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Re: Battle For Freedom (Multi XO, UC, Adult) Pt.28 pg.23 8-9-09

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Hey guys thank you all for the replies I love reading them they have kept me writing this and trying to make each part better! Thanks...


Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 29: Dark Whispers XV

Liz didn’t know how she was supposed to feel about the spell. Eric Simms had handed her the now infamous spell book earlier and told her to look over the spell she was going to have to perform. It still bothered her that she had to endure the ritual that Tyler and Jasmine preformed.

It was a spell to use wandless magic. The thought of not using a wand frightened Liz. That was a skill that only powerful wizards who were hundreds of years old were supposed to have not teenagers. Tyler had already displayed wandless magic earlier that day when he made his mother’s prized Egyptian cauldron explode when he waved his hand.

Eric Simms had explained that since two of the members of the bond had the power upgrade the rest of us needed it or else the bond would continue to be in chaos. It all made Liz’s head spin and she was having a hard time concentrating. The petite brunette looked back down at the page and her nose wrinkled for the thousandth time since she received the book.

The book came with graphic drawings that coincided with each ritual. Next to the ritual that Liz and Caleb were next to endure was an explicit drawing of a man and a woman engaging in carnal pleasures something that she was not ready to see. It was a complex ritual and one that just reading it left a bitter taste in Liz’s mouth.

The spell mentioned sex as an essential element which had confused Liz to no end. It took a very flustered Eric Simms an hour to explain to Liz that the Ancient Greeks had it right when they said the best way to transcend the physical bonds was through sexual intercourse. Liz had to fight the urge to run away as her best friend’s father described to her in explicit detail how sex opened up magical channels that many were not privy to.

Liz was worried about the ritual and one particular aspect of the ritual, sex. She had never had sex with Caleb and now she was going to be right in the thick of it and she had to admit her lack of knowledge on the subject unnerved her. She was so used to knowing what she was getting into before jumping into a situation and with Caleb she was walking in blind.

Even after speaking to Caleb, Liz did not feel better. The two of them had sat down and discussed what they were going to do. It was a long drawn out conversation and an unsettling one.

Caleb had begged and pleaded with Eric Simms to be allowed to be intimate with Liz before the ceremony. Liz was touched that her boyfriend did not want their first time together to be so clinical but Eric shot their hopes down. The ritual was more powerful if two virgins were involved.

Liz cracked a smile when she remembered Caleb’s embarrassed stammering. She knew he hadn’t had sex before Reid told her as much. Liz saw nothing wrong with his inexperience but apparently Caleb did. At the end of the day she chalked it all to a guy thing and left it alone.

A knock on the bedroom door startled Liz as she looked up from the spell book towards the heavy wooden door. “Come in,” she called softly closing the book.

Serena stuck her redhead into the room her eyes searching for Liz. Relief flooded through the witch when she saw Liz sitting on the bed Indian style. The girl quickly closed the door and scurried over to the bed and jumped onto the bed next to Liz.

“Lizzie Black I’z am freaking out.”

“Me too.”

“Lizzie what are we gonna tell people at school? Theyz already think wez are a bunch of freaks this iz just gonna solidify dat.”

“Serena they don’t think we are freaks, a little odd but not freaks. This is a magical problem Serena and I have a feeling we are worrying over nothing when it comes to our school friends. At this point I am thinking that nothing can rattle the lot of them.”

Serena just shook her head at her friend. “No Lizzie dis iz major they have never seen anything like it. This will be weird even for them.”

An image of herself pregnant walking around in her school uniform popped into Liz’s head making her wrinkle her nose. “Okay so they might think it is a little weird.”

“Den there iz the whole who iz tryin ta kill you thing.” Serena said nudging Liz in the shoulder.

Liz blew out a deep worried break twisting her hands in her lap as nervous energy suddenly filled her. “I know and trust me I am still losing sleep over that. Paul and Ryan keep telling me that Plank and Prince are on it though.”

Serena frowned a dark look on her face. “They know who did it then and are just waiting to move in on them.”

“Do you…do you think it is the same person that killed Cory?”

A pang went through the two girls as they thought of their fallen friend. It still kept them up at night that no one had found their best friend’s killer yet. Cory had been so full of life one moment and then some unknown monster took him away from them leaving a permanent scar in their connection. Late at night when they were all alone each member of the group could acutely feel the void where their friend was supposed to be.

Serena leaned against Liz feeling a dark shiver take control of her. “Yeah I do. I’z don’t know why but I’z do.”

Across the State in the hidden magical school the gears of a plan were starting to turn as a man made his way down the empty corridors of the school. He found it unusual that Heidi Prince the dueling professor wished to see him. Dillings had received her letter and understood the underlying threats in her letter as to what would happen to him if he didn’t show up at the location she desired.

The woman was cunning and he knew she was up to something. He could smell something afoul in the air and his suspicions started to rise. Dillings moved through the bowels of the school towards the dungeons where he saw candle light flickering out into the hall in front of him.

“Ms. Prince?” he called out.

“In here,” her voice rang through the stone halls making it sound as though he were surrounded.

“Would you mind telling me dear child what the meaning of all this is?” he asked as he entered the dungeon.

The door slammed shut behind him before he could register that the dungeon was no longer his prison but a strange looking room covered in runes. Heidi Prince sat in the center of the room on a throne like chair her legs crossed as she twirled her wand between her nimble fingers.

“So glad you could join me Tom,” she sighed her eyes snapping to his.

“My name is not Tom.”

Her tinkling laugh startled him as gates of cold hate slammed over her eyes. “Of course it is. Did you really think I was so stupid to not realize the Dark Lord was at my school?”

The confused expression on Dillings’s face changed so quickly to a look of dark humor that she would have been surprised had she not anticipated such a flippant change. “You know my dear girl you are far more clever than I gave you credit for.”

“I know it is part of why I am so good.”

“So what gave me away?” the man hissed. Heidi wanted to shudder when she realized that it was not Dillings mouth that moved.

“Little things here and there but what really tipped us all off was when you cursed Liz at the tournament.”

A scowl appeared on the older man’s face as he advanced slowly towards Heidi. She really was far too perceptive, too perceptive to live. He slowly moved about the room taking in the runes all around him while mentally cursing himself for not paying more attention in ancient runes.

Heidi could tell the Dark Lord was plotting inside Dillings. She knew he had not yet figured out what the runes meant but she had no doubt he would once he looked closer. They were set to make escape almost impossible. The runes were designed so that only one of them would be able to walk out of the room alive and she fully intended to be that person.

