Wishing Life Was A Movie (HP,XO,UC,Adult) [WIP]

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Re: Wishing Life Was A Movie (HP,XO,UC,Adult) Pt.20 p.12 5-3-09

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Part 21

Lucius sniffed the vile under his nose and cringed, it smelled ghastly. He looked at the person holding the offensive potion under his nose with a look of utter contempt as if to say ‘you expect me to drink that shit?’ Snape rolled his eyes at the blonde wizard and attempted to shove the potion into his hand yet again; he never felt more like a parent than in that moment when he had to practically force feed Lucius Malfoy the counter potion.

Lucius shivered as the potion rolled down his throat burning all the way down to his stomach spreading through his system like acid in his veins. “I hate you,” he growled as he glared at his friend who seemed far too excited at seeing him in pain.

“Really now Lucius it isn’t that bad.” Bellatrix simpered pouting at him before she burst into sadistic giggles making him want to rip her head off.

“If you weren’t my Cissa’s sister…” He growled shaking as the potion worked through him.

“You’d what yell at me?” She asked laughing harder.

Lucius’s fingers twitched as if itching to grab his wand and hex the bitch-in-law. He glared at the woman wishing once more that he had the ability to liquefy a person with his thoughts, but she just sat there looking smug. “One of these days Bellatrix one of these days,” he growled.

Nancy Parker breezed into the café halting when she saw the murderous look on Lucius’s face. She turned to Snape looking sympathetic, “You fed him the potion I take it,” she sighed and the curl of Severus’s lip told her all she needed to know.

“Such a child,” she sighed rolling her eyes at Lucius.

Lucius closed his grey eyes mentally counting to thirty the way his wife told him to when he was about to lose his temper. “What is he doing?” Nancy asked a cackling Bellatrix. “He looks like he is going to be ill,” Nancy whispered.

“I believe he is counting, it is a worthless exercise Narcissa taught him so he would not hex everything in sight. It really doesn’t do much good.” Severus said shaking his head as he watched Lucius’s lips move as he counted first in English then in French.

“Oh damn it all,” Lucius growled opening his eyes he grabbed his wand and pointed it at Bellatrix.

“Now now Lucius there is no need to get testy,” Bellatrix hummed grinning at him unafraid of his withering stare.

“Alright now let’s all just calm down,” Nancy soothed as if she were talking to children. “Lucius wand away I don’t want to have to make any repairs to the café today it would put me in a bad mood and we don’t want that now do we?” Nancy asked watching as the blonde reluctantly lowered his wand.

“Very good,” Nancy sighed straightening her robes as she turned to Bellatrix and Severus. “Did you all finish the memory potions?”

Snape cleared his throat looking uncomfortable. “Mandy is still working on them they should be ready later today. She needs to harvest some of Nicholas’s essence to complete the potions.”

“Why would she need his essence?” Nancy asked.

Snape raised an eyebrow at the woman looking at the other two who looked away guiltily. “You didn’t tell her?” he drawled his dark eyes flickering over them dangerously.

“We didn’t want to worry her,” Bellatrix tried but Snape’s furious glare stalled her.

“It is her daughter,” he spate before he turned to Nancy. “Nicholas was the one messing with their minds. A few more warps and the children would be walking vegetables,” Snape growled.

Nancy’s blue eyes narrowed as the tips of her ears turned purple red. “Well that little shit is not going to live long. First chance I get he will be dust,” She hissed.

“Now Nancy calm down,” Lucius drawled but made no other move to calm the raging redhead.

“Just you wait Lucius you haven’t seen angry. Just you wait until Amy hears about this.” She growled as she stormed through the back door to her apartment.

Lucius smirked at the swinging door before he glanced back at Severus. “Well that went well old boy now you made Nancy mad and soon Amy will join her. I can’t think of a worse scenario.”

“Her anger could be directed at us.” Bellatrix whispered.

****Order Headquarters****

She hated to see him so upset she could feel how sad and furious he was a floor above her. It had almost become a sixth sense of hers knowing where Harry was. She always knew where he was and even when the others couldn’t see past his mask she could see the hidden pain in his green eyes.

Ron looked at his sister who was sitting miserably in a chair off to the side in the kitchen; she was just staring off into space occasionally glancing up at the ceiling as she let out a pained sigh before she continued her staring. He wasn’t too comfortable with how in-tune his sister was with his best mate, at times it felt as if she knew him better and he didn’t like that. In many ways his little sister was the only person besides Sirius that Harry opened up to. Ron never understood that connection his sister and friend had.

After Ginny let out what felt like her millionth sigh Ron was fed up. “Oh just go on up to him already,” he whined.

Ginny stared at him for a moment before she fluidly got up from her chair and made her way upstairs. She slowly made her way towards the door she knew housed his miserable self before she gently knocked on the door. She knew he would sense her outside of the door as a quite ‘enter’ was heard. She tentatively pushed the door open and sighed at the sight of him sprawled out on his bed.

“How long do you plan to shut yourself up here? There is work to be done you know.” She said as she sat down on the corner of the bed his green eyes flickering to her.

“I just have a lot to deal with right now Gin.”

She shook her head at him pinching his thigh. “Ow! What the hell Ginny?”

“That was for being an insufferable git. We all have a lot to deal with Harry so pull your head out of your ass would you?” She snapped her eyes glowing furiously much the same as her mother’s when she was angry.

“This is a war Harry no one ever said it was easy it is not supposed to be easy.”

He knew she was right he was being selfish but for once he felt like he deserved to feel that way. “Come on harry this is a civil war we are all fighting family here.” Ginny pinpointed his problem in one guess because when it came down to it that was his concern. Before he was fighting faceless guys he had no connection to. Now he knew he was fighting his family, Liz the girl from his dreams.

“It was just easier before Gin I never had to stop and think about if I was hurting a family member, they were the bad guys and that was it. Now it’s just…”

“Complicated,” she whispered looking at him through sad blue eyes shining with understanding. “Welcome to the life of a pureblood Harry. It isn’t always easy fighting against people you grew up with.” Ginny whispered.

Harry’s mind instantly snapped to Draco and he rolled his eyes. “Then again sometimes it is really easy,” he grumbled.

Ginny snorted knowing who he was thinking about; Harry always had this pinched frown on his face when he thought of Malfoy. “I am not talking about him Harry I am talking about people like Amanda Greengrass and Angel Watson. I used to play with them Harry and now I am actively working against them and their parents who used to let me spend the night in their homes.”

“You used to be friends with death eaters children?”

She rolled her eyes at his only picking up on that out of all she said. “They were neutral families in the last war.”

Harry nodded his eyes darkening slightly, “yeah I guess that would be hard for you then,” he laughed. “I imagine that Ron is gloating about all that.”

Ginny nodded, “Ronald has always disliked them. He once told me that the only reason he didn’t like them before was because they didn’t choose a side, in his book that is as good as declaring yourself the enemy. Now though he feels justified in his hate.”

“Now why doesn’t that surprise me?” Harry grumbled giving her a small smile. Ginny shoved him over on his bed and lay down next to him.

“It doesn’t surprise you because you know my brother; he is always so quick to judge.”

Harry hummed in agreement his mind flashing back to his one major fight with Ron during their fourth year. Ron had been so quick to jump ship he was so quick to assume Harry was in the wrong. It was the same in his second year when Ron was so sure that Harry might be the heir of Slytherin. Ron never came right out and said anything of course but Ron’s actions spoke louder than his words and his distant behavior and mistrustful eyes told Harry all he needed to know.

“He means well it is just that he has never experienced what we have Harry. My brother thinks he knows darkness but he is sadly mistaken. He has not been touched by the magic we have and for his sake I hope he never is.”

“Poor guy,” harry hummed, “I think if he was ever possessed by Voldemort like us he would probably wet himself.” Ginny couldn’t help but laugh in agreement. The two of them had been touched by one of the darkest souls held it tight within their own. Darkness like that left scars invisible to others but felt constantly by the barer.

Ginny felt his arms move around her and allowed herself to be moved as he pulled her onto his chest resting her head just below his chin. “You are the only person I know who gets it Ginny,” he sighed tightening his grip on her.

She had never been held that close by anyone let alone a boy and was shocked at how comfortable she felt. His body was surprisingly hard for someone who looked so thin, it surprised her when she could feel muscle under his clothes; it wasn’t much but it was there. “I am here Harry and I always will be,” she whispered.

She felt his breath blow across the top of her head, “I know.” He whispered as his lips brushed the crown of her head sending hippogriffs charging through her stomach. “As I will always be here for you.”

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Re: Wishing Life Was A Movie (HP,XO,UC,Adult) Pt.21 p.12 5-10-09

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Hey guys thank you all so much for your replies I love reading them! Thank you...


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Part 22

Tess and Isabel were shocked to hear a soft hissing in the corner of the cave as the Dark Lord bent over seemingly talking to the shadows. “Kyle what is he doing?” Tess asked softly from out of the corner of her mouth.

Kyle looked to the Dark Lord and smirked. “He is setting up a few special wards, wards that Salazar Slytherin himself came up with wards that only another parslemouth would be able to get around and since there are only two others in existence…”

“They are safe wards,” Tess deduced and Kyle nodded.

“I have no idea what he is saying but from the winces Liz keeps shrugging off I am going to go out on a limb and say that things are messy.”

Liz looked their way as she looked up from the runes she was drawing on the floor. “Messy doesn’t even cover it,” she hissed.

“What are they baby?” Draco asked.

“He is setting up a peepers pain ward.” Liz shuddered as the others in the chamber winced.

Isabel looked at the magical bunch feeling lost. “Is that bad?”

Alex nodded looking mildly ill. “I have never seen the effects in person but my dad gave me a book on wards when I was thirteen and that was in there, the description was rather graphic.”

Draco chuckled when he saw that she was still lost. “Don’t worry Isabel I am just as lost as you, unlike this lot I am not fond of wards. I much prefer potions, but I have seen the effects of the peepers pain ward since my grandfather set it over the manner.” Draco shuddered slightly his gray eyes squinting slightly.

“What does it do?” Isabel asked.

“Liquefies eyeballs,” Draco gagged shuddering again.

“There is nothing worse than seeing a man’s eyeballs burning his skin as his melted eyeballs roll down his face.” Alex explained softly.

“That’s disgusting,” Isabel gasped.

“That’s magic,” Kyle snickered.

“Not all magic,” Liz scolded Kyle.

Kyle rolled his eyes at his friend, “Liz all magic can be used for evil you know that as well as I do. I could use a body binding curse and leave you bound until you starve to death.”

“That is the point though magic itself is not evil just the intent.” Alex chuckled.

The teens didn’t see the Dark Lord standing in the corner studying them as he slowly approached them his dark cloak scraping the ground as he moved barely making a sound. “Very wise of you,” the Dark Lord whispered his snake like eyes wandering over them.

“That is a lesson few ever learn and something I try to emphasize among my death eaters. Just because you use a dark spell it does not make you dark. I have never believed in the classification of spells that is used.” Voldemort sighed.

Draco studied his master feeling something tickle his brain as he remember something his father had said to him as a child. “My Lord, is it true that Dumbledore is the one who came up with the current classification system? I think I remember father and mother speaking of this.” Draco asked.

The Dark Lord chuckled a hissing laugh as he nodded at the blonde aristocrat. “This is true Master Malfoy, Albus Dumbledore is responsible for the light and dark classifications that exist. Before the reign of Grindwald there was no such classification it was all about intent and this is what Hogwarts taught.”

“What changed?” Isabel asked.

“Dumbledore changed, sure there were such spells known as the dark arts but that was because the spells themselves were created for malicious intent. Hogwarts used to actively teach the dark arts until Dumbledore joined the staff.” Voldemort hissed.

Liz frowned looking up at the Dark Lord under thick dark lashes. “Wonder why he is so against the dark arts?”

Voldemort chuckled darkly at her question. “My dear Liz the old fool is ashamed.”

Draco looked up at that looking as if Christmas had come early. “Ashamed of what my Lord?”

“It is not commonly known but Dumbledore and Grindwald were old friends.”

“I thought Dumbledore killed Grindwald,” Kyle asked looking confused.

“Oh he did but only after he began his self loathing faze. By killing Grindwald he was killing the evil within. Dumbledore used to be a cruel and vindictive child immersed deeply within the dark arts.” Voldemort hissed.

“What a hypocrite,” Draco snarled. “He persecutes us for taking an interest when all we are doing is learning to defend ourselves from prejudices that he perpetuates and here he is worse than us.”

“People are so blinded by his supposedly good message that they never look past the glamour and into the darkness. Albus Dumbledore is good at hiding the truth from people and they are so taken with his false lies that they fail to see what is right in front of the,” The Dark Lord cackled.

“That he is the real bad guy,” Draco sneered.

“Yesss. He puts restrictions on them and controls their lives and they just sit back and actively take it.”

Tess shook her head feeling a strange sadness in the pit of her stomach. The story sounded familiar a little too familiar for her liking. Her former life on Antar was sadly similar. Khivar with all his bluster was loved by his people and many of the Antrians and people just let him do whatever he wanted because as far as they were concerned Khivar could do no wrong. It wasn’t until Khivar had gained too much power and had such a sickening grip on their lives when the people of Antar realized what a monster Khivar was. To Tess this Dumbledore sounded a lot like her killer.

****Valenti Residence****

Jim watched as Amy paced about her back coiled in anger as Nancy spewed more gas to her fire. Amy was known for her volatile temper growing up something that she gave to her daughter Maria who was the current cause for Amy’s wrath. Amy was a mamma bear in the truest sense of the word and finding out that Nicholas, the alien locked away in the CrashDown store room, was responsible for her brain being a mess made Amy raging mad something that Jim was very weary of.

“I should rip his husk off slowly let the atmosphere get to him slowly so he will feel every second of the pain he deserves.” Amy snarled and Nancy nodded in agreement.

“I can’t believe they hid this from us,” Nancy huffed.

“They were doing it so that the two of you wouldn’t worry.” Jim tried to reason with them but backed off when Amy turned her wild eyes on him.

“We are mothers it is our job to worry we had a right to know what was happening to our children. My baby girl had her brain scrambled and the parasite that did it to her is in our grasp I am not going to just sit around and do nothing I never have and I never will!” She growled.

Back in their school days it was a no brainer that the worst people to make enemies of were Bellatrix Black, Lucius Malfoy, Nancy Potter, and Amy Goyle. The four were legendary for their tempers and the lengths they would go to for revenge. Jim shook his head as his old childhood fear reared its ugly head. Seeing the furious fire blaze in their eyes screamed at him warning caution.

“Amy I know how worried you are Kyle was hurt as well but I know that when the time is right Nicholas will be taken care of.”

That did little to appease Amy who continued her pacing muttering darkly under her breath with each pass. “I want to be the one to make him suffer. He thought he could come in here and mess with my kid he has another thing coming he hasn’t seen scary yet,” she snarled running her hands through her cropped locks.

Jim sighed knowing that this was a battle he was not going to win. He had learned long ago when to continue fighting and when to give up when Amy was angry; this was one of those times to give up. “If you are so hell bent on getting at the parasite I am sure you can convince the Dark Lord to let you be the one to conduct further interrogations,” Jim sighed.

Interrogations, he wanted to laugh at that one, with Amy it would be nothing less than torture. She always had a natural ability to get people to open up to her to get them to tell her their darkest secrets so freely. When she joined the death eater ranks during her later school years the Dark Lord had been sickeningly happy to learn of her talent. He nurtured it and encouraged her and showed her ways to get people to talk even under impossible circumstances. Amy Goyle excelled at making people talk and Jim had no doubt that if Amy truly wanted at Nicholas the Dark Lord would do nothing to stop her; he would probably encourage her. Her steps faltered as she stared at him a new light glowing in her dark eyes. “Why Jim, that is the best idea you have had all day.”

