Wishing Life Was A Movie (HP,XO,UC,Adult) [WIP]

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Re: Wishing Life Was A Movie (HP,XO,UC,Adult) Pt.30 p.17 9-7-09

Post by Ansleyrocks » Sun Sep 20, 2009 4:55 pm

Hey guys thanks for the replies to the last part! Thanks...


Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 31

Draco was anxious for Liz to return to him. He knew she had survived the first test when he felt a burst of satisfaction coming from the Dark Lord. Liz and Alex had obviously done something to deeply please the hard to appease Dark Lord.

His mother fussed about the room asking if he needed another cooling spell. He was still not happy that his mother had to worry over him while Liz was away. Draco felt foolish for acting like such a baby just because his arm felt as though it was going to fall off.

“Draco darling please,” his mother sighed.

“Oh alright,” he sighed sticking out his arm for his mother.

In public his mother would never worry over him in such a manner it was very unflattering and a weakness. Pureblood wizards had to appear cold and uncaring to the public even amongst their own kind. Showing too much affection to children was seen as a weakness of mudbloods who needed to be coddled. It was considered a great embarrassment to be fussed over by a mother when you are over six.

“What is it Draco I can sense a change in you?” His mother asked as she tapped her wand against his arm.

“Liz passed,” he sighed looking thoroughly relieved.

Narcissa smirked at her son and nodded. She too sensed the Dark Lord’s satisfaction as well as that of her husband. It was a rare connection she had to her husband but a handy one at that. During a pureblood marriage the husband and wife must slice their hands and exchange blood in a form of the unbreakable vow which allowed the spouses to know where the other was at all times and what they were feeling. Many times in their service of the Dark Lord that connection saved Narcissa from many sleepless nights.

“You never doubted that she would though.”

“No, never. She is far too determined to fail.”

Lady Malfoy sighed a deliciously cunning smile on her face. “Once those four pass their tests there will be no stopping the Dark Lord. He will unlock all of your powers.”

Draco smirked at his mother knowing exactly what she was thinking. The dark mark was a link to the Dark Lord a link that allowed him to have free access to all of his followers. It was this special access that allowed his loyal death eaters to unlock their full potential with his help.

“Mum when will the bloody mark stop hurting?” he ground out looking at the offensive black stain on his arm.

Narcissa gave her son a rueful grin. “It will stop hurting in a few days. After awhile it will only hurt this badly when you are first called or when the Dark Lord is angry.”

“So it will always hurt?” he groaned.

Narcissa laughed at her son’s sullen look. “No Draco it will not always hurt. After awhile you get used to the pain and it becomes a background annoyance.”

“That is not very comforting mother.”

“It is the truth my Draco.”

Narcissa was saved from one of her son’s groaning sessions when Liz burst into her bedroom. The poor girl looked tired and dirty but there was no hiding her pleased glow. Draco sat up instantly grinning at her as the small brunette pulled him into a careful hug.

Narcissa could not hide her smile when she saw how happy her only son was. He looked at peace with Liz beside him. Her son who had always been a high-strung young man but with Liz Parker in his arms he looked at ease. The young woman was good for her son and Narcissa knew her son was in good hands.

Draco pulled back and his grey eyes roamed over her small frame. His eyes narrowed when he saw the bruises forming on her neck and shoulders and the scrapes his girlfriend bared. He tried to mind his temper when he saw her battered state but the burning in his stomach was winning out.

“Bloody hell Liz!”

“Language Draco,” his mother scolded.

Draco shot his mother an annoyed look before he turned his worried eyes onto his girlfriend. “Look at you what happened?” he asked running a careful finger over her sore neck.

Liz winced when he brushed against a painful spot on her shoulder. “It is nothing.”

His cold glare silenced any further protests from her. She could feel his temper rising and a sickening knot developed in her stomach. Liz knew her boyfriend had a temper Lucius had warned her about it. She was afraid that she was now going to be on the receiving end of that temper.

“Liz, what. Happened?” he ground out. “And don’t lie I have already gone through the trials.”

“The vampires got me and dragged me under water I got out though.” Liz quickly answered.

“That wasn’t water Liz,” Narcissa snickered but stopped when her son turned his angry glare on her.

Sometimes her son reminded her too much of his father. They both had terrible tempers. Her only comfort was that neither of them was physically abusive…anymore. When she and Lucius had first been married he had been acting on his father’s example and hit her when he was displeased with something she said. The Dark Lord quickly tortured that habit out of Lucius. The temper still remained but at least Narcissa did not have to fear the physical repercussions.

“I know it was blood.” Liz whispered trying not to anger Draco any further.

Narcissa did not understand why her son was angry with Liz. She was not at fault for getting hurt and yet her son seemed to be angry. As she watched her son angrily twitch in front of his girlfriend Narcissa had the sinking feeling her son was very much like his father.

