Grey Clouds (AU, M/M, Mature) Chapter 12 23 April[WIP]

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Re: Grey Clouds (AU, M/M, Mature) Chapter 9 14 Feb

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This is my day:
i went to school
got into an arguement about religion
learnt the sin rule regarding trig
did not do homework and wrote this.
it was fasinating, my imaginatin just came back from america and won't shut up. ah well, its for the best.

Chapter 10: Remember That

For all her life it seemed that her father had some kind of personal grudge against Hank Guerin. And for all her life she had been a weapon for her father to use against Hank Guerin.

“When the opportunity presents itself,” her father would always say, “Use it.”

Maria was in the same class at Michael Guerin the opportunity had not just presented itself, it had put on a bikini and danced around a pole.

In the past, it had always been simple things… messing with the math test results or breaking school property and blaming Michael. Stuff that would screw up your day but not your life. Maria pocketed the small bag of white powder that her father had left for her.

This time would be different.

Hank Guerin was a cold hearted bastard: that Maria knew. But that was all she knew, why her father was bent on ruining his life she didn’t have a clue. She didn’t care much for the reason either.

Maria rolled here eyes and standing up mumbled to herself. “Get it over with.”

But this was bigger than a math test.

She shook her head, and ordering herself not to think about it too much, pushed open the door of the Crashdown, heading towards Michael.

In her short life Maria had ended more than her fair share of her conversations but never had she started one. Ever.

Putting on her glasses she sat down opposite Michael. He was sitting alone in the corner booth of the restaurant looking thoroughly depressed.

And here I am trying to make his life hell. How screwed up am I???

She decided to be someone else for the sake of her already minuscule conscience… it was easier done than said.

“Is anyone sitting here?” Michael blinked several times and then several times more.

“What do you want?” he asked abruptly.

“Don’t worry, I wont kill you.” The statement would have sounded odd coming from anyone but a Deluca.

Michael nodded slowly. “What are you doing?” he watched Maria suspiciously but she didn’t seem to mind.

“I can sit here,” She said, “If I want. It’s a free country isn’t it?”

“Whatever.” Michael shrugged, he wasn’t in the mood to talk to Maria, not in such a public place and not when he knew she was almost certainly in cahoots with her cousin. Probably come to rub it in my face. Michael glared at her and then was surprised when Maria smiled a small smile back at him. The smile grew bigger and it didn’t take Michael long to realize it was a fake.

Maria Deluca was a schemer

Schemers had surrounded him his entire life – it didn’t take long for Michael to spot one, not even if she happened to be in disguise.

“What’s your favorite color?” Michael blinked as Maria took a folded piece of A4 paper out of her jacket pocket.

“You carry your homework around in you pocket?” he asked, raising an eyebrow.

“I wore this jacket when we were given the homework, moron. Don’t look so surprised.” She continued even though Michael didn’t. “I don’t have a never ending wardrobe like you.”

“Witty.” He could feel the hate vibes coming off of her and thoroughly disliked her presence. That was a first for him. Maria rolled here eyes, standing up. Good, she was leaving.

“I’m going to assume its me that you hate most.” She said quietly.

“What?” Maria sat back down, smiling to herself. Damn, she’s staying.

“Question five on my list, who do you hate most? It’s me isn’t it? Don’t worry,” she added loosely. “I’m high up on a lot peoples hate lists. It doesn’t bother me.”

“Um… good.”

“It is isn’t it?” she said, still smiling. “Your turn.”

“For what?” he looked at her coldly. She was up to something.

“The homework you care so much about?”

"What? oh..." This was what he wanted wasn’t it? To finish the stupid assignment? “Uh… homework, yeah right…”

Michael tried to remember the questions that he had wrote but couldn’t so asked the same question back.

“…Who do you hate most?” she paused and Michael was sure it had nothing to do with thinking of an answer but instead deciding whether she should answer.

“Everyone.” Maria replied simply.

“Really…?…everyone…?” she was a psychopath.


“Why?” Maria shrugged and again she was deciding whether she should answer.

“Cause…” she considered her answer slowly. It wouldn’t be the truth, Michael realized, she would lie. “Because… I dunno really, I suppose I just… watch… a lot of people and they… well I know they…” she shrugged hopelessly. “It’s none of your business anyway.”

