New Years Revelations (CC, I, ADULT) [WIP]

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Re: New Years Revelation (CC, I, ADULT) Ch 10, pg 5, 1-25-12

Post by Mt Gazer » Wed Jan 25, 2012 4:59 am

keepsmiling/Carolyn- I’m not really sure if Max is ready to drop the A- Bomb or not. Yes it is past time, I totally agree. Way back at the fire, in the episode Toy House he had perfect opportunity, and didn’t… Isabel has been broken ever since then in this area. She has always wanted to tell her parents after the “humans” started to learn. But yep as a mother Isabel has a new focus and perspective and she NEEDS to KNOW that her daughter will be safe. Muse hasn’t answered the Jesse issue yet.

Tharos- Hopefully Isabel did get through, but we all know how Max can get, and how he was in this period so? What do you think? An impromptu visit from an Evans parent would be a wonderful idea.. Too bad my muse had other plans… If that were a possibility, I’ll bet that Isabel would have called her mom when she couldn’t find anyone else or any other help… Damn the secrets… she was about ready to go to the Emergency Room and just face whatever the consequences might be if you recall? Here is why that is not an option… in this part…

sarammlover- I agree that the parents should be told, and that things would be much easier if they were in the know… Isabel had to stand up to Max, her daughter is her ONLY priority right now… her brother and his need to hide, she doesn’t care a thing about that anymore. Jesse… Hmmm… Haven’t heard much on that front… still waiting for the answers…

Disclaimer: I in no way own the rights to Roswell or anything related to it. All rights belong to Jason Katims, 20th Century Fox, Regency Entertainment, Melinda Metz, WB and UPN. No infringement is intended. I am borrowing their awesome characters.

Perhaps in this part and in parts to come I am or will be borrowing some scenes, and I will borrow direct dialog and use altered dialog at times. This is how my stories play.

Title: New Years Revelation
Author: Mt Gazer/Velvet Skye
Category: CC/ AU
Coupling/ Character: Isabel. I/A and I/J
Rating: ADULT (right at the start)
Spoilers: Heart of Mine/ Tale of Two Parties

My muse took a dramatic detour and it gave me this. A NEW STORY.

This will be short, I don’t know how many parts but its short. It is not, nor will it become, the behemoth that is my other story.

As usual I tell Isabel’s story. This is another one entirely.

Summary: Isabel finds herself in pain one day. This is the story that unfolds from that day, and the things she learns along the way.

New Years Revelation

Chapter Ten


Maui Hawaii:

Diane Evans sat in the shade of twisted and towering palm trees in the most serene of locales; a beach in Hawaii. The morning was bright with God's brilliant artistry. The sky was painted an azure blue dotted with perfect cumulus clouds racing across the canvas. The sparkling sapphire water stretched out to the horizon meeting with that glorious sky. It was framed with lines of cirrus completing the scene with a backdrop fit for Heaven.

And she needed a little bit of Heaven right now. This was the most lavish vacation that she and Philip had ever taken, and it included all the amenities and luxuries one could wish for. No hassles, no troubles, no heartaches, nothing but the two of them, like in the days before the children. If only it were so simple.

Philip had known how heavily all the problems the kids were having had been wearing on her; their little family was fracturing at the seams. And so he had taken her on a vacation for the holidays, to steal her away from all her troubles and to ease her tears. His reasoning, their kids and their endless secrets could be ignored for a short while; there would be time enough to search them out again when they returned.

What he didn’t understand is that a mother can’t let go, and when she feels something is wrong with her family it consumes her thoughts and can’t be waylaid... And so while she was alone she worried over the kids and when she was with her husband she compartmentalized the pain, confusion, or fears and enjoyed his company as fully as she was able.

She was watching Philip trying to recapture his youth as he wobbled out on a surfboard. This was the last day of their vacation and Philip was out in the water attempting to surf. He used to be decent, but the years have marched on…. He’d been practicing all week. This was one of these times that she was alone, watching him. She shook her head as she watched him teeter, again.

Diane understood that she would enjoy herself better if she could just know that her kids were doing ok. But she was unable to shake the feeling that they weren’t. It was nothing new, their need to be secretive. They would just abandon parts of the past that they did not wish to deal with. When presented with questions about it... they claimed to know nothing of their life before them. But she had the feeling that now they had learned something, or done something, possibly even illegal. Something was acting as a catalyst to all this crazy... Something they wanted to forget, to hide, and to possibly even bury. Some dark secret... Something that was consuming them.

Speaking of secrets, she had swiped Phil’s notepad where he had started an investigation of Max. He hadn’t wanted to share it with her, but when you had a relationship like theirs, there really was no way of hiding information. She set to looking it over, every once in awhile waving to her husband. She flipped open the pages until she found her son’s name and set to reading. Letting her mind wander and recall all the events in question from her perspective.

Max: something was driving him. Where he was normally the cautious and controlled now he was the reckless and driven. And where was Tess? That was a glaring question; she had just disappeared around the same time as the Jeep. He and Liz had rekindled their relationship but now it was much more Bonnie and Clyde and fraught with danger. Never before would these two honor kids have dreamed of doing anything against the law, and yet a few months ago they’d held someone at gunpoint, and “robbed” a convenience store. Except there had been no robbery and they left over $200 in the register, there had been some other reason they went there. So Liz knew and was involved in whatever the deep dark secret was. When confronted, Max had moved out to avoid surveillance and being questioned. Crashing at Michael’s, Isabel had said. Max was gone and didn’t appear likely to return anytime soon.

So many secrets... She sighed.

Diane ran her hands through her hair and started to process, reaching into her tote bag she pulled out a marker and pens, opening to a fresh page she headed it Isabel: She wasn’t on Phil’s list of suspects, yet, to her knowledge. But Diane had a feeling that she factored in somewhere too. She had been acting weird for the last few months... everything about her seemed to have changed. And that thought made Diane feel thoroughly uneasy.

When did the changes start? She lay back on the chaise and let her thoughts wander for a few. Then she pulled up her knees, with the notes on them and resumed the list.

Avoidance: she wrote. The thing Max is part of?

She next added an event that Philip hadn’t even written in, but one that had definitely upset Isabel, had brought her more to the front and surface than Diane had ever seen before…

Alex’s Death

How does this factor?

Diane thought on this for a couple of minutes, thinking back to how Isabel had reacted. How they all had actually. She wrote behind it…

They came face to face with mortality and it shook them up!!!

She continued on that track, only taking note of Isabel post Alex’s demise…

She mourned. (Not long enough.)

Escape Plans. Isabel wants out! – San Francisco by June.

Abandoned that desire/ need to escape for some unknown reason.

She started thinking about the two of her kids during this very trying period… A chasm was forming. She continued to dwell only on Isabel; Philip already had plenty of notes on Max… Raking her hands through her hair again she sighed, reached over and took a sip of her Daiquiri and continued.

Borderline suicidal/ Extreme depression: Anhedonia, no pleasure in pleasurable things. (All during this shaky period; so it might not be relative.)


Split/Altered personality.
Openly Defiant.

Diane then began to think on the new school year… Isabel had started at the community college… First of all, that was the last type of school that she had wanted to attend, but something had happened to change her mind.

New rift in the kids.…

She continued, this was somewhat how Phil’s paper looked but his was sprinkled with anecdotes and dates, things she didn’t have, off hand… Here was the perfect example of the male and female minds at work… Phil was looking at everything logically and analytically. She had no dates, no exact timings, all she had was her gut feelings, and emotions… and she used them to compile her list… And the more she read, the more she remembered, the more she flipped between the kids research, the more she opened her eyes to the fact that she had been missing something…

Isabel was not even herself anymore. Something major was bothering her. Something was very wrong… How could she have missed it? More to the point what was it? A question that she still did not know.

Needing permanence in relationship. Jesse/Rebound. (Not my daughter before Alex’ death. Lived for the moment. Now demands long term.)

Complete change of being… her dress, hair, attitude, and lost weight. Moody. Abrasive. Sensitive. And sometimes downright emotional.

She stopped jotting and started thinking about how Isabel had been acting lately. She had thrown herself at Philip’s newest member of the law team, Jesse Ramirez. He was the most promising stability that had entered her life since Alex had died and she and Max had gone to war. She remembered how nervous and or fearful Isabel had been when trying to tell her and Philip that she was engaged. Not the best way to break “really good news” as she had called it at that time. And in truly defiant fashion Isabel had married him against anyone’s better judgment a little over a month ago, after having known him four months in total. They’d had no time to get to know each other. It was a total rebound from Alex. Isabel was deluding herself, trying to make herself happy again. Trying to find pleasure in anything.

Diane was starting to wonder if Alex’s death was the trigger for Isabel’s descent into madness. Phil was working on the Max/Tess angle… but no one was looking at this broken girl. Until now.

She took a longer draught of the drink… she was going to need something more soon… this was not a pleasant trip down memory lane. Diane couldn’t help but think that both her kids had raced to get out of the house for different reasons, but reasons of escape nonetheless. Was Alex’s death the singular event that had fractured their little family? Was it even a factor? No amount of copious notes, or even Philip’s board of suspicion was making sense of all the crazy that they had all been thrown into lately.

And so here she was soaking in the sun on the PERFECT Hawaiian getaway and not able to enjoy it. Not until she KNEW that the kids were ok. She jotted one more note, sitting up fully and laying the pad on her chair… “What is Isabel hiding?!?!” Angrily punctuating the question marks and exclamation points.

The thing about secrets is that they have ways of coming out... of revealing themselves, no matter how deeply buried or concealed that they seem.

Diane’s phone rang...

"An angel in the book of life wrote down my baby's birth. Then whispered as she closed the book "too beautiful for earth". ~author unknown

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Re: New Years Revelation (CC, I, ADULT) Ch 11, pg 5, 1-29-12

Post by Mt Gazer » Sun Jan 29, 2012 7:33 pm

Tharos: Nope they’ll never guess it. A granddaughter out of the blue is definitely a cause for more questions at least…

keepsmiling/Carolyn: That vacation will no longer be enjoyed. You honestly think Max can let loose all his control in one phone call?

sarammlover: Something is about to happen. Max and his mom are about to have a discussion.. Will it be as good as you hope for? Me. Never been to Hawaii, or much of anywhere for that matter. Just a poor person, writing. The cheapest entertainment I can think of. LOL

PML/Peter: Stuck in Rowell while they are in Hawaii, now you’ve got it. And its about to get more severe.. Yeah, again. You’ve got it.

mary-mary/Ginger: It will be hard to hide a baby, hence the fact that Max even made the call. That and Isabel essentially forced him to. I mean they could have come home the next day as planned, blissfully unaware, and walk into Surprise! And I think that’s where I initially was playing until Isabel opened her mouth. She wants to get these secrets over with. Can she trust Max?

Disclaimer: I in no way own the rights to Roswell or anything related to it. All rights belong to Jason Katims, 20th Century Fox, Regency Entertainment, Melinda Metz, WB and UPN. No infringement is intended. I am borrowing their awesome characters.

Perhaps in this part and in parts to come I am or will be borrowing some scenes, and I will borrow direct dialog and use altered dialog at times. This is how my stories play.

Title: New Years Revelation
Author: Mt Gazer/Velvet Skye
Category: CC/ AU
Coupling/ Character: Isabel. I/A and I/J
Rating: ADULT (right at the start)
Spoilers: Heart of Mine/ Tale of Two Parties

My muse took a dramatic detour and it gave me this. A NEW STORY.

This will be short, I don’t know how many parts but its short. It is not, nor will it become, the behemoth that is my other story.

As usual I tell Isabel’s story. This is another one entirely.

Summary: Isabel finds herself in pain one day. This is the story that unfolds from that day, and the things she learns along the way.

New Years Revelation

Chapter Eleven


Diane’s phone rang... Why she even brought it down to the beach was beyond her, but it was New Years and they hadn’t heard from the kids yet, so maybe one of them would remember to wish their old parents a Happy New Year or something. She could only hope. It was so lonely without them.

She was about to send the call to voice but she chanced a glance at the caller ID. The Ramirez household. Isabel? She dove for it before it could switch off.

“Hey sweetheart? You call to wish your mom a Happy New Year? I really miss you.” The voice on the other end was not the one she expected…

“Hi Mom...” he halted… “I called to...” Max swallowed, ‘God this was so hard…’ Shaking his head he began again. “Um yeah sure. Happy New Year Mom,” said Max in his controlled monotone

Diane’s radar went off. Max was using his clipped tone. Something was going on. Again! “So I see you’re at your sister’s? Isabel loves a good celebration. You guys do anything special last night, go to any gatherings?” She was easing him into a superficial conversation hoping she could make him comfortable enough to spill his news.

“Maria and I found Enigma... we just got back a couple hours ago, we’ve been kind of busy and I’m pretty tired…”

“Oh Enigma huh? That would definitely make for a long night. And did you have fun Max? It’s been awhile since you hung out with Maria.”

“Yes Mom we did. I didn’t call to talk about Enigma.” He spoke with control… “I... Um...” Max let out a very heavy sigh as he rubbed his hand wearily on his face.

He was having so much trouble pulling out his words that she kept on with her superficiality; whenever he finally spilled it wasn’t going to be pleasant she feared.

“How’s the weather there? We’ve got the most gorgeous blue skies and sunny sand, and you should see your dad. He’s been trying to surf...” she chuckled.
Shielding her eyes and watching Philip catch a wave. Wobbling and waving to her… He took a dip into the ocean headfirst. She chuckled again.

“Roswell had snow... Windy, icy, snow. The skies are clearing now. But enough about the weather Mom… I called because…” He sighed again, and felt Liz holding him from behind...

She hated that clipped tone, that new inflection to her son’s speech and she had heard far too much of it lately.

He could hear his mom pressing him on the other end... “Max? Are you alright?”

Diane was sitting upright, still watching Philip swim and enjoy himself in ways she hadn’t seen in years… wondering if she should flag him in... “What is going on Max? What aren’t you telling me?”

“Are you sitting down? Do you have a drink? And is Dad there?”

“Yes, yes, and no... Spill it Max. I’m getting too old for these guessing games, and with your recent track record I don’t want to play them.”

She looked at her Daiquiri, it wasn’t going to be strong enough. She put him on hold and flagged the attendant and ordered two strong drinks, one for her and one for Philip. Then she bade him continue.

“Ok,” she heard a deep sigh, the kind that is steeling itself for news... Mom?”

“Max please? What is wrong?”

He blew out another deep sigh, running his hand across his face again and he looked up to find Michael watching intently. If he didn’t spit this out, Michael would. And then it wouldn’t go right at all… he had to do this.

After what Diane had just been reading, she wasn’t even sure she wanted him to continue. Her heart started to palpitate… Answers or more questions, were about to get uttered, and she was ready for neither. “Spare me the dramatics Max. Please. You are about to give your old mother a heart attack.”

“It’s nothing bad... it’s just…” He looked at Liz, drawing his strength from her as he laced his fingers into hers.

“Well Mom, the short of it is that you are a grandmother. The long of it…” he let many thoughts race through, and in the end decided to give voice to none of them. “I am too exhausted.”

“A grand-mother?” Diane answered in bewilderment. “Max? Has Tess come back?”

“Tess?” And at the mention of her name he felt a shock go through his system from none other than Liz… “No!… There is no Tess!” he answered in a very sharp manner.

That fueled her suspicions and she kept pressing. “Well Isabel mentioned something abut you and Tess lately and that…”

“MOM! I wasn’t talking about Tess!” He was getting agitated, how dare his mother keep bringing up the enemy.

“And you two were getting rather close. That worried me Max. And then she just left…”

“I haven’t seen...” He clenched his jaw, keeping his voice steady but laced with anger.

“Whatever happened to Tess anyway?”

“Stop asking about Tess alright?!” Max exploded. “Tess is gone! ... Gone and done with…” The lights flared in the apartment. Suddenly brightening and then bursting. Everyone jumped in surprise.

Michael came to stand guard on Max’s right, placing a supportive hand on his shoulder. “Tell her Max and get it over with.”

Liz held him tightly while he tried to pull himself back together.

She had raised his ire, it would not easily die down, he demanded, “That part of my life is over! Mom! And I’d appreciate you never to bring it back up!” Spoken through his gritted teeth.

Diane was thoroughly worried now. Max sounded vicious, ferocious. Diane reached behind her to the notepad, “Sorry Max, I just needed to ask, because you’re telling me I’m a grandmother well it’s just, is it Liz?”

“No!” He breathed out a deep sigh. “It’s Isabel.”

“Isabel?” She gasped for breath as it felt the wind had just been knocked out of her. She sank further into her chaise, her body feeling heavy. “No.” How had she missed this?

“About two hours ago Isabel had a baby.” Liz’s hand gave his a squeeze.

“That is impossible. She wasn’t pregnant Max. I saw her before we left. That’s not something you can hide. I’m all for a good prank usually. But lately they aren’t pranks and they aren’t funny. I want to know what is going on and I want to know immediately! You aren’t trying to break them up are you? Your sister is married Max. Why would you even come up with such an outlandish tale? Put your sister or Jesse on the line right now! I want to speak with them.” She didn’t quite know what she was saying.

“I can’t. Jesse's not here... I think he got word of this somehow and is staying away and Isabel and the baby are asleep.”

Diane sighed heavily. “Fine. Let’s say I believe you, let’s say this is not another of your blatant lies Max. Why are you not calling from the hospital?” She ran her hands across her face.

He sucked in his breath and told his mother yet another lie… “Her labor was too fast.”

“So did she have anyone help with delivery?”

“Yes. Amy DeLuca.”

“Amy... okay. And just how did Amy come to be there if the labor was so fast?” She caught him in his lie.

He ground out. “Mom it really happened. It happened here and Amy assisted… You are just going to have to believe me. I am sorry that you don’t.” More lights in the Ramirez apartment burst as they flared…

She opened the legal pad… time for more notes. These kids... How she loved them but they were driving her INSANE

She pulled out a pen and added to her previous thoughts, on Max’s page she added, “Tess is Gone!” “There is no Tess!” And on Isabel’s page where her last entry was:

What is Isabel hiding?! With the angry question marks.

Under that heading she now added:

A Pregnancy!

Possible reason for her sudden changes?

She nodded. In retrospect it wasn’t completely impossible. But how had she missed the signs?

Max’s voice broke into her inquiry. “Mom you're quiet.”

Her voice was distant, contemplative… “So who is the father do you think? It can’t have been Jesse, not enough time.”

“Hmm,” Diane wrote down a couple possible names in a column: and put question marks beside both.


Max’s hand clenched in Liz’s. They were getting too close. How to keep up with everything they [his parents] had been told. Every lie that they [the kids] had ever uttered. The fact that alien pregnancies were supposed to run short, very short. It could be Jesse’s baby. If there was any validity to the one month gestation. But even then Tess had appeared to run about 4 months. No matter what the timing, it was off for human development. Max started to panic. And he blurted out… “Alex. I think.” He’d flashed on Alex and Isabel’s lovemaking in her mind, flashes of different encounters no less. They’d had some fun in those last days. He knew she was Alex’s daughter but he had to play dumb.

