Shifting Realities (AU,A/I,MATURE) [WIP]

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Re: Shifting Realities (AU,A/I,MATURE) CH 30:A 1-9-11 pg 20

Post by Mt Gazer » Sun Jan 09, 2011 8:50 pm

Once again, another moment with Gloria Whitman. She is very determined to keep the kids pure, chaste, intact, whatever you want to call it.

But for some reason her heart goes out to Isabel. Is it because she is a counsellor and knows that she and Max as well had very auspicious and traumatic beginnings?

Charles’ plane is a small bit to show you another side of Gloria. She is a LOVING wife. She isn’t all hard and strict, and she does have emotions.

Gloria is nothing if not determined.
She is not raising Isabel and so yes, she did cross boundaries, but Isabel has decided to date Alex, and so she felt making her point very clear was necessary. Isabel fully knows what exactly is expected of her.

Diane isn’t the mother who can help her in this, and well Gloria is. Her mom did say she’d need another mother if she wanted to be told to wait. Gloria is that OTHER Mother.

This is very tough on her. Her mom wants her safe, so her mom won’t take to her being a young mom well. She’ll be all over her about why she wasn’t protected. Gloria will just be all over her for not making it to her wedding. Isabel chose a path of honesty. If its going to happen lets just throw it out there now.

Charles’ plane... was just one of those freak accidents that can turn things over and make you re-evaluate life ...

As always welcome for the recap.
Yeah poor Alex, he tries to tease, and Mom goes nuts. Gloria rambles about military school, and Isabel panics.

But you can see why Alex can roll with the flow with a force like Isabel, and why he has his humorous approach to life.

And Alex only said what he did to put Isabel to ease... that wrapper was what sealed his fate in this moment.

Yeah. It was a very intense and unique talk between Isabel and Gloria, and NOPE I can’t imagine that talk with ANYONE not family. But If Gloria considers Isabel family, even partially, she felt it her place to do exactly that.

Lets hope Alex doesn’t have to follow a brother to Military School.

Surprising how? That I actually forced the women to talk?

So I get a Yah Mr. Whitman? What does that mean exactly? LOL
But yeah, Mrs. Whitman was very true to form, and at least when it does happen, Mrs. Whitman says now she won’t reject her, and they’ll have a little shotgun wedding.

I’m glad you loved it.

You and I write completely opposite. LOL Your smut and my innocent kids,,, BTW I am adoring your kids’ take on mine. LOL

This chapter was meant to have some humorous edges to it, cause it was going to be slightly intense...
Believe it or not, the wrapper was the last addition. As I finished the Alex and Isabel talk and it dropped and he pocketed it, I KNEW it was the action of this scene.

Yeah Isabel who rarely laughs, who rarely shows public emotion, was cracking up. Alex was just trying to calm her down, she was nervous about talking to THIS mom. And so he was cushioning the blow so to speak. But oops, Sent to his room. Mom did not want him in her conversation. Bet you’ve never seen that approach before. LOL

Yeah, I would be mortified if I were Alex too and mom had dragged Isabel off for a “little talk.”

Yep. June 19, 1992... 18 ½ years.

You cringed? Really? Where? LOL And I’m glad you were laughing. This wasn’t meant to be an entirely INTENSE chapter, but sort of transitional, and informative but with Alex at the helm, it’s going to be funny.

Now I owe you TWO Fb’s. You slipped another chapter up on us.... quietly snuck it onto the board.

Alex will always remember this day yes... Isabel levels him with news that he might have forgotten but she has just taken to heart as fact. They get pregnant their first time. That said, how do they not have their first time too early?

I don’t think Isabel actually cares if she “fails” at some later point. She already loves her children, they are VERY important to her, somehow just having knowledge of them opened her eyes enough to search out her other Alex’s killer and get moving... and then she was somehow sent back here, they being a big reason she was... She LOVES, WANTS, and NEEDS her babies. Just not NOW!

It’s that she is going to fail Gloria that hurts her. She doesn’t want to hurt Mrs. Whitman and she certainly doesn’t want her to feel like a failure. Because She isn’t.

She is the MOTHER of the FATHER of these IMPORTANT children. She is their GRANDMOTHER. That’s already been decided and chosen too...

But its going to happen in their youth, and she doesn’t want to put Alex in that bind.

She doesn’t want Alex’s mom to think less of her. And Isabel is a girl who prides herself on her reputation. (Be it the Ice Princess or other, REPUTATION is her motivation)

And then add in the Alien Abyss later, and will Gloria still be able to accept her?

It is very reminiscent of REAL LIFE... things are seldom easy or simple. And someone always gets hurt. Lets hope the damage is minimal at best... loose shards are not fun to walk on.

Disclaimer: I in no way own the rights to Roswell or anything related to it. All rights belong to Jason Katims, 20th Century Fox, Regency Entertainment, Melinda Metz, WB and UPN. No infringement is intended. I am borrowing their awesome characters, and including my own.

Perhaps in this part and in parts to come I am or will be borrowing some scenes, and I will borrow direct dialog and use altered dialog at times.

Title: Shifting Realities
Author: Mt Gazer/Velvet Skye
Category: CC/ AU
Spoilers: Four Square and Max to the Max

And to Randy, my dear husband always behind the scenes, and always an assistant in this. I tell him practically every idea that goes through my head. I LOVE YOU!!! And THANK YOU! As always. Shifting lives because of your support.

PML: Peter. This is a permanent spot in recognition of all your assistance. THANK-YOU!!! Shifting Realities is doing well with your attention to details. Thanks for all the help in this.

And finally I will attempt to recap where we’ve been.

RECAP: After a talk with Alex about sex, he dragged her to his house to talk to his mother about the very same. Gloria and Isabel had a long heart to heart. Gloria is still determined that the children wait, but she has assured Isabel that if she should become pregnant that they will have a shotgun wedding.

No Music...

Dreams are in italics
Shifting Realities

Chapter 30:A

It Was Only a Dream


It was Sunday April 9, 2000. There was going to be one more week of school and then they would be off for Spring Break another week.

The Evans were eating breakfast at the small table in the kitchen, Philip was reading the newspaper out loud to anyone who was listening.

On the back of one page of the paper was an ad for the Chavez County Children’s Home Talent Show to be held the following Saturday, on April 15, at the Roswell Civic Center. Its proceeds were to benefit the operation of the orphanage and to help find Forever Homes for its residents. This was one of Isabel’s volunteer projects. She and Max had briefly been housed there, when they were very young.

Philip read out loud. “Eagle Rock Military Base, closed in the 50’s after the famed Roswell incident, suffered a devastating fire on Saturday...” He continued to read the information...

Isabel asked for the paper when he was done with it.

Max teased her. “And do you know the significance of Eagle Rock Isabel?”

She glared at him. Thinking to herself, ‘What does this mean? Where are they?’

“Oh I forgot,” he added sarcastically, “You refuse to step foot into the UFO Center.” He pointed to the paper, “You are too busy in the human world with Talent Shows and other things.”

She decided to forgo her snappy comment, and stuck out her tongue at her brother.

Then turning to all at the table he added. “There’s a symbol of an Eagle on one of the pictures at the center. Eagle Rock was the military base where they secretly took the aliens when the ship crashed in 1947.” Max turned to Isabel and added as if he was the authority of all things alien. “I gather information by working there.” He shot back at his sister.

Phil said. “I appreciate that son. I think that’s smart, checking everything out that could have any significance.”

“Yeah, really smart Max.” She added in a soft sighed tone of appreciation with a tight smile.

He sent her an odd look.

Diane nodded in her understanding. Eagle Rock held special significance to Isabel. And this changed things, dramatically. But how?

“It would do you some good to come in there once in awhile,” Max continued. “You would understand how I’m trying to keep us safe all the time. Milton is the first to know what’s going on, when something is. Like that symbol in the woods.”

“But I understand,” he looked up and gave her an uncharacteristic conceding smile. He showed a small display of tenderness. “You had a terrible moment there when we were little, and you associate learning we were aliens with the alien on the autopsy table. You have a very real fear about being discovered, because you know what they could do to us.”

“Isabel. Just keep safe ok?” Max added in concern.

“Yeah.” She added briskly with a sharp nod. “That’s why I volunteer and dive into the ‘human world’ as you call it. No one would suspect a thing from a person who gives back to the community and has the role of goodwill and humanity down to perfection.”

“Speaking of which you’re going to come? Right? Dad and Mom already bought their tickets and I’m going to do some modeling with a couple of the teens, and The Whits are going to provide accompaniment for the acts that need music, as well as show off their talent. We’re going to be very busy all week with this.”

“I’ll see Isabel.”

“Thanks for considering it at least.” She added snappily.

When breakfast was over, Philip gave her the article on Eagle Rock. Which she hid in a box in the top of her closet, with the facsimile yearbook, and the newspaper from September. She put the Talent Show ad on her bulletin board.

And she got on her phone calling to make sure everything was heading in a forward motion for next weekend.

*** ***

Monday morning brought school as it always did, and teachers never aware of how much activity or busyness the teens actually lived outside of its confines. Mrs. Jatzman insisted that the A.P. portion of her class hurry up and finish their extra assigned reading, for it would assist with the reports being assigned in the history classes, and of course there would be a test on it, on Thursday. The history reports were due Friday. And everything was to be completed before the break.

Of course for the week they now had to finish a book and prepare for its test. Luckily they were almost done with reading it anyway. Then they had to write a researched report and factor in practice and getting ready for the Talent Show. It was going to be an extremely busy week indeed.

*** ***

After school, Isabel and Alex met at her house for about an hour, while they worked on homework.

When he asked her what she felt about the assignment, she added, “Too close to home.” And explained that if anyone got word of any of the alien’s abilities, they would have absolutely no qualms reinstating burning at the stake or other forms of execution. She would be considered a “witch” for certain. She did not, for reasons of empathy for the poor victims, put her whole heart into the report. She perfunctorily worked at it.

After that session of homework and snacks, they headed to the Civic Center for rehearsals. When neither of them was needed during the practice they worked on their regular homework assignments. A few hours later, they headed to the Crashdown for a late dinner and the rest of the homework they could complete until closing.

Teenagers, never known to get enough sleep anyways, both fell into bed exhausted after the very eventful day, looking forward to their ritual.

*** ***

As they did nightly, Isabel and Alex were continuing to get acquainted in the dream realm. In this particular dream, they were having a little harmless make-out fun in a secluded glade in Frazier Woods. ‘Don’t let his mother know what their dreams consisted of however’, he mused in thought.

They were laughing and making contact with skin that according to Mrs. Whitman should be covered. They were no further than Second Base, and barely there even in the dream realm, Isabel made sure of that. And there wasn’t any removal of clothing either, not that shirts weren’t unfastened or hands exploring other safe zones of skin. She enjoyed her evenings with Alex in their own private dream haven. And as he was running a finger down her side, with a feather light touch, she was pulling his hand away in ticklish hysterics, using her other to reach into a spot on his lower ribs.

He grabbed her hands forcibly and held them securely above her head. She was trying to wrest them free, squealing in laughter all the while.

“If I let go... You’ll be good right?” His eyes were shining.

“Oh an Angel,” she smirked, her eyes registering mischief.

“Yeah I’m holding you to that...” he quipped. And he released her hands, as he pulled her closer to himself and pressed her body to his while he kissed her deeply.

She returned the passion, her left hand cradling his neck and drawing his mouth to her own. Her right hand, however, still wanting to play. It crept down his arm and waist and across the ridges of his muscles, as she found the spot she knew to be extra sensitive on his skin... and she ran her wriggling fingertips across it... he pulled back and squealed.

“You promised to be good,” he growled plyafully, pulling her close.

“You forgot one simple rule...” She snickered, “Never trust a pretty face.” She teased.

“Oh I’ll remember that Isabel... I’ll remember that.” He tickled her sides again, making her writhe away in laughter. He pulled her very closely to himself, leaning into her space for a passionate kiss.

Play time became kissing time... and as they were otherwise engaged, their little safe make-out in the woods had transferred to the desert, and neither had conjured the new setting.

But they went with it until she all of a sudden was there alone, amongst the alien writing and symbols...

*** ***

Simulataneously: As he was ripped from Isabel’s arms, he found himself in another situation entirely...

He crawled out of a low tunnel into the bright light of the cloudless sky. He tried to shield his eyes with his hand, it had been awhile since he’d been outdoors. He looked into the distance and saw the shimmering of the crimson water and the outline of Dimaris Rock. No! He couldn’t waste time reminiscing about the days of fun. He had to go where he was sent, he was the only one in this group with the ability.

He slipped through the woods and kept on walking in the direction of town. ‘Should he get the food first, or the information?’ He straightened the kinks in his neck by rocking it side to side and decided to see whichever presented itself first.

He saw guards up ahead, a common site as of late. It used to be safe and free to walk around, but now, depending on who you were, you might be abducted without a moment’s notice. They guarded everything; even things that really weren’t worth protecting. But the leader seemed to have gone a little bit crazy lately.

Ah just his luck, an open-air market, a few feet from where the bored guards were standing watch. They wouldn’t be on their best alert, and he could make himself so stealthy no one would ever suspect he was there.

He slipped behind some nearby shrubs, and paused. Taking slow breaths to calm his state, he wrapped all the nearby light around himself, wearing it like a second skin. He instantly was plunged into the darkness.

This was the reason he had been chosen for this particular part of the mission, anyone could make themself invisible, easy trick. He’d been doing that since a young child barely out of the pod. But not just anyone could use their other senses to travel undetected.

He shifted the light coming into his eyes to a variant of the near infrared, the world looking strange now that he saw it drawn in heat. His hearing too he attuned to gather the slightest sounds. He would yet have to be careful, he wasn’t completely undetectable. There were still machines that could find him. But the guards.... He had nothing to fear from them now. He moved in on the market....And tiptoed behind them listening into their conversation.

“What’s this about the Campaign?” One of them asked. “He's reinstated it?” With a disgusted snort he added, “Bah, after all this time?” Spits off to the side, “Just because some stupid ancient seer babbled a prophecy, doesn’t make it so. He’s gone mad I tell you.”

The other continued, “He seems to think he has reason to believe that someone bears it, and is well concealed.”

“So who’s supposed to have the ruler’s mark this time?” The other asked, his head cocked to listen to the sounds nearby.

Alex just stopped and stood motionless, holding his breath.

“I mean we tore the worlds apart last time. And what did we find? Nothing. And what will we find this time? Again. Nothing.” He spat at the ground again narrowly missing Alex. He still listened to the sounds in the air ...

The second guard answered, “He’s touched in the head, that one. But look it pays the bills, and if he says jump... we do it.”

The first added knowingly, “And hop till he tells us to stop.” They laughed mockingly. No-one was around. It would be utter decorum, dignity, and deference if any of the royal palace guards were around. They were just talking...

Alex quickly slipped over to the food carts and sighed deeply to himself. Just a few months ago he was a carefree youth, learning things in a well-established academy in the Capital City. Now he was a common thief just to stay alive. To keep the others alive as well.

He snuck to the first cart and swiped a few of the food choices it offered. And he went throughout the others taking a bit from each... hopefully the missing food wouldn’t be detected. He tried to stagger the losses, as his shoulder bag started to bulge. When he’d filled it with the least detectable amount he slipped from amongst the town and headed back towards the woods and the secret hiding place where Mother had conveyed them all when the ruler went insane recently.

That was all the information, and food that the young man could gather this time out. Hopefully Mother would find it enough.

*** ***

Still concurrent events:

She felt like someone was watching her, and her heart started racing as he whispered her name and she looked up to meet his stare.

Her body went into overdrive as if she’d been waiting for him for forever. She felt the yearning and attraction welling up in her as she stood in a limitless time, wanting him...

It was as if she’d been hit with a powerblast as everything in her tightened, leaving her drenched in desire, and passion. Her breathing altering to match the onslaught. Responding without touch to his very presence, her skin tingled and her body trembled violently, in chorus with his.

The release was gradual leaving her sweating and still vibrating as she tried to gather herself together.

Which was the state she awakened in her own bed. Still tingling and electrified. Breathing heavily as she pulled her covers up tightly, “It was only a dream...” She mumbled fearfully.

*** ***

He was absolutely flummoxed and breathing heavily, trying to sort what had just happened. Staring at her, her beautiful flushed skin, as the electricity continued to course along his nerve endings...

He reached for his sketchbook, now separate from the school sketchbook, and flipped past the artwork lining its pages.

A blank page was before him as he started on her face, creating the oval shape he drew the lines of symmetry.... and positioned her large eyes equidistant apart, as he drew radiating lines from the pupils to the edges, to color in later...

Smoothing in the edges, he drew and blended the contours of her cheeks, her full lips and her light colored hair. The pencil traced, shaped and shaded as he worked carefully, in a worshipful manner.

Holding that charcoal in his mouth he reached for a colored pencil and filled in between the starred lines in the eyes, to create a rich and delicious coffee colored effect for her irises.

Her likeness from the moment of passion just shared, elegantly captured from the memory of the dream was gazing back at him.

He stared at it carefully, blinking as if to regain his senses. He pulled the pencil out of his mouth, “Isabel...” he mumbled in a matter of fact tone and slammed the art book closed in a state of ashamed confusion. Stating to himself in a tone of serious question, “It was only a dream...”

He reached for the phone...

*** ***

She heard the phone ringing and dove to answer it before her parents awakened, swiping a couple of tears from her cheeks.

“Isa-bel?” He asked in a rough voice,,, “Did you?” ... He was cut off by her affirmative response...

“You OK?” He still sounded affected. “You sound different...”

‘Oh now he’s Mr. Observant, and caring... Not good.’ She thought in annoyance.

“Look Michael,” She swallowed. “I don’t know what that was ok? But THAT thing that just happened is MINE and ALEX’S alone!!! ... That is not something that will EVER happen between you and me again, not in a dream or anywhere else. It was only a dream, a One Time dream. Got that!”

“So what do you think this means?” He asked.

“Your brain is warped!” She barked out. “It doesn’t have to mean anything alright. I have Alex, and you have Maria... it doesn’t mean a thing.” She said testily, shakily.

“Because it never happened...” and she hung up the phone. Trying to stop the frenetic shuddering her body was going through, because she was scared and confused. But she also still felt the emotions of herself in the dream, and that was unacceptable.

She didn’t want to be crying, but she couldn’t help it, she had just betrayed Alex, without a conscious thought. The Soul Gaze was theirs, they might have stumbled onto it accidentally, but it was still theirs. ... And somehow, she had just fallen right into it with Michael.

She picked up her phone, banishing her tears...

*** ***
Simultaneously: While Isabel was conversing with Michael...

He slipped quietly into the woods, and dropped his cloaking, still leaving his hearing finely attuned he gathered Gor’liee Flowers as a treat for the few youngsters in hiding. And he foraged other natural herbs and vegetation that could be used as foods or for medicinal purposes.

He then snuck back towards the cave. Arriving at the mouth of the sealed tunnel he sighed watching in the direction of Dimaris Rock again. How he missed his Kal’era... but they were yet unbonded, in any manner. Mother did not feel that the time was proper, with the tensions in the air as they were. He last had seen her, on a trip to the sea with other youths from their academy. A week before they were secreted away.

He slipped through the opening and began to commando crawl back into hiding. At the end of the tunnel he found himself at a low door, and reached out to knock in a rhythmic pattern, a secret code, and was admitted and bombarded with questions.

“Did anyone see you?”

“Invisibility has its perks.” he said confidently, slipping off the shoulder pack and reaching into it to find the food.

He doled out the rations, starting with Mother and the youngest, stroking the cheeks of a tiny one as he handed her some Gor’liee Flowers. Her eyes lit up. As he made sure everyone had something to eat he sat down with his amount. And reported his findings.

“What’s he looking for?” A male asked.

He mumbled, “It was something about a mark. A... a ruler’s mark.” He shrugged. “I’m sorry but I didn’t get a lot of information.”

Mother, who emanated some type of authority asked cautiously, “Was there any mention of the reinstatement of the Campaign?” She asked in a whisper as if afraid to even be asking the question.

His mouth full of something he mumbled, “Mmmeeahh,” with a nod. A partial swallow and the food was shoved to one side of his mouth. “How did you know?”

She sighed sorrowfully, as she whispered, “You are too young to remember the last time... My children died at his hands... and afterwards many of us were lost on a belief that it had transferred to another, or that she kept it somehow. It was never found. I’ve insisted we go into seclusion before we had actual knowledge of the plan. Because we are the ones he might go after. Members of certain families... If its anything like the last time, he’ll leave nothing alone. It was a very dark time in our worl...”

*** ***

He rolled over and reached for his lamp, his vision still somewhat bleary from being ripped out of a dream. He noticed that his hand didn’t feel right, tingling like it was asleep, but it wasn’t his hand either as it stretched, it wasn’t human.

He grabbed the receiver before it went forth to the final ring and then voice. He then rolled back onto his pillow and rubbed his bleary eyes with his other hand. And took another glance at his fingers, five of them, waving properly in front of his face. Switching ears, he wiggled his other hand, also five fingers, and the right color too. Everything was back to normal. “What the hell was that dream?” He mumbled. And turned his attention to his usual midnight caller.

“Isabel?” he mumbled her name with a yawn.

“Alex!” she said abruptly. “ Just apologizing for losing you in the dream.”

“Yeah. No problemlo. Uh, if you don’t mind my asking where did you go? I went somewhere else myself...” he smacked his lips, opening and closing his mouth, trying to sort out the flavor, the memory of the taste....

“Nowhere. I didn’t go anywhere Alex.” She quickly defended. “I just wanted to apologize that’s all.”

“Isabel. Dumb question, but what did we eat or drink tonight? Is there anyway it was laced with acid - or something?” He teased with a chuckle. “ I just had the weirdest dream and you actually woke me up from it.” ... Spicy. It was spicy... ‘What did he eat?’

“Yeah I had a pretty weird one too. But it’s all over now. So don’t go do your worrying thing... ok?”

‘She’s not fine.’ He thought to himself. Back to Isabel duty. “You want to talk?” He availed his ear.

“Nope. Just wanted to...”

“Apologize. Yeah. I got that. No worries beautiful lady... no apologies needed. But if you need me, you know where to find me.”

“Yeah. Good night Alex.”

He suppressed a nervous chuckle. “Good night Isabel.”

‘What the hell is wrong with her tonight? Apologize? Isabel doesn’t apologize, and definitely not three times in a row for the same thing. She was definitely affected by whatever her dream was about, and doesn’t want to talk about it.’

And his dreams? Was he anymore ready to share his than she hers? He didn’t fault her. No. Something was definitely off tonight. He’d been that alien youth in his dream. He’d eaten their food, and been in that secret enclave, in that otherworld. He’d understood their language, although it hadn’t been a thing like any he’d ever heard on Earth, in nearby regions, or from what he’d heard on the Nat Geo channel or any other media source.

Alex Whitman looked over his room to find the source of the weird occurrences. He had watched a documentary about the Roswell crash right before falling asleep. Or he had his usual alien themed comics. He didn’t need anymore Sci-Fi in his life... it was enough that he was living it in his everyday. He vowed not to watch or read anything alien related before bed, and for an extra good measure, to eat something good and healthy and to take his vitamins right before bed.

He wandered into the hall bathroom for a long drink of water, and to splash water on his face to sort himself out.

"An angel in the book of life wrote down my baby's birth. Then whispered as she closed the book "too beautiful for earth". ~author unknown

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Re: Shifting Realities (AU,A/I,MATURE) CH 30:B 1-15-11 pg 20

Post by Mt Gazer » Sat Jan 15, 2011 4:33 am


This could most definitely complicate things.

If the others are getting dreams we shall have to wait and see.

Yes the part is soon, but not with answers I’m afraid.


Ok the dream that Michael and Isabel just shared, recall Foursquare and I say no more on their behalf.

And Alex’s might not have understanding yet.

I love Alex’s outlook too. And yep another event for Isabel to pour her time and effort into. Too bad the nights are not going so well.

And yeah, Isabel was a bit frazzled. The talk they shared was fun. Poor Alex, he knows something is wrong, very wrong.

Disclaimer: I in no way own the rights to Roswell or anything related to it. All rights belong to Jason Katims, 20th Century Fox, Regency Entertainment, Melinda Metz, WB and UPN. No infringement is intended. I am borrowing their awesome characters, and including my own.

Perhaps in this part and in parts to come I am or will be borrowing some scenes, and I will borrow direct dialog and use altered dialog at times.

Title: Shifting Realities
Author: Mt Gazer/Velvet Skye
Category: CC/ AU
Spoilers: Four Square and Max to the Max

And to Randy, my dear husband always behind the scenes, and always an assistant in this. I tell him practically every idea that goes through my head. I LOVE YOU!!! And THANK YOU! As always. Shifting lives because of your support.

PML: Peter. This is a permanent spot in recognition of all your assistance. THANK-YOU!!! Shifting Realities is doing well with your attention to details. Thanks for all the help in this.

And finally I will attempt to recap where we’ve been.

RECAP: Isabel and Alex have a busy week with a Talent Show ahead of them, a test and a History report also due at the end of the week.

It was Monday night, and Isabel shared a dream with Michael. The type she would rather not have shared. Alex had an unusual one himself.

No Music...

Dreams are in bold italics

Shifting Realities

Chapter 30:B

It Was Only a Dream

Tuesday morning:

Alex was bending into his locker headfirst gathering his books with a sigh. He still could not gather his thoughts about his dream last night; it couldn’t have been influenced by Isabel, that’s all he knew.

As he was pulling his head out, he felt himself suddenly attacked and pushed against the lockers before he had a chance to react. He couldn’t help the crooked grin that graced his face, as she launched at him, pushing him forcefully against the metal wall.

Her lips were fused to his, and his arms wrapped very comfortably around her. He didn’t mind Isabel being close with him in public, that was more than ok with him, it made him something special in the eyes of all his peers, but it wasn’t her usual M.O. And he couldn’t help but wonder what she was dreaming about last night. And she didn’t appear to be in the mood to talk right now, make-out publicly yes. Talk no.

Why, just why, did he have to listen to the rational part of his mind right now? He pushed her back until he was able to look into her eyes. Eyes being the windows to the soul, hers were registering “everything” she ever wished to do to him then or now.

Her hands were on his collar staring into him as she opened the top button. “Seriously Alex? How many times will we have to go through this before you can dress yourself?” She teased, as her fingers wandered to the next lower button, just hovering there.

“A lifetime?” He said without conscious thought, a snicker escaped with a smirk, he loved this flirting ritual, and then she opened the next button and reached her hand inside, while the other pulled him back into their passionate kiss.

His eyes flew open in surprise, as he removed her hand from its spot inside his shirt, not that they weren’t being stared at by this time. Oh why did he have to know her so well? What he wouldn’t give to be the puppy that just loyally followed her, the boy he was just a short time ago... But Isabel had let him in, all the way in, and with that came understanding her every move. He sighed. He didn’t like his next thought, ‘What is she trying to avoid?’

That answer was shortly forthcoming.

She caught movement out of her peripheral vision, and heard his voice say her name.

Isabel looked over to the side, her eyes instinctively catching Michael's as he walked around the corner, Maria at his side. But when their eyes connected, he slipped his arm possessively around Maria’s shoulder. Isabel felt warm, and she swallowed reflexively and nervously.

The shorter blonde’s eyes narrowed as she watched the taller girl slip her arm around Alex’s waist, sliding her fingers into his belt loops possessively as well, staring at Alex’s pants? Which she used her free hand to remove some lint that she just happened to spot at that moment.

Alex looked up at Maria, they had stopped walking and were now at her locker, gathering her books. She shot a glance, with a raised eyebrow and a quick tilted head in Isabel’s direction. She then motioned her own head back to the boy attached to her side. Michael still hadn’t let go of her shoulders.

Alex nodded silently, and mouthed “Yeah.” As he shrugged. “Later?”

“You look flushed Isabel. Are you feeling alright?” Liz reached out to touch her shoulder. Isabel nearly jumped out of her skin when Liz came up next to her, she wasn’t watching her surroundings, and she always watched her surroundings.

Alex quickly gripped her to keep her steady. “Whoa, whoa there. Steady Ok?”

Max was feeling her forehead, concern etched visibly on his face.

Michael was watching the entire event and her face flushed deeper when she realized this.

“I’m fine.” She brushed them off. Digging rapidly into her locker she grabbed the books and slammed it shut. “Alex! Let’s go.” She wrapped herself closely to him and scurried from Michael as quickly as she could. Alex looked over his shoulder at Maria and shrugged again.

*** ***

Second period the human kids gathered in a corner of the science room and talked in hushed tones about the strange morning.

“Did you see how Spaceboy and Queen Amidala reacted to each other?” Maria pounced on Alex.

“Yeah.” He defended his girl. “But I’m sure it’s nothing. We dreamwalked for a while last night, and then later she called me. So I can guarantee that Isabel was at her house.”

Maria sent him an incredulous look. “Alex, really! You are a claimed man. That girl is gonna marry you.” She shook her head in confusion. “That’s so not what I was thinking... Really why would you even...” She glared at him as her hands questioned with wild gesturing. “I was thinking that something else is up, you know. SOMETHING, that could only relate to them?”

“So is Max still firmly grounded Liz?” Maria turned to her lifetime friend. “You know acting normal? Whatever that is for them?”

Liz sighed softly, “Not completely no.” She bit her lip nervously.

They both looked up on that admission.


She shrugged, “He was hesitant to kiss me today. Like he wasn’t comfortable with it the way he usually is.” She looked down momentarily, “And then, he was very affectionate in the next moment. There is a new entry on the Eraser Room wall...” She blushed as she bit her lip again. “So nope.” She chuckled in a halted nervousness, “Not all is normal on the Max front either.”

She shook her head and turned to Alex. “And poor Isabel was just totally flustered...”

Maria added, “Did you see her picking lint off your pants Alex?”

He moistened his lips and looked down at his jeans. ‘That was just strange.’ “Yeah. I’m not saying we shouldn’t be watching them. I agree that something Chezh is going on. And I’m not certain she even feels comfortable enough to discuss it. Avoid it, however.” He snorted, “Yeah. She’ll deny whatever it is until she either has to spill or it goes away.”

“I swear they can get themselves into more trouble, just on the merit of being THEM. Ya know?” Maria spoke with her hands. “It’s definitely time to watch them again.”

“So that’s what we’ll do.” They all made a point of keeping their eyes peeled for any other odd behaviors, of any one in the group...

*** ***

The rest of the day passed uneventfully, and they didn’t have to do any practice for the talent show either. So they holed up at Isabel’s house and finished their books, quizzing each other on the material, researching more for the history assignments, and just completing all the other homework of the day.

Alex loved how she could find moments of time to study and helped him to do the same. Organization was such her strong point. It was Tuesday and they were already prepared for Thursday’s test.

They had to be ready now, for Wednesday would be busier and they might not find time to study for a test at all. They had had practice on Monday, a tech and dress rehearsal were scheduled for Wednesday, and a final tech rehearsal for Friday. Saturday was the performance.

They ate at her house that night, dinner cooked by Diane. And when all homework was complete, Isabel sent Alex home.

They each spent a little time with their families. The Evans discussed how things were coming along with the show. And Isabel squeezed in a little TV time, since they were unwinding with a sitcom.

Then she retired to her room. Tomorrow would be here soon enough. But she could reconvene with Alex on the dreamplane.