Michael nodded – it wasn’t.

“You seem like the type.” He said after a moments pause.

“What type?”

“You know… watching people… stalkerish.” Maria nodded.

“Well with a family like mine who’s doubting it?”

“Yeah, right… uh… so what IS your favorite color?”

In the middle of Roswell, in a diner where anyone could see them Michael Guerin and Maria Deluca had a proper, if not strained, conversation.

And when the conversation ended, Maria slipped the small bag of white powder into his bag.

This is wrong, one part of her said.

Don’t feel guilty, ordered the other.

Her father wanted her to ruin Michael Guerin’s life and to do that she had to become his friend.

What kind of sick, twisted world do I live in? She wondered. No wonder I don’t have any friends.

I don’t mind, Maria reminded herself. I like being alone.

Remember that.

Remember that.

She walked home alone, her head buzzing with noise – a complete opposite to the world outside.

Pushing open the trailer door she realized that someone must already be home.

“Dad??” she could see someone sitting on the couch. It wasn’t her father. Her father was still out doing god knows what. “Sean.”

“Ria.” Sean opened his arms for a hug but Maria didn’t respond. It had been a year.

“What are you doing here?”

“Can’t I visit my favorite step cousin anymore?”

“Not if it means selling drugs to her classmates between visits.” Oh, like your Miss Honorable her conscious muttered. But it was squished and small and not loud enough to be heard.
Sean’s face feel.

“How did d’yeh know about that?” Maria shrugged.

“Doesn’t matter.” But realization suddenly dawned on Sean.

“Ohh.” He murmured slowly. “He’s got you too hasn’t he?” Maria raised a shoulder, she was in no mood for this line of conversation.

“He always had me.” She muttered cryptically. “Maddie’s not going to like you working with dad again you know.” It was Sean’s turn to shrug.

“What mom doesn’t know can’t hurt her. We’ll be done with it in a month or so and then I’m out of it for good. Swear.”

“And while you’re here how many other lives are you planning on ruining?”

“Hey! I haven’t ruined…If it wasn’t for me you’d be dead!”

“And I’m forever grateful.” Maria said sarcastically. She turned away from Sean, rubbing her wrists subconsciously. Count on Sean to bring up supposedly forgotten memories.

“And don’t you dare go telling your little boyfriend what’s going on.”


“I saw you at the Crashdown earlier.” MICHAEL??

“You’re nuts. I was doing something for dad.” Sean raised his eyebrows.

“You were smiling Maria Deluca and you don’t smile.”

“Please.” Maria snorted. “Don’t make me humor you.”

“Yeah well, whatever just keep your priorities straight and your mouth shut. And remember, you still owe me.” Maria rolled her eyes.

“Like I’d tell Michael Guerin anything.” She wouldn’t. Michael Guerin was just another one of a long line of spoilt brats and he deserved whatever he had coming. Yes, that was all he was.

No one.

I won’t feel guilty for something’s that’s not my fault.

She promised herself she wouldn’t.

But she did.
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Re: Grey Clouds (AU, M/M, Mature) Chapter 10 15 Feb

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ths chapter seems a bit i dont know... skippy... to me, but i've been working on it for ages and its the best i can come up with.

Chapter 11: Friends Of Acquaintance

Liz paced backwards and forwards outside the Harding’s house. She hadn’t been here in weeks, months even. Could she just walk on up and knock on the door?

”Or should I have called?” Liz mumbled. Yip, she should have called. She turned to leave.

“Hey Liz!” she heard someone yell from behind but kept walking. “Hey Liz? Is that you? What are you doing here? I haven’t seen you in ages.” Liz stopped.

Tess. She was for once alone – no boyfriend or Isabel in sight.

“Hi… Tess…I didn’t think you were home.”

“Hmm? I’ve been home for hours; practice sometimes runs late but not this late.” Tess laughed and then took a close look at her former best friend. “Are you okay? You look sick.” Liz shook her head.

“Uh, nah, nah I’m fine.”

“Really? Come inside… we haven’t hung out in ages.” It was a good offer but Liz wasn’t sure whether she should take it.

“Where’s Kyle?” Tess rolled her eyes.

