Born Under a Bad Sign (SPN XO TEEN) Ch 5 11/9/09 [WIP]

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Born Under a Bad Sign (SPN XO TEEN) Ch 5 11/9/09 [WIP]

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Title: Born Under a Bad Sign
Author: UpCreekNoPaddle
Rating: Teen for now?
Warnings: Roswell Spoilers, not many others
Summary: Dean gets a very unexpected phone call
Disclaimer: Their respective companies and persons own Supernatural and Roswell. I am merely BORROWING with every intention to return when I'm done causing mayhem and discord.
Distribution:, Crossoverfic, and sn_crossovers

A/N: Set in season 1 of SN. Set in an A/U version of Roswell. Two years after graduation. Tess isn’t the antichrist, but she’s not Sally Sunshine either. Alex didn’t die, he and Izzy are together, Michael and Maria are engaged, and Max and Tess are trying destiny. Everyone decided to stay in New Mexico, for safety. Liz went to Santa Fe for school, trying to get away from Tess rubbing her relationship with Max in Liz's face. Kyle is working as a mechanic, and trying to not be involved in the abyss anymore

His mailbox had 3 messages? How the hell? He had checked it that last night. Today had been a bit crazy with that damned ghost. But he didn’t think he’d missed 3 calls. Dean checked his missed calls, it said he’d missed 10. Who’d been calling him today. He glanced over at Sam who was asleep in the passenger seat, His head was back and his mouth was open. That chick from Santa Fe had called him. All of his missed calls were from her. Damn. He’d spent a long weekend with her about 2 months back, a few weeks before Dad went missing. It had been fun. Dean punched 1 on his phone, waited to connect to his voicemail and thought about her. She’d been sweet, on the secretive side, but that was okay. Dean had his own secrets to keep.

Maybe she wanted to hook up again, shame he was in Michigan, he wouldn’t mind spending some more time with her. She’d made him laugh. His voice mail finished reading her phone number and her voice came through, just as cute as he remembered. “Dean. Answer you phone. We need to talk.” Dean frowned and turned off the highway, heading for a town ,and hopefully a bed. “Dean, it’s Liz. I’ve been trying to reach you all day. I’m freaking out. Call me, please?” She sounded slightly panicked. What was going on in New Mexico. Sam shifted in his sleep and Dean turned his phone down to keep from waking him up.

“Dean. Answer your damn phone. We need to talk. I wanted to tell you face to face, or at least in person on the phone. But I guess this will have to do. I’m pregnant. Now would you call me?”

He slammed on the brakes, pulling over to the shoulder, not even thinking to apologize to his his baby for the wear on her breaks. Sam slammed forward, hitting his head on the dash, “The hell Dean?!” Dean barely heard him, he jumped out of the car, and leaned against it the hood. He tried to breath, but his mind was frozen.


Sam stood beside him, hand on his shoulder. “Dean? What’s wrong? You sick?” Dean realized that stopping hadn’t been a good idea. He always thought better when driving the Impala

“Get in the car Sammy. We gotta go.” He started back to the driver’s side and opened his door. Sam hadn’t moved.

“Dean. What’s wrong? Is it Dad? Did he call you?”

“No. Get in the damn car Sam, or I’m leaving you here.” Sam pushed himself off the side of the car and got back in. Dean turned the car back on and turned around, heading for the highway.

“Dean. Where are we going?” Sam sounded angry.

Dean didn’t answer him. He didn’t know where he was going. He just knew he had to go.


Dean had been cranky the entire night. Sam did his best to stay out of his way. It wasn’t hard. After all when you were raised in the back seat of a car, you knew how to avoid people in tight spaces. Dean pulled into a diner parking lot as soon as the sun came up. He got out and started walking away, towards the line of trees. Sam thought about following him, or at least seeing where he was going, then thought better of it. If Dad had called him, he would have told him. Sam didn’t know what was going on with his brother, but he was hungry and he knew Dean. He’d cool down, whatever was pissing him off so much would either blow over, or he’d talk about it.

Sam waited for his order to be taken for 10 minutes, then he waited 15 for his pancakes and bacon to get there, he ate in 13 minutes, and then drank coffee for almost 20 more. Dean didn’t come back till about 10 minutes after that. Sam was going to deck him.