“Alex? Hmmm. It’s hard to picture that Max. Sweet Alex, he was rather the gentleman.”

‘I can’t do this…’ “Mom. I’m not really privy to Isabel’s love life, and I never in a million years thought I’d have to be discussing it in detail with my mother. I do know she didn’t sleep with Jesse before they got married.”

“I know that too. Before today, I had thought Isabel was a virgin at her wedding. I mean I know the times, but she is so private. I just thought we’d gotten lucky somehow. Poor Jesse. I’m sure she led him to believe she was. This marriage is getting more complicated by the day and they barely have started. I did warn him, I did. But this? I never saw this coming.” She was rambling now, words just exiting that had minimal thought guiding them. “Oh my god! My poor baby...Alex? Really?” Diane felt like she was about to spiral. She had to keep him talking… she had to sort out as much as she could.

She jotted another note…

Isabel pregnant! Alex the father?

She looked up and waved to Philip… shaking her head as she watched him try to recapture his youth. She smiled halfheartedly. He was doing well, and having so much fun. She wasn’t ready to ruin it quite yet.

“How’s Isabel doing Max? Truthfully? Don’t tell me what you think I want to hear. I need to know how she’s taking this? Your sister has been breaking apart for awhile now I have come to realize and something like this could really send her over the edge.”

Isabel breaking apart, Alex, Tess… was Mom going to bring up every one of his failures of the past year? “Do you remember how she wanted to go to San Francisco last year? How eager she was to go?”

“Of course.”

“That was all to escape Alex.”

Diane sighed as a tear slipped, “I assumed that was part of it...”

“To leave him and all of this in the past. That was her goal. But to have his kid, to have that part of him lingering inside while she ignored it? I don’t know ... After his death, I just don’t think she could handle it Mom. ... I really think its Alex's baby. She swears she didn’t know she was pregnant. Something in Isabel broke back then ... but the cracks... they were too fine to see...” Max was holding his tears in check. “We … I …” trying to stifle the sobs.

Diane started writing down more notes:

Why is Max so affected by this? And to that she added, More proof of my thesis about Alex. It isn’t Tess that is central to this whole mess. It is Alex she underscored his name.

“You want to know how she’s doing. Not good. She was grieving his loss today.” Max gulped a sob. “I’ve never seen her like that.”

“Yes you have, Max. You just didn’t pay attention. Too wrapped up in your own life.”

“Mom. Don't!”

“Isabel did break. It was right after Alex died. And then she tried to escape it.”

“Mom. No!”

“You simply didn’t pay attention when she needed you most. We don’t have that luxury now.”

About to crack himself, he sobbed out, “She – shattered- today. All the fine cracks just… shattered.” As he felt himself began to fracture…

“Then we need to pick up the pieces fast. That little one needs love and support. And your sister…” Diane choked back her own sob. “She just plain needs help. I might even set her up an appointment with a counselor. She’s at the end Max. I can only hope she’s stable enough to handle this, I’m very worried what it will do to her. She’s been on a slow descent to crazy since he died. She hasn’t been herself in months.”

He was trying to choke back the falling tears, but they would not relent. He wanted to reassure his mother that Isabel would be alright, but he wasn’t. He was on the verge of breakdown himself. “I think... I’m not sure Jesse’s going to stay... God Mom I … It’s my fault... Alex was so ...” It was the closest he came to stating what Isabel wanted from him and he couldn’t do it, he had skirted it a few times in the conversation, hoping Diane could read between the lines to his own anguish, but he used the situation at hand to cover his own pain and fears… “Isabel’s so scared...” His weary sigh followed with another sob... “Mom. I. We. We need you....” And he raced toward the back door throwing the phone receiver into Amy’s unsuspecting hands.

*** ***

“I’m on my way Max. As soon as we can get out of here, we’ll be home; you can tell me everything then. I am so sorry Max.”

“Mrs. Evans?”

“Excuse me? Where is my son?”

“He couldn’t talk anymore. He’s out back with Liz.”

“Amy?” She questioned in skepticism.

“Yes… It is true Diane. I helped deliver Isabel’s baby a couple of hours ago. She was born at 8:57 am. 22 inches long. Weighing in at 4 pounds 14 oz. And she is just absolutely beautiful.”

“Does she have a name?”

“Not yet. Right now she’s just ‘the baby’. Isabel is exhausted. One thing at a time.”

Diane closed her eyes as the tears started to rain. Somehow she had missed the signs. She could have guided Isabel, could have helped her. She must have felt so alone. No one to share her news, no one to accept her, and so she had hidden her pregnancy, until the baby was born. “She didn’t know Amy?”

“No Diane. When I got here she had no idea she was pregnant or in labor, it took some convincing and her water breaking before she actually accepted it herself.”

“Why aren’t you at the hospital? That baby is premature, she is too small.”

“The baby is fine. Her apgar scores are perfect, and she is perfect. I was told that Isabel had a horrifying experience at the hospital when they were younger.”

“Not to my knowledge. Not in our care anyways. They’ve never needed to go. But I’m not against taking them if there is an emergency. Max walked out with a concussion once, he just wouldn’t stay. But this is one of those times that I would have used a hospital. Isabel is 19 years old. She had no prenatal care, she wasn’t even taking care of herself… and, and the baby is so small…” Diane broke into sobs.

“If it had been my Maria, Mrs. Evans, I most certainly would have taken her. But extenuating circumstances did not allow us that choice.” And as Amy uttered those words she realized to her own chagrin that Diane was unaware of the uniqueness of the kids that she had now witnessed first hand, or the thought of a hospital would be the furthest thing from her mind. There were questions Amy wanted answered but all in good time…

Diane wrote more notes, NO HOSPITAL?

“I feel so helpless. I need to get back… I need to ask you something in confidence?”

Amy walked into the kitchen, out of earshot. “Go.”

“It’s about secrets. Not just normal teenage ones, but lets just say that major secrecy is their way of life. Is it just my two or is everyone involved?”

“I’ve noticed that Maria skulks around quite a bit. Jeff only released Liz from the Max moratorium last night. But they are on a very tight leash after that little stint in Utah. I’d agree. There are some major secrets these kids are holding.”

“OK. I thought so…”

“Diane? I also don’t recommend mixing grief and labor together, way too much for the body and mind to process at once, but I have to ask… Did Isabel ever deal with Alex? I know it took Liz a few days before it hit; she was in denial and on some quest… but Isabel shattered in my arms today. She was in shock when her daughter was born, and right now, I’m doing everything I can to give them a very serene environment to rest in. As far as I can gather, she’s still processing. I think Alex meant a whole hell of a lot more to her than anyone knew.”

“She started to. She was even starting to trust me and letting me close. But then she wanted to run, and was making plans to get out. I don’t know; there was some odd sense of closure, not so much to Alex but to something, and she changed, pretty much overnight.”

“I see. Maria seems to be working double duty to keep Liz from losing herself lately too.”

“They’re all keeping these damn secrets, and I would do anything for them if only they would let me in.... if only they could trust me. You have no idea at all how much that HURTS. She needed me, and … I need to go. I have to share this with Philip.” Diane was sobbing, the pain of not being trusted, the weight of the secrets, it all added to her sorrow. “I’ll let you know our itinerary if we can get an early flight out, otherwise we’ll be back tomorrow. Can you stay with them? I’m not sure where her husband is, but…”

“Diane. Don’t worry about anything. I’m not going to leave her alone. Just know that you have a beautiful granddaughter to return to and Isabel is so in love with her. They’re in good hands. You just have a safe trip.”

And with that they ended the conversation and Diane allowed herself the luxury of shed tears. As if bad news couldn’t get worse. Lately that’s all it seemed to be doing.

"An angel in the book of life wrote down my baby's birth. Then whispered as she closed the book "too beautiful for earth". ~author unknown

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Re: New Years Revelation (CC, I, ADULT) Ch 12, pg 6, 2-4-12

Post by Mt Gazer » Sat Feb 04, 2012 8:58 pm

PML/Peter The poor parents indeed. And its only going to get worse from here?

Tharos Bad Mommy Evans indeed. Wait to see where those thoughts can take her…

mary-mary/Ginger Wait until the kids are ready to share? On what planet will that ever happen. Isabel is ready, Max cannot. Just cannot. But a birth with no detectable signs, that will definitely make them question more things.

sarammlover Nope it wasn’t what you had hoped for, but truly that information cannot be spilled over the phone, dropping the Alien bomb has to be done in person. The secrets have had their time in the shadows, they have to be revealed now, or they will all just be in a bigger mess than they can imagine. I’m thankful for Amy helping Isabel too.

keepsmiling/Carolyn What a phone call indeed. Have to chat about weather, its always a good ice breaker/buffer. Diane knows that there is something about Tess that Max isn’t saying, what does she think it is though? I loved her taking notes too… she would…

Disclaimer: I in no way own the rights to Roswell or anything related to it. All rights belong to Jason Katims, 20th Century Fox, Regency Entertainment, Melinda Metz, WB and UPN. No infringement is intended. I am borrowing their awesome characters.

Perhaps in this part and in parts to come I am or will be borrowing some scenes, and I will borrow direct dialog and use altered dialog at times. This is how my stories play.

Title: New Years Revelation
Author: Mt Gazer/Velvet Skye
Category: CC/ AU
Coupling/ Character: Isabel. I/A and I/J
Rating: ADULT (right at the start)
Spoilers: Heart of Mine/ Tale of Two Parties

My muse took a dramatic detour and it gave me this. A NEW STORY.

This will be short, I don’t know how many parts but its short. It is not, nor will it become, the behemoth that is my other story.

As usual I tell Isabel’s story. This is another one entirely.

Summary: Isabel finds herself in pain one day. This is the story that unfolds from that day, and the things she learns along the way.

New Years Revelation

Chapter Twelve


Nope the secrets couldn’t wait, apparently. Not even for another day. One just chose to reveal itself back in Rowell. A precious, innocent, nearly 5 pound one. A brand new granddaughter who seemingly was a secret to her mother as well. Poor Isabel. Diane sighed.

Diane needed to talk to Philip, needed to share everything that she had just learned. Wiping the tears from her face, she made herself as presentable as she could. Sure he would notice that she’d been crying, but if she could hold her composure it would be for the better. She watched out to the ocean for a few minutes and let him have the last minutes of clowning around before she lowered the boom. She ordered a couple more strong drinks to add to the other two that were waiting.

Diane nodded resolutely to herself and flagged Philip, waving him back to shore.

He came running up the surf, bronzed and wet, board dragging behind him. A beaming smile plastered upon his face that melted the moment he caught the sorrowful look on hers.

He wedged the board into the sand, noticing furtively out of the corner of his eye that she seemed tense and pale. He spent extra time making sure the board would stay put, he just didn’t want to hear whatever his wife had to say, for the look on her face bore more tragedy, and the next words she uttered would likely be more of the recent earth shattering events that pertained to the kids but made absolutely no sense. He scoped up his towel from the sand, shook it off, and proceeded to dry himself.

She sighed and blew out an extended breath as she ran her hand along her hair. “Philip. You need to sit down!” She pulled a glass of scotch from the tray and handed it to him. “You’re going to want this. Trust me.”

He tightly pressed his lips and grabbed the glass, not quite surrendering to urge to sit on the chaise. “So? I see your phone being clutched, did the kids call?”

She reached over and took her own drink and gulped a bit more of it. Diane stared steadily at her husband; she had to do this... she hoped his health could handle it. “Max did,” she nodded, “on behalf of them both. And I’m afraid the news isn’t getting any better.” She swallowed tightly, as she reached behind her to grab the notepad.

He shook his head, so that’s what had her so preoccupied, his book. Chagrined he added, “Caught me huh?” Got any ideas?” He pointed to her array of markers and pens.

“I added to it. Created a page for Isabel while I was at it…”

“Mind if I take a look?” He went to reach for it.

She pulled it away. “I do mind actually. There are some things in here that you will need to hear from me first. Starting with Alex. He is central to everything that is going on.”

“Alex huh? I don’t think so.”

Diane sighed and started, ”Honey there is no easy way to say this but Isabel broke today, grieving Alex’s loss….” She paused for a breath to continue and Phil raced ahead.

His eyebrows raised, “I know that has to have hit Jesse hard, but at least she has someone she can lean on. He won’t hold it against her. We both told him that she was vulnerable and still in a period of heartache. They’ll weather this. It’ll be fine.” He patted her shoulder consolingly.

She loved this man, but sometimes he just didn’t listen. She continued knowing he’d catch up eventually. “The words used to describe her mental state was that she just shattered.”

“It was bound to happen; she didn’t give herself long enough. He was a good friend to all of them; his death really shook them up.”

“Philip. Isabel gave birth to his daughter this morning. Isabel had a baby. We have a granddaughter.”

He staggered backwards into the seat. “That’s impossible. She was flat, totally in shape. Has to be something else, I know they keep secrets, you have read what I have found out so far.”

Diane nodded. “Isabel has some of her own.”

“Yes, I know. They keep lying and covering for each other over something. But my God, a baby? How the hell did she hide a pregnancy? From Jesse even? They are intimate, as a husband and wife should be.”

Diane shook her head. “She didn’t know. The general consensus back home is that Isabel didn’t know she was pregnant and really had no idea what was wrong with her when she went into labor.”

“How? How could our daughter be pregnant and not know it? How do you miss something like that? I hope she was smart enough to go to a hospital this time?” He groaned, “I swear our kids…”

Diane sipped her drink. “No. That’s another of the weird things. Max was clearly lying when he told me her labor went too fast. Somehow Amy DeLuca got called to assist her. She had a home birth, Philip.” She shook her head incredulously, “Not that I’m against alternative medicine, but when you aren’t prepared for a baby, that is not the time to be tempting fate. I’m pretty sure the baby is premature, she is so small. Almost 5 pounds. And whatever the secrets are surrounding this child’s birth, Amy is part of it now too. She said something cryptically about extenuating circumstances and that they couldn’t take Isabel to the hospital.”

“Of course they couldn’t” he scoffed as he grabbed his Scotch and downed it, “can’t let the men with needles get too close.”

“It’s my fault.” Diane let a couple tears slide, “I should have paid more attention Phil...But they were all crumbling and she demanded her space. I left her to herself to cope. Surely she had some symptoms, even if minor. If I’d have caught something off about her I could have talked to her about it... I would have been there today, and not out on some vacation. What kind of mother was I? My own daughter was pregnant, and I completely missed it. Just throw this into that already doomed marriage and...” The tears started to flow.

Philip sighed and thought out loud, “I’m going to have to call Jesse, see how he is going to react to all this. I warned him she’d had a major heartbreak and was vulnerable right now... but a pregnancy? ... I never told him of Alex specifically. Maybe I should have?” He turned to Diane ready for more information, “What about Jesse? Have you talked to him at all?”

She shook her head slowly, “He was suspiciously absent, wasn’t there for any of it.”

“Of course not.” Philip rubbed his forehead. “ But that bears the question of did he know any of this?” He shook his head, “I swear he too is locked out of most of the secrets our kids hold. I have sent probes his way and nothing. He hasn’t bit at all. I could catch him if he was trying to hide something. But I swear he honestly doesn’t know.”

Diane nodded. She’d tried to feel him out as well, to be met with the same. “Yep. He’s in the dark, with us.” She handed over the notebook on Isabel’s page. “I need to show you this.”

He grabbed it and peeked at her notes and then he looked up into his wife’s eyes. “Are we even sure it’s Alex’s baby? They were never that close.”

“Honey, that can wait… there are far more pressing issues than Alex being the potential father of her child. They say she didn’t know Philip. But do you think it’s more than that? Do you think she realized it after Alex died and couldn’t handle it? So she just went into her strong delusional state of denial that she tends to live in lately, forcing herself to move on. Look at all her changes since his death. Alex is pivotal to Isabel’s crazy.” She watched him as he read the notes.

Philip thought for a moment and nodded. “That is very possible.”

“But why? Why would she feel the need to change everything about herself? Everything. It’s like she’s trying to be another person … that she can’t deal with the one she was before? And we missed it. We missed every sign of her troubles. I need to get to the bottom of this, because the secrets are consuming her now. The most I can figure with all this evidence is what Max told me today. He said that she broke when Alex died, but the cracks weren’t visible. Anything that had to do with Alex after that point she just ignored it. But then something happened between her and Max, something big... Look at the book… everything is tied into last summer.” She pointed back to the notebook on his lap.

“You know about Tess don’t you?” he asked.

“Yes. She and Max were getting familiar.”

“Yes, too familiar … You did see how close Tess and Max were those last few days before she disappeared? You could see he felt uncomfortable about it all... but Diane Max kept taking the classified ads, raiding the newspapers for the housing section, circling apartments. Looking for a place to live?”

“Away from us While Isabel was looking to escape Roswell as far as she possibly could.”

“Something happened Diane. Something that they are covering up. Both of them wanted to escape. At this point, I don’t think knocking up the Harding girl is the worst of our troubles. Did you see how Max was acting this summer? He just was desperate and worried, driven by something. And the war our kids went into with each other… And then Tess just disappeared. I never thought I might think this... I never wanted to ever consider it…”

Diane nodded, her fears matching his, she took a drink of her Brandy.

He sipped the second Scotch working up nerve to keep talking. “But then he desperately latched onto Liz, and …and Tess just left.” He repeated the fact of Tess’s disappearance, talking out loud to sort his thoughts.

Diane nodded with a weary sigh, “She did. I’ve been going over and over your notes. He did not want to discuss her today at all. When I pressed him, he became very angry. Told me there is no Tess. That chapter of his life is over! That she is gone and done with! His words Philip…”

Philip flinched, “My God, you know my fears then… I can’t believe it and yet.... There is metal to him Diane.” He spoke as if trying to convince himself of the probability. “There is a hardness so hard to see, he appears so mild and gentle, but yet… if pushed… You know about him and Isabel?”

“He threatened her leaving? Yes I knew. She begged me to make him see reason. But he never would hear of it. She hated him after that. Stayed, but hated him. I would have let her go if it had been the right option for her. We were discussing in-state-school as well, and then she just dropped it. Everything. Even quit talking to me again.”

“He told me she wasn’t stable and that she couldn’t go to San Francisco. He basically forbade it.”

She scoffed. “He thought she wasn’t stable? All the while he’s throwing off vibes of ‘I’m descending into a psychotic hell myself’?”


Diane took another drink, “What do they know? Where does Alex fit, and what the hell did they do?”

“Alex and Tess. “ Philip muttered.

“As I told you, they are the keys.”

