Sixteen and Pregnant (AU,M/L,TEEN) Part 5 - 6/27/14 [WIP]

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Sixteen and Pregnant (AU,M/L,TEEN) Part 5 - 6/27/14 [WIP]

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Title:Sixteen and Pregnant
Author : Destinydreamer
Summary: Liz has to deal with trials of being sixteen and pregnant.
rating : teen
couples: ML
Part One
I didn’t really think this kind of thing would happen to me. I didn’t think I would even a percentage of girls who would be dropping out of high school because they were sixteen and pregnant. Now, here I am; boy have I lowered my standards. I should be the next teen mom on MTV. God…being a mom at sixteen; never in my wildest dreams would I think I’d be doing this. I’m so scared I can’t even think straight. My parents are very disappointed in me. I can see it every time they look at me. My father won’t even speak to me. He has my mom speak for him if he needs to talk to me. Maria has really been the only one there for me. My mom sets up the doctor’s appointments for me because I’m still on her insurance and Maria takes me to the appointments. I’m waiting for the day my parents tell me to leave the house and go live with my baby’s daddy.

My baby’s daddy is a whole other issue. Once I told him I was pregnant, he hasn’t really talked to me since. He just ignores me and won’t even look at me or even give me the time of day. I’m beginning to think having this baby is a big mistake. Maybe I should just give it up for adoption. So many decisions and I have no clue how to make one of them. My life is falling apart right in front of me. I wasn’t even paying attention to what I was doing right then and bumped right into someone. My books went flying out of my arms and onto the floor. “Oh, God, I’m so sorry,” I said as I reached down to pick everything up.

“It’s…okay. Don’t, I can see you’re in fragile shape there,” the voice said and I looked at him curiously and then at my protruding belly.

“Oh. Yeah,” I said, straightening myself up.

“I’m Max Evans. I just moved here,” he said, handing me my books.

“Hi, I’m Liz Parker,” I said before we shook hands.

“Short for Elizabeth?” Max asked.

“Yes. But I prefer Liz,” I replied honestly.

“So when are you due?” he asks looking at my belly.

“October,” I said.

“Wow. Halloween baby,” he said. I laughed. Wow. That’s the first time I’ve laughed in months.

“We’ll see,” I said and just seconds later the bell rang, signaling that classes were beginning.

“Well, I better find my first class. It was nice meeting you,” he said with a wave as he headed on down the hall.

I waddled along down the hall and hoping that I made it to class on time. I don’t know how much longer I can take going to school. It’s getting harder to and harder on me as I get closer to my due date. I entered my class and of course people have to look at me because I’m basically the only pregnant girl in the entire school population. “I heard that the baby’s daddy won’t have anything to with her,” I heard Tess Harding whisper to Pam Troy.

“Well, I heard she doesn’t even know who the daddy is. What a whore,” Pam said and they both laughed.

Out of nowhere, Maria stepped up and sat down between Pam and Tess. “Oh! Are we gossiping? I love good gossip! Oh! You will never believe what I heard about your boyfriend, Pam. I heard he has been doing a little something, something in the eraser room and it obviously isn’t with you, Pam. And, Tess…oh, Tess; you won’t believe what I’ve heard about you. I can’t believe you would do that to your own best friend behind her back! Gee, what kind of a friend are you? And, of all places, you did it in the eraser room? Wow! Who’s the whore now?” They both looked at Maria once she was finished and then Pam looked at Tess now unsure what to believe. She then rolled her eyes at Tess and turned around in her seat and faced the front of the class.

“Thank you,” I said softly to Maria.

“Anytime, girlfriend,” she replied as she took her regular seat.

At lunchtime, I didn’t want to deal with the stares from all the other students, so I decided to sit outside. Maria tracked me down easily and with her was the new guy, Max Evans. “Hey, Liz, this is…” she started to say but I finished the sentence for her.

“Max. We met,” I said with a smile.

“Oh. Cool,” Maria said as Max sat down across from me at the table.

“Yeah. We bumped into each other in the hall before classes,” he said, still looking at me. He was practically staring at me and it was starting to make me feel uncomfortable.

“So, um, Max, tell me…where are you from? And what brings you to lovely Roswell, New Mexico?” Maria asked.

“Well, I’m from California originally. I came here because my mother thought it was time for a change so she upped and moved us here. She is trying to start her own business,” Max replied. I looked up at him. California? Wow, I would have never thought that was where he was from in a million years.

“Oh. That’s cool. Liz’s parents own their café and we should take you there sometime. So it’s just you and your mom?” Maria continued. She liked asking all the personal questions.

“Yeah. My parents are separated and my dad moved to New York to run his law firm. I don’t really speak to him much,” he replied, hanging his head. The way he talked and looked, there obviously was more to his story than what he was telling us. Maybe he is hiding skeletons in his closet.

“Do you have any brothers or sisters?” Maria asked.

“I have one sister and she just started here with me. Her name is Isabel and she is a senior. She is finishing up her senior year here,” he replied.

“Cool,” Maria said as she took a dip out of her yogurt. I dipped my French fries in ketchup and stuffed them in my mouth but I missed my mouth completely and the French fries landed all down the front of me.

“Nice,” I muttered to myself. Max handed me a napkin.

“Eating for two isn’t easy,” he said as he took a bite of his sandwich.

“Yeah, I know. Don’t remind me,” I said, trying to wipe myself up.

“So has the baby’s daddy said anything to you?” Maria asked, turning her attention to me.

I sighed heavily. “Maria…at this point I could care less. It’s obvious he doesn’t want to be around so he has made his decision,” I said, taking a sip of my apple juice.

“Yeah. That he has, and the decision to run. I heard that the asshole is leaving town. His parents are sending him to some kind of boarding school out of state. He has been telling everyone that he isn’t the father,” Maria said. God! This day just keeps getting better and better now, doesn’t it? Suddenly I didn’t feel like eating. I pushed my food away and quickly stood up and stomped off. “Liz!” Maria was trying to run after me. But I needed some space and I needed to be alone. What am I going to do now? I can’t take care of this baby, alone and by myself. God, if running away was so easy, why didn’t I think of that? I went into the bathroom and found an empty stall and sat on the toilet and just cried. I settled down when I heard a group of girls come into the bathroom.

“Did you hear that Kyle is going to boarding school?” One girl said.

“Yeah, it’s a shame. It’s a real shame that Liz Parker goes around telling everyone he is the daddy when she has been with at least two other guys before Kyle. She doesn’t even know who the daddy is,” another girl says. They were all laughing at me. God! I just want these walls in this stall to tighten up and just squeeze me until I can’t breathe.

“Don’t you think you’re being a little harsh to this girl?” Another girl said. Why was this girl sticking up for me?

“What do you know, Isabel? You haven’t even been to this school but one day,” the other girl replied.

“She is pregnant. What if it were you? Would you want people saying things like that about you? People make mistakes, but you don’t have to be so mean to her. She has a heart, you know,” Isabel replies.

Isabel? As in Isabel, Max’s sister? I listened closely. Was she crazy? She really wouldn’t want to be on these girls’ bad side. “Wow. Look at you standing up for the pathetic loser who was stupid enough to think she ever meant anything to Kyle,” the first girl said. It sounded like they had all puckered their lips from applying lip gloss before they turned on their heels and walked out.

“What a bitch,” Isabel muttered. I watched Isabel through the crack of the door as she fixed her hair. She must have seen me in the mirror looking from the stall. “You can come out.” I slowly stepped out

“Thanks,” I said softly in gratitude.

“I kind of know what you’re going through and I hate girls who are such bitches like that,” she said. She straightened her hair one more time and turned towards me. “Just take care of yourself, okay?” Isabel then turned on her heels and walked out.

When I got home, I went straight to my room, where I threw my book-bag on my bed. I went to my closet and tried to find some clean clothes. There was a soft knock on the door. “Come in,” I said as I pulled on a clean, baggy shirt as my mother walked in.

“Lizzie, Kyle left this for you,” she said. She handed me an envelope with my name on it.

“Thanks,” I said as I took it from her.

“Lizzie, we need to sit down and figure out what we’re going to do,” she said.

I sighed. Now? And what’s with this we? There was only me in this situation now. “We? Don’t you mean I? I mean, don’t you mean me?” I said, turning towards her.

“Honey, you’re sixteen years old. You’re going to need help. You can’t do this on your own. And we don’t make enough money from the diner to help you. Your dad and I have come to an agreement and we think you should go to Florida and live with your aunt,” Mom told me.

What? Is she crazy? I’m not going to Florida to live with my aunt! “I’m not going to Florida and you can’t make me,” I said defiantly.

Mom sighs. “Just sleep on it, Liz. Florida might be the best thing for you right now,” Mom said as she stepped out of my room.

I clutched the envelope so hard in my hand it nearly hurt. Finally when I unclenched my fist, I unrolled the envelope. I tore it open and in it was a handwritten note.

Dear Liz,
You’ve probably heard by now that I’m on my way to boarding school. I just wanted to tell you that I really did care about you. But I can’t be a father to your child. My father insisted that he do this. So, enclosed is a check for you and the baby.


