Fatal Endings, New Beginning (DA,XO,MATURE,UC) Pt 7 6/3[WIP]

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Fatal Endings, New Beginning (DA,XO,MATURE,UC) Pt 7 6/3[WIP]

Post by lizandzackfan » Fri May 18, 2007 9:00 pm


Title: Fatal Endings, New Beginnings

Author: lizandzackfan

Pairing: Alec/Liz

Rating: Mature

Category: Roswell/Dark Angel X-Over

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the "Roswell" or "Dark Angel" characters from either shows.

Summary: This takes place after Departure in Roswell, and after The Berrisford Agenda in DA. Liz is Logans cousin, so what happens when a drastic even causes both worlds to meet? Read and find out.


Part 1


(Liz is in her room, she had just gotten back from the pod chamber and she could not believe Max had let Tess go knowing she was the one to kill Alex. Liz winced at the thought of how Alexs death was her fault, she had believed Future Max and that had cost Alex his life. If she wouldn't have listened to Future Max, Alex would still be alive. She tried to fix the future but instead she made it worse, ever since Alex had died she had nightmares of him blaming her for his death and of the others finding out the truth and saying it was all her fault. She had killed her best friend, she
had helped Tess stay in Roswell and let her kill her best friend. Then there was Max, the first time she needed his help he turned away from her
and straight to Tess and got her pregnet. And now he had a son with Alexs
murderer. Not able to stand the pain any longer she stood up and walked into the bathroom, shutting the door behind her, she grabbed a razor blade and as she sat down on the edge of the tub she let the tears run down her face at what she was about to do. Liz took the blade and brought
it to her wrist and she began to press it down on her skin. She didn't even wince at the pain, pain she knew she deserved as she cut her wrist and did the same to the other one. Things started to get blurry and Liz slid off the edge of the tub to the floor as her world went black, her last thoughts being of Alex).


(3 Hours Later)

(Roswell Hospital)

(Max, Maria, Isabel, Micheal, and Kyle ran into the hospital and up to the information desk).

Maria: We're her for Liz Parker (quickly)

Nurse: Are you family?

Micheal: We're her friends. (his face was pale, he had thought of Liz as a sister and he couldn't even think of never getting a chance to tell her).

(Before the nurse could respond they heard a voice behind them).

Voice: Maria (they turned to see Nancy Parker)

Maria: Mrs. Parker (she hugged her) How is she? (she asked as she pulled away)

Nancy:(wiped at her tearstained face) Not so good Maria.

Isabel:(paled face) What happend? (all she knew was that Nancy had called Maria saying Liz was in the hospital and they all rushed over).

Nancy: We.. (paused and took a deep breath) Me and Jeff had waked into her room to make sure she was ok. She hadn't been doing so good after Alex, so when we found her she was unconcious on the floor. Maria.. (as more tears slipped down her face) she tried to kill herself. She had slit her wrist. The doctors said she lost alot of blood causing her to slip into coma and she still hasn't woken up. (As she finished Jeff walked in)

Jeff:(looked at the others) Thanks for coming.

Maria:(nodded) We will be here as long as it takes. (Jeff smiled a sad smile and hugged Maria)

Jeff:(as he pulled away from Maria) We're going to the cafeteria. Does anyone want anything? (they shook their heads, none of them could even think of anything else except Liz) Ok. (Jeff and Nancy walked out)

(Neither of them said anything to worried about Liz to talk)

End Part.
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Part 2

Post by lizandzackfan » Mon May 21, 2007 3:41 pm


A/N: I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for all the feedback. So heres part 2.

Part 2

(Seattle, WA)

(Logans Apartment)

(Logan, Max, Zack, and Alec are talking when the phone rings)

Logan:(picks up the phone) Hello

Voice: Logan

Logan: Nancy (suprised) How have you been?

Nancy: Not so good Logan (takes a deep breath) It's Liz.

Logan:(worried) What? Is she ok? (as they heard his worried voice they turned and looked at him)

Nancy:(with her voice shaking) Logan, Liz is in the hospital...she tried to kill herself.

Logan: oh god (closed his eyes and swallowed) Is she going to be ok? (Liz was the closest person to him, he cared about her more than anyone. He hadn't talked to her in a couple of months and he felt guilty that he let himself get to busy to even call her to see if she was ok).