*** ***

Their evening continued in the dream realm as was their nightly ritual.

The desert wasn’t hot; in fact a breeze was blowing, playing with her hair. This moment was passionate, reverential, and not playful as the dream before.

This dream had a very real potential of crossing the bases and taking them to a new level. She was ready to let her standards go and to join with him. Especially if it would stop the dreams from before, the ones shared with Michael.

But if she did, it would of course lead to sex in the real world in short time, and she wasn’t ready for that. Or more the fact that she wasn’t ready to become a mother yet. The sex part. She wouldn’t mind.

She felt desperate, and torn. It was not supposed to happen like this.

Alex was so gentle, and tender. He still handled her as if she were a precious and fragile treasure that he didn’t wish to break.

He laid a blanket on the rock, right above their carved initials, that he had created the night they found the orb. Each of them added elements to the dream to make it more realistic... And the symbols were still on the desert floor, just a ways from them.

He placed her down on the blanket, cradling her softly, protectively, as he started to run his fingers along the outside of her body, traveling along her sensuous curves, across the satiny silk of her elegant black dress.

His hand reached down to caress her calf, and then ran it sensuously up her tapered leg, ending at her thigh.

She was enjoying his ministrations, and he loved the thrill of learning things with her, in their dreams.

He pulled his hand from beneath her dress. And ran it over her torso, on the outer surface of her gown.

Isabel melted into his touch, his worship... and closed her eyes, enjoying the sensations. Folding her fingers into his, she softened further into him.

She opened her eyes to find him staring at her, an awed expression across every surface of his face. He was intently watching her, studying her, enjoying her pleasure. She could see him filing away for reference every little thing that made her melt further into him. And couldn’t help but think to herself that he should be an expert on all things Isabel by the time they actually did the deed.

His mouth captured hers in a passionate french-kiss, making love to her mouth with his tongue.

This dream was waking them up inside.

Her sexual awakenings had started with the orb, driving them to the brink. And now their dreams were becoming vivid, and detailed, and their souls were hungering to bond together, craving to become one.

She closed her eyes again, savoring his touch, which was now stronger and rougher. And her arms stroked his as he held her waist. She noticed the difference immediately.

His kiss was more passionate and intense and his lips were fuller and demanding. He kissed her so deeply she felt the breath ripped from her lungs. She came up gasping for air. He was fire. And he was setting her on fire. In this moment everything about him was more explosive.

She didn’t want to open her eyes. She knew. She let her hands wander along his firm jaw and to his hair, his spiky hair.

Isabel opened her eyes, the hazel eyes of loving desire replaced by brown lustful pools. She felt herself drowning in them.

Her heart continued its racing rhythm, she wanted this too. Needed it on some level. Latent memories of stolen moments tickled at the recesses of her mind

And she couldn’t stop herself. As she deepened his kiss, her hands were roaming over his taut muscles, and skin. Feeling him. Memorizing him. Tasting him.

They entered into an intense make-out there in the desert, their hands wandering over each other’s bodies...

Igniting a passionate fire.

*** ***


Alex was ripped from the arms of Isabel in their shared dream for the second night. He was the same youth of the night before. He attuned his hearing to detect the faintest of sounds, although viewing things through his normal sight, for he was not invisible this time.

He stood in the same world, a very long, and tall wall stretched before him. Paying his respects, as he stood at the wall of remembrance.

Arranged in rows and columns were stones of every conceivable hue and color, and even some that weren’t.

Some stones shimmered, others reflected the light of the sun as a mirrored effect, and still others seemed to remain inert, their beautiful colors a thing to behold.

The one thing they all held in common was the fact that in the midst of each stone, was a symbol. It wasn’t engraved, or embedded but actually appeared to be part of the stone itself. As he ran his fingers along the wall touching some of the stones he felt a sense of loss. He was in a place of quiet and reverential solitude. (The same feelings one might feel in a cemetery)

As he watched, two more stones suddenly appeared, as he heard in the far distance screaming, and wailing. Two more had just been lost, their spirits severed from their bodies, and encapsulated forever amongst the lost or fallen represented on this wall. The symbols on the crimson red stones, matched. Members of a same bloodline. And he fell to his knees sobbing. Such deep grief, such deep loss just poured from the young man.

Now he understood the intent behind the campaign... And his heart was filled with a fear as deep as his sorrow.

Alex woke in a cold sweat, tears streaming down his face. Fearing for his own life. Why? He had not real reason, just he was terrified of being found and killed.

He took deep gulping breaths initially and then tried to breathe deep calming yoga breaths, anything to calm down. He was wiping at the tears that would not stop.

Finally he just wandered into the hall bathroom and splashed water on his face repeatedly and then took long drinks of water from his cupped hands.

He meandered back to his room and decided to attempt to sleep again. Forcing himself back into the state of consciousness with which he would find Isabel on the dreamplane, he went back to the Roswell desert to wait for her where he had lost her earlier tonight.

He called out for her, and waited. Normally she would sense him somehow and they would reconvene.

But tonight all he encountered was a veritable wall that would not let him pass. She was somehow inaccessible, or not registering that he was available....

He then had no choice but to calm himself down and to reassure himself that it was only a dream. The second night in a row.

*** ***

Michael woke in utter shock, memories of the dream playing at the front of his mind. Remembering where his hands had just been all over Isabel’s body. And with another overwhelming need to draw.

“It was only a dream.” he said worriedly, his brow furrowed in concern and confusion when he looked at the image of a partially clad Isabel, lying in the desert on a slanted rock.

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Re: Shifting Realities (AU,A/I,MATURE) CH 30:C 1-21-11 pg 21

Post by Mt Gazer » Fri Jan 21, 2011 4:41 am

I have been having all kinds of trouble with the site off and on for a little while now, but I’m glad you were able to get through.

If you don’t think these kids can catch a break NOW, I hate to say it, “But you ain’t seen nothing yet!”

The next pieces are in process...

It still amazes me that I have one of the writers from back in the day LOL, and one of the GREATS still gracing this story. You don’t know how blessed I feel every time I see that you have read or left me a note, or a tease, or something.

Yep those little guiding dreams are in play but in new ways. I’m going with, her mind has more to play with and she’s been more open to Alex so her innocence is not at the same level it was in the past at the same point of these dreams. She is still an innocent (especially compared to a certain set of hybrids) but not HOPELESSLY so...

Yeah, I feel bad for them that this is happening and talking about THIS is going to be SO HARD. For her to even try to explain any of it to Alex, or how to sort what it is with Michael... Who in the past wasn’t really against the whole idea...

And yeah, what did Alex tap into? And how will that change how he feels about being in the abyss, or anything?

The dreams are getting very strange on all fronts... Poor Alex, he doesn’t even know how to make sense of the ones he is having.

And everytime Michael wakes (before he is fully conscious he is in a state of Automatic Drawing) he is sketching the “encounter” he just shared...

Yeah what would Isabel have done to Alex in the hallway, or taken into the Eraser Room? As would have to be the case.

I think the dress is explained by this, (two reasons...) ONE the writers were trying to make a very family safe show and so they couldn’t “show” anything, and a girl all decked in evening wear was the sexiest they could “envision and hint with”

TWO: See response to Tharos. Isabel was hopelessly innocent at that point in the past, and NO-ONE had seen her in a risque state. The dreams if you recall stole ALEX right out of her arms and threw her into the desert with Michael watching.

Her mind has more to play with now, she has had some experiences and they are coloring what she dreams and perceives.

(I imitated the events but altered the events and level of innocence LOL Read the response above.)

Being an Alien Hybrid must absolutely suck sometimes. And she is TOTALLY COMMITTED to Alex. She wants nothing to do with these dreams but she is NOT in charge of them.

And I don’t know what Michael is thinking right now but I know he’s watching her and is rather confused himself. But to talk about this, HOW? How do you start that conversation? You’re right, it would be so embarrassing and impossible to even have this conversation.

It will have to be had at some point. And yeah there will likely be fallout to come.

And I haven’t written the resolution chapter yet myself, so I’ll see it just a bit before you all do, I guess. LOL But then I do have an idea what will happen. LOL

Yep the humans are watching their hybrids VERY closely right now.

I would assume from Liz saying all is not right in Max land that he just might be getting some dreams too.

I can’t answer really why for any of them, the aliens, I guess this is just something they HAVE to go through and endure.

I can say poor Alex. And I can’t really say why he is having such odd dreams. But if he is there is a reason.

I don’t know if Liz and Maria will end up in the dream-shares with the rest. So far they don’t seem to have had any and that is two strange dreams had now. (By Mi/I, Alex, and possibly even Max.)

Disclaimer: I in no way own the rights to Roswell or anything related to it. All rights belong to Jason Katims, 20th Century Fox, Regency Entertainment, Melinda Metz, WB and UPN. No infringement is intended. I am borrowing their awesome characters, and including my own.

Perhaps in this part and in parts to come I am or will be borrowing some scenes, and I will borrow direct dialog and use altered dialog at times.

Title: Shifting Realities
Author: Mt Gazer/Velvet Skye
Category: CC/ AU
Spoilers: Four Square and Max to the Max

And to Randy, my dear husband always behind the scenes, and always an assistant in this. I tell him practically every idea that goes through my head. I LOVE YOU!!! And THANK YOU! As always. Shifting lives because of your support.

PML: Peter. This is a permanent spot in recognition of all your assistance. THANK-YOU!!! Shifting Realities is doing well with your attention to details. Thanks for all the help in this.

And a spot for a cameo. My precious pride and joy, my only natural born child. My very own Kid Seuss is Caspian... my ten year old son. I hope to introduce you to him in a later part of this chapter.

And finally I will attempt to recap where we’ve been.

RECAP: Isabel and Alex have a busy week with a Talent Show ahead of them, a test and a History report also due at the end of the week.

Tuesday went as oddly in the dream department as did Monday. Isabel and Michael are sharing erotic dreams, and Alex appears to be having “alien” dreams. It is now Wednesday.

No Music...

Dreams are in bold italics

A/N: Unless my brain comes up with something, the Talent Show is nothing more than a backdrop for this chapter so that SOMETHING was going on in their lives to give it a bit more flavor. It’s really a mostly transitional chapter. The Dreams are the big event of this part.

I add in another disclaimer... I am mentioning Christianity as a religion in this. I know with Gloria Whitman and her being Catholic that I have touched on it already...

I am not intending to alienate or isolate or infringe on any person’s belief. It’s just what the story calls for.

The events mentioned in this chapter have been adapted to be of a fictional person’s life, but the events themselves, and the locations are or were real.

I have done some research concerning the location and events and have added links at the bottom of the chapter to follow for more information about this.

Shifting Realities

Chapter 30:C

It Was Only a Dream

Wednesday Am, Isabel woke early, buzzing with energy She blew through her shower, and breakfast before Max had even rolled out of bed.

If she had looked closely at him she would have seen the tell-tale marks of a person who had restless sleep. But she wasn’t noticing; him, or anything else, she was buzzing around giving orders.

“Hurry up Max,” she said as he finally sat to eat, his energy was spent already and the day had hardly begun. She laid the schoolbooks on the table, absorbing every last bit of information she could about The Crucible. Cliff’s notes, her notes, and the book were all opened and information was being processed at a lightning fast speed.

Then she hopped up and reordered all the dishes by sizes and patterns, and placement according to most used and lesser used. .... But running out of time left that project undone, to tackle when she got home later in the day.

Max was too damn tired to care what was upsetting his sister. Something apparently was.

“What are you doing?” Max groaned as he watched her flurry of activity.

“Rearranging the kitchen...” She said in a tone of matter of factness. “Its been needing this for a long don’t you think?” She stated as she tossed all her books back into her bag and slung the weighted pack over her shoulder, staring at him, tapping her foot impatiently.

“Well. Lets go!”

He raised a finger as if to make a point, to add that he still needed to brush his teeth, to say anything and just sighed wearily instead. “School doesn’t start for at least another hour? You don’t have Zero Period ever, but I do today as a favor to help Miss Lane with something. I have to be going... but...What are you doing?” He asked so confused as to why she was up earlier than him, and why she was already prepared for school.

“Max.” She said his name in that condescending manner she uses when he should know exactly what she’s thinking but he has no clue. “You aren’t the only one who has to help with a community project. I have to do some things too, and I really do need to get there early.” She added readjusting the weight of her backpack.

He rubbed the tired feeling from his eyes and yawned deeply. He wasn’t going to argue with her in this mode. He’d lose and he knew it. Heaven help anyone who got in her way this day, they might not have a footprint to grace the Earth when she was done.

The dreams he’d been having were unsettling at best. But luckily Isabel was the only blonde he was actually dealing with at the moment.

After Max quickly brushed his teeth, they were out the door.

Max headed to the Science Room to help Miss Lane prepare the materials for lab later.

And Isabel headed to her first classroom. She studied it for a second, sitting in her seat and planning... She got a pensive look on her face and pulled out a piece of paper and started to diagram... calculating the angle of the light based on the time of day and placement of the room and....

Then she went through all her classrooms, altering them to match her needs.

She was avoiding Michael as well as she could, anywhere he could be found, she had made herself scarce. She had already gathered her books for her first three classes before school had ever begun. So she had no chance to run into him in the halls.

In third period as everyone stepped into the room, Isabel was calmly sitting in her seat ready for the lessons. But her desk was not where it normally was in the back near the cupboard, it was to the front and right.

The rows had been turned perpendicular to their previous placement, sunlight streaming into the room though the open windows. A path divided the center of the room, so that no one was directly hit with the glare but only got the effused effect from the angled louvers, that she had adjusted to get the lighting just perfect.

A small Zen garden, which normally was found buried on one of the bookshelves, was now on the teacher’s desk; which graced the new front of the classroom.

Mrs. Jatzman refused to teach for the first fifteen minutes until she knew who had altered the room, so the class sat in an uncomfortable silence. Mrs. Jatzman was not her usual calm self, she’d already sat through a class with none confessing.

Half the class turned to stare at Isabel, who looked at her manicure acting oblivious to their condescending stares. Her nails were in need of some help before Saturday. When everyone continued to watch her Isabel got a saccharin sweet smile and said, “Me? I just thought we’d try a little Feng Shui today. It does make the room more peaceful doesn’t it?” She shrugged nonchalantly.

“Nice prank Isabel.” Mrs. Jatzman sighed, “and I’m glad you confessed and we didn’t have to drag this out all day. No more pranks however will be tolerated. After the tricks played when the school was out of commission due to the gas leak... we can’t have people just doing what they want around here.” She walked over to her desk and made eye contact with the teen, as she tapped her fingertip against Isabel’s desk. “You will stay after school and rearrange every classroom that you have upset. And the word in the teacher’s lounge is that a few have been altered. I will personally oversee your detention this afternoon.”

Isabel wore a panicked look. “I have to be at the Civic Center by 4:30.” She whined.

“I’m sorry,” Mrs. Jatzman added derogatorily, “but you’re going to be just a little bit late. I’ll see you when the last bell rings. And I’d like it if your accomplice/s turn up as well.”

Alex and Maria shared a look. Maria mouthed, “What the hell is wrong with her?”

Alex shrugged and sighed.

*** ***

When the day ended, Isabel reported to detention. And Alex was by her side.

“Mr. Whitman?” Mrs. Jatzman looked up, “were you her accomplice in this? You’ve been known to pull a few pranks before.”

“No Ma’am. But she’s the director of the Talent Show this weekend and I figured an extra set of hands would make it go faster. You know many hands make light work and all that?”

“If you weren’t part of it. You aren’t fixing it.” Mrs. Jatzman added “ I like that you wanted to assist your girlfriend but she got herself into this mess, and she gets to get herself out of it.

Mrs. Jatzman posted a seating chart on the board and asked Isabel to refer to it. “And I will have one of these in every classroom as we go to them.” She pointed to how the room should look per each different teacher’s instructions.

Her powers sure had made this easier in the morning. Now she had to do everything the HARD way. And it was eating huge chunks into her time, but she worked with all the speed she could naturally muster and when she was done with Mrs. Jatzman’s room at twenty minutes she calculated that it would take her roughly three hours to do all eight rooms. She couldn’t afford to be two hours late...

Michael turned up as she had started on the 3rd room, she’d already worked for nearly an hour. He’d already put in an hour at the Crashdown, straight from school, and was going to head back when he was done helping Isabel. He had been given permission by Mr. Parker to assist her for an hour or so.

Isabel looked tired already, he noticed. And when asked if he was an accomplice for she certainly had to have had at least one, he lied and said that he was. Mrs. Jatzman didn’t seem in the least surprised that a delinquent like Michael was involved. She was however surprised that Isabel had changed the rooms around.

Michael felt that he was somewhat responsible for her state of mind that had led to her little compulsive rearranging. Those dreams weren’t of his choice either but the way she was acting around him recently proved to him that she was experiencing them too. It was the least he could do.

Isabel gave a grateful smile as she wiped her brow with her forearm, and he set to ordering the room per her instructions. They never once looked at each other, just worked opposite sides of the rooms individually, as Isabel directed where the seats were supposed to go.

He had saved her so much time. She was still glistening with perspiration, and had worked up quite an appetite by the time they were done and she had to get right to the Civic Center, with no time to change or stop for a bite. But she wouldn’t be two hours late anymore...

“Don’t forget there is a test tomorrow Isabel, on the AP reading.” Mrs. Jatzman reminded her, as the last desk was set in place.

She nodded in response, “I’ve been working on it already,” she added. “And I’m sorry about the rooms. I...” – she couldn’t think of a good reason and bit her lip in thought. Shrugging she added, “I don’t know what I was thinking.”

“I’ve gotta go Michael,” she added as she gathered her books...

“How are you getting there?” he asked the obvious.

“Uh...” she bit her lips. Everyone was gone, unless she called for a ride, or took public transportation she hadn’t really been prepared for that.

As they made their way to the parking lot she realized he intended to give her a lift.

“Hop on,” he handed her a second helmet, which she gratefully strapped under her chin. And she held onto his waist as he got her safely to her next appointment.

When she got off he added. “You don’t have to go all crazy you know. Talk to me?” As she was pulling off the helmet and handing it back.

She gave him a perfunctory hug with a tight smile and a nod and then ran inside the large metal double doors.

*** ***

She looked a little worse for wear when she arrived. And was not in the mood to deal with any problems, which as rehearsals go, have plenty of bugs to work out.

She might be the director (assistant director) and there when the talent is, but the Children’s Home and Country Club officials were working every day to get this thing working smoothly.

The place was busy with people everywhere. The sound team had set up the huge soundboard, and were testing levels and mics. Cords were taped to the stage floor, and running through the auditorium. The director and stage hands were keeping the kids corralled and things as organized as possible, as the stage was prepared while the kids were rehearsing.

Lighting crews were rehearsing with the huge spotlight that was going to highlight the performers, as well as setting up all the stage lights. This was promising to be a good show.

Isabel stepped into the room and took a long look at the stage, one of the acts was singing her precious little heart out.

Isabel grabbed her earpiece and got right to work, “Where are the glitter stars we were going to use as a backdrop?” she asked as she reached the table?

The main director was trying to rein her in for he knew they were on the way, but she was talking to a stage attendant and that person had no clue.

“What do you mean they aren’t here? Am I going to have to create 350 glitter stars to glue onto the backdrop along with all the other work I have this week. You know what, your problems aren’t mine. Get those stars found and get that banner hung. It should say “A Star-Studded Evening” above those kids.”

The little girl finished her song and Isabel smiled at her. “That was fine honey. Thank you. Next.” she barked out as she looked at the list.

The next act got a little stage fright when it was his turn to sing. He did his dance moves woodenly, and he just couldn’t remember his lyrics.

“Get that kid his lyrics.” She ordered. “You shouldn’t be in the show if You don’t know your material.” She waved her hand dismissively.

The little boy started to cry. Isabel had too much to deal with...

Alex pulled him over to the area beside the stage. “She’s mean.” The dark brown haired little boy was blubbering. “I- I do know my song. I just forgot the words when the big lights was on me.”

Alex nodded politely. “Yeah. Stage fright. It’s a real killer.” He sympathized.

The next act was a poetry recitation, and so the music wasn’t needed for a moment...

I’m a bit of a performer myself, so would you mind singing your song for me?” Alex calmed the little boy down. He wasn’t going near Isabel himself yet.

The little boy softly gathered himself back together, and wiped his tears on his shirt sleeves and started to sing...

He knew his lyrics. Alex gave him a smile and a fist bump when he was done. “I’ll let her know that you’ll be just fine on Friday and Saturday ok?”

He nodded.

“Want to know a secret?” Alex’s eyes twinkled.

“What?” The boy was eager.

“She wants to do this for you guys to help you find homes or better care because she and her brother lived in the Children’s Home when they were little.”

“She did? She didn’t have a mommy or daddy?” The boys eyes were wide.

“Nope. She and her brother were all alone. And she really does care about you guys. She makes sure that you all get a good Christmas doesn’t she?”

“Yeah.” The youngster nodded. “We have a big party and everything.”

“I’ll let you know another secret, and she’ll get real mad at me for this one...” Alex acted all serious in order to draw the boy’s interest.

The little boy giggled.

“She had a bad day at school today... and she gets really really crazy when she has a bad day. She didn’t mean to yell at you.”

“She goes to school?” he asked in surprise. “I thought she was an adult?”

“Oh no, not an adult yet. Its called high school. Her teacher put her in detention, like a classroom time-out. That’s why she was late tonight.”

“She got in trouble?” The little boy asked in awe, he could relate.

“Yep.” Alex nodded.

“How do you know so much ‘bout her?” the little guy asked.

“She’s my girlfriend.” Alex smiled happily.

Using a line he’d heard other bigger people use he said, “I feel for you man.” As he clapped Alex on the shoulder with his tiny 8 year old hand.

Alex laughed. This little one was a bit on the precocious side. “But I really don’t want to get on her bad side right now. So go backstage where you are supposed to be, and I’ll let her know ok?”

The boy hopped up and ran off. And Alex let her know that he’d be ready to try again...

A four-person crew ran in carrying a huge tarp looking object... and laid it out over the chairs... the backdrop with its stars had arrived. Isabel nodded and had them roll it up to carry and lay next to the stage. One less major thing to deal with.

And Isabel wasn’t the only director; she could actually be called the Assistant Director. But she loved the title of the one in charge and he let her use it. She was the one who would be seen in front emceeing the acts. He laughed at how she handled everything. She was born to lead but she was a little high strung... he leaned over to her and whispered, “Put the little Timberlake on again.”

So Isabel hollered. “Bring back number 7...”

The little boy, stealing confidence from Alex, smiled and performed much better this time. He went through his choreography pretty smoothly and knew his song flawlessly.

He high-fived Alex as he walked off stage.

They had some other things to deal with as well as some other technical glitches over the course of the evening. Expected things really. Getting a performance up and running took a lot of behind the scenes work.

And the evening finally passed as the last act finished up.

“I’ll see you on Friday.” The Director added to her, he’d be there another hour at least finishing up things of today, and bright and early tomorrow, but his assistant with The Title of Director, was still a high school girl and she needed to get herself home and to get some rest. It was already late, and she had been yawning for the last fifteen minutes.

Alex and his band gathered what they needed to, and left all that they could and he wrapped his arm around her shoulder as they walked out.

“I think they’ll do great. They’ve worked so hard.” He said happily as she laid her head on his shoulder.

She nodded. “That little Kid Seuss is amazing.” She added. “Can you imagine how hard he works to memorize that?” As she referred to one little ten year old who had adapted and memorized a Dr. Seuss poem, and had edited it to fit in a three-minute time slot.

“Yeah. He’s very impressive.” Alex added. “And how he brought life to it. Very cute kid. He’s going to get some great responses.”

“And that little boy you yelled at. He’s quite amazing too.” Alex gently remonstrated her actions of earlier. “I talked to him, and calmed him down.”

She wasn’t about to apologize. You let someone go without knowing his or her material and the whole show falls apart.” She yawned deeply. “I’m starved.”

“I’ll bet you are. Lets get to the Crashdown, they’re probably cleaning it up.” As they walked out to his car.

*** ***

She breezed through the door and demanded that Michael fire up the grill and make a Galaxy Melt with Saturn Rings and a Will Smith with UFO fries. Then she headed to the little girl’s room.

After the food was served Isabel ate all of hers and tucked into Alex’s when she was done. He held up his hands in surrender as her hands kept sneaking food off of his plate. And then finally after taking a last huge bite of his sandwich, he pushed his plate her way. She finished it off.

He snickered.

After they’d paid, made small talk, and discussed the history projects for a bit with the others. Alex took her home.

As he dropped her off, he didn’t choose to even go in. It was getting even later and there was still his family to let know he existed in this dimension. He kissed her and told her to get a good night’s sleep, and he’d see her at school on Thursday.

*** ***

When she entered her parents were watching the news.

‘Is everything ok honey?” Her mom asked.

“Yeah. Why?” She asked in confusion.

“My kitchen was a bit scattered when we got back tonight. Just wondering if you had anything to do with it?”

“Oh I forgot.” She huffed. “I was organizing it this morning and ran out of time. I’ll go fix it.” And using her powers FINALLY to repair something today, she had it ordered to her liking in mere minutes.

After watching TV with her parents and their heading to bed, Isabel headed to her room as well.

*** ***

Alex spent a very little amount of time with his family. They said their goodnights after the news finished and headed to their room.

He quickly microwaved himself a corn tortilla with mozzarella cheese quesadilla, took his vitamins and after a session of brushing his teeth headed to bed.

He was asleep almost instantly, and the dreams reached him a time later.

Alex was again in another time and place, this time Earth, and he was an older man. Not old by today’s standards, but a man of his mid to late forties.

The time was the Middle Ages. People lived in villages, in small houses, with scarce appointments. They lived off of trades or the land predominantly.

As he stared at the outside of the Cathedral of St. Peter, the Trierer Dom, he always was awed by this place. It’s Romanesque Architecture, and all the impressive techniques used in its creation. Such an exquisite marvel it was. It had been through many changes since its inception in the early 300’s after the conversion of Emperor Constantine to Christianity. It’s beauty inspired a couple generation of his family, himself included, to create and fashion with elegance in their carpentry. He was an artisan, as his father and grandfather before him. They had built up a life for themselves on the outskirts of Trier, Germany and were decently wealthy.

He had worshipped here since an infant; he and his wife and children had all been baptized here. He was part of such a proud history. So many stories circulated of its importance, including that the seamless Robe of Christ was contained herein. He took a pilgrimage as a child to witness it for his very self.

And the Dom was a tribute and testament to overcoming obstacles; twice it had been destroyed and left in ruins by invading parties. Each time it had risen from the rubble and emerged once again a grand and glorious testament to the resilience of the Germanic people, and Christianity itself.

He had entered this Sabbath (Sunday) as all the others, and after placing his candle amongst the other bright shining lights in the inset, he was knelt at his pew, had made the sign of the cross and was in prayer.

He started to feel very warm. Wiping the newly formed sweat droplets from his brow, his mind started to whirl in a kaleidoscope of images and sounds...

He saw FIRES, as a rushing sea of flames, raging in the church, burning through the pews, and leaving them virtually empty. The flames swept through the town, leaving nothing unscathed... it poured from the open doors of the Dom into the streets and surrounding areas of Trier. He saw it in the courtrooms, in the schools and colleges. He saw it sweep through the palaces and thrones were emptied. And he saw it flowing with a fiery passion through the Trier, burning through the officials and seats of power.

When it was done with the town and had decimated everything in its path, its destructive force sent an ember flying overhead and he saw it ignite still in the great land of Germany, in the mountains. He saw three more fires erupt from other embers that landed. And still other embers flying further than his land.

He woke on his back, gasping for breath, his eyes wide, and his daughters fussing over him, mopping his wet brow with their aprons. Danger was on its way, and it was going to sweep through Germany like a plague.

Later that week after much prayer and consideration he took his five children, plus his daughter-in-law aside during an evening meal and told them of what he had seen.

“I saw seas of fires that will sweep through the lands and take many souls with them. There will soon be no safe place to hide. The world is poised on the verge of madness, and Christendom itself is in crisis.” He stated in low tones as they ate the meal prepared by his girls.

“If you stay they will force into exile those in connection with the accused, and they will strip the land from you and you will suffer in poverty at their hands. You will never have a prayer to escape their evildoings. They may place you on trial as well for the same crimes if you do not flee this coming inferno.”

His family all spoke at once asking many questions.

He turned to his eldest, a son newly married, and said assuredly, “You must escape while there is still a chance. Your name will be forever associated with mine and you can be found and tried in another wave of fire, if you do not become someone new. Start a new life, with a new name, drawn from your new place. Go and make a new life for yourself and your young wife.” He held his daughter in law’s hands with a tight smile. Then he turned to his other children and added, “I will send the others in stages, you will wait for them.”

A few years later, he was hugging his last two daughters, his only remaining children, as he readied their packs to take his most prized earthly possessions to a new home. He would have no more need of them soon. He remained stoic, firm in his conviction, and he had seen the beginnings of the flames in recent days. It was a matter of time now before the fire engulfed everything in its path.

His other children had already journeyed from home. His oldest now had two sons and another child on the way last he had learned. Information gleaned from letters the couriers had delivered, over the times of departure. His married daughter had borne a daughter. And his youngest son had taken a wife in the new land and she had borne him a son.

His one goal, his one need, was to see that his children were all safe and he had done so. They had blended into their new lives and had made a new way for themselves.

He was knelt at the gravesite of his wife with a fancy carved cross that he had fashioned for her after she succumbed to an illness. Tears were streaming. “You would be proud of me. I made sure that they all were safe and that they all have a good life. We have a few grandchildren. But I shall never hear from them again. And I will be joining you soon to watch over them from above.” He wept and poured out all the emotions he had never let his children see.

A few more months had passed, and he heard a knocking at his door, a friend stood with the town officials and religious leaders on the other side... “Hanz is a heretic...” His friend proclaimed. The Fires that he had foreseen had reached him....

Alex woke with a start groaning in agony of soul crying out, “Aufenthaltsafe meine Kinder.” (Stay safe my children) Repeatedly. As tears coursed his cheeks yet again. He felt worried and deeply concerned, wanting to make sure his children were safe, the residual remnants of the dream still being shaken from his sleep induced coma.

He took deep calming breaths. No it wasn’t his children he was concerned about, he was certain of that. He wasn’t a father yet, so it had to be someone else. There wasn’t another choice. He landed on Isabel, and all the other people he loved. They still had an FBI plant in their school, they were still being watched, and they were not to his knowledge ever truly safe. Alex was deeply worried about everyone in IKAAC.

Was he living some other person’s life in his dream tonight to show him something bad was coming to his? And how bad would that even be, Witch Trial bad or even worse?

Would he be able to protect them the way Hanz had his own family? To be able to show that much love that he would ensure their own safety at his own destruction? Would he know something was going to happen before it did?

Isabel’s other Alex had told her he’d do anything for her, for her protection. He, Alex, was no exception. He just hadn’t the opportunity to utter it first because of where she’d come from.

He leaned over and called her to get a reassurance that she was alright and that nothing bad was happening in the immediate moment.

Oddly enough, she wasn’t sleeping.

She was cleaning her bedroom, at 3:00 am. She’d already rearranged the living room.

She said she was fine, just didn’t want to deal with some dreams and so had chosen to stay awake. She didn’t need him at her house; he actually offered to assist with her cleaning frenzy.