“Pay, lets go.” Dean looked like shit. But when Sam called Dean on this, he didn’t even get a response, his older brother just walked out to the car. Something was really wrong, and Sam was not the most patient of people. He’d waited long enough.

“Dude, what the hell is wrong with you? Talk to me Dean.” Dean ignored him and Sam took a deep breath and grabbed his brother spinning him around. “What is going on? Is Dad okay?”

“Sammy, this has nothing to do with Dad. I..we just gotta go. If we take turns driving,”


“Shut up. If we take turns driving we can be there by tomorrow night. Now get in the car.” Sam rubbed his hand over his face and watched his brother walk to the car. Dean could be such an ass. But at least now he knew that they hadn’t found Dad yet, if they ever would.


They hit Santa Fe right after sundown. Dean was asleep in the passenger seat. Sam didn’t want to wake him. It was the first sleep he’d gotten since Michigan. Maybe they had a job, one important to Dean. Dean had finally fessed up to where they were going about 3 hours into the trip. But he still wouldn’t tell them why they were coming New Mexico. He didn’t know what was going on, but he was going to find a hotel though, get his stubborn brother in bed, and in the morning, demand answers.

“Dude, stop thinking so loud. Givin’ me a headache.” Dean sat up, taking in a sharp breath and yawned. “How long was I out?” He turned the knob up on the radio, wrinkling his nose when the local station came though, then pushed his Rush tape back in the machine. “Sammy, don’t touch my tapes.”

Sam rolled his eyes, “You were dead a few hours, we’re here. I’m gonna find a place to crash for the night.”

Dean sat up straighter, “No. Where are we?” Sam saw Dean start to take note of the signs and figured out that they had hit their destination.

“Yes, and NOW will you tell me why we are here? Do we have a job? What the hell is going on?”

“Shut up Sammy. Get off the highway.” Sam did so, then when they hit a side road turned the wheels sharply, pulling the car over with a screech. “The HELL Sam! You do not treat my car like that!”

“We’re not going anywhere till you tell me what is going on. “ Dean glared at him for a moment, but when Sam didn’t back down he sighed and looked out the front window.

“Girl called me. She’s pregnant.”

“Something wrong? Is she being haunted is there a….is it YOURS?!” Dean’s eyes narrowed.

“It’s mine. I talked to her. Now I need to see her, so get back on the road Sam, before I kick your ass.” Sam was in shock. His brother was going to be a dad. He numbly did as Dean said, following his directions. They got to a small dingy apartment neighborhood and Dean told Sam to pull over. “Stay here.” There was no way that Sam was going to stay there and let Dean be blind sided by a girl claiming to be carrying his kid. Dean did tend to sleep with girls when he was between jobs, but he was careful. Dad taught them both that much.

“Dude, no. I’m gonna come with you.” Dean got out of the car, didn’t even fight with Sam. Sam wasn’t sure if Dean was going to be able to handle this. He was already out of it. They walked up the stairs after trying the elevator, which wasn’t working.

“This is not Martha Living. But I guess we’ve stayed in worse places before.” Sam joked trying to get his brother’s reaction. Nothing.

Dean walked up to the door like a man condemned and knocked. A few minutes later they could hear a chain being undone and the door opened. Sam saw the small brunette and the first thought that leapt to mind was how this wasn’t his brother’s type.

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Re: Born Under a Bad Sign (SPN XO TEEN) Chapter 2 4/25

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Ch. 2
She stepped outside and pulled the door shut behind her. “Dean. That was quick. I didn’t expect you for another day or so.” She bit her lower lip and Dean frowned. She was nervous, he remembered how she was when he asked her about a scar she had, with that same look. Seeing her snapped him out of the fog he had been in since he last spoke with her. His senses tuned and he could tell there was something wrong, and he didn’t like it at all. He took it out on her without meaning to.

“You weren’t expecting me? You told me to come. So here I am.” He was annoyed. She sighed and glared at her door.

“Let’s go for a walk.” She stopped and looked at Sammy as if she had just notices his lumberjack brother was there. “Who…”

“I’m Sam. Dean’s brother.” Dean hadn’t mentioned him to Liz, still pissed about Sam running off to play frat boy. He should feel guilty that the woman who carried his child was unaware he was pregnant, but he couldn’t seem to care about that now. His brain kept getting stuck at the phrase “carried his child”.