I unwrinkled the check and examined the amount. So this is how it is? Buy me off and then skip town? Wow. I stuffed the note and the check into my nightstand drawer. I curled up on the bed and just cried softly. I don’t need this. I don’t need any of this. I wish I could go back in time and just stop myself from having sex. Maybe even stop Kyle from pushing me into it when he knew I wasn’t ready and we hadn’t even been dating that long. He knew just the right words to say and boom! He got what he wanted. He gets the ticket out and I get stuck with the situation of being sixteen…and pregnant.
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Re: sixteen and pregnant AU ML (teen) *Part 1* 11/7/12

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Sixteen and Pregnant
Part two
Looking at her picture doesn’t make anything go away. It doesn’t solve anything or change anything. God, if I could go back and change things, I would; but I can’t. That night is still fresh on my mind. I still have the note she left that night. I don’t know why I am still holding onto it. Maybe I’m hoping that one day she will come back and have a change of heart, but so far, there has been no such luck and here I am, sixteen and stuck with a child I can barely afford. I should’ve burned her picture a long time ago. But I figured Madison would want to know who her mother is. A beeping noise coming from my computer signaled that I had a new message brought me back to reality. I clicked the Inbox button, and there it was in black and white: One new message… I didn’t recognize the email address but the subject line read: PLEASE READ, MAX I opened the email and started to read:

Hi, it’s me, Ava. I know it’s been a while and I know you probably hate me and you have every right to do that. Look, I’m sorry for what I did; I had no choice. How is Madison? Is she okay? How big is she getting now? I don’t expect a reply to this email. I really don’t expect anything from you. I know you moved and I was certainly surprised that I even remembered your email address so I could email you. At first, I felt I couldn’t make myself sit down and write this email. I know I’m probably the one person you hate in the world right now and I can totally understand why. It was either, give her to you or give her to complete strangers and I couldn’t do that my own child. I couldn’t let her go to complete strangers. I can’t change the past and I can’t change the decisions I’ve made. I want you to know that I still care about you; I always have and I probably always will. You were the only person who ever truly loved and cared about me. And I realize that I’ve hurt you and I’m sorry for that. If you don’t ever read this email, that’s okay, and if you delete it, then that’s okay too. You should, you have every right to ignore me. I just wanted you to know that I don’t ever stop thinking about you or Madison.


I leaned back in the desk chair and held my hand over the mouse. Decisions, decisions, I thought to myself. Should I delete it? Should I ignore her? Should I reply back? Instead I clicked save email and saved it in one of my folders for later. How could she tell me all this now? One email can’t really change a thing she’d done. She left, just walked away from me and Madison when times were rough. Was she really considering giving her up for adoption without telling me? I threw my books off my desk in pure frustration and they hit the floor with a soft thump. “Max?” my sister calls out softly as she poked her head in the door.

“What?” I snapped quietly at her. I could feel the rage building up and I knew it was going to explode unless I did something about it.

She frowns as she moves into the room hesitantly. “Is everything okay?” she asked quietly.

“It’s fine and dandy. I need some air,” I said briskly as I stood up and pushed my way around her and headed downstairs and out the door. I didn’t realize I had been walking for a long time. I ended up in some kind of park, where I noticed someone sitting on a bench. As I came closer I realized it was Liz sitting there. “Liz?” I said softly. She looked up at me with tears in her eyes. She quickly wiped them away with the back of her hand.

“Max, hey,” she replied with a sad smile.

“Do you mind if I sit down?” I asked softly. She shook her head no in response and moved over to make room for me to sit down.

“What are you doing here?” she asked.

“I was just taking a walk, how about you?” I asked. For some reason or another, I wanted to reach over and wipe her tears away and tell her everything would be okay. I also wanted to pull her into my arms and comfort her. She kept wiping her eyes with the back of her hand so finally I leaned over and took the hem of my shirt and reached up and wiped her tears. The action startled us both a little, because she was probably not expecting me to do such a thing and neither was I. “I really don’t like seeing you cry, Liz. What’s really wrong?” I asked her softly.

She sighs. “Anything and everything, actually; do you have all night?” she asks in return.

I nodded. “I’ve got all night,” I told her. She looked up at me and smile. She had the most beautiful smile and I believed that she shouldn’t go a day without smiling.

“I don’t know what to do. My mother wants to ship me off to Florida, my father won’t speak to me and then there’s Kyle. He thinks sending me a check will solve everything, but it doesn’t. I’m beginning to think that adoption is the best thing for this baby,” she replied. But I knew that from deep down that that was not an option for her. I also knew that deep down that was not what she wanted.

“Is that what you really want, Liz?” I asked her.

She shrugs. “Yes and no,” she replies. I took a deep breath and pulled out of my pocket a picture of Madison. I handed it to her. “She is adorable! Is she related to you?”

I nodded again. “Yes, that’s, um, that’s my daughter Madison,” I said softly. She looked at me with curious eyes before it turned to confusion.

“You…you have a daughter?” she asked.

“Yes, I do. Her name is Madison and she is almost a year old,” I told Liz. Liz looked at the picture and smiled.

“She looks just like you, Max. So, is she, um, is she here with you?” she asked.

“Yes. Her mother decided that she didn’t want to be a mom and she left her on my doorstep. I wonder and think every single day: what if we would have decided to give her up? And then I realized that if we had, I would have never known her. I would have missed every precious moment with her. I had to make the decision to be the parent and face the consequences. Looking at you right now tells me that I know you don’t want to give this baby up. You’re not that type of person, Liz. I’m not going to tell you what to do and I’m not making any decisions for you. Hell, I’ve only known you for a couple of weeks.” She laughed at that and gently rubbed her pregnant stomach. I could see all the love generating out of her for this baby. She would turn out to be a much better mother than Ava would have. Suddenly I envisioned Liz as Madison’s mother.

“Do you think that I should go to Florida?” she asked me, interrupting my thoughts.

“That’s really up to you, Liz. That’s your decision to make. You’re the one carrying this baby. I know our parents think they know what’s best for us, but I think you should do what’s in your heart,” I responded. She unexpectedly leaned over and hugged me tightly.

“Thank you, Max,” she says softly.

“Thank me for what, Liz?” I asked her.

“For just being here for me when you really didn’t need to be,” she replies softly.

I shrugged one last time. “That’s what friends are for,” I told her softly.

“Oh, and tell your sister I said thanks. She stood up for me when she really didn’t have to,” she tells me. I had no idea that Isabel had done such a thing, but from the look on Liz’s face, it obviously meant a lot to her.

“I’ll make sure to tell her,” I said with a final nod.

But I was ultimately surprised when she made a suggestion. “Do you want to go get a piece of mince and blackberry pie at the Crashdown? It will be my treat. And I promise that I will share and not eat the entire piece,” she said with a teasing smile as she rubbed her pregnant belly.

“Well, you’re eating for two, so I wouldn’t mind if you’re a little bit greedy,” I said with a teasing smile back. She throws her head back and laughs softly and I helped her stand up.

At the Crashdown Café, we ate mince and blackberry pie, and talked and laughed. It was like we had known each other for years. I felt comfortable around Liz. I felt like I could push all of my worries away. We didn’t realize that it was so late until her mother came up to us in her robe and looked like she had been through hell and back. “Elizabeth, do you realize what time it is?” she asked in an angry tone.

“I’m sorry, Mom. I, uh, I lost track of the time,” she replied in a quiet voice.

“Young man, go home,” she demands to me. I nodded my head yes and stood up, looking over at Liz.

“I’ll see you, at school, Liz?” I asked her. She nodded her head yes in response. “Goodnight, ladies.” I waved to both of them and quickly left the diner.


“So, who is the boy?” my mother asks sternly as she cleans away the dishes Max and I used. I rolled my eyes at her back. I already know what she is thinking, but I don’t need this right now. This is the first time in a long time that I’ve felt like I’ve had someone to talk to other than Maria, of course. Max is the first person that has made me smile besides Maria in a long time.

“He’s just a friend from school, Mom,” I told her as I walked around her and headed towards the backroom, where I waddled up the stairs as slowly as possible.

“I don’t want you meeting any boys this late, Elizabeth,” she said as she followed me up the stairs.

I sighed as I kept going up the stairs. “We were just talking, Mom, it’s not that big of a deal,” I told her.

“That’s how you got yourself into this situation in the first place, Elizabeth. You were fooling around with a boy you barely know,” she says but I just tune her out and head into my room. Doesn’t she get it by now? Max isn’t like Kyle at all, in any shape or form. He’s just an ordinary boy. He is so different and the way I felt around him tonight is something different, something I have never felt, not even when I was with Kyle. I shut my door and leaned on it, hearing my mother’s soft footsteps retreat towards her and Dad’s room. Suddenly I feel like eating that pie was a bad idea. I quickly ran to the bathroom and knelt in front of the toilet after noisily putting the seat up and throwing up my guts. After I was done, I came out of the bathroom and heard my cell phone going off. I quickly grabbed it off the dresser near the doorway and opened it to read: ONE NEW MESSAGE. It was probably from Maria, but when I opened the message, I realized that it wasn’t my best friend, but Kyle instead.

Liz, can we talk? Text me back, please…

I held the phone in my hand and stared at the screen as I tried to figure out what to do. What do I say? I quickly started writing back to him: I don’t care what you have to say, Kyle, go away! I pressed SEND and not even ten seconds later, there was a reply.