They sighed and looked at each other as Philip added, “Diane there’s not a trace of her. It’s like she simply vanished. I’ve got a P.I. looking. He found the Jeep a couple weeks ago; it was burned out, destroyed and wrecked. There are only three reasons to get rid of a vehicle. They didn’t sell it. It wasn’t to defraud the insurance company, and so that leaves the last one, destroy it to hide evidence. We’re testing what’s left of it now. But I think Tess is dead. There. I have said it. They all grieved for Alex, but for Tess they did not grieve. It was like they didn’t even care that she was gone and based on your comments of Max today, and factor in Isabel going crazy ...”

Diane’s face matched his, grim. “You think he had something to do with it?” She answered with a sympathetic expression.

Philip just looked at her. She knew his thoughts, could read him like a book.

“You. You’re thinking it Philip. Did our socially inept, sociopathic children, start killing people?”

A tear traveled slowly down his impassive face, he looked away his voice laced with emotion. ”I love them anyway. If they will let me in, I will represent them.” He turned to Diane, tears on his cheeks, “Hell, I don’t know if THEY know all the secrets they are involved with... We need to get home. We have a granddaughter. Someone has to be a stable influence in her life, and it’s certainly not these people.“

*** ***

Jesse was at his desk, piles of books surrounded him all opened to various pages. It had to be a dream... it just couldn’t be real. He and Isabel were intimate in every sense of the word. Maybe she’d put on a tiny bit of weight after the wedding, but nothing that she hadn’t starved off herself during the stressful preparations... or that he couldn’t say he shared either.

He was still in the Houston airport and this was all a nightmare, a bad dream caused by sleeping in the most uncomfortable position on the worst chairs. And in moments he would wake and take his present to his wife. He couldn’t wait to see her in it. Black silky dress. For an evening out, maybe to where they’d gotten engaged. It was time for some romance again. Dancing ... her ample chest pressed up close to his... her sexy skin glowing with love. Leading to the dessert potion of the evening... Sex was different with her, but it was good. Special. And he needed some time with his wife again. So to leave the airport and get home when he awoke was his plan.

He was jarred awake by the phone ringing. It was the boss, and also his father in law. Philip Evans.

“Hey Jesse. Do you have a moment?”

“Of course Mr. Evans.” He looked around him at the books, he was sitting in the office. He peered at the headings... marriage, and marriage dissolution laws... annulment... With a sickened thought, he realized that he wasn’t asleep in an uncomfortable chair in the airport but had fallen into a restless and exhausted sleep at the office. After a night of uncomfortable airport chairs.

Which meant one thing. This was real... Philip had been talking but he wasn’t processing the words... until he heard the announcement, “Isabel had a baby girl.”

The conversation continued, unheard. His wife. Another man’s child. When had it all gone wrong? He slumped back into the seat dazed. One tear drop falling briskly down his cheek. To be met by others as he felt his dream slowly turn into a nightmare.


(The revelation just continues like ripples in a pond. )
"An angel in the book of life wrote down my baby's birth. Then whispered as she closed the book "too beautiful for earth". ~author unknown

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Re: New Years Revelation (CC, I, ADULT) Ch 13, pg 7, 2-12-12

Post by Mt Gazer » Mon Feb 13, 2012 2:37 am

Thank you for everything you do to assist with my writings, especially this one as I needed to just WRITE…

Amazing isn’t it, how one tiny baby can unravel every secret you’ve held for your entire life. For that she is super special, aside just from being Alex’s daughter and Isabel’s second chance.

sarammlover I do agree that the kids need help. Philip is so on the wrong track, but thinking as a human dad with kids going off the rails he’s doing the best he can to make sense of any of it. And the P.I. hinted that they burned the jeep to cover a crime… without the right understanding, he WILL jump to the wrong one. I so wish they could just tell them….

keepsmiling/Carolyn Jesse, still absent, well… he is at the office last we knew, not doing too entirely well. Yes the Evans need to get home, need answers, need to hold that baby.

mary-mary/Ginger I couldn’t agree with you more. You won’t know some of those secrets for years, and in the end really didn’t want too. We’ve had moments of that with my stepkids... so I get that entirely. Philip is not easily going to mind his own business though. As you can see this is based in S-3 canon, by this time he had already added Isabel to list of suspects in Behind the Music, the show before the Christmas one. He can’t let go now, he knows something isn’t right and just wants to know what.

Tharos Yep freaky questions without seeming answers. I’m sure baby girl will be quite loved … assuming as you stated, they get told the truth and the kids don’t run. I don’t think Isabel is in a mood to run. Max can do as he pleases as far as she is concerned, but she’s not going anywhere. Poor Jesse. And he’s still silent again….

Disclaimer: I in no way own the rights to Roswell or anything related to it. All rights belong to Jason Katims, 20th Century Fox, Regency Entertainment, Melinda Metz, WB and UPN. No infringement is intended. I am borrowing their awesome characters.

Perhaps in this part and in parts to come I am or will be borrowing some scenes, and I will borrow direct dialog and use altered dialog at times. This is how my stories play.

Title: New Years Revelation
Author: Mt Gazer/Velvet Skye
Category: CC/ AU
Coupling/ Character: Isabel. I/A and I/J
Rating: ADULT (right at the start)
Spoilers: Heart of Mine/ Tale of Two Parties

My muse took a dramatic detour and it gave me this. A NEW STORY.

This will be short, I don’t know how many parts but its short. It is not, nor will it become, the behemoth that is my other story.

As usual I tell Isabel’s story. This is another one entirely.

Summary: Isabel finds herself in pain one day. This is the story that unfolds from that day, and the things she learns along the way.

New Years Revelation

Chapter Thirteen


They heard Isabel sobbing off and on over the next couple hours, interspersed with times of just sleeping. She was adjusting to everything to the best of her ability, but it wasn’t the most pleasant of situations.

They had dropped off a bag of diapers and some baby supplies into her room so that she had them at the ready and had left them alone.

Amy had swiped her journal that she had left open, from the bed, and the girls were reading it. It was rather telling in its simplicity just how much Alex had meant to her. The day planner section was heavily used, such a busy and active girl, but the personal section, the journal was hardly touched. Just a few entries in late April- May, 2001. The last one in Isabel’s hand stated, “My life just ended tonight! Alex is…” and she could see where the tear stains blurred the ink. Nothing more was added after that. Except what she might not have seen, where Alex had left some notes of his own, dated May 5th.

It was through a session of tears and remembrance that Isabel finally fell on her daughter’s name. Holding the infant while talking to her and sharing her deepest secrets, Isabel now had a confidante. Someone who wouldn’t judge her, who wouldn’t care, who would only listen… And so the young mother poured out her heart and told her little one stories of her life.

And when hunger drove her to the kitchen to quell it, Isabel stepped out of the bedroom with her baby wrapped in a soft fuzzy pink blanket. She was adorned in a white sleeper with pink rosebuds. Gifts deposited for the baby when they were resting.

She cleared her throat and in typical Isabel fashion launched in to her declaration without any preamble. “Ok Everyone,” They all looked up or peered from in the kitchen. “I would like you all to meet our daughter,” A slight rosy hue covered her cheeks in a small blush. “You have all seen her before, but...” she paused with a sigh, “Her name is Alexa.” A tear fell, as she continued in a small voice, “for the man I once loved and had taken from me. For our lost Alex.” And she sucked in her lower lip to nibble on it in a moment of nervousness. “So I’d like you all to officially meet Alexa Charlotte Whitman.”

“Huh, no Evans? No hyphen?” Maria came over to coo at her best friend’s namesake. “I mean you are a girl of the world and you did hyphenate your married name, so no dash Evans anywhere?” She teased in a serious question.

Isabel just looked up. “Nope... I’m not giving her my name, only his. She is his daughter, and as such deserves his name.” A sad smile crossed her face, “I did so much wrong. I messed up pretty much everything with regard to Alex. I’ll make it right by her, starting with naming her for her father, it’s the least I can do.”

And then she changed the subject looking directly at Michael, “Can I get something to eat. I’m starved.”

Michael scurried to the kitchen to prepare her a protein filled meal at Amy’s request, and Isabel went to sit wearily on the couch.

Michael had managed to find hamburger patties and frozen fries in the freezer. Such contrasts they were; Jesse liked health foods and Isabel was the opposite. But Michael knew Isabel and so had cooked what he was more than capable of making. Junk food. Nice juicy hamburgers topped in gooey, melted, cheese, with a side of crisp, golden fries, smothered in Tabasco sauce.

Amy came over to have a small discussion with her, bringing the plate of food. As she scooped up Alexa into her arms, she warned Isabel softly about nursing and eating such spicy foods, that it might upset the baby’s tummy. Isabel laughed while shaking her head, and tucked in to the meal, devouring it rapidly.

“So,” Amy said after the plate was cleared and Isabel once again was cradling Alexa, who was happily suckling her meal, “I believe I need to make a phone call?”

They shared a look of common understanding. Isabel bit her lip again and nodded. “Yeah.” She said with a tired sigh, “They do need to know.”

“You are sure about this?”

“Just do it… before I lose my nerve.” Isabel swallowed.

And with that Amy grabbed the receiver and headed into the cold backyard, finding a table to sit at. She swiped off the snow that had fallen earlier from the freak storm, and sitting on the top surface of the table started to dial.

“Hello?” answered the woman’s voice on the other end of the line.

“Hi Gloria,” Amy said hesitantly. “I have some news.”

"An angel in the book of life wrote down my baby's birth. Then whispered as she closed the book "too beautiful for earth". ~author unknown

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Re: New Years Revelation (CC, I, ADULT) Ch 14, pg 7, 2-26-12

Post by Mt Gazer » Mon Feb 27, 2012 12:43 am

Tharos: Yep, Amy broke the news to the Whitmans. What are they going to say? You’ll just have to tune in to find out.

keepsmiling/Carolyn: Now for the conversation, Reaction upcoming…

sarammlover: Isn’t it the perfect name? Charlotte being the feminine form of Charles, Isabel named her daughter Alex Charles in her own way. LOL But yep, there is another set of grandparents. How do you think they will respond to this?

cjsl8ne: I have missed you and do hope you’re well and life is treating you with at least a modicum of respect or dignity. Thank you for the compliments, I hope you continue to enjoy.

Disclaimer: I in no way own the rights to Roswell or anything related to it. All rights belong to Jason Katims, 20th Century Fox, Regency Entertainment, Melinda Metz, WB and UPN. No infringement is intended. I am borrowing their awesome characters.

Perhaps in this part and in parts to come I am or will be borrowing some scenes, and I will borrow direct dialog and use altered dialog at times. This is how my stories play.

Title: New Years Revelation
Author: Mt Gazer/Velvet Skye
Category: CC/ AU
Coupling/ Character: Isabel. I/A and I/J
Rating: ADULT (right at the start)
Spoilers: Heart of Mine/ Tale of Two Parties

My muse took a dramatic detour and it gave me this. A NEW STORY.

This will be short, I don’t know how many parts but its short. It is not, nor will it become, the behemoth that is my other story.

As usual I tell Isabel’s story. This is another one entirely.

Summary: Isabel finds herself in pain one day. This is the story that unfolds from that day, and the things she learns along the way.

New Years Revelation

Chapter Fourteen


Liz. Maria, and Michael had all gone to the Crashdown for a few hours. There were enough patrons that needed fed, being that it was New Years and many were either en route to other locations, not caring to be bothered with cooking, or any other number of reasons. The huge party, from the night before with the retirement home was over, but that didn’t mean the day wasn’t sufficiently busy as it was.

Jeff was grateful for the assistance, especially under the circumstances. He knew Michael thought of Isabel as a sister and felt a need to be there, but for some reason he had all three of them, with an added condition that they could take trays of food with them when they left work, to feed everyone at the house. It was an agreeable arrangement.

So they worked till the early evening, the girls were eager to see the elder Whitmans again, and working kept their minds off of everything that had transpired today. As friends of their families, the Whitmans had been such constant fixtures in the girls’ lives as they grew that their moving to Gallup shortly after Alex’s death was just another loss in that season of heartache. But today all of that would change; they were coming to meet their new granddaughter.

*** ***

The Whitmans had been so broken over the loss of their only child, their miracle baby Alex, that Roswell just held too much pain for them after his death. It had become too confining and suffocating and so they put their house up for rent and escaped, moving a distance away within the state.

They were still in a period of mourning, just having moved beyond the initial six month shock and numbness of grief. All their hopes and dreams for the future snatched from them so brutally eight months ago. But today there was a ray of hope again. They were en-route, back to Roswell, trying to keep their expectant hope to a minimum.

*** ***

The Crashdown crew converged upon the Ramirez household around 6:30 pm, trays of food in hand, enough for everyone. Isabel stayed secured on the couch, with a blanket on the floor right next to her where Alexa peacefully slept with her tiny knees tucked under her belly. She had protested being laid on her back which is the proper position, and when she was laid on her tummy she tucked herself into her little ball, popped a thumb into her mouth and drifted off to sleep.

How they needed a camera Amy thought to herself. She sure hoped that Charles and Gloria would bring one; Alex would have never been without in such an event.

The two couples took over the eating area fitting into the little dining nook while Amy served Isabel, not letting her do much but rest. Taking her job very seriously indeed, Amy made sure that Isabel lacked for nothing. Even insisting that she drink lots of water, and she was never without a fresh glass.

Isabel probably felt a bit smothered by all the attention. Amy sat on the opposite side of the couch with her meal, watching over the young mother and her tiny, sleeping daughter. They all carried on a room-to-room conversation.

When dinner was over they cleared away the dishes and washed them and headed out to the living room to join Isabel. Michael sat in the upholstered chair with Maria perched on the armrest. Liz took over Isabel’s desk chair from the hallway; while Max took to the floor. They all found places to make themselves comfortable as they waited for the next visitors and chatted amiably.

*** ***

Around 7:00pm, Alexa’s nap was over. She woke up wailing. Isabel leaned over quickly to check on her baby. Her little sleeper was soaked. Isabel quickly scooped her up, wet blanket and all, and carried her hastily into the bedroom for a little privacy while she got a quick bath and change. The bath this time, some simple alien manipulations, they would take more time when they actually had it and Alexa was calm enough to let her mother wash her. Her little limbs flailing as her mother secured the diaper, and wrestled on a fresh outfit in such a hurry she couldn’t even be sure she had done it completely right.

“Alexa. Such desperation.” Isabel cooed as she yanked her shirt and bra off. Alexa continued to wail, her tiny face all red, crying as if she was starving and would never be fed again. “Mama’s coming but you’re just going to have to give me a second, it seems we both had a little accident.” She quickly grabbed other clothes and looked at them, opting not to put them on quite yet.

This baby was going through her [Isabel’s] clothes faster than she could imagine. When she wailed loudly, milk leaked. And once again another outfit was needed. These were things Isabel would just have to learn how to remedy. She plopped down on the bed and started to nurse the howling infant. Maybe she could calm her down with a little feeding. Alexa vigorously devoured what her mother offered. “Poor baby. So hungry.” Isabel cooed, as she stroked her daughter’s light brown hair.

Next thing she heard a voice say, “Whoa, peep show.” And a throaty chuckle joined it. “Nothing I haven’t seen before however.”

She looked over to see Alex lying sideways on the bed, admiring her. A blush crept up her face. “You know, you were right about telling me to move on and to get past you. And it was working. But now this popping in and out thing. This is going to have to stop. I can’t do this Alex. I can’t have you always here when I can’t have you HERE. You understand.”

A statement like that in life would have hurt him, she was so quick to repel. But he had given her his heart and soul and he understood her more than anyone, even herself at times. He chuckled again. “I think you need me today. Well someone thinks you need me today, ‘cause I keep ending up right here. You are about to talk to my parents, and I’m going to be here when they meet my baby for the first time ok? Anyways I think you could you use the support.” He chuckled again, “I don’t think this is the new terms of our relationship. You have a life to live with our daughter, and I really am not there. But today? There’s just a special grace on today and just let it play out ok Isabel? You don’t always have to be ten steps ahead of everything. Life has surprises.” He peeked in at his suckling infant, stroking her downy hair as her eyes sought his. He looked up into his love’s eyes, “Sometimes, they are even good surprises.”

He looked toward the doorway. “Now get some clothes on, as much as I love you like this, my parents probably won’t. And they’ll be here in a few minutes.” He kissed her softly on the forehead and disappeared. Again.

She pulled her daughter away with a whimper. Alexa wasn’t done in her opinion. But Isabel laid the infant on the bed while she grabbed the clothes and quickly dressed. Unbuttoning her blouse, and carrying the baby close to her chest wrapped in a large lap blanket, she headed back out to their spot on the living room couch. Settling back in, she wrapped the blanket over them and allowed Alexa to resume her suckling on the other side.

The baby popped off and gave her mother eye contact. Isabel buttoned everything back up, and removed the blanket. She held Alexa to her shoulder and rubbed her back in soft circles, burping her as Amy had taught her.

By the time the Whitmans arrived Alexa was well fed and ready to meet her paternal grandparents.

*** ***

Isabel had settled Alexa into her arms and was just holding her daughter as there was a knock at the door. Amy rushed over to answer it. “ Chuck, Gloria, so good to see you again,” she hugged her friends. “Come in.” A tall, slender, dark haired gentleman with an average heighted, average weighted woman with russet colored hair stepped into the living room. Her arms held a couple of bags from a baby store. She looked over at Isabel for a brief second as their eyes met. Isabel looked back down to her daughter. She didn’t know these people and she was feeling rather self-conscious.

The girls rushed them, eager for a hug. Gloria embraced each of Alex’s best friends and made polite small talk, asking about school, work, simple things, as they were issued into the kitchen and offered dinner.

After spending a few minutes in somber discussion, during which Isabel and Gloria kept furtively watching each other, and also during which Alex’s death had been brought up more than once; Amy decided that it was time for proper introductions and walked them over to the couch.

Isabel looked up and plastered a bright smile on her face. “Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Whitman, I would get up, but Ms. DeLuca won’t allow it. Would you like to meet your granddaughter?”

Gloria held out her open arms to receive the baby, as she gingerly scooped her from Isabel. “She’s … so… Beautiful.” Gloria’s eyes teared up as she held this new lease on life. She and Charles stepped away from Isabel as they admired the petite girl. They just whispered and pointed out features on her tiny face, undressing her and examining carefully her tiny hands and feet…

Alexa wide eyed just took in these new people. Her day had been spent being passed from one set of arms to another. It was all the same to her.

Gloria walked and rocked the tiny soul, “Beautiful baby. Small though.” She stroked her palm and was rewarded with Alexa clasping her finger.

“She is a bit tiny, but she’s fine.” Isabel assured the other woman who was snuggling the wriggling bundle.

“Amy said that she delivered her? That you had a home birth?” Gloria questioned.

Isabel nodded.

“Odd choice for a teenager. Any particular reason?”

Michael bristled, and Max straightened up. Staying alert and listening carefully to the semi private conversation.

“Um, I don’t know if you got the whole story. I kind of didn’t know I was pregnant until she was on the way. And labor was just too fast, so I had her here.” Isabel explained.

“Honey, they deliver babies on the way to the hospital, in ambulances. There is nothing that they couldn’t handle. I’m not sure you made the right decision. She seems to be rather small and should be checked out by a doctor. You know just to be certain that she is fine.” Gloria stated in her response.