“I didn’t know Dean had a brother.” She started to head down the stairs and Dean followed, confused as to what was going on. He didn’t like this feeling at all either.
“What’s going on Liz?” She got to the bottom of stairs and looked back at Dean, then pointedly at Sam.

“I wanted to talk to you alone for a while.” She looked at Sam, “There’s a bar about a block up the road if you are anything like Dean, and like your beer cold and your bars kinda sleezy.” She smiled gently. Sam looked like he was going to say something so Dean glared at him, widening his eyes in a “get going” fashion. Sam, for the first time in the last who knows how many hours, did what Dean wanted without a fight.

“Fine.” Sam pouted and sulked off. Dean snorted, thinking that his brother would go sit in a beer and brood. He watched the younger man for a moment before turning his head back to Liz.

“Are you alright?” She wrapped her arms around herself and started walking the opposite way of Sam. Dean remembered how at ease she was walking alone at night here, and it had made him think she was borderline on crazy. Right now he was just grateful he was packing.

“Honestly? I’m scared. I’ve never been..well. When I found out I called you right away.” She stopped and looked at him, something obviously just occurring to her. “You just took off work? I thought your dad was more of a hardass then that.”

“He is, but, he’s uh…well Sammy and I are running the show right now.” Liz smiled knowingly, he knew she knew he was lying. But he liked that she just accepted it. She didn’t pry, she didn’t get mad that he was keeping something from her. He felt it was a fair exchange, neither of them had asked too many questions about each other’s lives other then the superficial. It was nice at the time. But now, now they were connected. Dean didn’t know what her plans where, he grew up believing that a woman’s body was her own business, and he didn’t want to pressure Liz in any way. He had desires, but he wouldn’t tell her that, not unless she asked.

Liz broke the silence with a quiet muttering, “Well, I just thought we should talk about this in person.” She shivered and Dean cussed under his breath and shrugged out of his jacket.

“Here. Put it on.” Liz took it, smiling at him and for a moment Dean imagined what it would be like to make her smile like that all the time. He blinked and the thought was
gone. He had barely even registered it’s existence as he followed Liz. They didn’t talk anymore, just walked in a comfortable silence.


Sam walked into the bar and dropped into the booth at the far end. The bar was like the neighborhood, dingy and dark. He ordered a beer and nursed it, thinking. His thoughts drifted back to Jess for a moment, and his plans for them. Now Dean, his give a hell brother. His older brother, who had never shown the desire for anything other then a willing bed partner every now and then. Dean was going to be a father. Sam could feel the ache in his chest for Jess. He pulled a long drink from his beer, trying to shake these thoughts from his mind

“Hey. You look like you’ve been rode hard and hung up wet.” Sam blinked and looked at the guy standing next to him holding two beers.

“Um, nah. I just found out I’m gonna be an uncle.” The guy laughed darkly and sat down, putting the unopened beer in front of Sam. Sam looked at the bar and frowned. When had he started a second beer? He pushed his now empty second beer aside and took the third one, opening it with his shirt.

“That’s not so bad. My highschool sweetheart is gonna be a mom. With this complete asshole. She’s didn’t even know how to get in touch with this loser. It was me, I had his number. Lucky bastard.” He took a long drink and Sam watched him, not sure what to do with this information, but he noticed the bartender take the beer this guy had brought and set another down. He liked this bar

“Well, guess our problems are girls and babes.” The guy laughed and started his own new beer, even though Sam didn’t think he needed it. Hell he didn’t think either of them needed it. But they both kept drinking.

“I guess you could say that. Are you still in love with girl?” The guy pushed his dirty blonde hair out of his face. Was EVERYTHING about this place dirty, Sam’s slurred mind thought.

Several moments passed with both of them drinking before the man sighed, “Kinda. I followed her out here when she came to go to school. Opened my own shop, offered to help with school if she needed it. She didn’t. My girl’s a genius. She’s going to cure everything. Except the Eygptian flu” Sam snorted into his beer, but his new bar buddy didn’t seem to notice. “Come on. Lets play pool, get our minds off this.”

Sam sat up and finished off his forth, maybe fifth beer. Probably sixth. “Sure. I’m Sam Winchester. What’s your name?”