Something Czechoslovakian was definitely going on, but she didn’t sound as if she was in any immediate danger, just sounded weird, and uncomfortable and very tired. She’d punctuated the conversation with deep yawns. He trusted her to be fine and attempted to go back to sleep.

When that proved useless, Alex grabbed a notepad off his desk and wrote down the entire dream; on the knowledge that he felt concerned for everyone in his life. Of course its basis was founded in this week’s reading and history assignments. But that didn’t mean he wasn’t listening for whatever deeper meaning might be woven into the very fabric of the dream itself.

And when he fell back to sleep that night it was fitful at best. No real rest or sleep would follow that dream.


Cathedral of St. Peter. The Dom

Trier Cathedral ... -cathedral

And the fires to come were a very dark event in European history and that of the world itself. The beginning of the Witch Trials.

European Witch Trials ... ern_period

Please see the section titled: Peak of the trials: 1580–1630 to see where I gathered the information on Germany by following each link.
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Re: Shifting Realities (AU,A/I,MATURE) CH 30:D 2-1-11 pg 21

Post by Mt Gazer » Wed Feb 02, 2011 1:50 am

The history lesson isn’t over yet. Sorry. And yeah Alex, children, grandchildren and his being another person entirely.

I got her OCD tendencies from the books, which I’ve only read once or twice. Had to see where the show had initially come from and what there was to glean from it.

Sorry its only Thursday, its not the talent show yet... but on with the day...

Thanks. The little guy just had to be as adult as he could. Hopefully I can get my own little guy into here soon-ish.

Something is definitely going on, but what exactly? Alex is having the strangest dreams and Isabel isn’t doing well, but would we expect her too?

The dreams aren’t letting up yet I fear. But Isabel has to find some better coping skills, I do agree. And what was she thinking, Feng Shui’ing the classrooms so soon after the entire school disaster?

The guys know that she needs help as much as they are able. And I hate to say it but that wasn’t Alex’s scary dream, that was the lead in to it....

I can’t imagine that if you have a very close relationship with an alien that you won’t be changed. But is he right now? Is that why he’s getting these odd dreams?

Isabel does seem nuts, yeah.

Oh I’m sure they are all asking questions and soon will be asking even more..

I highly doubt she is going to tell Alex she is cheating on him in dreams, even without wanting to. I can’t imagine that dialogue entering everyday conversation very easily. YOU?

Therapy does sound feasible, but whom? Alex’s mom? And how do you explain everything without the alien abyss side of it all?

I’m so sorry that you aren’t into Roswell right now, for you have been nominated and voted for in the RF awards things... and we need more of our fix... I can’t wait to see what your ideas are and were for Time Travellers.

Thanks for coming back to at least FB me, and yes I know I STILL owe you one more FB. My house is SO distracting... (I’ve actually tried a couple times...)

Thanks for saying my descriptive talents are great. I still LOVE the way you write however, and still want to emulate you even more. LOL

The dreams I fear will leave you confounded for a time longer. (Hey we don’t have answers in yours either LOL) I will credit you partially with the dream segment. I’ve always known that there was going to be the Michael/Isabel dreams and I knew Alex was going to get some odd ones too... but after reading chapter 15 in yours, I was jotting down my ideas for this chapter and well the parts you have just read and the one you are about to, all played out on paper. And this one (right now) shocked me at what transpired. But it worked so....

And back to poor Alex. He is definitely confused, not one dream he’s had this week has made any sense. The dream to feel for is (now) (Sorry- don’t shoot me... like I said I was shocked at what came out)

Isabel needs help. Desperately. I don’t think she was thinking of the last school disaster. Obviously she wasn’t or she would have OCD’ed something else. And yeah she does tend to live on the edge doesn’t she?
Thanks, I’m glad you could feel the tension between her and Michael. I wasn’t sure it was coming across or not.

Yeah there have to be little moments of humor, so much is so intense in their life. Thanks for liking when I interject them. And yep some day that little guy will realize Alex was lucky for sure.

And nope you aren’t the only one thinking of her as the Nazi right now... I think everyone on the Talent Show crew has some semblance of that thought. But she does love things done properly doesn’t she?

Curiosity is said to have killed the cat, I hope it doesn’t also kill you. Cause I don’t know if there are answers... (Except locked and vaulted in my head)

Like I said above, I am betting that Alex is being changed, how could he not? But what powers will he possess? Or will he?

Hope you slept well... and thanks for the amazing FB, I will get you chapter 16. I will. Just RL distractions don’t leave so much THINKING time. I just hope a chapter 17 will soon follow. I am so curious about what is going on in travellers.

Disclaimer: I in no way own the rights to Roswell or anything related to it. All rights belong to Jason Katims, 20th Century Fox, Regency Entertainment, Melinda Metz, WB and UPN. No infringement is intended. I am borrowing their awesome characters, and including my own.

Perhaps in this part and in parts to come I am or will be borrowing some scenes, and I will borrow direct dialog and use altered dialog at times.

Title: Shifting Realities
Author: Mt Gazer/Velvet Skye
Category: CC/ AU
Spoilers: Four Square and Max to the Max

And to Randy, my dear husband always behind the scenes, and always an assistant in this. I tell him practically every idea that goes through my head. I LOVE YOU!!! And THANK YOU! As always. Shifting lives because of your support.

PML: Peter. This is a permanent spot in recognition of all your assistance. THANK-YOU!!! Shifting Realities is doing well with your attention to details. Thanks for all the help in this.

And finally I will attempt to recap where we’ve been.

RECAP: Isabel and Alex have a busy week with a Talent Show ahead of them, a test and a History report also due at the end of the week.

It is now Thursday. The dreams haven’t let up. Isabel and Michael are sharing erotic dreams, and Alex appears to be having very strange dreams himself.

No Music...

Dreams are in bold italics

I add in another disclaimer... I am mentioning Christianity as a religion in this. I know with Gloria Whitman and her being Catholic that I have touched on it already...

I am not intending to alienate or isolate or infringe on any person’s belief. It’s just what the story calls for.

The events mentioned in this chapter have been adapted to be of a fictional person’s life, but the events themselves, and the locations are or were real.

I have done some research concerning the location and events and have added links at the bottom of the chapter to follow for more information about this.

WARNING: There is a graphic depiction of a violent scene in this part. The later part of Alex’s dream gets intense.

Shifting Realities

Chapter 30:D

It Was Only a Dream


Thursday morning didn’t start out quite as Isabel had planned considering the fact that she hadn’t slept at all the night before. She had already rearranged the kitchen cupboards, the living room and her own room.

She had chosen to stay awake and to keep busy, that was the truth of it. Therefore, she hadn’t had a dream with Michael, and for that was grateful, but also hadn’t shared any time with Alex, and for that wasn’t so happy at all.

The one thing that was obvious to her was that no matter how much she was trying to make a connection with Alex this week, he would be ripped out of her arms and she would be thrown into another dream. With Michael.

And Alex? What of his dreams? Alex’s were obviously distressing him, or he wouldn’t have called her in the middle of the night, but they hadn’t had a moment to share them yet. Or maybe he didn’t want too. Isabel yawned deeply, what would be troubling him so much he wouldn’t talk to her about it? Was he talking to Liz and Maria, or was he suffering in silence?

She was mulling over all these things, sitting at the kitchen table and nursing a cup of coffee, sans Tabasco, sugar or anything else to make it palatable. She hated coffee, but she needed to drink it at its full strength. To keep her sharp.

It was barely working. She kept jerking her head back up as she started to doze for a moment and shaking it to keep the blood circulating and the oxygen flowing.

How could she be sharing erotic dreams with Michael? In the past, there hadn’t been any real relationship with Alex at this point. He never really was a part of the dream or sharing it as they did nightly now.

In the past it had been her processing how she felt about Alex, and how she was finally ready to let go of her self made walls and start something. It was her dream alone as she was finally letting him in. But how briefly an effort that was. She sighed sadly as she remembered all the things that had transpired from these dreams and beyond.

The night these same dreams began in the distant past, Alex was awake watching the monitors all night and offering his shoulder as Isabel’s pillow, while they staked out Tess’s house. (She jerked her head to alert.)

Tess. The next problem with this. In the past Tess knew that Isabel was deciding how she felt about Alex, Isabel had mentioned it. She had felt the need to let Tess in, the demanding of it. The mindwarping Tess used with all to suit her purposes. Isabel shuddered and sipped another warm gulp of the dark and bitter liquid.

She was certain Tess had been the source of the dreams, the instigator of Destiny. So explain what was going on right now. Tess was not here. (Shaking head to fight sleep, as she tried to right her slumping self.)

Isabel was now certain that her nights would start with Alex and end with, she shuddered, Michael. If she could be this close with Alex in a dream world, shouldn’t that indicate something to that portion of her brain that triggered the Michael dreams, that she was already committed to someone. But nope. Her brain chose to take the fact that she was a bit more experienced than before and just use it against her.

Hence the lack of sleep last night, she avoided it altogether. Because something of deep inside. Something primal, instinctive, and an alien part of her welcomed these, and because she wasn’t strong enough to fight them, they were here again and with a force unnatural. Which just made the fact that this event chose to repeat all the more troubling.

WHY? Why were they here?

She was too tired to think about the possible reasons or ramifications and had just nodded off for the umpteenth time but deeper this point, as she sat there breathing rhythmically as her eyes closed and she dozed, unintentionally, when her mom walked into the kitchen.

Diane stumbled into living room around 5:00, and after having tripped over misplaced furniture she flipped the light switch as quickly as she could and muttered a few choice curse words as she surveyed the completely new arrangement. Isabel had been busy last night. The light was left on for the rest of the unsuspecting members of the family.

Isabel was in an OCD mode. She hadn’t been this crazy in quite awhile.

She took a deep whiff of the aromatic aromas wafting in from the kitchen as she surveyed the scene. Slice and bake cinnamon rolls were cooling on the counter, slathered in the gooey icing and a fresh brewed pot of coffee was sizzling on its burner.

Really busy. Isabel was channeling Martha Stewart or something, Diane snickered. The truth was something must be bothering Isabel.

She is not much of a cook, she does fine when she attempts it, she just prefers not to attempt it. And she detests coffee. Yet here she was organizing and rearranging furniture, baking, and drinking coffee.

Diane sighed heavily. It was way too early for an intense chat, but yet it appeared as if that was how the day was going to start. She gathered a cinnamon roll and a mug of fresh brewed coffee for herself.

She sat down on the long side of the table and turned her chair to face Isabel. The poor dear had apparently fallen asleep sitting there, her hand was still clutching the mug. Diane shook her shoulder gently, while repeating her name.

Isabel shook herself alert, and tried to smile brightly as if nothing were wrong. “I made breakfast and coffee.” she stated as if it were a regular occurrence.

Diane nodded as she bit into the roll. “I see.” She made the Mmmm, sounds as if to indicate it was delicious. “Any particular reason?”

“I can’t do something nice for my family just because I happened to be up?” Isabel deflected.

“I appreciate the gesture, but I’m more concerned with WHY you happened to be up. It seems you had a rather busy night. And none of it appears to have entailed sleeping. Your room got hit by Cyclone Isabel too I see. I went in there to give you the wake-up warning.”

Isabel shook her head jerkily, fighting sleep, and said, “Just doing some routine cleaning.... trying to give the room symmetry and a sense of intrinsic harmony.”

“Honey. There is NOTHING routine about rearranging the furniture, and it is even less routine to be doing it into the dead of the night. And the living room will need fixed, but I know you’re busy this week, so fix it by Monday ok? We’ll deal with it for now, especially if it makes you feel somehow settled. But don’t go changing the colors or painting the walls tonight in your fit of insomnia ok?’ she teased, but internally was worried that if she hadn’t mentioned it, Isabel might repaint the rooms.

Isabel tilted her head thoughtfully, and pursed her lips, “You know I didn’t think about the colors of the walls. I did all my adjustments in the dark so as not to wake anyone. And I started downstairs to make less noise.”

“Do you want to talk to me about something?” Diane pressed. “Is something going on that I should be concerned about?”

Isabel shook her head furiously. “I just couldn’t sleep that’s all.”

“Isabel, this is not a simple case of insomnia and you were trying to bore yourself to sleep. That wouldn’t result in a cleaning frenzy. Something is bothering you and from the looks of the house, it’s something BIG.” She fixed her with a direct stare. “You were trying to stay awake, to avoid sleep. Now what is going on? Does it have to do with Alex?”

Isabel was too uncomfortable under her mother’s watchful eye and stood to wander. “No... Surprisingly no.’ She rubbed her weary eyes and her hand traveled backwards to scratch at the back of her head. (An unconscious Alex mannerism)

“I’m having bad dreams.” She leaned agsint the counter arms crossed against her chest. “And no, I don’t feel like sharing them. I’d prefer not to think of them at all, actually. So no sleep ergo no dreams.” She turned to the cooling treats, “ I’m ok. Really.” As she grabbed one, and turned to her mom, “Another cinnamon roll?”

Diane waved it off and added, “You know, if you wanted to try to get some sleep I could call in today and make sure you got some rest.”

Isabel furiously shook her head again. “No. We’ve got a big test. I’ve gotta take that. And it was only one night that I didn’t sleep. Its not like I’m making a habit of this.”

Diane sighed. She wasn’t going to be let in; she could tell Isabel was going to leave her out of this problem. “I know that teens and young adults have the ability to stay up till all hours without it seemingly affecting them. But Isabel, this one night is affecting you. You have bags under your eyes and you look positively exhausted. Whatever it is that’s bothering you is taking its toll already. I don’t want to see you losing sleep over it for much longer. And you know that if I deem it necessary, I will insist that you talk to me, Max, or someone else about it... I can’t believe Alex isn’t over here, or that you aren’t on the phone with him. Usually you confide in him when you have nightmares.”

“I didn’t say I was having nightmares” Isabel rushed to defend, before she realized just how sudden a declaration that was and how much more it alerted her mother’s concern. “Just unsettling dreams, and Alex really can’t help with them. It’s just something I have to go through. Again mom I’m fine. I need to go get a shower, anything to shake the cobwebs.” She made her rapid departure away from her enquiring mom.

*** ***

She had forgotten how tired one person could be when suffering nightmares and lack of sleep. And it was affecting her school day, dramatically.

She took her test in third period, and had time left over after she was completed, so she laid her head against her arms to rest and apparently fell asleep. She woke when Alex was nudging her to get ready for the next class. Maria was staring at her with a worried expression.

Really? She fell asleep in class? Not good.

Trying to stay awake all the rest of the day, she made several trips to the soda machine for the most caffeinated drinks available, and with its diuretic effect made subsequently more trips to the restroom as well.

And she nibbled at anything that might keep her functioning; cookies or chips with their crunchiness forced her to chew. Or chocolate added another dose of caffeine.

Add to that she was in a bad mood. Everyone made a point of staying clear of her, especially her family.

She had to get rid of these dreams they were ruining her life.

Somehow her school day managed to crawl by and she was finally released, time to sort something else at home.

*** ***

That night after finalizing the report for Friday’s History course, and packing all her school supplies neatly into her backpack she went to sleep to hopefully just spend the night with Alex. She rather doubted she would get that luxury, but she hoped that her dreams would be kind to her, because she really needed the personal time.

--- ---

The dreamwalk had a very familiar locale by now, Alex and she were in the desert, leaning into the rock, continuing the make-out of before, the symbols lay on the ground just a short distance from where they were.

He was lavishing little kisses along her torso, between the valley of her sheathed breasts and her perfectly smooth stomach. His hands were stroking the areas southward, her leather pants were worn like a second skin, hugging every curve and nuance of her body, and he was exploring them fully. Trying so hard to still be good and not to go too far, but yet still having fun at the last acceptable level, according to his mother.

She loved the feel of his lips against her skin, so feather-lightly he moved from spot to spot, just kissing her all over, and with her eyes closed she never knew where his lips would land next. She was writhing under his ultralight touch, longing for more. But it was yet a dream, the place where she had to learn control of her passions, for if they were not in self-control here, they most definitely wouldn’t be in the real world. If she was honest with herself, what his mother asked, and more importantly what she knew to be the truth of their future joining, was so hard to abide by... She was still a hormonal teen, and as such wanted Alex.

She loved the feel of his hands on her skin, so delicately he touched her. Oh to actually feel this in the real world, to know what his touch actually was... The electricity flowed as he stroked her, driving her wild with desire.

**** ****

Alex’s dream changed:

Alex was once again the elderly man, his wife had long passed from this world, and his children were safe and in another land with new names. All associations with who they once were but a fading memory.

He was thinking over the last few years, and how things had gone so badly in such a short time, the initial spark of the raging inferno’s fire seen in his vision was the appointment in 1581 with the new archbishop. To stay in fine standing with the religious order of the day he had the nonconformists rounded up and executed. Protestants and Jews alike were purged for not following the Catholic faith.

And then the flames burned hotter as they went after witches. Not one person or family was safe. People he’d known his entire life, and nobility weren’t even safe, everyone was or could be suspect of the devil’s work. He had seen it in that vision, he had seen how it would sweep through Trier and then go on to affect other parts of Germany and beyond. People, good devout people were being burned at the stake for their seeming compliance with the devil. And all it took was someone naming off another, and they were now suspect.

He was chained, shackled by his ankles to a long bench. The stench in the little room was unbearable. But his hands were free and so he crinkled the one last possession he had in this world against the folds of his tunic, and sadly reflected. He was waiting his turn on trial, his turn to confess or to recant. He knew the outcome already.

And more importantly why he had sent his children away before it had engulfed their lives. They would have died with him. A wealthy family, but not with high connections. He was a man who was considered a bit odd already, he just didn’t see things the way other people did; there was always more information about every situation. And that made him in its own way a non-conformist, and the price for that now was certain death and being labeled a heretic. And so he had severed all ties with his family, sent them away and played the part of a broken old man whose children had abandoned him in his hour of need. Knowing full well he had saved their very lives.

He was unshackled and dragged through the church, made to see the images of Mary, and St. Helen, and that of Christ and made to pray for forgiveness.

He glanced over and saw the pew where his family had resided on Sunday mornings, and he glanced back at the baptistry, where all his family had been born into the Catholic faith. These very things, symbols of a faith he’d never forsaken were now some of the last things he would ever lay eyes on in this world.

He heard the word NEXT and was dragged into the courtyard, where the angry religious leaders were waiting.

He was brought out, his hands bound tightly by hemp rope in front of him as he was led before the magistrates and priests. His skin was itchy, and he couldn’t scratch it, the clothes he was wearing chaffing his skin. He stood firm before his accusers, his head not bowed in submission or repentance. And he watched them, squirming a bit to relieve the itchy feeling.

A prosecuting priest said, “This is Hanz, he is a local carpenter with a decent amount of land. His friends have named him a sorcerer and in league with the devil.”

The bored judge looked over him briefly and mumbled, “Doesn’t look like a heretic, but then they often don’t. What proof do you bring?”

“We haven’t been able to find any direct witchcraft signs. But he does have a mark on his thigh that is known as the diabolical mark. (A birthmark that didn’t appear to be normal.) He does have a few books that are a bit heretical and he’s known to be a bit of a free thinker and a bit lucky. His friends claim he knows of some events before they occur.”

“Hmm, thin evidence, at best. There is nothing else? He’s not a hidden Jew, Protestant, or Pagan?” The judge asked.

“Not that we are aware of. But we did get a confession from a couple of the others that they were aided in their endeavors by him.”

Hanz now knew who his accusers were.... friends he had assisted in business, and now he understood how this worked.

He was caught in the fires that he had seen, and it wouldn’t stop with him, even if he gave them exactly what they wanted. It would only gain in fury and keep destroying lives.

He could recant and live but at what price? He was rapidly weighing out the choices, listening to their words as they spoke about him and his supposed dealings with the devil but hearing another message in the words they spoke. It was a skill he had wielded his entire life. And there it was... the catch. He knew the other side. If he gave them the confession they so hungrily desired, what would be the price to pay? Turning in and naming another friend? He had so few of them to start, and he wouldn’t harm another soul like that.

The judge spoke to him. “What say you Hanz? Are you in league with the Devil?”

Here was his moment of decision, but with only one choice to make, “No sir I am not. That is an absurd proposition.” Hanz stated boldly.

The prosecutor demanded, “Recant and inform of your conspirators that we may spare your life. Confess your sins and the Lord will have mercy on you... but deny your evil and keep demanding your innocence and we have no choice but to kill you, for you shall not suffer a witch to live.”

Hanz stood before his accusers and added, “I am no heretic or witch, your honor.
And to bear false witness is a sin. I will not weight my soul for your convenience.”

The prosecutor looked at Hanz, gesturing towards him while whispering things into the judge’s ear.

The Judge looked at him, “Really? Oh, very well. Hanz you are declared a heretic and are sentenced to burn. May God have mercy on your Soul.”


The verdict was final, he was to burn, they rushed over and hauled him off. He looked over his shoulders calling out loudly... “I will confess before my Eternal Father that I am innocent of the charges of heresy, witchery and sorcery. You may take my life, but my soul belongs to the One who made it. And my soul is at peace...”

He was led out into a clearing in the countryside, where a large swath of land had been prepared for an execution. A section had been bordered by rocks to keep the flames contained, a frame and ladder were standing ominously to the side, and the center filled with combustible materials.

Hanz’ hands were forced through metal rings and secured tightly to a ladder like structure. His feet too were similarly bound. Another convicted townsperson was tied on in the same manner, they too had been tried and convicted and they would burn.

A fire was lit and he watched the flames, praying the Lord’s Prayer to himself. The flames grew hotter and licked at everything in their path. Then the ladder was cut free from its anchor at the top and swung into the roaring flames.

Hanz screamed, his skin prickling with the heat, stretching as the moisture evaporated from it. He writhed in excruciating agony as much as his body was able to move under the circumstances... The smell of burning flesh, akin to cooking meat sickened him. The dark metallic smell of burning hair assaulted his olfactory sense amidst the thickened smoke and tang of burning wood. His eyes were stinging from the smoke and pain, and his ears were hurting from the agonized screams and the sounds of the crackling fire.

--- ---

His tortured screaming brought both of his parents stumbling down the stairs and into his room, racing at full speed.

They threw open the door and found him lying diagonally across the center of his bed, his arms above his head as if he were tied to something and his legs the same. He was writhing in anguish, tears flowing down his face, and utterly and completely lost in his hellacious nightmare, screaming in what appeared to be German.

They couldn’t wake him up no matter how hard they tried and he kept screaming unintelligible words, as his cries echoed throughout his room and reverberated throughout the entire house. He was screaming “...Aber liefern Sie uns vom Übel!!” (...But deliver us from evil...)

When they tried to separate his arms it was as if an invisible force had locked them into their position, they could not be forced apart.

Alex was held hostage in a horrific nightmare, Charles raced to get a glass of water and Gloria kept shaking Alex, even hitting his face lightly to get him to regain consciousness.

Nothing was working and she was becoming desperate, she had never seen or heard of a nightmare of this intensity.

Charles dumped the large tumbler of water over Alex hoping to jar him into reality, but even that didn’t work. He scrambled to hold his son... The screaming persisted as the wet teen writhed in his arms. Charles looked up to meet his wife’s eyes and she nodded.

“Get Isabel. Just... Get... Isabel...” Gloria demanded tearfully as they traded places. She crawled onto the bed to hold Alex and wipe his fevered brow while Charles dove to the bedside phone.

*** ***

Isabel’s private line was ringing, but she wasn’t answering... so Philip finally reached over and grabbed it before it went to message.

He could hear the commotion over the line and could barely make out the caller. He sat up and tried to block all other distracting noises. “My son is suffering an existential crisis, a real one. And he needs Isabel. Now!!” Charles demanded as he hung up the phone, and resumed the care for his son.

“Interesting turn of phrase.” Philip mumbled as he stumbled into his daughter’s room.

*** ***

Simultaneously as Alex was dreaming so was Isabel...

Isabel in the next moment was standing in the center of the symbols, by the four joined square shapes, she to the right upper one, and he to the left. He leaned over and was kissing her intently, lighting an unquenchable fire, as his hands possessively clutched her.

She missed him and needed him, the bond was dormant and it wasn’t supposed to be, he was hers and she belonged with him. She read mirrored emotions flitting rapidly across his face, they had been apart too long... The kissing grew in intensity rapidly, he ran his hands through her long flowing hair as she wrapped hers in his unruly mane, making it all the more disheveled.

They scrambled to remove each other’s clothing and merge into the other person.

They were in such a hurried frenzy that they took each other on the desert floor, staring each into the other’s ebony eyes, memories flooding through their connection as they joined. And their glowing auras enveloped them as a cocoon, wrapping them in the very essence of light, pressing them firmly into one another as they ...

*** ***

Philip shook her awake, “Isabel! Alex needs you right now!”

Her eyes flew open, the dream left behind. A dream she was very thankful to have had interrupted. She shuddered at the thought of what had been transpiring, but had no time to even think about it as she flew to the closet and tossed her nearest sneakers on. She then raced downstairs, grabbed a jacket, her purse and keys, and fled out the door slamming it in her haste.

Philip wandered back to his room, his worried wife waiting in the bed. “What was that all about?”

“Remember Isabel’s nightmares and screams that could wake the dead a couple months back?” he asked, as he held her tightly.

“How could I forget?” Diane asked staring at his worried face. “What’s wrong?”

“Alex is going through something equally horrific right now. I could barely hear Charles over his screaming.” ...

*** ***

Charles was waiting by his front door, he heard the jeep roaring into the driveway and abruptly stopping. Her feet were pounding up the walkway as he threw open the door and she bolted right for Alex’s room. Charles was right behind her.

She shed her jacket and purse in the hall as she went racing in, being halted by a vision of Alex’s dream. For Alex was not the one in the flames but an older man. She glanced quickly to Mr. Whitman to determine possible age, and looked back at Alex/ person. And realized he had to be in his maybe 50’s...

Gloria was in tears. “Isabel. Help him if you can. We’ve tried everything and he helps with yours...somehow.” She broke off into sobbing tears again as she cradled him, holding his thrashing head as immobile as she was able.

Isabel nodded and made a dismissive waved motion to Gloria to remove her from the bed while she ordered, “I’ll do what I can but I need space. Everyone. Out!” And she dove onto his bed straddling Alex’s waist with her knees as she leaned over him with her palms on both sides of his face, as she initiated an immediate connection. A dreamwalk level connection. Alien status be damned, Alex was all that mattered in this moment.

“Let me in Alex! Let me in RIGHT NOW!” She demanded, urging to be pulled into his nightmare, and bracing herself for the impact. She had never done this quite so awake before. No time to feel the familiar rippling under her fingertips or to let her eyes drop slowly closed as she sought out the dreamer. Just to rush headlong right into his nightmare... This had better work.

His parents left the room and shut the door, leaning nervously and tensely against it to listen in at what was happening on the other side.

She found herself in a burning pyre, the man before her not Alex, and his eyes were on hers. She was mimicking the position with which she was straddling Alex in the real world. And the flesh on her legs was crawling, screaming in pain, as it made contact with the flames. It was a lucid dream she had entered; she felt her skin crackling, stretching, and melting on her body. She smelled the burnt cooking flesh, and experienced everything else Alex was, wherever Alex was. But with her abilities she mentally blocked the pain radiating through her body as her hands were holding the side of this stranger’s head.

She kept trying to reach Alex. “Alex! This isn’t real. It’s a dream. This is not real. Wake-up. NOW!” She demanded, searching for him in the man’s mind.

The man made eye contact and mumbled almost inarticulately something about his pocket. Isabel reached in and found a page torn from the front of a very old fashioned Bible. On it was what appeared to be a list of names; although penned in another language and she couldn’t read it. A couple of dates were inscribed for each name, births and baptisms most likely. Some more undecipherable writing was scrawled across the bottom and he looked intently at her, “Angel.” He called her. “Meine Kinder. Schützen Sie meine Kinder.” He spoke in German and she somehow understood what he was saying. (My children. Protect my children.) The page ignited in her hands, curling into ash within seconds.

Isabel nodded. “I promise.” Her hands back on the sides of his face. What else could she say to a dying man, it was his last wish... He seemed content with that.

She wasn’t sure how he had understood her, but maybe it was in the same manner as she had understood him.

Satisfied that his family would be guarded and protected; Hanz’s spirit gave up the fight and he slipped into death in her arms.

*** ***

Alex’s eyes flew open staring into Isabel’s, which were boring into his. Neither were entirely in a conscious state however. She had entered into his mind fully awake, and was still in the same position of straddling his waist, her hands locked on his head deep in a connection.

It broke.

They were simultaneously choking and trying to clear their lungs of the inhaled smoke, flames and burning ash. Gasping for breath equally, the sounds as if they were dying.

A few seconds later he realized he was in his bed, in his OWN body and that Isabel was there.

He gripped her desperately, tears flowing, panic etched on every surface of his body. Trembling he clung to her as he tried to calm his mind from where it had just been. Her tears were flowing freely, matching his as she held him and rocked him.

She really didn’t have any comforting words that she could utter, because she really didn’t understand what had just transpired. So instead she muttered quiet soothing noises to dispel the terror.

“Isabel? Water?” Gloria peeked her head inside the room, eager to assist in any manner and was met with a firm nod.

Charles returned with the same tumbler filled to capacity and handed it to her. Isabel took it and pulled from Alex’s arms just slightly as she handed him the glass and told him to drink, holding him steady with her other hand while continually rubbing it smoothly over his back.

Alex greedily devoured it and then another, clinging to Isabel all the while. When he had partially finished a third glass, Isabel polished off the remainder of it. The cold liquid relieving the burning pain in her throat and chest. And she absently reached out with the empty glass to hand to her host.

Her eyes were tightly closed as she and Alex buried themselves into each other’s embrace, burrowing their faces into each other’s necks they tightly clung to one another.

‘If that dream affected her so deeply that she needed to feel him as much as he was clinging to her, what had Alex been through before she had even arrived? And was this what he had been enduring this week? Is this what he was refusing to speak of...’

Alex pulled from the embrace and cautiously started to test his skin and joints. He could remember the feel of it tightening and stretching as it sizzled in the massive fire. He shrugged his shoulders and stretched his arms above his head, and pulled then back to his body. He could recall the sounds and the smells as well. He felt sickened just thinking about it. And went back to gingerly opening and closing his fingers, curling and uncurling his toes and flexing his knees.

Aside from being totally sweat soaked, he was fine, he was alive. And Isabel was just watching him with huge terrified eyes, scrutinizing his every move, imitating a few of her own. She was as much a mess as he, also sweat soaked, her pajamas clinging to her like a second skin.

“Are you ok?” Gloria hazarded a sentence from the doorway, breaking the aberrant quiet of the room. Alex glared at her and said very forcefully, “I am going to try to go back to sleep and Isabel is staying right here with me.” He gripped her tightly emphasizing his point.

“And I am never reading The Crucible right before bed again.” he scoffed. It was said in all seriousness, but was meant to show a hint of Alex’s humor cracking through, for the European Witch trials, which he had studied at school in the library yesterday prompted by the previous night’s dream, had nothing to do with Colonial America’s. People were hung in America. Sure beats burning to death. Trier, Germany was an event in the midst of a very dark time in Medieval European history.

