Wishing Life Was A Movie (HP,XO,UC,Adult) [WIP]

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Wishing Life Was A Movie (HP,XO,UC,Adult) [WIP]

Post by Ansleyrocks » Thu Jan 22, 2009 7:51 pm


Title: Wishing Life was a Movie

Author: Ansleyrocks

Disclaimer: I do not own Roswell or Harry Potter

Rating: Any were from Teen to Adult

Couple: UC, Liz/Draco others UC as well with possible CC moments

Category: Roswell/Harry Potter X-over

Summary: Our favorite humans in the I know an alien club have a secret of their own that comes to town in the form of a boy who lived and his friends, and an old enemy looking to rumble. Will the pod squad treat the humans any differently when they find out that their human friends aren’t so normal after all and what will Max do when he finds out about what Liz was like before she came to Roswell?

Added note: In Roswell this takes place right after the episode destiny except Liz never left. Tess and Max never and never will sleep together and Tess is evil, but will become good and Alex WILL NOT EVER DIE! In Harry Potter this fic takes place right after book five except Siris never died.

~Prolog ~

I always thought of my life as a movie. Every day you wake up and put on a show for the rest of the world so they don’t really see who or, what I am for that matter.

Ever since I can remember I have spent my life putting on an alias covering up what I truly am. Most of my friends see me as the perfect little Lizzie Parker who is the good student, daughter and friend to all. Only my parents, three best friends and their parents know what I am because they to are like me. You see the perfect Lizzie Parker is not so perfect after all and I have more power then they could possibly imagine because I Elizabeth Claudia Parker am a witch.

Part 1

My parents met at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. There they met my best friend Maria’s mom Amy Deluca who was then known as Amy Goyle, Alex’s parents Charles Whitmen and Drucila Fear and Kyle’s parents Jim Valenti and Catty Snape. Back then my parents were known as Jeff Parker and Nancy Potter. Who would have thought this close group of friends would go from the exciting and wonderful wizarding world to the dull and painfully slow muggle world. You see it all started fifteen years ago in a town outside London England where my families close friend Lucius Malfoy came to my families’ mansion with great news and terrible news; the Potters were dead.

Now I know what you’re thinking my mother is a Potter, which is true, but the Potters are not all from Gryffindor. My mom and grandparents were in Slytherin along with my dad and my parents friends. So we were all happy to get rid of those Gryffindor’s my uncle James and his mud blood wife Lilly. Then the bad news came their son Harry lived and some how defeated Lord Voldomort who had ensured my friends Maria, Alex, Kyle’s and my safety and then the hunt for death eaters was on which included our parents. My parents and friends parents knowing what all of their children were destined to become thought it wise to go into hiding and the keeper of our hiding place was Lucius Malfoy.

In secret our parents taught us the art of magic and all we would need to know. We also had frequent visits from Lucius and his son Draco who became a good friend of ours. Over the years we all lived in Roswell New Mexico and all these years my family waited for the day when we could go back to our world for good.

“Liz honey your shift is starting come on.” My mother yelled, her voice muffled by my door. I put on my ugly green alien uniform and antennas and headed down to the café my parents own.

“Morning Liz” Sheriff Valenti greeted, yes can you believe it Mr. Valenti became a muggle sheriff who occasionally uses magic on the job, which made him all the better.

“Morning sheriff the usual I presume?”

“You bet,” He chuckled our morning routine so ingrained in us it has become a joke. I quickly gave Michael his order at the window ignoring his snarky growl.

Michael is Max’s best friend along with Isabel and the thorn in my side Tess. Isabel and Max are brother and sister as are Michael and Tess and they are all aliens. The only people who know this are Maria, Alex, Kyle, and Mr. Valenti and I or at least that is what the aliens think. You see our parents cannot keep a secret from one another so naturally Jim told our parents, but shush don’t tell them that.

“Liz table six’s order is up.” Michael rudely barked at me. All of those aliens are rude to me because they think I slept with Kyle, but I had to make them think that because my parents thought I was getting to close to Max. They were right of course I couldn’t get to attached to anything in the muggle world or someone because it could run our reputation.

“Thanks” I said taking the order to table six.

I get sick of his attitude at times he just makes me so mad that I want nothing more than to curse him with my unregistered wand. He and the other aliens seem to think they have free reign to walk all over me and it makes me sick! Speak of the devils and they shall appear, this day sucks.

“High welcome to the Crashdown what can I get you.” I asked them in as polite a tone I could muster.

“Cherry coke and an order of Saturn rings for me.” Isabel said and for once there is no sarcasm or malice in her voice. I saw Tess scoot closer to Max and grab his hand.

“I will have the same. You hun?” Tess asked Max obviously they are trying to make me jealous. The slow movement of her hand up and down his arm was grossly exaggerated.

“Same” Max said with a cold look. I couldn’t help the eye roll as I walked away. This day really is going to suck.

I heard the back door open and in raced Maria out of breath. “I am so sorry I’m late my mom had me run a few errands” Maria gasped out clutching her chest to slow her breathing. A few errands, was code for, I had a magic lesson and it went longer then planed.

“No problem the pod squad is all here and the odd thing is for once Isabel is not giving me death glares and is for once acting normal. Oh and Max and Tess are trying to make me jealous.” I said making Maria laugh at my version of an update.

“Well what have we here the most beautiful women in the world, how are my girls today?” asked a smiling Alex as Kyle lumbered into the café after him swatting a bug away an annoyed look crossing his face.

“Same old same old.” I grumbled and Maria nodded as she slowly started to wipe down the counter that wasn’t even dirty.

The crashdown doorbell jingled and Mrs. Deluca’s form popped into view with a box of her pies for the crashdown who was followed by the Whitmens who sat down next to the sheriff.
******30 minutes later***

Everyone has left the café except our parents the pod squad and Maria, Alex, Kyle and I. We are all just sitting around and talking; Michael took a break and is sitting with the rest of the aliens as usual. The dull murmur of voices humming in the background soothing my frazzled mood when we hear the ringing of the doorbell and everyone turned to see Luscious Malfoy and Draco Malfoy all decked in their perfect black robes. I could not stop my mouth from falling open if I wanted to; their coming was just so random. “Hello everyone, it was been many moons since my last visit, too many.” Lucius Malfoy’s silky voice purred ensnaring us into his trap. There was something dark lurking in his cold eyes something I have never seen before and I could not suppress the ball of dread forming in the pit of my stomach; something terrible has happened.

It was times like this when I really did wish my life was a movie as life seemed to freeze around me. I wanted the reel to stop and rewind as my already horrible day just seemed to get worse.

A/N: Okay guys here is the first part of a story I started over four years ago but never got past the fifth part, I now have over twenty written and have gone back and redone a lot of the first five parts. So please let me know what you think and if I should finish this or not, Thanks!
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Re: Wishing Life Was A Movie (HP,XO,UC,Adult) Pt1 1-22-09

Post by Ansleyrocks » Sat Jan 24, 2009 8:10 pm

Hey guys thank you all so much for the replies you left, if you want it well then you are going to get it so I will finish this fic! Thanks...

Fallin Angels
PeytonLeigh-thought about doing that but then I decided I better keep it on hold until I had the fic finished because heaven forbid I get writers block parts will still come out normally until hopefully I get over it!

Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 2

“Lucius what a surprise, how wonderful to see you.” My mother simpered. She got up off the bar stool and gave him a small hug; he is not one to show much affection so we are light with the touchy feely stuff. “To what do we owe this pleasure?” She asked her proper wizard breeding taking over in the presence of her new guests.

“Well maybe now is not the right time to tell you.” He says looking over at the pod squad all of them are staring at the Malfoy’s. My mother seeing where Lucius was looking nodded in understanding.

Seeing Draco standing there looking rather board I decided I probably should go say hi to my long time friend who has gotten hot “Hey Draco.” I lamely greeted feeling my cheeks flush as his gray eyes connected with my own his trademark smirk in place.

“Hello Lizzie.” He said shocking the hell out of me when he gave me a hug, which by the way made Max Evens look ready to pounce. Hey a little jealousy never hurt anyone.

“Hey don’t I get a hug?” Maria asked pretending to pout.

“Of course come here.” Alex and Kyle came over as well and did the usual half handshake half hug type thing they do, which got a few wide -eyed stares from Isabel.

Maria and I pulled Draco into a booth in the back with Alex and Kyle coming along. All of the parents were currently making small talk waiting for the others to clear out. I looked harder at Draco who is sitting between Alex and I and see something different about him almost like he is wiser somehow. He must have seen me staring at him because he smirked at me his gray eyes becoming even more penetrating if possible.

“Earth to Liz, come in Liz.” Kyle said apparently they were talking to me.

“Huh?” I asked blinking back into focus and moving my gaze away from Draco

“I said Evans looks like he wants to rip my head off as usual.” Kyle said smirking. I had gone to Kyle asking him for help to get rid of Max and he was the one to suggest we stage it to look like we slept together, which was rather genius of him.

“Why would he do that?” Draco asked raising a blonde eyebrow at Kyle who looked matched the evil look.

“Well you see Lizzie's parents thought she was getting to close to Maxi boy and needed to put a stop to the relationship. So Liz went to Kyle and asked for his help to break up their relationship and he did by pretending to sleep with Liz.” Maria explained sounding rather amused.

“You have got to be joking you actually dated that guy; he is a muggle and who is that blonde girl sitting next to him she looks like a monster I saw in my Defense Against The Dark Arts book at school.” Draco said referring to Tess. “That would be Tess whom we like to call slut, tease, bimbo and my favorite Gerbil.” Maria said which received laughs all around the booth.

“Personally Liz I think you can do much better.” Draco said in a sincere voice.

“Your right.” I agreed looking down. It was a thought that had been running through my head for months but I never wanted to admit stupidity in front of others, it was a weakness and I was not weak.

“What?!” Maria screeched causing everyone to look at us. “Sorry” she said her cheeks flaming red when her mother sent her a knowing look making Maria duck her head slightly. “Liz how many times have I told you that and now you listen?” Maria asked

“I know you were right Maria I was just board. I mean the only other person I have had a relationship with is Kyle and I think of him more as a brother than a boyfriend what was I supposed to do it would look pretty odd if I never dated.” I said trying to justify my actions, again never openly admit a wrong doing it is so very anti Slytherin.

“I know exactly what you mean Liz I to think of you more as a sister and I just date other girls because I am so utterly board.” Kyle said.

“So sleeping with them is what a new sport?” Alex asked wincing when Kyle elbowed him in the gut.

“So how is school?” I asked Draco.

“Ah school is alright it’s that stupid Potter that makes it no fun he acts like I am the reason for all his troubles. Granted I do cause some of them, but that is only for a bit of fun now and then. Oh and the fact that one of his best friends Hermione is doing better in all of her classes than I am is really making father sore with me, granted he has a reason after all she is a mudblood I should naturally be doing better than her.” Draco spat his lip curled in a familiar sneer. No matter what he will tell you I know that Draco wants to get good grades and not just so he can please his father, he is a lot like me in that respect.

“Bummer man.” Alex said. None of us noticed the fact that the aliens were watching us very closely and were intrigued by what they saw. What no one in the Crashdown noticed was the dark shadowy figure turn and leave with their cloak blowing behind them or the fact that the person was on their way to report that the Destroyers had been located.
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Re: Wishing Life Was A Movie (HP,XO,UC,Adult) Pt2 pg.2 1-24-09

Post by Ansleyrocks » Mon Jan 26, 2009 8:51 pm

Hey guys wow I am stunned by all of the replies I am so glad that you like this so far. The serious Draco/Liz action will not happen for awhile the scene has to be set and the action has to start and then there will be some serious Draco/Liz action I promise! Thanks...


Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 3

Cold everything was so cold, there were shadows everywhere whispering calling to him. They were there to warn him he knew this and he knew that they could not harm him, but he was afraid of them. The shadows would show him things and all he was able to do was watch in horror as the scenes played before him. He was in the desert he knew this, but which one was a different story. There was a cliff a sort of rock formation. There were four figures joining hands in a square; two boys and two girls all chanting something that he was unable to make out. He steeped closer so he could get a better look when he caught a few words of their chant.

“Nemo nisi mors” (No one but death (shall part us) a brunet girl said. Harry was able to understand her because he was forced to learn Latin at school for spells. The others were still chanting when the brunet girl looked up he was afraid because she seamed to look right at him, but the worst part was he could hear her in his head.
“Flamma fumo est proxima Harry.” (Flame follows smoke Harry) and with that she went back to her chanting.

The dream plane started to swirl, but not before Harry heard one last phrase from the girl. “Ante bellum” (before the war.) then he was thrown out.

“Harry, Harry wake up” Ron whispered. The room was still dark, but Harry could see Ron and Neville were the only ones up both of them by his bed. “It’s happing again isn’t it?” Ron asked.

“Ron I saw four people around our age, two boys and two girls. They were on a rock formation in the desert somewhere chanting in Latin.” Harry said wiping sweat off his brow. “The brunet girl said no one but death shall part us, but in my head she told me something else she said “Flame follows smoke Harry” then she went back to chanting, but before I was kicked out I heard her say something about before the war.” Harry whispered in a grim voice waiting for the other two’s reaction.

“Before the war? What does that mean?” Neville asked a frightened look on his pale round face. Harry looked to Ron to see a pensive look on his face.

“What is it Ron?” Harry asked he could see that Ron was trying to think of how best to say what he was about to say and Harry could tell he was not going to like it.

“Harry you said they were speaking Latin like fluently?” with a nod from Harry, Ron continued. “Not many can speak Latin fluently and if they can it is usually a sign of a powerful witch or wizard. You say they were around our age?” Ron asked Harry receiving another nod continued. “Alright we have to find out more about them and who they are because I hate to say this, but they sound like they could be dark witches and wizards.” Ron told the other two a very grim look coming over all of their faces.
Liz bolted upright in bed. There had been another person in their chanting session and it was her cousin Harry. She could only hope that he had not heard anyone but her other wise they could be exposed to the ministry. Liz was rudely pulled out of her musings by her phone ringing.

“Hello.” Liz said into the phone.

“Liz it worked!” Maria sang happily into the phone. A huge smile spread over Liz’s face her dark eyes glowing in the darkness.

“Good. I will see you in the morning.” hanging up before Maria could protest. Liz got up out of bed and climbed through her window onto her balcony.

“I just hope that we are not too late.” Liz said picking up her journal to write.

Today is February 10, 2004 and today is the day when I saw my future; death. And with that she closed her journal to finish later right now she needed to think.
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Re: Wishing Life Was A Movie (HP,XO,UC,Adult) Pt3 pg.2 1-26-09

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Part 4

Draco heard a phone ringing some where in the house damn thing woke him up, well that was a lie he was never really asleep. He had been lying here for the past five hours tossing and turning with excitement. He could not wait till father told the others about why they were really there, Liz and the others will be thrilled! “What’s the use I am never going to get to sleep now?” Draco grumbled getting out of bed and throwing on his cloths.