“Kyle Valenti.”


((I know I spoke about putting a new one up tomorrow evening. But I finished fixing this early, so here it is.

Don't worry Stacie, I'll get the rest out to ya as quick as I can. Thanks for the feedback. It is always appreciated.))
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Re: Born Under a Bad Sign (SPN XO TEEN) Ch 2 4/25

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Thanks for the support guys. I really do appreciate it. I'm really enjoying editing these first few chapters. I have up to 7 done, just need editing. I'll be TRYING to post every night this week. Again, thanks.

Ch. 3

They had walked, and talked, and had yet to come up with a decision. Liz was cold but she didn’t want to go back. Dean was here, and she felt safe around him. Safer than she did in her apartment at the moment. But she didn’t want to think about that. It seemed like there was a lot she didn’t want to think about. Ironically, she didn’t want to think about THAT either. She knew she would have to, but putting it all off, the alien abyss, the way everyone was acting since she found out, even the baby could wait. Especially while she was with Dean.

“Its cold out. Getting late too. Why don’t we go back to your place and have a drink.” Liz stopped walking and looked at him.

“A drink, Dean Winchester?” She was slightly amused, and mildly annoyed. He had the decency to look flustered and rubbed the back of his neck. It caused his shirt to ride up in the front a little on one side. She took the chance to admire the skin showing, she had loved the way his skin felt.

“Ah come on, I didn’t mean that. I was thinking, hot chocolate. Yeah.” Liz laughed and smiled. It was the first time she had felt like laughing since she realized she was late for something other then class.

“Alright cowboy, let’s get cocoa.” They started back to the apartment and Liz stiffened. “Max.” Apparently when she was with Dean she did forget everything. That was not always a good thing.

“What did you say?” Dean looked over at her as they walked, and shortened his steps to accommodate her slowing pace. “What’s the problem? “

“Well, my best friend has a big mouth. I called her when I couldn’t get a hold of you. I had to have someone to talk to. She came,” Dean shrugged, but before he could say anything she went on, “She told my other friends, they are all here. Including my ex, Max.” Dean nodded.

“So that’s why we’re out here in the cold walking?” Liz nodded. She noticed the way his mouth tightened and felt the need to defend why her exboyfriend was up in her apartment while they walked the, admittedly not so nice street.

“He’s nice, just protective of our group. I don’t think you’re going to get a very warm welcome..” Dean shrugged.

“Kinda used to that Liz. Anyways, we should get back. Sammy’s useless at entertaining himself out side of the bedroom. He’ll have wandered back by now.”
Liz snorted gently and nodded, ”I’m sure that the others are on red alert as well, since I just disappeared.” They walked back in silence, Liz worrying about how the Pod Squad and I-Know-An-Alien club were going to treat Dean. She really wasn’t up for a fight, and she knew Dean wouldn’t back down, either from Max or Michael. She was contemplating who would swing first when Dean’s voice broke through her thoughts.

“Liz. I’m glad you called me.” He said it quietly, but she heard it and smiled, slipping her hand through his arm. It was the first contact they had made since he’d gotten there, hell since they had last slept together. It didn’t feel wonderful, she didn’t have flashes like she had with Max, but it feel secure, and he felt sturdy under her fingers. Liz bit her lower lip, trying to convince herself to not get too attached to him.

“I’m glad you came.” The walk back to the apartment, even though it was colder, was the warmest part of Liz’s night.


“Where the HELL have you been chica?! We were worried sick. We called Kyle and he didn’t answer, so I sent Spaceboy to check to see if he was home and he…who’s that?” The babbling girl attacked Liz, making Dean take a step back into the hall for a moment before Liz pulled him in and shut the door, locking it.

“Maria, stand down. She’s back.” A guy, about Sammy’s height put a hand on the blonde’s shoulder.

“This is Dean. Is Max still here?” The blon-Maria rolled her eyes and looked down the hall, further into the apartment.

“Yeah. So is his pet.” Dean chuckled, realizing from the girl’s tone that this must be another girl, and not a popular one with the little pixie blonde..

“This is Dean.” Liz repeated and pulled him up beside her. Maria looked him up and down and Dean got the distinct feeling that this was how cows felt when the butcher came round.