“She is fine. Amy said so. And I don’t go to doctors. I … just… can’t.”

“But you are a mother now, and it’s no longer about you, or what you want. It’s about this baby and what is best for her. You don’t get to be selfish anymore. You don’t get to jeopardize her health because you had a bad experience with a doctor. If you would like to skip the hospital part, I’ll take her tomorrow for you?” Gloria offered.

“No. Thank you for the offer but, no.” Isabel shook her head nervously biting her lip.

“Ok your choice. Not the best one, but your choice.”

Gloria changed topics, “How are you going to provide for her? Last I knew you did a lot of community volunteer work, but nothing that paid the bills? Graduated a year early with no plans and got married.”

With that Jesse entered his house, he looked at the scene in his living room, and escaped to his bedroom as quickly as he could.

“Speak of the Devil,” Gloria watched the Latino gentleman hastily pass through the room, “Certainly you don’t expect him to raise another man’s child? Do you? He didn’t even look at you. That doesn’t look so good.”

Charles interjected, following his wife’s train of thought, “To us, it looks like you might be in over your head. No real job, no support. Babies are a lot of work even when everything is in place. How will you take care of her?”

Isabel countered, “I’ll manage. We’ll figure something out.”

“This is your answer?” Charles sighed, “That you will figure it out? I am sorry, Isabel, but…” Charles looked at Gloria cradling the baby. “Life requires more than just good intentions.”

He continued, “Have you actually been paying attention to how much it really costs to live a normal life? Or have your parents provided everything your heart desired, your every whim bought? Are you aware of how much the cost of a child, let alone a baby adds to that? It’s a substantial amount, and unless your husband is willing to aid you…” They all listened to the sounds of drawers being flung open and slammed shut in the adjacent room. “Given his reaction, you’re in over your head and are going to need outside help.”

“Let us help you Isabel. We can make this all go away for you.” Charles sounded sincere.

“What? What are you talking about?” Isabel straightened up, alert. What did they mean by make this go away?

“You’re not ready to be a mother. You’re too young, too self absorbed, newly married to a man who is not the baby’s father. You aren’t ready to throw your life or your marriage away on a child are you? To have no personal life of your own anymore? We can fix that for you. Maybe even give you a chance to salvage your marriage. Make this as if it never happened.” Charles looked at her.

Isabel jumped to her feet, reaching out for her daughter, “What are you planning?” She didn’t like the turn this conversation was taking.

Alexa started to wail. Gloria pulled the child away from Isabel, holding her ever so tightly.

Max slowly sidled to cover the front door so as not to make any sudden movements, while Michael went and stood next to the girl he considered a sister. Isabel turned to look at him and he slightly nodded. She knew her family was firmly behind her, and would lend their support.

Gloria’s face ran through a gamut of emotions as her control deteriorated, “Alex's baby. I never dreamed I would hold any part of him ever again. I can see him in her, her eyes, and her feet. My son’s feet. That spark of life." Gloria began to sob, her grief accentuated by her granddaughter’s wail.

Falling to the floor, tears streaming down her cheeks, and cradling Alexa so closely to her she looked up at the teen mother. “He was my life Isabel. How could you?” Her pain leaking into every word, “How could you take him from me?”

"An angel in the book of life wrote down my baby's birth. Then whispered as she closed the book "too beautiful for earth". ~author unknown

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Re: New Years Revelation (CC, I, ADULT) Ch 15, pg 8, 2-29-12

Post by Mt Gazer » Wed Feb 29, 2012 2:34 am

Tharos: Yeah a sweet little ghost Alex scene… but his parents don’t seem to be doing so well … agreed.

cjsl8ne I know he’s hanging around, but I haven’t heard from Alex since he poofed out of the room. The Whitmans are in pain, and I honestly don’t think they are thinking properly anymore. They very well might do something stupid that could drive a wedge… And Isabel, I hope the dear CHILD, yes I called her that for she is a newer 19, and has to make so many decisions and judgment calls to work out, I too hope she finds wisdom on her side. Because this has no easy answers. Jesse is a good guy… I hope he makes a right decision as well…

PML/Peter: Problems ahead with the Whitmans eh? It is a shame. They need to embrace the mother of their granddaughter and help her through her grief, but, that doesn’t seem to be what they are thinking.

keepsmiling/Carolyn: Keep thinking what you are, that Gloria might be trouble, for it seems to look that way right now. Jesse and Isabel do need to talk. I fully agree.

Disclaimer: I in no way own the rights to Roswell or anything related to it. All rights belong to Jason Katims, 20th Century Fox, Regency Entertainment, Melinda Metz, WB and UPN. No infringement is intended. I am borrowing their awesome characters.

Perhaps in this part and in parts to come I am or will be borrowing some scenes, and I will borrow direct dialog and use altered dialog at times. This is how my stories play.

Title: New Years Revelation
Author: Mt Gazer/Velvet Skye
Category: CC/ AU
Coupling/ Character: Isabel. I/A and I/J
Rating: ADULT (right at the start)
Spoilers: Heart of Mine/ Tale of Two Parties

My muse took a dramatic detour and it gave me this. A NEW STORY.

This will be short, I don’t know how many parts but its short. It is not, nor will it become, the behemoth that is my other story.

As usual I tell Isabel’s story. This is another one entirely.

Summary: Isabel finds herself in pain one day. This is the story that unfolds from that day, and the things she learns along the way.

New Years Revelation

Chapter Fifteen


Amy walked over to her distraught friend and collected the newborn babe from her arms, “Let me see the baby Gloria.”

“I might never see her again.” She sobbed… Gloria was highly reluctant to let her go. Her grief leaving her with the belief that Isabel might take her away, like she’d done to her son.

Amy scooped Alexa into her arms and held her tightly, walking her to her mother. She ordered, “Isabel. Take the baby and go into your bedroom, we’ll get Mrs. Whitman calmed down. Trust me. Right now its for the best.”

Isabel held her wailing daughter to her chest, making soothing sounds and trying to get her to calm. The emotions in the room were overwhelming to her little senses, she was empathic to the all pain.

Isabel walked into her bedroom, Jesse was in the shower and she could hear the water running in the adjoining room. Dressers were disturbed, and an opened suitcase lay on the bed, some clothes stuffed in hurriedly.

Cradling her daughter carefully, she opened the bathroom door, “Jesse?”

“Isabel I’m in the shower.” He spoke from the steam. “Just let me have my privacy ok. I’ll be out in a few minutes.” She closed the door and sighed. So many changes…

She walked over to the bedroom door and shut it, not choosing to listen to the sounds of pain coming from the living room; she was in enough of her own. She stood there rocking the infant and soothing her, while Jesse finished up his shower.

Jesse came out, towel around his waist and gathered some clothes. He proceeded to disrobe in front of his wife. And to dress. When that task was over he turned to finally look at Isabel.

“Jesse? Are you leaving?” She nodded towards the spilling suitcase and the scattered clothes all over the bed.

“You’re my wife Isabel and I still love you. But I just can’t take this right now… it’s too much. You just had a baby,” he motioned to the bundle in her arms, “and I’m not her father… I just need some time to wrap my head around this Isabel, okay.”

“Where will you go?” she demanded.

“To my mom’s. I’m going to go to my mother’s house for a little while.”

“Before you leave, would you like to meet my daughter at least?” She asked expectantly.

He walked over; “Well I will say one thing for you.” She looked into his eyes. “ You make pretty babies. She’s beautiful. You know I came home to talk, but it’s too busy here, too many people, and strangers with the baby. I know everyone wants to meet her. But the circumstances, everything… is just so messed up Isabel.”

“Would you like to hold her?” She offered the wriggling blanket to her husband.

“Not right now. I need answers Isabel…” He sighed, “I thought you were a virgin when we got married. And then he shook his hands in from of him in a wait gesture, “Now I didn’t expect that of you, its just the way you reacted to me on our honeymoon. You still were so young and had that air of innocence, so nervous and curious what I thought. And your parents had told me you were dealing with some heartache, but foolishly I thought I could help heal it. You know what they say? Fools rush in where angels fear to tread. Maybe sometimes the angels have more sense.”

“You have helped Jesse. More than you even know.” Her lip quivered.

“What happened Isabel?” He asked the inevitable question.

She swallowed and said briskly, “He died.”

Seeing how he was going to get no other expalnataion he had to ask the next, “How soon after?”

“Days.” She whispered. Isabel bit her lip and looked at her precious legacy. Tears springing to her eyes, biting her quivering lip.

“So he never knew? And those people in our living room are his parents… I take it?” Jesse was trying to sort out the mess.


With a huge sigh he started to pace, “No wonder emotions are running so high here today. The thing is the difference between grief and heartache/heartbreak. You will forever remember him the last way you knew him, if it was in the glow of love, you will always remember that love. It took me forever to accept my mother dating after my father passed and it took her quite awhile as well. Because she belonged with my dad.

He looked at Isabel and tightly smiled, “See when I look at you I envision a future, a life shared. But based on the events of today, I’m thinking you dreamed of that with someone else before you met me? You didn’t get that close with me before we got married, so I was more than a little surprised when I found out you were in labor, and had been intimate with another. He must have been very special… Isabel.”

She dissolved into tears. “He was. I love him so much…” Jesse had never seen Isabel this emotional… he reached out and held onto her tiny daughter while he issued her a seat on the bed, she was overcome with sorrow.

“You’re still in grief,” he looked at the baby in confusion, “this isn’t heartache or heartbreak, this is loss. You’re in mourning… and there’s only one way through this, and that’s through it. You can’t take shortcuts, find another person, or get married in the middle of it. You have to go THROUGH it… Oh Isabel how come I didn’t know? How come everyone called it a heartbreak? It’s so much deeper than that… And I can’t be the one to fix it… I’m in over my head here…”

He noticed the baby staring at him with her huge blue eyes, and he shook his head, “We did rush into this too fast, if we had waited till spring, you’d have had this baby, and we wouldn’t be already married, and we could talk about it…. But now, I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with this baby… or you, or our marriage. I wish your parents had told me the truth or you had…”

He looked over at his sobbing wife. “Isabel, how did it come to this?”

Amy knocked on the door, and Jesse motioned to the bed.

She went over and once more held the distraught Isabel. Taking her through the pain of Alex’s loss once more on this roller coaster of a day. “Ok honey. I just need you to prepare yourself for whatever happens out there ok? It might get a little dicey…” And when she was calmed Amy encouraged Jesse to place the baby back into her arms.

Isabel breathed in the newborn scent and drew strength from her daughter; she stood with determination and was brought back into the living room by Amy.

Gloria whipped around as she entered the room and the fire in the woman's eyes made Isabel feel a measure of fear... She blinked.

“This is all YOUR DOING Isabel!” She spoke her name furiously. “I hope you got what you wanted from this because I sure didn't. I doubt Alex got what he wanted either!”

Large tears started to rain down Isabel’s cheeks. “Noone did.” She choked out softly.

At the desk Liz heard the items in the long drawer vibrating, powers were in play….

"An angel in the book of life wrote down my baby's birth. Then whispered as she closed the book "too beautiful for earth". ~author unknown

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Re: New Years Revelation (CC, I, ADULT) Ch 16, pg 8, 3-26-12

Post by Mt Gazer » Tue Mar 27, 2012 2:05 am

keepsmiling/Carolyn Jesse has a lot to process, but I agree all things considered he is doing well. Gloria doesn’t have anything good planned I will tell you. I will tell you no more than that however. And thank you for responding with your idea of what you think would be a good tack for this next part. I hope you like what did get created.

Tharos Jesse intends to go to his mother’s, but what will transpire? What do you think is about to happen? It will likely freak the Whitmans out yes…

Mary-mary/Ginger You think Jesse needs to hero up huh? I agree that the Whitmans need to start acting like Grandparents… and in saying that Gloria needs a doctor are you hinting at “shrink” as in she’s lost it? You’ve not seen anything yet… And yes she has seriously overstepped her bounds… I couldn’t agree more

cjsl8ne Poor Isabel is being hit from every angle. Powers under control, that’s the least of her worries right now. And yet, she definitely wouldn’t want the Whitmans to have more to hate her for. Friendship to the rescue? Sure sounds a like a good idea to me…

maipigen I missed you. But I’m sure you know that. LOL. Welcome back. And yes, I think there were some minor problems, (the blood) but Max has healed her all right up, nothing to worry about when you have a healer in the family. There were some latent memories extracted yes, I would guess so. Alex is there in Spirit form. I am sorry this story doesn’t allow him to be physically present. But he’s doing the best he can, and he certainly does love his girls.

So you despise Jesse huh? I know others who write him a very bad character, because they agree with you. I started Roswell in s-3 however, so I can’t really hate the guy. LOL And hes not a bad guy, just a guy who gets levelled with some pretty heavy things in a short time…

Girl. I still envy your writing, but thank you for the compliment (blush). I try to make my characters real. Its what I do.

Can I say give Maria a chance? This was based entirely off one epi, and in that epi, if this had played, she would have been shallow. This was in her self-pity s-3 mode. I never dreamed I’d be playing with “these” characters. And yes there is a lot of maturity and growth happening instantly all over the place. Everyone is in process.

Rant on Gloria all you want. Yes she is in pain, but it is no excuse for her behaviour. You want to call it an emotional tantrum? I think I did before you ever left FB… lol. Gloria is trouble right now. Enough said. You find Isabel stable? I am not sure I find her stable per se, but she has the love and support of many, she’ll make it.

The Evans, ah yes… Philip is defeintely about to stir things up… what will he do? I can’t say. Haven’t gotten that far myself.

Enjoy the next part.

I won’t say that life got any less busy, but after multiple angles and ways this could play, I got it narrowed down. It started to flow when I put the scene to screen and I watched it develop. I knew certain things had to happen, the rest, was left to writing chance… Thank you for dropping your input about what might be a good idea for this part… you shall see what happens next.

Disclaimer: I in no way own the rights to Roswell or anything related to it. All rights belong to Jason Katims, 20th Century Fox, Regency Entertainment, Melinda Metz, WB and UPN. No infringement is intended. I am borrowing their awesome characters.

Perhaps in this part and in parts to come I am or will be borrowing some scenes, and I will borrow direct dialog and use altered dialog at times. This is how my stories play.

Title: New Years Revelation
Author: Mt Gazer/Velvet Skye
Category: CC/ AU
Coupling/ Character: Isabel. I/A and I/J
Rating: ADULT (right at the start)
Spoilers: Heart of Mine/ Tale of Two Parties

My muse took a dramatic detour and it gave me this. A NEW STORY.

This will be short, I don’t know how many parts but its short. It is not, nor will it become, the behemoth that is my other story.

As usual I tell Isabel’s story. This is another one entirely.

Summary: Isabel finds herself in pain one day. This is the story that unfolds from that day, and the things she learns along the way.

New Years Revelation

Chapter Sixteen


“This is all YOUR DOING Isabel!” She spoke her name furiously. “I hope you got what you wanted from this because I sure didn't. I doubt Alex got what he wanted either!”

Large tears started to rain down Isabel’s cheeks. “Noone did.” She choked out softly. “Least of all me.” She mumbled inarticulately. Hugging Alexa tightly to her chest, trying to use her to stabilize her rapidly disappearing focus. She had gone so long trying to forget how much losing Alex had hurt and how she had simply chosen to deaden the pain by denying it a place at all.

And now her daughter was born, Alex’s daughter, and emotions that she had not given place were threatening to tear her apart…

Gloria turned to stare at the girl. Her eyes narrowed and her brow furrowed as she watched Isabel emotionally collapse.

Gloria came over and stood in front of the young mother. She reached up to wipe the falling tears, and spoke in a low soothing manner. “No more tears Isabel.” She stroked her tiny granddaughter’s head. “You wouldn’t want to make the baby cry now would you?” She wiped the falling tears with the pads of her fingers, Alexa began to fidget, starting to fuss. Isabel bounced the baby in her cradled arms.

“No more tears now.” She then leaned in and whispered so only Isabel could hear her. Isabel’s face became a fleeting mask of fear, visible only for the briefest of seconds. Her hands instinctively held tighter to her daughter as Alexa started to cry.

Gloria continued her speech once again calmly and lowly, “I do not want to see you shed one tear more over Alex... Do you understand me?”

Isabel winced as she felt the hate roll off Gloria. How had she never realized how deeply the woman’s hatred for her had gone. The girl just nodded her response dumbly and tried to gulp her emotions under control…her powers were another story ... glassware and small items were vibrating in place...

Her tears would not abate; she was not in control of them. The loss of Alex forefront, Tess’s betrayal, Max’s indifference and control, and all of the other things she had hidden and buried deep within had been dredged to the surface. Tears were flowing down the young mother’s cheeks… tears of remorse, of self-deprecation, of loss and grief, just pain…

“Have you no idea what you did to Alex?” Gloria demanded. “You stand there crying as if you gave a shit about my son was he was alive, weeping like his death devastated you. But in reality you never cared about him, you used him to gratify whatever needs you had at the moment. And when he was gone you moved on like you always do. Married within 6 months.”

“No!” Isabel shook her head. “I love him. I just had his baby.”

“You made a careless mistake in the heat of a passionate moment. There is no other reason for her birth.”

“Never call my daughter a mistake again. She is a surprise, a miracle, or a gift, but she is NOT a mistake, and I will not have her referred to as such by anyone. Least of all you, her grandmother of all people.”

Alexa wailed.

Isabel pulled her daughter upright supporting her newborn head she brought her up to her shoulder and patted her in an attempt to calm her overwrought distress.

Maria, stealing a look at Liz, ran over to her sometimes “mother.” “Mrs. Whitman Stop! I love you for all the cookies and advice, for all the sleepovers and times of fun, but this has gone too far. You’re hurting Isabel, and you are hurting her baby. Isabel needs to cry. She needs to remember Alex. She has held it in for far too long, and this precious baby was able to release her pain. It’s wrong to tell her that she can’t mourn him. It’s just wrong…”

Amy softly took the moment of respite while she placed the crystal around Isabel’s neck again and guided the shaking girl to the couch to resume her vacant spot. Dicey was actually an understatement. “Are you ok Isabel?” She asked in concern as she collected the baby so that Isabel could focus on the situation at hand.

Isabel nodded while fingercombing her neck length strands of blonde hair behind her ears. “I don’t think Alexa can handle much more of this…” she spoke using her daughter’s emotions as a cover for her own, as she handed her to her ally.

Amy nodded, “Gloria isn’t usually like this. You’ve got to believe me. If I had known this would happen I wouldn’t have invited them.”

Isabel whispered in her private conversation, “It was my decision. I told you to. Up until a few hours ago, I’d have torn her heart out and force-fed it to her on a platter for less than this. But I grew up today. I have to do what I feel is best for my daughter because everything right now is about Alexa…”

Michael stood by, silently lending his support.