Alex was relieved to be awake and no longer enduring Hanz’s life. He didn’t care how wet he was, or his bed was, he was too exhausted to move and collapsed backwards in a boneless heap onto the mattress. Isabel followed him down, her hand reaching under his shirt to make contact with his chest, stroking him soothingly, watching him worriedly as she bit her lip and soothed his sweat soaked hair with her other hand.

Gloria knew she would not pry the kids away from each other tonight. What she had observed from the moment Isabel arrived was odd enough. After being kicked out of his room she had heard Isabel screaming in pain matching Alex. So it seemed that it wasn’t just one child locked into the hellacious nightmare but all of a sudden it was the two. Yet somehow she had broken through and pulled him back out. She was as sweat soaked as he was, what had happened? What had she done?

“You can’t sleep in your bed tonight, its too wet and the bedding needs washed. Why don’t you guys head upstairs to the guest room and I’ll meet you there?” Gloria insisted.

Isabel pulled Alex to his feet while his muscles felt like jelly. He could barely hold himself up and collapsed against her side. Charles assisted the girl with supporting him and helped to take him upstairs as Gloria readied the laundry.

She followed shortly after and grabbed an extra blanket from the closet and handed it to Isabel who climbed on top of the main comforter and snuggled against Alex as much as the Whitman rules would allow. Tonight she wasn’t going to try to buck the laws. Gloria had stated that this would be her room when she visited, and Alex would remain in his own. So the fact that Gloria had called on her when Alex needed her and let her stay was enough for now.

Gloria left on the nightstand lights, and as she made sure the kids were comfortable, Alex was already fast asleep. Isabel was watching her intently. Now she understood a bit more about Isabel and nightmares, and why the Evans let them sleep together. “Thank you for whatever you did Isabel.” Gloria brushed her soaked strands back, and leaned to give her a kiss on her forehead.

The teen nodded. “He needs me.”

“I see that. Sleep well. It will be morning shortly.” And with that she left the door open and stepped out of the room...

*** ***

Unfortunately the dream she had been having before she got called to Alex’s chose to resurface.

They were enveloped in a bright light and were deeply engaged in the act of intercourse.

Fluids combined as their green alien cells merged....

*** ***

Waking momentarily and gasping for breath she realized that she was with Alex. She scrambled out from under her blanket and slid in next to him holding him tightly, laying her head over his heart and placing her hand under his shirt to feel him breathing.

These dreams had to stop, or they were going to drive her to do something drastic to stop them. Like having real sex with Alex and becoming a mother at 17.

She stilled her thoughts, and used her powers on herself to force herself to fall back to sleep.

*** ***


For the second time that night Michael was startled awake with a grunt. And in the quasi-state of sleep in which he processed the visions, he reached for his book and drew a corresponding piece from the reverie.

This time the pictures made him more ashamed, and definitely worried... he had drawn Isabel and himself having sex. Why? And the more important question of why were they having sex, and why did they seem to be enjoying it? Was it only a dream? He really wasn’t so sure what it all meant anymore...


Witch Trials: ... ern_period
See the section on interrogation and proofs.

I don’t know how a trial was conducted and so I invented one, I am aware that I probably took major liberties with what actually occurred. (also they became so commonplace at one point that I tried to show the callousness of the times.)

Execution by Burning:

Burning at the stake:

Discussion of death by burning: ... 650AA44Zm7

These last links are quite intense in nature.

My heart breaks for any victim that was accused and tortured at any point in history for the crimes they did not commit. And I have learned much in delivering this chapter.
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Re: Shifting Realities (AU,A/I,MATURE) CH 30:E 2-6-11 pg 22

Post by Mt Gazer » Sun Feb 06, 2011 3:13 am

Everything is normal as far as I know the next morning. But that dream was yeah OUCH!

Thanks for the compliment. I work hard to have them at this level. I’m always trying to improve myself. There is so much I have to be able to convey with proper description and intensity throughout this that I’m glad you find it amazing.

I agree Poor Alex. He really does need a break from these. There is something going on most definitely... and the worst of it is that these dreams are being forced upon them by some outer source... but at the same time they are happening because they have to.

Michael and Isabel, sort of easy... this occurred in the past timeline.
Thanks for liking and for reading.

mary-mary/Ginger yep FAN FICTION. LOL

And upon my researching I am sure the witch trials were conducted unfairly for many concerned. (Like the whole concept is just wrong, and its all unfair) Thanks for the pat on the back.
My favorite priest, who shall remain nameless just in case the wrong people read this, once said that hell is full of well meaning Catholics including some Popes...and you know what...he's probably right.
I’ll agree with you, and state probably some well-meaning Protestants too.

Thanks for hanging with me. I like to read fluffy stories but I seem to be incapable of writing it. LOL And the nature of Shifting is that its Fluffy is far and between so I try to make it GOOD when I use it...

Dreams like these can’t last forever. So I can promise a cessation of them at some point.

After perusing some of your notes, it appears I will have to strike some places off of my time travelling to visit list. <shudder>
Yeah don’t go to Middle Ages Europe if you are the slightest bit unpopular. OH wait! Since we come from a society far into the future and we have technological marvels at our disposal every single day... we’d all be burned at the stake for our unholy magic LOL
Our poor heroes are at the mercy of something they just can’t control this week, and nothing they can understand. And with that as the cause, they most certainly can’t STOP it by choice. They aren’t dreaming these by choice. There is NOTHING they can do, sadly.
But you know how much I love these kids. There will be a day when they get their nights back.
I can’t say if the darkest has occurred yet... it was pretty dark though... where is that ray of sunlight in The Whisper of the Distant Dawn ? LOL

First thanks for the compliment. Gloria was great wasn’t she? She was thinking back as she was trying to help Alex and the thought that she landed on was that he helps Isabel with nightmares somehow... maybe the reverse could work. Yes I think it will pave the way for a lot of acceptances of a lot of things.
Michael and Isabel’s dreams are well a repeat of the past, but with more intensity. And yep, until these played again, the Tess answer is the best one out there. So maybe it is a program, or maybe Tess is on the fringes hmm, all good speculations. Is Tess around? Is she messing up things?

As to your comment about the Whitmans... let me just add it was Alex’s memories, and it was “I think we found...” There is a lot we don’t know about this story, and it does appear as if that comment was lost and they forgot or something. Doesn’t It?

I know it was a strange situation to throw Isabel and Gloria together like that but it just had to happen. I’m glad you loved it so much. It was a fun one.

The first dreams definitely seemed to be on another World. And then the second round of dreams doesn’t.

Hanz did not seem to have any unusual powers did he? But he showed her his family. Who is his family? Why was that at all important and what can she do about it anyway?

Questions upon questions... and the more I write the more create themselves LOL

Disclaimer: I in no way own the rights to Roswell or anything related to it. All rights belong to Jason Katims, 20th Century Fox, Regency Entertainment, Melinda Metz, WB and UPN. No infringement is intended. I am borrowing their awesome characters, and including my own.

Perhaps in this part and in parts to come I am or will be borrowing some scenes, and I will borrow direct dialog and use altered dialog at times.

Title: Shifting Realities
Author: Mt Gazer/Velvet Skye
Category: CC/ AU
Spoilers: Four Square and Max to the Max

And to Randy, my dear husband always behind the scenes, and always an assistant in this. I tell him practically every idea that goes through my head. I LOVE YOU!!! And THANK YOU! As always. Shifting lives because of your support.

PML: Peter. This is a permanent spot in recognition of all your assistance. THANK-YOU!!! Shifting Realities is doing well with your attention to details. Thanks for all the help in this.

And finally I will attempt to recap where we’ve been.

RECAP: Isabel and Alex have a busy week with a Talent Show ahead of them, a test and a History report also due at the end of the week.

It is now Friday. Alex had the mother of all nightmares. And his parents called Isabel over to help him through it. Her dreams with Michael haven’t subsided either.

No Music...

Shifting Realities

Chapter 30:E

It Was Only a Dream


The alarm clock was ringing at 5:00. Time to start a new day.

Gloria stepped into the guest room and found Isabel wrapped around Alex, The girl was just too comfortable when sleeping with him. She reached down and woke the blonde teen. “Time to get up and get ready for school.” She held out her hand for Isabel to grasp. Which she did and was pulled to standing and the hallway.

Isabel looked back to Alex who was still slumbering, and pleaded, “Mrs. Whitman he is not ready to wake up yet.”

Gloria looked deeply at the girl before her leaning against the hallway wall. “I’ve made coffee already, why don’t you head down to the kitchen and help yourself.” She was given a partial glare. “I know you hate coffee, but honey you look like you could really use it today. I’ll see you in a few minutes.” And with that she stepped into her master bathroom to get ready for work.

A few minutes later a work dressed Charles Whitman stepped through his upstairs hallway straightening as his tie as he walked, and smoothing his cuffs. He found Isabel leaning against the wall outside of the guest room. He shook her gently, “Isabel?” He repeated her name shaking a little harder, concern on his face.

She blinked herself awake, staring blearily at the tall man before her, and that was all her body would allow her to do... she was utterly exhausted.

He stared into her face worriedly for a second before he spoke, “Come on. Lets get you back to bed.” Isabel just stared at him confused.

“But?” She mumbled out.

“From where I stand there are two choices, I can either help you back into bed, or you can sleep standing in my hallway. Whichever you’d prefer.” Charles teased her with a snicker. And he braced himself to support her weight as he slid close to her side. “Just take one step, I’ve got you.”

She pulled away from the wall, and stumbled immediately against his strong and tall frame, trying to fight for balance.

“I’ve got you Isabel... Don’t fight it. Just let go.” He commanded. She slumped into his side and he really did support the bulk of her weight, she just had to force her feet, which felt like leaded weights, to work. He maneuvered her back into the room and supported her while he pulled the blanket free. “Whatever you did for Alex has totally wiped you out. In you go...” Isabel just looked at him oddly, as she sidled into the bed.

“Don’t worry about this,” he said nonchalantly with a chuckle as she positioned against Alex, while he covered them up. “I’ll take care of my wife, and I’ll get in touch with your parents as well.” He noticed she was already asleep. “Thank you for helping my son.” He whispered.

Whistling to himself, Charles Whitman stepped out of the room and headed downstairs to the kitchen to get some coffee, something to eat, grab a look at the paper and to make a call, but not in that order.

He picked up the receiver and dialed.

Diane slid earrings into her ears and was getting ready when she heard the phone. A quick check and she was answering it.

“Good morning,” she said cheerily.

“Good morning Diane.” Charles added, “Say could you drop by with Isabel’s school stuff and some clothes. I don’t think they are going to get to your house before school starts, and she is really going to need some.”

Diane laughed, “Already got it packed and we have to be in Clovis today so were heading out pretty soon. We have this great little restaurant we stop at on Fridays and have a date morning on our way to work. It kills time and breaks up the commute.” ...

After hanging up, Charles was munching on a bagel slathered in cream cheese, leaning against the counter while perusing the paper.

And he was waiting for the hammer to fall. Gloria was yet unaware of his plan to let the kids sleep longer.

She entered the kitchen, dressed for work and in charge as always. “So where are the kids?” She asked fixing him with a “what did you do?” stare.

“The kids are asleep. And they will remain so for a while.” He said authoritatively.

“Charles?” She arched her brow and stared longer at her husband.

“Gloria, honey.” He said in a patronizing manner, “she fell asleep in our hallway leaning against the wall. She hasn’t got any strength or energy left. I helped her back to bed and she was out before she even hit the pillow.”

“So you suggest that we leave them here while we go to work? Seriously?”

He sighed, he didn’t want a fight with his wife, “You might not like it, but yes. That’s exactly what I am saying. They need to sleep more than anything, and if we force Isabel to go to school right now, we’ll just be gathering her from the nurse’s office in a short time.”

Gloria sighed, “OK. Ok. I get that’s she’s tired; she looked like death warmed over, so I’ll give you that.” Her hands speaking as well, “But Harry and Leslie? She sighed.”

Pacing she ruffled the back of her short auburn hair, “I caught our rebellious Jesse in the act if you recall.” And then crossing her arms on her chest she stood in front of him. “Or Robbie. Do you really want to leave Alex to follow in his older brother’s footsteps?”

“Of course not. Gloria!...”

She cut him off. “Well I for one do not want our 16 year old son telling us that he is going to be a father anytime soon.” She stepped away pacing again, “And if you haven’t noticed he’s closer to Isabel than any of the others ever were. I swear those two are like the other half of each other.” She stood before him again, “And that should worry you.” She said poking him in the chest.

He gripped her upper arms. “Glory,” Charles chuckled, “Don’t you think you are being a bit hard on her? You put the fear of God and the fear of yourself into that girl last month. They won’t be trying any impropriety today. This is one of those situations where we’ve trained him right, and we just have to trust him to make the right decisions.”

Gloria was staring at him yet again, it seemed all she was capable of doing this morning. “And,” he added, “you are going to have to praise him for well made choices tonight. I assure you NOTHING is going to happen today.”

“I hope your right Charlie. And if something does...”

“I’m in the permanent doghouse, I know...” he raised his hands in a surrender gesture.

Saved by the doorbell, the Evans had arrived.

Max rode over with his parents and gathered his Jeep. And Diane quickly checked in on her sleeping daughter, dropped off her school supplies and fresh clothes and scrawled a note, which she handed to them as she ran back out the door.

The note excused Isabel from school until lunch. She was to be in attendance for the afternoon classes.

Charles chuckled as he handed the note to Gloria. “See. Even Diane agrees. Isabel needs rest. Looks Like Alex is out till lunch as well...”

*** ***

Alex felt the warm sun hitting his face, and a weight on his chest. He smiled cautiously, before his eyes slowly opened. Something felt off. But the weight snuggled deeper into his side, responding to his emotions. Isabel. The weight was Isabel, and she was sound asleep, clutching him. The sun was from the opened curtains streaming through from a window. He never woke to sun directly on him in his room, so he wasn’t in his room and Isabel was staying the night? With him? ... He was slightly confused how this arrangement had come to be.

She looked like she’d had a hard night, she was asleep but he could see the lines of concentration still in play across her face. He stroked his fingers through her long sticky tresses and they got entangled. Isabel never had matted hair. She was always so perfect.

He started to mentally recall the events of last night. And then he landed on his horrific nightmare. Alex shuddered, as he raked his hand backwards through his own sticky hair. His parents must have called Isabel; he clasped her tightly with his other hand and kissed her forehead. She didn’t even stir. What had she done for him?

And then the recollection of all things he felt in that dream resurfaced, as his heart started to palpitate, his breathing hitched and he got a little anxious. Isabel instinctively tightened her grip, sending calming waves into his very being, he felt them washing over him. That must be what she had done. She had kept him stable...

He felt unclean, his hair was matted and greasy feeling. His clothes felt grubby. He desperately needed to get a shower. He gave her another kiss and slipped from beneath her, again she never stirred.

*** ***

He headed downstairs and ran into his mother who was finishing up last minute things before heading to work. She had a couple minutes to spare. “Alex. How are you feeling?”

“I’m good. Yeah.” He nodded.

“Want to talk? I’ve got a few minutes, and anything for my son... You want to tell me about that nightmare?” She pulled up a chair.

“Mom I know you listen to other people’s troubles for a living, but I need a different kind of counselor I think.” He licked his lips as he paced the kitchen.

“OK? Psychiatrist?” She asked.

“I’m not crazy!!” He turned to her in shock. “NO! Mom! I’m going to need a past life expert.” He said more forcefully or loudly than he was intending.

“A what?” She asked a bit incredulously.

He sighed, “A past life expert. I had a past life encounter with myself last night I think and well I need to figure it out, or something...”

“Would that be your nightmare?”


“Why do you feel it was a past life?” She asked. Questions often led to their own answers, the trick is in how the questions are posed. “There is probably a more logical explanation.”

He glared. A lot of that going on she smirked, “Well because I was not me in the dream, I was this other person see...” and he went to explain what he could of it.

“That sounds like a very interesting and terrifying dream. Not really my field of expertise. But you might try talking to Amy, she is into all that pseudo-science stuff.” She patted his arm. “Now if you want to reason it out and figure out its deeper meanings I’ll make you an appointment with one of my colleagues.” As she ruffled his hair, “Dreams often have more than one interpretation. Just keep an open mind.”

“Same for you.” He shook his head, “Seriously Mom? I’ll take my chances with Ms. DeLuca.” He licked his lips again. “I love you but sometimes...” he hugged his mother and headed off to his shower.

Gloria headed to work.

--- ---

Alex examined himself very carefully during his shower, but everything seemed to be exactly as he remembered it. So no burn marks or other oddities. He wasn’t so sure that dream wouldn’t have an effect in the real world it had felt so real.

He spent time thinking long and hard about it.

*** ***

Isabel woke a little after 10:40 am to the rhythmic sound of tapping on a keyboard. The fingers were flying across the keys, typing something furiously. She opened her eyes and watched him for a moment; he was intently concentrating and was deeply involved in whatever he was writing, leaning backwards in the chair while typing on his laptop.

He looked up and smiled and gave her a five symbol, open palm all fingers up. So she watched him.

“Done!” He said as he hit the last of the keys with a flourish. “Good morning Isabel.”

“What were you doing?” She asked.

“My report.” He added settling the chair back onto the floor.

“I thought you were done.”

“I am. I was. I left all the information about the Salem witch trials that I researched, but I’ve gone a bit deeper, and taken my witch trial information back to the Middle Ages. I’ve done some extensive research on those events in the last couple of days. I’ve had too.” He shook his head ruefully.

“And I chose to give them another character instead. In our class we were to choose a character and to write about them, and to write about how they influenced us.”

“When I dream-walked your nightmare? The guy in the fire? Is he your character?” she asked trying to figure out what he was talking about.

“Yeah. His name is Hanz, and even without knowing him, he’s my hero, you know?”

She turned sideways across the bed, and rested her hand on her crooked arm and lay there listening to him.

“This guy got a vision that the witch trials were going to hit Germany where he lived, and other areas as well, but he sent his family away to start over.” He looked at her seriously. “He saved their lives Isabel. And he knew if he was to move with them that they might be found in another wave; so he let them all go. Even though he knew he was going to die. Amazing...” he spoke in tones of awe.

“I don’t know if I could do that just die thing, even if it meant everyone I loved was safe.” He scratched his ear. “This Hanz guy is my hero, and he deserves his moment of vindication. So I’ve chosen him as my character and told his story. He let me learn it for some reason, and I’m not going to waste the information. I know enough of it...” Alex added with a wry twist of his mouth, while throatily chuckling.

Isabel nodded. “He thought I was an angel, and he insisted I protect his family, like I even know who his family is.” She shrugged, “But I told him I would though.”

Alex nodded furiously, “Yeah. That makes sense. They were his only priority at the end. This guy was very family oriented. And, and I - I think he was me, or I was him or something...”

“What?” she asked.

“Past life, you know? I think that I might have been Hanz at some point and that I had to save my family. So I suppose if I did it before I could do it again if the need arose? In the dream I was he.” He looked at the file on his laptop, and shrugged... “So my question is why was I this guy from before unless I actually WAS this guy from BEFORE??”

She arched her brow and just watched him.

“Yeah everyone keeps giving me those looks, my mom, you. Although you should have a more open mind considering where you come from and all. But you know, we’ve got to get to school by lunch... so you need to get a shower and go get ready, and I need to print this out. Meet you downstairs?”

“Sure.” She yawned as she languidly rolled out of bed feeling sluggish and not really wishing to be awake yet.

And when she went into the bathroom, he stripped off the bedding and took it with him downstairs to the laundry, where he removed last nights bedding from the dryer, and he started to wash the bedding from the guest room.

He took his laptop to his room and set it up to print. And placed the heap of clean bedding on his mattress.

A few minutes later all the info was bound into a cover and he was making his bed while waiting for Isabel.

She walked in dressed in jeans and a form-fitting pink blouse with a long thigh length black duster with matching pink lining. Her mother had picked well.

He smiled, and she pointed to the report. “I want to read it...” so he handed it over.

She added, that she was going to take the report with her and look for something to eat.

Food sounded good, he hadn’t had a moment to think of it yet. So he rummaged through the cupboards while she sat reading. He dug out the cereal, and placed an empty bowl before her she just nodded, and kept reading.

A minute later she turned to him with a puzzled look and placed the open report on the table. “Would you read this to me?” She asked in confusion as she slid it to him, “It isn’t making sense.”

So he just started to read about Hanz’s family and she stopped him. “Are you sure it says that?”

“Of course.” He stared at her, “Isabel?”

“Its in German, Alex. You can’t turn it in like that.”

He looked at it hurriedly and then back at her, and then he shoved it to her side of the table again. “It can’t be in German. I don’t speak German.” He halted and stared at her anxiously and skeptically, his brow rose. “But I know someone who did. Ok that confirms it... I need a past life regression therapist... the method of torture, you know the burning ladder matches, which I wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t researched it this morning, after I experienced it. ... The fact that I’m writing in a language I’ve never learned... Again confirms it.”

“Fine Alex, that was you. You were Hanz. But none of that really matters.” She glared at him. “Now translate it so we can go to school, because you certainly can’t bring it in like this!”

“So how do we change it?”

“We?” She arched a brow in his direction.

“I don’t have time to retype it, much less track down a German/English Dictionary, so could you, you know; do something to turn it into well... English?”

She flicked her hair back a look of thought on her face. “Can you still read it? I mean now. Now that you know?”

He opened it up and nodded.

She breathed out a cleansing sigh, closed her eyes and thought. It would be easy to change the words on the page; that would be a matter of simple molecular alteration, their specialty. It would be getting the words from Alex’s mind that would be the tricky part. She thought for a few moments of how exactly to do this. Could she translate what he was thinking into English using his mind as a filter? She opened her eyes and with intensity grabbed Alex’s hands. “Do you trust me Alex?”

“Of course?” He asked hesitantly, what was she going to do? “You know I do...”

“Ok. Here. Just focus your eyes in mine and blank out your mind mostly.” She was watching multiple emotions flitting across the screen of his eyes, and she felt him relax as focus was achieved. “Ok think about the paper loosely, I need to get in. Let me in Alex.”

She saw the trust he instilled in her. She could see him; literally see the soul that dwelled behind those eyes. And swimming in their hazel depths, she let herself fall into their sea. As she reached deeper, she found a residual of Hanz that lurked inside him too.

Isabel reached out to the elderly man and smiled, “I will do as I promised, but right now I need your help.” Connecting on a level of the subconscious, the spirit, she reached out and grasped his hand. Then she reached out for Alex’s, and connecting on the same level of the spirit she grasped his as well. She stood as a channel, a conduit between the two parts of Alex’s subconscious and began the harder part of this transaction.

She still felt like she was swimming while she linked her sight to his mind, and she worked hard to maintain a grasp on the connection between all parties.

God! She felt so tired. This shouldn’t take so much effort should it?

She opened her eyes and stared at the report as she read its contents, for the first time at a human speed. Too slow. The words were blurring on the wavy page, but it was Alex’s mind that she was reading through, she couldn’t speed it up. And as the words from the page came to her from Alex’s side of the link, so did their meanings from the Hanz side of the connection. And she quickly changed them on the paper to their correct English forms.

She nodded a thanks to Hanz and released the link as he vanished into the recesses of Alex’s mind. And then she let the other portion of the link go; sitting still for a moment to adjust back into the real world.

“Are you ok?” He asked in concern.

“I’m fine. I could use some coffee please,” She was looking over the paper, as she pointed behind her at the counter, “while I finish up some last minute things here. I forgot something kind of important.” She flipped her hair over her shoulder and turned back to working on the report again.

Running her hand once more over the pages, she made the changes from the German sentence structure to that of English. The English words just weren’t in the right order otherwise. He must have typed in a hurry, she made some small editing fixes as well. He really should have her proof read his papers more often.

He brought a mug of coffee, double light triple sweet, to her and kissed her cheek.

She turned in his direction and smiled, and the motion for just a moment made the world swim.

God that should have been easier, it took so much out of her. She pressed a hand to her head to quell the rolling sea, which subsided quickly.

No need to worry Alex, the day was just starting although it was halfway though the school schedule. And no time to eat anymore... They had to get to school.

She took a sip of the coffee thinking, while Alex was racing about getting ready, putting his report into his backpack.

It did make some sense why she felt so tired by the effort, she was somehow connecting with two spirits of the same person simultaneously and translating language between them, and to a written page all at the same time no less. This had never been done before to her knowledge. And the one thing she knew was that there might be hidden side effects to the unknown, uncharted use of powers.

“We need to get out of here now!” She called to him, “We’ll grab something to eat at the Crash and get it to go.”

He walked in, holding her backpack and clothes nodding in his agreement. “ Time for school. Thanks for the save.”

“Yeah you owe me...”

He helped her stand and led her out to his car.

*** ***

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Re: Shifting Realities (AU,A/I,MATURE) CH 30:F 2-19-11 pg 2

Post by Mt Gazer » Sun Feb 20, 2011 1:57 am

Well I will say his dad is certainly trusting them today, and her parents are already rather relaxed about the two of them. But yeah. No-one is ready for them to become parents yet.

I really can’t say much about the German storyline except it happened.

Those powers would be fun to have no doubt.

Yep Alex thinks he has a past life as a German guy. And you did notice Isabel’s state. Good. I think that’s the more important focus. These dreams really do need to end don’t they?

I am not sure if Alex learned German, or how to explain what exactly happened. I think Isabel however to be a translator would have to find the other person with the unspoken language in the head of whomever... Yeah I don’t think that’s likely to happen. Face it. We just dealt with an alien fix of a problem we don’t understand. And that was just a saving measure on Isabel’s part. She doesn’t herself know really what happened or how. It just did.

Glad to have you back Mai. And now I owe you two. LOL Yes thank you, I read your latest.

Hints of the future. Well that would seem the most likely I would gather. Isabel is for whatever reason, not doing well, currently.

Thanks for loving all my characters. They each have their roles, and they need to play them. I have had help with developing Gloria into the very form you know, but I believe everyone has a reason for the way they act the way they do.

Poor Alex. Life with Isabel just sends doozies constantly. How to adapt and play like everything is perfectly normal. I give the boy credit. He never slips up where it matters.

It seems more like Hanz is the keeper of the German, and Alex tapped into Hanz, was in possession of it. But with Hanz melting back into the recesses of his mind, where does that leave Alex’s new-found ability?

It was a transitional chapter, once upon a time, but it’s hard to call it such now. It kind of chose to go full-force on me.

So what will transpire with Michael and Isabel? Will Alex have another dream that leaves him injured? Can’t say.

And Gloria will NEVER back down. Not yet anyway. She wants what she wants, and she’s determined to get it.

And forgive me; this truly wasn’t supposed to be such a large chapter. But sending smaller pieces up more often is working out better than HUGE chunks all at once. And the story is getting told as it falls in importance. So. I guess its another mega-chapter.

**** ****

Disclaimer: I in no way own the rights to Roswell or anything related to it. All rights belong to Jason Katims, 20th Century Fox, Regency Entertainment, Melinda Metz, WB and UPN. No infringement is intended. I am borrowing their awesome characters, and including my own.

Perhaps in this part and in parts to come I am or will be borrowing some scenes, and I will borrow direct dialog and use altered dialog at times.

Title: Shifting Realities
Author: Mt Gazer/Velvet Skye
Category: CC/ AU
Spoilers: Four Square and Max to the Max

And to Randy, my dear husband always behind the scenes, and always an assistant in this. I tell him practically every idea that goes through my head. I LOVE YOU!!! And THANK YOU! As always. Shifting lives because of your support.

PML: Peter. This is a permanent spot in recognition of all your assistance. THANK-YOU!!! Shifting Realities is doing well with your attention to details. Thanks for all the help in this.

And finally I will attempt to recap where we’ve been.

RECAP: Isabel and Alex have a busy week with a Talent Show still ahead of them. The English test has been completed and the reports are due today. Friday.

Alex had the mother of all nightmares. And his parents called Isabel over to help him through it. He somehow wrote his report in German, and she had to help him connect with that side of his mind and to translate it. The energy she’s using seems to be making her feel fuzzy. Why? And the final bit... Her dreams with Michael haven’t subsided either.

No Music...

Shifting Realities

Chapter 30:F

It Was Only a Dream


While Isabel and Alex were at his house the day was progressing as normal for the rest of the group.

Max was tired, not as much as Isabel, but he had been having disturbing dreams since Monday night himself. And they made everything feel weird. Hormonally weird. Sexually weird. He felt so right with the blue eyed, petite, curly haired blonde in his dreams, like she was important somehow.

But when he would awaken fully and give it any thought, it was Liz his heart, mind, and soul would fasten on. Liz he wanted to be with. Liz with the chestnut long hair, and the deep coffee eyes. It was Liz he wanted to have sex with, to deflower, to make his. (NO) ‘Can’t think like that. Can’t do that. Not even Isabel has taken that leap, and she’s the one in heat.’

‘No again, that is wrong. My sister is in love, not heat. She’s not going to jump the first person she sees.’ His mind tossed in, ‘unless its Alex.’ And he shook his head at the thought as he tightly closed his eyes in disgust with himself, raking his hand through his hair. Even his terminology was wrong, it was crude and ungentlemanly. ‘I am better than this what is wrong with me? What are these dreams doing to me? And why am I so affected by them? By her? By the petite blonde I’ve never met.’

He took another cold shower to start another day and met his mom in the kitchen.

“Burning the candle at both ends, Max?”

“Huh?” he looked up.

“You look tired.” Diane reiterated.

Max looked up wearily. “Uh yeah. That’s an understatement. Where’s Isabel? I thought I heard the door slam in the middle of the night?”

“You did.” Diane added, placing a mug of coffee before him. “She’s with Alex. He had a nightmare and his parents called for your sister.”

He raked his hand over his face tiredly with an exaggerated groan. “... They don’t know anything about us do they? Why would they call for her?”

Diane sat and regarded him, “Because they hoped she could help calm him somehow, its what he does for her. Speaking of, we’ve got to head over and get the jeep early. So ride with us and pick it up, and then you can do your morning as you please.”

A few minutes later he was backing out of the Whitman’s driveway, waving to his parents, and going for breakfast. Should he go home, or go to the Crashdown? At the Crashdown he could see Liz. But the last time he was out of control because of that orb, it quickly got out of his hands.

And if this was also alien, than seeing Liz could be very bad indeed. He’d already had a decent make-out with her in the Eraser Room this week where he followed Isabel’s example and added their entry to the wall. He was really surprised that Michael hadn’t yet added himself and Maria. But then again, Michael had a house.

Max skipped going to the Crashdown on the principle that this could get out of hand.

When second period, which was a shared class was over, Max did something very uncharacteristic for himself. He took Liz into the Eraser Room during an academic class period.

And when they exited they both were a bit flushed, and disheveled. Watching each other walk away with sly grins on their faces.

Michael caught up with him and clapped him on the shoulders.

“So you and Liz, huh? I’d know that look anywhere man.” He fixed him a stern questioning look. “I thought you were keeping your distance, you know with the whole Isabel-Alex and the school exploding debacle.” His voice lowered to the lowest possible register.

Max still was in his love haze from moments before. “Well it just seemed sensible, to, I don’t know, keep her close?” He shrugged.

“Sensible huh?” Michael smirked. “Like the same sensible as your sister and Alex BOTH missing school today? I somehow doubt any of you are working on homework, or discussing philosophy, or solving the latest energy crisis. So what gives, eh Maxwell?”