“He the one that knocked you up?” Liz groaned and dropped her head into her hand that wasn’t holding his arm.

“Maria.” The guy shook his head and looked at Dean, fixing him with a sharp stare as he spoke his next words in a serious gravel, “What are you going to do about it?”

Liz pulled away and started to shove the couple into the living room and out of the entrance way. “We, meaning he and I, are going to talk about that, and its none of anyone’s business but mine and Dean’s.”

Dean watched as the small brunette pushed her friends around, not taking their shit. He liked that, too many women he saw were either all brass and not softness, or all soft and no brass. Liz Parker was a nice combination that he didn’t mind sharing his DNA with. He followed them into the living room, which looked just the way he remembered it, except for the extra people arranged around the room. None of them seemed to be in a very good mood.

A dark haired man, no he looked like a boy, was staring at him hard. His face was angry, but he still had this dreamer look to him, it seemed to get more far off when he noticed Liz. Dean’s fists tightened at his sides and he took a step into the room, making his presence obvious. He felt the need to pull Liz closer to him, but shook that off as just being overly sensitive about her condition. He didn’t need to be a caveman about it.

Liz looked between Max and Dean then up in the air, as if asking some deity for help. “You’re Dean?” Max’s voice was tight, and Dean didn’t know why, but the urge to spend the next hour wailing on this boy came to him, and damn it was hard to resist. He crossed his arms over his chest and raised his eyebrows at the kid.

“What of it?”

“How fucking stupid are you to get her pregnant and then just leave?” Dean clenched his jaw and took a step forward. Liz stepped into the space between them and spread her arms out.

“Knock it off Max. This isn’t your place you, shouldn’t even be here.” She looked around and frowned. “where is Kyle?”

Another girl spoke up, standing up off the couch Dean remembered christening a few times last time he was here. She was short, blonde, and exactly the type Dean picked up at bars. “He never came over.” She seemed annoyed with the world around her. Dean didn’t get very good vibes off of her, and wasn’t surprised when she stepped up to Max and wrapped her arm around his waist. This must be the pet. Dean watched Max tense for a moment then relax. She may be into the relationship enough to want to show Max belonged to her, but Max seemed to be forcing it.

Liz swore under her breath. “This is just great. Okay, everyone, go home. I can handle this, there was no reason for any of you,” a hurt scoff from Maria made Liz back pedal, raising a hand in the direction of the pixie, “ expect Maria, to have come.”

Max took a step towards Liz. “We had to check on you. We don’t know what this is going to do to you. We need to decide what to do about it.” Dean didn’t know what Max meant by “do to her”, but he didn’t like the sound of it, and this really was noone’s business but Liz’s, and now his.

Dean stood up straighter. “The fuck you guys need to decide what to do. Liz and I are going to make that decision.” Liz smiled at him for a second then widened her eyes at the next words out of short blonde’s mouth.

“Max said you had to get rid of it.” Liz’s face turned red. Dean looked at Liz.

“Do you want to do that?” His voice sounded unfamiliar to himself, he cleared his throat before continuing, “You don’t want it?” Liz looked at him, she looked shocked. Dean waited for her to tell him of course she wasn’t keeping it, how she didn’t want some stranger’s brat.
Maria came over and shoved the other blonde towards the door. Dean would wonder later why they all seemed content to be constantly shoving or being shoved, but at the moment he was just floored.

Maria spent the next couple minutes, with the guy that Dean met at the door’s help, getting everyone out of the apartment. Dean and Liz just watched them, purposely not looking at each other. Liz let Maria hug her and kiss her on the cheek, “You two talk. We’re going to a hotel. Max and Tess are going home in the morning. Bye Dean, glad to have met my niece’s daddy.” And with that she was gone, like a hurricane.

The door shut and Liz fidgeted. “Maybe we should talk about this.” He nodded at her words. Did she not want it? He purposely kept the thought out that no one wanted him, not his brother or his dad, so why should a girl he spent 72 hours want his child. He stepped on that thought and buried it deep in his mind. He wasn’t up for a pity part now.

“I don’t know if it’s a girl yet. There is no way to know yet. Maria is just over zealous. She’s like that.” Liz shifted her weight back and forth.

