Sweet Revenge (M/M & A/I, Adult) [WIP]

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Sweet Revenge (M/M & A/I, Adult) [WIP]

Post by chanks_girl » Wed Sep 02, 2009 3:04 pm


AUTHOR: chanks_girl
Roswell isn’t mine. I own nothing of this show, buuuuut if I would some things wouldn’t have happened. Alex would have been the stud.
GENRE: AU without aliens
SUMMARY: Isabel has to learn to not judge a book by its cover.

Author’s note:This is the fic Eva requested when she won me at the last AUTHOR AUCTION SUPPORT STACIE. Yes, she paid money for me. She owns me. Anyway, I have finally written the fic. As little reminder, the next auction is coming
September 11th-14th Support Stacie. Please take part and tell others. It’s for a good cause. There are other fantastic writers.

Author’s note: I wanted to use music for this fic. So here it is. JET “She’s a genius”, I love it; just click on the stars *** when it appears. I don’t own the song. I just use it.

I hope you enjoy the story. Eva, I hope you’ll like it as well. Otherwise…haha, you already paid.

Chapter 1: Hail to Isabel Evans

“Isabel, turn to us.”

“Smile for us. Show us your beautiful smile.”

“Isabel, who designed your dress?”

“Michael, stand next to your sister. We want you together.”

It was unbelievable how loud it was. Too many people wanted too much of him. He couldn’t understand how his sister could take all that people. Everyone wanted a piece of her. It wasn’t that he wouldn’t begrudge her her fame but sometimes it was just annoying the whole circus about her person.

“Little sister, we should get going or the flashlight will blind me.”

Michael Evans whispered into his sister’s ear. He was getting annoyed by all those photographers. Moreover, his sister’s behaviour was annoying him. He knew she enjoyed every little second in the spotlight but enough was enough. Sometimes she really overdid it. Sure, she was a famous model, who just started her career. It wasn’t that Michael was complaining. Having such a famous sister was only for his benefit. He met her hot supermodel friends, he was getting invited to the best parties, and he didn’t have to wait long in the queue of clubs. Life was good for Michael Evans, thanks to his sister.

He met beautiful women, who couldn’t resist him. Add to that, he was famous as well. Not for being a model or any other activity in the show business; he was famous for being Isabel’s brother. It couldn’t get better. Thanks to her, Michael had both things he loved in life: women and fame.

The price he had to pay was that Isabel was the number one. She was everything to the outside world. She was the star. It was her face, what was known. He was just a bystander with benefits. So he wasn’t going to complain. He would enjoy it. His sister opened doors for him. He had the life many other men would love to have. Secretly, Michael Evans was the number one.

Michael knew that Isabel paid a high price for her success. She didn’t have any privacy, men objectified her and she had to give away her personality to be someone else. The business was hard. Any model had to fight a daily battle to survive in that world. Isabel was an exception. She didn’t have trouble getting jobs. It was pretty easy for her to get the high paid jobs. But mostly the guys involved always turned out to be major assholes. They thought Isabel was easy to get or that she had to re-pay them for giving her the job. Michael thanked the man above that Isabel wasn’t that naïve. It was funny how fast a fee could raise when you threatened to sue the said perverted men.

Michael wasn’t dumb; he was a man knowing what other men thought about his sister. They wanted to get into her panties. Normally, Michael would break those guys’ faces but he couldn’t do it. Any interference by Michael would put Isabel in a bad light. As hard as it was he resisted the urge to protect his little sister. The only thing he could do was preventing any man coming near Isabel. So he went with her to the events. He was something like her bodyguard without her paying him. Though Michael knew, Isabel appreciated it. The only problem was that she had funny ways to show her appreciation.
Isabel loved being the centre of attention by behaving like a prima donna.

Sometimes he asked himself why he accompanied her.

“Stop being annoying, Michael. This evening could be my breakthrough. Do you know how many important people of the show business are here? They’re powerful and I could use that power to my advantage.” She got out while she was still smiling broadly at the photographers.

“As much as I’m concerned, I’m interested in the hot models inside. So hurry up your little show here. I want to go in.”

“Michael, you shouldn’t forget that everything you are is because of me. When I want to be the centre of attention, then I will be it.”

“You’re so self-sacrificing. It must be a pleasure to work with you on the sets.”

“Don’t get smartass with me, Michael. You shouldn’t forget that thanks to me the so hot models pay attention to you. Otherwise they wouldn’t cast a glance at you.”

With that said Isabel turned slightly away from her brother walking towards to the entrance.


The festival room was filled. A swing band was playing tunes from the 1950’s. There wasn’t a dance floor but people created there own dance area. It was obvious that this event was more a chance to increase the personal business net working than having fun. Moreover, it was the perfect night to increase the use of alcohol. So far it looked like everyone had a good time.

It surprised Michael every time how fast Isabel adjusted to her environment. For him all those people were shallow, superficial and idiots. It was that simple. Those people didn’t know anything about life. They lived in their own world. A world that had no depth or special meaning. It was a world Michael would never get used to. He just wanted to date the women from this alienated world. It didn’t take much to get a phone number or a date or a quickie with one of the models. They always thought, Michael would help them with their career. Error. He helped no one. Michael Evans only helped himself.

He observed his sister how she mingled with the different people. A shallow laugh here, a fake smile there, perfection was the fundament of Isabel Evans’ image. She was perfect in playing her model ego Isabel Evans. Beautiful, sexy, smart Isabel was what the people wanted. They adored her for her beauty and didn’t care for her personality. At times like these, he hated that his sister was a model. He hated that her professional life was just based on her looks. He hated that people didn’t see what a wonderful person his little sister was. Moreover, he hated that he couldn’t say that to her.

He wasn’t better than the others. He used her as well. He used her to get other women. He wasn’t better.

Michael took a gulp of his scotch while his eyes were still trained on his sister. He could see that she felt kind of uncomfortable. He would feel uncomfortable as well if he had to talk to those people all the time. She was his sister. Michael knew, Isabel wasn’t stupid considering the model business. She knew that there were shady characters around. She knew that as woman she was an easy target. But no one knew that messing with Isabel Evans was a bad idea. It was like kicking Satan in the nuts. In the end it was your end and such a bad idea.

With the next gulp, Michael finished his drink deciding it was now his turn to mingle. Meaning the female guests should meet the great Michael Evans.

Isabel tried to listen to the other model, Pam Troy, but it was impossible. First, the girl was thin like a sheet. Second, her voice was so shrill even Isabel was sure in the next few minutes dogs were going to enter the room. Third, she was boring. Talking about fashion and upcoming fashion shows was no problem for Isabel but it wasn’t everything to her. There was a difference for Isabel between business and private life. A conversation with Pam troy wasn’t considered as business talk and neither was Isabel Pam’s friend. Isabel wasn’t interested in finding new friends. She was interested in becoming more famous. She knew tonight was her chance to promote herself and her career. She just needed to meet the right people, who had the ultimate power in the business. She was sure after tonight things were going to change. It was just getting better.

“Oh my God, did you see the new fall collection by Burberry? I so want to be in their show. Do you think I have a chance at the castings?” Pam asked Isabel.

Isabel cringed inwardly. How can you tell a model that she can’t model? The fact was Pam couldn’t walk like a model was supposed to. Isabel knew the girl from several castings for fashion shows and truth to be told, walking wasn’t her strength. It was like watching an anorexic elephant on the cat walk. It wasn’t beautiful at all. The girl had no charisma, personality, charm and no skills. Accordingly, it was a bless that the young girl was the daughter of one of the most powerful fashion designers. Isabel did the first thing she learned in this business. She lied.

“Of course, sweetie. If they don’t take you for that job, they’re idiots.” Isabel replied producing a fake smile on her lips. It was getting easier for her to be like that. It was all getting easier to keep them away from her by being fake.

Isabel’s words of encouragement were rewarded with a smile by Pam, who also engulfed Isabel in a hug. As fast as possible Isabel tried to hide her stiffness because of the sudden contact. It seemed like time didn’t want to pass by; Isabel had the feeling that the girl didn’t want to release her. It made Isabel cringe inwardly being that close to Pam. Normally it was Isabel’s first priority to avoid such contact to other models. Having model friends in this business was bad because they were all competition. Trusting them was like putting yourself into a cage with hungry tigers. No one wanted something good for you; they just wanted to see you failing. So they could be you.

Just as she was about to say something, the girl released Isabel and went into the other direction, probably going to the restrooms to ‘powder’ her nose. It was not a taboo anymore that on such parties the number of drug use increased. If you want to see snow in Roswell, visit the restrooms. Isabel grabbed a glass of champagne of the trail when a waiter walked by. A drink was needed after the experience with Pam Troy. The liquid went down her throat, the sparkling burnt her throat but the coolness of the drink and its sourly taste calmed Isabel. It made her focus again. Focus on her aim. She needed to mingle to meet the really important people.

“You know after talking to Pam I’d also need liquor to come over this trauma.” A sweet voice reached Isabel’s ears. A smile broke out on her face. The first real smile tonight.

“If I would always drink after such encounters, I’d be an honoured member of the AA.” Isabel countered with the smile still in place.

“True. Modelling has this effect. Anyway, you look great tonight. Are you on the hunt for new jobs?”

“You know me Tess. This job has no time clock. If I want to become more famous, I need to work for it but it shouldn’t be hard. The majority is already drunk though the food hadn’t been served yet. Were you successful in getting in touch with some people?” Isabel asked with a slight tinge of nervousness audible in her voice.

Tess Harding was the second most important person in this business for Isabel; the most important person was Isabel. Tess was her agent. She knew how to get the right castings or how to get Isabel into a show without even auditioning. Tess was in the modelling business for like 20 years. She saw a lot of girls who wanted the breakthrough. Most girls wanted to be the next Linda Evangelista, Tyra Banks or Heidi Klum. The majority thought it was enough to be pretty, taller than 5’8 and having a thin body. It took more than that. To survive as a model you had to be unique, ambitious, have a strong personality and you had to have the killer instinct. You had to be ready to be merciless. Mostly showing no regard of consequences; you had to be the superior person. Tess saw a lot of girls breaking apart because of that roughness. They were too young for the world of modelling. In addition, they had a false impression of the life of a model. It wasn’t all about glamour, money and luxury. It was particularly worse.

Tess looked at the woman beside her. Isabel Evans was an exception. She had the whole package: the beauty, the body and the ambition to be a model. When she walked into a room all eyes were on her. Tess knew from the beginning that Isabel was made to be a model. She had that special something. No matter where Isabel showed up, she enlightened the whole room. People weren’t able to tear their eyes off her beauty. There were a lot of beautiful women on this planet but it was a gift to know how to use that beauty. Therefore, Isabel was one of those women. She knew exactly what she did. Isabel knew what was needed to be on top of the modelling business.

“Do you think people will bid a lot on you? The representatives hope to maintain a lot of money out of the auction. And they hope that you will get them a lot of money.” Tess inquired.

She knew Isabel was going to get the most bids and probably the highest on the auction later on. Nonetheless, it was fun for Tess to get a rise out of Isabel. Tess was certain that Isabel was hoping as well to get a lot of money. It certainly was an advantage that people could buy Isabel for three days. The question was who the (un-)lucky person would be who had Isabel. It was no secret that the model Isabel Evans was a diva.

Slowly a smirk formed on Tess’ lips; on the one hand she was happy that Isabel agreed to participate in the auction. This was great publicity for Isabel.

“Please Tess…of course people will bid on me. It’s not a question of how many people want to bid but as well how much people will to bid on me. I think it was a good idea that I’ll be available for a whole weekend. Who can resist such a chance with me?” Isabel responded in her typical perky way. She knew it could happen that no one bid for her. But that would just happen in an alternate universe.

“Nice attitude. Do me a favour and be nice to whoever gets you. You can’t afford it to have bad publicity. I still have to fight with the rumours of you being Satan’s replacement when he’s on vacation.”

“I did one mistake. Can’t you forget about it?” Isabel was starting to get annoyed. She couldn’t stand it when people reminded her that she wasn’t as perfect as she wanted to be.

“Because of you a group of little girls was crying. There was no reason to make them cry but you found a way. Moreover, on that given day the press was there to witness it. Do you know how hard it is to get the image off you being I quote ‘The evil, modelling child hater’.” Tess was getting annoyed by Isabel. Due to the fact Isabel didn’t see her mistakes, she also thought the world revolves just around herself, the great Isabel Evans. Sometimes Tess wished Isabel would get a hard reality check.

“Shit happens. That’s why I have you. Your job is to make me look good in the press and getting me jobs.”

“You told little kids that Santa Clause doesn’t exist...on Christmas Eve” Tess felt as if she was talking to a brick wall.

“Tess, what’s done is done. Now excuse me, I’m going to mingle with the people. Wish me luck.” With that said, Isabel turned and walked into the mass of people.

Tess should be used to Isabel’s prima donna behaviour but tonight she wished Isabel would be the girl she met years ago. Therefore, Tess really hoped that Isabel wouldn’t get herself into trouble. Not to brag, Tess thought she was one of the best model agents in the country. She knew the right people and had the best connections to the media. But having to deal with Isabel’s attitude was sometimes just too much. For tonight, Tess wished that her protégé wouldn’t get into trouble.

In the last hour an old, bald man, an old, fat bald man, five male models and three female models had hit on her. Isabel was getting fed up. It wasn’t possible to start a conversation with anyone without them goggling at her chest. It didn’t matter with which gender she wanted to talk. It was just about her bust size. Granted their business was just about looks but it was also about money and power. Isabel wanted to achieve more. She wanted to become more famous than now. Therefore, she needed to get to know the right people.

The impression was that everybody on this party was here to party instead of getting down to business people were all over the liquor. Isabel was getting the impression that she was invited to a huge college party which would end in a huge orgy. Isabel let out a deep breath. It was a habit she did when she needed to calm down. It was making her nervous that since she had arrived she wasn’t able to talk one of the big fishes. It was the right place and the right people were there as well. The problem was that no one was interested in talking about business. Isabel needed a plan.

She could start conversations with the several photographers. Yet the possibility was high that those guys thought she was easy and would sleep with them to get a job. The next group would be actually the designers. A straight and direct approach could work wonders. Get straight to the ones, who could be useful. As fast as the idea came to her mind, Isabel dismissed it. It would look too pathetic if she had to beg for a job. The next and probably most profitable group were the fashion journalists.

It was all about them. They decided who was hot or not. They were the actual rulers over the fashion world. It was set. Isabel needed to talk to them.

Just as she was about to approach her new targets, Isabel was startled by a hand on her shoulder. She could imagine what was going to happen: some greasy guy or woman hitting on her. First, there would be a compliment about her beauty, then telling her what a great model she actually was and finally telling her that she should come by for a casting…probably on the couch. No way was that going to happen. The more Isabel thought about the last hour, which contented idiots, freaks and more idiots; she was going to put a stop here. She was Isabel Evans, who didn’t need to put up with shit like that. Actually, she didn’t need anyone. She was a supermodel. People would line up for her so she would grace them with her time. Isabel Evans was known but no one knew the others. She didn’t need anyone.

Determined, Isabel turned around to face the person, whose hand lingered over her shoulder. Isabel was inwardly shocked that the man looked normal. He was slightly taller than her and had a slender physique. Nonetheless the normal ones were the real freaks. The talk was going to end with a bad pick up line. That was certain. As if guys like him had a chance with her, she wasn’t going to let him ruin the night for her. By his look, she was sure it was going to end with a sorry attempt by him to socialize with her. Isabel decided that this person was a loser. Before the man could say anything more than he intended, Isabel decided to show him who had the upper hand.

“Hello Miss Evans, I’m….”

“Look Mister, I don’t care who you are. I’m not interested in anything you have to say. Probably it’s going to be something boring or idiotic. I’m assuming you came to tell me how beautiful and talented I am. That would be such a great pick up line. Guess what? I already know that I’m great. I don’t think that there is anything you have that I would want. I don’t know what you actually have to do in the fashion business. Let’s be honest, you don’t look like a male model. In addition, I doubt that you have the required fashion sense…judging by your look. So do yourself and me a favour and fuck off.”

Isabel didn’t wait for any reply by the man. She just walked away from him. Leaving him behind with his jaw dropped to the floor. So far no one ever dared to talk to him like that; he didn’t know how to react. Normally he wasn’t the calm one but Isabel Evans made it. He was speechless.

Isabel walked into the women’s restroom. She wasn’t the slightest surprised seeing some models doing drugs. Isabel always wondered how those said models could fuck up their lives so bad. They were so high; Isabel was baffled how those girls could still be able to act.

Ignoring the group of girls, Isabel occupied the last free mirror in the restroom. Just as she was about to refresh her make-up, Tess burst through the door with a panicked look on her face. Isabel wasn’t sure if it’s panic or rage in her eyes she saw. Tess Harding was taking deep breaths to calm down. It wasn’t smart to run into a room when you wanted to say something, what Tess just realized. It took her a few moments until she could focus on her protégé. Her protégé, who loved it to make her life a living hell. Her protégé who had messed up.

“Isabel, sweetie, we need to talk.” Tess tried very hard to stay calm. She didn’t want to hurt Isabel but there chances were high that someone was going to get hurt.

The sweet underlying tone in Tess’ voice made Isabel nervous. She never saw her agent in that state. Additionally it was hard to make Isabel nervous yet so far Tess was doing a great job. Nevertheless, Isabel hid her nervousness. She wasn’t about to let Tess know about it.

“Tees, what can I do for you?” Hopefully her voice sounded as normal as possible. Maybe the extra dose perkiness was too much.

“What can you do for me? Tell me who that man was you have talked to just a few minutes ago.”

“Uhm…I don’t know why it’s important to know…”

“Tell me, Isabel.” This time Tess pressed for an answer. She didn’t want to be harsh but right now she was trying very hard to suppress her homicidal feelings towards Isabel.

“I don’t know who that freak was. He was probably going to hit on me because no other poor woman on this planet is talking to him. I just told him to fuck off”

“You told him to fuck off. He should fuck off because he was about to hit on you. Does the name Alex Whitman tell you something?” Tess was now on the brink of committing homicide.

“Yes, I know the name. Alex Whitman is the owner and editor of the fashion magazine ‘Taille’. Why do you…? Oh no, don’t tell me.”

“Ding ding ding, we have a winner. You have insulted Alex Whitman. You insulted the man, who has more power than Anna Wintour in the fashion world. God, he wanted to talk to you about a job. I just met him and told him you were there as well. He was eager to meet you to offer you a job.”

“Oh fuck.”

“That’s all you can say. You fucked up, missy. I don’t know if I can help you this time. When I approached him after your talk with him, he was enraged. Isabel, no one and I mean no one dares to talk to him the way you have done not even his mother does it. His own mother doesn’t anger him. You’re done. Your career is over. I’m done. I can forget my agency. He’ll ruin us. Me. Oh god…my life is over. How could you not know who he was?”

“I didn’t know it was him. And you know that there are hardly pictures of him. How should I know that this loser was Whitman? He looked like a freaking loser.” Isabel was beyond freaking out. She had messed up. She probably ruined her whole career. This was bad. It was beyond bad.

“Loser? Did you call him a loser? I told you to behave tonight. I told you that tonight was important. But you couldn’t shut your big trap. I’m ruined. Oh god…” Tess went from being enraged into the state of freaking out.

“Tess, you need to calm down. It’s not as bad as you think. I’ll see what I can do. Maybe he’ll forgive me.”

The last comment came along with a snort by a woman who stood behind Tess. Tess eyes went wide when she saw who it was. However she couldn’t stop Isabel from expressing her opinion about nosy people.

“Look lady, it’s impolite to listen to other people’s conversation. How about you turn around and leave us alone?” After that said Isabel ignored the third woman and focused on Tess who looked more freaked out when the woman left the restroom.

“Tess, focus on me. We have to do damage control.”

Tess winced when she heard ‘damage’. It was more than a simple damage. It just became a night mare.

“Isabel, I may introduce to the impolite woman Maria DeLuca, Alex Whitman’s personal assistant. Congratulations, we’re fucked.”

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Re: Sweet Revenge (M/M & A/I, Adult)Ch1, 09/02/09

Post by chanks_girl » Tue Sep 08, 2009 4:41 pm

First, I want to thank everybody, who is reading this story and leaving fb. It's obvious that some of you aren't happy about Michael's behaviour. He knows that he is using Isabel's fame to get women and Isabel knows as well that her brother is using her to get women. In all honestly, if I was a guy and my sister was a famous model...I would do it, too.

April: Congratulations for being the first...for once. I'm glad that you liked the portray of the fashion world,which are based on my own experiences by watching ANTM and GTNM. Unfortunately my research didn't include THE HILLS and THE CITY. As for Michael riding on the waves of his sister's fame...he's Michael, he can do as he wish. As for the music...I know you love the next song as I do...See we're meant to be together. :lol:

Nibbles2: Isabel is a bitch. She is a real bitch. And yes, she is going to pay for that. You want to see Michael suffer...read this part.

Spacegirl23: If Isabel hadn't been too much on her celebrity ride,she would have known how importtant the night is. Tess won't suffer much anymore. We don't get to see much of Alex til the next part. He is still a mystery. As for Michael...he loves women. Who doesn't? As for liking Maria...then now you will either love or hate her.

tequathisy: There is always enough room for Maria. Here she comes.

Eva aka my PIMP: Glad to know that you like it so far. It was a joy to exchange the mails with you for this story. I'm also happy that you like the characters so far. It's funny that Isabel and Michael are still flawed in a world that lives off its perfection.

killjoy: Isabel should have known to shut her trap. but it's Isabel so don't expect any improvement. Michael is doing the right thing when you look at it from a guy's (yours) view.

sarammlover: Yep, Isabel fucked up. What would you do if Isabel had spoken to you like she had with Alex?

Rowedog: Alex is getting the whip out to show Isabel that you don't mess with him.Michael is a guy, that excuses a lot.

Alright kids, here is the next part. Again, you get music. I don't own the song, I just use it. This time it's THE KOOKS with 'Naive'. Click on the :twisted: when you see it.


Chapter 2: 1, 2, 3…Loser!

“Isabel, I may introduce you the impolite woman, Maria DeLuca, Alex Whitman’s personal assistant. Congratulations, we’re fucked.”

Until now, Isabel didn’t think it could get worse. She thought she would walk up to Alex Whitman playing it up to him. It would have been easy. She complimented him on his work like his wonderful taste in fashion and all that other crap that would get her out of trouble. Unfortunately, that plan got shot down the second Tess revealed the nosy woman’s identity. It was just Isabel’s luck that said woman was Whitman’s personal assistant. It was just her luck, which had the intention to bite her in her ass.

There was one thing you learn in the fashion business about personal assistants when you would have to deal with them: never ever insult the boss when a PA was near. Assistants were grapevines. There was nothing they didn’t have a clue about and nothing you could hide from them. The really good ones were as powerful as their bosses. Assistants were actually living nightmares for every model. If an assistant disliked you, your chances to get an appointment or job were slim to none. It was impossible.

Since Isabel was a model, she was proud of herself to not crossing ways with personal assistants. When it happened that she acted out of line there was always a way for her to sweet talk her way out of trouble. Until tonight, Isabel never needed to worry about her career. Sure, there was the fear of not getting jobs but that wasn’t a big deal. There were enough designers who looked for models. But they didn’t want you anymore when you were in trouble with assistants. One mistake and the whole career was over. Isabel could be one of those models, who had blown it. She was responsible for her career. It was her job to be professional.

For this reason, tonight was bad for Isabel. She broke that rule twice. She fucked up big time. It was a matter of time until the news was going to spread about Isabel Evans’ fall. It was almost impossible to correct that mistake. It was impossible. Nothing could change it. Isabel looked at Tess, who was on the brink of having a nervous breakdown. Isabel had to do something. She kind of felt sorry for Tess but what’s been done was done. She was sure that her agent was actually not as much affected as her. Tess was nice and all about business the whole night. Nothing was going to happen to Tess. It was just her that was going to lose everything she had worked for. All those years of work would have been for nothing. She couldn’t allow that to happen. Something had to happen so that this whole mess was over as quick as possible.

Alex Whitman and Maria DeLuca were names, which would hunt her for the rest of her career. She knew whatever would happen those two people had the power. There was no doubt that DeLuca was going to tell her boss about her second faux pas this evening. The chances were high that things were going to get worse than they already were. Isabel hadn’t thought, she was able to leave a worse impression but apparently she was able to do it.

A plan was needed. Isabel had to do something before her career was finally over. It had to be more than damage control. Maybe she could make the best out of her situation. It could be that in the end she could get the job that Alex Whitman wanted to offer, if he forgave her. Probably, it wasn’t that hard to get on his good side. She just needed a good plan.

Isabel casted a glance at Tess and all the other occupants of the restroom, which was full of women. This was her solution. Without saying anything to Tess, she fled the restroom.


Isabel looked for the person she knew would help her. As she saw her brother going out to the terrace with some girl, she had sped up her pace to get to Michael. Her brother was her solution. He was a womanizer. He could, would and better should help her. If she could prevent her downfall then she needed to take measures in her hand. Isabel had to fight the throng of people, who got in her way as she followed her brother.

Michael was her hope. Her brother was going to help her. It was clear that if Isabel would lose her celebrity status, Michael would lose as well. He loved to brag about his conquests. It was unfair to put her brother in that position. But right now she didn’t think about the consequences for him rather about the consequences for her. There was one thing that Michael was good at. He was good with words. He could talk himself out of every mess. Michael never had trouble in school, college or at work because he knew how to avoid trouble by talking his way out. This time he had to use his talent for her. Isabel wasn’t the person to ask others for help but she wouldn’t risk her career. Michael would help saving her career. There was just one obstacle, which had to be overcome: Maria DeLuca.

Maria DeLuca was Alex Whitman’s personal assistant. She was his right hand. She had a big influence on the fashion industry. It was rarely that personal assistants had as much influence and power as their boss. Maria DeLuca was probably one of those assistants, who were in charge. If Isabel wanted to get out of the mess, she needed Maria’s help. However, Isabel also messed up with Maria by being rude. The chance to talk to Maria personally was bad. While having a talk with her trying to make things better, Isabel was sure that would end in a new fiasco. That’s why Michael was going to be included in Isabel’s plan.

He would be able to endear himself to every woman. Until today Isabel had never seen any woman resisting Michael’s charm. Maria DeLuca was possibly no exception. She was a woman. Michael had his ways with women. He would be able to make Isabel look good in Maria’s books. When Maria would see that she was actually a good and professional model that would probably influence Whitman’s decision as well as impression about her. In the end, Isabel would get the job for ‘Taille’. In Isabel’s mind everything would work out fine.

It had to work.

Finally Isabel made it through the mass of people as she reached the French doors, which led out to the terrace. The sounds of male groaning reached her ears. Isabel just rolled her eyes knowing what her brother was doing or better said she knew he was doing somebody. It disgusted her that Michael was willing to have sex with every girl that would cross his way. It was like he didn’t have any requirements anymore. Michael didn’t care with who he was as long as he was getting any. Sometimes Isabel wished she didn’t have introduced him into this world. She wished he wouldn’t be such a womanizer. Michael was capable of more. She knew that. Nevertheless, Isabel needed his flirting skills.

“Oh yeah baby,…just like that. Take more of me…” Michael’s groans echoed from a dark corner of the terrace. Isabel could only roll her eyes before she interrupted the cosiness.

“Michael, get your fucking dick out of her mouth.” Isabel strolled over to the spot where her brother was currently receiving a blow job by a girl that thought he could help her with her career.

“What the fuck?” was the only thing he could get out beside his dick out of the girl’s mouth.

Shocked to hear his sister’s voice, Michael pushed the girl off him trying as fast as possible to zip his fly. He really didn’t need his sister to see his cock. Unfortunately for him, right now his zipper bound. While he was fighting with his pants, the girl –that was trying to satisfy Michael-was getting an earful by Isabel; meanwhile he wished the damn zipper of his damn pants would finally work before his sister was going to get to him.

After the girl finally had left the terrace, Isabel just looked at her brother. He could have had the decency to go to the restrooms like any other male if he wanted to have a quickie. Certainly, Michael wouldn’t do that. He loved the thrill of (probably) getting busted while he was getting laid. In addition, he loved it conquering model after model.

“Did you finally zip up your pants? I need to talk to you.”

Michael turned facing his sister, who stood before him hands on the hips and glaring daggers at him. He knew Isabel well and right now his gut feeling told him to run away as far and fast as he could. Whatever she wanted it couldn’t be good for him.

“What the fuck do you want? For your information, I was busy.”

“Getting it on with a cheap slut isn’t called ‘busy’, Michael. Anyway, I need your help.”

Michael could only snort at his sister’s request. She really believed he was going to help her after that stunt she just pulled. Sometimes, Michael wondered when Isabel became such a bitch. She truly believed that he was her servant who just waited for another of her orders. As much as Michael hated this Isabel, she was still his sister that needed him.

Inwardly, he wondered when he became such a softie. When they were younger, he mostly avoided spending time with her. He just wanted her to leave him alone. He was an adult and she was back then still a teenager. Now and then Michael only needed to worry about the next chick he was going to nail and not about his little sister.

It all changed when Isabel became a model. He started to worry about her. He had the need to protect her. At the beginning of her career Isabel appreciated the time they had spent together. He would accompany her to castings, shows or to events. The more famous Isabel became the less dependent she was from him. He was displeased in the beginning but Michael understood that Isabel had grown up. She didn’t need him anymore in the sense of protecting but she would need his support and help.

Unfortunately for him, helping Isabel meant mostly trouble for him. It was never good when Isabel needed help. It always meant something went wrong with her plans and he had to straighten it out for her.

“Why the hell should I help you? You just messed up my…my…well you messed it up.” No way was he going to help her. He was here to have fun with as much women a possible. He already got the hotel room.

“If you don’t help me, you lose every privilege of being the infamous Michael Evans. No one will be interested in you and no woman will look at you twice. Are you going to help me now?” Isabel knew she got him. Michael’s weak point was his ego. Bruising his ego would help her to persuade him.

It was either walking away letting her deal with her shit on her own or getting over himself. No matter what he would do, in the end he would regret his decision.

“What do you want?”


Deciding to help his sister wasn’t as bad as he thought. After Isabel explained to him what had happened, he needed a few minutes to stop laughing. Michael wasn’t a fan of the fashion business and he didn’t care what was going on but even he knew it was never good being bitchy to anyone. This was a business that existed on connections. Be nice to that person and you would get the job. Ass kissing was the actual key to any job in fashion. Either that or having sex with the right person would guarantee a job.

Now it was Michael’s job to straighten out Isabel’s mess by trying to get to Maria DeLuca. He still tried to understand why he agreed to that plan. Moreover he still tried to understand why he was going to waste his skills on one woman when he could spend time getting many chicks. Then Michael remembered why he was doing it. He was driven by the fear of getting back to his normal life: no parties, no women and rather no fame.

How he should portray Isabel as professional model and not as the bitch she was, was still beyond him. Isabel was a bitch. Period. He wasn’t fucking Houdini who could conjure her mistake away. However he could try to make it better. At least he was supposed to flirt with a woman and not a guy. Under no circumstances Michael Guerin would waste his flirting skills on a guy. He still had morals.

Michael walked around the room trying to find that DeLuca woman. Isabel’s description wasn’t helping either. She was blond. That helped a lot in a room where the majority was female and mostly blondes. To not prolong the search for Maria DeLuca, Isabel went with Michael to show him said woman. Both made sure to not be seen together so that Maria wouldn’t get suspicious. Isabel really hoped her brother could help her with the mess she created.

Michael finally found his target. Her back was turned to him but he could say she had a great backside. Michael walked slowly up to her already knowing how to schmooze her. He would smile at her and use his charm to sweet talk her. Women fell easily for this shit. It was out of question that this DeLuca chick would resist him. Isabel warned him to not overdo his game but to take it slow. He shouldn’t fuck this up for her. Michael wondered how much more this could get messier. He wasn’t the one going around insulting people.

Taking a deep breath, he walked up to the woman he should wrap around his finger.

( :twisted: )

Maria DeLuca was currently in a discussion with two fashion critics, who really knew how to bore her to tears. They whined about the down fall of the classic fashion design. Maria wouldn’t have had a problem discussing this so world changing issue but she was more concerned about Alex. Her mind kept wandering to him after he stormed off while she was still in the middle about her tale of her bathroom encounter with Isabel Evans. Maria would have loved to give her a taste of her own medicine but she was more concerned about Alex. It wasn’t as if such encounters or comments hurt him; he was used to people hating him, being angry at him or wishing he would just drop dead but the respect was still there. But until today no one was ever that disrespectful to him.

It was no secret that Alex Whitman was the most dreaded man in the fashion world; nevertheless people respected him for his accomplishments but his power was also overwhelming them. He was the kind of man, who either made you or broke you. Getting on his bad side was simply a dumb move. The end of any career in the fashion and show business was guaranteed. No one messed with Alex Whitman.

Apparently Isabel Evans didn’t get the memo. Maria couldn’t believe what that wannabe model had said to Alex. On the one hand, Maria was impressed with Isabel’s attitude towards Alex. On the other hand, Maria was shocked how stupid someone could be. Within a minute Isabel Evans destroyed her whole career. Still, Maria didn’t know what Alex planned to do but it surely wouldn’t be a pleasure for the model.

Maria was used to Alex’ outbursts at work, whenever someone fucked up. For this reason she wanted to know how he would handle this situation. Alex was her best friend and normally he would talk to her. Instead he chose to walk away dealing with Isabel Evans on his own. She just hoped he wouldn’t do something stupid. In all the years she knew him he had never done something reckless. He was the one being in control. He wasn’t known to be reckless in his decisions or actions. So the more time passed the more Maria got worried.

She knew what she would have done if Isabel Evans would have spoken like that to her. She would have slapped the shit out of her until she didn’t know anymore which sex she was. But Maria wasn’t the one arguing with Isabel. Though the scene in the rest room earlier would have been slap worthy. However, Maria knew to not get into Alex’ business. She could only hope that Alex wouldn’t do something stupid to get back at Isabel. He had the tendency to act without thinking when he was agitated.

Before Maria got lost in her thoughts about Alex, she noticed a hand on her lower back. She didn’t know who dared to touch her in that manner but she was going to let that person know that she didn’t welcome the proximity. As Maria turned around she looked at a chest. When she raised her gaze she looked into the brown eyes of no other than Michael Evans. Maria didn’t know if she should laugh or cry at her situation.

She had the pleasure to meet Michael Evans. Maria wasn’t sure if Michael knew who she was or how important she could be for his sister. Though she doubted he knew that she knew who he was. She knew his reputation. A queasy feeling overcame her as she saw the smug look on his face. He seriously thought that she was going to fall into his trap.

“Hello Gentlemen, I hope you don’t mind if I steal this wonderful lady from you.” As smooth as possible, Michael tried to get Maria’s attention. He needed get some alone time with her if the plan should succeed.

It wouldn’t be possible to persuade her if other people were around them. Michael casted a glance at his prey. For a second he forgot how to breathe as he looked at the woman, he should lead on. He stared straight into her eyes looking into the most expressive green eyes, he ever saw. It felt as if he was captivated by those green orbs. With all his might Michael tore his gaze away grabbed her by the arm, and started navigating him and Maria into another direction. Away from all those people, away from this mess just having her for himself as long as he could. He just wanted to be alone with her. He couldn’t figure out why but he felt the need to have her for himself.

Maria didn’t know what was going on when Michael just abducted her from the men she was talking to. Not that she was listening to any word they had said but she would have appreciated an explanation. Though she was still shocked by the intense feeling she sensed. His touch on her bare arm shook her to her core. The spot he touched felt as if it was burning up there. It was getting too much for her to be so close to him. She didn’t know why he sought her out. As fast as he was dragging her with him, Maria was getting suspicious. Why would he want to be alone with her?

Could it be that he was there to avert a higher damage for Isabel. It had to be that. Normally Michael would chase the models on such occasions. He was never interested in getting in touch with the people behind the scene. Maria couldn’t believe her luck or misfortune. He was going to lead her on so she would run to Alex to improve Isabel’s image. As if she had an influence on Alex. It wasn’t that Maria was not happy about seeing Isabel Evans sweating. The girl needed a reality check. Realizing she wasn’t that hot shit but just another person in the business.

There was probably a little thing that Michael didn’t know or couldn’t know; Maria knew who he was. She knew he was Isabel’s brother thanks to his many appearances in the tabloids and having a reputation of being a womanizer. It was no secret that Michael saw those parties as hunting ground to meet women. Moreover, Maria couldn’t believe that he really thought he would stand a chance against her. She might be blonde but she wasn’t dumb. It needed more than a sexy smile, lips that invited her to kiss him and that sexy body of his. Maria tried to get her bearings back. She shouldn’t get distracted near him. She needed to keep the upper hand. Maria couldn’t shook off her curiosity about Michael’s plan. Besides no one was going to get hurt if she played along.

Before Michael could drag her more away from the partying society, Maria yanked her arm out of his grip. She stood still on her spot crossing her arms over her chest and tapping her foot impatiently against the marble floor.

“Who do you think you are that you can come along and just drag me off?” Maria was interested in what Michael had to say.

“I’m Michael. I saw you from across the room and thought I say ‘Hi’. Hi. In addition, you looked pretty bored while talking to those guys and I wanted to be your superhero.” Michael replied trying hard to sound as sincere as possible.

“Where are your tights?”


Maria couldn’t suppress the chuckle escaping her. At least he had a good sense of humour. Nonetheless he wasn’t just like that off the hook. It was a pity that he was going to get a rude wake up call.

“You didn’t tell me your name. I should know the name of such a beautiful woman, who got rescued by me.”

Michael cringed inwardly at this corny line. He normally didn’t talk like that to women. He would just say what he wanted from the woman and that was it. A little input from him yet the success was his. He always got the chicks. Yet he was flirting with that Maria woman. He didn’t intend to give her a shot. That was before he saw her in flesh. She was hot. There was no doubt about it; normally Michael would go for it. But something was holding him back to hit on Maria. If it wasn’t for Isabel, Michael would forget her stupid plan and go for his plan. He wanted Maria. It was simple.

Just the idea of holding her, kissing her and being physically near her made his blood boil. She was the first woman evoking such feelings in him. He wanted to prolong this farcical display as long as he was able to. He wanted to end his little game right now. Therefore Michael doubted that Maria DeLuca would go for normal Michael Evans. She wouldn’t be interested in him when she knew that he was actually an average guy. He had no engagement in the fashion business. Michael experienced how women turned their backs on him because he was a nobody in the fashion industry. All changed when Isabel had hit it off. Over night she became famous. With Isabel’s fame, his own popularity increased. Women noticed him. It would be a lie to say that he didn’t use this development. Since then, Michael did everything to keep up this profile of being Michael Evans, the womanizer. Without that image he was nothing. Michael was brought out of his thoughts when Maria extended her hand.

“I’m Maria. Nice to meet you Michael.”

“Nice to meet you Maria.”

As Michael took her smaller hand in his, it felt as if his whole body was on shock. That simple touch between them felt like an electrifying hit to his system. He didn’t know if he was still breathing. Michael wished the moment wouldn’t end.

As Maria felt his hand surrounding hers, she felt as if her senses were on overload. She never experienced before that such a simple touch could affect her that way. She wished she could prolong this feeling. She wished she could be closer to the man in front of her. But it wasn’t possible. This all was just a set up for her. It wasn’t possible to save this moment forever. It wasn’t meant to be.

When she had herself under control, Maria withdrew her hand. She needed to focus. She couldn’t let it happen that some guy could leave such an impression on her. She wasn’t going to be another notch on Michael Evans’ bedpost. Certainly, she wasn’t going to be involved in Isabel Evans’ mess.

“So Michael, how did you get into the fashion business?”

“I stumbled into it by accident. It wasn’t the way I expected it but it surely surprises me everyday; especially when I meet a beautiful woman like you.” Michael flirted. It should break the ice.

“You don’t need to flatter me. This is a world, which lives of its shallowness. No one in this room looks for depth or a high meaning. Either it’s all about the Benjamins or it’s just about looks but mostly it’s about both. It doesn’t matter from which perspective you look at it the fashion business is just one sided.”

“Still you’re a beautiful woman. I’m just surprised that the men didn’t notice you until now. When I saw you, I had the urge to talk to you hoping to know why someone like you works in the background.”

Michael regretted the last remark. He was supposed to pretend to not know Maria DeLuca’s involvement in fashion. Here he was saying something about her work. He could only hope she hadn’t noticed his slip.

“Nice reason. First of all, the most men here are gay or already taken. Secondly, I’m lacking several inches to be considered as a model. So since my love for fashion was huge, I considered working in the background. Now it’s my turn to ask the questions. How about we go somewhere we won’t be disturbed? We can get to know each other better.”

Michael was eager to spend time with her alone. It was going good for him, he just needed more time until he could mention Isabel and her faux pas. In addition, it wouldn’t hurt to get closer to Maria. It would be a little reward for him. After all he was investing his time in saving Isabel’s career so he could expect some fun for him out of it.

Maria suppressed any feeling towards this man. She suppressed the attraction towards him. She suppressed the need to feel his touch again. All those emotions were replaced by new emotions: anger frustration, despair and revenge. Maria DeLuca didn’t get played. Michael Evans would wish he didn’t want to help his sister.

As a waiter passed Maria and Michael, a bright idea came to her. She ordered the waiter to bring a bottle of champagne to the library where Michael and she would be. Maria planned to give Michael an insight as to why manipulating her was a bad move.

Bypassing Michael, Maria walked towards the library. The library was a bit excluded from the other rooms. In addition it wasn’t a big room but it did its purpose for her.

Michael followed Maria, his curiosity got the better of him. If he was going to get laid, he would take this chance. It could be that he would never see her again so Michael wanted to have the one on one with her as a memory of her.

Entering the library Michael was intrigued by the way Maria swaggered in front of him. His eyes were fixed on her body. He already loved how the woman moved. He wondered how she moved on top of him or underneath him. Michael tried to get the image out of his head before his trousers were going to get tighter than they already were. He should have had the girl finish the blowjob earlier then he wouldn’t walk around with a semi erection. Though he doubted that he wouldn’t walk around with an erection seeing how Maria’s hips swayed to and fro, which had a bigger effect on his lower region than the average blowjob of that model. In addition he was barely able to tear his eyes of her, seeing the creamy white skin of her back that was shown by the strapless dress she wore. Normally Michael didn’t pay much attention to a woman’s clothes –in the end it was going to get off anyway- but he couldn’t deny he appreciated the sight in front of him. He wanted to press his lips against her skin, feeling her. He wanted to go up to her pulling her into his arms kissing her senseless. He wanted to know how her lips felt on his. He wanted to taste her.

Before Michael acted on impulse probably messing up operation “Setting up Maria DeLuca so Isabel can still be a model” the waiter had come back bringing the requested champagne. Michael took the ice bucket placing it with the glasses on the couch table already pouring champagne in. While he did that, Maria was looking out the picture-window enjoying the view. It was a beautiful night and she wished that this night wouldn’t end in havoc.