Please, I really want to talk to you… His text message sounds like he’s begging for my forgiveness for dragging him into this mess but I can’t go back and forget that night. I really don’t want to talk to him, either. I closed the phone after reading the message and shut the power off and threw it onto the dresser with reserved anger. I had nothing to say to him. I looked over and saw the check he had given me sticking out of the drawer. This is all I’m worth to him? I asked in a quiet anger. I’m just worth a lousy check for only five hundred dollars? I wonder if this will be the only one I get from him or his father. I should just take it down to his father’s office, just march right in there and rip it up in front of him and throw the little pieces at him and tell him and his son to stick it where the son doesn’t shine! I needed to calm myself down before I let something happen to the baby. I take deep, soothing breaths, one after another, and started thinking about Max. I also started thinking about some of the things he said. “Liz, you deserve better than Kyle. One day you will find someone who will treat you with love and respect and devotion and they will love you and your child no matter what.” I sighed and wondered if that could really happen to me. Could that wish come true for me? I sat down on my bed and looked down at my pregnant belly. “We don’t need your stupid daddy, baby; we will be just fine on our own. And we definitely aren’t going Florida,” I said in a whisper as I rubbed my stomach in gentle circles.

God, I’m already getting sick of the bus ride. If I had a car and a driver’s license, I would have driven myself. In my hand, I held the only picture I had of Madison. It was the first picture they’d taken of her at the hospital where she was born. I clutched it to my heart as I leaned back in the seat and closed my eyes. God, I can’t wait to see how much she has grown. For months I’ve debated about doing this, and for months I have been trying to contact Max, but he just keeps blocking my emails and when I try to call the only number I have, it’s disconnected. It took me forever to find out that he had moved to some crappy little town in New Mexico called Roswell. I opened my eyes when I heard the soft voice next to me ask, “Is that your little girl?”

I smiled and looked at the picture again. “Yes, it is,” I replied.

“Are you heading to Roswell?” he asks quietly.

I nodded. “Yes, I am. My daughter is there with her father,” I told him.

He nods in response, mulling over my reply. “That’s cool. My cousin is there and I’m going to surprise her with a visit,” he tells me.

“Do you know how much longer until we get there?” I asked with a groan as I tried to situate myself in the seat.

“We’ve still got a long way to go. Hey, maybe when we get there, I can show you around town,” he suggests with a smile.

“Sure, I would like that,” I replied.

”Cool! By the way, I’m Sean,” he said as he holds his hand out for me to shake, which I did with slight hesitation.

“I’m Ava,” I told him.

“That’s a very pretty name,” he tells me.

“Thanks,” I replied as I looked out the window and watched everything go by super fast. My stomach is in knots and questions keep running through my head: Will Max forgive me? How will he react when he sees me? Will Madison even know who I am? God, I ruined everything and messed everything up for myself and for Madison! I’m such a fool, but I realize that at this moment, I have a chance to make things right. I have a second chance and a new beginning. I just hope and pray that it’s not too late.
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sixteen and pregnant part 3 3-13-13

Post by DestinyDreamer » Wed Mar 13, 2013 10:09 pm

Yay! update! I know it took forever but it took me a while to write this part! so.... on to part 3!


[center]Sixteen and Pregnant
Part 3[/center]


I had just enough money to get a cheap motel room just a couple of miles from the bus station. I pushed open the motel room door and flipped the light on. I stepped inside and looked around and dumped my book bag onto the floor. The room was dingy and smelled weird but it would have to do. I sat down on the edge of the bed and sighed. God, I can’t believe I’m actually here in Roswell, New Mexico. I could be just a few miles from Max and Madison. I picked up my book bag from the floor and found the only picture I had of Madison and propped it up against the lamp on the nightstand. “Mommy is going to do right by you this time, I promise,” I whispered as I wiped the tears from my eyes as I started to remember that night I walked away from Madison. I was so stupid to make the decision I made. If I could go back in time and change my decision, I would.

I’ve been debating with myself over and over if this is the right decision. For a month, it’s been eating away at me. I need to do this. Max needs to know the truth. I’ve been hurting him for way too long. If I don’t tell him, someone else will. I didn’t realize I had been sitting here crying all this time. Madison is practically screaming at the top of her lungs. I heard the door open and shut and a thud from Max’s book bag as it hit the floor. “You do realize that Madison is crying?” he asked me as he rushed over to her.

“I can’t get her to stop crying,” I said. Max picked the baby up in his arms and she slowly started to calm down as Max rocked her.

“Do we have any formula?” he asked heading to the fridge.

“Max, can we talk?” I asked.

“I already know,” he said as he looked down at Madison in his arms.

“Who told you?” I demanded quietly through the tears in my eyes.

“What does it matter who told me? It didn’t come from you. And I kind of figured it out when suddenly you became distant with me. So this last month has been a whole lie?” he asked. I didn’t want to fight with him. I’m already hurting enough as it is.

“I never wanted this,” I admitted softly.

“Never wanted what?” Madison started crying in his arms again.

“I don’t want to do this anymore,” I said softly. Max wouldn’t even look at me. He carried Madison in his arms into the other room and I followed him. Madison laid there crying in the bassinet and Max turned to me with anger in his eyes. I looked down ashamed of myself but I knew it would come down to this. Things weren’t working between me and Max. I had come to realize that I never wanted to be a mom at sixteen.

“So, you’re just going to walk away?” Max asked.

“I can’t do this, Max,” I said softly.

“You weren’t saying that a month ago! I guess I’m not good enough for you now? What is he giving you that I’m not?” he said with anger. Madison’s screams started to get louder and louder.

“I never wanted to hurt you, Max! This isn’t about him! I can’t be a mother to this child!” Max looked up at me like had been stabbed in the heart by my words. He finally went over to Madison and picked her up.

“I’m taking Madison with me,” he said. He grabbed her diaper bag off the couch and swung it around his shoulder.

“Where are you going?” I asked as he started to put Madison in the carrier.

“Why do you care? You just made it clear that you don’t want to be her mother,” he said. He buckled Madison in and carried her out the door. I made my decision and now I have to live with it. I stuffed everything I could in a bag. I called Serena and she said I could stay with her for a while until I figured things out. I folded up the note I wrote to Max and stuffed it in my pocket. I can’t bear to see Max to give it to him personally. I swung my bag onto my shoulder and started to head out the door. I opened the door and found Isabel on the other side.

“Well, well,” she said with hands on her hips.

“Save it,” I said as I tried to step around her but she blocked my path.

“Couldn’t handle the situation, so now you’re going to run? Where are you running to? Back to that scum that you were sleeping around with behind my brother’s back?” I wanted to punch Isabel in the face. I didn’t want to deal with her right now. I took the note out of my pocket and handed it to Isabel.

“Just give this to your brother please,” I said softly.

“Why should I give you the pleasure? You ruined my brother’s life! Do you realize he is hurting and do you even care? You’re a selfish bitch!” I pushed her out of my way. Serena’s car pulled up and honked. “Run! Just run! You’re worthless!” Isabel yelled as we drove off.


I was somewhat worried when I didn’t see Liz in any classes and at lunch. I sat down next to Maria at our usual table. I was just about to say something to Maria when I noticed Tess Harding walking towards us. “I know she isn’t coming over here,” Maria said.

“Be nice,” I told Maria.

“How can I be with this tramp?” Maria replied. Tess came up to the table and sat down right next to me. She batted her eyes and tossed her hair. What is she trying to do? Is she seriously trying to flirt with me? “Can we help you?” Maria asked with disgust.

“You obviously can’t because you can’t even help yourself. Wow, that outfit is so bad, it makes me want to throw up,” Tess said before she turned to me and winked. Really? Maria’s face was starting to get red with anger. Hopefully I won’t have to break up a catfight.

“Just tell us what you want and go away. Hags aren’t allowed at our table,” Maria said, giving Tess the evil eye as she bit into her sandwich.

“Is that the best you’ve got? Anyways, I was wondering if you would like to go out with me, Max; this weekend, maybe?” Really? Is she serious? I was at a loss for words. I didn’t really find anything attractive about Tess. Blonde bimbos aren’t really my type.

“Um, well, I’m kind of busy this weekend,” I replied nicely.

“Really?” she said, looking stunned.

“Yeah! Really! Bye!” Maria said, waving her away.

“Can’t you just drop your plans?” she asked as she started to get up close and personal with me. I got up and moved to the other side of Maria. Maria is just sitting there laughing.

“Obviously, he can’t,” Maria said.

“Who could you possibly have plans with?” I looked up at her and then looked back at Maria. I really didn’t have any plans; I just wanted to get rid of this girl.

“I have plans with Liz,” I said as I bit into my apple. The shock on Tess’ face was priceless. Her mouth literally dropped. Maria started choking on her sandwich.

“Liz? Pregnant Liz? Are you serious?!” Tess said.

“Yeah, that would be her,” I told her. Maria finally caught her breath and took a sip of her Cola.

“Didn’t see that coming; did you?” Maria asked.

“We’re just going to hang out. Sorry, Tess, but you’re really not my type,” I told her as gently as possible. Tess huffed and stomped off back to her table with her little group. Maria turned to me with a smile. She finished off her sandwich and down the rest of her Cola.

“Oh my God, if Liz was here, she would be proud of you,” Maria complimented me.

“She is too clingy. Did you see how she was batting her eyes and tossing her hair?” I asked.

“What a hag. Beware, she doesn’t give up and doesn’t stop until she gets what she wants,” Maria tells me. Maria stuffed her trash in the paper bag she’d brought and crumpled it up into a ball. I looked over at Tess’ table and her group. She looked over and winked at me.

“Clearly noted,” I said.

“I hope Liz is okay,” Maria said softly.

“I haven’t seen her all day,” I said.

“I know. She is having issues with her parents.” The bell sounded, telling students lunch is over. We grabbed our things and started heading back to class.

“I’m worried about her. Hey, I think I’m going to ditch and go check on her.” Maria smiled at me.

“Is there something going on between you and Liz?” she asked. Um…is there?