Liz enjoined, “Maria’s right. Isabel loved Alex Mrs. Whitman. I never knew how much until today, she needs to remember the love they shared, and believe me they did. Mrs. Whitman they loved each other.”

She placed her small hand on the woman’s arm and implored her, “You both need this baby for the same reason. She’s the last link to Alex that any of us will ever have, but she means everything to the two of you, for she is a tangible reminder of Alex, and a chance to heal and to move on. Mrs. Whitman you can’t take a baby from her mother, but especially Alexa. If you take her Isabel will just fall apart.”

Maria jumped back in. “Everyone has the capacity to be a force of good or evil in another person’s life. Everyone is someone else’s strength or weakness. Who are you? Who will Alexa be? She needs to be your strength, both of yours. You both are women in mourning, and you both need to heal. You need to be her grandmother, and let Isabel be her mother as God intended.”

Isabel mumbled from the couch, “They say opposites attract. God knows I was his weakness. Don’t know what he ever saw in me. But he was my strength. When he died, I lost that strength.”

“You can’t fight over this child.” Amy stepped in holding the whimpering Alexa, “We can’t put the weight of the world on her tiny shoulders, it will crush her. Gloria, share this beautiful baby with the girl your son loved. Remember your son through her and just love her. Isabel has been shattered enough today, don’t break her any further.”

And all of it seemed to fuel Gloria’s rage, to have the wrong effect, She turned in fury to everyone present. “You dare to defend her? She is responsible for this very devastation. I can’t share this baby with that girl, she’ll ruin her life. In case you all forgot, Alex committed suicide over her!”

“NO!” Isabel shouted. “I let him in!”

Gloria spun to shout at Isabel, “Denial stops nothing Isabel. You cannot tell me that you didn’t push him away. You played with him for YEARS! Tormented him more than you know. It’s all you ever did. You hurt my son continually until he simply couldn’t take it any more, and he ended his life. OVER YOU! Do you know how hard it is to realize that your son was willing to throw it all away because of some beautiful whore who is unable to commit or to even be faithful!”

Max was perched against the wall still guarding the front door. Watching every movement inside of the living room from the entry way. The situation had grown too tenuous to back away and leave an opening for escape. But furious he stalked up to Gloria Whitman when he watched Michael come to relieve his position. He ordered that Gloria Whitman retract her words. “Take those words back. My sister is not a whore.” His hand coming very close into the woman’s personal space.

She fought on, “Actions speak louder than words and she dumped him to go out with another man, you tell me what that’s called!”

“She never slept with him.” Max threw back.

“Irrelative. You all rush to her defense, but all of you are blinded to the fact that she is cold hearted bitch, who doesn’t give a damn about anyone but herself.” She spun back to face Isabel, “And that is why you will not raise this baby Isabel. I can’t let you damage her. The long lasting psychological effects of your abandonment are still in play, and you are unable to love. And my poor son had to learn that the hard way. Your parents abandoned you, how long before you do the same to her? Raising a child takes hard work, dedication, perseverance, and love… traits I haven’t seen in you! You take! You don’t give!”

“She needs to be with us, where she will be safe, where your psychosis can not touch her… before you reject and abandon her the same way you were. It’s called Reactive Attachment Disorder… its other name… Sociopath. No remorse, no appropriate emotions. But what would I expect of a feral child?” She added in a sneer, “Going through the motions and pretending like you care, play acting through life, pretending to be normal, pretending to be human.”

Every Czech in the room bristled at that remark as Gloria’s tirade continued. The power drive was getting more intense, Liz ran back to the hallway to force the drawer to stay closed now, pressed against it, the items in the kitchen cupboards were rattling, things were starting to move, but Gloria’s rage kept her eyes from seeing what was before her…

Michael jumped back into the fray, “You don’t know anything you stupid bitch. Lay off of Isabel. Your son was a warrior who knew what he wanted. A loyal friend who was KILLED for standing up and trying to stop the true enemy... And none of us are sociopathic. They were raised by the Evans, they had good parents. If any of us were going to be messed up it would be me, I got a god-dammed drunk who used me as a punching bag. And I’m not sociopathic.”

“And you are another of these feral children?” She turned on him. “All of you have ruined my kids. My granddaughter will not be associated with you, any of you, or it will poison her… none of you are strong enough or ready to raise an infant. Look at Liz,” she turned to her near-daughter. “I’m sorry dear, but is he really the best you can do? Robbing stores at gunpoint? Nearly going to jail? How did you get mixed up in this? He’s self absorbed like his sister; whatever do you even see in him?” Facing her other near-daughter, “Or you Maria? Ever since you all became your little closed group you changed, you lost your music, you’ve been floundering for awhile now… And lately I wasn’t around to protect you kids… I wasn’t around to make sure that you were doing ok… and clearly that was a mistake.” She looked them each in turn. “One that I shall not make again.”

The tall slender gentleman rushed in to hold his wife, “ Deep breaths honey… just breathe. You need to calm down Gloria, you are tearing into everyone now. Remember who you are fighting and what you are fighting for…” he whispered at her, trying to pull her back from the brink of insanity… Charles was at a loss how to assist or turn the situation, he did mostly agree with Gloria just not her methods…

He looked at Amy holding his newborn granddaughter, and then sadly at Isabel. “We consulted a lawyer before we came here and have started a petition for sole custody. It would be better if you just willingly signed it, knowing that you are doing what is right for your baby. Knowing that she will have the best life possible. We don’t feel that you are able to provide that. But if you refuse, we are ready to enter into a custody battle fully aware that your family is peopled with lawyers. So know this, we are ready for the long term.”

Gloria would not be placated; she escaped her husband’s hold and went into Isabel’s space, “THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL THAT YOU WILL RAISE THIS BABY!” She screamed. “It will freeze over first before I let this little angel become the whore that it is you. You broke my son and you are the sole reason he is dead!”

Isabel was on her feet. This was too much… Tears flowing unrelentingly…

“You are unfit to be her mother. If you desire a child have one with your –husband. I wouldn’t care… But this baby is all that I have left of my son. And she belongs with us. I will not watch another of my family hurt by your careless actions!”

At that Charles stepped over to Amy to peer at his granddaughter, he had stated that they were giving Isabel an out, he really wanted to touch his baby girl again… he reached out to stroke her hair, and felt an invisible force propel him forcefully backwards. Landing a good distance across the room. He stood up dazed and shook himself off.

“You will not TOUCH her!” Isabel stated vehemently as Gloria’s tirade continued…

Amy nodded in her limited understanding… handing the wailing child back to her mother as Isabel rushed to grab her.

Alexa’s cry was prolonged and tortured. The paint melting in rivulets down the walls again.

But all of Gloria’s focus was on Isabel, she still didn’t see the activity behind her.

Isabel held Alexa up to her shoulder and rocked with her. “Shh baby…. Shhh… I’m so sorry. I can’t fix this right now… Shhh, it’s going to be ok. Mommy’s got you… Please stop crying…”

“You know what? I need to change MY DAUGHTER. We are leaving the room. If you have a problem with that? Deal! Take a good look around here at the chaos that YOU created… She strode to the bag of baby goods that they had brought earlier and removed an outfit… And with that Isabel escaped to sanctuary of her bedroom.

She blew past Jesse and laid her wailing daughter on the bed. Both of them in need of fresh clothes, and a break in the war… Isabel slammed the door shut with Jesse just watching her… She pulled out the diapers and essentials and quickly removed her daughter of the soaking wet sleeper. Again. A rapid diaper and outfit change, and she pulled the sobbing baby to her breast letting her nurse to soothe her pain. Her own tears falling on the tiny tike as she let her daughter feed, falling asleep from her exertion.

Her little shuddering, gasping sobs, piercing the air in staccato. Melting her mother’s heart. It didn’t change the fact that Alexa was sparking, as they both had done during her birth. Just an alien signal of overload, and Alexa was certainly overloaded. They both were.

Jesse gave Isabel a partially strained smile and closed the door as he entered the living room.

“I hate to do this but you need to get back out there. You need to finish this. And you need to do it now. And by the way, I KNEW you’d make a wonderful mother, that’s why I gave you our daughter. Well that and other reasons, but you need to get out there right now… Now Go!” Alex suddenly reappeared and was giving orders.

Gloria had not stopped, instead she had turned on Jesse, and Isabel could hear agitated voices.

Isabel pulled the whimpering baby from her chest, and wrapped her in a clean soft blanket. Looking around for the most readily available clothing, Isabel donned the used and stained robe from earlier, using a quick pass of her powers to do a version of cleaning it… then she scooped Alexa back into the safely of her arms and headed out into the living room, buoyed by Alex, who was in his own way supporting her.

Isabel walked out to a continuation of the fight, Alexa was still sleeping snuggly in her mother’s arms, but her sparking intensified just stepping into the room. This was seriously affecting her little psyche…

But yet Isabel was using her in a way as a shield, she was her mother’s strength right now and Isabel just didn’t feel she could do battle without holding her daughter. She needed the protection that Alexa provided. Maybe another mother, a better mother, might have left her in the room. But at this moment she wasn’t a “better mother,” she was a harangued and exhausted teen mom on the verge of some form of collapse, but she’d fight to the death…

Jesse had been defending himself she could tell from his stance, and when Gloria saw her step out she headed right back for more, but was blocked by Jesse. He stepped between the two women, and forced Gloria back, getting into her face.

“… That is enough Mrs. Whitman! I have heard enough… that is quite a claim there! Do you have proof to back your allegations or are you merely indulging in character assassination and libel due to a deep seated hatred towards my wife? If you keep up your personal attacks on MY WIFE, I will have no recourse but to call the police and issue a restraining order against you. You are in our home, to see your granddaughter, but if you keep up your defamation of my wife’s character I’ll have no choice but to see this through in court! It is enough to make me think that you were egging Isabel into making an unwise move. You want this baby? A move like that may prejudice the courts against you, when they learn that you were directly insulting and defaming the mother of the child on the day of her birth. There’s the door!” He pointed to the front entrance where Max stood. “See yourselves out! Immediately!”

Isabel had fallen to her knees, cradling her daughter, rocking, every motion would just be construed as one of a crazy person just now. One to another. This Whitman woman was verging on psychotic...

Isabel felt Alex holding her. Rocking with her. She drew strength from his presence. “My God. My mom’s gone crazy. I love her, but this is too far… She’s- gone- too- far! She has to KNOW Isabel. You have to tell her. TELL her the truth. ” He added cryptically.

Isabel laughed slightly hysterically while having a subvocalized conversation with Alex, “Tell her? How about I just show her? She will KNOW! EVERYTHING!”

Charles came over and gathered his wife as they made their way to the front door empty handed. Max opened it wide, glaring at the couple.

As they reached the door, Max stepped away from it, allowing them space to depart. A bolt of bright light aided by wind rushed past them as the door slammed shut of its own volition, the lock clicking, and the door smoldering. “NO!” They heard the young woman shriek. You are not leaving!

They jumped in surprise and fear. Charles turned to his wife, “We need to take what we came here for and get out. It’s getting dangerous!”

“I can’t leave till I know she’s safe…” Gloria turned back into the room, Amy blocked her.

True to the military they once were and the leaders they always would be Max was once again barricading the front door, and Michael was acting as Isabel’s bodyguard. These people would have to go through them and all their alien defenses if they wished to leave the house with their newborn granddaughter. They would not be leaving without the fight they desired. The Whitmans might be prepared for legal battle but were they ready to take on three aliens who would use their powers against them if it came to blows? Were they about to find out?

Charles went near Isabel, the solid wall of Michael stepping sharply in front of him… “You will not touch this baby again.” Michael muttered darkly, "You aren’t leaving with this child, so you might as well just get the hell out now.”

Isabel ordered. “You are not going anywhere. Not until I am done with you!”

The unsecured objects in the room were now airborne, Isabel was pulling herself to her feet, a tight grip holding onto her baby, determination driving her every movement.

Gloria noticed that the air felt suddenly heavy, making it very hard to ambulate while trying to navigate her way into the living room.

“You think you know me? You know absolutely nothing. I loved Alex more than life itself.” Isabel felt his hand interlock in hers as she faced off with his parents on her terms now. “…and when I finally opened my heart, the moment I gave way and let him in. He died.” She was rocking Alexa in one hand. “And it wasn’t an accident. And it wasn’t suicide. He was killed. You – know- nothing…”

In the living room Gloria flinched in fear at the sight before her. Isabel was standing, rocking her child in one arm, the other raised upwards as if petitioning some unseen authority. Her hair was flying about in the wind that was roaring through the room, objects were being pulled into a vortex of power and circling overhead in the semblance of an indoor whirlpool. A serial killer/slasher smile plastered on her face, with wild crazy psychotic eyes to match. “But you will! …”


I did it, I got this part out within a month. I'm sorry, this one was very difficualt to write. it just wouldn't LAND on the right idea.
"An angel in the book of life wrote down my baby's birth. Then whispered as she closed the book "too beautiful for earth". ~author unknown

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Re: New Years Revelation (CC, I, ADULT) Ch 17 4-29-12 pg 9

Post by Mt Gazer » Sun Apr 29, 2012 11:52 pm

To start with it is still APRIL, barely but, it is YAY!!!! I am getting this next part out almost within the month… Sorry BUSY LIFE…

mary-mary/Ginger Yes Gloria Whitman is a nightmare currently but as an author I feel the need to defend even her reprehensible actions. She is a grieving mother of an ONLY child. When he died there was noone to carry on the family name, none of her hopes and dreams would ever be fulfilled. She wasn’t crazy until she saw Isabel if you want to know the truth. Isabel epitomizes and symbolizes everything that has gone wrong lately.

As a mother of an ONLY (yeah I have steps, but the relationship is barely there) I can relate, I would go crazy without my boy too.

I am not sure what she needs right now, but counselling is definitely on the list.

keepsmiling/Carolyn Agreed about Gloria Capital B- itch. You either are part of the problem or the solution, as much as Gloria is a friend to many in that room they are defending Isabel. I’m proud of them. Jesse had to step in, he loves Isabel. He hates seeing her torn to shreds like this.

And Isabel has had enough, and is ready to go to war… what will she do?

maipigen Yep I can imagine you picking up your jaw. This is NOT Shifting’s Gloria. In no way is this SR’s Gloria. You are right to worry. What will they do when they learn EVERYTHING about Isabel… and yet she trusts Alex enough to do it…

I am sorry that Maria is so far not matching your needs, I love Maria, but I keep characters true to themselves and she went through a selfish phase in S-3. She started to count the cost of being with these guys and realized that she had lost much in the process. (Now that could just be the writers didn’t know their characters.. LOL. But I take it and try to make sense of the characters that be, unless they’re so different that there is nothing redeemable… so as an author “making sense of S-3” Maria was in a selfish phase. (and without saying anything else, I have times where I can relate to her in that time a little too well lately.)

I can’t tell you what the time frame of this story is but I know the majority of it is playing out on New Years… (although that day doesn’t feel very New Years-ey or celebratory right now.)

I love your writing and can’t wait for more. I get to reading things as I do, but I try to stay current.

PML/Peter Yep Gloria has blurred the line into oblivion. She is in for a “rude” awakening…
Natalie 36 I am so sorry that you were in tears this last chapter. Isabel sure does need all the support she can get right now. The Whitmans are out to make her life a living hell.

Tharos A bad day indeed. Gloria is about to LEARN…. Something.

cjsl8ne Thank you Cj for the compliments/ There was so much left on the proverbial cutting room floor of that part. I just kept only the things that really met the need. The girls tried so hard to get Mrs Whitman to calm, but to no avail. I sure hope Alex knew what he was doing too, because she trusts him implicitly. But he is requiring her to break all their rules for him… I eagerly await how it shall all be resolved too.

My son had a great birthday. I am on Facebook as Rhonda Renkenberger if any of you wish to friend me. I posted a pix of his Angry Birds cake. LOL I would love to have you there as well, for I drop a note on my wall when I post new parts.

We are still busy, Greece this time. But he got to choose his project and so he is WRITING a play. But truly what else might you expect from the actor that he is. LOL He has to write and perform it. He also has to make mask, for the Greeks didn’t have their faces show in the theatre, they wore masks.

Hopefully I will return soon, but if not this story has a new part. Enjoy if that is possible in this heavy drama….

Disclaimer: I in no way own the rights to Roswell or anything related to it. All rights belong to Jason Katims, 20th Century Fox, Regency Entertainment, Melinda Metz, WB and UPN. No infringement is intended. I am borrowing their awesome characters.

Perhaps in this part and in parts to come I am or will be borrowing some scenes, and I will borrow direct dialog and use altered dialog at times. This is how my stories play.

Title: New Years Revelation
Author: Mt Gazer/Velvet Skye
Category: CC/ AU
Coupling/ Character: Isabel. I/A and I/J
Rating: ADULT (right at the start)
Spoilers: Heart of Mine/ Tale of Two Parties/ Sexual Healing/and other Roswell episodes were borrowed from.

My muse took a dramatic detour and it gave me this. A NEW STORY.

This will be short, I don’t know how many parts but its short. It is not, nor will it become, the behemoth that is my other story. Well that is funny since it grows by each post, but it really wont be as long as SHIFTING will be when SHIFTING is worked on and complete. LOL

As usual I tell Isabel’s story. This is another one entirely.

Summary: Isabel finds herself in pain one day. This is the story that unfolds from that day, and the things she learns along the way.

RECAP: Gloria and Charles Whitman came to meet their new granddaughter. But upon seeing Isabel all Gloria’s pent up pain and anger was loosed and she went on the warpath. They are determined to take and raise Isabel’s baby and to not even give her a chance at motherhood.

Isabel has just declared that they will KNOW everything… and her powers are playing up in the house.

New Years Revelation

Chapter Seventeen


Last Time on New Years Revelation:

“You think you know me? You know absolutely nothing. I loved Alex more than life itself.” Isabel felt his hand interlock in hers as she faced off with his parents on her terms now. “…and when I finally opened my heart, the moment I gave way and let him in. He died.” She was rocking Alexa in one hand. “And it wasn’t an accident. And it wasn’t suicide. He was killed. You – know- nothing…”

In the living room Gloria flinched in fear at the sight before her. Isabel was standing, rocking her child in one arm, the other raised upwards as if petitioning some unseen authority. Her hair was flying about in the wind that was roaring through the room, objects were being pulled into a vortex of power and circling overhead in the semblance of an indoor whirlpool. A serial killer/slasher smile plastered on her face, with wild crazy psychotic eyes to match. “But you will! …”

*** ***
It began softly with the small items stored around the entire apartment beginning to dance and swirl their way through the air. The kitchen cupboards released their contents, the desk drawer that Liz had been forcing closed became a lost battle as it flew open, its contents taking flight. Anything unsecured and of a lighter weight joined the dance. All items were being drawn to the terrifying grin on Isabel’s face, and the vortex swirling overhead.

She uttered, calmly, “You will know the truth, all of it. And may you CHOKE on it!”