****Unknown Location****

Something had gone wrong he could feel it. His plans had been perfect and his ultimate goal within in his grasp and yet he could feel it starting to get away. Nicholas had missed his check-in time something he never missed. Now he found himself facing the real possibility that light years away from his grasp his most trusted companion was in trouble and he was helpless to do anything.

Khivar looked out the window watching stars and systems pass him by and he couldn’t help but wonder what had gone wrong. Nicholas was careful and meticulous and his second always made sure everything went according to plan. If something went wrong Nicholas always did everything in his power to make sure the problem was fixed.

Khivar felt one of the lesser members of the ship’s crew tentatively approach him. He was probably sent by his better out of fear, which meant bad news. “Speak!” Khivar barked.

“My Lord, General Nicholas’s head of security has contacted us.”

Khivar turned to the simpering creature waiting for it to continue as it visibly shook. “And…”

“My Lord the General has been captured by the enemy,” the man whispered with his head bowed waiting for death.

Khivar clenched his mangled fist breathing deeply. “Well played Zan well played,” Khivar growled.

The man let out a strangled whimper shaking furiously. “What?” Khivar growled disgusted that the man still stood before him.

“It was not Zan of Antar my Lord but someone else.”

“Who?” Khivar growled trying to curb the desire to slaughter the ship’s crew.

“The men say the enemy is called Voldemort,” the man whimpered.

Rage clouded over him as he thrust out his hand ripping the crewmember’s head off. “Tom,” he hissed. “This complicates matters.”

****Deluca Residence****

He was beautiful, far more beautiful than any other man she has seen. Gone was his troll like sneer and in place was the face of a god. He said it was a safety precaution, she thought it was that and more. His appearance was used to stave off the unworthy and attract those that could be trusted. She felt honored that he felt her worthy enough to see such beauty.

“So what I am seeing no one else can?” She asked softly.

Marcus Flint grinned at her, “Yes and no. My family knows what I look like and so do professor Snape, the Malfoy’s, the Lestrange’s, and now your friends. The other death eaters see another version of the glamour spell that is encoded in me genetically.”

“So it is giving them some sense of false trust?”

Flint nodded chuckling softly, “exactly.”

“So you don’t trust the ranks?”

“Not all of them. I know that many are only serving the Dark Lord out of fear, that and there are spies.”

Her green eyes widened at how comfortable he was talking about the traitors in their midst. “Do you know of any spies for sure?”

Flint laughed but nodded as he righted himself on her couch. “Of course I do, professor Snape for example.”

She felt her green eyes bug out of her head at that, “Snape?”

Flint nodded, “Of course. Everyone knows he is one of Dumbledore’s spies. We also know that deep down he still has loyalties to us though. There are bonds and ties that not even Dumbledore can break.”

“Like what?” Maria asked.

“Love,” he whispered his dark eyes gazing sharply into hers. “Snape still loves many of our fellow death eaters. He still loves Mandy, his sister, the Malfoy’s, the Lestrange’s, and to an extent the Dark Lord.”

“The why go against us?” she growled.

“Because he thinks that Dumbledore is right, that man is just as charismatic as the Dark Lord; he is just better at hiding that fact.” Flint chuckled.

Marcus could see that she was still troubled as he grabbed her small pale hand. “Maria he will chose us in the end. The Dark Lord has a stronger hold on old Snape thane the man realizes.”

“Like what?” she asked sullenly.

“Family, a sense of family Maria. Growing up Mandy and her brother had terrible parents abusive to the bitter end. The Dark Lord accepted them when their family would not; their powers nurtured and treasured. The death eaters have become family to Snape and in the end I have no doubt he will remember that.”

Maria looked down at their hands feeling a pain in her chest. “I had no idea they were abused,” she whispered.

“Many of the death eaters were at some point Maria it is why so many are drawn to the Dark Lord who suffered the same fate growing up. If there is one thing the Dark Lord does not tolerate it is abuse. The original death eaters came from abusive homes and even started abusing their families; the Dark Lord put a stop to that.”

“What do you mean?” she asked.

Flint sighed realizing Amy had told her daughter nothing of her past. “Maria growing up your mum didn’t always have it easy. The first few years her father was a death eater he would hit Amy and her brother…a lot. The Dark Lord tortured old Goyle for it but it took a lot of negative reinforcement for Goyle to stop hurting his wife and kids.”

Her green eyes welled with tears unable to believe what she was hearing. Flint sighed when he saw her lower lip start to tremble pulling her into a hug. “Why didn’t she tell me?”

“Probably for the same reason my parents and Draco’s parents were reluctant to tell us, it is embarrassing for them. For years they felt as if they deserved it that they had done something wrong. It has taken a lot for them to be able to talk about it with us Maria. Maybe if you brought it up your mum might be willing to talk about it with you, but don’t push. It is a sensitive subject for them Maria and I imagine your mum is still haunted by it.”

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Re: Wishing Life Was A Movie (HP,XO,UC,Adult) Pt.22 p.13 5-21-09

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Hey guys thanks for the replies I love reading them! Thanks...


Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 23

He slipped away as soon as it was safe. With so many death eaters about it was hard to be inconspicuous about his disappearances. Quietly sticking to the shadows he raced away making it to the skirts of town. He had never felt so relieved to see the Potter brat as he entered the main house. The green eyed boy didn’t show if he was startled to see the potions master he merely pointed towards the conference room and left. Snape would never willingly admit it aloud but he was proud the boy was learning to control his emotions; he always did have the makings of a Slytherin.

Snape turned on a silent heel and headed into the conference room interrupting a startled Molly Weasley. “Ah Severus,” Dumbledore sighed from the head of the table his blue eyes twinkling in that annoying way.

Snape bowed his head slightly as he felt the Potter boy enter the room and take a seat in a dark corner next to the Weasley girl. “Sorry I am late headmaster but complications have hindered my attempts to get away,” Snape drawled.

“No trouble at all please tell us what you have learned,” Dumbledore said motioning for him to take the floor.

“To start I need to impress upon all of you how dangerous the situation has become,” Snape whispered knowing the room was hanging on his every word.

“The Royal Four are not only in contact with the Destroyers but intimately connected to them and have been for years it seems. Elizabeth Parker is the former girlfriend of his majesty the King of Antar and is close friends with the Queen and the King’s sister. The young Deluca girl is the former fling of the General, my nephew is with the Queen oh and Alexander Whitman is with the princess. From what I have seen the two groups were as one until Liz and the King had a falling out.”

Dumbledore sighed disheartened, he could not believe he had missed so much. “Headmaster while the King and Miss Parker might be on the outs I have no doubt that if trouble arose they would come together once more, the cords of loyalty are strong between them.”

Dumbledore nodded the sparkle gone from his ancient eyes. “Very well Severus,” he sighed. “Is there anything else we need to know?”

Snape stiffened slightly as his dark eyes roamed over the room. “Yes, it seems that a new enemy has reared their ugly head. Nicholas, the second in command of Lord Voldemort’s half brother Khivar.”

The room sat in stunned silence; they knew that Nicholas might be involved based on Harry’s dreams but to have it confirmed more than unsettled them. “Are you sure?” McGonagall asked softly.

“Yes, he is locked up in death eater custody,” Snape sneered. “I tested him myself. It seems Khivar has plans for the Destroyers and is bringing his battle to Earth.”

Sirius snorted from across the room, “Well that doesn’t sound pleasant.”

The room turned and stared at the man, Sirius shrank back. “Well you were all thinking it I just happened to say it out loud.” He grumbled ignoring the eye roll Snape sent his way.

“As idiotic as Black’s statement is, he is right. This is not exactly an ideal situation especially since Khivar’s forces will see us as an enemy as well,” Snape drawled.

“So what exactly are we supposed to do? Are we supposed to run up to Voldemort and say we know he has Nicholas and we also know a really bad guy is coming but we are willing to stop killing each other in order to kill this other guy? Somehow I don’t think that is going to work.” Ron grumbled.

Dumbledore sighed peering at the group over the tips of his fingers. “For now we do and say nothing. If we expose ourselves now we risk Voldemort’s wrath. We might be able to stay out of this fight there is no need for us to go looking for trouble.”

Harry scoffed in the back corner, “if my dreams are any indication we are eventually going to get dragged into the fight.”

“Ah but visions can be changed Mr. Potter,” Dumbledore sighed.

“I have a feeling this isn’t one of them,” the teen grumbled.

“Harry is right headmaster, he has had visions like these before and as much as I hate to admit it they have always come true no matter how we try and change them.” Hermione grumbled chewing her bottom lip with worry. She hated it when the adults discounted Harry so easily especially when he always turned out to be right. Just once she would like for them to believe Harry before it was too late.

“As loath as I am to say it headmaster Miss Granger and Mr. Potter have a point, the boy is usually correct. While it might not be perfect to get involved now I believe it is likely that we will be dragged into the thick very quickly,” Snape drawled.

Dumbledore let out a long suffering sigh. “Very well, at the first sign of trouble for us we will go to Voldemort and offer to work with him. For now though Severus continue your work and be careful. With so many death eaters about I feel that trouble is coming for sooner than any of Khivar’s forces.”

The meeting was over soon after and the Order spread quickly the students all gathering in the boy’s room. Hermione furiously paced the room anger vibrating off her. Harry and Ginny took a seat on his bed stating at the girl in awe.

“Can you believe them?” She hissed whipping around to face them furiously. “Burying their heads in the sand just like last time.”

Harry couldn’t help but nod in agreement. “We have warning that something is going to happen and once more Dumbledore brushes it off simply because it came from us and not his precious Snape.”

“We need to do something,” Ginny whispered.

Ron snorted from his spot on his bed. “What exactly are we supposed to do? Besides if the others find out they will try and stop us.”

“Well then we just won’t get caught,” Ginny snapped.

“Not all of the Order members are opposed to helping,” Neville whispered as he stared at the floor.

Harry stared at his friend perplexed, “who are you thinking of Neville?”

“Sirius of course, he will do almost anything for you Harry same as Professor Lupin. Tonks also seems to be open to branching out a bit,” he said finally looking up at the group assembled.

“Fred and George will want to help as well,” Ginny said and Hermione nodded.

“Don’t forget about Bill and Charlie they go where we go not our parents,” Ron said looking hopeful.

The room suddenly looked to Harry who cringed under the strength of their gaze. “What do you propose we do mate?” Ron asked.

A dark looked passed over his green eyes. “I think it is time I met my cousin.”

****Evans Household****

It felt strange to remember someone else’s life. To see events play out before you and know it was you in another life. The blood on the hands before you your own the screams ripping from your throat watching as your family was slaughtered. Max shook his head rolling his eyes trying to erase the images he was seeing.

“Why are we remembering?” he asked as Michael blinked furiously.

Michael shook his head, “I don’t know man but something must have triggered them I mean it was like all the sudden everything fit.”

“Do you suppose it was the symbol over the desert? Maybe it was something we were supposed to see; maybe it is our enemy’s way of letting us know they are here.”

“By giving us our memories?” Michael snorted, “Highly unlikely Maxwell. Whatever triggered our memories was probably an accident.”

Max turned to look at his friend a troubled look about him. “Michael do you have all of your memories back?” Max asked in an oddly chocked whisper.

Michael shook his head, “Just the last year of my life as Rath.”

“Same here,” Max whispered. “So that means you also remember Isabel and Tess and what happened,” Max said.

Michael let out a dark humorless laugh, “That the bitches betrayed us? Yeah I remember that, I remember Ava stabbing me and watching me die. Real great friend we had there.”

“They said we had it coming that the old ways weren’t working anymore. I wish I knew what they meant by that and why they turned on us,” Max whispered.

“Do you think they are still working with the enemy Max?”

“A week ago I would have said no that it wasn’t possible but with the way they have been acting lately, who knows.”

“It was Tess,” Michael growled. “This all comes down to her. Before she came to town we didn’t have to worry about evil aliens from another life out to get us. Now all these enemies and strange people suddenly show up, I am telling you man she is involved in all of this in some way.”

“And apparently so is Liz,” Max whispered looking pained.

“How do you figure that?” Michael asked.

“Come on Michael all of these strange people in town and the vibe they give off, they all know Liz. Then that blonde weasel Draco shows up and threatens us. Not to mention Isabel and Tess suddenly are all buddy, buddy with Liz and Maria when just weeks ago the four of them couldn’t stand to breathe the same air let alone be in the same room.”

Michael rolled his eyes at his friend dismissing the theory. “Maxwell she is human I highly doubt she is working with evil aliens. Besides these people in town don’t feel alien like us, different, but not alien.”

Max looked at his friend a strange emotion swimming in his amber eyes. “They might not be alien Michael but even you have to admit there is something dark and wrong about them.”

Michael sighed and reluctantly nodded. Max got up and looked out the window again shuddering at the sight of the symbol still in the sky. “We need to do something Michael we need to figure out who these people are and what they are really doing here in Roswell.”

“And how do you propose we do that?” Michael asked.

“By going directly to the source of all this, Liz.”

****Whitman Kitchen****

Mandy corked the last vile of the potion pleased with how perfect it turned out. She set it alongside the other bottles all waiting to be taken by the Destroyers and their friends. She had missed potion making being on the run so much she didn’t have a lot of time to just stop and brew and she missed it terribly.

Bellatrix slowly inspected her work nodding her appreciation. “Do you think this will work?”

Mandy nodded, “On the Destroyers I have no doubt, on the other two I am a skeptical.”

“Why?” Bellatrix asked.

“Because potion making is a precise art these potions are created for wizard and witch physiology, our minds and bodies. From what I understand the Antrians are mentally made up differently and the two girls are half breads at that there is no telling what they are made up of. That small change means a lot where a potion is concerned.”

Bellatrix shrugged, “So it might not work on the half bloods big deal.”

“No Bellatrix it might do more to them than just not work,” Mandy whispered.

“Like what?” the brunette asked cocking her head to the side like a confused puppy.

“It might kill them. This potion affects the mind and one wrong change could kill them.”

“Well we don’t want that, they might be half bloods but they are proper half bloods.” Bellatrix pouted. “How do we fix this?”

Mandy sighed looking nervous, “As much as it kills me to say this, we need the other two aliens of the Royal Four.”

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Re: Wishing Life Was A Movie (HP,XO,UC,Adult) Pt.23 p.13 5-30-09

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Hey guys thank you all so much for sticking with this story. I will be away in Rome until around July 3 for family reasons and I am hoping that when I come back updates for this will be back to every two days so please stick with me here! Thanks...

Fallen Angels

Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 24

Bellatrix blinked staring blankly at Mandy who shifted nervously before her. “Why?” Bellatrix sneered not liking the idea at all.

“From what Liz has told me the little King has a healing ability, it is his dominant power. She said the others have it to a lesser degree but if we are going to fix the space freaks we need the King,” Mandy sighed.

“Well that is no fun, Draco is going to absolutely flip,” Bella sighed.

“That would be just one of the problems. The other being that we would have to tell him what we are to go along with our plan,” Mandy grumbled.

“Oh, now that is a problem.” Bella chuckled darkly.

“I know, how do you propose we bring this up with the Dark Lord?”

Bellatrix chuckled evilly revealing a toothy grin. “You are on your own in that my dear. I can guarantee that no one is going to like that option.”