Tiptoeing through the apartment Draco went down the stairs leading to the back room of the café and headed out the back door opening into the ally. “Damn is it always this hot here?” Draco asked himself heading down the ally into the main street. A loud crash froze him in place.

“What was that?” Draco asked turning back into the ally to find the source of the noise. Taking a couple more steps toward Liz’s fire escape he could see the outline of a guy. Getting bolder Draco walked up to the figure taping their shoulder causing them to jump and turn around.

“Fancy seein you out here,” Draco said to the guy causing the guy to take a closer look at who had tapped him. “Oh it’s you…that friend of Liz’s.” the guy said causing Draco to smirk.

“The names Draco Malfoy and you must be Max Evans heard a lot about you.” Draco said leaning up against the side of the building seeing the Max fellow smile made him angry why should he be happy when Liz is sad.

“So you have heard about me?” Max asked.

“Yes and none of it was good. Let me make myself clear I don’t like you. You made my Lizzie upset and that is something I do not tolerate. The end is coming Max and I can assure you that the world you once knew will be gone.” Draco hissed at Max seeing his face cloud over with anger made him all warm inside just knowing he was causing him pain. With that he walked back inside “I think I will be able to get to sleep now”.
*********The next Day******
Everyone had gathered in the café that morning for a meeting Lucius still has yet to say what the good news is. The parents were sitting at two tables and the kids at one all waiting for it. “It has happened.” Lucius said ominously looking each one of them in the eye before smiling. “The dark lord is back.” Lucius said causing all of the occupants of the room to burst into screams of joy.

“OMG are you serious this is so cool I can not wait this means we can see everyone again my brothers and sisters and parents and friends I can pull out my old cloaks this is so good oh I am so happy.” Amy rambled all in one breath this is whom Maria got her babble habit from.

“All right I can not wait to see Uncle Severus he is so cool.” Kyle squealed his cheeks reddening when he realized how loud he was.

Mrs. Parker stood up a bright smile on her face. “You know what we must do.” Nancy said looking at the room a radiant glow about her. “We have to have the old gang here for a visit.” Nancy said receiving nods and grunts all around. With that Jeff left to go find some quills, ink and parchment they had to send a lot of owls to get out all of the letters.

About two hours later the café started to get busy so the group had to move things into the back. They had written 200 letters so far and had about 150 more to go. They had years of Slytherin and deatheater friends to contact to make their entrance a real bang.

Liz was in heaven she was going to see her family! She was so happy that she was flouncing around the café with a smile on her face that had not been there for a long time and a bounce in her step. All was right in her world; that was until Max, Isabel, Michael and Tess walked in and sat at their usual booth. Deciding to just get it over with Liz walked over to the table in her section still smiling she was determined to not let them get to her.

“Hi welcome to the crashdown what can I get for ya?” Liz asked all bubbly hoping to annoy them, there is nothing more annoying in the world than an overly happy person. Liz smiled with satisfaction when she saw Tess turn red and her blue eyes narrowed.

“Why are you so chipper today?” Tess asked her lip curling in distaste.

“Oh I just found out my family and friends are coming to town soon it will be so much fun. I cannot wait to see the Goyle's and Crabbe's they are so much fun! Oh then there is the Bloody’s, oh and them there are the Snapes, the Blacks, the Fears, the Parkers obviously, then there are only the three craziest people ever Brimlad, Estra and Mandy they are sure to make things interesting. So what can I get you?” Liz asked again.

Seeing that the four were too shocked to say anything Liz decided to play with them some more. “Oh and then there is my fathers old boss who I can not wait to meet! A lot of people are afraid of him but he is really a great guy I mean he went to school with my parents.” Liz said babbling on happily enjoying seeing Max and the others squirm.

“We will have four of the usual.” Isabel said hoping to get Liz away from them they needed to discus what they were going to do with all of these new people arriving.

“No prob.” Liz said sickeningly cheerful making sure to twitch her nose for good measure, it was just so easy messing with them.
***In the back room****
Maria had been watching the whole thing with interest. Seeing the aliens squirm brought an odd happy feeling upon her. Seeing Liz head towards the back room Maria moved out of the way so as not to be hit by the door.

“OMG Maria did you see their faces? I told them how we had all of these people coming to town and I loved seeing Tess get all red it was great!” Liz said flopping down on the couch picking up a letter addressed to the family of Axton Bloody dripping candle wax on the opening then pressing the seal onto it and putting it on a pile with the others for when an owl returned.

“I so can not wait to see our cousins it has been like forever.” Maria said putting on her uniform; she was about to start her shift and the place was getting busy.

“What I can not wait for is when the aliens meet our family and friends. They will be in for quit the surprise when they see a bunch of people in robes.” Liz said with a gleam in her eyes. All she had to do was wait till the next Hogwarts break and her family would be coming to Roswell.
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Re: Wishing Life Was A Movie (HP,XO,UC,Adult)Pt3-4 p.2-3 1-26-09

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Hey guys thanks for the replies to the last part I am glad that you liked Liz messing with the aliens, I had fun working with that! Thanks...


Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 5

“Draco I am so going to miss you!” Maria blubbered throwing her arms around Draco Malfoy. Smirking Draco let go of Maria and gave Alex and Kyle the usual half hug guys give each other.

“Well I guess this is goodbye.” Liz said hugging Malfoy as he wrapped his arms around Liz and kissed her forehead. They had just started dating and already he had to leave. It was a slow progression but after two days Draco had finally gotten the courage to ask her to be his, Liz agreed immediately.

“I will come back right when school gets out for the summer. It is only a little over a month away.” Draco said still holding Liz close to him; the others had gone out back and it was only Draco and Liz in the back room.

“Yeah but still I am just so excited to see everyone again and I hate that you have to leave so soon.” Liz said kissing Draco again as they both headed out back where the others were. Mrs. Deluca was hugging Lucius goodbye making the tall blonde man extremely uncomfortable as he patted her shoulder.
Draco and Lucius waved goodbye and promised to return when school was out and with that they touched the port key and disappeared.

“Come on chica lets go feed the hungry masses.” Maria said putting her arm around Liz as they headed back into the back room.

“So what do you think the odds are that Michael will not show up for work today?” Maria asked buttoning up her uniform as Liz pulled her own uniform up giving Maria a disbelieving look.

“Maria you know Michael needs this job but ten galleons says he shows up with the rest of the pod people and that Tess glues herself to Max the moment they sit down. Michael will be moody as usual and act like all of his problems are our fault.” Liz said as they head out front just as the pod squad is coming in. Michael pushed past them and went into the back room to change as the other three went and sat at their usual table where Tess clung to Max’s side as Isabel stared off into space and Max looked extremely uncomfortable.

“Oh! What is this I can hardly read it Maria? Can you write any worse!” Michael snapped hitting the bell signaling an order was up.

Maria turned and glared at Liz and handed her ten galleons. “Easy money.” Liz said putting the coins in her apron as she went over to take the aliens order.

“Hey Liz.” Max said pushing Tess away as Isabel turned toward Liz and smiled slightly.

“Hey so what can I get for you three?” Liz asked returning Isabel’s smile for some unknown reason. Isabel was being nice to them lately and the more Liz thought about it the more she realized that Isabel was not just and ice queen with a frosty glare so Liz thought she should at least try and be nice to Isabel.

“The usual please!” Max said handing Liz their menus and giving her a sickeningly sweet smile as Liz walked away grimacing as she went to get three cherry cokes. Maria was wiping down the counter as she stared at Michael.

“Is it just me or does Michael seem to be looking extra fine today?” Maria asked Liz handing her three cherry cokes.

“No it’s just you.” Liz said heading over to the alien’s table with their drinks.

“Hey Liz can I talk to you for a second please?” Isabel asked standing up and looking at the back room.

“Sure.” Liz said taking the hint grabbing Isabel’s hand and pulling her to the back room. Right when the door closed Isabel started talking.

“Liz I need your help please.” Isabel said sounding desperate as she ran a hand through her hair as she sat on the couch. Isabel’s normally cool and calm model face was the picture of panic.

“Sure what’s up?” Liz asked now becoming worried she had never seen Isabel this worried.

“Well you and Maria are Alex’s best friends and know him very well. The truth is I like Alex a lot and I want t ask him out except I have no idea what he likes so I have no idea where we would go or what we would do.” Isabel rambled to Liz as she got up and started pacing and then turned and faced Liz who was leaning against the sink.

“Well he likes you, but I get what you are saying. Alex likes Sci-Fi and Indi movies and has mentioned wanting to rent the movie Pitch Black. He is pretty easy to entertain and is more interested in the company rather than the actual activity.” Liz told Isabel smirking at the way Isabel’s face lit up.

“Thanks Liz and don’t mind Tess and my brother. Tess thinks she has some kind of claim on Max and Max is just upset because he wants to know if anything is going on with you and that blonde guy.” Isabel said smiling, which made Liz grin.

“His name is Draco Malfoy and he lives just outside of London and yes he is my boyfriend. I have known him my entire life our parents went to school together; he is great.” Liz said with a dreamy look on her face, which made Isabel smile softly. She wanted to make an effort with Liz who seemed like a genuine person and she knew that this was her chance to lay the foundation.

“He makes you happy?” Isabel asked receiving a nod Isabel continued. “He seemed okay to me so even though you don’t need it, but I am on your side in this I think Draco is good for you and I was hoping we could be friends.” Isabel said to Liz.

“Thanks Isabel and I would like that; you know being friends.” Liz said smiling as she put an arm around Isabel as they headed out front to the café.

“Alex should be by later; go for it.” Liz whispered as Isabel went back to her table and Liz went to the pick up window where Maria was yelling at Michael.

“Can you be any ruder?” Maria hissed at Michael her face pink as she pulled Liz over to the counter.

“So spill what did you and Princess Leia want to talk about?” Maria demanded.

“She wants to ask Alex out.” Liz said looking Maria in the eye. It took Maria a while until she got her meaning.

“Oh! This is good right?” Maria asked as her huge smile slowly turned into a frown thinking about how hard Alex would take it if him and Isabel did not work out.

“Trust me Maria ,Isabel will not be a problem any more…in fact when I told her about Draco she said she was happy for me and not to mind Tess and Max.” Liz said smiling at the memory of Isabel’s face when she said Tess thought she had some claim on Max.

The bell over the Crash Down door rung causing the two girls to turn and see who was coming in. It was Kyle and Jim who were both carrying a heavy load of books. As the two walked by the aliens table they made sure that they could not read the titles of the books as they headed for the Parker’s home.

“Kyle need some help?” Maria asked receiving a nod Maria ran over and pulled off some books from both stacks and led the way up the stairs.

Setting the books down on the Parkers kitchen table Maria picked up one of the books and read the title. “100 magical household must haves.” Maria read raising an eyebrow at the two in front of her.

“Well Nancy let me borrow theses books because I wanted to spruce up the house a bit for when the others come.” Jim said ducking his head bashfully as the three headed back down to the café.

“Maria can you get me an order of Saturn Rings and a coke please?” Kyle asked sitting at the counter next to his dad who ordered a coffee to go.

“Mr. Valenti I was wondering if later on today you could help me out with a potions problem?” Liz asked in a low whisper handing him his to go cup.

“Sure I will come by later after I am done at the station.” Jim said winking at her taking his coffee and leaving for the station.

****At the Pod squads Table****

“What was with all of the books Kyle and his dad were carrying in?” Max asked Tess who kept clinging to him rubbing up and down his arm to the point where his skin was being rubbed raw.

“I don’t know I saw them going through a bunch of books last night, but every time I would come near them they would stop talking and hide the books I never found out what they were about. I thought it was just some human thing that we don’t need to worry about.” Tess said smiling as she moved closer to Max.

“Well maybe they have something to do with us. You say they stopped talking when you were around maybe if you stopped being so selfish you would know that.” Max said his voice rising.

“Max that is enough Tess had no reason to worry so stop getting on her case.” Isabel said in a low deadly voice her dark eyes narrowing at her twin.

“Sorry I am still upset about Liz and that blonde guy.” Max said bowing his head not seeing the glares being sent his way by Tess and Isabel whose glare turned into a smile.

“Oh you mean Draco?” Isabel asked causing Tess’s and Max’s heads to whip her way.

“You know his name? Anything else?” Max asked leaning forward needing to know what was going on with Liz a maniacal gleam in his dark brown eyes.

Smiling Isabel continued “Yeah his name is Draco Malfoy. Apparently their parents went to school together when they were younger so they have known each other since birth. The two just started dating and I know he makes her really happy. When she talks about him her whole face just lights up and there is this amazing sparkle in her eyes.” Isabel said smiling forgetting for a second who she was talking to. When she looked at the two sitting across from her Tess looked like the cat that just ate the fish and Max looked like someone told him his favorite toy was broken misty eyes included.

“She…she told you all of this?” Max asked working around the lump that had developed in his chest.

“Yeah I wanted to find out who the new people were so I just asked her and that’s when she told me they were dating.” Isabel said not telling Max and Tess all that was discussed.

“Hey Isabel by any chance did Liz mention anything about all of these people who are coming?” Tess asked hoping to get the attention on her instead of Liz.

“No.” was all Isabel said as she took a sip of her cherry coke.

****Liz, Kyle and Maria****

“Do you know if our spell worked?” Kyle asked Liz in a whisper.

“It did.” Liz said as she went back to her cleaning the counter, but the other two were not satisfied with her answer.

“How do you know?” Maria asked in a heated whisper bending farther over the counter so she was practically laying on it.

“Look at the palm of your hand.” Liz commanded and as the other two flipped over their hands they looked at their palms and saw the symbol.

“Wow! How come I never noticed it?” Kyle asked while Maria stares disbelieving at her palm.

“Liz was the spell supposed to mark us?” Maria asked trying desperately to mask her fear.

“Yes if you had read the spell thoroughly you would have read that it marks your palm!” Liz exclaimed rolling her doe eyes at her friends, she hated that they went so blinding into a dangerous spell even if she was the one to talk them into it, they needed to take more control over their destines and ignoring the footnotes of a spell was not the way to do it.

“Oh!” Kyle and Maria said looking guilty.

“Hey Liz why is Tess smiling at you?” Kyle asked with raised eyebrows.

“Oh Isabel probably told her and Max about Draco and I.” Liz said smiling at the two in front of her as Kyle tried to contain his laughter. He knows that Tess saw him and his dad with the books last night and knew that she would think nothing of it sometimes she was just too easy to fool.


“Look who is back from break.” Ron said as Draco and his goons walked into the great hall and toward the Slytherin table.

“Have you seen Hermione yet?” Harry asked Ron; after she left the common room no one had seen her she has been sneaking off lately.