Nancy: We don't know Logan, shes in coma. She lost so much blood.

Logan: When.. (paused to take a deep breath) When did you find her?

Nancy: This afternoon, Logan we thought that maybe if you came it would help Liz but if your busy...

Logan:(quickly) No I'm not, I'll be there as soon as I can.

Nancy: Thank you Logan this means alot.

Logan: Of course, I'll see you soon.

Nancy: Ok. Bye.

Logan:(hung up the phone and turned to see the others looking at him curiously) I have to leave for a few days. (he stood up and walked to his room and pulled out a suitcase and started to throw clothes in it, this is what Max, Alec, and Zack saw as they walked in).

Max: Logan whats going on? (she had seen his reaction to the phone call and wanted to know what was going on)

Logan:(closed his suitcase and looked at them) I'll explain everything when I get back ok, but I have to go. (he picked up his suitcase and walked out, as he reached the front door he waited until they walked out and he locked the door and hurried to his van. Leaving behind a confused Max, Alec, and Zack all wondering what was going on).

End Part. What did you think?

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Part 3

Post by lizandzackfan » Tue May 22, 2007 2:28 am

Thanks for all the feedback. :D

Part 3



(As Maria woke up, she realized it was already morning. She looked around to see Isabel leaning against Kyle, both asleep and next to them was Max who was sitting down staring at the wall not even taking anything around him in. Then she looked up at Micheal who was sleeping and had his arms around her. Maria was glad that he was there for her, she needed him especially right now. A tear went down her face at the thought of losing another best friend, she had just lost Alex she couldn't bear the thought of losing Liz too. Maria was brought out of her thoughts as a dark blonde guy walked in and asked for Liz Parker and before the nurse responded Nancy and Jeff walked in and hugged him, feeling Micheal shift she looked at him to see him watching the guy that had walked in. When she turned to look back at the guy she saw him, Jeff, and Nancy walking over to them. As she heard his voice she knew who he was causing her to stand up smiling).

Maria:(smiled) Logan

Logan:(smiled) Maria (they hugged and Logan watched as the guy that was sitting next to her stood up and glared at him)

Maria:(pulled away) It's good to see you. (noticed Micheal glaring at him so she gave him a look) Logan this is Micheal-

Micheal: Her boyfriend (he added causing Maria to roll her eyes and Logan to hold back a laugh)

Maria: and Micheal this is Logan, Lizs cousin. (giving him a look to be nice).

Logan: hey (put his hand out)

Micheal:(hesitated then shook his hand) hey

Logan:(looked around at the other three people in the room who were now awake and looking at him) Who are they?

Maria: Oh Logan thats Isabel, her brother Max, and Kyle. Guys this is Logan Cale, Lizs cousin.

Isabel:(small smile) hi

Kyle: hey (nodded in greeting)

Logan: hey (then turned to Maria) How is she?

Maria:(shook her head sadly) She still hasn't woken up.

Logan:(frowns then looks around) Maria

Maria: yea (looked at him)

Logan: Wheres Alex? (he had noticed Alex was not there and was suprised, he knew how close Maria, Alex, and Liz were. He was also confused when he saw the sad looks all of them had gotten at the mention of Alexs name).

Maria:(took a deep breath) Alex died two weeks ago.

Logan:(shocked) What? (before anyone could respond a doctor walked in and up to Nancy and Jeff causing Kyle, Isabel, and Max to stand up).

Nancy:(as the doctor reached them) Is Liz ok?

Doctor: Shes awake, you have a strong daughter and physically shes fine but she hasn't said a word since she woke up.

Maria: Can we see her? (hopefully)

Doctor:(nods) Yes, but only two at a time and not for long. (they nodded and then he walked out)

Jeff: Me and Nancy will go first. (they walked out)

(After they walked off no one said anything, but the silence was shortly interrupted when Maxs phone rang)

Max:(ignoring all their looks) hello...Body?....yea...ok...be there in a few minutes. (he hung up and looked to Isabel) It's Brody he needs me to go to the UFO Center.

Maria:(narrowed her eyes at him) So thats it, Liz needs us and your just going to walk away.

