Behind the Dark (M/L AU ADULT) A/N 10/30/07[WIP]

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Behind the Dark (M/L AU ADULT) A/N 10/30/07[WIP]

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Title: Behind the Dark
Author: Jessika aka dreamer<3
Rating: Adult
Category: M/L AU W/O Aliens
Disclaimer: The characters of Roswell do not belong to me all rights go to WB, Jason Katims, Melinda Metz, and UPN. Also this is loosely based off the television series Charmed; all ideas from there are not mine either.
Summary: Liz is a seventeen year old witch trying to live a normal life while saving innocents at the same time. Max is the mysterious hot guy who just moved next door. What happens when Liz is in too much trouble that Max is the only one who can help? Plus we can’t forget about the crazy sexual attraction between the two.

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Chapter 1

October 31st 1665
Salem Massachusetts

The nights have been darker and the days have become shorter. Everything that was seemingly beautiful no longer had a shine to it. Everything that once was is no longer. A dark shadow had been extended over Salem. Evil had taken over and good witches were no longer able to pursue their destiny.

Linda Wright was looking out the window as she sat on the window sill of her tiny wood cabin near town. It was no longer safe to swarm the streets of this small town, every where she turned people she knew and loved had been hung for their good deeds and it was all due to her.

She was still young and she was naive. She fell for him and she fell hard. She was a foolish girl and she should have known better but she couldn’t help it. At first she thought he was just a normal human man. Handsome, rich, charming, but as she got closer to him she learned of the evil he contained. But it was already too late.

Linda grew up in the Wright coven and they had lasted for centuries doing good deeds for the world helping it rid of demons and evil beings, but today it was her own fault for the reason why her coven had to lay low.

Her daughter would not be able to carry the legend that she was supposed to. Her father has to watch from the heavens as her mother had betrayed their love and fell for the purest of evil.

Alexander James was a warlock who only prayed upon the evil in the world. He had managed to fool Linda, and seduce her into a place in his bed. He then stole her powers and threatened to reveal her as a witch. He only promised to keep their coven safe because it was the most powerful coven in all of Salem. With her powers gone the chances of defeating him were slim but it was still possible so he promised to keep them out of harms way as long as they stay out of town.

With her powers he was able to amplify his and soon he was the most powerful being in all of Massachusetts. He was governor and was able to rid of good witches who stood in his way because of his status in town. One by one most of the witches were being accused and hanged.

Linda knew that if something was to be done it had to be that day, the day of All Hollow’s eve. She would have to connect with the day of All Hollow’s eve and connect with the day’s powers in order to fully put an end to the madness she helped create. She would also have to do it alone. She had to protect the safety of her family, too long she had watched the people she knew and loved from other covens die and be accused because of her mistake. Today it was time for her to fix this mistake even it meant it would cause her death.

Once she noticed that most of the people in town had headed for church she quickly scrambled off to start her plan.

She walked over to the cupboard and grabbed all the necessary potions and ingredients in order for her plan to succeed.

She quickly placed them in her bag and walked over to where her family stood. The women all had tears in their eyes because they all knew that this could be the last time that Linda Wright would stand in front of them.

One by one she gave each of them a hug, they chanted their good luck notion to her, but Linda knew that it would not help, it was her time.

Once she reached the end of the line there stood her 6 year old daughter Ileana. Tears rushed to Linda’s eyes. She kneeled down to her height and played with the button on her little dress.

“Do not cause trouble to your grandmother little one. She will take care of you if anything is to happen.” Linda whispered to her. Ileana looked up at her mother, she didn’t fully understand the situation but she felt in her heart something was not right.

“Mother, do not leave, my heart, it does not feel right.” The little girl pleaded. Linda chocked back her tears.

“I must leave my dear, but know that no mater what will happen, that I will always be with you. I will always love you.” She said as the little girl nodded. The others watched the heartfelt scene with their own tears approaching.

Linda quickly gathered Ileana into her arms and pushed away before she couldn’t let go.

“No!” Ileana cried as she clung onto her mother.

“Ileana, please.” Linda cried. Linda’s mother broke Ileana away from her mother.

“Blessed be my beautiful daughter. Good luck.” She told her.

“I will not fail you mother.” Linda Wright told her mother, before she gave one last look at her family and left the house.

Today was the day that Linda would succeed. She would not give up until she did so.

She walked into the dark alleyway, and passed her way through the other houses till she reached his. She was sure that he was not home; he would be holding a meeting in the town hall with the fellow people of Salem after church.

She slowly crept through the back entrance to his house and quickly got to work. She prepared the house for the spell she would be casting and worked quickly and precisely for this was the only time that she had; there would be no other attempts. If she wanted Ileana safe, she needed to succeed today and only today.

Once Linda was done, she hid and waited for Alexander’s arrival, which would not be much longer.

Just as she predicted Alexander had entered the house 10 minutes later, and to her satisfaction he was alone.

The minute he walked into his house, he felt a presence.

“Linda darling, won’t you come out.” Linda took a deep breath before she walked out of the kitchen and walked into his presence glaring at him as she did.

“Have you not had enough Linda? Or have you come back for you were desiring something great?” He asked as he pulled her close to him with his powers until her body was pushed against his.

“I do not make the same mistakes twice.” She stated firmly before she pushed him into the circle in which she had carved into the floor.

“I summon on this day of All Hollow’s eve, to help rid of this man stand forth in front me. I summon on this day of All Hollow’s eve, to help gain my rightful powers that have been stolen from me. I summon on this day of All Hollow’s eve, to help rid this man stand forth in front me. I summon on this day of All Hollow’s eve, to help gain my rightful powers that have been stolen from me.” She chanted.

Alexander screamed out in agony.

“NO! YOU WILL NOT SUCCEED LINDA! YOU WILL NOT SUCCEED.” The house shook as Linda got louder with her chants.

“I summon on this day of All Hollow’s eve, to help rid of this man stand forth in front me. I summon on this day of All Hollow’s eve, to help gain my rightful powers that have been stolen from me!” She screamed as she tried her hardest to stay strong as the house shook so hard, and everything was flying around her with such great speeds.

“NO!!! IF I’M GOING YOU ARE COMING WITH ME!” Alexander screamed as he reached out his hand before he burst into flames and Linda collapsed on the ground after being hit with a blue ray of light, with one last thought of Ileana before she was met with darkness.

<Center> _/\_
^^ </center>

November 5th 1995

“Grandma, why did she have to leave?” 7 year old Liz Parker cried to her grandmother. They were at her mother’s funeral, and the reality of the situation was too hard for little Liz to take.

“There are just some things beyond our control Lizzie. Mommy fought hard, but she couldn’t win. You won’t understand now, but you will soon.” Claudia Parker told her granddaughter. Two years previous she had to deal with her son’s death, and here she was having to bury yet another loved one.

Claudia, who was born human, had fallen in love with a wonderful man, but the only problem was he was a warlock. But it didn’t bother her, she loved him regardless of what he was. To her he was still the same man she fell in love with, plus he used his powers for good not evil. So when they had a son together it was obvious that he would be brought into the world of magic.

When he was all grown up, Claudia and her husband were ecstatic to find out that their Jeffery had fallen in love with a witch from the most powerful history; Nancy Wright. They were so in love and made a beautiful match.

But the Wright family was one family that brought much trouble to the people who came into contact with them. Legend had it that before the death of Alexander James in 1665, he had a son that was unknown to the world. A son who would soon carry on his legend and worked in disguise with one main thing in his mind; revenge on the Wright family. For centuries the Wrights fought hard to defeat all that was brought on to them while trying to discover the identity of Alexander’s son and his future generations.

Claudia had lost both her husband and son due to the constant battle and now she had lost her daughter in law as well.

Now, Claudia wasn’t sure if she wanted to raise her granddaughter in this atmosphere. She wasn’t sure if she was ready to have to lose her granddaughter to evil as well.

But all the wishing in the world couldn’t prevent destiny.

It was Liz Parker’s destiny to fight evil just as her family had for centuries prior to her birth. They had been able to keep the world from evil for so long and it would soon be Liz’s turn as well.

And that was why on the eve of Claudia Parker’s death, and Liz Parker’s 16th birthday, Liz had gained her powers, and was forced to lead the life a good witch, trying to fight off evil, and be a normal teenager in the process, while keeping her family’s legacy alive.
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Hey guys! I want to thank you all for the great feedback!! I just wanted to let you all know I'll be posting this every Tuesday!

Thanks to:
L-J-L 76
- nope she's by herself, but you'll find that out in this part :wink:

Big thanks to my wonderful beta La'shon! Who's just amazing! Thanks so much chica! Don't know what I'd do without you!

*Just a warning* Liz is very different from how she is in the show!

Chapter 2

Los Angeles, California
April 30th 2005
(Present Day)

“I can be the one you need! I can be the one you need!” 17 year old Liz parker sang out loud as she pranced around her 2 story Victorian style home.

She was signing along to Megan Rochell’s “The One You Need”, which was currently blasted on her stereo, as she shook her ass to the beat of the song.

Now she knew that she couldn’t sing, everyone knew she couldn’t sing, but that didn’t stop her from singing, well more like screaming, the lyrics to the song.

“Sooner or later she will find out that you have always been my man!! And noo…she can neverr…” Liz sang as she tried to imitate the high pitched voice of the singer but in reality she was scaring away the birds at the window and even Winkie, her dog, had left the room.

“Boy I can be the one you need! I can be the one you need, I can be the one you…” She turned around and gasped out loud and as she jumped back, arms raised as she froze the being in front of her. She let out a sigh of relief when she saw who it was and she put her guard down and unfroze him.

“Did you just freeze me?!” Alex exclaimed.

“God Alex! What did I tell you about orbing down here out of the blue and scaring me half to death!?” She exclaimed exasperated as she raised her hand out and lowered the volume of the stereo with her powers.

“Sorry! I thought you were screaming out for help, little did I know it was just your horrible singing! Next time, do us all a favor, and refrain yourself!” Alex retorted as he took a seat on the couch grabbing the remote to the T.V. turning it on.

Liz glared at him and rolled her eyes and his comment.

“Shouldn’t you be back you know up there?” Liz asked. Alex was her white lighter and she was grateful for it. Alex was 17 just like her but he had died in 1988 saving a woman from a vicious serial killer. After that he was turned to a white lighter, people who look after a witch’s well being. He was fully trained and shown the ropes, and once Liz’s mother had died he was assigned to help the only member left in the Wright family; Liz. With Liz’s help through out the years Alex was able to get out of his 80s stage and was now, as he liked to say, a “hip” guy a part of the 21st century, and in the process he was also a great girlfriend for Liz.

“Not really, you know you’re my only assignment.” Alex said as he focused on flipping through the channels. The death of Nancy Wright was a devastating one and the only one left in the powerful Wright family was 7 year old Liz Parker.

Alex was trained to be a white lighter by the best for 6 years and once he was truly made into one of the best he was sent to look after Liz Parker, they felt that Liz should be his only assignment seeing that she needed all the help that she could get and needed a white lighter with sole focus on her.

“Ooh Roswell’s on on Sci-Fi!” Alex exclaimed as he placed the remote down and grabbed the bowl of popcorn on the coffee table in front of him. He replaced the spot of bowl with his feet and placed the bowl on his lap as he began munching and watching “Roswell.”

Liz rolled her eyes.

“It’s sad that my white lighter, the guy supposed to be watching after me, protecting me, is more feminine than me!” Liz mumbled.