Max shook his head with a sigh. “Nothing...” He smiled tiredly. “And I’ve heard that you and Maria, well that she’s missed some class time this week?” He raised a questioning brow.

Michael rubbed his brow with his middle finger. “Yeah. Feels kind of like when Iz got that orb thing. I don’t know, it just feels good. Maria and me, we’re good man. For now... real good. Don’t let her mother catch us though.” And he knew that he was giving half-truthful answers, for his worries about Isabel continued to eclipse the Maria situation. He’d been observing her and those worries were increasing.

Max sighed, “Maybe we should see what the girls are up to.”

Michael said yeah. “Yeah. Maybe we should.”

Max began walking over to their direction but then turned in the hall; “You haven’t been having anything strange happen to you lately have you? Michael?”

”Me?” Michael feigned innocence, “Um not really, nothing more than the usual you know...” rubbing his brow ridge again. “You?” He raised a brow of question.

“Like you said, ‘Nothing more than the norm.’” Max agreed. “Just a lot going on, and school reports and stuff. So lets get on with class.” He wanted to say something but he didn’t know how to bring it up so he added, “By the way Michael, Mom and Dad are proud of how you are keeping up on your schooling and have made up so much already...”

“Don’t have any other options open at the moment, not if I want to keep my house. Lets get to class.” Michael watched him with confusion, rubbing his brow yet again.

And with that they departed to their fourth period lessons.

*** ***

The missing members turned up at Lunch, and right away Max knew something was off; Isabel hadn’t bothered to apply make-up. It made sense that she didn’t have any at Alex’s house. But every girl had touch-up make-up in her bag didn’t she? Wasn’t that just girl code? ‘What had happened to her?’ And with their abilities it wasn’t very logical that she wasn’t wearing it. And if any day she needed it, today would have been good. She had circles under her eyes and just looked worn-out.

Maria’s eyebrows rose in question as the tall blonde slid into the table next to them and started to pick at her salad. Salad? And even weirder, Alex was eating ONLY a salad himself? “Crashdown run out of burgers?” She asked in a tease.

“Uh,” Alex mumbled with a mouthful of lettuce as he and Isabel shared a brief conspiring look. Turning back to Maria he added, “Uh, no time. Had to get something fast and get over here.”

‘What are they covering up?’ Maria wondered as she kept watching them. Needless to say they were acting very oddly.

Isabel kept her head down fishing out the tomatoes and eating them slowly. Michael was watching her from the opposite corner of the table, his eyes narrowed in thought. She wouldn’t look in his direction.

“So where were you two love-birds this morning huh? Playing hooky to have a little hanky panky?” Maria teased.

“Actually no.” Alex stumbled out. “ Just sleeping.”

Maria raised an eyebrow, and dove under the table for her purse, climbing backward out of the seat. She pulled the tall girl up from the edge, and dragged her away from the table toward the ladies room.

*** ***

When they were situated against the counter and the long mirror, Maria turned Isabel in her direction. “ Now our colors don’t quite match, mine tend to be of the pink hue,” she prattled on, “but it’s better than nothing right?”

Isabel cocked her head sideways and stared at the smaller blonde disdainfully as Maria triumphantly fished a compact out of her purse, and waved it in the air.

“And... Well whatever you two were doing, you weren’t sleeping. And you might wish to cover up that fact.” Maria stated in implication as she dabbed foundation under Isabel’s eyes and smoothed it into her darkened skin.

“What are you doing?” Isabel glared at her, while she pulled Maria’s hand from her cheeks.

Maria turned her to look into the mirror, “Have you seen yourself today?” She pointed out the darkened skin below her eyes.

Isabel gazed into the mirror with a weary sigh as she smoothed her hair back with both hands. She said, “I don’t think it’s humanly possible to be this tired, Maria.” with a huge yawn. But her humor eeked through. “Good thing I'm not human, huh?” She chuckled as she shook her head dismissively. “I’ve just got so much going on, it’s a long week.” She added, as her right hand subconsciously reached up and rubbed her eyes tiredly.

“Hey. You just smeared the foundation.” Maria said indignantly.

“Sue me.” Isabel turned back around and leaned against the ledge. Her arms crossed on her chest as she glared at the smaller girl. “Continue.”

Maria started over, adding a little extra foundation to that which was rubbed off. Talking all the while...

“Ok. So I’m going to ask what exactly you guys were doing, because it looks like neither of you slept well you know?” She added as she brushed some rose colored blush onto Isabel’s paler than normal cheeks.

“So Honey, if you were sleeping, it isn’t working. Or you’re doing it wrong,” she teased suggestively. “You know, unless...” Maria paused cautiously, “... you were sleeping 'with' someone... but I thought you had decided to take that slow....”

Isabel sent her a withering stare. “Don’t start Maria! I have my lunch waiting for me out there... so just worry about you and Michael, and leave us alone if you don’t mind.”

And with that she stepped out of the bathroom, to finish lunch, leaving Maria to shove the make-up back into her bag and to run to catch up. ‘One of these days that girl will thank me.’ Maria thought in a grumble.

*** ***

Liz had turned up in the meanwhile and she was sitting close to Max, thighs touching close, as they ate lunch.

They shared a quick simpering look, and Michael rolled his eyes.

“So get much sleep Alex?” Liz asked. “You look a little out of it.”

“Uh, No I’m good...” he stammered having been caught in his wanderings, “got a lot on my mind you know.”

“And you never really did answer what you and my sister were up to this morning before Maria dragged her away,” Max sent him a look of query. “And now you’ve just sitting there spacing out...” He added.

“This morning? Oh she slept and I worked on my report.” He nodded, taking in more bites of salad.

“You don’t usually procrastinate now that you and Isabel are together.” Liz added.

“I wasn’t procrastinating per se,” Alex waved, “I was expounding on it. I had to change and add some things.”

“This morning? The day its due?”


“Why was she still sleeping?” Max asked.

Michael nodded in his curiosity.

“All I can say is that she pulled me from a nightmare of epic proportions last night, and I think it just wiped her out, you know? She’s been a little off all morning.”

“Care to share?” Michael added.

Alex leaned over and looked over at him. “That would be a no. But feel free to read my history report. After I get it back of course.” He quirked his sideways smirk.

“How does your history report fit in?” Liz asked.

“You know, I’d like to understand that too; but my nightmare kind of fueled it.”

“That’s... just... weird.” Max added slowly.

“Hey I didn’t say it made any sense.” Alex retorted.

The other two girls returned from the bathroom and Isabel sat to hurriedly eating the rest of her salad.

The bell buzzed and Isabel shot Maria a death glare. She hadn’t a chance to finish eating. She grabbed the Styrofoam clamshell and tossed the remainder of her lunch in the trash and headed to the vending machines to supplement her lack of proper food. She could sneak them in between classes.

*** ***

Heading down from her sixth period class Isabel suddenly felt lightheaded, The swimming feeling she experienced while fixing Alex’s report returned but with a vengeance.

She made it cautiously off the bottom step and out into the hall, staying close to the sides as she crept along, pushed by the tide of rushing students. She was fine, she had to be; too much to do, so she let them pass in their hurry and stepped out to follow them.

She heard Michael’s voice say her name, but it didn’t sound right, it sounded as if he was in a tunnel and calling out for her. And then Alex’s merged with it.

The floor felt as if it was rolling, or the hall was. She tried to steady herself but her head felt heavy on her shoulders, and her feet felt solid. Darkness started to roll in like a blanketing fog and it went black.

She never felt herself drop to the floor.

The next thing she knew she didn’t feel completely like herself, Michael was kneeling over her trying to rouse her. But his touch was having an opposite effect. It was awakening the feelings she had in the dreams for him. Longing and desire were flowing through her body like a rushing tide, along with other unsavory thoughts...


She and Michael making love, enveloped in a shroud of light.

She jerked her arm out of his grasp and barked out. “I’m fine. Get your hands off of me. I just tripped ok. Don’t make such a big deal of it...”

She had no idea that when he touched her that the same rampant alien hormones affected him as well. Michael had experienced the same flash, and he needed to do SOMETHING about how he was feeling. And it couldn’t be with Isabel therefore...

*** ***

Maria had just crossed into the hall, and he stalked up next to her fairly growling, “I need you right now...”

“Yeah. I need to get to class. We’ve had too many of these sessions this week... My mother is going to kill me you know?” But something about the way he was staring at her caused her to pause and to really look at him.

She turned to Michael and pulled him to the nearby wall, stroking his cheeks and looking at his eyes in particular. Something was not right about his eyes, they seemed almost otherwordly, and his skin was pale, and she was rambling to herself in her head about all the things that seemed off. “Are you okay Michael?”

“Do I look ok to you, Maria?” he hissed in aggravation.

She scrutinized him closely. Small traces of light seemed to be coursing along the same paths as his veins, and he seemed a bit shaky. A bit alien? ‘Oh God not again...’

“No you don’t look good actually. Come on, let’s get you somewhere else... And you can tell me how you’re feeling...” Maria wrapped her arm around his waist tightly as they stepped away.

“We’re not discussing how I’m feeling. Got that.” Michael barked. They were walking up the stairs by this point...

“In here.” She pulled him into the Eraser Room and innocently removed his shirt to examine him, the lightshow more noticeable in the dark.

“Michael we need to talk about this... About how you are feeling... Does this have to do with Isabel?

Michael stared at her.

“... I mean, she’s not looking too hot today... Did she just pass out? She said she was tired. And Max doesn’t look that great either, and now you’ve got these lights flowing in your veins. Are you guys getting sick again? You know when you got sick last time it wasn’t like normal, you got these fevers and webs and...”

“Maria I’m fine.” he growled.

She continued... “And Alex doesn’t even look right. Oh God, this is something I can catch isn’t it? It’s why no-one is talking about anything this week, you all know don’t you? We’re all going to die aren’t we? It starts with lack of sleep, and then I’ll have big ol’ bags under my eyes, and no dreams or really bad dreams, and ...”

Michael leaned into her space letting his mouth and his hands talk at once. He silenced her with a very passionate kiss, and she watched as the fireflies trailing under the surface of his skin seemed to calm, until it was a fine sheen along his skin. And his breathing mellowed as he kept stroking her...

‘Well I suppose this is a good way to go.’ She thought to herself as she let the feel of Michael’s caresses carry her mind, emotions, and other senses, away for awhile.

*** ***

Simultaneously in the hallway downstairs:

Alex saw Isabel teetering, and he heard Michael calling out to her. His voice joined the other tall boy’s as she collapsed to the floor, no-one catching her. Both raced to her side, but Michael got there first. Alex stood by hovering and watching as Michael tried to revive her. When he finally got a response it was sheer Isabel. But something seemed a bit off about both of their eyes; he watched closely, his brow knit in question, his eyes narrowed, and his jaw tensed.

Michael stalked off with Maria by his side. Alex moved to Isabel’s side and touched her shoulder.

WHAM! He was hit as he stood there transfixed, staring into her eyes as a Flash hit,


He heard the sounds of intimacy, as he and Isabel were deeply engaged in sexual intercourse.

And as EVERYTHING in his body reacted to the flash, he stood there nervously half chuckling. And the first thought in his head was ‘Oh Hell. That’s not good!’

“What?!” She barked out. “Help me up! And then I’m going to my class.”

Alex offered her a hand, but what he really wished to do was to take her to the Eraser Room and to let nature have its course. Exactly. Not Good!

She gripped his proffered hand and then grabbing her books (mind you to the wrong class) she walked hastily away from him...

What he didn’t know was that she had seen and felt the flash too. And she had just shared one with Michael as well. Besides conflicted, Isabel was to be honest very affected at this moment.

Alex watched her walking away with as many impure thoughts as his brain could fire at once, and he made his way to his next class. He dropped off his report on the teacher’s desk and then sat squirming the entire period. He couldn’t get comfortable and he couldn’t get her out of his head. Luckily he sat in the back of the room and could blend into his surroundings.

Little did he know Isabel was having similar problems.

Liz came up after his class; she snuck in to talk to him. “Are you ok?” She touched his head. “You’re a little flushed and warm.”

‘Yeah. My daydreams would definitely make that the case.’ He looked up in surprise when she added, “Want to go to the nurse?”

Alex snickered in his throat. “I don’t need the nurse. Liz. I am just fine.” He growled. “Is Max acting a little weird today?” He deflected.

“Yeah. They all are if you ask me.” Liz stated in understanding.

“Thought so. Gotta go...” He bolted for the nearest room he could and stood against its quiet interior, trying to calm his over imaginative mind, taking deep breaths. ‘Oh God! How did he get himself into these situations? He had merely tried to help Isabel when she passed out. And she had truly done so. It hadn't been feigned. Isabel was simply too tired to function.

He had seen the earlier signs of it at his home, but Isabel had waved them off. He would have to pay better attention in the future. Isabel wasn’t as tough as she pretended, and apparently there was a limit on use of her powers. And she seemed to be in a state of power drain. Because if it wasn’t that, than she was sick.

And as a rule, the aliens didn’t get sick. That worried him. But after trying to help her, and getting hit with that flash. Well the end result was nothing like he expected. What now?

He cracked the door and was watching the hallway. Liz passed by. “Psst. Parker.”

“Alex?” She looked at the sign on the door, and entered.

He squeezed in and made room. “What are you doing in here?”

“You called.”

“I didn’t call you IN.” Alex paced the small space.

“You look worse than Max did this morning. And he NEEDED Eraser Room time.” Liz inferred while blushing.

Alex looked at her in shock, “Liz!” he shook his head, “We’re not discussing this... just send Isabel.”

“OK? And how far will...” Liz tried to question the efficacy of his plan.

“Liz I’m serious.”

“I’ll go find her.” Liz sighed. She didn’t know if that was a good idea, but if Isabel could calm him even remotely...

*** ***

Isabel had fallen asleep on the couch in the student lounge; her hand clutching the upright can of soda. An opened bag of chips, dribbled in red, was resting on the floor against the leg of the seat; and a neatly organized pile of books was resting next to it.

“Isabel? Um, Alex needs to see you in the Eraser Room if you are up to it? He doesn’t look good.” Liz was shaking her shoulder. “You don’t look that good either. Do you want me to tell him that you can’t make it?”

“No. I’m fine! I’ll be there. I mean if he needs me. What time is it?” She asked in confusion.

“We’re switching over to the last class of the day.”

“God I sat down for a second and what!? Fell Asleep? Did I completely miss seventh?” Isabel stared at her.

“Well that depends on the last thing you remember.” Liz reached out a hand to help Isabel.

Isabel sat up. “The last thing I remember was collapsing after sixth, and coming in here for a moment. I just sat down to clear my head.”

“In that case, I guess you did.” Liz added.

Isabel glared at the diminutive brunette. “I’ll see you later I guess.” She pulled herself from the couch with another yawn; grabbed all her belongings, shoved them into her locker, and went to see Alex.

*** ***

‘I’ve got to find a way to stop this alien libido from crossing species, or I’m a dead man. My mom will send me to military school with Jesse, if she doesn’t kill me first.’ He moaned as he leaned against the desk. ‘Or maybe its just time. Maybe I’m not getting out of the 10th grade without becoming a father.’ He placed his head in his hands.

“10th grade? Really? What am I saying? Forget my mom. Pops will kill me for sure. And Gramps will have a turn as well. I need to get out of high school first. Even that wont make them happy, but ... God! I’m a dead man...” He ran his hands backwards through his hair.

The light from the hallway flickered into the dark space as she stepped in. He looked up and swallowed.

“Alex? Are you ok?” Isabel asked as she tried to resist going to him. Didn’t Liz realize how dangerous it was seeing Alex while she was a bowl of alien hormone soup? But if he needed her, if something was wrong, she had to be available. But if he needed sex... she had to get out of here.

He stood in front of her willing himself not to touch her, breathing in her scent. He licked his lips, and mumbled out dryly, “I’m a dead man...”

She knew she had to make her escape, she wished her hormones could speak logically as well, for they weren’t listening. ‘This can’t happen.’ Her jacket was on the ground and Alex was stroking the skin beneath her blouse.


Michael pulling her blouse over her head, and kissing her breasts.

‘Damn It! How to stop these. Was sex with Alex the answer, even with its subsequent consequences?’

She pushed Alex down onto the desk and started to kiss him intently while forcefully removing his shirt. Hers was already history; Alex had made short work of her blouse when she entered the small enclosure.

Her hand reached up and touched their wall with its glowing graffiti. And the alien presence made the other two marked walls respond in kind.

Their bodies were driving together, but her soul was confused. Right now, both of the boys had ignited passion’s fire inside of her within a few moments span, and she was miserable. Acting on either would have devastating consequences.

As she pulled him close, she whispered coarsely in his ear, “I need you Alex...” As she flicked her blonde hair behind her, and dove onto him.

As he watched the sparks of her skin start to weave subdermally he realized that this was going to lead to places he COULDN’T go to yet.

‘Mission. She’s on a mission.’ He recognized her little tell ‘What exactly is she trying to avoid? No sleep? Rearranging everything? Dropping her convictions?...’

Alex babbled as he pulled out of the embrace panting heavily and perspiring. Denying his physical needs. “I go to church you know.” He added reflexively trying to shatter the silence. “Mom has insisted that we start attending again.” He scratched at the back of his head. “A-and this is not... acceptable.” He pointed to their undressed and messy state. He pulled back and swallowed thickly, trying to just get the words to come out. “I don’t know how much penance I’ll have to do in order to be absolved. Or maybe I just won’t tell anyone about this...” he snorted nervously, as he leaned heavily against the desk with a thump while pulling his shirt back on. ‘This is why you NEVER take anything off.’

He handed Isabel her blouse with a chagrined swallow. “This is my fault Isabel. I asked for you when I knew better.” He sighed heavily. “Last time we had any heavy make-out in here, or a version of here, we exploded the school. We can’t do this... you are so right.”

He walked close to her to leave the room, but whispered hoarsely in her ear as he crossed, “I still need/want you Isabel. Badly.” His hand grazed her lower stomach. And God help him for the words coming out of his mouth, never let his mother hear them... “And I would take you right here and now, if only I could...” Alex’s other hand slowly released the knob to leave the room reluctantly.

She turned to watch him depart and her bright eyes told him the truth of that statement. If so much weren’t riding on it, so would she. She nodded and smiled tightly. “So would I.” She whispered.

He turned to her. “I think you’re going to have to ride home with Max today. I can’t be alone with you. It’s me. I don’t trust myself. I’m not in control ... And we’ve already got the rehearsal. So I’ll see you there I guess.” He added as he closed the door.

He leaned against the hall wall breathing deeply, gathering enough composure to walk out of here and not seem that the most gorgeous blonde sexually affected him. It was a good thing the parents insisted they attend school...wasn’t it? But actually, if he were honest with himself, they were better off before they got here. There were no crazy alien hormones at his house. This all happened here, when he touched her in the hall, and got that stupid intimate flash. And it changed how quickly she was responding to him in the Eraser Room... Which wasn’t what she wanted, and he KNEW that, knew it with every fiber of his being. The alien invasion had begun again, but what the hell was going on, what was she avoiding this time? Maybe he could talk to her about it later tonight? Or maybe he should just leave it alone. He’d just feel her out then.

*** ***

Classes dumped into the hall and Max saw a very disheveled and frazzled looking Alex leaning against the wall a couple doors away from the Eraser Room.

“It can’t be that bad.” Max stated.

Alex groaned. “I don’t know about that. I’m barely holding it together here myself.”

“Everything is still in one piece.” Max quipped.

“HA HA. Very funny Max.” Alex sighed.

“Seriously Alex, I don’t know what it is with the two of you. But even more than us you have to be careful. We have to keep a low profile.”

Alex turned to him with a glare that would rival Isabel’s. “Tell me about it.”

“Look. I know we keep stepping on each other’s toes, and that I seem heavy-handed. But I just worry for everyone’s safety. And I need to remind you until you actually are thinking about it too.”

Alex glared again. “Max. I’ve got my mother for these lectures. Trust me. I don’t need you too.”

Max led them off. “But Alex,” he pulled the boy away from the wall and the throngs of students hurrying to the next places. They were now in the lounge as Max handed him a cold bottle of water. “Your mother is ONLY afraid you will knock her up. Alex. I am afraid you will turn her into a lab experiment.”

“How dare you, Max.” Alex bristled. “I would NEVER do anything to her that would cause her harm. I think about it every minute of every day. I watch the words that exit my mouth, no matter where I am. Her safety is my NUMBER ONE priority. But her happiness is my number two.”

Max was still staring at him. “And aren’t you getting a little close with Liz lately? Should I remind you to be careful as well?” Alex shot back.

“Yea we can all use that, that reminder to be careful.” Max sighed wearily. “However, I don’t see Isabel’s safety as being assured. Maybe you’ve made her happier, but...” he added tiredly, “but I didn’t blow up a school, Alex. You did.”

“And that’s all over. It’s all fixed.” Alex added assuredly.

“But will we be as lucky? Again?” Max added.

“Hey.” Alex retorted, “Same question goes through me Max. That’s why I WON’T allow anything to happen. Give me some credit ok.. I just stopped things in there. It was getting a little... just give me some credit.”

Max nodded with an affirmative grunt. “Good for you Alex.”

“However I might have stopped it, I still feel her.” Alex stated softly.

“Come again?”

“As in if something wouldn’t stop us... well then... and you know Max, you’re not really the person I want to discuss this with you know?”

Max stood there and raked his hand over his face, and blew out a frustrated breath. “You’re moving too fast... and you need to be careful.”

“Yeah.” Alex nodded in agreement. “Max nothing happened. Its just I’ve got these reels in my head you know. Surely you feel like this with Liz? Or am I all alone here?”

Max nodded with a grunt of agreement. “No. You are not. But this is not the best place to discuss anything of this sort... Now if we can only pry out how Michael feels...” They both chuckled.

Just that moment Isabel appeared in the student lounge, she took in her brother and her boyfriend as Alex averted his eyes from hers. “Caffeine. NOW!” She demanded to Max who was standing by the drink machine, as she walked to the snack vendor and plunked in a crisp dollar and punched in the code for the chips. While they released, and the change dropped, she tried to shake herself alert and raked a nervous hand backwards through her hair. She turned to Max who stood there with a soda.

“Aren’t you happy to see the smiling face of your adoring brother?” Max smiled, as he held it out.

“No.” She said grabbing it.


“No! You’ve just been giving Alex the third degree... and I’m sick of you meddling into our personal business. Just know you’ve been heard.” She popped the tab on the can and downed it as quickly as she could, making room for the customary Tabasco. “You know Max, it has been a long day... and my night was even longer... Now Brother mine, we’ve got to go. Rehearsals and all today...” she looked back at Alex who was still avoiding her eyes.

She reached over to hug Max, and they both pulled back with a puzzled look on their face.

“What was that Max? You felt it didn’t you?” she asked him pointedly.

“Yeah. I felt - something.” He nodded.

“Did it just stop for you too?” She pressed him.

“Did what stop Isabel?” He asked tiredly.

She barked, “Don’t make me spell it out; it either did or it didn’t. And if it did you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about.” Her eyes glimmered with slight hope.

“Yeah it stopped.” He nodded as he glanced back at Alex who did not look like he'd had any such break, and who still hadn’t pulled himself away to leave. No clue why.

“So all the Czechoslovakian members of IKAAC are in one spot, what’s going on?” Maria asked cheerfully as she and Michael rounded the corner into the lounge. “Spring Break WHOO!” She cheered. And looked around at the dour looks on everyone’s faces. “Come on people, look alive.” Maria stated. “What is wrong with everyone?”

Isabel looked up and met the petite girl’s eyes. “Spring Break Whoo...” Isabel said flatly, as her eyes crossed between Alex’s and Michael’s and neither would look at her.

Alex just stood arms crossed, observing everything, from a corner of the lounge.

Max walked over and took Michael away for a private conversation, and got the information he needed.

And got a certain look on his face. A man with a plan.

Max looked concernedly at Alex, and left him to talk to Michael. He grabbed Maria’s arm, Isabel on the other side and headed off to find Liz.

Isabel deposited her soda into Alex’s waiting hands, as Max dragged them out of the lounge.

*** ***

Liz was in the science lab, and being the end of the week and the start of the break, it was EMPTY.

“Ok. Somethings going on.” Max said. “And no doubt it’s affecting all of us...”

“Us Czechs.” Isabel added. “And I think you can help.” Liz looked up.

“Has Michael seemed particularly amorous this week, today especially?” Isabel smirked and Maria glared.

And Liz straightened up. “The Eraser Room this morning? Max, what’s going on?”

“Or glowing Michael this afternoon?” They all looked at her. “ What? He was...”

“So how can we help, or what do you need help with Max?” Liz asked for the both of them, Maria was rambling about Michael.

Max and Isabel filled them in on the makeshift plan. And when they had their agreement, Max added, “We’ll meet at the bleachers after it’s done.”

*** ***

Maria headed out to the lounge... “So Alex? How are you feeling?”

Alex eyed her warily. “What did Max want? And why am I just waiting around for something else to happen?” He sighed. “I just want to make sure Isabel’s ok before I leave... she passed out a couple hours ago, and we haven’t really TALKED about it. So, I’m just waiting...” he rattled the soda, “for her?”

Maria sighed. “Why wouldn’t you trust me? Your best friend?”

“You walked off with Isabel and Max, and neither of them returned, and here you are.” He stated apprehensively.

“Alex your paranoia is kicking in again. You sound like you could really use a hug...” she held her arms out.

“Yeah. Yeah. Hugs are good. I could use one actually. Its been a day...” He reached out and hugged Maria and it felt like an overactive hormone switch shut off.

“Hey. Thanks I guess I really did need that.” He looked at her oddly.

Maria read the flitting emotions on his face and said, “The answers you seek. That shocked look on your face? ... Try the bleachers. She’ll be waiting for you.”

Michael’s eyes narrowed as he rubbed his brow ridge staring at the scene, and then Liz came up to him. “What are you going to do Liz?”

“I’m going to hug you. You might not like it, but its going to happen, so just go with it.”
She stood on her toes and put her arms around the tall boy’s neck.

“What’d you do to me Liz?” Michael asked in a slight panic.

She stepped back and shrugged and let Maria rush in.

“Nothing you didn’t need obviously.” Maria grabbed his hand. “Bleachers. Now.”

And out they all walked, meeting to attend.

*** ***

Max stood tall, looking every bit the authority of the group. Isabel stood next to him her arms crossed on her chest, waiting for them. Watching across the campus. She smiled broadly when she saw the relaxed manner with which Alex was racing across the football field. The girls and Michael were in tow.

“So what’s going on Max?” Michael asked as soon as he arrived. ...

Max nodded. “Sibling effect. We will call this the sibling effect. Things are going on this week of a lets just say a sexual nature. And not one of us can give in to those feelings without knowing exactly what is going on beforehand. And none of us know what is...”

“It seems that if things get crazy, our siblings, or the people we are the least likely to be romantically involved with, have the ability to pull us out. So these are the pairings if this ever happens again...

“It’s Isabel and me for each other...” He hugged his sister, “Michael with Liz. And Maria with Alex.”

Maria just watched.

Max caught her skepticism and added, “I’m sure Liz would work for Alex too, but Michael needs a sibling, so that’s Liz. Any questions?”

“Alex isn’t Czechoslovakian. He’s human isn’t he? So why would he need a sibling to fix him?”

Alex nervously laughed. “Can’t I ask that for myself Maria? Yeah Max I was wondering that too.”

Isabel got a pained look and winced. “Lets just say for the sake of argument in this situation that he is...”

“And just how would that be the case?” Maria still wanted answers.

Max looked at her. “There’s so much we don’t know about any of this. And as Isabel likes to point out she’s still the only female Czech in the group.” He teased the tall boy. “I can test your blood under the microscope at my house if you wanted. But that’s all I really have right now.”

“Ok fine, so Isabel’s done something to Alex. Which means the guys either have or will do SOMETHING to us as well. Maybe. Eventually.. Something that might make us a little less human. But if that’s the case, then I have another question Max... Why won’t Isabel work for Michael? I mean the three of you are siblings are you not? That’s what you always say?” Maria pressed yet again, staring hard at Isabel.

Alex didn’t like how Maria was scrutinizing her, so he defended her quickly. “Well maybe she would any other day, but today she can’t.” Alex’s hand holding Isabel’s as he gave it a squeeze. “If she uses any more of her energy I’m actually worried about what might happen to her. And since this is all based in today... well... We’ll just make it work for us.”

Isabel glared at Alex, while all the rest of the group stared at her.

“What’s wrong with Isabel?” Max asked in concern.

“She’s Sick.” Maria threw out.

Isabel raked her fingers backward through her hair and shook her head frantically. “I’m not Max. Really. I’m just tired. I had to pull Alex out a nightmare AWAKE last night. I don’t recommend that!. But I had no choice. Really I’m fine. And if everyone would stop looking at me like I’m contagious or something; I’d just like to take my tired self and go to our rehearsal. I can ride with Alex now Max?”

“Yeah. I don’t see what it would harm. Just ...”

She snickered. “Don’t worry. We’ve each got a million things to do.”

*** ***
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Re: Shifting Realities (AU,A/I,MATURE) CH 30:G 3-13-11 pg 2

Post by Mt Gazer » Sun Mar 13, 2011 3:45 am

Yeah. I can’t really explain what caused the hormone shift, what was making them all a little crazy. It is like they are being controlled by Nasedo and Tess isn’t it... but I can say that something is causing this. The fix was definitely unexpected.
And would you believe that this is as SOOON as I could get you this part. I just finished it; this is hot off the press. Today.

I agree, they do need an END to this “nightmare” if for no other reason than so Isabel can be regulated. But I think the poor girl missed more than just Seventh. Based on the fact that she passed out after sixth, I’d bet she wasn’t all that attentive there. And then she slept through seventh, and eighth was in the Eraser Room with Alex. She may as well have just missed school for the day. I think when Diane gets a good sight of her daughter or learns she missed classes she’ll understand. Now will Gloria accept Alex skipping eighth, Chorale, to be with Isabel? LOL

Yep. Max is having dreams about Tess, Michael is sharing dreams with Isabel, and so it’s an odd week to be sure.
I can’t say what is causing the hormone Flux, but I can say that the poor kids are trying to avoid it/ or the effects of the dreams with everything they have. Max taking Liz into the Eraser Room during an academic period for instance.
Yeah. No make-up.. Something is WRONG... I think they all can sense it to some level.

Thanks for the vote of confidence. Max and Liz... Yeah I’d agree. This is just not normal for the two studious ones at all.

Ok. Two chapters.

The German thing just happened. Its one of those write and sees, but it took on a life of its own. I like that point that you added now that Isabel has changed it, is Alex still able to write or think in German? ...It would be a quick way to learn, but it appears that you need the spirit, or composite, or some bit of the person with the other language in your head to learn it... so doesn’t seem like it will be occurring too often... And no it’s not EASY at all to acquire... it came with a nightmare. (and that word is almost too tame)

Charles took one look at Isabel and realized that the school nurse would be calling if she went to school. So sleep was of the utmost priority. Gloria is probably having a less focused day... but it is what is... the girl was going to drop.

She is tired, to the point of collapse, I do agree.

Powers are just ways to use your energy... They invent them on the spot. They HAVE too. They are just put into positions where they become necessary.

Is it a past life? Alex seems to think so.