Heidi Prince stood up and the throne disappeared leaving her standing alone in the middle of the room. She knew the moment Voldemort figured out what the runes meant as he let out a dark chuckle from behind her.

“You are a very foolish girl to trap yourself here with me.”

“That or very clever.” She added slowly turning to face Dillings.

“Only one of us is going to walk out of here alive.”

“Oh I know that I planned it that way. It is an insurance policy if you will. You have answers I want and you are going to answer them.”

“Good luck with that,” he hissed laughing at her.

Heidi wiggled her fingers subtly watching as ropes materialized and flung themselves towards Dillings. The man was housing the Dark Lord though and the robes burned away before they had a chance to touch him. Prince silently cast two spells one a stunner and the other a charm to confuse the man. She then used her wand to cast a net charm and whipped it towards the man who turned out to be a rather crafty fighter.

The woman jumped out of the way as several nasty looking red spells speed towards her narrowly missing her shoulder. She heard them sizzle on impact with the stone walls and mentally cringed when she realized they were salt acid spells. Heidi stepped up her game sending harmless spells towards the Dark Lord trying to find a pattern of casting but the man was too good never moving the same way always keeping on his toes. In a lot of ways the Dark Lord’s fighting style reminded her of Professor Plank.

The two wizards slowly danced around the room never taking their eyes off one another. She knew that in a duel she would lose against the Dark Lord so she had to come up with another way to subdue the man. Her mind worked quickly as she thought of spells that would freeze or suspend the man.

Voldemort made the first move this time firing spells at her that were meant to cripple or kill her forcing Heidi to doge and duck rapidly. The small woman cringed when she felt a strange spell scrape her right thigh. She knew the moment she smelt the distinctive burning flesh smell that it was a snake flame spell meant to give the enemy a fierce bite that if not treated within three hours would become deadly.

Heidi cast a blizzard charm with her wand using the natural moisture in the dungeon air to create the snow. While she cast a spell with her wand Heidi began a simultaneous chant in her mind using her hand to direct the energy at the Dark Lord. It was only be sheer luck that the spell hit the Dark Lord as he was sidetracked by her blizzard. She watched as a green haze surrounded Dillings before it snapped around him like a rubber band lifting him into the air immobilized.

She couldn’t believe it worked. Heidi didn’t allow herself time to absorb what she had done as she made a metal muggle surgical instrument table appear next to her from a small stone and transfigured her ring into instruments. Muggles at least had one part of their hospitals right, the torture instruments were great.

“We are going to have a little chat in just a moment Dillings but first I have something to take care of.” Heidi said as she pulled a small square out of her robes setting it on the ground waving her wand over it. The small square turned into a large book that flipped to the page she needed. The ancient symbols seemed to whisper in the room as Heidi steeled herself for the spell.

“I promised to get rid of you by any means necessary and that is exactly what I am going to do.”

“What do you think you can do to me Prince?” Dillings asked sounding drunk as the Dark Lord screamed inside him.

“Well I figure that since the Dark Lord is possessing you that means he does not have a physical form. This spell will banish him from you and leave just you and me.”

Dillings laughed softly unable to do more than loll his head about. “If he is out of me he is free to come after you.”

“I thought of that too which is why I am making the banishment more specific. It will not last forever but it will give me enough time to prepare for him.”

She was going to send the Dark Lord to the Black Forest in Romania. It was a magically protected forest that was sort of like a container for magical problems that people did not know how to solve. Many who entered the forest never returned and if by some miracle they did they were half insane.

Heidi let out a deep cleansing breath before she began the chant. The words rolled off her tongue like a barbaric poem as the energy in the room charged dangerously calling on the runes to do her bidding. She could feel her core kick into overtime as the magical energy swam through her. Prince ignored the groans coming from Dillings as the Dark Lord was ripped from him.

The smoky essence that was the Dark Lord floated angrily in front of her as she finished the last few words of the spell. In an angry rush the spirit was pushed from the room and out of the country. Heidi knew the moment the Dark Lord reached the Black Forest as relief swept through her, but it was sort lived as Dillings groaned in front of her. She had work to do.

In Ipswich the planets had aligned just right and the group of bonded teens knew that their time had run out. Night had fallen and the time of the ritual had come upon them. The Garwin’s left their home that night to stay with the Simms family. The charged magical atmosphere would be too charged that night for the younger Garwin children to stay so the family except for Reid left.

Liz could barely think as she sat on her bed waiting for Caleb. The room that had been so comforting to her in her time of need was transformed into a dark sterile room. She felt ill as she felt him drawing closer to her room.

He did not knock as he entered his dark brooding eyes seeking hers. The pain in his dark eyes pulled at her heart. She knew that this was not how he wanted things but they were helpless.

“Caleb,” she greeted shakily.

“Liz,” he whispered his Adam’s apple bobbing in his throat.

She could feel the fear rolling off him destroying all her willpower to resist him, resist the ritual. Liz crawled forward and rested on her knees opening her arms for him.

“Come here,” she called softly sighing when he barreled towards her.

His arms wrapped around her waist hiking her up closer to him. As the skin of her belly brushed against his Liz was painfully reminded that the two of them were only in their undergarments, to Liz it felt like nothing.

Caleb moved closer to the bed pushing her back slightly as he leaned down over her. She didn’t even see the dagger coming as he made a slice over her right breast his lips falling to the red river taking it in. The wound burned as his tongue tried to soothe it but it was a shallow cut and she was unable to block the pain.

Liz felt the heavy dagger meet her hand as Caleb’s dark eyes met her eyes again, his lips still on her chest. He slowly moved off of her kissing the wound softly as she reached up with the dagger trying not to think of the blood she was about to ingest.

“My blood, your blood,” Liz whispered slicking him over his heart her mouth moving to the wound.

“Our blood,” Caleb whispered holding her head to him. It was the standard opening call for a blood spell but Caleb was having a hard time thinking as Liz’s tongue traced the angry red line.

Liz pulled her head away looking up at him as his lips crashed down to hers. Caleb knew he needed to arouse his girl if the ritual was going to work. His mind cleared as he focused on Liz who eagerly pulled him towards her. Her fingers tangled in his hair tugging just enough to make his eyes roll in pleasure. He ran his hands over any skin he could enjoying the free reign he had for the first time.

Caleb felt one of her small legs hook around his hips bringing him closer to her core. Her warmth surprised him as he instinctively ground against her making her keen. He kissed her swollen lips nipping her bottom lip the way she liked. His lips moved over her face and down her neck pausing to spend time on spot he knew drove her wild.

