whilst her best friend is hanging out with a guy called Billy who I have seen around the house and he gives me these pitying looks but doesn’t actually talk to me. You tell me Maria, how else am I meant to live right now?!”

Liz swallowed as she realised how bitter and angry she was sounding. She shut her eyes and took a deep breath in and out before saying, “I am doing the best I can Maria. But whatever I’m going through doesn’t mean you can’t talk to me about your life.”

Maria shook her head, looking at Liz, "You seem to think that Billy pities you when he doesn't, Liz. He sees you and worries that you are falling into self-pity. He'd talk to you, but he worries that something happened between you and Max that might make you ill receptive towards any other man even if it's one that just wants to be a friend." Maria explained as she looked at her best friend.

“I am not falling into self-pity Maria.” Liz told her firmly. She looked out the window once more and said, “And I’m not going to be ill receptive to men.” Liz fell silent as she stared outside, wishing she could just disappear.

"Why won't you talk about anything, Liz? There was a time when you told me everything; that you came to me with anything. Now, I walk on eggshells, hoping that I don't say anything to upset you. I don't know what's going on with you, but it's like you don't trust me or need me, hell even want me."

Liz’s head snapped towards her. “Maria, of course I want you. You’re my best friend. But what do you want me to do. I am trying my best. What is it you want from me Maria? I have no job, I have lost the only guy I have ever loved… tell me Maria, how do you think I should react. I do trust you Maria, I just…don’t want to talk about it,”

Maria's eyes filled with tears as she looked at her best friend, "You hated working at Rusty's. You still love Max and he obviously loves you. Do you realize how many times he has stood outside and looked like he was trying to get the courage to knock?" She shook her head, "I called Billy and asked him to come because I needed someone to talk to that doesn't hide from me or themselves. You... you hold it in, whatever it is, I see you slowly destroying yourself by closing in on yourself and it is killing me because I want to be able to help you. I don't know what I can do to really help you through this. I've tried silence. I've tried letting you alone."

“I’m not.” Liz said quickly. “I am trying okay Maria… I am trying! If you don’t know how to help me then let me try my way. I’m doing my best Maria. It’s not as if my dream job is going to let me back in after they offered it to me and I said no because of…of Max. Rusty’s was all I had. Sure, it wasn’t great. But it was a job. I am not destroying myself.” She swallowed and added, “Regarding Max…. sometimes love isn’t enough.” She said echoing what she had said with Max earlier. She looked out the window. “I’ll be fine Maria.”

Maria stood, realizing that she wasn't getting anywhere and shook her head as she moved toward the door. "I sure as hell hope so Liz, because when I get married, I will want you at my side. One day I'd like to know just what I should be wary of with marriage when you never let on that there were troubles." Without another word, Maria walked out and went on to her room to change and get what she needed so she could meet Billy for dinner.

Liz waited until she had heard Maria shut the door of her room before going to the bathroom and locking the door. She stripped quickly before getting in the shower and turning the water up high and very hot. But today she couldn’t cry. She had run out of tears for today. The very hot water, although making her skin very red, didn’t make her feel better.

So she got out the shower and looked at herself in the mirror. How could Max have ever loved her? She was a mousy, boring brunette. Grabbing her towel, she wrapped herself in it before heading to the kitchen. She turned the tap on and got herself a glass of water. As she was done, she quickly grabbed a knife and headed back to her room. When she was alone, she checked no one could see her before quickly making a long, diagonal cut on her upper right arm. Immediately she felt a rush of relief as she felt the soothing pain. She smiled to herself as she put a small bandage on her arm so it didn’t cause any blood to go anywhere before lying back on her bed, and trying, but not succeeding, to sleep.

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Thank you all for waiting patiently and we hope you enjoy!

Chapter 5

Maria finished paying for the pizza and carried it back into the studio where she'd been spending a great deal of time with Billy since he'd come in a couple of weeks ago. "Okay, so we agree that the pop thing they want me to add has to go. Now, I need you to help me find a beat that really works. I've had far too many ideas for this song but I don't know which one would be best. Besides, since the song is about you, it only fits that you should help me with the music."

Maria laughed as she sat down beside Billy and hit play again for the song she'd written about a friend that inspired someone to become more then they dreamed of being, after having lost the will or drive due to life.

Billy looked at her and grinned. He leaned back as he listened to the song. Once it was finished he clapped and cheered. “I like... but I can’t pick a beat. Not unless you want me to ruin it. Besides if it is ‘inspired’ by me, then I shouldn’t be actually doing any of the music now should I. So I’ll tell you what…I’ll sit here and watch you, aka the genius at work.” He grinned as he leaned as far back in the chair as he could…which resulted in him subsequently falling off the chair. Laughing, Billy got up again and said with a grin, “I’m waiting…”

Maria laughed as he fell off the chair and smiled, reaching for the knobs. "Come on, Billy. I can't decide whether the beat would best be done in a soft lull, chorus becoming faster, and then back to a soft verse. Or, if it would be better for the verses to be quick, the chorus soft and slow." She sat down, turning her chair to face him as she took out a piece of pizza, trying not to get any sauce on her shirt or for that matter on her chin.

Billy looked at her, “Seriously, I think the beat is something only the composer can decide.” He smiled at her as he quickly took a slice of pizza and began to munch on it. When he had finished his mouthful, he said, “You know, you didn’t have to write this about me. I’m flattered but… I just,” he stopped and looked at her and said, “You know what…I’m just gonna leave it as a thank you, your very sweet.” He leant in and kisses her cheek gently.

Maria swallowed her bite as she listened to him and grinned, when he leaned over to kiss her cheek, she found herself holding her breath as she looked at him. "Billy, I always wrote what I felt and you did inspire me to return to the dreams I'd had when we first met. I'd lost track of them when I first got involved with Michael. You being here has been good for me just like it is every time... even if I wasn't exactly nice that first time you visited Roswell and met Michael." Thinking about that time, she was reminded of the kiss they'd shared and the confusion she'd faced at that time.

Billy smiled, “Oh yes…. That was certainly…interesting.” He smiled, “You have no idea how jealous I was of him…” But then he decided that she probably did, as he had kissed her. He had been replaying that moment in his mind ever since it had happened. And he certainly didn’t regret it. He smiled at her, knowing that she was thinking about the kiss too, even if she was thinking about it in a very different light. “Michael WAS a lucky guy… I don’t know how that guy ever did any work if your kisses were as the good as that one.”

Maria laughed even as she was pleased by the compliment, "I don't know that my kiss is all that great." She commented and looked at him, suddenly wondering whether she would be a fool if she... "There's no Michael now, Billy."

Billy looked at her for a moment. Was she suggesting? Well Billy certainly wasn’t going to let the opportunity to be wasted even if it turned out later she didn’t mean it like that. Before she could stop him, he leant in very quickly and pressed his lips on to hers.

Maria couldn't believe she'd made such a suggestion and when his lips touched hers, she sighed, lifting a hand to rest behind his neck as she responded to the kiss. Just like before there was a passion and tenderness in his kiss that helped the confusion build.

Why should she let Michael come between her chances at happiness? Maybe the emotions weren't the same, but she did care a great deal about Billy and she knew he cared about her. She knew he'd be good to her...

Drawing back from the kiss for only a moment, she smiled and looked at him before moving back in and kissing him.

Billy couldn’t help but be amazed. She had kissed back. Finally she was noticing him. He had certainly always noticed her, with that gorgeous ass and legs… He kissed back passionately, hoping that if he tried to show her the real emotion of the kiss that she wouldn’t freak out like she had the last time. When breathing was difficult, he moved away and looked at her. He swallowed before saying, “Told you they were great…in fact that was fucking brilliant!”