“So basically bring it up and hope for the best?” Mandy asked sadly.


“Great,” she huffed throwing her pale hands in the air defeated. “I am going to be cursed.”

“Well you best go and deliver the potions I imagine the kids are anxious to get their memories back.”

Mandy suddenly looked panicked, “Restore their memories? I didn’t know that was part of the deal, all I was told was that I had to fix their little heads. I doubt anything short of a long series of memory retrieval sessions will get any results.”

The brunette nodded looking disappointed, “You’re right I guess I was just hoping it wouldn’t come down to that.”

Mandy smirked when it suddenly clicked why Bellatrix was so upset that the potions weren’t going to restore memories. “You are the one that is going to have to do the sessions with them.”

Bella sighed and nodded, “I was told that Rod and I would have to work with them because we are the best in that area.”

Mandy frowned, “Sev is great at that.”

Bella glared darkly at her, “You know as well as I do little girl why he is not allowed to go rifling through their heads.”

“Does everyone know what he is?” Mandy asked sadly.

“Of course, we didn’t get where we are by being stupid. When did you find out your husband was a double agent?” Bella asked with a vicious smirk.

Mandy glared at her wishing in that moment that she could use her ability on the woman before her. She would love nothing more than to drive the woman past the brink of madness she was already dancing on. Bella just smirked at her knowing her thoughts and that the girl could do nothing about it.

“Come on Mandy when did you know? You are a smart girl I imagine it didn’t take you long to figure it out.”

Mandy glared, “I figured it out right around the time the old fool forced him to divorce me. That just confirmed it but I guess I always knew. Apparently the old man thought I was too loose of a canon for his little pawn and wanted us terminated and of course my husband went right along with what he said never questioning the man and his motives. No one ever does,” she growled.

“No, no one ever does,” Bella agreed. “Except us.”

Mandy sighed pocketing the potions in a bag special made for holding delicate potions. “Well I am off to shove a potion down their throats have a nice day Bella,” Mandy growled before she raced out the door and apparating away leaving a miffed Bellatrix Lestrange behind.

Mandy appeared in the alley behind the Crash Down café where she silently slipped through the back door. Lucius looked up from his Daily Prophet when he sensed her. “Ah I see you have the potions the kids will be here momentarily they called Nancy on something called a cello tone.”

“What’s that do?” Mandy asked setting out the potions on the counter and the mint leaves they had to chew after next to the coco leaves they had to chew before taking the potions.

“It is a muggle communication device that allows people to talk across distances. You can hear the person’s voice on the small rectangle but not see them. It was fascinating really.”

Mandy nodded wanting to see the cello tone when Nancy appeared again. “Well the potions are ready and waiting and then later tonight the memory retrieval can begin. They need to give the potion time to heal the damage.”

“I notice that there are only four potions there Mandy where are the other two?” Lucius asked looking at her over the top of his paper.

“They can’t take the potion Lucius it wasn’t tailored for them. I do have a solution though so I am going to run that by the Dark Lord.”

“Good as long as you have a plan,” he sighed looking board as he flipped the page.

“I don’t have a death wish,” she grumbled as the sounds of chattering teens met their ears just before the bell over the door rang and the Roswell group and Draco entered the café.

“Hello Mandy,” Liz giggled hopping onto a stool.

Tess and Isabel looked at the counter curiously then at Mandy. “I will get to the two of you later I found that you two are going to require a bit more work.”

Tess nodded her cheeks flushing slightly. “I figured we were going to be the odd balls.”

“Just a challenge for me dear,” Mandy sighed before she turned her attention to the four in front of her pleased that they hadn’t touched anything.

“Alright here is what you are going to do. You are going to chew the coco leaves on your left for two minutes this opens the blood vessels. Then you are going to take the potion, wait a moment and then chew the mint leaves and spit them out after the leaves turn into a thin paste in your mouth.” Mandy instructed.

Isabel scrunched her nose at the sight of the chewed up leaves as the four took their potions. “Potions is a precise art,” Draco commented dryly to the two aliens. “One wrong stir and the content changes drastically and the result could be deadly.”

“Then why use potions?” Isabel asked.

“Because when you get a potion right it is better than you can imagine. There are potions for anything and everything. There is a reason we live longer than muggles and that is because our medicine is far better thanks to potions. Just a sip of a potion can take away a cold or cure a disease.”

“We are still looking for a cure to several aliments though Draco,” Mandy reminded the boy who nodded.

“Like dragon pox,” Lucius grumbled remembering the horrible disease his father died from.

Kyle made a disgusted face as he swallowed the potion in the glass vile shuddering as it went down. “Ah that is nasty,” he hissed.

“That is sweet compared to polyjuice.” Mandy snickered.

Kyle glared at her as he picked up his mint leaves and started chomping, “Oh come one Kyle you have tasted worse,” Liz sang downing hers.

“Like what?” he asked through a mouth of leaves.

“Maria’s honey nip nose bleed potion.” Alex laughed.

Maria glowered at them as Flint snickered in the corner unnoticed by many in the room. “I have never been good at potions, charms is my subject.”

“No it’s not,” Liz and Alex chimed.

“Yes it is,” Maria whined.

“Your subjects are herbology and divination and well you are oddly good at dueling I think it is the quick reflexes though.” Kyle said.

“Why not charms?” Draco asked chuckling at Maria’s sour look.

“If she is anything like her mother she gets frustrated and blows every damn thing up,” Lucius hummed glancing up from his paper.

“Exactly,” the other three chimed as Maria grumbled at them.

“Damn feather wouldn’t float,” she muttered.

“Oy her and that Gryffindor that blows everything up would get on well,” Flint laughed.

Draco rolled his eyes at his friend, “he is incompetent not frustrated he blows up even the simplest of spells. Poor Pansy has had to work with him several times in Charms.”

“At least it wasn’t Longbottom on potions I hear that oaf blows everything up,” Flint laughed.

Liz turned to her boyfriend with a raised eyebrow, “Oh do tell.”

“The boy is a pureblood who is practically a squib. I have learned to never work with him and stay on the other side of the classroom so that when his potions do blow up they don’t mess up mine.” Draco grumbled straightening his robes.

Liz turned back to Mandy looking hopeful, “So will this take care of our memories?”

“No,” Mandy sighed looking grumpy. “You will have to do memory retrieval sessions for that Bella and Rod have offered to help you.”

“Man,” Alex grumbled as Tess perked up.

“Memory retrieval I know that my protector taught me how he said through those techniques I could unlock my memories from my past life. I was supposed to teach it to the other three.”

Mandy chuckled at that, “Well you might have to teach Isabel that little trick especially if the Dark Lord agrees to what I have to propose.”

“And what might that be?” A deep voice hissed startling the group but all were smart enough to not show their surprise.

Mandy cringed internally wanting nothing more than to run and hide. She was never one to back down but the Dark Lord was the one person that scared her. “I cannot use potions on Isabel and Tess their physiology is too different to trust to a potion.”

“You have a solution,” the Dark Lord said and Mandy nodded.

“The King has a dominant healing ability; he should be able to heal his own kind.” Mandy said.

Draco sneered at her comment wanting to protest right away but held his tongue. The Dark Lord nodded but said nothing waiting for her to continue. “I know that we would need to tell the other two about us but at this point I see no other option and in the future we may need their help.”

Tess wrinkled her nose at the idea not wanting to let Max and Michael know but she also didn’t want her mind to turn to mush. “Why can’t we just use the healing stones?” Maria asked grumpily.

Mandy turned to the little blonde glaring at her. “Healing stones?”

“Yeah we used them to heal Michael a while ago when he was sick. Will they work on you and Isabel?” Maria asked Tess who looking miserable still.

“No,” Tess grumbled.

“Why not?” Isabel asked.

“They are out of juice. I didn’t want to tell you that those were a onetime thing and you used them up on Michael.”

“Why didn’t Riverdog tell us that?” Isabel asked.

“He probably didn’t know, heck I didn’t know until we tried to heal Nasedo. I realized then that the juice was gone.” Tess sighed.

“So we have to tell Max and Michael in order for Max to heal your minds?” Alex asked. Mandy nodded and Alex grumbled under his breath. “Let me go on record here saying I think this is going to turn out badly.”

“I am down for that bet,” Kyle chuckled.

The Dark Lord glared at Mandy thinking over what he had been told not liking that he didn’t have many options. “This displeases me greatly,” he sighed.

“Someone is in for a Crucio,” Lucius chuckled his grey eyes darting toward a now visibly nervous Mandy.

Voldemort sighed his snake like eyes viciously roaming over Mandy. “Tell the little King and his second and get them to help we can always erase their memories if they take it badly.” He said sweeping towards the door silently. “Oh and Mandy I am very displeased I will not tolerate your incompetence again.” Voldemort said.

“Crucio!” Voldemort hissed as the spell collided with Mandy’s pale form knocking her to the ground. Tess and Isabel watched in horror as the pale woman screamed and thrashed on the ground her body convulsing violently.

“Oh god what is happening to her?” Isabel asked as she clung to Alex.

“She disappointed the Dark Lord that is not something to be taken lightly,” Alex whispered.

“But it wasn’t her fault she did her best,” Isabel whispered trying not to look at the screaming girl.

“That is not good enough sometimes,” Alex whispered before he looked away from her.

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Re: Wishing Life Was A Movie (HP,XO,UC,Adult) Pt.24 p.14 6-17-09

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Hey guys thank you for the replies to the last part sorry about the long wait I was out of country for a while. Thanks...


Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 25

Isabel sat curled up on the end of the couch a hot cup of tea clutched in her hands trying to put warmth back into her. The Whitman home had always felt warm and welcoming to her but even that night it seemed darker somehow and different. Alex sighed as he watched her knowing that Isabel’s view of not only him and his friends but the world was changed forever. Isabel had lived her life only hearing of darkness never seeing it but today she witnessed cruelty first hand and found herself unable to stop it.

“Alex how can you sit there so calmly as if nothing has happened?” she asked softly as she finally looked up from her mug.

“After awhile you become numb to it Isabel.”

“I don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing that you can see someone tortured and brush it off.”

Alex sighed rubbing his forehead trying not to blow up at her hating her innocence in that moment. “Isabel I grew up with these spells my mother and father made sure I knew all about the unforgivable curses because chances are that not only am I going to be on the receiving end of these spells but I am going to have to use them on others to survive. I don’t think you understand how dangerous this is going to get Isabel. What you saw earlier was just a taste of what is coming our way.”

“What do you mean Alex what the hell is an unforgivable?” Isabel growled setting down her mug violently sloshing the tea onto the coffee table.

“A curse that will land you in prison Isabel. There are three curses that people dread to use the one you saw earlier is the pain curse an unforgiveable known as the Cruciatus Curse. Then there is the Imperious Curse a curse used to control a person.”

“Control a person how?” she asked in a horrified whisper her golden brown eyes wide with fear.

“When you caste the curse on a person you can control everything they do. You tell them to jump off a cliff they will, tell the person to kill your enemies they will, tell them to kill themselves they will. It is a dangerous spell Isabel.”

She snorted glaring at him, “No I had no idea that a spell that steals a person’s free will was dangerous. God Alex this is insane I can’t believe you know these spells. I am almost afraid to ask what the last one is.” She whispered looking away her chin trembling.

“The last of the unforgivable curses is the Killing Curse.”

“Boy I really don’t like the sound of that Alex,” Isabel sobbed her glassy eyes imploring him to tell her that none of this was happening to her.

“It is as bad as it sounds Isabel and the curse many consider the worst. Just utter this spell will kill a person instantly and painfully. I have only seen it used on animals but I have seen enough to know that I don’t want to use it.”

“Why do I sense a but in there Alex?” Isabel asked softly looking pale.

“But…if someone were to corner me and put me in a no win situation where the people I love are in danger I am going to use the spell. The people going against us are not going to show us mercy Isabel and I won’t show them mercy either.”

Her watery eyes proved too much for him as he sat down on his couch next to her pulling her into his arms. “Shh,” he whispered kissing the crown of her golden head. “I am sorry, so sorry that you are being dragged into this.”

Isabel sniffed as she clutched his robes tightly in her hands. “I was not dragged Alex. I am a part of this even if I didn’t know it before. I am just scared Alex. I knew that this was going to be bad but I didn’t know…”

“You didn’t know what bad really was,” he whispered and he felt her nod against his chest. “I wish you didn’t have to know this evil Isabel if I could I would hide you away from it all.”

“I know but you can’t. I just I just, oh Alex I just don’t want to become used to seeing a girl tortured before me like the others were I mean Draco and Flint didn’t even bat an eye at her screams it was as if they had heard it a thousand times before.”

Alex’s arms stiffened around her, “well knowing Lucius’s history his son probably has.” Alex whispered gently stroking her arm. “I don’t want you to be numb to it Isabel but I know that by the end of this you just might be.”

“This is just so much Alex.”

“I know Isabel,” he sighed feeling guilty that he could offer her no real comfort.

Her brown eyes met his searching for something, “Alex promise me that you won’t leave me to deal with this all on my own?” she asked softly.

“I promise, you aren’t going to get rid of me that easily Isabel.”

She sighed as the tension left her body as her tall form melted against him. “Good because I think I am always going to need you.”

Alex chuckled softly at that, “That doesn’t sound like a bad deal to me.”

****Parker Residence****

Draco sighed as he waited for Liz to get out of her shower. He didn’t like the turn of events that happened earlier in the café. The thought of Max Evans knowing their secret and being close to Liz once more sent him into a red rage. Liz was his she was with him and not Max but the alien King still harbored feelings for her and would stop at nothing to win her back.

“Why such a serious face?” Liz asked softly from the doorway of the bathroom looking at the blonde laid out on her bed.

“Does the Royal ass really have to know?” he asked softly as she quietly made her way to her bed and lay down next to him.

“It is the only way to heal Isabel and Tess. Besides if we are going into a fight it might be nice to have a shield like him around and if Michael is trained up a bit his powers are like Estra’s.”

“He can blow things up?” Draco asked and Liz nodded against his chest.

“With his hand just like Estra. He needs to be trained up but he could do so much. They are also in danger Draco and they are a part of this even if we don’t like it they need to know what is going on.”

Draco sighed rubbing her back, “I suppose you are right but I don’t have to like it.”

“Never expected you to,” she giggled.

“But if he makes one move on you he will be a pile of ash before he can sneeze.” Draco sneered making Liz laugh.

“Again I expect as much.”

Draco laughed when he heard the giggle she let out. “Do I sense satisfaction there Parker do you want me to be jealous?” Draco asked pinning her down making her laugh harder.


“So you do like it when I get jealous you little minx,” he laughed kissing her red cheeks.

“I like it sometimes. It is nice to see that you really want me a little jealousy is hot on you.” Liz giggled.

“Hot? Such an American,” Draco laughed running his hands down her sides eliciting a sweet sigh from her.

“You know you love my American slang. You are hot Draco and you are all mine,” Liz sighed kissing him passionately loving all the time she had with him. She wrapped her legs around his hips brining him closer to her settling him on top.

Draco stared down at her with darkening blue eyes his mouth moving to capture hers again. “My Liz,” he sighed his lips ghosting over her neck and down past her collarbone.

“My love,” she purred tangling her fingers in his long blonde hair.

Nancy Parker groaned slapping her sleeping husband on the shoulder as she heard thumps on the walls. “Jeff I thought you put silencing charms on Liz’s room,” she groaned.

“I did,” he grumbled sighing when he heard the thumping as well. “I am really starting to regret letting that boy stay with my baby girl. I should hex him into oblivion that would keep him from violating her.”

