Unplanned Mistakes (UC,Mi/L,TEEN) Ch12 - 8/4 [WIP]

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Re: Unplanned Mistakes (Mi/L TEEN) Ch11 6/9

Post by juliecollard87 » Wed Jun 09, 2010 10:55 pm

Cjsl8ne: Thank you so much for reading and reviewing. I have to say Sunshine is based loosely on my own step mother; I always call her the born again stripper. I’m glad you like her. But Liz and Michael have months of conflict ahead of them believe me your remote thing might show up then.

Chapter 11


Feeling like a guest in your own home has got to be the worst feeling in the world. I know I got myself into this situation but I never thought Liz would be curled up in my comfortable bed while I am laying on my old couch with a spring in my back. Turning over for the millionth time I decide it’s worthless and sit up on the couch.

My Dad and Sunshine went to bed hours ago and Liz has not left my bedroom since I brought her here. So here I sit all alone in the living room while everyone is sleeping peacefully. Looking over at the clock I realize it is only just after eleven and pull myself off the couch. Heading towards my room if I can call it that anymore to see if Liz is up; I knocked quietly on the old beat up door.

“Come in,” I open the door slowly what I see makes me wish I had never left my couch no matter how uncomfortable it may be because the site in front of me makes me uncomfortable in a whole different way.

Yes ladies and gentlemen I think I may have died and gone to heaven. Liz Parker is laying on my bed on her stomach, legs up in the air wearing my Metallica t-shirt. I may not sound like a big deal to many of you out there but to me I have never seen her more perfect.

“Is everything okay Michael?” She asks me with questioning eyes.

“Uh that’s my favorite shirt,” when I say that she jumps up causing her breast to bounce up and down causing me to groan on the inside.

“Sorry, I just don’t have any clothes here.”

“UH no it’s fine,” I pull my eyes away from her exposed thighs to close the door behind me. “I actually was going to ask you if you wouldn’t mind sharing the bed.”

Although looking at her in that shirt I don’t believe I’m going to be getting any sleep anyways.

“Yeah, I umm I mean this is your bed Michael. You shouldn’t have to give it up for me.” She looks at me before pulling her bottom lip between her teeth.

“Let’s just try to get some sleep Liz we have only one more day to catch up before school on Monday.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right.” She leans back on the bed trying to get as close to the edge of the bed as possible.

I walk the short distance from the door to the bed but it felt like miles till my body comes in contact with hers as we lay down next to each other.

Her arm jerks away from mine before she rolls on her side facing away from me, “God Liz it’s not like I have cooties or some crap like that.” I bit out at her angrily.

She turns around at my comment giving me what I assume is the evil eye, “I’m sorry that it’s awkward for me to be in bed with a guy I barely know.”

I laugh out loud at that one, “Correct me if I’m wrong Liz but I barely knew you when you let me stick my dick inside of you. You didn’t find that too awkward if I remember correctly.”

“You know Michael maybe this isn’t going to work.”

Okay I’m getting tired of this bullshit, “So every time I say something you don’t agree with or something that is true you’re going to threaten to leave.”

She sits up running her hands through her hair in obviously annoyed by my comment, “Well this isn’t working.”

“It been like 5 hours since we came home and already it’s not working? You just don’t want to give this a chance because you think you’re some kind of perfect princess. I’m not Max Evans Liz you can’t jerk me around by my dick; it just doesn’t work that way with me.”

“Oh, I’m sorry if I like things clean and comfortable. I know you’re not Max your nothing like him”

“Like I said you think your some kind of Princess but let me break it to you Liz you are far from perfect. So what your plans are ruined so are mine but I’m not crying over it.”

“Your plans like what sleeping with every girl in Roswell. I had real goals Michael that I may never get to see come true.”

“Well I guess your goals are just going to have to change.” I blow off her comment about my sex life because funny enough that was one of my goals. “We cannot keep fighting like this Liz in like 7 months were going to bring home a baby and I refuse to bring a child into a environment like this one.”

“Things are only going to get worse Michael once people find out.” She says finally laying back down next to me.

“It’s just something else we are going to have to get through together.” I tell her before rolling declaring with that simple movement that our fight was over. It wasn’t long before sleep claimed us both.
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Re: Unplanned Mistakes (Mi/L TEEN) Ch12 8/4

Post by juliecollard87 » Wed Aug 04, 2010 11:41 pm

Wow it has been a while I am hoping ya’ll are still with me.

I want to thank everyone that read and to those who reviewed.

Whimscality- Yes nothing is going to be rainbows for these two for a while.

Cjsl8ne- Not knowing where they stand with each other is a big problem for Michael and Liz.

Ashita- Liz isn’t at a point where she can see Michael’s pain. She’s in that whole I’m a teenager everything is about me but things are going to change with the help of Michael.

Chapter 12


“Are you sure you really what to go to your house?” Michael asked me from the bed while I tried to make the clothes that I have been wearing for a week look presentable.

“I don’t want to Michael that’s for sure but we have school tomorrow and I can’t wear this same outfit every day.” Deciding it’s unless anyways I turn from the mirror to look at him.

“I know; we’ll just buy you new clothes than we won’t have to go see your mother.”

“Sure with what money Michael?” I ask him with a raised eyebrow.

“Fine but I can’t promise I’ll hold my tongue if your mother is a complete bitch.” He just walks out of the room with a sigh.