Maria smiled and looked at him, "Takes two to make it as great as it was, Billy." She turned to look at the panel and began turning the mixer before playing the song again, this time adding in different music for the background. Then she turned back to look at him, "Of course, if you kiss me like that too often, then I may not get any work done." Billy was no Michael, but she knew that with time she could be really happy with him.

Billy immediately started grinning. Too often.- as in she would like him to do it again. “Miss Maria DeLuca, would you like to go on a date with me this evening?” he said hopefully. “Because I personally don’t think there could be a ‘too often’ with a kiss like that.”

Maria smiled and despite the fact that she had a bit of nerves, she nodded, "I would love to go on a date with you, Billy." Inwardly, she hoped that she was doing the right thing. She cared about him, she really did, but she was also concerned that she might end up hurting him or their friendship. "So, any thoughts as to where we're going? Or at least, what form of dress is needed so I can plan accordingly." She asked with a grin.

Billy looked at her and grinned. “Ok well…” he said thinking. “Well… I was thinking that we would do something completely unlike me. So, how about you dress formal and we’ll leave at 7.” He grinned before moving in and kissing her once more. He kissed her only for a moment before saying, “Sorry…. your lips are too irresistible.” With that, Billy started leaving a trail of kisses on her neck. “Oh no wait… everything about you is irresistible.”

Maria laughed softly after he'd mentioned her lips but when his lips trailed over her neck she stopped laughing with a pleased sigh before she replied, "Seven it is and formal I can do." She reached out to take his hand in hers with a smile, "Now, I should really get back to work, but there is no way I'm letting you out of my sight right now. So, that just means you need to come into the recording booth with me." She stood up, moving around him slowly as she continued, "Besides, there's still one song you haven't heard that I wrote recently."

“Oh?” he asked. “What’s that about?” He got up, followed her into the booth, and leaned against the wall. As he watched her he had this nagging feeling that there was something that he wanted to tell her. He had this feeling for a week now. And then it hit him. He couldn’t believe he had forgotten! He swallowed before saying, “Uh Maria… there’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you um…it’s about Liz.”

Maria was setting up, preparing the mic for the recording when she heard Billy, deciding not to tell him what the song was about simply because watching his expression while she recorded it would be better. "What is it, Billy? Did she say something to you?" She wondered if maybe Liz had finally spoken to Billy herself when she wasn't home or something.

Billy snorted. “Hardly…” He swallowed before saying, “It’s just that I um… Maria I… a week ago I saw her going to her room… with a glass of water…. And a knife.” He quickly rushed on adding, “She didn’t have anything to cut with her though and I… I guess I thought I should tell you.” He looked at her having no idea what she was going to say.

Maria was silent a moment before she shrugged, "She might have forgotten where I had the scissors, and needed to cut something that was already in her room. Like maybe jeans or something. We've done that before." She was silent a moment, "I'm sure it's nothing," then she smiled as she stepped over to him, "But thank you for being so concerned, even if you two haven't spoken." She leaned up pressing her lips to his briefly. "It's really sweet." Before she could get more distracted she moved to set up the rest of the equipment, "Oh, before I forget... I have to make a video for this new song... I'd like you to be in it." She said this without looking at him, setting the keyboard up and getting the music ready that had already been recorded.

Billy looked like he was a deer in headlights. “In… in a video? Maria I compose songs, I don’t star in videos. You’re the one who’s got the whole package. I mean, you have the talent and you look amazing gorgeous. I can’t star in a video! I’ll fall over or something!” He still felt a bit weird about the whole Liz thing. But if Maria said she was okay, he was sure he was right.

Maria laughed and turned to look at him, motioning the chair beside where she stood. "How about I show you some of the things that are going to be in the video before you start freaking out? Then you can decide if you want to be in it or have me find someone else." She smiles, having a feeling that once he realizes how the video is meant to be, he'll be in it.

Billy still looked very unsure. But he was also sure a lot of her brain was on idiot Michael right now, and he wanted her all to himself. So he would do anything she wanted to show her that she could have a great guy… aka him. “Sure…why not,” he said with a smile. “My rates our very reasonable…speaking of I believe you still owe me for me coming out here and spending time with you… now if you give me one moment I’ll work out your current outstanding fee….” He grinned as he pretended to count on his fingers. “Ah yes I believe you owe me…one brilliant, Maria style kiss.”

Maria laughed, "Well, if you sit right here in this chair, I'll pay up." She grinned at him, feeling more relaxed then she had in a long time. They shared so many things in common that she had always been amazed and of course there had been that crush, but now it was different. She was carrying someone else's baby. That was one of the reasons she was determined to get as many video's done as she could now, before she started losing her figure.

She forced her mind onto the music and began playing it a moment, swaying her hips in time with it while she waited for Billy to sit down so she could show him a few things and give him that kiss.

Billy quickly moved to the chair watching Maria move enticingly. Man, he just loved her ass. It was just so… since he had first met her, the only ass he’d really wanted was hers. It was the amazing ass. He smiled as he said, “Ok…I am sitting…”

Maria smiled at Billy and placed her hands on his shoulder, straddling his legs as she pressed her lips against his, kissing him deeply for several long moments before she drew back and simply looked at him with a smile. "Now, what I'd need you to do in this video is..." She reached for his hands and placed them on her sides, "During certain parts, I'd be sitting just like this, you'd run your hands along my sides as I..." She placed her hands around his neck and dipped backward, her hands sliding down his neck and chest as she slowly straightened on his lap and looked at him, "See, I'd rather have someone I trust doing these scene's with me then hiring someone else to do them with me."

Billy swallowed hard and murmured huskily, “I see… yeah that makes sense…” Billy was finding it very hard not to continue rubbing her sides. But he knew when he was pushing his luck. “Well I uh… guess I can do that,” he said with a smile. He gave her a quick, light kiss and smiled. “So lets hear this masterpiece of a song of yours,” he beamed at her.

Maria laughed as she stood and turned to start the music over, putting the headset mic on and moving to stand in front of Billy as the song began. The lyrics were racy, far more seductive then anything Maria had ever written before but she'd been watching a movie that made her think. As she sang, she danced in front of Billy, letting the music flow through her and the attitude of the tone infuse her movements. She sang and danced around Billy's chair, at times running her fingers over his arm or back or chest.

Billy watched her every seductive movement of her body. He tried desperately to think of things that were very un sexy, but unfortunately even trying to think of his deceased grandmother dancing like this was not helping. The reason? He couldn’t conjure any image into his head right now. He was far too bewitched. Which was he found himself standing to attention, whilst sitting there watching her.

Michael watched the football as the best touchdown of the match filled his tv screen. But Michael didn’t cheer. No, Michael was in fact, wallowing.

He’d been doing that a lot lately. The fact is….Michael had always been a loner. Ever since he was found by Hank and driven away from Roswell to Las Crusis and then dumped at that orphanage. He’d bounced around for years, going from one house to the next until he was seventeen. And then finally he had managed to get himself emancipated by finding himself his first two and actually still his current two jobs; working at the video store during the day and then security guard by night.

Michal had always been alone. Sure he’d had girlfriends but… they never lasted long. Except his ex-ex-girlfriend who lasted about three months. And of course Maria…

Now that was truly why he was wallowing. He hated to admit it but… he missed her. Michael wasn’t accustomed to missing anyone. Why would he, he’d never even had a real friend… and he had certainly never told anyone about his alien status until she came along.

Maybe he should go talk to her. He thought there was a very small, slight chance she could have changed her mind…maybe…. possibly….