She felt attracted to Michael but knowing what his real intention towards her was, was just putting her in a pissed off mood.

“Don’t you want to sit down?” He was such a bastard for pretending. Maria turned around and looked at Michael. She put on her fakest smile and walked over to the sofa sitting next to him. She sat really close to him. On the one hand she wanted the proximity to know how it felt to be near him; on the other hand he shouldn’t forget the feeling of her being that close to him. She wanted him to crave for more. She wanted to see him begging for more. She wanted to see him suffer.

“So, is there anything special you want to talk about? Or shall we just enjoy each other’s company?” Maria whispered into his ear. She made sure that her lips slightly brushed his ear shell.

“We should definitely enjoy each other’s company.”

Michael didn’t know what he should do. The proximity and the signals she sent him told him to go for it and have a great time with Maria. It would be easy. She was already hot for him. Michael knew when a woman was hot for him. All signals showed him that she wanted him as well. She didn’t protest when he had led her away from these guys, she wanted to be alone with him and she got them champagne. In addition, she sat so close to him he would have just to turn his head and his lips were on hers. It was a question of the right moment.

Maria was waiting for the right moment. She was attracted to the man next to her but this was only physical attraction and not more. That kind of attraction wasn’t enough for Maria.

Michael turned slightly his head and looked at Maria. There was something about her that made him wanting more. It wasn’t enough that she was sitting next to him. He wanted more and he was going to get more.

He placed his index finger under her chin turning her face to him. Maria didn’t know what was happening she only felt how his lips crashed down on hers. She loved how his lips felt: soft and warm. Nevertheless the kiss turned quickly into more. Passion was taking over. Maria wanted more than just feeling his lips. She wanted him. She parted slightly her lips giving him the entrance to deepen the kiss. Until today Maria didn’t know that it was possible to get intoxicated by a kiss but she was going to be the living proof for it.

Michael glided his hands around her body pulling Maria onto his lap. When he felt the bare skin under his finger tips, Michael craved more of her. He wanted and needed more than just kissing.

Maria didn’t know what she should do. She enjoyed this all too much. He was too good to be true. Her senses were on overload. No matter where he touched and no matter how he touched her, she wanted more. She wanted to have more of him but it wasn’t possible. He was Michael Evans. He did this all on purpose.

Michael was never turned on that way like this woman was making him. He didn’t know what was happening to him but he could only think of having her. He wanted her so bad. He hoped she felt the same way about him.

Maria pushed herself off Michael. She saw the confusion setting in his facial features. She was going to make sure that his confusion would disappear. When he was about to say something, Maria had put her index finger on his lips silencing him.

Taking some calming breathes, Maria smiled seductively at Michael. She stroked her hands over his chest. In a slow motion she was getting him where she wanted him to be. Michael closed his eyes enjoying the ministrations. He could hardly suppress the groan when he felt Maria’s hands on the buttons of his shirt. He opened his eyes to look at her. While she was unbuttoning his shirt, she made sure to let her fingertips touch the revealed skin. After all she couldn’t just undress him without having her fun.

Michael felt as if he was on fire. Every of her touches excited him more than any woman was ever able to. He was getting close to losing it before they even had started anything.

As Maria finished her task, she got off his lap. For a few seconds she just stood in front of him without saying anything. She just wanted to remember this forever though the bulge he was sporting was impressive enough to make it into a memorable moment. She wanted to do this the moment they entered the library.

Maria knelt in front of Michael, who thought it couldn’t get better for him when she reached behind her to unzip her dress. Michael participated the moment when more of her body was going to get revealed to his view. As her hand was getting lower and lower, his eyes followed her movement. Then it was over. He didn’t see it coming.

“Oh my god…that’s fucking ice cold.” Michael stuttered shocked.

He couldn’t believe that she just emptied the ice bucket on him, especially on his crotch. The shock was too much to just have a straight thought. He only noticed Maria’s pissed off look while she looked down on him. He didn’t understand what happened. Something like that never happened to him. He was Michael Evans and no one did that to him.

“Have you lost your fucking mind? What the fuck did I do?” he yelled at Maria. He was still trying to get his bearings back understanding what went wrong between them.

“Why Michael, I thought you needed a little cool down.”

“What the hell is wrong with you? I thought you wanted this.”

“With any guy anytime but I’m not going to get into Michael Evans’ set up.” Maria finally revealed that she knew all along who he was.

“What…How did you know who I am?” Michael couldn’t believe that he was played. She knew who he was.

“You should stop getting your puss in every tabloid. You really thought I was going for your shit. Oh please, you have to be dumber than I thought. The moment you approached me, I knew who you are. I bet it was your sister’s idea. Well, tell her that she fucked up and there is nothing she or even you can do to clean up her mess.”

Maria placed the bucket on the couch table and walked out of the room without glancing back at Michael. She just wanted to get away from him.


Tess was standing in a corner observing the attendees of the auction. The whole evening she tried to get to Alex Whitman. She wanted to explain Isabel’s behaviour. Tess thought she could tell him Isabel was on drugs or that she took the wrong pills. Therefore she was sure that he wouldn’t believe it. Tess could try to stick to the truth admitting that Isabel had been a bitch. It could be so simple. It would be simple.

There was no doubt even that was a bad excuse. So far Tess hoped Isabel could at least improve her image during the auction.

“When’s Isabel’s turn to sell herself?” Michael’s moping voice sounded next to her.

Tess turned to him with the intention telling him to not make it sound as if the models were whoring themselves. When she saw his appearance Tess didn’t know what to say. Her mouth hung open because she was really clueless as to what she could say.

Michael looked at the smaller woman by his side. He knew what she was thinking. “What the fuck happened?” He was asking himself the same question. He didn’t comprehend what went wrong. He had to admit that keeping his identity a secret was dumb. Nothing in the fashion business could be hidden.

Tess kept staring at Michael trying to understand why he was soaked wet from head to toe. She was starting to think that Michael and Isabel tried to make her life miserable.

“I met a hurricane and that’s all I’m going to say.”

Tess only nodded what else she could do. It was still too early to get drunk.


“Ladies and gentlemen, now we come to the highlight of our auction. Please welcome with me the wonderful Miss Isabel Evans.”

Isabel’s entrance on stage was accompanied by loud cheering and applause. Like the perfect model she was, Isabel positioned herself in the middle of the stage a huge shiny smile plastered on her face. She needed to get the highest bid so people knew who the star was. She was Isabel Evans. She wasn’t cheap. Isabel was going to be available for three days where she had to do everything that was asked of her. Of course it didn’t content any sexual services.

It was known that the most models should only do some domestic work and that’s it. Sometimes it was also required that the won models went to some charity events. Isabel hoped that she would get lucky and actually had no hard tasks to perform.

“Okay folks; let’s start the bidding for Miss Evans. Please don’t forget that Isabel is available for three days. Get a pencil and your cheque book out. We start with a bid of 1000$.”

The host was interrupted by Isabel’s loud cough. Uncertainly he looked over at her. Isabel raised her eyebrow indicating that she wasn’t happy about the bid.

“Sorry, we start with a bid of 2000$.”







This time the host waited a few seconds before he carried on the auction. When no further protests came, he took the first bids.

After 15 minutes the highest bid already added up to 48.000$. It became officially a fight over Isabel’s services. The bids rose from second to second. The host had problems to follow the auction. Isabel was enjoying the fuss about her. She enjoyed how every second the bids rose.






Suddenly it had become so quiet in the room that a fallen needle could have been heard. Everyone looked around the room to find the bidder. Even Isabel was shocked that someone was ready to pay that much. She was intrigued by the offer. Isabel was brought out of her thoughts when the host addressed the mysterious bidder.

“Ohm…100.000$ by Mr. Whitman. Does anyone want to outbid Mr. Whitman?” The host asked nervously.

He wasn’t dumb. He knew exactly who Alex Whitman was and he was sure that no one would dare to outbid him. Everyone was afraid of Alex; they knew messing up his bid would get them into trouble. No one was that dumb to risk the own career.

Isabel was speechless. She didn’t know if she should run off the stage and hide in a corner or just pinch herself finding out if this was just a bad nightmare. No matter what she would do, she was done.

“100.000 going once, going twice, Isabel Evans is sold to Mr Whitman. Ladies and gentlemen please applaud Mr Whitman, who just donated 100.000$ for our charity organization. Let’s also thank Miss Evans, who is the reason for this success. Mr. Whitman, I may ask you to come on the stage.”

Isabel was numb. She didn’t know what to do. She still didn’t realize what had just happened. He was willing to pay 100.000$ for her. She didn’t understand why but she had a bad feeling about his intentions. Isabel held her breath when Alex Whitman entered the stage. He had a smile on his face. He looked so relaxed, so calm that it was frightening Isabel. When he approached her, her body stiffened and her nervousness was taking control over her. Not knowing what he was going to do and what she should do set her nerves on edge.

When Alex was standing right next to her, he had leaned into her to whisper something in her ear that was meant for her.

“Your ass is mine.”

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AN: Here's the 3rd part. Thanks to all readers. I want to inform you that for the next few weeks there won't be an update because I have to finish some school work before I can continue with this one.

Today's part is long...very long.

Nibbles: Maria and Alex won't let the Evans siblings walk over them. Both are too confident to let either Michael or Isabel mess with them.

Spacegirl23: Good to know you LOVED Maria and the ice bucket. Michael deserved it. As for Alex ordering Isabel around, let's see how Isabel will take it.

Eva: True, Michael didn't think that popularity had a negative side. It could be that he messed up his chance or not with Maria. Alex was smart to bid on Isabel. She's at his mercy...Let's just hope that not things fly around.

Rowedog: Maria certainly has the balls to give Michael's balls a nice treatment he wouldn't forget. Maria leaves an impression on Michael the more he gets to know her. Alex is just the best.

April: You're lame. I was disappointed to see that you weren't close to be 2nd. Maria and Alex are so cool. no one gets in their way. You're right, Michael isn't that selfish asshole he likes to play. There's more to him but he doesn't show it. I think it's not possible to keep a perfect facade up when you know there's nothing perfect around you. Isabel and Michael are actually very decent people but they're afraid of imperfection. I don't know about Alex coming across as jackass. There might be times when he acts like one, but he's actually a nice guy.
I loved being bumped and spanked by you.
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Chapter 3: Meet Paul

It was the day. Today, she would know how the rest of her life would be. Either she would be the model Isabel Evans or she would be just a face in the crowd. That was something that she wanted to prevent with all her might. She didn’t want to be a face in the crowd. Being one of billions was normal and normal wasn’t her standard. She wanted more, after all normalcy was boring.

It was her luck that she had to be at service for Alex Whitman. It couldn’t get have worse for her. Karma was a bitch that kicked Isabel forcefully in the ass. Isabel was kind of intrigued that Alex was willing to pay that amount of money to get her. It impressed her. On the other hand, Isabel was scared of him. She wasn’t going to let his calm demeanour and nice boy next door look fool her. There was something about him that made Isabel nervous. Though he seemed to be the prototype of the ‘nice guy’- image, Isabel wasn’t dumb. She had heard stories about Alex Whitman’s explosive temperament.

There were several rumours about him making a girl cry because she brought him the wrong bagel. In addition, it was told that Alex was responsible for the abrupt end of several careers. It was told while he had an outburst Alex fired two models because he didn’t like their faces; another time he fired a photographer based on the photographer’s bad pictures. There were thousands of stories regarding Alex Whitman and his way of leading ‘Taille’.

Isabel wasn’t surprised about that at all. She assumed that Alex was indeed a cruel bastard. It wasn’t possible to be successful in this business without being a cold hearted, cruel, malicious and manipulating human being. Alex Whitman was one of those people. Isabel was sure he was. He couldn’t have been almighty without being venally. To gain power in the business you had to be ruthless. Achieving the top meant to be alone and knowing who your enemies were. Isabel had learned that a long time ago. She doubted that Alex was really that kind of man he seemed to be to the outside world but you could never know. Everyone was fake. Sure, he looked all nice and sweet but he was certainly a shark.

Isabel wouldn’t let that ‘sweet boy’ demeanour deceive her. She couldn’t be sure that he wasn’t still pissed at her. Since the auction she hadn’t contact him or his office. He had mentioned that he would contact her agency and that was it. He didn’t exchange more words with her. After that little interaction, he ditched her. He just walked away from her. Now she had to see how it would go with him.

After the auction, Michael told her what had happened with Maria DeLuca. Isabel was dumbfounded. There was a woman that had resisted her brother’s charm. Isabel didn’t know if she should have clapped in honour of Maria for being the first female rejecting Michael or if she should have run home hiding in a secure room hiding. That way Alex wouldn’t have been able to find her to make her life hell. It was unbelievable that Michael screwed up. She was certain that her brother could seduce Maria.

Apparently, Maria was one of those women who wouldn’t fall for his little plays. Isabel wished she would have been a fly on the wall while Michael tried to seduce her. It would have been a monumental moment in her life seeing her brother getting turned down. She didn’t like seeing her brother in pain or misery but him getting a reality check was too good to be true. Somehow a feeling of admiration for Maria developed though Isabel was still unsure about Maria. The woman was basically scary.

She had almost as much power in the business as Alex Whitman. Maria was the kind of women that others feared. It was her power that made her untouchable and formidable. It was almost rare that a personal assistant had the influence that Maria had. It was a well known fact that Alex valued her opinion and judgement. She was Alex’ right hand. Many said she was his conscience. She was the one who brought out his humanity. The stories about Alex’ outbursts were legendary.

So it was just Isabel’s luck that not only was Alex but also Maria mad at her. She couldn’t believe it herself that she had managed to enrage two people, who had her fate in their hands. For now, Isabel didn’t know what was worst: insulting Alex or manipulating Maria. One thing was sure that Alex probably knew about the set up that she had arranged for Maria. Isabel hoped that Alex had calmed and wouldn’t hold a grudge against her. Yet she assumed he would be more enraged when Maria had have told him about Michael and her plan. It was all screwed up.

The whole week Isabel was nervous about her second encounter with Alex. Since the auction she didn’t hear anything from him. He had sent an email to her agency so she knew where to go to. Alex’ request to meet her in his office surprised her. Isabel didn’t know what she had expected. Maybe that he would order her to his house to clean it like it was common when you were won at an auction. She didn’t know what to expect. And not knowing what was going to happen made her nervous. She preferred to know what his plans would be so she could get prepared for it. Unfortunately for her, that wasn’t an option for her. She was in the lion’s den who probably wanted to eat her alive.

It didn’t help that Isabel was sitting alone on the couch in the small reception area in front of Alex Whitman’s office. She felt uncomfortable being there sitting still on her spot. For the first time, Isabel perceived herself as a foreign body. While everything around her was hectic as she entered the office no one paid attention to her. It seemed as if she was invincible. No one even casted a glance at her to confirm her presence. She was being ignored. It was a feeling Isabel wasn’t used to. Normally, she was the centre of attention. Everyone would be there to make her stay as comfortable as possible. But this situation was different for Isabel. Men and women were running around like maniacs cell phones attached to their ears. Files were being exchanged back and forth. It seemed as if everyone was on the edge. Isabel never witnessed before how an editorial office worked. She’d have never assumed that it was this hectic.

It wasn’t a secret that editorial offices of fashion magazines were always busy. They had to be up to date and always be the first to report about a certain look or fashion trend. They had to sale the stuff that some crazy designers thought was hot stuff while Isabel had just to flaunt around in said stuff. That was her job. Until today, Isabel didn’t know anything about the making of such a magazine but with every passing second Isabel watched how everyone bustled around, she was amazed. All that stress and running around was for perfection. They reflected a perfect world, which was far away from being perfect.

It was no secret that the fashion business was probably the darkest and instable business that was known. Nothing was for sure and people were easy to replace.

“Good morning, Miss Evans. I’m Kathleen Topolski, Alex Whitman’s secretary.” A woman in her late thirties spoke to Isabel.

Isabel didn’t even notice the woman’s approach. She was busy watching the activities around her. As she raised her gaze to look at Alex’ secretary, Isabel smiled a bit. The woman was the first one who acknowledged her in the office. Slowly the feeling of being out of place disappeared. Isabel’s queasy feeling vanished. Yet she was taken back by the woman’s appearance: normally the secretaries were angry looking, bitchy and frowning older ladies, who just enjoyed the short moment of having the upper hand over a model. Though this secretary was different, her whole demeanour was open and friendly.

“Good morning, ma’am. Mr Whitman is expecting me at 9am. I came earlier because I heard he’s very strict about punctuality so I didn’t want to be late. It would leave a bad impression….and he already has one of me.” Isabel rambled on with no stop. the last part was more spoken to herself than to Kathleen.

She didn’t understand why she was nervous. It wasn’t as if Alex was going to rip her head off in public. She just had to do some work for him and then she could go home. Isabel hoped she would leave in one piece. Isabel took a deep breath to calm down. She needed to pull herself together. Any of her moves was being watched and she didn’t want to mess up. She was still unsure of how Alex would face her. And that suspense made her inwardly more nervous.

“Miss Evans, you don’t need to worry about anything. We still got time before Mr Whitman arrives. I’m here to lead you to his office where you can wait for him. Mr Whitman should be here soon. And Miss Evans, don’t worry. Mr Whitman isn’t as bad as it is told.”

Topolski tried to soothe Isabel. She saw many models going into this office. Sometimes they came out with a big smile and too many times they came out drenched in tears. They had just realized that their dreams of being famous cover girls weren’t going to get true. Unfortunately, many didn’t understand that the business was hard and people like Alex Whitman directed the business. Kathleen knew her boss very well and she knew he wasn’t a bad guy. He was just serious about his job, sometimes too serious. His position required to be hard and ruthless yet deep down Alex was actually a big softie. While they walked to Alex’ office, Kathleen observed Isabel. The model seemed to be too nervous and stiff. It wasn’t that she had an interview or a go-see for a cover shooting. Isabel was just here today to do little jobs. However, Kathleen doubted that the other woman’s job would be easy today. She knew what happened at the auction. Thanks to Maria’s passion for gossip, Kathleen knew every detail of the famous clash between Alex and Isabel. Nonetheless, she didn’t hold a grudge against the young woman. It was just exciting to see how Alex was going to handle Isabel Evans.

The model had already a certain reputation in the business. Isabel Evans was known to have a bitchy attitude and behaving like a diva. For someone who was in the business for less than two years, Isabel had made it to be known as bitch. This attitude she had could break her neck one day and it appeared that this time, Isabel met the wrong person. Alex had a high tolerance towards models. He met enough models to know their kind. In addition, there were enough people who hated Alex. When he was the business man, Alex certainly knew no mercy what probably got him enough enemies and malevolence. Without saying more, Kathleen left Isabel alone in the office. After all the girl had to adjust to this all.

When Isabel was alone, she just wanted to collapse. Her nervousness didn’t fade away as she had wished. In fact her nervousness was in full tact the more she stayed alone in his office. She felt claustrophobic in the office. She didn’t like to be alone. Normally, when she had an appointment the acceptor was already there. So Isabel could about know what she was getting into but with her being the one to wait, she was clueless as to what to expect. She realized that she didn’t and couldn’t have the upper hand here. It wasn’t her terrain.

Isabel looked impatiently at her watch. It was 9:03am. The more seconds passed the more Isabel was getting nervous. She really thought that men like Alex Whitman knew how important it was to be on time. Apparently he didn’t think so. Isabel assumed it was his tactic: on the one hand, he could have been on time here and make her suffer the moment she had stepped into his office. On the other hand, he was coming late intentionally so he could make her suffer while she waited for him. All in all, Alex wanted to see her suffer.

First, she needed to calm down. Alex Whitman had a certain reputation but she didn’t believe that he was a sadist. He wouldn’t try to do anything weird. Alex Whitman had much more to lose than her. While she was waiting, Isabel thought about her approach. She needed a good strategy to convince Alex that she wasn’t as bad as he thought. Today was about damage control. She had to suck it up big time or else she was screwed. Isabel didn’t doubt Alex’ ability to end someone’s career. Certainly, Isabel would do anything to prevent that scenario.

As more time went by Isabel was getting agitated. She didn’t like to wait. Slowly her agitation was transforming into annoyance and frustration. She just wanted to get over this whole thing so both could go back to their normal lives. Isabel checked the time; Alex was already fifteen minutes late. Even she didn’t dare to be that late when she had an appointment. She tried to take her mind of by looking around the office. Unfortunately, it didn’t work. Isabel couldn’t stop looking at her watch.

“He could get his ass in gear and come. As if I want to wait for him, while he enjoys a cappuccino at Starbucks.” Isabel muttered annoyed to herself while she regarded the diplomas hanging on the wall.

“Your wish is my command, Miss Evans. I’m here.”

Isabel let out a squeak as she turned around abruptly recognizing the owner of the voice. There was none other than Alex Whitman standing in the door smiling at her. Isabel was mortified. She didn’t know how much he had heard and she feared that he really heard everything. Isabel tried to say something but all she managed was to open and close her mouth without bringing a word out. Her mortification was growing while Alex just stood on his spot with his briefcase in one hand and his mobile phone in the other hand while he just smiled at her. Isabel wasn’t sure why he smiled. Maybe he enjoyed her discomfort, which made him feel powerful. She didn’t like her current situation at all. Their meeting went totally wrong.

That someone could have the power over her made Isabel angry. She never liked the thought that someone else had the upper hand. She never gave the control away. Normally she was the one in control. She was Isabel Evans; she didn’t have to wait for anyone. No matter for who Alex Whitman considered himself, Isabel didn’t care anymore. If he wanted to end her career, he could go ahead and do so. She would find other engagements. All nervousness, frustration and anxiety she had bottled up turned to fury.

“Finally, you’re here. I waited for you 18 minutes. I’d have appreciated some professional behaviour. I made it on time and you were probably God knows where doing shit while I had to wait here.”

Alex was a bit taken back by Isabel’s attitude. He wouldn’t have thought that she would be that brusque towards him. He knew it wasn’t polite to be late and he would have explained himself if Isabel would have chose another approach than being rude. He wanted to explain himself after he and Isabel had settled, getting comfortable around each other. It wasn’t his intention to anger her but he certainly wasn’t going to take her attitude. He had done it once without arguing back. That’s why he bid on Isabel on the auction; he was going to show her that her attitude isn’t appreciated.

“Miss Evans, I apologize for my delay but you shouldn’t forget your manners. I may have come late but you just faced me in a rude way I don’t appreciate. If you have considered the options, you may have thought of the morning traffic. I got stuck in the traffic. It’s as simple as it sounds. You shouldn’t exclude the easy way and jump on the worst conclusion. For your information, my tardiness wasn’t a personal attack against you. In addition, I don’t like Starbucks. It’s too mainstream.”

Alex spoke with a stern voice. He didn’t like lecturing her but he needed to remind her that he wasn’t one of the usual business people that Isabel dealt with. Alex wasn’t one to walk over and misuse his influence but he knew how much power he had. It was useful that people feared, admired or even hated him as long as the respect was given. Right now, Isabel Evans was behaving like a little girl….a very cranky little girl.

Isabel should be mortified that she did it again. Again, she reacted in a disrespectful manner towards Alex but she didn’t care. Isabel was beyond pissed for his lecture. It wasn’t the words that irritated her it was the way he made her feel when he had said them. She felt like a little girl. Isabel assumed that Alex didn’t come late on purpose but it was her own conclusion about him. Again, she messed up. He didn’t seem to be that kind of guy. Isabel could barely imagine that he could get angry. He didn’t look like a mean man. Alex Whitman looked more like ‘Mr Nice Guy’. He had an air of calm around him. In addition, his boyish look made it hard to believe that this guy brought hundreds of people to tears. Isabel didn’t even think he was capable of being mean. He looked as if he was too nice.

“Sorry. It’s just that I don’t like waiting.”

“Well, I don’t like being insulted but it happens. The world is a mean motherfucker. Boohoo.” Alex declined her apology. He didn’t need an apology; he just wanted that she knew her boundaries.

Isabel was shocked. She wasn’t used to such behaviour. Sure Michael was sometimes rude, loud and vulgar but he was her brother so he didn’t count on that matter. Moreover, Alex’ statement was a shock. She didn’t expect him to be that cynical but everyone would get cynical over a long time when you work in a fake world.

Alex took a seat behind his desk getting several folders out of his briefcase. He leaned back in his office chair and just looked at Isabel. Alex didn’t know why she was in defensive mode at all. He wasn’t about to chop her head off. He was just going to make her life miserable for the next three days. There was nothing to worry about or to get scared. He had enough stress dealing with wanna- be designers, fashion experts and shitty people in general along the way he didn’t need a hysteric Isabel Evans. He was just having some well-deserved fun. He needed that. She was still standing around in his office as if any movement would make him attack her.

“Miss Evans, take a seat. We need to get some things straightened out.”

Isabel took a seat in the chair opposite him. She really wanted to give him a piece of her mind. For the last minutes, Alex managed to make her feel small and unimportant. For the first time, Isabel had to admit that she wasn’t immortal in this business. She realized that she was replaceable. Alex could destroy everything she had worked for with a snap. All would be over and she couldn’t do anything against it. She couldn’t fight her fate. Isabel knew that everything depended of Alex and she couldn’t change it. She wouldn’t suck it up to him. Her plan to apologize didn’t exist anymore. Isabel had every intention to go through with whatever he had planned. It wasn’t that he could torture her. Even Alex Whitman had to follow the rules.

“For the beginning, call me Alex and I call you Isabel. I don’t like it when it’s too formal. We’re going to be three days around each other; I think you know the drill. Since I bid on you and won you, you have to do what I tell you as long as it isn’t illegal and discriminating. Of course, sexual favours are also excluded. I think, we will get along well when. There’s nothing you should worry about. As little advice, try to smile sometimes. It would be a shame not displaying your beautiful smile now and then. We should discuss the next days so you know what to expect…” Alex trailed off as his mobile phone rang. As he was busy talking on the phone, Isabel started to think what Alex had planned.

She didn’t know yet if she could really judge Alex right now. He probably had the best bluffer she met. The one second he was intimating her then he complimented her. He asked her to smile because she had a beautiful smile. No one ever had said that to her. Sure, she had gotten compliments for her beauty and all but no one said it like Alex. He sounded sincere and she liked it. She only knew the mysteries about him. Being so close to him was something else; that was the real Alex Whitman in front of her. She couldn’t relate her opinion about him on all those rumours but she was starting to believe that those rumours were particularly true. There was always truth to a rumour. For now, she met Alex as that polite but also cynical man.

He confused her. She didn’t know how to behave around him because she knew it was wrong whatever she did. He made her question herself. He had done it on the auction night and he did it right now. She wasn’t alone with him for five minutes she had already lost control. His presence was making her funky.

Isabel focused on Alex instead on her failures since she met him. She knew it did no good; Alex probably already had an opinion about her. He probably thought that she was some rude bitch that didn’t respect anybody or anything. Isabel had her moments when she acted selfish but she never acted the way she had around Alex. It wasn’t her aim to be known as bitch but something about him made her act out of character. On the one hand he intrigued her as character but on the other hand he had the ability to get under her skin.

Before her brain was all consumed with thoughts of Alex Whitman, she listened to his phone call and watched him. She needed a distraction. There were bits of ‘yeahs’, ‘hmms’ and sometimes ‘yes, I did’. He was drumming his fingers annoyed against the surface of the desk.

“Yeah…I did. Really I did. No, I don’t need you to come. Why you should believe me? You should trust me; you know that I’m very trustworthy. Yeah…yeah…yeah…Yes, I did. I swear if you start with this shit again, I hang up. I can’t come this weekend, I’m busy. It’s not your business but…If you really want to know, I’m staying at home I’m going to have a party with a lot of hookers, liquor and drugs. That’s going to be sooo much fun. I don’t care…I’m not talking with you about it. Say ‘bye Alex’. Come on, it’s not hard. Yes, I love you too mum. Bye.”

Isabel was shocked. He talked that way to his mother. If she would dare to talk that way to hers, she would get ripped a new one.

“Sorry, I had to take this call or my mother would try the whole day to call me. I swear I love my mother but she knows that I don’t take personal calls during work. Anyway, I wanted to tell you what you have to expect the next three days.” Alex looked at Isabel noticing she had a weird look.

“You talk like that to your mother? I mean it’s not my business but you should be nicer to her.”

“Isabel, you didn’t meet my mother. You would avoid her like the plague if you had met her. In her opinion, models are sluts and the men in the business are assholes. My mother doesn’t like my job at all. It’s just bad for her while I love everything I do. I have one of the best jobs on this planet; I travel around the world see the most beautiful places, meet the most beautiful women and I live my life. But my mother just wants me to settle down and have the average job. I can’t do that. Could you give your life up?” His gaze bore into her. Isabel knew that she touched a delicate issue and something told her to not force the issue. So she just negated the question.

“Alright, now let’s talk business here. Today, you’re working here in the office. You make small works nothing too big to worry about. At 1pm, we’ll have lunch together. I come and pick you up from wherever you are. After that we’ll see what your further duties will be. For tomorrow, you’ll come to my house doing some homework. But we’ll discuss that when you come tomorrow. As for Sunday we’ll see. Any questions?” Alex leaned back in his chair. He wouldn’t back down from his plans. If Isabel didn’t like it, he didn’t care. She had to do what he assigned her to.

“What will be my duties exactly? You’re too vague about it and I don’t like surprises. I’m telling you now, if you force me to do something I don’t want to, I’ll leave. I don’t care; I take my stuff and leave.”

“You have duties that you’ll comply. I don’t force you to do something but I suggest you do it. Otherwise I’ll take my bid back and put all the spot line on you. When I remember correctly, you can’t afford bad publicity. So do yourself a favour and just put on a brave mask and go with the flow. Today is going to be fun.” Alex clarified that Isabel had no other option. He knew it would piss her off but for now he didn’t care.

Isabel was shocked and pissed that she was actually blackmailed into it. Alex was using her public image to make her willing to go through with this. She couldn’t believe it. Isabel tried to stay calm, she really tried but there was as much as she could take. Since she had no other way out, Isabel decided to give Alex the Isabel Evans he knew from the media.

“Fine. You’re really the devil as others like to call you.” Isabel glared at the man in front of her.

“Good to know you’re my holiday replacement.”

Before Isabel could retort, they were interrupted by knocking on the door. Kathleen entered the office having an organizer with her and a cup of coffee, which she placed in front of Alex as she was about to take her seat in the chair next to Isabel.

“Thanks Kathleen. The appointments for the noon stay as they are. I just want you to inform the art and fashion directors that they shall come to me at 4pm. That’s the only change. In addition, I ask you to have a briefing with Maria so you can coordinate everything that is needed for the upcoming fashion weeks. That would be it for now, if there are any changes you know I call you.”

Kathleen nodded at Alex and took a last look at Isabel. She was sure something had happened here but she wasn’t going to investigate it. Isabel was glaring at Alex while he had a smirk on his lips. Kathleen knew that Alex enjoyed it to get a rise out of people. Sometimes she wished she was a fly on the wall to get to know what had happened in there. But there were always other ways to find out Alex would tell Maria and Maria would tell her.

Alex took several sips from his coffee before he asked Isabel to follow him. He was going to show her her first ‘workplace’.

Alex took Isabel to another storey. He explained to her that it was very important that she remained calm and had a positive charisma. The people she would have to deal with were a bit queasy around a new person. Whenever Isabel asked him anything about the ‘job’, Alex just smiled and told that she would see what expected her. Isabel was annoyed by those vague descriptions and Alex’ smile. She didn’t like that he was smiling all the time; it was just a sign of something bad. Smiling people always had to hide something. Smiling people freaked Isabel out. It wasn’t normal.

When they arrived on the said floor, Isabel walked out of the lift without glancing back at Alex. Alex followed her but he kept a certain distance to her. Normally, he didn’t care about the reaction of others but something told him that Isabel was going to blow up when she saw what he planned. He was surprised that she was so icy to him. He had really thought she would start to suck it up to him the second they met. He was wrong. He was confronted with an icy and rude model. The joy to have her with him. Otherwise, Isabel was more fun to have around when she was pissed.

Alex followed her loosely. He was getting ready for her reaction. When he finally caught up with her, Alex noticed the horrified look on her face. They stood in front of a door, which was the only entrance there. Isabel wasn’t sure what to say. Again, she wasn’t able to say anything. She was sure Alex didn’t mean it.
However Alex just stood next to Isabel trying hard to suppress the laughter that wanted out. He somehow sensed that Isabel would be shocked but her facial expression was priceless. Her eyes were wide open, her face lost all colour and her mouth was opening and closing the whole time.

“Y-y-you can’t be serious. A kindergarten? Kindergarten? There are kids in there. Real kids…kids that know how to walk and do things.” Isabel rambled horrified. She was bad with kids. Kids didn’t like her. It wasn’t that she didn’t like kids; she just had no talent to deal with kids.

“Yes, a kindergarten. This is our own kindergarten for the employees, who want to have their kids close while they’re at work. So we came up with having an internal kindergarten.” Alex explained slowly so he wouldn’t freak Isabel more out though the thought was tempting.

“Oh god, don’t tell me I have to babysit them. Kids don’t like me and I’m bad in handling kids.” Isabel whined.

“Relax, it’s not that bad. And doesn’t every woman have that maternal instinct? You should know how to deal with kids then.” Alex just shrugged at Isabel. He wasn’t going to let her off the hook.

“Sexist.” Isabel got over her shock and was back at being pissed. He just knew to push her buttons. It took all her power to not snap at him.

Alex ignored the angry glare thrown at him and knocked at the door before he opened the door. Being the gentleman he was, Alex let Isabel enter the kindergarten first.

When they entered the main area, screaming and laughing kids could be heard. Isabel was getting more and more queasy. There was no way that she could survive that. She couldn’t afford another debacle with kids after her ‘Santa Clause’ statement. Scaring off kids wasn’t her plan but she just had no luck with them.

A middle aged woman came towards them. She looked still attractive for her age. Isabel wasn’t really surprised that even the kindergarten teacher was good looking. It was a fashion magazine and everything around it was beautiful.

Everywhere hung picture the kids made and there were also photographs of the kids. They were taken when they had had field days and parties for the kids and parents. The kindergarten looked really friendly with the bright colours. Isabel felt kind of relaxed but she was still mortified about dealing with kids.

“Good morning Alex, how are you today?” the kindergarten teacher greeted Alex. They shook hands.

“Good morning to you as well. Leanna, please meet the infamous Isabel Evans. She’ll help you this morning to get the kids under control. She’s already looking forward to it.” Alex stated enthusiastic pretending that Isabel was going to love this experience. Isabel just looked as if she was to freak out any minute.

“Hey Isabel, it’s nice to meet you.”

“Good morning, Leanna. I try to not make them cry…I mean I do my best…to not make them cry.” Isabel stuttered. What the hell was wrong with her? She didn’t stutter. She was supposed to have the upper hand.

“Good, I leave you alone then. Have fun and try to not kill one of the kids. Leanna, it’s always a pleasure to see you and please treat Isabel like any other here. She’s really great with kids.” Alex hugged Isabel to his side while he was grinning at her.

When he looked at Isabel, Alex felt something he didn’t know. An unknown tingle spread through his body when he touched her. As he really looked at her Alex thought he had never seen such a beautiful face. It was Isabel’s pureness that he saw. She didn’t act aloof, icy and bitchy right now. She showed emotions what was a rarity. She looked normal whatever that meant in her case. Alex released Isabel slowly stepping slowly away from both women. He wanted to leave as fast as possible though he didn’t understand what had happened. He never reacted that way to a woman. Something about Isabel was different.

Isabel just looked confused after Alex when he left. She didn’t understand what happened but as he embraced her she felt a jolt between them. It was the shock about the physical contact with him; it was surprise and something else. She couldn’t put her finger on it but it wasn’t unpleasant to be hold by Alex. He held her tender and had that look on his face as if he admired something.

Leanna didn’t know how to react to that at all. She could see that there was something going on between them but she wasn’t going to dwell on it too much.

“Alright Isabel, let’s tame the monsters.” Leanna stated enthusiastically.

Michael still couldn’t believe what happened six days ago. Everything had gone the way he wanted, they met, looked at each other and she wanted him. He could see the desire and lust in her eyes. What he didn’t comprehend was the rejection he experienced. Every woman was fond of him and wanted to be with him. He didn’t need to be too charming or pull other tricks. Women loved him. He was good looking, semi famous and just awesome. Nonetheless Maria DeLuca’s rejection bruised his ego. It was the way she did it. It didn’t feel good to get ice emptied in the lap. Michael still shuddered whenever he thought about it.

Today he was on a mission; he was going to get Maria DeLuca. By the end of the day she was going to be his. She would crave his touch. She would wish they had gone further the night they met. She would crawl in front of him and do anything he wanted. The thought excited Michael having Maria’s lips on his, then on his body and further down. Michael enjoyed that mental image. He had the perfect plan to get her.

It was his lucky day that Isabel had to work in the office where also Maria worked. It was a great reason to suddenly appear there. No one would suspect anything. Michael had everything planned. He would walk up to her, look into her eyes letting her see his desire for her and then she was his. She wouldn’t resist him. He knew she wouldn’t. He still couldn’t explain what had happened between them before the cold awakening but Michael was sure they had something special.

Until that day, Michael had never experienced the things he felt when Maria was with him. She made him feel sensations that he didn’t know. He couldn’t forget her and as much as he wanted, it wasn’t able. Sure, she humiliated him and succeeded in making him being ashamed of himself for his intentions. Instead of being mad, Michael was impressed with Maria’s attitude. She was the first woman he met that didn’t fall for him. It was kind of intriguing in a sexy way. Nonetheless, his ego was pretty bruised.

The closer he got to her the more excited Michael became. He had to admit seeing Maria again was good. There was no denying that she was the most gorgeous woman he met. He couldn’t remember meeting anyone, who had this effect on him. The way she looked at him was incredible moreover the way her touch made him feel. It was electrifying. It was addictive to feel her, to touch her and to kiss her.

A little smile appeared on his lips when he thought about the library adventure.

The lift came to a stop Michael took one last deep breath and put his flirt face on.

As Michael stepped out of the elevator, a part of his confidence dissipated. He thought when he would enter the office everybody would notice him instead everybody was buzzing around him. No one paid attention to him. Michael was a bit bummed that not even the post boy stopped to look at him. He got noticed wherever he went. It seemed as if here he had to take measures into his hands. Michael saw some woman coming along his way.

“Hello, I’m Michael Evans. I’d like to know where I can find Maria DeLuca.” Michael was as charming as always. Except Maria no woman could resist him.

“Do you have an appointment with Miss DeLuca?” said the woman who supposedly couldn’t resist Michael’s charm. She just looked Michael up and down wearing a boring expression.

“No, I don’t. I…” Michael wasn’t able to finish his sentence due to him being interrupted by the office woman he talked to.

“Are you a model, who’s here for a shooting?”


“Are you a photographer?”




“Make up artist?”

“Hell no…”

“Hair artist?”


“Are you a hooker?”

“What? No…I just want to know where I can find DeLuca….”

“Right behind you, dumbass.” A familiar voice sounded from behind Michael. Michael whirled around finding himself toe to toe with the object of his affection. Her glare for him was just another reminder that this woman was hot.

“Thanks Jenny, I take over. Please throw that for me in the trash. Thanks.” Maria gave the office girl a paper where ‘Hooker’ was written on.

“Funny Maria…nice to see you again. I might add you look fantastic today.”

“Tell me something new. What are you doing here? Looking out for Isabel?” Maria fixed Michael with a glare. Michael had to swallow; he wasn’t prepared for such a reaction. He assumed she would be happy to see him instead she was pissed. She was still pissed at him. It pissed him off that she was pissed at him. She didn’t see he came for her. He wanted to pick up where they had stopped while she probably wanted to kill him.

“No, I came to see you. Well, I’ve got those chilblains on my dick thanks to you hoping you could take care of them. Will you kiss my dicky dick dick better?” Michael pouted but he didn’t get the desired effect. Instead of a smile or laugh Maria kicked him in the shin.

“Ow! What the fuck….fuck that hurts…You’re crazy. Do you know that that hurts?” Michael yelped. He wanted to get physical with Maria but not like that.

“I took care of the pain your chilblains give you. Instead of focusing on your little, hurting dick, the pain in your shin distracts you.” Maria replied sweetly.

“Hey! Never ever connect the word ‘little’ with my penis.” Michael growled at Maria.

“Sure, dumbass. Have a nice day.” Maria walked away from Michael. She couldn’t suppress the smile anymore. It was fun messing with him.

He came for her and she liked that thought. Nevertheless Maria was still suspicious towards his intentions. She knew that Alex would take care of Isabel today so it couldn’t be Michael’s reason to be here. Maybe it was really because of her but the bitter taste of their last encounter was still there. He wanted to use her. That thought didn’t anger her it was upsetting her. In the last few days Maria had to think about Michael. She asked herself the typical ‘what if’-questions: What if he really meant it? What if they had met before Alex and Isabel had?

Maria couldn’t deny that there was some chemistry between them and she felt enthusiastic when she saw him. The way he looked at her made her kind of feel special. It was the same feeling she had felt the night they met. Immediately Maria’s thoughts went back to their activities, their kisses, their touches, their passion and their lust. Maria had never reacted that heavy to a man like Michael Evans. No man before him was able to provoke those feelings in her. There was no doubt that both felt attracted to each other. It couldn’t have been all a fake. It couldn’t be. However Maria was afraid. She was afraid to open up to a man, who probably only saw her as another conquest.
Maria was busy arranging the next appointment for Alex when Kathleen came up. Both women were assigned to coordinate the today’s meeting with the style staff. Maria needed to hurry up since she had to leave soon being at a location for a photo shooting. Alex would head her if she was late. She dearly loved Alex but he was scary when it came to work. Alex had made it clear though she was his best friend, she still had to respect him as her boss and that he had the final word. Of course Maria had been able to sometimes influence his decisions but she didn’t want his job. He was great doing it. Sometimes he looked like that big heartless asshole that every sane human being would hate. But deep down, Alex was a softie. Everyone knew that. No one tried to capitalize on that trait, every employee knew that Alex was probably the fairest boss in their business.

Maria always wondered how it was possible that the boy she met so many years ago had become the most hated at the same time most respected man in the fashion world. Maria knew Alex as loveable, funny, caring and friendly guy. Yet when somebody screwed up or did something wrong, Alex’ temper knew no boundaries. Maria experienced many times how bad Alex’ outbursts were. She had been an victim of it as well. Still none of the staff was mad or hurt; they knew he only wanted the best and it had to be very bad when Alex got mad. But Maria knew he never meant it personally, he was bent on perfection. The irony was that perfection was far away from the fashion world. Everyone was fucked up in their own way.

“Maria, the helicopter just arrived and you have to leave in the next 10 minutes or Alex will get a shit fit when he sees you here.” Kathleen informed Maria.