Nancy smiled tiredly down at her husband. “Liz would murder us if we tried.”

Jeff rolled over and stared at his wife willing her not to hit him. “Like mother like daughter,” he laughed wincing when she hit him.

“Good thing too,” Nancy said cringing when a violent thump on the wall shook her pictures.

“I’ll put up structure protection as well in the morning,” Jeff sighed before he rolled back over.

“Well at least my daughter sounds like she is having fun,” Nancy sighed before she laid back down to go to sleep.

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Re: Wishing Life Was A Movie (HP,XO,UC,Adult) Pt.25 p.14 7-12-09

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Hey guys thanks for the replies to the last part! Thanks...


Please let me know what you think to this new part!

Part 26

“Concentrate,” the deep dark voice instructed.

Kyle sighed as he felt the thin vapors of his memory disappear once more. No matter how hard he concentrated it seemed as though he would almost catch a memory and then it was gone again. “It is no use Rod they just won’t stick.”

“They will eventually you just have to want it enough and concentrate. It is possible Kyle that you subconsciously know what these memories are and don’t want to remember.”

Kyle scoffed at that, “why wouldn’t I want to remember? It is a little weird knowing there are these memories rolling around my head that could be important but yet I have no idea what they are.”

“Kyle generally when a person can’t grasp a memory in a retrieval session the memory is something the person subconsciously does not want to remember. It is possible that these memories are very unpleasant.”

“Well that is shitty,” Kyle huffed.

“Tell me about it I actually had to see something called the best of Busty Biker Babes.” Rodolphus grumbled. “If it were possible I would mentally scrub that image from my mind.”

Kyle blushed when he realized all the older man had seen. “You really saw that?”

“Among other things,” he sighed.

A look of horror crossed the teen’s face. “You can’t use my own memories against me can you?”

Rodolphus smirked at Kyle twirling his wand between his fingers a habit he picked up from his wife. “Damn, Rod please man don’t do this to me, if Tess hears half the shit that goes on in my head she will run in the other direction!” Kyle yelled tackling the death eater to the ground.

Rod growled at the weight that crashed into him. “You fight like a muggle,” Rod growled rolling over to pin Kyle.

“Well apparently so do you!”

Rodolphus rolled his eyes at the kid getting up off him and off the floor. “Only when a muggle attacks me.”

Kyle’s eyes narrowed as he took in the insult. “Fine,” Kyle growled tackling the man to the ground again. “Call me a muggle and I will fight you like one. I didn’t make the West Roswell football team for nothing!”

Rodolphus let the kid get in a few hits before he head butted him. There was a reason the Slytherin’s called Rod hard head growing up and it wasn’t because he was stubborn. Rod laughed when he realized Kyle was trying to use muggle wrestling moves on him. The veteran death eater laughed darkly before he wrapped his leg around Kyle’s waist and rolled the boy under him as he slammed his elbow into Kyle’s throat reveling in the gurgling sounds he was making.

“You forget Valenti I have been in that head of yours I know how you think. I have been a death eater for a long time Kyle; I guarantee I can take what you throw at me.” Rod hissed his dark eyes glaring down at Kyle.

“Fine,” Kyle gurgled out as Rodolphus let up on him helping him up and back onto his bed.

“Now concentrate Kyle your abilities are mental this should be easy for you.” Rodolphus grumbled.

Kyle pulled a face at that crossing his arms over his chest. “Hey I can astral project that is a far cry from digging around in someone’s head.”

Rod rolled his eyes begging Merlin for mercy. “Kyle this is your own mind we are working with this should be easier than floating a feather.”

An indignant look crossed Kyle’s face, “Hey I will have you know that my mind is a complex machine it is hard to work with.”

“Tell me about it,” the death eater mumbled.

“Hey I heard that!”

“You were meant to Kyle.” Rodolphus sighed rubbing his forehead trying to fight off the headache that was coming from the constant use of his magic. “I know you can do this Kyle if anyone can it would be you. You and your dad worked with mental shields you have the mental control for this the only thing that is holding you back is your fear. You need to conquer it and get past this hurdle. All of your abilities are mental.”

Kyle sighed rolling his eyes at the man, “I know this Rod.”

“Then do something!”

Kyle narrowed his eyes and imagined bugs crawling all over the lumbering death eater. Rod sighed waiting for Kyle to get back into his meditating position when he felt a strange tickling sensation on his skin. The death eater looked down and screamed as hundreds of hairy spiders crawled over him.

“Get them the hell off!” Rodolphus bellowed jumping up and down as he swiped at his robes. Kyle shook his head blinking to clear his head when he saw the spiders.

“Holy shit man!”

Rod yelled and swiped at himself until the bugs suddenly disappeared. The death eater let out a sigh of relief before his eyes narrowed. “Kyle,” he growled glaring at the frightened teen.

“How the hell did that happen Rod? I mean all I wanted was for you to see the bugs but that looked like they were real.” Kyle babbled as he pointed to red welts on Rodolphus’s skin, spider bites.

The death eater shuddered as he fingered the marks staring wide eyed at Kyle. “That’s because they were real Kyle. You imagined them and instead of being a figment of my imagination they were real.”

Kyle’s face turned ashen as he fell onto his bed. “This is so unreal.”

“No this sounds like a progression of your powers. We knew that this might happen you are just the first one of the mindwarpers to show this kind of talent.”

“Mandy did something similar remember.” Kyle whispered.

Rod nodded, “Well now we have proof that making something imaginary come to life is part of your abilities.”

“Whoa,” Kyle whispered. “Talk about a head trip.”

****CrashDown Café****

Liz handed Draco and Marcus a blood of alien smoothie watching as they sniffed the shake inspecting for death in a cup. “Oh come on guys just try it they are good!”

Marcus scoffed as he tipped his metal cup towards her. “Parker the name is BLOOD of alien smoothie. We are not vampires therefore we are reluctant to try something made for one.”

Liz laughed at his disgusted sneer, “There is no real blood in there it is just red from the berries and food coloring. It is fruit bits, sugar syrup and ice cream. Trust me it tastes good.”

Draco slowly brought the cup to his lips looking sullenly at her as if begging her not to make him drink it. Marcus meanwhile waited for Draco to try it first after all he was a Slytherin; there was no point in them both suffering if only one had to. The cold shocked Draco for a moment before he took a drink of the thick liquid. He sat there for a moment before he grinned. “Hey that is pretty good.”

Marcus saw that Draco wasn’t spitting out the drink so he tried it as well. “Merlin Parker where did you come up with this?” Flint asked gulping the thick shake down.

“Shakes are a muggle treat we just changed the name to match the theme of the restaurant.” Liz giggled as Draco pulled her into his lap.

“Give one to the muggles this is great,” Marcus sighed using the spoon to scoop out more ice cream. “Why didn’t wizards think of this?” he grumbled. “We have ice cream.”

“Yes but we never thought to drink it,” Draco laughed.

“Right doesn’t make a bit of sense,” Flint agreed.

Liz stiffened slightly in Draco’s lap, she could sense Max coming. Even though they were no longer together she still had a sixth sense where he was concerned her body was so in tune with his presence. “What is it baby?” Draco asked bringing her small hand to his lips and kissing the delicate skin on the back.

“Max is here and I think Michael is with him,” Liz whispered.

Draco’s grey eyes turned a steel color when he realized that he couldn’t see Max yet but Liz somehow knew he was near. He knew from what Alex and Kyle had told him that Liz and Max had always had this strange knowledge of the other person and it infuriated him that Liz could still sense Max. The bell over the door of the café rang as Max and Michael nervously made their way into the café. Max’s amber eyes darted about the café before they landed on Liz.

“He is worried about something they both are,” Flint whispered easily reading their body language. “They look as though they have seen the Bloody Baron.”

Max and Michael quickly made their way over to the booth, Max never commented on Liz’s position in Draco’s lap as he and Michael sat down. “Liz, Draco, and I am sorry I have no idea who you are.” Max said scooting over so Michael could sit down.

“I was on your front porch not too long ago threatening you.” Flint reminded with a troll of a smile.

“I know but I don’t know your name.”

“Flint,” he said staring hard at the alien king.

“Right well Michael and I need to talk to Liz.” Max said trying not to be mean knowing that if he wanted Liz to cooperate he needed to play nice.

“Whatever you have to say to my girlfriend you can say in front of us, we have no secrets.” Draco sneered.

Max looked to Liz begging her to make them leave. Liz shook her head, “Max we really don’t have any secrets here. They know,” she whispered softly.

Michael did not like that. He could feel his blood boiling in his veins as the two strangers stared at him. Liz had betrayed them. “What the hell Parker!” Michael hissed leaning across the table to get in her face. “That was not your secret to tell.”

Draco smirked at the two aliens before him, “I wouldn’t be so sure of that.” Draco chuckled.

Max stared at the blonde as the color drained from his face, he couldn’t mean what he thought he meant. “What do you mean?”

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Re: Wishing Life Was A Movie (HP,XO,UC,Adult) Pt.26 p.15 7-20-09

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Hey guys thanks for the replies I love reading what all you have to say it is keeping me writing! Thanks...


Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 27

Draco could feel the fear pulsating off the alien as he glanced around the café. There were no muggles around only wizards who were silently watching the exchange. Bellatrix Lestrange watched her nephew silently nodding at him when he caught her eye. They needed the little King and what better time than now to get him in their grasp.

“You seem to be harboring the thought that you and your family are unique in your origins.” Draco chuckled.

Max stilled as Michael slowly sank back in his seat confused as to what was happening. “What do you mean?” Max asked again.

Mandy sighed from a booth behind the five teens deciding that drastic actions needed to be taken, she was not about to get cursed any time soon. She let out a cackle that could raise hair as she slid out of her booth. “What my little friend means is that you Antrians are too blind to see what is right in front of you. We aren’t human,” Mandy whispered in Michael’s ear sending shivers of fear down his spine.

Max gasped next to his friend as Liz smirked at him. “Surprise,” she giggled rolling her eyes at the stunned and betrayed looks they were giving her.

“How could you not tell us Liz?” Max chocked out. “How could you not tell us you knew other aliens?”

Marcus Flint snorted at that his troll like teeth jutting out. “Now that is what I call jumping to conclusions Evans,” Flint laughed. “We never said that we were aliens only that we were not human.”

“If you aren’t aliens what are you?” Michael snapped glaring at Liz.

Liz smirked at him daring him to attack her like she knew he wanted to. “We are wizards,” she giggled.

Max started at that, “Wizards?”

“There is no such thing,” Michael growled. “Stop jerking us around Parker and tell us the truth. What are your friends?”

Mandy did not like the insolent little boy. Images of him burning and screaming withering in pain clouded her vision. Draco stiffened in the booth when he felt the air shift around him. He had felt it only once before and fear gripped him.

“Mandy no!” he shouted as the counter in the café burst into flames under her hands.

Liz jumped off Draco’s lap as she whipped out her wand pointing it at the raging flames. “Aquis!” she shouted as water poured from the tip of her wand dousing the flames. Marcus and Draco scrambled into action as they doused flames that had appeared around the café as Mandy stood there shaking furiously. Moments later the flames were out and all that was left was the charred remains of the counter and a burnt tile floor perfuming the air with the smell of charred plastic.

Jeff Parker raced into his café his wand raised as he took in the scene before him. The wizard sighed shaking his head when he saw Mandy glaring furiously at the boy king and his second. Form the look of his café he could only assume that the boys had said something to annoy Mandy and she took her anger out on his café.

Jeff silently waved his wand casting the proper transfiguration spells to repair the damage done to his café as the two alien boys looked on in fear. When his work was complete he sheathed his wand and turned to his daughter for answers.

“Explain,” he demanded and Liz jumped to his command.

“We were telling Max and Michael about us daddy and they didn’t believe us.”

Jeff didn’t look convinced as he turned to Mandy who was still glaring at the boys. “Mandy…”

“My powers got the best of me in my anger. If it makes you feel any better your counter was not my intended target,” she growled.

Jeff looked to where she was glaring and sighed. “You were trying to set them on fire?” he asked.

“No,” Mandy whispered. “I just wanted the mouthy one to think he was. Unfortunately for me my powers decided to act up and instead of a damn warp I set the counter on fire.”

Jeff nodded frowning slightly. It was unusual for Mandy to not have a firm grip on her abilities. She was renowned for being a fierce combatant when she unleashed the full furry of her powers on a foe. He could only think of one other instance when Mandy’s powers did not cooperate the way she had intended them to and that led to a massacre.

“We will have to speak to the Dark Lord about this,” Jeff sighed.

Mandy tipped her head in agreement as Jeff turned back to his daughter. “Now about telling Max and Michael our secret…”

“We have to, he ordered us to.” Liz sighed hating the disapproving glare her father was giving her.

“I know Liz but I don’t see how that could have led to Mandy setting my café on fire.”

Mandy had the grace to blush as Jeff glared at her. “They didn’t believe us,” Mandy said as if that explained it all.

Jeff didn’t buy her innocent act for a moment he knew the girl better than that. He and his family might not have been part of the magical world for several years but Mandy’s exploits preceded her. She had a quick temper and a mean vindictive streak like Bella that alone made the girl dangerous.

Max and Michael stared at them in disbelief. Magic was not supposed to be real but then again neither were they. “What was that thing you were pointing?” Michael asked shakily pointing to the wand still in Liz’s hand.

Liz held her wand up looking confused. “This?”

“Yeah that, it looks like a stick but water shot out the tip, I am going to say that’s not right.”

“It’s a wand,” Draco drawled leaning against the newly repaired counter.

“Like the things magicians use?” Michael asked

Draco looked to Liz his face pinched in confusion, “what is a magician?”

“A muggle pretending to do magic.”

“Oh, well then no. These are real they channel the magic that naturally flows through us and allows us to use it. Some people don’t need wands but they are usually really old, and very powerful.”

Max shook his head as he stared at Liz and then her father. “This can’t be real.”

“It is,” Liz sighed.

“How come you never told us about this Liz?” Max asked when it finally started to register what he was hearing.

“Max, unlike the four of you I have to live by a set of laws. There are people from my world who would send me to prison for telling you about what we are. It is not just three other people I have to think about and if I exposed myself and the others too soon it could be deadly.”

Max and Michael just sat there absorbing it all. They had always thought they were alone in this world that they were freaks. Then they find out that there was a fourth alien and a protector. Michael looked confused as to what to do. The war inside the General was obvious as half of him wanted to run from the possible danger while the other half wanted to stay and find out if what he was seeing and hearing was real. Liz pitied her sort of friend as he looked to her and her father for answers.

“Okay you all have five seconds to start explaining or I am going to assume you are all evil body snatchers and kill you all.” Michael said trying not to stumble over his words.

Liz rolled her eyes at his usual assumptions. “I can assure you we are not evil aliens Michael. I am telling you the truth we are wizards. Isabel and Tess already know so if you don’t believe me than ask them.”

“Why do they know and we don’t?”

Jeff grinned at his daughter anxious to see how she would talk her way out of this one. “They needed to know first,” Liz said crossing her arms over her chest defensively.

“Max,” Jeff sighed gaining the boy’s attention. “As you and your friends are protective of your secret out of fear so are we.”

“But there are all kinds of stories about magic,” Michael grunted.

Liz smiled knowing he was going to make that argument. “Yet muggles and you never thought those stories were true. Just like you people believe we are made up.”

“That’s great and all Liz but that still doesn’t explain why you could tell my sister and Tess but not Michael and I.”