“In the middle of a bit of father son bonding… I thought it best not to intrude… come inside… we need a little bonding session ourselves.” Tess grinned, leading a less than willing Liz back to the Harding residence. “You and Michael are getting close.” She almost hinted. “Remember when you used to have a crush on him in freshman year?”

“Don’t remind me.” This could be normal, it could still be freshman year, when Liz Parker could talk of nothing but Michael Guerin and Tess Harding was just starting to notice Kyle Valenti.


When the bedroom door was locked and the fathers absence confirmed Liz told Tess everything.
Everything about everything and at the end of it all, 15 minutes later, Liz found herself crying in Tess’s arms.

”This is all just so screwed up.” She murmured. “I don’t know what to do.”

“Tell the police.” Tess murmured back. “It was a one time thing, a lapse in judgment. All your going to get in a slap on the wrist and be done with it.” Tess played the voice of reason well.

Liz shook her head; she sat up, away from Tess. Having someone to talk to made the problem seem less of a problem.

“No, I cant, I promised Max… and Michael, what will his dad say?” Or, to be more specific, what would his dad do??

“I still think you should tell someone, Jim maybe.” Liz shook her head.

“I told you.”


Other at the Guerin household, another fight was in progress. Viviane sat in the downstairs kitchen, drinking a suspiciously bubbly liquid. Her son, and her husband were yelling, rather loudly too and so Viviane turned the radio on to drown out the noise.

Hank glared at Michael. “DO YOU KNOW WHAT COULD HAVE HAPPENED IF I HADN’T FOUND THIS FIRST?” He yelled, shaking the small bag in front of Michael. “DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT THE PRESS WOULD HAVE MADE OF THIS?” Michael snorted.

“It’s not like the paparazzi search my bag every other night.” He didn’t bother to point out his innocence in this drug related event. What good would it do?

“Get out of my sight.” Hank growled, and then as an afterthought: “I deal with you later.”

“Deal with me later? What does that even mean?” Michael contemplated sarcastically but he left anyway.

And in the hall, Michael Guerin came to a sudden realization:

This was Maria Deluca’s doing.