Draco turned to his mother and shot her a look. Narcissa knew that look all too well and quickly scurried away to go and find her husband. She shot a supportive look at the young girl and rushed away before her son blew.

Nancy looked up when she saw her old school friend rush out of her daughter Liz’s room. The redheaded woman raised an eyebrow at her blonde friend who looked fearfully at the closed door. Nancy could sense a silencing spell surrounding the room and her eyes narrowed.

“What is going on in there?” Nancy asked as Narcissa inched her way towards the door.

“Draco is a little upset that Liz got hurt.”

Nancy knew the look on her friend’s face. It was the same anxious look Cissy had when they were at Hogwarts when Lucius would return to the common room angry. Nancy jumped to her feet a murderous look on her face.

“You left my daughter alone in there with him!” she roared heading towards Liz’s room.

Narcissa hurried after her friend. “Nancy he won’t hurt her I promise. He knows what the Dark Lord would do to him, what his father would do to him.”

Nancy did not look convinced. She banged on the door ignoring Narcissa’s cringe. Nancy growled when she realized no one was going to answer the door on the other side.

The redhead turned her fiery eyes onto her friend. “You best hope he doesn’t touch her Narcissa Gemini Black or by Salazar I will curse you and your son into oblivion.”

“What is going on here?” a familiar silky voice drawled from the front room of the Parker home.

Narcissa braced herself as her husband and Jeff Parker came towards the two women. Jeff cautiously moved to stand next to his wife who was visibly shaking in her anger. Narcissa held her own as her husband eyed the closed door wearily.

“It seems Draco is angry.” Nancy spat.

Lucius’s cold eyes narrowed at that. He twisted the head of his cane revealing his wand. Jeff stiffened as he watched his old friend twirl the black thin wand between his fingers. In a movement so swift the other three almost missed it Lucius blasted Liz’s door away before he reattached his wand to his cane.

The elder Malfoy straightened his black robes before he stepped into the room. Narcissa and Nancy stuck their heads in nervously and gasped. Lucius turned to the two women and sneered. “Well they are not fighting anymore.”

Nancy closed her eyes shaking her head trying to dispel the image burned into her eyes. It seems that Draco and Liz had decided that fighting was not productive and a tumble in the sack was the better option. The two teens stared wide eyed at their parents who stood in the doorway unmoving.

“Father,” Draco greeted uncomfortably as he tried to keep Liz as covered as possible.

“Your mothers thought you were fighting.” Lucius said unmoved by the sight of the embarrassed teens before him.

“I wouldn’t call it fighting,” Draco said making Liz groan her embarrassment reaching an all new height.

“So I see,” Lucius sighed. “Very well carry on.”

Lucius moved the women and Jeff out of the room casting a spell to fix the door; wooden shards reforming the blasted door. Narcissa was stunned as she entered the kitchen with a shocked Nancy. She had been so sure her son was going to release his anger on the young Parker girl.

“Oh that was an image I could have done without,” Jeff Parker groaned rubbing his eyes.

Lucius eyed his wife wearily. He wanted answers but he was not sure he wanted them in front of other people even if they were close friends. Deciding that he didn’t have the patience to wait Lucius turned to his wife ready for an explanation.


“When Liz came back hurt Draco was angry.” She said in a calm voice. Narcissa knew from experience that acting excitable was not the way to deal with her husband.


“He looked very angry.” She amended trying to get him to understand without her having to actually say the words.

A spark of understanding flashed in his grey eyes before he covered his emotions. “I see,” he hummed.

Jeff and Nancy looked between the husband and wife knowing that they were having a silent conversation. It was something that couples developed after long years of fighting in the trenches of marriage together. Their service to the Dark Lord only strengthened the skill.

Nancy watched her friends closely picking up on the subtle tick in Lucius’s jaw. It was a tell she was all too familiar with. He was upset and hurt but he would never show any other outward display of negative emotion.

Jeff studied his friends through narrowed eyes. He would normally let them have their silent spat but it involved his daughter and he did not want to wait around for answers.

“Start talking all of you,” he ground out in a deadly hiss.

Nancy chanced a look at Narcissa who subtly fluttered her lashes. It was a trick they had started in school for when the heads of the other houses would question all of the Slytherin students about the latest attacks on the other students. A twitch of the nose meant don’t tell, curling your lip meant only give a little and batting your eyelashes meant squeal like a pig.

The redheaded woman turned to her husband anxiously. “Narcissa thought Draco was going to have a fit to rival Lucius’s.”

Lucius sniffed offended by the accusation even if he knew it was true. “I have much more control over my temper,” he ground out.

Narcissa patted her husband’s arm mockingly. “Whatever you say darling.”

Lucius huffed pulling himself up straighter. “I have not destroyed something in months.”