“No...Yes there she is.” Ron said as Hermione came into the great hall with a load of books.

“I found it.” Hermione said putting down her books when she noticed there confused looks she rolled her eyes.

“The dream you had, well it got me thinking and I remember reading a spell from the book “Dies irae” or judgment day. The book is about the apocalypse and all of the signs and ordeals leading up to it. There is a part about the four children who were born on the same day, time, and year and so on and the book calls the children the chosen ones. Apparently they will raise an army and lead a war against a great evil.” Hermione heatedly whispered across the table.

“Does it say anything else about the children that would make you think that the people in Harry’s dream are these people in the book?” Ron asked thinking he had one up on Hermione.

“Well it said they were two boys and two girls. Also the spell needed to summon their full power is done on the dream plane, which means Harry saw them ascending and becoming extremely powerful.” Hermione said pulling out a metal book.

“Whoa what is that?” Ron asked as everyone gathered around Hermione. The book was made of metal and had cut outs o symbols on the cover; the entire book was cut out.
“It’s called the book so destiny. I can’t read it because there are no words only symbols and pictures. There are a lot of pictures actually all of them of kids around our age if not a little older I only saw one page though. Harry take a look at these four. Are they the ones from your dream?” Hermione asked pushing the book so it was in front of Harry.

On the page was four pictures with a bunch of symbols the pictures were of two boys and two girls. The detail in the metal was extraordinary. The top two pictures were of a boy and a girl the boy on the left had short hair, a huge smile that made others want to smile, and he was kind of lanky but at the same time held this strong presence commanding your attention. The girl next to him was a beautiful with long hair that seamed to fall perfectly around her face and she had these beautiful eyes similar to that of a doe in there roundness; she looked quiet and at the same time held a presence of power. Below them was another boy and girl the girl on the left had long curly hair with full lips and the boy was muscular with a sheepish grin on his face.

“Hermione that’s them.” Harry exclaimed as Hermione nodded her head.

“Based on the spell I was able to decipher a symbol this one.” Hermione said pointing to two half circles with a dot in the middle. “It means destroyer.” Hermione said as she flipped the page to the pictures of four new teens.

Again the detail was magnificent and the pictures of the two boys and two girls seamed life like as before. At the top on the left was a boy with a soulful gaze and a strong chiseled look and next to him was a girl with doll like features. She had round cheeks, curly hair down to her shoulders and deep eyes that looked dangers yet kind. Below them on the left was another girl who was stunning, with sharp goddess like features and warm caring eyes. Next to her was a boy with a stony gaze, large build and a presence of power. Below all of the pictures was a bunch of dots in the shape of a v. Hermione turned the page again.

“What the?” Ron asked as he pulled the book towards him. “It can’t be.” Ron exclaimed as Harry pulled the book towards him to see who the person was that was making Ron cause such a ruckus.

There on the metallic page was none other then Draco Malfoy and three others all girls with stunning features. The one next to Draco had long flowing hair with a slight curl to it and a piercing gaze that seamed to look right through you even though it was just a picture. Her features seamed angel like and at the same time that of something evil. The other two girls below were just as stunning. The girl on the left had short spiky hair with full luscious lips and the girl on the right had long straight hair with cat shaped eyes. Below each of their pictures were a handprint and a snake.

“Why is Draco in this book and who are the other three girls? Look they all have a snake below them.” Ron said as he flipped the page to reveal all of the previous people paired up and below all of the pictures was a spiral shape with that v shape from one of the other pages.

“I think there is more to Draco then meets the eye.” Harry said looking his friends in the eye. Looking over at Neville Harry became worried.

“Neville what is wrong why haven’t you said anything?” Harry asked his good friend.

Neville pulled the book closer to him so he could turn the page back to the previous one as he pointed to the girl next to Draco. “Her name is Mandy Fear she graduated from Hogwarts a year before we came; she was in Slytherin. Garn had pointed her out to me at one point she called her a nymph. Garn said Mandy has a sort of power over people she can make them do what she wants Garn called it mind warping. She said very few have that power and that it is usually a power of a dark witch or wizard. Mandy is no exception.” Neville said gulping very audibly and looking as if he was going to be sick. Looking to Ron and Hermione, Harry saw that their expressions were similar to that of Neville’s.

“What? Is there something else?” Harry asked as he saw the three exchange looks.

“Harry Dumbledore and Voldemort are two of the most powerful wizards ever and even they do not have this power. The power of mind warping is so rare that not even the darkest of wizards has it the only way to get this power is to be born with it no passing it on through birth either normally you are the only one. Most with this power go mad or kill loads of people Harry this is one of the most dangers powers because with it you can control people.” Hermione said.

“My brother Percy said that Dumbledore made all of the professors wear a special necklace so that they would be immune to Mandy’s powers. It was some strange metal given to the ministry.” Ron said looking down.

****Else Where****

“My lord we have found the destroyers.” The man said standing to the right of his master.

“Send a data retrieval team in Nicholas I want to know everything about them and I want you to head the team.” Khivar said to his second in command.

“As you wish my lord, but what about the royal four?” Nicholas asked.

“Do nothing unless they get in your way. They are no longer a priority. Zan is weak, Rath is unable to control his powers, Vilondra has tuned into a vain human and with Ava you can never tell where her loyalties lay. The destroyers are my priority now.” Khivar said and with the flick of his wrist his second left to get his team together and head for Earth.

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Re: Wishing Life Was A Movie (HP,XO,UC,Adult) Pt.5 p.3 1-28-09

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Hey guys thanks for the replies to the last part! A big thanks to...


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Part 6

“Hermione where did you find that destiny book?” Harry asked Hermione as the young group of Gryffindors made their way to transfiguration class taught by the head of their house Professor McGonagall.

“In the restricted section…” She said ducking her head slightly.

“Who did you ask this time?” Ron asked smirking

“Professor Binns.” Hermione said as they took their seats and pulled out their required supplies for the class.

“Good afternoon class.” Professor McGonagall said as she took her place in front of the class.

“Today we will be turning toads into hats.” Professor McGonagall said as she proceeded to show the class how, and was about to pick someone to try when Hermione’s hand shot up.

“Yes Ms. Granger?” the professor asked her brightest student.

“Professor I was wondering if you could tell us about the power of mind warping and why it is considered so dangerous?” Hermione asked in her sweet but curious voice.

The professor’s face clouded over momentarily before becoming blank and stony. “Even though this is not my subject I don’t see why not. Mind warping is just one part of a many powers connected to telekinesis. There is no exact name for the power because it comes with many other powers; mind warping is a main one…” the professor trailed off momentarily appearing pensive.

“Mind warping is the power to manipulate someone’s mind so that they see or do what you want them to. You could conjure up an entire world if you wanted getting whatever you wanted, but there are terrible prices to pay when you use it.” The professor said as she paced a bit.

“What do you mean professor?” Hermione asked.

“Well the person performing the mind warp uses a lot of energy and it is very hard to do; if they hold a warp for to long they can kill themselves. Then there is the person the warp is put on. Their brain is weakened with each warp, and normally it can heal itself, but if it repeated too often and for long periods of time the person will either go mad or die.” The professor said letting the class absorb this new knowledge.

“Excuses me professor, but I herd some where that people with this power can create walls of fire. Is that true?” Draco Malfoy asked surprising a number of people including the professor.

“I do not know a definite answer to that Mr. Malfoy only what has been recorded and I am afraid one such incident has happened. A former student was being chased by the ministry; she became frightened and angry; out of no where a wall of fire came at the auror’s chasing her. Only one of the auror’s survived to tell what happened only for him to die as well. The only problem is that we know she was also a fire starter, but never has a fire starter done something to this degree so the ministry called it a morph of her pyro power caused by her telekinetic power.” The professor said with a grim look on her face before she returned to her normal self and told the students to perform the spell.

****Later that night****

Harry could not get what professor McGonagall said out of his thoughts. “You can conjure up an entire world getting whatever you wanted, but there are terrible prices to pay when you use it.” Harry remembered the professor saying.

He had gone to bed early not wanting to talk to the others he had too much on his mind. The look on the professors face when she was telling the wall of fire story led Harry to believe that the professor knew more then she let on, but it was to personal. Harry could not help but think the girl in the story was Mandy; too much evidence supported his theory.

Turning over again for the thousandth time Harry soon drifted into a restless sleep.

Harry was in the desert again, but this time it was darker. In the background he could hear explosions and screams. The rock formation form before was now covered in shadow.

In the distance Harry saw figures running and shouting. They were coming towards him and fast.

“We have to keep moving they will be here soon.” Harry heard a male voice say. Suddenly Harry was transported to the rock formation as he saw the figures running up it.

“Tess come on we are almost there.” He heard a female voice whimper as he noticed a girl helping another girl up the rock formation. Upon studying the two harder Harry recognized the one girl as the girl from his previous vision. The others were still shadowed so it was almost impossible to make out their faces.

“Liz do you have the key?” He heard a male voice ask. Looking closer Harry recognized him as someone from the destiny book; this was the guy next to the curly haired girl on the second page of faces.

“Yeah Max. Do you know where the handprint is?” The Liz girl asked. Harry was now able to put together that the brunette from his previous dream/vision was Liz and that the guy she was talking to was called Max who was next to the curly haired girl. All of this is confusing still.

“Yes. Everybody here?” Max asked receiving a bunch of yes’s as they counted themselves.

“Okay just let me…” Max was cut off by a sudden explosion on the rock formation causing all of the figures to go flying allover. It took a while, Harry did not know how long, but the others started to slowly get up and look for one another.

“LIZZZ.” Harry heard a familiar voice yell as a figure ran to a form lying face down in the sand. A moment later Harry was transported to where the two where.

Looking at the still body Harry recognized it as Liz as the figure pulled her into his arms. Looking harder the male became clearer and it was none other then Draco Malfoy.

Waking up in a sweat Harry tried desperately to untangle himself from his covers. He was finally able to untangle himself only to fall on the floor with a thump. Getting up and running to the four-poster bed next to his Harry shook the snoring occupant furiously.

“Ron, Ron wake up!” Harry whispered rather loudly.

“Oye what is it?” Ron asked as he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes as he sat up in his bed. Harry had run over to Neville’s bed and pulled him over to Ron’s bed.

“I had another dream or vision. It was in a desert again except this time it was night and it sounded like a war zone there were explosions all around. I can identify two other people in the book besides Mandy and Draco. The girl from my previous dream her name is Liz and there is another guy named Max.” Harry said. It took a few minuets before Harry finished describing in detail what had occurred.

“So Draco knows this Liz girl.” Neville said as he rubbed his temples in a clockwise motion trying to relieve some of the tension.

“How could he know her though?” Harry asked the question stumping them all.

“Who knows? In the morning we should as the girls.” Ron said as Harry and Neville nodded in agreement as they went back to their beds to try and rest.
****Same time in Roswell****
Liz was tossing and turning in a restless sleep moaning every so often as she turned over.

“LIZZZ.” Draco yelled as he ran towards Liz who was lying face down in the desert sand.

“NO!” Liz yelled sitting up in bed panting her chest heaving. She had this dream before and each time it ends the same way. Draco pulling her lip form into his arms from her previous position of being face down in the desert sand just outside Roswell.

Liz did the only thing she knew to do. RING, RING “Hello?” A sleepy Alex asked into the receiver.

“Alex its Liz can you come over?” Liz asked in a shaky voice causing Alex to wake up fast with alarm.

“Yeah I will be there in ten minutes. Do you want me to bring anything?” Alex asked putting on his pants, shoes and a T-shirt.

“No just yourself.” Liz said as she hung up. When ever she felt scared she went to Alex for comfort even when they were kids.

Exactly ten minutes later there was a tap on Liz’s window. Walking over to her window Liz pushed it open so Alex could crawl in.

“Hey Lizzie what’s wrong?” Alex asked wrapping his arms around one of his best friends.

“Alex I saw myself die.” Liz said crying into Alex’s chest. Once she calmed down enough Liz told Alex all she saw.

“Oh wow Liz.” Alex said rubbing Liz’s back to help her calm down.

“Alex what are we going to do?” Liz asked.

“I don’t know Liz, I don’t know.” Alex said. The two lay there for a few minutes before Liz’s alarm went off.

“I better get going I will come back later.” Alex said.

“Okay see ya.” Liz said to Alex who was crawling out her window.

After getting ready Liz put on her uniform and went down to the café. One of the bad parts about your parents owning a café is that you are the one who usually opens up, which is what Liz had to do this morning along with Michael.

When Liz got down to the back room Michael was already there. As he closed his locker Michael finally notices Liz’s presence.

“Hey Liz.” Michael said as he headed out to the front of the café to put down the chairs with Liz trailing behind.

“Hey Michael. What are you doing here so early?” Liz asked not used to seeing Michael on time so early in the morning.

“I couldn’t sleep so I got ready early and made my way over here.” Michael said turning on the music. Unconsciously Liz began to dance and hum along with the music. Michael heard a noise and turned to see Liz shaking her hips.

“Wow! I never thought I would see the day.” Michael said laughing and giving Liz a genuine smile.

“What? Oh sorry!” Liz said blushing when she realized she had been caught.

“I have never seen you loosen up like that Liz.” Michael chuckled flipping the sign on the door to open.

“Yeah I usually don’t dance in front of people.” Liz mumbled still blushing furiously. The bell over the door rings as Isabel and Max come in.

“Hey Liz! Hey Michael!” Isabel sang happily as she strutted over to the counter and sat where Liz was as Max went over to Michael. Max and Michael gave Isabel a weird look as Liz muttered something to Isabel to make her laugh; they had never seen Liz and Isabel all buddy, buddy. It was a little strange and made Michael feel strange as he watched the happy expression on the blonde’s face.

“Liz I am going to ask Alex out today.” Isabel said trying not to bounce on the stool.

“Great he should be here soon.” Liz said smiling. She knew that Isabel made her best friend happy and if Isabel asked him out Alex would be over the moon and that was more than alright in her book.

****Hogwarts at the same time****

“We should check the book.” Hermione said reaching into her bag in search of the destiny book.

Harry, Ron and Neville had woken up a few hours later and raced down to the common room to tell Hermione and Ginny what Harry saw. Hermione and Ginny had been intrigued and leave it to Hermione to come up with something.

Hermione pulled out the book and flipped through until she got to the pictures. Harry pointed out Liz and Max. They flipped through until they came to a page where they were all paired up.

“Look Liz is next to Draco.” Harry said slamming his fist down for emphasis.

“Does this mean they are dating or something?” Ron asked as Hermione flipped the page.

“That’s funny I don’t remember there being another page.” Hermione mumbled her thick eyebrows knitting together slightly looking at the new pictures.

“Uh that’s something you don’t see every day.” Ron pushed the book away his pale face turning gray as he turned his eyes away. The others look to see what Ron was talking about.