“Hey! Listen, Roswell is a classic show, I mean the love between this Shiri and Jason, it’s epic, amazing, and plus that Colin Hanks is one sexy guy.”

“Once again I point out the fact that you are way too feminine. And that love you claim between Jason and Shiri, oh yeah real love, he cheated on her and got the first bitch, besides her, pregnant, that’s real love Alex.” Liz said rolling her eyes.

Alex threw popcorn at her.

“First of all Emilie seduced Jason, and second you’re just a cynical love hating person, I shall let you know that love does exist, I have seen it happen countless of times, if you didn’t have your head so far up your ass you would be able to see it too.” Liz rolled her eyes.

“Please, love doesn’t exist, there can be no feeling between to people that makes them feel like they belong together, and all that meant to be crap. The only thing that can happen between a man and a woman is sex and my head is not that far up my ass because I should have you know that sex is my favorite past time.”

“Yeah that’s why you haven’t gotten laid in over two months.” Alex retorted as he plopped popcorn in his mouth.

Liz glared at him and placed her hands on her hips.

“Well if I wasn’t too busy fighting off demons and other disgusting slimy stuff, then maybe I’d be able to be a normal 17 year old and have sex all the damn time!” Liz snapped in a huff.

“Yeah, because normal 17 year olds have sex all the time,” Alex said rolling his eyes. Liz nodded her head.

“Why do you think the teenage birth rate has gone up?”

“Because love-hating teenage cynics are slowly spreading their stupidity of not believing in love or birth control.” Liz groaned.

“You’re impossible you know that?”

“I have to deal with you, it comes with the job.” He said before shooing her out of the room with the flick of his hand, claiming that she’s ruining his favorite show for him.

Liz rolled her eyes before walking out the room using her powers to shut off the TV as she did so.

“HEY!” Alex yelled with a mouthful of popcorn.

<center> _/\_
^^ </center>

The sound of the doorbell brought Liz out of bed while she was doing her homework.

“I got it!” She yelled out, but there was no point to it any way, Alex wouldn’t have gotten his lazy ass up to get the door.

“Hey there babes!” Liz opened the door to find her very eccentric, but very kind neighbor Maria Deluca.

Maria was Liz’s age and they went to the same school together, she was probably the only other friend that Liz had other than Alex.

Well, only other real friend, that was. Liz had plenty of friends but they were all fake, the boys only talked to her because they wanted to bone her and the girls just talked to her because where ever she was the guys seemed to be.

Maria and Alex were the only ones that she could truly call her friends and were the only ones she could truly talk to. Only difference between the two was that she could talk to Alex about her double life but Maria only knew Liz as a regular teenage girl.

“Hey.” Liz said moving aside to let Maria in.

“Here, my mom told me to bring this over.” Maria said shoving a container full of lasagna into Liz’s hands. On many occasions Maria would show up with various food dishes for Liz.

Amy Deluca had watched Liz grow up and took it her head that when Nancy passed away shortly after Jeff did, that she would help Claudia with Liz.

Amy Deluca was like a mother to Liz especially after Claudia had died and Liz became emancipated at the young age of 16. Amy Deluca made it her business to make sure Liz ate, slept, and bathed right.

“Thanks, Alex probably finished eating all the popcorn over an hour ago and probably just finished raiding the kitchen.” Liz said before walking into the kitchen placing the lasagna dish on the counter.

Since Alex became Liz’s white lighter when she was 7 he started hanging around a lot, and 10 years later it became a question in Amy and Maria’s mind why he still looked 17 when he was supposed to be 27, it bewildered them that he hadn’t aged once in the last 10 years.

Liz just told them that it was a hereditary thing and Alex’s family ages real slow. Amy sarcastically begged him for the secret potion he was drinking and Alex laughed and told them he’d see what he could do. Slowly they grew to accept it and now it was no longer an issue.

“Alex is here?” Maria asked. Liz nodded.

“He’s in the other room watching Roswell,” Liz said rolling her eyes as she did.

“Oh I love that show!” Maria exclaimed as she jet towards the living room.

“I’m surrounded by a bunch of crazy people,” Liz mumbled to herself before she followed Maria’s steps.

Once she reached the living room Maria had already made herself comfortable and was now sharing a bag of “Sun Chips” with Alex as they watched “Roswell.”

“You guys are worthless.” Liz mumbled before plopping down next to Maria.

“Aww, it’s ok Lizzie, we can all be worthless together.” Alex said gently patting Liz’s knee. She glared at him before snatching the bag of “Sun Chips” from him.

“I’m sitting, eating sun chips, watching Roswell, on a perfectly beautiful Saturday afternoon.” Liz mumbled. Could her life be anymore lame?

“Hey, it’s not that bad Liz, you could have been spending the day eating sun chips and watching Roswell alone.”

“If I was alone I would not have been watching Roswell, I assure you,” Liz said.

“I caught you watching it the other day,” Alex replied.

“LIAR!” Liz cried out.

“Mhmm, don’t deny it, you’re a sap just like the rest of us.”

“For your information, there was a commercial break during the boxing match, and I was just flipping through the channels and you happened to walk in when I was on the Sci-Fi channel.”

“Mhmm, whatever you say.” Alex said before whispering ‘Liar’ to Maria. She giggled and Liz hit Alex on the head. Though she complained a lot, the truth was that she loved spending time with the two of them, they made things more fun and normal. But that was only for a short amount of time because somewhere along the line things would go wrong and she would need to take care of some problem regarding demons or evil beings.

She was 17 and she had the weight on the world on her shoulders, she just wanted to live life to the fullest and have fun, but something always got in her way.

“So what are you doing here Maria? Not with Michael today?” Liz asked as she plopped a sun chip in her mouth.

“He’s working.” She said her eyes fixated on the TV. Liz sighed and slumped down on the couch propping her feet up on the coffee table.

Once a commercial break started Maria exclaimed, “Oh I totally forgot what I had to say!”

Alex and Liz looked at her waiting for her to continue.

“Well you know, the house next door, it’s been like abandoned for 2 years now, and then like 5 months it was sold but the guy never moved in, well he moved in today. I saw him while on my way over here, and let me tell you the guy is gorgeous! My god, he had a wife beater on while some guys were helping him move things in, and that body, god it makes a girl want to well you know.”

“Nice Maria, nice,” Alex said with a not so pleased look. He didn’t need to know about girls wanting to touch themselves, unless it was because of him, then he was all ears.

“Hmm, maybe I should check this out,” Liz said suddenly concocting images of this handsome neighbor into her mind.

“Slow your roll chica, you’re just jail bait to him. He looks to be in his mid 20s,” Maria stated. Liz rolled her eyes.

“Like me being jail bait has every stopped any guy before,” Liz said getting up from the couch.

“Where you going?” Alex asked.

“To give the new neighbor a proper hello,” Liz answered with a smirk before walking to direction of the steps.

“I doubt that he’ll be upstairs Liz.” Liz rolled her eyes.

“I’m going to change first! I can’t go up to the guy in my hello kitty pajamas, god Alex you can be so stupid sometimes,” Liz said as she walked her way upstairs to her to room to pick out an outfit.

“You know, I liked her better before she hit puberty,” Alex stated before grabbing the “Sun Chips” bag from where Liz left it. Maria giggled.

“You’re too much Alex.” Alex gave her a smile and then shushed her once the show re commenced.

20 minutes later Liz settled on an outfit that showed ample amount of cleavage and clung to her in the right places to outline her perfect curves.

She used her powers to do her hair and make-up and she settled for a very natural look, she had a hint of gold eye shadow on her face which was only a little darker than her olive complexion, and some mascara to extend her eyelashes and a clear colored lip gloss. She kept her hair down straight and it flowed beautifully. Once she was satisfied with her appearance she walked down the steps.

“Damn Liz, looking good,” Maria whistled as she saw Liz.

“Thanks! I’ll be right back you guys.” Liz said as she opened the door and walked out, she pretended to go to her car acting like she was going out when she caught glimpse of the back of the new neighbor.

There were a couple of guys there but most of them had on a white tee, she was sure that the guy who had his back to her was her new neighbor because Maria had mentioned him wearing a wife beater.

She checked out his ass and she approved. Just at the moment the mysterious neighbor turned around and Liz’s breath got caught in her throat.

Maria was not even close with her description of him, he was far beyond gorgeous. With his bad boy exterior and gorgeous body with those muscular arms and that face, that sexy face. His eyes were a beautiful shade of amber and his hair was grown out just up to ears and his face was clean-shaven and those lips, he looked so sexy with that cigarette in between his beautiful lips. Liz felt like she had died and gone to heaven.

He looked over at her and smiled, oh yeah her panties were soaked.

He winked at her and Liz smiled flirtasously at him, Liz wasn’t the type of girl to get all flustered and blush she usually made it obvious what she wanted and she really wanted him.

He whispered over at his friends and soon they were all looking at her and Liz smiled as her self esteem rose. He was walking over to her and Liz got feel herself getting even wetter.

“Hey gorgeous,” He said as he stood in front of her. Liz licked her lips as she took in his whole appearance; he was even sexier up closer.

“Hey yourself,” Liz said flashing him one of her dazzling smiles.

“I guess I’m you new neighbor sugar,” He said and when he did Liz could feel herself go weak at the knees, someone up there really loved her.

“Well thank god for that huh,” She said giving him a wink before walking closer to him.

“So how about we get to know each other a little better and you come into my place and we could get to knowin’ each other in and out,” Liz bit her lip, god he was good.

“What about your friends?” Liz asked as she looked over to the crowd who was staring at the two.

“They cool, they the ones who bet that you wouldn’t give it up to me, I’d love to prove them wrong.” Liz’s expression changed and she placed her hands on her hips and glared at him hard.

“Excuse me?”

“Oh come on baby, I see the way you looked at me. I know you want me, I’m a sexy guy, no girl can resist me, so how about we do this thing and you introduce me into this neighborhood with a bang,” He said while he took one last drag from his cigarette before flicking it away.

Liz glared at him hard with her mouth wide open, that smug son of a…

“Oh you think you’re so cute don’t you?” Liz bit out.

“Apparently you do too,” He said giving her a cocky grin. Liz kept herself together from falling apart into his arms right there, that smile had some affect on a woman.

“Apparently you’re dumber than a rock. One, you don’t look all that good, two, I was looking at you to get a glimpse of my new neighbor.”

“Then why were you just flirting with me?” Liz seethed with anger, the nerve of the guy.

“It’s almost Saturday night and I was still home, the boredom that consumed most of my day was still stuck to me and I decided to have a little fun by flirting with the new neighbor.”

“Right. So anyways, you wanna get this thing done at my place or what, I mean we can do it right in your car, I find something about doing things in public so sexy.” Liz groaned.

“YOU ARROGANT BASTARD!” Liz shrieked before walking away in a huff. Who the hell did this guy think he was?

Liz stormed into her house and slammed the door hard. Alex and Maria jumped and quickly ran into the hallway.

“What happened?” Alex asked thinking something was wrong.

“The new neighbor is the most arrogant smug man I have ever met!” She groaned out in a funk before storming upstairs.

“Looks like things went well,” Alex stated. Maria nodded her head.

“I agree,” She stated nonchalantly before the two walked back into the living room.

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Hey guys! I just want to thank you all for the wonderful feedback! I just want to let you all know that I'm trying to keep updating on the right day but I have exams and the classes are coming to an end so it's not that I haven't been writing, I just don't have much time to get on the board, but hopefully I will once classes end, which is soon!