Jeff felt a headache coming on as he stood before his wife and friends. Part of him wanted to hex Narcissa for leaving his daughter alone with Draco but another part of him also understood. He has known Lucius all his life and Jeff knew just how volatile the blonde was. If Draco was anything like his father then the more people around him when he was angry the worse the damage was. It was as though the Malfoy’s fed off the energy of others; the more people that were around the more the energy poured into them and the worse their anger became.

Lucius looked uncomfortable as Nancy and Jeff stole glances at him out of the corners of their eyes. If there was anyone besides the Dark Lord who could make him feel terrible about his temper it was Jeff Parker. His old friend had a temper but unlike Lucius, Jeff was never physically violent with his wife.

Lucius cleared his throat as Liz and Draco joined them in the main room. “While Draco might have my temper he does not have my inclination for physical violence,” Lucius said.

Draco shifted nervously beside Luz. He did not like talking about his father’s abuse of his mother in front of others. Liz was lucky in that she never had to deal with the after effects of a violent parent. The abuse stopped before Draco was born but he still remembers his mother flinching every time his father came into the room.

Liz grabbed his hand sensing his growing discomfort. “You don’t have to worry about Draco’s temper,” she giggled. “He knows how to channel it productively.”

Draco chuckled uncomfortably as his father raised an amused eyebrow. “What can I say she pulled a pout and I couldn’t resist.”

Lucius looked to his wife and a rare smile tugged at his lips. “I know what you mean.”

*****Order Headquarters*****

The Order sat around the conference room waiting for Dumbledore to begin the meeting. Everyone could sense something was wrong as Snape paced the front of the room behind the headmaster. He looked ill and kept stealing glances out the windows his hands touching his wand holster every moment or so.

“What do you think has Snape so worried?” Hermione asked Harry softly.

The green eyed wizard looked closely at the bat like man. It took a great deal to unsettle the death eater spy. Seeing the frightening man spooked did not sit well with the-boy-who-lived.

“I don’t know,” Harry whispered. “Whatever it is though, it can’t be good.”

Dumbledore cleared his throat gaining the attention of the room. “As you all know Severus has had to slip away many times throughout our stay here in Roswell but it seems that this last time something terrible has happened.”

“Have you been uncovered?” Tonks asked.

“No,” Snape hissed.

Dumbledore shot the two a disappointed look for interrupting his introduction sending them back to their corners. “As I was saying…Severus please enlighten us as to what has transpired.”

The glowering man glared at the headmaster before he pushed off the wall sneering at the room. His voice was barely a whisper as he spoke but they all heard him very clearly. “Elizabeth Parker and Alexander Whitman have started the death eater trials.”

Harry and his friends froze in their seats. Several eyes around the room glanced at Harry worriedly wondering how the news of his cousin joining his enemy willingly was affecting him. The young Potter male tried valiantly to control his face to not let on how terrible and alone he was suddenly feeling.

Thousands of questions flared in his bright mind, but there was one that kept coming back to him the most. How was it that his father’s sister could so easily join the man that killed her brother. It seemed odd to Harry that such a person existed. Sirius his godfather shifted in his seat next to him and a sinking feeling pulled at his stomach. The same thing happened to Sirius. His brother and family held different ideals and blasted him off the family tree for it.

Harry tuned out the rest of what Snape was saying as new plans formed in his young mind. He still wanted to contact Liz now more so than ever. There was still a chance he could have a relationship with his cousin and he now knew he needed to move quickly.

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Re: Wishing Life Was A Movie (HP,XO,UC,Adult) A/N Pg.17 10-18-09

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Hey guys here is the next part as promised! Please let me know what you think!

Part 32

Michael could tell something was wrong the moment Max knocked on his door. It was as though the former general could feel his king’s emotions as though they were his own. Michael swung open his door and was met with the sight of a disheveled Max.

“What the hell happened to you?” Michael laughed as he motioned Max inside.

Max shook his head as if to dispel something from his head. “A living nightmare is what happened.”

Michael whipped towards his friend looking worried. Something terrible had to have happened to make Max look as though the world was ending. “What?”

Max looked at his best friend a sour look on his face. “Do you have any idea how wrong it is to hear your sister and her boyfriend going at it?”

It took Michael a moment to process what Max had said and when he finally did the stone wall broke down laughing. Here he had thought something terrible had happened to his friend only to find out Isabel and Alex had been getting their freak on and Max had the unfortunate luck of hearing them.

Max glared at his unsympathetic friend. It was not too long ago that Michael would have slaughtered Alex for even looking at Isabel let alone screwing her. Max shook his head sitting down dejectedly.

“Why so glum Maxwell you should be happy.”