The assembled group tried to move, but found themselves transfixed as the room itself seemed to undulate with power pulsating from some unseen force, sucking the oxygen from the atmosphere. The colors on all the walls melted into a psychedelic display akin to an acid –trip as they blended and swirled together. As if all the light was being driven to the one point; all attention of the ensemble riveted on the wild girl and her magnetic gaze, drowning in pools of blackest ebony.

A kaleidoscope of images and corresponding emotions flooded the minds of all present as image by image rushed through them at an alarming pace, each image pertinent to her life or her relationship with Alex, she left out no detail…

A young female child tearing her way through an egg shaped membranous pod. She shivered from the contact with the dank cave air as it enveloped her tiny body, which was covered from head to toe in a thick, sticky, viscous fluid. Her emotions were raw. Discomfort: The sticky substance fell from her body in globs, leaving her exposed. Fear: of the unknown which at this moment was everything. Wonder and bewilderment at the newness of everything. Infantile emotions as she gazed around and saw yet two others emerging from their pods.

Headlights from an oncoming car approaching the small duo. A couple stepped out and wrapped them in something warm.

Being retrieved from an orphanage as a woman in yellow scoops her into her arms and hugs her tightly.

Someone not in the know uttered, “Oh my God!”

The images continued….

A teenaged girl frightened that they would be discovered because Max had just confessed that he had saved Liz Parker’s life.

Isabel in a beautiful red dress meeting Alex at the school for a dance. He was holding her close and speaking gently, “I believe that underneath that beautiful exterior is an even more beautiful interior. But many don’t get to see that interior do they?”

“No they don’t.”

“Because it’s too scary to show who you really are. You can show me.”

She asked in awe, “I can?”

“Yeah.” Their lips almost meet, as she felt confused and safe all at the same time.

She is again in red, pulsing music surrounds them, they are in some dark structure and she holds his hand and tells him that he is different and that’s why she thinks they can trust him…

Her confusion as he runs from her and accuses her of trying to seduce him for information.

Scenes of rejection follow:
Stargazing on the camp-out… “It can’t be a date Alex. It can’t be anything like that.”

“You’re suffocating me…” and as he left she felt hurt at herself for rejecting him, but still didn’t know how to respond to his interests.

On some early Saturday morning, he is standing at his door in his t-shirt and plaid pajama pants, she is in jeans and a blue top. The conversation was strange.

“Ok and kiss me.” She says confidently.

“K-Kiss you?” he asks in confusion.

“My brother is missing maybe we’ll get a flash, generate some information.

“Yes ma’am.”

Their lips meet and happiness permeates. It ends as quickly as it had started…

In the Eraser Room… “The word Glacial comes to mind… how bout romance?”

“How bout right now?” She planted herself on his lips.

“Alex and I are together now.” She adds in confusion as Maria bursts in.

She is agitated and fearful. Alex has just confronted her, offering his support. “Stop it Alex! We’re not talking some troubled teen pregnancy here. We’re talking about Alien babies.”

“Don’t you think I know that? Don’t you think I’ve know that from the start if I decided to go forward with this thing that it might get weird. Whatever is going on you said you wanted a relationship. I know that you meant it. I know that it was real.”

“It was. It was real.” (Was it anymore? Could she trust herself? Could she trust him?)

“I’ll be here when you need me.”

“Isabel! NO!” Max ordered, but was overrun with another flash…

They are lying together on Liz’s bed, he has threaded his hand in hers and promises to keep her safe. To give her something to ground her so that she doesn’t get lost in her mind as Michael did.

She is guarded; her comfortable mien with Alex has been somehow altered. She is insecure, and unsure of her place… She feels a need to separate from him and all his interest. “I can’t be with a guy. Any guy.” And she looks up to meet the eyes of Grant Sorenson.

Alex is stripping, actually removing his shirt and slapping his rear. Isabel has her head thrown back and is laughing like she never has before. Alex is warming his way in again… and it would have worked except…

She learned of her past. She isn’t trustworthy. She got her family killed… she isn’t going to go back to Alex… better to keep him safe.

She’s sitting next to the lifeless body of Grant. Now she knows she can’t involve anyone… she’s dangerous and needs to keep her distance.

She enters a crisis of self…

She throws herself at a guy in Vegas… almost goes to sleep with him. What is she thinking? She knows how dangerous that is… she’s never let anyone that close before and she’d throw it away on some random guy???

She leaves him in the room as she flees and hails the nearest cab. Shocked that she would ever do that. She sneaks up on Alex snapping pictures of Maria singing.

“I uh, I thought you had other plans.” He adds as he looks at her and resumes his picture taking.

“I thought I did too…” She shrugs, “but he went to get ice and I went to get a cab. And so here I am, alone again. God, I must be the biggest freak on the planet.”

“Well I’m sorry. But that’s just not true. When you're ready for it, you'll find someone, and you'll make him the happiest man ever.”

He’s the one isn’t he? Her mind asks herself. As she stares at him… “Would you like to dance?”

“Love to.” He takes her offered hand and heads out on the floor.

“What about you Alex? Anyone special?” She asks as they study in the library, trying to get him to ask her to prom.

“Not right now.” His head remains buried in his book.

“Really?” She had a chance. “Maybe someone special, from your past, who's ready now and before she wasn't.”

“Isabel, it would be my dream to take you to prom.” He looks at her.

She smiled brightly.

“But then we'd wake up the next morning and you'd be onto the next thing and I'd be right back where I was before Sweden. You know, obsessed, pathetic and lovesick. So, I think, amazingly, my answer is no. I'm not going to take you to prom. Okay.”

Isabel wasn’t used to NO. Especially from Alex. She was upset and embarrassed as she sat there alone and he packed up his books and went to class, or wherever he went.

She wanted Alex. Bad. Just like her to want what she couldn’t have. And she’d fight to get him to take her, like she would anything she really wanted. She’d make him cave. She usually gets what she wants…

Isabel in her yellow jacket as she crawled through Alex’s window…

After some conversation, he asks, “So you’re graduating?

“You’re the only person who knows that… what I’m sure of is that I am graduating and this is my last chance to have a prom. EVER!”

The silence was deafening.

She begged, so uncharacteristically, “Alex please don’t make me just sit here.”

“Isabel Evans. Go to the prom with me?”

Relief and elation washed over as she laughed and threw herself into his arms in the biggest hug.

Better be careful, something was definitely starting between them.

Encircled by his arms, the bright glow of love shining from his eyes as she leans in and kisses him amongst the throng of students dancing at prom.

Taking things to new levels, she has succumbed to his advances in both the Eraser Room and his car. Tonight will be the night. He pulls her close, peering into her soul. “Tell me this is real? Tell me this is what you want.”

“Uh-Huh. This is real Alex.” Her hand is unfastening the belt around his waist and pulling his white dress shirt from his pants. “I want you.”

“Because if this is true, I will bed you tonight Isabel.” The lustful way he was watching her was making her swoon. “I will claim you and make you mine forever.” He kisses her lips and then whispers hoarsely into her ear sending a chill down her spine. “I will deflower you.”

She blushes deeply.

“I will make you my wife Isabel Evans.” “ I will make you the mother to my children.”

She whispered, “I love you.”

He carried her in and threw her onto her bed, slowly removing her clothes, and she his. Nervousness but confidence enveloping them.

They got lost in the moment… Sharing with each other their virginity.

They opened themselves to each other, talking of graduating together and being married next summer. Making plans for their future.

And they made hot alien style love into the early morning, falling asleep in each other’s arms.

The rush of love she felt when the phone rang, or she saw him.

Swimming in Alex’s pool as he watches her intently from the side steps.

Isabel swims up to him and plants a wet kiss on his waiting lips. He pulls her flush against him and begins his tender assault on her slippery body.

“We are ummm. Not exactly protected here…” He stammers out as he attempts to withdraw from her depths.

“You’re not going anywhere,” she forced herself to hold on to him. “The humans have birth control. I have my powers… we’re protected, if we want to be.”

The closeness was nearly spiritual however and the mating was driving her to her hidden desires… “I want a baby Alex.” She adds as they are moving as one, her powers making the delicious cool of the pool as if it were a Jacuzzi. Water bubbled and frothed around the lovers, aiding in their movement.

“You can’t be serious,” he laughs.

As they come back from the sexual high she talks to him. “I am serious Alex. I want a baby. I waited so long to finally be ready and I want to have everything with you. I live life fast. I have to, you know that. We don’t know what will happen tomorrow and I just don’t want to wait anymore for anything. Grant died, what if something happens to you?”

He spoke reassuringly. “It won’t Isabel. I’m not going anywhere. I’ve tried to escape you, but I just can’t.” He strokes her wet hair from her face. “We’re bonded now… Will you wait until we graduate? I promise you Isabel, we’ll have a family early. We can get pregnant on our honeymoon, or you can be a pregnant bride. But right now we need to stay safe, get though our Senior Year.”

“I want to be a pregnant bride.” She whispered. Snuggling into the crook of his neck. .

He held her close and whispered, “I’ll make sure you have what you want.”

A male hand is writing in a journal, on the date of May 1. Alex’s voice is speaking… “I thought I’d follow your thoughts of us with my own. Tomorrow night we’ll go to the Crashdown and look at prom pictures. But I wanted you to know that I LOVE YOU as I am lying here in our afterglow. Isabel you make me the happiest man ever. I feel like I could do anything with you by my side. You give my life strength and meaning. You make me ALIVE.”

The same hand and voice, predated to May 5th. “Wear your leather tonight, this is the dress code for our date. And secondly, I want to introduce you to my parents. I’m kind of old-fashioned like that; bring the girl to meet the parents kind of thing. I want them to know the wonderful girl who holds my heart. I want them to love you like I do. We’re going to have such an awesome life Isabel.” Below this the hand sketched a ring. A diamond ring. As he wrote, “I love you forever.” And surrounding the sketch was written in the finest cursive, “Will you marry me?”

“And not come out to play with me?” She flirtily teased.

“I want to, but I can’t…” he hangs up the phone.

“This blows. Even now she is on her BED and she is thinking about me.”

Walking to a front door. Sheriff Valenti’s door, as it was opened by Kyle.

Why was he here again? Who was he? A messenger from another world? He heard odd things coming from out his mouth, NO. No that was not right. He had a headache, had been plagued by one for awhile now. His hand pressed against the throbbing.

No. His name was Alex Whitman, and no he didn’t particularly like Thai food. Where was that thought from?

Tess. This was all Tess’s doing. Her. Fault. He had to talk to her, to break free of the control, of the manipulation… It had to stop. He loved Isabel. But he could not truly be free until he was cut loose from the unnatural hold. He had so much life ahead of him… He stalked up to her in pain, “You did this to me. You sent me to Las Cruces.”

She argued with him. “Okay, Alex, Alex let me fix your mind, you're not thinking straight.”

“No. Get away. You mindwarped me for two months while I decoded that silly book for you and now there's nothing left for you to mindwarp. You destroyed my mind! How could you do this to me?”

Kyle joined the conversation, but it was unknown what he said…

“I have nothing left, I might as well be dead.”

“Just. Calm. Down!!”….she adds in a panic as her hands reach out and … he feels her mental fingers once more kneading and shaping and twisting his mind to believe another reality.

“You can’t mindwarp me. NO!!”…. he screams as he feels the final connections to his soul disconnect from his conscious. He is dying,,, his last thought is Isabel. How he loves her, how he wishes they had time… “Goodbye Isabel… I love you…” and his world went permanently dark.

Jim Valenti steps into the Crashdown with his hat in his hand, “Alex is dead.”

Isabel projected a searing, blinding headache into the connection. As it overwhelmed her, it spread its tendrils along the entire connection and everyone felt the increasing pressure as they all staggered, holding their splitting heads, fighting nausea. Some weeping, some screaming, others doubled over.

One thought echoed pervasively, “He is dead. He is dead… He is….

Max struggled with difficulty to pull from the link… the hold was powerful, but he succeeded. He took stock of the members in the group, the humans were being barraged, and were staggering under the weight of the revelations. They were unable to pull from the scenes…He forced the power displays to quiet and to cease...

Max demanded, “Isabel stop! This is too much. You are hurting them. You have to stop this!!!…”

Michael looked at Isabel who seemed to be almost possessed by the delivery. Her head was tossed back, her eyes tightly closed as if she herself was pulled into her own mind.

Michael added. “Uh Maxwell, she can’t. Look!”

They turned wide eyes to the sight before them… Alexa was firmly ensconced in her arms, held protectively against her mother’s breast. They both were sparking, flickering lines of lightning playing along their nerves, coursing over their skin. She stood there twitching and shaking involuntarily.

For but a brief moment they were all disconnected and the sight before them left them in a state of wonderment and dread.

“Of course the story doesn’t end there… This is but the start.” A familiar voice stated dryly.

And they were pulled back into the recesses of her mind….

"An angel in the book of life wrote down my baby's birth. Then whispered as she closed the book "too beautiful for earth". ~author unknown

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Re: New Years Revelation (CC, I, ADULT) Ch 18 5-19-12 pg 10

Post by Mt Gazer » Sat May 19, 2012 3:41 am

Gloria shall have to wait to determine how she feels about all this, because they are back in Isabel’s mind.

keepsmiling/Carolyn The revelations continue.
Gloria will never be the same again, whatever that means I do not know, but I do know she will NEVER be the same again. And the fact that they are being essentially mind melded is ALL HER FAULT. Iasbel would NOT be sharing this were it not for Alex’s insistence.

Tharos: Gloria is definitely getting a headful. I agree entirely. How shall she react and absorb all the information? Once they find each other it is IMPOSSIBLE to keep them in check. They know that their souls call to each other.

cjsl8ne I will be interesting for certain to see Gloria’s reaction. We shall have to wait a little longer, Isabel is still showing/telling ALL. And Gloria is in over her head, its time she figure that out. I still agree with you and hope that Alex knew what he was doing too. Because now its being done, and this is an unstoppable force.

And wherever my other readers are, I miss you guys, I hope RL is treating you well. I do know that RL gets in the way often enough, I know mine does.

Disclaimer: I in no way own the rights to Roswell or anything related to it. All rights belong to Jason Katims, 20th Century Fox, Regency Entertainment, Melinda Metz, WB and UPN. No infringement is intended. I am borrowing their awesome characters.

Perhaps in this part and in parts to come I am or will be borrowing some scenes, and I will borrow direct dialog and use altered dialog at times. This is how my stories play.

Title: New Years Revelation
Author: Mt Gazer/Velvet Skye
Category: CC/ AU
Coupling/ Character: Isabel. I/A and I/J
Rating: ADULT (right at the start)
Spoilers: Heart of Mine/ Tale of Two Parties/ Its Too Late and Its Too Bad/ Baby Its You, and Departure episodes were borrowed from.

There is a section where I borrowed some dialogue from an uncut episode of Departure, I left a link.

My muse took a dramatic detour and it gave me this. A NEW STORY.

This will be short, I don’t know how many parts but its short. It is not, nor will it become, the behemoth that is my other story. Well that is funny since it grows by each post, but it really wont be as long as SHIFTING will be when SHIFTING is worked on and complete. LOL

As usual I tell Isabel’s story. This is another one entirely.

Summary: Isabel finds herself in pain one day. This is the story that unfolds from that day, and the things she learns along the way.

RECAP: Alex, in ghost form, has insisted that Isabel show his parents everything so that they may learn what he and Isabel meant to each other and why she is so skittish.

New Years Revelation

Chapter Eighteen


Don’t Wait by Addison Road

I just was introduced to this song lately, thank you PML. The flashes are still in play, it takes a while to share a life… This song shall carry over these next two parts. But the lyrics just fit.

They were pulled back into the recesses of her mind.

Isabel’s delicate but trembling hand writes her thoughts, May 2, 2001. “My life just ended tonight! Alex is…” She breaks into sobbing, tears blurring what ink is on the page.

An argument at his wake, the group is divided.

It had been a hard day for them, an incredibly hard day. One that he only wished could have been avoided. His funeral.

His mother had sat and wept throughout, his father was being stoic to keep her together.

And Isabel had been utterly shattered. She had left him a note on his coffin, and since his passing she had been calling to him in her sleep.

Ever since prom night he was now tethered to her soul, a permanent part of Isabel Evans.

He was truly dead now. Buried even. A ghost and not bound by time. His vantage point from the hereafter allowed him to gaze on all he loved, he wasn’t bound to the temporal world anymore. That had its merits he supposed. So he watched and observed as Amy and Michael cared for Maria. As Liz went on the quest to find his killer, as Max started to assert his authority, as Isabel uncharacteristically broke apart and as Tess pretended.

He peeked on his devastated parents as they held each other late that night, his mother was uncontrollably sobbing still and his father was doing his best to comfort her.

Suicide. His death had been called a suicide and his mother was feeling guilty of not having enough time with her son, of missing all the signs.

And while he observed them, he caught sight of a clandestine visitor entering his room. She must have used her powers to bypass the security.

Isabel sneaks in through opened window and goes to the bed.

She starts to pour out her heart. “I need you Alex. I need you. They are calling it a suicide but I know it wasn’t. I know you wouldn’t do that. Not after what we shared. But it doesn’t make any sense. How can you just be gone? This has to be wrong. You’re going to walk in and say it was all a joke, all a joke. We couldn’t have buried YOU today. It has to be an imposter, you know like a clone, or a husk, or something else, and you are being held by our psychotic twins or whisked away to our home world. Anything but this. You just can’t be dead. I won’t believe it.”

Tears pour forth as she lies down in his bed pulling the quilt tightly around herself, imagining she were in his arms again. His bed still smelled like him, the coverings likely hadn’t been laundered yet. And for that she was grateful. Something of him that remained, that was there to comfort her. Flashes of their lovemaking in this very spot play through her mind and emotions as she makes contact with the surface.

“I want you back. I want you Alex.” She sobs. “How am I supposed to get through this without you? You got me through that summer after Peirce took Max… You’re my best friend. And now all I have is memories. Just memories. And it’s not enough. Memories are not enough! I need you. All I know is that I need you. I have no-one anymore. No-one! I need to have something of yours… Please Alex…”

And she falls asleep into another exhausted state, wearing herself out from all the grief.

Alex stands near his parents’ bed, trying to impart any comfort that he can. He watches as his father tries to comfort his grieving mother. He can tell that his father is equally devastated, but is holding himself strong for his mother’s sake. Good old Pops. He always had tried to be strong for her.

And apparently the apple hadn’t fallen far from the tree, for he too had had the undying need to be strong for Isabel in his life.

“Thanks Pops. I trust that you will help her through this. You will keep her sane, and maybe one day will find a measure of happiness again. You have each other. But my Isabel, she has no-one. Her friend is not who she claims to be, she has lost her brother, and Michael has to be there to keep Maria sane. Isabel has never been so alone. And Isabel can’t be alone.”

He still had that unyielding need to comfort and protect her. Even now, even in the beyond.

“I’m sorry Pops, I would stay if I could, but I must go. Her love compels me.”
And his heart followed the trail of grief that was pulling him to her presence.