Dean nodded then looked at her, not understanding why she thought THAT was important information. “Are you going to get rid of it?”
Liz blinked, and looked at him.

“Dean, I-“ A loud banging on her door made her jump, and Dean’s head snapped to the door.
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"You're afraid of planes"
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Sam and Dean Winchester.

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Re: Born Under a Bad Sign (SPN XO TEEN) Ch and 3 4/25

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Ch. 4
Liz walked over to the door and looked out the eyehole, then turned around and leaned against the door laughing.

“What is it?” Liz didn’t stop laughing, she just gestured for Dean to walk over, which he did.

“Look.” She moved away as the door was pounded on again. She watched Dean look at who was outside and laughed when he started to cuss.

“Damn moron.” Dean opened the door and rolls his eyes when Kyle and Sam stumbled through.

“Dean! Hey. Kyle, this here’s my bro, Dean Winchester. He was named after music. So he’s got a hard on for the oldies.” The two were leaning on each other and at Sam’s comment, they both let go a giggle, and Liz was more than amused at how disheveled they were.

“Dude, you’re so drunk. Get in here, and who the hell is this?” Dean helped his brother over to the couch. Liz pulled Kyle along, he didn’t really lean on her so much as just held onto her arm, as he stumbled along after the Winchester brothers.

“That is my friend Kyle. The one whose house the others thought I was at.” Liz provided, chuckling as Kyle seemed to be lost in a picture of the group she had on her end table. Dean shook his head.

“Well seems like they met each other. If you want to help me get Kyle home, Sam and I can stay with him.” Dean slapped Sam’s cheek a few times. “Hear that Sammy, gonna stay with your new boyfriend.” Sam rolled his eyes, muttering about not calling him that.

Liz shook her head and glanced at Kyle, who was busying himself by staring intently at a picture of him and Liz on her wall. “We’ll take my car, don’t want them throwing up in yours.” It took the sober ones a bit, but they got both boys to pay attention long enough to walk downstairs, and get in Liz’s car. She knew her car was crap compared to Dean’s. His was pretty and shiny and she had loved riding in it.

She drove, he played with her radio, blasting it, to Kyle and Sam’s distress. Liz liked this side of Dean. He had been playful with her their weekend, but this brotherly teasing was different. She was seeing more to Dean, she liked him, really liked him. She pulled up to Kyle’s shop, where his apartment was upstairs from it. The whole building smelled of a car shop, and most of the time so did Kyle. Liz liked it, he was a hard worker, and he didn’t smell of body odor, just oil and metal. As she and Dean got Kyle, the more drunk of the two, out of the car, she smiled apologetically at Dean.

“I’m sorry about this. Kyle’s not a drunk. I’m thinking your brother isn’t one either. I don’t know what got into Kyle.”
Kyle laughed and looked up at Liz. “A bunch of stuff got into me Liz. Jack, and Jose, and something…something else.”

“Morgan?” Dean offered helpfully while Liz unlocked the door.

“Sure.” He didn’t sound like he cared very much, or was that interested in the conversation. They dumped Kyle in his bed, and Liz took off his shoes while Dean headed down to get his brother.

Liz followed and hung back when she heard Dean’s voice.

“You stupid...What the hell’s wrong with you? Getting drunk now?” He sounded so much more pissed then he had seemed on the way over. His voice was deep and gravelly, and even though he seemed pissed off, Liz was affected by it, feeling a warmth settle deep in her belly.

“You’re going to be a dad. You’re going to have the family, and the wife, and the kids. Jess and I should…I miss Jess.” Sam sounded so heartbroken; Liz’s throat tightened, and her heart went out to him, not even knowing the whole story..

“I know Sammy. Let’s get you upstairs, you can sleep this off. You’ll be alright in the morning.” The anger was gone from Dean’s voice, he just sounded tired now. Liz decided she had eavesdropped long enough and stepped forward, taking Sam’s other arm.

They left Sam on the couch, shoes on. Dean threw a blanket over him while Liz left a note for the boys. She didn’t want Dean staying there. She wanted him with her. Liz was aware it might be awkward and even a little selfish, but she didn’t want to be alone right now.

“Hope Kyle doesn’t mind Sam hanging in the bathroom all morning. He’s going to be so hung over.” Liz smiled as Dean spoke.