Her hands roamed over his back pulling him tighter to her. Liz gasped as Caleb sucked the sensitive spot on her collarbone warmth rushing to her stomach. “Caleb,” she called out bucking against his hips. He groaned against her skin holding her hip pulling her center closer to him.

She couldn’t stand it she wanted his mouth on her desperately. Liz leaned up slightly pushing Caleb off of her as she reached behind her back and unclasped her bra. Caleb gasped when more of her skin was revealed to him. He stared in awe as he was allowed his first glimpse of her chest. She was not small nor was his girl large she had what he thought was the perfect size chest. He couldn’t help himself as his head leaned forward and he captured her nipple in his mouth.

Her breathing increased as the strange new feelings washed over her. The warmth of his mouth felt wonderful and his tongue sent sparks through her breast. She was helpless to stop a moan from escaping her as she felt him suck and pull at her breast.

Caleb groaned against her feeling her move about beneath him. Her small hands grabbed at him pulling him tight to her. He kissed his way across her chest and nuzzled her other breast. She felt so soft and warm he wanted to hold her against him forever. He grunted in pleasure when he felt Liz grind against him, his dick twitching when he felt her damp heat on him.

Caleb pulled away and looked down at his flushed girlfriend. “You going to be okay sweetie?” he asked softly as he hooked his fingers around the elastic of her panties.

“Yes,” she whispered trying not to give into the fear as she raised her hips for him.

“I don’t want to hurt you,” he whispered feeling ill as he lowered his boxers.

Her warm hand cupped the side of his face making him look at her. “It has to be done.”

Caleb nodded feeling his knees shake as he moved up her small body covering her tiny form with his. “I love you my Liz,” he whispered.

“And I you.”

Caleb kissed her puffy lips as he looked into her doe eyes. She could feel him positioning himself at her entrance the fear rising into her throat. His tip was poised at her opening as his hips reared back slightly before he thrust inside her in one large painful swoop tearing her painfully.

“Dea!” he roared calling for the goddess.

Liz screamed her small frame seizing as he tore her. Her virgin barrier making the tearing worse as warm liquid filled her. She tried to block out the pain as Caleb spit out the incantation his face a mask of pain and horror as she cried beneath him. Her only comfort was that it would have been worse if she was not aroused beforehand. As it was she felt her life’s blood coating his length as he continued to thrust in and out of her prolonging her pain.

Blood bound them together and blood was going to unlock a new level of power. Caleb said the last word and emptied himself inside of Liz.

The two of them gasped as fire roared through their veins. Caleb cried out in pain when it reached his eyes. He heard Liz scream and forced himself to look at her to see if she was alright. What he saw shocked him.

Her brown eyes were now solid black not a speck of brown or white. From her horrified gaze he gathered his eyes looked the same as the burning slowed to a dull blaze.

“Liz,” he whispered running a shaky hand over her. His eyes felt like they had been altered as he saw colors and shapes clearer than ever before. He looked his tiny girlfriend over and couldn’t help the cry that left him when he saw all the blood coming from her.

“Shit, Liz.” He gasped grabbing his wand. He tried to cast a blood clotting spell but the wand burned in his hand.

“Bathtub,” she croaked. “Ryan said put me in a bathtub.”

Caleb got up on shaky legs and carried his girlfriend into her bathroom trying to ignore Louise’s screams of pain coming from the room next door. He held Liz in his lap as he turned on the taps trying to block out his inner voice that called him a monster for what he had done to Liz.

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Re: Battle For Freedom (Multi XO, UC, Adult) Pt.29 pg.24 8-23-09

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Hey everyone thank you for your replies to the last part! Sorry this is a day late I just started back at school and it is very crazy at the moment. Thanks...


Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 30: Dark Whispers XVI

Pogue flew at the toilet his dinner leaving him in a rush as he heaved violently. His body shook as the scent of blood choked him. He could not believe what he had done he was evil in every sense of the word.

Pogue flushed the toilet and stumbled over to the sink to wash out his mouth. He looked in the mirror and snarled slamming his fist into the reflective glass. He looked too normal too good he knew it was a lie.

He had managed to keep it together long enough to care for Serena who was in terrible pain. Once she was out it hit him all at once. Every last one of her pained screams and tears seared into his memory churning his stomach.

Pogue’s head whipped towards his guest room in the Garwin home he heard Serena whimper. He stumbled into the room and the last of his strength left him when he saw her curled into a ball on the bed. He had stripped the bed before he had placed her clean form upon it but the bed still felt stained to him.

“Pogue,” she whimpered and he moved past his jelly legs and stumbled towards her.

“I’m here,” he croaked climbing gingerly onto the bed.

She gingerly turned on the bed so that she was facing him her face stained with tears as she curled back into a ball. “It hurts so bad.”

“I know,” he whispered kissing her forehead trying not to pass out on her. He needed to be there for her he needed to keep it together.

“I am so sorry,” he whispered trying to push down the sob that wanted to escape.

“You had to,” she whispered attempting to move her stiff arm to comfort him.

Pogue felt ill when he saw her trying to comfort him. He did not deserve her she was so innocent before she met him and his friends before they complicated her life. Her small hand connected with his arm and warmth spread through the cold appendage.

He knew she was not going to uncurl for awhile she was in too much pain; he could feel it coming from her. Serena and him had, had sex before the ritual meaning she was not likely to bleed during the ritual. The ritual needed her to bleed through their intimate embrace and Pogue had been lost on how to achieve such a horrific feet.

Paul his father was the one to help him. Paul had felt miserable that his son would have to hurt the girl but it needed to be done to save them. He had found an old spell in his library that created nails on the penis. It was a spell to make the human male anatomy similar to that of a feline male in order to produce blood in a female.

It was excruciating for a female to have such a sensitive area ripped apart. Her screams would forever haunt him. A once amazing experience and intimate moment between the two had been turned into a nightmare.

Serena shaking brought Pogue out of his memories. She looked ill and clammy as her eyes searched for his. “Whatz happening?” she whimpered.

“The spell is starting to take effect. Dad said it will be like a fever a very bad fever.”

“Pogue I’m scared,” she whispered as he moved closer to her. She should hate him she should feel revolted by his mere presence but she wasn’t. She wanted him to be there with her than he was not going to look a gift unicorn in the mouth.

“Me too Rena, me too.”