Thanks so much for the feedback once again!

Big thanks to my lovely beta La'shon, you're the greatest hon!

Chapter 3

Liz walked around her house in a depressed manor. For the last four hours she and Alex had been tracking down a Demon named Zerkon who had made an attack on Liz’s house earlier. Alex had managed to find out that he was a fellow member in Alexander James’s supposed prophecy’s vast group of followers.

They had managed to find him staked out at some abandoned building across town, and after a fierce battle and 3 battle wounds later Liz had successfully managed to vanquish him, but the after affects left Liz in gloominess rather than happy triumph.

That what it was always like for her. She hated having to deal with her family’s problems and all the drama that her legacy brought upon her. Her family legacy was the reason why both her parents were dead, and was the reason why she would be on the same pathway as her parents most probably.

She was the only member left in The Wright Family, and not only did a put a burden on the seventeen year old girl but it also put a high sense of fear on her. She constantly feared the moment that she would follow in the same fate her parents had. That was the main reason she acted the way she did; she wanted to live her life the most fun way she could before it was over.

Sure she didn’t want to disappoint her family by failing, but she didn’t know how longer she could deal with it all.

When she walked into the kitchen she found Alex sitting there with two spoons and a big carton of “Haagen-Dazs” ice-cream.

She gave a small smile and walked over and sat across from him and grabbed the spoon and plunged it into the carton. The one thing that she did love from all this life she led was that it brought Alex to her, and if it weren’t for Alex she didn’t know how she would have gotten through all the things she went through.

“Drop your rants,” He said sliding his spoon into the carton of Ice-Cream. Liz sighed before she started.

“How much longer do I have to do this? I mean what, till I’m dead? Then what happens? I mean this asshole that has been after my family has pretty much succeeded in his revenge, he wiped out my whole family, everyone’s dead! My parents, grandpa, I’m the only one left, and I’m only seventeen! I mean I’m not even that advanced with my powers, how does everyone expect me to face all this and not fail, this year has been lucky, I mean I’ve managed to escape death, but on the expense of what? I want to live a normal life Alex, I want to be a normal seventeen year old girl who goes out partying with her friends, not a girl who has to deal with this crap, flirting with death, and getting these wounds, and just feeling like this all the damn time,” Liz let out in one big frustrated groan.

Alex sighed, he had heard the same thing over and over, and he knew what she was feeling. He had watched the girl grow up, he thought of her as a little sister rather than a charge. He wanted nothing more to lift this burden on her but life wasn’t fair. That’s why he tried to make the most out of their situation; he was the only hope Liz had.

“Munchkin, did anyone tell you that you stress things too much? You might not be doing things like other teenagers but you are helping the world become a better place. You underestimate yourself because without you, so much wrong would take place of this world, without your family the streets would be filled with evil. You have the most amazing legacy to follow after and you will follow your legacy, you will keep your legacy and you won’t fail. Want to know how? Because you are so much stronger than you think. You have the potential for so much more and you’re already an amazing fighter. I have never seen someone put up a stronger fight than you have Liz. You take on each battle like it’s nothing, sure you have some problems here and there, but you always pull through. That’s why I have faith in you Liz, you are going to find this asshole, and you are going to beat the living shit out of him, kill him, and finally put the burden on your family’s name to rest. After all that, you can live the life that you want, I promise this to you Liz, nothing will happen to you, I will always watch over you, and prevent all that I can,” Alex promised.

“I’m going to hold you to that,” Liz said finishing up the last bit of the ice-cream. Alex stared down at the carton in shock.

“Did you just finish the whole thing?!” He asked wide eyed

“You were eating with me!”

“I only had two spoonfuls.”

“Hey I had a crisis,” Liz defended.

“Well there’s another good effect of this whole ordeal, if you didn’t fight all those demons, you would be fatter than this table, the exercise does good for you,” Liz glared at him before punching him on the shoulder ‘playfully’.

“Ow! You beast!” Alex winced as he rubbed the new sore spot on his shoulder.

Liz smirked over at him before grabbing a bag of popcorn from the cabinet and exiting the room to watch TV.

“FAT ASS!” Alex screamed out after her as he continued to rub his shoulder.

<center> _/\_
^^ </center>

The next morning Liz awoke with a groan. After her long night of staying up and watching several episodes of “Grey’s Anatomy” with Alex, she retired to bed with only 3 hours of sleep left before she needed to wake up for school.

Liz reached her hand out and turned her alarm clock off with her powers, groaning once more before getting up.

She slipped her slippers on her feet and wiped her eyes with one hand and used the other hand to open her closet door. With the flick of her wrist, she brought out her outfit for the day and laid it on her bed. She walked over into her bathroom and sighed before quickly turning on her shower.

Half an hour later, Liz walked out of the shower, fully awake and ready to begin her day.

She walked over to her vanity and sat down. She dried her hair with the wave of her hand and she put it up in a high curly ponytail. She made her make-up light and natural as she usually does and grabbed her jewelry box. She placed several gold bangles on her wrist and placed gold hoop earrings on her ears before getting up and putting on her outfit for the day.

She had chosen to go with an army printed hooded stretch dress with a pair of matching tan suede high heel boots.

She walked over to her full sized mirror and once she was completely satisfied with her looks she grabbed her books and keys from her desk and walked downstairs.

Once she reached the end of the steps she placed her books and keys on the hallway table and walked towards the kitchen, the heels of her shoes making a clicking noise on the wood floor as she did so.

She opened the refrigerator and grabbed a bottle of water before walking over to her cabinet to grab a packet of “pop tarts”. She heated it up with her powers and ate it as she walked back to the hallway. She gathered the books and water bottle in one hand and her keys and pop tart in the other.

She walked to her front door just as she finished her pop tart and closed the door shut with her free hand, locking it with her keys.

Much to her dismay, as she walked towards her car, her very “arrogant” neighbor walked out of his house. She couldn’t deny that he was looking scrumptious in his suit with a matching tie and leather shoes, and his regular cigarette was between his sexy lips. Despite the fact that he looked fresh and neat in his suit it didn’t hide his bad boy appeal, which drove Liz wild.

But of course she still hadn’t gotten over their first meeting, so being the typical Liz Parker she ignored him.

She placed her books in the passenger seat and walked over to the driver’s side, she was sure that Max was watching so she added a little “sway” to her walk just for effect.

On the other side of the lawn Max watched with desire flaming in his eyes. His next door neighbor was sexy, and one hell of a spit fire. The minute he laid his eyes on her he couldn’t deny his obvious attraction towards her, but the way she interacted with him, drove him even crazier. Plus she straight out rejected him, and no one ever rejected him. It made him even more intrigued.

With a thought into his mind he walked straight in her direction instead of towards his BMW z3 as he planned.

Liz watched from the corner of her eyes as the pigheaded goon walked straight in her direction but she kept her cool.

She heard a whistle from behind her and she put on her “bitch” face and turned around to face him. She placed her hands on her hips, had her eyebrows raised, and looked rather un-amused.

“Can I help you?” She bit out coldly.

Max smirked.

“I was just thinking about how I’d like to take that little thing that you pass of as a dress right off you and take you right there,” He said eyeing her up and down, keeping his gaze locked on her bare thighs.

Liz glared at him.

“Listen you prick, don’t for one second even think that you can even come close enough to me to even touch my dress, now how bout’ you stalk yourself towards your car and away from me? Ok? Thanks!” Liz said turning around to open the door of her car.

Max just continued to walk closer towards her. Liz could hear his steps and turned back around.

“The hell you think you’re going?” Liz asked viciously.

“You know you want me, I saw you eyeing me when I came out the house,” He said boastfully.

Liz laughed, “I was just noticing how different you looked from your appearance from the other day, don’t gas yourself.”

“Oh how sexier I look?” Max asked as he took a drag from his cigarette.

“No, just wondering how a person can actually clean up from that disgusting trailer trash look you were going with the other day,” Liz retorted. Max laughed out loud.

“If I recall you were ready to jump in the sack with that trailer trash, and by the look of things you still are willin’ too honey,” Max said licking his lips.

“I was just having a little fun with the new neighbor, so like I said, don’t gas yourself.”

Max smiled and walked even closer to Liz until he was inches away from her.

“I’d get yourself away from me in the next two seconds before I…”

“Before you…” Max whispered his hot breath on Liz’s neck. Liz had to restrain herself from lunging in his arms right then in there. His breath on her neck was driving her insane and his spicy cologne scent was intoxicating her, she wasn’t sure if she could keep up her icy exterior.

“Kiss me,” Max whispered before inching his lips near hers. Liz closed her eyes and just before his lips reached hers Liz reached up her arms and pushed him away before slapping him on the face.

“No slap the shit out of you, and consider that a gift, usually it’s a quick kick to the balls,” She retorted before climbing into her car and driving away leaving Max with even more determination.

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Hey Guys! Ok I know I suck! I'm sorry I've been really busy with Finals and I haven't even looked at a computer in ages other than studying or writing papers purposes! I'm so sorry, but the good news is is that I'm done! I'm back in writing mode, and back to updating! So here's the next part!

Once again so sorry guys! Hope you're all still interested and for all of you who left feedback you all rock!

Big shout out to my Beta La'shon! Miss you hun! Thanks for being my beta I know I haven't had the chance to talk to you latley! But I miss you!!

Chapter 4

“Looking good Parker,” Tommy, Liz’s first ever boyfriend, called out as she walked into the school. Tommy was the all American boy, quarterback of the football team, boyishly good looks, the guy every girl wants and ever guy wants to be, and an all around jackass.

With the roll of her eyes she walked straight passed him.

She was tired of high school boys, they were all the same hormonal and all were after one thing and then threw you away straight after that. They were immature and a complete waste of time.

“Hey Ria,” Liz said as she walked to her locker and found Maria there all huddled in corner with her boyfriend Michael Guerin. Sometimes Liz wished she could find a boy and have a relationship like Maria and Michael had, they got along like cats and dogs, but were head over heels for each other. But Liz could never have time for a relationship, she’d be too busy hiding who she really was and it would never work it, that’s why it was just one time relations for her.

“Hey Liz!” Maria greeted cheerily. Liz smiled over at Michael.

“Michael, How are you guys?” She asked as she opened up her locker and placed her books in while grabbing her Physics notebook out.

“Good,” They both answered.

“Oh I completely forgot to tell you, so my mom, being my mom, she did some snooping, and apparently the neighbor is some hot shot lawyer, and he’s only twenty-one, something about his dad owning this big law firm, and him being a genius or something, it probably accounts for his cocky attitude,” Maria gossiped. Michael rolled his eyes, if he married Maria one day, he didn’t want to know what their daughters turned out like.

“It does explain the clothes and car. But it doesn’t matter. If he thinks he can just waltz around and act like a fuckin’ god, and thinks he can talk to me the way he does he has another thing comin’. At least I hope he learned that this morning when I slapped him,” Liz gloated as she smiled as the incident replayed in her head.

“You slapped him?!” Maria asked intrigued. Michael rolled his eyes and walked with the two gossiping girls towards their homeroom.

“Yeah, he made some bigoted comment about my dress and had the nerve to try and kiss me, he was lucky a slap was all he got,” Liz commented before walking into the class.

“Yeah he really was lucky that was all he got,” Maria mumbled as she remembered the time Liz kneed Tommy Diaz in the balls after he made a comment about her and whip cream. Maria never saw a boy cry more in her life. Michael quickly agreed as he too remembered the incident, he suddenly felt very aware of his own balls.