“Damn it. Okay like I told you at 4pm Alex has the meeting. Please, make sure that everyone is on time. I don’t want that Alex gets mad because no one’s on time. In addition, please call Tess Harding’s agency, we have a photo story for a new collection and we need three male models. Last you need to call the hotel in NY to confirm the reservation for Alex. I call when I’m on my way back.” Maria instructed Alex’ secretary while she grabbed her stuff.

( :twisted: )

When Maria was about to leave the office, she came face to face with Michael, again. He stared at her and she didn’t know what to say or to do since he was doing nothing but staring. Maria didn’t know what to do and Michael was quiet.

Michael didn’t know what to say when he stood in front of her. It was as if he lost the ability to talk when he saw her. He couldn’t help himself but stare at her. He hoped she would see that he wasn’t that bad guy she thought he was. He searched her face for any indication that he was wrong about her. He knew they had something. There was something going on between them he couldn’t explain. He just knew he couldn’t forget her. He enjoyed when she was pissed, she looked cute and sexy when she was angry. He wanted to have her near him. He wanted to know her and make her see that he was actual a decent guy.

“You need to say something otherwise get the hell out of my way. I have to be somewhere.” Maria demanded impatiently. She didn’t know why that guy was able to make her mad and yet hot for him

“I come with you.” Michael said curtly.

“What? What did you say?” Maria asked incredulously. This wasn’t happening.

“I said, I come with you.” Michael repeated slowly as if he was talking to a child. It was the first thing he could think of to say. Maybe she would agree.


“No? Why can’t I come with you?”

“I’m working and you cannot just come with me to have fun. You don’t know my boss, he’s a mean bastard. I mean he’s the meanest and he wouldn’t appreciate it when strangers are coming along.” Maria tried to talk her way out of having to deal with Michael. She didn’t trust herself when she would be near him for a longer time. She knew a simple ‘no’ wouldn’t prevent him from following her.

“You’re boss has his hands full with Isabel and I promise, I won’t distract you. I promise. Let me come with you and you won’t even notice me. Please?” Michael tried his puppy dog eyes that always worked.

Maria wanted to object but somehow the idea of having him close was too intriguing. In addition, it was the perfect chance for her. She could watch him finding out what he really intended. Maria didn’t know why she was doing this. Maybe she was crazy and loved having strange people around her.

“Alright, you can come with me. I just have to tell the pilot that he has to transport one person more.” Maria gave in and she hated to give in. Moreover she hated that she couldn’t resist Michael.

“We’re flying? Flying high in the air?” Michael asked anxiously.

All colour drained from Michael’s face when he heard ‘pilot’. He didn’t know that they were going to fly. Flying meant leaving the solid, trustworthy, dependable ground. Flying meant the possibility to die increased. Flying meant that Michael hated it. He hated flying and everything else that meant he would lose the ground under his feet. That was bad.
On the other hand it meant he would be in close proximity to Maria. In addition he could try to get to know her better.

“What did you think how I was getting into desert for the photo shooting? Now let’s get going or I’ll be late. I know someone will fuck up when I’m not there.” Maria didn’t wait for Michael she just walked past him.

Michael was glued to his spot. He wanted to be with her but his fear of flying was his other problem. It was either both staying and losing any chance to be close to Maria or he showed he had balls. Michael didn’t know if it was worth it or not without taking the chance. Taking a deep breath, Michael prayed Maria was worth it to shit his pants.

When they arrived at the roof, Michael wanted to run back as he had seen the helicopter. Michael didn’t believe that this thing was save but he suppressed his fear. Maria was talking to the pilot when she looked over to him; she knew something was wrong with him. She noticed his change in demeanour when she mentioned the pilot. Unfortunately, Michael didn’t know what he had to expect.

Both got into the helicopter, Michael’s palms were covered in sweat the more he heard how the rotors turned. Inwardly he was praying that he would survive this and not look like a sissy in front of Maria when he would start crying like a baby. As the helicopter took off Michael felt as if someone was pushing all the air out of his lungs. He was starting to panic. As kid he had hated flying and that didn’t change now as adult.

Maria noticed Michael’s discomfort. She actually liked seeing him sweating but knowing that he was doing this for her flattered her. She never met a man who would have done that for her. Overcoming fears for somebody you only knew for some minutes spoke for itself. Maria couldn’t take it anymore she felt sorry for him. Maria glanced at Michael before she slowly reached her hand out taking his in hers. Michael was surprised by the sudden touch yet he was glad for it. He gave Maria a little squeeze to show he appreciated it.

Alex walked down the hall that led to the infamous kindergarten Isabel was staying. He thought it was time to get her out of there. Two hours with the kids was enough. Alex had to smile about Isabel’s panicked face when she realized she had to work in the kindergarten. It made his day. He didn’t expect such a reaction, more that she would insult him and be pissed at him. He had never thought that she would panic begging him to not send her in there. He thought it was the perfect way to make her realize that she had to shut her trap sometimes. Kids were the perfect partners in crime when you wanted to punish someone.

When he had gone back to his office, he had to laugh. The thought Isabel Evans with kids amused him since he knew about her last encounter with kids. Somehow he felt sorry but he didn’t know for whom more: the kids or Isabel. As he approached the entrance to the kindergarten, Alex heard loud kids’ screaming. This time it was louder than in the morning.

Maybe he should have told her that the kids were on a sugar high. He arranged for the kids several sweets this morning. Of course he asked the parents before he had done it. Alex tried to imagine getting twenty kids under control that seemed to have ADD. Was it mean to do that? Sure it was but it was more fun than ethnical reprehensible. In addition, Isabel didn’t have to suffer the whole day. Two hours were nothing.

Alex waited a bit before he entered, maybe he should let her stay there more. As much he enjoyed the thought, Alex wanted to continue his ‘educational day’.

As Alex entered the kindergarten, he saw the pure horror before him. It was mayhem. It was the worst he ever saw. Isabel lay flat on her stomach on the ground while about fifteen kids jumped on her pulling her hair and her limbs. Isabel had no chance to flee. Defeated she just lay face down there on the ground.

“Look, here I come.”, came the shout from a rather chubby boy who ran across the room before he jumped high in the air then landed on the pile of kids that covered Isabel. Alex had to cringe when he saw Isabel letting out a groan.

Alex hurried over to help her.

“Hey kids, come on get off her. It’s enough now. Go and jump on other things. “Alex said while he lifted several kids off Isabel. When all kids were off her Alex took a quick look at her. He didn’t want that she got hurt.

“Come on, I help you up. Are you alright?” Alex inquired apprehensive. The only response he got was another groan.

Isabel still had to get her orientation back. The chubby kid worked a number in her and her bones. She would love to have a talk with his parents about healthy nutrition. Isabel looked up and found Alex in front of her. She didn’t know when he came but it seems that he was the one rescuing her from the diabolic kids. It was now that she noticed his worried gaze and that he still held her by her elbow. Somehow those little gestures touched her. It made her speechless that he cared that bit about her though she was nothing but bitchy towards him. When she felt his fingers tracing the side of her face, Isabel felt funny. She didn’t know how to interpret it but it wasn’t a bad feeling. It felt good. She felt how the heat crept up her neck and that unfamiliar feeling in her stomach came back that she had felt when he had hugged her earlier. Before she was completely confused by those feelings, Isabel took a step back. That way she was out of reach for Alex and she could get her bearings together.

“I just wanted to check if you’re hurt.” Alex murmured uncertain.

He didn’t know what had happened but the moment he touched her, he didn’t want to let her go. Feeling her skin under his fingertips was like a shock to his system. He didn’t know how to say it but he felt as if someone pulled the ground from under his feet. As if that wasn’t confusing enough, when he looked into her eyes he swore that the time stood still for a moment. She looked so calm when he held her though a bunch of kids had tortured her.

“I’m fine. What do you want here? Aren’t you supposed to walk around and make everyone’s life miserable?” Isabel groaned uncertain why she had to be that way around him. He didn’t do something wrong this time.

“For now they suffered enough and I focus on you. I have a new assignment for you.”, was his sarcastic reply to Isabel’s bitchiness.

Whenever she went into defensive mode, he couldn’t stop himself provoking her more. She looked kind of sexy when she was pissed at him. So it had its good side.

“Oh joy I feel for the work I’ll have to do. What’s now? Running around in a maid’s costume and spanking you or being the cleaning lady for the restrooms?”

“Kinky, I might get back to that…”


“Thanks, I know. Seriously, let’s go. You have a lot to do. I didn’t spend money on you so you can sit around and do nothing.”

Alex was getting fed up with her attitude. There was as much as he tolerated and Isabel was going to be very near his limit before he exploded. Isabel noticed the form tone in his voice. Maybe she was reacting exaggerated. It wasn’t bad at all with the kids but when they had abused her as bouncy castle, it wasn’t fun anymore.

Alex grabbed her hand dragging her out of the room. Isabel didn’t know how to react to that sudden movement moreover she didn’t know how to react to the contact of their hands.
“We’re reaching our destination in 20 minutes.” The pilot informed Maria and Michael through the radio.

Maria was still holding Michael’s hand. She felt that he had relaxed since he didn’t try to crush every bone in her hand. He was calm. In the first minutes Michael seemed to be a bit woozily. He really hated flying and it was obvious this state wasn’t going to change. Maria didn’t want to think about his reaction when he had realized they had to take the helicopter again to get back.

Actually Michael did really good not to panic and scream around like a maniac. Maria was worried he would open the door and jump out of the helicopter. Maybe it was his mantra that calmed him Maria never heard anyone saying that often ‘Fucking hell, I don’t wanna die’. Maria didn’t have a problem with that but their pilot was an ultraconservative Catholic, who didn’t appreciate those words at all. He probably wanted to throw Michael out but killing was against the Ten Commandments so Michael was saved. If you didn’t want to die you should pray to god and not to Satan, someone should have informed Michael.

Suddenly the helicopter shook and lost on altitude. Michael bolted up in his seat and started to scream his mantra. Maria just wanted a drink and the pilot was smiling, even he deserved some fun.
“You have to be kidding me. You cannot be serious.” Isabel asked shocked.

“Of course, I’m serious. It’s not that bad. It’s just the copy room. I know it’s a bit chaotic but you arrange the folders by date, place the boxes in their right spot clean the room and that’s it. There’s no need to pretend to be shocked now.”

“I’m not pretending I’m shocked. I am shocked. I’m not here to clean your shit. I thought I’d be by your side the whole time and do some shit then go home. I didn’t sign up for being your cleaning woman.”

”And what if I get you that maid’s costume would you then…?” Alex trailed off grinning at Isabel. She was getting pissed but he wouldn’t let it come that far.

“You’re sick. I’m not some call girl that does anything due to you having paid an amount of money…”

“Back off Isabel, I never ever implied something like that. I didn’t treat you a bit like a hooker or as if you were beneath me. I try to be calm here, I really try but you push it the whole time that I’m really tempted to just send you home. Don’t dare to accuse me of shit. You get this done and then we’ll see how it will go one. And for your information though I doubt you care at all, the guy who usually works here is with his wife that is currently in labour.”

Alex didn’t wait for Isabel’s reply. He just walked out of the room slamming the door behind him. Taking some deep breaths Alex tried to calm down. She was just so irritating and confusing. The one minute he thought she was actually a decent girl that took his breath away with the slightest touch. In the next minute she made him so angry that he wanted to scream. No one ever was able to provoke those feelings in him. He wasn’t going to let her off the hook just like that. It was only going to get better. Alex looked at the closed door separating him from Isabel doubting that she cared.

Isabel just stood there. She didn’t know why she was so bitchy to him but he had that effect on her. He provoked her, said the wrong things to her and he was just annoying when he smiled or grinned the whole time. She wanted to wipe that smile of his face.

She felt bad for her behaviour but he was just pushing her buttons. He knew how to make her mad. He just knew it.
“Don’t tell me we have to get into this monster again? I don’t fly back with that. I won’t fly at all. We almost died up there. Your pilot is a fucking psycho.” Michael argued.

Again he stood toe to toe with Maria. It occurred to him that this had to be their natural state standing toe to toe. The only time he didn’t stand this close to her was the night they made out. Then they were closer.

“I understand you hate flying and it scares you…”

“I’m not scared of flying.” Michael denied immense.

Maria rolled her eyes. She couldn’t understand why he had to keep that façade of the strong man up. He was scared and that was okay. She didn’t think less of him but he made it hard for her to not wanting to smack him. He just agitated her with his stubbornness. She did him the favour of taking him with her. If Alex knew what she did, she knew he would blow up. He didn’t appreciate private affairs at work and especially when it came to the love life.

Maria was shocked by her own thought. Michael Evans didn’t belong to her love life. He wasn’t part of it. He was just there.

“Michael, just get in, pray and shut the hell up. If you don’t do that I leave you here and you can see how you get back. I have to get back and get those pictures to my boss. Otherwise he’ll kill me. Then my friendship to him doesn’t matter anymore, he’ll just kill me. Now do me a favour and get your ass in that helicopter there. You have two minutes.”, frustrated Maria stomped away.

Michael Evans was going to be her nemesis. During the shooting he criticized that it was too hot and the drinks weren’t cooled enough. In addition he called two of the models ugly and one of the male models a ‘brown nugget digger’. It took Maria several minutes until the models agreed to get back to work. After the models calmed down, the photographer was offended because Michael criticized his photos as being ‘Penthouse’ material. Dealing with offended models was one thing but having to deal with an offended photographer was too much. To solve the situation, Maria had threatened to call Alex and tell him in every detail what had happened. Of course the photographer hadn’t wanted to explain himself to Alex so the situation was solved.

Basically Michael messed up the shooting and was annoying Maria with his attitude. That’s why Maria was beyond being angry she was on the brink of going ballistic. She was the one, who had to explain why the photo shooting was going to cost 10.000$ more than intended.

Isabel sat in Alex’ office. He had cancelled their lunch date due to him having a sudden meeting. Isabel was kind of disappointed that they couldn’t have their lunch together, she wanted to make things better
between them. She felt bad for her behaviour and it didn’t suit her well that he might have thought she was indeed a bitch. She didn’t want to be associated with the word bitch. It was just her temper that she couldn’t control from time to time. It was always around him that she didn’t know what to do or how to behave. He intimidated her.

Alex didn’t reflect the typical mean, bad boss who controlled everything and everyone. He looked more like your nice boy next door, who would always help you when you need him. Alex had that boyish aura around him. Moreover, he looked like the nicest guy on this planet. Isabel still had to find out why people were afraid of him. He didn’t give her the impression that he could harm anyone. Sure, he raised his voice or spoke in that formal tone that left no argument but she didn’t know what was so mean about him. Isabel rather thought that he was too suave to be known as boss from hell.

What intrigued her the most that the staff didn’t suggest that they were afraid. Everyone was chatting away, laughs could be heard and still the work got done. It was fascinating that the most feared man was able to get his business running while the nicest boss had problems to get theirs running.

The door opened and Alex came in again talking to someone on the cell phone. He looked distressed and angry.

“Why the hell did the shooting cost 10.000$ more? I just got a call by the photographer telling me that the costs rose due to the delay. Now I want to know of which delay he was talking.” Alex demanded while looking on his desk for some papers.

Isabel knew it wasn’t good that she was there. She knew when he finished his talk he was in a bad mood and unfortunately for her, she was the person with him. She knew he would vent his wrath on her. Isabel thought about leaving the office but that wouldn’t help her either. Suddenly Alex turned his attention on her and Isabel had the feeling that she was in trouble.

“Michael Evans was on the set and insulted our photographer. He insulted his work. Maria, you know how sensitive those photographers are. Just one wrong word and they have shit fits. Look, get back here, bring the pictures and then we talk. You know I love you but you were responsible for the whole photo session. You know how this people are yet you haven’t been able to control the situation. We talk when you’re here. Bye.” Alex hung up without giving Maria a chance to defend herself.

Alex was mad. He was beyond mad. First that shooting cost more than intended and he had to deal with another Evans. Therefore, he thought Maria should keep taking care of him. It wasn’t his business. Alex knew what had happened at the auction but it was also not his business what Maria did. It was certain, he would interfere when Michael would have the intention to hurt Maria.

“What’s your brother doing here?” Alex gazed at Isabel. He didn’t like it at all that Maria was alone with that guy.

“I don’t know. He didn’t tell me that he was coming by.”

“Okay, if you say so. He better gets his shit together and doesn’t cause more chaos here.” Alex replied tiredly.

He fell into his chair and looked at Isabel. He just watched her. She looked normal sitting on the couch. She didn’t reflect the image of being a model. Sure, you could assume that a woman with her physique was model material but there was also the possibility that she was the normal girl you could meet in a coffee shop. Alex imagined how it would have been when they had met in a coffee shop or a supermarket both not working in the fashion business. Work changed people. It didn’t change somebody basically but people would get another perspective to life. The fashion business had changed Alex.

When he was younger he was a dorky computer loving, bass playing young boy. Then he grew up and had to realize that the world eats you alive when you didn’t fight.

“Did you know that the fashion business has a world wide business volume of 300 billion$? Of course it would be more if we wouldn’t have the problem of fashion counterfeiting. But it is needless to say that we’re working in one of the strongest industries of the world. We give people the image that perfection is needed. We project perfection for an imperfect world. Our society needs that image to know that life doesn’t suck at all. We tell that women have to have a certain body. We tell men that they can get every woman when they wear the right clothes. We dictate perfection for an ill society. If you take a close look at the outside world, you realize that the real life is actually perfect and we, who force an imaginable perfection on people, are the sick ones. The fashion business is far from being perfect. Look at all the drug use, the majority of models suffer from anorexia and we make money with it. We use them. We use the humans’ wish for perfection. We’re a sick society.” Alex spoke quietly as if he was giving himself a pep talk.

Isabel just stared at the man in front of her. She was speechless. She knew that all and still she tried to block that all. Normally Isabel blocked all the dark sides from her mind. If she would think about that every second she wouldn’t be able to work in this industry.

“Alright now to happier thoughts. Do me a favour and mark the information. There are instructions on the table for the upcoming fashion weeks. Please highlight the addresses and phone numbers for me.” Alex threw a highlighter towards Isabel, which she caught clumsy and got hit in the face with it.

Instead of being worried about Isabel, Alex just laughed. As Isabel glared at him, his laugh turned into a cough.

“Thanks to you I’m in trouble. I might be his best friend but that doesn’t stop Alex from giving me hell when that whole session is shit. Why couldn’t you keep your mouth shut? Every other normal person would have shut up. But no, you felt the need to make this my day in hell. You have no idea how sensitive those people are. You just have to criticize that one hair is out of place and they start crying. God, help me to not kill anyone today.” Maria was soon hyperventilating when she kept thinking of her talk with Alex.

“Do you ever shut up? You’re rambling for the last minutes about Alex giving you hell.” Michael tried in his special way to soothe Maria.

They just arrived back. When Michael felt the solid ground under his feet he wanted to fall on his knees and kiss the ground like the pope. Nonetheless, Michael felt slightly guilty for causing trouble since Maria was the one who had to clean up his mess. He didn’t think that everyone would react sissy like. It wasn’t his intention to get Maria in trouble but he didn’t regret his comments.

It didn’t help that he was trapped with Maria in the lift right now. The second the doors closed she was rambling about his stupid mouth and his ignorance for her job. Michael enjoyed seeing her angered, she looked cute and sexy.

The motion of her lips was sensual for Michael. He couldn’t look away from her lips. Especially since she put lip gloss on her lips looked fuller and more kissable.

“Don’t tell me to shut up. I’ve got every damn right to ramble since you’re the very end to my professional career. I can’t believe that I was stupid enough to allow you to come with me. I should have known that you meant trouble…”

Maria wasn’t able to finish her sentence as Michael crashed his lips on hers. He held her face and pressed her body lightly against the wall behind her. Maria didn’t know what was happening, the one second she was insulting him and the next his tongue was in her mouth. And it was a good feeling. It felt as if everything inside her head was spinning and her blood was rushing through her body. Michael’s hands travelled down her neck to her shoulders to her ribcage resting on her hips. He pressed his body more against hers generating a soft moan by her. Michael wanted to hear that sweet sound again but before he could work his magic on Maria the lift stopped. Both stopped their kissing immediately looking shocked and delighted by the current activity. Michael stepped away from Maria giving her space and getting out of her reach if she decided to slap him. He just looked at her breathing heavy which caused that her chest to rise. As much as he wanted to continue he couldn’t. He couldn’t understand why she was able to create those emotions in him.

When Michael kissed Maria he felt so light headed like never before. It felt as if his body was heating up and she was the one eliciting that rush of feelings he wasn’t used to.

“I wanted to calm you before you face your mean boss.” Michael murmured, his eyes fixed on Maria.

“Thanks, it helped.” Maria replied in the same way as Michael.

As the doors opened, she exited the lift leaving Michael behind. Michael couldn’t move as much as he wanted to go after her, he couldn’t. The doors closed giving Michael the opportunity to breathe while Maria hurried down the hall.

“Are you saying I’m too fat to walk on the catwalk?” Isabel screeched incredulously.

“That’s not what I meant. I just meant that you’re not the type of model that should be on the catwalk…” Alex tried to reason with Isabel but she kept yelling at him accusing him of things he didn’t do.

“You mean fat.” Isabel deadpanned. She couldn’t believe that Alex criticized her as model. She might be not having many jobs for fashion shows but she was still a model for photo shootings.

“Don’t accuse me of say or meaning things. What I want to tell you is that you’re too feminine for the catwalk. You’re not one of those skinny, pale-faced models. You have curves. You are a woman. You have boobs and an ass every man would lust after. But designers don’t want women like you. They created that image of skinny women.” Alex explained.

He couldn’t believe what went on. He had mentioned that Isabel wasn’t runway material due to her figure. She jumped out of her seat running over to his desk and screamed at him. He didn’t understand it. She should be used to hear things about her figure.

“You think my ass and boobs are too feminine for fashion shows?” Isabel wanted to be sure that she heard right.

“Yes, that’s what I said. All in all you’re a woman…a beautiful woman I might add. Every sane man would go for a woman like you than for a bean pole. Let’s be honest Isabel, with your attributes you would just be a model for lingerie and beach ware. You can more than this being jerk-off material for men.” Alex shrugged at Isabel as he explained himself.

He felt slightly uncomfortable talking about her body. Suddenly he had those images on his mind how he trailed his hand over every curve of her body feeling her smooth skin and just worshipping her. Alex averted Isabel’s gaze as he noticed that she smiled.

Isabel didn’t know what to say. No man before had ever said something like that to her. In the beginning she had thought Alex just wanted to piss her off and see her lose control. It wasn’t his aim. He just wanted to tell her something that she had known for quite some time. She wasn’t the typical runway model and not the typical haute couture model. It frightened Isabel to be confronted with the truth since honesty wasn’t a welcome trait in the fashion world. The man in front of her was honest. His look told her that. Isabel never believed in the saying eyes were the mirrors to the soul but she should probably think about it again

“Be still my throbbing heart, the tamed beast is smiling.” Alex murmured. He felt uncomfortable being so close to her. He had to do something to forget those images of her being nude.

“Keep your heart beating, I won’t do any first aid on you. God knows where you have put your lips on.” Isabel advised jokingly.

“Where do you think my lips were? I have very nice lips and they don’t feel so bad.” Alex enjoyed her playful side. She seemed more humanly and not aloof as usual.

“I think, they were on a tanned body, very muscular and his name was Francesco.”, was Isabel response. It was then that she registered Alex’ shocked face.

Isabel thought Alex didn’t want that anybody knew about his homosexuality. She understood that a coming out was hard because there were still prejudices on the part of the society but in the fashion world it was normalcy. She didn’t want to make Alex feel uncomfortable. In addition, he shouldn’t think that she would shout it off the roofs. It was his privacy.

“Francesca.” Alex mumbled as his blush spread over his face.

“Excuse me?”

“I said Francesca. Isabel, I’m not gay. I’m straight. I’m a straight single.” Alex responded calm when he had sensed that Isabel was shocked about his statement.

“Oh…oh…I- I didn’t intend to m-make you…”Isabel stuttered her way through her supposed to be apology.

“It’s alright. You’re not the first one who thought I was gay.” Alex soothed Isabel.

He didn’t want her to think he was mad about her faux pas. He patted her hand letting his hand linger on hers longer than intended. It felt as if time stood still and it was just the two of them. Alex wanted to withdraw his hand but he couldn’t. Feeling her skin under his touch awoke emotions in Alex he didn’t want to feel. He couldn’t let that happen. It could have been coincidence or someone’s prayer for him when suddenly the door was thrown open and Maria ran in. Alex jumped up shocked by the sudden irruption.

“I’m sorry to come in like that but I just want to tell you that I didn’t know that Michael would behave out of line like this. I swear if I had known how primitive he behaved I wouldn’t have take him with me. I tried my best to sooth the crew. Please don’t be mad, I learned my lesson that I don’t let any people with me who have no clue about our job…” Maria talked without making sense until Alex interrupted her.

“Maria, you’re rambling. Take some deep breaths. We’ll talk about it. By the way that’s Isabel.”

Maria looked over at the other Evans. She thought the family must have been blessed with great genes. Isabel looked in flesh better than on her pictures and Michael was hot enough that his aura screamed sex when you met him. Nonetheless, she didn’t forget why Isabel was here and what caused her own involvement with Michael.

“Yeah, nice to meet the bitch that sent her asshole brother to clean her mess.” She didn’t forget what that woman had intended.

“Look who’s talking? You bitch was all hot and heavy for my brother. Maybe you should learn to keep your legs closed, bitch.” Isabel returned with the same venom as Maria.

“Yes, I am a bitch. Compared to you I didn’t need to fuck my way through the business so someone would take a look at my sorry ass, bitch.”

“You bitch…I don’t care for whom you brew the coffee but when I’m finished with you, you’ll need the best plastic surgeon to repair the damage. Though, you could use the surgeon now.”

“You fucking who…” By now both women stood opposite each other shooting daggers and wishing the other would drop dead.

“Shut the fuck up both of you. Right now you both behave like bitches. Sit down both of you, I don’t want to hear either one of you talking or making any noises. This is not high school or some other teenager shit. You’re damn adults so behave like that. Maria, give me those damn pictures.”

Alex’ temper surfaced. He was angry. He was beyond being just mad. He felt like a teacher instructing his students to behave. He didn’t care if Isabel and Maria were about to kill each other but they should remember this was his office and he was still the one being in charge. While Alex regarded the pictures, Isabel and Maria sat next to each other glaring. Maria would have loved to give Isabel a peace of her mind. Isabel just wanted to release some good, old bottled up aggression. Maybe her plan had been bad that Michael was supposed to seduce Maria but the way the other women behaved didn’t suit well with Isabel.

When Alex said he didn’t want to hear any sound by the women, he was serious. Already fifteen minutes passed with Alex looking through the pictures making here and there notes while Maria and Isabel still glared at each other. The silence was interrupted when Kathleen called Alex on the intercom. She announced that there was someone special arrived Alex needed to see.

A few moments later, Kathleen walked into Alex’ office having a leash in her hand behind her trudged a dark brown stained bulldog. When the dog entered the office he knew no boundaries. He barked loud and ran past Kathleen enthusiastic towards Alex’ spot. Kathleen wasn’t able to hold the leash in her hands as the dog pulled at it full force.

“Paul! Buddy you’re here.” Alex yelled as he saw his beloved pet.

Paul’s barking increased after his master called him. Alex jumped out of his seat running half way towards his dog. Alex kneed in front of him petting his belly while he rolled on the floor, playing with him and talking to his dog as if it was a baby.

“Yeah, that’s my boy…You’re a good boy… Who’s a good boy? You are a good boy… I missed you buddy. You missed me? Did you miss me?” Alex babbled as if he lost the ability to talk properly

Latter was answered with a bark that was so loud it echoed. Isabel couldn’t believe what she saw. The infamous Alex Whitman, who was feared because of his temper, became a puddle of goo as his dog had come in. It was almost laughable when the sight wouldn’t be so sweet. She couldn’t imagine Alex as owner of a bulldog. They looked a bit odd together. Bulldogs were mostly owned by men who radiated strength and power. Alex had power but it wasn’t obvious. Isabel was brought out of her musings about dogs and men as Alex walked up to her holding out the leash for her. Isabel looked disbelieving at Alex. He couldn’t be serious.

“Oh no…No, I can’t. I don’t want to. Please don’t make me…please don’t.” Isabel pleaded to not take care of Paul.

“Oh yes, you will. I’d do it myself but I have to get ready for a meeting. In addition, Paul is the nicest and sweetest dog you’ll ever meet. Come on, he’s a gentle dog. Look at him.”

Right this moment, Paul decided to lick his butthole which caused to activate Isabel’s gag reflex as she looked at the dog.

“Normally, he had better manners but today he’s edgy. Isabel, meet Paul, the nicest dog ever. Paul, meet Isabel. She’s around for a couple of days.” Alex introduced both before he pressed the leash, a shovel and some plastic bags in Isabel’s hands.

Isabel wasn’t used to energetic dogs around her. She wasn’t used to dogs at all. Therefore, as Paul realized he had a new play buddy he ran out of the office dragging a powerless Isabel behind. While Paul barked enthusiastic, Isabel only yelled that he should slow down.

Alex closed his office and went back to his desk. He focused on the pictures he still had to look over. He knew that Maria was watching him. He decided to ignore it as long as possible. Yet his long friendship with Maria taught him, he couldn’t run away from her so it was just a matter of time before she would act.



“Did Isabel know about Paul?”


“Did you indicate that she has to deal with Paul?”


“You’re mean.”

“Am not.”

“So, Isabel does know that Paul has the runs?”


“You’re evil.” Maria laughed as she imagined Isabel’s face.
It wasn’t bad as she thought. Walking with Paul was indeed nice and also relaxing. It was nice to get out of the office. He trudged before her and she just kept an eye on him to interfere if he was going to get into trouble. Paul had found a nice tree, he ran towards it.

Several minutes later, Isabel only was able to say one thing.

“Gross Paul...”
Isabel was on a mission. Alex Whitman was going down. She would repay him for his little stunt. She would make him pay. She returned from her walk in the park with Paul riding up the lift to the office. She couldn’t believe that man. She couldn’t believe that his evil, malicious mind came up with such an idea. It was evil. It was mean and it was perfect to pay her back for her stupid mistake.

“Paul, Alex is a mean man. He didn’t tell me anything about you. Nothing. Can you believe that? I bet you are the nicer one of you two. You are too cute to be mean. You’re a good dog. Normally I don’t like dogs. I don’t like them at all. You’re an exception. You’re cute. That gets you kudos. But Alex, he isn’t nice. Did you know that he made me clean and re-organize the whole copy room? Well, he did. He didn’t even thank me. I think I deserved some gratitude. What do you think?”

Isabel looked down to Paul who stood close to her legs. The only response she got was him tilting his head.

“Great, now I’m talking to a dog.”

Isabel reached her destination. She exited hastily the lift not seeing the figure she ran into.

“Ouch, damn it…Can’t you see where you’re going?” Isabel groaned at the person she had collided with.

“Well, I can’t. I see you’re still your charming self.”

Isabel looked up seeing her dearly brother smiling smugly down on her. It was the first time she saw him today. Something was different about him. Isabel knew her brother, though he always denied that she knew him the way she wished, something was different about him. He didn’t have this cocky aura around him. He looked carefree and relaxed. Michael was never relaxed around anyone.

“Funny…I would laugh at that but I prefer laughing about you fucking up today.”

“I don’t know what you mean.”

“Maria, photo shooting and you insulting people. God, Michael what did you think? You got her into big trouble.”

“Why do you care about her? Besides that, why the hell is that meat ball with you?” Michael pointed at Paul, who responded with a low growl.

“Leave him alone. That’s Paul, Alex’ dog.”

“Alright. Are you now a dog sitter?”

“No, I am not. I just take care of him for a little time while Alex is doing something else.”

“Isabel, that’s what a dog sitter does for other people.”

“Whatever. Why are you still lurking around here?”

“Just checking out the place.”

“Checking out the place where a certain blonde works is a bit stalkerish, dear brother.”

“Shut up, I’m not stalking anyone.”

Paul chose that moment to throw up on Michael’s feet.

“Gross Paul…not again.” Isabel couldn’t believe it happened again.

Isabel helped Michael cleaning up before he had decided to go home. He had wanted to go to Maria but he couldn’t do it. He was emotionally agitated, afraid of what he might do or say. In addition, Michael was confused. He didn’t understand what was going on between Maria and him. One minute they were insulting each other and the next he kissed her or she showed a sign of affection. It didn’t matter who made the first step Michael was confused about his feelings. Before he messed more up or did something he would regret later due to his emotional turmoil, Michael left.

When Isabel came back to the office, she saw that everyone had gone home or probably to the next bar to get drunk. The only office where light was still on was of course Alex’. Taking a deep breath, Isabel walked towards it Paul walking beside her. Somehow she had a strange connection to that dog. It wasn’t all that bad with Paul. He just couldn’t control his body fluids. Alex’ door was slightly ajar what gave Isabel the opportunity to observe him when Alex thought he was alone. She knew she shouldn’t do it and her mother would teach her about respecting somebody’s privacy. Isabel remained outside as she heard that he was talking to someone on the phone. Paul let out a little whimper next to her, shushing him Isabel tried to hear what was said. Just now, she wished to be a fly on the wall. Her curiosity was getting the better of her as Isabel took another step towards his office pulling Paul with her. From her current position, Isabel had a better chance to listen.

“Yes, I had lunch today and I’ll get something for dinner as well. Mum, stop worrying about me. I’m a grown man who can take care of himself…I know you want to see me happy with a wife and kids but now is it not the time. I’m too busy. Apparently, I come across as homosexual… Can you stop laughing? I know it’s funny but it wasn’t her fault…Mum, stop laughing. Yeah I told you about her…How I met her? Uhm…let’s just say we crashed into each other and she left an unforgettable expression. No, I’m not going out with her. What is it with you hooking me up with everything that has a vagina?...Yes, I said the v-word. It’s called vagina and I say it as it is. Alright mum, I’m hanging up I still have something to check before I go home…Yes, I will. Love you mum.”

Isabel wasn’t sure what to think. This morning Alex seemed to be annoyed by his mum and here he was having a lovable, funny talk with her. The guy was strange or had mood swings. Isabel couldn’t even remember when the last time was she called her mother. She missed talking to her mum like back in her college days. She had called her mother every day because she had been terribly homesick. All changed when her model career began. They talked to each other from time to time otherwise every call would turn into an argument. Isabel knew that Michael had a much better relationship to their mother than she had.

“Isabel, you can come in. There’s no need to stay outside.” Alex called out to her.

Cursing under her breath Isabel entered hesitantly the office. She found Alex standing in the middle of the room, in the one hand holding his briefcase and jacket, in the other holding her purse.

“I heard you talking and thought I wait until you finished your talk.” Isabel took her purse from him giving him Paul’s leash.

“Hey Paul, did you like it with Isabel? Do you like her?” Alex cooed scratching his dog behind the ear.

“It was interesting with him. It was nice that you informed me that I had to dog sit today.”, was her sourly comment to the days activities. Isabel liked Paul but she didn’t like being pushed into certain situations she couldn’t control, like with the kindergarten.

“I know I should have said something but it wouldn’t have been that much fun.” Alex smiled as he saw the look of irritation on Isabel’s face.

“Yeah, thanks. Babysitting kids and a dog was great.” Isabel retorted sarcastically.

“Speaking of kids, Leanna has brought that for you. A girl painted something for you, who had fun with you today.” Alex reached into his briefcase taking out a sheet. “It’s a sweet gesture.”

Isabel took the sheet gazing at the painting. Isabel didn’t know what to say. It was the first time she received such a sweet gift. The little girl painted sunflowers with butterflies surrounding them. Seeing the painting, Isabel didn’t care anymore that she was abused as bouncy castle, receiving several bruises and feeling as her limbs were ripped out. It was worth it getting in the end such a sweet reward.

“Do you have a lift home?”

Alex’ voice brought Isabel back to reality, who was still smiling about the received gift.

“I just take a cab.”

“No, you’re not doing that. You shouldn’t be alone on the street waiting for a cab by that time. I drive you home. Come on, it’s enough work for today.”
( :twisted: )

Alex led the way to his car with Paul walking beside him while Isabel was several steps behind them. She just watched him. It was probably better to watch him from behind than being in close proximity to him. Isabel didn’t know how she should interpret the whole day. It was an emotional rollercoaster ride for her. She had been swaying between anger and sereneness. She never experienced such a day like today.

Alex was able to provoke emotions in her that she usually had under control. She was always in control but he managed to get through her control. He managed to bring her to the point where she only wanted scream out her frustration but at the same time he managed to make her feel. Whenever he touched her it felt as if her body was violently shaken by an invincible explosive.

It made her nervous that he had that power over her. She didn’t want to feel that way. She didn’t want that a man-she barely knew- was able to make her feel and after three days everything would be over. Feelings meant vulnerability. Isabel didn’t want to be vulnerable in front of him. She had to remain cool and strong.

It scared her that Alex could be able to come close to her. She didn’t fear the physical closeness it was more the emotional closeness that terrified her. Physical attraction could be fought but fighting the own emotions was a lost battle. In just one day he was able to get to her. He pissed her off; he made her smile, he threw a highlighter at her- Alex Whitman was just scaring her in so many ways. He got to her.

During the drive Alex glanced at Isabel from time to time. He didn’t know what was going on but she seemed distracted. He had to call several times her name before she had paid attention to him. It was weird for him as well. He didn’t know how to act around her since they were out of the office. His office was his bastion. He knew what to do there. He had the power there. There he was able to protect himself seeking safety. But outside he was helpless. He felt like the teenager he had been: dorky, awkward and afraid of making the wrong move.

He didn’t want to come across as mean or evil mind-though the thought for itself amused him-he just wanted to show her that their own world wasn’t better than the real one. Everyone had flaws.

He was no exception.

He was falling. Unbelievable but true, he was falling for Isabel Evans. Aloof and icy Isabel. He wanted to laugh at the irony. The woman that thought he was a loser and idiot was the woman he was falling in love with. If Alex wouldn’t be driving he would bang his head against the steering wheel.

He wasn’t mad at her anymore for her stupid comment, he just wanted to see her real self. It wasn’t possible that she was always in control. Today he got a glimpse of her real self. She reacted. That’s all he wanted he just wanted to see her true self.

While he loved to get a rise out of her, it had to be her hobby as well. She knew how to piss him off and how to enrage him that he wanted to scream at the top of his lungs. Nonetheless, he saw her other site. She could be fun to be with if she wanted to take part.

Isabel Evans was actually the only person who could drive him crazy.

When they reached Isabel’s condo, Alex got out of the car first walking around to open the door for Isabel. He reached out his hand for her to take helping Isabel stepping out of the car. They stood still for a few seconds just gazing at each other. Isabel wanted to say something but she wasn’t able to form the right words while Alex just wanted to enjoy that silent moment between them.

Isabel started to feel awkward being in that position. She didn’t trust herself. She was afraid to do something stupid. She lowered her gaze stepping away from Alex. She needed the distance. Distance meant to be able to gain control.

“Thanks for the drive home, I’ll see you tomorrow.” Isabel said while she was already walking up to her front door.

“You’re welcome. Good night and you did well today.” Alex replied waiting till she was inside her home safe.

Isabel placed her purse on the floor after she got her mobile phone out dialling a familiar number. After three rings, Isabel heard the voice she wanted.


“Hey mum, it’s Isabel. Guess what?...A bulldog threw up on Michael today…I swear it happened. You should have seen his face.”

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Re: Sweet Revenge (M/M & A/I, Adult)Ch4 page3, 11/16/09

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I didn't want to have the fic for so long without an update. Unfortunately, shit happens and life isn't better. School work, a new job while working two jobs and a short period of writers block were my friends. Anyway, there's a NEW part. Before I post I wanted to say, I think it's funny how some of you think that Michael doesn't have a job. I didn't mention anything about him that let you speculate. There'll be more revealed about him and the others.
Thanks to the lurkers for reading.

Rowedog: Actually, it's a suprise that people would think Michael would be a hooker coming to see Maria but she had held up a sheet with the word on it. So it was just a prank. As for Alex, he knows how to handle Isabel. While he started to fall for her it's for her not being afraid of him. He likes that.

nibbles2: I never mentioned Michael being unemployed. he just feeds off his sister's fame to get women. Isabel and Michael are dislikable for now due to the environment they know.And don't forget Michael never met a woman like Maria so it was new for him.

April- personal stalker: Well, you weren't as lame as last time. Congrats for that. In this part you'll see why Isabel is afraid of being vulnerable. Good to know that you like this Alex. I love him as well. And yes, Paul is lovable (though I don't like dogs and have no experience in having one). As for Michael, read above!

tequathisy: I wanted to spoil you with the loooooooooooooooooooong part. As for Isabel and Michael, they get a lecture they won't forget. Good to know you liked M&M.

marymary: Thanks for your feedback.

Eva, the P.I.M.P: Michael will get his act together. He has to deal with Maria. Good to know you like Alex.

Maiqu: Thanks for your feedback. True, Alex rocks.

Okay kids, it's time for a new part. Have fun with it!

Chapter 4: Did it again!

It was too early for being already up on a Saturday. Of course it was just her luck that Alex wanted to savour her services as much as possible. Isabel just wanted to hide from him. She still wasn’t sure what to think of him. He confused her. He irritated her. He pissed her off. Above that all he made her feel.

When she was near him she was barely able to have her emotions in check. On the one hand, she wanted to see what the mystery about him was. She wanted to know who Alex was. Until yesterday, Isabel had believed in all the rumours about Alex Whitman, the ruthless, cold bastard, who had so much power in the business. Someone summed it up that Alex could be responsible for you having a golden toilet when he approved or he could make you clean said toilet as his maid. There was a certain aura around Alex. Isabel had to admit that his power and self confidence was radiating of him and made him even more interesting. Moreover, he knew it. He knew how immense his influence was.

On the other hand, there was nothing to fear about Alex Whitman. Seeing him in flesh and seeing how he really was, wasn’t as terrifying as it was rumoured. He was a human being. There was no difference between him and other human beings. It was just the mystery about Alex Whitman that had made him into this unapproachable and almost God like figure. In all honesty, the mystery was just it. No one knew the real Alex Whitman. Isabel suspected that many people, who were responsible for the urban legends about Alex, were people who didn’t like him.

Therefore, Isabel wasn’t sure what to think about the Alex Whitman she had met. In the beginning she believed in everything she had thought to know about him but her view of him changed. He was the powerful man everyone knew him but he didn’t misuse his influence to get what he wanted. It was the last option for him. He just used his power when he was certain that it was the last way for him to put someone in his place or to get his way.

In the last twenty-four hours Isabel had met a different Alex Whitman. She knew he wasn’t as bad as she had assumed, it was just that his presence made her act out of character. Being near him, she didn’t know how to be herself. Her fear to not mess up more than she already had made her act like a bitch. Her fear of him had a paralyzing effect on her. She wasn’t able to be herself. He intimated her in a way no one else was able to. Isabel wanted to show that she wasn’t the bitch he might have thought she was. Yet her attempts had been shot down the second she encountered him in his office. No matter what she did, she just messed up.