Truth be told I am terrified to see my mother considering the last time I saw her she disowned me. A huge part of me is hoping that she has calmed down enough to let me come back home. No matter how messed up everything is I’m still her daughter.

“Son, Sunshine and I are about to head back. I left my truck for you and Liz. We’ll try to come back in a couple of weeks but if you need anything just call.” I hear Hank say from outside of Michael’s room filling me with dread. What does he mean their leaving I can’t be alone with Michael. I move closer to the door so I can hear the conversation between them better.

“Are you going to get her things today?” I hear him ask Michael.

“Yeah, I’m hoping this all just works out Dad. I can tell she hates it here.” I hear him sigh.

“Everything will be fine. Just take it one day at a time.”

Taking a deep breath I walked into the hallway with tall men. They stop talking and both look at me. “Liz, how are you feeling this morning?” Hank asks me.

“I feel fine thank you Mr. Guerin.” I answer him with a smile.

“Oh how many times do I have to ask you to call me Hank?” He says with a laugh. “We are heading out now. Liz, Sunshine wanted to tell you goodbye.”

We turn making our way into the living room/kitchen where Sunshine is making breakfast. “Oh there ya’ll are I thought I was going to kill myself making breakfast for no one.” Looking over at the table I see loads of burnt food sitting on paper plates.

“Well, too bad we don’t have time to stop and eat Sun.” Hank tells her but I can hear the relief in his voice at not being able to have time to sit down and eat the charcoal breakfast.

“Oh, I know I just wanted to make sure Liz was talking care of my grandbaby.” She says smiling at me making me feel at home in this strange place. “Now boys go pack up my car while I say goodbye to Liz.”

Michael and Hank walk out of the trailer without a word when the door closes Sunshine takes off her apron and walks over to me.

“So just because we’re leaving for a few weeks does not mean you can’t call if you need something even if it’s just to talk. Are you worried about anything before I go?”

“Being alone with Michael; I feel like he is a stranger.” I tell her almost letting my tears fall.

“I know just give it some time and it will get better. You just have to grow up a little bit and realize no matter how you feel you are tied to Michael for life. Remember to eat a balanced diet and drink lots of water. I’ll call in a few days.” She pulls me into a tight hug. “Come on walk me out.” She turns and walks to the door I follow behind her until were outside.

We both walk over to the car where Michael and Hank are standing. “Ready to go babe.”

“Yes.” She pulls Michael into an awkward hug. “I’ll see you both in a few weeks.”

“Bye kids.” Sunshine and Hank get into Sunshine’s car waving bye as they drive away. Michael and I stand in the front lawn for a minute just watching after them long after they are gone.

“So are you ready to go because I really want to get this whole thing over with?”

“Yeah, I’m ready.”


Pulling up in front of the crashdown and killing the engine. I glance over at Liz who doesn’t look like she wants to get out any time soon.

Sighing, “Are you ready to go in?”

“Yeah, it’s just my mom has never been this mad at me before.” She says looking over at me for what I feel like is answers.

“Let’s just go in and get it over with so we can go home and just watch TV.”

I guess that worked because she’s opening the truck door and stepping out. I step out with her and start walking towards the crashdown. Opening the door we step into the small diner; heads turn to look at us.

“We have to go through the back to get to our apartment.” She tells me as we start walking to the back door.

“What is little Lizzie doing with bad boy Guerin?” I hear as we past a table full of girls we go to school with finally we make it into the back of the crashdown to my relief; knowing that Liz and I are going to be the talk of Roswell High before lunch tomorrow.

“Maybe its best if you stay out here while I go talk to my father.” Liz tells me as she walks over to a small room off from the break room.

After a couple of minutes they come out of the room together, “Just go upstairs and get some stuff together before you mother gets home.” Jeff tells Liz and from the look on her face I can tell that’s not what she wanted to hear.

“Yeah Dad we’ll be down in a little bit.” She just heads for the stairs without a word to me but not wanting to be in the same room with her father I follow after her into her apartment.

“Are you okay?” I ask her knowing the answer already anyways.

“No but like you said let’s just get this over with.” We both walk into her room. She walks over to the closet throwing it open before throwing clothes into a suitcase.

Looking around I notice a picture of her and Evans sitting on her bedside table causing a surge of unexplained jealousy through my body. “So do you want to take any of these pictures?” Trying to sound like I don’t have a care in the world.

“Yeah I have one of my grandmother on my desk.” She answers from inside the closet.

Walking over to her desk I pulled the picture of Liz and her grandmother off of it. “So are you going to tell your grandmother about our gem?”

Liz walks out of the closet giving me a weird look, “Our Gem?”

“Yeah like precious Gem; I don’t know what to call it.”

“Ok well my grandmother pasted away last year so I can’t tell her about um Gem.” She walks past me to her dresser.

“Do you need any help here?” I’m really starting to feel out of place in her childhood home.

“Yeah my Dad said there are some boxes out in the living room can you go grab them.”

An hour later I am loading the last of Liz’s things into the truck. Walking back into the backroom of the crashdown to grad the last of Liz’s boxes, “Michael can I talk to you for a second?”

“Yeah Mr. Parker.” He looks at me awkwardly.

“I know things are weird right now but I think things will work out in the end. I just want to make sure she’s taken care of so here.” He pushes his hand out to mine slipping money into it. I wish I could just hand it back to him and tell him I have everything taken care of but the sad thing is. I need this money, Liz needs this money, but most of my precious Gem needs this. So I just suck it up and take the money even though the last thing I want to do.
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