Down the hall Louise stared the wall fearfully. Each room had silencing spells on them but she was still able to hear all of their screams. It sounded awfully painful. The small blonde girl sat huddled in the middle of Reid’s bed hugging her knees to her chest.

She was scared and confused. Louise never had romantic feelings for Reid he was just her friend and she knew he felt the same. Reid might be physically attractive to her but emotionally she just was not there yet.

“It will be alright Louise,” Reid whispered from behind her.

She turned her head and saw his pained blue eyes staring intently at her. Fear and self loathing radiated through the group bond intensifying Reid and Louise’s fear. She uncurled herself and crawled towards her friend pulling him into a desperate hug.

“Reid I am so scared,” she whispered into his shoulder.

Reid held her small frame close running his hands up and down her back in a soothing manner. He had no idea how to really make her feel better since he too was scared out of his mind.

He would have to hurt her have to make her bleed. Reid could feel the bile rising in his throat as he heard Liz’s tortured screams. He couldn’t imagine how it would feel to be Caleb knowing you were the one making her scream in pain. He internally scoffed realizing that in moments he was going to be making someone scream.

Through the bond Reid and Louise could feel Serena’s anguish rising and the blondes knew that they had to get started. Reid gripped her close rocking Louise’s shaking form back and forth.

“I will try not to make it too painful,” he muttered softly kissing her warm cheek.

“My mom always said a witch’s first time is painful.”

Reid chuckled darkly shaking his head at her. “Not this painful Louise.”

A sudden sickening thought struck Reid as he prepared the candles around the room for the ritual. If Louise was so traumatized by that night’s activities she might never want to have sex again and then she would die when she does not produce the Garwin heir.

His room was bathed in the glow from hundreds of flickering candles. What was once his childhood haven was now his hell. He would never look at his room and his bed the same after tonight. He knew in his heart that this night would haunt him forever.
Across the world in a magically hidden castle three professors sat around a small desk in the dungeons looking grim. No one muttered a word as the green fire crackled behind them. The air was thick with the perfume of Keegle root making their heads swim.

“Is there nothing to be done then?” the old stern woman asked her eyes troubled behind her square spectacles.

The greasy haired man shook his head somberly a look of disgust on his face. “No,” he drawled in a dark whisper. “Nothing.”

The older woman cringed shaking her head sadly. “Those poor children,” she whispered.

The bat like man sneered at her making the other man at the desk sigh. “They got themselves into this mess.”

“They didn’t know what they were doing,” the woman huffed.

“No they did not and for their ignorance their friends are paying dearly. The Parker girl is beside herself with worry which she does not need. Her magical core is still in a dangerous state according to my cousin.”

“Is there something we might be able to help them with Severus?” the other man asked.

“Filch not a damn thing.”

McGonagall shook her head letting out a distressed huff. “I guess I am going to be making another trip to Azkaban.”

Snape nodded looking oddly apologetic. “Bella and Rod know something is off but Sirius I am afraid is unaware.”

The Scottish woman pulled herself upright knowing her purpose. “Then I will tell Mr. Black all we know. He will not like it of course.”

Filch cackled darkly in his chair. “No I suspect he won’t.”


Argus Filch was not a man to mess with. He was grump and desperately wanted to hex someone. His old mangled fingers itched to grab his hidden wand and blast the unsuspecting fools away. He had hidden his talents for too long he had played their game for too long and he wanted it to end now.

The old caretaker of Hogwarts moved up from the shadows and stood beside Professor Plank his fellow Cleaner. He heard the young Granger girl gasp as she saw him pull out his wand.

“Not possible,” the girl whispered staring at him.

He sneered at the muggle born girl twirling his wand between his fingers. He saw Potter nod at him and he knew that the players were almost all in place, now they just needed one more and he could sense him coming now.

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Re: Battle For Freedom (Multi XO, UC, Adult) Pt.30 pg.25 9-7-09

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Hey guys thanks for the replies to the last part! Thanks...


Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 31: Dark Whispers XVII

It was a cold bitter morning that greeted the teens as the bright sun reflected off the freshly fallen snow. The sound of Reid’s siblings running about rang in their ears. Reid looked out his window bitterly shaking his head wishing that he could still be so carefree.

Louise hissed as she awakened on his bed. Her body was a map of his brutality the night before a sick reminder of what all had transpired. Black and purple handprints covered her hips and large gashes from the knife peppered her pale skin. Reid hated that her body was battered while he remained only mildly cut across his chest.

He quickly made his way over to her helping her move into a sitting position. As she let out a pained whimper Reid cursed his mother for not healing Louise. He knew that she did not want her healing spells to interact with the ritual but all he wanted was for Louise to feel better.

“What time is it?” she asked weakly pushing the covers away.

Reid noticed that whenever fabric brushed up against her she would cringe away. Not even the softest of linens were a comfort for her as her sensitive flesh protested all contact.

“A little after one, none of the others are up yet.”

The house was silent apart from the noise of the children playing outside. The energy of the house told the young master that everyone else was still asleep except for his parents and siblings. Reid smoothed a lock of her curly hair away from her face as Louise held her stomach an ill look on her swollen face.

He had heard her whimpers all through the night. Louise’s terrified cries and shrieks keeping him awake. Her green eyes looked haunted as she worried her lip all traces of her carefree attitude erased in one night.

“Reid something is terribly wrong,” she finally whispered.

“Tell me about it,” he laughed darkly.

She gingerly shook her head a strange look catching his attention. Louise glanced at the door before she turned back to him tears welling in her eyes.

“Reid I had another vision last night,” she whispered her lower lip trembling as her small frame started to shake.

Worry instantly gripped his heart as he pulled closer to her. “What?”

“There were so many images Reid so many. “

“Just walk me through it,” he instructed softly.

She nodded painfully blowing out a calming breath. “They were newspaper headlines again but the whole table was covered this time. We were all sitting in some strange restaurant with a puke green covering the place and weird little men all over the walls.”

Reid smirked when he realized where Louise was describing. He knew she would have no idea what Liz’s family café looked like since she had never been there, but he had been there. He nodded for her to continue when he saw her waiting for his attention.

“Serena was the main person this time and she looked so sad Reid. She kept fingering this necklace and wiping her cheeks. At first I thought it was mine but then I noticed that the cord was different it was green instead of white but the pendants were the same.”

That troubled Reid. He knew after hearing so many of Louise’s dreams that even the smallest detail meant something. He did not like that the pendant was Louise’s it left a funny feeling in his stomach.