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Go. Ditch. Check on Liz. Keep me updated,” she said with a smile. I darted out the front door and across the parking lot. I’m good at ditching. I did enough of it back home. I jumped into my Jeep and quickly pulled out. I pulled up in front of the CrashDown Café that Liz’s parents owned. I went up to the window and looked in and saw Liz carrying trays of drinks and wearing a waitress’ uniform. She turned and looked up at me. She was so startled by my presence that she dropped her tray of drinks.

I walked in and bent down to help her. I handed her the tray and she took it from me. “What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be in school?” she asked. I should be asking her the same thing.

“Isn’t that the question I should be asking you? What’s going on?” I asked as I followed her around from table to table.

“Nothing,” she said. That’s bull and I knew it. She looked exhausted and tired. She is trying to ignore me. She continued to take orders so I took the order pad from her and made her face me. She just stood there for a moment and then turned and walked off. I followed her, wanting to know what’s going on. “Stop,” she said when we entered the double doors at the back of the CrashDown.

“Liz, you can talk to me. What’s wrong?” I asked in a worried voice. Suddenly tears started running down her face. I went to her and pulled her into my arms. She sobbed into my shoulder. “You can tell me anything,” I whispered.

“My parents gave me an ultimatum. It’s Florida or I can’t live with them anymore. When I told them I wasn’t going to Florida, they told me I could work for a while to get the money I need and then I have to get out. I have a month,” she tells me. She pulled away from me and wiped tears from her eyes. I don’t like seeing her cry like this; I wanted to just hold her and make it all go away, but it’s clear that she didn’t want me close to her at the moment. I stepped back, giving her some space and distance.

“So, you’re going to work yourself to death for one month? How is that going to solve anything?” I asked. She sniffled and looked at me with tear-filled eyes.

“What am I supposed to do? My father doesn’t want me around, my mother just wants me shipped off to Florida so that my aunt can raise my baby. I’m not letting that happen. Kyle can walk out and not have a care in the world, but I can’t.” God, I can’t believe how much strength Liz has in her. I can’t let her live like this.

“Come stay with me,” I said before I even knew what I was saying. She looked up at me with curious filled eyes, not believing what I just said.

“What?” she asked. I sighed. How am I going to explain this one to my mother?

“I’ll talk to my mom. Maybe you could stay with us until things work out,” I said.

“You…you would…do that for me and…my child?” She touched her protruding belly.

“Well, yeah, you’re a friend in need. I’m sure my mother won’t mind,” I said. My mother may not take this well but what choice do I have? She walked over to me and wrapped her arms around my neck and hugged me tightly. I wrapped my arms around her and just held her tightly.

“Thank you,” she whispered softly.

When I got home, my mother looked up at me curiously wondering why I wasn’t in school. Madison was on the floor playing with her blocks. She sees me and held her hands out, yelling, ‘Dada Dada’. I went over and scooped her up into my arms.

“Maxwell Evans, why aren’t you in school?” my mother demanded.

“Classes were boring,” I said as I hugged Madison and her tightly.

“Remember our deal?” she asked.

“Yes, I clearly do and I promise this will be the one and only time I ditch. Something came up with a friend and I need to talk to you about something,” I said. I carried Madison into the kitchen where my mom was and put her in her highchair.

“Is it something good or bad?” she asked.

“Well it depends on how you will react to it. See I have this friend and her parents are kicking her out and I…I kind of told her she could stay here until things get settled,” I replied. My mother turned to me and gave me a curious look.

“She?” she asked.

“Yeah, her name is Liz. She is kind of going through some things. And…well, she is pregnant and…” My mother stopped me right there.

“Pregnant? Maxwell Evans,” she admonished softly.

“Hear me out, Mom,” I said. She glared at me and I looked at her with pleading eyes.

“Okay, I will hear you out. Tell me her story and I will go from there,” she says. When I told her everything I knew about Liz, my mother leaned back in her chair, looking at me with those contemplating eyes. I knew she was thinking this over. She sighed and then looked over at Madison. “Max, I would love to meet her. It seems like she means so much to you. Have her come over for dinner and then I will have my decision then. I hope you know what you’re getting into. I just don’t want your heart broken again. I can’t go through that again,” she said.

Madison banged her bottle on the highchair tray. “Dada! Dada! Dada!” she screamed.

“That’s her new word,” my mother said with a smile. I went over and picked up Madison out of her highchair and hugged her tightly. “She loves her daddy. Speaking of Daddy, your father sent this to you.” My mother handed me an envelope that was addressed to me. It had my father’s law office printed at the top. What the hell does he want? I walked out into the living room and sat Madison down on the floor. And I started to tear open the envelope; I pulled out a check and there was an invitation in it.

“Mom, did Isabel get one too?” I asked, showing her the invitation.

“Yes,” she said, looking at the invitation.

“Dad is getting married.” Go figure. He would marry his girlfriend he chose over us.

“Well that is so nice of him,” my mother replied. I folded up the check and stuffed it in my pocket. I took the invite and ripped it to shreds and threw it in the trash. Did he really think I was going to attend? Why bother sending an invite? I went back out into the living room and scooped up Madison. I told my mom I would be right back and I was taking Madison with me. I strapped her in her car seat and headed out.

I pulled up in front of the CrashDokwn and my theory was right; Liz was still there. She was in her waitress’ uniform. She was sitting at one of the tables that sat outside the café; she looked sad and alone. She was fiddling with a straw wrapper that was lying on the table. “Hey,” I said as I came up to her with Madison in my arms.

“Hey,” she said with a smile as she looked up at Madison.

“My mom wants to meet you; she wants you to come over for dinner.” I think that idea perked Liz right up. She looked up at me with a half-smile and shook her head.

“I could eat; God, I could eat a horse right now.” I laughed.

“Did you hear that, Madison? She said she could eat a horse! We can’t let her eat a horse, now can we?” Madison smiled as she sucked on her thumb.

“She is beautiful,” Liz said.

“Does she look like me?” I asked.

“She looks so much like you. She has your eyes.” I looked down at Madison, not seeing what Liz sees. All I see in my daughter is Ava and sometimes it kills me just thinking she looks anything like her.

“You think so?” I asked.

“Yes. I talked to Maria and she told me what happened with Tess.” Oh God, I don’t want to relive that moment. I looked around, hoping she isn’t going to pop out from behind a building or something and try to attack me.

“Yeah, a moment I don’t want to relive. I kind of lied to her and told her we’re going out just to get her off my back.” Liz looked at me with raised eyebrows.

“Really?” I never did get the whole story of her and Tess and why Tess seemed to dislike her. Liz is an amazing person. I don’t know how anyone can’t be friends with her. What did Tess have against her to hat her so much?

“Why does Tess hate you so much?” I asked. I sat Madison down on my knee and started bouncing her up and down. There is something more to this story between her and Tess; I could see it by the look she was giving me. She sighed and looked down and started playing with the straw wrapper again.

“I haven’t told any one this, not even Maria knows. I’ve known Tess since I was in kindergarten. We used to be friends but then that all changed once we got older. In the eighth grade, she turned against me. She would never tell me why but I figured it out for myself. My mother was having an affair with her father.” I knew this was hurting her just to talk about it. I reached over and took her hand in mine and just held it. I rubbed the top of her hand with my thumb.

“Well, well, look what we have here.” I looked over and saw Tess standing there gawking at us.

“Hey, Tess,” was all I could say.

“Whose baby is this?” she asked.

“Mine,” I said. She looked at me, shocked and surprised.

“Yours?” she asked.

“Um, yeah, did I stutter? Mine; this is my daughter Madison.” She stepped back and then looked over at Liz. Liz wouldn’t even look at her. She pulled her hand from mine.

“Well this is news to me. I guess little Miss Liz Parker gets the whole package; the new boy in school and two babies. Wow, Liz, what have you going for you? Couldn’t have Kyle so you had to go to the next best thing? What a slut! How many men have you been with now? Wow. You’re turning out to be just like your mom!” I was about to say something when Liz stood and faced Tess. I’ve never seen so much anger in her eyes. She is finally standing up to Tess.

“If I wasn’t over 6 months pregnant, I would punch you right in the face. I get it. I know what Mom did, but you don’t have to take it out on me. My mom isn’t seeing your dad anymore; get over it! It’s in the past; leave it alone! And you should speak for yourself! I know you and Kyle were hooking up when I was with him. I know he went and slept with me and the next day he was sleeping with you! And don’t think I don’t know about the abortion either!” Wow! Did Liz really go there? Boy, if Maria was here, she would be proud. I stood with Madison in my arms.

“I think you just got served, Tess,” I said as I took Liz’s hand and squeezed it. Tess huffed and stomped off into the CrashDown.

“That felt good,” Liz said with a sigh.

“So, dinner, at my house?” I asked, walking with her.

“My pleasure,” she replied as we walked to the car.

My mother made an amazing dinner; Liz pigged out, of course. It seemed like my mother had taken a liking to Liz. Isabel didn’t join for dinner either; apparently her new boyfriend took her out. Go figure; I will have to update her on the latest events in the Evans’ household when she comes home. After dinner, Liz helped me put Madison to bed; she was amazing with Madison and Madison took to her quickly. I couldn’t believe how good Liz was with Madison. We finally got her to sleep and I put her in her bed. I slowly closed the door and we both headed back downstairs. “I think I ate too much,” Liz said, holding her protruding stomach.

“Well, you have every right. You’re eating for two,” I said while laughing softly.