<center> _/\_
^^ </center>

After her first three classes Liz was already getting bored. Nothing interesting had been going on in her classes, and the only thing that was going through her mind was Max.

He was arrogant, pigheaded, stubborn, and sexy as hell. Liz couldn’t stop thinking about him, there was just something about him that screamed sexy.

But Liz had too much pride to back down, she was a girl with standards, sure she had one night stands, but she wasn’t easy.

If she was disrespected that was it, it was the end of the line, but there was just something about Max and him acting so damn cocky that drove her insane. She never wanted anyone more in her life than how bad she wanted Max.

Most of the boys she had sex with she just had sex with them because she knew they wouldn’t get attached. That’s the type of girl she was, no strings attached. That’s how she was, she couldn’t be in a relationship, she never had the time for one.

But Max, god he was different, she just wanted to be with him every second of the day, she wanted nothing but him and it was driving her insane.

She didn’t know how much longer she could keep up her ice-queen exterior with him, everything about him drove her wild.

That body, god it just did wonders on a girl. And that cigarette permanently between his lips, god what she would do to be that cigarette.

Not being able take the thoughts anymore Liz decided to leave school. It was just so damn boring and it left her to do nothing but think about Max.

At home she could busy herself by training with Alex.

Just as the bell rang signaling the end of her fourth period class, Liz jetted straight towards the exit, but she didn’t have much luck seeing that she bumped into someone.

“Watch where the fuck…” Liz stopped midway in her sentence as she looked up at the person. She had never seen the boy before, and she knew every boy in the school. He must be new, and he was gorgeous. He looked like a jock, and an asshole, but granted he would keep her mind off of Max.

She smiled up at him with her dazzling smile.

“Sorry about that,” He said with his sexy voice. Liz licked her lips. He would certainly do, by the way he was looking at her too, she could tell he wanted her back.

Her two month dry spell was about to vanish.

“It’s ok, I’m Liz, Parker. You must be new here,” She said sticking out her hand. The boy took her hand.

“Sean Anderson,” He answered as he looked her up and down.

“Were you on your way out?” He asked as he noticed that before she was jetting towards the exit.

Liz looked towards the exit and back at Sean, Sean was much more appealing.

“Me?” Liz let out a soft laugh.

“On my way out? No, just wanting a little fresh air, so what’s your next class?” Liz asked him as she tilted her head to the side, the smile still on her face. He smiled back at her.

“Gym,” He stated. Liz’s smile widened.

“Will you look at that I have gym too,” She commented. Sean smiled.

“Then how about you show me my way,” He stated as he propped out his elbow for her to take.

“I’d love to,” Liz said putting hand through his arm, and led him towards the gym, girls glaring at them, mad that Liz Parker had snagged the new cutie. But it was no surprise to them, like it would be no surprise that by tomorrow he would be history for her.

“So Sean where’d you move from?” Liz asked as they continued to walk.

“I just moved from San Francisco,” He stated.

“Really, and you come to Hollywood High school and already manage to snag a place in our very competitive football team, you must be pretty damn good,” Liz said as she lightly tugged on his letterman jacket.

“Actually I am, and you are looking at Hollywood High’s new quarterback actually,” He corrected as he gloated happily.

“Wait a minute, you beat out Tommy Diaz’s place as quarterback? You really must be something,” Liz said with her eyebrows raised looking him up and down. To beat Tommy as quarterback was like beating Gandhi in a peace war, Tommy had won countless of awards in football and was damn good, a jackass, but a damn good player.

Sean laughed, “I guess I am, especially since I seemed to get the attention of Liz Parker,” He commented. Liz’s smile widened. He was good.

“Well, keep up with your compliments, and attention isn’t the only you’ll be getting,” Liz said as she winked at him and they walked into the gym.

“I’ll see you out here,” She said with yet another wink before she walked into the girl’s locker room, sashaying her ass as she did so.

Sean licked his lips as he watched the girl and shook his head before walking into the gym.

“Liz who was that I saw you walking with?” Maria gushed as Liz walked into the locker room.

“Yeah, girl he was scrumptious,” Latoya, one of the nicer girls Liz was “friends” with, commented.

“He’s new here, his name is Sean, and I thought I should introduce him to Hollywood High, he’s from San Francisco,” Liz stated with a smirk.

“I heard that he took Tommy’s place as quarterback, Tommy just found out 2nd period, I heard he threw a chair out the window!” Betsy Johnson stated as she too got into the conversation.

Some of the other girls came and joined in as well.

“I heard that Hollywood High paid to get him in this school, that’s how good he is,” Another girl came out with.

“Well whatever it is, he’s here, and I have dibs on him, and that’s all that matters,” Liz stated as she pulled off her dress and opened her locker and pulled on her gym shorts.

“Whatever, you’ll be done with him tomorrow just like all the others, and he’ll be up for grabs for us other girls,” Pam Troy, the royal bitch of the school stated. Liz rolled her eyes, why did Pam even bother? She’d never won against Liz.

“Pam don’t you ever close your mouth? Oh I forgot it’s permanently like that from all the dick you suck,” Liz bit out venomously. Pam’s mouth widened.

“Oh there you go again with your practice,” Liz said as she pulled her gym tank top over her head as the other girls snickered.

“You think you’re such big shit around here Liz, but you’re not, you’re just a little slut, and he’ll just leave you like all the rest,” Pam retorted.

“Green isn’t a good look for you, and for your information I leave them, and also I’d take that thought that he would actually be interested in you out of your small little head, because as I recall the last boy who ever wanted you was Jordan Lucas, you remember him don’t you, the coke addict who got locked up a year ago,” Liz snapped. Pam glared at her before running off in a huff. Liz rolled her eyes and shut her locker.

“Damn girl, you always burn her,” Latoya stated.

“She can be a bitch with anyone else, but she knows she’ll never win with me, I know all her secrets,” Liz said as she walked towards the door arm-in-arm with Maria.

“So what the deal with you and Sean,” Maria whispered as she and Liz sat on the girl’s side of the gym floor as the two stretched their legs. Sean was staring at Liz from the boy’s side across the gym. He was shooting her smiles which Liz returned back.

Liz turned her head back over to Maria.

“He’s cute,” Liz commented.

“Yes we all know that, but we also all know your track record with boys. Is he just a one time fling, or are we looking at something more?” Maria asked. Liz bit her lip, he would certainly take her mind off Max, and he was something all the girls in school were going crazy over. It certainly made her feel happy knowing that she managed to snag him.

“I’ll get back to you with that one,” Liz replied with a smile on her face as she winked over at Sean.

Maria stared at Liz wide eyed.

“Liz Parker actually considering on having a boyfriend? Someone please stop the press! I mean I know that you’re not easy, and you usually choose the boys you get with carefully, but you a boyfriend? Your last boyfriend was Tommy Diaz, and that was in 9th grade,” Maria stated shocked.

“Exactly, Tommy Diaz was my last boyfriend, to say that left me not wanting a boyfriend at all is pretty exact, but I don’t know, maybe it’s time for me to actually bend the rules a little.” Liz said with a smile, that concept of Sean being her boyfriend becoming more appealing by the minute.

<center> _/\_
^^ </center>

“No!” Alex stated firmly. Liz looked at him with her mouth widened and her hands on hips.

“You are forgetting that this is my life!” Liz yelled.

“Liz you don’t have time for a boyfriend right now, you know what happened to your little dry spell? You should stick with it for once!” Alex replied back.

“Alex! What about the talk we just had, I mean god Alex, we talked about me having a normal life! You said you didn’t like me with all these one time things, I’m actually considering going on a few dates with this guy and actually sticking with him! And you won’t allow it!” Liz couldn’t understand Alex sometimes.

After gym Sean had asked Liz out on a date for the night. He seemed sweet, and though Liz was still a little skeptic, she liked him and accepted the date. He was actually the one boy she could she herself for longer that an hour, that was other than Max. But Liz wouldn’t let Max control her mind, Sean was not arrogant or a cocky bastard, but god Max was so sexy as a cocky bastard.

‘Wait enough about Max, Sean!’ Liz retracted.

“Liz, this guy is moving in on us Liz! He’s getting close, I talked with the other white lighters and elders, after that incident with Zerkon, everyone’s sure that whoever’s been after your family is closer than he’s ever been, now is not the time for high school drama Liz, this is so much bigger than that!”

“NO ALEX! This isn’t, I’m tired of it Alex, I actually like this guy, the last year of my life has been hell ok! I’ve done everything to beat this guy and nothing’s worked, I’ve given up my life with a few parties here and there, but I’m tired Alex. You said it last night, I’m a fighter and someone I will try my hardest to fight through this, but I don’t want in consuming me day and night. Please just give me this one opportunity to go out with this guy, please, I’m begging you Alex, if anyone knows what I’m going through it’s you,” Liz pleaded.

Alex sighed, but he gave in, “Fine, but if anything goes wrong, you call me.” Liz squealed and grabbed Alex into her arms.

“Thank-you Alex, you’re the greatest big brother a girl could ask for,” She said as she give him a big kiss on a cheek before running upstairs leaving Alex with a smile on his face after the “big brother” comment.

He looked over at the den and at the TV. It looked like it was going to be another “Grey’s Anatomy” night for him.

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Hey guys thanks for the great feedback! I'm glad you are all still interested in this fic! I've started writing parts again so updates should be back to once a week!

Big thanks to my lovely beta La'shon! Love you chica! You're the greatest!

Chapter 5

“So how was the date?” Alex asked as he and Liz were currently tracking down another Demon. They seemed to be coming more frequently which was not a good thing.

“Are you sure this is the proper time for this conversation?” Liz asked as she looked around the huge abandoned building. Chances were that the demon would be there since they had found Zerkon their before.

“Well what else is there to do?” Alex asked as they continued to walk.

“Umm, maybe search for the demon?” Liz retorted as she continued to search.

Alex brushed it off with a flick of his hand.

“That sucker will come out when he’s all prepared, won’t do him much good anyways, but back to the point, how was it?” He asked. Liz rolled her eyes and shrugged her shoulders.

“It was nice,” She said.

“Nice as in, not going to ever happen again? Or, nice as in, a nice comfy bed with the two of you on it?” Alex pried.

“I’m not having this conversation with you,” Liz stated, it was too weird.

“Oh come on, I’ll get the details from Maria later on, so is your dry spell over or what?” Alex continued.

“If you must know the details than fine, it was nice as in no bed but another date on Friday.” Alex stared at her in shock and stood frozen in place.

“You have actually considered a second date from a guy?” He stated in amazement. Liz stopped and placed her hands on her hips.

“I honestly don’t know what the big deal about me actually going on a second date is, I mean I’ve dated before, granted not recently, but I have, and also did no one listen to me when I considered on being just more than a one time thing with this guy!?” Liz asked exasperated.

“Well considering the fact that you haven’t dated a guy for longer than a day since you were 14 would kind of make it difficult to believe, plus no one really ever listens to what comes out of your mouth, it’s usually a crude or bitchy comment no one wants to deal with,” Alex stated simply as he continued with his search.

“You know, it’s a wonder why I put up with you,” Liz stated in a huff.

“Why you put up with me?!”

“Yes, why I put up with you! You can be really mean sometimes,” Liz said pretending to be hurt as she put a pout.

“Oh sorry did I hurt the poor baby’s feelings?” Alex asked in teasing voice.