He stands and listens to her raspy breathing, as she sobs in her sleep. His soul clenching from her pain, he watches her. … “But they aren’t the only ones suffering. Not the only ones bereft. Oh my love, there is so little I can do for you.”

He enters the bed and spoons her from behind, his ethereal arm wrapping around her, “Maybe I can give a little comfort, a little solace.” He aches to truly hold her. “Oh Honey. I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to leave you like this. Check my site. This definitely was not on my to do list. Top Ten things I look forward to after Prom… graduation, sex, and marriage are amongst the list, but apparently in no specific order. Dying however, and leaving you like this… so broken, so alone and empty. No. Not in my plans. Today was to be our first date. And I was so looking forward to seeing the light in your eyes tomorrow morning when you read your journal. I hope I wasn’t being too presumptuous, or corny. I’d have given you a real ring in time, but this was just to let you know that I meant everything I said on Prom night… Cut out the inside and slip it on your finger. It should fit.”

But she can’t feel him touching her, stroking her, and she doesn’t hear him whispering comfort. She remains tightly wrapped in his bedding, shuddering cries breaking the silence. And while his hand travels to her stomach, he feels his energy tugged upon as her soul searches out his via the Bond and claims its connection. She is responding to his presence. A possible game- changer. He pauses in thought. “Maybe there is something I can do. It’s a little unorthodox, but not entirely out of the realm of possibility.”

“I want you to have everything you want. Everything you need. And I so desperately want to make you as happy as you have made me. I know you are hurting right now and its only going to get worse. Its going to be so much worse. You are about to enter the darkest period of your life. But she won’t win Isabel. I can’t let her. Not when I have some say in the matter.”

He peers deep within Isabel, seeing so many different potentials. Could he actually influence this through the bond?

He scans the choices, he sees their son, a perfect Mini-me Alex… and if she weren’t protected, he would likely be the child that they would have conceived already. And he so longed to be that boy’s father. 'I shouldnt be worrying about my needs and desires here. My life is finished. My tale is done. But the story continues, and so I will add a new chapter if able. He continues to examine the choices. A multiple choice test, so many answers, so many that would be good or close, but only one that is correct. And he finds it, an X chromosome, not quite a Mini-me Isabel, but truly if there were two Isabel’s; Heaven help them all. This little angel would be her mother’s strength in the upcoming months.

He whispers tenderly into her soul, “My love, you will need a reason to go on, a reason to hope again. So if our bond is as strong as I believe it is, let me do this one little thing for you. Place your hand on mine and assist me in making magic…”

Isabel’s hand reaches unto her belly and unconsciously joins with his.

And deep inside, her body is responding to their bond as conception takes place on fast forward. He watches and with her assistance manipulates the egg being released and fertilized. The connection remains open as the newly fertilized egg undergoes mitosis and meiosis. Dividing and subdividing. Combining into a mass of cells, becoming the blastocyst. Which was tenderly secured into her uterine wall.

Conception and implantation that would normally have taken place over the course of a little over a week took place in moments.

“Magic.” He whispers into her ear, while stroking her hair. “You are pregnant my love. We’re going to have a baby. Take good care of our daughter.”

And spent, he dissipates from the room, his work momentarily done.

She is pouring over college pamphlets, eagerly looking to get out of Roswell and go to San Francisco in the fall.

Michael comes up and argues with her about her leaving and the reasons they have to stay.

“I just need a change.” She adds in pain.

“Look when Alex died none of us could know how it would effect us. But your running away isn’t going to help you get over it any quicker…. It’s final Isabel…”

“… Tell Max if he has something to say he best do it himself.”

Max finds the time to talk to her, pulls her aside and hands her a college book to Santa Fe State.

“But I don’t want to go there Max.”

“You’ve been indulged in this too long. … You can’t go.”

“I’ve got news for you Little Brother. I am going. I am going to college in San Francisco. Either get on the band wagon or get out of my way.” She storms off and he follows.

He threatens her leaving, he vows to tell their parents she has a drug problem, teachers that she cheats, and then he swears he will drag her back physically if she ever leaves Roswell without his consent. “For the last time, the answer is NO. Period!

“You‘re killing me Max.”

“You let it get this far.”

“Fine. This Isabel Evans is dead.” She crumples up the recommendation letter in her hand as her powers disintegrate it into ashes. “You want to be the leader? See how it works without any followers.” The ashes are shaken to the ground and she glares at her bother in anger as she storms off.

A male student makes a snide comment, “Ooh, Isabel Evans, you are so hot when you're pissed.”

She flicks her hand in his direction and he is hurled across the ground headlong into the bank of lockers. She hears him land. That was weird. Her powers are a bit heightened it seems. Must be all the stress she is under.

She is sarcastically applauding Max and his declaration that he slept with Tess.

“Wow. Congratulations Max, you lost your virginity.” …

“We didn’t plan it alright, it just happened, and I’m feeling a little weird about it, I was just hoping…”

“Well you were wrong. I don't care about your morning after anxieties, or your delicate feelings, because my feelings sure as hell don't matter to you!”

Max is outside fighting the trash cans. She goes up to him and he starts to cry.

“Tess is pregnant. And the baby’s dying because it can’t live in this environment.”

They walk to the park and talk heart to heart. “I am sorry Max; my problems are nothing in comparison to what you’ve been going through. I had no idea what you’ve been going through.”

“No Isabel. Your problems aren’t nothing. They are important. Your life is important. I’m sorry for not realizing that.”

“I wish you had remembered that a few weeks ago, when I had the chance to live my life, to move on. It’s too late now. And Max, I well… I … I can’t seem to keep it together some days but it will pass. I will get over this at some point. But right now we’ll work something out for you and your baby…”

Sitting with her knees pulled to her chest watching Max, and the granolith. She hasn’t any answers, and leaving seems so sudden. Yet Max’s son needs this to live. She watches as he inserts the crystal and the timer starts to click down the final 24 hours.

24 more hours of the only life she’s ever known. 24 hours to say goodbye or not.

“This is happening too fast.”

She is somberly eating dinner while her mother prattles on about the evils of Digital Cable TV, and her dad bemoans the lack of spicy Chinese mustard for his shrimp toast.

She tries to tell them, but she finds herself offering to get the mustard instead. She can’t say, ‘ I’m leaving forever,’ over a plate of Chinese food. Nothing is working right.

In the kitchen she sobs quietly to herself, no one even noticed that she was acting sad. Par for the course she guessed. Ever since Alex died, she hasn’t been herself. Admittedly. So they must be giving her space. How she wished that one of them had sought her out in the kitchen had come to check on her.

She reaches into the drawer and pens a short note.
“I am so sorry that I can’t trust you with all that I have been going through. But I simply couldn’t bring myself to open up to you. I couldn’t risk losing your love. I was so ashamed of who I am, and of who I had been. But now, now my past has caught up with me and there is no hiding it anymore. And so I must go. I must say goodbye to the life I’ve known. I love you and I hate to leave you, but I must leave this world. I wish I could stay, but I just can’t. Goodbye. I will always love you.” ... t-Joan.htm
(Taken from Roswell uncut)

Isabel takes flowers to Alex’s grave, a fresh bouquet of red roses. She has come to talk, to say goodbye, she doesn’t know why she is here but she just needed to talk to him.

“What a waste of time.” He says shaking his head.

She turns and sees Alex.

“If I had to leave Earth in twelve hours the last thing I'd do is visit some dead guy in a graveyard.” He deadpans.

“Shut up!” She smiles sadly. “You are more to me than that and you know it. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. How can I leave now? I haven't even lived yet.”

“Yeah.” He nods, “I know how scary it is to have to leave… leave this world. But as it turns out its not so bad. You are still the same person, your heart is your heart and your soul is your soul. That doesn’t change. Go home Isabel.”

“But where is home? I was a terrible person where I came from, I betrayed my own family. And here, is home here?” She swallows. “What is home anyway? Half of me is from here and the other half is from there. A world that I don’t remember. What makes one part more important than the other?”

“That’s what you’re going to have to figure out.”

“Alex. That night of prom, it was the best night of my life… and I never got to thank you.”

“No need Isabel. And prom was just the start. Those were the best days of my life, and I never got to thank you either. Isabel you made me alive. We bonded and became a part of each other. I will always be a part of you. I will always love you, and I will always be here if you need me.”

He holds out his hand, “A dance my lady.”

She melts into him and dances into the early hours of the morning.

Standing in the granolith chamber, Michael has just decided that he is staying. Isabel is barely hanging on here, but Max had called her his home just a couple hours prior and she truly doesn’t want to harm him again. She owes it to him to go back home with him, in their past life she was the reason he died, not this time. This time she would support him and his unborn son.

Max looked at her and said, “I would understand.”

She shakes her head. Watches Michael for a moment as he makes his way out to the front and her stomach roils. She grabs it and shakes her head again, “I’m sorry Max. I thought I could, but I can’t. This is my home. This is where I belong. I love you and I’m going to miss you so much but, I- I just can’t...” her stomach is flip-flopping. Nerves, stress.

She starts to head out. But Liz rushes in. “Max!” She demands. “Tess killed Alex.”

No. No-no-no-no she can’t have heard that right.

Unconsciously her hand raises against her newfound enemy. She is going to blast her without a care.

Max steps between them. “Isabel stop!”

“Get out of my way Max. She killed Alex.” She orders.

“Max, the clock.” Tess whines. “Our son!”

“Isabel. NO! If you kill her you kill my son.” Max holds his hand back up against her.

“You defended me,” Tess says in awe.

“I defended my son. Never for one second think that I defended YOU! I cannot believe that I ever cared for you…”

“And I can’t believe that I ever called you my friend. You killed MY TRUE FRIEND!!!” Isabel shouts.

“Isabel go!” Max orders, “I will deal with this… Everyone out…”

Michael drags Isabel out by her upraised arm leaving Max and Tess to talk.

Numbness set in. Isabel just didn’t have the resources to deal with any more life-changing events.

TBC… (The flashes continue)
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Re: New Years Revelations (CC, I, ADULT) Ch 19 6-19-12 pg 11

Post by Mt Gazer » Tue Jun 19, 2012 3:04 pm

It has been ONE MONTH Exactly since I last posted a part to this. And this is a special day. It is mine and my husband’s 20 Year Anniversary. The song I choose for this … (yes I am a song person) Still the One by Shania Twain.

But on with the story and the Feedbacks

Tharos: Thanks again for the vote of confidence. All you want is more? It took a month, and school had to get out but… it is time for MORE!!! I’m sure you’ll want more again when this is over… LOL

Craig Beatty WELCOME BACK! I am so pleased to have an old reader return.. Somehow for some of us, Roswell has staying power. We leave and are drawn back or we never fully leave. LOL

The Whitmans, well Gloria in particular, have been handed quite a blow, but she snapped. Just entirely snapped when she saw Isabel. There is yet more of Isabel’s life to learn… Poor girl.

keepsmiling/Carolyn: I hope that this makes sense to you as to WHY Isabel didn’t help search for the truth in Alex’s killing. A very long road indeed has she got. And Departure. Sucked. Big time.

This part follows that….

cjsl8ne: Good to see you again. We’re still sharing flashes… Isabel is telling ALL. She really is living by the throw of the dice… But she is unable to stop the perpetual motion now.

PML/Peter: And so it goes… Round three. More flashes. What else is there to learn? Oh plenty. And yes, Isabel never opens up this much, so I too wonder what the others must be thinking. For some it confirms a suspicion most likely, for others it is a total shock, and for Gloria? We’ll just have to sort that out won’t we?

**** ****

Disclaimer: I in no way own the rights to Roswell or anything related to it. All rights belong to Jason Katims, 20th Century Fox, Regency Entertainment, Melinda Metz, WB and UPN. No infringement is intended. I am borrowing their awesome characters.

Perhaps in this part and in parts to come I am or will be borrowing some scenes, and I will borrow direct dialog and use altered dialog at times. This is how my stories play.

Title: New Years Revelation
Author: Mt Gazer/Velvet Skye
Category: CC/ AU
Coupling/ Character: Isabel. I/A and I/J
Rating: ADULT (right at the start)
Spoilers: Heart of Mine/ Tale of Two Parties – From which this story was birthed.

I have used bits, pieces, some scenes, or dialogs from any of the first epis of S-3… Busted/Michael, The Guys, and the Great Snapple Caper/Significant Others/Secrets and Lies/Control/To Have and Hold/ and Interruptus. For this part.

My muse took a dramatic detour and it gave me this. A NEW STORY.

This will be short, I don’t know how many parts but its short. It is not, nor will it become, the behemoth that is my other story.

As usual I tell Isabel’s story. This is another one entirely.

summary: Isabel finds herself in pain one day. This is the story that unfolds from that day, and the things she learns along the way.

RECAP: Alex, in ghost form, has insisted that Isabel show his parents everything so that they may learn what he and Isabel meant to each other and why she is so skittish. In the last part the flashes dealt with his death, their daughter’s slightly unconventional conception, and went all the way to Departure.

This is the last round of flashes. But there are some pieces of the story yet unheard or unseen and so she is still spilling all.

New Years Revelation

Chapter Nineteen


Don’t Wait by Addison Road The same song from last time,,, once more.

Chapter 19

It was a few days later than their supposed departure from this world. Liz had been right an Alien did kill Alex. Not just any alien but Tess. She was one of the inner circle, she was part of the gang. Betrayal and murder, what more did she expect? It was her alter-ego Vilandra in the former life, now it was Tess in this one. Noone really knew what had happened then, but the Antarians sure seemed to be a messed up sort of “people.” Why trust any of them to be the saviors of another world.

She was again at the graveyard. This seemed to be where she hung out lately, her parents were likely getting very concerned but she couldn’t make herself care. She never smiled anymore, nothing gave her any pleasure. She was drowning in an endless sea of thoughts and emotions with no way to voice any of them. She was in more pain than could be imagined.

She could have helped Liz, could have helped her to find Alex’s killer. Which could have played out with her being mindwarped as well and the killer remaining on the loose of course.

Tess must not have expected Liz to actually figure out that it was her before they left, but it finally made sense why everything had happened so fast after Alex died. Tess was covering her tracks and implementing “Destiny” all at once… And if it hadn’t been for Michael choosing to stay, no Czechoslovakian would have known. Tess almost got away with Murder.

And all she, Isabel, had done was run. Tried to get away from the suffocation of the small town and the worried eyes as people watched her.

She didn’t work with Liz although she could have, and now she realized maybe she should have, but… Truth be told, she couldn’t, because Liz’s declaration that Alex was killed by an alien implicated them. All of them. And she knew that the original reason that the mindwarping had begun was her fault. She had left him, for her own preservation and sanity of course, but left him exposed nonetheless. She was guilty for something she HAD done in this life. Something that had again led to the death of someone close. She was cursed.

And when he died, her world caved in on top of her. Everything she had been in the former life weighed heavily upon her, the need to run overshadowing any semblance of rationality. And so she made plans to leave in June, to go to California and to start a new life away from EVERYONE.

Until Max forbid it. She tried to make him see reason, she tried to use her mother to make him understand... But the answer was final. King Max had decreed it. She could not leave. And right behind that he got Tess pregnant. She was trying to be supportive to her brother in such a difficult time, but her heart ached all the more. She so wished that it had been her that was pregnant instead. She actually loved Alex. And she so wanted to have any part of him with her.

Instead she faced the ultimate karma, her cycle hit right after his funeral. It was a bit earlier, shorter, and lighter. But still it came. And now it was with the forced acceptance that she was stuck here, and the forced acceptance that Alex had been killed, the stress made her cycle crazy again. She just added mourning the children that would never be, with mourning the love that was lost.

And Max had said that it was planned by Tess to become pregnant and deliver them all to Khivar for execution. Tess had twisted his mind until he slept with her. It was all a ploy to lure them to their deaths. What a welcomed concept. Death. Sweet oblivion. Alex would be waiting for her right?

And it was with her mind swimming in these dangerous waters that she started to pour out her heart to Alex...

“Well. I figured out what part was more important. I belong here. … I wanted to go home for Max, but at the last second I just couldn’t. I needed to be here, more.”

“But then we find out that we would have been killed when we got there, there was some twisted deal made with Kivar over 40 years ago that we would be turned over for execution. I’m too young to be dust. I haven’t lived yet… But I don’t know how to. Max took away my chance to go to college and I have no other plans. Alex. God my heart breaks when I think of you and what she did to you. It’s my fault. I don’t want to be dust but I don’t want to be here either.” She cried.

“I don’t know what I want. I’m so conflicted right now. I want you back. Or I want your baby, or some reason to make it through all this because I’m not making it very well. I am letting everyone down,.. And I know it. I just can’t help it right now. I wanna be with you Alex. I wanna feel your hands on me again. I need to be with you. I’ve never been so alone. I have a confession, I took a pregnancy test today, you know just hoping… but it’s negative. I don’t have anything of you left. I don’t have anything and I don’t have anyone. No one would miss me…”

He countered, “That’s not true Isabel. And I never want to hear you talking crap like this again. You have your entire life ahead of you. You’re going to make an impact Isabel. You do make an impact… You don’t want to be here, trust me. To never feel the touch of your woman again. To never crack another joke. To never know the love of parents. To never grow or experience another milestone… This is utter loneliness Isabel. And I don’t want you here. I forbid you from coming. You have your family. And they would be devastated if you left them. I still don’t know how my mother is going to survive this… If she knew the truth it might make things a bit easier, but then on the other hand she might just blame you for my death. She’s just got to make it through in her own way as you do in yours. But this. This isn’t working anymore. You can’t give up Isabel, you just can’t. You have too much to live for, to look forward to. You have to live. For ME, since I lost the chance. Promise me this is the last time I have to have this discussion with you. Because right now with the way you are talking, and with the note your mother is holding, you are going to counseling this summer... Unavoidable.”


“Unavoidable.” He adds. “Your parents will want to keep a watchful eye on you, because they LOVE you, and they aren’t ready to lose you. Take classes at the community college while you wait for everyone else to graduate. And forget US my love. Those last few stolen days? You need to just let them go.”

“No Alex… I can’t. If I don’t have them, than what do I have?”

“You have our friendship Isabel. Remember me for what I always was to you, your support, your confidante and your security. Remember me as your friend Isabel, not as your lover. Because I am holding you back. You must move on. And if I keep coming to you like this you won’t. You must forget me. Drink deeply from the waters of the Lethe. And with memories no longer haunting you, anchoring you to them, you will be able to move on and find someone who can be what you need, who can give you what I no longer can. You will always be a part of me, just as I am part of you. Don’t worry, I will always be here, watching over you and loving you. And when you truly need me I will be there. But for now… My Love, I will ask you for this final dance.”

She clings to him as they dance tears pouring down her cheeks. “No Alex. Don’t say goodbye… I’m not ready. Don’t go… please. Don’t go. I need you still.”

“I’m already gone Isabel.”