“Max, thank you for tonight; I, um, I really enjoyed myself. Your mom is very nice and I feel like I shouldn’t invade your life. I don’t want to be a burden to you.” My mother met us in the living room and had dished up her famous cupcakes.

“Okay, so Liz, Max asked me if it was okay for you to stay here for a while,” my mother said as she put her cupcake down on her plate. “And I understand what you’re going through.” Liz put her cupcake down and brushed the crumbs off her shirt and started to stand up. “And you seem like a nice girl. And my son is way too nice t pretty girls. The last pretty girl he brought home broke his heart. There is something about you, Elizabeth; I, like you, see a smart girl, but I see you make the wrong decisions.” My mother looked down at her protruding belly.

“I know I did, Mrs. Evans, and I have to live with that decision,” Liz said as she bit into her cupcake. My mother sighed and I knew what her answer was. I sat down next to Liz and held her hand.

“Well, I think it would be okay for you to stay with us for a while until you figure things out. But there are rules you and my son must follow, is that clear?” Liz shook her head in response. She had a mouth full of cupcake so she really couldn’t say anything. I just laughed as she tried to chew; she looked like a chipmunk. “Good. First of all, you need to eat better than what you’re eating for that baby’s sake, that’s number one. Two, you and my son will not sleep in the same room; do I make myself clear?” She eyed me and I shook my head yes in response.

“Crystal clear; what’s number three?” Liz asked.

“At least try to stay in school; I know it’s going to be hard, but I don’t want you dropping out unless you absolutely have to. Four, when the baby comes, you need to find yourself a steady job and support the baby. I don’t care if it’s part time or just a weekend job; do what you have to do. If I can, I will help too. But you have to do this on your own. I think you’re capable of doing this, but it’s going to take a lot of growing up. And I see how much Max cares about you; he knows what you’re going through.” Liz set down her plate and smiled at the both of us.

“I want to thank the both of you,” she said with a smile.

“Just don’t take it for granted, sweetheart; be nice to my son, he really deserves a nice girl like you,” she said.

“Noted and we’re just friends,” Liz replied. Later that night, I took Liz back to her house so she could grab some things. Isabel came home and I gave her an update; she drove with me to Liz’s house.

“I really like Liz,” Isabel said.

“So does Mom,” I replied.

“And I think you like her as more than just a friend. I can see the way you look at her, Max. It’s more than just a friend. You wouldn’t do this for just anybody on the street; you like this girl,” Isabel said. I laid my head back against the seat, thinking about what she just said. I do care about Liz. I have this closeness with her I never did feel when I was with Ava. Yeah, I loved Ava, but what I am starting to feel for Liz is…different.

“We’re just friends, Isabel,” I finally said.

“In due time I think it will be more than friends. I just hope that no one steps in between and ruins something good for you. Liz is good for you; she makes you smile, Max. And that’s something I haven’t seen in a while. Ever since you have become friends with Liz and Maria, you have changed,” she said.

“Is that for the good or for the bad?” I asked.

“For good,” my sister replied as Liz finally came waddling out with arms full of stuff. I quickly jumped out of the car to help her. We packed everything we could in the back and I helped Liz get up in front. “So how did your parents take it?” Isabel asked.

“I don’t know; they weren’t home. I just left a note. I’m hoping maybe one day they will come around,” she said as she placed her hands on top of her protruding belly.

“I think they will,” I said, laying my hand on top of hers.


When I woke up, I quickly got dressed and called the number that Sean left me when I got off the bus. Maybe I should take his offer up and take a tour of Roswell, New Mexico before I set my next course of action. I know I’m going to need some money; otherwise I’m not going to be able to survive here in Roswell, New Mexico. Sean said his aunt owns some kind of souvenir shop and she needed some help with running it. I had no problems with it; it sounded pretty cool. He said she sells dinky alien stuff to the tourists and helps with the UFO festivals each year. A job is a job; whatever I can do to survive until I can find Max and Madison here in this tourist trap of a town. I grabbed Madison’s picture and headed out the door. I held it in my pocket, hoping and praying that maybe I would run into Max.

Sean pulled up in front of the motel on a dirt bike. He took his helmet off and motioned for me to hop on. “Where did you get this?” I asked, hopping on.

“A friend let me borrow it. I’m heading over to my aunt’s so you can meet her.” Awesome. I held on tight to Sean as we sped off. God, I’m hoping everything will work out in the end and my life will take a whole new direction. The closer I get to my daughter, the happier I will be. And whatever it takes to get to her, I will do it.

We pulled up in front of his aunt’s house and I hopped off the bike. I quickly fixed my hair, knowing it was going to be a flyaway mess. I quickly checked my pockets to make sure that my picture of Madison was still there.

We didn’t even have to knock on the front door because it opened and a young girl about my age stood there with her arms crossed, glaring at Sean. “Well, well, if it isn’t my no-good cousin.” She turned and looked at me and then looked back at Sean. “Who did you pull into your little trap now?” she asked.

“This is Ava, a friend of mine. Why do you have to be so mean to me, Maria; we’re family?” he said as he tried to enter. But she blocked his way.

“Mom! Do you want to let my criminal of a cousin?” she yelled. Criminal?

“Maria, let him in; he is family!” her mother yelled from the kitchen. Maria let us in and eyed me from head to toe. She slammed the door shut and followed us into the living room.

“Don’t get too comfy; you’re not staying here with your girlfriend,” Maria said as she went into the kitchen.

“We’re just friends. I met him on the bus. Sean offered to give me a tour of Roswell,” I said.

Maria’s mother came out of the kitchen with glasses of ice cold Coca-Cola for all of us. “Hi, I’m Amy. Don’t mind my rude daughter. So what is your name again?” she asked.

“Ava,” I said, shaking her hand.

“What a pretty name,” she said.

“Thanks,” I said, sipping on the cold soda.

“So what brings you to Roswell?” Amy asked.

“I’m looking for my daughter.” That must have caught Maria’s attention.

“Yeah, she lives with her father. I haven’t seen her since she was, like, a month old.” I stuck my hand in the pocket of my jeans and squeezed the picture of Madison. The picture gives me hope that I will be able to fix everything and be the mother I’m supposed to be.

“Wow, that’s so nice. I hope you find her,” Amy replied.

“Yeah, me too,” I said, sipping on my soda. I looked over and Maria was still eyeing me up and down. It was like she was trying to see through me to find some kind of information. It was making me nervous. I quickly sat down, trying to make it not so obvious that Maria’s stares were nerve-racking.

“You said your name was Ava?” Maria asked.

“Yeah,” I replied.

“Cool name. Mom, do I have to sit here and play family?” she asked.

“Go,” Amy said, waving her off. ‘Thank you!’ she said under her breath and headed towards the stairs. I wonder what her problem was. Sean, me and his aunt talked for a while and she told me I could have the job at her shop if I wanted it. Of course I said yes and she said I could start tomorrow morning by doing some inventory work for her. Amy asked Sean where he was staying and he said he was staying with a friend. We said our goodbyes and I hopped back on his motor bike. We pulled up in front of the motel and I hopped off the bike.

“Thanks for helping me,” I said.

“Not a problem. I can’t resist helping a pretty girl. Look, why don’t you come and stay with me at my friend’s house? It would be better than staying at this rat hole. We can get something to eat while I give you a tour…” I smiled; he is being way too nice to someone he barely knows.

“Okay,” I said, hopping back on the bike. He revved it up and we sped off. I held onto him tightly as we sped down the highway. Sean seemed like a great guy. How can he be a criminal? I closed my eyes and let the wind rush through my hair. This is the first time I felt free in my whole entire life. I’m hoping my life will be different now and I’m hoping Madison and Max will be in it and I can get the second chance I deserve.
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Re: sixteen and pregnant AU ML (teen)authors note 7-4-13

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And now drum roll please........ finally part 4! LOL!

on with the show.......

Part 4
“Liz, slow down,” I said, taking the cupcake wrapper from her. She was already on her fourth cupcake. She had chocolate icing all over her mouth. I just leaned back and laughed and then reached down and scooped up Madison. “Madison, we better hide the cupcakes before Lizzie eats them all and you won’t even get one,” I said, laughing.

“Hey!” she said.

“Liz, are you saving that icing for later?” Laughing, I reached over and took my thumb and wiped the icing from her mouth. Suddenly she stuck her tongue out at me and licked the icing off her beautiful mouth.

“Yummy,” she said with a smile.

“You crack me up,” I said.

“What? I’m eating for two,” she yelled as she touched her protruding belly.

“Well, you could at least save one for Madison,” I said as I opened the box and saw at least three cupcakes in the box. I put Madison in her highchair and handed her cup to her and went over to the box of cupcakes and took one out of the box.

“Your mom needs to like market and patent these cupcakes.” Liz reached into the box to grab another one but I slapped her hand.

“That one is Madison’s,” I said.

“What about the one in your hand?” she asked, eyeing the cupcake and me. Is she serious?

“This one is mine.” I started the pull the wrapper off and bite into it when she grabbed my arm to get the cupcake.

“I don’t think so,” she said. Oh, she wants to play cupcake war? I pulled my arm back from her grasp and held the cupcake up away from her grasp.

“Calm down, girl!” I yelled.

“I want that cupcake!” she yelled. This is going to be fun.

“Okay, I will surrender and I will make a compromise.” I then started to split the cupcake in half and intended to give her half but she lunged at me. I’ve never seen someone go so mad over a cupcake. I grabbed her by the waist with my free hand and held her tight.

“Hey!” she yelled.

“Sharing is caring,” I said with a smile.