With that he got himself off the couch and walked straight out the door, without even worrying about turning the TV off.

Max had spent the last hour pacing around Maria's house, wanting even more now to go to the door and talk to someone, anyone that was in that house. Whether it was Maria, the guy he'd seen or Liz, he just wanted to know Liz was alright. He wanted to talk to her, he didn't want to give her up. While he paced, he was quietly rehearsing something to say. "Liz, I love you... I need you, please tell me what makes you want to run from me..." He sighed and shook his head.

Should he give up? He worried that the neighbors would eventually consider him a stalker. He looked down at the ring on his hand and then lifted the chain around his neck.

Michael sighed as he arrived the house feeling like a right idiot. What on earth was he doing here? It wasn’t like he REALLY cared about her…right? That was the moment he saw another guy standing outside the house. He vaguely recognized him but…

Then it hit him. What if he was one of Maria’s friends who had heard she was single and was gonna hit on her! Oh no… no he had to save her. She wouldn’t want some… dude hitting on her. Right? Without thinking Michael quickly went up to him and tapped him on the shoulder. “I’m sorry your too late…she’s found someone else.”

Max turned around as he felt someone tap him on the shoulder and looked at the guy, recalling having seen him somewhere before, but his words caused Max to fill with rage and he couldn't stop himself from swinging his fist, "You better stay away from my wife." He said as his fist connected with the man's abdomen. When had Liz found someone else? Why hadn't she just told him that? Why hadn't Maria? He pulled back his fist, intending to hit the guy again.

“OOF!” Michael yelled as his fist connected. Now that REALLY hurt! He started thinking. He said wife… Wife? It was then the pieces connected. “WAIT!” Michael yelled putting up his hands. “I’m not interested in Liz!” He said quickly. “Michael – Maria’s ex!” It was then he realized how much noise they were making. “Quick…let’s hide!” And with that Michael pegged it behind the bushes.

Max barely stopped the second fist at this guys words. He was Maria's ex, so he must have thought that Max was looking for Maria... Following Michael behind the bushes he took a moment to digest things and then looked at the man, "Max, sorry about the fist... but..." He paused and looked at Michael, "You want Maria back, the way I want Liz back right?" Max sighed as he looked toward the house, picturing himself going bursting through the door and halls, finding Liz and abducting her, holding her until she admitted what was going on. At least knowing that this Michael guy had made a mistaken issue he felt better. That meant that Liz hadn't found anyone.

“Oh… you guys broke up too?” Michael swallowed and looked at the house. “Actually I… I don’t know why I’m here. I mean…. I miss her but…” Michael snorts. “She says she wants to get married and I don’t. And therefore we broke up.” Michael said with a shrug. “I was just… coming to see if she had… I dunno… changed her mind?” He looked at Max. “So what happened with you and Liz?”

Max sighed and shook his head, "I don't know. I came home one day and she said she wanted a divorce. I just don't understand why." He shrugged uncertain of what to add if anything and then said, "I'm just not going to give up. I love her and she says she still loves me..."

Michael looks at him, “Wow… that’s weird.” Michael looked at the house for a moment before saying, “Aren’t you happy though… to be out of marriage I mean? Don’t you…didn’t you find it stressful…being married to someone ALL the time?” he asked. “It sounds… clingy.”

Max shook his head, "I love her, I never found it stressful. It was nice coming home to Liz, knowing that she was with me and no one else. Knowing that my love was returned. I haven't given Liz the divorce yet because I don't want to be out of the marriage. I want to fix it."

He looked over at the house and then to Michael, "Michael, if you love Maria, what would you be willing to do to show her that?" Just then he heard laughter and turned to see Maria and that guy he'd seen around lately step out of the house.

Maria laughed and took the guy's hand before leaning up and kissing him. Max felt his eyes widen, knowing that Maria had really loved Michael and wondering what the girl was doing now. Then, he glanced at Michael, wondering just how the guy would react.

Michael stared at the pair as blood rushed to his face.


A rock sitting behind them exploded. Billy looked round at the noise but seeing nothing, shrugged it off and lead Maria to the taxi that had just pulled up. They got inside together and drove off. Meanwhile Michael was literally shaking in anger and… a mix of other emotions that even he couldn’t tell what they were. It was only after they had gone did he realize that the rock must have been him. Michael waited until they were out of sight before standing and shaking the bits of rock off him. At least there was no way anyone could tell that was him.

Max felt a strange energy a second before the rock behind them exploded and glanced at Michael. He knew he hadn't done it, but the look on Michael's face was something akin to what his expression probably would have been like. Not to mention he could tell that the kiss had really effected Michael. Standing, he looked the other guy over and noticed a small bit of blood on his arm. A piece of the rock must have nicked him. Without thinking about it, Max reached out, concentrated and healed Michael's wound. He knew it was a risk, what if he was wrong and that energy hadn't been from Michael?

Michael looked at his arm, completely and utterly stunned. He had just….didn’t he? He had used alien powers. He slowly looked up at Max. He was an alien. An alien like him. He swallowed and said quietly, “Roswell?” Michael prayed that he wasn’t some…evil alien. Not that he had ever encountered any other alien. But that left the odds as unpredictable.

Max nodded, "Yes, Roswell. I can't believe all this time... I think maybe we should go somewhere away from here to talk." He wondered if Michael had ever told Maria, like he'd told Liz. He wondered what else Michael could do, could hardly believe that he wasn't alone. "I'd always wondered if there were others that survived somehow..."

Michael still had an unreadable expression on his face. He was still feeling... feelings after Maria kissed that guy. But he also was feeling a swell of joy. He had found someone like him. Someone that he could share things with. He would no longer be alone.

But what if this guy was lying? There was no way to tell. And Michael had never been very good with his powers. He swallowed before saying, “Yeah… we should, and me too. “ He would just He swallowed as he said, “Uh… where?” He would have to be on guard. Who knew what this Max guy could do... and that could make him dangerous.

Max thought for a moment, "How about the park? It's not far from here and we can still have relative privacy to talk without either of us feeling as though we are in danger from the other. I'm certain we're both a bit worried about that." Even if Michael was like him, there was no guarantee that they were on the same side. Yet, neither of them had known about the other, obviously, but it still didn't hold much weight on the safe side if they weren't at least somewhere somewhat public.

Michael nodded. It seemed a reasonable plan. It was clear Max was one of those organized people. He wondered if that meant in the long run they might have some personality clashes. But right now Michael was too amazed that he wasn't alone anymore. "Let's go..."

Although Michael was thrilled he wasn’t alone, he was still reeling from seeing Maria. Maybe he didn’t mean as much to her as she said if she could just go on to someone else. He knew he had slept with that girl once but, although not be a excuse, he did only sleep with her; no real emotion involved. Where as that kissed looked… he swallowed and fought back his anger. He couldn’t blow up anything else. Trying to keep himself organized, he started walking down the street towards the park with Max.

Max walked in silence at first, not really certain where to begin or what to say. He was thinking that maybe he should call Izzy again and leave her a message that would make her drop her schedule long enough to call him and something of this sort would definitely do that. "What kind of family adopted you?" He decided to ask something more normal before really getting into the crux of things. They would have to build trust, he knew that, Michael didn't know him and had no reason to trust him.

Michael snorted at that question. ‘What kind of family?’ He cleared a lump in his throat as he kept walking. After a pause he said, “Actually… no family. Or not really.” He kept his eyes ahead of him. “Kinda had a little system going on actually… couple of years at the children’s home, and then a couple of months with a foster family before doing it all over again.” He shrugged, trying to show Max that the question didn’t bother him.