Max scoffed at him seriously wondering if one of those freak witches put a spell on his friend without their knowing. This was not typical Michael behavior. He was supposed to be glowering and imposing and full of bile and hate. The Michael sitting before him looked happy and content which had to be a first.

“I would be happier if everything wasn’t changing so quickly around us. It feels like when I am just starting to come to grips with the latest hurdle thrown at us another one appears.”

Michael shook his head at his friend a smirk on his face. “I get the feeling that some of this is coming from your obsession with Liz Parker and the fact that she suddenly has a new boyfriend.”

Max glared at his friend but did not deny his claim. “Get over it Max that is all I can tell you. Liz is a nice girl and can pick out her own friends. She seems happy with this Draco guy. If you really loved Liz as much as you claim to you should be happy that she is happy even if it is not with you.” Michael said slapping Max on the back before he left room.

The amber eyed teen shook his head a wry grin pulling at his lips. He didn’t know what the hell happened to Michael but he was not about to complain when his friend showed signs of finally growing up. Max knew it made him a hypocrite to wish for that when he clearly was still acting like a child.

Seeing Liz with Draco was hard but he could not deny that there was this strange happy light about her whenever she was near him. It was as if she were truly happy and carefree for the first time whenever she was with the annoying blonde. Liz was happy with the blonde wizard and Max knew that if he wanted to keep Liz in his life he was going to have to start accepting the blonde freak.

“Who the hell am I to call him a freak,” Max muttered running a hand through his shaggy brown locks.

A vindictive duo walked the streets of Roswell that night. There was a half crazed look about them as they eyed the quaint muggle homes that lined the streets. Soft lights flickered from the windows of some of the homes amusing the women who snickered at the oddity of ‘electricity’.

The older of the two walked with a strange swagger almost a jerking motion as she walked. Her hair was a mess of black hair atop her pale head as her dark eyes rimmed with purple and black bruises took in her strange surroundings.

The other woman was taller and looked less weathered than the other. Her small pale nose was delicately up turned and she had a haughty air about her. There was no denying that the two women were sisters as they sniffed disdainfully at anything overtly muggle on the street.

At the end of the block the two women stopped in front of a beautiful two story home that was modeled to look like a Spanish hacienda. The blonde woman pulled out a long wooden stick and flicked it at the street lamps which slowly flickered out leaving them in the dark.

“So this is the address Kyle gave us?” the dark haired woman asked as she spun a stick similar to that of the blonde woman in her dark hair.

“Yes Bella this is it. From the look of it the girl is here.”

Bellatrix grinned, a nasty cackle leaving her as she stared up at the second floor window that looked out at the street a faint light shinning out from it.

Narcissa Malfoy pointed her ten inch yew wand at the front door casting a silent unlocking charm on the door grinning darkly at her sister when she heard the soft clicks of the locks. Bellatrix pushed past her baby sister and moved into the muggle house.

Narcissa pulled a face the moment she entered the house. Bella kicked a pair of trainers out of the way her lip curled over her teeth in disgust. “Filthy muggles,” she grumbled.

Her sister nodded in agreement motioning towards the stairs before them. They could sense that the girl was not alone; her parents were asleep safely in their room blissfully unaware of the danger in their home.

The Black sisters moved silently up the stairs sniffing disdainfully at the dust covering visible surfaces. Even the Weasley family had enough sense to clean their overly taxed home. A soft yellow locator spell glowed in front of the two women pointing towards the door on the right with a soft light seeping out from under the door.

Bellatrix froze when she heard several voices coming from inside the girl’s room. “I thought she was alone?”

Narcissa smirked at her sister’s bewildered look. “It is a muggle invention the girl is listening to. Draco called it a tally.”

Bella nodded at her sister her wand still raised threateningly at the door. “What does that do?”

“It is a moving picture but longer and it speaks to you.” Narcissa said happy that she remembered what her son had told her after one of his Slytherin friends made him sit through a muggle lecture.

“So no one else is in there with her?”

“No,” Narcissa said shivering when a cruel smile came over her sister.

There were moments when even Narcissa could not hide her lingering fear of her sister. When they were children Bella had been a vindictive little chit. Andy their other sister had constant night terrors from all the horrid antics Bella put them through. Narcissa had developed a thick skin but there were still times when that cruel smile would come over her sister when Narcissa could not fight the fear away.

Bellatrix charmed the door silently open casting a silencing spell on the parents’ room as she entered the daughter’s room. The young girl on the bed looked up when the light changed in her room.

Brown eyes took in the sight of the well put together blonde woman and the disaster of a brunette standing next to her. She rolled off the bed putting as much distance between her and the strange women as possible unable to articulate her fear of the sudden invasion of her room.

“This her Cissy?” Bellatrix asked walking closer to the girl. “Is this Pam Troy?”

Pam cringed at the raspy voice of the woman. There was something unnatural about these women as the odd sticks in their hands did nothing but increase her unease.