Somehow Isabel doubted that Alex had a sadistic nature. She didn’t thought he was one of those guys, who enjoyed seeing others suffering. He didn’t come across like that. He just seemed to enjoy putting her in her place.

Nonetheless, there had happened something yesterday Isabel still couldn’t explain. She started to enjoy her time with him though he seemed to enjoy getting a rise out of her. He just knew how to push her buttons without coming across as offending. No matter how hard she tried to not step into his trap, Isabel reacted to him. She reacted to him like to no other man before.

She felt something changed between them.

And that shift between them scared Isabel. It scared her that she was becoming attached to Alex on an emotional level in such short time. She just knew him for a day. It was impossible to establish an emotional bond to him after less than twenty-four hours. There was nothing they had in common. There were more arguments against them than for them.
He was starting to get the best of her. She couldn’t let it happen. He was getting close to her without even realizing it.
Moreover, she was starting to lose control. She couldn’t let it happen that a man could get close to her. Alex had been able to crack her control over her emotions-without his knowledge. She couldn’t let it happen. Getting attached to him would mean that she would have to trust him.

She would have to open up to him. She couldn’t pretend to be someone else. She had to show her real self. Though Isabel didn’t doubt that Alex was able to get tiny glimpses of her real self when she let her guard down; she was terrified that it wasn’t enough. It wasn’t enough for him to see the real Isabel. She was afraid to not being able to fulfil his expectations. Everyone expected from her to be a person she wasn’t.

What would happen if she let him see her true self?

Isabel didn’t want to be vulnerable. Vulnerability meant getting hurt. Open up to a stranger was a prospection, which scared Isabel. She had to stop to pretend being someone she actually wasn’t. She would have to be her true self. It was terrifying her.

The real Isabel Evans wasn’t enough.

She couldn’t hide anything when she would open up. Everything would be revealed. Her flaws, her failures and her insecurities would be seen. She couldn’t hide anymore behind her mask.

She just wasn’t ready to take that step.

It scared her that Alex would be able to see beneath her layers. It scared her that he knew her. It was terrifying her that he was able to see her.

After parking the car and mentally getting ready for another day with Alex and taking some deep breaths, Isabel got off her car and walked confidently towards the lion’s den. Today was going to be different. She’d try to get the day over without getting into any trouble with Alex. Well, she hoped so.

When she was about to knock, Isabel dropped her hand before she came in contact with the door. She was still worried about how Alex would face her and how she should face him. Their meetings had a bad history. And somehow today, she wanted to make it better.

Again, Isabel took several calming, deep breathes. This time she used the doorbell to announce her arrival. Just a few seconds later, Alex opened the door wide open having a smile on his face. Just in that moment when Isabel wanted to greet him, she was lost for words. There in front of her stood Alex in a pair of jogging paints and a tight, white shirt. It wasn’t his styling that shocked Isabel. It was the fact that for the first time she got a good look at him: his broad shoulders and chest and slim waist; Isabel didn’t think that underneath Alex’ exterior of suits and ties was hidden such a physique. For a man of his physique, the right places were filled out and accentuated.

“Good morning Isabel, you’re right on time. Not that I expected less of you.”

At once, Alex noticed Isabel’s expression. Her eyes were wide open and her mouth slightly open forming an ’O’. He didn’t know how to interpret her state of silence. It was certainly a new situation for him to see Isabel being quiet. Normally when they met immediately snappish comments came out of her mouth and he’d react to them by being sarcastic teasing her. Several seconds passed with still nothing coming from Isabel. Alex wasn’t used to her being that way so he did the first thing that came to his mind.

He slammed the door shut. He took some deep breaths awaiting the storm he had to face. He knew what he did was wrong but she didn’t react. Seeing a speechless Isabel worried and terrified Alex. He liked her more when she was reacting to him in a rather loud way.

The doorbell sounded.

Alex engulfed the door knob and opened the door. In front of him was a mad Isabel.

“What the hell possessed…”

Isabel didn’t have a chance to finish her sentence because Alex shut the door again. Isabel started to hate his house door, which was a barrier between him and her and her and her hands around his throat.
On the other side of the door, Alex was grinning. His girl was still outside the house but he had his reacting Isabel.

This time Isabel passed on using the doorbell, she was knocking vehemently against his door. Alex didn’t open immediately. He took his time. Alex smoothed some wrinkles on his clothes while Isabel’s furious knocking kept on.

Deciding it was time to stop Isabel in her attempt to destroy his door, Alex swung the door open. Isabel was in the middle of swinging her fist on the wooden surface when she halted in midair-otherwise she would hit Alex and she’d be damned to do that now.

Alex just stood there grinning and looking at her fist. Isabel was frozen. She didn’t know what to do now. She didn’t expect him to stand so careless and relaxed in front of her. He just smiled. There were no words to describe Isabel’s displeasure whenever he smiled. It wasn’t that typical polite smile he wore. It was the challenging one as if he knew she hated it.

Isabel lowered her arm that was still hanging in the air. Her gaze was still on him.

The silence between them was annoying her more and more. Isabel couldn’t stand it. She wanted that something happened. She couldn’t take the silence anymore. She preferred it when they both were talking to each other than being silent. Before the silence continued, Alex was the one ending it.

“Are you going to say something or do you just want to enjoy this fine day on my doorsill?”

She wanted to scream at him. He was the one acting out of line but he pretended like it had been her fault. Isabel tried hard to not do or say something wrong. She knew that Alex intended to provoke her.

“I wanted to know what possessed you to slam…I mean shut the door after you have seen me. Because I can’t think of anything I’ve done.” Isabel tried to keep her emotions in check. She didn’t want to give Alex another opportunity to provoke her.

“It’s not about what you have done. It’s about what you didn’t do when I opened the door.”

“What I didn’t do? Are you kidding me? I’m here on time to not give you another reason for chastising me what seems to be your new passion. But now you behave like a jerk due to something I didn’t do. Seriously, you suck.”

There went Isabel’s control over her emotions. She couldn’t believe that he managed again to make her lose control. Yet she wasn’t able to control herself when it came to him. There was something about Alex Whitman that she couldn’t resist. She didn’t know what it was but there was something.

“Ouch that hurts my sensitive ego… Well not really, you’re not the first who has insulted me and you’re probably not the last.” Alex replied sarcastic to Isabel’s exclaim.

It hurt him a bit that she thought he took pleasure in admonishing her. Actually he wanted to tease her but it was the wrong move. Suddenly, Alex felt as if he catapulted to his high school time when girls shun him and he didn’t know how to act around them. Isabel had made it to make him feel like the teenager he once was instead of being the ruthless businessman many thought he was.

Isabel felt a shift between them. As if a distance was building between them. Maybe she was too harsh. Maybe it was Alex’ way to tease her and she took it again too personal- as if he wanted to attack her. For a second, Isabel could’ve sworn she had seen hurt flashing across Alex’ facial features. Dismissing the thought Isabel wanted to get the tension between them out of the way.

“Can I come in? I’d like to start on this fine day with the chores you have for me.” She looked everywhere but the man in front of her. Looking at Alex would mean she would see the damage she had done. It would also mean she had the proof that she hurt someone. The idea of her hurting someone caused her stomach to twist and clench.

Alex just stepped out of the way wordlessly giving Isabel space so she could enter. He turned around and walked away from her. Isabel was taken back by his sudden silent treatment. It was something new she experienced with Alex and she didn’t like it a bit. She entered his home hesitating not really sure what would happen next and how she should react to the current situation. Since no one was saying something Isabel stood awkwardly glued to her spot. She was unsure of herself and what to do. She didn’t like Alex in this state. She preferred it when he would make a sarcastic comment or even wear one of those smiles, which were always dancing on lips. She wanted that hated smile. That way she knew everything was alright between them. Everything would be normal between them.

Alex stood on his spot with his back still turned to her. He felt the tension between them. He wanted to say something that would put both of them at ease but he didn’t know what. He didn’t want to say something that would offend Isabel more and he certainly didn’t want to make her feel uncomfortable. It was hard for him to find a solution for their current situation. It was a long time ago that Alex felt so unsure of himself near a woman. It was kind of ridiculous how he felt near her.

He had met the most beautiful women on earth. He made some of them cry and some of them happy. He decided about their fates but until yesterday no other woman, better said model, was able to come that close to him like Isabel. He never showed emotions or let his emotions control him regarding his business. Yet she was able to change that all just by her presence. Alex couldn’t let it happen that he fell more for her. He was already into deep. He was certain that Isabel could be someone to hurt him when he let her near.

And if that would happen, it would destroy him completely.

Alex still didn’t figure out why he was falling for her. He wasn’t an idiot: Isabel was beautiful in a rare way he hadn’t seen in many years. She had the beauty that every woman would envy and every man would want her as his arm candy. Nonetheless, there was more to her. She had personality. In one second she was that furious person that could destroy someone verbally. And in the next moment, she could be that young, innocent girl. She radiated that calmness and she was funny. It was possible to have fun with her. On account of this, Alex felt a slight ping of guilt. He kept her around for personal reasons. It wasn’t anymore business between them. He crossed the line when he had bid for her.

His only way out would be if he would send her home and tell her it was enough what she did yesterday. That way he could save himself.

Was it really what he wanted?

Taking a deep breath, Alex turned around facing her. If it wasn’t already ridiculous enough that he started to fall for her, he would laugh at himself. His heart went out to the young woman in front of him. There she stood on her spot not flexing one muscle as if something bad would happen when she did. Alex wanted to say something to assure her that he wasn’t angry but he was lost for words. The way she stood there had left him speechless. Her hands gripped her purse tightly, her composure was totally stiff and her gaze wandered around the room avoiding him.

“Welcome to my home aka the dungeon where I keep all models hidden. None has made it out in one piece.” Alex stated with a mischievous gleam in his eyes. If he couldn’t say something soothing then he would say something to get her attention.

The sudden sound brought Isabel out of her thoughts. She was glad that he was the first to say something breaking the silence that had settled between them. It didn’t matter what he had said as long as he was the one. She was never good in making small talk. However it was different with him.

“Good to know. As long as they’re the bad ones, I don’t care much. So what did you plan for me today?” Isabel slid back into her usual role of being the model Isabel Evans. At least she would save herself that way. He wouldn’t see what effect he was having on her. She couldn’t cross that line more than she already had. The risk to get hurt was too much to bear.

“The usual on a Saturday: hanging around the pool, some cocktails and good food. Actually just having a good time. Nothing spectacular.” Alex replied nonchalantly. Isabel was surprised by his suggestions.

She wasn’t going to complain about it but it was too odd that he didn’t plan something torturous for her. Maybe it was going to be a good day and she could enjoy it with Alex. A small smile appeared on her facial features and right in that moment Alex was captivated by her beauty. Right now she looked so relaxed as if she didn’t have a care in the world. For a few seconds Alex savoured the thought that it was his doing for this beautiful smile. He knew it wouldn’t last. Yet he had wanted to enjoy this moment with her.

“Actually I was kidding. I’ve got a tight schedule for you.” Alex admitted hesitating scratching his neck while he awaited Isabel’s outburst.

He could only imagine her joy for having a relaxed day so he was probably in for another round of her bitchy behaviour.

“Schedule? You have a schedule for me? I knew it was too good to be true. As if you knew how to relax; I’ll probably get chased around the house and garden.” Isabel whined. That guy was going to be her end when he kept playing with her like that.

“Don’t worry, I’m not this cruel. Paul will do the chase while I’ll enjoy a martini.” Alex had to laugh when Isabel scrunched up her face.

“Martini? That’s so male. Speaking of male, where’s Paul?” She looked around for the bulldog that had managed to capture her heart. She would never admit it but Paul was one of the cutest dogs she ever met. In addition, the dog threw up on Michael’s shoes and that got him kudos.

“Still sleeping. It takes some time until he gets up and wants to have his walk. So you’re safe for now.”

It didn’t strike him at first but now he noticed that he actually subconsciously walked up to Isabel and was in close proximity to her. He just needed to stretch out his hand and would be able to touch her. Remembering the few times he had the pleasurable feeling of her against him touching her skin. He felt the heat creeping up his neck and how his hands were already covered with a slight layer of sweat. He was suddenly uncertain how to progress from here. Just knowing that Isabel was so close to him was paralyzing him in his actions.

Isabel didn’t know how it had happened but suddenly Alex was so close to her that it was easy for her to touch him. She wasn’t sure how to handle that proximity.

She didn’t know when it had happened and how it had happened but Alex was someone who she couldn’t stop thinking about. Between all the subtle insults and the teasing, Alex Whitman was able to get to her. Isabel wasn’t sure if it was good or bad. Just thinking about getting involved with him made her shiver in delight.

Yesterday they had been close. Very close. The physical closeness confused her. Isabel had never reacted that way to a man before. Normally, the men had to fight to get her attention or to be even worth it to come near her. then she had to meet Alex. Everything about him was different. He was able to come to her without fighting. He came past her barriers. That fact for itself was a wonder.

He confused her, he pissed her off and he certainly knew her.

“Alex, I should start with whatever you have planned. The earlier I start the faster I can go home.”

Isabel broke the silence between them. She couldn’t take more of this. She couldn’t let it happen to fall deeper for a guy who couldn’t stand her.

Surprised by the sudden interruption of the peace, Alex gazed at her seeing an uncertain look mirroring on her face. Today, something was different about Isabel. Alex couldn’t put his finger on it but he was certain something was bothering her.

Without saying more Alex gestured Isabel to follow him.

He led her to the garage.

The garage was empty and implement for painting could be found on a table. Isabel entered the garage as first immediately making out what she has to do.

“You can’t be serious?” Isabel whined. She couldn’t believe that he really expected her to paint his garage. Though she knew Alex wouldn’t let her do easy work, she didn’t expect this.

“But I am. The garage really needs a new coating. Unfortunately, I don’t have time for this. Lucky me, I have you for this.”

“I can’t do that. I’ve never done stuff like this before. Michael and my dad did such jobs.”

“Stop being so whiny. It’s easy. If you were able to paint pictures in kindergarten then you can take the brushes and paint walls. I don’t expect the Sistine Chapel or something by Jackson Pollock. Just white walls. That’s it.” Alex felt like he was talking to a little kid. Isabel could be stubborn when she wanted to but he wouldn’t give in.

“Then you can do it yourself when it’s so easy. I don’t want to do this.”

“First, I don’t care that you don’t want to do it. You will do it. Secondly, I don’t do it because I have you for this.”

“This sucks big time.” Isabel pouted. She’d rather do something else but Alex didn’t want to give in so she was the one who had to surrender.

“Maybe. Everything you need is there on the table. There’s the overall for you. As you see, there’s also a fridge, full with soda, juices, some fruit, whiskey and when you’re lucky you might find there Valium as well.” Alex walked towards the exit. He needed to clear his mind and he couldn’t do that when Isabel was near.

“I bet you saved the cyanide for yourself.” Isabel muttered to herself.

“I heard you and no, give that shit to others in meetings to get out faster.” He replied walking further away.

“Where you’re going? What if I need help?”

“You’ll do fine on your own. I’m going jogging. I’ll be back later.” With that said Alex ran away.


People were busy and the traffic was hell like every Saturday. Yet nothing could stop Michael from his mission. Mission would be the wrong word. It sounded too military and too impersonal. And Michael wanted it to be personal. Very personal. If he wouldn’t know it better that it was the right thing to do, he would point at himself and yell ‘sissy’. But he had to admit, he was about to do the right thing. He was going to get Maria DeLuca.

He didn’t want her as his usual conquest: get her, fuck her and dump her.

This was different. He knew and felt it.

It was a feeling he had never felt before. Michael was sure that Maria was special. Otherwise he wouldn’t have reacted to her the way he had when they met. He was still unsure about what was happening to him whenever he was near her and whenever they touched. Maria affected him in a way he never experienced before. She had the power to make him speechless but she also could excite him in a way no other woman had ever been able to. When he was near her, Michael felt like an incoherent idiot, who wasn’t able to put two proper sentences together.

Yet, whenever he was near her he felt this pull towards her. He wanted her in every way. He wanted Maria. He really wanted her. He wanted to know her favourite colour, ice cream, flower, drink, food etc. Michael still wondered how this woman was able to affect him. It was more than the typical physical attraction he experienced with women.

Maria made him feel. He felt nervous, anxious and free around her. Though he had pretended to be someone else when they met, he actually didn’t need to pretend with her. With her he felt the need to show himself. True he was the cocky bastard she got to know but there was more to him.

Yesterday she had seen more of him than any other person before. It was hard for him to be himself in front of her because the chances were high that she wouldn’t want him if she really saw him. When she would see that everything about him to the outside world was faked.

Michael wondered if Maria would like his true self. If she was able to accept that he wasn’t someone of her world.

He was brought out of his thoughts when he spotted the object of his affections walking down the street towards the spa. He didn’t know how to approach her but he would find a way. Moreover, he still needed a good explanation for his presence. His sudden arrival would arouse suspicion about his reasons. Michael needed to play it cool. He had to be careful about his moves.

It was easier said than done. Near Maria, he wasn’t able to keep his cool. Near her, he felt totally powerless. As if she had this spell on him and he lost all ability to be himself around her. He wanted to prove that he was more than caught the eye.

Dumping his Snapple in the trash, Michael crossed the street entering the building.

His heart was beating faster, his hands were covered in a layer of sweat and his thoughts became a mess.

He didn’t know how he managed to get in the lift and to the needed floor but he kind of managed. Coming to the floor he would find her, Michael walked towards the spa. Entering it, he saw Maria standing by the reception laughing about something the girl behind the counter said.

For a moment Michael wasn’t able to breath due to the sight in front of him. There she was, the woman of his affections having the most beautiful laugh he heard. For that sappy thought Michael wanted to slap himself. Maria looked innocent and carefree radiating a hidden glow. Right now all he wanted to do was to stay behind and watch her from afar. As much as he wanted to enjoy the sight of her, Michael knew without acting on his behalf he wouldn’t get her.

Taking a deep breath to calm his nerves and help him concentrating on the woman in front him, he walked towards her. When he was in close proximity he thought about his approach. There had to be a way to announce his arrival without her wanting to cut his balls off. Seeing no other way out he had to do it his typical way risking everything.

“Morning Maria. How are you on this fine day?” He approached her from behind hoping that it was the right decision.

Five seconds ago, Maria still thought she was going to have a fantastic day. It was her free day. No work in the office and she didn’t have to do anything for Alex since he had Isabel for today. She wanted to focus on herself having a nice day in the spa and getting pampered like a queen. She deserved that bit of tranquillity in her life. Unfortunately, life was a bitch. Of course it couldn’t happen that she had a great day for herself when Michael Evans himself was here with her.

She couldn’t understand what he wanted from her. Though she felt attracted to him there was still the doubt lingering about them. Maria wasn’t going to be another one of his conquests he could brag about. She wasn’t going to be one of hundreds.

Yet Maria had to fight hard the attraction to him. She knew he wasn’t all that bad and she still had the hope that he came for her. She hoped he wanted her as person and not as conquest.

Thinking about the kiss she had shared with him yesterday in the lift, it still excited her. His intention was to calm her down yet he was responsible for her system going into overload. The way his hands glided over her body, the way his lips felt on hers and on her skin made her realize that she was already in too deep to forget about him or to ignore his existence. She wasn’t able to do that. While she lay in her bed she couldn’t stop thinking about their elevator activity. The only relief she found to get rid of those thoughts was to take a cold shower.

As much as she was attracted to Michael and as slowly it started, she was falling for him. Sure he had his failures. He was cocky, arrogant, a loud mouth and because of him her career and reputation had been at risk. Nonetheless, he was also caring, sensitive and in his own way lovable. She guessed that not many people got to see this site and she was glad that there was something good about him. She wasn’t into the asshole type of men and wouldn’t become so fast a fan of them.

Though she wanted to resist this man, she couldn’t. There was something irresistible about him that drew her to him. But there was still the doubt about him and his intentions. Maria didn’t trust men so easily, especially men who were involved in the fashion business. Michael wasn’t directly involved but he managed to destroy that bit of trust she wanted to give him. She was supposed to be a tool.

Maria couldn’t forgive this yet. She wanted and needed to know that his intentions were true and not just a way for him to get her in the sack.

Maybe just maybe today wasn’t going to be as bad as she had thought when she had turned around facing Michael. He seemed to be relaxed and in his usual cocky manner but his eyes belied his current state. Nervousness and insecurity reflected in them; this was her chance to try Michael. Either he wanted her for her or he was just out for fun with her. Not giving away how she felt around him, Maria suppressed all emotions she could. Otherwise her effort was for nothing.

“Hey. How did you know where I would be today?” Maria wasn’t someone to beat around the bush. It couldn’t be a coincidence him being at the same place to the same time.

“I have my ways to find that out. But I actually thought I should try out one of those spas. Everyone goes to them why not me as well.” He tried to be nonchalant about his reasons but with her being so close it wasn’t easy.

It wouldn’t take much effort from him to hold her in his arms and kiss her. Just seeing those luscious lips was already driving him crazy. He wanted to kiss her like he had yesterday. Though Maria was talking and she probably said some obscenities to him, he couldn’t focus on her words. His eyes were trained on her lips. He wondered how they would feel on his skin and…

“Michael! Have you heard anything of what I said?” Maria’s angry voice brought him back to reality and the owner of the lips. He was too distracted to react to her properly.


Maria was inwardly smiling and jumping for joy being able to have this effect on Michael. It was kind of cute seeing him in that state.

“I’ve asked you what you wanted to do here. Which package are you going to use?”

Michael still didn’t get his bearings together and said the first thing that came to his mind.


“What? Mud what?” She didn’t get the guy. He was too irritating.

“Mud package. I think I try the mud package. I read that it’s good for the skin.” He hesitantly replied. He couldn’t believe what he said; it made him look like an idiot.

“You want to try out the mud package because you have read that mud is good for the skin. Good to know. I was just a tiny a bit away from calling you a stalker. I think it’s very suspect to be here in the same spa. Oh well, I’m not someone to go against your preferences.” Maria had a plan and she was going to put everything on one card today. Either Michael Evans was going to stick around and prove he was worth it or he wasn’t.

“How about we book the ‘Couple’s Beauty Package’? That way we spend time together and you don’t need to get into stalker mode.” Maria offered hoping to come across as nonchalantly as she wanted. She didn’t want to give away that spending time with Michael would please her.

Michael was stunned. He hadn’t expected such a development. In the few minutes with her, he expected her to chop off his head or even trying to rip out his guts. However, her new offer made him curious and also anxious. He wondered what she planned for him. It was either taking this opportunity or leaving it if he wanted a chance with her.

“Sure, we can do that.” He got out hoping he didn’t sound too eager.

Giving him a little smile, Maria turned to the receptionist making the needed arrangements. A few minutes later Maria turned back to Michael handing him towel, bath robe and slippers leading him towards the dressing room.

All the while Michael wasn’t able to say anything. He just enjoyed the sight of her taking charge. While they walked beside each other to the dressing rooms neither of them said anything. A comfortable silence engulfed them when they reached the dressing rooms Maria informed Michael that she would wait for him in the massage area. All Michael could do was nodding. He was still processing their conversation at the reception.

When Maria entered the women’s changing room, she heard Michael yelling.

“And I’m not a stalker.”
It hadn’t taken long until both were in their outfits for the beauty day. Like she had told him, Maria waited for him in the area for the massages and all the other beauty stuff. Michael was getting impatient and nervous. While he was changing, he realized that both were having just bathing suits on. Imagining Maria only being clad in tiny bits of fabrics got him excited. He wanted to have her but he had to think about his approach.

He managed to fuck up twice. That’s why he needed to play it cool. It was up to him if it worked out between them or not. Exactly this situation scared him. Never in his life before was it him who had to work. Girls fell to his feet just when he entered a room. It had always been this way and it was still like this.

However, today he found himself on the other side. He was the one doing the chasing.

This fact was causing him to almost lose it. He didn’t know what to do being the one on the chasing side. He wasn’t used to it so his fear to make the wrong move or saying the wrong thing was stultifying him.

So when he saw her standing there clothed in a bathrobe, he wanted to go up to her pinning her against the wall and rip the offending article off her. In his mind the plan worked. But he knew if he would lay a finger on her, she would rip his arm off and beat the hell out of him with it. So for now, he admired her from afar and waited for the right moment. He had to otherwise it would end badly.

Their last kiss didn’t end badly but it was the result of bad happenings. He got her into trouble. Normally, he wouldn’t care if somebody wasn’t able to do a job properly but it was different with Maria.

It hadn’t been his intention to get her into trouble with Alex.

The result of his running mouth was that he was nervous around her and flying to the location didn’t help since he hated flying. He tried to suppress his fear but it wasn’t easy.

The result was that he walked around bitching about everything he saw.

Instead of using that failure against him, Maria was there for him. She had supported him just by holding his hand. Michael wasn’t a man, who was interested in gestures but as she took his hand holding it without saying anything. He was speechless. He didn’t think she still could be so caring and generous after what he had tried at the auction.

Now seeing her in front of him, he wanted to give it his best shot. He wanted to show her that he wasn’t as bad as she thought. Truth to be told, he also never met a woman like her before, who was worth it to take the risk.

“You like what you see?” She smiled at him when she saw the look on his face of his inner fight. Maria liked that she had this effect on him. Seeing a speechless Michael Evans was a rarity. Though seeing him in the bath robe was also a reason for her to almost forget her real reason to keep him around. Broad shoulders and modelled chest were an indication for his well-build body. Not that Maria didn’t have an idea about his body but having a reminder was nice.

Michael gazed at her. He wanted to reveal what was hidden by the robe but he had to stay strong. He had to. Though he knew, he had to lay low, he didn’t want to pretend to be someone else. He wouldn’t push her but she should accept who he was- in every way.

“Yeah, you look great in a bathrobe. Let’s see how you look without it.” Michael extended his hand waiting for Maria to take it.

If she was willing to take it then he knew there was a chance for him. Maria knew that any physical contact with Michael could weak her resistance. However, it was hard to resist Michael when he had that hungry look in his eyes. It was impossible when he looked at her like that. Therefore, she didn’t think there weren’t as many receivers of that look like she thought.

Taking his hand, she grasped it tightly. She didn’t want to but it was hard for her to not fall for the man in front of her.


Two hours. She was alone for two hours painting his damn garage on probably the hottest day of the year while the master himself had a nice day out. Isabel huffed when she finally finished the last wall. She was kind of surprised that she was able to make it in less the time she had assumed. As much as she had complained it was fun to do the painting job. She would never admit it out loud and she certainly wasn’t going to admit it in front of Alex.

While she was alone it gave her time to think about Alex and her. She still wasn’t able to comprehend what had happened between them. It just got out of control. She didn’t want to say the things she had but she couldn’t stop it. Near him, she lost all ability to control herself.

When she saw the hurt look that flashed over his face for a second she wanted to apologize. She wanted to take it back but she didn’t know how. She didn’t intend to hurt him. Though she knew it happened a lot that he got insulted. However she didn’t want to be one of the people.

Staring at the white walls, Isabel felt as empty as those walls looked. It was suffocating her to know that. She didn’t want to feel lonely but she didn’t know how to change it. For so long she wanted a way out. Sure, she had Michael with her but he didn’t understand what it meant to be in the fashion business. He only saw the superficial side and not more. She couldn’t and wouldn’t blame her brother. It was her, who pushed him away from her so he wouldn’t get sucked into her dysfunctional world. Isabel knew how to handle the business but she couldn’t handle it when she would lose more to it. That’s why she tried to keep Michael away from the business. She knew he used her fame to get women. She wished he wouldn’t do it and get to know women the old fashioned way. She couldn’t remember a day when he had had serious intentions towards a woman.

It might have all changed with meeting Maria DeLuca. For the whole week, after the ice cold encounter he had had, he couldn’t stop talking about her. She never saw her brother like this. It surprised her and also pleased her to see him so agitated about a woman. Thinking about Michael and Maria, Isabel reflected on her and Alex. After the day in his office, it all changed for her.

Spending a day with Alex changed things for her. She realized how lonely she was and that no one was there to catch her if she would fall. People only enmeshed her because she was famous and they used her model personality. But none of them knew her. Everyone expected her to be a character she had perfected with time.

Therefore, it was different with Alex. He didn’t expect her to be someone else. He took everything she had thrown at him, good and bad- the latter prevailed. She didn’t need to pretend.

Isabel knew she was far from being perfect and he knew it. When somebody knew that perfection was imperfect then it was Alex. He knew what kind of life she was living. He understood her. He didn’t try to change her or manipulate her in any way to his advantage, except doing his dirty work. He was just himself.

Thinking more about it, Isabel liked that about him. He didn’t do anything to change her because it was her, who needed to want it. He was like the compass she needed to help her.

“Looks good what you have done though it’s your first time.” His voice sounded behind her. Isabel spun around to find Alex in front of her. A shirtless, sweaty Alex, who came back from his run.

Trying hard not to stare at him, Isabel let her eyes travel over his naked chest for a tiny bit before she looked up at his face. Seeing the bit of drops of sweat running down his abdomen dissolve in the waistband of his pants made her cheeks turning a light shade of pink. When she had seen him earlier in his sport outfit, she assumed he had an athletic figure but seeing how athletic he really was, was a stunningly surprise. Looking at Alex and the wall back and forth, Isabel wanted to say something but she couldn’t build a coherent sentence having Alex half naked near her.

“Yeah.”, was her quiet reply while wiping the paint from her hands on her overall. She needed to distract herself from the sight beside her.

Of course it didn’t help when Alex offered her his shirt. Dumbfounded Isabel stared at the shirt not knowing why Alex was offering it to her. As if she needed his sweat on her hands. Visions of her hands gliding down his body entered her mind. Looking at the shirt then at Alex, Isabel wanted to say something but her mouth just opened and closed without getting a word out.

“You can use the shirt as cloth to wipe your hands.” Alex looked strangely at her. He didn’t know what was wrong with her.

“It’s sweaty.” Isabel blurted out. It was the first thing that came to her mind. He offered her his sweaty shirt that had been clinging to his body. The body, which was now topless.

“I know. Due to it being wet you can use it to clean a bit your hands. That way the paint doesn’t dry too hard on your skin before washing it off. Don’t worry my sweat is clean and fresh…all organic.”

“It’s your sweat. I don’t want to wipe my hands with it because…because…” Of course now she didn’t have a good excuse. She couldn’t tell him that she’d rather whisk her hands down his body.

Alex looked at Isabel as if she was insane. He didn’t offer her drugs. It was just his dirty shirt that she could dirty more. Not waiting for an explanation, he grabbed one of her hands pulling her near him to wip her hands for her.

Isabel was stunned. He just grabbed her and pulled her closer to him. She could feel the heat of his body radiating of him and the way he held her hand almost made her breathless. He held her so tender like something fragile afraid to break it if he would put to much pressure on her. His fingers engulfed her wrist and that familiar tingle she had experienced before travelled through her body. A light shiver went through her. Isabel couldn’t believe what effect this man could have on her.

He was just a few inches away from her. She only needed to lean forward and she could feel him more. She would be able to press her body against his.

Releasing the one hand taking the other one Alex repeated the procedure. He had to control himself to not pull Isabel closer to him. It didn’t help that he was holding her, feeling her skin under his finger tips. The familiar shock to his system travelled through his body when he touched her. He just needed to lean forward then he would be able to feel her against him. As much as he wanted to take the chance, he was afraid of the consequences for him and Isabel. He wanted to give into his needs but he also didn’t want to put Isabel in a position, which would leave her uncomfortable around him.

“I told you, I didn’t want to wipe my hands with your sweaty, dirty shirt.” Isabel muttered having a strange look in her eyes Alex couldn’t detect as he looked at her keeping his action up.

“You aren’t wiping your hands with my sweaty, dirty shirt since I’m the one wiping your hands with my sweaty, dirty shirt. You aren’t doing anything. It’s all me. And it’s done.” Alex spoke gently.

His eyes were trained on their connected hands while Isabel watched him wanting to understand the man she saw. Somehow he sounded accusing as if he was blaming her for something. Too fast and too soon for her liking Alex released her hand. She stared down on her hands already missing his touch.

“Now, you aren’t such a dirty girl anymore.”

Isabel’s head snapped up as Alex had made the comment. He had again that smile on his face that she detested so much. Thinking about it, it was a mischievous smile that was irresistible yet she couldn’t stand it.

“It’s your fault that I’m a dirty girl. I told you that I suck at stuff like this but you haven’t listened to me. Now I look like a mess.” Isabel walked away from Alex trying to find something that would occupy her mind while they were together in the garage.

“At least, you’re a sexy mess.” Alex blurted out.

Her back was turned to him causing him not to see how her eyes widened and her mouth fell open. At the same time, Alex was shocked by himself. He didn’t intend to say it out loud. He wanted to keep it for himself.

“Thanks…I guess.” Isabel turned around facing him after she retained her composure. She wasn’t stupid to argue with him since he actually intended it to be an unspoken compliment. And she liked to hear it from him. When he said it, he truly meant it. Somehow she knew he meant more with it.

Inwardly relaxing, Alex was glad that it didn’t look like another fest of arguing was going to erupt between them. Clearing his throat to break the silence that had settled around them, he announced the next chore for Isabel. He asked her to follow him outside to show her what was planned next for her.

“Well, since you’ve painted the garage you can wash my cars. Fresh looking garage and clean looking cars match perfectly.” Alex grinned widely when he guided Isabel to his several cars.

What she didn’t know was that he had a passion for off-road cars. Unfortunately, for Isabel in this case, Alex didn’t clean his cars for quite some time due to his travelling and being barely at home. The results were very dirty cars.

“Oh my god…those are monsters. Dirty monsters with smudged, dry, dirty mud. You can’t expect that I clean all those alone.” She whined again.

She never whined as much as today thanks to Alex. She was sure that Alex planned to drive her insane. It was his evil plan to drive her crazy and to confuse her.

“Well, you see due to me being a lot away in the last couple of months, I didn’t have time to get someone to clean the cars. So that leaves it to you. You’re the one to clean my cars. Please don’t think I expect you to perform any special car maintenance. Just clean them and maybe some polishing but that’s it.”

Isabel wanted to protest. She wanted to stomp her foot on the ground refusing to do it. However, she knew it better. It was needless to try to get something through that behaviour when it came to Alex. In the end she would give in anyway. Letting her head fall back, Isabel resigned.

“Show me your hose, mister.”

“Excuse me?”

Alex burst out into laughers. Hearing Alex laughing, Isabel realized what she had said.

“No no no…I don’t mean it like it has sounded. I so didn’t mean it.” Isabel back pedalled. She didn’t get the wished effect as Alex was laughing more and more.

“Alex, stop it! I didn’t mean it like that. Unlike your mind, mine isn’t in the gutter.” She claimed though she wanted to run and hide somewhere.

Seeing that Isabel felt uncomfortable because he was laughing at her, Alex stopped. He could barely control his laughers but for Isabel’s sake he would stop. Taking deep breathes. Alex was able to get his bearings together.

“Sorry, it just sounded so dirty what you said and it was unexpected.”

“Of course, you see something dirty in it like every man.”

“Whoa! I’d love to see your reaction if I had said something like ‘Show me your treasure chest’. I’m too shy to say something like that.” Smiling whimsically, Alex turned away from her going towards the house.

“And where do you think you’re going now?” Isabel shouted after him.

“Showering. You have fun!” Alex replied before he disappeared in his house leaving a desperate Isabel back.

Sitting in a tub full of mud wasn’t exactly the kind of activity he envisioned with Maria but it was at least relaxing. Maria and he lay in separated tubs full with mud, which was against Michael’s personal idea when it came to women being barely clothed and him.

As Maria took off her bath robe Michael felt his blood boil. It should be forbidden for her to display her body in public. Seeing her curves and smooth skin he just wanted to have her. Her body was meant to be worshipped. He desperately wanted to have her and show her what it would mean to be with him. Michael wanted to pick their liaison up where they had stopped. Due to this his body reacted equally as he felt the pressure in his lower body building. Not wasting more time, Michael took off his robe climbing quickly into the tub hoping he was fast enough to hide his ‘special friend’.

Yesterday in the lift, it was just her and him. Though he was the initiator of the kiss, Michael gloated about Maria’s participation. There was no proof but he was sure if they hadn’t been interrupted, things would have gone further. After their kiss, Michael had to admit that he wanted more.

Never having such feelings before, Michael was in the beginning confused until realization hit him. He was in love with a girl that hated his guts. He had fallen in love with Maria, who froze his balls. After that epiphany, Michael had to have a plan to win Maria. Easier said than done due to her hating him, he had to step up his game and choose a different strategy. Sure he had messed up twice but all good things came three. So here he was in mud with the woman he desired clad in a skimpy bikini.

It was getting to him that he had to restrain himself to not do something stupid. Although his urge was to go over to her and take her here and now was invading his mind. Immediately images of her, him and the mud came to his mind knowing they would give the term ‘dirty game’ a new meaning.

Maria had to suppress any urge to climb out of the tub and drown Michael in his one. He was too nonchalant for her liking. If he wouldn’t act soon her whole plan was going to get shot down. She needed him to be Michael ‘The asshole’ Evans. He wasn’t doing any good by being cautious and barely making moves on her. If he kept that behaviour up, Maria had to reconsider her advancement.

She could handle the bad Michael but facing a quiet almost too good Michael was hard. Maria wouldn’t be able to realize her plan. Seeing him like that showed her that there was more to him than the eye met.

Maria had the pleasure to encounter both Michael’s and to her own surprise, she liked it. She met the asshole, who was selfish, arrogant, cocky, a big mouth and mostly about getting laid. Then there was Michael, who had calmed her down by kissing her. She had seen his softer side and to her own surprise, or shock, she had liked it. She assumed that it was hard for him to get on the helicopter suppressing his fear of flying just to be able to be with her. It had changed everything between them. She had seen him. In that moment she had taken a real look at him and saw for the first time Michael. He didn’t pretend to be someone else and he didn’t try to impress her by being a tough guy. Then she knew it. There was no way she could have denied it anymore; she had fallen for Michael Evans. The man, who tried to use her and play her, yet she couldn’t stop developing feelings for him. It went beyond the physical attraction. It had become more. However, it scared Maria as well. She wanted to trust him but couldn’t. She couldn’t forgive him so easily.

Michael Evans was going to be her nemesis.

She wanted pay back.

She had seen his eyes travelling over her body when she took off her robe. Though it was hard to admit it but she loved that he had been so fixated on her body. It was as if he memorizing every inch of her body. For just a second, Maria had wished it would have been his hands sliding over her body. As much as she had wanted this, she dismissed the thought as fast as it had come. She hadn’t wanted to get into deep. Unfortunately it was too late.

When they had been on their way to their mud bath, Maria kept tightening her hold on his hand. She even pressed her body into his. She had wanted this contact. It was her who had needed the physical contact. Either it was subconsciously or not, Maria was the initiator. Until now she still didn’t know how to handle it with him.

She looked at the man beside her. He looked so calm and relaxed as if he was in another world. Maria wished she had the ability to read minds. Knowing what was going on his mind might help her to understand Michael. She had thought she knew him. There was more to him than being the usual womanizer. Somehow, Maria knew that she could trust him. A little part in her knew it and wanted to but there was still the fear of being used. Not for Isabel but that Michael just wanted to start a fling.

“You’re staring.” The sudden sound surprised her. Michael still had his eyes closed and a smirk graced his lips. He had felt her gaze on him.

“You must be delusional if you think I would stare at you.” There was no way that she would admit her staring. Though for Maria it was observing and not staring. There was a big difference.

“I know that you’re staring at me. You seem to enjoy the view you have.” Michael countered amused when he opened his eyes looking at Maria out of the corners of his eyes.

“I am not staring at you. It just happens that I’m watching the wall behind you.” She hoped he would believe the lie.

“You’re staring at me. Stop denying it.” Michael prompted when he turned in the tub to have a better look at her. She was pissed at him for catching her.

“I wasn’t staring at you.”

“Yes, you were and you’re now pissed because I caught you.” It was so good to know it that Michael would have stood up making a happy dance.

“I’m not.”

“You are.”

“Am not!”

“You are.”




“Yes, you are and could we stop this kindergarten behaviour. Just admit it. It can’t be that hard.” Michael frustrated stopped their game of arguing.

He couldn’t believe how irritating this woman could be. Maria would be able to destroy anyone’s sane mind.

Maria looked at the man, who was able to make her blood boil by pissing her off. Pinching the bridge of her nose, closing her eyes and taking a deep breath, she cocked her head slightly. It was going to be such a sweet moment for her that she didn’t want to ever forget. It was a little satisfaction that no one could take away. This was what he got for being Michael Evans.

“You’re right I was staring. The reason of my not so subtle staring has been the little chunk of mud clinging to your nose. It looks like you had a great brown nose time.” As sweet as possible she alluded to the mud in his face.

Michael’s eyes opened wide. What a way to humiliate himself in front of her. He turned his back to her to get rid of the mud in his face. Unfortunately, Michael had forgotten that he was in a tub of mud. Therefore, his whole body was covered in mud. In his attempt to clean off his face, he made it worse. Due to his hands being dirty, Michael dispensed more mud over his face. Thinking that he had cleaned himself, he turned around facing again Maria. As he was about to say something, Maria laughed out loud. Being absolutely confused by this sudden change of her mood, Michael was clueless. The look on his face was priceless- added to that the mud on it- Maria couldn’t help herself.

“What…what are you laughing about? The possibility to have mud in the face while taking a mud bath isn’t funny. It can happen.” Michael huffed. He wasn’t used to be laughed at and he certainly didn’t like that Maria was laughing at him.

“It’s…you…you…more…on your fa-…face.” Maria tried to get the words out properly while her laughers increased due to Michael’s face. Confusion and mud weren’t a good combination for Michael.

“What the hell are you talking about? There’s nothing wrong with my face. I cleaned it. See, it is completely clean.” He pointed at his face to emphasize his viewpoint. He didn’t get the desired effect when another loud laugh escaped Maria.

“More…mud…you have dirty hands.”

In slow motion, Michael’s eyes drifted down to his hands, which were covered in mud. Realization hit him when it occurred to him how he tried to get rid of the bit of mud on his nose.

“Oh fuck me, I have put more on my face.” he muttered to himself.

As if it wasn’t enough that he humiliated himself and lost the upper hand over the current situation, Maria was still laughing at him because he looked like an idiot. He couldn’t understand how shit like this happened to him. Stuff like this never happened to him. He was smooth, suave and always got what he wanted. Yet when it had come to Maria, everything got turned upside down. Deciding that he shouldn’t be the only one being the centre of humiliation, Michael did the one thing that came to his mind.

“Ahhh, oh my god! I can’t believe that you have thrown mud at me. You ass!” Maria screeched at the top of herm lungs.

Michael would be intimidated by the immense look of anger in her eyes when it wasn’t in that moment a chunk of mud slumped off her forehead.