But Michael could tell that Max hadn’t had any adoption problems. As he had said, ‘What kind of family?’ Michael knew he had probably only been with one foster family his entire life. Not that he was jealous of course…. “What about you?”

Max felt his heart tug at knowing Michael hadn't had the family life he and Izzy had. "We were adopted by the same family that found us." He paused and turned to look at Michael, "Isabel, my sister, she's like we are yet not the same... I mean she can do things I can't. She's also less restrained about using some of her gifts." He sighed remembering the many arguments they had about her doing something in public. Even though what she was doing was simple, it had always been a risk that they'd be seen. I'll have to call her and see if she'll come visit so you can meet her too. She's always believed we weren't alone."

He really wondered what else to say from there but rather chose to simply say, "So, Michael... I'll answer any questions you want to ask." He felt that if he did that, it would show that he was giving trust a chance.

Michael didn’t really know what to say to that. In the last few minutes he ad found out Maria had moved on, that there was not one, but two other people like him… and then that they already had a proper family. If he was honest with himself… that had been what he was hoping from talking to Max… to have someone he could almost call a member of his family. But how could he get that now? He couldn’t… already he could feel the chasm of differences between them.

“Tell ya what… you seem good at the questions… how about you keep asking and then I can ask the same one back…. To be honest I… I’m still kinda reeling… I didn’t think anyone else was like me.” They finally reached the park. Michael walked a little bit inside before stopping and just looking around at everything except Max. He wasn’t sure where they were gonna go…Michael wasn’t really the park type, so he didn’t have a clue about his way around it.

Max nodded, looking around and simply heading towards a bench near a secluded area as he spoke, "Well, I noticed that you can blow things up rather easily, what else have you found yourself able to do?" He asked, figuring that would be one thing where they could get a better handle on things.

Michael followed him over and sat on the bench before shrugging. “To be honest… that and like… change objects.” He swallows and says, “I’m uh…not that good about it.” He bit his lip just knowing that Max was going to give a list of nice, cool powers that he could use. “And you?”

Max sighed as he sat down and replied, "I can't blow things up, but I can change things too, it's considered molecular manipulation. I can heal, but I'm not certain to what extent. Isabel seems to be able to walk through peoples dreams and manipulate electrical systems or something, we haven't quite figured out what to term that as of yet. For lack of a proper term, she makes cd's play without a player." He shrugged as he continued, "When we were young, we used to force ourselves to practice but the healing isn't exactly something I can easily practice without exposing us and we've always worried about alien hunters."

He smiled at Michael, "It's good to know there's someone else. Even having adoptive parents, Izzy and I never felt like we had our family. Not completely. Don't get me wrong, the Evans' are fantastic. They just don't know us, the real us."

Michael looked at Max, his heart soaring. He smiled slightly before saying, “Yeah well… I figured I shouldn’t practice after the kids called me a freak at my first adoption centre.” He shrugs. “Besides… if you think you’re the only one, its not like I have to practice.” His smiled widened as he said, “But yeah… its very cool.”

Michael looked away, starting to think things were getting to mushy for his liking. “So um… did you ever tell Liz about… you? Cos…well Maria sorta found out...” He snorted before saying, “Weird how two… ‘different’ peoples… well ex’s, are best friends huh?”

Max froze, if Maria knew, did that mean that she had shared with Liz? And he knew Liz knew about him, had she told Maria? "Yes, Liz knows. I loved her too much not to be honest with her before we really committed to each other. Not to mention, she saw me save someone else's life." He wanted to know now, he wanted to know if Maria and Liz had both known each other's secret. He wanted to know if Liz had known all this time that there was another hybrid out there and hadn't told him. "Yeah, it's strange. But, question is this Michael... do we both want our women back?"

Michael quickly looked the other way before snorting. “Want her back? Why…why would I want her back. She wants to get married…” He made a short, barking sort of laugh. “Lets just say I’m not the marriage type.” He swallowed before saying, “But I take it you want Liz back… I have to say, I didn’t see that coming… Maria always seemed to talk about you guys as if you were the perfect couple.”

Max looked down at the ground, "Yeah, I didn't see it coming either. I love Liz, I love listening to her laugh, seeing her smile, having her in my arms, listening to her talk. I miss everything and she wants me to give up on her but there's no way I will. I'm going to fight to get her back and if you miss Maria, I'd suggest the same to you."

Michael shrugged again, still looking the opposite way. “Well clearly she has a new guy in her life… and I’m not bothered. Why would I be? I don’t want to get married. Not a chance...” Deciding to completely push away and hide all his emotions, he looked towards Max and said, “So what was your plan when you were going to the house earlier? I’m guessing you had some idea what you were gonna do?”

Max shook his head and shrugged, "None. I had no idea, I've been going the last few days and standing there, trying to get the courage to knock on the door and say something. She hasn't spoken to me for a few days... I don't know what I've done wrong. She says she loves me too, but she doesn't think we can still be together."

Michael snorts, “Women…. They’re so messed up.” He swallowed and looked down at his watch. “Ooh the game is on soon… I should head off soon so I don’t miss the start…” He looked back at Max. “Have any other questions?” I ask.

Max shook his head, "Not right now." He reached into his pocket and removed his business card, writing on the back his address and personal numbers. "I'm going to get in touch with Isabel and hopefully she'll be around soon. Give me a call if you ever want to just hang out, talk... anything." Max said, leaving the way open for the future and really hoping that Michael would take him up on it.

Michael felt this swell of hope with-in him. He looked down for a moment to try and pull himself together and looking back at the first person he felt a connection to besides Maria. “That would be cool.” He took the card from Max and gave him a lopsided smile. “Uh…hang on…” Michael didn’t have any paper or a pen on him… he wasn’t the type to be prepared. So he instead took out his cell and added Max’s number. He then called it and almost immediately Max’s cell began to ring. He hang up and said, “And now you have mine.”

Max smiled and nodded, "Good." He lifted his cell and programmed the number in as he looked at Michael. "You're welcome anytime. If Izzy comes to visit, I'll have her bring some things we found when we were younger. Maybe you'll be able to make some sense out of them, we haven't been able to... we just know their from home..."

“There are… there are things?” Michael said astonished. He swallowed before saying, “Wow… guess I’m in the dark about a lot of things today huh…” He swallowed before saying, “Well I… I have to go…” he stood up and was about to walk away, but instead he stopped. He shut his eyes for a moment before forcing himself to turn around and say, “I’m… I’m free most of the time… and I can get off work whenever so… perhaps you could… give me a call when your free?” He swallowed and added, “Um… but you if you wanted, I dunno if you’d want to but uh, you could come and watch the game with me at mine if you want…” He looked down and continued, “Of course if you don’t trust me we could go watch it in a bar instead… if you want to see it at all of course.”

Max was amazed by how Michael was reacting, he somehow had the idea that this wasn't normal for him. He listened and then smiled as he reached out to clap a hand on Michael's shoulder, "Let's go watch the game, Michael. Your house, mine, the bar, wherever you are comfortable. I believe I can definitely trust you Michael. We're family."

Michael looked up slowly at Max. He blinked with amazement before a grin gradually filled his face. “Thanks Max…” He felt tears sting his eyes and quickly turned away to try and stop himself. He coughed before saying,” Great well… lets go to mine and we can order in pizza, although I should warn ya that according to my girlfr…ex-girlfriend I’m a bit of a slob.”

Max stood from the bench with a nod, "Pizza sounds great." He replied and turned to follow Michael as they left. "Well, women always have to have something to complain about." He was definitely looking forward to having someone else to hang out with. Maybe this would help some of his heartache over losing Liz; he would have someone else around, someone that was practically family.