New chapter:

You are not the only reader thinking Tess is around. But Michael does rub his brow when he’s worried or nervous. It’s one of his tells. You hope she is, but dread it too?

More than Maria being a good friend and rescuing Isabel, and More than Isabel unable to use her powers to fix her make-up... go with this logic... She didn’t even think about her make-up. If she had, she’d have done something to put it on... she completely was operating on some form of auto-pilot. Yeah she certainly wasn’t thrilled with Maria when pointed out that fact.

Thanks for liking my Maria. I adore the girl, she’s fun to write and fun to watch. On the show yes, Maria did learn about the dreams to some level. And yes that could definitely cause some fireworks if she did. Isabel is trying so hard to just get past these dreams. Maria is a friend, Michael is a brother, and these have to stop. And yeah Michael hasn’t destroyed a school so his coping mechanism is so far seemingly safe. Isabel is just stuck? With everything?

Alex is a master at thinking on his feet.

The sibling thing... Yeah that just hit me one day along with a string of other ideas, some usable, some not... and I thought it was brilliant. I can’t really explain why it works, but I can say that Max seems to think that it is a very important piece of information to discover. They as a group can all help each other... however it works it was great Serendipity.

Thanks for returning when you got your computer working again.
Can’t wait to see what you think of course, but in the meanwhile enjoy the savoring.

To all my wonderful readers. Thanks so much for being my readers and I’m sorry this took longer than expected to get out, and is only HALF of this particular train of thought... I had so much more to add to this evening, but I just can’t right now.

My son got slammed with so many school projects these last months...(He’s a fifth grader, not fully autonomous or independent yet) we’re just working on them all in order. But I typed and this is hot off the press. I’ll get you more as life gives me more time. Just when I think I have a certain amount of parts to go, I find myself undershot... I can’t say right now how many for this chapter, I know how many I keep thinking it should be.. but alas RL...

Velvet Skye

**** ****

Disclaimer: I in no way own the rights to Roswell or anything related to it. All rights belong to Jason Katims, 20th Century Fox, Regency Entertainment, Melinda Metz, WB and UPN. No infringement is intended. I am borrowing their awesome characters, and including my own.

Perhaps in this part and in parts to come I am or will be borrowing some scenes, and I will borrow direct dialog and use altered dialog at times.

Title: Shifting Realities
Author: Mt Gazer/Velvet Skye
Category: CC/ AU
Spoilers: Four Square and Max to the Max

And to Randy, my dear husband always behind the scenes, and always an assistant in this. I tell him practically every idea that goes through my head. I LOVE YOU!!! And THANK YOU! As always. Shifting lives because of your support.

PML: Peter. This is a permanent spot in recognition of all your assistance. THANK-YOU!!! Shifting Realities is doing well with your attention to details. Thanks for all the help in this.

And finally I will attempt to recap where we’ve been.

RECAP: It is Friday, the School day has completed and the talent show is on Saturday. All the Alien kids have seemed a bit amorous with their Significant Others. Isabel and Alex arrived at lunch. She slept though 7th period missing it entirely, after passing out in the hall briefly after 6th. *th she and Alex had a moment in the Eraser Room

A hug between siblings was discovered to stop the crazy out of whack hormonal feelings. Max sibling’ed up all the kids. And Alex and Isabel left together to go to Talent Show Rehearsal.

No Music...

Shifting Realities

Chapter 30:G

It Was Only a Dream

The talent show rehearsal had run extremely LONG... Isabel was racing around giving orders, trying to make things run like a well-oiled machine. She herself was no longer experiencing any of the effects of fatigue that she had earlier, if anything she had an impressive second wind and was on the manic side of energetic. Maybe when the sibling effect ended the hormonal rush, it also quelled her exhaustion. It was all she could sort as a reason but she really didn’t care or have time too.

She placed tape on the edges of the stage for the little actors to wander between. The spotlights and all technical devices were also rehearsed, repeatedly, for they were causing them fits.

At one point Isabel had been on stage with a little singer, and not only had she given the poor little girl a tiny static shock as she positioned her in the middle for the spotlight to shine upon, but the speakers kept squealing crazy with feedback. The sound techs kept turning knobs and buttons, fading and adding sounds trying to find the source of the loop. Isabel winced at the sharpness of the sound. It was far too loud for her sensitive ears.

When she hopped off the stage, and gave the thumbs up for the child to continue, and a thumbs up to the lighting crew for the spotlight, the sound techs must have deduced the source of the feedback for the squealing ended abruptly. And her nerves stopped feeling like they were being filed with sandpaper.

Problems of that type of nature impeded progress throughout the course of the evening, and the rehearsal ran far longer than it should have. Lighting glitches at times, sound at others... They rushed though as many of the acts as they could when they realized it was going to be a technical nightmare kind of day.

Lots of patience was being tried. In between bouts of technical difficulties that just made Isabel’s nerves stand on end; kids were melting down, the little guys were just worn out, or plain bored. Isabel helped to calm them down as best she could. Some of this night had felt like pure torture to her frazzled nerves.

And finally it was over; the little children were released back into the care of the guardians and directors of the children’s home, and they ran with abandon toward the doors like penned animals set free.

Isabel was as excited to be free of the place as the little ones. She ran her hands wearily backwards through her hair, as she removed her earpiece, and mic. And went to gather Alex.

“So bright and early tomorrow? Be sure to bring the same energy with you that you had today and we can’t go wrong. Other things might, but the show must go on!” the director teased.

The Director added when Alex wrapped his arm around Isabel’s shoulder as they strode toward the main aisle to leave. “It’s going to be good. These things happen. You know that. We’ll try to have everything operating by morning. We’ll be here for a while longer working out as many of the bugs as we can. Its obvious we’ve got our work cut out for us. But you guys look tired. Just be sure to get plenty of rest tonight. You’ll need it.”

Isabel snorted to the ‘get sleep’ comment but nodded and they echoed. “Yeah. We’ll be here bright and early.”

“You were so amazing!” Alex squeezed her shoulder. “Look at what you’ve done with this thing... You are so comfortable around children.”

“Yeah kids are fun. But no more work. Know what I want now?” She asked.

“Let me guess? Food?” he teased.

“I’m starving.”

*** ***
They drove to the Crashdown and arrived shortly before closing. Liz was wiping down the counters. Maria was in the back with Michael, he hadn’t turned off the grill yet; he assumed the Evans-Whitman duo would arrive starved after practice. And she would be ready to devour anything if based on the last couple times they were in here.

They walked in, and Alex waved her off while he stepped into the restroom and she headed for the break-room.

Michael was leaning against the doorframe of the kitchen, waiting for her. “Hungry?” He asked when he caught sight of her swinging blonde hair.

She nodded furiously, “Starved. You have no idea. I’ve not had much chances to eat today.” Her stomach was rumbling loudly. She placed a hand on it to quiet it. The night had been demanding, of course she was hit with a wave of exhaustion she thought as she shook her head to regain control from a momentary spike of tiredness.

They talked for a short time discussing classes, the Talent Show, Spring break... anything to connect superficially and to skirt the larger issues. She told him about the rehearsal they’d just endured.

He nodded perfunctorily and pretended that it was interesting. “So. Si- GOUR-n-ey with Riiings...” Michael asked, when she paused.

She looked up. Her brow furrowed in confusion. Nodding. And sorting out her thoughts. That hadn’t been right, his words were in odd cadence.. some syllables almost shouting, others warped, sounding vaguely underwater.

It happened again. “IZ-a- BE-lle What else CAN I get for Yooou?” he was hollering over his shoulder from inside the kitchen.

And suddenly the lights were so bright the room was distorting. She raised her palm to shield her eyes. Scrunching them to see clearly. Walls and doorways moving out of proper location, They jumped to the right a few feet and then jerked back into proper placement just as quickly. Her head jerked too.

Her feet felt uneven underneath her. The ground not feeling at all steady.

She shook her head to clear it, but that made her nearly topple. Her nerves feeling frayed again.

Kaleidoscope. That was the effect. Multiple images were blurring into one another, the colors moving in out of focus altering perceptions. Michael, or the four of him that were in the kitchen, were manning the grills... The sounds changing frequencies and pitches. The entire break room undulating.

Isabel wiped her watering mouth and swayed absently on her feet.

Her stomach growled uncertainly. She was so hungry, and so much more tired. But if the room kept jumping out of focus, could she even eat? Could she keep it down? Not anything she ever really had to deal with before.

The aroma of cooking meat, onions and... burned flesh, singed hair. A compilation of smells actual and from inside Alex’s nightmare accosted her. Her stomach lurched. She swallowed hard. Needed to sit down. Now! Not to make any sudden movement but even moving her head slowly, the lights started to waver.

Isabel started to move cautiously backwards, to walk gingerly back out the swinging door. Her hand poised protectively in front of her.

Liz smacked right into her, carrying a tub. Isabel rocked unsteadily from the motion. Liz was jumping around in front of her eyes. She couldn’t make out what Liz was asking her.

“Guys!” She demanded.

At that moment Isabel felt strong arms hoisting her from underneath her armpits, her feet slipping in their traction.


Michael and Isabel once again in the desert among the symbols. They were cradling an infant with large, expressive almond shaped eyes. The sky behind them was the orangey, creamsicle color of a sunset, or dawn.

Happy. He was so happy. Family.

Motherhood suited her. She was so delighted with their infant son. Glowing with pride and joy.

Neither realized that the split second in which the flash ended, as they were released, they both let out an audible grunt.

Her hand was clutching her complaining stomach... the now darkening smell from the kitchen.... the blinding lights... She tightly closed her eyes to diminish the spinning sensation. The room had just gone tilt-a whirl... Fun carnival ride... not a fun sensation when you aren’t expecting it.

But eyes closed, she was now in a black vortex. It was still spinning furiously around her, till it enveloped her into its core and drew her into the powerful blackness. Gripping sideways she tried to grab hold on Michael.

*** ***

Michael was in a state of stunned silence, attempting to process to vision.

He was jarred back into reality.

“How Could You!?” Maria ordered in consternation....

He stood there lost in his thoughts... ‘How could I? What? Did she see the vision? Does she think I’m cheating on her? Can she read my mind?’ The smell of burning beef assaulted his reverie and he ran into the kitchen... ‘Shit... Shit...’

“I know. I know...” he added in frustration. “How could I let their dinner burn?” ... he growled as he started to slap at the flames of the now charred and unrecognizable patties. He scooped them into the trash...

“You had her Michael. Granted she wasn’t with us, she was all sweating and um, would the word be flickering? ... B-but you had her.” Maria had her hands on her hips watching him work, “and then you let her slip right through your fingers.” Her hands motioning furiously, “You know right to the ground, hope she didn’t hit her head too hard. No wonder Max gave you Liz... you dropped Isabel, your own sister, when she was clearly going to pass out. I mean flickering just isn’t normal for ANYONE to my knowledge. How could you be so careless?”

He rubbed his brow with his finger as he turned from the grill to stare at her, growling lowly in frustration.

She went out to the break room. “Help me move her Michael.” Maria ordered.

He backed up, hands in surrender pose. “I can’t touch her.”

Maria scowled at him eyes narrowed.

“Uh!” ‘Think fast, he told himself.’ “I-I make her worse... When I grabbed her, she went down like a sack of bricks. Get Whitman or something...”

She barked at Michael. “Would if I could. But he came in with her and that was the end of him.” Her hands talking as quickly as her mouth. “Grab her feet at least...” she ordered.

He helped her slide Isabel from the path of the door. He was not about to lift her... the slightest contact provoked the unsolicited images... He couldn’t shake the image of leaning over and kissing her like Sleeping Beauty to revive her. Couldn’t do that... but why did he want to in the first place?

“Find Alex!!..” Maria called out into the main room., not knowing were Liz was. She had vanished when Michael grabbed the tottering Isabel.

A worried Michael was leaning over her, stroking her forehead with his palm.

Maria was sympathetic. “Hey maybe you don’t normally get sick, I know it took that Indian sweat lodge thing for you and Max... but something is going on with Isabel and this girl is sick. Lets wake her up, and see what’s wrong.”

He placed his hand on her cheek, trying to use a small burst of power to startle her, “Come on Izzie. Wake up ...” His voice was tinged with worry.

They gently shook or slapped or otherwise tried to awaken her, when nothing worked Maria landed on the idea of using her oils as smelling salts... so she ran to her locker and dug out her vials.

“Dios mio.” She mumbled while she waved the Cypress oil beneath her nose to calm herself down, then she hurried back to Isabel and knelt next to her. Opening the vials she tried three in succession; Cypress, Cedar, and lastly Lavender. Nothing was working. Isabel remained out-cold.

Michael added, “You know? Hank would just pass out in some drunken stupor somewhere and have to sleep it off.” He stood near Isabel, hovering, arms crossed nervously on his chest.

Maria looked up at him. “Isabel isn’t drunk. I don’t know if anything else applies.” She shook her head. “Ok time for Plan C. This had better work.” She pulled a final bottle out of her alien head apron, opening the top while she ordered. “Hold her mouth open.”

Michael knelt down, “What are you going to do?”

She demanded. “Just do it! Alright?”

Michael pulled Isabel’s chin down until her jaw was slack and her tongue was loose.

“Come on Work.” Maria whispered to the glass rod in her hand, as she administered four carefully measured drops from a final vial under Isabel’s tongue. She sat back and counted... “Four, three, two..”

Isabel came up sputtering, wiping her tongue across her sleeve in a completely undignified manner attempting to relieve the stinging and bitter sensations. “What the hell was that?” She blinked her watering eyes... “Maria?” She growled, staring right at the blonde.

“It’s grief relief?” Maria waved the bottle innocently.

“It’s disgusting.” Isabel tried to grab it but missed by a mile, her vision still blurrily ghosting images. “Ever tried it?” Isabel accused.

“Vets use it to calm wild animals.”

“And do I look like a wild animal to you?” She hissed, leveling Maria with a death glare.

“Hey, I got it at my mother’s shop. It’s an herbal remedy that shocks your body back into reality when the minds gone into overload. And yours no doubt was. You needed a shock. I gave you one and now you’re back in business.”

Isabel tried to readjust her position, to get up. Not happening, the room was still wavering.

“How could you let her?” Isabel turned on Michael.

He stood there in confusion. Between the two fiery blondes he couldn’t manage to do anything right.

“Hey! It was a last resort type thing Isabel!” Maria argued back. “You are still in no position to walk out of here but at least you are conscious again. You weren’t waking up, and so I did what I had to. I think I deserve a thank you very much Maria, not a frosty death glare.” She glowered at Isabel.

Isabel sent an even frostier glare in response. “And maybe you should have just taken a clue and let me sleep. Did that thought even occur to you?” She barked out.

“On the Crashdown floor?” Maria added in consternation as she waved her arms expansively.

Isabel groaned, as she raked her hair backwards, “Of course not. That’s stupid. God! It’s humanly impossible to be this tired.” She tried to pull herself up, but the most she managed was to rest in a kneeling position, huddled over and gripping Maria’s hand for support.

Liz joined them at that moment; she tossed her notebook towards the cabinet and knelt down at Isabel’s side. “Are you feeling alright Isabel?”

“Would I be on the Crashdown floor if I were?” Isabel groused. And then added as she tried to smile, “I’ll feel fine as soon as the room stops moving.”

“So you have Vertigo?” Liz asked.

“What’s that?”

“That spinning sensation. Do you feel sick to your stomach?”

Isabel glared halfheartly.

“I’ll take that as a yes... Ok. Did you hit your head lately?”

“No. No blows to the head. I’m fine ok. Just TIRED... if I get enough sleep I’ll be fine. I haven’t had nearly enough sleep this week. That’s all...”

Liz took control for the moment. “Lets get her to the couch...” They all supported her and helped her gingerly cross the small space.

“If you feel nauseated, just put your head between your legs and take deep breaths. It also works well if you feel faint, gets some blood to your brain. I’ll be right back.” She grabbed her notebook and disappeared again.

Maria sat with the taller girl and rubbed her back. Michael stood back, arms crossed on his chest, watching apprehensively.

Liz came back a few minutes later, dragging in a turquoise chair from one of the tables, and a laptop computer. She sat down in the chair watching Isabel and writing notes on the lines in the notebook.

She had a page for Max and Michael, listing any symptoms that anyone had mentioned. Then she made a page for Isabel.

They all had tiredness and irritability in common. Glowing and sweating. At school, increased Libido, until the sibling effect quashed that.

Isabel’s list kept going...

Liz asked her questions about how she felt before she passed out and wrote down her answers. She set down her notebook and opened up a medical advice site and typed in her list.

Maria came over to her side to see what she was doing.

“Any nightmares or vivid dreams?” Liz asked.

Isabel snorted. “What of that Liz?”

“When you fall right to sleep? Or when you are trying to wake up?”


“Ok, so that can rule out Narcolepsy, that has abnormal sleep patterns and a very fast progression to REM. You aren’t having hypnagogic hallucinations so this doesn’t look like any type of sleeping disorder. It could be a partial seizure; a sensory and autonomic seizure, messing up your head and stomach and affecting all your senses. Seeing how tired you were when it was over, that’s something we need to look into more.”

Isabel sighed vocally in irritation, trying to straighten back up. “Oh God!”

Liz continued with her synopsis, “Or the Vertigo could simply be a temporary disturbance due to the Cold or Flu, affecting an alien constitution a bit differently...”

“We don’t get Sick.” Isabel mumbled, her head again between her knees ...

“Be that as it may...” Liz added and kept searching...

Michael walked over and looked at the list in the notebook, grabbing her pen he added a couple more symptoms to it... Maria’s eyebrows rose in question.

Isabel moaned as she flopped onto the couch sideways.

Maria looked over at the miserable girl, and walked over to rub her back.

Michael wondered if Isabel wanted anything to eat. She didn’t look that good.

She mumbled out some remark like he was insane and how could he even offer food when she was about to throw up... She rolled onto her back, her palms pressed against her eyes.

He shrugged and pointed to the list with a nod, and scratched at his brow. His worry growing exponentially... ‘Oh Shit’ ... he mumbled.

Maria looked up. “What is it Michael?”

“Nothing.” he lied. “The kitchen isn’t going to clean itself, gotta go and do that...”

Maria left Isabel again and went back to Liz’s side. She grabbed the notebook and read everything over, then she looked at the days they each began, then she looked over Liz’s shoulder at the sites Liz was checking.

Put them all together Liz... The guys only have a partial amount of the same symptoms... I don’t think there is anything there. She whispered into Liz’s ear, and told her to look up another site ... making her read the signs in order of appearance...

“You don’t think?” Liz asked dubiously. “ I think there’s another answer Maria...”

Maria shrugged, “Maybe or maybe not, Liz... But that list matches ONE thing that COULD mess a GIRL up. All those symptoms match.”

“And it’s not your secret to tell.”

“But Liz...” She whined.

“Maria. If she is, don’t you think she and Alex need time to discover that, to adjust? ... What if it were you and Michael?”

“Not going to happen.”

“Maria.” Liz said authoritatively, “If it were you and Michael, would you want some tactless idiot spilling out your news to you before you even had time to process it?”

Maria glared.

“And do you really want to tell her that in front of Michael? He’s worried enough. Great way to get Alex killed.”

“But if she is Liz... she’s an alien,” she whined... “It might not be normal for her.”

“That’s all very true. But it won’t be instantaneous. It’s not going to be like Species Maria. No-one can have a full term baby instantly. I don’t care what Sci-Fi has given us. That would kill the mother. Did on the movie if I recall?”

Maria walked over to the couch and sat on the armrest, patting Isabel’s leg. “It’ll be ok. We’ll figure it out Isabel.”

“Knock yourselves out!” she added.

Alex crept in through the alleyway door at that moment. His skin seemed flushed and a little clammy, sweaty even. And his color was pallid.

He stole stealthily across the wooden floor and knelt at her side, stroking the limp strands from her face. He clasped her hand in his, which was chilled, or hers was feverish, he really couldn’t determine which.

“I’m so sorry about that,” he apologized. “The smell of the meat, well that was one thing, but then it started to burn, and that just triggered that nightmare I had last night, you know?” he looked into her brown eyes. “And I don’t know if you smelled it too when you were in there but anyway to settle my stomach, ‘cuz cooking meat just makes me sick right now, I had to go for a walk around the block you know... But then I remembered that I just left you here, and then Liz borrowed my keys and said that you weren’t doing too well and so yeah. It ... Are you feeling any better?” he stroked her hair again.

She gave him a half smile. “I can’t get it into these people’s heads that aside from some severe sleep deprivation I’m extremely tired but otherwise fine.”

Maria looked up from what she was doing. “No that’s been heard,” She added. “But the question is WHY would you have such severe sleep deprivation in the first place, and secondly WHY would it affect you so badly?”

He looked up... “Might as well say it... Dreams are at the heart of the issue. I’ve had some doozies this week, and she’s trying to avoid some herself. Its led to her fatigue. To all of this actually...” he motioned in a wide gesture.

“Shut the hell up about my dreams!” Isabel responded sternly, “You aren’t in them, so you have no idea what they are about.”

Michael was in the kitchen cleaning the grill; he wasn’t about to enter the dreams discussion.

The girls just watched Isabel’s mood swing and shared a look. Alex caught it but chose to ignore. Instead he stroked her brow with his palm. “Ready to go home, yet?”

He helped her to a sitting position and let her take her time adjusting so that he could take her home, “Drink something.” He ordered, “It might soothe your stomach. I’ll be right back.”

He scooted out from beside her; he had to talk to Liz. She handed him his keys and his laptop. “So did it help? Were you able to find out anything?” he asked in a manner of mild concern and questioning.

“Maybe Alex.” Liz sighed. “But I’m not really sure. I’ve got a couple possible angles to look into, so I’ve got to keep searching I think. Maria’s is a little farfetched but...”

“What?” he asked. “What does she think is the problem?”

Liz looked right at him with a ‘can’t you figure this out for yourself?’ look. “I really don’t want to ask this...” She moaned looking past his shoulder.

“Liz.” He placed a hand on her shoulder, and forced eye contact. “Don’t hide things from me... just say it...”

“Isabel’s not possibly pregnant is she?”

Alex choked a laugh, but seeing Liz’s serious face he added, “Maria would go there wouldn’t she? I suppose with Amy’s history and ... um ... I still don’t know.” He scratched the back of his head nervously. “Isabel believes that we need to do the deed you know? But I can say that a month ago things were pretty crazy, and well we didn’t have sex per se, but things were rather HOT at the same time and well, I don’t really know yet how they procreate... But physically I don’t see that it would be, but there are dreams you see and, not that they’ve been any more involved, but... I don’t know...” he babbled.

Liz gave him a curious look, that ramble had made absolutely no sense, so she landed on the only bit she could, “A month ago? ... Ok can I show you something that makes no sense?” She asked reaching behind her to the bar to grab something.

“Of course.” He nodded.

“You seem to supposedly remember a day differently than the rest of us. You and all the Czechs.” She opened her journal with a sigh. “This day never happened. I never made out with Max like this.” She was insistent. “I would remember it wouldn’t I? I would never doodle his name on anything, or fill in little hearts?” She rolled her eyes. “And to top it off when I showed it to him, and I have a couple times, he tells me that it never happened and that I must have written down a dream I had or something. It’s like we’re supposed to believe whatever our brain is telling us, and not the fact that some things just seem foggy.” She pointedly looked at Alex. “And you know what I’m talking about.”

Opening up a page in the notebook, she held it alongside her journal. “Ok, As you can see everyone this week seems to be experiencing some symptoms of the type Isabel is...” she pointed out the data. “And there have been increases in Maria and mine’s romantic involvements since last month. Check out this chart,” she opened up a page that showed her notes of the past few weeks. “What data can you add to this to sway it one way or the other Alex? Isabel is rather private when it comes to your love life.”

Alex read it over and shrugged ... “From what I know of that day, things altered from what us very few know. To Max, Michael, Isabel and myself, things are way different than you remember them. And that’s a good thing. A very good thing. You have no idea how good. But, if you somehow wrote that journal entry why don’t you listen to your heart and see what it’s telling you? ... I think there would be an imprint there of some type don’t you?”

She looked at the chart more closely. “Yeah you are right, something must have happened in mid-March. That’s when the romantic levels increased. Maria and Michael have had more consistent make out sessions and they haven’t had one of their typical spats yet. Max and I have shared our “first kiss” and some stolen kisses, simple stuff over the last few weeks... but nothing along the lines of this...” and she held her journal up again.

Alex raised his brow and quirked his mouth in thought. He grabbed the pen in her hand and added some notes of his own. Jotting down some pertinent information of the day in question and subsequent events.

She pursed her lips in thought. “So she toned it down?” She asked when she read his notes. “After the same key point?...” she added in question nodding her head in slight understanding. “So something must have occurred then that shifted the balance of reality?”

“Liz?” Alex changed the subject slightly, “When did you and Max first make out to your recollection? Journal entry aside?” he snickered, “Not that I really care to know, but as an honorary girlfriend, I’ve gotta do my duties... and you need some kind of answers to work with apparently.”

She sighed... “Here at school, this week was the first intense make-out. Especially with the glowing and hands and everything... This week. And the sad thing is, I’m not sure he was in any more control than when I apparently wrote this alleged event.”

Alex nodded slowly. And added some notes to another page. “This week and today...” He added as he handed it to her.

Liz looked at him with question and added, “Maria agrees. Michael isn’t acting right this week either, its like the guys are making out with us to avoid something else... does that make any sense at all?”

Alex solemnly nodded with a sigh.

“And why can’t it just be natural, making out to just be with Me? Why does something have to force their hand... Why can’t it be like you and Isabel?” She looked directly at him.

Alex snorted. “As you can plainly see from your copious notes and charts Liz, she’s in the same mix. Just because we have had our moments of well, pure bliss; and they’ve been few and far between mind you, doesn’t mean that whatever is affecting the guys this week isn’t affecting her too. She’s fighting something and using sexual closeness to cover it as well. Apparently they all are.”

She reached over and squeezed his hand. “Hey, if anything changes? In either direction, will you keep me posted? Isabel seems to still be the wild card, the one constant that is different than the guys. She seems to be inverted, where they increase, she decreases, like a seesaw maybe? ... Or is it simply male vs. female and it’s as easy as all that?” She bit her lip in thought again and looked off into the distance....

Alex nodded and reached over to give her a hug. “Of course Liz. When I can wrap my head around some of this stuff myself, of course I’ll share what I know. But for now... We’ve got a huge day tomorrow, and I’ve got to get her what sleep she can before it starts.”

Liz nodded, and pointed at the dining room of the Crashdown. “Yeah. Have fun... I’ve got to finish cleaning up here.”

His mind was whirling with the conversation he just had and the choices yet to come for the evening. He was no doubt sleeping at the Evans, so he’d have to inform his parents... he’d have to let Diane know Isabel was sick, again. Should he tell Max or not... etc...

And as if she could read his mind Isabel barked out. “Don’t you dare tell my brother. He doesn’t need to know.” With that she forced her self to stand and came out and grabbed his hand. “I’m just fine. Now lets go home and get this day over with. Tomorrow will be here all too soon as it is.”

She leaned against him. She was still abjectly tired... but navigating on her own feet. No longer dizzy. It was just a weird momentary lapse, created by stress, and avoiding certain dreams, and then it wasn’t helped by diving into the ferocious nightmare Alex had. That had to be what had made her so exhausted...

They waved their goodbyes, as the girls watched with concerned expressions, and Alex guided her out of the restaurant and into the car.

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Re: Shifting Realities (AU,A/I,MATURE) CH 30:H 4-8-11 pg 24

Post by Mt Gazer » Fri Apr 08, 2011 8:53 pm

PML/Peter What exactly is wrong with Isabel is a very good question indeed. Is there more to come, is it severe sleep deprivation... I guess it’s all left to be seen.

I agree that others should learn about Isabel. But what would Max see in her subconscious if he were able to initiate a healing connection?
You are an amazing writer Rhonda, you always leave me wanting more!
Thanks for the compliment, I am so glad you like... and I hope this part also pleases you.

mary-mary/Ginger The board was having lots of trouble... I think I had to post an extra time as well. No harm, no foul...

Yep, you do go with what you know. Michael is exceptionally worried about Isabel now.
This does need resolved, but how shall they do that, when they are all too scared to share that they are having erotic dreams, either with another of the group, or with a mystery person? (As in the case of Max)

Go Liz. I love how she pulled out the notebook and started asking questions. Maybe she’ll hit on something. Even if she doesn’t at least she is trying like mad, to find out SOMETHING.

Hope you enjoy the next part.

Tharos I knew a couple of tiny pieces of this that had to play, but getting it there... was HARD.
See you in an hour? Too soon? Ok, an hour and twenty minutes but no more than that.
So sorry I seemed to have missed our appointment by nearly a month. LOL

Thanks for reading.

And to all, I am so sorry for my absence. My son got slammed with a Reading Olympics school project. It required parental involvement. For the entire month of March we were furiously reading daily, on top of his other schoolwork, and activities. It required parental involvement... but he did win a gold medal for it. And got his Accelerated Reading points up from 29 points when they started to 105. Thank Goodness for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, that he had been reading ALL YEAR so far. That gave him some major AR points. He kicked butt, and got a few consecutive certificates at awards ceremony last Friday. We worked hard, both Caspian and I.

I will also brag on him because he got Platinum Honor Roll. Straight A’s, 4.0. I’ve never managed to get that my entire LIFE. And he got a certificate for being the HIGHEST math grade in his entire Class.

I’ve been busy with my son, but it has paid off as you can plainly see.

CONGRATULATIONS on all your accomplishments CASPIAN. I am PROUD of you!!!!!!

I kept trying to get back to Shifting, but I just didn’t have the free time. It was swallowed whole by real life, that and family dramas. LOL

I am missing a couple of my readers I have noticed. I hope that everything is alright with you and that you are well.

And to all my readers. THANK-YOU, for faithfully following along.

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Disclaimer: I in no way own the rights to Roswell or anything related to it. All rights belong to Jason Katims, 20th Century Fox, Regency Entertainment, Melinda Metz, WB and UPN. No infringement is intended. I am borrowing their awesome characters, and including my own.

Perhaps in this part and in parts to come I am or will be borrowing some scenes, and I will borrow direct dialog and use altered dialog at times.

Title: Shifting Realities
Author: Mt Gazer/Velvet Skye
Category: CC/ AU
Spoilers: Four Square and Max to the Max

And to Randy, my dear husband always behind the scenes, and always an assistant in this. I tell him practically every idea that goes through my head. I LOVE YOU!!! And THANK YOU! As always. Shifting lives because of your support.

PML: Peter. This is a permanent spot in recognition of all your assistance. THANK-YOU!!! Shifting Realities is doing well with your attention to details. Thanks for all the help in this. And you definitely gave me some assistance in places.

And finally I will attempt to recap where we’ve been.

RECAP: It is Friday, the School day has completed and the talent show is on Saturday. (still) Isabel seemed to have gotten sick from her lack of sleep or something. She is experiencing Vertigo. She passed out at the Crashdown, worrying Michael and causing Liz to start researching anything that might be wrong with her.

No Music...

Shifting Realities

Chapter 30:H

It Was Only a Dream


As Friday had run long with the endless glitches during rehearsal and Isabel getting ill at the Crashdown it was rather late when Alex walked her into her house. Her mom was watching the News and her dad had already gone to his home office to do some work on a current case.