Draco sniffed from beside Liz his arrogant sneer twisting his handsome features, “I would have thought it was obvious, we don’t trust you.”

“You don’t even know Isabel and Tess, how can you trust them?” Michael asked.

“Because Liz, Maria, Alex, and Kyle trust them. They don’t trust you and with good reason.” Draco hissed his blue eyes narrowed at the two.

“So why tell us your secret then?” Max asked.

“We have to tell you whether we like it or not because we need you,” Mandy growled. The woman smoothed out her hair stepping closer to the two frightened boys.

“Isabel and Tess have had their minds tampered with by a great enemy and only the boy king has the ability to heal them.”

Max stumbled back falling back into the booth at her hissed words. “Who?” he asked while wiping his clammy hands on his jeans.

“His name is Nicholas and he is the second of…”

“Khivar,” Max breathed his face twisting into a pained grimace. “This makes two lifetimes now this beast has haunted me.”

“You and many others,” Flint snapped. “You are not special in that respect on in that you got a second chance for him to kill you.”

“Gee thanks for the vote of confidence,” Michael snapped.

Mandy’s eyes narrowed dangerously at him, “If my Lord could not fight him you stand no chance.”

“And who might ‘your Lord’ be?” Michael asked.

“Only the most powerful wizard to ever live,” Mandy hissed.

“And that might be who?”

Flint gnashed his teeth together leaning across the table to glare at the aliens. “You are not worthy to utter his name. All you shall know him as is the Dark Lord.”

Michael shook his head frustration radiating off of him. “This is ridiculous,” he huffed slamming his hands onto the booth table. “You people are speaking a foreign language here. All I got out of this is that the only reason we are being told any of this is because you need something from us.”

“Yes, but I don’t think that is all that unfair,” Liz said shrugging her shoulders at them. “After all the only reason you told me what you were was to keep me quiet.”

“After I saved you,” Max barked.

A loud dark bark of a laugh left Jeff Parker as he scowled at the two aliens. “All you did was cause me a massive headache. Really Max as if a smile bullet could kill a witch like my daughter. Maria was on her way to help Liz when you pushed her aside. You really could have saved yourself the trouble and let us handle it.”

“I didn’t know you all had powers,” Max ground out.

“If you had stopped for a moment and really taken in all that is around you, you would have realized there was something different about us long ago. After all Max, my family and I had you three pegged the moment you set foot into this town.” Jeff chuckled darkly.

“That’s impossible,” Michael argued.

“Michael, haven’t you realized nothing is impossible with magic?” Liz giggled.

****Across Roswell****

The boy might look like his father but even Snape who loathed the brat was starting to see the differences now that they were blaringly obvious. Potter held many of the same prejudices his father had but unlike James Potter, Harry did not see the world through Rose tinted glass. Harry knew the world was an ugly place and was always on his guard. Snape was loath to admit it but he actually wanted the boy to survive. There was just something about the young Potter, a darkness, which swayed him in the death eater’s favor.

Snape felt his presence before the old man even spoke. “He is his own person. He might just be strong enough yet to survive the coming fight.”

“He is a survivor,” Snape drawled, “Of course he will survive.”

“You know I might come off as a happy old man with blinders on but even I know that to win a fight you have to have a little darkness in you. Harry has that darkness and just like me at his age he is not afraid to use it.”

“Imagine that, Albus Dumbledore condoning the use of dark magic.”

“Oh no Severus I never said dark magic just the darkness within, there is a difference. Harry needs to hold to that anger if he wants to live.”

“The great Albus Dumbledore actually wants to encourage this broody beast of a child? What will the others think of this?”

“I imagine they will be quite shocked,” the old man chuckled his blue eyes crinkling and glistening with that all knowing sparkle Snape hated.

Snape cringed suddenly trying not to cry out in pain as his arm seared painfully. The Dark Mark burned black on his arm like a brand as his master called. Snape gripped the balcony rail of the house as he fought to stay on his feet. It was pure torture to be summoned and the strength of the call always alerted the loyal followers to his dark mood.

“I take it you must leave.”

“Yes, I sense he is happy about something, elated is more like it.”

“This sounds troubling for us Severus,” Dumbledore croaked.

“Whenever the Dark Lord is happy someone is about to die.”

“Seems rather like what happens when he is angry,” Dumbledore chuckled watching as Snape’s retreating figure froze.

“No,” Snape whispered. “When the Dark Lord is angry many die.” His darkly cloaked form blinked away leaving Dumbledore alone in the backyard or what he thought was alone.

“You know he does have a point Albus,” Minerva McGonagall’s whispery voice called through the night.

“Oh and what is that?”

“It is rather unlike you to embrace the darkness within, which is something you have not done for many years now Albus. What has brought on this sudden change?”

The old man gave a weary sigh as he sat down on a muggle lawn chair. “I don’t want to lose Minerva. That might make me petty but I don’t want to lose. I was sitting here thinking last night thinking about the coming war and why our side always lost.”

“We do not always lose Albus.”

“Oh but we do Minerva we do. We might win the battle but always at a terrible human cost. Voldemort always seems to lose less people even if he feels they are expendable. I wondered why that was until it hit me, he channels their inner demons and uses them against his enemies.”

“What inner demons, all they have is pure rage!” she shrieked making him chuckle sadly.

His eyes held a sad sparkle as he gazed at her. “Minerva you know as well as I do that many of the death eaters all have many childhood tragedies on common.”

The head of Gryffindor House stared at him blankly. Dumbledore’s face fell as he once again realized how few knew what truly made the serpents tick. “They were all abused Minerva, terribly. Now their children stick together because they have realized that so few others can relate to the way they live. It has made them all bitter and pack like. I never realized until last night just how afraid all of those children really are.”

It was clear McGonagall did not know what to think as she stared hard at her colleague and mentor. “I never realized…”

“Terrifying isn’t it when you realize how blind you have been all of these years. How blind I have been with Harry.”

McGonagall snapped her head his way her eyes narrowing dangerously. “What do you mean by that Dumbledore?”

“The sorting hat apparently knew something I did not when it tried to place Harry in Slytherin his first year. He really would have done well in that house with all of the Slytherin traits he posses, but it was the one that made the hat so reluctant to place him in your house.”

“What?” she asked her nostrils flaring dangerously in her barely controlled fury.

“The abuse he suffered as a child. He has the same darkness as Sirius, as Severus, and all the death eaters. The darkness that gives them the power to survive. It is the same darkness that Tom had and look at him now.”

McGonagall’s lips thinned into an angry line. “Well I for one do not want the son of James Potter to turn into another You-Know-Who,” she hissed the wrinkles around her mouth more pronounced in her anger.

“He will not turn out like Tom,” Dumbledore chuckled clearly amused for the first time during their conversation. “No Harry has far too much Gryffindor in him for that. No, while Harry and Tom have had very similar experiences and share many of the same traits, Harry is still vastly different just as if is different from his father.”

“Promise me something Ablus, promise me that the boy will not become my enemy. I love him far too much for that.” She whispered her lower lip trembling slightly.

“He won’t be Minerva; he loves you just the same. Again, something Tom has always lacked.”

Upstairs in the house next door a meeting of the minds like no other was happening one that would change the course of the Order forever. In the young Gryffindor bedroom the room was cramped with people. Sirius Black looked around the room in awe as Harry assembled a unique group. The Weasley children all sat on one side of the room with Fleur and Hermione. On the other side sat Neville, Luna, Remus, Tonks, and Shakbolt. Sirius, Harry and Arthur Weasley sat in the middle.

“Alright there Harry what is this about?” Tonks asked from under a pile of black hair.

“I have come up with a plan that I know Dumbledore will not like.”

“What makes you think we will?” Arthur Weasley asked not liking that his wife and friends were not included in the group.

“Because you want to live just as badly as I do and you are not so set in your ways that you will just write me off.”

Harry noticed Mr. Weasley’s pointed glare, “Mrs. Weasley does not like to go against Dunbledore or her ideas of light and dark.”

Mr. Weasley narrowed his eyes slightly but he nodded in agreement. “She trusts Dumbledore. Right now all she sees is that you are a child that needs to be protected it is going to take her some time to see you as a capable man who can fight his own battles.”

“That is why I know she will never go along with my plan and she would go to Dumbledore because she thinks she is protecting me, which I can’t have. Dumbledore will just try and stop me.”

Remus shifted in his seat a curious look on his face, “Well Harry you have us intrigued, care to share what this plan might be?”

“It is a little rash but I know it will work.”

“What?” Hermione asked apprehensively.

“Even though it seemed stupid at the time the more I thought about it the better the idea seemed. I first met Liz and learned about what is to come through a dream. In my dream Liz was somehow connected to the others. What I am proposing is that I connect with Liz through a dream; a sort of first meeting if you will. If I can get in good with Liz I can get in with her friends and we might stand a chance in this fight.”

Sirius rubbed the point between his eyes as he thought over what his godson was proposing. “While the idea is good it is very dangerous. I am not blasting the idea I think we need to think this through before we do anything.”

“What is there to think about it is a brilliant idea?” Ron asked grinning at his friend ignoring his sister’s scoff.

“The fact that Harry will be connecting mentally with a death eater’s daughter and a known supporter of You-Know-Who is a serious snag.” Remus growled at Ron not pleased with the idea of his best mates pup being in danger.

“Mental connections are risky,” Kingsley agreed. “Harry would have access to Elizabeth’s mind but the spell is tricky and Liz might have access to his mind as well. She would know all of our plans and where we are located outing us all in danger.” The auror cautioned.

“I doubt she would hurt him, after all she knew Harry was in her dream once before, right mate?” Ron asked his place freckled face flushed with excitement.

“Not necessarily Ronald,” Hermione groaned. “Before Liz was taken by surprise in the middle of a ritual, she did not have time to stop and take a poke around. If Harry were to initiate a dream connection Liz would do whatever she pleased.”

“You’re assuming that Liz wants to harm Harry.”

“She is Draco Malfoy’s girlfriend,” Neville squeaked from his spot. The tall gangly boy flushed when he realized he was now the center of attention. “That alone should tell you where her loyalties lay. If Harry can get her more power and more information she will use any means necessary.”

Harry groaned softly running his hands through the dark mop of hair atop his head. “Look I know it is risky and probably very foolish but we need to do something and soon. A fight is coming and I want to be ready for it and meet it head on not just sit around and wait for it all to blow up in my face.”

“The lad does have a point,” Sirius hummed slapping Harry on the back.

Hermione sat distressed wringing her hands in her lap before she blurted out, “Well at least let me do some research first Harry so that you are not just going into this blindly. Let me see if there is some way to guard yourself. Please Harry.”

“I would also like to do a bit of research Harry,” Remus said. “Between Hermione and I there should be enough information about dream connections that you are at least somewhat prepared.”

Harry nodded blowing out a deep sigh of relief. Harry and his father might look like twins but unlike James, Harry had learned over the years that going into a dangerous situation with a plan and as much knowledge as possible, was best. Hermione and Lupin had been invaluable to Harry over the years as their wit saved his neck time and time again. Unlike James though, Harry seemed to learn his lesson and did not rush into a situation the same way twice.

“For now we keep this between us?” Bill Weasley asked.

Harry nodded, “Yes for now that would be best. I need you all in on this if I am going to get through this.”

“Not to worry mate,” Fred laughed.

“We have your back,” his twin added.

“Through thick and thin,”

“Or at least until we get tired,” George finished as the twins saluted him.

Harry nodded a grim look of determination about him. They had a plan, they were finally going to be able to do something and this time Dumbledore was going to be the last to know.

****CrashDown Cafe****

Liz was about to make a sassy comment when she noticed Flint, Mandy, and her father all stop and grasp their arm. A panicked flash of pain came over Flint before he quickly schooled his features. The Dark Lord was summoning them. Loud snaps bounced off the café walls as Bellatrix and her husband appeared in the café.

“Come now everyone we must not keep him waiting. I dropped Maria and Alex off already and Rod took Kyle. We need to go.” Bella hissed as her wild eyes landed on Max and Michael.

“Oh good you told them,” she cackled as she roughly grabbed their arms.

“Hold on tight boys you are going on a bumpy ride,” she laughed throwing her head back.

Max and Michael tried to jerk away but Bellatrix was too strong and as her husband grabbed Max from her the four apparated away. Jeff grabbed his daughter and Draco latched onto Mandy and then the café was empty.

Max gasped as he suddenly appeared someplace else a sick feeling washing over him. He was in the desert that much he knew as he took in the frighteningly familiar sight of the pod chamber. What he was even more shocked to see was that the woman was no longer holding him but a black cloaked person with a ghastly skull mask that looked a little too real for his comfort.

“What the hell,” Michael gasped when he saw a sea of black cloaked people all heading towards the cliffs where a tall imposing figure stood.

His face stood out the most as his waxy skin pulled at his features. The man had beak-like lips and slits for a nose. Max shrank back though when two beady red eyes suddenly snapped to him. It felt as though a thousand nails were slamming into him as he stumbled backwards.

“What is going on?” Max gasped looking to the cloaked person clutching him. “Why are we here?”

“You are here at the Dark Lord’s request,” a female voice hissed from under the mask.

Max and Michael looked around helplessly. Michael spotted Maria who was standing wrapped around one of the hooded figures gazing up at the man on the cliffs as he were a god. The image revolted Michael but it also stirred up the all too familiar feeling of jealousy.

The Dark Lord stepped forward raising a hand to his suddenly silent followers. “Friends,” he hissed. “It is good to see so many of my loyal followers here tonight. Our numbers have grown despite Dumbledore and his meddlesome Order. We have grown in power my friends and none too soon.”

A murmur spread through the masked crowd. The Dark Lord chuckled at his followers. “As many of you know my half brother is my great enemy even above Dumbledore. My brother Khivar has sent his second in command to try and take our Destroyers and the Royal Four of Antar. This means war!”

A furious cry ripped through the crowd as the hooded figures voiced their support of their master. “Skill the Skins!” someone yelled.

“Kill them all! Kill all who defy the Dark Lord!” another cheer roared through the crowd.

Michael and Max froze in the crowd. Khivar, the man before them was related to the monster who killed them in their past life. A dark burst of green ripped into the air and the skull and serpent were unleashed into the night sky. As Max and his second looked on in horror Max suddenly realized why the hooded beings left him so uneasy.

“Death Eaters.”

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Re: Wishing Life Was A Movie (HP,XO,UC,Adult) Pt.27 p.15 7-26-09

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Hey guys thanks for the replies to the last part I love reading what all you have to say! Thanks...


Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 28

Fear gripped the boy king when he finally made the connection between his past and the present. They were death eaters; he was surrounded by death eaters, and over his head hung a hauntingly familiar symbol from his past. His great enemy Khivar, the brother of the man on the cliffs, used a symbol just like it over a battle field of slaughtered corpses.

Max felt ill as the cheers of the death eaters burned his ears. They were ready to fight willing to fight. Max could practically taste the metallic blood in the air as the Dark Lord whipped his followers into a frenzy telling them how Khivar planned to attack and when. He was shocked and horrified to learn that the Dark Lord knew all of this because one of his followers captured Nicholas.

The people surrounding him were going to take on his enemy. Max was not sure how he felt about all that was happening around him. Michael looked panicked beside him as Liz and Alex slunk closer to them in the crowd.

“Liz, Alex!” Max called as the two stood before the shaking king.

“Hey there Max, what do you think of our little meeting?” Alex asked laughing at the horror stricken look on his face.

“What is going on?” Max asked as the woman holding him laughed her grip tightening on his bicep.