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Chapter 6

Billy smirked to himself as he poured them both a glass of wine. He smiled as he looked over at Maria. She was so perfect. He’d always had had a crush on Maria. And she did have the finest ass he had ever seen. She was lying on her belly watching the TV, the perfect position for him to check it out. Admittedly, he had been checking out whenever he could on there dates. He thought things were going well… she was probably still thinking about that loser Michael, but that’s Michael’s loss and his gain. He smiled as he made sure the glasses were even before going over to her. “Here we are…” He grinned as he gave it to her before lying down on the bed beside her. “So, what are we watching?”

Maria was enjoying the relaxation that came with being home and since she and Billy often went out, normally not getting home until late, being in early was a nice change. While he was getting the wine, she settled in, the movie that she'd recorded on the DVR the other day was ready to go, but she didn't want to start without him.

As he came over to lie beside her on the bed, she took the offered glass of wine and smiled, "I thought it would be nice to watch an extremely funny yet serious film. I chose that movie with Vin Diesel, the Pacifier." She pressed play on the remote and sipped from her wine as she smiled at Billy.

Billy smiled at her, not really caring what she was going to put on. He was only trying to be polite. The fact was, he wasn’t planning on watching the movie, and with any luck, neither would she. He smiled and leant in close and murmured, “Sounds great…” He closed the small distance between them and gently kissed her lips. He moved back very slightly and gave a grin. “Hmm… I like the wine… it tastes very sweet on your lips… but then again I think that could just be you… can I check?” he said with a little wink.

Maria responded to the kiss, carefully holding her wine so it didn't spill. When he drew back she smiled at his words and shifted so she could set the glass down on the small table carefully before she responded, "How exactly do you propose to check?" She asked her tone teasing even as she turned toward him slightly and lifted a hand to trace his jaw.

Billy smirked as put his glass next to Maria’s before saying, “What about something like…” and with that he quickly wrapped his arms around her and kissed her, letting his tongue slowly caress hers. But Billy was hoping for a lot more. He would aim for sex, but he knew she would be thinking about HIM and he wanted her to be thinking about him when they did that… or at least be thinking about him a little bit. He murmured against her lips, “Still not sure… this needs careful examination.” He let his hands trail her sides as he continued kissing her.

Maria sighed against Billy's lips, she couldn't say she wasn't happy, because she was, but that didn't keep her from missing Michael, from dreaming about him. As Billy's hands trailed her sides, she let herself relax, returning the kiss, not wanting it to end because more thoughts came when she wasn't kissing him.

After a moment, she drew back breathless, laughing softly as she said, "Just how much more examination will this need?" She wanted to forget everything else so much at that moment, that she captured one of his hands in hers and boldly led his hand to her breast, something she had constantly stopped from happening before. He'd understood, extremely understanding... and she was grateful for that. She had no idea how much more she would allow, but she wanted to forget what she could, everything outside of her, Billy and her unborn child. Everything outside of her room.

A growl emitted from Billy’s throat as he felt her breast. He smiled and murmured, “However much you’ll let me gorgeous…” He gently brushed his thumb over her breast, wishing that she didn’t have a shirt on. “He leaned in again and gently left a trail of kisses down her neck. “If you want to stop and watch the movie I would understand…” he said, knowing it would sound caring but really didn’t want her to take him up on the offer.

Maria knew she could say no anytime and he'd stop, it was just the way that he was, but at that moment being touched felt far too good and she liked knowing he wanted her. It felt great to be wanted. "I'll tell you if I want to stop at anytime, Billy. Right now, I want you to touch me, need you to." She looked down at him sincerely

With that, Billy quickly used his free hand to tease her t-shirt up her body. He gently stroked her stomach before moving her shirt up further. With both hands he pulled it off her completely and tossed it on to the floor. “Hmm… even better than the fantasy…” Quickly he began kissing her just above her bra, whilst his hands stroked his now bare sides.

Maria moaned at the pleasure that filled her and closed her eyes as she arched her back, with a smile in her tone, she spoke softly, "And what sort of things have you done in your fantasies with me, Billy?" Her hands slid into his hair, welcoming him to do more, wanting him to do more.

Her eyes opened and she lifted her head enough to look down at him with a smile, she wanted to see his expressions.

Billy smirked, knowing that she was putty in his hands. “Oh I’ve fantasised about you in every situation beautiful…” He gently reached round her and unclipped her bra. He slid it off her and groaned as he saw the breasts he had longed for ever since he’d seen them. “Fucking hell you’re perfect...” Quickly he used his hands to gently massage her left breast, whilst kissing the other tenderly.

Maria moaned, arching into his touch, his mouth played havoc with her senses as she enjoyed the knowledge that he desired her, enjoyed knowing that he wanted her. Her breasts were more sensitive then she had expected them to be, but she should have remembered what she'd learned that pregnancy caused because these sensations were roaring through her, filling her with need. "Oh, Billy..." She gasped his name, her hands sliding over his shoulders, gripping his shirt, wanting so much more.

Billy switched his attentions on her breasts, giving each equal treatment. His mind was whirring away, wondering if perhaps he would get lucky tonight. She certainly seemed to want more… a lot more… He snaked his hand away from her breast and let it trail slowly down her body to her jeans. He teased down the zipper, “Hmm… you are too sexy to be true Maria De Luca…”

Maria had a small inkling when his hand travelled lower to stop him, but the pleasure of the moment pushed it away. His words, of course had their own effect and she couldn't help but like hearing them. "You say that now," she breathed, "But, soon I won't have this figure... then what?"

She shifted her body slightly so that she could reach down and take hold of the bottom of his shirt, wanting to touch him in return. As his hand slowly eased her zipper down, she moaned at just that slightest movement, her hips lifting as her body yearned for more.

Billy grinned more as he slowly left her chest and left a trail of kisses down her body. When he reached her jeans he lifted up his head and murmured, “Then I’ll think you’re a yummy mummy.” He slowly put his hands on her hips and eased her trousers down her, continuing to kiss the skin he revealed.

Maria gasped with how close Billy was to her core; his words caused joy to fill her because the one thing she feared was how she would be seen when she was heavy with child. "Billy... you're too good to be true..." She murmured as she sighed, her hips lifting to aid with the removal of her jeans. The jeans she wouldn't be able to wear much longer.

“You say that now…” he joked as he stripped her of her jeans and chucked them on the floor with her top. “Hm…one thing left….” He kissed her hips as he reached for her black silk thong. Gently he eased it down her and groaned as he saw her. “Mmm…” With that he gently put his head between his legs and gently brushed his finger over her clit.

Maria gasped in surprise and pleasure at the feel of his finger there, her hips lifting as her body pleaded for more. "Billy." She moaned his name, her hand delving into his hair, her blood felt as though it were on fire as she filled with an urgency she couldn't understand. Her legs spread wider, opening for him as she closed her eyes.

Encouraged by her moans, Billy trailed his fingers over her folds before delving within her, and slowly slipping them in and out of her. “Ooh yeah Maria… say my name…”

Maria moved her hips, lifting and rising in time with the movement of his fingers as she threw her head back, her breath growing quicker as she moaned Billy's name, feeling herself filling with pleasure, feeling herself nearing the peak of an orgasm, "Oh, Billy... feels... so... good." She gasped out as she dropped her hands to clutch at the blanket beneath her.

Feeling her walls tighten, Billy quickly removed his fingers and stuck his tongue within her depths, wanting to taste her. He licked her gently, his hands roaming her thighs as he continued his assault on her body. He removed his tongue for a moment to murmur, “Come for me baby…” before delving back within her.