“They’re going to have to fight for it. Dean, would you come back to my place?”

“Maybe I should stay here.” He sounded unsure, but like he wanted to.

“I’d like you to stay with me.” Dean smiled at her and Liz’s mind let in the thought that she hoped her baby has his smile. She shook her head to clear it. “Come on, I’ll make us something to eat at my place. I’m starving.” She headed out, and smiled to herself when Dean came with her.


Dean woke up on the couch before Liz did. She hadn’t offered him a place in her bed, and he didn’t ask. Now wasn’t the time. He just wanted to be near her, to keep an eye on her. He was quiet as he went through her room, heading to the only bathroom in the one bedroom apartment. Liz was sprawled over the full sized bed, having kicked the blankets to the bottom of it. She was on her stomach, one hand tucked under her head, the other one was draped off the side of the bed. Dean chuckled silently and pulled the comforter back over her before he went into the bathroom.

He took care of his business and when he came out the bed was empty. Dean’s instincts picked up, and he listened hard. His body was just tensing up when he heard sounds from the kitchen that sounded suspiciously like cooking. He relaxed and grinned, God he loved Liz’s cooking. Dean padded across the bedroom and the living room into the kitchen. “Morning.” Liz smiled as she mixed eggs in a bowl. “Are you hungry? I’m making omelets.”

Dean nodded and sat down at the island on the barstool, smiling when Liz pushed a knife and a green pepper towards him. “Am I supposed to make myself useful?” Liz gave him a look and then turned and opened the fridge.

“Dean. I know we were going to talk about it more later last night but…” She turned around with an onion and handed to him, “I want to keep her.” Dean frowned.

“I thought you weren’t sure what it was.” His brain skipped over her first part for a moment, then when Liz didn’t answer him, looking down at the mixture she was making in the bowl, he got it. “You’re not going to get rid of it?”

“Her, and no. I’m not.” She stopped and looked up at Dean. He didn’t know what to say. His chest felt lighter then it had in weeks.


“Really.” Dean set the knife down and went around the island. He pulled Liz to him, burying his face in her hair. He didn’t know what to say so he just hugged her, enjoying the feel of her arms around him. He closed his eyes and felt this sudden wave of protectiveness. After a few minutes he pulled back and looked at her. Liz took a breath and started to ramble, “I’m still scared. I’m not asking you for anything. I know you and your brother are working. But I just wanted you to know you’re going to be a father. And I wanted you to know you’re welcome here. I want you to know her.” Dean realized he was still holding her and he dropped his arms, feeling he was overstepping a boundary that they hadn’t decided where the line was yet.

“You keep saying SHE. How do you know?” Liz blushed and looked at her feet.

“I dreamt about her last night. I know it’s a girl.” Dean’s eyebrows went up, not quite sure how to respond to that. He’d heard that pregnant women were nuts and to not piss them off. So he decided to just go with it, having seen Liz mad. He didn’t want that anger to come down on him. He moved back onto the topic he was most concerned with.

“Sammy and I gotta keep working.” Liz nodded quickly.

“I understand that…” Dean interrupted her.

“But I want to help. I want to be around.” Liz smiled and pulled her lip in between her teeth. He smirked, realizing that the mother of his child was standing in the kitchen, in a tank top and shorts, and was happy because of something he had said. It seemed surreal to him.

“I’d like that. I think we both would.” Dean smirked and rounded the counter to his seat and grabbed the vegetable and knife.

“Let’s get some breakfast done. I need to check on Sammy.” Liz nodded and went back to what she was doing.
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"You're afraid of planes"
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Sam and Dean Winchester.

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Re: Born Under a Bad Sign (SPN XO TEEN) Ch 5 4/26

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Ch. 5

Dean called Sam and gripped the phone tightly when a voice other than his baby brother’s picked up. “Sam Winchester’s phone, Sam’s busy throwing up his soul. How can I help you?” Dean relaxed and talked to him for a moment about when they were going to come over, and decided he didn’t hate this guy. He was on his way to hating Max, and even really disliking the little blonde suction cup that was at Max’s side all the time. He withheld judgment on Michael and Maria for the moment, he hadn’t interacted with them long enough.