“Not when you’re pregnant!” she yelled.

“Okay.” I took a big bite out of the cupcake and then shoved the rest in her face.

“You jerk!” she yelled. I just started laughing as I smeared the cupcake all in her face. She pulled out of my grasp. “That was so wrong!” she yelled through her face covered in cupcake.

“Yeah, but it’s so funny,” I said, laughing. She was fuming now. She looked over at the box with the last cupcake in it. “No, you don’t,” I said, seeing her evil grin then watched her grab the cupcake out of the box and held it up in front of me. She then split it in half and went over to Madison and laid it on her highchair tray.

“You know, your daddy is going to pay for that,” she said with a smile. Madison just cooed and yelled; excited she had a treat in front of her. Liz then turned and held the other half of the cupcake up and smiled an evil grin at me.

“Don’t,” I said, leaning on the counter.

“Payback can be a bitch sometimes,” she said as she lunged at me and smeared the cupcake all over my face. She was laughing hysterically and so was I. I’ve never had this much fun in my life with a girl not even with … I’m not even going to go there. I licked my mouth, tasting the chocolate icing.

“Yum,” I said, still holding her. My eyes locked with Liz’s. Suddenly, my heart started racing. Even with chocolate icing and cupcake covering her face, she still looked beautiful. I looked down at her mouth, wanting to kiss that icing off her face. I leaned down to…

“What in the world?” Liz suddenly pulled away from my arms and we both looked up at my mother’s face as she stood in the kitchen. “What is going on here?” She looked from Madison, who by the way, is also covered in cupcake like me and Liz.

“He started it,” Liz said, pointing at me.

“Um, are those my cupcakes?” she asked, seeing the empty box.

“Um, yeah…see, I,” Liz started to say but my mother stopped her from saying another word.

“I don’t even want to know. Just get this mess cleaned up now, please.” Isabel came into the kitchen and looked at the scene

“Wow, do I even want to know?” she asked. We both shook our heads no. “Okay then,” she said, laughing and walking out of the kitchen. I nudged Liz and she nudged me back.

“You were so going to pin everything on me, weren’t you?” I asked.

“Me? Little old innocent Liz Parker?” She laughed then wiped some icing off my mouth with her thumb.
I really don’t know what my criminal cousin sees in this girl. I know she is trouble. I can tell just by looking at her and also because she is living with my cousin and Michael Guerin. Michael Guerin – he is a whole other story. I know there is a story that goes with this Ava chick. I just need to find out what it is. I can’t believe my mother suggested that I hang out with my criminal cousin and his best friend, Michael Guerin. I can’t even believe I am sitting in this bowling alley, pretending I’m having the time of my life. “You’re up, DeLuca,” Michael said, handing me the bowling ball.

“Yeah, I think I’ll pass. Play for me?” I said with a smile.

“Why do you have to be like this? Not having fun?” he asked.

“Nope, not at all,” I said.

“I’ll go for her,” Ava said with a smile as she took the ball from him. Michael sat down next to me and I really wished he hadn’t. I’m so over him, it’s not even funny anymore. He is like a boomerang. I keep tossing him away from me and he keeps coming right back. I tried ignoring him as I concentrated on Ava tossing the ball down the lane.

“So, where’s Liz?” Michael asked.

“Why do you care?” I gave him attitude because I really didn’t want to talk to him.

“What is your problem?” he asked. I sighed. Suddenly, I realized something. I could use Michael to get information on Ava. After all, she has been staying with him so he should know something.

“No problem,” I said with a smile. I need to put on the charm if I’m going to get what I want.

“What do you want, Maria?” he asked. Damn, he knows me all too well.

“What makes you think I want something? And what could I possibly want from you?”

“I know you all too well,” he said. I sighed.

“Okay, maybe I do want something and you know how I hate to ask you this since I personally can’t stand you,” I said as I ordered a cherry Coke.

“This I know, spill it,” he said.

“I need some info,” I said as I sipped on my cherry Coke.

“Info on Ava?” he asked. Damn, can he read my mind or something?

“Are you psychic or something?” I asked. Before he could answer, someone stepped up behind me. I turned and came face to face with Tess Harding. Boy, this night can’t get any better, can it?

“Hi, loser,” Tess said.

“Oh, how nice you are, Tess,” I said with a smile.

“Where is Prego?” she asked. I really wished Tess would just leave Liz alone. I don’t know what she has against Liz.

“I don’t keep a tracking device on her,” I said. I just want to punch that dumb bimbo blonde’s lights out. I started to walk away from her, but she stopped me.

“You know, Kyle called me. He is coming back to town,” she said with an evil grin.

“Why should I give a damn about that loser?” What is she doing? I can see her evil wheels turning in her head. She twisted her blonde curls around her finger and smiled an evil grin.

“He is going to be so thrilled when he finds out that Liz is living with Max. I can’t believe that little pregnant whore has him brainwashed. It’s a shame he doesn’t know what he is missing.” That’s it! The next thing I know, I’m throwing my soda and charging at her. Before I could even get close to her, I feel strong arms wrap around my waist.

“Let me go! I want to kill that bitch!” I yelled.

“DeLuca, she isn’t worth it!” Michael yelled.

“You’re such a bitch! Who is this loser you’re hanging out with?” Suddenly I felt Michael loosen his hold.

He leaned in and whispered in my ear, “Kick her ass.” He let me go and then suddenly I’m charging at her. She screams as I pull her nasty blonde hair and pin her to the ground. She tries to pull my hair but I yank harder.

“This is for Liz!” I screamed as I yanked harder. Suddenly, Sean grabs me by the waist and pulls me off of her. Michael tries to restrain Tess as I push and pull, trying to get out of Sean’s hold but he grips me harder. “You’re lucky my cousin is holding me back, otherwise you wouldn’t have a face left!” I yelled.

“Let me go, you asshole!” Tess yelled.

“Excuse me! All of you, out!” The manager of the bowling alley yelled. Michael let go of Tess and she turned and pushed him and practically punched him.

“Damn!” Michael yelled.

“Don’t ever touch me again! DeLuca, you’re going to pay for this!” Tess yelled as she walked out.

“Can I let you go?” Sean asked me. I jerked out of his arms and pushed him hard.

“Don’t!” I yelled as I made my way outside. I knew Tess was probably long gone by now. I sat down outside of the bowling alley and took a deep breath. I looked over and saw Ava sitting next to me.

“Are you okay?” she asked.

“I’m good,” I said, not wanting to talk.

“Are you sure?” she asked.

“Yes! Please, just…go!” I yelled.

“Come on, Ava, give her some space.” Ava nodded and walked off with Sean.

“DeLuca, I never knew you had it in you,” Michael said, laughing.

“Shut up! And go away!” I yelled.

“You’re not in any shape to drive, let me drive you home. And we can talk about how glad I am you kicked that girls’ ass,” he said with a smile.

“Thanks for letting me,” I said.

“You’re welcome. Come on,” he said as I stood. We pulled up in front of my house and I just sat in the car, taking slow, deep breaths. Michael didn’t say anything and the silence was killing me. “Okay, so that was my excitement for the night,” he said with a laugh.

“That girl hates Liz for some reason. And I don’t understand why. And it has gotten worse since she found out Liz is pregnant and since Max came into the picture. Max and Liz have gotten closer this last month and I don’t need Tess messing things up.” I’m exhausted and tired and now, I can’t believe I’m talking to Michael Guerin. I can’t even stand him. I looked over and saw something in Michael’s face that told me he was putting something together in his mind. “What? You have that look?” I asked.

“What does Max look like?” he asked. I looked at him, confused.

“Why?” I asked curiously.

“Just tell me. I think I might have figured something out.” I quickly pulled out my phone and scrolled through the pictures I had on my phone. I found a recent picture I took of Max & Liz when we were just hanging out at school. I gave him the phone and showed him.

“He moved here a couple of months ago and he has a daughter named…”

“Madison,” Michael finished my sentence.

“How did you know that? You haven’t even met her? I just found out about her a month or so ago,” I asked curiously.

“Well, that’s because Ava is her mother.” I looked at him, shocked and confused.

“What? Ava is…oh, dear god,” I said, slumping down in the seat.

“I don’t know the whole story, but she showed me some pictures of her and Max holding a baby and she said that was Madison and Max in the picture.” Oh, this is great! Okay, so now I didn’t need Michael snooping around for me. What am I going to do? Do I tell Max about this? Do I talk to Ava? I can’t keep this from Max. I just can’t.

“Why hasn’t she confronted Max yet?” I asked.

“I think she is more or less scared and I’m not sure if she knows exactly where in Roswell he is staying or living. Sean has been trying to help her out but I don’t think he has put two and two together yet like I did just now, otherwise he would have went to you and asked you about Max,” he said.

“Well, it’s not like I ever talk to Sean and it’s not like I’m close to him. Look, thanks for telling me this. I’m going to figure out what the hell to do next,” I said as I stepped out of the car.

“Hey, I think you should leave it alone and let Ava figure this out on her own,” he said.

“Maybe you’re right,” I said as I walked up to the house and went inside. What the hell am I going to do? I leaned on the door and sighed.

“Maria?” My mother said, looking at me curiously.

“I’m fine, Mom,” I said with a half smile.

“You look like you just got into a fight,” she said, looking over like she is examining me for cuts and bruises.

“Yeah, I did, but it’s nothing. I’m going to bed,” I said as I headed upstairs.
One Week Later
I’m getting bigger and bigger now! I turned and examined myself in the mirror. Wow, I can’t believe that I look almost 7 months pregnant now. And I can’t believe that I’m having a little girl! A girl! There was a soft knock on the bedroom door.