Max: Maria- (trying to explain)

Maria: No Max go ahead leave, I'm sure it gets easier every time you do it to Liz. (looks at him in dissapointment)

Max:(swallowed) Just tell her I'm sorry. (walked out)

Micheal:(looked at a pissed off Maria, he couldn't blame her. He was pissed off at Max too, he couldn't believe Max was leaving the girl he claimed to love alone) Maria calm down (she glared at him and he quickly explained) I'm pissed at him too, but do you really want Liz to see you like this?

Maria:(face softened) I just can't believe he would do this.

Micheal:(pulled her into a hug) I know (just then Nancy and Jeff walked in)

Nancy:(looked at their questionable expressions) She didn't say anything shes just sitting their staring at the wall, maybe you can get her to talk? You have always been closer to her. (she said hopefully)

Maria:(nodded) yea I'll try

Logan: I'll go with you. (Maria agreed and they both walked out)

End Part. :D Did you like it?

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Part 4

Post by lizandzackfan » Sat May 26, 2007 12:28 am

Part 4

(Hospital Room)

(Liz had woken up and realized that she was in the hospital, the Doctor had came in, but she just sat there not saying anything. All she could think of was that she was supposed to be dead, but for some reason she survived. Liz had even stayed staring at the wall when her parents walked in, she could not bring herself to look at them, afraid to see their expressions. After a while they gave up and left, once they did Liz had looked down at her bandaged wrist and had felt tears come to her eyes but she quickly blinked them away. She couldn't cry because if she started she was afraid she wouldn't be able to stop. Liz was brought out of her thoughts as she heard the door open, turning she was shocked to see Logan with Maria but she didn't let it show).

Maria:(with tears in her eyes) Liz (she quickly made her way over to Liz and pulled her into a hug) God I'm so glad your ok Lizzy. (she pulled away to look at Liz when she didn't say anything) Liz?

Logan:(walked in front of Liz) Liz? (paused but continued when she remained silent, just staring past him like she had done with Maria)

Maria: Liz please talk to us. (pleaded, Liz was only making her worry more) We're all worried about you.

Logan: Liz why would you try to kill yourself? (noticed her wince) We care about you, Liz please talk to us.

Liz:(looked at him, and saw his worried expression. She felt guilty about making them worry and she had noticed Marias hurt expression when she walked in. Liz knew Maria barely got through Alexs death, making her feel even worse) Logan (as he heard her voice he pulled her into a hug)

Logan: I missed you (he felt tears in his eyes but blinked them back, he needed to be strong for her)

Liz:(swallowed and hugged him back) I missed you too. (as Logan pulls away Liz looks at Maria) Maria

Maria: You really scared us Lizzy. (she said sadly)

Liz:(quietly) I know

Maria: Why? (wanting to know why her best friend would do this after everything thats happend with Alex)

Liz:(frowned) Maria I can't.. (she couldn't talk about it right now, it was too soon)

Maria:(understandingly) When your ready then.. (Liz nods suprised but glad that Maria understood) Liz theres something you should know (paused knowing this was only going to hurt Liz) Max left, he was here but he got a call and then left.

Liz:(looked down) Oh. (Logan looked at them, curiously wandering what was going on between Liz and the guy, Max) It's ok. (Liz said as she looked up) I didn't expect him to stay. Are the others here?

Maria:(nods) yea Micheal, Isabel, and Kyle are waiting to see you.

Logan: We should go so you can see them ok. (pulled her into a hug)

Liz:(nods) yea

Maria:(smiles sadly) Get better Liz, Alex would want you to. (Liz gives Maria a sad smile) We will see you later. (Logan and Maria take one last glance at Liz before walking out hoping she would get better).

End Part. Leave comments.

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Re: Fatal Endings, New Beginnings (DA XO,UC,Mature) A/N 6/25/08

Post by lizandzackfan » Sun Jun 29, 2008 2:37 am

Ok here is the much awaited update.....I hope everyone is still keeping up with this story. :D
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Thanks for all your reviews!!

Part 5

(As Maria and Logan walk into the waiting room everyone looks at them expectantly)

Maria: She talked (Nancy almost cried happily and hugged Maria)

Nancy: Thank you Maria. (Smiles through her tears) you too Logan.

Logan: I care about her too Nancy. (Seriously and she nods)

Maria: She’s waiting for you guys. (Looked at Micheal, Isabel, and Kyle)

Micheal:(To Isabel and Kyle) You guys go ahead.