Diane absently greeted them both and went back to devouring the day’s disasters.

Alex took Isabel to the base of the stairs and sent her off to get her pajamas on, with a promise he’d come check on her in a couple of minutes. Then he stepped into the living room, slightly nervously, as he tapped Diane’s shoulder. “Um. Mrs. Evans?” She craned her neck around to see him. “I need to talk to you in a couple of minutes.” He scratched the back of his head.

“Alex? What about?”

“I need to call my parents right now... It can wait...” he waved dismissively.

She turned back to the TV.

He grabbed the kitchen phone and started to talk to his parents. His mother was the harder one to talk to, and his father was the more understanding. But neither were thrilled with the idea of his spending the night just because Isabel had gotten sick. The main consensus was didn’t she have parents who could take care of her?

Alex couldn’t believe what it had come down to; somehow he stood up to them and informed them he’d be staying the night. She needed him, as he had needed her, and it was final.

As he hung up he wondered to himself when he had outright started to defy his parents. Defy was too strong a word, he didn’t want to end up in the rebellious territory, his mother had ways of dealing with that. So he wasn’t outright defiant, but he most certainly had started to fiercely assert his own independence.

Isabel. It was all because of Isabel. He sighed and walked out of the Evan’s kitchen, to the stairway. He needed to check on Isabel.

He leaned over the bottom step and shook her. “Come on honey. Lets get you to bed.”

“I can’t.” She whined, shaking her head. “I just can’t do it.”

“Can’t do what?” He asked as she fought his grip

“I’m just so tired.” She slumped against him, giving up her fight. “I can’t do it again.”

He and Diane exchanged an anxious look. She had overheard some of his conversation, and knew something was up with Isabel.
He led the incomprehensible girl into the guest room, Diane’s eyes followed the scene until they disappeared into the room. Isabel was asleep before she hit the mattress.

Alex knelt beside her, worriedly running through the week in his mind. What was going on? What could possibly be messing her up to this level? He stroked her hair as he watched her sleep.

She had been stressed before. He knew. Distressed even. And recently for both. But maybe it was because Grief is a natural part of life. It is hard and necessary work, but when you’ve lost someone, you have to go though the process. So many things he knew from his mother’s profession, or from her colleagues. You can’t shortcut it or it will eat you up or you will never come to terms and accept it. And her situation was so odd to begin with, grieving his loss, while starting a relationship with him at the same time. Two Alex’s. But only one and the same Isabel.

He spoke softly to her.

“What’s going on in that head of yours? Huh?” He kissed her forehead. “What are you avoiding? You need to just let go honey, because you’re hurting yourself. You are literally and figuratively worrying yourself sick over something.”

“I know you didn’t throw your powers into a frenzy or get sick over Alex did you? If so I fear I’m not helping you to process his loss as I am supposed to. Are you going into even deeper mourning, that now steals your nights, and you can’t let me in? Or is something entirely else wrecking you?”

“Isabel. I don’t care what it is. You know you can tell me anything. You know I’m here.” He kissed her head again. “I’ve got to go talk to your mom. So I’ll be back to check on you in a few.”

He stepped into the living room, “Mrs. Evans?”

Diane was waiting for him as she muted the TV. “Take a seat Alex.” He sighed and sat heavily in an opposite chair, running both hands wearily over his face.

They faced each other. “So you needed to speak with me? Do I need Phil here?”

“No. I don’t think it’s that bad.” Alex shook his head.

She shook her head, twisting her hands in her lap. “I’m sorry Alex but I seemed to have overheard some of your talk with your parents. Did I hear you say Isabel is sick? Again? Alex nodded. Anything like last time? Did she do this to herself?”

“I don’t think so. He licked his lips, “but I need to ask you a question in return. Has she been sleeping this week?” He asked bluntly.

And from there they filled each other in on the strange behaviors of Isabel especially, over the week. But he also shared how the rest of the Czechs seemed to be acting oddly as well. He explained how Isabel now seemed to be sick, maybe having to do with pulling him from his nightmare last night, but maybe just in response to her refusal to sleep anymore. He wondered aloud if her energy was causing feedback and disturbances at the rehearsal tonight, and how she seemed to be flickering before she passed out at the Crashdown.

Diane was worried but thankful that Alex was honest with her as much as he was capable. He was still not telling all, she knew this, but he had initiated the conversation. They conversed for a bit until she was as satisfied with the conversation as she could be, promising to talk to Liz later, to compare notes and get more information.

Then Alex went to the Guest Room to rest next to Isabel and to make sure that she was not accosted by any more nightmares.

*** ***

Isabel slept deeply until her dreams caught up with her...

Green cells were swimming in a fluid bath, as they combined, and merged together. The cells split apart into two...

Isabel was twisting side to side, trying to stop the images.

The two became four, and they kept dividing until they became a ball of shimmering cells, which split into two separate parts... an inner layer disc and an outer layer...

She struggled to regain control of the dream.

Those two parts morphed rapidly into a developing embryo, from the neural tube fold, to the growing buds that would become arms and legs... The elongated head, and large dark eyes...

She didn’t want to feel this, not again. She forced herself awake; fighting captive bonds and breaking from the magnetic pull of the shared dream; it took all her will and strength; both emotional, and physical.

She rolled to the edge of the bed, trying to gain the strength to sit up, she had to stay awake again, there just was no other way through this. But she was so utterly tired, she wasn’t sure she could. She decided that she was going to go bake some cinnamon rolls or something substantial. She was so hungry, her stomach was growling.

She forced herself to standing only to realize a moment too late that she was still experiencing Vertigo. She felt as if the room was listing to the right, like it was attached to an elastic band that was tugging it out of place. The band sprung and hurled rapidly out of position to the left and then back to normal. She collapsed to the floor....

*** ***

Simultaneously, Alex was experiencing his own dream...

It was very dark outside, and incredibly early in the morning when he snuck out of seclusion. Mother would never approve of his plan but he was going stir crazy. It was deep in the midst of mating season, he had a girl whom he wished to mate/ partner, and he wasn’t even allowed to see her. He understood it was for the good of all in hiding, but what of the good for her or him?

And so they were sneaking off to have a tryst at the place many Royals before had started their married lives, Dimaris Rock. It was going to be a very special moment as they gave themselves fully to each other. And from there he’d see what would become of it.

He used his special powers of invisibility until he got to the meeting place. And then he transferred to a lower level invisibility that many could achieve. He’d have to be more careful, but really who would be guarding a rock overlooking the ocean? In this method he’d be able to see her, not drawn in heat, but as living flesh.

He stole into the clearing, the sky hanging low draping them in darkened velvet and sprinkled with bright stars, the three moons shining brightly overhead. She was waiting for him, her body artfully posed on a bed of foliage, not known to grow upon the rock but nearby... Kal’era’s handiwork no doubt.

He stole up to her and kissed her, and she welcomed him with her open arms, wrapping them around him. Kissing was a glorious event, their bodies heated up together and their cells responded to each other’s, it was dizzying and intense and promising more if they would accept it.

He whispered, “What do you desire, for you know I’ll deny you nothing that is in my power to give.”

She turned to him and seductively whispered in response, I desire to Bond with you in the manner of old,” she said running her elongated fingers down his chest, “and I desire to mother your son.” Her fingers reached into a very personal locale. And yet he was game for this as she was drawing him into her very essence.

He gulped, as his hearts skipped in double time each with alternating beats. “We only have tonight...” he reminded her. His large, dark, almond shaped eyes blinked.

“I want a Bond, I want to be a part of you, and I want a piece of you to always have should anything happen.” Kal’era whispered seductively.

He gulped again. Bonding. Mother had spoken of the ramifications. It wasn’t usually done in this more modern era, its status in deep disrepute. It was permanent for one. Breakable only through death. But he wanted that connection with this girl. They wouldn’t have any other way to be joined. He would just have to be careful.

They placed their hands on each other’s chests and vowed, Mind, Body, and Spirit to each other, as their very long articulated fingers found their way into new territory.

He opened himself more deeply to her than he ever had before. The mental barrier slipped open as he entered into her mind, and she his. They shared their minds through a series of flashes, becoming one of thought.

Their bodies followed as they made love for the first time.

Energy from a deep place welled inside the connection demanding to be released. It pulled from deep within the lovers, and escaped through the act of Bonding; Joining; or Love-making, as their souls danced together and reemerged as one.

Piercing the night sky a beam of brilliant light burst from the concealed and hidden lovers, sending a signal light over Dimaris Rock, illuminating the area for miles.

They’d bonded in the manner of his ancestors, joined fully, one person from the two. What she asked for he gave freely. And with regret in his chest that he had to leave her, he wrapped the light back around him and used his very specialized skills in cloaking to steal back to the cave that he currently called home.

*** ***

Alex was sleeping in the guest bed next to Isabel. He awakened with a start, yanked from his very erotic dream when he heard a THUD in the dark, followed by a moan.

His body had decided to respond to said dream. He was shuddering from the release, and still highly affected. “Way to go Whitman.” He chided himself. “Isabel needs you, and you are cavorting with an alien lover.” He lay still, flopped on his back willing his body, in particular a very important part, back into submission.

She hadn’t stood up, and was making moaning sounds as if she didn’t feel well again.

He had just had sex, in his dreams, but not with Isabel. And it wasn’t exactly himself either. He certainly couldn’t let Isabel see him like this. But...

He scooted over to observe the cause, peering over the edge, stroking her sweaty hair.

But he had to attend to her; she had fallen out of bed or something, and she was leaning against the side of the bed, her head pressed against her knees.

Alex hobbled out of bed, so uncomfortable. Damn the erection, there was work to be done. He was so frustrated with himself, frustrated with the dream that had just had him having sex with a very beautiful but very alien woman. Sex, with anyone but Isabel was wrong. Just Wrong... how did he let this happen? He had stayed the night to take care of her. Not to dream this... Who was this Kal’era anyway?

He turned on a side lamp and knelt gingerly next to her. Adjusting himself for maximum comfort in this very awkward situation. She was sweaty and breathing shallowly. He wasn’t quite sure which side of his brain to listen to, the one that said she was incredibly sexy at the moment, or the more logical one that ascertained that she was sick. And how, just how could a sick person even evoke images of being sexy. Once again, Dead man. He was a dead man, if she caught him staring at her.

Isabel was so frustrated, with herself, with the dreams that had ruined her nights, with Destiny. That accursed word. They had not even encountered it yet, but it was trying to play its evil hand. She didn’t want Michael. She wanted Alex. Only Alex...

She opened her eyes to stare at the floor and caught sight of his pants, out of the corner of her eye... and she felt worse. He wanted her too, it was that obvious...

Tears were welling in her eyes. Alex couldn’t know. She couldn’t tell him about these dreams... she couldn’t tell anyone. She could just feel him there, waiting. She blinked hard to keep the tears at bay; as she insisted to herself that she wouldn’t cry. There was no reason to cry. This was not real, the dreams were not real.

She felt his hand on her brow, heard his gentle words, and opened her eyes.

Isabel just looked at the man who was supposed to be hers, the man she wanted, the man she chose. And deeply swallowed. But would fate allow her the choice? Had what happened to Alex in the other timeline/world been merely fate wending its true course? Was there any truth or validity in Destiny? She reached out one hand and touched the side of his face. And she swore she could read a note of guilt in his eyes at the gesture.

And that’s when the tears started, first as a trickle down her cheek at the thought of losing Alex, of being denied Alex, a second time. But when he spoke her name and wiped the softly falling tears from her cheek, all the frustration came to a head and the tears started to openly pour.

He was so attentive, “Baby? What’s wrong? You can tell me anything. You know that, right?”

She shook her head. She couldn’t even tell Alex that every touch, every single touch and endearment was making how she felt oh, so much worse. She had been with another guy. The tears rained harder.

“I love you,” she mouthed. The words in silence, her head facing her chest.

Alex didn’t like seeing the tears flowing so freely, he needed to get to the bottom of this before it totally wrecked her. “Are your dreams still bothering you? Is it Alex? Have you remembered more, and the dreams are back again?”

He tilted her head up to look into her glistening brown eyes. “You can tell me. I’m right here.” What would she think if she knew what he had just done, whether in a dream or not it had certainly felt real enough. So he whispered his own assurance. “There’s no jealousy. I promise. So talk to me?”

“It’s not Alex.” Isabel sobbed. “If it were, I could talk to you. This I just CAN’T.” She said angrily, guilt lacing her heart. Alex didn’t deserve this. He didn’t deserve Destiny interfering once more.

“Can’t?” He questioned her word curtly. “Or Won’t?” He asked forcefully. He needed her to open up to him.

“Both!” She choked out and hung her head in shame, avoiding his poignant stare. Alex had ways of seeing right through her. Would he figure this out on his own and blame her for it?

“Hey!” He said sternly, “You promised to let me in. So what is it?” A small spark of anger was forming in his chest, she was just so frustrating at times. And he was angry with himself. His anger leaked out. “So, You don’t trust me? You don’t think I can handle the truth?” he said harshly.

“No!” She sobbed. Her head shaking.

“Fine!” He got off the floor and went to sit on the bed staring into the distance. How could he get through to her that he could handle anything? (Or at least that he thought he could.)

Isabel sat there in realization that she was going to have to be honest with Alex at least in part. She wiped her eyes, with the back of her hand and slid next to him on the end of the bed.

She reached down and interlaced her fingers into his, hoping this would work. “Do you trust me?” She whispered hesitantly.

Emotionlessly Alex said, “Yes. I want to. But I can’t help you if you won’t let me, if you won’t trust me in return.”

“It’s about my dreams this week.” she whispered. Biting her lip.

“Yeah.. I know...”

She hung her head and whispered even softer, “I’ve had dreams about being with someone else.”

That was a painful admonition... he was startled but turned to face her. “Does it have something to do with your heritage?” Maybe she might understand after all.

“I don’t know.” She said mournfully. “I don’t know anything really Alex. But what I do know and can assure you is that I LOVE YOU, and not anyone else. You are my heart, my soul. I’ve been fighting these dreams so much I made myself sick...”

“Makes sense. “ He thought to himself.

She pulled her hand from his and wrung hers together. “But they aren’t my fault, you have to believe that ... I don’t even want to have them... They just happen.”

Alex turned her to face him, and after a short kiss on her forehead wrapped his arms around her. She buried her face in the crook of his neck. “Thank you. Thank you for trusting me, Isabel. I do love you. We WILL get through this. I promise you.”

She stood and swooned a bit; he was quickly by her side, supporting her against her exhaustion. She had made herself sick to protect him. She was so scared of sharing her dreams... and truth be told it wasn’t like he had yet shared the one he just had either.

She sighed in relief. “Right now I need a drink, and to change into jammies. Will you come with me? I don’t feel that well. My stomach is upset, and my head is still a bit swimmy.”

*** ***

Several minutes later.

Alex had made her eat something, himself as well, when they were in the kitchen., at least they could stave off starvation.

Then she went up and changed into her customary pajamas, a satiny pajama set with a tank top underneath. And when they reached their room, she altered his jeans into soft flannel plaid pajama pants, and left him in his t-shirt.

They were settled into their shared bed and they had talked some more. Not about the larger issues, but reconnecting. Isabel was feeling somewhat better. The stress of everything was dissipating. Alex had promised they’d make it through this.

Maybe if she’d been honest with him in the past timeline, she wouldn’t have had to feel so alien, in this whole matter.

They were wrapped in each other’s arms and he spoke honestly with her... Forcing her to give him her eye contact. “I wish that we could discuss these damned dreams, Isabel.” He said intently. “But maybe you’re not ready.” He snorted in self-deprecation. “And trust me when I say that I understand.” He slipped his hand into hers, interlacing their fingers. “But whatever dreams may come, and whatever sordid tale they bring, just remember that you are mine Isabel. You belong to me.” He kissed her waiting mouth. “So you just rest easy here in my arms and know that I love you. No matter what.”

And she fell asleep. Eventually rolling over and snuggling into her side of the bed. Alex too entered once more into the world of slumber.

***** ****

Mother was waiting for him when he arrived. He assured her that he hadn’t been detected.. but she reprimanded him for sneaking out, and more than that for bonding a mate. Was he aware of the pain his new mate would experience if anything should happen to him?

When he asked how she even knew, she said that bonds are known to any other bonded couple in the collective. She knew the minute he’d crossed the barrier. And then she insisted he bring his new bride to the enclave to not only hide, but now to live.

Muttering something about how Bonding would be the ruin of her family she mumbled something about her children, and the impetuousness of youth.

Days later, he had wrapped the light around himself and snuck into town again. He was in the Capital City gathering food and intel. The news was not good, anyone related to the royals was suspect. He was related in some distant way... he knew this. He tried to be careful to not be detected.

His eyes opened, blinking against the searing pain. His body groaned in pain, and he knew sorrowfully that he had not succeeded. He had put them all into more danger. He must have been dreaming, remembering the Bonding he had recently undergone. How long had he been unconscious?

He gingerly forced his body to lie back trying to move his broken limbs into some semblance of comfort. He had felt that first blow, as they kicked him in the side. Never saw them coming.

Pride goes before a fall he had always heard it, and he wasn’t in general a prideful person. He was certain of his talent and sure of his giftings. Others in their enclave used their giftings to aid in everyone’s survival, but he was still the only person who could get food and info for the group. This was his job. Mother required it of him to use them in aid of his family, because desperate times called for desperate measures.

But today his luck ran out, his pride, moreso his recklessness, had led to a fall, if it were. They had found him.

He had but one job now, to protect them all. He had been able to keep their location secret so far. Their tortures and vicious attempts to pull the information out of him had failed. And they had bloodied, and bruised him. He woke on the floor of this room with deep lacerations, contusions and likely irreparable internal injuries.

But there were specialists, the ruler himself for instance, who could pull the information out of his head. They had extreme mental powers, able to extract any information, no matter how hard he struggled.

No memory, no emotion, no thought would be safe, his mind would be turned inside out as they sifted through everything, looking for whatever it was they desired from him, and he would prove powerless to stop them. In the end, he would be nothing of the man he was, and he would die from the most heinous of tortures... And after him, they would go after the little group he so nobly was trying to protect. Mother, his friends, his wife, his son in time, the tiniest children... none would be safe.

He knew if his little rag-tag group weren’t with him that he had kept them safe so far. And Mother couldn’t be captured, under any circumstance; she held the keys to their pasts and futures.

He had to escape. He tried to shift his body, that might prove to be impossible. He had to find a way before the guards returned, before the specialists came and raided his mind and stole his very essence.

He lay back again, his body again screaming from the slightest exertion. This was it. He was going to die here. Die from a mind-rape, or die from the torture, or both. All because of who he was; not even who HE was in particular, but who he was related to. All because of a stupid LOST seal.

*** ***

Isabel felt Alex tossing and thrashing next to her. She needed to enter into his dream or nightmare to see if she could offer any assistance. She knew that he was as reticent about revealing anything about his as she was about hers. They’d discussed their nightmares briefly over the snack they had shared a short time ago, only vaguely giving any information. She knew that there was plenty more she wasn’t privy to, just as she had not told him about the dream pregnancy or whom her lover was. All she could do was to assure him that she loved him.

Two choices, Isabel had two choices; she could dive in awake as she had last night, but that had resulted in her health plummeting. Or she could attempt to dream-walk him. But that seemed to be a power on the fritz lately. She wasn’t able to command her dreams anywhere but into Michael’s arms. And she wasn’t commanding those.

She leaned over and whispered into Alex’s ear hoping to reach his mind, and laid a calming hand on his chest. “Let me in Alex. I’m going to enter your dream.” And then she positioned herself for a personal dream-walk, climbing atop Alex and straddling his thighs with her knees. She imitated much the same position she had chosen last night when she dove deeply into his subconscious. But tonight she lay across his chest, pressing their bodies close as she reached up with her fingers to touch his temples. She relaxed deeply with her head on his chest reaching that state of semi sleep, and closed her eyes waiting for the familiar rippling under her fingertips that would issue her into his reverie.

The rippling occurred, her eyes grew heavy and pulled her unaided into the sleeper’s dream. ....

*** ***

The despot leader was going to overturn the worlds again. Wasn’t the mark of insanity doing the same thing repeatedly hoping for a different result? And yet, history was about to repeat as he started the hunt once more.

The young man, groaning as he sat, started a mental recall of every event in his life that might bear some significance in this very moment. He had to save them, that was a given. He couldn’t escape, that was another. He reached deeply inside himself, to the tiny bit that he had finally persuaded Mother to describe. And he realized the truth, he was the descendant of kings. Distant, but still long ago, his ancestors had walked the world doing mighty things.

He wasn’t anyone special, he wasn’t them, wasn’t great or grand, just your average young man with wit and charm and a Beautiful girl, newly Bonded. But he was the scion of kings, so maybe, just maybe, he could tap into that ancient power and save Mother and all the others the only way he knew how. The only way he now had.

He closed his eyes and entered a meditative state, transcending the physical pain, as his body tingled with vibrating energy, and heated up exponentially. Bright light, bright like the Bond, poured through his veins, illuminating his body and shining through him.

He heard the alarms sounding, they seemed so far away, so detached... as he accessed his powers; ancient powers belonging to those called the Royals. Powers that should have been suppressed by the torture, but belonged to him by birth.

By instinct he dug deeply inside, using a similar transformative power of the shifters... only he was not shifting himself to another biologic life form but to something elemental...

But he didn’t care. It had to be done. There was so much more to protect, than just his insignificant life. And protecting the future was his only choice.

He remembered his last night with Kal’era. Maybe it hadn’t been so smart bonding her so quickly. But that was done, and she now lived among his people. And he remembered the small girl biting into the spicy tang of the Gor’Liee flower her eyes full of wonder at the taste and nutrition.

For Kal’era. For the little ones. For his heritage and For them all... he continued to heat up until he felt his own mind begin to dissolve under the pressure, under the sheer tantalizing force of Pure energy.

He felt no more as Raw energy poured forth from him as he became undone and became the energy, emitted as a flaming, blinding white light being shot from every orifice, and appendage. Arching his body and throwing it like a doll. He collapsed into dust, nothingness, into vapor...

*** ***

Meanwhile Isabel had been drawn into a dream, in the Roswell Desert, where so many of her dreams this week had been staged.

She found herself deep in the act of sexual intercourse, riding Michael as if they’d been partners in the intimacy dance for ages. He KNEW what she liked, and she knew exactly how much exertion to apply. He rubbed her stomach with his strong hands, where his seed had been planted, where his child was growing, in her rounded belly...

She was so close, so close... she was screaming for and demanding more, harder, faster, as she retained the furious pace she had set for them ...

*** ***

Screaming in sheer terror as he felt the shockwave from the dying alien. Alex arched off the bed as his body seized violently, energy rippling through all his nerve endings. His appendages forced rigidly away from his body as his body bridged in convulsive pain, as if he were being hauled upwards by a rope attached to his middle.

*** ***

The energy coursed as a wildfire through Isabel who was straddling him, causing the events in her dream to suddenly feel VERY real, as she orgasmed violently. Raw Energy flowing through her entire body, screaming in a sort of tortured pleasure just a fraction of a second later than Alex...

*** ***

And the backwash from her orgasm had sent him into one as it feedback looped through what became an instant connection.

*** ***

Philip lurched out of bed and threw on his boxers. He hit the ground running when he heard the first anguished cry of tortured pain. The voice seemed male, the cry higher pitched.. Alex... Something was wrong with Alex.

They weren’t in her room.

He heard the second cry just a beat later, Isabel.... But the timber seemed more pleasured than pained...

And the third cry, again from Alex, reached his ears... Expletives exited his mouth as he tore down his stairs to the guest bedroom where Isabel had fallen asleep hours earlier...

Diane was hurrying to get dressed and robed...

He reached the room and paused, the kids didn’t seem to be fully conscious, but were clinging tightly to each other, Isabel was straddling him in a rather intimate fashion, and both were shuddering rythmically and were all but soaked in sweat. The room felt warm.

What the hell was going on? He wondered as he surveyed the room. It was a very good thing they were both clothed or he’d be bashing heads about now, and he was getting too old for this...

Diane finally caught up, she raced in, the objects in the room moving unaided though the air as if a ghost had taken up residence, the kids were vibrating at a matched frequency. And the air had the tang of sex, of exhausted pheromones, as well another spicier scent, reminiscent of cinnamon. “Oh My God!!!” She exclaimed in utter confusion.

Philip dryly added, “What now?”

*** ***

“You Leave!” Isabel growled, as her energy propelled them out the door and slammed it shut behind them. Locking it... the flying objects falling to the floor at different rates.

The motion brought her to a more conscious state and she realized where she was, who she was with, and what seemed to have happened, to both of them. She leaned over and started to French- kiss Alex. She was with Alex, not Michael; once again that was just a dream, her flat stomach fit snugly against Alex’s nearly washboard abs. (a body that was known only to her.) ...

He awoke and clung to her, she could feel tremors of fear rippling through him, he was gasping for breath trying to calm his agitated state. Tears started to pour.

“Honey? Alex what’s wrong?” She asked. As she pulled him to sitting and wrapped her loving and supportive arms around him.

“I’m so sick of these dreams Isabel.” He choked out as he wiped his tears with the palms of his hands. “ I have in the course of this week, he listed off counting on his fingers; “Been in hiding for my life, felt my friends die, had a premonition of my family in danger, been burned at the stake, had sex, and then died again in a form of heroic suicide. ... and not one of the people in any of my dreams was ME! I feel like I’m going crazy.”

“And then you’re having sex with someone, again, not me.. and it just, we just. Yeah...” he motioned between their bodies to their wet clothes, shaking his head. “I want my life back.” He moaned.

“Me too.” She mumbled. “I want my nights back, my abilities... I want to have fun with you in the dream realm, not with anyone else...” She attacked his mouth as she took off his shirt, running her hands over his silky skin. “Sleep with me,” she whispered. “I need to feel you tonight...”

“Skin to skin?” He asked. As if he understood what she was asking.

She nodded.

“Yeah. I need you too.” He pulled her outer shirt off and then he debated what to do with her tank top... “We can’t Isabel. My mother would kill us if she had any inkling what went down here tonight.”

“Your mother is not here, and we are. We are doing this. I can’t sleep without you. Not tonight.... I should have had you here all week, maybe then....” She ruefully chuckled. “Not that it’s helped... Close your eyes...”

He obeyed and she ripped off her tank top, and turned her bra into a racerback workout style bra in a color to complement her pants. She was decently covered in an area that was not to be seen yet, but she could feel his hands on her exposed skin, which was plentiful. ...

“Alright, I’m ready.” she kissed him, his eyes opened and he nodded approvingly.

“A couple more things,” she whispered as she reached her hand delicately into their crotch region and using a touch of her powers cleaned the remains of her dream and its subsequent feedback loop to Alex. They both were a mess.

Then she aimed her hand at the door and unlocked it, and then she waved her hand in a circling gesture and all the errant objects righted themselves into their proper locations.

They made-out for sometime and then finally fell asleep, in each other’s arms, skin pressed against skin, her head over his heart. Listening to the steady beat as it pumped life through his veins.

And at 6:00 am, when Diane went in to wake them, so they could prepare for the very long day ahead that is exactly how she found them. Sleeping, skin to skin, in that very intimate position.

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Thank you for the congratulations for Caspian... I will just say not only did he get Platinum Honor roll in the second grading period but he finished the year with a repeat. He had straight A’s the entire year... Way to go my son!

Devouring the day’s disasters, I’m always looking for a new way to word things... that one just came to me LOL.

All the dreams they have been having are disturbing, that’s the nature of this week. I am sure that Diane is not all that happy about how quickly the relationship is progressing or how freely the kids choose to “sleep” together. But she’s trying to remain objective.

These dreams are way out of control, agreed and noted. I am glad the kids were able to talk a bit at least... but it doesn’t sound like they’ve spilled all yet... That poor Little alien... and that Alex had to experience that...

Thanks. Another reader stating how insane the dreams are... that is the point... the title is “It was only a dream” therefore dreams will star in this arc...

I don’t know how understanding the Evans are, but I do know that they were unable to get back into the room for a time. I’m pretty sure that this has shaken their confidence in the kids. LOL What say you.. No more sleepovers?

First off, thank you for catching up and joining us...
I’m glad you love Isabel, and my take on her. But hey you can’t like Isabel without wanting to wring her neck sometimes. I’m also glad you like my take on Alex, I do admit he is not quite the Alex of the show, but he’s had to rise to the occasion in order to be able to support and be there for this version of Isabel.

Diane and Gloria... yes those mothers will continue to butt heads in the area of sexuality where this thing is concerned. But Gloria has her reasons... I have answered with that before, I will answer with that again.

And I apologize for Max... I am still trying to level him out, but Max does have a controlling streak, and with Isabel and Alex as wild cards Max feels like he has lost control of everything.
No, he has not always been good to his mother,,, but honestly what teen has?

I’m glad that you are so involved that you are trying to sort out the mysteries, the school, the “erasure” of Friday... was it a mind warp, is Tess involved? And if so is she involved in the dreams too? All I can say is that she does not appear to be here... That means nothing sure... but on screen she has not yet appeared. (i know vague. LOL)

And there is a reason Alex too is having dreams.. I loved your different theories... I really can’t elaborate on them, just to say all are your theories are very well thought out and very interesting ideas.

I miss you when you disappear. And thank you for returning the favor when I too did. I hope you were enjoying your LOTR fanfiction...

The dreams have their course to run... they shall not last forever, but they do have a time they must play and we are in that arc right now.

Thanks for Loving my Gloria. She really is a compilation of what I need her to be, and PML’s ability to write ANY character. He helped me to find her,,, my writing is too weak. Otherwise. I can’t believe you actually know someone like her in RL, I only have partial people to draw from. LOL

I still haven’t the results of the STAR state testing.... it is usually mailed to us in the Summer. I’ll let you all know...

And one last thank you to CJ and Mai for letting me know I was missed. Sometimes I wonder if I disappeared just what would actually happen, considering I have to drop out so often as it is... Nice to know that I’ve made impact somewhere LOL.

Enjoy the new part.

**** ****

Disclaimer: I in no way own the rights to Roswell or anything related to it. All rights belong to Jason Katims, 20th Century Fox, Regency Entertainment, Melinda Metz, WB and UPN. No infringement is intended. I am borrowing their awesome characters, and including my own.

Perhaps in this part and in parts to come I am or will be borrowing some scenes, and I will borrow direct dialog and use altered dialog at times.

Title: Shifting Realities
Author: Mt Gazer/Velvet Skye
Category: CC/ AU
Spoilers: Four Square and Max to the Max

And to Randy, my dear husband always behind the scenes, and always an assistant in this. I tell him practically every idea that goes through my head. I LOVE YOU!!! And THANK YOU! As always. Shifting lives because of your support.

PML: Peter. This is a permanent spot in recognition of all your assistance. THANK-YOU!!! Shifting Realities is doing well with your attention to details. Thanks for all the help in this. And you definitely gave me some assistance in places.

And finally I will attempt to recap where we’ve been.

RECAP: Friday night Isabel passed out at the Crashdown, Maria has her theories of what is wrong with Isabel... Alex stayed at the Evans to make sure that Isabel is ok. During the course of the night they each experienced another dream/nightmare... To make them go away Isabel and Alex slept in a semi-risqué mode... Diane woke them in that form the next morning.

There are a couple songs in this part...