“Yes, you did hurt my feelings, you asshole,” Liz said as she continued to walk.

“Well suck it up, Muhammad Ali didn’t get famous for being a little punk,” Alex snapped. Liz glared at him hard.

“You know what I don’t appreciate your… Ah!” Liz screamed out as a figure appeared before her and she raised her hand in response. But instead of freezing it like she intended she ended up blasting a box to her right.

Alex ducked in cover as the figure, who turned out to be the demon, let out a fire ball.

Liz quickly retaliated with a blast of her own and got the demon on the arm. He yelped out in pain and before Liz could get the whole demon he shimmered out of the building with his powers.

“Damn,” Liz mumbled. Before running towards Alex.

“Why didn’t you freeze him!?” He asked getting up, white lighter mode taking over.

“I tried, but then a blast came out of no where! What the hell is going on with my powers?!” Liz asked. This never happened to her before. Sure when she first got her powers she was always wrong, she couldn’t control them for the life of her. She on many occasions froze the entire school, a random person in the street, and her favorite target Alex. Then when her powers enhanced instead of freezing she blasted everything in sight, but as she went on she mastered her powers and this hadn’t happened to her for a while.

“I don’t know, but we shouldn’t stay here with them acting up, let’s get out of here,” Alex said as he grabbed her arm and orbed them out of the building back to Liz’s house.

<center> _/\_
^^ </center>

“Stupid bitch,” Niles, the demon mumbled to himself as he entered the layer he was in. He was clutching onto his arm which was bleeding excessively from Liz’s blast.

“What happened?” Niles jumped at the two intruders coming into his room.

“Your highnesses,” Niles bowed still clutching onto his arm.

“What happened,” The eldest questioned again.

“I led her to the factory just as you asked your great, and when I came walked out she tried to freeze, I sense something is wrong with her powers for she blasted a box. Then she sent blast towards me and I shimmered out of there,” Niles explained.

“Did you do what I asked?” The leader continued.

“I didn’t have the time sir, she would have vanquished me,” Niles replied, he started shaking, this could get bad.

“Well than what did you do!” He continued raising his voice.

“I had to send a fire ball towards her way sir so I could have time to escape… forgive me your highness…I didn’t mean to fail,” Niles said stuttering through his words.

The leader walked up to him and grabbed his throat chocking him tight.

“What did I tell you about harming the girl!” He screamed out with fury.

“I…I had to escape your highness, I did not mean to harm her, she was not hit!”

“I DON’T CARE IF YOU HAD TO ESCAPE! I DON’T CARE IF SHE KILLED YOU! MY ORDERS WERE SPECIFIC NOT TO HARM THE GIRL! WHAT GOOD ARE YOU!” He screamed releasing Niles. Once he did he called over one of his other followers.

“Bring him back to the factory, stay there until the girl gets him, I’m sure she’ll be back for him!” He ordered and with a nod of his followers they grabbed onto the screaming Niles and shimmered out of the place.

“What’s the point of working with these low level demons? They can’t get anything right!” He screamed out as he slammed his hand down on the desk.

“Father, don’t worry, about it, it’s ok, our plan is working so far, they probably know that we’re close, we should retract for a little while, get our plan more into motion, the girl won’t be much use if she’s stressed out about other demons,” The other one said.

“You’re right son, our past generations have succeeded in defeating every member of the Wright coven, the most powerful coven in history, now there’s only one left, and we must not make her suffer too much, and we must make sure she does not die, at least not yet, other wise our plan won’t work, and all these years of fighting will be for no use,” The father said sitting down on his throne.

“Don’t worry, everything will work out to our advantage,” The son reassured.

<center> _/\_
^^ </center>

Once back in the house Alex started pacing.

“See I told you this dating thing is not a good idea, we should have trained like I said! Why am I so damn soft with you?!” Alex questioned. This was not good, Liz never lost a demon, she was usually precise and managed, but now things weren’t right.

“Alex this has nothing to do with my dating! Something’s up with my powers! Do you think this…this, god I don’t even know his name! How pathetic is that! I’ve been fighting this guy my whole life and I don’t even know his fucking name!” Liz screamed out. It was all too frustrating for her.

“Look, we can’t start panicking right now, we all know that your powers are useless to you if your all out of wack, which doesn’t explain why it works every other time because your always out of wack…”

Liz glared at him.

“Sorry not the time for a joke, got it. I’m going to go check with the elders, you stay here and… try to keep your hands to yourself,” Alex said before orbing out of the house.

Liz sighed as she slumped down on her steps. She put her arms on her knees and rested her hands over her head. This was not working, maybe Alex was right, maybe she was slacking because she was too busy having a normal life. But was that too much to ask for? After everything that she had been through, couldn’t she just be given one shot at a normal life while still succeeding in her other life?

Liz just couldn’t take it anymore and she let it all out through sobs. It was just too much for her seventeen year old life, this guy was moving in on her because he knew that she was vulnerable right now, if she didn’t want to disappoint her family there was only one thing that she could do, and that was just give up on her normal life.

Alex orbed back in and found Liz sobbing on her steps. It was clear that the girl was on the verge of a break down and his heart shattered seeing her like that. He knew he was rough on her earlier, and he hated when he had to be, but she wasn’t a normal teenager, as much as he wished she would understand that, he also wished that it wasn’t true.

She was an amazing girl, and she deserved the life she wanted.

“Munchkin…” Alex whispered as he as sat down next to her.

“This’ll never be over will it Alex? I’ll just keep fighting this guy till I die? I’ll die the seventeen year old girl who’ll only be known as the girl who gave it up easily, I’ll never be known for what I really did, because I won’t be able to succeed in anything. I’m in way over my head Alex,” Liz cried.

Alex sighed and soothed her back.

“Shh, it’s ok, and I talked to the elders, as for your powers, it seems that it’s just your stress taking a toll on you. The elders had assigned a different white lighter and witch on the demon that we were just tracking so you could rest tonight,” Alex stated.

Liz snorted, “Tonight isn’t enough, I need a vacation, for the rest of my life.” Alex patted her back.

“One step at a time, now come on, let’s get you tucked into bed,” Alex said getting up.

“I’m not nine years old anymore Alex, I can tuck myself in,” Liz commented as Alex helped her up. She wiped her tears and walked up the stairs with him.

“You know you can’t deny that the prospect of it sounded good…”

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Post by Dreamer<3 » Tue Jun 05, 2007 5:11 pm

Thanks FSU/MSW-94, Emz80m, Natz!

Big thanks to my wonderful beta La'shon! :wink: Love ya chica!

Hope you all like it...

Chapter 6

The doorbell to Liz’s house interrupted Liz in picking out her outfit for her date with Sean tonight. Thankfully, the witch that had been assigned on the demon she was working on vanished him successfully, and since that day Liz hadn’t had any unwanted visits from demons, which left her more relaxed, and her powers back to normal.

Alex actually suggested she take this date with Sean, which surprised her, but of course she wasn’t giving up the chance, but now it was only the matter if Alex would open the door or not.

Sean wasn’t due for at least another hour so she was sure it wasn’t him, but you never do know.

“ALEX!!” Liz yelled. Of course she was ignored and she groaned as she got up from her vanity.

She walked down the steps to find Alex sleep on the couch. She glared at him before grabbing one of her squeezable stress balls from the hallway table and throwing it at him, hitting him straight in the head.

Alex woke up in an instant fully alert. When he found Liz standing in the hallway with an unpleased look he knew that the attack came from her.

“Normal people tap on the shoulder to wake them up,” Alex mumbled.

“Yeah, well you’re not normal, could you open the door please?” Liz said pointing towards the door.

“I was calling you not normal, and why can’t you open it?” Alex groaned getting up from the couch.

“Because what if it’s Sean! I can’t just open the door!” Liz squealed out. Alex could be so dense at times.

“You can’t open the door? Liz you live here! Might I add alone! I’m only here for pretty decoration at times! I’m sure the guy expects you to open the door” Alex retorted before walking towards the door. The bell rang a couple more times.

“If he is your date he’s pretty damn impatient,” Alex mumbled before opening the door as Liz hid into the den.

Alex found an impatient Maria waiting on the other side.

“Where’s Liz?!” Maria asked walking straight into the house.

“Hi to you too, hormonal women, why must I be surrounded by them?” Alex muttered before rolling his eyes and shutting the door.

“Oh it’s just you,” Liz said coming out of the den once the coast was clear.

“Yes it’s me! Why haven’t you been in school the past two days! And what is this I hear, you’re going on a second date with Sean?! Why haven’t you told me?!” Maria was going a mile an hour with her questions and both Alex and Liz had a hard time catching on.

“Woow there, slow your roll, breathe, that’s it breathe, good…now…one question at a time,” Alex stated, his head spinning from all the words being gushed out.

“Where have you been the last two days?” Maria asked.

“I’ve been helping Alex out with some stuff,” Liz told her as Alex nodded in agreement, it wasn’t a complete lie.

“What stuff?” Liz and Alex looked at each other.

“Alphabetizing my CD collection,” Alex answered. There was the lie. Liz nodded her head in agreement.

“It took two days for that?” Maria asked with her eyebrow raised.

“I am very fond of music,” Alex stated. Liz nodded her head.

“He really is, it took me three hours just to get through the As.” Maria looked at them skeptically before brushing it off.

“Whatever, what’s this about you and Sean and a second date?” She questioned.

“Why is this such a big shocker to everyone!?” Liz asked exasperated.

“I don’t maybe because you haven’t been…”

“With a guy longer than an hour, ya ya, tell me something I haven’t heard. Well now, I’ve decided to turn over a new leaf ok! So if you two don’t mind! I have to get ready for my date,” Liz stated as she stormed upstairs.

Alex and Maria stared at each other, before brushing Liz’s little fit off. They were use to them by now.

“Michael working?” Alex asked.

“Yeah,” Maria confirmed.

“Grey’s Anatomy?” Alex asked.

“Sure,” Maria agreed as the two walked into the den.

“Oh I love this episode!” Maria squealed.

Alex nodded his head, “I’ve seen it at least three times in the last two days,” He confessed.

<Center> _/\_
^^ </center>

25 minutes later Liz was all set for her date. She wasn’t really sure where Sean was taking her so she decided to go for dressy casual.

She had on a black corset top that laced up in red, with tight dark blue jeans, and black leather boots. Her hair was down straight and her make-up was the same as usual only this time she applied some black eyeliner.

She grabbed her black leather jacket from her closet, and sprayed on some perfume before walking downstairs.

She walked into the den where she found her couch potatoes.

“Well how do I look?” Liz asked spinning around for them.

Maria whistled, “Looking hot chica, you’ll definitely blow his socks off,” She commented.

“Too muf… skin,” Alex said with a mouthful of popcorn. Liz glared at him.

“I’m not even going to respond to that,” Liz stated as she plopped down on the couch.

“Oh this is a good episode!” Liz cried with enthusiasm as she situated herself on the couch.

Just as she did the doorbell rang, “Damn, Alex watching it again when I get back?” Liz asked as she got up from the couch.

“There’s nothing wrong with a fourth time, that is assuming that you will come back before dawn,” Liz glared at him.

“I’m getting the door,” He said getting up from the couch walking towards the door.

“Amazing, that is the first time in months he’s probably answered the door on his own free will,” Liz mumbled.

“Are you nervous?” Maria whispered. Liz looked at her like she was crazy.

“For what?”