“You’re such a cute, angry mud face.” Michael laughed.

Hearing his laugh only fuelled her anger, Maria’s grabbed a handful of mud throwing it at Michael, hitting him right on the forehead. Without hesitation Michael returned the attack and before anyone said more a mud war broke out.

During the mud war it turn out that Maria was pitcher of the girls’ baseball team of her high school, which she yelled at him for trying to hit her much to Michael’s dismay. So far every of her shots had hit home while his attempts weren’t as successful as hers.

Both got interrupted as a staff member of the spa came in.

“What?!” both mud covered adults yelled at the woman.

It wasn’t the poor woman’s intention to interrupt the dirty fest but Michael and Maria felt like it. It wasn’t over between them

“I’m sorry to interrupt but the time for the mud baths is out. I want to ask you to go to the showers. Next is the abidance in the sauna. Please follow me.” The woman spoke calm and form voice.

The woman had seen a lot during her time in this spa. The ‘Couple’s Beauty Package’ was the most popular offer the spa had. Especially the mud bath was the favourite. She saw clients having sex in the tubs, clients and staff members having sex, people masturbating and all other stuff that made you think you were in sex world. However, she had never ever seen a couple bash each other with mud. It never stopped to amaze her how people behaved when you let them alone with mud.

Seeing that Michael and Maria had climbed out of the tubs then putting their robes on, she brought them to the showers. The staff member thanked the higher powers that the glares both threw at each other weren’t as deadly as both wished.

As both later came out of the showers, the woman led them to the sauna area and left them to themselves. All the while Maria tried to not start staring at Michael’s wet, naked chest. And the towel wrapped around his waist wasn’t leaving much to her imagination. He was almost naked yet the chance for her to get a good look at him was slim.

So it wasn’t Maria’s ideal of being with him in a sauna sweating. Images of other activities that would lead to them being covered in sweat invaded her mind. She could practically say how good his hands would feel on her skin.

“Why are you so quiet, mud face? You like what you see?” Michael’s voice brought her out of her musings.

His tone was as if he was mocking her. As if he knew she was thinking of him. In his attempt to get her attention, Michael did the first thing that came to his mind. Actually, he blurted out the first thing he thought of: Maria and he. It didn’t help him that she was only covered with a towel. Even a towel still emphasized her perfect curves. Maybe when he thought long about it, the towel would drop to the floor leaving her exposed to his eyes. How he wished the towel wasn’t a barrier between them. Perhaps she would take off the towel when they were in the sauna.

“There’s nothing I like about you, butthead. I still can’t believe that you threw mud at me. That’s was real mature.”

“Oh please, you liked it. You seem to be the kind of girl who likes it dirty.” He grinned down on her. He couldn’t take the silence between them and he certainly didn’t like it when Maria was quiet.

“Excuse me! I’m certainly not one of those bitchy, skanky, cheap, bitch ass faced, ugly tramps you like to hangout with that I would like it ‘dirty’. God, you’re so irritating at times.” Frustration was going to be her new accompanist through the day if Michael would keep saying such things.

“Hey, there’s nothing wrong with the women I normally go out with. They just like to express their love for life differently from others.” Michael tried to defend his choices lamely.

“Having a revolving door between spread legs is not considered expressing love to anything. It’s just showing how desperate the women must be if they allow you to enter.”

“Ha, you must have forgotten that you almost became one of…” Michael didn’t finish the sentence when he realized what he was about to say.

Maria tensed next to him. She was called a lot of things over the years due to being Alex’ assistant but never did those words affect her. Right now Michael’s words stung. It hurt her to her core that he thought she was easy and that he was able to get her no matter what. Grabbing his arm she spun him around so they could face each other. Anger and hurt rushed through her.

“I say it once and you better listen to me. I am not one of those skanks you use to date or fuck. I am not one of those women. I will never be one of those women, who use their body to get their way or to control somebody. I don’t need that shit. I don’t have to act like those women, who use their body to have success in their job, to get men or to even make myself feel better. I’m fucking Maria DeLuca. Got it?”

With each word she said, she poked her finger in his chest leaving a mark on it. Michael wasn’t able to say anything. On the one hand, he was afraid to say something that hurt her even more and secondly, he didn’t know what to say. There’s nothing he could say to make it better or make her forget his words. It wasn’t his intention to hurt her and he felt miserable about it.

They continued walking wordless to the sauna with Maria going ahead and Michael staying a bit behind her. He knew that he created the physical distance between them yet it hurt him that there was also an emotional distance between them.

They arrived at the sauna. Before she entered the sauna, Maria felt Michael’s hand on her bare shoulder. She wanted to shrug it off but she couldn’t. Feeling his touch made her crave more. It was so soft and tender. Maria wanted to cherish this moment as long as she could before reality destroyed this peaceful moment. Though physically none of them could deny what was happening, Maria still felt hurt by his words.

Covering his hand with hers, she let a little smile grace her lips.

“Sorry, I didn’t want to…” Michael whispered.

He was afraid that he destroyed any chance. He didn’t think she was like one of those women he usually got involved with. She was far better than them.

Rubbing her thumb over the back of his hand, she nodded. She couldn’t say anything. She could only imagine what it had taken him to apologize. It struck her that he didn’t have to apologize normally. He found himself in a new role. She didn’t forgive him completely but she appreciated his attempt.

Relief crept through him. Michael knew it wasn’t over just because she accepted his apology.

Taking his hand off her shoulder, she gave him one last squeeze before entering together the sauna.

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It's 3:35am here and my internet is going nuts.I'll reply tomorrow to the fb when I post the next part. Like I promised here is the new part.

Thanks to the perverts:


Chapter 5a: Pain&Lust

“The guy is unbelievable. While I’m cleaning his damn cars in the damn hot sun, he enjoys resting his lazy ass in his comfortable and air-conditioned home. He’s probably laughing his ass off knowing I hate doing this. He’s just so…so…”

Cute, sophisticated, smart and he got to you. He knows how to deal with you without being a dick because the respect still remains. Hating him is impossible but you also can’t have him. You like the arguments but there’s no reason for him to want you. Her inner voice chimed in interrupting Isabel in her ramblings.

The man was just so ingestible. He didn’t care how he talked to her or what he said. He had this way to make her angry in one second and in the next he made her blush as if she was a lovesick school girl. He was just so complex that Isabel had trouble to understand him. It confused her that she couldn’t tell what his next actions were. It seemed as if he was showing interest and the next moment he was totally emotionless. He would make one of his stupid comments and everything that was build between them immediately got destroyed. Just like that.

Nevertheless, no matter what he did or didn’t do, he was like no other men she had met.

So far no man had ever dared to treat or speak to her like Alex had. He wasn’t afraid about his image in front of her. Due to him already being well known and dreaded, he didn’t need to consider her opinion. It wasn’t him, who was on stake. He was free from everything that could connect them or not.

Yet, there was something about him that she wanted to explore more. Isabel had no doubt that there was more to Alex than just being the ruthless businessman everyone liked to portray him. Isabel didn’t doubt that she didn’t see half of what he was capable of or even half of his true self. So far, she liked the person Alex Whitman, though there were times she just wanted to throttle him. Then there were times when she just wanted him to take her in his arms just holding her. Everything was just confusing. And to her already existent confusion, she was falling for Alex Whitman.

This whole thing was complicated and ridiculous to think about.

Isabel had to snort at the thought. Alex Whitman and she as couple was wrong. He didn’t even like her. He had to think that she was some spoiled brat. Well, she couldn’t be angry at this. It was her own fault. It was her, who left that impression of being a bitch on him. In addition, he wasn’t her type of man she usually dated or considered attractive. Normally she preferred athletic, beefy men while Alex was slim and had the goofy boy next door image. However, he was tall, had perfect manners and was intelligent-surely her mother would love him for being perfect son-in law material and her father would have him for business talk. And Michael, he would probably ask Alex for giving him lots of phone numbers of models.

That was what she needed, a screwed up vision of her family with Alex and her as happy couple.

“Why the hell do I have to think of him as if he was my boyfriend? Get a grip Isabel, it’s not like it will ever happen that he likes you. Before it’ll happen we’ll have world peace.” She was again talking to herself. It was becoming a habit she preferred to get rid of but wasn’t possible.

She just finished cleaning the fifth car when Isabel took the hose to wash the soap off the car. A car drove up the drive way. Isabel stopped her actions to see, who it was. She wouldn’t assume it was Maria. If it was the other woman, with whom she had a very personal insulting encounter, Isabel feared for a repeat of yesterday’s action. It wasn’t that she disliked Maria. The woman was the first to put Michael in his place with a force she had never seen before. Normally women went out of their ways to please Michael while Maria was the opposite. She didn’t let Michael having the upper hand. She had showed him his boundaries. Isabel respected that and regretted her intentions towards the woman. Yet, she wouldn’t back down if Maria wanted to have a smack down with her. She wasn’t responsible for the actions that happened between Maria and her brother. Both were adults, who should have known what effects their actions would have.

The car door opened and the air left Isabel’s lungs when she saw the man exiting. He was tall, had dark hair and a body to die for. That was a piece of man she liked to see. He was exactly what she needed to distract herself. She had to get rid of her thoughts about Alex and here was the perfect opportunity. Fate was good to her and Isabel planned to take the chance that was offered.

Letting the hose fall to the ground, Isabel straightened out the wrinkles in her top, slid a hand through her hair and put her charming smile on. Not that she needed it but it wouldn’t harm to try to look casual yet sexy. He came towards her having a smirk on his lips that indicated what he was thinking when he had seen Isabel.

“Hello, I’m Jesse Ramirez. I’m here to see Alex but I think I just found what I was looking for my whole life.”

Too blunt and too corny for Isabel’s taste but his good looks made up for it. Smiling as sexy as possible, Isabel was going for the final step to get him. He was all she needed right now to forget about Alex.

“Hey I’m Isabel Evans. Well, I think it’s good to know that you were looking for me. Less work for me but hopefully a lot of fun we could have.” This would get him when she saw how broad his smile became.

“I know who you are. Nonetheless I hope we can arrange something due to your busy schedule. So tell me, how come I find you here?” Jesse leaned against Alex’ car, enjoying he would be able to charm a woman like Isabel Evans.

Before she could reply, the person that took in every of her thoughts appeared.

“Hey Jesse, I’m waiting over an hour for you getting here bringing the papers I need. Do you have them?” Alex called walking straight up to the couple.

He had seen Jesse’s car driving up when he wanted to see how Isabel was doing cleaning the cars. Knowing the man and his fondness of conquering women, Alex had to interfere as Jesse was playing the charming boy. He didn’t know what had possessed him to run to the door and run towards them. All Alex saw was another man, who saw women as trophies, was all about to hit on Isabel. By the way Isabel was responding to Jesse’s advances Alex panicked. He feared she would fall for the other man. He feared that he was going to lose her. He was afraid. Then a rage rushed through his veins he never experienced before. He was angry and jealous. He didn’t want to see how another man was going to get Isabel while he was just a bystander. He wasn’t going to let Isabel fall into Jesse’s trap.


Everything he did right now was controlled by his jealousy. He didn’t want her to smile at Jesse like he was the only man in her life. He was still there. The closer he got the more he wanted to pound Jesse to the ground and tell him to back off. However, Alex knew any caveman behaviour wouldn’t get him anywhere. So before he reached them, he had taken deep breathes to calm down. He didn’t want to let his emotions surface. He couldn’t show.

“Alex, how are you? I’m sorry it has taken me longer to come when I actually intended. Here are the papers.” Jesse straightened up when he saw his most important client.

Alex positioned himself between Jesse and Isabel blocking the view both had. Alex’ behaviour surprised Isabel. She saw that he stood stiffly and tensed in front of her.

“Good, good.” He wanted to get off the guy as fast as possible.

“I’m sorry. I was so engrossed in my talk with Isabel that I must have forgotten why I have come here.” Jesse felt uncomfortable near Alex. It wasn’t just Alex temper that he feared. It was everything this man was capable of.

Jesse knew any failure would cost him his career and reputation. That’s why his office was bound to please Alex in any way.

“Yeah, talking with Isabel can have that effect to forget everything.” Alex muttered when he looked through the papers Jesse had handed him. Isabel watched the exchange with interest.

“Right. How’s the business treating you? My bosses are already asking for you since it’s a long time ago you came to the office.” His lame attempt in making small talk wasn’t working.

Alex closed the file he was reading and paid attention to the man in front of him. It were moments like those he enjoyed being feared. He could practically see the fear in Jesse’s eyes. Normally, Alex would never do anything to embarrass somebody or to make somebody deliberately uncomfortable around him but Jesse was another story. Looking at Jesse, Alex smiled as politely as he could muster.

“Business is good. As usual stressful with the upcoming fashion weeks but I’m fine. Tell your boss, I’ll probably come by in the next weeks or I arrange lunch with him.”

“Sure, I’ll inform him.” Jesse replied backing off slightly walking to his car.

“Tell Trisha and the kids I said ‘hi’.” Alex called smugly after Jesse’s retreating form. Seeing the sheer panic in the man’s eyes made his day.

“S-sure, I will. Bye.”

Jesse rushed to his car. When he backed off the drive way, Alex turned to Isabel but his attempt to say something failed as he saw her shocked expression.

“He’s married and has children. He has a wife and children at home but that doesn’t stop him from hitting on me. I can’t believe this. I can’t believe I’m so stupid. I almost have fallen in his trap. God Alex, I almost destroyed a family.” Isabel rambled on and with each passing second she became more and more distraught about her encounter with Jesse. It made her sick.

“It’s not your fault. He’s a two timing asshole. He hits on every woman he meets. You didn’t know so you aren’t to blame. He’s that way since I know him and I don’t think he’ll ever change.”

“It doesn’t make me feel better knowing so much has been or is still on risk…” Isabel muttered turning her back to Alex backing away from him. Alex hated to see her like that. Following her, Alex grabbed her by the wrist spinning her around so she faced him when he finally had caught up with her.

“Listen, you didn’t and couldn’t know. It’s not your fault. Jesse is like that. Hitting on every woman he sees ignoring the risks and consequences. He’s a total asshole for disrespecting his wife, kids and also the women he involves in his fucking web of lies. However, you shouldn’t think too much about it since nothing happened between you. It may sound cynical and kind of cold but just forget about it.”

He didn’t want to see her in that state. Alex could understand her reasons to be down. There was no woman, who wanted to be the second woman. But not knowing which role she would have for the man was worse.

“I know you’re right but it’s still a shock.” Isabel had already forgotten Jesse and his intentions. She was right now focused on her wrist that was still held by Alex.

She knew what he had said was right and she shouldn’t blame herself. It wasn’t the blame that made her miserable it was her reason for considering Jesse. She wanted to forget Alex and everything she connected to him. Her feelings for him confused her. She was willing to smash her feelings for just having fun with another man. Regarding that Isabel didn’t consider the possibility of Jesse being already in a relationship. She was just out for her own pleasure or better said for a way to forget. It would have been easy to forget herself in the arms of a man she didn’t know. It would have been easy to forget Alex while being with another man. She had hoped so.

Now seeing that her reckless and also stupid attempt would have caused trouble, Isabel doubted that she was being rational regarding her current situation.

Seeing how battered she was, Alex wanted to say more to reassure that it wasn’t her fault. He wanted to make it better though he asked himself as well why she would go for a guy like Jesse. He wanted to know if that was her type of men she preferred but he also didn’t want to know. There was no reason for him to fuel more his own jealousy. Alex already felt naïve for even thinking that a woman like Isabel would have probably interest in him.

In an alternate universe, with them being not the people they were - none of them working in the fashion business and being just ‘normal’ people-it would be a cosmic joke if they would be a couple. Alex knew that.

Now, it didn’t matter anymore; Alex had the certainty that he had needed. It wasn’t meant to be and there was nothing he could change.

Realizing that he still held Isabel’s wrist he loosened his grip on her. He couldn’t keep her close when he knew there was nothing between them. He couldn’t do that to her neither to him. There was no need in torturing himself. Yet, he wanted the physical connection between them.

Isabel’s eyes fell to her now released wrist. She already missed Alex’ tender touch. She wanted him to take her in his arms. Isabel didn’t know why she craved so much his touch knowing he couldn’t stand her. She couldn’t make out why it had to be him. They were the total opposite of each other yet Isabel couldn’t help herself loving the sites he had showed. Sure, Alex was from time to time blunt, cynical, bossy and arrogant in his actions but he was also caring, funny, smart, honestly and loyal. Under any normal circumstances, she would think he was a damn schizophrenic fashion loving creep. However, when it came to them normal circumstances got thrown out the window the second they had met.

It was bad. It was ugly. And it was Isabel’s fault.

Both adults felt the uncomfortable silence setting in between them. Neither knew what to say or do. It was too awkward for them. Alex started fidgeting on his spot while Isabel’s eyes were fixed on the ground.

Alex didn’t know how he could go from jealous and angry caveman to a normal conversation with Isabel. He hated it to be so powerless. He wasn’t used to it- therefore in a short time he lost control over himself and his feelings. He was ready to pound Jesse as he had seen how the other man had flirted with Isabel. Normally, Alex wasn’t interested in Jesse’s little affairs but he wouldn’t let Isabel fell into the trap. Jealousy and anger took over when Alex had stepped outside approaching the pair. Alex was always in control of his emotions but Isabel had changed that. He was being reckless. He had to be careful in not letting his emotions show. Isabel couldn’t know.

Sighing, Alex looked at the woman in front of him. He knew Isabel was still shocked by the truth about Jesse. He wanted to make it better or make her forget the incident but he couldn’t. It had happened. She also couldn’t change it. The only thing she could do was forgetting.

It was getting too much for her. Standing close to Alex though she wanted to avoid him but having him close now, wasn’t helping her to calm down. Isabel picked up the hose that lay by her feet wanting to go back to washing the cars. She would do anything to distract herself from Alex. Of course, it didn’t go unnoticed by Alex that Isabel wasn’t able to look at him or. Therefore not wanting to let deal with the current situation on her own, Alex would find a distraction for her.

“Do you like cake?”


It was hot, steamy and a little space. It was perfect for them. It was private. And Michael needed privacy. He still wanted to tell Maria that he didn’t mean anything he had almost said. Unfortunately for him, his mouth ran faster than his brain. This time the damage was done before he could change anything. Usually he wouldn’t care what impact his words had or what damage they had caused. He didn’t need to care. The women he usually dated were flings. He would entertain himself with them for a short time when he was through with the women, he had just dumped them. There was no reason for him to keep them around. Well, it depended on their skills if they were worthy to be kept around long enough. In the end, he always dumped them.

However, meeting Maria changed that. Michael knew he couldn’t reach her when he kept his act of being the unattainable Michael Evans. It was different. Maria was harder to woo and she certainly wouldn’t fall easily for his act. She was too smart for that. In addition, Michael assumed that working in the fashion business made her more cautious towards people-especially men.

Therefore, her resistance was understandable. So he probably thought that a comment like his wouldn’t affect her at all. It was common knowledge that behind the scenes a rough tone was used in the business. He didn’t try or want to insult her but it was a slip.

Michael used to talk to all the women he had met like that. And none of them ever cared, neither did he. He didn’t care if he hurt them or humiliated them. He didn’t need to. Now it was different. Michael felt the regret. As much as he wanted to undo his failure, he knew it wasn’t possible. What had been done was done. Sure, Maria accepted his kind of apology but it didn’t mean that she really forgave him. A woman might forgive but she would never forget.

While sitting in the sauna being separated by a few feet from Maria, Michael had time to think. He fucked up. He regretted it. He wanted to make it better. He didn’t know how.

Michael had never been in such a place. Apologizing. Never been there never done it. Well, there had been situations where apologizes were requested but Michael never meant it. He never meant it because he didn’t care.

Michael Evans was impeccable. Nothing he did was wrong and when someone (unimportant) felt Michael fucked up…who cared. Say the damn I’m sorry and that was it for Michael. It had always been like that when he was younger and it still was like that.

Nevertheless, Michael was in a situation, which required an honest apology. He knew that but he didn’t know if it would save him. In addition, he didn’t know if Maria would believe him. She would probably think that he was acting.

Michael couldn’t blame her.

Now, here he was in a sauna with her and they were clad in towels. It would have been perfect if they were alone. Unfortunately for Michael, they weren’t alone. With them in the sauna was another couple that felt the need to engross them in a conversation.

Karma was a bitch and Michael attracted bitches.

For the last thirty minutes, Jen and her husband Larry had told them everything about their life. Michael knew more about their marriage when about his parents’. He knew when and how Jen and Larry met, when and how Larry proposed to Jen and he also knew what kind of rash Larry would get on his ass whenever he would eat accidently seafood. Of course, Michael also knew how painful Jen’s menstruation cramps were.

It was official. Michael was in hell. It was all coming back to him.

Karma was truly a bitch.

God hated him.

And the devil was making a happy dance for making his life currently a living hell.

While Michael suffered from experiencing the need of strangers to share their whole life and everything with him, Maria loved it. Michael squirmed in his seat. ‘Karma is a bitch’ was all Maria thought. She felt kind of sorry for Michael and even a bit for herself. But he was seriously suffering from their stories. In addition, Larry was sitting in close proximity to Michael. And it could be a bit uncomfortable when another naked, sweating man was sitting next to someone so close.

It was then when Maria had the idea for her payback.

She knew he didn’t mean the words but it still hurt her that he thought it or even implied it for a second that she was one of the easy women he met. Maria was sure that if it would have been another woman and not her, Michael would say it without holding back. But he caught himself. He knew it was wrong and that it had hurt her. While he didn’t apologize in a way any other human being was able to, Maria knew what he wanted to say and it was alright. She assumed it was hard for him to voice an honest apology when she didn’t demand one. She didn’t need one or wanted to hear it yet he tried on his own. It should count kind of. It didn’t mean she could forgive and forget about it.

So here she was in a little, steamy and hot room with Michael, who had a body to die for. Unfortunately, they weren’t alone. If they had been alone Maria would have found ways to tease him mercilessly until he would grovel. She would have made him suffer. It was just bad luck they weren’t alone anymore. Therefore, it was also her luck having the couple here. Maria watched Michael, squirming in his seat because he was sitting close to Larry.

Larry wasn’t really what you could call attractive or sexy: he was short, hairy and felt the need to touch you every time he wanted to emphasize his point. Yet, his personality made up for his lacking physical attractiveness.

Maria observed the other man. He squirmed in his seat as if something was bothering him. It was then Maria got it. Larry probably also assumed he would be alone here with his wife. Unfortunately for the married couple they sat with strangers in the sauna. While many people who used a sauna weren’t really shy in being naked around strangers. Larry and Jen were the opposite. It appeared to Maria that they would like to be naked but contained themselves so Michael and Maria wouldn’t feel uncomfortable around them.

Maria being Maria, she had never liked it when people felt uncomfortable around her.

When Maria was about to chime in the conversation between Jen, Michael and Larry, Larry just asked Michael something about his job. In that moment, Maria had realized that she didn’t know what Michael’s profession was. She just assumed he was hanging on Isabel since he was always with her whenever his sister attended a party or was at a fashion show.

“I better stop talking about myself. It’s impolite to do so when you meet new people. What about you Michael? What do you do for living?” Larry chuckled a bit slapping Michael on the back. Larry didn’t notice Michael flinching but Maria did.

Before she would follow her plan, she wanted to get to know Michael better. She wanted to know as much as possible about him. Michael was quiet for a few seconds as if he was pondering on the idea of revealing private facts about him.

“Well, I’m owner of a gallery with a book store or book store with a gallery, see it as you like. I’ve got a store here in Boston and then on campus in Cambridge.” Michael revealed nervously scratching his eye brow. He didn’t like it when people knew too much about him. It felt as if he would lose a bit of himself whenever strangers would know something. As if everyone could see through him.

Moreover, Michael was nervous about Maria’s reaction. She was used to have successful men around her, who were able to provide a certain life style without needing to care about the consequences. The business was going good but there was still that fear of Maria expecting and wanting more. He was afraid that she thought he wasn’t enough for her.

Maria saw his nervousness about revealing his profession. Truth to be told, Maria was surprised, stunned and speechless all at once. There were so many things she associated with him but she wouldn’t have thought Michael was a book store and gallery owner. Before Maria was more lost in her thoughts, Jen voiced the question that Maria pounded about.

“That’s sounds great. How come you started such a business? I have to admit that I never heard about it before.”

Michael squirmed a bit because he was again in the spot light. Again, he should reveal more private information in front of Maria.

“Well, I studied English Literature and History of Art. While my College time I worked in a book store on campus. I was always around books and I had to visit a lot of galleries and their exhibits. After graduation, I didn’t know what I really wanted to do. I was more interested in being my own boss then letting someone else order me around. That’s it.”

Michael looked at Maria when he finished. He was searching for any sign in her demeanour that she thought he was a loser. Therefore, he was surprised when Michael saw Maria smiling at him. He couldn’t restrain himself and smiled back at her.

Due to that Maria was feeling a bit bad for what she was going to do. She got to know him a bit better and she could understand his ways a bit better yet he needed to learn a lesson. It was a pity to see Michael finally so carefree.

Maria tilted her head to the site taking a last look at Michael’s relaxed expression. It was such a pity. After all, he was a typical man, who needed to learn it the hard.

“Oh Larry, I have noticed for the last couple minutes that you seem to be a bit restless on your place. I hope everything is alright.” Maria spoke concerned to the other man, who was an unknown tool in her plan.

“Uhm…it’s nothing. It’s just the heat in here.” Larry dodged Maria. Jen took a look at her husband. Jen being the free spirit that she was, wasn’t a woman to speak around the bush.

“Oh Maria, he’s just a bit shy about sitting naked here with you. After all we just met you and Larry doesn’t want to seem to look like a nudist when he would take the towel off.” Jen explained light hearted. In her opinion, there was nothing to be ashamed about. Compared to Michael, who suspected something was about to happen since Maria actually enjoyed starting the topic. She was too suspicious and had that mischievous gleam in her eyes. Michael felt queasy about it all.

“Please ignore what she said. I’m fine and don’t want to make you two feel uncomfortable.” The man next to Michael replied.

“There’s no reason to feel shy or inhibited because of us. Michael and I don’t have a problem with nudity and certainly not strangers’ nudity. So just feel free to be yourself around us. Don’t be shy. Michael and I don’t mind. Just imagine, you’re at home.” Maria hoped her words would encourage the man to discard the article of textile.

It didn’t take Larry three seconds before he stood up freeing himself from the towel.

Unfortunately for Michael, when Larry stood up Michael was on eye level with Larry’s ‘special friend’. Unable to make any sound, due to his shock and disgust of having a penis near face, Michael cringed even more when the other man sat down close to Michael…very close- dropping his arm around Michael’s shoulders pulling him more towards him. While Maria was delighted to see Michael squirming; Michael got even more uneasy when Larry tightened his grip on him and their sweaty bodies got almost glued to each other.

Since Karma was a bitch, of course it had to get worse for Michael.

“What do you think about threesomes?”


Alex was enjoying himself. The sun was shining, he didn’t have to be in the office today and he was eating a delicious piece of cake. It was just one of the few relaxing days he had. Though he had his fun, Isabel would hate him even more right now. When he attended to get her mind off the Jesse incident, he suggested eating cake. Little did Isabel know that Alex was the first one to eat while she was running around the yard in a Bugs Bunny suit.

They were currently at his neighbours’ and their daughter was celebrating her 6th birthday. And the little girl had affection for bunnies so Alex being a good neighbour had promised that Bugs Bunny was going to attend the girl’s party. The loud squeal that escaped the girl’s throat was enough reward for Alex. He knew that kids were merciless and especially kids on a sugar rush. As he suggested Isabel the cake, it was mostly for his personal pleasure.

Alex was sitting and eating a big piece of cake, Isabel was playing Bugs Bunny for the kids. Unfortunately for her today was a rather hot day and the suit she wore provided more to the current heat. Alex watched Isabel how she tried to flee the kids. Meanwhile, he was still thinking about her encounter with Jesse. He would love to call Jesse’s senior partner and inform him about his employee’s behaviour but he couldn’t. He’d probably destroy the man’s existence and as much as the thought entertained Alex for a second, he also knew the consequences. There was no need for trouble when Jesse was certainly afraid of him. And that picture of a frightened Jesse Ramirez was enough for Alex. In addition, he didn’t need more gossip about himself being the devil destroying people’s existence.

Alex had been worried about Isabel since she didn’t seem to cope very well with that all. He couldn’t imagine being in her position since it was against his own principles hitting on women while you were in a relationship or vice versa. Even flirting was a big no for Alex. It was all a matter of trust. Knowing Jesse’s expanding history with women, Alex didn’t like Jesse. He only kept him as lawyer because he knew the man was afraid of him and he wouldn’t try to mess with other women when the chances were high Alex would know about it. It was easy for Alex to get information thanks to his reputation. It was a virtue when people thought you were the devil.

However, Alex still thought about what might have happened when he hadn’t interfered. He asked himself if Isabel really would have pursued anything with Jesse before he joined them. Sure, he was driven by his jealousy and the need to get her away from this sleaze; nonetheless Alex couldn’t stop thinking about Isabel being with Jesse. Therefore, Alex had to remind himself that he had interfered and Jesse was exposed as cheater and douche. So to get Isabel’s mind off that experience Alex took her to the birthday party. He had planned to take her since Isabel was the chosen one to be the bunny-without her knowledge of course. It was quite a fight when Alex handed her the huge Bugs Bunny head.

“You’ve got to be kidding me? You don’t really think that I’ll put that…that thing on. So some kids can have fun while I lose my dignity. It’s Bugs Bunny. Bugs Bunny! Forget it!” Isabel crossed her arms over her chest staring angrily at Alex.

He was of course not intimidated by Isabel’s behaviour. There was no way out for her and he promised Bugs Bunny would appear on the party. And Alex was somebody, who kept a promise. Even if he had to get Isabel kicking and screaming into this suit, she was going to wear it.

“Look Isabel, you have no other option. You’re here to do what I tell you. I don’t expect that you go to the party and perform a striptease. I just want you to wear that costume and entertain the kids for a short time. I promised the parents and Marie, the little girl.” Alex tried to be patient but Isabel was still stubborn.

“I don’t care what you have promised those people. I didn’t promise anyone that I’d humiliate myself. I can’t believe that you got me here under such a premise. I really thought you would do something nice after that shit with Jesse.” She was frustrated and angry with herself. The thing with Jesse put her in an emotional turmoil. Isabel needed release for now Alex was the one, who had to take it all.

Alex sensed that Isabel was still bothered and he was her target. Therefore, it wasn’t a reason to behave like a little child. If she wanted to be difficult, Alex could deal with it- he experienced worse. He tried the easy way and it hadn’t worked.

“Stop being angry. He isn’t worth it and you certainly shouldn’t waste your energy on him. Jesse is a scumbag and you’re so much better than him or any other women, who are ready to step into his web of lies. Do you know how many women there are, knowing he’s married and has children? It hasn’t stopped them anyway to go with him because they’re dumb as him and scum like him. So by refusing any involvement with him you have showed that you’re so much better than those skanks. You’re better than them. There’s no doubt. In addition, if you have gone with him, I’ have kicked you out of my house and refuse any professional involvement with you.” This must have done it. Alex hoped he came through her shell letting Isabel know that she didn’t do anything wrong.

Isabel watched Alex. He was suddenly quiet. After all, she knew he was right but it didn’t mean that she could just forget all about it.

“20minutes and not longer. Who knows what these kids will do to me and I don’t trust you when you have anything planned for me that involves kids.” Isabel resigned knowing that Alex was as stubborn as her.

“Great! Marie will be so happy.” Alex was happy that Isabel was ready to do it. Though he was sure, she’d probably hate him after this day more than now.

“I’ve never expected to be seen in that bunny costume.” Isabel muttered under her breath when she looked at Bugs’ head.

“Well, I can call Hefner for you if you prefer his costumes. I know he has a thing for blondes with bi…”Before Alex could finish his sentence he had to duck Isabel’s hand that had come flying at his head.

Now, he was here enjoying the site in front of him. Isabel and fifteen kids ran across the yard. Taking the last bite of his cake, Alex looked at his watch. There were five minutes left before Isabel could get rid of the suit. Swallowing, Alex whistled through his teeth to get the kids’ attention calling them to come to him. As Isabel was about to take the head of the costume off while following the kids, Alex made a gesture that she should stay on her spot. The kids centred around Alex when he pulled a bag forth.

“Okay kids, as much fun chasing Bugs Bunny is. Who wants to catch the bunny?” Alex asked excited the kids urging them more on to go on their chase.

“ME!” The kids screamed in unison. Being absolutely happy with the response, Alex pulled a rubber baseball bat out of the bag he had let stash in his neighbours’ house.

“Good, good. Here I’ve got some rubber baseball bats. It won’t hurt the bunny. Your parents have told you what to do with them, right?” Alex felt like a kid when he saw the excitement in the children’s eyes. He felt a bit sorry for Isabel but this all was already planned and promised. Poor Isabel.

“Yeah!” the kids yelled together in unison again. Alex handed every kid a bat. As the first kids became a bat, they ran towards Isabel yelling like maniacs. The only reaction Isabel was able to was a loud scared squeal before she ran away from the kids.

Alex chuckled to himself. By now, he was sure he was able to take off her mind of Jesse.


“I can’t believe you. Do you know how much I had to suffer? Do you? I don’t think so. It hasn’t been you, who was assaulted by those little midgets with baseball bats! It was me. Do you have any idea how much strength these kids have when you give them weapons? I don’t think so otherwise you haven’t acted so irresponsible. And what the hell is wrong with their parents? I can’t believe that they’ve agreed to let you give them weapons. Besides that, do you have any idea how freaking hot that suit was? It has been a damn nightmare being in that suit. I can’t believe this all.” Isabel kept ranting. Actually she was ranting since the twenty minutes as Bugs Bunny were over. Mostly, Alex ignored her commenting her statements with an eye roll. There was nothing he could do but let her get her anger out.

Isabel was enraged. She couldn’t believe that she had let Alex fool her. Of course, he had minor motives for going to a kid’s birthday party. Moreover, she couldn’t believe how stupid she had been to believe that he really wanted to cheer her up. She should have known better.

The whole day was already a mess. Isabel had accomplished to make a fool out of herself twice. Though the incident with Jesse became irrelevant, Alex was becoming the opposite. He was constantly on her mind. She started to appreciate their time together more and more while he must think she was the biggest bitch on planet.

When he gave her that pep talk about Jesse, Isabel wanted to believe for a moment that he really cared for her. Apparently, she was wrong. Alex used every opportunity to make her pay for her mistake on the auction. Isabel wouldn’t blame him for that. She would do the same or probably worse when she would have been in his shoes. But it was him. Alex was the one letting her know that there was nothing between them. Still, somehow Isabel grasped the hope that he might see her not only as the bitch she was known for.

“Come on, cheer up a bit. The kids had fun with you. They laughed and were carefree…thanks to you. That should count for you and not what was done to you. I understand you’re a bit pissed right now but that’s all based on your personal feelings. You really should consider the idea of the happy kids. See the bright side, normally kids cry when they’re around you. Today was the opposite, they were crying out of happiness because they were allowed to assault an adult. They’re kids for God’s sake.” Alex tried to reason with Isabel but it felt as if he was talking to a brick wall at times- a very thick brick wall.

“I know they’re only kids. If it doesn’t matter at all then you should be the one getting hit by them with those little bats. And where the hell have got those from?” Isabel complained more.

“I’ll bruise easily.” Alex deadpanned when he opened the door letting Isabel enter first his house. Isabel had to snort when she heard Alex’ reply. “Seriously, I bruise easily. Combined with my pale skin, I’d look like a picture by Pollock.”

When he closed and locked the door, Alex turned to Isabel, who suddenly and surprisingly punched him in the left shoulder.

“OW! What the hell was that for?” Alex rubbed his sore shoulder.

“I want the proof that you bruise easily. In addition, that was also for the puke in Bugs’ head.” Isabel smiled at Alex. She felt relieved after the punch though she was kind of sorry for him. He didn’t know that she practised Kickboxing when she was a teenager.

“Damn that hurts…ever thought of becoming a boxer or so. And it’s not my fault that Bugs lost his touch. Furthermore, you should be glad that no one wanted to put that thing on with the load. I didn’t know that cake and hot dogs mixed that way together. It was a new shade of green I have never seen before…” Alex added casually.

“Stop it! That’s disgusting.” Isabel turned to Alex putting the tips of her fingers on his mouth hoping it would silence him from saying more things about barf.

Alex fell silent when Isabel’s hand came in contact with his face. Feeling her skin on his lips was a sensation he had never experienced before. Right now, he forgot what he wanted to say and was too focused on the feelings that rushed through his body. Never ever had a woman before be able to evoke this reaction in him with a simple touch. Though Alex wanted to stay longer with her in that position, savouring the moment with her. It had to end before he would do something stupid.

Before Alex had to be the one breaking this moment between them, the phone rang. Pulling slowly away from Isabel, he walked away from her needing the space to get his bearings back.

Isabel felt awkward. She didn’t expect such a rush of emotions running through her system. She couldn’t understand why she reacted so tremendously to a simple touch. It wasn’t more but a simple touch. Yet she liked what she was feeling. Isabel loved what emotions Alex evoked in her. Staring at his retreating form, Isabel knew it couldn’t be. She couldn’t let herself fell for a man who detested her.

Alex tried to listen to the other person on the other end. He really tried but all he could think about was Isabel. They’ve never been so close and for the first time it was her, who initiated any physical contact between them.

Being so lost in his thoughts, Alex didn’t realize that the line went dead for several minutes until the speaking clock was activated. Instead of hanging up and going back to Isabel, Alex remained where he was. he wanted to enjoy the last bit of emotional rush before he had to go back to Isabel knowing that she couldn’t stand him; knowing it wasn’t possible between them.

However, Isabel’s shriek startled Alex due to not knowing what had happened to Isabel that evoked such a reaction by her. When Alex ran back to the foyer where he had left Isabel, he saw Paul humping Isabel’s leg. While Paul seemed to have a good time-regarding the state of his happy face and not letting Isabel withdrew her leg- Alex thought the scene was quite comical.

“No, Paul! My leg isn’t interested in your loving.” Isabel panted while she tried to release her leg. But all jumping didn’t help neither trying to push Paul off her. Michael was right the dog was quite a meat ball…adorable but a meat ball.

When she raised her head, she saw Alex standing in the foyer just watching her and Paul.

“Could you do something to stop your dog from impregnating my leg?” Isabel looked angrily at Alex as if it was his fault that Paul wanted to show his affection for her leg.

“Uhm…he seems to have fun. So…” Alex replied trying to suppress his laughter.

“Alex, this isn’t funny. Get your horny dog of me.” Isabel shrieked. She was so embarrassed to be in such a position. One second she was thinking of Alex and the next his dog was humping her leg.

Alex sensed that Isabel was really pissed right now, he whistled to get Paul’s full attention. Seeing that the dog was distracted, Isabel withdrew her leg stepping away form Paul. She doubted several feet between them would stop the dog.

“Paul, sit.” Alex ordered his dog, who obeyed.

“That’s it? Aren’t you going to lecture him or whatever you do with dogs when they misbehave…,” Isabel fell silent when she looked at Paul who gave her the puppy dog eyes, “ When he gives me that look it’s harder to be mad at him. It’s your fault.” Isabel turned towards Alex blaming him for Paul’s behaviour.

“Huh? It’s not my fault that Paul jumped you. He’s just edgy on Saturdays and I don’t know why. With it, he showed you how much he likes you by wanting your leg.” Alex shrugged his shoulders. His dog was a lucky bastard.

“Sure. If everyone would show his love that way, I’d spend my life on the back…” Isabel scrunched up her face after realizing what she had said.

“Anyway, I take Paul for a walk meanwhile you can take a shower. Take your time and enjoy it,” was Alex’ suggestion. He needed fresh air and time to think. Alex got Paul’s leash and walked out leaving Isabel alone behind.


Michael looked at his reflection trying to find anything that shows that he was a capable man. Anything that would prove he wasn’t a total jerk. Maria had proved him again that he was an ass. She had used those strangers to get back at him. They couldn’t know that Larry and Jen were swingers- or that Larry was bisexual. Michael could’ve passed on that experience. Thanks to Maria, Michael got Larry’s cell phone number (private and business), e-mail address, MYSPACE-username, Facebook and even twitter account. It was better not to think about the place where Larry stashed the little paper with all that information. Michael cringed whenever he thought about it.

Right now he was in the locker room, preparing for the next treatment. While he took his time to get ready, he thought about his situation with Maria. He knew Maria was still pissed at him otherwise she hadn’t egged Larry on to go all nude. There was just little a man should see of another man…and Michael saw how little Larry was.

It didn’t matter how much Michael tried, it seemed that he had no chance with Maria. He was fighting against a brick wall. Maria was literally doing everything to make him run. He wasn’t going to run away. He wouldn’t let her drive him off. He wanted to show her that he was serious. Michael knew what he had to do but he wasn’t sure if it was enough. He feared that he couldn’t fulfil her expectations. Moreover, he wasn’t sure if he was enough for her. So he was going to show her that she should at least give him a chance.

Their kisses and touches had to mean anything. They meant everything for Michael. They were the signs that there was something between. And it wasn’t detest and hatred. There was more between them. Anything he had experienced with Maria was different to everything he had ever experienced with other women.

Everything was so much easier with those faceless models. He could do as he wished then go without needing to look back or caring. However, he had also never craved someone as much as Maria. Everything was new with her and he liked that. Truth to be told, he was addicted to her. Everything about her was new and exciting: her personality, her charisma and certainly her passion. She wasn’t afraid of him; she didn’t seek out his attention nor needed his approval. Mostly the women he dated needed him as ego boost, not that he didn’t do the same. Yet they became so needy and clingy that it had suffocated Michael and he fled. Maria was different. It was him who followed her, it was him who wanted and needed her.

It didn’t particular worry Michael that things got strained between them. It was his fault that for now it was messed up between them. And it would be him, who makes it better.

Wrapping the bathrobe around his body, Michael took a deep breath and stepped outside to face another round with the woman he was falling in love with.


Maria waited for Michael in the massage room. She needed time to think. It was becoming too intense with Michael while he was with her. All those feelings and emotions she tried to bury came back to the surface whenever Michael was near her. It reminded her of the few times they gave into each other. Though nothing sexual had happened between them, Maria was immediately on fire. And whenever she learned something about him, she wanted more. She needed more of him in every possible way.

By any means, Michael Evans was far from being perfect. Still, he managed to make it pass her defences. It was hard for her to let men near, especially men with a reputation like Michael. The bit she let him see of her and the bit he had let her see was enough. She wanted him but it was too risky.

What if they hurt each other more when they would try it?

Maria wasn’t ready for it. Everything about him and everything he made her feel confused her. Before Michael, no other men had been able to evoke those emotions in her. On the one hand, Maria wanted Michael. She wanted to see his real self and not the artificial and shallow Michael Evans. On the other hand, there was this artificial and shallow Michael Evans, who tried to seduce her and use her.