Liz’s doe eyes filled with an unparalleled excitement as she gazed up at the Dark Lord. “This is just one of many meetings Max. My father told me there is going to be a meeting just for the inner circle after. Then comes the best part of the night.”

Max did not like the dark fire in her eyes. “What?” he asked fearfully.

Liz’s dark eyes flickered to him a sinister smile on her face. “Draco is going to take the Dark Mark.”

Max had no idea what that meant but from the look on her face Max knew he was not going to like it. Alex chuckled darkly as he swung his arm over Liz’s shoulders. Michael apparently sensed that the taking of the Mark meant bad news as he struggled against the death eater’s grip.

“What Dark Mark? What the hell are you two going on about?”

Alex’s eyes snapped to Michael. “The Dark Mark is the ultimate sacrifice all of us wish to take it but we have to pass the tests first. Draco has passed the tests. He is well on his way to becoming a member of the inner circle just like his father.”

Max watched in fearful fascination as people moved through the crowd towards the rock formation. He gasped when he saw several of the people start walking up the rock face as the pod chamber entrance suddenly opened and Voldemort swept inside others soon following. Anger and fear gripped Max as he looked back to Alex and Liz who did not seem surprised to see the Pod Chamber open for the Dark Lord.

“How could you?” Max gasped.

Liz laughed at the stricken and betrayed looks on their faces. “I didn’t. Isabel and Tess did.”

“Tess is the one warping the crowd so that only the leaders of the foreign allies might see the entrance. Isabel is the one holding the door open. Only those who we trust can see the entrance and when the foreign leaders leave they will all have memories of the entrance of the chamber erased.” Alex said watching as the chamber slid shut.

“We are not stupid Max. We need to protect the location of the Pod Chamber just like you. It just happens to be the safest place for a meeting right now.” Liz sighed curling her lip at him as he glared at her.

Max wanted to use his powers to get away but nothing seemed to work. He could not blow objects up like Michael and his shield was still spotty. Alex seemed to know what he was thinking as he glared evilly at Max.

“Don’t even think about using your powers on us to escape. You are surrounded by the strongest force this planet has ever seen you would not get far. All you would accomplish is making us and the Dark Lord angry and trust me Max that is not something you want to see.”

Bellatrix cackled as he gripped Max’s arm. “Oh do try,” she giggled. “I would love nothing more than to play with you.”

Max’s fear rose to an all time high. Not even the FBI was this terrifying and they had captured and tortured him. Max could sense that if the woman behind the mask had her way he would be tortured and killed after they were through with him. Michael and Max looked to the Pod Chamber knowing that their only hope lay inside with Isabel and Tess. The boys just hoped that they were not too far gone yet and would still come and save them in their time of need.

****The Order Safe-House****

He knew she was outside his bedroom door. Her brother was fast asleep in the bed next to him. She had been outside the room for ten minutes pacing the hall. The soft patter of her feet on the creaking wood amused him. He knew she wanted to come inside but was building up the courage to do so.

Harry heard the door creak open and her soft footfalls coming closer to him. He opened his brilliant green eyes and heard her release a startled gasp. “I was wondering when you were going to come in,” he whispered throwing back the covers enough for her to crawl in.

Ginny quietly scrambled into his small bed cuddling up against him. “So,” he sighed holding her to his side. “What brought you to my room in the middle of the night while your brother snores obliviously next to us?”

Ginny chuckled softly the sound almost drowned out by Ron who remained blissfully asleep. Her face became somber when she remembered why she was there. “I can’t sleep my brain feels so full and I am constantly worrying about you.”

“About me?”

“Yes you Harry James Potter the boy so willing to put himself in danger and possibly be killed.” Ginny hissed pinching his side.

Harry felt bad when he heard the undercurrent of her worry as she sarcastically tried to play off her fear for him. Harry stroked her pale freckled bare arm unable to think of anything that would make her feel better.

“I just don’t want anything to happen to you Harry. I am afraid that this dream connection with Liz might harm you. Sometimes when you get an idea you don’t think about the danger.”

He could feel her getting worked up as her shoulders started to shake slightly as soft sniffles escaped her. Harry leaned down and kissed her forehead. “I am learning Ginny. I am not going to do this until I have all of the facts. I know I need to be careful here because if I do this and Liz can get into my head I am not just putting myself in danger but the entire order, you.” Harry whispered.

“I am not worried about myself here Harry I am worried about you. I don’t want to lose you.”

“You won’t Ginny,” he whispered tilting her head up to look at him. The pain in her eyes as they welled with tears tore at his chest. “I am not going to get myself killed.”

“Good,” she sniffed tearfully curling closer to him.

He could feel that she was still upset as he ran a hand through her long red hair. Ginny sighed at the comforting movement as she placed a kiss on his chest. Harry shivered at the gestures tingles shooting out from where her lips had touched him. Ginny yawned and he sighed.

“Go to sleep Ginny tomorrow is going to be a long day,” he whispered.

He heard her hum in agreement but she made no moved to leave his bed. Harry sighed and pulled up the covers over them realizing she was going to be staying the night. All he could hope for was that they woke up before Ron.

****The Desert****

It had been one fright after another that night for Max and Michael as the Death Eaters kept a firm grip on them. Max couldn’t help the gasp that left him as the woman who had been holding him shoved him at a rather large boy.

“Watch him Goyle,” the woman commanded and the silent lump of a boy grunted his assent as his meaty fist wrapped around Max’s arm. Michael was handed to Goyle’s friend who looked just as large.

Draco in his blond glory strutted over to them with Flint hot on his heels. Draco’s plain robes were now replaced with the same black robes the Death Eaters wore with his sleeves rolled up. Kyle and Maria jostled their way over as well Kyle slugging Draco in the arm.

“So you ready for your big moment?” Kyle asked rubbing his hands together eagerly. To Max the gesture looked more sinister as if Kyle were anticipating pain.

Draco’s face remained emotionless as he adjusted his robes making sure he looked perfect for his initiation. “Of course I am.”

Flint chuckled darkly from next to Maria his troll like teeth becoming more pronounced. “Don’t worry Draco; it only hurts for the first month or so. Besides very few people pass out from pain when they take the mark.”

Draco sneered at the Quiditch captain. “Malfoy’s do not pass out from pain.”

“Only when it is beneficial,” Alex snickered.

Draco smirked not denying Alex’s statement. “It can come in handy when trying to get Gryffindor’s in trouble. Act as though you are in pain and pass out and they get detention.”

“You are devious,” Maria giggled.

“I am a Slytherin.”

Max’s head spun as all of these strange terms were tossed about. He wanted to ask what a Slytherin was but with Goyle holding his so tightly he was afraid to ask. Max heard the rock face open and the small group of the Dark Lord’s inner circle flowed down the rocks. It was an ominous sight watching the black figures with skull masks in the dead of night. Draco cleared his throat squaring his shoulders as he glided towards the Pod Chamber where the Dark Lord and two other masked figures stood.

Max was surprised to see that all of the Death Eaters had quieted and were staring at the now closed chamber door. “They don’t really see the Pod Chamber not all of them anyway.” Kyle whispered, “It is just an illusion Tess created.”

“It is actually pretty elaborate what is happening,” Maria hissed. “Mandy is making certain people see something entirely different. That is how so many of the meetings remain a mystery. The Dark Lord makes it so that no group of people has the same recollection. Pretty neat right.” She giggled.

“Keeping what happens at the meetings a secret is very important. If one of the enemy groups reports on something about us we can narrow it down to the version of the meeting the person got and then that gives us a group to work from.”

“How do you know that what we just saw is real?” Max asked.

Liz smirked at him before she turned back to the Pod Chamber. “Because my father is a member of the inner circle as well as my mother and they always get the truth.”

“You didn’t say you were part of the inner circle Parker,” Michael huffed.

“No, but I will be.”

Michael and Max shared a dark look. They really did not like the sound of that. They could tell from the way the others spoke of the inner circle that to the Death Eaters the inner circle was something to strive for and something that their enemies should fear. The two Antrians could tell that the inner circle was the group all of the most sinister of the Dark Lord’s followers belonged to and now knowing that Liz wanted to become one of them left the two boys with a deep cold feeling in the pit of their stomachs.

“When are you going to take the test’s Liz?” Flint asked eagerly.

Liz grinned, her brown doe eyes flashing in the moonlight. “Tomorrow morning, I am going to start with the kiss of the fire.”

Flint cringed, almost imperceptibly giving Liz a look of pity. “Good luck with that Parker you are going to need it.”

Liz bit her lower lip as she kept glancing up at the rock face. Max could tell that she was worried she always chewed her lip when she was worried. He used to think it was cute but that was when she was worrying about him or school work. Now she was worrying about Draco his rival for her heart and he did not like it one bit.

“He will be alright Liz,” Maria whispered linking arms with her best friend. “Like Draco said he is a Malfoy, they always survive.”

Liz gave Maria a weak smile. She knew Draco was going to survive there never a question of that in her mind. What suddenly struck Liz as she stood waiting for Draco to return was that he was pledging his loyalty to another. Liz didn’t understand why that was bothering her suddenly when she planned to do the same. It was as if she were jealous of the Dark Lord knowing that she would have to forever share Draco with him.

“You get used to it,” Rodolphus Lestrange’s deep voice rumbled from beside her.

Liz looked up and saw the blank emotionless mask all pureblood wizards learned to keep in place as a small child, a mask to hide the inner turmoil and pain. “Get used to what?” Maria asked softly from beside the two.

“Sharing a loved one; it is not always easy loving someone who has split loyalties.”

Maria gasped softly as she held tightly to Liz understanding her why her friend was nervous. “Oh Liz…”

“It’s nothing Maria just silly fears. I don’t even know why I am upset since I want to take the oath as well.” Liz brushed off her friend’s pitying look.

Rodolphus sighed as he looked down at the petite girls. “Did you know that I joined the Death Eater ranks a year before Bella?”

Liz and Maria gapped at the man. It was not possible that Rod had joined first; Bella was such a fanatic she would have desired to be first. Rod saw looks and nodded a proud smile on his face.

“Yes it is true I joined first. I joined over the summer before my sixth year with Jeff and Lucius. The three of us were the first of our generation and joined at the insistence of our fathers. It was only after our initiation when the Dark Lord started recruiting our friends. Back then there was no sanction on underage wizardry which meant students of all ages could join up. There was a hitch however.”

“What?” Liz breathed.

“The Dark Lord was selective when it came to women and he originally did not want Bella.”

“Who the hell did he want then? No one is more passionate than her.” Maria huffed outraged for all women.

Rodolphus chuckled at her indignation. She was so like her mother Amy who had been just as upset when they were in school. Amy had been shocked when she found out she had been asked to join up before Bellatrix. Back in their school days everyone knew what a blood purest Bella was and how fanatical she was when she truly believed in something. All of the Slytherin’s knew that Bellatrix was the perfect choice for a Death Eater.

“He wanted Sirius Black and James Potter,” Rod whispered.

Maria’s mouth hung open her eyes bugging out of her head. “No way.”

“Yes Maria the Dark Lord wanted Sirius and James. He had been after the Potter family for a few years and they were all on his side Nancy included, except for one very important snag, James. All the Dark Lord needed was the talent of James and Sirius in his ranks and the Death Eaters would be much more powerful.”

“Those two were a bunch of dunder heads why would he want them?” Maria scoffed with a scowl on her face.

“They might have seemed brainless but they weren’t. James and Sirius were forces to be reckoned with, Sirius still is.”

“So the Dark Lord didn’t get them, how did Bella get in?” Liz asked.

“When Lucius recommended her. He and his father had moved to high positions within the ranks. When Lucius mentioned he had a schoolmate who was very talented his interest shifted to Bella.

I was so excited when she was first approached and passed all the tests. My girl was going to join the ranks, we were going to fight for the same cause, and it was perfect.”

“What changed?” Liz asked sadly.

A dark sadness clouded the normally emotionless eyes of the eldest Lestrange brother. “I realized within weeks of her taking the oath what I had lost, her loyalty and her love. Bellatrix quickly loved the Dark Lord more than she loved me.”

Liz let out a shaky breath that was her worst fear. She had already suffered through being second fiddle with Max, she did not know if she could take being second best with Draco when she had him all to herself. She could feel Maria rubbing her back trying to offer her a sense of comfort.

“Liz,” Rod called softly. “That might not happen with you. Draco is not as obsessive as his aunt he knows when to stop. I hope that he keeps that level head because that will keep his love for you strong.”


He could not believe his luck. Moments ago he had been ready to slaughter his entire crew when he realized his second was missing and their fleet was running behind schedule. Now Khivar felt as though he could kiss his captain.

The first engineer apparently valued his life and went to great lengths to modify the hyper-drive of the fleet. Khivar grinned as he watched space blur by his window. Their travel time had been cut in half and they were going to arrive to the fight a whole month and a half early.

“Well Tom,” Khivar chuckled. “It looks as though our reunion will be coming much sooner than you anticipate. You won’t know what has hit you until it is too late brother. Finally I will be the victorious one.”


Draco groaned as he rolled over in Liz’s bed. Liz sighed pulling out her want to recast the cooling spell on his arm. It did not help much but it took some of the pain away. Narcissa left the care of her son to Liz knowing Liz would want to help him and Draco would not want his mother babying him.

He groaned again rolling closer to Liz. His arm felt as though it were on fire and every few moments bursts of pain shout out from the new mark. “Liz,” he groaned as she ran her fingers through her sweaty blond locks.

“I know,” she whispered kissing his forehead. She had to leave soon to go out to the desert with Alex to meet the Dark Lord. It was decided that the two of them would undergo the first part of the test that afternoon. Liz did not want to leave Draco though while he was in pain. Narcissa offered to stay with him but Draco quickly shot down that idea.

“Are you going to be okay while I am gone?” Liz asked softly.

His gray blue eyes fluttered open as he gripped her to him. “Probably not but you need to go.”

Liz sighed trying to fight off her tears. It was harder than she had thought it would be to watch him suffer through the pain knowing there was nothing she could do to make it better.

“Would you let your mom or my mom stay with you?”

Draco groaned and gave her a disgruntled look. “I will not have our mummies baby me. Liz can you imagine how that would look?”

Liz sighed rolling her eyes. It was no use they had already had this argument. Liz had pointed out to Draco that since his mother had taken care of Lucius and herself she could take care of him in her absence. He had shot down the idea not wanting to appear weak.

She sighed running a hand through her hair. “How about Maria?” Liz asked softly kissing his sweaty forehead.

“I would rather my mother,” Draco grunted kicking the covers off himself.

Liz grinned down at him, “does that mean you are going to let your mother come and take care of you?” she asked softly her lips brushing against his ear making him shiver.

With his good arm Draco pulled her atop him kissing her. “Would it make you stop worrying that lip of your?”

Liz nodded as she sheepishly released her lip. “Then my mum can come and baby me like she wants to. The only reason she is not in here right now is because she does not want to step on your toes.”

Liz giggled at his blushing expression. Narcissa Malfoy was a very protective wife and mother. She was one to dote on her boys and fly off her broomstick when they were hurt. Liz snickered at his sullen expression kissing his nose.

“Thank you,” she whispered kissing him again humming into the kiss.

“For you, anything.”

Liz quickly got ready and sent Narcissa to her son’s side; the blond woman tried valiantly to hide her smile. She met Alex in front of the café noting the lack of muggles on the street. It was as if the occupants of Roswell realized something was wrong and had decided to stay locked in their homes.

“Morning Lizzie. How was taking care of the little prince?” Alex laughed as he joined her in the alley behind the café.