Maria couldn't fight the pleasure flowing through her, she could feel herself convulsing around his fingers and then when his tongue replaced those fingers she cried out at the intensity. Her hands clenched the blanket even tighter as she cried his name at the same moment as she felt herself top that peak and fall over, her orgasm complete. Her breathing was sporadic as she spoke, "That's... some... tongue..." For an instant an image of someone else came to mind and she forced it away. He wouldn't ruin this moment for her.

Billy lapped up her juices greedily, licking her completely clean before slowly coming back up her body and kissing her gently. “You taste much better than the wine.” He smiled at her and said, “That wouldn’t have hurt the baby or anything would it?” he said, trying to act more concerned than he actually was. Well…he was concerned… but he just… he wanted her. But he still didn’t want to hurt the baby or her.

Maria laughed as she looked at him and shook her head, "No, I'm allowed to be as intimate as I want until the last few weeks of pregnancy." She kissed him and as she did, her hands lifted his shirt; she drew back only long enough to remove his shirt and then returned to kissing him while her hands roamed his chest. "We still have so much to talk about Billy." She murmured as her lips trailed over his neck while she lost herself in the moment.

Billy sighed in satisfaction. The last thing he wanted to do was talk right now. But he forced himself to. He threaded his hands in her hair and murmured huskily, “Like what baby?” He peppered her face with light kisses. He moaned slightly when he felt her chest moving against his. “But you should know, I’m not going anywhere…we have all the time in the world.”

Maria smiled as she shifted and pushed him onto his back, moving to straddle him. "Right." She began, trailing her fingers down over his chest, letting him see how she desired him. "But, there is this little one to think of." She could feel his erection where she pressed against his trousers and purposely rubbed above him, "I know you want me. I've had plenty of proof of that."

Her voice was almost a purr as she leaned over him, pressing her lips against his while one of her hands slid between them to unzip his pants before it delved underneath the folds of his pants and his boxers to take hold of his length. "In fact, I haven't doubted that for a long time... it's my baby that I worry about." Even as she spoke, she wrapped her hand around his length, stroking her thumb across the tip.

“Maria!” Billy groaned loudly. He couldn’t believe his luck. Maria was touching him… he’d fantasised for so long… of course he knew it would happen at some point. It was bound to… he was irresistible after all… oh and of course Maria and him were friends so he knew what made her tick. But it was meant to be. Stupid Michael kept them apart long enough… and hey he did all the destroying of there relationship, Billy had just waited until he had. And now this hot babe was going down on him.

“Ohh…. Maria you know you don’t have to repay the favour…” he said huskily, knowing perfectly well she was going to. It was bound to happen. Just like him and her was. He knew that ass of her was gonna be his. All his.

Maria laughed almost breathlessly as she licked and nibbled her way down over his chest and to his waist band where her hand released him long enough for her to remove his slacks and boxers in one move.

Looking up at him, she wrapped her hand around his length again and flicked her tongue across the tip of him. "Mmm, salty." She swirled her tongue around his head, watching him all the while.

Billy moaned loudly. “Oh God…” He bucked his head back as he felt his member throb with want for her. “Maria…” he groaned loudly, one hand clutching on to the bed, and the other running through her hair. “You are my heaven…”

To walk within the lines
Would make my life so boring
I want to know that I
Have been to the extreme
So knock me off my feet
Come on now give it to me
Anything to make me feel alive

Maria couldn't breathe for a moment as she heard the last words Billy said. His reaction had her feeling both pleased and yet sad as she thought about Michael. She drew in a deep breath before she took his length into her mouth deeply, slowly beginning a rhythm with her mouth, even though she now saw both men in her mind. Michael would never see her the way Billy did. A part of her was dead without him but another part of her felt alive because of Billy.

That last thought had her forcing Michael's image from her mind as she drew his sack into her hand while her mouth continued its assault, determination filling her.

“Fuck!!!” Billy yelled loudly as he felt himself reaching his peak. “Maria, I’m about to… you should pull back baby…” he said, trying to make sure she thought him as a sensitive nice guy… and to make sure she wasn’t thinking of the son of a bitch who had kept them away so long.

Maria shook her head and closed her eyes, her mouth remained wrapped around him and she moaned with him deep in her mouth, not letting her thoughts of HIM interfere with what she was doing with Billy. She wanted this, she knew she did. She wasn't about to let anything stop her from enjoying how much pleasure she was giving Billy. Only after he came and she'd taken every last bit and swallowed did she lift her head to look up at him, "Didn't think I'd want all of you like that, did you?" She questioned once she had her breath back.

Billy had his head back on the bed, his body riding out the orgasm she had brought him to. He smiled at her, “I just… I thought you might not want to baby, so I thought I’d warn you…” He gently reached for her face and brushed his thumb across her cheek. “You mean the world to me, you know that?” he says with a smile. “I just don’t want you to do anything you don’t want to do.”

Maria smiled and turned her lips to kiss his thumb and then slowly began to work her way back up his body, kissing his skin, her hands roaming until she was once again straddling him, this time both of them had nothing between them, "Billy, I'm not about to do something I don't want no matter what circumstances there might be." She leaned down and pressed her lips to his, kissing him deeply. She glanced up at the television a moment and laughed, "We missed almost the entire movie." With a smile, she reached for her glass of wine and sipped from it before replacing it on the table and kissing him again.

Billy didn’t look at the tv, he just kept looking at her. “Ah well…maybe we can use it as an excuse to do that again…” he said with a wink. He smiled at her and kissed her again, “That was amazing baby.” He smiled at her and then said, “Um… you’re right before about the needing to talk thing…” He swallowed before saying, “I’ve given up my lease on my apartment.” He gently brushes her hair back and says, “I thought I could get an apartment here… since everything I care about minus my guitar is in this room.” He looked at her nervously for her reaction.

Maria wasn't certain at first how to respond as she looked down at him. "Billy, I... I don't know what to say... I mean... I wasn't even thinking about you having some place else..." She smiled as the full force of his words hit her, "You don't have to get another place, Billy. You're always welcome here."

She was silent again as she slid off him and moved to lay beside him, her head on his shoulder as she asked, "You know, I never even asked you what you'd think... getting involved with me knowing I'm carrying someone else's child, having a ready made family... I mean, I should have... we should have had that talk when we progressed to this relationship status we have now. I care too much about you to become a burden or anything..." She realized she'd begun rambling and clamped her lips shut so he could respond.

Billy looked at her for a moment before closing the distance between them and kissing her gently. He kissed her for a long moment and said, “And now you’ve you stopped your cute little Maria ramble, I’ll tell you that you could never ever be a burden and I will always be here for you and your child. Always.” He smiles at her for a moment before saying, “And I would love to stay here with you. I just… I don’t want us to rush too much. I love where things are going but I don’t want us to get too ahead of ourselves and then you decide that we can’t even be friends.”

He kissed her again gently. “I just think I should be nearer you so I can come at your beck and call whether it’s a cheese craving or you want your pillow fluffed. But I don’t think you’re ready for what you’re suggesting yet… but when you are I will be waiting for you.”

Maria was silent for several long moments as she listened to Billy and shifted so he couldn't see her face as tears welled up in her eyes. When she finally replied her voice was soft and serious, her fingers idly tracing circles, "Billy, nothing could ever stop our being friends, no matter what happens. If anything could have it would have been that kiss when I was involved with Michael. But, I care about you, more then I can even explain right now. And maybe I'm not ready for a permanent sharing of a room and all, but you've been staying here in the other bedroom and I like that. I like you being here."