Maria feared both. The one she was falling in love with and the other, who had hurt her and led on. There was no guarantee that it would work out. The risk was too high for her to get hurt in the end. So she needed to protect herself and her heart. She needed the proof that he would stick around; in addition, it wouldn’t harm anyone if she would get her proof in DeLuca Style.

When Michael entered the room, Maria pushed aside her thoughts about him and her. She’d try to enjoy this with him as long as she could. So far none of them knew for how long it would last.

Michael gave her a little smile and a wink; he needed to show her that he meant it. She needed to see that he was serious.

Maria couldn’t help herself but return that little gesture. Maybe it was all going to be alright but to know that you had to challenge your fate. So, a little interference wouldn’t hurt- well not Maria.

Seeing that their clients were there, the masseuses addressed both about the procedure of the massage they were about to receive.

“Welcome to the “Paradise massage”. This is a special way to massage: while you lie here on the bench you’ll be sprinkled with a special liquid based on organic fixings mixed with water. It will help you to relax and it’s very stress-relieving. In addition, your skin will be treated in a unique way that you’ll have never experienced before. You can choose by covering with a towel or a palm leaf. I can guarantee you that both items will cover the necessary places. So what shall it be?” One of the masseuses smiled at both hoping she could put them on ease. She sensed that something was going on with both. There was a lot of tension between them.

“Leaf.” Michael blurted out without hesitation. He hoped that Maria would follow his lead and also decide for the leaf. He’d love to see a bit more of her exquisite skin. The towels of this place hid too much.

“I’ll take the towel, please.” Maria responded as calmly as she could muster. The thought of seeing Michael almost naked was too much for her. Adding her as almost naked, they would get thrown out of the establishment when they would get carried away.

The masseuses got the needed items for both of them.

Maria untied her robe and put the towel on while she lay down on the bench. Michael was watching out of the corner of his eyes hoping to catch a glimpse of Maria’s naked form. Seeing that it was turn, Michael laid down on the bench then put the big palm leaf on his behind so everything was covered, then he let the robe drop to the floor.

Both were ready so the masseuses started the sprinklers starting the massage.

Maria couldn’t believe how relaxing it was. She was so abstracted that she let herself being drown in a world where Michael and she had met under different circumstances. She imagined how it would have been between them when she had really met him in daily life. Maybe in his café/gallery. Everything would have been different, perhaps not easier but different. They could have got to know each other in a different way and not like they really had. For now, Maria just wanted to imagine the possibility of normalcy.

On the other side, Michael imagined how it could have been if he had approached Maria in a different way with a different agenda on the auction. He didn’t know how it had worked out but he was certain it would have been different. Any meeting under different circumstances would have changed everything between them. He wasn’t sure what would have happened but he was sure, his balls wouldn’t have had to suffer the way they had. The change of circumstances would have changed a lot between them.

Both were lost in their own thoughts of ‘what ifs’ if there had been another way for them to meet.


Normalcy was something that Maria almost forgot about when it came to men. She didn’t meet men the normal way while being out with friends or going grocery shopping. She met them on fashion shows, dinner parties and exclusive parties. It was hard to find one that wasn’t gay or married looking for fun.

It was hard to let yourself fall when you certainly know it could devastate you.

And when there was a chance to meet someone, you had to make sure that it wasn’t the biggest asshole that was walking around.

She knew it might be cruel and she was probably risking everything but he deserved it. Too much had happened between them to say she could forget it. She couldn’t. No matter what she had tried she couldn’t. So here it was her last shot. If there had been something more between them, and he felt like her, then they were meant to be.

Maria sent the masseuses a sign that they should leave her alone with Michael. Not wanting to enrage a client and knowing what most clients did in the surety of privacy, they left.

When the masseuses left, Maria wrapped the towel tightly around her body and walked over to Michael, who seemed to be fallen asleep. She used the moment of being alone to let her eyes rake over his naked body. It was a pity that his butt was covered.

Shaking him lightly, Maria only received a loud snore. Shaking him a bit harder, this time Michael murmured some incoherent stuff that probably no one could make out. The massage really had been too relaxing. He slept like a dead. Seeing no other way, Maria slapped Michael hard upside the head to get his attention.

“OW! What the hell was that for?” Michael screamed out in pain and being disorientated didn’t help as well.

“Stop being a baby. The masseuses left so we’re alone. Since this is actually a couples’ package, we’re allowed to have a bit fun without surveillance. Are you in?” she smiled seductively at Michael knowing well that he wouldn’t resist.

“Sure, I’m in. What do you want to do?” Giving her a sleepy smile, Michael propped himself up on his underarms being careful to not let the leaf uncover his ass. Maria was glad that Michael was willing to participate in anything she had planned. Giving him a smile, Maria pushed Michael down on the bench. She had let her hands linger longer on Michael’s skin wanting to enjoy the contact they had.

“Lie down, close your eyes and enjoy.”

Not being one to decline such an order, Michael did as he was told. Maria put some oil in her hands coaxing them with it.

She put her hands on his back, slowly gliding her hands over the back. At first, she just allocated the oil on his back. Her strokes were slow and felt like a feather touch. Michael didn’t know that a massage could be that sensual. Every inch that she had touched was burning. He felt on fire. Michael had to resist groaning at the pleasure he was experiencing. The woman knew how to use her hands.

Maria was engrossed in her actions. She didn’t know that being the giving one was so sensual. His skin felt hot and she could feel how her body temperature was rising. It was unbelievable how he could affect her that way when he was the passive one. He wasn’t doing anything yet to the touches, her body was reacting violently. She felt the heat creeping up her neck, how her body got covered with a slight layer of sweat and she pressed her thighs together not giving in to the sensual feelings that wanted out. She needed to get out of here soon or something would happen she would regret.

“I want you to stay calm no matter what I do, stay calm.” Maria whispered to Michael, who had to shiver when her breathe hit his skin. Michael struggled with himself to control his body otherwise he would embarrass himself in front of her.

Her hands glided lower his body. When she reached his lower back, Maria removed the palm leaf. Michael tensed up at first not having expecting such a move by her. When he felt her hands on his butt cheeks, Michael relaxed a bit. He promised her to stay calm no matter what she; and he was going to keep his promise.

Her hands glided up his body and down. It went for several minutes like that before Maria removed her hands from his body. At first, Michael was confused. He didn’t know why she stopped. Before he could sit up to see what was wrong, Maria put her hands on pushing him again down on the bench.

“Relax, you won’t forget that treatment. I promise.”

Michael trusted Maria. When he lay down again and relaxed, he felt a hot liquid being applied to his butt cheeks and before he knew what was happening…

“OW! What the fuck have you done? That shit hurts.” Michael screamed on top of his lungs.

Maria just waxed his ass crack.

Michael jumped off the bench then jumped around the room while holding and stroking with one hand his butt cheeks to ease the burning pain he experienced in that sensitive area. With the other hand he shielded his private parts from Maria due to his fear that she wanted to wax something else. She just stood next to the bench looking at him and still holding the strip with the wax and some of his hair attached to it.

He was so focused on the pain that he didn’t noticed how Maria left the room, leaving him alone behind.

After he calmed down a bit, Michael only found a note lying on the bench.

“I’m Maria DeLuca."

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Re: Sweet Revenge (M/M & A/I, Adult)Ch5b, 02/17/10

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I'm really sorry that it have taken me so long to update this. Real life prevented me from writing and I changed a lot of this chapter. Here's a new part and we're soon coming to the end of this. Last time your pervertness wasn't satisfied....sorry. My mind was somewhere else instead of in the gutter.

Earth2Mama: Thanks for the fb. It was either Bunny or a PowerPuff girl...I prefer Bunny. He was one of my heroes and still is. Isabel has to suffer a lot but soon it's over. Not yet but soon. Comparing Isabel's to Michael's torture, Isabel has the better end. So far Alex doesn't intend to do anything with her ass. As for the pervert thing...see.

nibbles2: Thanks for the fb. Honestly, even I can't think of a way to establish a sexual connection between them after the waxing. It's quite impossible but we never know. Maybe love makes an exception.

Maiqu: Thanks. I like Maria as well. She has a sick and twisted mind. That's good. As for Isabel and Alex, they basically have the same issues. Considering their relationship, they have the 'he thinks/she thinks'- thing going on. Both are insecure. Same goes for Maria and Michael. All four are connected to the fashion world where everything is fake and you have to be careful if you are yourself. Pretending to be someone else is mostly easier than showing your true face. It protects them. Talking certainly helps.

April: Thanks for re-writing your fb.
As I was reading this part, I realized that I've never written Jesse in fanfic.
DON'T START!!! Please, don't do it. In addition, Stargazers have next to Jesse, Grant, Lonnie (some consider her danger) and Leanna. Same goes for Candies. You have Brody, Billy and Courtney. I exclude the destiny crap because it doesn't exist for me.

I enjoyed the ass crack. I enjoyed it.

Eva: Thanks for your fb before it got deleted. Michael doesn't have a reason to be worried about his job. He's a successful entrepreneur so he shouldn't worry. However, he does worry because he's surrounded by shallow people who judge you within a minute. None of them is save from insecurities.

cameramandc: Thanks for the bump.

Disclaimer: The "Breathe in, Breathe out" by Mat Kearney doesn't belong to me. I borrow it. When you see the :twisted: click on it.

Hope you enjoy!

Chapter 5b: Pain&Lust…and more

The hot water had relieved her muscles. She didn’t know how tensed she had been until the water hit her skin and let her finally be at ease.

She could forget everything for now. No worries, no confusing feelings, nothing that made her uncomfortable.

Her thoughts were mostly on Alex.

He was constantly on her mind.

Then there was the touch. The famous touch she couldn’t forget. She wanted to have that feeling back. Having him so close and near was something she wanted to experience again and again.

In the guest room that Alex had shown her, Isabel was sitting on the bed wrapped in a towel. It was getting confusing and irritating. And to top it, she almost did something really stupid. She had been ready to go with a man she barely knew so she could forget the other man she wanted to know. If she could have her way, she would wish it hadn’t been Alex. If it was another man who was evoking those feelings then she could deal with it. But it was Alex, who could barely stand her and showed her that he detested her.

There was nothing she could do to change it.

When Isabel walked down towards the kitchen she heard noise. She didn’t really think that Alex was already back with Paul but when she came around the corner there he was. Alex sat at the kitchen table typing away at the laptop while Paul was sitting on the surface of the kitchen table. Pictures were scattered around the dog and the table.

Clearing her throat, Isabel became noticeable when she entered the kitchen standing awkwardly around not knowing what she shall do. Quickly glancing at her and back at the screen, Alex acknowledged her presence.

“Hey, you look relaxed. Have you found everything you needed?” Alex was kidding himself. She looked beautiful to him. Isabel wore no make-up and her hair was in a ponytail. Averting his eyes from her appearance, he focused on the screen.

“Yeah, thanks. You’re back early.” She wanted to say something to avoid silence between them.

“It seems that Paul wasn’t in the mood for a long walk so he just did his thing. Then he got stubborn to engage in a walk. Any pulling at the leash didn’t help nor promising a big, tasty steak for him. He wasn’t in the mood for a walk at all. Maybe he was missing your leg and hoped for some cuddling with it.” Alex chuckled to himself when he remembered Isabel and Paul together.

“No need to remind me of your dog’s sexual assault on my leg. What are you doing?” It was a poor attempt to change the topic but any work related topic was better than receiving personal jabs by him.

“I’m looking at some pictures for the new issue and finishing my article for the “Editor’s story”. Come here, I have a task for you. Actually I have several ones but you need to do this one now.” Alex informed Isabel and threw her a little white package with suppositories over.

“What is that?” Isabel asked hesitantly as she eyed the package suspiciously.

“Paul’s medicine, suppositories. You’d do me a huge favour if you could give him that. I have to get this article here done and Paul seems not to like my touch today. Maybe with you, he’s more relaxed. He’s your leg’s lover.” Alex hoped she wouldn’t throw a tantrum when she found out what it was he asked her for.

“No way, I’m not doing that. I don’t touch him there. Forget it.” Isabel refused to put a suppository in Paul when she realized what the medicine was.

“Please, please do it. He needs his medicine. He has a very sensitive digestion and when he doesn’t get his medicine he won’t be able to do his business properly for the next days. He suffers and then I suffer as well when I see him in pain. I had to leave him for four days with the veterinarian because I couldn’t get him to take it. Isabel, I really wouldn’t ask you if I wouldn’t be sure Paul lets you do it.” Alex asked Isabel hoping she would give in soon.

“You know that sucks and I will only do it because I like Paul and don’t want to see him in any pain. That’s what I’m going to remind myself of when Paul and I get to know each other better.” Isabel sighed knowing that actually the dog owned her and not Alex.

“Thank you. And look he’s already moistening his…” Alex didn’t finish his sentence. He just pointed at Paul, who was currently licking his butt hole.

“Wow, that’s probably the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. Come on Paul, after you have assaulted my leg I get to assault your butt. Feel the happiness.” Isabel led the dog off the table and towards one of the bath rooms to help Paul with his problem.

If she was going to put something in Paul’s butt at least she’d do it in private. There was just the bit of dignity she wanted to maintain.

It hadn’t had to be awkward if she would just see Alex as normal man. A man, she didn’t have a crush on. It could and would be easy. They were barely able to have a normal conversation. It always ended in bickering. Alex was avoiding looking at her. He preferred staring at the computer screen instead of focusing on her. It seemed he was distancing himself from her. And she didn’t know what she had done wrong again to provoke such a reaction.

Of course Isabel couldn’t know that Alex avoided eye contact with her because he would stare at her. He was barely able to take his eyes off her when she entered the room. She might not know it but she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She probably wouldn’t believe him if Alex would mention it. He was surrounded by models everyday so why would she be something special. Isabel was one of thousands but Alex couldn’t help himself. He firmly drowned in her sight.

“You know that Alex is a weird man. He has too much fun in torturing me. Have you heard what happened at the birthday party? He made me wear a Bugs Bunny suit and let the kids chase me…with baseball bats. Paul, I tell you something and it’ll stay a secret between us. I like Alex. I like him a lot but he can’t stand me because I made something really stupid. When we’ve met, I made him mad. Very mad. That also explains my stay here and why I have the honour to clean your shit and stick a suppository up your ass. What do you think?” Isabel looked down at the bulldog when they entered the bathroom.

Of course it was impossible for Paul to understand what the other being was saying to him and of course he didn’t have an answer for her. So he only let himself fall to the floor turning on his back so Isabel would get the picture.

“Great I’m talking again to you about Alex. Ever considered becoming a shrink? You should. You seem to be a good listener. No? Such a shame. Looks like you’d rather have me sticking something in your ass.” Isabel sighed when she got ready for her next task.

Alex was too lost in his thoughts to consider working on his article. Again, he thought about Isabel. It was getting harder to deal with her when at the same time his feelings were getting stronger. Today, he had almost messed up when Jesse appeared. His emotions controlled him and he was ready to do something stupid if Jesse would have kept flirting with Isabel. He wasn’t sure anymore what he should do. It was too confusing.

Alex wasn’t used to such emotional turmoil. It was a long time ago that he had reacted like that to a woman. It scared him that it was Isabel that caused his emotional mess. He wished it was another woman and not her. Isabel was different from other women he had met so far. She wasn’t afraid of him and she certainly didn’t try to impress him by sucking it up to him. Though, during her stay in the office she probably wanted to make amends for her faux pas at the auction. It might sound weird but Alex was glad that Isabel wasn’t feigning to be someone else. She was herself. Everything she did and said was pure Isabel and not some fake version of her just so she could please him.

Alex admired her for that. Knowing that everything was at stake for her when she would keep doing stuff that could anger him, she was herself. Alex knew Isabel could be a bitch. As she could be a bitch, he certainly knew that sometimes he was an asshole. It was normal that people went off sometimes in a bad way. Yet, he never intended to hurt her or make her feel uncomfortable around him. Alex doubted that Isabel could see that he didn’t mean any harm.

It was difficult for him to be around her behaving normal. The more they were around each other; the more he was getting emotionally out of control. As if he was a teenager again.

There were the sweaty hands, the fast heart beat and trying not to get caught while stealing glimpses of her, when the heat crept up his neck. He felt like a love sick teenager. On the one hand, Alex enjoyed that feeling. It was a long time ago; he had felt like that for a woman. It was a pleasant feeling he didn’t want to miss.

On the other hand there was Isabel. She was for all responsible. It was a joke that a woman like her would fall for a man like him. He was still the tall, thin guy he had been in high school that the girls didn’t take serious. Though a lot had changed since his time as student, Alex still had problems to be around women when the involvement wasn’t job-related. Every time he was interested in a woman he was afraid of the rejection when they realized that the business person and private person Alex Whitman were two different persons.

It was easier to be someone else. It was easier to be ruthless to the outside world because no one knew the real person behind a mask. It was much easier to protect himself when Alex pretended to be a bastard. He made the experience with women, who only wanted him because he was able to provide the needed final step for a successful career. Based on such experiences, Alex became more cautious towards women. Out of fear they only wanted to use him. Whenever he met a woman outside of the fashion business it was almost the same due to Alex not revealing who he really was. He wanted them to get to know his true self. It was impossible. With time, Alex became more and more cautious resulting that his work had occupied all his time. Maria always tried to engage him in going out beside the official events he went to but nothing helped. The fear to get rejected and hurt was too scary.

It scared him that he wasn’t enough for them. It scared him that they didn’t like the person they saw. The same fear was preventing him from trying to get with Isabel. Alex wished that his fear had prevented him falling for her. Falling in love with Isabel was probably stupid but it felt right. So he tried to savour the moments and time with her as long as he could knowing that it was soon over and he was back to where he was.

Hearing footsteps, Alex pretended he was engrossed in his article. He had to stop thinking of Isabel. He had to stop it or he was going to fall deeper and probably going insane.

Isabel trudged behind Paul when they entered the kitchen. As she saw Alex sitting at the table working she wanted to turn around and go to another room so he was alone.

By the way, she didn’t know what to do with herself when there was nothing to do. She also wasn’t sure if Alex wanted her to be with him here.

Standing awkwardly around, Isabel was indecisive if she should be the one to say something or wait for Alex to be the first.

Alex noticed Isabel’s weird behaviour. Maybe she was afraid he was going to assign her to another chore from hell. As much as the thought was entertaining, it was time for a break. Standing up from his chair Alex pulled the one out that was next to his chair indicating Isabel to take her seat.

To say that Isabel was surprised was an understatement. She hadn’t thought that Alex was offering her a seat but rather telling her the next assignment from hell. Staring at Alex, Isabel wasn’t able to move. She was afraid he would pull away the chair while being in the midst of sitting down and she would land on her butt.

“Relax, I’m not going to do anything.” Alex assured her.

Slowly Isabel took a seat wondering how he could have known why she was so cautious. Shaking off the thought Isabel took a look at the several pictures, which were scattered over the table. Isabel thought back to what Tess had told her at the auction about Alex looking for her to hire her. It was hard to believe for her to be in one of those pictures. Isabel was brought out of her thoughts when Alex placed a drink in front of her.

“Thanks, I could have get it myself since you’ve got work to finish.” Isabel was overwhelmed with an unknown feeling. Suddenly Isabel felt all warm and a slight blush covered her face due to Alex’ gesture. There was no need for him to be nice to her yet he was. And she liked it that he was so thoughtful. It was a new side of him she didn’t get to see.

“It’s nothing. Sometimes, I can be nice.” Alex replied feeling uncomfortable.

“That’s my favourite drink! How’d you know?” Isabel exclaimed after her first sip. She couldn’t believe that Alex had her favourite drink. It was impossible for him to know such a little thing.

“I have my ways to get certain information on certain people by certain people.” Alex replied when he sat down. It was refreshing to see her so excited when she had realized that he had got her favourite drink. She looked cute with her eyes wide open and a happy smile dancing on her lips.

“Impossible. It’s a well hidden fact that I drink mango-melon juice by this brand. In addition it’s hard to get here. You have to import this stuff.” She wasn’t going to accept his lame explanation. There was more to this. She knew it. He wore this secretive smile.

“Isabel, just let it go and enjoy it. It’s not always possible to hide everything. If it was possible there wouldn’t be a lasagne in the oven.” He didn’t wait for her answer and he certainly didn’t see the shocked expression on her face as he returned to his work.

Isabel was literally speechless. She couldn’t believe that Alex knew that bit about her. Isabel always made sure that no private details became public not even something mundane as her favourite food and drink. If you started with the little things then they would become bigger in a blink of an eye without realizing it. There was no way that Isabel would risk it.

Although she was shocked and a bit angry for not learning about his source, it touched her that Alex had done this for her. Isabel didn’t think that he was that thoughtful however he didn’t cease to amaze her. She didn’t know how he got the information but she appreciated the effort. It meant a lot to her that he did it.

“Well, thank you. That’s nice…what you did.” Isabel was flustered. Her skin felt hot and she couldn’t stop the smile. It was probably wrong but she wanted to think that Alex only did this treat for her. It was a small gesture but all the sweeter that it came from Alex.

“You’re welcome. Would you like to help me with the pictures until lunch is ready? It’s nothing bad. Just organize them by the signatures they…” Alex was suddenly interrupted by a loud yell coming from the hall.

“Alex! Your most favourite person on this planet is in da house.” No one other but Alex’ seventeen year old niece Liz Parker appeared in the door way to the kitchen. Seeing that her uncle wasn’t alone, Liz came to an abrupt halt.

Liz was surprised to see Alex with a woman in his home. Of course, Alex dated but he was very cautious about bringing women home. So it had been quite a shock to find a woman with her uncle. On second thought, Liz was sure she had seen the woman before. She knew that face. There was no doubt that Liz had seen the blonde woman before. After a few moments watching the blond, Liz knew who it was.

“Oh gosh, you’re fucking Isabel Evans the model. Shit, I’d have never imagined seeing you in my uncle’s kitchen. By the way, I’m Liz Parker. Miss Evans, this is fucking awesome…” Liz gushed before Alex interrupted her.

“Young lady watch you language. Just because your mother isn’t here doesn’t mean you can speak in that manner. Besides, it’s not a proper way to introduce you to Miss Evans.” Alex reprimanded Liz.

Alex hadn’t expected to see Liz since the teenager told him she would come by tomorrow. Therefore, he was surprised to see her. He thought he was alone with Isabel for the day. However, it was probably good to have his niece with him and Isabel. She could be his cache regarding Isabel.

“Oh please, don’t try to be the responsible uncle. You don’t give a shit about what mom thinks otherwise you wouldn’t loan me your car to go shopping knowing my dearest mother forbid it. Besides, you were the one to teach me those words. Normal babies’ first words are ‘mama’ or ‘daddy’, mine were “shit” and “piss”. Not that I didn’t need them to know but mom had preferred I grow up as normal child without being under your bad influence.” Liz smiled sweetly at her uncle, whose scowl deepened with every word she spoke.

Isabel looked magnetized at them. It was interesting for her to see Alex with family-strange family but still family. It was again another opportunity to see more of him. Somehow, Isabel could imagine Alex with kids and how he influenced them in the worst way ever. She was twice a victim of his evil plans that included kids. Slowly, the image of attacking kids was replaced by a young Alex holding a baby in his arms teaching it obscenities. Isabel was brought out of her daydream by Liz’ squealing.

“Paul, let go of my leg. It’s not up for sex with you it’s too early for it.” Liz screamed at the dog, which again was clinging to a female leg. Even Alex’ yelling and pulling at Paul’s collar didn’t break Paul and Liz’ leg up.

Isabel stood up and looked at the dog that was too engrossed in his love giving than in anything else. Neither Alex nor Liz were able to control Paul.

“Paul, let go and sit.” Isabel ordered with a stern voice. Immediately Paul really did let go of Liz leg and sat next to the girl down. Bewildered and shocked, Alex looked at Paul then at Isabel. For now Alex was just doing this before he crouched down in front of Paul taking his head in his hands.

“You only listened to her because you got laid with her leg. Buddy, that’s not fair. So not fair…”

“You’re mad that Paul had sex with her and you haven’t?” Liz interrupted her uncle with an amused undertone but the look Alex gave her made her shut up. Turning her attention to Isabel, who was blushing furiously after hearing Liz’ comment, Liz didn’t know how to interpret the current situation. She was sure there was something going on between the two adults. The way they were sitting together, when she entered the kitchen was suspicious. Therefore, she couldn’t imagine Isabel working for Alex since he was more haute couture orientated while Isabel wasn’t considered a model for haute couture.

“So Miss Evans, what brings you to my uncle’s house? I didn’t know that you two were involved…professionally.” Liz corrected fast before Alex was really getting mad at her. Somehow Isabel seemed to be a sensitive topic for him.

“Please call me Isabel. Alex and I met at an auction and he bid on me… all for a good cause. That’s why I’m here. Your uncle is doing everything so I won’t forget my stay…ever.” Isabel replied short. She didn’t want to give too much away considering her involvement with Alex and what Alex had done to her so far and what he still could do to her.

When Alex was done chastising Paul, he turned to both women. The thought of Liz and Isabel talking was scaring him. One, his niece was unpredictable. It was impossible to say what she would do or say. Second, Isabel was also unpredictable. In one second, she could explode due to Liz saying the wrong thing. Third, both women would get along fine and he had to suffer from it knowing his niece thought she had the right to hook him up with every female on the planet. The latter scared him the most since he was trying to get away developing feelings for Isabel. He needed to interfere. Of all things the women in his family could do they always try to dispose him to marriage. It was time to stop his niece before she made up a plan.

“So Liz, you want me to loan you my car. There are conditions, one…” Alex started but couldn’t finish.

“Come on, you can’t be serious? Suddenly there are conditions though you agreed to give me the car. That’s your twisted way to spoil my fun instead of helping me to piss off mom. You know how agitated she gets when she knows I do something what she actually forbids. You’re mean. Isabel, help me. I bet Alex listens to you.” Liz ranted hoping the model would help her out.

Normally, Isabel knew better than to butt in when Alex was involved. If she would interfere the chances were high that Alex would make her do something that would leave her bruised and scared by little kids. On the other hand, Isabel liked Liz and the female kind had to stick together for whatever reason. In addition, she assumed that Alex wouldn’t do anything with Liz being near. The teenager seemed to have a big influence on the man.

“Liz is right. When you promised her to take your car, you should give her the car.” Isabel tried to convince him without being in the line of fire. She doubted that a sweet smile would convince Alex to let the girl go without tormenting it more. She wouldn’t admit it out loud but Isabel thought it was cute how Alex was acting as uncle and the way he was looking out for his niece.

“I know what I’ve said and I’m not trying to spoil the fun here but there are rules. Besides, why are you both ganging up on me?” Alex was irritated. He seemed to miss the moment Liz and Isabel teamed up.

“Stop whining. We’re only joking. I know you wouldn’t not give me the car because: a) you love me; b) you know how pissed off mom will be and c) you love me.” Liz listed hoping Alex would be easier to convince than he pretended not to be. He had the habit to make her sweat when she asked for something just out of fun for him.

Alex was still looking grimly at her and Isabel. Somehow, Liz felt bad for pulling the model into her discussion with Alex but it was a shot worth.

“Alex, come on don’t be mean. I think she’s responsible so give her the keys.” Isabel urged him. Alex let his gaze travel between both women. It was kind of nice to see how Isabel was helping Liz and it made it more impossible to not fall more for her. Isabel had no idea what she was doing with trying to help the young girl.

“Have I mentioned that I love you…a lot?” Liz tried the puppy dog eyes, it always worked on Alex. There was no way he could resist this look no matter how hard he tried. Unfortunately for Alex, even Paul decided to chime in the discussion by tilting his head and letting out a whimper. It was three against one. No chance for him to win, not that he hadn’t given Liz the car. He just liked to mess with her because it pissed her off. Knowing when a battle was lost, Alex sighed in defeat.

“I just want to know if your bitch is going to be with you.” Alex inquired knowing he wouldn’t like the response he was about to receive.

“Mom isn’t tagging along.” Liz replied now avoiding her uncle’s gaze.

“Liz, I mean the other bitch.” This time his voice was firm.

“Grandma is your problem not mine…” Liz dodged again.

“Liz! Seriously, is M…” Alex wasn’t able to finish his sentence when the person entered his home he was talking about. It was none other than Max Evans- Liz’ boyfriend.

“Liz, you need more time? If so let’s go check the Jacuzzi out and get dirty in it. I bet your uncle won’t know what we’ve done…” he trailed off when he saw the people in the kitchen.

Liz was pinching the bridge of her nose knowing that Alex was going to be pissed off because her boyfriend was going to mess her plans up; Isabel was just staring at Max and Alex, who did the usual whenever he encountered Max, he looked mad. The teenage boy wasn’t obvious to the swing of moods that just took place with his arrival. Personally, he was just surprised to see his girlfriend’s uncle at home since he had assumed he wouldn’t be at home. The idea of spending time here was shot down. However, Max was shocked to see the blonde woman next to Alex Whitman. He couldn’t believe that he was about to meet a real model.

“Shit, you’re that model. I know you from my dad’s lingerie magazine he hides from my mom. Wow, you look awesome in real not so awesomely hot like in the pictures but awesome.” Max pointed at Isabel. Not liking what the boy was saying Isabel was annoyed with him already.

“Max, please don’t say more. That’s Isabel Evans. And haven’t I told you to wait outside?” Liz tried to do damage control. She knew Alex didn’t like her boyfriend much and sometimes she could understand him.

“Wow, we have the same name. With the name comes the good genes and the good looks. Are we related in any way?” Max ignored his girlfriend completely. He was too fascinated by the fact to finally meet a real model.

Said real model was getting more and more annoyed by the teenage boy in front of her. She didn’t want to deal with him but would have to for now.

“No, I don’t think so. I’m originally from Massachusetts and don’t have relatives in this area.” Isabel dismissed.

“Thank god that we’re not related. It seems to be too incestuous when my little brother jerks off to your pictures.”



The first cry belonged to Liz, who wanted to smack her boyfriend for being his usual self. She wondered if he ever thought before he opened his mouth. The second exclaim belonged to Alex, who was about to throw the young boy out if his statements would become more revolting. Isabel was just speechless. She was never exposed to such a person or such statements. She opened and closed her mouth but no words came out.

“Max, what have I told you about talking before thinking? You know my uncle will throw you out for shit like that. Like my dad always does.” Liz whispered to her boyfriend hoping she could solve the situation before Alex would do something drastic.

“Come on, compared to your dad Alex is pretty cool. He has hot chicks all over the place.” Max grinned at Alex, who wasn’t amused at all.

“It’s Mr. Whitman for you.” Alex replied through gritted teeth.

“Funny…so Isabel, maybe we could catch a movie some time together or get cosy at home doing something together- the four of us. What’s your favourite movie? Liz’ is ‘Princess Diary.” Max didn’t get the several hints that he should shut up. On the other hand, Isabel couldn’t believe that Max was flirting with her in his own way though his girlfriend was standing next to him. She didn’t think he meant to cause trouble; he lived just in his own world.

“Mine is ‘American Psycho’. My favourites are the killing scenes when they show you how to prepare the place so you don’t make a mess.” Alex deadpanned.

“Mine is ‘Supersize me. As model it’s the only way for me to get food.” Isabel answered.

By now Max should have realized that he was unwanted here; but Max being Max didn’t get it. He didn’t get the reference Alex made and only stared blankly at the older man. The four occupants engulfed an uncomfortable silence. Liz hoped that for once her boyfriend would get the hints and not say more than necessary. Max was just a second away from getting thrown out by Alex- not that Liz didn’t understand her uncle. Unfortunately, Max wasn’t very perceptive to certain situations and blurted out what came to his mind or better said he blurted out things before there was a preventing thought from doing something wrong.

Isabel didn’t know what to think. She liked Liz but her boyfriend was a moron. She was sure that Alex was just seconds away from throwing the male teenager out. Though, Liz would be upset about it, she surely became used to Max getting kicked out of homes. Alex just stood there with his arms crossed over his chest glaring at Max. He really couldn’t see why Liz dated the boy but that was her thing and he wouldn’t interfere. Yet if the girl would ever ask him for kicking Max’ ass, he would do it instantly. However, it was Saturday and Alex wanted a relaxed day. He could see that the teenager didn’t get the hints that he should leave. Alex promised Liz that he wouldn’t harm the boy but she didn’t make him promise to not get others for doing the harm.

“Max, I count till five then I don’t want you here in my house. Wait outside for Liz otherwise Paul will be your new best friend.” Alex grinned evilly at Max, whose expression went from blank to frightened when Paul snarled at the teenager.

Max and Paul didn’t get along very well due to Max’ behaviour and Alex’ thin patience for the teenager; whenever Alex wanted to have some fun with Max, he would set Paul on Max. It was needless to say that Alex and Jeff, Liz’ father, had the best laughs thanks to Max running away and squealing like a girl. Though Paul didn’t look like the healthiest and fastest dog -but when it came to chasing Max- the dog knew no boundaries.

“Here we go…Max, honey go and wait outside. Make slow and careful movements before you set off Paul.” Liz directed her boyfriend while shooting an angry glare over to Alex, who just shrugged his shoulders.

“Please that fat ball can’t get me. Look at him, a meatball on four legs.” Max dismissed Paul as threat not knowing that the comment set off Alex and Paul. No one insulted his dog.

“Five! Paul, get Max.” Alex ordered the dog that didn’t hesitate running after Max, who let out a very girlish scream and ran off.

While Isabel was shocked at the scene in front of her; Liz just shook her head not believing that her uncle really did that. From outside, Max’ screams and Paul’s barking could be heard.

“Has it been necessary to do that? I was about to go anyway. Just give me the keys to the car and let me save my boyfriend.” Liz knew something had to happen when she allowed Max to tag along to Alex’ place. It had been better when she had picked him up after getting the car. But then she gave in to his begging to go with her. She knew it was bad having Max with her when the chance to meet Alex was high and she wanted to talk to Alex. Well, Liz hoped Max learned his lesson.

“Relax Liz, Paul won’t harm Max. He’s just playing with him. Just order Paul back to the kitchen when you go and everything is fine.” Alex assured his niece, who wasn’t happy about his stunt. He wasn’t happy about the encounter as well but he sucked it up in his own way.

“I better go rescue Max before he does something that enrages Paul. Besides I want to take pictures for dad and my Facebook site. That will tame dad next time when I need his credit card. Speaking of pictures, Isabel would you mind if Alex takes a picture of us. I’ll tell mom I’m a lesbian and you’re my girlfriend. She’ll go ballistic.” Liz smiled while Isabel was amazed by the sudden change of moods the girl just went through.

“Liz, my sister will already suffer when she hears I gave you my car and my credit card.” Alex gave her the keys to one of his cars and his credit card. Liz let out a squeal before she jumped Alex giving him a hug.

“You’re the best. Mom will be pissed but you’re the best. Isabel it was a pleasure meeting you and next time I see you, we’re lesbians. Bye guys.” Liz ran out hoping it wasn’t late to save Max.

Finally, being alone again Isabel and Alex didn’t know what to say. It was awkward for them that they had to deal with each other. They avoided any eye contact. Isabel was never someone, who could handle silence very well. She felt more comfortable when something was happening around her so she wasn’t in the centre of attention. Not being able to take it anymore, Isabel broke the silence between her and Alex.

“Liz is a nice girl.”

“Yeah, she is. She’s the best. She’s receiving scholarships for several Universities in New England.” Alex told her with a pride smile.

“You seem to be very close by what I could see.” Isabel kept the conversation going with Liz as topic. It was just adorable to see Alex so proud and happy.

“Yes, we are. I’m the youngest of seven children and Liz is the youngest of four kids. So when she was born it was mostly my duty to babysit her. Her parents are very busy with running a restaurant and getting the older ones to college. Liz was always different. She was always less dependable from her parents. Somehow she chose me as her confidant because I’m older and wiser, of course. She isn’t just my niece to me; she’s also a little sister to me.” Alex revealed though he didn’t intend to. Being near Isabel, he wanted to tell her everything about himself. He wanted her to know who he really was.

Isabel could barely control the smile that appeared on her face. The image of teenage Alex holding a baby was cute. There were no other words to describe it. She wanted to know more about him but she also knew the more she got to know the more she would like him. He probably told her more than he had intended and wasn’t going to reveal more.

“Max is an interesting character.” Isabel tried poorly to change the topic and probably caused more trouble. Alex groaned. He just couldn’t understand why Liz was dating him.

Therefore, regarding his situation with Isabel; Alex saw how pure and beautiful Liz’ relationship was. It didn’t matter to her that Max was kind of a moron and fucked up sometimes. She also didn’t care that their family wasn’t supporting her relationship. Liz saw something in Max that others didn’t but she knew Max. She knew the bad and the good. Liz knew who Max really was while Isabel would never know who Alex Whitman really was.

“He’s a strange boy. He’s wide receiver at the football team but he’s able to have and keep his 4.0 GPA. He’s a moronic genius but Liz likes him a lot and she sees what kind of person he really is. I think that’s why they’re together for two years. And I really think they’ll last. Both accept each other the way they are.” The latter part was spoken silently when Alex looked over to Isabel. He wanted to tell her that he fell for her but he didn’t want to make a fool out of himself by revealing his feelings. He was sure she would laugh in his face. Even the thought of them together was ridiculous

“That’s important that both accept each other and trust each other. So far they seem to do the right thing.” Isabel replied trying to keep the conversation going.

Yet all too soon, they were interrupted by Paul running in jumping on the table and by the time clock announcing the food was ready.

Isabel threw the ball across the yard with Paul chasing after one of his favourite toys. About an hour ago, Alex asked her to go play with the dog since Paul needed his playtime. While Isabel and Paul were out of the house, Alex wanted to get work done. Of course, it was impossible for him to focus when Isabel was around.

While having lunch, both had a great time together. Alex fed Isabel with gossip about certain people of the fashion business that no one knew. It was quite entertaining for her to see Alex so open and talkative given that so far Alex hadn’t talked much about fashion with her. Isabel didn’t want to think too much about it assuming Alex wanted to keep his private life and business life separated.

It was interesting for her to see Alex in private. There were still the rumours about him lingering in the back of her mind. Though Isabel got more than a taste of Alex’ sadistic ways, he wasn’t quite as bad as she had imagined. He was strange. On the one hand, he was that caring guy and the next moment he was the devil himself. It wasn’t surprising her that Alex had the image of being a bastard regarding his special ways to deal with certain situations and people. Isabel didn’t doubt that his position requested such a ruthless behaviour otherwise he wouldn’t be the man he was today. It was hard to imagine someone like Alex in such a powerful position considering his appearance. He didn’t look like the usual cocky, god like, arrogant designer or journalist you usually encounter in the business. Therefore, Isabel regretted her outburst at the auction when she assumed Alex was another idiot judging by his appearance.

It seemed things were good between them but Isabel was still a bit cautious about bringing up the incident at the auction. It was still hard for her to explain what had happened and how it had actually happened. Now that feelings were involved everything got more complicated. There was no way that he would forgive her what she had said because she was going to declare that she wanted more than just spending three days with him- better said remaining a day and half. Knowing her own luck considering Alex, he might think she was making it up to improve her chances of getting booked by him. Isabel had done a lot of things in her life that left her ashamed but playing with someone’s feelings wasn’t one of them.

It was certain that no matter how this would end, Isabel wouldn’t forget a minute of this. The time with Alex wasn’t easy to forget due to his assault on her. Thanks to the numerous bruises she would have a reminder for quite some time.

It was still unbelievable for her how she could let it happen to fall for him. Isabel was always proud of her self-control regarding her emotions. It wasn’t a coincidence that people called her a bitch. Partly it was of her image and it was also a way to protect herself from getting attached to others. Unfortunately it hadn’t worked around Alex Whitman. She was already emotionally attached to him. It was unbelievable but true. She also had her problems believing it.

Certainly, Alex didn’t feel the same as to his torture went on today. A man like him would never be able to love her. They were too different and she had already messed up before there had been the chance that anything could have blossomed between them.

Isabel was brought out of her musings about her non-existent relationship to Alex when Paul nudged with his head against her leg. Isabel looked down at the dog who just slumped down next to her feet.

“It seems you have enough of catching the ball. Wanna go inside getting lazy? I bet you’d like that.” Isabel patted Paul on the head before she walked towards the house with Paul trudging behind her.

Inside, they walked towards the kitchen expecting to find Alex there but to Isabel’s disappointment she didn’t find him there. She could hear his muffled voice coming from one of the other rooms. Following the noise, Isabel found him in the living room lounging on the couch speaking to someone on the phone.

Seeing that Paul ran towards Alex hauling up to the same spot where his owner sat putting his head in Alex’ lap, Isabel was again left alone. Ending the call, Alex smiled down at his bulldog scratching Paul tenderly behind the ear. Looking over to the entrance of the living room Isabel just stood there. It was strange to see her so insecure as if she didn’t know what to do with herself. While he was still scratching Paul, Alex gestured to join him and Paul.

“Come in Isabel. Relax a bit after you had to keep Paul busy. I hope everything went well during your play time outside.” Alex smiled at Isabel when he talked with Paul. It was weird to see Alex acting like that around a pet.

Alex didn’t want her to feel uncomfortable around him. So far the last hours went by without arguing and yelling. It also seemed as if they could have a good time together. Isabel still stood glued to her spot. She was still deciding where to sit. Next to Alex was enough space for her. Yet the proximity to him would make her feel uncomfortable. In addition, she was sure the need and desire to move over would rise if she would choose the seat next to him. So Isabel looked for a seat without giving away that she wanted to put a distance between them. Finally finding the perfect spot that wasn’t too close neither too far away, Isabel walked towards the love seat.

While Isabel was choosing her seat Alex glanced at her. He knew what she was thinking: a place not to close to him. She was probably afraid he would bite her head off if she would make a wrong move. Though he wanted her to sit close to him, he thought it would be better when there was enough space between them. So far he didn’t trust himself with his actions. And he wouldn’t dare to make something stupid. Seeing that Isabel had chosen the love seat, relief washed over him when Isabel settled in.

Despite the wish for having her near him, Alex wasn’t sure about his actions if Isabel would have chosen the seat next to him.

“I can’t believe that you really watch ‘The Hills’.” Isabel exclaimed stunned. Alex didn’t seem to be the type to find pleasure watching such a show.

“Why? What’s not to like about it? It’s a good show. It’s a real restitution of the fashion business: Beautiful people falling in love with other beautiful people. Everyone knows people like Heidi and Spencer; in addition Lauren Conrad is hot.” Alex justified.

“Are you serious? I mean, everything looks fake with all the scheming and bitching that happens there. It’s hard to believe that behind the scenes of fashion magazines stuff like that happens. You have to admit some stuff is just exaggerated in its presentation.” Isabel hoped she didn’t sound too accusing or even jealous. She couldn’t understand what he saw in that Lauren chick.