“This is a big thing for you, a second date, you’ve only had like what one other second date in your life?”

“Maria, there’s nothing to be nervous about, trust me, just because this is my first second date in a long time, doesn’t mean I’m not familiar with the dating scene, granted I’ve been on a little hiatus, I’m back in the game, and I’m fine,” Liz confirmed.

“Good to know it,” Maria said nodded her head.

"Liz your date’s here," Alex mumbled as he walked back into the den, Sean in tow.

Liz smiled at Sean as she appreciated the way he looked, dressed in casual dark blue jeans, a black button down long sleeved shirt. He looked casual but cute at the same time.

"Hey," Liz said with a smile.

"Hey, you look great," he stated really appreciating her appearance.

"Thanks." Maria and Alex both cleared their throats and Liz glared at them.

"Sean, you know Maria, and he doesn't matter, but his name is Alex," Liz introduced.

Sean nodded at both of them.

"So you ready to go?" she asked.

"Yeah, it was seeing you all," he said to Maria and Alex as he and Liz started walking towards the door.

"Have her home by 12!" Alex screamed after them and received a smack from Maria.

"Hey!" he yelped.

"I'm just doing what Liz would have done if she was here," Maria replied as she sat on the couch.

"Well it wasn't very nice, I do have to set some ground rules sometimes..."

<center> _/\_
^^ </center>

Liz made a mental note to kick Alex’s ass when she got back home as she and Sean were exiting the house.

"So is that your brother?" Sean asked referring to Alex.

"I guess you could say that, he's my cousin, he moved here when he was 17 and since I've been emancipated, he's been hanging out a lot to watch over me," Liz half lied.

"So what's it like being emancipated?" Sean asked as the two walked to his car.

"It gets kind of lon..." Liz stopped midway in sentence when she saw Max's car zip into the driveway and get out of his car.

Sean followed her gaze towards max.

Just as Liz was about to jump into the car max spotted them and him being the "great" guy he was took that opportunity to make him self known to his neighbor and guest.

He walked over to them and he could feel Liz’s hot glare on him.

"Hey there neighbor," Max stated taking his cigarette pack out of his pocket and taking a cigarette out and putting it between his lips before he lit it.

"Hi. Sean let’s go," Liz stated.

"Aww aren't you going to introduce me to your friend?" Max asked with a smirk as he took a drag from his cigarette.

And just when Liz was going great with the thoughts of Max gone from her head.

"No. Sean lets go," Liz stated again, this time more firmly.

"You gonna just let her bitch you around like that pretty boy?" Max bit out, his smirk getting bigger. Liz glared at him, the guy was asking for her to rip him a new asshole.

"Back up man," Sean stated.

"Damn is the sex that good that she's got you by the balls. Shoulda took the chance when I had it," Max stated before letting out a chuckle at Liz’s expression.

"You fuc..."

"Uh uh Lizzie, there are children around, you need to watch your language," he whispered as he pointed over to Sean.

"Hey man!" Sean said walking closer towards max. Max smiled and flicked his cigarette away before walking towards Sean as well.

"You got somethin' to say pretty boy?" Max challenged.

"Enough! Max just leave me alone! Sean can we please just go?!" Liz pleaded with the two of them before things got bad.

"You fight all his battles Liz?" Max teased. Sean clenched his fist, Liz was sure Sean was going to swing at him but for some reason he didn't. Liz didn't have to much time to think about it, instead she jumped in between the two of them.

She pushed Sean towards the car, "let’s just go Sean," Liz said. Sean glared back at Max who winked at him. Sean nodded at Liz and got in the drivers seat.

Liz turned around fuming with anger as Max blew her a kiss. "You better pray I don't see you when I get back," Liz threatened before she walked over to the passenger side and got in before Sean sped off.

Max just laughed and shook his head before walking into his house.

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Thanks to all those who left feedback!! You all are amazing!

Queen Fee
sprayadhesive - it's ok I've been slacking on feedback as well lol it's summer time and things get crazy! lol

Big thanks to my beta La'shon!

Chapter 7

“I’m so sorry about him Sean, it's just he’s an ass, and I keep trying to ignore him, but it just makes him more eager, and I’m so sorry,” Liz apologized as they were driving, she gave Sean a little bit time to cool off before she started her apologies.

“So he’s your ex huh?” Sean asked. Liz looked at him like he was crazy.

“No, not even, he just moved in like 4 days ago, and he’s just been an ass, he can’t take rejection well I guess,” Liz explained.

“Well, it seemed like you two used to date that’s all,” He continued.

“No, I wouldn’t, no he’s an ass, I know you probably heard stories about me, but there’s a limit as to what I deal with, and he passed that limit about a minute into meeting him,” Liz stated.

Sean laughed, “Yeah well I can understand that. And about the stories, I’ve heard them, and I don’t really care,” He stated.

Liz raised her eyebrow.

“Really? You don’t care? The most sought out new guy in school dates me Liz Parker, who isn’t really known for her relationship keepings, but more for her fun outings and you’re not with me because of the stories? Kind of hard to believe,” Liz stated. She wanted to test him to see what he came up with.

“Well considering that I bumped into you about 5 minutes into the school, and you being the first person I talked to in the school, I was already hooked before I heard the stories, so it’s safe to say I’m only with this Liz Parker because of my first impression of her, and not some insignificant story,” He clarified.

Liz smiled and her face lit up.

“Did I pass the test?” He asked with a smirk. Liz nodded her head, “You passed.” He smiled at her which she returned.

“So where are you taking me?” Liz asked as she looked outside the window of the car.

“You’ll see,” He said with a smile on his face.

<center> _/\_
^^ </center>

“Oh I am so going to kick your ass,” Liz taunted as Sean brought her to the place of their date. They were in an arcade filled with different games, and currently they were standing in front of the go-cart section.

Sean laughed, “We’ll see about that,” He said as he grabbed her hand leading her to the carts, Liz with a smile on her face.

<center> _/\_
^^ </center>

“Oh aren’t you the sore loser?” Liz teased in a baby voice with a little pout. Sean glared at her playfully before sticking his tongue out at her. Liz laughed and clutched onto his arm tighter. He smiled and wrapped his arm around her shoulders.

After beating him in the go cart racing, bowling, and numerous video games, Sean was embarrassed to be called a guy. Leaving Liz to feeling more victorious than ever, this was one of the rare times that she actually liked fighting and winning at it.

“Ok, ok you proved your point,” Sean stated giving into Liz’s demands.

“And what was that?” Liz teased.

“That girls can be as good and sometimes even better at athletics than guys,” Sean stated complying with Liz’s wish.

Liz laughed, “Atta boy,” She stated with a giggle. Sean couldn’t help but think how cute she was and he paused for a second to watch her smile. He was currently holding onto her hand and she walked a little bit ahead of him not noticing that he stopped so he pushed her towards him and turned her around to give her a kiss, surprising Liz at first, but she quickly adjusted to the kiss.

Liz smiled against his lips and once they spread apart, Sean rested his forehead against hers, “That was nice,” Liz commented. Sean agreed and gave her another peck on the lips before the two walked off to get their food.

<center> _/\_
^^ </center>

You don’t have to walk me to the door, trust me I’m capable of doing that on my own,” Liz stated as Sean pulled up into her driveway.

“You sure?” He asked. Liz raised her eyebrow. “I’m pretty sure, but thanks, for everything, I had a great time.” He smiled and leaned in to give her a kiss. Liz accepted it graciously but stopped before it led into something more.

“I should get going,” She whispered. Sean looked at her in surprise but quickly nodded.

“Your cousin should be happy I have you home on time,” Liz giggled.

“Yeah, he’s probably knocked out by now so I doubt he’d even notice,”

“He doesn’t have a job? You said he was what 28, 27? He looks like he’s our age,” Sean commented.

“Uh he’s 27, and he works from home, and yeah, he gets that a lot, its hereditary thing, his dad never aged that much either, but yeah, umm thanks again Sean,” He nodded his head. Liz leaned in and gave him another quick peck on the lips and walked out of the car. As she walked over to her door and stuck her key in the lock she looked back and smiled and waved at him before he drove off.

Once he did, Liz looked over at her neighbor’s house and noticed the curtains on the window shift. She glared at it with anger before stomping over to his house.

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Thanks so much for the great feedback! You guys are great!!


And as always a big thanks to my lovelyyy beta La'shon! Love ya chica! :wink:

Chapter 8

Liz stomped her way over to her neighbor’s yard and up the steps to his porch before hastily banging on his front door.

Interrupting her banging her amused neighbor opened the door full equipped with a grin as he leaned against the door frame.

“Can I help you?” Max asked huskily as he pulled the cigarette out from his ear and putting it to his lips before lighting it with a lighter, which he grabbed from his jean pocket.

“You have some fucking nerve!” Liz screamed in his face as she placed her hands on her hips. Max just stood there, smoking a cigarette, with a grin on his face.

“Who the fuck do you honestly think you are?! You’re a fucking jerk and ugh! I mean where do you even come off?! YOU HAD NO RIGHT! NO RIGHT WHAT SO EVER! And I should just…”

At that moment Max grabbed Liz by the waist and brought his lips down to her and kissed her hungrily. Liz who was completely surprised and taken by the kiss quickly pulled back. She stared up at Max before lunging back into his arms and kissing him right back.

Max grinned against her lips before wrapping his arms around her waist, flicking the cigarette away outside and closing the door with his leg.

<center> _/\_
^^ </center>

“How did it go?” the mysterious man asked.

“Good, I think she’s falling for it.”

“It’s only a matter of time now then,” He said with a smirk on his face.

<center> _/\_
^^ </center>

Liz quickly wrapped her legs around Max’s waist as he shoved her hard against the wall of his hallway. He grinded his erection into her aching core and Liz pulled her mouth away from him to moan out loud. Max took the advantage to devour her neck.

Liz’s whole world was spinning out of control. She was burning up with desire and she never wanted anything more in her life than she wanted Max.

Liz unwrapped her legs from Max’s waist and Max pulled away from her curiously. She smiled and shoved him hard against the opposite wall and continued back to her assault on his lips.

Max smiled against her lips before wrapping his arms around her waist again, cupping her butt with his hands; he liked his girls feisty.

Liz aggressively grabbed the hem of Max’s shirt rapidly taking it off and throwing it aside. Max once again lifted Liz up and she wrapped her legs around his waist. He walked them over to the couch and when the back of his knees hit the edge of the couch he fell back bringing Liz down with him.

Liz laughed and quickly climbed on his lap and grinded herself against his throbbing erection; Max groaned at her teasing movements.

Liz took the time to explore his chest with her hands. His body looked as good as she imagined, even better. Max grinned.

“Like what you see?” Max asked cockily. Liz glared at him before slapping him.

“That’s for earlier,” She retorted with a smirk. Max responded by capturing her lips in a hungry kiss again. Liz quickly deepened the kiss tracing the outline of his lips with her tongue and he quickly granted her access. As their tongues dueled for what seemed like hours, Max placed his hands on Liz’s hips moving them to grind against him in a slow pace.

Max bit and tugged at her lips causing Liz to pull back in surprise.

“That was for the slap,” He replied with a grin. Liz laughed and then yelped as Max picked her up and slammed her down against the couch so that she was now on her back and pinned under him. He grabbed the hem of her shirt and quickly discarded her shirt.

He groaned when he saw that she had no bra on and quickly took assault on her right breast. Max nipped and tugged at Liz’s tender nipple causing Liz to moan loudly. She weaved her hands through his hair as he continued his assault on the other breast.