“I’m Pam, who the hell are you?”

Bella cackled at the girl’s attempt at bravery. Her crooked ebony wand pointed at the girl a purple spell hurtling towards her hitting her square in the chest. Pam crumpled to the ground as thousands of fists slammed into her body the darkness claiming her quickly.

Bella turned to her younger sister a smirk on her pale face. “Collect the girl Cissy”

The muggle girl rose into the air as if she were a doll and strings were attached to her. The sight amused Narcissa endlessly as she tried to ignore the soft voice in the back of her head that still tried to tell her what she was doing was wrong. She had learned long ago to ignore the voice that the voice was not always telling her what was best for her. The voice was just her subconscious misguided attempt at doing what was right.

They needed the muggle girl for something special. Liz was to begin the next phase of her training tomorrow and they needed the muggle for the tests.

Narcissa knew that Liz was going to have a terrible time with the next three tests. Draco had done well with the first test but it was on the second that her son began to falter, they all did.

The next phase of tests was proving to the Dark Lord that you could perform the unforgiveable curses. Not everyone was powerful enough to even cast a simple Imperio and if the person could not do that they had no business in the ranks. The Killing Curse was the bread and butter of their war. The only way to get true results was to kill.

Liz would have a hard time. Draco was sick after the torture curse but he eventually performed all three without batting an eye. A normal mother would have been horrified by her son’s callous behavior but Narcissa was proud. Her son was able to suck up the boy left in himself and do what he had to do to survive.

None of them truly wanted to be Death Eaters but they knew that if they were going to survive they had to join the Dark Lord’s cause. Their pureblood way of life was dissolving before their eyes as more and more muggle born witches and wizards changed the laws and practices that had existed perfectly for thousands of years. They might not all love the Dark Lord’s methods but there was no denying the results. The purebloods were respected once more and slowly but surely they would be in power again.

Pam Troy’s body bobbed along as the sister’s walked down the dark streets of Roswell. They were to take the girl to the UFO museum across the street from the Parker establishment. It was an old shelter of some sort and was easily protected.

Tomorrow would be an interesting day for Liz. Narcissa knew the girl would do well. Liz was not weak like the Woodsworth girl.

Narcissa smirked grimly at Pam Troy’s floating form. She would be dead in less than three days.

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Re: Wishing Life Was A Movie (HP,XO,UC,Adult)Pt. 32 p.18 11-1-09

Post by Ansleyrocks » Mon Dec 21, 2009 3:39 pm

Hey everyone I am very sorry about the wait on this part. School this semester was hard and took up all my time. Now that it is over I am going to try and get back on track with writing so please stick with me!

Part 33

She felt cold and stiff as she lay on the hard rock floor. The dampness of the dark room with an eerie green glow left her uncomfortable. No matter what she did she could not move. She had spent what felt like hours trying to wiggle her toes, blink her eyes, or even move her tongue. Nothing ever happened; it was as though she were frozen in place.

Something bumped her on the floor. It moved against her cold and hard feeling more and more like leathery skin the longer it brushed against her. Growing up in the desert Pam knew what it was, a snake, and one that had obviously been out of the sun for a long time.

“Come Nagini,” A voice hissed in the green darkness.

Pam felt the snake slither away from her its lethal body scraping against the stone floor. The snake felt and sounded big, bigger than any other snake she had encountered in New Mexico and Arizona.

“Tell me Lucius will the Parker girl and Whitman boy pass the tests set before them?” the disembodied voice hissed.

“I have no doubt they will succeed my Lord,” an oily voice replied.

Pam wanted to snort at the obvious ass kissing but she was unable to move. She could hear the two men discussing some test as her thoughts screamed in her head. Whitman and Parker she should have known. Her chest burned at the thought that little goody two-shoes Parker had anything to do with this. Part of her wanted to deny that the girl had the stones to even so much as look at her let alone kidnap a person but there was another part of her reminding Pam of that funny feeling she always had around Liz and her friends.

Ever since she first met Liz Parker, Pam knew that there was something off with the girl and her three little sidekicks. After a few years she eventually warmed up to Kyle but the other three she always remained fearful of. There was something that burned in Liz Parker’s dark eyes, something dangerous that warned Pam not to push the girl too far. Sure she belittled the girl and spread lies about her but she knew not to physically approach the girl like she so often did to those who got in her way.

“Liz will enjoy this immensely. My wife tells me that this girl has caused Liz a few problems over the years.”

Pam wanted to scream when his face suddenly appeared over hers his long blonde hair framing his vicious handsome face. He looked down on her as though she were a bug, something to be squashed. He sneered at her before a boot connected with her immobile side. She wanted to scream out in pain as tears welling in her eyes but her voice would not work and her mouth would not move.