Next to Draco was Liz again except in this picture there were subtle differences in them both. The main difference the group noticed was Liz’s ripe round stomach.

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Re: Wishing Life Was A Movie (HP,XO,UC,Adult) Pt.6 p.4 1-30-09

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Hay guys thanks so much for all of your wonderful replies I love reading them! Thanks...


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Part 7

“She’s pregnant.” Ginny said pointing out the obvious.

“Okay this gives us more insight into Draco’s personal life then I wanted.” Ron mumbled.

“Yeah poor girl actually dates Draco.” Harry said laughing but stopped when he saw Hermione’s face.

“What is it Hermione?”

“You guys look who else is in the book.” Hermione pointed to the person next to Mandy.

“You have got to be joking.” Ron breathed his watery blue eyes drawn wide in a horrified gaze. There next to Mandy was everyone’s favorite professor, professor Snape. Mandy was not pregnant like the others or at least that’s what they concluded because there were only four girls with round tummies.


“OMG Liz you will not believe what just happened.” A very excited Alex squealed as he sat at the counter all giddy; his limbs jerking about all awkwardly in his hasted to dish the juicy piece of news.

“What?” Liz asked pretending not to know.

“Isabel Evans asked me out, me Alex Whitman. This is not going to be like before we are going to see a movie and then come back and hang here.” Alec bubbled with energy as he told Liz the news.

“Hey that’s great Alex.” Liz said patting his arm as Kyle came in and sat next to Alex. Kyle looked Alex up and down strangely smirking at his excited state but he brushed it off chalking it up to an unusual Alex moment.

“Hey Alex hi Liz, Liz my dad wants to know if he helped enough with your potions homework?” Kyle asked Liz.

“Yeah tell him he was a big help.”

Alex continued to bounce in his seat before he finally blurted out, “Kyle guess what?”

“What?” Maria asked for both her and Kyle as she slid up to the counter.

A large grin spread over his face, “Isabel asked me out!” Alex then told the two all about his upcoming date.

The bell over the door rang announcing the arrival of Tess who appraised the café with her cold blue eyes from the door before they landed on Isabel like a hawk finding its prey. A slow smirk spread over her pale porcelain doll face as she strutted slowly over to the tall beautiful alien.

“Hey Isabel what’s up?” Tess asked trying to muster as sweet a voice as possible.

“What? Oh hi Tess sorry I am just thinking about Alex’s and my date for Friday; I can not wait!” Isabel said smiling not noticing the furious look on Tess’s face; it happened so quickly. The small blonde had gone from stoic to spitting mad in seconds startling the other blonde.

“Isabel why do you bother dating these pathetic humans it only makes it harder for you to follow your destiny.” Tess’s harsh voice sliced at Isabel hitting her deeply in the heart, but Isabel was not going to be easily swayed away this time. She quickly schooled herself and reminded herself internally why she was going out with Alex in the first place; to make herself happy for once to think of herself for once and what she wanted to do.

“Listen Tess I could never be with Michael like that I think of him as a brother.” She hated how Tess kept insisting they follow their destiny all she talked about was destiny and Isabel was sick of it.

“Isabel our people need us we have to follow destiny so we can go back to our home planet and save our people from Khivar. Isabel peoples lives depend upon our following destiny are you willing to sacrifice your peoples lives just because you want to be this perfect human little girl and date human boys. Well guess what Isabel you are not human so the sooner you get that the sooner we can follow our destiny’s and save our people.” Tess said with a snarl playing on Isabel’s guilt; she knows Isabel cannot stand the thought of people getting killed because of her.

Leaving Isabel to think Tess got up and went over to Kyle, Alex, Maria and Liz. “Liz can I get my order to go please?” Tess asked Liz in as sweet a voice as she could muster to anger the girl she loathed who stood in her way of Max.

“Sure. Michael can I get the order of Saturn rings and the Willsmith burger to go please?”

“Sure.” The sound of the metal spatula scraping against the grill and the sizzle of cooked meat filled the air mixing with the splatter of oil from the fryer. A white bag appeared in the order window; Tess’s order.

Liz handed Tess her stuff as Tess handed Liz her money. “Thanks.” Tess said trying not to scratch out the human geek’s eyes as she left.

Once Tess left Isabel came over to the four. “I hate to say this but I cannot stand Tess! She keeps going on and on about this destiny thing and I am so sick of it. She wants us to follow this life and be someone I have no memory of to save a planet I do not remember.” Isabel said throwing her arms up in exasperation. Maria comfortingly patted Isabel on the back.

“Yeah she can be pretty forceful when she wants to be.” Kyle agreed smiling causing the three girls and Alex to smile because they all knew Kyle had a thing for Tess.

The bell over the door rang as Max walked in and upon seeing his friends at the counter and started to walk over to them. He stopped mid stride when he saw Isabel laughing at something Liz had said it was shocking to see the two getting along so well or even Isabel getting along with the others.

“Hey guys.” Max said trying to get Liz to look him in the eyes. The news of her dating someone other than him, hurt and he was determined to get her back. He knew deep down that Liz still loved him all he had to do was make Liz realize that they were soul mates.

“Hey Liz…” Max was cut off by a loud pecking at the front door causing Liz to take off running out the front door where she kneeled down to pick up something. She came running back in a squealed as she ran into the back room only for Maria, Alex, and Kyle to follow leaving him and Isabel.

“Liz what is it?” Kyle asked Liz who was jumping up and down.

“Letters from the Snape’s, Fear’s, Goyle's, Crabbe’s, Bloody’s, oh and Draco.” Liz said as she shoved his letter in her apron blushing.

“Oh lets put them in your house and then later we can have everyone over so we can all open the letters together.” Alex suggested receiving a bunch of nods as Liz ran up to her apartment to deposit the letters as the other three went back out into the café with huge smiles on their faces.

“What was that all about?” Max asked.

“Oh Liz just got a letter from Draco and was all excited.” Kyle said only telling the half-truth only the truth that would hurt Max. Truth is Kyle thought Draco was much better for Liz then Max. After all Draco came from a prestigious pure blood family like Liz where as Max was not even from this planet, which would not look good to the wizarding world.

“Oh.” Max said with a hurt look on his face his dark eyes drooping slightly.

“Really where is Draco?” Isabel asked wanting to know more. From what Liz told her about Draco he sounded interesting, but Isabel did not know much.

“His families manor is just outside London in the country and he is currently going to boarding school somewhere in no mans land.” Maria said not knowing how to describe Hogwarts location.

“So he is British.” Max said sounding wounded for some odd reason.

“Wow he sounds great.” Isabel grinned at the thought of the sexy accent.

“Yeah we have known him since we were little like Liz said. Our families used to live in England and used to attend the same school Draco is attending. If our parents were still living in England we would be going there as well it’s sort of a family tradition.” Alex explained.

“Wow so like your whole family went there?” Isabel asked.

“Yeah our parents were sad that we would not be going there but they liked it here so here won out over our attending school there.” Maria said.

“Oh.” Max again sounded crushed for no reason.

“Well I am done.” Michael sighed sitting down gratefully. “So what were we talking about?”

“Just Liz’s new boyfriend.” Isabel giggled smiling.

“What? Who is this guy and do we have to worry? Is he a skin?” Michael fired his questions at the group. His steel eyes hardening at the thought of a new threat that was invading their group from the inside.

“No he is not a skin.” Maria snapped as the group told Michael about Draco. It seemed as if each word that was said about the blonde was another stab wound to Max’s heart as a bitter expression took over his angelic face.

“Good for Liz.” Michael said smirking. The others shot him bemused looks making him laugh. It was not like Michael to except change so easily but they weren’t about to look a gift horse in the mouth at the moment.


Everyone was in the Great Hall for supper and the other students could not help but notice how oddly the Slytherin’s were acting. They were all hyper and giddy it was almost like Christmas for them or something; and very un-Slytherin of them.

“What is with them?” Ron asked staring at the Slytherin girls who were talking animatedly along with the Slytherin guys, which was not normal for them they were usually more subdued.

“Who knows in all of our classes with them they were all giddy…almost anxious.” Hermione muttered her brown calculating eyes taking in everything around her every detail that was the Slytherins for some clue explaining their unusual behavior.

“Something’s up and I don’t like it.” Harry whispered looking at the other table again to see Crabbe, Goyle and Draco laughing a lot.

At the Slytherin table everyone was excited because the Parkers, Valenti's, Deluca’s, and Whitman’s were reentering the wizarding world and the best part was that at the start of the summer they were having a get together to celebrate their coming back.

“So Draco what’s this I hear about you dating the Parker’s daughter?” Marcus Flint asked.

A sly smirk appeared on the younger Slytherin’s face, “Well we just started dating.” Draco said receiving a nudge in the shoulder from Marcus.

”Excellent.” Marcus said his troll like teeth showing as he grinned at his seeker.

Later on that day in potions the Slytherins were acting just as wild if not more so. All of the other houses were stumped as to the sudden change in the Slytherin’s. “So you are going right there when school gets out?” A slytherin boy asked Draco.

“Yeah I can not wait to see her.” Draco said not realizing that Harry and his friends were listening with interest.

Ron leaned over when he saw no one was looking, “Where do you suppose Draco is going when school gets out?”

“Probably to where this, her, is that he can not wait to see.” Hermione said as she worked on shredding her root keeping a vigilant eye on the Slytherins across the room.

“Liz is probably this her.” Harry said as they continued to listen to the Slytherin’s for any more information. Something was happening and they were sure that it wasn’t good.


Kyle and his dad just got back form the Parker’s and were happy that all the people who responded so far were all coming.

“I don’t believe the Bloody’s are coming this is great.” Kyle sighed as he and his dad entered the kitchen where Max and Tess were at the table.

“Hey Tess, Max.” Jim greeted in his slow drawl he had taken to using as he pulled a soda from the fridge.

“Hey sheriff.” Max said embarrassed as the tips of his ears flamed red, he thought the Valentie’s were not supposed to home until late or at least that’s what Tess said when she called him over to help her with her bio homework.

“Who are the Bloody’s?” Tess asked.

“Oh they are my third cousins on my mother’s side.” Jim said leaning against the counter.

“Cool, where are they from?” Tess asked not noticing the look exchanged between father and son.

“They are from England.” Kyle said and Max looked up at that, it couldn’t be a coincidence.

“Hey isn’t that where Draco is from?” Max asked.

“Yes son I do believe it is.” Jim said.

“Is it true that you are from there as well Sheriff?” Max asked hoping to get more information out of the older man. With these new people coming it was going to be harder for them to hide they were going to have to be extra careful.

“Yes all of us lived in England.” Jim said standing up straight. “Well if you will all excuse me I have an early day tomorrow and Max it’s getting late you should be getting on home.” Jim said leaving the kitchen followed by Kyle.

“How weird Kyle and his dad never used to talk about their family and then when those two blonde guys show up they always talk about their family. Oh and what kind of a name is Bloody?” Tess asked rolling her eyes as she picked at her nails.

“I don’t know, but I do know that when these people do come to town we will have to be extra careful no using our powers on the small stuff anymore.” Max huffed getting his things together to leave. “Well see you tomorrow Tess.”

“Yeah and thanks for the help.” Tess sang sweetly as Max got into his Jeep. If only Kyle and his dad had not come home she was so close to having Max.

****Somewhere in Space****

“Sir we are making excellent progress. We should reach earth within a few days.” The captain said his firm voice oozing pride.

“Good I will tell Khivar he will be pleased.” Nicholas said smirking as he flipped on the monitor.

“My lord we should be on earth within a few days. We are making good time.” Nicholas said bowing.

“Nicholas you know you do not have to bow down to me after all you are my best friend. I am glad you are making good time keep me informed on your progress.” Khivar said before his image disappeared from the screen. The time was coming and he would be there when the screaming began.
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Re: Wishing Life Was A Movie (HP,XO,UC,Adult) Pt.7 p.5 2-2-09

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Hey guys thank you all so much for your great and wonderful replies I love reading them! Thanks...

PeytonLeigh- Thank you for catching those name blips I went back and fixed the ones I missed!

Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 8

Liz closed the door to her room and leaned against her door. She was so excited the letters they had received were all responds saying yes they were coming to Roswell at the end of the school term. Pulling Draco’s letter out of her apron pocket Liz set it on her nightstand. She had not had a chance to read her letter yet and it was killing her. Changing out of her uniform Liz put on her lime green boxers and spaghetti-strap top. Sitting on her bed Liz opened the letter.

Dear Liz,
I have only been away for a few hours and I already miss you terribly. Oh Crabbe and Goyle say hello and that they can’t wait to see you. They still can’t believe someone has finally said yes to me.
School has not changed over break expect Potter and friends keep looking at me funny, I am so used to them looking at me with utter contempt it is more than a bit baffling. Right when I entered the Great Hall I could feel their eyes on me watching my every move. It is as if they are waiting for me to snap or something. Weasley and Granger are the worst; at least Potter and Longbottom have the sense to at least be discrete about it but not Granger and Weasley. I could feel their beady little eyes watching waiting for me to slip up. Oh well I guess I can scare the answer out of Longbottom later to see what their problem is.
Anything new in Roswell? How is the gang? Tell Alex good luck with Isabel. Oh and make sure that Kyle doesn’t try and sneak into Tess’s room again tell him yes that is creepy.
I miss you Liz I can’t stress that enough. Even though we have only just begun this new part of our relationship I feel as if it was the right one for us and for our future as if we were meant to be together.
Missing you always

Liz closed the letter and held it to her chest a cheesy smile on her face; she missed Draco. Liz quickly set down the letter and wrote back to Draco on thick letter head and when she was done she borrowed her parent’s owl and sent it away with her letter with a hint of her perfume clinging to it.

Liz was ready to get into bed when she heard a tapping on her window. She got out of bed slowly and cautiously opened her window when she saw a familiar brown head of hair peaked around the corner making her gasp as he moved to enter her room.

“Max!” She gasped, “What are you doing here is something wrong?”

Max sat down on her bed playing with her comforter. “No nothing. I just came by to see how everything is going.” Max mumbled as he grabbed a stuffed animal off her bed it was a snake full of beans that Kyle had given to her for her eleventh birthday.

“Everything is fine great even I am excited my family is coming and my friends that I haven’t seen in awhile.” Liz said a small grin on her face as she sat at her desk.

Max shifted around nervously, “Oh Kyle said the same thing. Wait are you and Kyle related?” Max asked some of the pieces coming together for him in a way Liz really did not want.

“Yeah he is my cousin on my dad’s side. His mom was my dad’s third cousin.” Liz whispered feeling the need to give him some kind of bone.

“So are you related to Maria and Alex?”

“Yeah Alex and I are second cousins, our moms are cousins. Maria and I are third cousins on my dad’s side.” Liz explained.

“Wow, I had no idea any of you were related.”

“Yeah not many people know and we tend to keep it that way.” Liz said looking down.