Louise went on to describe the newspapers in front of Serena. One of them was muggle the other the Daily Profit which was the British daily news. It seemed as though most of the magical headlines all centered around one scary event. Headmaster Dumbledore of Hogwarts was suspended after muggleborn students continued to be attacked by the heir of Slytherin.

“It is strange right?” Louise asked.

“Very,” Reid agreed. It was odd because Dumbledore had a great deal of pull in their world and for him to be ousted from his position meant something terrible was happening.

“The paper said Lucius Malfoy was leading the charge.”

Reid snorted at that rolling his eyes. Of course his uncle was involved Liz was just going to love this. He knew that Lucius was not always the nicest of wizards but from what his mother had told him there was always a good reason behind his actions and it was not as selfish as others wanted to believe. If Malfoy was looking to get rid of Dumbledore than the head of the Malfoy family saw something that troubled him.

His mother always hinted that there were many hidden layers to Lucius and Narcissa. Reid was so used to hearing both the good and the bad that he knew to look deeper into issues concerning his extended family to find the truth.

“What has you all pouty?” Louise asked poking him in the ribs.

Reid gave her a weak smile grabbing her bruised hand between his own. “I know you have no reason to trust me on this but I think that Dumbledore’s expulsion was for a reason. Lucius Malfoy always thinks over his actions very carefully he would have had a very good reason.”

“Yeah he wants all the muggleborn children to be killed,” Louise scoffed wincing when the movement jarred her body.

“I can’t explain it but my mom and dad trust the Malfoy’s. They will not come out and say it but they do.”

She studied Reid through swollen eyes wondering what he was thinking. Louise did not feel comfortable knowing that Lucius Malfoy had enough pull to get rid of someone as powerful as Dumbledore. Her only comfort was that Dumbledore was reinstated according to the papers. She was going to tell Reid about the last headline but with his defense of Malfoy she thought it best to keep it quiet for the time being. She had no idea how her friend would react to knowing that Sirius Black was going to escape from Azkaban.

Caleb kissed her shoulder watching as her chest rose and fell with her steady breaths. She had been in a fitful sleep all night like the others only succumbing to the mind numbing sleep a few hours ago. He kissed her shoulder again knowing it very well might be the last time he could kiss her. They still had to produce an heir but at this point Caleb was not sure she would even want to be with him after what he had done to her.

“Stop beating yourself up,” she whispered her brown eyes looking blearily up at him.

He looked down at her watching as she gingerly moved to fully face him. “You have that look on your face like this is your entire fault, it’s not.”

“But it is,” he whispered.

She rolled her eyes at him lifting her hand to his face. “Caleb it had to be done. I might hurt now but it is only temporary. Please Caleb don’t keep beating yourself up over this.”

“But Liz,” he whispered tears filling his dark eyes. “I hurt you so bad. All I can hear is your screams all I can feel is your pain.”

Liz felt terrible knowing that she was not going to be able to say anything to him to make him feel better. She ran her hand through his messy locks watching as his eyes fluttered closed. He might have been mentally killing himself but he was soon lost in the comforting feeling of her fingers in his hair. His head lowered to her shoulder on its own accord.

She moved her head gingerly and kissed his forehead. “I love you Caleb never forget that.”

The rest of the house slowly awakened that afternoon. Tyler and Jasmine refused to leave their room. They knew they were cowards but they could not bear to face their friends knowing that they were the root of all the pain.

Pogue gingerly carried Serena down the large staircase cursing with every step. He was angry and frustrated that he could not use his wand. He had tried to levitate Serena down the stairs so he would not jar her too much only to find that his wand no longer worked. Frustrated tears filled his eyes as Serena cringed in his arms never voicing her pain.

Ryan looked up from the daily paper as Pogue entered the breakfast nook. The older gentleman quickly stood up and pulled out a padded chair for Serena to be placed on. Pogue nodded at his friend’s father thanking him silently.

“I will get you something light to eat,” Ryan whispered.

Serena flinched at the thought of food but nodded knowing she needed to eat. Ryan sensed her troubles and showed her it was a liquid, a creamy mint green liquid.

“My wife made you all some cucumber and mint soup for breakfast. It is cold, light and full of vitamins.”

She had to admit that did sound doable. Pogue sat sullenly at her side glaring at his wand. Ryan set bowls of the soup in front of them raising an eyebrow at Pogue’s petulant look.

“What crawled up your butt?” Ryan asked sitting down again.

Pogue waved his wand at the man before he slammed it down on the wooden table. “It won’t work!”

Ryan Garwin closed his eyes praying to Merlin for patience. “Of course it does not work Pogue,” Ryan sighed.

Pogue shot the man a withering glare demanding an explanation. “The ritual last night was one to increase your power. If you had read the ritual like you were supposed to you would have seen that it was supposed to render your wand useless.”

“What am I supposed to use then?”

“Your handz.” Serena snickered into her water glass.

Pogue looked to his girl a blank look on his face. Serena rolled her eyes at him wishing she had the strength to knock him over the head.

“Youz can do wandless magic now dumbazz.”

Ryan coughed trying to cover his laugh as he observed their interaction. Serena sure was feisty and just what Pogue needed to bring him back from la la land.

“With the proper training you will be able to use wandless magic. Right now your magic is too strong for you to use a wand but that will go down in a few days once your new core levels are worked out. There is too much energy at the surface and your wand can’t focus it. You will still have to use your wands for awhile.”

“So for the next few days only we are sans magic?” Pogue asked.

“Yes,” the blonde chuckled.

“This is gonna suck.” Pogue huffed.

A few towns over Heidi Prince sat behind her desk a row of potions before her and an icepack in hand. The woman slowly raised the ice to her head wincing when the cold met her sensitive skin. Keeping the ice to her head she downed the first potion gagging at the bitter taste.

“Well if you hadn’t knocked yourself out you would not need these,” Tinka spat watching as Heidi Prince slowly downed the next potion groaning at the miserable taste.

“I did not mean for that to happen.”

The blonde witch shook her head at the dueling professor handing her another potion impatiently. She honestly did not know why she was surprised that Heidi was knocked out, she did go head to head with the Dark Lord.

It was late at night when the wards of the school snapped to life a blaring siren rousing the professors from their slumber and those students who had stayed over break. The Headmaster and the professors met in the entrance hall where he pulled Tinka and Plank to the side sending them down to the dungeons to where Prince was while he held the others off.

As the two professors raced down the stone steps a large black mist screamed past them knocking them flat on their backs. The hall felt charged and alive as they quickly got to their feet and headed towards the room Heidi had been using. They could feel her on the other side the stench of burning flesh and powerful dark magic chocking them as they tried to break open her wards.