The little bitch

Maria Deluca was going to pay.

~~~~~the next day~~~~~

“…So, I was thinking about various unimportaties and my mind wondered to Isabel.” Liz rolled her eyes.

“Really? That’s a change.” She muttered taking out her English book. It was Wednesday and Alex and Liz were sitting down for the last lesson of the day.

“…and I thought: what is the longest amount of time she’s spent dating one person? A week? A week and a half?”

“Don’t you normally talk to Michael about this stuff? Why do you have to suddenly start bothering me?” But she was joking so Alex didn’t take it to heart.

“Yes but last time he told me to shut up… anyway, where was I? Ah yes! What if Isabel isn’t ready for a relationship yet? What if she wants a friend?” Liz barely suppressed a laugh.

“So you’re going to become her friend to worm your way into her pants.” Alex frowned.

“Not in those words. No.”

“Hey Michael” Liz called to the doorway. “Want to hear Alex’s latest crackpot theory?” Liz was more cheerful than usual; she must’ve spoken to Max this morning.

“No.” Michael snapped, taking his seat next to Liz.

“Hey what happened to your arm?” Michael glared her to silence.

“Oh.” Liz knew about his father only by coincidence, she turned to Alex. “So you’re not going worm.” She said. “Fair enough… but how about snake? I’ve heard loads of good things about snakes.”

“Hilarious.” Alex rolled his eyes sarcastically and looked at Michael. “Isn’t she?”

“Yeah, totally.”


“Hey Maria!” Alex yelled to Maria. She was only a block away from the trailer park. Had he followed her all this way from school??

“What?” she turned around, not out of any interest for what Alex had to say, but as a way of delaying her journey home.

“Hi.” He said through large puffs. Alex Whitman didn’t appear to be particularly athletic. “You forgot this.” After searching through his jacket pocket, he took out a particularly maltreated pencil. Maria looked at it closely.


“Well this is yours isn’t it?” Maria snorted.

“P.M? The initials on it are PM, that’s Pam Troy you moron.”

“Ah, so it is.” Alex didn’t even look at the pencil and Maria was suddenly struck by an odd thought: he already knew who the pencil belonged to, it was just an excuse to speak to her. Odd. “Didn’t see that.” He shrugged, returning the pencil to his pocket “By the way, before I forget I have warn you that Michael Guerin found out about the drugs you planted on his person. He and a Mr. Max Evans are planning on egging your house…err… trailer tonight. Just a heads up.” Maria was silent and so Alex continued. “And I must say Maria, getting your crush arrested is not the best way to get his attention.”

“Funny.” The conversation was getting tiresome. Maria started to leave but Alex kept on talking.

“Hmm, I suppose, it sounded better in my head anyway.” Alex grinned. “Wanna hang out sometime?” the question was quite sudden and out of the blue, taking Maria by surprise.

“You’re joking.”

told you!
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Re: Grey Clouds (AU, M/M, Mature) Chapter 12 23 April

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It's the holidays now, so I wrote this in about a day. I know, I have a such an interesting life.
Thanks to everyone who has read and/or reviewed this story. If it weren't for you I would have probably spent today in bed instead of writing.

Chapter 12: Black Listed

People in Roswell didn’t like change. They didn’t like to cope with it and they didn’t like to acknowledge its existence. So when Alex Whitman offered to become Maria’s friend she knew that she should’ve have accepted. You don’t need friends, she told herself, friends hold you back. Her family was all she needed. The drug fiend Sean and her father were all that Maria needed.

“You’re joking.” Maria said skeptically. Of course Alex was joking. He was most definitely working for Michael Guerin. This was some type of deluded punishment, Maria decided, for planting drugs on Michael Guerin.

“Uh… no.” Alex paused. “No, I’m not joking. At least I think I’m not… I mean, usually when I joke I wear a funny hat.” Alex waited for Maria to laugh but she didn’t.


“Well then… what do yeh think? Yes or no? I wouldn’t say no though,” Alex warned, “It would break me heart.” He held his hand to his chest and pretended to get teary eyed.

“But you already have friends.” Maria stared Alex in the eye. “You don’t need anymore.”

Alex shook his head, exasperated by Maria’s apparent stupidity.

“See Maria, here’s the thing: Liz and Michael just aren’t cut out to be my best friends. Liz has problems but she’s not nearly as screwed up a person as I’m used to and Michael… uh Michael isn’t a girl. I’m used to having screwed up girl best friends.” Alex finished with a shrug.


“You seeming to have such an utterly awful life makes me feel good about myself.” Alex explained seriously, “And I like feeling good about myself.” Maria smiled.


“Really, really.” Maria smiled again. She should’ve said no because when it came down to it, people like her would only end up ruining the lives of people like Alex. She should’ve have said no but being alone had somehow gotten the best of Maria. Maria should’ve said no but she wanted a friend.

“Ok.” Alex nodded.

“Just one more thing though Maria, if we’re going to be friends, don’t go trying to get any of my other friends arrested. I don’t want to have to choose sides in court.”

“I didn’t have a choice.” Maria Deluca didn’t normally give explanations and she cursed herself for giving one today.

“No one ever does.” Alex had learnt how to be cryptic from his old screwed up best friend, Serena.