Liz shot him a nasty glare before she apparated away to the Pod Chamber. She appeared with a soft pop in the desert followed by Alex as the Dark Lord stood before them with Bellatrix and Lucius.

“Elizabeth Parker and Alex Whitman you are here today to begin your testing to join the ranks of the fierce and loyal Death Eaters. Are you prepared to begin your testing?” he asked in his dark hissing voice.

“We are my Lord,” they chorused.

Lucius stepped forward clutching his serpent tipped cane. “You have two minutes to prepare yourselves. The first test is the kiss of fire.”

Liz and Alex internally cringed but managed to keep a calm façade. They had heard from other Death Eaters that the fire test was painful. Alex and Liz did not know what exactly the test involved because none could say but the two did know that the test often left people permanently scared.

“Miss Parker Mister Whitman you are entering the test now,” The Dark Lord hissed.

Liz felt the ground disappear from under her feet as the air was compressed around her stealing her breath. The ground suddenly met her feet forcefully sending pain through her legs. She heard Alex land beside her groaning in pain.

“Way to give us warning,” Alex grumbled.

They were in a dark place. From the dripping water and damp air Liz guess a cave of some kind. She heard Alex light his wand and did the same revealing a large dark cave full of murky rust colored water.

“It’s a cave,” Alex whispered waving his wand around to get a better look.

Liz pointed her wand towards what she assumed was the center of the cave the light from her wand tip illuminating the water. Liz bit her lip hard to stifle her scream when she caught sight of what was in the water.

“What?” Alex asked noting her fear.

Liz pointed to the water and reeled back. “Holy Merlin,” he hissed. “Are they real? What are they?”

“Vampires Alex, they are vampires.”

Alex jumped back hitting the wet cold cave wall. “Okay I want to leave now.”

Liz grabbed his wrist glaring at him. “Don’t wimp out on me Whitman we have seen worse than this, concentrate. They appear to be hibernating anyway. As long as we don’t disturb the bloody water we should be fine.”

Alex’s eyes widened as he clung to Liz. “Liz I kid you not I am about to pee my pants you know Vampires are one of my greatest fears and why is the water bloody?”

“I have no idea why the water is bloody but knowing the Dark Lord, if we touch the water they will wake up.”

“I thought this was supposed to be the fire test; well I don’t see any fire all I see if Vampires and lots of them.” Alex hissed like an angry cat.

Liz sighed shaking her head at her friend wishing for the fearless Alex to come back. “Let’s just figure out what we have to do. The sooner we get the task done the sooner we can get away from the scary sleeping vampires.”

“Don’t mock me Parker,” Alex grumbled.

“Then don’t whine Whitman,” she snapped looking around the cave.

There looked to be small stepping stones from where they were standing to the other side of the cave. From there Liz could see what looked like a coffin.

“No way,” Alex breathed.

“What?” Liz asked looking around for any danger her friend might have spotted.

“Liz we are in the Cave of Cane,” Alex whispered his eyes wide with awe and terror.

“Is that supposed to mean something to me?”

“If you paid attention in magical history class, then yes. Liz, Cane is supposed to be the first vampire. Supposedly he was entombed in a cave in the pits of hell with his spawns submerged in his blood to rest for eternity.”

Liz blinked at him not knowing what to say to that. “Why would we be sent here?” she asked.

“For his blood Liz. His blood is supposed to be very powerful. I don’t exactly remember why though.”

“So based on the footpath I am guessing we can’t just bottle up some of the water.”

Alex shook his head, “I am thinking that would be a bad idea. That might wake up the vampires who have been sleeping for centuries.”

Liz looked around the cave and saw a lose rock on the ground. She pointed her wand at the rock as she silently cast a transfiguration spell. Alex watched as the rock turned into a glass vile with a cork top. He grinned at her picking it up.

“So Parker do you want to go across the scary path first?”

Liz rolled her eyes at him snatching the vile out of his hands shoving it into her robes. “Come on you big baby.”

“You should be glad I am with you Parker. Maria faints at the sight of blood and Kyle is afraid of caves. Neither will tell me why but I do sense a very good story there.”

“I am happy you are here with me Alex otherwise I would have no one to feed to the vampires if something goes wrong.”

Liz cautiously stepped onto the first stone nearly slipping on the black stone. “Careful Alex this seems dangerous. Whatever you do don’t disturb the water.”

“Yeah wasn’t planning on it.” He muttered watching his steps closely.

“So how exactly are we going to get the blood out of this guy?” Liz asked leaping to the next stone holding her robs up so they wouldn’t touch the water.

“I know a bloodletting spell that might work. If that fails we are going to have to go with plan B.”

Liz stumbled slightly turning to look at him. “What might plan B involve Alex?”

“Oh you know, I stab him and you collect the blood and run like hell and I get eaten like a turkey on Thanksgiving.”

“Right, sounds like a plan,” Liz whispered. It unnerved her to see the dead faces in the rusty water. They were so pale and their faces looked right up at her with vacant open eyes.

Even though the vampires below her couldn’t see her or didn’t react to her presence, Liz could not shake the feeling that she was being watched. The closer she got to the ornate creepy coffin the heavier her chest felt. It was as though a deep cold was settling in her chest making it hard for her to breathe. When Liz got to the last stone and jumped onto the other side of the cave she could not help but breathe a sigh of relief.

“Holy shit!” Alex gasped jumping onto the side next to her his eyes wide with terror.

“What?” she hissed her short lived relief leaving her.

“One of them moved,” Alex hissed.

Liz looked to the water fearfully, “Are you sure?”

Alex looked back down and saw that all was still; there was not even a ripple in the bloody water. He didn’t look so sure anymore but he could have sworn the man moved. “I guess not,” he sighed shaking his head trying to banish his fear.

“It’s okay Alex we can do this. They aren’t going to do anything yet.”

“What do you mean yet?

“The vampires are there for a reason Alex and they didn’t move when we were coming over here which leads me to believe we were meant to get to the other side.”

“If we touched the water coming over they would have reacted right?”

Liz shook her head eyeing the coffin. “I have a feeling that once we open that the vampires are not going to let us reach the other side.”

“Maybe the Dark Lord will pull us out once we get the blood I mean he sent us here so he can bring us back.” She could tell that he didn’t believe what he was saying as he looked around the cave for another way out.

“That would be too easy for a test Alex, the Dark Lord wants to test what we can do he won’t pull us out until he is satisfied.”

Alex nodded knowing she was right. The two moved swiftly over to the platform the golden coffin was resting atop. Beautiful glittering jewels decorated the coffin top as they came together to form what looked like a jewel mosaic of a sword. They could feel a strange pulsing energy coming off the coffin. Instinctively the two wanted to stay away but they knew they had to press on.

Liz pulled out the glass vile from inside her robes as Alex scanned the coffin looking for how to best open the vampire’s resting place. He saw what looked to be two golden clasps and pointed them out to Liz.

“If this guy was the first vampire why does his coffin look like a mixture of Egyptian and European coffins? I mean what Egyptian sarcophagus has clasps?” Liz asked eyeing the metal locks wearily.

“Good question but one we can think on later Miss Scientist. Right now we need to get the blood and then get out of here. We so do not have time to analyze this to death.” Alex hissed like an angry snake.

Liz raised her hands in surrender rolling her eyes. “Fine, how about I open the coffin while you cover me. If nothing pops out then I will cover you while you perform the spell and fill the vile.”

Alex nodded getting out his trusty silver dagger as a precaution. The two of them learned about vampires in their schooling but they knew that when it came to the real world being book smart did not always save your life. Alex nodded at Liz that he was ready and Liz unlatched the golden clasps. She took a deep breath and quickly lifted the heavy lid whipping out her wand when it was open.

The duo breathed a sigh of relief when no one popped out at them wanting to rip their throats out. Liz raised her wand so that the light would shine inside. Alex had to clamp a hand over her mouth to muffle her scream. Liz shook violently when she saw inside the coffin.

The smell was terrible as the centuries of decay hit their noses, but it was the sight of what was in the coffin that sickened them the most. Liz and Alex had been expecting an older man with pale waxy skin. Instead they saw a boy no more than fifteen inside with what looked to be a pale face and two black eyes with a black and blue ringed mouth.

“This can’t be him,” Liz whispered.

“It has to be Liz he is just younger than expected.” Alex muttered. He nudged Liz letting her know he was going to do the spell and she handed him the vile raising her wand to prepare for battle. Liz nodded and Alex cast the spell.

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Re: Wishing Life Was A Movie (HP,XO,UC,Adult) Pt.28 p.16 8-9-09

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Hi there everyone who is reading! Thank you to the following people for replying I love it...

Touch of the Wind

Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 29

Liz nodded and Alex cast the spell to slice open the vampire Cane’s skin and release his blood. The spell worked and the blood started dripping from his wrist into the glass vile. Alex grinned thinking he had gotten the blood without any problems when Cane’s bruised eyes snapped open and a snarl tore from his lips.

Liz cast a sun charm as she pushed Alex away from the platform as the bloody water started to churn. The once inanimate bodies jerked about floating towards the surface their eyes alert and full of rage.

“Go!” Liz yelled as Alex corked the bottle casting an unbreakable charm quickly before he stowed it in his robes taking off for the footpath.

Cane jumped from his coffin murderous rage stirring him as his wrist healed. “Wizards,” he snarled his use of English shocking to Liz.

Liz shot a stunning spell at him but it had no effect. Vampires raised from the water their speed devilishly fast. Liz knew they were fast but she never dreamed they were this fast. Their icy fingers clawed at her pulling her from the rocks into the water. She saw Alex fling spells at the oncoming vampires as he tried to get to her, but it was too late.

They ripped and tore at her robes before they dragged her into the metallic smelling water. She tried to cast a spell but she was too unfocused kicking and hitting under the water. She pushed her head above the water chocking up water and gasping for breath as she was dragged back under. Liz tried another spell, a light spell, under water. It only stunned one vampire and it was only for a moment.

A hand wrapped around her forehead and another gripped her shoulder. Nails dug into her as her head was jerked to the side exposing her neck. Panic seized her heart as she tried casting another spell an exploding hex but they just kept coming. Liz gave up using magic as she tried to claw her way out of her captors grasp. Another vampire saw an opening and moved to nip at her neck. Liz thrust her hands in front of her hoping to push him away as a warm rush ran through her arms up her hands and out her fingertips. A green haze shot out at the vampire blasting him away from her. The green haze spread through the water forcing them back pushing the vampire holding her away.

Liz kicked with all her might keeping her hands in front of her trying to reach the surface. She didn’t realize the water was so deep as her lungs burned viciously in her chest. Liz broke through the surface of the water sputtering and chocking as she tried to breathe. Liz crawled onto the stone step gasping for breath wasting precious time.

“Liz!” Alex yelled as he blasted another vampire.

Liz whipped out her wand casting a sun spell and directing it Alex’s way. Alex broke free and raced towards her. The two didn’t look back as they tried to reach the other side of the cave. It looked as though the path was clear in front of them when someone burst from the water; it was Cane.

“Your magic will not help you escape,” he drawled in what sounded to be a combination of an English and German accent.

“Seems to be working so far,” Alex quipped not noticing the vampires rising from the waters around them and boxing them in.

Cane smirked his fangs glittering in the darkness. “It really does not seem that way to me,” Cane chuckled his bruised eyes dancing with victory.

“Your kind always come to my resting place. My blood is valuable even to your kind, but none ever escape. It was so very foolish of you to have come here.”

Liz felt trapped and closed in. The more the vampires encroached on her the worse the claustrophobic feeling got. Warmth rushed through her up her arms to her hands and out her fingers as the green haze ripped out of her once more. Liz gasped as the haze started to surround her and Alex. When Liz saw the green haze forming around her she figured out what it was, a shield. She had seen Max’s only once and it looked just like the one Liz had erected around her and Alex.

Cane scowled at the sight of the unknown green field before him. He motioned the right flank of his vampires forward watching as they charged at the green surrounding the two wizards. They struck the shield quickly only to be thrown back in shrieking pain.

Liz looked to Alex who nodded and the two charged at Cane the green force field surrounding them. Cane growled as they rushed him bracing himself for impact, it never came. One moment the duo were running and the next they were slamming into the desert floor. The two groaned at the sudden light a familiar chuckle greeted them.

“I thought we were going to have to save you there for a moment,” Lucius Malfoy chuckled as he smirked down at them.

Alex glared at the blonde as he stood up extending a hand to Liz to help her to her feet. Liz dusted off her robes glaring at her boyfriend’s father. Lucius’s smirk turned into a laugh when he saw how filthy they were. He cast a quick cleaning charm on them that Narcissa had taught him when they were first married.

“Thanks,” Liz grumbled as the Dark Lord and Bellatrix approached them.

“You both did well,” the Dark Lord hissed. “You have passed the first test. This test was to see how well you adapt to a change in the plan. You both believed you were going to be facing a fire test and instead you were dropped into Cane’s tomb.”

Alex pulled the vile of blood from his robes and handed it to the Dark Lord. Voldemort clutched the vile victoriously before returning his attention back to Alex and Liz. “You worked well together and it never crossed your minds to leave the other behind even when you both had the choice. You might have joked about it but you would have never done so.”

“Poor little Cane will be so upset now that someone has actually made away with a vile of his blood,” Bellatrix laughed.

“Yes, normally he does not allow that to happen.” Lucius agreed looking on at the two with unmasked pride.

“So you have sent others in there?” Liz asked.

“Many,” the Dark Lord chuckled. “Each time the test is the same but I vary where I drop my potential death eaters. Cane’s tomb happens to be a favorite of mine.”

“So that’s how he knows English,” Liz said happy that part of the mystery was solved.

“That and he roams the Earth every half century or so,” Lucius drawled.

A spark lit in Liz’s eyes as she bounced in place, “So he was the one to make the modifications to his coffin.”

Alex rolled his eyes at his friend. “Yes little Miss Scientist you have solved the problem clasp.”

Bellatrix and Lucius looked at the two in confusion. “What is a scientist?”

****Order Headquarters****

He was having a very pleasant dream of candy and Hermione when the bloody sun shining through the window woke him up. Ron Weasley was not happy, he still wanted to sleep. He rolled over onto his other side and closed his eyes again fully intending to sleep longer.

Ron’s eyes snapped open when he registered what he had just seen. He bolted upright his mouth hanging open in horror. His best mate and his little sister in bed together and there was nothing innocent about it.

Ron threw off his covers and grabbed his wand off the night table. Neville in the bed on his other side slowly woke up wondering why Ron was mumbling and jerking about.

“Ron,” Neville called softly slowly getting out of bed to go stand next to the redhead. Neville blinked when he saw Harry and Ginny.

“Ah so I did hear them last night,” Neville sighed looking happy that it was not just his imagination.

Ron glared at him his body shaking in anger. “You heard him?”

“I thought I did. They were just talking Ron. Your sister was upset nothing happened.”

“Then explain that,” Ron said jabbing his wand at Harry and Ginny.

Neville did have to admit their position in bed did not look very good. Hands were grabbing things they shouldn’t and their faces were pressed close together barely a breath apart.

Ron had, had enough, “Get the bloody hell off my sister!” he roared.

Harry and Ginny jerked awake. Harry looked down and saw Ginny and where his hand was and he quickly moved it off her as they rolled out of bed and away from each other to face a cranky Ron.

“Ron it really isn’t what it looks like,” Harry tied but shut up when Ron jabbed his wand threateningly at him.