“Okay yeah well I better go.” Max said shifting around uncomfortably before he stood up shoving his hands in his pockets.

“Right, bye then.” Liz said waving awkwardly as she tried to push Max out of her room. Max sent her one last confused look before he finally left. Liz waited for what felt like hours before she finally laid down and went to sleep feeling safe that Max was not going to come back.


It was still early but Harry was exhausted and soon he fell asleep in the common room. He felt as if he was slowly being immersed in water covering from his feet and slowly creeping up to his head to where even sounds were muffled. A cold chill took over his body until a warm tingle spread across his skin and he was in a dream world.

He was in a new place it looked like someone’s bedroom and judging by all the knickknacks and makeup, a girl’s room. The room felt oddly warm and comforting, but he could feel hints of a dark presence. The room shifted as it grew darker, but still light enough for Harry to see. The previously empty bed now was occupied by Draco and Liz.

“Great just what I need to see.” He muttered but he knew that if he was being shown this that it had to be important.

“Draco what are we going to do?” Liz asked in a shaky voice.

“I don’t Lizzie but I am not going anywhere. I will be with you no matter what. We are in this together.” Draco said kissing Liz’s temple his arms wrapped around her tightly.

“I know it’s just what are the others going to say? What are we going to do about school?” Liz asked bawling as Draco tried to comfort her.

“Liz I only have a year left and you don’t need magical school you are almost done with your home training and soon you will take your test at the ministry and then you will be a graduated witch.” Draco said which elicited a small teary smile from Liz.

She let out a shuddering breath running a hand through her dark hair. “Draco what if I am a bad mother I mean how can I take care of a kid when I can barely take care of myself?” Liz asked fresh tears filling her dark eyes.

“Liz you are going to be a great mum and I will help you. This baby will be so loved…” Draco said pausing, “Liz who is that?” He asked pointing towards the window.

Harry looked to the window and saw a pair of eyes that looked familiar. Liz must have thought so too because she ran to the window and pulled the person inside. “Max what are you doing here and what the hell did you hear?” She asked it was clear she was furious with the boy.

“Not…not much.” He stuttered, “What do you mean by witch though?” Max asked.

Draco was instantly on his feet and in Max’s face. “Hey she asked you a question and I thought I told you to leave her alone.” Draco sneered. Liz clutched her head as a blinding light appeared

Harry bolted upright in bed drenched in sweat a strangled “No!” escaping his throat. “What a dream,” he wheezed, “definitely could have done without it.”

“Harry you alright? What are you talking about?” Hermione asked from the chair next to him in front of the common room fire.

Harry looked around the room and cringed when he saw all eyes were on him. “Just dozed off and had a bad dream.” Harry muttered. Everyone seemed to buy what he was selling and went back to what they were doing; everyone except for Hermione, Ginny, Ron and Neville.

“Harry what’s wrong?” Hermione asked in a low whisper.

“I had another dream. Liz and Draco are closer than we thought.” Harry said looking his friends in the eyes. This new piece of information might bring them closer to finding out Draco’s involvement.

****Roswell Same Time****

Liz bolted upright in bed clutching her head as she screamed in pain. Liz held her head as she stumbled into the bathroom and emptied the contents of her stomach before she passed out on the bathroom floor.

At the same time across town Kyle Valenti was on the couch watching television unable to sleep. A dark feeling had taken hold of him warning him that something terrible was happening and was steadily growing worse. He couldn’t figure out what it was but he knew that the danger was going to be revealed soon and he knew that by then it was going to be too late.

The light in the kitchen went on which caught Kyle’s attention. He got up slowly to see what was going on. As he got to the kitchen door he paused seeing Tess with a glass of water at the table crying. She looked so vulnerable to Kyle so much like a lost little girl; Kyle felt a tugging in his chest. He felt bad for her as he watched small crystal tears roll down her red cheeks. “Hey Tess what’s wrong?” Kyle asked softly watching her jump at the sound of his voice.

“Kyle, I didn’t hear you there. Did I wake you?” She asked trying to discreetly wipe her eyes and face.

Kyle waved a hand at her, “No I couldn’t sleep. So do you want to tell my why you were crying or are you going to make me guess?” He asked sitting across from her at the table.

Her blue eyes studied him closely appraising if he was trying to trick her or not. With an apprehensive sigh she gave in, “Kyle does everyone hate me?” She asked fighting more tears as she looked at her quasi friend.

“What? No! Tess what would make you think that everyone hates you?” Kyle asked his eyes staring at her in shocked concern.

“Oh please I see the looks everyone sends my way, I hear the whispers, heck even the way people speak to me I can hear how much you hate me. Liz, Maria and Alex are always quiet around me I mean I come in and they are all laughing but when I get near them they shut up and they barely say two words to me.” She whispered.

Kyle sighed as he rubbed his face in frustration. “Tess listen to me they just don’t know you. You see when you came to town you shook things up and people around here tend not to like that. They are just scared I mean you really did turn things upside down.” Kyle said. Tess’s sad look deepened and he knew he had to do something. “Look Tess I know for a fact Liz doesn’t hate you and neither does Alex because well he is Alex and he rarely hates anyone and well Maria is Maria and she just comes off as hating you but that is just her personality. Hell Michael even thinks she hates him it is just her personality Tess she doesn’t like people getting close. I have known the three of them all my life and I know they don’t hate you, but if you don’t believe me why don’t you just talk to them?” Kyle asked. Tess stared at him in disbelief shaking her head sadly.

“Kyle I just can’t go up to them and ask them if they hate me. Besides it’s not really the three of them anyway.”

“Who then?” He asked.

“Isabel, Michael, and Max especially Max; he acts like I am some kind of heartless monster. He and the others think all I care about is destiny, but that is not true. In fact most of the time I wish I never had a destiny. I want a normal life and be a normal girl and not some half alien freak.” Tess spat.

That’s what did it for Kyle. He got up and picked up the phone and pushed the first speed dial button. After a few seconds the person on the other end picked up. “Hey Liz.” Kyle greeted, “Yeah it’s me. Listen can you get Maria and Alex and come over we need to talk?” Kyle asked and when he received his answer he hung up the phone. Looking to Tess who had her head down he kneeled in front of her and framed her small face with his larger hands pulling her head up to look him in the eye.

“Tess I am going to prove to you that we don’t hate you. In fact it’s quite the opposite for me.” Kyle whispered ducking his head slightly. Tess stared at him through uncertain blue eyes before she leaned forward slowly and brushed her lips across his. Kyle sucked in a shocked breath and before Tess could move away he pulled her closer to him and he kissed her back. A loud knock on the Valenti front door startled the two bringing them out of their private world.

Tess went and sat on the couch in the family room while Kyle went to answer the door. “This better be good Valenti I still have potions homework.” Maria’s snarling was the first sound that greeted Kyle. Maria entered the family room and stopped when she saw Tess sitting on the couch.

“Guys I invited you over here for a reason. It seems Tess thinks that all of us hate her and I wanted to prove to her that we don’t.” Kyle said glaring at Maria daring her to disagree. Liz and Alex looked at Tess shock clear on their faces.

Liz moved closer to the girl feeling terrible. “Tess how could you think we hate you? Sure you might be hard to get along with at times but that is because we don’t know you that well. Heck when I first met Michael I wouldn’t speak to him at all and forget about conversing with Isabel that was nonexistent.” Liz babbled. “Then there is the whole destiny thing and I guess I just got frustrated. I never meant to make you feel hated.” Liz whispered.

“I get that you hate the whole destiny thing, trust me I know. It’s just that none of you understand that destiny is all I know and even though I might be sick of it and wish it didn’t exist I have only known that I have a destiny. From the moment Nasedo found me he started drilling it into my head that I have some great purpose to save my people.” Tess sighed looking miserable.

“So why do you push it on the others so much then?” Maria asked sitting down next to Liz.

Tears filled her blue eyes as she stared at the two, “I just didn’t want to disappoint Nasedo. Even though he wasn’t ideal most of the time he was the closest thing I ever had to a father or at least he was until I met Jim and Kyle and I saw what a normal human father was like. Jim has been more of a father to me than Nasedo ever was.” Tess whispered.

“So basically what Nasedo did to you is what you are doing to Michael, Isabel and Max.” Alex said sitting next to Tess who nodded miserably.

“Except Nasedo has been doing this to her for years and not months.” Liz filled in for the blonde.

“You know Tess you don’t have to follow some stupid destiny. I mean why the hell do you have to go and save a planet leaving behind the life you know for a planet full of people you don’t know or remember. You died in their minds you no longer owe them anything.” Maria said.

“Don’t I? I am supposed to be their queen they depend on me.” Tess said no longer able to fight tears as they trickled down her cheeks leaving streams of wet lines in their wake.

“Again Tess your people think you are dead.” Alex pointed out.

“Yeah I guess that is true.” She said scrunching her face slightly making her eyes squint tightly.

“What is it Tess?” Liz asked.

“Nasedo told me once that he had reason to believe Khivar knew we were on Earth and that possibly he knew he could make Earth his next target.” Tess said brining an even glummer atmosphere upon the group.

“Wait Khivar knows that the four of you are on Earth?” Kyle asked his eyes wide.

“A little over a year ago before I came to Roswell the base we were at was boring. I went to town and was approached by a woman. She looked human so I thought she was I had no reason to think differently because Nasedo said we were the only ones here.” Tess said her pale hands shaking in her lap as she held them tightly together.

“What happened?” Maria asked.

“She knocked me out and took me to a warehouse. She questioned me for hours and when she got fed up with it and put her hand on my head. It hurt so bad all I could think about was the pain. I could feel her in my mind searching for something. She took her hand away and spoke to the shadows, she told the shadows I knew nothing and that she had no use for me.” Tess said her blue eyes wide and unseeing as she remembered the terrible sight from her past.

“She was ready to kill me when Nasedo blasted her and she turned to dust. He turned to blast the shadow which was another person only for it to blast us both. When we came to the other was gone Nasedo told me the Skins were on Earth and that Earth will be Khivar’s next target because they knew that the royal four were on Earth.” Tess said clinging to Kyle’s arm.

“What are Skins?” Liz asked getting up and kneeling in front of Tess who turned her face to look down at the other girl.

“They are followers of Khivar, a different race of parasites. They can’t survive in Earth’s atmosphere in their natural form so they have to wear this protective skin.” Tess whispered.

“Tess do the others know this?” Liz asked biting her lower lip furiously.

“No. They would just find some way to blame it all on me.”

“I think you should at least tell Isabel.” Liz said.

“Well while we are on the subject of revealing things from our past..” Kyle looked to Liz and Alex who reluctantly nodded at him. “Tess the four of us have something to tell you, but first I think we should get Isabel over.” Kyle whispered.

“Are you sure this is a good idea?” Maria hissed angrily.

“She told us her secret Maria we should tell her ours.” Alex whispered.

“Are you sure we can trust them?” Maria asked looking at her friend wearily.

“I think we can trust the both of them.” Liz said.

“Okay go call Isabel.” Maria huffed as Liz picked up the phone and dialed the familiar number of the Evans children. Liz was lucky that Isabel and Max had their own line; Max was the one who picked up the phone.

His sleep filled voice filtered through the phone, “Hello?”

“Um hi Max sorry to wake you but ah could you please give the phone to Isabel?” Liz asked as Maria started to laugh for no reason as she whispered something to the others which caused them to laugh; Liz just shook her head at her friends.

“Yeah just a second, is something wrong?” Max asked.

“No I just need to ask Isabel something.” Liz said as she heard a door open in the background and Max say something she could not make out.

“Hello?” A groggy Isabel picked up her extension.

“Hey Isabel sorry to wake you, but could you please come over to Kyle’s? All of us have something we need to talk to you about well you and Tess that is.” Liz babbled.

“Yeah sure I will be there in like fifteen.” Isabel said hanging up.

Putting down the phone Liz turned to the others, “She will be here soon.” She told them sitting back down fiddling with her hands in her lap. A loud pounding on the front door startled them as Kyle answered the door revealing a stunning as usual Isabel even if she just woke up. Lucky her she had powers.

“Sorry it took me so long I had a hard time getting past Max who kept asking where I was going and why Liz had called and what was wrong. I swear he is worse than my parents.” She huffed. “So finally I told him I was heading over to Maria’s because Liz and Maria were having a girl’s night and invited me over.” Isabel said in a rush sitting down.

“Hey Isabel.” Tess whispered meekly shocking the other female alien who hadn’t realized she was even sitting there. Isabel studied the small blonde and worry over took her features.

“Tess what’s wrong, are you okay, have you been crying?” Isabel asked coming over to the girl acting very much like a worried mother.

“Yeah I am okay I just had a bad moment.” Tess said smiling at Isabel’s concern it showed that a part of Isabel really did care for her.

Alex got up so Isabel could sit down and Kyle got up as well and stood behind Maria and Liz; they had to present a united front. “As you know the four of us have something to tell you, but first we need you to swear that you will not tell anyone including Max, Michael, and Nasedo.” Liz said and the two girls nodded slowly clearly confused.

“As I am sure Max has told you Liz, Maria, Kyle and I are cousins. Our families have been close for generations. You see the four of us are wizards.” Alex whispered in the silent living room. The four remained stiff as they faced the two alien girls waiting for their response.

Isabel snorted letting out a giggle, “Very funny you four what do you really have to tell us?” She asked as Tess giggled next to her. Tess studied the four as her giggles calmed and she gasped.

“You’re actually serious.” Tess whispered.

“Yes we are. I can prove it too.” Pulling out a thin long wooden stick made of the wood of a special tree; it was her wand.

Pointing to a wall with a bunch of shelves Liz flicked her wand, “Tabula Rasa.” She commanded and the contents of the wall disappeared before their eyes.

Isabel and Tess gapped at the wall moving to touch it, “How could she do that?” Isabel asked in a strangled whisper.

“Like Alex said, I am a witch and I preformed a simple erasing spell.” Liz said raising her wand again and pointing it at the wall. “A priori.” Liz said her voice clear and succinct. The two aliens watched in awe as the contents of the wall appeared in perfect order again.

“Whoa.” Tess breathed. The four magical beings sat down and gave the girls their full life story not leaving a single magical detail out entrapping them in their world and secret forever.


“Is it just me or do the Slytherins seem to be more hyper by the day?” Ron asked looking across the Great Hall at the Slytherin table where the Slytherins were all laughing and talking animatedly. The oddest part was that everyone appeared to be speaking to Draco at the same time.

“They seem to be acting the same as usual you are just being paranoid Ronald.” Hermione huffed looking sharply at a smiling Draco across the hall.

The sound of hooting owls could be heard as a swarm of them came in the great hall to deliver the mail. The Slytherin table erupted in laughter. Everyone in the hall looked to the Slytherin table where a blushing Draco was being slapped on the back by the guys. “Wonder what that is about.” Harry grumbled.