Isabel: Are you sure? (He nodded so Isabel and Kyle walked out)


(Lizs hospital room)

(Liz had watched as Maria and Logan left. She was glad that they didn’t hate her for what she did, but she knew that if they knew about Future Max they would. Liz glanced at her wrist she was supposed to be dead. She didn’t deserve to live, she deserved to pay for what happened to Alex she didn’t think she would ever be able to forgive herself, she didn’t deserve to be forgiven or happy, no matter what anyone else said. Before Liz could continue her thoughts Isabel and Kyle walked in)

Kyle:(as soon as he saw her, he quickly made his way over to her and pulled her into a hug) Liz, thank god your ok. (Once he pulled away Isabel hugged her)

Isabel: We were so scared. (She said softly and Liz bit her lip to keep from crying. Then once Isabel pulled away Liz saw the tears in her eyes and looked away).

Kyle:(noticing this decided to try and take their minds off what had happened) Dad found my Playboy Magazines. (They both look at him like he had gone crazy) What? (He held up his hands innocently) I’m a guy I have needs. (Kyle thought for a second that he might have said the wrong thing but then Liz burst out laughing and Isabel followed a moment later, causing him to sigh in relief and then grin as they held onto each other to keep themselves from falling over. Neither of them noticing the five sets of eyes watching them in the doorway)

Kyle:(once Isabel and Liz calmed down he was the first to speak) Liz as much as we would hate to leave you, me and Is should go. (He didn’t want to leave her but he knew that she needed rest and also Micheal still needed a chance to talk to her. He was brought out of his thoughts by Liz’s voice)

Liz:(nods understandingly) It’s ok. I’ll talk to you guys later right? (Paused uncertain)

Isabel:(hugs her) Of course we’ll come back, after you rest ok.

Liz:(smiles) Ok. (Kyle hugs her before he and Isabel leave the room)

(Liz watches them leave with a small smile on her face, glad that they were there for her. She didn’t know what she would have done without them there for her, then one look at her wrist she swallowed realizing exactly what she would have done or tried to do again. Shaking her head Liz tried to clear her mind of those thoughts but she couldn’t push away the image of Alex’s face)

Liz:(whispered) It’s all my fault. It’s all my fault he’s dead. (She pulled her knees to her chest and laid her head on her knees) Alex (she was so deep in her thoughts that she didn’t hear anyone walk in until the person had his arms around her telling her it wasn’t her fault)


(10 minutes earlier)

(Outside in the waiting room)

(Kyle and Isabel walked in to see five people with smiles on their faces causing Kyle and Isabel to exchange a knowing glance)

Kyle: You heard us. (Nodding)

Maria:(answers for the others) We heard laughing so we went to see what was going on.

Isabel:(smiled) Kyle decided to use his twisted sense of humor. (she tried not to laugh as Kyle glared at her, both of them knowing that someone
was most likely to ask him what he said with Liz’s parents and the others listening)

Kyle:(looked at Micheal) Hey man you’re the last one. (He said trying to take everyone’s attention off of him).

Micheal:(nodded) ok. (he walks off in the direction of Lizs room)


(Lizs room)

(Micheal walked into Lizs room only to be greeted by the sight of Liz with her knees to her chest and whispering something to herself. As he got closer he heard her say that it was all her fault and then say Alex’s name and he instantly knew what was wrong. So he quietly made his way over to her and pulled her into his arms). It’s not your fault. (he said sadly, hating that she blamed herself).

Liz:(After a moment she calmed down enough to look up at Micheal to see his saddened expression) I’m sorry. (she said and pulled herself away from him)

Micheal:(shook his head) There’s nothing to be sorry for Liz.

Liz:(wanting to change the subject) So…

Micheal:(knowing she wanted to change the subject) So how are you feeling? (then he silently cursed under his breath, knowing that it was a stupid question)

Liz:(looked at him and honestly answered his question) Ok. As good as can be I guess.

Micheal:(nods understandingly) Yea. (Before he could say anything the nurse popped her head in)

Nurse: Visiting hours are over. (she held the door open waiting for Micheal to walk out)

Micheal:(stood up and scratched his eyebrow) I guess I better go. (As Liz nods he turns to walk away but stops and turns to Liz) Liz?

Liz: Yea?