She pulls his quilt from her bag and smoothes it over the grassy area, and lays down in his spot. “It’s so cold. I don’t know how you can stand it here. I’m just going to stay here tonight, with you. So you aren’t so alone anymore.”

He smoothes her hair as she sleeps. “I wish there was another way Isabel. But I know you, you’ll blame yourself. You’ll never be able to let go that I died after you let me in. It was all I wanted and you finally relented. You chased me. Who would’ve thought? And it was good, so good for both of us. But now you’re broken. I hate seeing you like this. You need to forget for now. But someday, someday you’ll have to remember. Your heart will remember. And then you’ll know what I meant to you. And it will be time to deal with it. Until then, sweet forgetfulness. Goodbye my love.” He leans down and gives her a ghostly kiss.

The next morning she wakes up and realizes that in the course of the night he truly left her… She makes up the plot and covers it over with the quilt from his room that she took with her when she slept in his bed the night of his funeral. She tucks it in around the headstone, (like covering a sleeping person) leaving it there to keep him warm. She uses her powers to refresh the roses and not caring about her appearance or much of anything else heads home.

She comes in the door a disheveled mess, her mother is waiting for her. She engulfs her in a hug. “Where were you last night? I was worried sick. I found this note,” she waves a piece of paper around. “and then you were gone and I was afraid I’d never see you again.”

“I was saying goodbye to Alex.” She mumbles unemotionally.

Diane grabs her hands and turns her wrists over, rubbing her thumbs over them. She examines her face closely, “You look utterly exhausted.” Feeling her skin with the back of her fingers. “You’re so cold.” Holding Isabel’s jaw in her hand and turning her face. Squinting at her cheek. Worried question creasing her brow. “Did you sleep there?”

Isabel nods.

“No more Isabel. You can’t do this. You can’t go sleep in graveyards. You can’t leave suicide notes in your pockets… God. I’m so happy that you are alright. I was so, so worried.”

Isabel blinks.

“Who was Alex to you Isabel? I think I deserve to know the truth. … This note?” Tears are trickling down her face. ... She is clutching the departure note in her hand; she had read it all wrong.

“It was just a thought that passed through my head and I let it pass.” Isabel says flatly. She blinks some more, as she wraps her arms around her mother. “Alex was my b-…” She swallows the truth, burying it deep inside as Alex has asked. As her lips quiver she cries. “My best friend died mom.”

Staring at a counselor, who has asked her something… “My best friend died.”

Dragged to her parents BORING picnic to make her useful. They had her help with the party plans, to involve her in life, to give her something to do. They were keeping a watchful eye on her alright…

And then as she was making sure the red foods were staying separate from the white foods, to keep the red, white, and blue theme prominent, she runs into a tall dark haired gentleman. And something goes off.

She hurries around making sure the picnic is flowing while the gentleman keeps watching her. She steps up to him. They exchange names and then pleasantries for a couple of minutes and then she asks, “Want to go somewhere?”


“You know to talk or something? It’s too chaotic out here…”

“Sure, let me show you my office…” He leads her away from the crowd. And onto the second floor of the law firm, opening the door for her he issues her into the room.

“You wanted to talk or something?” he asks a bit nervously.

“Something,” she whispers as she plants her lips on his. Her hands holding the side of his head.

Instant chemistry. Fireworks!

His tongue invades her mouth, joining the kiss.

Her hands weave through his dark locks, as he feels her body. Her hands join. They start to undress each other, caressing the areas of exposed skin on their torsos…

He pushes her back onto his desk, feeling her shapely body, making her tingle.

They make-out. A solid second base and sliding into a stolen third. But she comes to her senses. Too fast. Much too fast. What the hell is she doing? And she shoves him away.

“What is it?” he asks.

She’s struggling to get her clothes resituated… “I’m not in the habit of making out with totally random strangers. I’m sorry. I have no idea what just came over me… but I, I’ve gotta go.”

He grabs her hand, “I’d like to get to know you more. When can I see you again?”

“You can’t. It can’t be a date; it can’t be anything like that… I assure you, this was a one time thing. So just let me go and we’ll go our separate ways and pretend like this never happened.”

She is buying a single movie ticket and meeting Mr. Ramirez in the balcony.

Kissing him in the convenience store,

“We need to ease them into the idea of it over a decade or two.”

“Isabel you are 18. You’re an adult.”

“My parents can barely get used to the idea of me dating high-school guys. You’re a 26 year old layer who works for my dad and I’m barely legal…”

Kyle is eating at the Crashdown, Isabel comes in to talk to him. “You’re probably wondering about what you saw at the convenience store? … His name is Jesse Ramirez and he’s my boyfriend.”

“Have you...Told Jesse about your secret identity?”

“No. Max and Michael would never agree to letting anybody else in on the secret. I guess the truth of the matter is I sort of love Jesse not knowing. It's kind of ...Like we're this normal couple.”

“… Good for you Isabel. Everyone has someone, and you never really had that so good for you.”

At his comment her stomach felt oddly strange. But she shrugged it off and said, “Yeah. Thanks, Kyle.”

She is looking in a window after having dreamwalked Jesse the night before. He appears behind her. “I go away for a couple of days and you are looking at wedding rings.”

She turns and hugs him. “Alex… Where have you been? I’ve missed you.”

“If only you loved me this much when I was alive.”


“Kidding. Just kidding.”

They walk along and keep talking.

“You’ve only known this guy a couple months Isabel.”

“I can’t talk to you about guys.”

“I’m dead. Beyond getting jealous.”

“Right, well see I’ve never felt like this before. This is the first time I can see being with someone for the rest of my life.”

“Ow! That stings a little bit.” (Thinking to himself- This is what I get for telling her to forget, she did.)

Isabel is breaking up with Jesse. She wants to be with him but, its getting too close and she’s afraid of being found out or of loving him and losing him. It’s her track record she fears and she doesn’t want it to happen again. “If you stay here, you're throwing your future away, because we don't have a future.”

“I love you, Isabel.”

“You can't. So don’t. Just don't. Alright.”

She is waiting on Kyle’s porch, hasn’t got the nerve to ring the bell or knock and she just stands there crying. Crying. What the hell is wrong with her anyways.

He is startled, but after some lighthearted teasing he invites her in. “What happened?”

“I broke up with Jesse.”


“Because there's no way. I can’t. I can't drag him into this. I can’t.”

“What are you afraid of? What do you think's gonna happen? He's gonna run away?
Has anyone you've shared this with ever run away from you? Name one person, Isabel. Let him in. Let him deal with it.”

“I can’t. Max and Michael and I, after Alex died, we made a pact to never let anyone else in, ever.”

“Just talk to them. I'm sure they'll understand.”

She laughs mockingly. “Yeah, right.”

“Can you guys listen to me for a second?” She grabs their foosball and demands attention. “There’s someone I want to tell about us…. You know Jesse Ramirez? ...”

“Why do you want to tell him?” Max asks.

“Because we’ve gotten close.”

“Close? Meaning that you and he are uh,”

“Involved. Yes.”

“Are you pregnant?” Michael asks forcefully.

“No.” she states in an insulted manner. She suddenly feels a shift inside, as if something familiar, a piece of her soul, had suddenly disappeared. A strange sense of anxiety fell with the question.

Max is ready to check her over. “I mean after Tess you’d think that you’d learned something. You have been acting weird for a little while. Should I scan you just to make sure?” She glares at his intrusive nature.

“Yeah he’s right. This could be a bad situation Isabel…” Michael interrupted.

“No.” She waves off Max’s hand. “Look! We haven't even slept together.” The familiarity resumed. She felt at peace again. “I DO pay attention to what’s happening in our little corner of the universe.”

“Has he seen you use your powers?”

“Of course NOT.”

“Than what are we having this discussion for. I see no reason to involve him. Congrats on the boyfriend. Lie about the alien thing.”

“Why do you need to tell him?” Max asks.

“I don't need to. I want to. I don’t want to hide anymore. He’s gonna leave, Max. If I’m not honest with him, he's gonna leave.”

“That might be for the best. Think about Jesse, Isabel. We agreed not to tell anyone else after Alex died because we didn't want to put anyone else at risk.”

Sadness fills her at the mention of her lost friend. Her stomach quivers and she nervously rests her hand on it while the conversation continues.

“Remember Alex, Isabel.”

“That was a tragedy Max. And I DO miss him. Every. Single. Day. But I need someone too. You have Liz. Michael has Maria. I need Jesse. This is the first time I’ve ever felt like this. I'm in love with him, and if I lose this, lose him, I don't know what the hell I’m doing here on earth anymore. This is the first time I’ve had someone.”

He looks at her intently. “The second you tell Jesse, his life changes... Forever. He becomes a part of a secret he didn't ask to be part of. You can't tell him, Isabel. For his sake.”

She is fixing her make-up in a bathroom mirror. Alex is standing behind her and she is talking to him… “He's gonna tell me either I'm with him forever or he's leaving forever.”

“And how will you answer?” Alex questions.

“I don’t have an answer. I don't want to ruin his life.”

“You didn't ruin my life, Isabel. You made me alive.”

“I also killed you.”

“No. You didn't. You didn't kill me, Isabel, and you didn't kill Grant either. We were victims of circumstance. That's all. And you need to forgive yourself.”

“I can’t.”

“Well, I forgive you, and since I'm part of you, you just did.”

Jesse is now the one seemingly breaking up. But Isabel pulls a ring from the jacket pocket. They discuss things…

“Ok. We both came here to lay our cards on the table, right?”

She nods.

“You were right... About 99% of what you said before when you broke up with me, and it's true. I stayed here the last few months to be with you. But there's one thing that you didn't get right. And that's the fact that I would gladly live anywhere and do anything if it meant being with you. Isabel, I've never met anyone like you before, and I've never felt this way about anyone. And so, God, help me, but here goes, Isabel Evans... Will you marry me?”

“Jesse, I-- I can’t. I really, really want to. I really want to, but I can’t.”

“Oh.” Jesse walks dejectedly outside and she watches him go. Her heart is torn.

Alex is sitting next to her. “Go--go to him.”

“I can’t.”

“Isabel, will you look at what you're doing to your life? You're stopping it. You're killing it. You're--you're sitting at a table with no one. I'm not really here. You need to move on. You need to move past me, and you need to start now.”

“I do want to marry you. So, if you don't take it too personally that I just forced you to propose and then said no, I want to marry you because I have never loved anyone the way I love you, because I'm young, and because you don't know everything about me, but you will...eventually- Jesse will you just say something here?”

“I have only one thing to say which is, just this once, am I allowed to kiss you in public?”

“Please do.”

They kiss but she is watching over his shoulder. Watching Alex.

“I love you, Isabel.” Jesse adds as he holds her tightly.

She watches Alex smile softly and wave. She has a sense that he had done his job, and she has his blessing. When he fades from view, she answers Jesse, her whole focus entirely on him now. “I love you, too, Jesse.”

Things are strained between her and her brothers and parents. No one is happy for her upcoming wedding. She and her mother have shared other arguments…

She comes in the house to talk to her mother.

“I just thought you’d like to know, a spot opened up at Summerhaven park. Jesse and I are getting married there in 2 weeks.”

“So you have listened to nothing I said Isabel. I said to slow things down, to think about what you are doing, to date him and get to know him, but instead you decide to get married. Now. You need to be honest with yourself, or you will never be able to be honest with Jesse. He’s not Alex, Isabel.”

“I know that.” Pain at the mention of Alex fills her once again. She just wants to get past this endless heartache. She looks to the side, staring at the floor. She just wants to be happy again.

“Do you, really? I do know that every time he is mentioned, your face falls. You become sad. You’re doing it again right now.” Diane turns her downcast face to look at her closely. “There is something there Isabel.”

Isabel stares at her mom, her hand on her stomach. “He was my friend alright? Nothing else. Maybe I would have liked more but that doesn’t matter anymore. He’s gone.”

“Tell that to your counselor. Tell them how you feel. Tell them what you’re thinking… But No! You don’t talk to anyone. What is happening to our family? Max is off doing God knows what, dragging that poor Parker girl along and you are rushing into a marriage. Not even a relationship with the next guy, which would be bad enough. But a marriage Isabel. You are not ready for this. Why won’t you talk to anyone? Why? What are you so afraid of Honey? Why are you in such a hurry to get married?”

“Because I love him. Because I need him. I need him, Mom. He makes me happy. I would think you would want me to be happy.”

“I do Isabel. But not like this. I need to show you something.” She closes the dishwasher and pulls her daughter to the living room and opens up the photo album. She slips a picture from the page and places it in Isabel’s palm. It is from prom with all the friends together. Alex’s arms are wrapped tightly around her and she is smiling brightly. “I want to see you THIS happy again.” Diane taps the image. She places the next photo, the requisite couple shot in Isabel’s hands. “It is such a rarity to see you like this. And I don’t know or claim to know what your relationship with Alex was but take a good look at these pictures Isabel. There is something here. Something you have to deal with first before you are even ready for another guy.”

“I have this with Jesse,” Isabel argues.

Diane walks in with her own wedding dress and offers it to Isabel.

Her honeymoon is nothing but interrupted. Her Lover from her former is life is there to reclaim her. Her brothers arrive to protect her and to stop him.

“We saw you, by the Gazebo.”

“Why is this happening to me?!” She rakes her fingers fearfully though her hair. “Ooohh I’m married! I love Jesse. I love Him. But I love Kivar.”

“No, No you don’t.” Max assures her.

“Vilandra does. She wants control. She wants to go back.”

“She’s gone.”

“She’s not! I wish she was. I hate her, I hate what she did. But she’s not gone. She’s still inside of me. Max.”

Flash A: [These are all happening simultaneously of each other]:
She can feel the presence filling her mother’s mind. It was a part of her mother she knew this, she could always feel it on the edges... but her mother was fighting it.

A plan is made to exorcise Khivar from Denny Ridgely at dawn. Isabel is wearing the most uncharacteristic dress, something that she would never choose and yet…

“What’s wrong? Tell me.” Kivar asks.

“Max and Michael are here. They are going to kill you.”

“Where?” He asks.

Flash A:
That presence, which had always been a part of her mother, was no longer lurking in the corners but was in possession of her mother’s mind. She knew she had imbibed a bit of its alien nature herself. She couldn’t help it, she was linked to her mother’s soul, and this entity was too.

Vilandra uses her powers and obliterates their hiding place of a rock wall.

“No more troubles ok? I promise.” Kivar states after he sends Max and Michael flying backwards. “You ready?”

“Yes.” she adds as she holds the side of his head and engages in a full on heated kiss. They walk to the woods where he opens the portal for return.

Flash A:
‘No Mama.’ This man was dangerous. Her mother had known him once and he was going to take her back, back to the alien world. She fights hard to delay her mother, who doesn’t seem to know she exists…

‘No Mama. He’ll hurt you.’

Her mother keeps walking away with the dangerous man.

‘Wake up Mama. Your old self is going to kill you.’ She moved around inside of her mother frantically. She had to get her back.

“Let’s go home.” Kivar holds her hand and walks to the portal.

Jesse comes up from behind and punches him. “What is this?” He insists.

“You have to go.” Vilandra states.

Flash A:
‘You can’t go. She’ll kill you. And me. And we’ll be gone. We’ll die Mama. Please wake up…’

Jesse tries to connect to the inner part, the part called Isabel. “… Isabel … I love you! Please talk to me…”

She blinks… she is starting to register. But she still walks with Kivar to the portal. “If we’re going to go, we have to go now.” She adds.

Flash A:
‘No Mama… Don’t go. Wake up! Wake up! NOW!’ She kicks her mother inside as hard as she can manage.

“Isabel NOOO!” Max screams.

“You come back. I’ll kill you myself.” Isabel says as she comes back to herself and forces Kivar into his wormhole.

Flash A:
She curls up inside and rests from her ordeal. She has saved her mother, again. Daddy gave her to her mother to save her life. And keeping her protected is hard work.

Flashes of today…
Isabel wakes up to the annoying whir of the VCR, in serious back pain.

Liz asks, “Is there any chance you might be pregnant Isabel? Unprotected sex anywhere along the way? Tall, dark, and handsome perhaps?” She continues, “… Something happened on prom night didn’t it?”

A sudden gush of warm liquid breaks between her thighs. She stands there in shock, almost trancelike in disbelief that this was actually happening to her.

Liz grabs her face and stares into her eyes with sheer force. “Wake Up! It was eight months ago Isabel! You are having- Alex’s- baby!”

Alex is on top of her and inside of her, they are writhing to a delicious rhythm… In ecstatic bliss she screams as waves of orgasmic energy overtake her.

She is running away from the Coroner’s van, when she is far enough away, she screams in desolation of Soul. Max had Alex’s blood smeared across his palms. She can’t shake that image.

Shaking she sits on a deserted park bench away from everyone. Her mind plays both, her bliss and her bereavement as one image as she mourns her lost love.

She is in the deep throes of contractions and impending delivery…

“I can’t do this alone. I need Alex.” she sobs incoherently.

“It’s why I gave you our baby in the first place, to give you a reason to live, you were so broken my love. ... But until you went into labor today, I thought you’d lost her Isabel…” Alex is emotional.

“…And so I told you to marry Jesse, because he did make you happy. Because you NEEDED someone.” Alex states. “And I couldn’t be the one; I couldn’t be there for you anymore…”

He places her hands on her stomach under his and let her feel as her body tightens and releases, lets her feel the contractions,,, as he coaches her.

“I miss you.” She cries out to him... as another contraction hits.

The flashes stopped with the memory of Alexa’s birth from just a few hours prior... It was unmistakable that Isabel and Alex had loved each other deeply. Sounds of sobbing punctuated the stillness of the air. The members of the group were all in various forms of processing what had just occurred.

Although Isabel had poured out her entire life, not all saw the same things… the human mind just can’t absorb that much information at one time. Everyone learned things that they hadn’t known before, and was somehow pertinent to their individual understanding…

Jesse was staggering, having trouble finding his footing. He’d felt everything she had felt for her first love, and everything in return that this Alex had felt towards her. He’d seen it all just now, dragged as an unwilling participant through their trysts… But one thing Jesse knew was that he had NEVER had the same experiences. If he was right, she had tried to turn off as much of her Alien nature as she knew how. Alien nature. Yeah he had just learned of that as well. But this Alex had known all of it, had experienced it… had made impossible love, alien style, on more than one occasion… And this Alex was where her heart still lay.

He never had told her, but some nights after she was deeply asleep she would dream of Alex for she would call his name… Jesse no longer was sure quite where he fell in this scenario. He still loved Isabel though.

The room entered a sudden deafening silence, punctuated only by sobbing.

“Tir-ed. So, soo tir-e…” Isabel mumbled, her voice dropping to a whisper…

They heard the sound of bodies slumping to the ground. First one and then seconds later, another...

"An angel in the book of life wrote down my baby's birth. Then whispered as she closed the book "too beautiful for earth". ~author unknown

Karar Renkenberger
1 lb. 2 oz.
"Too beautiful for earth."