“I don’t know, but knowing them it is nothing good.” Ginny growled her blue eyes shifting around in her head eyeballing the Slytherins wearily.


“So what do you think?” Isabel asked spinning around for the three girls sitting on her bed.

“Perfect,” Maria hummed as she flipped through a magazine briefly glancing up to look over Isabel. “I like the jewels in the hair it adds a soft touch, not too much but still date worthy.” Isabel’s hair was piled on her head in a fashionably messy bun with small crystals scattered throughout her blonde tresses making her hair shimmer in the light, one wouldn’t guess they were stones unless you were really looking.

“Great,” Isabel sighed as she went over to her makeup drawer and pulled out all she owned, “No I only have to worry about my makeup.” She muttered as she rummaged around the din of makeup.

Liz smirked at her friend rolling her eyes, “Isabel I think you are forgetting something important in your panic.” Liz giggled.

“What?” Isabel asked as her dark eyes bugged out of her head fearing she was missing something in her perfect ensemble.

“You’re an alien; you can just wave your hand over your face to do it perfectly. Just stick to the basics and go for the natural fresh look and you will be great.” Liz said as the room gapped at her. “What?” She asked shrinking back when she saw they were all staring at her as if she had just announced she was having an alien baby with Michael.

“Nothing except that was great advice, I kind of spaced there for a second.” Isabel said giving the other girl a small smile before she waved her hand over her face the makeup appearing perfectly on her golden features.

Maria quietly got up off the bed and went over to Isabel’s dresser where her bottles of perfume were arranged. Tess watched as the girl popped off the tops and took a small whiff of each before setting it down with a sigh. Maria went over to her purse and pulled out a small glass vile full of a lavender liquid. “Here Isabel put some of this on.” Maria said as Isabel uncapped the clear tube. “I didn’t know what you would have so I made you a perfume at my mom’s shop. It is lavender, vanilla, and a hint of lemon for freshness. It will smell good on you.” Maria mumbled feeling stupid that she had thought to give Isabel perfume.

Isabel smelled it her face exploding into a wide grin as the soothing fresh scent tickled her nose. “Thanks Maria I love it.” She said making Maria smile. “Thanks guys for helping out I am just I don’t know…”

“Nervous is the term you were looking for.” Tess snickered from the bed.

A soft knocking on the door startled the girls out of there relaxed atmosphere and back to reality. “Hey Isabel what do you want on the pizza?” Max asked opening his sister’s bedroom door and was shocked to see the three other girls in her room.

“I won’t be eating here tonight remember I have a date with Alex.” Isabel said glaring at her brother daring him to say otherwise.

“Okay…” Max drawled looking confused before he turned his gaze on the other three, “Hey Liz, Maria…Tess.” He said nodding at each of them. Max was shocked when he realized Tess had stayed seated on the bed when he had been expecting her to come running to greet him. Instead he saw Liz and Tess sitting close together with a magazine between them on Isabel’s bed with Maria lounging next to them.

“Do you need something Max?” Isabel asked moving to sit on the other side of Liz.

“Um…no.” He said slowly leaving the room to go and call Michael, something was up. Liz and Tess were smiling and getting along with Maria and Isabel, they looked like they were friends.

Picking up the phone Max dialed Michael’s number, on the fifth ring someone picked up out of breath. “Hello?” Michael’s gruff voice greeted Max.

“Hey Michael it’s me, can I come over? My house is being taken over by girls?” Max asked glancing at his door when he heard giggles from his sister’s room wondering why he hadn’t noticed them earlier.

“Yeah sure.” Michael drawled before hanging up leaving Max to grab his gear and hightail it out of his home. Ten minutes later Max pulled up to the familiar apartment building and quickly went inside without knocking.

Michael was on the couch watching an old hockey game. “Hey,” he called gruffly as Max flopped down next to him on the worn couch a glum look on his face. “So what’s up? You look like crap.” Michael said only glancing at Max briefly before he returned his gaze to the television.

“Liz and Tess are at my house along with Maria. They were helping Isabel get ready for her date with Alex. I mean come on Tess was helping Isabel get ready for a date with someone other than you.” Max grouched throwing his hands up in the air making a big deal out of nothing as usual.

“I personally am thankful maybe she has finally given up on this destiny crap.” Michael chuckled darkly.

“I don’t know, something is up with them that much I do know.” Max whispered his dark gaze staring off blankly at the wall. As Max continued to stare at the wall a sharp pain settled in his stomach, something was different and he didn’t like it.


Severus Snape paced the corridor nervously his black cloak swishing majestically with his movements almost as if it was an attachment of his body moving with each slight turn and pivot. He stood facing the headmaster’s gargoyle with trepidation. “Sherbet,” he said as the giant stone creature before him burst to life revealing a revolving staircase. He hurried to get on as the steps wound their way up to an old wooden door that led to the headmaster’s office.

He had something to tell the old man something that could not wait. For the first time he did not know what to do he was torn. He wanted to see his family and friends, but at the same time he knew what they did was wrong. Right when he got to the top he waited behind the door for a second before he knocked on the ancient door.

“Come in Severus.” The old croaking voice of the headmaster called from the other side.

“Thank you for seeing me on such short notice headmaster, but I fear this could not wait. Something big has happened that I believe you need to know.” Snape said taking a deep steadying breath as he turned to face Dumbledore.

“The Parker’s, Whitman’s, Valenti;s, and Amy Deluca along with their children have come out in the open. Albus they have summoned every Deatheater to Roswell.” Snape said.

“If what you say is true than we could be in a great deal of danger. You know as well as I do what those four kids are.” Dumbledore’s grave voice rumbled through the office. Their worst fear was coming to play right before their eyes. Some of the most powerful beings were being handed over to Voldemort to manipulate.

“That is not even the worst part Albus…Mandy will be there. This is turning out to be a disaster.” Snape sighed sitting down in a worn leather chair in front of the headmaster’s desk.

“Well at least part of the prophecy has not come true as of yet and I intend to keep it that way. Draco has not met Miss Parker so I doubt they will be fulfilling their end anytime soon.” Dumbledore said watching the potions master grimace pulling a face that the headmaster knew all too well from his colleague.

“Severus what aren’t you telling me?”

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Re: Wishing Life Was A Movie (HP,XO,UC,Adult) Pt.8 p.5 2-4-09

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Hey guys thanks for the replies to the last part! Thanks...


Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 9

“Isabel sweetie Alex is here!” Diane Evens yelled excitedly up the stairs. She was so happy that her daughter was going on a date with Alex. She knew her daughter liked him and could not be any happier that he was the one she chose, he was such a nice young man.

Opening the door Diane greeted the lanky teen with one of her bright warm smiles that made all the kids feel welcome. “Hello Alex come on in Isabel will be just a moment. I am afraid I held her up.” Diane said giggling slightly as Alex laughed nervously. Soft thumps on the carpeted steps alerted the two to Isabel’s arrival.

“Hey Alex, ready to go?” She asked grinning at his wide eyed gaze.

“Sure,” he squeaked blushing when he realized his voice had cracked like a thirteen year old boy’s. “And might I say you look stunning as usual.” Alex said grinning when he realized his voice had gone back to normal.

“Honey have a good time and remember your father and I are heading out tonight. The number is on the fridge and you know where the money is.” Diane said as the two teens left the Evan’s house, Isabel waving at her mom as she got into the car. Isabel grinned at the tingly feeling that was left in her hand after Alex released it to get in on the driver’s side of the car.

As she watched Alex next to her, her eyes roamed over his thin frame her golden brown eyes taking in aspects of him that she had never seen before. She always knew he was funny but she never realized how much of his physical appearance reflected the true Alex. She could feel the confidence radiating off his frame in his sure posture, almost as if this power just radiated off of him.

“Alex, what is a pureblood?” She asked when the term suddenly popped into her head again. It was a term that had puzzled her and Tess as the four supposed humans were telling the two alien girls their secret.

Alex stiffened slightly the back of his neck reddening something she noticed happened when he was nervous. “Oh ahh…a pureblood means the person has no muggle blood in them. They are all magical and come from long lines of all magical people so their blood is well, pure.”

“So are the four of you purebloods? You never said.” Isabel asked.

Alex sighed nodding his head, “Yes we are purebloods as are all our parents friends and family. This is going to sound weird but all purebloods are related in some way.” Alex said looking nervous as he tried to gage her reaction.

Isabel’s eyebrows shot into her hairline, “You mean Draco and Liz are related?”

“Sort of, but they are so distantly related it does not actually matter. They are like 18th cousins or something. Their cousins, cousins got married or something like that.” Alex said.

“Oh so they are not like directly related?” She asked and he shook his head. She let out a shaky breath allowing a smile to cross her face, “Good, there for a moment you had me worried.”

“So why are your parents going out of town?” Alex asked trying to change the subject, blood talk always made him nervous unlike the others who took pride in the discussion.

“They are going to visit my aunt, my dad’s sister. She is having a baby and they are going to help her out because her husband left her when he found out she was expecting. They just want to be there for the birth and help her get settled with the baby. Mom said they would be gone for at least a month, maybe two.”

“Stupid jerk shouldn’t have left her.” Alex growled his grip on the wheel tightening to the point where his knuckles were turning a frightening shade of white. “At least your parents are kind enough to go and help her out.” Isabel nodded biting her lip to hide her reaction to his backlash. She liked that he was upset that someone left her aunt alone and pregnant. She didn’t know why but it made her feel more relaxed around him.

Meanwhile at the Crashdown Café. Liz bustled around the café taking orders and delivering food to the tables. Dealing with an unsually surly Jose and screaming kids which if you asked her there really wasn’t a difference between the two.

“Liz table four’s order is up.” Jose said. Maria was running late and Liz had to work the café alone.

“I got it.” She hollered running to the pickup window and picking up the hot plates that would leave red marks on her hands but she ignored the pain as Kyle came in and sat at the counter, one of the only free spaces left.

“Hey Parker what’s up?” He asked watching her rush around as several customers started yelling to get her attention.

“Hey there Kyle, sorry can’t talk right now a bit busy.” She said rushing around. Kyle sighed and looked around the café he squared his shoulders before he reached under the counter and pulled out an order pad. He then went to the order window and pulled off the slip.

Kyle cleared his throat before he yelled, “Okay who gets the Will Smith burger with a side order of fries and three Moon crater munches?” A table in the back raised their hands and Kyle grabbed their burning hot plates and ran it over to them. “Darn that burns like a slap in the face.” He grumbled. Kyle scurried around the café trying to help Liz as much as possible. Just as he was about to sit down finally the bell over the door rang and in walked the bane of Liz’s existence, Pam Troy.

“Great.” Kyle huffed glancing at Liz who was taking another table’s order. Kyle got up and with an order pad and went to Pam’s table.

“Hey Kyle, oh how sweet of you to help Parker. Why don’t you sit with us and let little Lizzy Parker take our orders after all she works here and not you.” Pam said in what she thought was a sweet voice, but to Kyle it sounded like the kind of squeak a guinea pig would make when it was excited.

“No thanks.” He cringed at the thought, “Liz needs my help tonight, so what are you having?” Kyle asked not seeing the furious look Pam was giving him. She hated how all the guys just seemed to flock to Liz. They all thought she was so sweet and innocent but Pam was determined to prove them all wrong one of these days all she had to do was wait. Liz would slip eventually and Pam would make sure she was there to see it. She couldn’t wait to prove to the town that Liz Parker wasn’t as perfect as she let everyone believe.

“Four alien blasts and four orders of Saturn rings.” Pam snapped still managing to pull off the squeaky voice. Kyle quickly went away and put the order in before he was finally able to sit down. Liz eventually plopped down next to him on a stool.

“Thanks so much for helping me out tonight Kyle. So what can I get for you?” She asked.

“Coke and a Will Smith burger please.” Liz quickly went and placed the order with Jose.

“So what is taking Maria so long, didn’t her shift start like an hour ago?” Kyle asked looking down at his watch.

“Yeah I am starting to get worried about her. I know she had a transfiguration lesson before her shift.” Liz said just as the bell over the door ran and Michael and Max walked in.

“Hey Michael.” Liz called nodding at him barely glancing at Max.

“Hey Liz, you here by yourself? Where is Maria?” Michael asked trying to mask his fear for the girl.

“Isn’t that the question of the night, she is over an hour late.” Kyle said while Max sat down on the other side of Liz gazing at her intently. Just as he was about to speak up Maria flew through the door gasping for breath.

“Sorry, sorry a thousand times I am sorry I am late.” She gasped out, “There was a small fire in the basement.” Maria said looking pointedly at Liz and Kyle.

“What? Are you okay? What happened?” Max asked going into his leader mode where he could demand answers from everyone around him. Liz and Kyle shared a look both knowing that the cause of the fire was magic related, not that they could tell Max and Michael that.

“Oh yeah I am okay and so is mom I just had an incident with some candles I was burning.” Maria babbled as the group heard a squawking. Liz bolted upright and headed out from to the mailbox, Max chasing after her.

“Liz what is it?” Max asked looking at the letters Liz was clutching in her hands.

Moving the letters out of his view Liz started to head back into the café. “Nothing just some mail.” Liz said trying to get away from Max but he would not let that happen.

“Why are you hiding the letters from me unless you have something to hide?”

“No Max more like I don’t want to rub something in your face but since you are insistent, I was trying not to show you a letter from Draco.” Liz said covering up easily. It was true that there was a letter from the blonde wizard in the pile she held but she had other letters from Slytherin’s her age in her hand as well.

“So is that how it is going to be between us now? Now that you have a boyfriend you are going to completely shut me out of your life?” Max asked his ears reddening in his anger.

“No if I remember correctly it was you who kept pushing me away and hurting me. It’s called getting tired Max and Draco I know would never hurt me. I have known him since I was little before you even came out of your pod. He wouldn’t put other things before me and that’s what I need Max. With you I was always second and I know that is how things needed to be but maybe I am selfish in saying this but I want to be first at times in a relationship.” Liz said her face reddening slightly.

“Really you call what you have with this guy a relationship? Him sending you letters and you sending them back?” I know he is your rebound guy because you just started dating him only a few weeks after we broke up!” Max yelled his fists clenched at his sides.

Liz looked up at him her brown eyes wide and full of tears, “How dare you.” She hissed her small frame shaking as she glared at him. “A word of warning Max don’t go spouting off about things you know nothing about.” She whispered before turning on her heel and heading back inside the café. Kyle saw the furious look on her face and he put down his burger to follow her into the break room.

Kyle looked at her form standing against the lockers her body tense and rigid. “Liz, what’s wrong?” Kyle asked as he pulled her onto the couch. The second her body sank into the soft cushions she burst into tears.

“Max he went too far calling Draco my rebound guy and started saying all of these things. Kyle I am so sick of him thinking he can run my life, our lives.” Kyle pulled her into a hug rubbing her shoulder.