As Pam lay there she desperately wondered what was happening to her. She wanted to know what Liz Parker and Alex Whitman had to do with her kidnapping and she wanted to know when it was going to end.

****CrashDown Café****

Liz sat at the kitchen table in her family apartment rubbing her forehead desperately hoping the headache would cease. Amy had already given her a headache potion but it was not helping her one bit. It felt as if someone were pressing against her eyes, squeezing slowly. Her entire skull felt as if someone was drilling holes into her. It felt as though she was about to receive a vision.

She had always been prone to glimpses of the future as all Parker women were. Her grandmother Claudia Parker was a gifted seer favored by the Dark Lord Voldemort and before him Grindelwald. Before Liz had been healed by Max she only received the stray vision every so many weeks and they were always vague and easily changed. Now it was as though her ability had been amplified. All she had to do now was touch the wrong object and her mind would show her an important moment in the past or future.

It was always the past that frustrated her. She could not change the past. The images of Nicholas rummaging around her room had infuriated her. He was a vile little thing and knowing that he had crept around her room sickened her. All she wanted was a good five minutes alone with the little Skin to introduce him to a few of the Parker family hexes her father had passed on to her.

Her breathing hitched as her sight suddenly shifted and she was taken away from Roswell to an unknown place.

The air felt stale and thick around her as strange creatures scurried before her. This vision was unlike her usual visions. She could tell by the pull in her forehead that she was not seeing the past or the future. It was as though she were looking through someone’s eyes in the here and now.

“My Lord the drives can be modified a fraction. By rerouting the main cooling system to the air support we should be able to increase power to the drives and cut off time.”

Liz could feel a sick sense of pleasure run through her. A deep rumbling laugh escaped her.

“Good,” she chuckled “The sooner we get to Earth the quicker I can get a hold of the destroyers and finally kill Tom Riddle.”

The air rushed from her lungs as she returned to the café. Her eyes felt as though someone had been pressing their thumbs against them pushing her eyes deep into her skull. It was a nauseating feeling as her head bowed towards the counter.

Severus Snape looked up from the Daily Prophet that the Americans published. He saw the pain flash over the small girl’s face. It was obvious to the potions master that she was trying with Gryffindor like strength to force the pain away but that was clearly not working. Her small hands shook as she rubbed her forehead and face. Snape froze when he saw her small hands move away from her eyes covered in a thick red substance.

“Bloody hell,” he cursed as he bolted from his booth over to the counter garnering the attention of others in the Parker café.

“Snape?” one of the Lestrange brothers called as the sly Slytherin grabbed the Parker girl and pulled her face up.

“Avery get my potions bag from the back room now!” Snape barked as the occupants of the café caught their first glimpse of Liz’s face.

Bloody streams ran down Liz’s tan face looking like some sick version of tear tracks. Greg Goyle shivered at the sight. The boy had seen some terrible things growing up in the home of a death eater but never had he seen someone’s eyes bleed like that. Liz’s eyes were rimmed red and the normally white shinning eyes were bloodshot and oozing; it was enough to make even his stomach turn.

Avery returned with the shrunken back that was quickly resized. Snape pulled out a small blue potion and forced Liz’s mouth open. “Swallow,” he barked and the girl complied.

“Any potion allergies?” Avery asked quietly while Snape mentally kicked himself for not asking the Parker girl that question. He was so used to forcing a potion down a person’s throat and dealing with the damage later.

“None,” Liz corked her head lolling again.

It was apparent to all in the café that something was seriously wrong with the girl as she drank the potions listlessly. Several had left the café to fetch the Parkers and Bethany Borke a healer in the death eater camps.

No one knew what to make of the sudden problem. They were unsure if the girl had suddenly been cursed without their knowing, which unnerved the death eaters further. She had been fine moments ago and suddenly Liz was crying blood.

“Sir, perhaps you should check her mouth to make sure there is no blood there as well.” Crabbe grunted.

Snape did have to admit the boy was much cleverer than he let on as he motioned for Liz to open her mouth. The potions master sighed happy that there was no blood.

“What about your nose and ears Ms. Parker any blood there?” Snape asked as he visually scanned the witch.

“No sir it is just my eyes. This is the first time my visions have done this.”

Severus Snape had to use all of his training as a spy not to gap at the girl. He knew that the Parker women tended to have the gift of the inner eye but he had assumed that Liz was an exception.

“What did you see?” the slippery voice of Mcnair senior asked.

“An excellent question,” The voice of Jeff Parker startled several of the death eaters.

Mcnair quickly shrank back away from Liz and Snape. The original death eaters were all intimately familiar with Jeff Parker and his rather vicious temper. The same icy look that they were all too familiar with was present on the father’s face.

“It was different than the others daddy.”

“How so?” Jeff asked transfiguring two napkins into a dictation quill and parchment.