Sam eventually got his ass off the tile long enough to tell Sam that they were staying a few days and to “enjoy the time he got with his new lover.” This earned him some colorful words from his brother before Dean chuckled and hung up, a little happier at being able to tease his kid brother a bit.

Liz had gotten dressed and was cleaning up the kitchen when he came back from the living room.

“I heard you tell your brother you were staying. Can you two afford to do that?” Dean nodded and started to help, picking up a towel and taking the dishes from Liz as she rinsed them.

“We’ll be fine. Don’t worry about it.”

“Alright well, I have class…” Liz’s cell phone started to ring on the counter and she dried her hands off and picked it up, looked at the name and silenced it.


“Max.” Dean felt that urge of protectiveness again. Yeah, he definitely didn’t like this guy.

“What does he want?” Liz let out a loud breath and looked at the plate in her hands.

“To annoy me.” The phone rang again twice more while they finished the dishes. The third phone call had a different ringer, and Liz picked that one up, looking at Dean apologetically. “Maria, tell Max to…Max. Damn it, Max Evans. Maria said you guys were going home today.” She turned her back to Dean and he did his best to not pull the phone out of Liz’s hand and yell at this prick. “Look. I’m busy today…fine, we can talk. Not now. Fine. I’ll meet you all there. Fine.” She closed her phone and dropped her shoulders.

“Why do they seem to think they have a say in your life Liz?” Dean walked over and took her phone and set it down, not really sure what to do with her now.

“They don’t, not anymore. We, well, we were all VERY close in high school. They are just concerned.” Dean got the feeling that something was going on that he wasn’t being told. He let Liz go, muttering about getting ready for class. Dean pulled out his cell phone and texted Sam.

Elizabeth Parker and Max Evans. Research them. Will call later.


Max and the others were not willing to leave. Max wasn’t convinced that Liz was safe, and Maria wanted to be around to help. So of course, Michael was staying with her. Everyone was trying to convince her of something. Maria and Isabel, who had gotten in only that morning, having something with Jesse that couldn’t be moved, were pushing for her to move back to Roswell. Max and Tess were demanding for her to let Max abort the baby, and Liz was just sick of it all. Michael was the only one who seemed to not have anything to add to the meeting, just standing by Maria. She could tell he was willing to support any decision Liz made, but he wasn’t going to interfere. Apparently, living with Maria day in and day out was good for him. He’d calmed down enough to use his keen observational skills for good and not evil.

The meeting had not gone well, she had gone right after class to avoid having to explain the powwow to Dean. Kyle had opted out of the meeting, saying he had work, but Liz felt there was more going on there then he was willing to admit. She tried to make a metal note to talk to him, see where his head was. Max had been in her opinion a bitch, and his girlfriend had been a twat. She could feel a headache coming on. Liz walked into her apartment and blinked, surprised by the sight that met her eyes. Sam was sitting at the counter on the computer. He was reading something, that she didn’t give much thought to. What did shock the hell out of her was Dean waving a spatula with sauce on it at Sam. “I don’t give a shit Sammy, we’re not getting a cd player in my baby. She’s perfect the way she is.”

“Dude I hate that…” They stopped and looked at Liz as she started to laugh. “Um. Hi Liz.” Sam seemed awkward and closed his laptop quickly. This sobered Liz up, wondering just WHAT he’d been reading. She felt the need to look into Sam Winchester, but then realized that she was being overly paranoid, and that stage of her life was done.

“Hi, Sam. What are you doing Dean?”

Dean just muttered the word, cooking, and went back to the stovetop at the same time as Sam responded, “His goal is to poison us with that crappy spaghetti he’s concocting. He claims its better when you don’t use the bought stuff, but I think that was just so he could more easily slip drugs into it.”

“Shut up college boy.” Liz smiled and dropped her bag and sat down next to Sam. These two were refreshing, she liked being around them. It was so much easier then the Roswellians. She smiled and laughed when Sam made a comment about Dean’s cooking skills. It was much easier. She knew she needed to be careful though. Sam was hiding something, and she was worried. Liz kept smiling but she shivered inside. She still thought she was being overly paranoid, but she also noticed Sam watching her out of the corner of her eye. Damnit. Being with the Winchester boys was easier, just not easy.
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"You're afraid of planes"
"Planes crash!"

Sam and Dean Winchester.

Yes I do love them. Forever.