“Don’t listen to him Liz he is just trying to get to you, he is jealous that you are seeing someone. The important thing is that you and Draco know why you are together, it does not matter what Max thinks.” That brought a small smile to her face as she wiped at her eyes.

“Thanks Kyle, I really needed that.”

“Liz you okay?” Michael asked standing in the doorway that led to the kitchen a worried look on his face.

“Maxwell just said some nasty stuff to her.” Kyle said as Michael stepped closer to the two.

“Not again, “Michael sighed rolling his eyes, “Listen Liz the guy is just upset because he saw you and Tess being all buddy, buddy. He feels left out because all of you have this bond that he wants with you and he is angry that Isabel and Tess are now becoming friends with you. He feels like he is losing everything I mean the guy has loved you since he first saw you.” Michael said standing in front of Liz and Kyle.

“Thanks Michael, I just have never heard Max say anything like that.”

“Well we better get out from.” Kyle said patting Michael on the back as he went back into the kitchen to man the grill as the other two went back out into the café. The café was still packed and Liz let out a depressed huff.

“This is going to be a long night.”

Across town Alex and Isabel were leaving the Roswell movie theater holding hands causing many heads to turn. People were openly staring at the two not just because they were together but because the ice queen and the geek were both laughing hysterically.

“You’re kidding?” Isabel asked gasping for breath.

“No, Kyle and Maria put a leg locker curse on Liz and then Liz had to hop all the way home where her parents did the counter curse.” Alex said.

“Liz must have been so angry with those two.” Isabel said as she stopped causing Alex to stop as well. When he turned to her she grabbed his other hand in hers for a moment staring into his eyes before she released it and continued to walk to the car.

“She was very intent on getting back at them, she suspended them in midair and tickled them until Maria was crying and Kyle peed his pants. She didn’t talk to either of them for a week. Maria and Kyle never cursed Liz again because they finally figured out that Liz is more powerful and ruthless than they are.” Alex said as he helped Isabel into the car.

“Liz sounds like the leader of the group and you sound like you are as well. I can’t believe I didn’t see it before but it is like you and Liz run things, keep everyone in line.”

“Yeah when Liz and I were six, Maria and Kyle had gotten in big trouble.” Alex said looking away for a moment as he started the car but she could also tell it was to avoid her gaze. “After that we agreed that from then on we would keep an eye on them and never let anything like that happen again.” Alex said a dark look coming over his normally carefree face. Isabel knew that look from her brother and knew not to press the subject any farther.

“So where to next?” Isabel asked.

“I thought we could get something to eat at the Crashdown.”

“Great I have a craving for a Blood of Alien Smoothie.” She giggled.

Meanwhile at the café the three other magical beings were sitting in a booth in the back of the café going through the letters Liz had retrieved. “Oh look what Greg sent us!” Maria squealed pulling out four acid pops, chocolate frogs, four choco balls, eight cockroach clusters, and four fudge flies.

“No way! I haven’t had these in so long!” Liz yelled jumping up and down forgetting about the customers in the café.

“Guys, what the hell is going on? The customers who are paying to eat here in peace are staring at you.” Michael barked as Max headed over to the group not noting their chilly glares.

“What is going on and what are those?” Max asked pointing to the acid pops, which were a burgundy almost black like red sucker.

“Suckers, only the best in the world. Some friends of ours sent them to us from London. Here want to try one?” Kyle asked shoving one of the pops his way an evil gleam in his eyes. Maria and Liz watched in horror waiting for the sweet treat to burn a hole in Max’s tongue.

“Yeah sure…” Max said as he put the pop in his mouth. The three friends stared at him as Michael looked between all of them sensing something was off. It only took seconds before Max’s face turned pained.

“Ah!” Max yelled ripping the sucker out of his mouth, “My tongue.” He groaned sticking out his tongue.

Isabel happened to walk into the café with Alex and ran over to her screaming brother who was batting at his tongue. “Max what’s wrong?” she asked noting her brother’s watering eyes.

“My unge!” He screamed holding the pink flesh between his fingers.

“Max let me take a look.” Alex said as Max stuck his tongue out for Alex to look. “I don’t see anything wrong.” Alex said knowing that the hole that the acid pop had burned into the tongue disappeared after a few minutes.

“No I swear there was a…” Max felt his tongue with a finger and felt that it was back to normal.

“Max I don’t see anything wrong with your tongue.” Isabel said picking up his sucker to taste it when she saw Liz shake her head no.

“Yeah whatever I’m out of here.” Max grumbled grabbing his jacket and leaving the café in a huff. Seeing that everything had calmed down Michael went back to the grill.

“Okay why don’t you want me to try the sucker and why did Max seem to think he had a hole in his tongue?” Isabel asked her stern glare directed at the three in the booth.

“Acid pops.” Alex grumbled.

“What?” She asked chuckling softly.

“Acid pops, they are a sweet treat from the magical world, it burns a hole in your tongue. You can get it at Honeydukes in Hogsmeade, which is the small wizarding village outside of Hogwarts.” Liz said sticking one of the suckers in her mouth.

“The best part is that the hole goes away after awhile and after a few minutes of solid sucking you are left with a very sweet sucker.” Maria said.

“Kyle where is Tess?” Alex asked when he noticed the small blonde was missing from the booth,

“Helping my dad decorate the house with her alien powers since she can get it done a lot faster than a few spells.” Kyle said.

“Alex, Isabel you two are still on a date so go sit your butts down in a booth and I will take your orders and leave you two alone.” Maria ordered and the two quickly moved to a booth a few away from the group not wanting to face the wrath of Maria if they didn’t comply.

****Hogwarts Dumbledore’s Office****

“Albus, Lucius Malfoy is the secret keeper for their four families. Only he knew where they were and he would always take Draco with him when he went to visit.” Snape said with an almost regretful look

“So Draco and Liz have been together all of this time right under our very noses.” Dumbledore said in a dry voice as he turned to pet his bird Fawkes who had started to squawk.

“Based on what I have heard from the students the two have just started to see each other, but yes they have been in contact with one another for years.” Snape said.

“I see. Well we will have to do something and fast Roswell is a muggle town after all.” Dumbledore said.

“I agree we cannot let Voldemort get those four but their parents are some of his most devote followers.”

“Severus you don’t think…no it couldn’t be possible.” Dumbledore breathed his old frame tense in his chair.

“Spit it out Albus.”

“You don’t suppose the other four are there as well do you? I mean it would be just our luck.” Dumbledore groaned.

“You mean the Royal Four?” Snape asked.

“Yes. Things could already be in motion if they are.”

“They might not be, but I will let you know once I get to Roswell.” Snape said watching as the headmaster’s eyes popped out of his skull. “Oh don’t give me that look Albus you know as well as I do that there is no way of stopping this gathering the only thing we can do is stop them in Roswell from doing whatever they have planned.”

Albus Dumbledore let out a resigned sigh rubbing his forehead, “I suppose you are right.” His blue eyes stared hard at the potions master in front of him, “Go to Roswell, but the Order is coming with you.”

Across the school in Gryffindor Tower several students were having a meeting of their own. The small group sat around Harry Potter waiting for him to recount his latest dream involving Liz. “I saw Draco trying to comfort Liz. The weird part was that Max guy that I told you about was there and Draco said something about warning Max about staying away from Liz.” Harry said waiting for their reactions like a good story teller.

“Draco playing overprotective boyfriend this is new.” Ron grunted rolling his watery eyes.

Professor McGonagall rushed into the room as the portrait hole swung open revealing the older witch in her tartan night cap and gown. “Good you all are still up, come with me please quickly.”

“Should we change?” Hermione asked.

“Sorry Miss Granger but there is no time.” McGonagall said leading them out of the common room.

“What’s going on professor?” Harry asked as they headed down the long Hogwarts corridors.

“Something has happened and the headmaster wants to see all of you right away.” She said as they climbed the stairs leading to the floor with the bird statue at the end of the left hall. The small group stopped before the large winged statue.

“Choco balls.” The professor said and the statue sprung to life with a large grinding rumble. Their professor knocked twice on the door and entered the office.

The group entered to see Sirius, Remus, The elder Weasley’s, Fleur, Luna, and the Minister of Magic along with many others from the Order. The Minister after the incident and the ministry the other year wanted to help in any way he could and so he was well as Harry, Ron, Neville, Luna, Ginny, Hermione, Fred and George became members of the Order. The room was oddly silent as the students entered the only sound that could be heard was the crackling of a fire. Looking closer Harry could see the familiar face of Tonks.

“Hello Tonks didn’t see you there.” Harry said as the others peaked into the fire as well.

“Take a seat please if you will.” Dumbledore said flourishing his wand and conjuring chairs for the students.

“For those of you who are just joining us something has happened that we have been dreading for years. Voldemort has the upper hand now.”

Mrs. Weasley chocked on her own breath gasping at the headmaster’s statement. “What do you mean we have people on the inside watching all of his moves.”

Dumbledore nodded solemnly. “Some of Voldemort’s most loyal followers have come back into the fold if you will. They had disappeared after the Dark Lord’s downfall and before they vanished they all had children, one per family. These children are of worry to us.”

Snape stepped forward to continue the lecture. “These four are called the destroyers and for good reason; they are powerful beings that can either save or destroy the world.” Harry flinched in his seat something that did not go unnoticed by the adults in the room.

“Harry is something wrong?” Dumbledore asked.

“Well we sort of know something more about them like how close they are to each other and some other…ah information.” He mumbled.

Hermione took pity on her friend, “What Harry is trying to say is that we already know about them. You see it all started with Harry having a vision…” The young girl was cut off by Sirius jumping out of his seat.

“You had a vision and you didn’t tell us?” his godfather asked looking hurt.

“We didn’t know much about it at first. The first vision I had was a little cryptic…” Harry was cut off by Fred.

“You had others?” The twin asked looking ill.

“Yes but…”

Snape snarled at the teen, “And you didn’t think it wise to tell us about this?” He asked his lip curling over his teeth.

“I think we should just let the boy continue after we can interrogate him agreed?” McGonagall snapped at the potions master before she motioned for Harry to continue.

“The first vision I had was during the holidays. I was in a desert and there were four others my age chanting; two boys and two girls. Three of them seemed not to notice I was even there but one girl did; I later found out her name was Liz. She started to say a few cryptic things to me and then I was kicked out.” Harry said waiting to see if he was going to be questioned and he wasn’t disappointed when the potions master chose to comment.

“Her name is Elizabeth Claudia Parker.” An expression on the man’s face sat uneasily with the others in the room.

“Then I shared what I saw with the others and Hermione found a book in the library with the chant or spell in it from my vision and it had some symbols many of which we were unfamiliar with. Hermione did find out what one symbol meant, destroyer. In this book it also contained pictures and I was able to identify the people from my vision.” Harry said.

“A book from this library?” Dumbledore asked.

“Yes,” Hermione squeaked, “I could get it for you.”

“Allow me.” Ron said pushing her down in his seat as he pulled out his wand opening the door of the office. “Accio Destiny Book!” He yelled and then waited by the door while the twins rolled their eyes at their brother. Moments later a swish sound filled the air and a book flew into the office landing on the floor with a solid clang. The Destiny Book was on the ground and everyone stared at the metal book as if they were afraid to touch it.

“Interesting.” Remus hummed and then the room was silent.

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Hey guys thanks for the wonderful replies I love reading each and every one of them they mean a lot! Thanks...


Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 10

“This is the book we have been using to help us figure out everything we know.” Hermione said as she picked up the metal book and gave it to the headmaster.

“Extraordinary.” Dumbledore whispered flipping the metal pages until he came to the pictures. “Have you figured out who any of the four are?” Dumbledore asked the group. Harry and Hermione moved to stand behind him to show him.

“These three here we have no idea who they are, but this girl her name is Liz or as Professor Snape said Elizabeth.” Harry said pointing to the metal cutout before Hermione flipped the page.

“And this boy here his name is Max and from what we can tell this girl next to him is Tess.” Hermione said.

“I believe you know these two on this page, Draco and Mandy.” Harry said flipping the page again.

“Ah yes and I know the two girls below as well they too attended Hogwarts. This girl here on the left is Brimlad Haskin and this girl on the right is Estra Snape; Professor Snape’s sister.” The headmaster said chuckling at Snape’s horrified expression. Snape quickly grabbed the book and paled at their images.

“This is not good.” Snape groaned an ill look coming over him.

“Now calm down Severus we will…” Remus Lupin was cut off by a furious Snape who had gone from silent to foaming at the mouth in seconds.

“Oh no Lupin you don’t remember my sister. She can be the most vial person when she wants to and that is without the other two. Brimlad and Mandy were and still are her friends; Brimlad and Estra follow Mandy around like little dogs much like you and Black followed Potter. Except the three of them are far more insane.” Snape snarled his chest heaving.

Sirius snickered off to the side, “You aren’t scared of little girl are you?”

“Yes!” Snape yelled as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

“Why?” Harry asked.

“Anyone in their right mind would be terrified of my sister she had a knack for blowing things up. The scary part is she never used a wand when she did so. All she had to do was aim her hand and it was destroyed. She even went as far as to blow up my bed when I was still at home…” Snape grumbled.

“So you had to sleep on the floor big deal.” Sirius grumbled.

“I was still in it!” Snape yelled.

The others tried to look away so he would not see their grins. “In any of your visions Harry have you seen these four?” Dumbledore asked pointing to Max and the three next to him on the page.

“No I only saw the two of them and from what I saw Max and Tess knew the others pretty well. I saw Max climbing into Liz’s window so I think it is safe to say they know each other and live near one another.” Harry said.

Dumbledore sighed folding his hands in front of him, “It is as I feared the Royal Four are in contact with the destroyers.” His statement sent the room into a flurry of chaos. “Calm down everyone of we are going to get anything done we have to come up with a course of action.” He said finally getting the room to settle down again.

“Now I have come up with something that might work, but I know it would be asking a lot of you. I suggest we all go to Roswell, from there we can watch them and try and outmaneuver them.”

“Keep your enemies close.” Bill Weasley whispered and Dumbledore nodded.


“I agree we should assess the situation first hand before we do anything.” Snape said.

“Those of us who can and want to then will go to Roswell.” Dumbledore said.

“Molly the kids and I will go.” Arthur Weasley spoke up and his wife nodded.

“You know the rest of us are in as well Albus, and I think you should look into having the rest of the kids join us. They might be useful in getting information.” Sirius said winking at a beaming Harry.

“We will have to talk to their families.” Dumbledore said the apprehension apparent on his drawn face.

“I can make the contacts.” McGonagall said.

“Alright then tell their parents and guardians they can come if they wish, but warn them about the danger. Everyone we will be leaving for Roswell the day school gets out. Some of us can magically travel there others will have to use muggle transport so as not to rouse suspicion.” Dumbledore said.