Once she felt she had control of her emotions enough she looked up at him with a smile, "I'll try not to be a hassle with the entire... craving bit." Her one concern that she knew she couldn't mention to him was that she could very well end up advancing through pregnancy faster then most. Or, even slower...

Billy smiled at her and kissed her gently, “You have an excuse… just try not to use it too often.” He laughed before gently kissing her again. He slowly moved away and picked up his wine and sipped it as the movie started to draw to a close. He smiled to himself as he thought that he had successfully managed to distract for roughly a hundred minutes. He finished off the last of his wine as the credits started to roll. He sighed as he stood up and started to pick up his clothes and put them on. “Well, this was fun…” He smiled at her, “Maybe we can do it again sometime…” he said wriggling his eyebrows at her.

Maria stood and walked over to Billy, her hands taking his, "Maybe we're not done yet." She looked in his eyes as she pressed herself against him.

Isabel went with Max over to Michael's as she prepared to meet him for the first time. It was strange that her brother had met Michael when he did, but at the moment that was a different thought. Right now, she was feeling a bit nervous about meeting him, worried that he might be some form of plant or a trick.

Max knocked on the door and looked at Izzy, "It'll be alright, Izzy. You'll both get along great, I promise." He said for what was probably the tenth time since they'd left his house. She'd gotten in early this morning, decided to sleep two hours and meet Michael refreshed.

Michael was panicking. Just a few days ago he discovered there was someone out there that was like him - and now he was entertaining the only other two aliens like him on Earth… or at least that he knew of. Michael had been hovering like a mad man all morning. He’d cleaned, he tidied… he even dusted. If Maria had come in right now she would…

Michael gritted his teeth as he thought of her. She had someone else now. Clearly he hadn’t meant that much to her if she had moved on this quickly. Maybe he never had…

He shook his head, trying to dislodge the memory of her kissing Billy… Billy! He had always suspected that asshole would make a move on her… He had never liked him. He seemed so… sly.

When he heard the knock at the door he swallowed and tried to take some deep breaths, forcing himself to pay attention to the situation at hand. He had never had anyone who could be called close to family before… and he really didn’t want to screw this up. He walked over to the door, took one final deep breath and opened the door wide. He blinked as he saw Max and the tall blonde. Isabel was definitely a knock out. Clearly she was one of those girls who knew what they had, where as Maria had always been one of those cute...

He coughed and gave a small smile. He quickly itched his eyebrow and said, “Uh…hey… come in…” He moved out of the doorway not really knowing what to say. “Can I get you guys a drink?” He asked, feeling glad that he had gone to the shops yesterday so he would have something other than Snapple.

Max smiled as Michael opened the door and noticed the expression on his new friends face as he started speaking, "I'm good with a Snapple." Max replied and then said simply, "Michael, this is Izzy and Izzy this is Michael." He gave a look to Izzy that said silently for her to relax but she wasn't looking at him.

"Nice to meet you, Michael." Isabel said, there was this feeling of recognition flowing through her and all she knew was that she didn't have to worry at all. "I'll take a soda if you have one." She replied to him, amazed at how right she now felt just looking into those eyes of his and she smiled, relaxed.

Michael smiled at her. She seemed friendly enough. “Sure no problems… please, make yourself comfortable…” He swallowed and quickly got two Snapple’s and a soda. He looked over at Isabel for a moment and made a snap judgment that she would prefer a glass. He swallowed and took out one of the few glasses he owned. It seemed clean enough, so he poured out the soda for her and then carried the drinks over to the coffee table. He put them down on it, feeling nervous and not really having a clue what to say. So instead he just sat down and itched his eyebrow again.

Isabel smiled and took a sip of the drink as she looked at Michael. "There is something about you that feels more then familiar. Not the same familiar as I feel with Max, something else... something extreme." She didn't really know how to explain it as she leaned forward in the seat she'd taken.

Max chose to remain silent, knowing that they needed the time to talk more then he and Michael did.

Michael slowly looked up at her and swallowed. “I… I didn’t feel… I mean I… no offence Max,” he glanced towards him and continued, “but when I met you it wasn’t as if I knew immediately you were… like me…” He then looked back at Isabel. “But there’s this… I don’t know how to describe it… it’s like part of me recognizes you… if that makes any sense.” He scratched his eyebrow nervously before saying, “So how are you?” He snorted at how lame that had sounded, “Sorry… I don’t really know what to do here…”

Isabel smiled, "It's alright, we have time to get to know each other." She looked at Max who had simply shrugged and said quietly, "Do you mind letting Michael and I stay and talk alone? You could come back and get me in a few hours when I call... or something?" She didn't know why but she knew she wanted to talk to Michael alone.

Max nodded, "If you are both comfortable with that, then I can do that." He said simply, a part of him feeling jealous but the other part knowing that they needed time as much as he had in the beginning.

"What do you think, Michael?" Isabel asked him softly, a smile remaining on her lips.

Michael swallowed and then said slowly, “Yeah sure, I mean… If that’s okay with you man…” He didn’t want Max to feel like he wanted him to go, because he really did want to get to know him. But at the same time he felt like he should be talking to Isabel.

Max stood and gave them both a smile, "It's fine. We'll have plenty of time to hang out." He looked at Isabel, "I'll be back to get you in three hours unless you call me otherwise." She gave him a nod and he walked out and left her with Michael.

Isabel smiled, "I love my brother but sometimes he's just too much of a goody good for my liking.” She joked softly and then held out her hand toward him, though she didn't understand why she felt it was important to do it this way. Like somehow if she actually touched him it would give her a reason why she felt so instantly connected.

Michael swallowed a moment before looking up at her hand. Why did he feel like he had to touch her hand? He swallowed and gently took it and smiled at her. “He seems like a nice guy…” he said slowly.

"Max is a great brother, a bit over protective, too serious and overbearing, but I love him. I just..." Isabel found herself pausing as she spoke, images flashed through her mind, heated images of her and Michael, passion filled images, but they weren't here, they were somewhere else. So many strange flashes but all of them were her and Michael kissing, making love, the passion was so strong that it was almost as though she felt it now and Isabel pulled her hand away slowly once the images stopped flowing and looked at Michael, drawing in deep breaths. "Did you... did you just see, what I did?" She questioned, both hoping he did and hoping he didn't.

Michael stared at her for a moment, trying to not let himself tremble. What on earth was that? he asked himself. He tried to push the pictures out of his mind but he couldn’t help but think about them. The images… they were so full of love… and his heart reeled at the thought of liking someone other than…

Quickly pushing that thought away he slowly nodded to Isabel. Did all aliens experience this when they touched? He certainly hadn’t seen any pictures of Max… although if they were doing what he had just seen with Isabel… yuck… Don’t be stupid he told himself as he let his gaze settle on the coffee table. “Has…” he found himself saying quietly, “…Has… anything like that… happened to you before?”

Isabel shook her head as she stood and moved over to sit beside him, not certain why she did, "No, nothing like that has happened before. I mean, in moments of emotional highs I can pick and item up and see things because of the item, but... what we... what I just saw, I've never seen before." She dropped her head a moment as she looked at her hand, her wedding band was still there but that was only because she hadn't told Max.

"Hell, what I saw us experiencing is much more then what my ex-husband and I shared." She drew the ring off her finger and shrugged, "I haven't told Max that I'm divorced."