“Yeah, who is it?” I yelled and Mrs. Evans stepped into the room.

“This came for you,” she said, handing me an envelope. I took the envelope and noticed that my parents’ address was at the top.

“It’s from my parents?” I said as I ripped the envelope open and started to read the letter.

Dear Lizzie,
I know it’s been a couple of months since you left us and we have been trying to keep in touch with you through Mrs. Evans but she only tells us bits and pieces about you. We just wanted to let you know that we have decided to sell the CrashDown and we are heading to Florida. We wish the best for you and your child and we wished things would have been different…

I didn’t even bother reading the rest of it. I just crumpled it up and threw it in the wastebasket. I don’t need them. I have everything here I need. “Also, sweetheart, the sheriff stopped by and told me to give you this. I don’t know how he knew you were here.” I took the envelope from her, already knowing what it was and I have every nerve to go down to the sheriff’s station and rip it up in front of him and tell him to shove it up his son’s ass.

“Thanks,” I said as I ripped it in half and put it in the wastebasket.

“Are you okay?” Mrs. Evans asked.

“Yeah, I’m good. I think I need some air.” I headed downstairs and headed out the door and went outside and sat on the little bench Mrs. Evans had out front. I took a deep breath and let the fresh air hit my lungs. I looked down and noticed a hand. It was holding a cupcake. I smiled as I took the cupcake and looked over as Max made me scoot over to give him room.

“I thought I would be nice and give you one. Your limit is one per day,” he said with a smile.

“Thanks,” I said, holding the cupcake. Max has been amazing to me this last month or so, and the more time I spend with him, the more I feel closer to him. I leaned over and laid my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes.

“You better eat that cupcake or I’m going to give it to Madison,” he said. I giggled and lift my head and stared at him.

“How about I save it?” I said, handing it to him.

“Are you okay?” he asked me.

“Yeah, I’m good,” I said with a sigh.

“Are you sure?” he asked.

“Positive,” I said with a smile. I reached up and pushed a strand of hair behind my ear.

“I wanted to ask you something,” he said as he leaned forward and put his elbows on his knees and took a deep breath. I knew this was something serious. I can see it in his eyes and he is scared to death to talk about it. He looked at me with all seriousness.

“You’re making me nervous,” I said as I took the cupcake and started to chow down on it.

“Sorry. I know we have been a lot closer since you’ve moved in with us, and the last month or so, all I keep thinking about is Madison, you and this new baby coming. And the more I think about it, I realize how happy Madison is around you. And I see how happy you are now, and every time I look at you…” I licked the cupcake off my mouth and was now listening intently to what he was trying to say. He stopped in mid-sentence and just stared at me.

“Tell me, Max,” I said softly. He reached over and held my face with his hands and brushed my cheeks with his thumbs. Suddenly my heart was racing and I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I dropped the cupcake to the ground.

“I…look at you and all I see is love,” he whispered on my lips. Oh my god, suddenly it seemed like time had stopped as he leaned in and brushed his lips over mine. The kiss was soft and gentle like he was asking permission to deepen the kiss. I don’t know if this was some kind of pregnancy hormone running wild or what but I wrapped my arms around his neck and gave him the invite to kiss me like I’ve never been kissed before. His one hand made its way down my arms and stopped on my pregnant stomach and the other snaked around to my lower backside, pulling me closer. I moaned softly as he deepened the kiss but then suddenly pulled away, breathless. “There is so much more I need to tell you,” he said with his forehead against mine. His hand rubbed on my protruding belly and he smiled as he felt the baby kick.

“After that, you can tell me anything.” I held his face in my hands and made him look at me.

“I’ve thought about this and I’ve talked to my mom about this…I want to be in this child’s life. I want to be this child’s father,” he whispered. My eyes widen with shock and I pulled away from him, not sure what to think or even what to say now that he had just kissed me and…oh god, so many things are now running through my head. Max just looked at me, waiting for me to say something. “Please say something,” he said.

“I…think…oh, god.” Suddenly I felt sick. The next thing I knew, I had my head in the toilet. Great time, just great timing! Just great!

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Re: sixteen and pregnant AU ML (teen) authors note 05-15-14

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Sixteen and pregnant

part five
I knew my best friend like the back of a book I knew something was up she is acting way to weird and max is acting even weirder. Something is up. But I don’t have time to figure it out right now. How am I going to tell Max about Ava being in Roswell? It’s been bothering me for a while now. I didn’t tell Liz about the Tess incident but I’m sure she will find out soon enough because Tess is bound to pop her ugly face up and mention it. It’s going to kill me keeping things from my two best friends. But what am I suppose to do? Michael kept telling me not worry about it and let it alone. “So are you going to tell me what happened?” I turned around and found my pregnant best friend standing there with her arms crossed in front of her, tapping her foot like a little child waiting for an answer from mommy and daddy.

“What are you talking about?” I tried to play it cool.

“Don’t try to brush it off, Maria. The whole school is talking. What happened?” she demanded.

“Well, you know Tess ran her mouth as usual. End of discussion,” I said, not wanting to talk about it anymore. I knew Liz wasn’t going to give up on this but I didn’t want to discuss it further.

Liz waddled along next to me down the hall. “I will get all the details, Maria. And who is this girl I hear your cousin is ranting and raving about?” Oh no. How did she know about this?

“Just some chick he met on the bus. I could care less,” I said, trying to brush it off.

“He told me that your mom offered her a job at the shop,” Liz said. Oh dear god, why did my mother have to go and do that? Now this just made things more and more complicated.

“Yeah, I need to get to class. I will see you at lunch.” I rushed down the hall. God, if I didn’t look like I was hiding something earlier, I do now. What am I going to do?
I know something is up with Maria But I don’t have time to figure that out right now. I keep thinking about max and I can’t believe that I actually almost threw up on him after he...I was suddenly pulled out of my thoughts by a piece of paper landing on my desk. I look over and see max looking at me and trying not to be obvious that he just tossed me a note. I look up to make sure that our English teacher is engrossed with whatever work is on his desk. I then quickly unfolded the note. Did I do something wrong?
Wrong? No, he did everything right. I looked over at him and smiled and then quickly responded a reply.

No not at all. Im sorry I almost threw up on you. How embarrassing.

I tossed the note back to him and he quickly read it and started to quickly write a reply. What is he writing a novel or something? I act like I’m working on my assignment. Max slowly gets up and walks past my desk and nonchalantly places the note on my desk and then goes over to the sharpener to sharpen his pencil. I quickly opened the note and read.
Don’t be embarrassed and I forgive you it’s not your fault. I meant everything I said I want you to know that. I can’t stand sitting here not being able to talk to you I want to reach over and play with that strand of hair that hangs in front of your face. I want to lean over and kiss you and hold you. I can’t stop thinking about that kiss. I know Maria thinks there is something up with us and I’m surprised she hasn’t harassed us for info. I want this to work, Liz. I will make it work. I’ve never felt like this about anyone not even with Ava. Rumor has it Kyle may be back in town and if I have to deal with him then so be it. I’m not letting anything come between us.

My heart skipped a beat and I looked over and smiled at Max as he sat back down at his desk. How do I reply back to this? I can’t believe max is willing to do this. Tears start to form in my eyes I look down at the paper.
I watched Ava move boxes around and stack them. So far I hadn’t said one word to her. I can’t believe my mother gave her a job. She stopped stacking the last box and looked over at me. “If you have a problem with me, just say it,” she said, looking at me.

“No problem,” I said as I took the box from her and started to rip it open. I pulled the contents out and laid them on the counter. More alien bobble heads just what this town needs.

“Look, I’m here to find my daughter and that’s it. I’m grateful your mom gave me a job.”

I smiled a fake smile at her. “Any leads yet?” I asked her. I needed some info and I sure as hell not going to tell her I know max. She looked at me and gave me a half smile.

“No, not yet,” she said. She went into the back of the store and disappeared. I heard the chimes of the doorbell ringing and looked up to see max and Liz coming threw the door. Oh shit!

“Max! Liz! Um, what are you doing here?” I asked.

“We came to see you,” Liz said with a smile. Oh, this is just freaking lovely! I am hoping that Ava stays disappeared in the far back corner of the store and doesn’t come out.

“Yeah, we thought we would see what’s up since you’ve kind of been avoiding us and have been acting really weird,” Max said. I glanced around nervously praying to god Ava stays hidden because I don’t know how I am going to explain to the both of them that I knew she was here.

“Avoiding you? Yeah, right,” I said as I fiddled with the bobble heads on the counter.

“Maria,” Liz said as she grabbed my hand to keep me from fiddling with the stupid bobble heads.

“I’m not avoiding you. I just…have a lot going on right now, that’s all.” What a crock of bull that is.

Liz just nodded her head and looked at me and said, “Right, I believe that one.” What am I going to do? I have to find some kind of excuse or something to get myself out of the hole and to get them out of here before they find out about ava.

“Hey, let me finish up here and see if my lovely mother will let me go and we can hang out or something?” I said. I turned and saw Ava bounding out from the back of the store.

“Maria, I can’t find…” She looked up and caught eyes with max. Damn it! Shit! Shit, shit! “Max,” she said, standing there, eyes locked with his. Max looked from me to Ava confused and then stepped back turned and walked out. “Max!” Ava said, running after him.