“I will travel with the ones who have to use muggle transportation.” Tonks said from the fireplace.

“As will my sons and I.” Arthur said and his four older boys nodded.

“Very well,” Dumbledore sighed, “Meet here in my office on the last day of exams when the others students head to the trains” The others slowly started to trickle out of the office.

“Albus I will look into our housing accommodations.” Fudge said as he shook the headmaster’s hand. “I might not be able to join you but I might have enough pull to make things easier for you in the States.”

When only a few were left in the room Dumbledore turned to Harry a twinkle back in his eyes, “Anything else we might need to know Harry?”

Harry moved forward and flipped the page of the book to the one where the faces in the book were coupled. “As you can see Draco is next to Liz and…hey that’s odd Hermione do you see what I see?” Harry asked hearing her sharp intake of breath.

“What is it?” Dumbledore asked.

“Well you see this man standing next to Mandy he was not there next to her before and neither were the men next to Brimlad and Estra.” Hermione said pointing a shaky finger at the pictures.

“Who was next to them before?” The headmaster asked.

“We had no idea who the men were next to Brimlad and Estra but next to Mandy was…” Hermione trailed off uncomfortably.

“Yes?” The headmaster asked trying to coax the answer out of the two students.

“Professor Snape.” Harry said.

“Yes what is it?” He barked making Hermione jump.

“No professor I meant you were the one next to Mandy.” Harry whispered.


Liz was sitting on her lawn chair up on her balcony wrapped in a light blanket, her journal propped in her lap.

Dear Journal,
Sorry I haven’t written for awhile so much has been happening I haven’t had time. I feel like I am going to explode with all of this pent up excitement and information rumbling around inside of me just waiting to burst out.
I have been having these weird dreams lately and they are beginning to frighten me. When the others and I preformed the power summoning spell in the dream plane I sensed the presence of someone else; someone who should not have been there. In the desert background I saw another figure somehow I knew who he was, I knew that the boy was Harry Potter.
Then there are the dreams I keep having where I am with child, or as Kyle would say knocked up. The odd thing is they don’t scare me as much as they should, in an odd way they comfort me. It is like I know Draco loves me and that everything will be okay in those dreams. No these dreams don’t scare me the ones that do are the ones where the cave in the desert is blasted and all of us standing at the entrance of the cave go flying and I end up face down in the sand, motionless.
Why did the rock face explode like that? What were we all doing up there in the first place? None of this makes sense. I told this all to Alex and he could not come up with anything either. I can sense trouble coming, but I have no idea what it is and that is what scares me.

Liz closed her journal and stared up at the stars wrapping the blanket tighter around her small form. It’s hard to believe sometimes that there are other life forms out there even though there was proof living down the street from her.

“Liz honey, are you out there?” Her mother asked. Liz looked through her window and saw her mother looking around her room confused.

“Yeah mom what’s up?” Liz asked putting away her journal when her mom’s back was turned. When she hid her journal she crawled back through her window and into her room.

“There you are. Listen your father and I are just about to go over where everyone is going to sleep. The others should be over in a few minutes. Do you want to help? I know how you like to keep things organized.” Nancy laughed as she sat on her daughter’s bed.

“Sure, that would be fun.” Liz said leading her mom out of her room. The room was silent until a preteen walked out of Liz’s bathroom cringing at the state of the girly bedroom.

“So Lizzie, who’s coming?” Nicholas asked the deserted room as he moved to sit in Liz’s desk chair sniffing in disdain a bottle of perfume. He saw a letter on her desk and carelessly picked it up and read it.

“Is this guy for real? Well at least it’s not Zan the idiot king.” He spat putting letter down before he went to the door Liz and her mother had just exited.

“I do have to admit Zan has not lost his taste in women. What is it about him that makes every girl flock to him?” Nicholas spat bitterly.

“Might as well go have some fun seeing as how the four of them will be busy for awhile,” Nicholas said as he quietly crept out her window and down her fire escape knowing the little witch would be none the wiser to his ever being there.

“There is nothing to do in this town.” He grumbled before a sly smirk came over him, “I could always go and spy on little Ava.” He hummed before the twelve year old looking boy switched directions and headed to the Valenti home. Max Evans slowly moved out from behind the dumpster a look of terror on his face. He had planned to climb up Liz’s ladder to surprise her but just as he got there he saw a kid climbing down.

“Did I just see a kid come from Liz’s balcony?” He asked himself as he looked down the street thinking over what he saw. “That’s it I have to talk to Michael.” Max said running out of the ally and towards his jeep parked at the UFO center.


“What?” Professor Snape asked a sickened look coming over him again.

“You were next to this Mandy girl, but now this other guy is there.” Harry said.

“That man looks familiar Albus.” McGonagall said.

Dumbledore nodded fingering the metal page slightly, “You are right he does look familiar.”

“Hold on a moment,” Her voice croaked as her eyes lit up slightly, “Albus add a few inches to his hair and take a few pounds of muscle off him and add baby fat to his face and slim his build down a bit and I’d say he is very familiar.” She said as the others tried to picture what she described.

Dumbledore chuckled slightly in his seat and nodded his head in agreement. “Minerva I think you have it.” Snape sniffed beside them his displeasure apparent.

“Well who is he?” Snape asked.

“Severus he is someone you know.” Snape gave the old man a fierce glare not in the mood for his games. “I believe you know him as Balthazar.”

When Snape heard Dumbledore utter that one name Snape’s face went from annoyed to infuriated. “Balthazar as in Balthazar Quilliam the best friend of Latimer Hawksworth the one who tortured me worse than…” Snape’s eyes flashed to Harry a dark look of utter contempt present in their dark depths. His face turned an ashen gray as he felt into a chair. Harry and Hermione could tell that whoever this man was he was no friend of Snape’s, it seemed as if this was the one person who Snape hated most in the world and that was saying something.

“Yes Severus it is him and I believe the man next to your sister is Latimer.” Dumbledore said visibly bracing himself for the backlash he knew was to come.

“Why me?” Snape groaned rubbing his forehead, “As if it isn’t bad enough I had to worry about Mandy now I have to worry about her connection to Balthazar, I thought all of those worries were gone when I divorced her.” He grumbled.

“You were married?” Ron asked looking highly amused by this.

At hearing Ron’s comment Snape propelled himself out of his chair and he was in Ron’s face faster than the teen knew the batman could move. It appeared that Ron’s comment was only more fuel to the fire raging inside the professor. “What is that supposed to mean Mr. Weasley hum? That I couldn’t get a girl, whom I must have given a love potion in her drink? Yes for your information I was married and yes we are divorced.” Snape snarled. Ron started shaking his head vigorously, “I didn’t think so.” Snape snapped as Professor McGonagall pulled the man away from a frightened Ron.

“Sorry professor I didn’t mean anything by it.” Ron squeaked.

“Calm down everyone.” McGonagall snapped.

“Ms. Granger when did you first see Mandy next to Professor Snape?” Dumbledore asked.

“When we looked through the destiny book the second or third time, it was after one of Harry’s visions.” Hermione said flinching when Snape’s glare was turned on her.

“I don’t understand how or why the pictures changed now if you have been divorced for awhile or so I am assuming.” Harry said.

Snape nodded reluctantly, “Three years Potter.”

“So why would you be next to her still and how did the book change?” Hermione asked.

Harry smacked his head letting out a gasp of surprise, “Why didn’t I see it before.” He groaned. “Is it possible that this books gives glimpses of the future and the past?”

Dumbledore nodded inspecting the book, “Yes I suppose it could.”

“The page we are on where we first see them together what if this is them during the present time and what if the next page this one,” Harry said quickly flipping the metal page with a clang to the page where Liz was pregnant, “Is of the future. The page where professor Snape was next to Mandy was accurate; it would have changed if she started to see someone else.” Harry said.

“You mean to tell me she is dating that…thing?” Snape asked looing disgusted.

“I think it is an educated guess Severus. We will have to look further into this at a later time perhaps when we get to Roswell we will find the answer.” Dumbledore said, “I think that is all for tonight.”

The students all got to their feet anxious to leave the intimidating office. “Harry if you have any more visions please let us know.” Dumbledore said and Harry nodded.

Professor McGonagall saw the students back to their common rooms and then left to head back to the headmaster’s office. Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville, and Ginny all crawled through the portrait to find the common room still deserted. The fire was low in the hearth merely ambers by then. They each took a spot around the fireplace looking to Harry.

“Can you believe Snape was married?” Ron finally asked laughing.

“No, he is a little scary.” Neville said gulping as he tried to repress a shudder.

“The weird part is that Mandy girl was a student of his at one time.” Ron laughed.

“Ew.” Ginny shuddered.

“He said he had divorced her three years ago, which means he was still married to her when we started here.” Harry pointed out.

“Okay that gives me more information on Snape than I ever wanted to know.” Ron shuddered.

“At least now we know why the Slytherins were all excited.” Hermione sighed.

“Yes it does explain their odd behavior.” Harry agreed. “Do you think Liz and her friends are like the Slytherins?”

Ron shrugged, “I don’t know mate this is the first I have ever heard of them.”

Hermione suddenly stood and paced in front of the fire biting her lip furiously, “This is not the first time I have heard of their parents though.”

“What do you mean Mione?” Harry asked.

“Their parents are part of the oldest lines of wizard families. They are all related you know but what most don’t know is that they were in Voldemort’s inner circle right up there with the Lestranges and Malfoys.”

Ron groaned, “I take that as a yes they are exactly like the other Slytherins.”

“We only know what their parents are like, their children might be different.” Harry whispered.

“Not bloody likely.” Ron grumbled.

“Draco is exactly like his father Harry.” Hermione whispered, “And Liz is with Draco, it is only safe to assume that she shares their beliefs.”

“I suppose you are right.” Harry sighed.

Ron suddenly grinned, “Well there is one good thing that had come out of this, we get to go visit Roswell at the end of the term, alien capital of the world.”

Hermione turned to her friends an excited smile coming over her, “I always wanted to go to Roswell after I read in a book that several wizards theorized that the alien crash was actually a spell gone wrong.”

“Guys hold on we are going to Roswell so we can keep an eye on Malfoy and the others. Not to go site seeing.” Harry said.

“We know mate it’s just when we are there we can keep an eye out and still have fun.” Ron said trying to lighten his friend up.

“The main thing on my agenda is to find out more about Liz and her friends. Maybe then we can figure out what Voldemort wants with them.” Harry said.


“I swear Michael I saw some kid coming down Liz’s ladder.” Max said running his hands through his hair frustrated that his best friend didn’t believe him.

“Is there any possibility that you could have just imagined things?” Michael asked.

“No! I know what I saw Michael besides I heard him say something about going to spy on Ava.”

“Right and how would this kid know about Ava? I mean he would have to be an alien because Tess does not go by Ava.” Michael pointed out taking a long gulp of his peach Snapple.

“You’re right do you think he is one of those skins?” Max asked panic coming over him.

“A kid being some kind of evil alien?” Michael snorted, “Besides why would a skin be on Liz’s balcony?” Michael asked trying to get his friend to see reason.

“I don’t know!” Max yelled, “Maybe we should call Nasedo he would know what to do.” Max said heading over to the phone. Michael bolted out of his seat and beat Max to it preventing his friend from picking up.

“Hold up Maxwell, Nasedo said only to call him if it was an emergency and since we don’t know if there is really a reason to panic yet we shouldn’t call him. It would just piss him off.”

“What should we do then?” Max asked.

“First off why don’t you go over to Kyle’s and see if Tess is okay.” Michael suggested.

Max nodded slowly his amber eyes taking on a distant glazed look. “Sure that’s what I will do.”

“You do that.” Michael nodded as Max headed out the door. Michael waited a beat before he picked up his phone and a familiar voice answered after a few rings. “Hey Isabel, Maxwell has gone off the deep end, he is headed over to Kyle’s. He thinks he saw a kid at Liz’s house and the kid is apparently going to go spy on Ava or whatever the hell that means…of course I just let him leave what the hell was I supposed to do?...Well I figured if he saw no one was there he would just go home and forget about this crazy shit…Well maybe Liz moving on broke him or something what the hell do I look like Doctor Phil?...yeah yeah talk to you later.” Michael grumbled before he hung up. “Women.” He grumbled before he went back to watching the hockey game that Max had so rudely interrupted, even if it was taped.

Isabel across town hung up her room phone running a hand through her blonde hair, “Max is headed to your place. He seems to think some kid went to spy on you so Michael sent him over to your place to check things out.” She said turning to Tess who was sitting on her bed.

“Won’t he be worried when he sees I am not there?” Tess asked.

“I have no idea I am going to trust Michael on this one and hope Max will drop it, after all the last thing we need is for Max and Michael to find out about the others.”

“Yeah I can just see it now, Max’s eyes all welled up with tears because he found out Lizzie is not who he thought she was. Oh and Michael when he finds out Maria could have easily blasted his ass all of those times he mouthed off to her.” Tess giggled slapping a hand to her mouth when a snort escaped her sending Isabel into a fit of giggles.

Isabel suddenly got a devious gleam in her golden eyes, “So Tess what is going on with you and Kyle?”

The blonde’s cheeks turned cherry red as she ducked her head away from her friend, “What do you mean?”

Isabel snickered softly at the gesture, “I see the way you two look at each other when you think the other is not looking. You tow have the hots for each other and just won’t admit it.” Isabel said with a knowing smirk.

“This coming from the girl who is just realizing how crazy in love Alex Whitman is with her, he practically worships the ground you walk on.” Tess snickered.

“I do have to admit he really does care for me. I love how I can be myself around him and I don’t have to hide from him, he just wants me to be me and he will take all of me. He doesn’t have expectations of how I should be he just knows intuitively what I am really like and he subtly lets me know that is the Isabel he wants, not the one that everyone can look at but never touch. Slowly I have started to learn that I really like Alex Whitman.” She sighed a small smile on her face, “I used to think he was a big goof but that is just one part of him, his serious side is deep and amazing and he has this naturally protective part of him that doesn’t let the people he cares about stray too far.”

“I guess you could say that is how I feel about Kyle. No show is needed with Kyle I can just be me and he can just be him, just Kyle and Tess. Seeing a guy in his boxers every morning tends to take away some boundaries so there is really no subject un-approached with us.” Tess snorted.

Isabel pulled a face groaning in disgust, “Kyle in his underwear not a pleasant image.”

“For you maybe.” Tess snickered.

The two girls heard the front door slam open followed by loud angry heavy footsteps up the carpeted stairs that Isabel was all too familiar with. Seconds later the door to her brother’s room slammed shut. Isabel sighed and motioned for Tess to follow her into her brother’s room, or as she called it his bat cave. Isabel gasped when she opened the door and Tess let out a squeak of surprise at the sight that met them. “Oh Max what happened?”