Michael swallowed, trying to process everything. Isabel was divorced, and he was receiving flashes from her about them… together? And Max and Isabel weren’t as close as they immediately appeared? Did that mean Michael would never be very close to them? “I… I’m sorry…” Michael said lamely. He snorted and gave a wry smile, “Well… my girlfriend dumped me because I didn’t want to get married. And now she’s shacking up with another man only a few weeks later.” He looked down, a little crease appearing between his eyebrows. “Guess I didn’t mean that much to her…”

Isabel reached out a hand, placing it on his shoulder as she spoke, "Michael, some women move on to another man because they think that he can give her what she wants even if she doesn't have her heart in it. It's often a rebound relationship that doesn't mean nearly as much as it should. I should know... after my divorce I had one... short lived but still..."

She smiled at him, "You know... most people ask me why I didn't tell Max when it happened. I was married to Jesse for nearly two years when we decided to get divorced because he couldn't handle what I am, what we are... I've been divorced for nearly a year now. I couldn't tell Max because just when I was getting divorced, he was getting married."

She paused a moment before she squeezed his shoulder, "The thing you need to ask yourself is if you love this girl, is she worth fighting for? Or are you really ready to let her go?" Then she gave a wry smile, "And just what do we want to do about these images we saw?"

Michael swallowed painfully. He wasn’t sure how to take her last question. He didn’t really know her, and… he wasn’t sure if she was trying to be nice or suggesting something. Deciding that she seemed a nice person, he guessed the former. “I…” he stuttered as he tried to get his head round the whole, Maria/Billy and Isabel being divorced and giving him flashes thing.

“Well I… I just don’t think I’m the marrying type you know… everyone end’s up getting divorced anyway in the long run. I mean, I’ve only just met you and Max and you’ve both getting or had a divorce… plus I don’t know if I can give a lifetime guarantee you know?” He scratched his eyebrow once more before saying, “And regarding the image thing I… I’ve never experienced any sort of image before let alone…” he trailed off and said, “But they… they don’t mean anything… right?”

Isabel shrugged, "I honestly don't know if they mean anything or not, Michael. They feel real..." She looked straight in his eyes, not planning to force the issue with the girl he was having troubles with. Somehow she was certain things were going to go however it was destined to be. "I think we might... we might want to experiment some, see if we can learn more. Maybe they are some form of link to our past, to who we really are."

Michael swallowed, staring at her for a moment. “Ex… experiment?” Even the word sounded so… alien to him. “Link to our…past?” He looked away feeling slightly strange under his gaze. He took a few deep breaths as his eyes darted around the apartment until he saw a photo... Of Maria. He looked at it for a moment before saying, “What do you mean by experiment?” He forced himself to look back towards her. Whatever was going on with the flashes… he knew that he had to find out the truth.

Isabel shrugged again, she really didn't know what she meant, but it seemed to her that something was going on. The images had been far too real, far too strong not to be something that worked well. "I don't know really." She said as she removed her hand from his shoulder and reached for his own hand, wondering if she would see another image of some sort with just the contact. When her hand touched his, it did seem to happen again, her mind saw images of them kissing under what seemed to be a purple haze, of their hands wandering aimlessly over each other and it was as though she could feel his hands on her skin.

She drew her hand away and gasped at the intense longing that the images evoked and she lifted a shaky hand to run through her hair, "I..." She forced her gaze away from him.

Michael quickly moved his hand away and itched his eyebrow. He knew something was very strange and very alien was going on. The way the images seemed so… so real. Almost as real as Maria had felt to him…. He coughed before saying, “Well… clearly it’s a more than one time thing huh…” He swallowed before adding, “So uh… I don’t really know what to do here… it wasn’t that long ago that I thought I was the only one you know and now I’m receiving…flashes?” He itched his eyebrow again nervously. “What happens now?”

Isabel was silent for a long moment as she tried to collect herself. She was the Ice Queen, she was good at being distant, so that's what she had to make herself do but it was easier said then done and she had to draw several long breath's before she looked at him, "I know it's all coming as a shock," she began and looking at him, she swallowed a bit uncertain, "It seems to happen when we touch and it seems that we... that we were... lovers somehow."

She steeled herself as she made the only suggestion she could think of, "The only way I see an experiment working is if we... let ourselves touch and see if we get other types of flashes, maybe one of them will open up other memories that have been locked away."

Michael stared at the floor for a moment, deep in thought. Was Isabel right? Were they lovers somehow? Was this all some sort of trick or test? He even had the flittering thought hit his mind that he could be on punked… till he remembered that this was alien business and if anyone had been filming this he’d probably be dead already. He took some slow breaths as he thought. When he came to his conclusion he slowly looked up at her and said,

“I think your right.”

Liz stared at the paper in her hands. She knew she had to do it. For both of their sakes… She slowly put the papers down on her desk in her room. Picking up her pen, she twirled her pen around her fingers. “Stop being a coward…” she muttered to herself. She gently put the pen to the paper. She closed her eyes before signing her name. When she had done it, she opened her eyes again. Swallowing she forced herself to continue. She signed in the other places on the form and looked at the place that Max needed to sign. Would he do it? Would he let her go?

She somehow doubted it. She put the divorce papers in the envelope before putting on the front the address that she used to live at. She plonked the papers back on the desk before feeling the tears hit her eyes. Knowing she was about to start sobbing she quickly stood up and headed out of her room. She wiped her tears away as she walked down the hall, forcing herself to not make too much noise. Quickly she went into the bathroom. She needed to feel right now. If she made a physical wound the pain she was feeling would be associated with that. She could feel relief from a different sort of pain… she could just…feel.

Quickly she opened the bathroom cabinet and found her make up bag. She put it down in the sink and tore the bag open. Her hands trembled as she opened the hidden pocket within and her fingers made contact with the pocket knife. Her stomach growled noisily, interrupting the silence. She hadn’t eaten since yesterday. But she didn’t feel the need to eat. She just…wasn’t hungry. She made her hand leave the knife for a moment whilst she rolled up her sleeves to uncover her lower arm.

There was already a criss-cross of red cuts. Some were slowly beginning to heal, but the most had clearly been done more recently. She knew from experience something within her was about to tell her to stop. Quickly she moved the bag on to the side of the sink and turned on the tap to cover any noise she was about to make. Shaking she grabbed the knife like her life depended on it, pulled it out of her bag and brought the cold blade to her skin. She closed her eyes and hissed in pain as she made a large cut down her arm. Tears stung her eyes so she forced her eyes open. As the relief hit her, she sighed. Why couldn’t she just end it? She longed to just go to sleep and not wake up. Then maybe she could get the haunting images out of her mind. The nightmares had been getting worse recently. She found herself waking up and crying out. She didn’t know if anyone had heard but neither Maria nor this Billy guy had come in and stopped her. She felt herself tremble with anger as she remembered that when she had the nightmares at her previous occupancy, she would wake up to find one of three situations.

Situation A was that she woke up Max and he would hold her, telling her it was okay and that he was here. But they would never discuss the nightmare. Then there was situation B, that Max would just sleep through it. But the most frequent was situation C, aka she would wake up and find he had either gone to work early or he hadn’t even come home yet.

She forced herself to concentrate on the pain in her arm. As long as he signed the papers, Max should be able to get on with his life soon, and Liz would… well she didn’t know what she’d do. Liz was just surviving.

She knew she should clean up before someone came her way so quickly she took out some bandages and made a small, discrete bandage on it before rolling down her sleeve once more. She gave the knife a quick wash under the tap, not bothering to be too careful, before putting storing the knife and bag away.

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An update hopefully coming soon but Storm is away at the moment but we will definitely be back soon with more!

In the mean time...


Thank you all so much for the nomination of Favorite Lead Portryal of Maria Deluca - the credit for this character is entirely upon my wonderful co-writer who writes everything for Maria in this fanfiction. I know that Storm and I both wish to thank you all for the nominee! We are very thrilled.

So to sum up - thanks and we'll be back soon with more :D