The two worked quickly breaking each ward as it appeared before them until at last they were able to enter the room. A dark pungent odor met their nose and the sight of two motionless bodies on the floor flooded them with fear.

Tinka moved to check Dillings while Plank checked Prince. The two were careful not to use magic in the room knowing that Heidi might have rigged the room. Tinka’s hand snapped away from Dillings when she found no pulse. The damage to his body was extensive leaving little surprise of this state.

Plank had been relieved when he felt Heidi was alive. What troubled him was the strange pulse he felt beneath his fingertips.

Tinka shook her head coming back to the present as Heidi drank the last potion giving her a sour look. The blonde witch sneered at the other woman daring her to comment on her potions. They might not taste good but they would do the job. She did not have time to add taste blockers on such short notice.

“Your core should be settled by dusk. Try not to strain yourself.” Tinka huffed as she collected her belongings.

“Thanks for this Tinka; I am too out of it to brew myself.” Prince said her face twisted into a painful grimace.

“Well you might want to buck up since the headmaster wants to speak with you.”

Heidi cringed knowing she was going to be in for another lecture. She had already been chastised by her masters earlier in the morning. She knew she had messed up by letting the Dark Lord get away but she truly thought that his soul would not have been able to get through her wards; she was gravely wrong.

She could sense his strong magical presence waiting in her door. He had a grave look about him one that left her feeling miserable all over again. She hated it when others were disappointed in her, but disappointment was the story of her life.

Headmaster Krane sat before her his cold eyes drilling into her like daggers. He lectured her on how foolish she had been and how she needed to be more careful. In the end though he let out a sigh and let her know he was grateful she had survived and that she had rid his castle of the Dark Lord.

“Having such a foul beast in my midst left my aura grey.” He sighed rubbing a firm hand over his aging face.

“He is out there somewhere now. I wonder what he is going to do next in his quest to return.” Heidi sighed.

“The important part of all of this is that we know he is still out there and now we know we have to be ready for him.”

A look of dread washed over the witch as she let the ice bag fall from her fingers. “Oh no,” she whispered.

“What?” Krane asked wearily.

“The Dark Lord met the Blacks and the Covenant. He knows where they are.”

A look of horrified understanding came over the headmaster. “He will come back for them.”

Across the country in Roswell Nancy Parker sat in her hospital bed staring vacantly out her window. She felt empty and dead on the inside. Her body was sore and her heart was sick as she ran her fingers over the id bracelet in her lap.

Many women had told her that losing a baby was terrible. She knew they were lying now. Losing a baby so far in was excruciating. All that she had left of her precious son that was not meant to be was an id tag the nurse had given her to match the body down in the hospital morgue.

Her husband was hiding something from her something new. She had been lied to enough by that man to know when he was doing it. Nancy scoffed as she heard him talking to a nurse. She couldn’t wait to find out what he was hiding this time.

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Re: Battle For Freedom (Multi XO, UC, Adult) A/N pg. 4 10-18-09

Post by Ansleyrocks » Sun Nov 01, 2009 5:15 pm

Hey there readers! Thank you all so much for waiting for me school is very rough at the moment but I am trying to write whenever I have a spare moment.

This part is a litle short but it is very important! There are several things hinted at in this part, see if you can figure them out!

Part 32: Dark Whispers XVIII

Salem was thick with tension as the students sat in their classes that Monday morning. They could all sense a strange shift had occurred over the holidays and it was an unsettling one. A stray squeak of a desk chair would cause the entire class to stiffen painfully as ears sharpened listening for any sign of danger.

Professor Prince found herself surprised at how observant the students of Salem were, how tuned in to the world around them they were. During her time at Hogwarts as a student there was a constant slew of strange happenings but students would simply ignore the shift in the world around them. That was not the case with Salem.

The students refused to go near the dungeons all sensing the dark energy coming from that area. She caught many students wincing when the wind blew a certain way kicking up stray magical shocks.

Even more interesting to Heidi Prince was that the students knew that something had changed with the Covenant of Ipswich and their friends. There was a new pulse of dark magic around the teens and she shuddered to think of what new horrors the group had decided to immerse themselves in.

Alex Whitman Black walked into her classroom his body crackling with an unknown energy as he sat in the front of her room. There was no dark magic directly on the boy but she could feel it seeping from his very core. That was troubling. He was not directly involved in the dark arts but his connection with the others made it so that he was as good as practicing.

He was the only member of the group in her class that period since he was in a different house than the girls. It allowed her a unique opportunity to observe the boy who was the son of mass murderer Sirius Black.

From her brief memories of the Black family she knew that Alex was a replica of Sirius with hints of his uncle Orion Black in him. He had the same twinkle in his eyes that Narcissa Malfoy had when she was up to no good and the same passion for trouble that his father and aunt were known for.

Alex was a remarkable student more so than Louise, Jasmine and Serena. He and Liz had a unique pulse about them that hinted to greatness.

There was something disturbing Heidi Prince to the point of insanity and it was the magical signature she found on several of her students. The signature of her cousin Severus Snape. His dark magic radiated off of Alex and Liz shouting at Heidi that the man had recently performed magic on them. It infuriated her and made her blood boil. Whatever that man was involved in always led to death and destruction. He was now involved with her students and she was left waiting now waiting for the death to follow in his terrible wake.

Heidi quickly moved about Salem heading to her office after her dueling class. She had papers to grade and a puzzle to solve. She noted that no student was walking alone in the magical halls. Their eyes would dart about fearfully as the hugged the walls looking for danger.

There was something about the students of Salem that was different from any other magical school. They were all so connected even those that had not performed dark magic to bind themselves together. She was no idiot and was slowly starting to realize that several other groups of children were bound together as well but none nearly as darkly as the Ipswich Covenant. It was as if the entire school was somehow bound together feeding off one another.

Heidi shook her head at the strange thought knowing that there was no way such a connection could exist. She closed her wooden door and froze. Something did not feel right. Her small frame whipped around looking for an intruder but she saw none even though there was that strange magical pulse evident in her room.

Heidi had almost given up on finding the strange presence when she saw it on her desk. The large ledger was sitting on her desk corner as though it had always been there but she knew that was not the case. It was the same ledger she had given to her masters not long ago containing the names of the rival faction that had existed in the last European war against the Dark Lord.