“Max,” Liz moaned. Max lifted his head up and brought himself back up to her lips, making sure to grind his hard member on her burning center.

“I like when you moan my name, do it again.” Max replied huskily. Liz glared at him, “You cocky basta…” Liz’s words got caught in her throat as Max sucked on the sensitive part of her neck. She moaned out his name again causing him to smile against her neck.

Liz quickly took action and pushed Max back and slammed him down on his back climbing on top of him.

“Damn baby, what you be eating,” Max questioned after seeing her feisty strength.

“I think the question is what am I going to be eating,” Liz whispered against his ear before sticking her tongue out to lick his lope. Max groaned concocting many images. Liz laughed before biting down on his ear. Max pushed her back.

“That was for biting my lip,” She cracked before bringing her body down and stopping at his waist. She sat up and unzipped his jeans pulling them down. Just as she got them off she slithered her way back up towards his waist and freed his agonized member from his boxers.

Max growled at the contact of Liz’s hands on him. Liz smiled.

“Moan my name bitch,” Liz teased with a laugh. Max laughed with her and shook his head, his attention slowly fading as Liz slowly brought her head closer towards his erection.

Max closed his eyes once Liz tongue darted out and grazed the tip of his penis. Just then a huge crash came from the outside sounding like someone broke a glass window. Liz quickly whipped her head up; the sound came from next door.

Liz quickly got off Max and Max reached out and grabbed her arm.

“It’s probably nothing,” Max assured not wanting to end things. Liz shook him off from her arm, “I have to go,” Liz stated grabbing her shirt from the floor quickly pulling it over as she walked out the house.

Leave it to her double life to once again fuck up any type of normalcy.

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Hey guys! Sorry I'm a couple days late! I've been really busy and haven't had time to write! But i'm back with the next part!

Thanks to all of you who left feedback! You guys are great!

- I don't think anyone ever wants to sound like Paris Hilton lol

Big thanks to my beta La'shon! You're absolutley amazing hun! And don't worry I'm working on more parts that are headed your way! :lol: :wink:

Hope you like it...

Chapter 9

Liz quickly ran over to her house. She looked to the side and saw that her house window was broken.

“Shit,” Liz cursed as she remembered Maria was in the house with Alex as well. She quickly ran into her house and closed the door quickly.

She looked around cautiously as she walked about around the house. She looked to the left and saw that the TV was on as well as two blankets lying on the couch but no Maria and Alex in sight.

“Alex!” Liz silently whispered hoping that he would answer to her call. When he didn’t show up Liz knew something was wrong. She quietly walked up the steps towards the upstairs and when she saw the door to her room slightly open she hesitated before opening it. She quietly walked into the room and the sight in front of her shocked her.

<center> _/\_
^^ </center>

“The plan’s in motion. It’s your time,” He told him. He nodded and quickly disappeared.

He turned around and smiled at the two prisoners; one white lighter and one human.

“What do we do with them?” One of his followers asked.

“Nothing, the girl would never get over their deaths, we just need to set them as trap,” The leader stated as the others nodded.

<center> _/\_
^^ </center>

“Sean?!” Liz screamed. This was not good. Sean smirked.

“You know, for the only witch left in the powerful Wright Coven, you were really pretty trusting,” He stated. Liz’s eyes widened.

“Oh don’t be too shocked, you actually thought I cared, how cute. Although you are hot and could do wonders if you stepped over to our side, I don’t deal with uptight, easy, insecure witches,” He bit out.

“You bastard!” Liz said as she rose out her hand and send out a blast towards his arm.

Sean screamed out in agony and sent out a fire ball towards her. Liz quickly dodged it as she did a summersault and when she faced him once again she let out another blast on his other arm.

Once Sean screamed out again Liz got up to her feet and quickly kicked him in the stomach sending him flying across the room.

“And I don’t like dealing with worthless demons who I can destroy with the flick of my wrist, but hey I’m not one to complain,” Liz retorted as she send out another blast. She was going to make this torture short and sweet; she needed to find out what he did with Alex and Maria, and needed to make sure he would answer all he questions.

“Oh and you actually thought I cared about you! Ha, I was just next door about to screw my neighbor, you were the farthest thing from my mind,” She bit out before send out another blast.

“Now we can do this the easy way, or the hard way,” She said coming up to his distraught body as it lay slumped against the wall. She grabbed his face with her hand and squeezed his face tight.

“What did you do to Alex and Maria?” She asked. All she got was a laugh, “I don’t know if you realize it but I’m holding the cards right now,” He bit out.

Liz glared at him before digging her nails into the sides of his cheek and Sean winced in pain.

“Last time I’m asking and then it’s the hard way, where’s Maria and Alex?!” She said louder with a demanding tone.

Just then the front door opened and Liz was caught off guard as she turned around. Sean took advantage of the situation and kicked her in the gut killing her balance as she landed straight on her back. Liz quickly got up and raised her hand but Sean quickly retaliated and sent a fire ball at her arm. It hit her and Liz winced in pain but she refused to go down. She sent one back at Sean but he dodged it and he grabbed her and pushed her against the wall wrapping his hands around his neck.

“It’s over bitch, how does it feel knowing that the man you were trying to fight off your entire life is killing you and you can’t do anything about it?!” He hissed out with a laugh. Liz’s eye widened.

“It’s you?!” She coughed out. Just then the door burst open and Liz couldn’t believe who it was. The man quickly jumped on Sean and the two started wrestling.

“Oh shit!” Liz screamed. What the hell was Max doing here? Then she looked and saw a knife in his hand. Max quickly raised his hand ready to plunge it into Sean.

“NO!” Liz screamed as she raised her hands and froze the scene in front of her, but it was already too late and Max had stabbed Sean.

“Oh god, what am I gonna do, oh shit,” Liz panicked as she paced the room. This was not good. What was she going to do? She needed to get Alex, and with Sean dead she couldn’t do it. She clutched her head. This was not supposed to happen.

“Get it together Parker, now is not the time,” She whispered to her self as she took a deep breath. She would have to find another way to find Alex.

She quickly moved Max out of the way. If she knew demons like she thought she did, she knew that Sean would probably shimmer out of there the minute she unfroze them and she didn’t need Max to see it happen. So, she turned Max around and she quickly unfroze them.

“What?!” Max screamed at his new position as he saw Liz on top of him.

“Bastard!” Sean screamed as he got up and ran out of the room and Liz watched as he shimmered away as soon as he got out of the room. That was strange, why wouldn’t he just shimmer out right then? But Liz didn’t have time to think about it, she had more pressing matters.

“Are you ok?!” Liz asked as she checked Max for any bruises not realizing that she was still on top of him.

“I should be asking you that,” Max said as he sat up and leaned against the dresser Liz not moving, still straddling his lap.

“I’m a big girl, what are you doing here?” She questioned.

“I heard a loud crash and screams, I thought you were in trouble, so I came here, what the hell happened?” Max asked genuine concern in his voice. Liz smiled, “You came here to my rescue?” Max laughed.

“Don’t feel special.” Liz glared at him, but then realized she needed to come up with an excuse.

“What happened?” He asked.

“Oh you know, date rape, got angry I didn’t give him any, normal teenage stuff,” Liz lied.

“That’s not normal teenage stuff, that bastard shouldn’t have laid a hand on you,” Max stated firmly.

Liz smiled, “Well I’m ok now thanks to you.”

“Yeah, so what are we going to do now? Are you going to report him? I mean if I get caught stabbing him, we’re talking about a lot of time,” Max asked thinking rationally.

“There’s the lawyer in you huh,” Liz stated. Max raised his eyebrows, “How’d you know I was a lawyer?”

“Gossip,” Liz simply stated. Wait what was she doing? She wasn’t supposed to be there straddling Max’s lap, flirting, she needed to find Alex and Maria.

“But seriously what are going to do?”

“Umm, I don’t think we really need to worry about that right now,” Liz stated. What was she going to do? She couldn’t just leave he’d have way too many questions. The only choice was to put a spell on him, only till she could find Alex and Maria.

Liz closed her eyes, “Liz?” Max questioned, confused as to why she closed her eyes. Suddenly he felt really sleepy and everything blacked out.

“Sorry Max,” Liz whispered before she lugged him over to her bed and laid him down on it.

“ALEX!” Liz shouted hoping her could hear her.

<center> _/\_
^^ </center>

“HE STABBED ME!” Sean screamed to the leader.

“That wasn’t apart of the plan! I wasn’t supposed to be stabbed! And that bitch! You see these! You said this was supposed to be easy!” Sean screamed back.

Kivar rolled his eyes. His father used to be the greatest warlock, he ruled all things evils and even took hold of everything good. It was all until that stupid bitch from that Wright Coven ruined it. But he swore his revenge on the family, but the thing he hated most was that he needed to deal with low level demons in the process.

“If my son stabbed you, he had reason,” He simply stated.

“That was not part of the plan! He stabbed me! I was just supposed to shake her up so that he could come in and save the day and gain her trust! I was not supposed to be stabbed!” Sean complained again.

Kivar rolled his eyes once again and groaned. With a wave of his hand Sean burst in to flames.

“My job with you is done, Max gained her trust, now all we have to do is wait,” Kivar said with a smirk.

“What do we do with the prisoners my lord?” One of his followers asked.

“Release them, but make sure they don’t remember a thing!” Kivar ordered. He nodded and left to do his task.

“It’s only a matter of time now,” Kivar said with a smirk.

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Thanks so much for you're kind words, my mother is doing much better, and thanks so much for all of you who left feedback you guys are just amazing!

And of course more thanks goes out to my lovely lovely beta La'shon! You're amazing...great...fantastic...& the biggest help!

Chapter 10

Liz groaned out loud when her calls for Alex went unheard. She was completely alone and she didn’t like the feeling of it. She sighed as she sat at her table trying to write a spell to reach Alex, but her gaze kept shifting to the gorgeous creature lying on her bed.

She couldn’t believe the events that had just played out, one minute she was calling her neighbor an arrogant asshole and the next thing she knew she was giving it up to him in his house. Then the boy she was ready to change the rules for ended up being the guy who has been after her family for centuries and then said neighbor came to her rescue. The guy who was supposed to be a cocky self centered son of a bitch came to her rescue, and his voice was filled with such genuine worry.

Liz shook her thoughts, she couldn’t think about him right now. She needed to get to Alex. However Liz did find it funny, no matter what situation it was, she always found herself getting lost in Max. There had to be a reason for that.

“Ok Parker, focus,” She whispered to herself as she took a long breath and finished writing her spell.

<Center> _/\_
^^ </center>

“Umm Alex, where are we?” Maria asked beyond confused as to how she and Alex woke up in the middle of a forest when they were just previously sitting on Liz’s couch watching Grey’s Anatomy.

Alex groaned inside, this had to do with something supernatural and he cursed that Maria got dragged along.

Alex let out a nervous chuckle, “Sleep walking?” Maria looked at him like he was insane.

“Oh yeah sleep walking into the middle of nowhere, and no one seemed to stop us huh, you know two people walking down the street eyes closed hands stuck out, looking like zombies, and no one stopped us on our little trip to the forest?” Maria questioned as she placed her hands on her hips.

“Sleep driving then?” He gave her a little nervous laugh.

“What the hell is going on here! Come on we need to get out of here,” Maria said as she walked away trying to find the nearest exit out of the forest.