Liz took the cloth from Snape and dabbed her eyes as she tried to remember the strange vision. “Normally my visions are impressions. They have this blurred quality and the pressure is usually more in the center of my head. Today it was in my forehead and eyes. Instead of watching a film I was actually in the vision.”

“Film?” Snape asked knowing he had heard the term before but he was drawing a blank on the actual meaning.

“Muggle moving picture,” Goyle grunted.

“Right, only this time I was someone in the vision. My voice was masculine and I felt almost inhuman.”

“What did you see?” Jeff asked.

“I am not sure what I saw. All I remember clearly is that someone is coming and a lot sooner than anticipated and someone named Tom Riddle.”

The older death eaters cringed at the name. Jeff remembered his father and mother talking constantly about their classmate Tom who appeared to be a charming prince to the other houses but was a dark lord in the making. Only the inner circle knew that the Dark Lord Voldemort was really Tom Riddle the heir of Slytherin.

Snape glanced wearily at Liz before he turned to her father. “Shall we try a memory potion to see if she can recall the vision with more clarity?”

Jeff looked down at his bleeding daughter and saw that she was willing to try. “Alright a memory potion can be administered, but a weak one.” Jeff warned. “Nothing like what you have been giving them to retrieve their other memories.”

Snape rolled his eyes at the man as if to say ‘obviously’. “Oh,” Jeff said giving the potions master pause. “And not a word of this to Nancy.”

****Whitman Residence****

Draco Malfoy was having a bad day. It seems Pansy had suddenly decided that she did not want to be his ex any longer and wanted to give their sham of a relationship another try. The blonde Slytherin was reduced to hiding out in Alex’s kitchen to get away from the pug faced girl.

“She just simpers on Alex,” Draco groaned as Alex pushed the bottle of firewhiskey towards him.

“You were the one that dated her. Besides now you know how Liz feels whenever Max comes around like a little puppy dog.”

Draco glared at his friend. Alex just laughed and poured Draco another three fingers of the flaming whiskey.

“Liz is going to murder me when she finds out Pansy accosted me in the street,” Draco groaned.

“Well at least she didn’t witness this boyfriend getting mauled by another woman,” Alex grumbled.

Draco sneered at his friend slamming back the glass. It took all his willpower not to cry when the flames licked him all the way down to his stomach where they burned painfully for a moment and then went out.

“So you think she is going to chuck me don’t you?”

Alex snorted into his glass rolling his eyes at his friend. “Not likely especially if you fess up to it before someone else tells her. Your disgust is obvious so there will be no residual doubt in her mind that you wanted it.”

“Let me guess there was doubt with the king.”

“Big time. Liz knew that there was some strange pull between Max and Tess but Max kept denying it even when a communication from his birth mother told him about the connection Max tried to deny it.

I think Liz would have been happier if he just admitted that there was something there and left it at that.”

“She does value honesty,” Draco agreed.

“That means you should probably go and find Liz now and tell her before someone else does.”

“I know,” Draco sneered, his head slowly descending towards the table top.

“That means you should go now.”

“Well I would Whitman but I am finding it a little hard to move at the moment.” Draco said fighting hard to not slur his words.

Alex gaped at the blonde and then at the bottle and his own glass. It suddenly hit Alex then just how much Draco had to drink. “Damn Malfoy that was over half the bottle.”

“I hate you,” Draco groaned his words muffled by the table.

Alex felt guilty as he watched Draco’s alcohol consumption catch up to him after all he was the one pouring the drinks for the blonde. “Does your father have any sobriety potions?” Draco asked dully.

“Slytherin house always has a stock of them especially during game season.”

“From what my dad says, Slytherin was the party house back in the day. From what the old folks are saying you lot are rather tame.”

Draco snorted against the table too far gone to be embarrassed by the undignified sound. “I don’t doubt that. The way father talks, there was always a party in Slytherin. He claims to have spent most of fourth year hung over, not even a potion could help him.”

“Snape was too young to brew one then is more like it,” Alex laughed reminding the blonde that the potions genius was a year younger than his father.

Alex shook his head at Draco as he continued to lay there. “Draco Malfoy today is your lucky day,” Alex sighed.

“Oh really why?” the blonde asked suspiciously.

Alex rolled his eyes at the mistrust in Draco’s blurry eyes. It was at times like this when he was glad that he was never actually sorted into Slytherin house at Hogwarts, he was sure that if he had been sorted he would be just as weary as Draco. Snakes were known to take advantage of others in their weakened state.

“Relax Malfoy. You’re in luck because my father is in fact a Slytherin and when he, Jeff and Jim go out once a month they tend to drink way too much.” Alex said getting up and heading over to the pantry or what was supposed to be the pantry. Instead it was a small potions lab with a cabinet of premade potions ready to use.