Micheal: You know if you don’t want to stay at your house when they let you out. You can stay with me. (Liz looked at him surprised)

Liz: Really? (she asked hopeful and when he nodded responded) Actually yea that would be nice.

Micheal:(nodded) I’ll let your parents know. (He turned to leave but was stopped at Lizs voice)

Liz: Micheal. (he looked at her) Thanks.

Micheal:(he gave her a genuine smile and nodded) No problem. (he said and then turned and walked out)

End Part.
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Re: Fatal Endings, New Beginnings (DA XO,UC,Mature) PT 5 6/29/08

Post by lizandzackfan » Mon Aug 11, 2008 12:21 pm

Thanks for all the reviews. :D
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Here's the next part, Enjoy.

Part 6

(2 days later)

(Liz was sitting on the hospital bed dressed in jeans, a black long sleeve with a v neck, and black tennis shoes. They were releasing her from the hospital today and she couldn’t be happier about getting out of there, she had always hated hospitals since her Grandma Claudia died. She sighed and then smiled as Maria and Logan walked in)

Maria:(smiled and hugged Liz) Hey Chica how are you feeling?

Liz:(shrugged) As good as I can be.

Logan:(gave her a small smile) Ready to go?

Liz:(nodded) Yes I can’t wait to get out of here. (She followed them out of the hospital room and as they made their way out of the hospital Logan started talking)

Logan: Liz I was wondering if you wanted to come to Seattle with me? (He asked her)

Liz:(surprised) When?

Logan:(paused hoping she wouldn’t get upset) Tonight.

Liz:(shook her head) But I was supposed to stay with Micheal.

Logan:(nodded) Yea but we all talked about it and we thought it might do you some good to get out of town for a while.

Liz:(stopped walking as they reached Marias Jetta, even though she was upset that they went behind her back and planned this, she couldn’t help but think that it might be a good idea) So I would stay with you? (Logan nodded) For how long?

Logan:(shrugged) Just for the summer and then you can come back.

Liz:(took a deep breath and nodded) I want to do that.

Maria:(surprised) Really?

Liz:(looked at Marias surprised and expression and nodded) Yea, Maria I really think it would be best for me to get away for a little while. Everything here just holds too many memories.

Maria:(looked at her sadly) I understand Liz, but I will miss you. And it’s only for the summer right? (She looked at Logan who nodded) Ok.

Liz:(to Logan) So we should go to the Crashdown and pack right.

Logan:(shook his head) Nope your parent did that for you, and instead of taking it to Micheals they put it in my car in case you agreed. The only thing they wanted you to do is have a chance to say goodbye to your friends.

Liz:(nodded and then looked at Maria) Can you call them? (Maria nodded and takes her phone out and starts to call the others)


(30 minutes later)

(Liz, Maria, Micheal, and Logan were in Micheals apartment waiting for the others to get there, which they didn’t have to wait long; because a couple of minutes later Max, Isabel, and Kyle walked in)

Kyle:(smiled and hugged Liz) It’s good to see you out of that hospital gown.

Liz:(nodded) Yea. (She looks at Max, who is looking down, not able to meet her eyes)

Isabel:(looks at them curiously) So what’s going on?

Liz:(takes a deep breath) I’m leaving Roswell for a the summer. I’m going to Seattle to stay with Logan. (She watched as Max’s head whipped up to look at her at the news)

Max:(shocked) What?

Liz:(sighs) Look it’s for the best, and I really think it would be good for me to get out of Roswell for a while.

Max:(shakes his head) Liz you need to stay in Roswell.

Liz:(bites her lip) Max I know you’re not happy with my decision but that’s what I’m going to do ok. (Even after everything that had happened it was still hard for her to go against him)

Max:(clenched his jaw) The answer is no Liz. Especially after what happened with you, it’s all the more reason for you to stick with us.

Logan:(said not keeping the anger out of his voice, all he could think was who did that boy think he was to try to order around Liz) Hey if Liz wants to leave, then she will. She’s not asking for your permission.

Isabel:(cuts in before her brother can make more of an ass of himself) Max he’s right. You don’t have a say in this.