“You know sleep walking doesn’t really entitle to you closing your eyes and walking with your hand stuck out like a zombie…”

<Center> _/\_
^^ </center>

“Ok here goes,” Liz mumbled as she lifted up her piece of paper and started chanting the incantation.

<Center> _/\_
^^ </center>

“ALEX I KNOW YOU’RE LYING TO …” Maria paused in mid sentence as she witnessed she and Alex being surrounded by white glowing stars swirling around them.


<Center> _/\_
^^ </center>

“HELL!” Maria opened her eyes and couldn’t believe the site in front of her. She and Alex had just shifted from the woods into Liz’s room, Liz staring at them with a paper in her hand. Did she just transport?

Liz looked at them shocked; she didn’t think Maria would be awake when they were sent back to the house. Well her wish came true just at that moment since Maria had fainted, Alex quickly catching her before she fell to the floor.

“I didn’t think she would be awake,” Liz said as she bit her lip looking like a kid being caught going into the cookie jar. Alex sighed, there was nothing they could do right now, they would need to make a spell to make her forget, and they needed to figure out what the hell had just happened to them.

Alex gently took Maria to Liz’s bed and laid her down. Liz’s eyes widened and before she could stop him Alex saw the other occupant of the bed. He quickly whipped around and faced Liz who now looked like she was a nun caught having sex.

“IS THIS WHY IT TOOK YOU SO LONG TO FIND ME!?” Alex screamed enraged, well sure he didn’t really know how long he and Maria were gone for, but he didn’t care, he deserved to have a tantrum, he couldn’t believe Liz was getting cozy with the neighbor while he and Maria were kidnapped.

“It wasn’t even that long! And no! If you let me explain!” Liz started.

“I can’t believe this…what happened to Sean!? And what happened to the whole oh he’s an arrogant son of a bitch, and all this blah blah blah! YOU WOULD HAVE LET ME DIE JUST TO GET LAID!” Alex continued his tantrum while pacing and using swift hand gestures to exercise his fury.

Liz rolled her eyes, Alex could be such a drama king.

“ALEX!!” Liz screamed to get his attention as he continued his rant.

“What!?” Alex screamed back as he placed his hands on his hips.

“Sean’s Alexander James’s son,” Liz stated. Alex looked at her in shock.

“I told you it wasn’t a good thing to go out with him! Didn’t I say that!? But do you ever listen to me!? NO!”

Liz sighed, Alex could go on with the ‘I told you so’ routine for days.

“Alex! Listen to me! Then you can bitch all you want.” Alex glared at her and then crossed his arms, “I do not bitch,” He retorted before shutting up to let her finish.

“Thank you! Anyway, when I came home from the date I, well, anyways, I heard a crash, so I ran to the house, and I found you and Maria missing. I ran upstairs and I found Sean waiting in my room,” Liz started explaining.

“Wait how did he get from the car to you’re room in such a short time, I mean you said as he dropped you off, I’m sure you would have noticed him shimmer out,” Alex questioned.

Liz bit her lip, “Well he’s Alexander’s son ok, he has some tricks, anyways back to the point,” Liz said trying to cover up the fact that she was at Max’s for quite some time.

Alex looked at her skeptically but let her continue, “So anyways, Max apparantley heard me and Sean go out at, and not like that, you know blasts, the whole nine yards, and then he had me in a choke hold you know all that jazz, and then Max comes running and tackles him, out comes a knife and Sean gets stabbed. I froze the scene, I couldn’t let Max see Sean shimmer out like I knew he would, so I turned Max around and Sean shimmered out, and then I just gave Max a little shock so he could pass out for a while, so that I could find you and Maria, and then I wrote the spell, and then Maria fainted, and you had your tantrum, and now here we are,” Liz said taking a deep breath after the quick run down of the situation.

“Thanks for all the facts,” Alex said shaking his head at the last part, like he didn’t know Maria fainted and he had a tantrum.

“Look let’s just deal with them for right now, and then we’ll figure out the rest about Sean and everything,” Alex suggested.

Liz agreed. Liz looked at Alex just as he took out forgetful spell from Liz’s spell closet. Liz looked at him and then looked back at Max and Maria.

“Alex I don’t think I can do this to her, not again Alex. I want to tell her the truth.”

Alex sighed. He knew Liz wanted to tell Maria, hell he wanted to at times too. The girl had become a part of their little family. She was the missing link in their family. While Alex was kooky and strange, Liz was loud and a badass, Maria was a mix of both of them and also made the three of them grounded. He hated lying to her and he knew Liz did too, but he didn’t think it would be fair to drag her into this mess that could easily get her killed, just like it had with Liz’s grandfather and father.

“Liz I don’t know if we should drag her into this, not right now, at this moment, look what happened with Sean, it’s too dangerous right now, especially since he didn’t hesitate to kidnap her along with me, he won’t stop at anything Liz, and today was a close call, but I don’t want to put her at risk, not right now,” Alex reasoned.

Liz sighed and looked over at Maria. Alex was right, it wouldn’t be fair to drag Maria into their mess.

“You’re right, give me the spell,” Liz stated as she reached her hand out for the piece of paper Alex was holding. He gave it to her without hesitance and then looked at Max.

“What about him?” He asked.

“He didn’t witness anything supernatural, I told him it was a date rape attempt, and not to worry about the stabbing, he took it fairly well,” Liz stated.

Alex nodded, “Fine I’ll leave it up to you what you want to do with him, but let me bring her downstairs, I don’t want to confuse her as to why she came from watching Grey’s Anotomy with me to upstairs with you and your little guy friend…” Alex said staring at Max. Liz glared at him and rolled her eyes.

She helped Alex bring Maria downstairs and once she and Alex were settled in like they had been Liz began her spell, “Things that were, make them no longer, the scene witnessed, make unseen,” Liz chanted. When a glow surrounded Maria and then disappeared Liz nodded her head and Alex placed his hand over Maria’s head and healed her from her trauma.

Maria woke up and stretched out her arms.

“Hmm, how long was I out? Liz, hey when did you get back? How was your date?” Maria asked when she suddenly noticed Liz had joined them as well.

Liz smiled at her the sadness behind it completely hidden.

“Let’s just say Sean Anderson will never be seeing another date with Liz Parker,” Liz stated.

“That bad?” Maria asked. Liz nodded her head.

“Apparently it isn’t, you missed out quite a lot, Mr. Neighbor is actually upstairs in her bedroom,” Alex whispered to Maria. Liz glared at him and Maria whipped her head towards Liz.

“No way! How did that happen!? ALEX WHY DIDN’T YOU WAKE ME?!” Maria exclaimed with wide eyes.

Liz looked at Alex and both their eyes were sympathetic, if only they could tell her the truth.

“Woman one, you snore like a pig, and two, you sleep like the dead, I pushed you, and you didn’t even flinch, no wonder Michael’s always working, if I have to wake up to that I wouldn’t want to stick around either,” Alex said coming in defense to himself. Maria smacked him upside the head, and Liz followed.

“HEY!... HEY!! Why’d you hit me too!?” He asked Liz as he rubbed both sides of his head.

“Just wanted to, now if you don’t mind I need to get upstairs to sort some things out,” Liz said before she walked out of the living room.

“DID HE HIT IT?!” Maria screamed after her but Liz just stuck out her middle finger to express her feelings as she walked up the stairs.

“He definitely hit it,” Maria stated as she sat back down next to Alex. Alex looked at her and shrugged.

“Wouldn’t doubt it,” He mumbled grabbing the bowl of popcorn from the table.

<Center> _/\_
^^ </center>

Liz took a deep breath as she entered her room and shut her door. In front of her was her next door neighbor, the man she thought was arrogant, but he had this hold on her.

She was afraid to let him get close, especially after what happened with Sean, but she didn’t know what it was about him. He was just all the wrong things and yet all the right things at the same time.

She never wanted a man more, but after he saved her, after she saw how he risked his life, and the worry in his eyes, she knew there was much more to the bad boy then she thought, and it scared the hell out of her. She never wanted to get too close to anyone, and Max scared her, because she was so vulnerable around him, he made her want to be happy, he made her smile, he made her genuinely laugh, and at the same time he could deal with the fact that she’s not afraid to brace herself.

He was the perfect guy, and she didn’t know how it was going to turn out.

She sighed, she’d just have to let things play out.

She walked over to him and took a spot next to him on her bed. She brushed his hair off his face. He was so sexy, Liz thought to herself, but she shoved her lustful thoughts aside and pressed her hand against his forehead and brought him back to consciousness.

Max looked around confused and then looked to his side, Liz must have put a spell on him, but he had to pretend like he didn’t know.

“What happened?” Max said with fake confusion.

“You fainted, probably from the fight, I laid you on the bed and waited till you gained consciousness,” Liz lied. Max looked at her but pretended to believe her.

“Well that ruins my ego a bit,” Max admitted. Liz laughed, “Don’t worry I won’t tell anyone your secret,” She promised.

Max rolled to his side, she was starting to open up to him. His dad would be proud. He brushed the hair out of her face and put it behind her ears.

“My hero,” Max whispered before he leaned up and took her lips into his. Liz moaned into his mouth, his kisses were addicting.

Max quickly took control of the kiss and deepened it. He brushed his tongue against her lips and she quickly granted him access.

Liz’s head was spinning out of control. His kisses were intoxicating and made her feel like nothing else ever existed. When she kissed him she didn’t worry about demons, or the world where she had to live in constant alert, she didn’t have a care in the world when his lips were on hers, all she cared about was him and the moment they were in.

Max gently climbed on top of her grinding his aching member on her aching core. He tried to fight that little buzz in the back of his head. That buzz that made him feel like this girl had a hold on him. It was just part of the plan he had to remind himself, she was just so strong, and powerful, that was why she had this hold on him, that was all.

As Max’s hands reached down to caress and squeeze her thighs Liz burned up with passion; she never felt like this with a guy before. It was just usually a short experience where she would get what she needed and then she would dispose of the guy she was with, but with Max, she wanted all of him, she wanted to take in every inch of his body, she never wanted it to end.

As the thought of how much of an impact he had on her seized through her mind Liz froze. She couldn’t let him in, she couldn’t get attached. She pushed him away and he looked down at her questioningly.

“You should go, my cousin’s downstairs,” Liz whispered. She was trying her hardest to get the words out. She didn’t want him to leave, but he couldn’t stay, she couldn’t get to close, it wasn’t safe, especially after the events that had just played out.

Max wrapped his arm around her waist pulling her closer to him. “Then come to my house,” He whispered and he leaned down and started an assault on her neck with his mouth.

Trying her hardest not to get caught in the moment Liz pushed him away, “I can’t, not right now.”

Max looked up at her in shock. She was refusing him and that never happened. Once she fell into his arms, she was supposed to stay there. It was intriguing he thought. But then he changed his mind quickly. It was frustrating, not intriguing, he needed her to follow through the plan, he needed to complete his mission, he needed the revenge on his family, not to fall for sappy eyes filled with sorrow pleading with him to leave because of the trauma that was just dumped on her.

But he needed her to trust him. He nodded his head and got up from the bed.

Liz sat up and grabbed his arms before he could leave.

“I never got to thank you,” Liz stated. Max looked at her confused.

“For saving my life,” She whispered. Max’s eyes widened, and he looked down at her and felt a genuine warmth he’s never felt before. He shook it off and nodded his head, “Thank you,” He whispered back before walking out of the room, leaving an amazed and love struck Liz to yearn after him.