She could feel the compulsion charm coming off the book on her desk. It was calling to her singing to her to open it. Heidi would have normally destroyed the book for such a charm but the signature of her masters made her curb that impulse.

Heidi flicked her wand at the book watching as it magically opened to the intended page, the page with the list of names belonging to the faction. She moved forward and saw a note in the crease of the book in the high master’s script. It told her to gather them together to work on the group. The note warned her that something had changed and now a whole new list of people needed to be added.

Heidi’s eyes flickered over the parchment her thin eyebrow rising in amusement when she read some of the names that her masters wanted added to the faction. Cedric Diggory, Victor Krum, Luna Lovegood, Neville Longbottom, Draco Malfoy, Daphne Greengrass, Heather Flint, Susan Bones, Ginny Weasley, Charlie Weasley, Fred Weasley, Bill Weasley, George Weasley, Elizabeth Fear, Darla Bloody, Lilith McMathers, Carlos Lopez, Louis Lopez, Fleur Delacour, Gabrielle Delacour, Philip Delacour, Reid Garwin, Tyler Simms, Alex Whitman Black, Elizabeth Parker Black and Harry Potter.

There were so many names with so few connections other than familial relations. What struck Heidi as odd was that only Reid, Alex, Tyler and Liz were listed in the faction while the others were left off. Her masters had to have seen something to make them choose only those four.

“What is the connection?” she whispered as she ran a nail over the parchment.

She gasped when a word formed below the list. Loyalty.

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Re: Battle For Freedom (Multi XO, UC, Adult)Part 32 p.5 11-1-09

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Hey guys thank you so much for sticking with this fic. I had planned to update weeks ago but I got sick about two days after I got home for winter break and was unable to write for about a month :( now I am starting to feel better and I am trying to create a plan for writing this semester so I am more on top of it than last semester.

Please let me know what you think of this new part even if it is on the short side.

Part 33: A Shameful Summer

Nancy smiled as she watched Maria and Alex bob around her cafe. They were so excited that Liz was coming home today. Nancy had to admit she was excited to see Liz as well.

The school year had been a painful one for the Parker women and Nancy knew that what would really make her feel better was seeing Liz. She might not be her biological daughter but she had raised Liz and in all respects Liz was hers. Liz was put into a terrible situation and Nancy knew her daughter was hurting terribly.

Liz was fourteen and pregnant. It was official now that the healers had confirmed it for Liz a little over a month ago. Nancy had sent Jeff to be with Liz when Ryan Garwin had flooed the apartment stating that Liz was terribly upset.

Liz had been the first of her friends to become pregnant while using the fertility potions. It had been a happy and terrifying day for her daughter and her friends. Liz took comfort in that she was going to live but her worry for Jasmine overshadowed her joy. Jasmine had just days left to conceive now.

Reid’s mother examined Jasmine and the other girls before they started fertility potions and was horrified to discover that Jasmine had spell damage to her ovaries. It seems that the dark magic she and Tyler had been using had damaged her reproductive system. Jasmine was distraught knowing that her chances of getting pregnant were less than the other girls.

Louise had announced her pregnancy days after Liz. It was a welcome relief to Reid and Caleb knowing that they would not lose the two to the Ipswich curse. Serena and Jasmine had been the ones left to worry about.

Nancy had never met Jasmine or Serena but with each passing day she had grown more worried about them. To lose their lives at such a young age all because they could not have children was barbaric in her opinion. The loss of a child was terrible and Nancy did not want their mothers to lose them. A large part of Nancy was relieved that Liz was pregnant because it meant that she was not going to lose her daughter.

“She’s here!” Maria squealed jumping up and down with Alex.

Liz came into the cafe, dark circles under her doe eyes. She grinned at her two friends and cautiously approached them. Nancy watched anxiously not wanting Maria to hurt Liz in her exuberance.

“Lizzie!” the girl squealed and launched herself at Liz.

Jeff’s eyes widened in horror and his old Keeper reflexes kicked in and he caught Maria mid jump. “Easy Maria, she is still a bit weak.”

“Oh right she fell off a horse,” Maria sighed trying to calm down enough to hug Liz.

A horse. It had been the only explanation that Reid’s family could come up with to explain not only Liz’s haggard look but also the need for delicacy the first few months into Liz’s pregnancy.

Nancy knew that Liz was having a boy, they all knew. All first born in the Ipswich coven were male. A male was necessary.

“Yeah, a really big freaking horse,” Liz grumbled.

She and her friends had become moody. All of Salem had become moody. It seemed, the last few months of school that the students of Salem were all suffering from PMS. Even the professors were in a mood. Professor Prince had made a comment or two about it and then stopped when news of the attacks at Hogwarts reached the shores of the United States. Even if the students and staff of Salem were acting odd it was nothing compared to the dangers that lurked in Hogwarts this year.

“I still can’t believe your school has horse ridding, damn fancy boarding school.”

Liz smiled weakly at Alex. She wanted to enjoy her time with her friends this summer but the constant worry she felt these days was taking its toll. Her mind was constantly elsewhere and her worry for Jasmine increased each moment. Serena still had a month or so before they had to worry but Jasmine had to worry now.

Liz joined her friends at a booth as her father took her trunk up to the apartment. Nancy glanced once more at Liz and then followed her husband. “How much do we have to worry?”

Jeff let out a weary sigh a large hand rubbing his face. “A lot. She is still weak from the duelling accident and then the ritual they performed not long after. Her body is taking a beating Nancy. This is not going to be easy on her.”

“Then there was the warning Ryan gave me.” Jeff said a dark look about him one that he only got when he had to take Liz to see her birth mother.

“Oh, what is that?”

“Apparently Liz met her aunt and uncle at the duelling tournament. People I do not want Liz to associate with. He warned me, unnecessarily, that Lucius Malfoy and his wife Narcissa are not people to move against. They want to spend time with Liz and Ryan feels it is best to let them.”

“How are the Malfoy’s related to Liz?” Nancy asked hating that she was so ignorant of her husband’s old life.

“Narcissa is Bellatrix’s younger sister. Lucius is also my third cousin.” Jeff said.

“What kind of trouble can we expect if we don’t let them see Liz?” Nancy asked.

Jeff gave her that look that told her to expect hell. She should have known better. After all she had heard about his past, the little she heard, it was all bad. Politics and propriety were the way of life. The purity of one’s blood was more important than love and family honour was essential to survival.

Nancy hated the idea of these people getting their hands on Liz but she knew that there would be little she could do to keep them away. “What do you propose we do?” she asked softly.