Liz stood there stunned looking at me confused. “Mind telling me what the hell is going on?” she demanded. No, not really. Shit! I looked at the ugly bobble heads and the next thing I knew I was throwing them off the counter and onto the floor. My mother came out from the back and looked around confused.

“Maria, what is going on?” she asked as she picked up the alien bobble heads.

“That’s what I would like to know,” Liz said as she turned around, walked out and left. Damn it!

“Liz, wait!” I yelled as I ran after her.


I sat at one of the tables that sat outside the CrashDown Café that had been abandoned.
The doors to the Crashdown are now locked and closed. I miss the smell of fried food coming from the café. But, right now I can’t even think about food as I look up into the eyes of the one person I thought I would never see again. “What are you doing here?” I asked her softly.

“I want to see Madison,” she said flat out. She wants to see Madison? After everything that has happened, she wants to see Madison? What has changed?

“Why the hell should I let you see Madison? You made it clear you didn’t want to be a mother. What makes you think I will let you see her? She doesn’t even know you. You walked out on us.” I don’t want to deal with her right now, not when Liz is in the picture. I don’t want Ava coming between what I have with Liz. I look up and see tears rolling down Ava’s cheeks. I’m not going to let her get to me. She has broken my heart and the only one who can fix my heart is Liz.

“I’ve changed. I’ve realized I want to be there for my daughter. I miss her so much,” she said through her tears.

“You miss her? If you even remotely gave a damn, you would have stuck through it and have been a mom this whole time! I loved you, Ava. I loved you more than anything and you walked away from both of us. Things have changed now and I can’t let you back into my life or Madison’s life. It hurts too much,” I said. The tears were really rolling down her face now. I don’t know what else to say or do. She broke my heart and I won’t let her back into our lives and screw everything up that is great right now.

“Max, please just give me a chance,” she sobbed.
Isabel bounced Madison on her knee and she giggled with delight. She was trying to keep her mind off of what was going on and I think its working. Max has been in his room all night and hasn’t really told any of us what was said between him and Ava. And I haven’t seen Ava at all. I half expected her to be on the doorstep, begging to see Madison. “He refuses to come down,” Mrs. Evans said as she entered the living room.

“He can’t just lock himself up and try to forget his problems. What are we going to do?” Isabel asked. I felt like an outsider looking in. I’m not part of this equation. I really don’t want to be in the middle of all of this. I have a feeling once Ava finds out how close I am to Max and Madison…she might have a problem with that. I don’t want any problems. I looked down and touched my huge, swollen belly.

“Maybe you can talk to him, Liz,” Mrs. Evans said.

“I can try,” I said as I wobbled to the stairs to head to his room. I reached the door and knocked softly. “Max.” I said that through the door. The door opened and Max stood there, looking at me. “Can we talk?” I asked softly. He nodded and let me in his room. He closed the door behind me and leaned against it just looking at me. “Max, you can’t just sit up here in your room and hide from your problems.” As I spoke, Max walked over to the bed and sat down on the edge of it, placing his hands on his face.

“What if she decides she wants to take Madison from me? What do I do then? I don’t know how to fix this whole situation. She wants me to give her a second chance.” I sat down next to him and leaned into him, laying my head on his shoulder.

“I think you’re scared she might come between us,” I said softly. He turned his head toward me and lifted my head off his shoulder, looking me straight in the eyes.

“Nothing will come between us, I promise you that.” He softly kissed my lips. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer to me and kissed him back. The kiss started to get heated. His hands were finding their way under my shirt and slowly he was lifting it up. I pulled back and sighed softly. “Sorry,” Max whispered against my lips.

“We better go downstairs,” I said softly. I didn’t want to let him go, and there is no sign that he was going to let me go any time soon. He kissed me softly again and stood up, taking my hand and helping me up. As we headed downstairs, we heard a commotion in the living room. We headed to the living room to find Isabel at the front door, holding Madison and she was arguing with Ava at the front door. Max went over to Isabel and took Madison from her.

“You better leave right now or we are calling the cops,” Isabel demanded. Max stepped between them Ava looked up over the both of them and locked eyes with me. Her face was utter shock and horror. She then looked down and then looked back up at max.

“Isabel,” Max said sternly. Isabel held her hands up and backed off. Max then turned to me and handed me Madison. “Can you take her upstairs?” I nodded at his soft question and went upstairs with Madison.
Who is this really pregnant girl and why the hell is Max giving Madison to her!? Did Max move on? Is the child she is carrying his? Max looked at me and closed the door behind him and stood there. “I just wanted to see Madison. It hasn’t even been a year and you already knocked up someone else,” I said. My heart is sinking because I know that max has moved on and now I know I may not get my second chance. Max just stood there and laughed. What is so funny?

“Liz is none of your damn business. You lost the right to know anything that goes on once you walked away from us. We’re not together and it’s none of your business who I’m with,” he said.

Tears were threatening to flow once again. I held them back. I don’t want to cry anymore. “Fine, but I have every right to see my daughter and I’m not going to let someone else be her mother,” I said. I could see the anger filling up in Max’s face. I don’t care. I’m Madison’s mother. I know I made a mistake and I know I walked out on her and Max but I’m here and I’m willing to do anything to get her back.

“You lost your right to be her mother! Leave now!” Max yelled. He turned, opened the door and slammed it. I jumped from the sound of the door slamming.
My mind is running wild with thoughts so I know I won’t be sleeping tonight. I’ve been up and down checking on Madison every five minutes and just trying to keep my mind off things. I was finally stopped by Liz coming down the hall the tenth time I had checked on Madison. “She is safe and sound,” Liz said softly. I stopped just outside my bedroom door.

“I know,” I said. She walked over to me and took my hand, pulling me into my bedroom. “What are you doing?” I asked her.

“Taking your mind off things and the little bun in the oven has been kicking me all night. Maybe your presence can settle her down.” She went over to the bed and adjusted the pillows and crawled in the bed.

“If my mom catches us…” I started to say but she stopped me from saying another word and patted the other side of the bed.

“We’re just going to sleep. That’s all, nothing more,” she said with an innocent, playful smile. I smiled and crawled into the other side of the bed. She snuggled up next to me, her pregnant belly pressing right up against me. I pulled her close and she wrapped her arms around me as I placed my hand on her stomach and felt the little bun in the oven move and settle down. “It worked.”

“Amazing,” I said as I rubbed her stomach in circular motion.

“That feels so good.” I leaned in and brushed a kiss onto her lips.

“Sleep,” I said as I watched her eyelids slowly close.


I got up bright and early because the little bun in the oven decided to push on my bladder. I did my business in the bathroom and decided to go back to my room so Mrs. Evans doesn’t catch me sleeping in Max’s room. I walked into my room and realization hit me. I’m not ready to have this baby. I don’t have anything set up in my room yet. The crib is still sitting in its box leaning against the wall. I’m going to need some help with this, but I don’t want to wake Max up, so I went downstairs and grabbed the phone.

I know I haven’t talked to Maria since the whole finding out about Ava situation, but I told her to come over and in minutes she was pulling up in the driveway. We talked everything over and I told her I wasn’t mad at her, but she should have said something to Max about Ava. Eventually we moved inside and sat in my room, taking out all of the baby stuff to go through it all. Looking at all the baby things the Evans’ have gotten me suddenly hit me. How am I going to support this baby? I can’t have the Evans’ support me for the rest of my life. I suddenly realized I have a lot of decisions to make, but I know one hundred percent that I can’t give this child up. I have grown too attached to it and Max is willing to be its father. And if I take her away from him, it would hurt him. Now that I think about it, what would Kyle think about all of this? Kyle. He is a whole other situation that I have to deal with. “Okay, what are you thinking?” Maria asked me as she hung up a cute little onesie on a hanger.

“I just realized that I’m eventually going to have to deal with Kyle and his dad,” I said.

“He is a loser. He has made it clear that he doesn’t want to be in this child’s life. Forget about him, Liz,” Maria said.

“You’re right. But, what if he decides he wants to be a part of the baby’s life? And what if he finds out about the whole Max situation?” I said.

“He is in boarding school, miles and miles away,” Maria said.


It’s so nice not being in that stupid boarding school that my dad shipped me off to. It’s nice being back at home, where I don’t have to worry about a roommate. I threw my bags onto the bed and started unpacking. Once I’d stepped off the bus and got into the house, my dad started in on the rules. Right after he gave me all the rules, I asked him about Liz, but he wouldn’t give me any information or details, all he said was that she never cashed the check that he gave her. I’ve been trying to call her, but her cell phone is out of service. I need to see her, and at least talk to her. She has what, how many more months until the baby comes? God, I don’t even know. I’m such an idiot for treating her the way I did. There was a knock at my bedroom door, and I looked up to see my dad standing in the doorway. “You have a visitor,” he said.”

“Who is it?” I asked. He stepped aside and I saw Tess’ smiling face. What the hell does she want? And how the hell did she find out I was back in town?

“No girls in your room. Go downstairs,” my dad said, as he motioned for us to go downstairs. Under my dad’s watchful eye, I sat across from Tess on the living room couch.

“Boy, do I have some info for you,” she said with a smile. I just wanted to know how Liz was doing and how the hell Tess knew I was back in town. I didn’t like the look Tess was giving. Something told me I wouldn’t like any information she was going to give me and could I trust Tess? She could be telling a load of bull for all I know. “It’s about your soon to be born baby’s mama,” she went on to say. She started talking and telling me everything and I listened intently. With every word she was saying, I knew I needed proof that what she was saying was true. And if it is true, I’m definitely going to need to talk to Liz now.
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