Shifting Realities

Chapter 30:I

It Was Only a Dream

(The Talent Show)


First they drove to Alex’s so he could get dressed for the Talent Show, and then as they were driving to the Civic Center, Alex and Isabel were discussing the conversation with Diane that morning.

“Do you really think your mom was serious that she would take us to get condoms in her presence?” Alex asked worriedly.

Isabel laughed dolefully, “She’s done it once with me, took me to the convenience store or we wouldn’t have that box now. She doesn’t remember it of course, but yeah. She would. She would drag both of us there.”

Alex shuddered. “I mean we did tell her that last night was an accident and all, but desperate times call for desperate measures... Do you think she understands?”

Then Isabel added in her own worry, “Hey. I really needed to sleep with you like that, I have to get rid of these dreams somehow. They are ruining my life. You have no idea how tempted I am just to break through all the barriers, to get past this...And if these don’t let up soon I will not be held accountable for what I do to stop them. Scary thought.” ... Taking in a gasped breath, “Do you really think my mom would tell your mom how she found us this morning?” Isabel nervously whispered.

Alex rolled his eyes. “Probably not anymore, not after how you reacted.” Isabel shot him a look. But Alex continued, “Dropping to your knees and clutching your mom’s hands. Pleading... I never thought I’d see the day...”

Alex continued his teasing, “that takes some masterful skill Isabel, real artful groveling there.”

She haughtily defended, “I don’t beg. And I didn’t fall to my knees.” She countered as she stuck out her tongue. While all the while her mind was replaying the scene where she had done EXACTLY that. Throwing herself at her mother’s mercy.

Alex grabbed her hand in his and kissed the top of it while he drove smiling tightly as if he knew what she was thinking. “I’m pretty sure your mom knows, and she’s made it abundantly clear that we know, how serious this whole thing is. I doubt we’ll be sharing a bed again at either house any time soon.” He chuckled nervously, “Honestly. I doubt we’ll be sharing a house period.”

Isabel chuckled in response.

“But we are still together, and I’m not being shipped to Siberia.” He cleared his throat. Make that South Dakota.” Alex teased. “You really tore at your mom’s heartstrings there. Nice to know you love me so much.”

“Shut up!” Isabel reached across with her right arm and shoved him playfully.

“I’m glad Max loves you so much that he would just give you extra energy to get you through the day without question.” Alex reminded her of why she was functioning so well this day. “However my day is not complete until I have been threatened by an alien.” Alex teased, “But seriously Isabel he needs to chill and just let things take its course; in particular, our relationship.”

“That’s what he’s afraid of.” She bantered.

“What? That I’m going to knock up thy fair maiden, thereby exposing thy secret to the light of day, and he, thy brother, shall have to defend thee?” Alex stared at her for a split second, a quirked grin playing at the corner of his mouth.

She shook her head, as she stared incredulously at Alex for a second and then hit him on the arm. “Save it for the talent show, bub.”

“Wouldn’t be so bad now would it?” He waggled his brows in another second of turning his eyes from the road.

She dripped sweetly, “Well that all depends I’m sure...”

He turned serious. “You know that I’ll do anything for you right?”

She nodded as she tossed her hair back. “Yes. I know. You would do ANYTHING for me. But Max doesn’t really know you, and you have to admit, things do get weird when we’re together for any length of time. He’s not the same Max that had to break the rules and risk exposure to save Liz’s life. But since the secret still got found out, it worries him no end. Max just feels a strong need to be in control. It’s what he does best.” She defended her brother yet again, wishing she could find a way to make Max chill out.

“Yeah, no doubt there.” Alex teased again. “And now with Max on your side, and renewed energy, Isabel. It’s your time to shine. Today is your long awaited talent show and it’s gonna be da bomb yo.” He shook his hand in a hip-hop music genre rap sort of fashion.

“You are such a Dork!” She laughed.

They arrived to a flurry of last minute activity and got carried up in it as everyone made last minute preparations.

--- ---

After waiting outside in the crowd until the doors opened, the Evans and Whitmans found each other inside, and after a scurried moment of securing their places and stashing their belongings they reconvened to discuss the teens.

Charles led off with telling them how amazing the place looked and how event planning seemed to suit Isabel, as he pointed out a banner overhead announcing the evening amongst the stars. Glittery, silver, cutout stars were on the walls and hanging overhead. The stage was blacked and the full effect couldn’t even be seen yet.

Gloria changed the topic to the heart of the matter. “So. I hope Isabel is feeling better today? It would be a shame to work so hard on this and not be able to enjoy it.”

“She acted fine before she left.” Diane sighed half-heartedly. “Although she has an amazing but stupid ability to push herself beyond her endurance.”

“I see.” Gloria nodded. Then she leaned in closely and whispered, “Alex said she passed out at the diner last evening?”

“Apparently,” Diane raked a hand through her hair with a sigh, “Isabel hasn't been sleeping well this week. Actually some nights she hasn’t. Between us, I think she might have done herself in.”

“More nightmares?” Gloria asked in concern. While her husband finished.

“Do you know what might have triggered them?” Charles added, as he shuddered remembering the state of Alex during that one night where they had called for Isabel to help him.

“Nope. They seem to have resumed without provocation.” Philip added.

“And so on that note, our son didn’t sleep on the couch or in the guest room did he?” Charles insinuated in a manner of understanding.

“Guest room yes, but it was occupied,” Diane snickered. Remembering how Isabel’s powers had propelled her and Phil out in the middle of the night.


She nodded. “Yes. He put her to bed where he could be nearby, she was in no capacity to climb the stairs to her room.”

Gloria fixed Diane with a stare. Did they have to discuss the kids and sleeping arrangements yet again... ‘They are taking this too lightly,’ Gloria muttered under her breath. ‘Trouble is on the horizon.’ “Alright then, I certainly hoped he behaved himself?”

What was Diane to say? That she had found them skin-to-skin early in the morning, partially undressed and very comfortable with each other? Or should she mention how he had screamed out in the night, although the cause was unknown? Or that they might have engaged in some sort of sexual activity on a dream plane, affecting their waking state? Ok that one was not quite real so did not count... but still, it had precedent in the undressed arrangement... She was sorting all these events, but the momentary pause left Charles questioning her again.

His hand on her shoulder, looking into her eyes. “Diane? Did something happen last night? Did Alex behave? Should we be concerned?”

At that moment Diane had a very vivid remembrance of that morning: it was as if she could feel Isabel’s batter drenched hands in her own as she begged for mercy. The scene had been so uncharacteristic it left one of those lasting imprints...


... Isabel wheeled around to glare.

“No.” Her hands flew to speak. “You don’t know Gloria Whitman. She told me about a school, she told me she’d send him away...” Isabel fell to the floor gripping Diane’s hands in desperation.

“Please mom. Just give us a chance. I lost him once already. I can’t lose him again. I promise we’ll be more careful. But just don’t tell Mrs. Whitman about last night PLEASE!...”

And with that Diane chose to keep hidden the events in her house. “Alex is an honorable kid. There were some more nightmares last night... but they got each other through.”

Charles excused himself, his parents were calling him over. Philip went to the concession table to purchase a couple of drinks before the show started.

Gloria looked intently at Diane, trying to read the truth in her words. She sighed and rubbed her forehead. “I agree, they are good kids. But being good won’t necessarily save them. All it takes is one misstep and they may cross a line they can’t come back from. Honestly, I worry for them.”

“Gloria, Truthfully I worry too. More than you know.” She nodded in agreement, “But you do have to realize that Isabel has been raised well, and has a great head on her shoulders. You are going to have to trust her as we do, and to trust your son.” Diane touched her newfound friend’s hand. “They are not little kids anymore, and they are starting to make their own choices. We have to accept that and whatever that entails.” She let go.

Gloria glared at Diane, “They might not be kids, but they certainly aren’t adults either.” Reading the irritation etched on Diane’s face, she added as she squeezed her friend’s hand. “I’ll let it go for today... and on a happier note, I can’t wait to see the show. Let’s enjoy this evening. She looked at Diane in concern, “And if Isabel would like to talk about her nightmares, give my office a call and we can set up an appointment. I want Isabel to understand that I’m here for her if she needs me...”

The house lights flashed, calling all audience to their seats. Gloria and Diane hugged and let their opposing views be curtailed once more.

Amy DeLuca and the Parkers turned up, and everyone found their seating.

--- ---

The room stilled, and the restless audience grew calm, as some used the program to read, or others as a fan.

A gorgeous statuesque blonde with spiral curls and dressed in an elegant black dress stepped out into the spotlight. She held a microphone. “Welcome to our Star-Studded Evening. I’m Isabel Evans. Some of you might know me as the director of this performance, others may know me as the president of the hunger drive, still others from the homeless shelter or soup kitchen, and yet others from the many events at the nursing home. But enough about me. These young people have worked exceptionally hard to provide a quality show for you tonight. Children in the system are rarely given opportunities to excel or to shine, but at the Roswell Children’s home we are endeavoring to change that, to find the hidden talents in these youth and to challenge them. Our kids are taught the arts by volunteers who have seen their potential and wish to nurture it.”

“Lets give a hand to our volunteers...” everyone led off in a standing ovation round of applause as the volunteers seated in the front row stood to receive their acclaim.

“But what these kids long for most is what we all want, a place to feel safe and secure. A place to call home. Family. Please consider fostering or adopting these exceptional youngsters and give them a chance”.

“Now to start this evening of talent; please give a warm round of applause to our first act. This 16 year old has been singing for a couple years now and she will be singing a song that stands as the anthem for all the kids you will meet tonight. Singing Michael W. Smith’s, “Somebody Love Me.” Here’s Emily...”

A teen-ager stepped into the spotlight and smiled at the crowd. She turned and nodded to The Whits. As the notes started up a slow melody on the piano...

Counting every moment
Biding all my time
Standing out here on my own.

Her smooth alto voice flowed like liquid with the notes washing over the audience.

Searching for that someone
To heal this heart of mine
And keep me from being alone.

The Strings joined...

When will it be?
And how will I know?

The Guitar and drums added

I don’t want to wait here forever.


Somebody love me
Come and carry me away
Somebody need me to be the blue in their gray
Somebody want me
The way I’ve always dreamed it could be
Won’t somebody love me, love me...

She sang through another verse, and a sweeping rendition of the chorus as the audience sat captivated.

When it ended she was given a wonderful ovation as she took her bows. Then slipping behind the curtain, it was again time for Isabel to introduce the next act.

This went on for quite sometime, new talents to be shown. Isabel introducing each one of them...

Finally it was time for the little guy that had shared a moment with Alex earlier in the week.

“This little guy is our very own “Backstreet Boy” ... and he will be doing Aaron Carter’s “Crush on You.” Lets give it up for eight year old Ryan.”

Ryan skipped out in bright yellow overalls with a Big R sewn unto them. His long brown hair parted down the middle, bouncing, as he started an overhead clap in time to the music provided by the band.

The adults laughed.

He started to hip-hop dance, a roundhouse kick and spin in place. Some fast action criss- crossed leg maneuvers...

You found out I’ve got a crush on you.

He clutched the Mic as he sang,

You must have heard it from my best friend.
She’s always talking when she should be listening.
Can’t keep a secret to save her life.
But still I trusted her with all I felt inside.

I never knew a rumor could spread so fast.
But now the word is out all over town that I’m longing for you.

How did you know?
‘Cause I never told.

You found out I’ve got a crush on you.
No more charades, my hearts been displayed.
You found out. I’ve got a crush on you.

The younger adults in the audience laughed in enjoyment at Ryan’s performance, it wasn’t too long ago in the 1980’s that they were dancing in their high schools to The Jets hit song “Crush On You.”

The mood was lighthearted in the room as the high energy poured from the young boy commanding the stage. The audience clapped in time.

Ryan ended, and other acts came and went... another little boy went on, his talent, acting.

His performance was a recitation of Dr. Seuss’ The Sneetches

Dressed in a Cat in the Hat red and white striped stovepipe hat, a small face peered through the closed curtain, and looked both ways. He pulled his head back in. Pushing the curtain open with his hands he tiptoed to the center stage and started to speak.

“Now the Star Belly Sneetches had bellies with stars.
But the plain belly Sneetches had none upon thars.” (His sad little voice conveyed the story)

“Those stars weren’t so big, they were really so small,” (He made a tiny motion with his thumb and forefinger)
“You might think such a thing wouldn’t matter... at ... all.” ...

And he started to walk and recite strolling in between his marks on the edges of the stage.

When he got to the part of the businessman Sylvester McMonkey McBean and his star on/off machine... he stepped to the front of the stage and shook hands with members in the front row of the audience, as if he were introducing himself as the character. Through the cadence of the story his voice carried the inflections as he went from boastful to sad, and yet other emotions. He even transformed into the sly businessman, as he recounted the lesson of the Sneetches.

Not bad for a ten year old in his first public performance. He commanded the stage for 6 entire minutes. He had everyone on the edge of their seats. And they praised him with an uproarious ovation.

Caspian stepped out and bowed. “Thank-you,” then ran to take off his head mic and to give it to the stagehand.

At intermission between the first half of the evening and the second half Isabel and a couple of the teen girls donned finery to model for the crowd.

The real director of the show stepped out. “Isabel Evans has done a wonderful job here hasn’t she?”

The crowd applauded.

“The truth is this cause is very near and dear to her heart for when she and her brother were tiny children, orphaned by parents they never knew, they too lived in a children’s home. They were found and adopted and her dream is that all kids everywhere are wanted. Let’s work toward making that dream a reality.” He looked to the side for a visual cue... “And now our teens will model for us...”

The music struck up a pounding beat as the overhead barn door lights flashed in beat to the rhythm.

Isabel stepped out in a long pink evening gown, a long slit gracefully showed her leg from the side. She stopped. And placed her hand on her waist. Struck a pose and walked the runway. Turned and strutted back to the stage.

The two other girls stepped after her mimicking the model walk and turns. When done, all three returned backstage and hugged each other.

Isabel redressed in her black gown and resumed her place as the emcee of the evening.

When the second half of the night’s acts had delivered their performances she introduced the final act of the night. “Our final act needs no more introduction as they have played for us all evening... Ladies and Gentlemen... The Whits.”

The lights fell on Alex and his band as they played one of their original numbers.

When it was done she walked over and wrapped her arm in Alex’s. “Isn’t the bass player adorable?” Isabel gushed. “Of course I am a bit biased. He’s mine.” She kissed his cheek and caused him to blush.

And then the curtain closed.

The Whitmans chuckled, and the Evans laughed.

She stepped out from behind the curtain. “And sorry but he’s not looking for a home... he has a wonderful family already.” She waved toward the Whitmans. The Whits have graciously played for us today when we needed backup because the former arrangement fell through.” She raised her hands in a surrender type motion indicating a little joke, “I didn’t have anything to do with that.”

The audience laughed.

“But truly some of their best gigs are as fill ins... Lets give it up for The Whits one more time.”

Alex and his band did one more original ballad type song and then the curtain truly did fall.

The actual director stepped out and concluded the evening’s ceremonies. “Thank you for coming out this evening. We hope that you have enjoyed yourselves as the kids have enjoyed performing for you. This is our first Children’s Home talent show, lets make it an annual tradition....”

Diane ran to the stage with a large bouquet of flowers, Philip had two cameras in tow, a video camera and a still camera. Isabel smiled and posed for her family. Philip had captured her night on camera as he had almost every other major event of her life.

The Whitman women, both Gloria and her mother in law Emma, engulfed Isabel in a bear hug. “That was just wonderful darling.” Emma purred. “Now to go find my grandson.” And she stepped backstage into the melee of people.

Alex came up to her and engulfed her in a spinning, feet off the floor, bear hug. Must be a Whitman thing. “I told you that it was gonna be da Bomb. You rocked this joint yo. I’m so proud of ya... I gotta go clean up...” He gave her a quick kiss as he planted her feet on the floor. And then disappeared.

The parents left before the Evans-Whitman kids did for they had stage to strike and clean-up still.

The director asked for her to help on Monday to organize materials to be placed into storage and then he sent them home. Their work was done, and it was a smashing success. They had raised quite a lot of funding, and even had generated interest in fostering and a possible adoptive couple had stepped forward.

After the high of the energy of the day, they each crashed into their own beds when they finally got to their respective homes and they slept soundly. That night the sleep was peaceful for both Alex and Isabel. No dreams of any type plagued their night... they were just too exhausted to dream.


Music for this chapter:

Somebody Love Me by Michael W. Smith


Crush on You by Aaron Carter

If you wish to see my Caspian in his two Talent Shows of 2010 please follow the below link. I’m sorry I haven’t titled them and they uploaded out of order. In my pix files on my personal computer they are in order... but still unlabeled LOL

The Plaid shirt was May 8, 2010 His very first talent show for 6 minutes he commanded the stage with Dr. Seuss The Sneetches. ALONE!

The one in the hat, was his second November 7, 2010, and he did Dr. Seuss Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are? ... t%20Shows/ Caspian in his two talent shows 2010

I’ll give proper reference to Dr. Seuss with a bibliography as soon as I can get my hands on the proper book. Until then, I used quotes of Dr. Seuss The Sneetches and Other Stories.
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Re: Shifting Realities (AU,A/I,MATURE) 11-20-11 pg 12 ch 30

Post by Mt Gazer » Sun Nov 20, 2011 10:49 pm

Enjoy this new part, I must confess I love to peek and see if I got any replies when I put up a new part. I won’t be around tomorrow or the next day. I hope I can handle the suspense. LOL. If nothing else it will keep my mind off RF for several hours. I’ve got a round trip to make to Arizona for my sister.

Feedback time 30:I ... And to many of you, you are awesome writers in your own rights and I OWE you reading time. I HOPE to be able to catch up come about later December perhaps?

I Loved that little talent show bit too, if you only knew how long I LIVE with some of these chapters in my head. LOL. Yeah she sucked up to the Whitmans alright. No nights at the stake, did they have good sleep?

Well lets hope exhaustion will ward off the dreams, I can’t really answer if they have passed through everything of interference, But I too hope these poor kids can catch a break.

Mary-Mary/Ginger:Thanks for the vote of confidence, I’m glad you liked the chapter. Isn’t my little thespian a cutie? I’ve got Halloween pix of him on FB somewhere now. (As a Zombie, for their little production)

cjsl8ne: Thanks CJ. I loved sharing the pix of my son. I thank you for waiting so patiently when i disappear, as I seem to more than appear. I am getting you another pice. YAY!

I am proud of my boy... And yep, there were some technical hitches... but the actual day, Isabel’s talent show played off quite well. Thanks for always reading.

Flamehair: WOW. With all the busy in your life you returned to read me. I’m honored. I would have replied sooner, but the board went down for all that time, and then I was BUSY again. LOL

Valentine Baby: Thanks for joining us.

Natalie: I look forward to seeing you along for the ride. Thanks for finding me.

Maipigen/Mai Thanks for asking about me and wishing me back. LOL

As promised I told you I’d let you all know how Caspian did on those state standardized tests. Last year, 5th grade, he did rather well. He was advanced in all three areas, but it was a low advanced for language arts. His Science was near the top, that’s the studying I made him do, and his math was still advanced, he is great at math. This year in 6th grade he hasn’t taken those tests yet, that will be in late spring, but he so far has straight A’s for the term. And he works for them.

To all of you: Thank you so much for your support and continual reading of this story. I love the journey of writing... I am not so fond of the crazy RL that interferes in the midst of it.

**** ****

Disclaimer: I in no way own the rights to Roswell or anything related to it. All rights belong to Jason Katims, 20th Century Fox, Regency Entertainment, Melinda Metz, WB and UPN. No infringement is intended. I am borrowing their awesome characters, and including my own.

Perhaps in this part and in parts to come I am or will be borrowing some scenes, and I will borrow direct dialog and use altered dialog at times.

Title: Shifting Realities
Author: Mt Gazer/Velvet Skye
Category: CC/ AU
Spoilers: Four Square and Max to the Max

And to Randy, my dear husband always behind the scenes, and always an assistant in this. I tell him practically every idea that goes through my head. I LOVE YOU!!! And THANK YOU! As always. Shifting lives because of your support.

PML: Peter. This is a permanent spot in recognition of all your assistance. THANK-YOU!!! Shifting Realities is doing well with your attention to details. Thanks for all the help in this. And you definitely gave me some assistance in places.

And finally I will attempt to recap where we’ve been.

RECAP: It was Saturday, the talent show went off as a success. The kids slept at their own houses. It was a transitional part, not much to share. LOL

No Music...

Shifting Realities

Chapter 30:J

It Was Only a Dream

Isabel had ignored Michaels’s endless attempts to get a hold of her the next morning as she slept in, enjoying the peace for the first time in a week. She finally relented when the day was growing warmer and Michael was calling her yet again.

Diane offered her daughter some bacon for Breakfast and Isabel beat a hasty retreat from the house, the sickening smell needing to be avoided.

She entered the Crashdown between lulls in customers, Michael was in the kitchen and the girls were manning the front as usual. Maria greeted her somewhat suspiciously as Isabel plunked her self down at the bar. “So two questions Isabel?” Maria said without preamble, “The first would be why is Michael so desperate to talk to you today? He’s called you like four times,” she pointed out. “And the second would be should I just put in your regular order for Sigourney and UFO’s?”

“I’m not going to be eating.” Isabel tossed her hair behind her shoulder by hand, “And Michael is Michael, how should I know what he wants?” Her face colored slightly, not lost on Maria.

“Are you feeling ok Isabel?” Maria eyed her cautiously.

“Of course I am, and if anyone has said something to the contrary...” Isabel rebutted.

“No?” Maria questioned, “Its just I haven’t seen you since Friday and you weren’t doing so well last time I saw you. And I’ve never known you to come in here and not eat, I’m just worried.”

“We’ve used this as a meting place often enough.” Isabel glared at her disdainfully. “Stop worrying about me. I’m fine; I’m just not hungry OK? I’ll be out of here shortly, this was not on my agenda for today.” Isabel added.

Michael had been watching them converse from the kitchen and he stepped out and placed a tall glass of cold milk in front of Isabel with a look of understanding concern, “You need the Calcium,” he whispered. “When you’re done with that, lets talk in the kitchen.” And he walked back through the swinging doors.

Maria’s curiosity piqued when she saw the look of concern on Michael’s face, and the subsequent expression on Isabel’s.

“I’m not about to drink this,” Isabel stated in confusion as she forcefully handed off the glass to Maria and headed through the break room.

The tang of seared flesh assaulted her senses as she entered the kitchen. She grimaced as she swallowed, and snatched an empty glass and quickly filled it with tap water, which she proceeded to sip.

“Are you ok Isabel?” Michael placed an unsure hand on her shoulder, looking at her in concern.

“I am fine, and the sooner everyone else decides that my day will go a whole lot smoother,” Isabel barked. “I just can’t get away from that smell, between Mom’s cooking and all the odors here, I’m going to become a vegetarian.”

Michael snickered nervously. “Get comfortable. This might take awhile.” He pointed to the counter.

“Right.” Isabel nodded and went out to the front to get a chair from one of the vacant tables.

As she lifted the aqua seat to carry it, Michael was right there, “I’ve got that.” He tried to take the chair from her hands, “You shouldn’t be lifting that, you wouldn’t want to...” he clamped his mouth shut upon her glare, as she regained control of the seat.

“I wouldn’t want to what?!” Isabel demanded slamming down the chair, “hurt the... baby!?” She stage-whispered in consternation. “That’s what you were going to say isn’t it?”

Michael looked trapped.

“I’ve got news for you, pregnant women are not helpless, and lifting a chair isn’t going to harm anyone.” She protested while grabbing it and hurrying to the kitchen.

Maria and Liz had caught sight of the altercation. ‘Is she or isn’t she?’ The question now at the front of their minds, Maria decided to eavesdrop to see if she could get a little more information.

Michael raced to catch up to Isabel.

“Well.” she exclaimed, slamming down the chair and herself into it, arms crossed on her chest. “You obviously think I’m pregnant.” She scowled at him, her lips pursed tightly. Her coffee colored eyes narrowed.

Michael nodded as he watched her nervously.

“So the question is, why are you being so protective? Who do you think is the father? You or Alex?” She glared at him with a hard swallow.

Maria’s mouth dropped open... she pressed her ear tighter to the opening, peeking in.

“For all our sakes I would hope it was Alex.” Michael answered. “But I think we both know the truth Isabel.” He turned to rummage through his backpack.

“How is this even possible?” Isabel demanded. “We’d have to have had sex, wouldn’t we?”

Michel answered with his head still inside his bag, “I saw my house, I saw what you guys did there. You were pretty hot and heavy...”

“Mic-hael!” she whined.

He abruptly turned and plunked something into her lap, “And as for us, we kind of did.” He pointed to the sketchbook that he’d placed on her lap. “You’ll need to look at this,” He flipped the pages until he reached Monday’s image.

“You’re an idiot,” she palmed his head... “Why would you draw this? Surely it wasn’t so good you wanted to remember it?” She dripped sarcastically.

“Not my choice.” Michael half attempted to clear his throat. “Every morning, when it was over, my hands drew before I truly knew what was going on... Automatic drawing? All I know is I wasn’t in control of it...”

Isabel thumbed through the whole book and looked at the corresponding dates with each image. Then she rifled through the dream sequences each one growing more overt, more revealing.

“Rather explicit don’t you think?” She teased. For he had drawn an outline of them in an intimate and passionate alien embrace for lack of a more polite way to word that.

“Well that covers the sleeping together part.” She chuckled nervously, “and you think I’m pregnant why?”

Michael fidgeted, “First let me say I’m not the only one, Maria thinks so too, and even Max was wondering if ...”

“So what now? You all sit around discussing my sex life?”

“Not exactly...” he pulled out another book a popular title for expectant mothers... and opened to a bookmarked page. “Start reading.” He demanded as he forced it into her hands, little post-it notes sticking out of the top of some pages. .

She raised her eyebrows...

“Well first I have no ideas about any of the physical changes in your body but if you keep reading...” he started to mention them individually.

She countered with a reason for each for every point he brought up, all related to the week she had just endured.

“Increased appetite. Have you watched yourself eat this week Isabel? You were nibbling like crazy at school and you ate both yours and most of Alex’s dinner here the other night.”

“So?” she answered testily. “Long nights with little to no sleep you’ll remember. I was either hungry or trying to stay awake. Mostly trying to keep awake.”

“Yeah you do seem a little sleep deprived. Fatigue and tiredness are there too,” he pointed to the book. She looked up at him in a scathing glare.

“Increased thirst, I’ve never seen you hit the vending machine so many times in a day as lately... all that sugar can’t be good for a growing baby.”

“Hypo-thetical baby.” Isabel countered with air quotes around the word.

“Excessive trips to the restroom. Enough said...” Michael walked into the freezer.

“Extra drinking equals extra bathroom trips. Enough said...” She echoed haughtily.

Michael stepped out of the freezer burgers in hand about to slap them on the grill, some orders had come in while they were talking.

“If you put those patties on that burner I will throw up on you.” Isabel warned. “And then everyone will lose their appetites...”

Michael backed away and swallowed, “And there’s two more, mood swings, and food aversions or cravings... obviously you have an aversion to cooking meat right now... All other symptoms aside, when that got added in and you passed out on Friday, I had to get that book yesterday... I had to see if my suspicions were correct... and I fear they are.”

Maria was unable to listen to anymore, maybe later but she was in absolute shock. It was going from bad to worse. She knew she should have trusted her gut this week, Isabel and Michael had been avoiding each other, they were acting strangely, and now she knew why, they were having an affair... And Michael even had evidence.

She had agreed with him about Isabel acting pregnant. She, Liz and Michael had all touched on the possibility after Alex took Isabel home on Friday evening. But that Michael was the father... she just couldn’t accept that...

Too bad she didn’t hang around for the next part of the conversation.

“I can’t be pregnant Michael. I just can’t.” Her voice halting, “Not from either of you... I’m 17. I’m a Sophomore in High School on top of all the other reasons why this would not be a good thing...” She wrapped her arms around herself. “You can’t get pregnant from a dream... no matter what happens in it. Right?” She added, worriedly biting her lip.

“Not so sure Isabel... not after watching you. When the dreams started so did your symptoms... Now the dreams and symptoms might just coincide ... You know maybe saliva is a DNA catalyst, in which Alex makes a good case for last month.” He trailed off readying the meat for the grill.

“What?! What are you thinking?” She ordered.

He placed the two books aside and reassuringly touched her shoulder. He then handed her some saltines and topped off her water glass. Lastly he started the burgers.

Isabel appeared queasy as the flames licked the edges, but she nibbled at her crackers and sipped the water slowly, keeping her stomach in check.

He kept talking, uncharacteristically sharing his emotions as he tried to keep her mind the rest of the way off the cooking meat. “I don’t know what I’m feeling anymore, or what I’m supposed to feel. You know?”

The smells were becoming more forceful as he started more foods; fries and rings went into the fryers... She shook her head and swallowed forcefully, but continued the conversation. “Your feelings have changed?”

“You used to be my sister... but maybe you aren’t my sister. Maybe you’re my mate? Maybe Max isn’t your brother either, if you think about it you certainly don’t look like you two have the same parentage... maybe this thing just won’t work. Any of it...”

She stood up trying to calm her stomach as well as her emotions... “I can’t believe that. I won’t believe that. The two of you are my brothers, nothing more! Maybe you can accept the whole you and I as a couple idea, but I’ve done EVERYTHING possible to AVOID those dreams because to me they are reprehensible.”

“This is going to completely screw everything up Isabel ... but... but I think it’s happening, regardless.”

She was wringing her hands, imploring him. “You don’t understand! It’s not time! I haven’t had sex, with anyone... It’s just impossible!”

“Cut the crap Isabel. You need to face the facts. One, you are pregnant. It doesn’t matter whether you want it or not. Two, all those symptoms match, don’t they?”

She sighed as she nodded her assent.

“Well then. That puts you in your first trimester... Now whether it’s his or mine, I have no idea... but you ARE pregnant.”

She halted. “When did you become such an expert on pregnancy, Michael?” She sarcastically bit out.

He turned from the fryers, And slapped some bacon on the grill for a bacon burger someone ordered... “Last night... a little light reading before bed. I absorbed that book and a couple others.”

Moments later Isabel stormed past him with a curt, “Move!”

“What now?”

Isabel was racing toward the outside door, out the break room.

Michael realized his books were missing and turned to look for them, watching out the pass through window and saw Maria holding conference with Alex and Liz, his art book in Alex’s hands, Maria pointing to the pages with one finger and the pregnancy guide tightly jammed in her other fist.

He attended to the food for a moment then stared out the opening again.

He watched as Alex fell to the stool, the girls helping to steady him.

Guilt gnawed at Michael’s insides. He watched Alex leap up suddenly as he quickly excused himself and beat a hasty retreat from the interior of the restaurant...

Then Maria looked up, yelling at him. “Michael!!!” As she stormed through the swinging door.

He ducked back into the kitchen, not listening to her obvious tirade. He finished up the meals, plated them and threw them onto the ledge. “Order up.” He dinged the bell and then he yanked Maria by the upper arm and dragged her outside.

------ -----

"An angel in the book of life wrote down my baby's birth. Then whispered as she closed the book "too beautiful for earth". ~author unknown

Karar Renkenberger
1 lb. 2 oz.
"Too beautiful for earth."