Fred, George, Bill and Charlie barged into the room wands raised. The Weasley men minus their father and Percy looked to Ron who stood glaring at his best mate. Bill lowered his wand moving closer to his brother Ron.

“What’s wrong?” he asked eyeing Ginny who had turned a brilliant shade of scarlet.

“Harry and Ginny in bed together. I caught them in the act,” Ron growled.

The Weasley boys all looked from their brother to Harry. Charlie finally stepped forward. “Harry, Ginny you better explain what Ron means very quickly or we will start hexing body parts that Harry wants to keep if he ever plans on having children.”

Ginny knew that the moment Harry opened his mouth he would start digging his own grave so she jumped in before him. “It honestly wasn’t what it looked like Ron. I had a hard time sleeping last night so I came to talk to Harry.”

“Why not come to one of us?” Charlie asked.

Ginny rolled her eyes at her brother; sometimes they could all be so thick. “I was having a hard time sleeping because of Harry. None of you could make me stop worrying about what he was doing so I went to the source. We just fell asleep after we talked.”

“It’s true,” Neville added trying to save Harry from the Weasley wrath. “I heard Ginny come in all they did was talk.”

Ginny reddened when she realized Neville had been awake. It was a private conversation and she was uncomfortable knowing someone else besides Harry had heard. Fred and George seemed to accept that nothing happened so they lowered their wands. Bill, Charlie and Ron thought still seemed unsure.

Harry sighed running his hands through his dark bed hair. “Please for the love of Merlin do you think I would shag Ginny with her brother and Neville in the same room? I respect her too much to do that and I respect Neville and Ron so I would never do that.”

“Then how come your hands were all over her girly parts?” Ron asked.

“It was an accident; I wasn’t even conscious when it happened.”

“Besides we had our night garments on,” Ginny huffed glaring at Ron for embarrassing her like this. Harry would never be with her if her brothers kept reacting like this.

“We just worry Ginny. We don’t want to see some guy take advantage of you even if he is like a brother to us.” Charlie said his ears turning red at the tips.

“You’re the baby Gin,” Fred laughed.

“We don’t want you to grow up too quickly,” George added.

“Actually I would prefer she never grow up at all,” Bill sighed.

“Well that is impossible I have to grow up,” she sighed crossing her arms over her chest. Her annoyance with her brothers apparent as her foot tapped on the wooden floor.

“We will work on our acceptance,” Charlie reasoned not wanting his volatile little sister to remain angry with them.

Hermione Granger rapped on the door startling the room full of Gryffindors. “Um, everyone. Dumbledore would like to see us; he is calling an emergency meeting.”

“What for?” Bill Weasley asked opening the door revealing the young witch all dressed for the day.

“Professor Snape just arrived, he says something terrible has happened.”

A feeling of dread gripped them all. Snape might have a flare for the dramatics but he was usually on the spot when something was wrong.

“We will get ready and meet you downstairs,” Harry said.

Hermione nodded her brown eyes glancing questioningly at Ginny Weasley before she slowly headed down the hall. The Weasley brothers stood around the room awkwardly looking blankly at one another.

Neville finally cleared his throat gaining their attention. “Guys I think that means you all need to go and get ready.”

They bumbled about for a moment as they scrambled for the door. Ginny clucked her tongue shaking her head at their retreating backs.

“When do you think Ron is going to realize that this is his room?” she asked.

“Probably when he gets to Fred and George’s room which should be any second now,” Harry laughed.

Seconds later Ron walked red faced into the room glaring at Ginny who smirked at him on her way out. Ron glared at Harry as he silently went about getting dressed.

“You are not still sore are you?”

Ron glared at him and continued to give him the silent treatment. Harry shook his head at his temperamental friend as he too got ready. It seemed as of late that Ron was angry with Harry more often than not. Their lives were always heading in different directions. Ron always wanted to have a piece of the spotlight that Harry was thrust into and all Harry wanted to do was hide and be left alone.

Neville shook his head as he watched the two wondering when the two were finally going to come to blows and get all of their issues on the table. It seemed to Neville that the issue of Ginny and Harry was going to be the starting point for a lot of problems Harry and Ron needed to deal with. He heard Harry heave one last miserable sigh before he left the room.

Ron scoffed at the closed door throwing down his night shirt with disgust. Neville looked at his dorm-mate waiting for the anger to blow out.

“Can you believe the nerve of him!” Ron growled finally his chest heaving in his anger.

Neville watched in awe as Ron paced the room like a corralled hippogriff. “He just practically fucked my sister next to me in the middle of the night and yet no one blew his cock off like they should have. It was obvious what they had been doing!”

Neville shook his head, “Ron you have it all wrong. I was awake last night I know they did nothing. Harry is your best mate he would never do that. Besides you shouldn’t underestimate your sister.”

“What is that supposed to mean?” Ron snarled.

“Ron, Ginny is a strong girl she isn’t going to let Harry get her into bed for a quick tumble like that.”

“She would,” Ron spat.

Neville shook his head at Ron a look of utter disbelief on his face. “If you think that Ron than you don’t know your sister or Harry at all,” Neville whispered. The teen gave Ron a sad glance before he left the room shaking his head.

Ron stood there in the middle of his room his chest heaving in anger. He knew he was right he just knew it in his gut. “Neville is right you know,” Hermione Granger hissed her fists shaking furiously as her eyes glistened with angry tears.

“Harry would never do that and neither would Ginny. I can’t believe you would say something like that Ronald!” She howled looking furiously sad.

Hermione shook her head at him trying not to cry. She had come upstairs to see what was taking him so long when she overheard him and Neville. Hermione had thought that Ron had grown out of his stubborn arrogance and she was distraught to find out how wrong she had been.

“You really are just like Malfoy, Ron.”

“We are nothing alike,” Ron growled.

Hermione stopped in the doorway her back rigid in her anger. “No you are right. At least Malfoy is loyal to his friends.”

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Re: Wishing Life Was A Movie (HP,XO,UC,Adult) Pt.29 p.16 8-23-09

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Hey guys thanks for the replies to the last part! Thanks...

Touch of the WInd

Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 30

Maria sat at her kitchen table pushing scraps of her mother’s homemade blueberry pie around her plate. Her head rested in her hand as she blew out a pained breath. She had been working with Estra Snape on her power and was having little success. Other than Liz it seemed as though Maria was the only one of their group who had yet to discover her ability.

Alex could influence emotions and dream suggestions. He had discovered the ability two years ago when he desperately wanted his mother to buy him a new computer. The poor guy had tried everything he could think of to get her to buy him the muggle invention but she resisted stubbornly. Alex finally willed himself to convince his mother anyway he could and that night he found himself in his mother’s dream bubble where he suggested she buy him a gaming Apple Computer. The next morning a very shaken Mrs. Whitman told her son she was buying him a computer.

Kyle had a more aggressive power involving mind manipulation or mindwarping. Maria would have loved to have the ability to make people see what she wanted them to but Kyle ended up with that power. It just didn’t seem fair that Kyle and Alex had their powers and she had none.

“Well blow me,” Flint’s voice startled Maria scrapping her fork across her plate.

She narrowed her eyes at him disgusted. “Excuse me?” she hissed.

Flint looked at her confused as he stood there in the doorway when it suddenly hit him what her problem was and he started laughing. “Sorry Maria, forgot about the language barrier there for a moment. I meant I am surprised to see you here.”

She did not look convinced as she looked at him threw shrew green eyes. “Then why say blow me?”

“It’s just an expression Maria no need to get your knickers in a twist.” Flint laughed. “Blow me as in blow me away.”

The apples of Maria’s cheeks reddened when she realized it was just an innocent expression on his part. “Speak English and we won’t have a problem.” She grumbled.

Flint shook his head at her rolling his eyes. “I was speaking English.”

He could tell she was in a sore mood so he let her snort go and instead scooted his chair closer to her. “So what is troubling you?”

Maria shook her head pushing her plate away. “It is stupid.”

“I will be the judge of that.”

She didn’t really want to tell Marcus that she was pouting in her kitchen on a beautiful day. It was a petty reason and she knew it. Verbalizing her anger would only solidify her baby status in the Slytherin’s eyes which was something she did not want.

“Come on Maria,” he goaded.

There was something in his eyes that finally broke her. Looking back she would realize it was his vulnerable trust in her that let her open up to him but at the time it seemed as if he had put a truth spell on her.

“I am the only one of my friends without a special power.”

Flint blinked at her trying hard not to laugh at her florin look. Maria never looked more like a child in that moment and Flint couldn’t help but think she looked cute. All Maria needed to do was stomp her feet and do some accidental magic and the scene would be complete.

“I see…”

Maria rolled her eyes in a huff. “Shut up I know I sound stupid but I hate it. Kyle and Alex have these amazing powers and I am like a dud.”

He shook his head at her grabbing her hands. “Maria from what Draco has told me Liz does not have a power either.”

She shook her head at him turning away from him. He just didn’t understand no one did. All her life her other three friends were better at everything. Liz was the brain, Alex the musical talent, and Kyle was athletic. Magic was one of the only areas Maria excelled and even then the others out preformed her. Just once she would like to have some power they didn’t.

“I am guessing that is not a comfort to you.” Flint chuckled uncomfortably.

“Not really. Liz is sort of the perfect child she really doesn’t need a power. Merlin, if that happened it would be the end of me.”

“You don’t need a special power Maria,” Flint sighed.

“Yes I do Marcus. They are all good at everything and I have nothing.”

Flint actually laughed at that incising her anger. He held up his hands laughing when he saw her going for her wand. “Whoa there Ria I am not laughing at you just what you said.”

“That is the same thing.” She hissed.

“No it isn’t. Maria I know for a fact the others are not perfect. Bloody hell Maria they would tell you that as well.”

Maria snorted at that, “Yeah okay good luck getting Parker to admit she is not perfect.”

Flint did not like what he was hearing. He was led to believe that Liz and Maria were the best of friends. If that were true Maria would not be as jealous and bitter towards her friend as she was.

Maria hissed rubbing her face shaking her head. “Sorry that was completely out of line and not right.” Maria sighed.

“I know my best friend is not perfect and she knows it too. Hell Liz has come crying to me numerous times about what she thinks is wrong with her. I am just throwing myself a pity party.”

Flint nodded reluctantly sensing there was something else going on but he let it go. “So where are your friends anyway?” he asked.

He saw Maria stiffen again and he knew he had accidentally stumbled onto something. Her head was bowed and her lower lip trembled slightly as she sat at her kitchen table. Maria looked one jolt away from a complete breakdown and Flint had no idea what had set her off.

“Kyle is at home with Tess.” She whispered.

“Then where are Alex and Liz?” he asked wincing when he heard her sniffle.

“They ah,” she sniffed rubbing at her eyes. “They are off in the desert going through their first death eater test.”

It all became clear to Flint when she said that. Maria was jealous that two of her best friends were going through the tests and she wasn’t. It also explained the questions Alex had been asking him yesterday.

“That is no reason to be upset Ria. You should be happy for them it is a proud day for them. It’s not as though you are not going to go through the trials as well.”

Maria scoffed and shook her head looking disheartened. She wanted to believe that she truly did but she wasn’t about to let her hopes get the best of her.

“I don’t know if I am good enough.” She whispered glumly.

Her green eyes were sad and begging him for comfort. Flint patted her hands uncomfortably not used to such open displays of sadness. He was a Slytherin and Slytherins did not show strong emotions; emotions were a weakness that could be used against you. Marcus Flint had seen his sister cry on occasion but she would usually pull herself together; Maria did not appear to be pulling herself together anytime soon. It was as though she wanted Marcus to fix her but he had no idea how to do that.

“Have you been asked to take the tests yet?” Flint asked.

“No,” she whispered. “All the others have been asked but me.”

“But Draco made it sound as though you had been asked.”

Maria shrugged looking away from him. “I kind of let Liz believe I had been asked. It is kind of embarrassing listening to your friends talk about their upcoming trials knowing you haven’t even been asked.”

Flint actually did laugh that time, loudly. Maria glared at him wanting to demand to know what was so funny but she bit her tongue.

“Maria how old are you?” Flint asked.

“Sixteen.” She sighed.

“And how old are the other three?” he asked.


“Maria the reason they were asked and you weren’t is because they are of age. Your family is just coming back into the magical world Voldemort has to be careful with the four of you. If the Ministry found out you were practicing underage wizardry it would cause a lot of questions. He has to wait until you are of age it is not like in the old days when younger students could be asked.”

Her mouth dropped open as she stared at him. She had clearly never thought of that. It was as if a hot balloon burst inside of her as warmth spread through her body. Maria smiled for what felt like the first time in days knowing she had not been slighted by the Dark Lord because she was not good enough but because she was not old enough to go through the trials.

“Now you are better?” he asked and she nodded bouncing in her seat.

“Good I don’t think I could handle a chit crying.”

*****Evans House*****

Alex stumbled up the Evans walkway after apparating to the familiar house. He couldn’t wait to tell Isabel he had passed the first test. His fist was about to hit the door when it swung open revealing a strained looking Max.

The amber eyed king stared at Alex an unknown emotion swimming in his eyes as he motioned Alex silently inside. Alex could not help but stare at Max. There was something different about Liz’s ex as he gestured for Alex to head upstairs.

Alex slowly made his way up the stairs glancing back down towards the den every step or so to see Max sitting on the loveseat staring blankly at the wall. The wizard shook his head trying to shake away the annoying questions that buzzed through his head as he made his way towards Isabel’s room. He could hear soft pop music coming from her room as he rapped softly on the closed door.

His goddess appeared at the door eagerly a large smile on her golden face as her eyes roamed over him looking for damage. Isabel grinned when she saw her boyfriend was no worse for the wear as she dragged him into her room. Alex allowed Isabel to guide him over to the edge of her bed as she sat down next to him grabbing his hands between her own.

“So?” she asked eagerly. He could feel the nervous energy radiating off the blonde bombshell. Isabel had always been easy for him to read emotionally.

“I passed the first test.” He grinned lying back on her bed dragging her squealing form with him.

“It was hard and scary as hell but Liz and I got through it.”

“Were either of you hurt?” Isabel asked leaning over him. He could tell that she wanted to move his clothing around and check for herself but she was afraid of what she might find.

“Just a few cuts and bruises. Liz has it worse though she has scrapes on her neck and she almost drowned so she is a little worse for the wear.”

“She almost drowned!” Isabel screamed.

Alex winced at her volume feeling terrible that he had worried her. “She got out of trouble though and the two of us made it back in one piece. That is a rarity apparently.”

Isabel shook her head at him. So many angry words wanted to bubble out of her mouth but she firmly bit her tongue. She could not believe he went through the test knowing how dangerous it was. Isabel was a firm believer in running away from danger not running towards it willingly.

Alex sighed rubbing her arm trying to calm her raging emotions. She was having a hard time choosing between being furious with him and terrified for him. “Shh, Isabel I am alright,” he whispered kissing her forehead.

She sighed snuggling closer to him as she lifted her legs onto the bed. “Alex it sounds like becoming a death eater is a dangerous job. Are you sure that this is what you want?”

“Almost as much as I want you Isabel,” he whispered.

“I grew up with my mom and dad telling me glory stories of the death eaters and how it is an honor to become one. It is sort of like your parents telling you how wonderful it is to be a lawyer and you become one. It feels good to make your parents proud and do something you have been dreaming of since you were a child.”

Isabel nodded blowing out a deep breath. “I know that this is important to you Alex I just worry. This is all so new to me I am still trying to understand the politics of your world.”

“Again Iz, as long as I have you I am happy.” He whispered.