“Are you sure? Do you really believe that there’s no rivalry and competition amongst the people, who work for the magazines, photographers, make up artists, designers etc? Of course, it’s not like on TV shows. TV shows never reflect the truth about our society otherwise no one would watch it because people hate seeing the truth. Yet, everything is different. If you really think that every day is a sweet laid back day without fighting for survival then you’ve got a terrible and expended image of our business. Even an office girl would kill for having the better job. The war behind the scenes is worse than the one models and designers lead. You have no idea what’s really going on. I could tell you stories which are hardly believable. I know women, who graduated from the best universities wanting to work in this business and they had to sleep their way up. In the real world, we’re worse than any TV character.” Alex explained hoping he didn’t offend Isabel. He didn’t want to make her feel dumb or making her look like a fool. Alex was sure Isabel was still a rookie when it came to the business.

Isabel was a bit taken back by his response. It wasn’t her intention to provoke such a reaction by him. It just surprised her. Maybe she still underestimated the business because she lacked on experience in some departments. So far her career took off without any heavy problems; just the few she created on her own. Nonetheless, she hadn’t to experience the bad side of the business.

“When everything is so awful and terrible, why are you still doing this? I assume you have been able to establish a certain fortune and life style which allow you to not keep working.” Isabel wanted to know what induced Alex everyday to wake up and work in a business he seemed to despise.

“Easy, I love it.” Alex answered honestly looking at her with an intensity she never saw before.

“Why?” Isabel wanted to know more. She needed to know more. She wanted to know why a man like Alex worked in the fashion business. Since she met him he didn’t strike her as somebody who was made to work in the business.

“What can be better than travelling around the world? There’s nothing. I mean, I have visited the most exotic places due to attending and observing shootings. Then there are the different Fashion Weeks in Europe and the few in Asia. It never gets boring. Nothing against nine to five jobs, but it’s not my cup of tea. In all honesty, I’d never change it. I doubt you would trade your current life in for something else. It doesn’t matter what you do and where you do it, the medal has two sites. There’s always the good and the bad. I seek out the good sites and enjoy everything as long as I can. Besides, I don’t take it too seriously so I keep my sanity. You’ll always have days when you hate it or love it. Loving my job wins. I can’t imagine not having this wonderful chance.” Alex explained.

Isabel saw that he meant it. It was the first time she met someone who was so passionate about his work. He really loved it. Alex had the advantage of being his own boss, who made all decisions.

“Can I ask how you became involved in fashion? I don’t want to offend you but you don’t look like the usual fashion lover.” Isabel really hoped he wouldn’t take offense to her statement. She wasn’t in the mood for another beat down by kids.

“Maria. It’s her fault.” Alex answered nonchalantly focusing on the TV show he wanted to watch. Due to that he didn’t see the confused expression Isabel wore.

“What do you mean it’s Maria’s fault?” Isabel inquired further. She couldn’t understand whenever it was about him he would avoid answering.

Looking at her, Alex saw her curious glance. He didn’t like revealing so much about himself. It made him always wonder what people really of think of him. It was easy to feign interest so he had always tried to avoid private questions so far. However, it was different with Isabel. He wanted to show her as much of him as possible but it was hard for him. Alex wasn’t used to speak about himself. He was more used to talk about business and other things. Perhaps he could change her picture of him being the devil in disguise.

“It’s Maria’s fault because she dared me to start my own fashion magazine. When we met, I was studying graphic design in my second year. To pay my school and have work experience, I worked for a fashion magazine in the art department. You know retouching pictures and all that stuff. Maria was an intern but working in another department. I think, she had just finished high school then. Anyway, due to working in different departments we had to deal with each other on a daily basis. I really don’t know how it happened but we formed a friendship. Though I have to admit in the beginning Maria used me as shoulder to lean on. She was only bitching because her boss was a real bitch. I had to deal with her boss as well sometimes. As for me, my boss was alright but he wasn’t open for my suggestions regarding photo shoots and all. So someday after work I was pissed like never before. Honestly, I don’t remember the reason but I was so angry that I wanted to smash something. Maria was there and the poor thing tried to calm me down. In the middle of my angry rant, I said something like I could do it better than all that magazine guys. So Maria dared me to do it better than our bosses. I started ‘Taille’ two years later. I was never a big fashion specialist but I knew how the pictures have to look and what model shall do it and how to do it. Slowly I gained the needed knowledge about designers and all. Years later, here I am.” Alex revealed. He tried to distract himself by crawling Paul.

Looking at Isabel, she wore an illegible expression. He knew it was wrong to reveal the information about him. It was wrong. He had never done it before. It wasn’t his habit to tell others about himself. Yet when Isabel asked him, he couldn’t stop himself. And now, Isabel probably thought he was a total loser. It was kind of absurd how he started his interest in fashion.

“You know it’s kind of absurd that due to a dare you got involved in it but it’s good. I mean, without Maria you weren’t the man you’re today. Do you regret it someday?” Isabel really thought about sending Maria a bouquet of flowers as a thank you. Without Maria, the chances were high that she would have never met Alex.

“Sometimes. I regret it sometimes. But it depends on the situation and what had happened in that certain situation. But with Maria by my side, I know why I enjoy it and she knows how to make it all better. How many people can say they work with their best friend together?” It was a poor attempt in putting Maria in the spot light but he didn’t want to keep talking about himself.

Isabel sensed that Alex was becoming uncomfortable with her questions. She didn’t think that he was so closed off but apparently he was. She understood his reticence. She really could. Somehow, Isabel didn’t like it that he was getting uncomfortable around her.

“What else have you planned for today?” It wouldn’t hurt -so she hoped- to know what else he had planned.

Maybe she could get home and take a long hot bath. The thought was too tempting and she really hoped that Alex wasn’t in the mood for more ‘kids shall assault Isabel by beating her with rubber bats’. However, she also wanted to stay longer. Much to her own surprise and her own disbelief, which had existed until this noon, she enjoyed his company. It was fun being around him. In addition, Isabel hoped she could find out more about him. Maybe with more time, he would open up. It was amazing how closed off someone can be but at the same time can be so open when it was about the people he loved.

For now, Isabel was nowhere near to know the real Alex Whitman.

Finally able to look at Isabel when there was a commercial break, Alex just smiled at the young woman. She didn’t know what she was in for.

“Don’t worry, we’ll have fun.”


The music was too loud and the club was packed with too many people. Michael wondered how he should find Maria in those masses. Though she made his body to her personal playground by abusing it the worst way a man had ever to experience, he wasn’t going to give up on her. If she thought she would be able to chase him away then she would be mistaken.

He wanted her.

He would get her.

It was that easy.

By the end of the night, Maria DeLuca was going to be his. No matter how many times she had to abuse his genitals and his behind, she had to open her eyes and see that he wanted her. And no matter what she would throw at him, Michael would take it. There wasn’t much she could do to him that might make him run away.

He knew, so far he had deserved everything she had done to him. From the beginning she didn’t trust him. Truth to be told, he didn’t blame her for her actions. The things he did and had planned to do were inexcusable. So Maria got her way. She wanted revenge and got it. However, Michael thought he deserved another chance. He tried to show her that he wasn’t the prick she encountered. He hadn’t intended to hurt her or make her feel used. He really didn’t want to.

The only thing, Michael had let happen was to fall in love for a woman, who was the first one he could be himself around her. She didn’t expect him to be that great guy, who could get her anything. Maria didn’t expect anything. She accepted that he was a man with fears and doubts.

Too many times Michael had gotten a nasty surprise whenever a girl heard that he wasn’t involved in the fashion business but his sister was. As fast as the girls came they were gone. No one wanted to get involved with him. So Michael pretended to be someone important. He made false promises to get the models. It had been easy. Sometimes it was too easy but Michael hadn’t felt guilty about it. He knew that everyone knew he was Isabel’s brother and there was no one crazy enough, who wanted to deal with Isabel’s wrath. Sometimes Michael had wondered if he could ever stop to be that person but the longer it went on the more he loved it. It was easier to be someone else than being your self.

It changed with Maria.

Within a moment, she had been able to make him feel guilty. He was sorry for his intentions towards her but he didn’t know how to tell her. Though he overcame his inability to apologize in the spa; it was something else to apologize for wanting to manipulate, seduce and use her. It was different.

So, here he was standing in a club full with people and there was no sight of Maria. Michael tried to get a better look of the dance floor assuming he might recognize her there but there was no chance for him to get through the people.

Deciding that there was still time to find her, he walked towards the bar to get a drink. He needed a strategy to approach Maria. Michael was certain that she would kick him in the balls if he just appeared in front of her- considering he would find her.

After Michael got his drink, he tried again to find Maria. He knew she was here. Michael wanted to find Maria fast so he could tell her what he wanted. His problem was that he didn’t how to say it. He wasn’t used to talk to women about any washy, mushy, gushy things. He didn’t like talking about emotions but it was needed. There was just little his crotch could take and Michael was sure Maria was very creative ‘handling’ his crotch.

But how could he tell her that he hadn’t intended to hurt her?

He was sure Maria had no interest in listening to him. He was also sure that he can be happy when he came home in one piece. It would probably be the hardest thing to do but Michael would do it. What other option did he have? In the end he knew, it would be worth it.

It was impossible that Maria hadn’t felt anything while they were together. Every touch meant something. Everything Michael had felt meant something. There was more between them than her assault on his body. Maybe he was wrong about Maria. Maybe she really couldn’t stand him but Michael didn’t want to give up on her if there was a chance for them. He didn’t believe that she had pretended everything. It would have been hard to pretend the attraction and the emotions. It could be he was the wrong person to judge someone’s feelings and about love but he hoped Maria was still having feelings for him.

Never before, Michael had wanted a woman more than her. He wanted more with Maria. He wanted more than just one night. He knew it was naïve to think that there could be something between them but he hoped. For now it was all he had, his hope.

In comparison to all the other women he had met, Maria was different. She didn’t care who he was and what he was. She defied him and wouldn’t back down. She was able to get to him like no one before. Moreover, she made him feel. She didn’t need him and she wouldn’t use him to get something. She was her own person yet she didn’t shun him. She didn’t think less of him because he wasn’t some big fashion guru. She didn’t care about it. Other women always wanted to use to get to Isabel to promote their career. It might have been wrong to use said women but he didn’t do anything that they wouldn’t have either.

Maria was different. She didn’t push him away. There was a bond between them that Michael couldn’t explain. He knew she was kind of testing him. He didn’t blame her. Though he had messed up multiple times and got her in trouble, she didn’t give up on him. As scary as it was, she made him feel like no other woman had before.

After two days spending time together, it was probably ridiculous to think that Maria also fell for him like he had for her. It was probably an absurd idea to think of. However, nothing was impossible.

As Michael was about to head to the other side of the club assuming he would find Maria, he didn’t see this coming…

“Ahhh! What the fuck?” Michael roared as the cold liquid ran down his back. Out of nowhere and without expecting it someone spilt a drink on him.

Anger and frustration rushed through his veins. Anger because some fucker spilt his drink on him and it fuelled his frustration. Michael was frustrated because he still didn’t find Maria. Anger and frustration was a bad mix when it came to Michael. Turning around, Michael was about to tear into the person.

“You little…” Michael chocked on his words when he saw who the drink spilling idiot was. None other than Maria DeLuca stood in front of him.

He stood on his spot statically not knowing what he should do. In his attempt to say anything, Michael looked more like a fish with his constantly opening and closing his mouth. Though he wanted to find Maria as fast as possible, he hadn’t expected it to be that fast and that way. Again, she spilt ice cold liquid on him but he was glad his testicles weren’t her aim, again. However, by the look on her face Michael wasn’t sure if his testicles were safe. She was pissed off.

In the dim light of the club, he saw how furious she was. Eyes blazing with fury and her posture basically screamed he was in big trouble. Though Michael was happy to see her and assumed she wasn’t glad at all seeing him, he was pissed. Whenever they met she threw or spilt something at him or hurt him in his private parts. Now she did it again and had the crazy thought she had the right to be pissed. He hadn’t done anything yet Maria thought she could do as she wished. He was sick of it that she thought he wasn’t worth it to give him a chance.

“What the fuck is wrong with you? Do you enjoy it to keep spilling stuff on me?” Michael yelled at Maria. She certainly heard him over the loud music seeing the fury in his eyes.

Maria fought the urge to flinch. She wouldn’t give him the satisfaction by backing down. He wasn’t affecting her.

“What’s wrong with me? What the hell is wrong with you following me around? I don’t know how you knew I’m here but you really have nerves. You realize I can call the cops and say you’re some damn strange, crazy stalker. And how dare you to yell at me? You don’t have the damn right to yell at me.” Maria yelled back equally loud poking her finger in Michael’s chest as hard as she could.

“Stop poking me with your finger. I’m not stalking you. How big is your ego to think I need to follow you? How do I know that you haven’t arrived after me? Maybe you’re the one following me around. To me it seems that you just can’t stay away from me.” While Michael directed those words at Maria, he moved dangerously close to her so that their bodies were about to touch and his face was so close to hers that it didn’t take much for anyone’s imaginations to know what could happen.

He knew when he would close the distance between them, the chance was high he couldn’t hold back anymore. He loved the way she smelled, the way she looked right now. Everything was perfect about her. There were just a few inches between them but the distance felt bigger. It felt as if he could never reach her. He wanted her so much that he could barely control his desire to reach out to her engulfing her in his arms.

Maria was too lost in her thoughts to retort. Though Michael’s regained cockiness was annoying her, she couldn’t ignore the proximity between them. He was so close to her that she only needed to lean more into him and they’d touch. She wanted to give in and feel him against her. She wanted to have that feeling back before everything got complicated between. Yet the complicated it got the more Maria wanted. She wanted to feel him; she wanted his touch.

She could let herself fall. She wasn’t afraid of Michael. She was afraid of what could be. She was afraid to let him in and in the end she was the one being left hurt. She was afraid of the risk that came with Michael. She knew his reputation. Though Maria didn’t believe the most rumours, there was always some truth to every rumour. What if she would be the next on his list? She couldn’t nor wouldn’t risk it.

After the incident in the spa, Maria couldn’t deny that she was happy to see him in the club. She wanted to see what he would do after the spa. Would he let her go or would he come for her? Though Maria hadn’t expected to see him hours later, it was a nice surprise. She underestimated his will. It would make everything easier if they could let go of each other.

So far it seemed that none of them was ready.

“Maria.” Michael whispered in her ear getting her attention back. He wouldn’t let her go. He would do anything to finally have her. Michael leaned more into her resting his hands on her hips, “Maria, I’m sorry.”

His warm breath tickling her skin and his hands on her inflamed a heat in her only Michael was able to create. She knew it was hard for him to say ‘sorry’ yet he had said it for her. As she looked up and gazed into his dark eyes, she was inwardly shocked by the emotions reflecting in them. She almost choked on her own words. Maria wanted to tell him that she was also sorry. For everything that had happened between them and for those things that hadn’t happened. She didn’t want to regret one thing.

“Maria.” Michael whispered again leaning his forehead on hers and pulling her further to him. He didn’t want to let go. Right now and right here it was perfect.

The way he spoke her name was so beautiful that Maria only wanted to hear this single word from him. She didn’t want more and she didn’t need more. Yet there was this one barrier between them. She didn’t trust him completely. He was Michael Evans and nothing could change that.

Grasping his face in her hands, Maria let her fingers dance across his jaw line. Looking deeply into his eyes, Maria saw it all. She saw his regret and remorse for what he did. She knew he meant everything he said and despite his honesty this time, she couldn’t do it. The fear of letting herself fall for him more was paralyzing her.

Since she had left him behind in the spa, Michael had been on her mind. Maria went through every scenario, which could happen to them. And every time she was more afraid than before. It was possible and it could work. Maria was an optimist regarding love affairs but reality and dreams were different.

In your dreams nothing would harm you and everything was perfect. Yet in reality, nothing was perfect. Perfection was an illusion people follow so they don’t have to face the truth. Hurt, pain and fear were real for Maria. She knew that nothing could protect her.

As much as she wanted it, Maria had to push him away.

“I’m sorry, Michael.” Maria murmured before she pulled his face down kissing him lightly.

Michael was shocked by that sudden move but instantly relaxed the longer her lips lingered on his. He didn’t understand what had happened that Maria had a change of heart but he was happy. Relieved he drew Maria closer to her body. Letting one hand rest on her lower back while his other hand travelled up her body burying it in her hair, he held her tighter. He didn’t want that this moment ended. He didn’t want to let go.

Everything was perfect right now. It was just them. Michael knew this could end soon but he didn’t want to let that happen. He wanted more.

On the other hand, Maria needed to let go or it would get harder the more they got engrossed in the kiss. Putting her hands on his chest, Maria pushed him away from her breaking the kiss. Still in a daze Michael didn’t know what had happened. All was going well. It was better than well. It had been perfect. They were kissing. It was a progress for them.

When Maria looked at him, he saw it. In the dim light, he saw it clearly. She didn’t want it. Her eyes filled with unshed tears and he knew it. It was over before it started. Too much had happened. As if it could change anything he reached out for her wanting to show Maria it would be alright. However, it wouldn’t help. She took several steps back crushing into people behind her. The last thing he saw was her mouthing good bye.

And again, he was alone. He could only see how she disappeared in the masses without looking back.


He wasn’t sure if he had ever felt like this in his life before. Many women left him but it had never hurt like now. It hadn’t affected him then so he didn’t understand why it was now. She left him. So what? He shouldn’t be sad about it. It had happened to the best. He wasn’t the first man and not the last one to be left. It happened everyday and every time. It wasn’t something special.

That was what Michael wanted to believe. It would help him to forget Maria and overcome the humiliation he experienced earlier. She just left him with no explanation.


At least he deserved that bit.

An explanation.

However, Michael wasn’t ready to let her go. Maria just walked away from him without saying a word. He couldn’t let that happen. He would confront her for the last time and this time it would be the last time he bothered. He wouldn’t take it well if Maria would reject him again. However, he had to know why she had reacted the way she did.

For the last thirty minutes he had scoured for her the whole club. He probably looked like a maniac searching for someone, who wasn’t there anymore. All this time he was thinking about their kiss. Michael had really thought that it was becoming a bad habit for them that every time they met it ended awfully for him. He just wanted to say how he felt about her.

It was his last chance.

Here he was standing in front of the ladies’ room. It was the last place to look for Maria. It was his last chance and if she still didn’t want him then he’d leave her alone. Truth to be told he was certain that he wasn’t going to let Maria go that easily. If there was a minimal chance for him to get her then he would take it.

Taking a deep breath, Michael prepared himself to enter the ladies’ room. He couldn’t believe to what Maria drove him to do. He didn’t want to think about the things that went on behind those doors. Michael just wanted to get Maria.

Pushing his way through some people, Michael entered the ladies’ room hoping to find Maria fast. Though it was obvious that it wasn’t his place to be none of the present women minded that he was there. They didn’t even acknowledge his presence. No one looked at him or started screaming, which surprised Michael. Shrugging off his surprise, Michael scanned the rather big room for Maria. Due to the restroom being packed, Michael had to push his way through the women to find the object of his affections.

Still being surprised by the women’s nonchalance about him being there, Michael dared to take a look at an open stall. It didn’t surprise him anymore that no one was shocked by him being there when he saw one of the waiters and some chick having sex on the toilet seat. No one cared for them and they didn’t care about their public show.

“Does it turn you on? I bet, we give a better show.” A strange woman appeared next to Michael. Disgusted by the public view he received, Michael turned to the strange woman, who looked like a more fucked up version Courtney Love. He wasn’t in the mood to deal with another woman. He just wanted to find Maria and get out of there.

“Jack Daniels, porn and my right hand put on a better show than you’d ever be able to.” Michael grunted hoping for the chick’s sake she would leave him alone. Unfortunately for him, he was wrong.

“Come on, baby. I know that’s not true. I can give something that no other woman can give you.” Wanna-be Courtney Love promised with a husky voice though for Michael it was more a bawling.

“Oh yeah, I really want your gonorrhoea.”

“You asshole. Do you think I’m a slut? I can get any guy when and where I want. Look at me, I’m what men want.” The woman was outraged. She didn’t expect this turn of events and wouldn’t let Michael insult her. She wanted a good lay and Michael looked like the kind of man, who was into anonymous sex.

“Get lost. I don’t think you’re anything a man would want to have. I don’t want your filthy ass and whatever comes with it.” Michael dismissed her walking away disgusted by the woman and himself. A few days ago, he had happily jumped her and left her without a word. She would just have been another faceless woman in his life. Now everything changed. He was sick of this. He couldn’t change what he had done but he would sure change what could be.

“Please tell me it doesn’t turn you on to watch women peeing? If that’s the case I reached my level of revulsion when it comes to you.” Maria’s voice sounded behind him.

Surprised by her presence and mentally kicking himself for forgetting her sneakiness, turning around Michael just stared at Maria. He wasn’t able to say something nor was he able to move. The look in her eyes and the way she looked at him, made him freeze. The Maria he knew had a special spark in her eyes that was either dangerous or teasing. It depended on the situation. Michael loved that look in her eyes. It showed him how alive she was. There was nothing that could bring that woman down because she fought. And now looking at her the spark was gone. It wasn’t there anymore. It scared Michael because it meant he was responsible.
He didn’t want to see Maria upset and sad. He wanted the feisty woman he knew. He needed her to be the Maria he knew and cared for.

Glued to his spot Michael tried to find the right words to change her mind. Maria needed to realize that he needed her. With her Michael didn’t need to pretend. He was himself and not the Michael Evans everyone wanted to see. She saw more of him than any other person.

He wasn’t going to give up on her. Though he realized she had given up on him and what could be between them, something changed. It didn’t mean he wanted to quit. He wasn’t going to let her leave. Not again. It wasn’t the right place to have a serious conversation with Maria so he did something no one had expected.

Closing the gap between them, Michael grabbed Maria and manhandled her on his shoulder caring her out of the ladies’ room to have his talk.


When Michael closed the door, he put a screeching and on his back pounding Maria down on her own feet. While Michael carried Maria to the private room, which he had discovered on his second quest for her, Maria libelled him with every name she could think of. Due to the loud music in the club, Michael didn’t hear anything but the impacts of her fists on his back had let him know that she wasn’t happy. Now here he was with her alone. He hoped that she would have calmed down when he released her. It was just his hope.

Contrary, Maria was furious. She couldn’t believe that Michael had the nerve to do that. She wanted to forget him and suddenly he was with her in the ladies’ room then manhandling her.

“You big Neanderthal. You butthead. Have you lost your fucking mind? What the hell do you think you can achieve by manhandling me? I can’t believe what an ass you are. And how dare you to pinch my ass? My ass is a non touchable area for you. Dorkbutt.” Maria ranted in her fit of anger ignoring the fuzzy and warm feeling that erupted within her because Michael came for her.

“Your ass basically invited me to pinch it. Besides, you needed to stop waggle so I pinched. I had no other choice. You wouldn’t have heard a damn word I’d have said because that crap music is loud.” Michael justified.

“You’re an ass.” Maria said through gritted teeth.

“A sexy ass.” Michael retorted winking at her.

It was hard for him to not smile at Maria. She was pissed at him and yelling as well in her fit of anger. She was back. What he had missed a few minutes ago was back. The fire and spark were back. An angry Maria was better than a sullen Maria. Michael couldn’t know that Maria was also fighting her joy right now. Though she left him standing and didn’t want to be close to him, she couldn’t suppress the happiness she felt. Maybe she had made a mistake by taking off abruptly. Maybe she didn’t need to be afraid because he was there with her. Michael came for her.

Leaning against the door, he looked so relaxed and calm as if nothing could disrupt him. He looked so sure of himself that Maria wondered what happened to let him be so calm. It wasn’t his usual cocky, arrogant aura that engulfed him. There was something new about him this time. As if he had found the answers he needed. It confused her because she didn’t know what this meant for her or for them. It could be a beginning or an end. It could mean so much that Maria was afraid. Whatever it was, things would change forever. She knew it.


Facing the man in front of her, Maria needed either the truth or closure. Resigning, she didn’t have another choice. It was now or never.

“What do you want Michael?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” He countered. He wouldn’t give up. He wouldn’t let her leave. It was now his chance and he would do it his way.

“No, it isn’t. I don’t know what you want.”

“It’s obvious but you don’t want to see it. Open your eyes, Maria. This isn’t about what I want.” Michael approached Maria slowly wanting to close the gap between them but when he came near, Maria stepped back. She needed the distance between them.

“My eyes are open and I only see you. Michael Evans. Man whore extraordinaire. You wanted to use me like the other women. Do you want me to become also another faceless woman on your list? Is this what you want?” Maria stepped nervously back from his approaching form. She couldn’t think clear when he was near her. She needed a clear head.

“This isn’t what I want. I don’t want you to become one of those women. I want nothing of that for you. By now you should know or even guessed what I mean. Can’t you or don’t you want to see it?” Michael queried. He would let her choose. He didn’t want to force her. Michael knew what he wanted but he needed to know what Maria wanted.

“Don’t Michael. Don’t play games with me. I can’t deal with such shit. It’s not about what I or you want. It’s about what can be or can’t be. We don’t know what can be and it scares me. I’m so damn scared like never before. This here…us…it can be good or bad.” Maria emphasized gesturing between her and Michael, “How do I know everything’s going to be alright? Can you give me the answer?”

Michael had hoped it would be easier to persuade her apparently he was wrong. It didn’t surprise him that Maria was scared. Michael would never admit it but he was scared as well of the ‘what ifs’. However, Michael preferred to think about the present time.

“It can be both. It can be good and bad. It’s good and bad. You can’t exclude one of the other. It doesn’t work that way. You need to accept both. You shouldn’t let your fear guide you because some things could work out actually good. Therefore, you should give us a try. You might never know what can be. There’s no perfection, Maria. You should know that.” For the first time, Michael said ‘us’.

“It’s easier said than done. To overcome my doubts and fear, I need to know, Michael.” Maria dug deeper looking him dead in the eye as if she could see if he was honest or not. She had heard him saying ‘us’. If it wouldn’t look idiotic, Maria would jump up and down like a fool but she fought the urge to do so. She wanted to hear it again. .

Being asked this question made Michael smile because he knew. There was nothing that could stop him. Stepping closer to her, a few inches separated them when Michael reached for her hand threading his fingers through hers pulling her closer.

“I want us. I want you to give us a try. I want you to trust me. I want you to let go of your fears and doubts. I want you. This isn’t the crap you think I say normally to get a woman. No, this is the real Michael. Let’s be the people outside that crazy fashion circus. Give me a chance and you’ll see what will be. I know I fucked up and I know I’m partly the reason for your distrust. And I’m so sorry. I’m sorry for hurting you. I’m…”

“I know.” Maria’s hands grasped his face prevented Michael from saying more. Seeing the tear running down her face, Michael feared he made a mistake. Slowly a small smile appeared on her face before a delighted laugh escaped her lips. With her thumbs she caressed his cheeks; Maria knew she couldn’t deny it anymore. And she didn’t want to fight anymore.

Stepping on her tiptoes, Maria kissed him tenderly on his lips.

A simple kiss.

A simple kiss, which turned to more. Overwhelmed by their feelings neither Maria nor Michael wanted to break apart. Circling his arms around her waist, Michael pulled Maria closer. He wanted to feel everything.

When she deepened the kiss, he felt lightheaded, dizzy and happy.

Maria didn’t know what happened but she wanted more. She was on fire the moment he kissed her.

Feeling his erection pressed against her thigh, she pressed her body more into his. Her hands travelled down to his chest playing with the bit of flesh that was revealed.

Nibbling on her lower lip, Michael was delighted by the sounds coming from her. Her moans encouraged him to give her more pleasure. Teasingly his hands glided over her bare flesh, which was revealed by her dress. His touch felt like feathers on her skin, igniting a fire within her she hadn’t felt before. Lust, desire and passion overwhelmed her when she hastily unbuttoned his shirt displaying more and more flesh. She wanted more.

Michael broke the kiss to take his shirt off and with several flows he discarded Maria’s dress leaving her in underwear and high heels. Slowly their eyes travelled over each other’s bodies. Holding eye contact, they took off the last piece of clothes.

Stepping closer to Maria, he pulled her back in his arms kissing her more urgently.

Their hands stroked each other’s bodies. Michael kissed down to her neck nibbling on the flesh, his one hand caressing her breast and the other placed on her hip stroking her skin lightly.

Both stumbled backwards through the room before Maria’s back made contact with the wall. Due to the abrupt stop, Michael lifted Maria up, who wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck, pressing her against the wall.

They just looked at each other. Neither said a word. Their pants were the only sounds surrounding them.

Resting her forehead on his shoulder, she nibbled on his collarbone then his neck. Kissing along his jaw line until she reached his lips again, she traced her tongue over his lower lip while wiggling her hips exciting a groan by him. Smiling seductively, with her legs around him Maria pushed Michael closer against herself.

Slowly his lips came down on hers kissing her as if she was fragile like porcelain. Maria reached down between their bodies positioning him at her entrance raking her nails over his erection before she released him. Michael wasn’t being able to resist anymore. Breaking the kiss he held her in place pushing his hips forward until he felt her completely around him.

They didn’t move. Both wanted to enjoy the feeling of being together. Resting her head in the crook of his neck, Maria slowly moved her hips igniting a moan by Michael.

Hesitantly Michael moved along with her until they found a rhythm that left both pleased.

Steadily they pleased each other.

Emotions and feeling rushed through their veins, overwhelming them.

Their lust took them over when their pace quickened predicting their completion.

Before they reached their end, both searched the eye contact not wanting to miss a single moment.

Quickening his pace, Michael slid his hand between their bodies twitching her clit bringing Maria over edge him following her.

Spent and sated, he held up her mild form in his arms.

Now, there was only them.

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Re: Sweet Revenge (M/M & A/I, Adult)AN* page 6, 08/16/10

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Well as I said the last author's note would be the last note before the new update. I would have been right if I hadn't manged to injure my hand in three different and idiotic ways. Two days after posting the message, I cut my finger - no big deal. A few hours later, I burnt my hand. Ouch!This wouldn't be a big deal as well since I can deal with something like that. But the ultimate idiotic thing was when I slipped and sprained my wrist of my already injured hand. What a mess.

Anyway, hand is fine and new part is here.

Thanks to all for reading and leaving feedback. And for the patience you all have.

Ellie: I'm glad I could make you laugh. As for the (not existing) couples: Alex knows he likes Isabel a lot but thinks Isabel hates him. Same goes for Isabel; she knows she likes the man but thinks he hates her. Maria and Michael only need to talk and see if there can be a forever. Max is an idiot and doesn't think before he speaks. That's it. But Liz knows his good sites.

April: Thank you. It means a lot to me that you liked the candyness. Paul is awesome. I actually don't like dogs and I never owned one but that's how I would want mine to be. Isabel and Max not being siblings was something I wanted try and it was fun to have the idea.
I can't believe Isabel had to give Paul a suppository. Your mind goes to some strange places, Leila, strange and humorous.
My mind goes to dark places.
And please don't consider Jesse in your fics. You would break my heart.

Maiqu: Thank you. A&I&P are a good team together. I always liked Alex&Liz. But I have him being her cool uncle. Alex and Isabel have a lot to work out and it doesn't get better for now.

Eva: Thank you for the bump. I like it when you bump.

nibbles2: Wait is over.

Chapter 6: Revelations

When Alex said he would make sure that they would have fun tonight, Isabel had never ever thought he meant playing golf. Well it wasn’t the traditional golfing; they were at the golf club playing night golf - played with luminescent balls. That was the only highlight about it but she’d rather had done something else. Isabel didn’t mind being involved in sportive activities but it was golf. It wasn’t exactly her idea of fun, going from hole to hole trying to get a ball in said hole.

It was boring.

Yet, when Alex and she walked around the course, something was different. Isabel felt the tension between them. She noticed that Alex was behaving different. She didn’t know what she might have done wrong to cause such a distance between them. Though the day started rather rocky, they were doing fine after the Jesse incident. In her opinion they had had a great time so far and as good as it could be between them.

Surprisingly Isabel had a great time and she couldn’t remember when the last was she had fun like tonight. But it was a strange kind of fun. It was fun because Alex was there with her. That made it a good time.

Yet she was worried about Alex.

He was quiet and didn’t talk at all. Isabel didn’t know what had gone wrong. What she could recall, there was nothing she had done wrong. As surprising as it was, during their golf play they didn’t bicker or engage in another type of talk. They just played.

Currently they lay in the grass watching the stars. Isabel was never someone, who was interested in Astrology but Alex convinced her to go to a spot that was offside and stargaze. She wondered what was going on with him. She wanted to ask him but she was certain that Alex wouldn’t give her a proper answer.

Thinking back, she realized that it wasn’t her fault.

It was Alex’ fault.

She wanted to a have a good time but he was the one behaving odd.


”You’ve got to be kidding me? Golf?” Isabel whined like a little girl when she got off the car and saw where they were.

“Oh please, it’s not just simple golf. It’s Night Golf. This is more fun than the typical game.” Alex tried to beautify his decision though he assumed that Isabel wouldn’t like his idea.

“Oh please, it’s still golf. It’s still boring and it’s still a game for old men.” Isabel argued against Alex. She knew he wouldn’t change his mind no matter how much she complained. She was obligated to do whatever he wanted. Though she wondered, if it was against the rules when she accidently threw the golf club at him.

“Are you calling me old because I suggest playing golf?” Alex asked offended.

“Are you suggesting it and I still can convince you to change your mind? Or does suggesting in your sense mean you order me to play it because I’m obligated to do what you want?”

“The latter.”

“Well then, you’re old. You want to play a game tonight that basically is known as sport for old men.” Isabel clarified. She didn’t mean it seriously but it was one of the rare chances she would get to mock Alex. She didn’t think that Alex was being vain when it comes to his person but he proving the opposite.

“I’m not old. You might wanna know that nowadays men in their thirties are the new men in their twenties.” Alex smiled happy with himself that he came up with this bullshit.

“Does it make you feel better when you believe that crap?” She asked, casting a side glance at him.

“Only on bad days. When it doesn’t help, I think of my teenager days then I’m grateful for being an adult. Besides, men are like wine. The older the better.” Alex smiled at her and walked towards the entrance leaving Isabel behind.

Though Isabel still didn’t see what fun she would have, she didn’t want to spoil his fun. It meant a lot for Alex to be here and she didn’t want to be the one, who messed it all up. In addition, she was happy to spend more time with him. The day started rocky for them and there were times she wanted to choke Alex but now, she wanted to have fun and trusted him with his golf.

After getting the needed equipment, Alex and Isabel went to the driving range for a start then play the course.

“Alright, here we are. You got your club so start hitting the balls.” Alex said placing the bucket with the golf balls next to her place.

“Can I hit your balls as well?” Isabel asked but when she saw the shocked expression on Alex face, she realized what she just said and how it sounded to him. “Oh no, not yours…I..I mean…you know the golf thingies not yours.” She stammered, blushing because of her faux pas “I mean, I’m just learning so if I need more hits, I wanted to use your balls…uhm…golf… golf balls. I didn’t mean it any other way though it sounded awfully wrong”

“You’re rambling” Alex interrupted her, hoping that it wasn’t going to get awkward between them.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to…” Isabel apologized again. She couldn’t believe what happened. She didn’t even know how that slip happened.

“I know. Don’t worry, balls can lead to awkwardness.” Alex shrugged off her apology.

An uncomfortable silence engulfed them and none knew how to go from here. Alex saw that Isabel was uncomfortable around him now and he hoped she didn’t think that he was angry.

“Alright, let’s start. You know how or do you need me to show you how to swing the club?” He asked, hoping that they could go back to normal – whatever normal meant for them.

“I swing the club to hit the ball. Can’t be that hard, right?” Isabel took a golf ball placing it on the tee.

“Well when you say it like that then you got it right when you plan to be a danger to your environment.” Alex agreed with Isabel.

“Would you show me how to do it right, please?” Isabel asked.

“Sure? You might want to try it on your own. Maybe you’re a natural?”

“Maybe the club slips out of my hand and hits someone pretty hard because no one showed me the proper use. Or you’re a sucky teacher and don’t know what to do.” Isabel smiled at Alex wondering if he would take the bait. She just wanted to tease him a bit.

“Are you serious?” Alex asked hesitantly because he assumed she had planned something. But seeing the look in her eyes, he knew she was a danger. “Alright. Come here, you stand there and I’ll stand behind you. Please, listen well and try to not let the club slip out of your hands.”

Isabel took her position as Alex told her and waited for further instructions by him.

Unexpected, Alex stood close behind her and grasped her hands holding the club. His chest pressed against her back. She felt his chest rise and fall. She felt his muscles tensing up and his breath tickling her skin.

He was careful to not put too much pressure on her hands to not hurt her.

Until now, Alex was sure that he could handle teaching Isabel.

Unfortunately for him, he was wrong.

The moment he touched her, it felt as if that simple contact between them electrified him.

Skin on skin.

A simple touch.

Their bodies pressed together.

Her scent intoxicated him

He was overwhelmed by the proximity.

And it was probably the only time he would hold Isabel in his arms.

“What next?” Isabel asked, turning around and tearing Alex out of his thoughts.

“Excuse me?” he replied distracted. .

“What do I do next?” Isabel repeated her question slowly. She didn’t know what was going on with Alex and what effect she had on him. And so he didn’t know that their proximity was also having an effect on her.

“Oh yeah. Sorry, I was lost in thoughts.” He apologized. “First, you stand with one leg apart, leaning slightly to the ball. It’s important that you grip the club right. A good grip provides a better hit. Next you lead the club slowly to the ball. You can aim better that way. Make sure that there’s a right angle between club, ball and the strike direction. Then you lead the club in a semicircle to the right above your head. And last, you swing the club to hit the ball. That’s it.”

“Seriously? You make it sound like it’s some kind of science and then it’s an easy thing.” Isabel said, turning her face towards looking at Alex as if she was accusing him of a crime.

Alex leaned more into her body while his arms tightened around her. Her face was so close that it wouldn’t take much and he could…

“I never said that it was science or in any way difficult. I’m just showing you the basics so you’ll be effective in your doing.” He looked her deep in the eyes. It just needed some minor movement from him and their lips would touch. It was simple and possible. He inhaled shakily and tore his eyes from hers. “Please make always sure that there’s no one behind you or someone being on the course when you’re about to hit.” Alex warned Isabel before he pulled her arm back and hit the ball.


“Did you have fun?” Alex asked Isabel when he noticed that she was lost in her thoughts.

Pulled out of her thoughts, Isabel looked at the man beside her. She wondered why things were complicated between them. Moreover, she regretted her actions, which led to their professional relationship. She noticed his change in mood. She noticed that he was distant, now she wondered if Alex realized how he was behaving towards her.

What really confused her was the distance Alex had put between them. As if it would burn him if he would come near her. It seemed as if Alex was forcing a distance between them. She didn’t know how to change that and she was certain there was nothing she could do to change it.

She encountered Alex as a man, who was very persistent in his doing and changing things between them was now his decision. Still, Isabel didn’t know what had happened between them.

She knew that she shouldn’t be hard on him. It was mostly her fault that he acted the way he did. Yet, she wished it didn’t have to be that way. She wished that things were different between them.

So, here she was. She lay next to the man that she had feelings for and she knew it couldn’t be. Isabel wasn’t a fool nor was she naïve but there was still some hope in her.

“Yeah, it was fun.” Isabel admitted with a small smile as she saw a smile appearing on his facial features.

“Good. Not that I want to say “Told you so” but I told you so.” he said and gazed upwards watching the stars.

“At least you’re talking to me.” Isabel mumbled to herself.

What Isabel couldn’t know was that Alex was having trouble being near her.

He enjoyed her company and that was his problem. He couldn’t let himself get close to her. Isabel wasn’t a woman that would see more in him than the crude man she thought he was. He wished he could open up to her and tell her that he felt more for her than he should. But it wasn’t possible. He was certain that she would laugh at him.

He was scared of the outcome if he decided to come clean. So here he was enjoying her company but at the same time he wanted to get away from her.

Too many times he got disappointed and too many times he was the one being left hurt. Facing a dismissal was hard for him but knowing that he would be humiliating himself was a thought he didn’t want to bear.

He ached to reach for her and feel her. He wanted to confess her that he felt more for her. He wanted to know if she felt the same.

“Have you planned anything else for tonight or will this be our last activity for today?” Isabel asked, not able to take the silent treatment Alex was giving her. She preferred it when he was talking to her even if it was just teasing her or criticizing her modelling. She just wanted him to talk to her like he used to. She didn’t want things to change but it seemed that it just happened.

“I think, this is it. You’re probably tired after I forced you do beautify my garage and take care of Paul.” Alex replied.

“Is this your consideration coming through or does your evil mind still trying to come up with a perfidiously plan to make my Sunday hell?” Isabel teased Alex. She tried to get him out of his reserve to at least get a reaction by him.

“That’s for you to find out.” He said, not giving away what his intentions would be. Turning on his side to look at Isabel, he was surprised to see her staring at him. She didn’t say anything and he wasn’t able to say something right now.

“At least, you could give me a hint so I know what I’m getting into.” Isabel said, not taking her eyes off him.

“We have tomorrow to find out.” He replied. It was the only answer he could give her. Alex had a hard time to tear his eyes off her. Never before he had felt this way with a woman like he did with Isabel.

“We only have tomorrow.” She whispered and turned away from his gaze.

With her words, something snapped inside of Alex, he didn’t know what possessed him.

He bent over and kissed her.

Softly he pressed his lips against hers.

His lips lingered on hers.

At first Isabel didn’t respond but after a few seconds she did.

Relief washed over him when he felt her hold of him tightened and that she responded to the kiss.

It wasn’t wrong.

It felt right.

It was right.

His whole system got shocked by this simple touch.

Hands travelled over each other’s bodies and sounds of contentment escaped their lips.

In this moment nothing could separate Alex and Isabel; they finally got what they wanted.


“Will you talk to me or keep ignoring my presence?”

“Right now, I’m ignoring your very existence. Because without you, I wouldn’t be in this mess. Without you, I would have had a peaceful night.”

“You think losing your hearing due to listening to loud music means to you having a peaceful night? You’re crazy. You’re a crazy woman. Besides, I also can think of better activities than sitting here and waiting. I’d like to add that those activities would be with you.” Michael added smugly while Maria turned her back on him and ignored him.

“You’re an ass:” Maria growled.

“A sexy ass.” Michael retorted.

Hearing the smugness in his voice and knowing that the guy thought that there would be a repeat of their amorous tête-à-tête. Anger flashed through her body. Without Michael Evans, her life would be easier. But since she had met him, her life became – better said her hormones and emotions – got out of control. Sometimes she just wanted to hit him hard to give him a wake up call. Then she just wanted him near to feel his closeness as if it was the most important thing in her life right now.

Maria still didn’t understand how a single person was able to affect her this way.

By any means Michael wasn’t the kind of man that she normally felt attracted to. But there was more to him than the eye met. He was a man with many layers and that was something that piqued Maria’s interest. He was a player and liked the image of being one but that was only a cover. She understood why someone like Michael developed a role for the public eye.