“Narcissa is actually not terrible. If I had to pick a sister to see Liz it would be Narcissa. Many would think Andy would be the better choice but the woman hates Bellatrix too much to see Liz for who she really is. I was thinking a supervised visit to London this summer.”

Nancy rolled the idea around in her head. She had to admit it had merit. As long as Liz was not left alone with these people she did not see a problem. She did not want Liz to be alone with those people and then come home and hate all things muggle because they had filled her head with lies. That was part of the reason Jeff did not want Liz to go to Hogwarts where pureblood sentiments still ran strong. At least in the states the old ways were not as strong.

“The thought of Lucius knowing where I live is not a pleasant thought,” Jeff grumbled.

Nancy frowned at her husband silently demanding him to explain. “You know where his loyalties lay Nancy. With his Dark Lord. I am married to a muggle, not exactly following the Dark Lord’s doctrine.”

“But Voldemort is dead”

Jeff let out a bitter laugh shaking his head. “No one in their right mind really believes that Nancy. We all delude ourselves hoping that he is gone but the mark still burns on their skin. He is not dead Nancy he is just bidding his time.”

This was the first time her husband had ever openly talked about Voldemort with her. Jeff always tried to hide that world from her. It seems that Liz’s involvement in the magical world has brought Nancy along for the ride. If Jeff thought the Dark Lord was still alive than Nancy knew he had to be.

Across the States in Ipswich Caleb Danvers was in a towering rage. Evelyn cried as Ryan and Paul tried to control her son. She had never seen anything like this before. One moment her son was laughing with her and Pogue in the sitting room and the next he was completely different.

Pogue had pushed her out of the room clutching his chest as her son let out a furious roar. She had tried calling to him begging him to tell her what was wrong. Evelyn knew she would always be haunted by the look in her son’s eyes. It was a sight that was all too familiar to Evelyn. They were the same jet black eyes that her husband James had; the eyes of dark magic. What had shocked Evelyn even more was that when Pogue yelled for her to get his father, his eyes were the same inky black.

“Caleb calm down now!” Paul Parry roared at her son.

The magic in the sitting room was stifling. Even out in the hall Evelyn could feel it. The magic was hot and thick and ready to erupt from her son and his blood brothers. It was as though the very magic of the Covenant had become volatile. None of the four in her home seemed right.

“What is happening?” she asked as Pogue stepped out of the room again running a hand through his long hair.

“It seems a snag has come up. Apparently our ancestors were afraid that once a woman became pregnant with the first born she might run. Liz is not within a specified distance from Caleb so Caleb is in a towering rage. If we don’t do something quick he is going to blow out of here and into a town full of muggles to get to Liz.”

The furious growls of her son froze her in place as she listened to him rant. “How dare she leave me!”

Her son’s face was a blistering red as he hurled his pure magic at the walls of the room. Evelyn saw Paul square himself as he shot out towards her son. A green mist erupted from his hand and collided with her son stopping the teen in place. Evelyn gasped as the colour drained from her son. A green band of energy surrounded her son’s torso holding his hands firmly at his sides. Caleb was immobile before them only his dark eyes glaring hatefully at the occupants of the room.

Paul turned to Evelyn looking tired. “Contact Jeff Parker. Try to get Liz here as soon as possible. That will not hold him for long.”

Evelyn nodded numbly unsure of what was happening in her own home. The person pent up in her sitting room was not her son. He might look like Caleb but the towering rage and hatred pouring off him was foreign to her gentle boy.

“Now!” Paul barked when she did not move swiftly enough.

Evelyn quickly scurried over to the study where they kept a second floo link. The witch grabbed a pinch of green powder and threw it into the large fireplace. “Park residence Roswell New Mexico.” She stuck her head into the green flames closing her eyes against the despised heat. She always hated fire calls they were hot and uncomfortable even in the cooled magical flames.

Evelyn opened her eyes and saw a Spartan living room with slightly outdated muggle furniture. She cringed at the coldness of it all. Shaking herself she called out to the owners of the home. Moments later a bewildered woman stared down at her.

“What the hell,” Nancy muttered staring at the strange female head in her living room fireplace.

“Hello is Jeff Parker in? It is Evelyn Danvers I need to speak with him right away.”

Nancy recognized the name right away and nodded blankly at the head in the fire. “Let me go get him.” She muttered still in shock.

Jeff looked up from the books on the kitchen table when he saw his pale wife enter the room. “What is it hun?”

“There is a woman in the fireplace. She says her name is Evelyn Danvers and she needs to speak with you.”

Jeff blinked at his wife waiting to see if she was joking. His house was not even on the floo network. When he realized she was not having one over on him he bolted from his chair and raced towards the only fireplace in the house. Sure enough the frightened head of Caleb’s mother stared out at him.

“Good evening Evelyn is there something I can help you with?” he just knew right as the words left him that he was going to regret asking.

“You can give me Liz.”

Jeff and Nancy shared a confused look before they turned back to the fireplace the look on their faces clearly demanding answers. A strange shriek echoed from Evelyn’s end and her eyes widened fearfully.

“Please Jeff I need Liz. It seems that the Covenant was afraid that their pregnant wives would take the children and run away. There is a safeguard built in that we did not know about. Caleb is furious and is prepared to go and snatch Liz away.”

Jeff sighed painfully. He knew when he picked Liz up for the summer that the transfer was too easy. The last Jeff had seen Caleb there was a strange glint in his eyes but he was happy enough to let Liz go.

“How long will she be gone for?” Jeff asked sullenly.

“I don’t know. I imagine the others will be looking into this to see if there is a solution for temporary separations but right now Caleb is a danger to others and having Liz here will stop him.”

Nancy did not like the sound of that. Her fears for her daughter and her unborn child roared into her head. “How do we know that we are not placing Liz and the baby into danger? Caleb is unstable. What is to stop him from harming them?”

Jeff hummed in agreement with his wife happy that she had voiced his fears as well. He did not want to send Liz into a situation where she could be hurt.

“Caleb won’t since she is carrying his heir. His magic protects her, but if it eases your worries there will be others there to keep him in line.”

Jeff was helpless but to agree. He could sense that the situation was worse than what the mother was letting on. The last thing he needed was for an irrational Caleb to show up in his home where his wife was defenceless against him.

Evelyn breathed a sigh of relief as she pulled her head from the fire trusting that Jeff would bring Liz promptly to her home. She rubbed her forehead tiredly as she heard the enraged yells start again. It was times like this when she desperately wished for a bottle of firewhiskey.