Alex grabbed a small green potion in an unbreakable vile. Draco sighed happily when he saw the potion, a potion he was all too familiar with from school. “A hangover potion.”

Alex nodded handing Draco the potion. “Thanks Whitman,” Draco grumbled downing the potion.

“No thanks needed I was doing it for my own benefit, you tend to whine when you are drunk.”

Draco sneered at the cheeky grin on Alex’s face. “Jerk,” he hissed.

****Across Roswell at Order Headquarters****

Sirius watched his godson out in the backyard with his friends. The boy was out there with them but not really. His green eyes were vacant and unseeing as his friends laughed about in the yard, well not all of his friends.

Ginny Weasley was a perceptive girl. She stared at his godson endlessly. Sirius watched as the redhead worried her lower lip as she stared at Harry. Aside from Neville and Luna, Ginny was the only one to really notice that something was off with Harry. The twins, Ron, and Hermione all carried on never seeing what was truly in front of them. They had a blindness about them that Ginny, Neville, and Luna lacked.

“Sad isn’t it?” A familiar Scottish accented voice asked softly from behind him.

Sirius didn’t look away from the kids as Minerva stood at his side. “Misters Weasley and Miss Granger don’t see what this is doing to their friends. Having You-Know-Who and his supporters so close is taking its toll on Harry and Neville.”

“Which is hard for Luna and Ginny,” Sirius added with a sad smile.

The stern witch nodded. Sirius started when he felt her hand on his elbow a strangely familiar look on her face. Sometimes Sirius hated that his former head of house knew him so well.

“What is it Mister Black that has you beating yourself up, other than Harry?”

Sirius just looked at her and then looked away. He didn’t want to tell her, she would not understand. None but Snape would probably understand and he hated that.

Sirius hated his family with a fierce passion. They were miserable and cruel people, but he also loved them. His little brother was a constant companion growing up. Narcissa was a shoulder to cry on and Bellatrix was the one James and Sirius dragged into childhood pranks. Jeff Parker was the kid that Sirius would go to for help in Ancient Runes and Lucius Malfoy was always a Quidditch fan and ready to argue for hours on end about the wonders of the Holleyhead Harpies.

James and Sirius had been friends all their lives and before Hogwarts house differences never kept the pureblood children apart. As much as Sirius might shudder about it now, he used to have sleepovers with James, Jeff, Lucius, and Evan Rosier.

“I found a picture in the bottom of my old traveling trunk this morning,” Sirius sighed knowing Minerva was not going to leave until he opened up.

A sad looked crossed the woman’s face as though she knew where the conversation was headed. Minerva would never admit it to anyone other than Albus, but James, Sirius, Remus, and Harry had always been her favorites. Something in their tragic lives stuck with her and they all found a place in her heart.

“It was a picture of Bella and I from Christmas dinner when I was fourteen. We were smiling, we were happy, we were getting along.”

The old dog shifted as the kids in the yard laughed at the twin’s as they set off small fireworks above the yard. “I know exactly what my family has done Minerva but I still find it hard to hate them.”

“Of course you do. Just as James had a hard time fighting against Nancy. He came to me you know,” she sighed a ghost of a smile on her face.

“He came to me upset because Nancy disapproved of Lily. James would never admit it but even after his sister joined the Dark Lord, James still sought her approval. He was miserable that Nancy might not come to his wedding.”

A pang shot through Sirius when he remembered the happy day that two of his best friends were married. James had been worried all morning but Sirius had always brushed it off as pre-wedding jitters. It would make sense that he was actually worried about if his sister was going to show up to his wedding or not.

“She showed, they all did.” Sirius whispered.

Minerva nodded. “Nancy came with her husband, Narcissa showed with her husband, Bellatrix even came and you know what?”

Sirius looked at her as a sad smile pulled at her wrinkled lips. “They were all smiling. They might not have liked Lily, Sirius, but they were happy that James was happy. I doubt the Dark Lord knows that.”

Sirius nodded a wry grin on his face. He knew that his family toughed it out choosing to forget for that day that Lily was a muggle born and that they could all be tortured for showing to the blood traitor’s wedding.

“You don’t think Harry will understand.”

Sirius nodded. “I think he has seen too many terrible deeds at their hands to see them the way I do. Not as the death eaters but as family.”

“Well Ron Weasley has done nothing to help you there. The twins, Ginny, Bill, and Charlie are all fair towards the Slytherin’s, only disliking those who actively attack others. Ron hates them all even the neutral families.”

“He takes after Molly then who has the belief that doing nothing is as good as supporting Voldemort.”

Minerva nodded. “I think Mister Potter will surprise you Sirius. He is unusually accepting of others even when they clearly have flaws. Sit him down Sirius and explain to him about growing up with the Slytherin’s. He might understand.”