The man was a mysterious to her. And this made him interesting. His persistence in coming close to her was admirable and also annoying. At the same time he tried to keep his distance as well and let Maria make the first move.

It was a game that entertained and excited both. No one knew what the other planned and what the other would do next.

Now, they got to a new level. They had sex.

Maria still couldn’t comprehend how it could happen. She wasn’t the kind of woman to hook up with guys she only knew for a few days. And she certainly wasn’t the kind of woman to hook up with someone like Michael.

Her feelings got the best of her. She wanted and needed Michael.

When she saw the real Michael, there was no way back. She fell already too deep.

His words pulled her towards him.

The sincerity and hope.

It was all true.

Maria didn’t try to deny him anymore. She didn’t want to defy him because she was afraid and let her fear guide her.

Overcoming her fear meant to trust and that mostly led to trouble.

Being with Michael meant trouble wasn’t far away from them.

“You’re impossible. We’re in jail for indecent behaviour and trespass. But all you do is making not funny jokes.” Maria turned around looking at Michael furiously. “It’s your fault we’re here. I have never been before in jail. Never!”

“You make it sound so bad as if they’re going to lock us up forever. And for your information, we’re not in jail…yet. We’re still waiting for making our calls. It’s the hookers’ turn to make their calls.” Michael retorted a bit annoyed.

“Michael! We were arrested because there was a razzia in the club. A razzia. Do you have any idea what that means?” Maria asked, poking Michael in the chest.

“You should start looking for a new club to spend your Saturday nights without getting involved in razzias because a call girl ring uses the place as head quarter?” He asked confused.

“No, you doofus. This means big trouble. And trouble is negative. Negativity in my private life leads to negativity in my professional life.” Maria ranted.

Michael wanted to console her. Seeing that Maria was close having a nervous breakdown, Michael wanted to make it better. It wasn’t their fault for being at the wrong place at the wrong time. They didn’t know.

Getting into trouble wasn’t a new experience for Michael but this time it was an embarrassing experience. When Maria and he got arrested, they were in the middle of having sex. As the police officers stormed the room, no one knew what to do or how to handle the situation.

Now, Michael was at a loss with being in jail and how to make Maria feel better. He understood her fear. He was afraid as well. He didn’t know what to do and that scared him. Michael was the kind of guy who mostly controlled the situation. He knew what to do and how to do it. This time was different. It wasn’t just him who was in trouble. There was also Maria.

“Maria, please calm down. It will be alright. We wait till it’s our turn to have a phone call and then we come out of here. You’ll see before the night is over, you’re home. I promise.” Michael hushed.

Maria wasn’t sure if she should believe Michael but for now he was the only person she could trust and even against her judgement, she trusted him.


She didn’t know how to react when she felt Alex’ lips on hers.

It was unexpected.

It was surreal.

And it really happened.

Alex was kissing her.

He really kissed her.

Isabel hoped this moment would never end. Here she was with Alex and it felt right kissing him. The way his hands caressed her skin enlightened a fire within her, she had never experienced before.

The way his hands travelled over her body made her almost breathless.

Never before Isabel experienced such tenderness like she did with Alex. His hands were travelling over her body as if he was memorizing every inch of her. His hands were slightly stroking her skin making her burn. So tender and careful as if she was fragile. Fearing she would break any moment.

Isabel tightened her hold on him and draught Alex further against her body.

She wanted more than just kissing. She needed more of those feelings Alex evoked.

Her hands moved under Alex’ shirt, stroking his skin making him feel as if there was nothing else he needed. She loved how he made her feel. His strokes were intoxicating. And she had the urge making him feel the same as her.

She loved how he kissed her. He had that special way. His kisses were slow and sensual.

He placed kisses along her jaw line down her neck, sucking on her skin.

Isabel was overwhelmed. Every touch was driving her crazy, every kiss was intoxicating her.

All too soon and fast, it was over.

Alex stopped his ministrations and he stopped his lovely treatment of her neck.

When Isabel realized what happened; she opened her eyes seeing Alex’ face lingering over hers and something weird happened.

She was back to normal. In an instant everything she felt, every emotion, every feeling, every touch vanished. It was as if Isabel awoke and realized what had gone on. Alex and she were making out.

The man, who supposedly hated her and despised her existence, was lying on top off her. His hands were still under her shirt and close to her breasts. Isabel didn’t know what to do or what to say. She didn’t know what the right thing was to do. Looking at Alex, she couldn’t tell what was going through his mind.

He had this gaze that she couldn’t explain. Before Isabel could say something, Alex broke the silence between them.

“Uhm…eh…my crotch i-i-is vibrating.” Alex stuttered.

“Then you should probably check what’s got it vibrating.” Isabel murmured, slowly withdrawing from Alex but with him lying on top of her, it was impossible to move.

Withdrawing his hands from under her shirt, Alex moved into a sitting position. “It’s my phone. Someone is calling me.” he sounded like an idiot and he knew it. With what happened and the sudden awkwardness between them, Alex didn’t know what to say or do. He felt helpless and insecure.

“You should take the call.” She wasn’t able to say more or reassuring him everything was fine.

She also needed to understand what had happened between them. The last minutes were still fresh on her mind. She wanted to know what it meant that they kissed. She wanted to know why he kissed her. She wanted to believe that Alex wasn’t just out for the thrill of getting a model.

She didn’t know what to think of it.

Isabel just couldn’t believe it.


“Yeah.” Isabel hoped that Alex wouldn’t want to talk about the kiss. She hoped he had something else to say so that she didn’t have to deal with the kiss now. There was nothing she could say because she didn’t know what to say.

“We have to go to the police department. Maria was being arrested and I have to get her out on bail.” Alex couldn’t look her in the eyes and Isabel couldn’t take it.

“On your way, you can drop me off at my home.” Isabel replied clipped. It was upsetting her that he avoided her. As if nothing happened. Something had happened.

“I can’t do that. Michael was also arrested.”



“Freedom. I missed you so much. I’m free. Free.” Maria cried happily when she, Michael and Isabel left the police station.

“Yeah, 4 hours in jail can be hard.” Michael replied sarcastically.

“I don’t need your input. Look, I’m not used to have hookers, hustlers and any other form of criminals near me. So yeah, I’m glad to be out of jail even it has been for 4 hours. It could have been 4 minutes and I still would be happy to get out of there.” Maria poked Michael in his chest emphasizing her standpoint.

“You were alone with the chicks from the club…”

“Who happen to be hookers.” Maria argued.

“Hot hookers.” Michael chuckled when he saw Maria’s and Isabel’s shocked faces.

“Ew. How can you…This is just disgusting.”

“I can’t believe I’m related to you.” Isabel said disgusted.

“I can’t believe you’re actually here getting me out of jail.” Michael was mocking Isabel’s attitude. It was really a surprise for him that Isabel came and bailed him out. Not that he wasn’t happy but it was an unexpected move by her. He believed she would let him rot in the cell until she decided it was time to save his ass. Isabel was like that. She loved to demonstrate that she had the power.

“Why wouldn’t I be here? You’re my brother, who got himself into trouble and needs my help.” Isabel explained Michael when she walked past him towards Alex’ car.

“You’re being sarcastic, right?” Michael called after his sister. Turning to Maria standing next to him, he just saw her smirk. “What? She was being sarcastic. I know it. I’m sure she was.”

“Whatever you say.” Maria patted him on the back and walked away from Michael as well.

“Oh come on. You can’t be on her side.” He exclaimed incredulously catching up with Maria, walking side by side with her.

“I’m not. But I appreciate that you kept your promise. Thank you Michael.” She said abashed. Maria meant what she said.

She hadn’t believed Michael because she was scared and in a situation she had never been before. It didn’t matter what anybody would have said to her, it was useless and pointless and she wouldn’t have believed a single word. When Michael talked to her to calm her down, it was different. She believed him. Deep down she knew, he was right and it was going to be alright. It was a moment like this that Maria showed that Michael was actually a good guy.

And sometimes even Michael needed some kind words seeing how his smile became bigger and bigger.

“You like me.” Michael said, grinning more and more.

“Shut up! See, this is why I can’t be nice to you because you cannot handle that niceness.” Maria felt as if she had to defend her action before.

“Oh, please don’t get me wrong. I can handle niceness- even coming from you. But it’s such a rare moment that I want to cherish it.”

“You should do that. It’s really a rare moment.” Maria replied, giving Michael a kiss on his cheek.

“I’d appreciated if you two lovebirds can move your asses so we can go.” Isabel yelled across the parking lot.

In such a moment, Michael wished his sister wouldn’t be his sister.

“That’s why I’m appreciating your niceness.” Michael murmured to himself, when he trudged behind Maria following her to Alex’ car.


“It’s about time to you come. What took you so long?” Maria asked sourly Alex when he approached his car.

“I had to sign papers after I bailed you out. So excuse my tardiness.” He replied in the same tone, getting into his car without looking at the other two people around.

Maria didn’t know what was going on but she noticed that there was a tension between Isabel and Alex. He barely looked at the model and Isabel also avoided eye contact with him. It was a new sight for Maria seeing her friend acting this way. Alex was normally not someone to shun any confrontation or even being reserved towards any person.

When he walked past Isabel, he bowed his head. Even the other woman was behaving oddly. Maria always thought the model was too confident and too cocky in her behaviour, showing it in every gesture and posture. Her whole presence was a sign confidence.

And this wasn’t the case right now. Isabel seemed to be miles away with her thoughts and Alex’ presence seemed to unsettle her.

Maria had the feeling that something might have happened between them but she didn’t know what it was. She didn’t want to think about it too much. Alex was old enough to deal with this and solve this situation. Whatever it was that had happened, it was their problem.

She had her own problems.


They came closer and she wasn’t regretting anything. But it always came back to Michael’s reputation. He wasn’t a relationship guy and it was known that he chopped off women after getting what he wanted. Maria didn’t want to let those facts play with her head and cloud her judgement about the “real” Michael Evans. But it scared her to be another one of his conquests. And no matter how much Maria wanted to think she knew the real Michael, there was a still the seed of doubt.

She played it hard when she met Michael and he tried to manipulate her.

She turned the tables on him. Still she couldn’t prevent starting to fall for him. The more time they spent together, the more she got to know Michael. Somehow he managed to get past her walls and impress her with his personality. He wasn’t the dumb womanizer she thought he was.

There was more to him.

Then last night he confessed his true feelings.

This was when her resolve broke. Her last resistance broke and she could let herself fall completely for Michael.

Now she only had to know what would happen now.

“Besides, I got a copy of your mug shot. I’ll use that as Christmas card for your mum.” Alex interrupted Maria’s thoughts, when he showed her the picture.

“Merry Christmas gets a new meaning and my mother a heart attack. Thank you, Alex.” Maria glared at her friend. ”I’m sure, she’ll love it.”

“Yeah, I’m sure it will be awesome.” Alex replied with a smirk; he knew how to irk his friend and it was always amusing. And a good way to think about something else, than the kiss and Isabel.

“Can we stop talking about your mother and finally get away from here?” Michael exclaimed impatiently. He just wanted to get away and later talk to Maria.

He wanted to know what they were and where they were going from here. Unfortunately, the night had taken a different turn than expected. He didn’t intend on getting arrested and having Alex bailing him out. The man was giving him weird looks. Michael was sure that Alex knew why Maria and he had been arrested. And when Alex knew what the reason was then Isabel knew as well. This night became from ecstatic to embarrassing.

In all that mess, there was still Maria. He needed to talk to her. No matter how tired and exhausted he was, Michael would push the matter.

Maria saw that Michael had a change of moods and got in the car wordlessly. She knew the night wasn’t over.


Since they had left the station there was a strange vibe in the car between the four people. There was so much that needed to be said and they all had to clear up the mess they created - better said the mess their feelings created.

Everyone was lost in his own thoughts.

Michael was thinking about a way to approach Maria about tonight what had happened between them and how he would like things to proceed. Earlier in the club it had been hard for him to say the words. For the first time in his life, Michael had been honest to a woman. For the first time, he felt vulnerable for laying his fate in somebody else’s hands. He felt as if he stripped off everything that made him the Michael Evans everyone knew and let Maria see his true being.

The anxiety he felt while he confessed his feelings was barely bearable.

In the end, he hoped it was worth it. But the more time went by, the more Michael doubted his decision. He didn’t think that Maria was dreaming of a future with him. Sex wasn’t the best way to start a serious relationship. Michael knew they needed to talk.

He didn’t know it but the object of his affections had the same dilemma as he did. Maria was confused about how things with Michael would be from now on. A moment of passion and lust didn’t mean that it was possible to build a steady relationship on it. It took more. And Maria wasn’t sure if they had what it took to have a steady relationship.

She was done denying her feelings. She needed to be true to herself and Michael.

Yet there was still the fear of getting her hopes up and in the end she would be left with nothing. Maria didn’t want to feel that way but it was hard not to think that Michael had other intentions. It was easy to imagine how good they could be together. And it was also easy to imagine how bad it could be. Nevertheless Maria was ready to take the risk. She couldn’t let her fear control her.

Tonight Maria would get Michael.

While Michael and Maria were determined to take their fate in their own hands, Alex and Isabel were a different story.

After the kiss everything changed between them.

Alex knew it had been foolish to kiss Isabel. A woman, who despised his presence and wished she had never met him. He didn’t regret the kiss but he regretted that he was the one to be battered. She would reject him and he would stand there like a fool.

He didn’t understand how everything could change so fast. One minute they were about to have another argument and the next they were kissing because his feelings took control of him. He only wanted to feel how it would be to kiss Isabel.

He changed everything. Now Isabel could barely look at him. Whenever he glanced at her she would either look away or ignore him as if he didn’t exist. Right now, Alex wished he didn’t exist. He didn’t want to let her go. He wanted to tell Isabel that he felt more for her. But it scared him. If she was already reacting that way after kissing, there was no chance for him.

The only thing that gave Alex hope was that Isabel didn’t push him away when their kiss got deeper.

It was a tiny bit of hope.

Alex looked for a way to approach Isabel without getting into another argument with her. He was tired of this. He just wanted to sit her down and talk to her. Tell her what he felt and that he really liked her.

Maybe the night would have a different run if Maria and Michael hadn’t been arrested. Maybe then Isabel and he would have had the chance to talk. Maybe the awkwardness that had settled between them wouldn’t exist.

Instead it would be different.

Better and not awkward.

He stole a final glance from her.

It was still a wonder to him how much her beauty was overwhelming him.

He knew that she wasn’t the woman she presented to outsiders. He saw glimpses of the real Isabel and he liked what he saw.

Maybe on that matter Alex was foolish that he saw more in Isabel than others. He saw the real Isabel when her perfect and arrogant manner cracked and got to see the young woman she really was. In those moments, when the real Isabel surfaced, he fell for her more.

He wished everything was easier and not like this right now. The tension between them was also tearing him up. A few days ago Alex would have enjoyed the silence between them; not having to hear Isabel’s complaining and nagging him about stupid things. However, Alex wished there wasn’t the strain between them.

He wished things would be different.

“You two were out on a date?” Isabel directed her question at Maria and Michael, breaking the silence in the car with her question. She couldn’t take it anymore how they were all ignoring each other. Besides, the silence forced her to think about Alex and the kiss. Thinking about the kiss and Alex was bad for her. Sitting next to Alex and thinking about the kiss while stealing glances at him wishing she could go back to the moment their lips touched was bad as well.

“What? No, no, no, no…” Maria protested vehemently before Michael interrupted her in her rant of negativism.

“What Maria tried to say so eloquently is that we haven’t been out on a date.” Michael answered nervously when he glanced at Maria.

“Oh! I just thought you went out because you were together in the club.” Isabel tried to keep the conversation going – which was a very despaired way to keep her mind of the man beside her.

“Just a coincidence.” Michael clipped, now avoiding any eye contact with Maria but he saw that Alex was watching him through the rear view mirror.

“More like your stalker tendencies surfaced again.” Maria countered. She felt the sudden change in Michael’s demeanour. She didn’t know why he was being repellent.

“I don’t have any stalker tendencies. It was just a coincidence that two people, who know each other have been at the same place at the same time. Stuff like that happens. That doesn’t mean that I am a stalker.” Michael defended himself. He was nervous. And he knew it wouldn’t get better. He felt everyone’s eyes were on him.

“So it was also a coincidence that you were at the same spa as I today?” Maria asked enraged. She didn’t know what was going on with Michael right now. It seemed as if he was a different person. He was distant, cool and tensed. And his behaviour was irritating her. She thought they made some progress. That they wouldn’t act aloof towards each other. She didn’t attack Michael but he was behaving as if she had accused him of the biggest crime of all time.

“You’ve been to a spa? That’s so not you.” Isabel was flabbergasted about Michael being in a spa.

“Yeah, it’s totally you to say things that no one wants to hear.” Michael countered enraged. He hoped his sister would shut up and drop the topic. He just wanted to talk to Maria. That’s it.

“How did you know I was at the spa?” Maria asked further. There was something strange about Michael’s sudden appearances and she wanted to know what it was.

“It was a coincidence.” Michael bit out.

“Doesn’t sound like it.” Isabel chimed in from the front seat.

“Shut it, Isabel.” Michael growled.

“How about you all be quiet?” Alex directed the others.

“No, you keep out of this, Alex. I want to know. How did you know I would be at those places?” Maria stared at Michael, who refused to look at her.

“It was a coincidence.”

“How did you know I was at those places?” Maria repeated. She could go on endlessly.

“It was a coincidence.” His answer was also the same.

“How did you know I was at those places?”

“It was a coincidence.”

“How did you know I was at those places?”

“It was a coincidence.”

“How did you know I was at those places?”

“It was a coincidence.”

“How did you know I was at those places?”

“It was a coincidence.”

Enough was enough. Patience wasn’t Maria’s strongest trait

“Michael, I swear if you keep this up, I’m gone. I want to trust you and give this a shot but you make it hard.” Maria resigned.

Michael knew it was over. Seeing the look on her face was breaking his heart. Maria was basically begging him to be honest. Normally he never considered anyone’s feelings. This time it was not anybody who asked him.

It was Maria.

“We traded information about you and Isabel.” Alex confessed


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Re: Sweet Revenge (M/M & A/I, Adult)AN*, 06/06/11, p.7

Post by chanks_girl » Tue Nov 01, 2011 5:27 pm

I’m deeply sorry that it took me so long to update. This summer I had to learn that happiness and tragedy were close friends. An unexpected event put me in a funk that led to a writer’s block and I couldn’t fight it like I would have loved to. Anyway, the new part is here. I hope you enjoy it and it makes up for the huge wait you had since the last update.

Thanks to everyone who’s still reading this story.

Glad you liked the last part. The four are making progress but at the same time they take five steps back. Alex’ revelation was definitely something no one expected. How will the women react?

April: Thanks for your feedback. Isabel and Alex changed their behaviour towards each other. Maybe it was the amount of time they had to be together that made them realize that the other doesn’t suck. Especially Isabel realizes that her behaviour was and is unacceptable. And the kiss led to more confusion and realization. We’ll see how Maria and Isabel will react.

Nibbles: Thanks for your feedback. Michael has his way with Maria and they will be talking. Yes, there’ll be.

Earth2Mama: Thanks. All four need a swift kick to the head. I think that would solve most of their problems.

Maiqu: Thank you. Pissed is a word which doesn’t come close to the way Isabel and Maria feel.

Disclaimer: The song “Will do” by TV on the Radio does not belong to me. I’m just borrowing it…and I like it a lot.

When you see the ( :twisted: ) click on it.

I hope you enjoy this part.

Chapter 7: Yes…No…Maybe…Go to hell

“We traded information about you and Isabel.” Alex confessed.

His confession was met with silence. It wasn’t the good kind of silence. It was the kind of silence that predicted trouble.

The tension thickened. Alex knew his statement would cause a lot of trouble. He wasn’t the only one affected. There were Maria, Michael and Isabel.

Michael and he didn’t intend to hurt them or play games with them but the situation changed fast. Plans changed. So Alex changed his approach towards Isabel.

His intention had been to give Isabel a hard time. He wanted to show her that her obnoxious behaviour was uncalled for. However, things changed and so did his plan.

Michael was another story. He had been the one with the obnoxious behaviour and Maria stood him up. A little bruise to his ego that shouldn’t have bothered him but it did. Rejection wasn’t something that Michael experienced very often. When Maria rejected him and humiliated him, his interest grew.

“I hope you aren’t serious. I really hope you’re not serious.” Maria broke the silence. She didn’t know if she should be hurt or angry.

Neither Michael nor Alex replied and Isabel remained silent. She didn’t show any reaction. This scared Michael. His sister wasn’t known as someone who held back her emotions. She usually was very loud when it came to expressing her displeasure.

Michael didn’t like his sister’s silence. It just meant that her anger was building up and it was about to get ugly. He felt bad. What Alex and he had done was wrong.

“It would be better if one of you morons would say something.” Again, Maria broke the silence.

She was going to kill them if none of them would soon justify their actions. She couldn’t believe that Alex did that to her. Behind her back, he had an agreement with Michael Evans.

She was just another notch for Michael and her best friend sold her out.

She felt betrayed and used.

Michael used her.

He betrayed her to get sex.

Alex betrayed their friendship.

He used her to get to Isabel.

“When the hell did you two talk to each other? I haven’t seen you together once. Actually, I can’t believe that you two did that. Let me revise that, I can believe that you did that.” Maria looked at Michael. Anger and hurt reflected in her eyes. ”It’s something Michael Evans would do. Just to get laid, you’d do anything. You don’t care about anyone but yourself.”

“That’s not true. You got it all wrong.” Alex contradicted her from his seat.

“I got it all wrong? Are you fucking kidding me? You misused our friendship to…to…damn, I don’t know what you’ve intended but you used me to get to Miss Model here.” Maria wasn’t going to stop. She would let them have it. “I saw a lot of shit you have done to get your way Alex – good and bad – but I’ve never ever thought that I would be one of your tools.”

She didn’t know what else she could say.

The harm was done.

Knowing that her supposed to be best friend had done this to her and knowing that the man she cared for used her, was just fuelling her anger.

Without a word or any indication, Maria started to beat the men with her purse. Michael, who was sitting next to her got the most of the beating. Maria was mainly aiming for his head; while Alex was targeted mostly on the shoulder. Both men didn’t expect the attack so all they could do was take it like men and ducked.

Getting beating up by Maria was bad. Getting beating up with a purse was also bad. But the worse happened when Isabel started hitting the men with her purse.

All her feelings that she bottled up for the last ten minutes exploded out of her. Her own brother used her.

And Alex.

She didn’t know how she really felt about him but it hurt her to know that he might have shown some affection because he wanted to score with her.

Seeing that Maria let out her feelings by hitting them with her purse, Isabel decided to do the same. She couldn’t hurt Alex like he had hurt her but she could do some bodily harm – she hoped.

While both women hit them, Michael and Alex tried to protect themselves. Neither of them could stop them.

With Isabel’s involvement, Maria focused on Michael.

Michael understood her anger and he felt bad for what he had done. Right now, he didn’t know what to do or to say so that she would forgive him. He knew he messed up big time. He didn’t also hurt Maria but also his little sister.

Alex wasn’t in a better place. Isabel wasn’t holding back while she beat him. He knew he deserved this. But this wasn’t going to solve anything. He needed to talk to Maria then Isabel. He had to explain why he did it.

He had to explain to Isabel why he had an agreement with Michael.

And there was still the kiss.

Alex knew why he had kissed Isabel. But he wanted to know why she responded to the kiss.

“Stop it! Stop!” Alex shouted.

No reaction. Maria and Isabel kept hitting them shouting at them ‘Idiots’, ‘Bastards’ and ‘Assholes’. Alex had enough. In the midst of another hit by Isabel, he grabbed her wrists stopping her from any further attacks.

“Stop it! It’s enough.” He shouted again. “Stop. We will talk now.” Alex said with a calmer voice while he looked at Isabel. Unfortunately for him she avoided his look and it hurt him.

He had to fix this. He couldn’t let one stupid decision jeopardize what could be between Isabel and him as well as Michael and Maria.

“Look, I know what Michael and I did sound awful. I don’t think excuses won’t make it better and no matter what we say it won’t get better.”

“Oh really? No matter what you consider to make it better, it doesn’t make anything better. You betrayed my…our trust. My own brother trades information about me to get laid. I don’ know what your intention was and I don’t care. I don’t care what you intended. I just don’t care” Isabel freed her hands from Alex grip.

She couldn’t let him touch her.

His touch brought back the memory of the kiss.

Now it felt wrong. After Alex’ confession, their kiss had a bitter taste.

Alex didn’t know what to tell Isabel. She was pulling away from him. There was no chance for him to make her listening to him.

“Alex, out now!” Maria ordered her friend. Alex and Isabel had to be separated. She could see that their behaviour would lead to a big fight if Alex would push Isabel.

“What?” Alex asked perplexed, not understanding why Maria butted in.

“Get out of the car.” She repeated slowly. “We will have a talk. Now.” Maria didn’t wait for Alex’ response, she just got out of the car.

Knowing that he couldn’t win, Alex followed Maria.


Michael and Isabel were alone. The tension between them grew.

Isabel was upset because her own brother betrayed her trust.

Michael was insecure about how he should approach his sister.

“You suck.”

Michael didn’t expect his sister to talk to him.

Though he did expect her to insult him.

“I know, we don’t have that perfect brother-sister-relationship but doing something like this, that’s lower than low. it’s disgusting. I don’t care that you used my model jobs and all the other stuff as access for you to hit on women. But going behind my back and exchanging information with a guy who has absolutely no sympathy for me. The last few days were hell for me. Finding out that Alex…you suck.” Isabel finished her anger taking over. “You suck as a brother but also as a friend. You’re supposed to be my friend. You’re supposed to protect me. Instead you act like a jerk. You…you…”

“You like him.” Michael interrupted his sister when he realized it wasn’t only about him. Of course, she was angry and he really messed up. But her anger wasn’t only directed at him. It was Alex. Isabel seemed to like Alex. Michael wasn’t the most emotional person and he was happy when no one broke emotionally down in front of him but he knew his sister.

“What?” Isabel asked perplexed, turning in her seat to look at her brother.

“You like Alex…a lot.” Michael stated.

“No…no, no, no, no, no…You’re wrong.”

“I’m not wrong. You like him. It’s so obvious. When I’ve called you this morning, you ranted about your awful day with him and that mostly you spent time with him. You weren’t complaining but ranting about his irritating behaviour. Now it makes sense.”

“You’re an idiot. You’re just trying to get out of the mess that you created by making up some stupid scenario.” Isabel denied heatedly.

“Sure. Look, I know what I did was wrong and hurtful. I can’t make it better now but I don’t want you to think that I’m a bad person.” Michael tried to explain though he knew there wasn’t a good explanation.

“That makes it better that you know you did something wrong. Congratulations.” Isabel interrupted sarcastically.

“Alex asked me stuff about you…he just wanted some information.”

“Some information? That’s your reason to act like a jerk not only towards me but also Maria?” Isabel hit her brother hard on the shoulder.

“Ow! What the fuck? I said I’m sorry. I said it wasn’t my intention to hurt you.” Michael yelled, getting annoyed by his sister that she didn’t let him explain anything.

“But you did. You and Alex did. Alex did as well.” Her voice broke.

Seeing his sister’s reaction, Michael really saw the damage he had done. Michael didn’t think that Isabel’s feelings were that deep for a man who she met a few a days ago.

“I’m sorry, Izzy. I…I.” There was nothing Michael could say to make it better. He understood Isabel. He wouldn’t react differently than Isabel. The way Maria reacted hurt him. It was his fault. He messed up. Her rejection was punishment enough but having his sister rejecting him and pushing him away hurt as well. “No words make it better and no matter what I do, I can’t take away your pain and no matter what I say, I can’t make it better. Brothers don’t have that power but please don’t push me away. Please don’t do that.” Michael begged.

Isabel was struggling. She didn’t want to be angry. She didn’t want to push people away. Especially, she didn’t want to push away Michael more than she already had in the past. He was all she had in the mess of her life. He reminded her from where she came from and he would be the first to put her back in her place. Unfortunately, in the past their relationship went down the hill.

For the first time since she had known about Alex’ and his scheme, Isabel took a look at her brother. For the first time she saw him showing feelings. Not only were they directed towards her but also for somebody else. He really cared about Maria.

Isabel had to admit that she didn’t believe that Michael would pull a stunt like that with Alex. She just couldn’t understand why he had done it until now. He tried anything to get to Maria. It wasn’t only about the sex.

There was more.

Michael seemed to have real feelings for Maria. Isabel had never seen her brother being so persistent to get a woman.

“He asked me what he could do to make it a bit comfortable for you.” Michael broke the silence between them. He didn’t like how Isabel was watching him.

“What?” Isabel asked confused not having really listened to her brother.

“Alex. He asked me what he could do so you don’t feel uncomfortable around him. Nothing else. He just wanted to know what he could do. In exchange I asked him about Maria’s whereabouts over the weekend. I just wanted to show her that I’m not really a total ass and I…I wanted to apologize for way we’ve met.” Michael confessed.

What else could he do?


Alex followed Maria. She walked several feet away from his car. Probably to avoid Michael and Isabel hearing her scream at him and the chances that the siblings would witness his murder sank with each foot they walked.

He knew there was nothing he could do to make it up to Maria. She was going to rip him a new one and the possibility grew that he would lose her as friend. Maria was all he had. She was the reason why he still remained human. She protected him from getting eaten alive by his job.

Maria was his balance.

And he messed it all up. Years of a deep friendship thrown away within a moment. Alex understood her. He wouldn’t react any different if he was in her position.

In addition, he also destroyed a chance between Maria and Michael.

People were right, he was a bastard. Not even his friendship to Maria could stop him scheming.

“Ow!” His cheek burnt.

He didn’t see it coming.

Maria slapped him.

“Why did you do that? Damn.” Alex was shocked.

“I think, I don’t need to tell you the reason. You hurt me, Alex. I don’t think you can imagine how disappointed and how painful it is to know that your best friend sold you out. You went behind my back and made a deal with…”

“A guy you like so I could get information about his sister who...” Alex finished for Maria and admitted his feelings.

He ran a hand through his hair thinking about what he could say to make it better. Alex knew that he had crossed a line.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I misused your trust and our friendship. I don’t know what else I can say.” Alex spoke with a broken voice, realizing what damage he created.

“There’s not much you can say. I’m pissed and beyond being on the natural level of being pissed. You played with me and your knowledge about my…well Michael and you deceive me. I can’t understand why you did it. When I think about it, I get angry. What the hell is wrong with you?” Maria yelled at her friend. “Do you have any idea how embarrassed I am? I let my guard down. Alex, I trusted that guy. I really believed that Michael wasn’t the bastard he’s known to be.”

“I’m sorry.” Alex repeated again. He knew those words didn’t mean anything and they didn’t repair the damages. “Michael asked if there was a way to speak to you without ending in a fight and bruised balls…I don’t know what he meant but he asked for help. Since you met him, you’re talking about him. He was your number one topic.” Alex tried to justify his motives.

“He’s an idiot, who tried to get me so his lovely sister can play nice with you…” Maria interrupted not wanting to hear an analysis about her feelings.

“An idiot you like a lot. He has his faults but there must have been something that attracted you to him. There’s something between you. It would be a mistake to let it go. I know I fucked up and I can’t take it back. All I did was telling him where he could find you to talk. It was all about talking.” Alex explained.

“What did you get?”


“You gave Michael my places. I want to know what you’ve got in exchange. What information have you got about Isabel?” Maria inquired.

“It wasn’t any dirt, just some stuff.” Alex tried to dodge the question by giving Maria a rather vague response.

“Alex, I’m not in the mood for your games. You’re already walking on very thin ice so you better don’t try to avoid answering my question. I’m tired, pissed, hungry and annoyed, you better answer now.”

“Likes and dislikes. That’s what I wanted to know about Isabel.” Alex responded.

“Likes and dislikes? You better have a good explanation because I can’t see how that helps you deal with Isabel and your original plan to make her suffer.”

“See that changed. After the night at the banquet, I wanted to make Isabel pay. I mean, she didn’t only send Michael to manipulate you but also she humiliated me and made me feel like the teenager I was; insecure and feeling like a loser. Anyway, that changed when I had spent some time with her during her time in the office. She isn’t actually so bad. Isabel has an ego problem.” Alex admitted, “I thought that my original plan wouldn’t work since Isabel wasn’t that bad.”

“Oh Alex. Don’t tell me…”

“I like her…a lot.”

“Oh Alex.”

“Don’t oh me, please.”

“You like like her? As in really having feelings?”

“You know those rumours are wrong about me being the devil. I have feelings…for her.”

“Oh Alex.”

“And we kissed tonight before your call interrupted us and then it changed between us.” Alex kept talking; he needed to let it out, “I didn’t know what to say or to do. Well I wanted to kiss her but suddenly we stopped. Since then it’s awkward between Isabel and I. I don’t know how to approach her, especially after I told you about the information trading.”

“You walked down the dark path.”

“That’s not funny.”

“I’m not joking. We’re in the clutches of the Evans siblings. We’re caught in their emotional clutches. I had sex with Michael. I don’t regret it but everything changed.” Maria said, walking up and down,”He said those beautiful words that he wanted me. And I mean not only in a sexual way. I really thought he meant it. Michael made me believe that he really wanted me but it was all a lie. Michael said, I wouldn’t be one of those women for him. Look at me now, I am one of those women he uses for sex.”

“What if you’re not?” Alex asked cautiously.

“What if I am? I know it was stupid to sleep with him but I’ve let it happen.”

“Maria, he cares about you.” Alex insisted.

“How do you know he does?” Maria doubted that Michael Evans was able to feel anything for anyone.

“How do you know he doesn’t?” Alex countered back.

Maria just stood there. She didn’t know. She didn’t know if Michael didn’t care for her. Deep down, she knew that he did but letting him in after the whole mess that got revealed tonight, she didn’t want to trust her judgement. Maria was afraid that she would get hurt more in the end if she believed in something that doesn’t exist.

“It scares me. To let him come this close scares me and finding out that all is supposed to be a lie.” Maria was still doubtful and her insecurities didn’t make it better.

“I think you just have to find out. Don’t make the mistake to let something go that makes you happy. I’m not saying that you already have this deep eternal love but maybe you can have this.” Alex grabbed Maria’s arm to still her hectic movements. “Don’t be afraid.”

“I don’t want to get hurt.” She admitted with a small voice

“Me neither but sometimes you have to take the risk…when you know it’s worth it.”

It was all confusing.

Her anger already faded knowing that Alex did it to protect himself and trying to give her the chance to get to know Michael.

Yet, it didn’t mean that she knew what to do.


The four stayed silent. None of them said a word. After Maria and Alex came back from their talk, the siblings remained silent. The aftermath of the revelations was still lingering in the air.

Michael wanted to say something but he didn’t know how to begin and what to say.

Maria was afraid to say something. She didn’t know what would happen.

Alex wasn’t able to think straight. Isabel’s rejection hurt him.

They remained silent, neither of them wanted to face the situation. They were afraid to come clean and realize that there was nothing to be afraid of.

They knew that this night wasn’t going to end in silence. All four had to come clean. Tonight there were going to be changes. No one knew if it was going to be for the best or the worst. Each of them needed to try. They had to overcome their fear.

As Alex drove, he wondered what have happened if he hadn’t confessed his agreement with Michael. He wondered if they all would still sit here together in his car and would be able to have a civil conversation.

When Alex parked in front of Maria’s house, she didn’t move. Maria couldn’t move. The moment she would get out of the car, everything was going to spin more out of control. There were two options: she would get out of the car and leave Michael behind. With that she would leave the night behind as well. She could forget everything and move on. She could forget Michael.

The other option would be that Maria would get out of the car with Michael and they would have the needed talk.

Maria wanted the easy way but none of those options were easy. She had to face Michael. She didn’t want to believe that it was going to end this way.

There was no other way out; Maria had to overcome her angst.

Beside Maria, Michael wasn’t doing better. He didn’t want to leave things like that between him and Maria. Michael wanted to tell her that he was sorry. He wanted to tell her that he had meant every word he said in the club.

It was now or never.

“Come on, we have to talk.” Maria said when she opened the car door and got out of the car.
Michael just looked at her shocked. He wasn’t sure if he had heard her right or if his imagination was playing games with him. He was afraid. Maybe this was the time Maria was going to end things.

“It’ll be alright.” She said, leaving the door open so that Michael could decide if he wanted to follow her or if he would let her go. Maria hoped that Michael would come with her. They needed to talk. It wasn’t only about their involvement but she wanted to know what was going to happen now.

After everything that happened, what was now.

She was already at her door and there was still no Michael. Maybe she was too hopeful and naïve to think that a man like Michael would come after her. In the end he had got what he wanted.

“Are you going to open the door or keep staring at it?” His voice sounded from behind.

“Took you long enough to get here. You got your head out of your ass?” Maria replied, still not turning around, so he couldn’t see her smiling.

“Actually, yes I did.”

Maria turned around so fast; Michael was startled by her sudden movement. He didn’t know what to do now. They couldn’t keep the teasing up; they couldn’t pretend that everything was alright and that nothing had happened. Things changed.

“I guess we should talk…really talk.” Maria started now being unsure.

“Yeah, we should…talk.” Michael replied in the same unsure manner like Maria.

Awkward silence engulfed them. They didn’t know how to begin.

Both were scared of the outcome.

This could be something new.

Or it could easily turn into the biggest mistakes of their lives.

( :twisted: )

Entering her apartment, Michael overcame an uneasy feeling. It was all in his hands.

“I’m not good in talking about emotions and feelings. I’m not used to it because I normally tend to not let people come close. Right now, I don’t know what I can do or what to say.” Michael began. He tried to find the right things to say. He wanted to show Maria that she wasn’t another notch in his bedpost.

“I can’t say I’m also an expert in expressing my emotions in words. I also can’t say that I’m an expert in having such a talk like ours. I…I mean...” Maria stopped talking and approached Michael who was standing on the side of her living room.

“It would be easy to forget tonight. It would be easy to pretend that everything from now is a fresh start. It would be easy to think that this between us will run smoothly. It would be easy. But that’s not me and it isn’t your way as well. I guess, we have to do it the hard way. We can’t go on without coming clean.” She said not knowing what she actually did to Michael.

Michael felt as if Maria just punched him in the guts. She was going to end this. She made her decision.

He had to stop her from saying it out loud.

“Maria…let…” Michael desperately tried to find the right words.

“Don’t. We’re going to have that talk no matter what the outcome will be.” Maria interrupted him, not giving him the chance to interfere. “Can we do that, please?”

He couldn’t deny her that. Though he was afraid and unsure of what was about to come, he agreed. They were going to talk.

“Thank you.”

“How are we going to do that? I mean, I don’t know how to start this. I fucked up and I know that. I’m sorry for my behaviour towards you and that my intentions were primary based on trying to manipulate you.” Michael ranted nervously, not really knowing how he could make Maria understand that he was honest with her right now.

“We’ll talk. We will talk until we reach the point where we can say everything is fine for us. Or we reach the point where we say nothing is fine and we end it tonight. Either way, we have to talk. That also means that there are rules.” Maria said, ignoring Michael’s shocked face.

“Rules? Why do you need rules?”

“Well, after everything that had happened between us, I think it’s my right to say that we need rules. I don’t want to risk too much regarding you.”

“I know, it’s hard to trust me but you shall know that right now that I won’t to jeopardize you.” Michael clarified when he sat down.

“Good, rule one is that we both get five minutes to explain our situation and why we should try it…with each other. Rule number two is that sex is not an argument. Rule number three is the “No touch”- rule which means we don’t touch each other because it would lead to sex. Then we break rule number two and everything we achieved is for nothing.”

“Rules are meant to be broken.”

“We already broke too much and right now we shouldn’t try to break anything.”

“That’s not my intention.”

Both knew what the other meant. Too much damage had already been done.

Tonight they wanted to change everything.

Maria sat opposite from Michael. Not too close to him and not too far away from him either.

“Only God knows why I like you. You’re a manipulative asshole and the way we met just emphasizes my impression of you. Yet, somehow I feel attracted to you. I know that you’re a good guy in a twisted way. I mean you’re nice in your way. I never saw someone putting so much effort in getting to know me. Interesting fact is that Alex seems to think or know that we match. He hasn’t done what he did, if he didn’t really believe that there was something between us. I want that something. I want that.” Maria finished, feeling a bit silly that their talk turned her into a lovesick teenager.

Michael didn’t know what to say. For now, he was glad that Maria didn’t end things. It was now on him. His actions would decide about his fate with Maria.

Whatever he was going to say, he didn’t know if Maria would believe him. He couldn’t know but he had to try.

For the first time ever, Michael Evans needed to fight.

“Maybe that’s God’s joke. Bringing us together and see how long it takes to kill each other. That thought is quite amusing but…but I like another option. I like to think that we met and found a liking in each other - though that’s probably based on some sick and weird thing. I also like you a lot. I even feel more for you after you waxed my ass and bruised my scrotum.” Michael smiled a bit remembering his painful encounters with Maria. “I’m not good in expressing my feelings or emotions. I don’t do stuff like that. I…I…never had to talk about it.”

Michael stopped. He stood up and nervously paced around. He didn’t know how to say the things he wanted to say. There was a lot he wanted to say.

“I’m sorry for the way we’ve met. I’m sorry for trying to manipulate you. I’m sorry that I’ve had an agreement with Alex.” Michael couldn’t do more “I regret how things turned out but I’m also glad about it. We wouldn’t have met if I haven’t behaved like the last asshole on earth…” He realized what damage he had done. The way he had hurt Maria and also himself led both through an emotional turmoil.

And he realized something in that moment.

“I’m sorry that I’m breaking your rules…but you’re worth it.”

With that said, Michael walked back to Maria, grabbed her and kissed her.

Maria didn’t know what was happening. In one moment Michael and she were trying to solve their problems. The next moment, he kissed her.

She knew that she needed to stop them but it felt right.

She relaxed in his arms.

His grip tightened around her, pressing their bodies closer.

He didn’t want to let go of her…not again.

Michael felt Maria’s hands crawling under his shirt. He should slow them down. He really should. They were going faster than he intended.

Feeling her hands on his skin and having her in his arms, made him forget everything.

Maria knew she should stop them. They were going too fast.

But she didn’t want to stop them.

She pushed her hands under his shirt; her need to touch him and being as close as possible to him overwhelmed her. They couldn’t go back. They pushed each other towards the sofa. Not having the patience to wait any longer, they undressed each other fast.

“Maria…I…I…” Michael was lost for words. He loved having her in his arms. He loved touching her. He loved looking at her. Michael didn’t want to end this. He wanted this moment forever.

For the first time in his life, he felt happy.

Maria didn’t say anything, she knew how he felt. It all felt right. The moment, the time and they were together. They could have something new. Right now, it was so pure what was happening to them.

The feelings, the emotions and the uncertainty.

She wanted all that came with him.

~TBC ~