Alex didn’t need to worry about choosing sides in the event of a friend’s arrest. Because he discovered that they didn’t want to associate with him and so would most likely not want to invite him to court. Maria was an infectious disease, they decided, if he’s friends with her then he’s probably caught the bug.
Liz was the first to confront Alex in the hallway during lunch. “You don’t want to be friends with people like that,” she explained, “Think about what her mother did to Kyle. Think about what she and her cousin are doing to Michael and Max.”

“What’s her cousin doing?” Liz went red and hurried away. It was the last time she spoke to Alex for a long while.


“Hey Michael!” Alex called to Michael after school. “Everyone acting a little nuts around here… care to explain…”

Michael didn’t care to explain, looking at his mobile phone, he hurried from the school grounds but not before telling Alex to ‘fuck off’. Michael had a very polite tongue. He got it from his father.

Michael almost ran to Roswell Memorial Park. He had to meet up with max and Liz. They had to sort out a plan to put an end to all of the madness.
Liz was already at the park when he arrived. She was flustered, her brown hair was in a mess and her cheeks were red. She most definitely HAD run all the way to the park, eager to get things sorted.
“I think we could just leave now.” Liz suggested quickly, “And get away from Sean and all…” She waved her hand around the air in Roswell Memorial Park, “This trouble.”

“Nah… underage kids can’t just disappear. Especially not when one of them is my father’s son.”

“As soon as we can though, as soon as we can we’ll get out of here though. Just you, me and Max?”

“That’s been my plan from the beginning,” Michael declared, “As soon as I’m eighteen I’m leaving this dump.”

“To where?”

“How am I supposed to know?” Michael questioned, “It doesn’t matter where… Brazil, Albania, Czechoslovakia. As long as I’m outta Roswell, New Mexico.”

“Czechoslovakia doesn’t exist anymore Michael.” Liz said quietly.

“Whatever… What took you so long Max?”

“So Deluca’s still bothering you?” Max asked at once with an anxious look on his face.

“Which one.” Michael snorted. Liz almost laughed a nervous laugh but stopped when she saw the look on Max’s face.

“This isn’t funny guys.” He said. “This is serious now.”

“And it wasn’t before?” It was out of character for Liz to contradict Max but Michael took no notice.

“Its Sean that’s the problem,” he tried to explain. “Maria’s just trying to be a pest.”

“She’s more of a problem than he is… Don’t start defending the enemy Michael.” Max warned.

“No, I’m not. I’m just saying we should worry about Sean… stop egging Maria’s trailer.”

“Oh god,” Liz said numbly, “That’s vandalism… did you wipe your fingerprints of the eggs before you threw them?”

“Liz, calm down.” Max said, managing to smile a bit. “This will all work out if we just stay calm.”

This didn’t seem to please Liz. She accused Max of not taking things seriously and not worrying enough.

“Hey!” Max yelped, “I’m worried too! My parents will kill me if they find out.”

“Oh please!” Liz was hysterical, “They adopted you! It’s in writing that they HAVE to love you. My parents though,” Liz shook her head. “I’m meant to get into Harvard, meant to be a doctor. I can’t do that if I have a drug conviction. I can’t!!!”

Michael rolled his eyes.

“Yeah just cause your planning on amounting to nothing,” Liz muttered upon seeing the look, “I spoke to Tess and she thinks we should just turn ourselves over. Before things get too out of hand.”

“YOU TOLD?” Max yelled. If Liz had have been a guy, he would have punched her. “What the hell were you thinking Liz? Her boyfriend is the son of the sheriff. God you are so stupid… what were you thinking?”

But Liz had had enough of the yelling and so didn’t get to explain what she was thinking. She ran from out from under the tree and didn’t notice Maria and Alex sitting in the yellow playground tunnel, accidentally hearing every word.


“Brilliant.” Alex heard Max say sarcastically. He turned to Maria.

“Ah the troubles of the rich and famous. we should become professional stalkers. Think you can call your cousin off the assault? We wouldn’t want them to kill each other. Think of the publicity! My face still has too many pimples to appear on camera.” Alex leaned his head towards where Michael and Max still standing, glaring at each other. “Maybe you should tell your dad they’ve had enough.” Maria shook her head.

“Dad wouldn’t listen… and besides, he doesn’t care about Max or Liz. Its only Hank that he cares about and the only way he can get to Hank is through Michael.” Alex shook his head.

“I don’t suppose there’s a reason for all of this life ruining?” Maria grinned, turning in the tunnel so she could face Alex directly.

“Wanna know a secret?” She leaned in close and Alex leaned in closer.


“That’s good cause you can find out and tell me.” She shrugged. “Dad’s just hated Hank… I don’t know why. It doesn’t matter why.”

It seemed a good day for question asking and so Alex asked his new friend one more:

“Everyone at school stopped talking to me cause they hate you… whys that?”

“It’s because I’m nuts.” Maria explained leaning back against the tunnel wall, “And cause my whole family is nuts and we’ll all probably stick explosives down your pants if you don’t keep a close watch on them.”

“I see.”

“So if you still wanna be friends with me I’d keep a close watch on your pants.” Maria finished lamely.



thanks for reading
Wheels will soon be made of ells!
You say it won’t ever happen? – No one believed the man who said the earth was round either!
A wise person once asked a very wise question - do you believe in otters?