Micheal:(as he sees Max about to argue) Accept it Maxewell or you can leave. (He said seriously, it pissed him off that Max thought he could try and order Liz around, after what happened with her)

Max:(angrily) Just because you couldn’t handle everything Liz and try to kill yourself doesn’t mean you can leave. (He said causing everyone, even Logan to look at him in shock at the words that came out of his mouth)

Maria:(she was the first one to get out of her shock and looked at him angrily) Who the fuck do you think you are! (She yelled at him) I used to listen to all you’re whining about Liz and still encourage you to try to get back together with her Max but if you ever say anything like that again I will kick your ass.

Micheal:(as he thought he was never good with words he walked over to Max and punched him in the face, he wasn’t going to just stand there and let Max say anything hurtful to Liz) Son of a bitch.

Max:(stood there shocked that Micheal had punched him) What?

Micheal:(angrily) Get Out!

Max:(looked to Isabel for help) Iz?

Isabel:(with her ice queen persona) You’re on your own Max. (Max glared at her and then turned around and walked out)

Logan:(turned to Liz, after watching the whole display) Liz? (He asked causing all of them to turn and look at her)

Liz: I- (she stopped as she tried to get everything to stop spinning, but she failed as the next thing she saw was black)

End Part.
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Re: Fatal Endings, New Beginning (DA XO,UC,Mature) Part 7 6/3/10

Post by lizandzackfan » Thu Jun 03, 2010 12:41 am

A/N: Hi everyone:) Told you I would be back posting new parts. Hope you all enjoy and don't forget to comment :mrgreen:

Part 7

(Liz opens her eyes to see Micheal, Isabel, Maria, Kyle, and Logan standing over her, all of them with worried expressions on their faces)

Liz:(as she carefully sits up) What happened? (She asks confused, the last thing she remembers is Max leaving)

Logan:(as he helped her stand up) You fainted.

Liz:(after a moment she swallowed and nodded) It was too much I didn’t expect him to react that way. (She said softly)

Logan:(pulled her into a hug) It’s going to be ok Liz. (Liz just nodded even though she didn’t quite believe him)

Liz:(once she pulled away she looked to the others) You guys understand right?

Micheal:(nodded) Yea we do. Don’t let what Maxwell said get to you he’s just being an asshole. (He said causing Liz to give him a small smile, Micheal always trying to protect them in any way he can)

Isabel:(after a moment of silence she spoke up) So I guess this is goodbye for now.

Liz:(nodded and gave her a sad smile) For now.

Isabel:(walked over to her and pulled her into a hug) I’ll miss you but if you need anything just call one of us ok.

Liz:(as they pulled away from each other) I will. (She then turned to Micheal, who surprisingly pulled her into a hug)

Micheal:(said softly as they hugged) Take care of yourself Parker.

Liz:(nodded once she pulled away) I’ll try. (She said not wanting to make any promises. She then turned to Kyle and Maria) I’m really going to miss you guys.

Kyle:(smiles sadly and pulls her into a hug) We’ll miss you too Liz. (He then whispered once he was right next to her ear) Please take care of yourself and if you need anything just call and I’ll be there as soon as I can ok. (He waited for Liz to nod before he pulled away and stepped back giving Liz and Maria room for their goodbye)

(Liz turned away from Kyle as he stepped back and then turned to Maria, who was looking at Liz like she was losing her best friend all over again and Liz had to swallow the lump in her throat before she spoke)

Liz:(said softly as she looked Maria in the eyes) Ria I’m sorry I know how hard this is going to be for you.

Maria:(slowly walked over to Liz until she was standing not even a foot away from her) Liz you’re my best friend. You and Alex, and now that he’s gone you and I are the only ones left of the three musketeers (she said as a tear went down her face before she continued) I can’t lose you Liz so if this is what you need to get better than I will manage and be fine. I have Micheal, Isabel, and Kyle here for me.

Liz:(took a deep shaky breath in before she pulls Maria into a hug and says) Thank you Ria. (They stand there hugging each other for a minute until Liz finally pulls back) I’m going to miss you. (Liz then turned to Micheal) Take care of her okay. (He nodded and with a small sigh Liz walked back a couple of steps and after taking in the scene for a moment she turned to Logan) Are you ready?

Logan:(nodded and then placed a comforting hand on her shoulder) It will be okay Liz, you won’t be gone too long. (She just nodded and then without looking back at the other she followed Logan out of the apartment and then out of Roswell).

End Part.
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